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record serving children supporting families strengthening communities vol. xxxi issue no. 1

Blanche T. Enders Charitable Trust Funds Educational Coordinator Position

Mental Health:

School-Based Helping Children and Their Families

ictor, a second grader from PS30 in Harlem, was struggling last fall with behav-


ioral problems that caused him to fall behind in school and disrupted his home

With the support of a $25,000 grant from the Blanche T. Enders Charitable Trust,

life. Victor’s mother needed help. She was concerned that her son was in a

downward spiral and that her three other children would follow the same path. “Victor

Graham Windham will be able to hire an

can be helpful around the house, but he is starting to act badly and I don’t want his

educational coordinator for Bronx foster

brothers and sisters to start acting the same way.” She reached out to Graham Windham.

care children. The educational coordinator

Working one-on-one with a preventive service counselor from our School-Based

will work with the New York City public

Mental Health Program, and later as part of a group, Victor found out how to address

school system to ensure that children are

and overcome his frustrations. He learned basic social and classroom skills; he learned

enrolled in school within two weeks of

how to listen to and respect others; he learned how to control his temper and he

entering foster care, monitor educational

learned to take responsibility for his behavior. “I want to go to college and I’d like to

progress, and coordinate tutoring and

make studying something that I’ll do for the rest of my life,” Victor said.

other academic supports. It is Graham

Graham Windham staff also worked with Victor’s mother and helped her estab-

Windham’s goal that 100% of the children

lish limits and rewards connected to behavior improvements and accomplishments in

in our care are promoted to the next grade

school. By the end of the school year, Victor was awarded the “Most Improved

level and maintain math and reading

Student” award for his accomplish-

scores relevant to their grade level.

ments by the principal of PS30. “I am so thankful to Graham Windham for

“Foster children routinely fall behind in school, and by the time they reach ado-

helping my son,” Victor’s mother said.

lescence, they are often three to five years

“He is going to graduate near the top

behind grade level in reading and math,

of his class, and that is much more

with little hope of reducing this gap,” says

than I could ever have hoped for.”

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Graham Windham’s School-Based Mental Health Services are provided at

inside J Holiday Volunteers

PS 30M, The Raphael Hernandez Langston Hughes Learning Academy in East Harlem. The program offers individual and family counseling, case management, empowerment group counseling, art therapy, a Rites of Passage after school program, emergency financial assistance to families and a school-based summer enhancement program. Parent development workshops are also available. Please call Dara Elebe-

Mentor Q & A

Williams, Director of School-Based Mental Health Program, at 212 987-0641 for more information.

Alumni Bio


winter 2005

First Person: Interview with G.W. Mentor, Francisco Passade, Personal Trainer at Equinox and Eusabio, age 13, 7th grade.

Marge Hay

Early Head Start Program Success Continues

Alumni Bio:

What did you learn from your experiences at the Graham School

Suzy Sanford as Graham

We are delighted to report that our

that helped you most in your adult life?

Windham’s new Director of

We are pleased to announce the appointment of

What made you decide to become

Eusabio’s mother: Since I am a sin-

Early Head Start program has been

“One of the most valuable things I learned when I lived at

Family Permanency Planning

a mentor?

gle parent, having a positive male role

awarded a $12,000 Best Practice grant

Graham was the ability to get along with many people with

Services (family foster care).

Francisco: As a kid, I could have ben-

model in his life is very important. I

from the U.S. Department of Health

diverse personalities. Our after school work program taught us the

efited from having more positive adults

am so delighted that Fransisco and

and Human Services for 2004 that will

value of being responsible and reliable on jobs assigned to us. Of

in my life.

Eusabio plan to continue their relation-

be used for staff and policy council

course, we were also taught the practical, day-to-day skills such as

as Director of Permanency Services at Edwin Gould, where she

ship. Francisco is pushing Eusabio to

development. This program was recog-

housekeeping and cooking.”

significantly increased their EQUIP scores by 23 points in two

What stands out in your mind as a

do well in school and make plans to

nized by the U.S. Department of Health

highlight of the past year?

attend college. This extra encourage-

and Human Services as “Outstanding”

Hastings High School. As a senior, my class went on a trip to

ACS and at Forestdale. Her BA is from St. John’s University and her

Francisco: I knew I had made a real

ment is exactly what my son needs.

in June of 2004.

Washington D.C. Ms. Ehinger, who was a Graham School

MSW is from Hunter College.

connection with Eusabio when I came

Eusabio’s teacher: Eusabio has dra-

back from vacation last summer but

“I lived at Graham from 1949 to 1955 and attended




Windham after having served

years. Prior to her position at Edwin Gould, Suzy held positions at

“This grant comes at the perfect

administrator in charge of purchasing, was kind enough to fund

matically improved in school. Not only

time,” says Graham Windham Vice

my trip. When I tried to repay her some years later, she told me

didn’t get to see him right away. I told

is he meeting class standards, but also

President, Charmane Wong. “With the

that the best way I could repay her

Eusabio that my girlfriend had asked

exceeding some of them. Eusabio’s

additional children who are now in our

was to find some way to help another

about him and he said ‘at least some-

more recent report card testifies to the

care, we have a much greater respon-

Graham School youngster some day.

remained very close to the people she

one was thinking about me.’ I knew

positive effect of having a mentor in

sibility to ensure their intellectual and

That is how I got involved in the men-

grew up with at the Graham School.

then that he missed me.

his life – he has become a highly moti-

physical growth.”

toring program at Graham.”

She travels frequently and often visits

Eusabio: For my birthday, he took me

vated, conscientious worker and

to a basketball game at Madison

exhibits more self-control in and out of

Windham was selected from approxi-

ing Jason at the Graham School.

California to Florida. Many of these

Square Garden. We sat way down

the classroom.

mately 15 other early head start pro-

During this time Jason, her mentee,

people have become like brothers and

grams in the city to provide services for

became ill and was hospitalized.

sisters and Marge considers them part

88 new children who were enrolled in

Marge became his advocate; she

of her extended family.

What would you say to someone who

the American Red Cross’s early head

worked with the agency to be sure he

is thinking about joining a mentoring

start program. The American Red Cross

What advice would you give to Graham


relinquished its contract at two of its

students today?

Francisco: It is easy but complicat-

mid-town locations due to internal

ed. You need to start out knowing

restructuring. As a result, Graham

what you are expected to do and be

Windham’s EHS went from serving 60

prepared to make a consistent and

children to 148.


front! Man, it was so big! Mentor Francisco Passade and Eusabio

regular effort with your student. Eusabio: It’s fun! Francisco is better

In December 2004 Graham

Valerie Jackson, director of Early Head Start, will work with Charmane

We welcome Suzy to the Graham Windham family.

Throughout her life, Marge has

In 1988, Marge started mentor-

with other Graham alumni from

“…the best way I could repay her was to find some way to help another Graham School youngster some day. That is how I got involved in the mentoring program.” MARGE HAY

“I know that living away from your home and family is difficult, as it was for me. If you can put aside your anger and resentment and make use of all the programs that are offered at Graham, such as education, work pro-

than a brother. He takes me to good

Wong on the management of this new

places and buys me things. I remem-

program. Early Head Start services for

ber our first outing, we went to

children up to three years of age are

got the medical care he needed and, eventually, an adoptive

start and help you to move on with your life. It is important to

ESPN Zone. He always walks me to

offered in the homes of child care

home. Jason, now 25, is working, still close to his adoptive fami-

finish high school and go on to more education, either college or

ly, and still in touch with Marge.

technical training which will enable to you get a good paying

my door. I feel safe. I don’t want it to be over in a year.


relationship for the long haul.


these things will help you get a good

After Graham, Marge married, divorced and raised 3 chil-

Francisco: It won’t end. We have a


continued on page 8

gram, sports and independent living,

job. You can learn on the job and advance in your field. Finally,

dren. She went back to college attending night school at age 40

you can make some of your peers and staff who are positive and

and received her BS in Accounting/Finance at age 44, and retired

supportive at Graham part of your extended family.”

from Citibank in Harrison where she was an Assistant V.P.

winter 2005 GW



With special

$50,000 + Bank of America Foundation Citigroup Foundation $25,000 + Altria Employee Fund Blanche T. Enders Charitable Trust The Frances L. & Edwin L. Cummings Memorial Fund Toys R’ Us Children’s Fund, Inc. The Walbridge Fund, Ltd. $10,000 + Bain Capital Children's Charity Ltd. Theodore H. Barth Foundation, Inc. Renate, Hans & Maria Hofmann Trust James T. Lee Foundation Inc. John F. Welch Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Thomson The New York Times Company Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Keith Winn $5,000 + Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Abrahamson Commonwealth Metal Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fuscone Mr. Joseph L. Rice and Ms. Franci J. Blassberg Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Saunders $2,500 + Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Adelson The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Ms. Carole D. Crocker Mr. Kenneth M. DeRegt The Epstein Philanthropies Estate of Stephen Lysak Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Ferrari Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hilibrand Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Muqaddam




thanks and gratitude to all of our holiday and year-end supporters and friends

Mr. L. Patrick and Ms. Madeline Eckett Oden Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Paul Mr. and Mrs. John S.W. Spofford $1,000 + Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Berger Mr. John L. Cecil and Ms. Celia Felsher Daily Mirror Associates Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Joslin Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Kline James A. Macdonald Foundation Marine Corps League Mr. and Mrs. Vincent McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Michael McManus Mr. and Mrs. Howard McMorris,II Mr. and Mrs. Richard McVey Mr. David J. Megley and Ms. Therese Guadagno Mr. and Mrs. Richard Menschel Metzger-Price Fund, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. T. Guy Minetti Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Nelson Newmark & Company Real Estate Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Paolercio, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John W. Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V. Savage Mr. Raj Seshadri Mr. and Mrs. C. Nicholas Spofford Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Sullivan The Sulzberger Foundation, Inc. Mr. Zubin Taraporevala The Wahrsager Foundation Ms. Joan H. Weill Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Xhema

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winter 2005



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2004 Holiday Season Meaningful. raham Windham received an


Finest Care Child Care Center at New

year,” said Shenise C., a Graham

abundance of support from

York Life’s headquarters in Manhattan.

School Bengal.

the 2004 Holiday Season extraordinarily

hosted a party at the YWCA in down-

special for our children and families.

town Brooklyn for Graham Windham’s

The Bronxville Friends, in their

teens. Shamika procured gift donations

ed at the Family Permanency and Plan-

11th year of supporting Graham

from many generous corporations. (A

ning party at Washington Irving HS in

Windham’s children and families, filled

full list appears on pages 4-6.)

NYC. Volunteers from Monroe College’s

many friends this year, making

countless baskets with holiday meals,

GW Board member Shamika Lee,

“It was perfect. It made me proud to give something to others.” said Jose V. More than 200 children participat-

The Graham School Bengals

Criminal Justice Club provided arts and

utensils, clothing, toys, books, and

demonstrated the holiday spirit of good

crafts for the children, along with a deli-

games for 30 happy families in Harlem

will by collecting toys for fifteen chil-

cious dinner and dance music.

for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

dren who are hospitalized at St. John’s

They also spread holiday cheer by adopt-

Riverside Hospital. “It was fun to think

ing and beautifully decorating four resi-

about others. We will do it again next


dential cottages at the Graham School. Bloomberg’s 2004 Holiday Volunteer Program hosted a party for fifty children in Graham Windham’s Beacon and Beacon Ties preventive programs at IS 195. Vera Caines at New York Life Insurance Company hosted a party for fifteen of our preschoolers from

Clockwise, from top left: GW board member, Shamika Lee and friend at the Independent Living holiday party; Graham School residents decorate with Bronxville Friends; Santa makes an appearance at New York Life’s holiday party; GW children at Bloomberg’s Volunteer party; GW board member, Tracy Rutherfurd, decorates Young Cottage.

winter 2005 J 7

Graham Windham helps under-served children overcome obstacles on the path to

Charitable Trust, continued from page 1 Poul Jensen, Graham Windham President and CEO. “The educational coordinator position allows us to address this educational gap and ensure a level of continuity in a foster child’s often chaotic life.” “Enhancing the education of disadvantaged children is a priority of the Blanche T. Enders

self-sufficiency by giving them

Charitable Trust. We felt that the educational coordinator program at Graham Windham was an

the skills to succeed, support-

important initiative to fund given the many obstacles children in foster care face in obtaining a

ing and strengthening their families and, when necessary, supplementing their families.

meaningful education,” says Jacqueline Elias, Vice President, JP Morgan Private Bank Global Foundations Group, who administers the Blanche T. Enders Charitable Trust. As our signature mission, literacy and education provide the tools for all children to learn and grow toward self-sufficiency in their lives.


Graham Windham

Save the Date

Development Office

Graham Windham’s 2005 “Pre-Summer

33 Irving Place, 7th Floor

Early Head Start , continued from page 2

Bash” honoring John Sargent, Chief

New York, NY 10003

providers while our expert staff administer

Executive Officer, Holtzbrinck Publishing

T 212-529-6445, x316

support to both parents and providers. One of

Thursday, May 26, 2005

F 212-614-9811

the first Early Head Start programs to use a

The Lighthouse, Chelsea Piers.

family child care model, the program focuses

For more information on tickets, tables,

on an infant’s and toddler’s cognitive and

and sponsorship opportunities, please call

intellectual development, physical and mental

Walter J. Illy at 212 529 6445, ext. 319.

Design: brown stone studio

health and nutritional needs.




inside ½ Blanche T. Enders Charitable Trust Funds Educational Coordinator Position Helping Children and Their Families serving childrensuppo...