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2013 has been a very productive and highly successful year for Grainville School. Therefore I would like to start this special edition of the December newsletter with a few important thank yous. My first thank you goes to the teaching and support staff. Our success has been made possible by their hard work and on-going commitment to Grainville. I thank them all for their professional dedication to students and one another. Our success requires hard working and inspirational students too, so my second vote of thanks goes to the students for their commitment to learn. To further strengthen the school and home partnership we always need the support of parents, so my sincere thanks for your continued support and belief in our school. Finally, to all the school governors who contribute so much of their time and services to our school community, a final thank you.

So what about 2013? A very busy and productive year; a number of firsts for the school, and a number of new school records achieved. In 2013 we enjoyed our best ever examination results. Student leadership took on new roles with young entrepreneurs taking up the challenge to run their own business ideas and with real money. In 2013 we became the Under 15 island champions at football and took a turn at public speaking and debating with sixth formers at JCG. Our students’ excelled in poetry, music and drama in the Eisteddfod winning several awards, and our Year 10 boys were invited back to perform at the Arts Centre in front of Sir Michael Birt, Bailiff. Within days, three of our Year 8 girls were presented with bronze awards by the Bailiff in the Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Competition. Our Army Cadet Force continues to be admired by schools across the island for developing young leaders so Grainville can afford to look back at 2013 with great pride and a true sense of achievement.

As we end 2013 I would like to pay a special tribute to two staff that will be retiring in the coming few days, to Mrs Moiani and Mrs Mallet. Mrs Moiani is currently an Assistant Headteacher and has held a wide range of roles within the school, spanning just over 38 years of dedicated service to the Grainville Community. In this time she has supported thousands of young people and their families. She has been a food studies and textiles teacher, a special needs coordinator and Deputy Headteacher. Throughout these years she has always put young people at the centre of her thoughts and efforts. She is respected throughout the community and across the island. We wish her well in her retirement and thank her for her unwavering support and 38 years of loyal and dedicated service to one school. She is simply amazing and we will dearly miss her next term.

We also pay thanks and best wishes to Mrs Mallet, our Florence Nightingale of the school community. If you feel unwell or have an injury, it’s her that you see. Mrs Mallet has served our school for 14 years. In her most recent position, she has worked in reception and also been our school medical officer. She has trained staff and students in first aid and deals with any issue with confidence and in a calm and reassuring manner. If it’s a cold or ear ache, a toothache or a sprained ankle, Mrs Mallet will know what to do. We wish her happiness in her retirement and pay tribute to her achievements here at Grainville. So as a successful and busy year of 2013 comes to an end I would like to finish by wishing all students, parents, staff and school governors a very merry Christmas and our best wishes for 2014. Have an enjoyable and peaceful break. Mr J. McGuinness Headteacher

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Grainville Film Club Launch. Grainville have teamed up with the British Film Institute (BFI) and Amazon (LoveFilm) to set up a Film Club, the first of its kind in the Channel Islands! Film Club is a national initiative which gives students the opportunity to experience films that cover thought provoking and broad subjects. Each film will be shown in the Lecture Theatre over three lunches (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) to a maximum of 100 Film Club members with fortnightly screenings. Some screenings will be for Key Stage 3 only, some for Key Stage 4 and some are for all students.

Meet our Governors Mr Clive Armstrong Parent Governor The role of a parent governor at Granville is largely the same as the other members of the governing body. A parent governor’s role varies slightly with the additional view of having a child attending Grainville and sharing the knowledge of the experiences of what being a student at Grainville brings. A parent governor acts as a "Critical Friend" to the headmaster and his team, discussing any observations with him and the governing body that come to light via a student’s experience at the school.

A committee of interested Year 10 students will be recruited to help with the running of Film Club, managing screenings and selecting films to be viewed.

A parent governor is a delegate and not a representative for individual parents’ views with regards their child. This should be done directly with the head teacher or following Granville’s complaints procedures. As a parent governor working with the Granville board of governors we :The first screening is a festive favourite: The Muppets Christmas Carol. This puppet based film classic stars Michael Caine and is surprisingly close to Dickens’ original text.

• Ensure the school’s aims and values are followed. • Ensure the high standards of the school and its achievements are promoted.

Mr Perrier – Literacy Coordinator Proposed Film Schedule Film



Rear Window



A Beautiful Mind An Inconvenient Truth





Supersize Me




The Mission






All (KS3)

Favela Rising








Sports/Racial Tension






I, Robot Science/Ethics Meet Our School Governors Miss Potter Literature Pride My Kid Could Paint That!


• Understand how the school’s budget allocated and discuss where funding needed.

is is

• Understand how the school deals with conduct and discipline.


• Analyse the examination results and fully understand areas of excellence and areas needing improvement. • Receive a head teacher’s comprehensive report each term. • Work with the four governing body sub-committees, Finance, Standards, Buildings and Health & Safety to ensure that the aims of these committees are achieved. A governor is invited to volunteer to join one or more of the Governing sub-committees, I Page 2

represent the governing body on two of the subcommittees which report to the full governing body, these are the Buildings Committee and The Health and Safety, I bring to these committees my experience from many years as a Quantity Surveyor. Also I represent the governing body at Grainville's IT working group putting forward the creation of an I.T. strategy for 2014-17, this is an interesting and exciting time to be involved as major changes will be taking place in the way I.T. is delivered throughout the school. I feel that as a parent governor I can make a valuable contribution to the future of Granville school, I do this in recognition of all the hard work and dedication of the staff and students. It’s Goodbye from me Having joined Grainville School in 1999 as a teaching assistant, I was soon working with the Student Service Support Team, often needing to use my First Aid experience whilst dealing with various illnesses and accidents with students. I soon realized, I had what I can only describe as a passion for anything and everything medical which led to me qualifying in various additional courses that were available through St John Ambulance. Having left to go travelling around the world (what a wonderful experience) I was delighted on my return to have been appointed as Grainville School’s Medical Officer and although it would be fair to say it has been a somewhat challenging role on occasions, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to develop the role and provide medical support to both students and staff. I will now be retiring and am very much looking forward to spending time with my 8 grandchildren and “new great granddaughter”. Mrs Mallet - Medical Officer

Christmas Writing Competition

This year’s Christmas Themed Writing Competition was well supported seeing 76 entries from across the school. Students were given a free reign with only rules being a starter sentence “’twas the night before Christmas, and all through the houseN” and the limit of one side of A4 paper. Entries ranged from poetry to song lyrics to creative writing. The overall winner was Charlotte MacFarland who wins a £15 iTunes voucher, second was Charlie Craig, who wins a £5 iTunes voucher and Emilia Sargeant, Grace Roberts, Thomas Gowlett and April Peters all received certificates for their entries. Huge congratulations to all who entered. Mr Perrier – Literacy Coordinator Grainville publishes the ‘School Progress Booklet 2012-13’ The School Progress Booklet, now in its third year, outlines for parents and the wider island community how Grainville School is progressing. A detailed edition can also be found on our school website (24 pages). In both the summary or detailed edition, we give a description of what Grainville School does for its students - how we are doing and what we could be doing better. Please take a few minutes to read about some of our successes over the last year, and our plans for the future. We communicate honestly and openly with parents, staff, governors and indeed, with the whole community of Jersey. It is our progress report. Mr McGuinness – Headteacher

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Girls PE Autumn Update Year 7 Girls Football Congratulations to our Island Representatives

A big congratulations to Emily Le Gallais (Year 9) who has been chosen to represent the Jersey U15 Island Hockey Team. She is also a Goal Keeper which makes her achievement all the more special considering there is only one person chosen for this position. Congratulations must also go to Ines Cipriano (Year 9) and Shelly Abreu (Year 9) who have been selected to be part of the Jersey Football Association Centre of Excellence. We wish them all the best for their training and fixtures. Hockey

The Year 7 girls 5-aside tournament recently took place and our team of 8 girls did extremely well. They showed excellent individual skills as well as working effectively as a team. Of particular note was Emelia Sargeant who defended outstandingly and Chloe Fosse who scored some excellent goals. The team finished in a fantastic joint 3rd place. Team: Olivia Taylor, Stephanie Faria, Emelia Sargeant, Chloe Fosse, Monica Goncalves, Catia Pestana, Micaela Vieira, Mia Floch. Netball

The Hockey season this year proved extremely successful. Over 35 girls were playing on a weekly basis against the other secondary schools on the Island. Of particular note are the results versus Haute Vallee, where we gained a win, 2 draws and a loss. All girls played in their respective age group tournaments and managed some excellent results displayed below. Year 7: 4th , Year 8: 5th , Year 9: 6th , Year 10/11: 6th The behaviour and conduct of the girls playing was outstanding at all fixtures and tournaments and their desire to improve their skills and team work must be recognised. There is lots to build on for next season!

Netball for all years will be starting after Christmas and we hope to build on the success of previous years. Please check the school website for training times and fixtures. Miss Quenault Homework Booklets The homework booklet for Year’s 7 8 and 9 have been published and will be posted home very soon. Copies will also be uploaded on to our website. Mr McGuinness Headteacher Page 4

Year 11 Boys Football The Year 11 football team have had a mixed season. All their fixtures proved to be very competitive with some good results and excellent individual and team displays. Results: Les Quennevais: Draw 2 – 2 Haute Vallee: Draw 1 – 1 Haute Vallee: (Cup Quarter final) Lost 4 – 2 after extra time Hautlieu: Draw 2 - 2 Victoria College: Lost 2 – 1

Year 7a Team: Luke Appleton Year 7b Team: Joao Rodrigues The Most Improved Players of the year for Year 7 Football were: Year 7a: Year 7b:

Kaydee Waters Felix Mason

Well done to all the boys that represented the school this term:

Year 8 Football Most memorable moments: • Patrick Cullinane scoring a great goal in the last minute of the quarter final to take the game into extra time. • Dylan Buesnel coming on as substitute against Hautlieu and scoring with his first touch and then celebrating like a premiership player! Player of the Year: Aaron Donkin Well done lads. Mr Scott Year 11 Football Coach Year 7 Football The year 7 Boys Football team have had a busy term playing against all the schools on the island. The highlight for both the 7a and 7b teams were their end of term tournaments where they put in fantastic performances. The 7a team finished 3rd but were unbeaten throughout the tournament and the 7b team finished 4th only losing 2 matches.

This was a tough term for the Year 8 Football squad there are very few boys to select from in Year 8 so we generally only managed to get one team out for fixtures and the boys were playing against schools that have 3 or 4 times as many boys to choose from. Therefore positive results were very hard to come by, that said we had a fantastic team effort and a great footballing display to beat Les Quennevais 4-2. One thing this year group have shown is great determination and the ability to not give up in the face of adversity. Well done boys. The Player of the Year for Year 8 Football was: Deon Pallett The Most Improved Player of the Year for Year 8 Football was Tom Gowlett Well done to all the boys that represented the school this term.

The Players of the Year for Year 7 Football were:

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Grainville School Squash Team This year saw the start of the school entering a team into the Jersey Squash Club Team League. It has been a real baptism of fire playing week in and week out against adults or the Junior Academy Squad. However the team are showing good promise and the standard is really improving. We are currently in Division 3 and play every week on a Wednesday at the Squash club. The team has 4 players and they are: Olivia Taylor, Benjamin Fosse, Brad Le Mercier and Fabio Marques. If there are any other students that have played squash before or who are keen to try it for the first time please see Mr Wood, if there are enough numbers we can organise some after school sessions.

With only an hour to go, the atmosphere was exciting, full of joy and pride. The boys sat in the changing rooms: prepared, nervous, anxious and ready to win. Our pack of winners were ready to go out on the pitch and not only do themselves proud, but also their school. The teams were called out by the officials..... It was time. Tension filled the tunnel as two teams were ready to fight for the prize. Mighty roars were made by the crowd as one-by-one each player touched the ground, having no idea what was going to happen that day. The Grainville boys kept their heads up high and were led strongly by the captain Kyle Devenish.

If there is anyone that would be willing to sponsor the team in order to pay for the court lights and/or a sponsored kit please contact me at school. A small fee would get your company weekly press coverage and an initial picture in the local paper. Many thanks, Mr Wood. Professionals For The Day Year 10 Football Final vs Le Rocquier November 26th 2013 was a day to remember for the Year 10 boy’s football team. The time had come for the final of the JSSFA Cup! Looking professional and dashing, the squad began the day by entering the school in trendy tracksuits. Prepared and feeling ‘pumped’ for the day’s game, the team gathered round for an enthusiastic team talk from our proud manager Mr. Scott. Due to the kindness of Mr. McGuinness, the team was able to enjoy a light but delicious meal provided by the Mayfair Hotel. As the time drew closer to the match the team had a calming stroll around King Street and made their way back to Springfield Stadium.

The game began with Le Rocquier battling strongly for the ball but Grainville had the upper hand. A fantastic ball played to the feet of our striker Adriano Pereira led to an early lead to Grainville as he placed it in the bottom corner. Cheers of joy and enthusiasm exploded on the pitch as the team ran to celebrate. Grainville continued to attack their opposition fiercely and again directed the ball to Adriano.

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The players screamed “RUN! RUN!” to boost the confidence of their team mateN and he calmly placed the ball in the bottom corner to make it 2-0 with only 10 minutes gone!! The game continued with Le Rocquier showing great football and creating some fantastic attacking opportunities, but not good enough for the Grainville defence. We continued to play around the opposition and a smashing ball played up to Diogo Franca allowed him to make his way through the Le Rocquier defence where he wonderfully placed the ball in the back of the net to make it 3-0 to Grainville. With the spirit flowing, we felt confident of victory, however Le Rocquier still wanted to finish the day with a win. Grainville showed great determination and were playing some amazing football. Adriano Pereira was continuing to play brillaintly and by using his strength and pace, he was able to carry the ball within the 18 yard box and place an unstoppable shot into the net, an extremely strong lead for team Grainville. A smashing score and not even a half gone, with no surprise the star striker was feeling confident and proud with possibly the quickest hat trick the audience had ever seen!

was making some fantastic saves to keep out the opposition. As time went on the game became more evenly matched, both sides playing excellent football. The opposition began to get the better of us when a shot fired by one of their players struck the frame of the goal. This happened a few times before one of the Le Rocquier substitutes struck home a rebound with a header to make it 4 – 2. This seemed to badly affect Grainville’s confidence and calls and shouts made from one another tried to keep the atmosphere going and the spirit flowing, we were still in it to win! We gradually made our way back into Le Rocquier’s half, and there was a truly fantastic shot by centre midfielder Jake Laurendeau who took the ball on the half volley and rifled towards goal, so close but so far, the shot rattled the cross bar and moments later the Le Rocquier team counterattacked and due to poor defending, the striker was able to make his way through using strength and pace to happily score in the bottom left corner to make it 4-3. Time was running out, “GRAINVILLE, GRAINVILLE!!” the proud supporters continued to repeatN and there we were again on the attack, minutes to go and the trophy we be ours! Le Rocquier were able to regain possession and attack us strongly with constant attempts at goal. A tremendous goal-saving clearance by substitute Connor Le Gallais kept Grainville in the lead and from a corner the ball went straight up the field to Jake Laurendeau who made up for a previous miss by slotting it home beautifully! The crowd went wild as the centre midfielder grabbed his badge with pride and celebrated in front of the visiting audience.

Luck was not on our side in the closing minutes of the first half, Le Rocquier played the ball down the wing but our defence kicked it out for a cornerN was it their time to shine? Was it a chance for the losing side to regain their spirit and score? Yes it was, a great chance made by a Le Rocquier midfielder was slotted into the bottom corner to make it 4-1N With only minutes to go in the first half the team decided to play defensive and stay safe. During half time, the changing rooms were tense but every player tried to encourage each other, a boost to the motivation of those who were not feeling at their bestN The second half began with Le Rocquier attacking strongly but our keeper

The final whistle!! It was over!! We had done it!! Not only were we proud of ourselves but we were proud of each other. A fantastic congratulatory speech was made by the Jersey Football Association representative, thanking everyone for participating in an intense game of football like no other. One-by-one each player made their way up those concrete steps with a smile on their faces and proudly received their medal. Captain Kyle Devinish was given the trophy and held it up high like there was no tomorrow! “CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS”

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The team celebrated like professionals that day and professionals we were.

Its Panto season! “Oh no its not, Oh yes it is!” Grainville’s Art department has again been working with St Saviour’s School to create a fabulous Pantomime backdrop for their production of Cinderella. The set was designed by Miss Walker the Head of Art at Grainville School and there were two set designs, Cinderella’s kitchen and the Ballroom. They were painted under the excellent guidance of Mr Cole who joined Grainville School recently after teaching in Portugal and Hautlieu School prior to that. Joining Mr Cole were a group of Year 9 students from Grainville and Year 6 students from St Saviour’s school who carefully painted the scenery in just one day. An excellent effort made by all.

With the great generosity of Mr. Scott, the team were able to relax and enjoy a hefty meal at KFC, truly a meal well deserved. November 26th without a doubt, was a day to remember. Daniel Franco - Year 10 PE Department Valuables Policy The PE Department and School accept no liability for any personal valuables left unattended in the changing rooms. It is therefore important to follow these guidelines. Do - leave personal valuables at home on Physical Education days - secure any valuables brought into school in your locker prior to attending Physical Education - deposit and retrieve valuables from your locker during a natural break in the school day, i.e. prior to registration, break time, lunch or at the end of the school day - when going offsite use the lockers provided where appropriate or leave valuables in a locker at school

Mrs Dixon the Deputy Head Teacher of St Saviour’s school was absolutely delighted with the results and the Grainville painters have been invited back to watch the Dress Rehearsal. The pantomime is being shown 11 & 12th December. The Year 9 students were: Ellie Carre, Louise Crossley, Ema Araujo, Fern Brocklesby, Emily Le Gallais, Jessica Perestrelo, Joshua Brady, Fabio Marques. Miss S Walker – Head of Art

Do not: - participate in Physical Education and Games whilst wearing jewellery or watches - ask staff to take personal responsibility for the security of your valuables - leave valuables unattended in a changing room Due to health and safety reasons the changing rooms cannot be locked during lesson time. Mr Wood – Head of PE Page 8

Dear Parents, Carers, Students, Staff and Governors, Many of you are already aware that I shall be retiring at the end of this term. My leaving is not without considerable thought as I have been planning this for some time as you know. Personally this is a very emotional time, although I do now feel ready to ‘move on’ after more than 38 years of service at the school. As a young college student I travelled to Jersey in May 1975 (by air for the first time!) for my interview at St Helier Girls’ School. I was appointed as teacher of Home Economics from September that year with the intention of working in Jersey for five years! St Helier Girls School then became a coeducational school, Grainville in 1983. My role has changed significantly since those early days from classroom teacher to Head of Year to Behaviour Support Teacher, to Director for Student Support to Deputy Headteacher to Educational Needs Coordinator and finally a return to Assistant Headteacher – a very varied list of responsibilities but throughout all these roles my first and foremost passion has been supporting young people to reach their potential whatever their level of ability. My work as a teacher at Grainville has been a passion and my vocation. There have been many challenging moments but these are outweighed by some exceptionally rewarding and enjoyable times. I have worked with some incredible young people and parents and with dedicated staff who genuinely care for the students. It has been a wonderful 38 years and I hope my contact with the Grainville community will continue. I am confident that the school will continue to progress and the dedicated team of staff will continue to support the students to achieve academically and develop those all too important life skills. I sincerely thank all the past and present students, parents and carers, staff and Governors for making my job so worthwhile over the years and wish you every success for the future. Jeannie Moiani

Army Cadet Force Update Report from Lance Corporal Murray (Year 11) The Army Cadets are a youth group with a side of discipline to it, as a Cadet you do a lot of different things and learn how to behave in situations like Parades of Remembrance and when an adult is talking to you.

Lance Corporal Murray In action

I have had experience with everything possible within the ACF and it’s a great hobby of mine. It’s good fun as I have many friends there from Grainville and several from other schools on the island. We are also always doing different activities such as shooting and sports. Whilst being in the ACF I have been on two annual camps which are basically two weeks in England doing all sorts of army related activities which range from field craft, shooting, rafting, mountain biking, camping and sports like archery. Annual Camp is a great way to learn to survive with what we have although we have food provided; we learn to ration our two sets of uniform, and learn to bond with other people from the county as we’re not always in a group with other Jersey Cadets. As well as this we also learn to work independently and learn leadership skills. ACF is a fun way of learning key skills for your future such as First aid, working in a team and learning to lead small groups. It is also a great way to make new friends from some of the other schools on the island, especially as you are not always in a group with your best friends, you often have a chance to gel with other cadets with different interests. Being one of the senior cadets at Grainville is a great opportunity for me as I have more of a chance to take parades, gel with the new recruits and learn how to be a better leader. Since the Grainville Troop was formed it has blossomed, Page 9

with more and more cadets joining and starting their life as a cadet. It is great to watch from the side as you get to see how the recruits mature as they climb the star levels. I love being a senior cadet as it also throws up a lot of chances for me and my fellow NCOs, L/Cpl Davis, L/Cpl Silva, L/Cpl Godfray and Cdt Page, to have the opportunity to meet inspirational people such as Major Roach and the Lieutenant Governor, who we have met several times whilst being in the Army Cadets. As leaders we also have the opportunity to be commanders of the recruit sections Red, Blue and Green. Along with myself, Jamie Smith and Jacques Maré (from Victoria College) have the privilege of teaching and perfecting our sections and also having a mini competition between us to see who is best. This also gives them a helping hand at being a cadet as if they need any help they know they can ask us questions of any sort.

Meet the Governors Mr Brian Livesay “Any committee that is the slightest use is composed of people who are too busy to want to sit on it for a second longer than they have to” Katherine Whitehorn I don’t know who Katherine Whitehorn was but she writes with a sensitivity that can only have come from experience of corporate governance. She states an insightful truth in the above quotation and it is the same underlying principle of good use of time and resources that motivated the Board of Grainville Governors to set up sub committees. That way their own use of time is effectively used. Presently, there are four sub committees that consider Finance, Standards, Buildings, and Health and Safety. Meetings are scheduled four times in each academic year so usually, once a term, consideration is given to the specific area of interest and then the main issues and outcomes are reported to the next governors meeting. A secondary result of having sub committees is that individual governors have the chance to use their own specialised interest or profession for the benefit of Grainville School as a whole without taking unnecessary time at full governors meetings. Parking

I just want to say as the senior cadet of Grainville thank you to everyone who turns up and allows us to teach as even though some lessons may not be your favourite they will still help you. They also help us climb our own star levels, thank you for helping us help you, especially Red group because they’re the best. Also I’d like to thank L/Cpls Davis, Silva, Godfray, Cdt Page and Cdt Emerson for helping me out as a leader as they’re always on hand to run after cadets and help out with uniforms at school. Finally I just want to say thank you so much to 2nd Lieutenant Egré as he has helped me through my ACF career and made it a whole lot of fun.

Following the reorganising of the bus lanes and a consequent reduction in parking places at Grainville playing fields, the car parks just above our school adjacent to the playing fields are now a 12 hours in any 24 parking area for people using the sports facilities. If you use these car parks to visit school for any more than picking up or dropping off please leave a note in your car to say that you are visiting school.

Lance Corporal Murray

Mr Houguez - Site Manager

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Challenge Day Year 10 took part in the Enterprise day, which was run by Will Carnegie and the Hi5 team. An excellent day on the theme of “Get Off The Road”, the year group were split into teams of 8/9 and had to come up with their proposal on how to reduce traffic in Jersey.

Science news Thanks to the wonderful staff at Durrell and Natwest for arranging and sponsoring another interesting Café Science session for our top set Year 9 students. The theme of this session was “The reintroduction of the Chough to Jersey”. All of Year 9 were also lucky enough to listen to a fascinating talk on “Space: The new frontier” from visiting lecturer Dr Chris Brunskill. Our thanks to the Channel Island Group of Professional Engineers for offering students this insight. Thursday 5th December will see the launch of our new after school Science club. Join Mrs Richardson to make snowflake crystals and Christmas candles.

They day was introduced by Will then the students were lucky enough to have a return visit from Sean Conway, just 9 days after he climbed out of the sea, having become the 1st person to swim from Lands End to John O'Groats, via the Irish Sea. Suitably motivated by Sean's experiences they then set about the task.

Mrs K Howell – Head of Science

Each group had to produce their idea and present it to a Dragon's Den style panel of business men and women. Ideas ranged from only allowing 1 car per family, to having a fixed annual cost for all bus travel and even an underground network of electric buses, the imagination of the students was amazing! In the end the wining team were the underground electric bus group headed by Danny Franco ably supported by Jess Freitas, Sol Hannaford, Vitor Gouveia, Mollie Goodwin, Kathryn Harrison, Michael Dooks and Kelly Freitas. The judges were impressed with the effectiveness of the group and the quality of their ideas and presentation - in front of the whole year group! Overall Year 10 performed very well all day and learned how to work effectively as a team that they had no choice over. Mr Macready Assistant Head of Year 10 Page 11

Year 10 Mentoring:

Year 11 Update

At Grainville we feel it is vital that each student has access to a mentor, who, along with parents, sets achievable short term goals to focus students through to their GCSE completion in Year 11. On Wednesday 27th November all pupils and a vast majority of parents met with their mentors to discuss their interim report and current progress.

It’s all been go, go, go for Year 11 this term. The whole year group were given the opportunity to take their GCSE maths exam early in November and will find out their results in January. They also took part in a ‘UFA motivational workshop’, completed their trail exams and also recently visited both Highlands College and Hautlieu School to support them with their 16+ choice. Leading up to the Christmas break Year 11 will organise their Jersey Hospice charity day as well as play a vital role in their last ever Christmas Revue. It has become a tradition over the last few years for the Head of Year 11 to arrange a Christmas meal for the senior students of the school. This year’s Year 11 Christmas meal will take place on Monday 16th December and I’m sure will be enjoyed by all staff and students.

I would like to thank so many parents for hastily re-arranging work and daily routines in order to show their support for this initiative and of course, the students. For a lot of students it was good to reflect on a job well done so far, and how to continue, while for others it was equally important to address issues and difficulties and have a real plan of how to resolve these. I hope that the students can remain focused now and we will see the results at the next session in March. Mr Macready Deputy Head of Year 10 Meet the Governors Mr Macready - Staff Governor I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve as a Teacher Governor for Grainville School. In my short time at Grainville I have enjoyed getting to know the staff, students and parents and so I hope I can represent everyone's best interests to the best of my ability. This is a crucial period for Grainville with changes in curriculum delivery and the debate of just how much the school has improved, and I see it as vital that this is maintained to meet with the aspirations of everyone involved and to further enhance the growing reputation of the school in the wider community.

Enjoy your Christmas break but remember there is only 14 weeks left at Grainville on your return so come prepared to do all you can to reach your potential in your up and coming GCSE exams. Merry Christmas! Mr Scott- Head of Year 11

Commonwealth Society Competition Winners



On Monday 25th November there was an awards evening at the Town Hall for all the winners of the International Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition. Over 11,000 essays / poems or stories were entered into the competition situated from 54 countries throughout the Commonwealth. Our class entered the competition by writing an essay with our own choice of subjects. We then sent them off to the Royal Commonwealth Society. We were delighted to find out that three of us got replies telling us we had won a bronze certificate. This is a huge achievement not just for ourselves but for the school as well. This is the first year that Grainville has ever entered the Commonwealth competition and to have this amount of success is absolutely brilliant! Hopefully even more classes will get involved this year! The prize winners were Bethany Moison, who wrote a piece on the long ardous action of moving house. The second was Eleanor Brayshaw who wrote an essay on people in freak shows and how they overcame society. The last (but not least) was Ellie Carre who wrote an essay about people in Sierra Leone. Article written by Eleanor Brayshaw, Ellie Carre and Bethany Moison Page 12

Students receive Bronze Medals for Creativity

Eisteddfod Speech and Drama Results 2013 During the week of 18th -22nd of November we had several students compete in the English Speech and Drama section of the Eisteddfod at the Arts Centre and Opera House. For some of these students it was their first time on a stage and it was quite a task to take a whole Year group out for an afternoon. However, it was a truly worthwhile experience for both staff and students; thanks have to go to the Horizon staff for working with all of Year 7.

Eleanor Brayshaw, Ellie Carre, and Bethany Moisan with Sir Michael Birt, Bailiff of Jersey, following receipt of their bronze awards in the annual Royal Commonwealth Society essay competition. From 11,000 entries across the Commonwealth, 31 students in Jersey were awarded prizes for their creativity in extended writing. 2013 was the first year Grainville had entered the competition and we’re therefore rightly proud of these three young authors. Our thanks must also be extended to Mr Perrier for encouraging students to get involved. Mr McGuinness – Headteacher

My Hobby is Karting. The season runs from March until the end of October, every other Sunday. I started when I was 8 years old. This year I won my first championship. Everyone races in a different class because we have a different size engine. I race in Minimax which is a 125 cc engine. My dad and sister also race and I will be moving up a class to race my sister next year. I love doing karting, I find that it gives you something to do especially as my whole family do it. If you would like to find out more about karting visit By Sophie Venton (Y8)

A special mention also has to go to Miss Grist and her Year 10 Drama group. These students under the supervision of Miss Grist rehearsed and performed outstanding pieces that will also contribute to their BTEC Award. The group of Year 10 boys performed wonderfully and won their class receiving a trophy and also being asked to perform again at the “Winners Gala” quite an achievement to be proud of. The results are as follows: The Betty Massip De Turville Holly Noel: Silver Thomas Raphael – Hall: Bronze


The Trevor Matthews’ Cup Caitlin Fitzsimmons: Silver Lillian Heslam: Gold and runner up The Marjorie Maine Cup Choral Speaking for Groups 7.1 Topic: Gold 7.2 Topic: Gold and runners up 7.3 Topic: Gold 7.4 Topic: Silver 7.5 Topic: Silver 721B 13 to 17 years The John Grimshaw Trophy Year 10 Boys: Gold and overall winners Year 10 Girls: Silver

The Jersey Live and Recorded Drama Voucher Original Verse Hope Micheletti: Silver Melissa Lewis: Silver Helen Sones: Silver Miss Alexander – Horizon Curriculum Coordinator Page 13

Design a Logo Competition The Design Technology Department ran a competition to design a logo for the School production of ‘We Will Rock you’ which will take place in February next year.

The Students who took part were:Lara Peters, Jack Evans-Rentsch, Jonathan Kene, George Clifford, Louise Crossely, Liam Mallon, Fabio Marques, Emily Caetano, Courtney Anders, Charlotte Vernon, Ellie Carre, Elena Brady, Nadine McColgan, Jordan Buckley, Benjamin Fosse, Jennifer Lopes, Harrison Smith, Breanna Matson, Ashyanna Cooper, Jocey Dibbens, Declan Vitel, Hope Hopwood. Congratulations to the following Year 7 students who received a free trip to see “The Jungle Book” at Le Rocquier School on Wednesday afternoon on the 11th December.

A number of students submitted designs.16 were selected as possible winners demonstrating the high quality of the work submitted.

Ruben Velosa, Anthony Howe, Molly Doyle, Khaneel Stewart, Jessica Diniz, Jacob Reddy, Olivia Taylor, Helen Sones, Owen McLaughlin, Joao Pereira, Mia Floch, Michael De Freitas, Yara Silva-Ferreira.

However the overall winner was Elliot Stevens 9O, his design was chosen for its simplicity, clarity and ease for reproducing.

This was following their amazing enthusiasm, flair and commitment to learning during their Eisteddfod choral speaking pieces.

The Logo will be used on tickets, programmes, advertising and will be printed on T-shirts for the cast. Well done to Elliot and all those who took part.

Drama Trips

Mrs Lloyd-Edwards Design Technology Drama Rewards Our key stage 3 students have been working hard on our current topics of Greek Theatre and Pantomime. Congratulations to the following Year 9 students who worked so hard this term to complete their Frankenstein work, which resulted in a free ‘reward trip’ to watch 39 Steps and “Journeys End” performed by some students from Victoria College in the Howard Davis Theatre on the 14th November. The staff at Victoria College were incredibly impressed with our students and how they conducted themselves.

To coincide with both the Year 9 and 10s class work on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein we gave 30 students the opportunity to watch a National Theatre Live Encore performance at the Opera House on Tuesday 10th December. Whereas the Year 8s who have been working hard on their entries into this year’s Grainville Pantomime Competition have a trip planned for Thursday 9th January at The Arts Centre. Please could all students involved arrive before 7.30pm at the Arts Centre . We look forward to offering more live performance opportunities in the Spring term, including a trip to see a National Live Theatre broadcast of War Horse at the Opera House! A big thank you to Miss Alexander, Mr Gardener and Mr Perrier who help with all the Drama trips outside of school. Miss Grist – Head of Drama Page 14

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Meet the Governors Mr Jeremy Johnson

This Year saw a record breaking 135 shoeboxes collected for the Mustard Seed Christmas Shoebox Appeal. The collection was co-ordinated by Miss Jackson and her form group 10O, the process involved checking the contents and labelling the shoeboxes correctly before being collected by Mr Walsh. The shoeboxes have now safely arrived in Romania and have already been distributed to school children in the region.

The role of School Governors is to advise the Head Teacher on matters of strategic direction – essentially selecting objectives e.g. exam results , and planning how to achieve them – matters include the curriculum , staffing, publicity, premises and finance. School Governors do not involve themselves in the day to day running of the school which is the responsibility of the Head Teacher, the Deputy Head and Assistant Heads who are ‘the executive’.

A huge thank you goes to students, staff and families who took the time to fill a shoebox, especially 8R who managed to fill 18 between them! Miss Jackson – Senior Teacher Found Property

In practice in a good school such as ours the Head Teacher and his senior colleagues act in partnership with the governing board which should act as an enabler and encourager – its primary objectives are to support, advise, mediate and secure and exercise accountability. Accountability, or being responsible for someone else’s actions to a third party , is a crucial area – Teachers are accountable to the Head Teacher who is accountable for their actions to The Governing Board and The Governing Board is in turn accountable for the actions of The Head Teacher and his staff to The Minister of Education, Sport and Culture and his department. As Chairman of the School Governors my role is to forge a strong link with the Head Teacher through regular meetings and to act as critical friend with whom he can discuss any concerns affecting any aspect of the school and share its successes. It is also my duty to ensure regular meetings of Governors are held and that all business of the governing body is conducted openly with an equal opportunity for all to be involved in discussions and decision making. Along with my other governors it is my pleasure and privilege to promote the interests of the school in all areas of the community.

This photograph shows the amount of unidentified found property we have had this term. Please do your best to reduce this amount by clearly marking with permanent pen, full surname and initial will help us get the property back to its owner as soon as we can. Mr Houguez - Site Manager

Can you work out how many squares can be found in this diagram? Can you be sure you haven't missed any? Can you be sure you haven't counted any twice?

Page 15

Year 9 Update Year 9 is ending the term with lots to think about! We have recently launched the Options process with an assembly for Year 9 outlining some of the courses available to them. There are lots of new and exciting courses. There are opportunities for Vocational Learning and the more traditional subject on offer. Students will have taster sessions and presentations on each of these early next term. For Parents, the Options Information Evening is 30th January, where the process for making choices at KS4 will be explained and students and parents will have a chance to find out about the various courses on offer in detail. To support Year 9 in making choices for KS4 we will be starting our Careers work after Christmas. Students will have an opportunity to investigate a number of professions to find out what is really useful in the world of work and what areas might interest them in the future.

A number of our Year group volunteer to be trained as Peer Supporters. They work with students from our Communication Centre to support them around the school. Not only is it fantastic to see so many Year 9 students volunteer for this programme, but the benefits for the Year group and the school are wide-reaching. Mrs Pygott has been running this programme for a number of years and is particularly impressed with the way that the Year 9 volunteers have responded to the training. What a fantastic Year group! Mrs P Hobson - Head of Year 9

Year 9 Peer Support Update This term we have focused on important questions, Why it’s important to have friends? What it looks like, sounds like and feels like when friends are together?

Year 9’s recent challenge day was a success, with students taking a look at the issue of Drugs and Alcohol in the Media and views on Drugs and Alcohol in the UK and Jersey. This will help prepare students as we tackle the issues of Young People and Alcohol in PSHE over the coming weeks. Relationships are always tricky in Year 9. Friendships change and develop and it can be a time of conflict for many young people. One of the issues we have looked at this term is a PSE-based module on Resolving Conflict. This has looked at identifying causes of conflict and helped students to find ways of dealing and resolving these situations as they arise. A fantastic example of the way that we practise this at Grainville is through the Peer Support Programme.

We discuss why some students access the Communication Centre and ways they can help all students to feel more integrated and comfortable in all areas of school, such as helping them to join in group work, saying “hi”, sharing tasks and joining them for lunch. We’ve looked at why some students find social interaction difficult and ways to help, which is basically about building trusting relationships. Our Motto for the sessions so far has been TEAM (together everyone achieves more) and the group have discussed and started to role play ways they can work as a team to help others who need support around the school. They are a lovely group and reinforce the reason why I do what I do. Mrs Pygott – Lead Keyworker Communications Centre

Page 16

Year 8 Update

New Rewards System

This has been a successful term for Year 8, with the majority of students adapting and adjusting well to life beyond Horizon. It is encouraging to see so many of the year group setting high standards for themselves both in and out of school; many have enjoyed achievements within the Grainville community and beyond. A special mention must go to Caitlin Mills, Caitlin Fitzsimmons and Lilly Heslam who excelled in the recent Eisteddfod, Caitlin Fitzsimmons also played a key role in the Jersey vs London Bat and Ball Championship which saw Jersey being the victorious team. Sophie Venton has been crowned Minimax Karting Champion 2013. Sophie has also won the LibertyBus competition to name their new Smart Card (Avanchi).

We are currently reviewing the Rewards System at Grainville, with a view to launching a new system in 2014. The first phase of this new system is going to be the introduction of a “Passport to the Prom”. At the beginning of January all Year 11 students will be given their own personal “Passport”, and between January and their leaving date in May 2014 students will need to collect 10 signatures from each of their subject teachers. This can be achieved by attending revision/catch up sessions in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science in addition to showing “Commitment to Learn” in their Option subjects. Collecting these signatures and maintaining an attendance of 94% and above between January and June will entitle the students to a £5 discount off their Prom ticket. All they will need to do is hand their completed “Passport” into Main Reception when they are purchasing their Prom ticket.

I am delighted that Year 8 appears to have a strong sense of community; this was built on in our recent PSHE Challenge Day. Students attended a series of workshops that required them to consider the definition of ‘community’ and ways in which they could make a positive contribution to the various communities they are members of.

We look forward to updating you with the rest of our new initiatives throughout 2014! Miss Jackson – Senior Teacher Non-Uniform Day in aid of the Red Cross Philippines Appeal In November Typhoon Haiyan left a trail of destruction across the Philippines, forcing over 4 million people from their homes and leaving many families with nothing. Grainville staff and students rallied and organised a non-uniform day to raise funds to support the people of the Philippines raising £1000.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the entire year group in their role as student receptionists within the school. You have all been fantastic representatives of the school community! Ms L Ash – Head of Year 8

The money has been donated to the Red Cross Appeal whose staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to help the people whose lives have been ripped apart and supplying vital emergency aid such as shelter and clean water. So far the Philippine Red Cross has given out food for more than 450,000 people and reached 19,000 people with hygiene kits to prevent the spread of disease. Miss Jackson – Senior Teacher Page 17

The Student Voice (School Council) Top 10 “I am Learning Users” In the first Student Voice meeting for this year the following items were discussed:

Student Pedro Comenda Jack Brown Ryan Want Daniel Loyer Reece O'Donohoe Eryk Jagla Tiah Bateley Jason Batista Cory Batchelor Kyle De Vares

- Results of the Kirkland Rowell survey. - Quality of School Meals Following this meeting a survey was sent out to all students to gather further points of view relating to the school canteen and the quality of meals provided. The results of the survey will be shared with the whole school community very soon.

In the next meeting a couple of items on the agenda will include, a review of the proposal new rewards system for the school. We will also be selecting a group of students who will have the responsibility of choosing new reading material for our school library. Funding for this is kindly provided by Waterstones. The next Student Voice meeting is scheduled to take place on January 29th. Mr Selby -Head of Year 10 / Senior Teacher I Am Learning As many parents and students know our school subscibe to the website "I am learning". This is an oustanding learning resource to be used inside and outside of school. It is reccommened that students utilise this website to support their learning. Using games to motivate learners, I am learning facilitates effective homework, revision and exam practice whilst promoting independent learning. Set self-marking homework alongside student driven knowledge consolidation; with meaningful reports with detailed analysis to identify weaknesses, monitor progress and help improve learning outcomes. All students are allocated a username and password which can be reset upon request if students forget their login details. For more information about this software please contact Mr Bennett or for password support contact our IT Support Team. Mr Evans - Network Manager

Time Used 19:55:15 06:55:25 06:36:48 04:21:10 03:58:23 03:45:02 03:38:43 03:36:59 03:30:35 03:26:12

Year 7 Update The last half term has flown by with us having our preparations for the Eisteddfod and our challenge day. The Challenge Day was run as a ‘safety day’ and was a great success. There were 5 different workshops: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

E-safety Road Safety Cyber-bullying Bullying Kindness and Friendship

Each Work shop lasted just over 30 minues and gave important information that we feel our students need to know. Some of the important points were: Avoid these websites • Facebook and other social media pages (the minimum age to have a page on Facebook social network is 13. To have a page means you have to say you are older than you are). • Snapchat • Askfm If something happens on line that you don’t like press the Report Abuse button. This can be found on websites or you can go to the CEOP website and find it there. We also made it clear that if students are cycling to and from school they must wear a bicycle hemlet and have working lights. This is particularly important during the winter as it gets dark quite early in the evenings. We reiterated to our students that we are a telling school. This means that if something happens Page 18

that our students do not like they are to report it to their form tutor or another member of staff. We then had a workshop run by Mrs Pygott about Kindness and friendship and what it takes to be a good friend. Some lovely messages were given to our pupils from their friends and it was lovely to see everyone being kind to each other. It was a successful and informative day and the outside speakers were very impressed with how our Year 7 students responded. This just leaves me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I am looking forward to working with you all in January. Mrs Bisson

The only slight down side of the evening was the fact we now have to wait another whole year to take part again. For a full list of the carols, performances and more photos please visit our website at

Cluster Carol Service

Happy Christmas Everyone!!

Our School community has recently held the fourth annual Cluster Carol Service with our feeder primary schools. Since its inception in 2010 the event has become an important part of the school calendar and a wonderful way to finish the year.

Mr Evans - Network Manager Visit our School Website

The service was opened by Mr McGuinness who welcomed all the students, teachers and parents from all the schools taking part and members of our parish community. The following programme of events encapsulated the spirit of Christmas and as always left all with a glowing feeling of festive cheer to end a long term. Special thanks to all the staff of Grands Vaux, Springfield, St John, St Martin, St Saviour, Trinity and of course Grainville who made this event possible. A special mention must go to Mr GoffeeWhite, who coordinated the service, Mr De Gruchy for selecting the readings and Miss Grist for the fantastic and hilarious drama piece - we will never think of Christmas turkeys in quite the same way again! An extended thank you to Mr Bennett who oversaw the sound and lighting during the performance and supported all the primary school performances during rehearsals. As the saying goes " All good things must come to end." and this year the service was concluded with a closing address by the headteacher of St Saviour's school Mrs Williams, plus a surprise visit from Father Christmas who delighted the students with festive cheer and presents for all their hard work.

Just a reminder to all students, parents and friends of our school community to continue visiting our ground-breaking website, packed with information, news and photos of life here at Grainville. Next term we will be making a few enhancements to the website to further develop its effectiveness as a communication tool. We will be looking to showcase even more work created by our students. Want to know what is for lunch next term? or what day a certain event is on? It will now be even easier to find the information as we are looking to make the website more accessible on mobile phone and tablet devices Please visit our website at to discover more. Mr Evans – Network Manager / Webmaster

Page 19

Important Information and Advice Concerning Lockers. At Grainville we are able to offer all of our students the use of a locker to store any property that they do not need to carry around school all day. The lockers are issued on a year by year basis and we do our best to ensure that they are as close to their form rooms as our building limitations allow us. The allocation and issuing of lockers is done between the form tutors and the site staff at the start of every academic year. At the end of every academic year we ask students to empty their lockers and remove their padlocks so that we can clean the lockers properly, do any maintenance that is required and where necessary relocate. We keep a record of the allocated lockers so that we can identify a locker to a student and when keys are lost we can be sure that we are breaking in to the right one. The locker rules are as follows, no sharing, no swapping, keep it clean, do not leave it without a padlock and always check to make sure it is locked properly before you walk away. We recommend not using combination padlocks as some of them can be very easily opened and we sell the ideal size padlock for £5. We encourage the proper use of lockers as it reduces the risk of property being lost or stolen and students do not then have to carry valuables and heavy bags around school all day. Please ensure that all property brought into school by students is identified with a full name.

During assemblies on 11th November, Grainville students were introduced to the Jersey Student Business Challenge 2014 by coordinator Fiona Gardiner. Our students have another opportunity to take a business idea, be creative and run a real business for 10 weeks with real money and a professional business mentor. In partnership with JCG and sponsors, Jersey Telecom, Ogier, Barclays and Ernst & Young, we challenge all our students to be entrepreneurial and gain experience of running a real business. The Dragons Den took place on Friday 6th December to short list to 10 business ideas. Congratulations to the 35 students who will be taking part in the 10 teams below. Young Business Leaders selected for the 2014 Jersey student Business Challenge: • Artistry (Year 10) Making handmade cards and candles (15% of all profit to Cancer Research) • Millionaires in the making (Year 8): Cakes with a customer focus (For Profit) • Jersey Plaques (Year 7): Unique handmade signs (75% of all profit to Hospice) • No name (Year 8): Stationary (50% to diabetes charity) • Jersey Treats (Year 9): Specialising in Cupcakes (10% Durrell and 10%, Cancer Research) • 3 Shades of Craft (Year 10): Tie-dye products (For Profit) • Bitesize (Year 9): Refreshments for morning sales (50% profit to a local charity) • Sweet tooth (Year 9): Delicious cakes and home-made sweets (Profit tba) • Cookie crumble (Year 9): Homemade cookies (50% of all profit to Help a Jersey Child) • Tri Scores (Year 8): Home-made crisps (10% Hospice and 10% Motor Neurone Disease Charity) The challenge will be officially launched on 14th January 2014.

Mr Houguez - Site Manager

Good luck to everyone! Mr McGuinness - Headteacher Page 20

Some Great Christmas Reading Shaping Our Digital Future Grainville School is currently consulting staff and the wider community on the use of digital technology in school. As part of the 'Thinking Differently' programme led by the States of Jersey, Department for Education, Sport and Culture, Grainville aspires to become a leading school in the use of digital technogy that enhances both teaching and learning. A Strategic Business Plan is currently being developed. This will be implemented in 2014. The IT Business plan will examine ways in which new technology can enhance the learning opportunities of students across the curriculum. It will also enable Wi-Fi and mobile technology to work side – by side the more traditional computer rooms. We hope that faster networking capacity as part of gigabit Jersey and student access to bring your own device (BOYD) in school, will significantly improve learning gains as well as the enjoyment of learning. If parents have any thoughts on the future of IT in schools, or would like to meet with the Headteacher to discuss IT , please do not hesitate to contact . More about the IT Business plan early next term . Activity Week Update : We are really pleased to be able to offer a wide range of activities this year and they are as follows; All Sorts, Around Jersey, Beach Book and Ball, Cycling Jersey, Emergency Aid, Euro Disney, Girlie Group, Horse Riding, I'm a Grainville Student, Booker Prize, Motorcycle Maintenance, On Your Bikes, Science Week, Scuba Diving, Shakespeare, Stop Motion Animation, Surfing, Watersports, Week Out West. This is a testament to the staff here at Grainville who are able to offer a range activities which compares favourably across the Island. After the Christmas holiday we will begin to collect money and the students should be coming home with any relevant forms to fill in. I realise at times it must feel like, as parents, that you are asked for lots of these to be filled in, but it is vital to make sure that all activities run as smoothly and risk free as possible.

Looking for something to do over Christmas or looking for that last minute gift? How about a good book to pass away those cold, dark evenings. Here are some books we recommend. “The House of Silk” Anthony Horowitz “The Game's Afoot . . .” It is November 1890 and London is gripped by a merciless winter. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are enjoying tea by the fire when an agitated gentleman arrives unannounced at 221b Baker Street. He begs Holmes for help, telling the unnerving story of a scar-faced man with piercing eyes who has stalked him in recent weeksN. “Boys without names” by Kashmira Sheth For eleven-year-old Gopal and his family, life in their rural Indian village is over: We stay, we starve, his baba has warned. With the darkness of night as cover, they flee to the big city of Mumbai in hopes of finding work and a brighter future. Gopal is eager to help support his struggling family until school starts, so when a stranger approaches him with the promise of a factory job, he jumps at the offer... But Gopal has been deceived. B Fancy some classics? How about reading “The Hobbit” by JRR Tolkien, a great read before watching the Hollywood blockbuster. Of if you fancy something a bit different try “War Horse” by Michael Morpurgo, a fantastic story of one horse and how he witnesses the reality of battle from both sides of the trenches, a truly powerful read. Mr Perrier – Literacy Coordinator

Mr Macready – Activities Week Coordinator

Page 21

Grainville in the News A summary of some of the Jersey Evening Post articles for the 2013 calendar year. To view more and read the articles in full please visit our school website.

Page 22

Upcoming dates (subject to change) January 2014 Start of Spring Term Monday 6th January School Photographs (Siblings and Absentees) Thursday 30th January Year 9 Options Evening Thursday 30th January February 2014 Year 11 Parents Evening Wednesday 5th February Thursday 6th February Year 9 Booster and Meningitis C Immunisations Friday 7th February 3rd HPV Immunisation (Year 8 Girls) Monday 10th February Valentines Meal Thursday 13th February School Production- We Will Rock You Tuesday 18th February Wednesday 19th February Friday 20th February

April 2014

Year 7 Parent drop in evening Thursday 20th February

Year 10 Parents EveningWednesday 2nd April - Thursday 3rd April

Charity Day 3 Friday 21st February Half Term Holidays Saturday 22nd February March 2014

Fashion Show Thursday 10th April End of Spring Term Friday 11th April

Year 9 Parents Evening Wednesday 5th March Art Exams (5 days) Monday 10th March – Friday 14th March Swimarathon Wednesday 12th Mar Pride of Grainville 12 Thursday 13th Mar Green Mile Friday 21st March 4th Charity Day - Variety Club Friday 21st March Year 6 Additional Parents Evening Thursday 27th March BTEC Sport's Year 6 Tournament Friday 28th March

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