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...once upon a time

The Way Ahead... Growing older as a company is a privilege and a pride. When we started with a small office and essence team in Istanbul 27 years ago, we had simple dreams such as being a respected travel agent and to prosper. We first formed the basis of our way to make the dreams come true. We devoted ourselves to success, trust, loyalty and good will. During those years, we added milestone to our way and our way carried us to be an inspiring tour operator with a team of more than 150 employees in all destinations. Our experiences enabled us to fulfil all needs of travellers whether the purpose was for leisure or business. Today in this modern era for conscious travellers, we commit ourselves to find or create new ideas which will keep us contemporary or even premier. During last 2 years, we have opened our offices in Damascus, Beirut and Algeria. We also have started a very excitable year as Abu Dhabi and Dubai offices are recently operating. We are very pleased to announce our outgoing office and our main target is creating a remarkable and boutique brand for outgoing operations from Turkey to all around the world. Besides all these steps we have taken so far, our initial focus will be providing perfect services as always in each range of actions. We still have too many dreams while we are approaching to the 3rd decade. To achieve our dreams, we will follow up our way to reach the conclusion without compromising. As President of Karnak International Travel & Tourism, on behalf of my team, I am honoured to express our gratitude to everyone involved in building a luminous brand under a big roof. We always look forward to walk together on our way for the new beginnings.

Serdar ALI ABET President


a land of great civilizations, mysterious and breathtaking beauties of nature The history of this land where two continents meet is filled with crucial episodes; From the dawn of the distant Anatolian civilizations to the myth of Troy, from the Greek culture, adventures of Alexander the Great, then the rise of Christianity in Byzantine and the eastern Roman Empire and lastly the Ottomans. It also cradles two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and King Mausoleus’ Tomb in Bodrum. Apart from its history, Turkey offers turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and green forests as it is surrounded by sea on three sides. One of the natural wonders can be found in the Anatolian region; “Cappadocia” with its most unique rock formations called the “Fairy Chimneys”. “Pamukkale” in the Aegean region, holds one of Turkey’s most famous attractions, where a series of terraces, known as the Travertine Cascades, have been created by hot spring deposits of limestone. Karnak International Travel &Tourism



the city of history and amazing monuments, holding all the colours and contrasts together Istanbul or the ancient city of Constantinople, once capital of three mightily empires Roman, Byzantian, Ottoman, spells out splendour, magnificence and grandeur. Made famous by the crusaders, this ancient city is at present Turkey’s economical and cultural capital. Surrounded by the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, this important port city is positioned on both Europe and Asia. It is the only city in the world reaching across two continents, with the old city in the continent of Europe and Asia, separated by the Bosphorus which has a unique view with colourful wooden villas. Istanbul is a city of more than just contrast. The eternal contradictions between east and west give a vibrancy and energy unmatched anywhere else. The character and charm of Istanbul lie in its unique variety of contrasts which one only can see in a few cities in the world. With its huge population, Istanbul is a city where more than 15 million people from different cultures live side by side. Karnak International Travel &Tourism



the first capital of the Ottoman Empire Bursa; the first capital of the Ottoman Empire Standing alongside Turkey’s ‘Great Mountain’ (Mount Uludag), the city of Bursa may offer a rather modern appearance, but it was actually the 14th – century capital of the historic Ottoman Empire. Therefore, for many locals, Bursa really does serve as the origin of Turkish culture and remains a city with an extremely important past, which dates back more than 2.200 years. Bursa is very rich in religious monuments, mosques and a centre for silk trade. To take a day off, it is possible to visit Mount Uludag by cable cars, which is a ski resort as well as a national park. Something you will also enjoy in Bursa is the warm, mineralrich springs; indeed most of the hotels in this province have thermal bath facilities. The worldly-known Turkish Baths (Hamam) are great places that should be visited in Bursa.

Yalova a peaceful and healing holiday Yalova is a major port city in which many tourism activities take place such as thermal tourism, shore tourism, hunting tourism and nature tourism with sportive purposes. Especially the worldwide famous Thermal springs and Armutlu thermal springs has become the health, cure and resting destination of both Turkey and the Middle East.


lake and mountain life in Summer & Winter Sapanca is a settlement around the beautiful lake of Sapanca, rich in green and touristic hotels, motels, wellness centres and holiday resorts. Residing in the city of Sakarya, the province is close to Samanlı Mountains, and Kartepe is the highest mountain in the region and a winter tourism centre. Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Antalya the city of the sun and blue with the most picturesque bays of the Mediterranean Sea The Antalya region of Turkey could well be the most deserving choice for your summer vacation travel plans. Pamper yourself in the lands of unparalleled beauty, historical charm, cultural richness and brilliant blue waters of the sea surrounded by sandy beaches and pine trees. The coastal plain is covered with banana plantations and orchards of citrous fruit, as well as pine forests and groves of palm trees. There are many kinds of beautiful golf resorts located in this region. Besides the ancient cities, there are waterfalls, caverns and many other natural beauties waiting to welcome its guests. Karnak International Travel &Tourism



the town of turquoise waters, whitewashed houses and colourful night-life A town of white-washed houses with blue doors hung with flowers rising tier on tier against a green hill overlooking a dazzling blue bay guarded by the great medieval castle built by the Knights of Rhodes. Bodrum has an incredible rich past – formerly called Halikarnassos- as well as it is the most different cosmopolitan and sophisticated holiday resort in Turkey. At any given time of the day and night, there is always something going on here. You can swim in absolutely clear, tideless, warm seas, lose yourself in mysterious alleys, opt for village tours or even go for a daytrip to Greece. Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Marmaris The Mediterranean Paradise in the Turkish Riviera Set against a backdrop of pine clad hills Marmaris is a coastal town and resort, a port city and a tourist destination with the quality hotels and holiday villages. It is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday towns with the largest resorts on the Aegean coast. Marmaris combines natural beauty with an astounding zest for life. It is famed for its night - life, as well as the surrounding countryside offers the best in culture, due to the succession of scenic roads and sympathetic villages, which lead to ancient ruins and unspoilt beaches. Marmaris is a place where different civilisations reigned over time, and there is architectural and historical evidence of Egyptian, Assur, Ion, Dor, Persian, Macedonian, Syrian, Roman, Byzantium, Seljuk and Ottoman presence. Marmaris is also a major centre for yacht tourism and blue voyage. With its surroundings, long coastline, isolated bays and inlets, marinas, Marmaris is the place for blue voyage routes along the turquoise coast. Perfect for all age groups, Marmaris in the Turkish Riviera can be considered as the Mediterranean paradise. Karnak International Travel &Tourism


United Arab Emirates

The real wonder: Harmony of opposing forces For Western visitors, the United Arab Emirates is a very safe Middle East destination, with the comforts of home and a taste of the exotic. The United Arab Emirates is a contradictory destination, an Islamic state where the DJs’ turntables stop spinning just before the muezzins’ morning call to prayer can be heard, and where a traditional Bedouin lifestyle and customs continue alongside a very Western version of rampant consumerism. While many visitors marvel at the fantastic hotel and real estate projects, the real wonder is how the savvy sheikhs manage to harmonize such disparate and seemingly opposing forces. Here you can shop at designer clothes stores, laze on a gorgeous beach and sip a cocktail as you plan which fine dining restaurant to book. Or you can soak up the atmosphere of the heritage areas, haggle over souvenirs in the souks of Sharjah, head out to Abu Dhabi’s desert sands for a camel ride under a star-filled sky, or dive the coral-filled waters of the Gulf. Or simply mix up a blend of everything; after all, that’s what makes the United Arab Emirates unique. NOTHERN EMIRATES Ajman The town of Ajman, the capital of the emirate, lies on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It comprises the Ruler’s office, companies, banks and commercial markets. The port of Ajman is located along a natural creek (Khor) which penetrates the town. Umm Al Qaiwain Umm Al Qaiwain’s attraction lies in its long clean beaches, an enclosed lagoon and public horse riding stables. Ras Al Khamiah Ras Al Khaimah is the northern most emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It’s history extends into antiquity. Archeological excavations reveal that a settlement with an advanced civilization that carried on trade with the Indian sub-continent existed in this region. Fujairah The Fujairah port is an important port for container liners and for the world’s largest livestock shipping companies which have set up their main holding station for sheep and cattle for the entire Arabian peninsula here. Its clean beaches, the numerous water

sports like swimming, yachting, water surfing and deep sea fishing attract tourists all round the year.

Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Dubai a blend of ultra-modern life and traditional culture Traditional attractions of Dubai and the surrounding areas contrast with the city’s world-class business and leisure facilities. Wandering along the alleys, you can explore the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk. The Dubai Museum is housed within the beautifully restored Al Fahidi Fort, and is a mustsee for first time visitors to Dubai. On the Bur Dubai side, Heritage Village is a family destination where you can watch potters, weavers and artisans at their crafts. On the west hand you will reach the popular suburb of Jumeirah, home to some of Dubai’s finest luxury hotels and resorts, stretches of unspoilt sunny beaches and water sports complexes. Dubai is a veritable shopper’s paradise! Whether it is for gold, electronics, carpets, spices, textiles or more. The city is also home to some of the Middle East region’s most prestigious shopping malls, boutiques and department stores. Dubai is famous for offering top international brands at unbelievably reasonable prices. Dubai has a very eventful social calendar. With international sporting events, shopping and entertainment festivals, music and cultural programmes held at various indoor and outdoor venues all year round. Varying from the world’s richest horse race - The Dubai World Cup, and international jazz festivals, to the home grown Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai also hosts regionally significant exhibitions and trade shows on a regular basis. Beaches, desert safari, fishing, golf, treatments and therapies, extraordinary numbers of spas and wellness clinics ranging from internationally renowned brands to ancient Chinese and Indian holistic treatments are also available here. Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Abu Dhabi The home of World’s largest indoor theme park, “Ferrari World” Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern cities in the world. It is the centre of government and business life in the United Arab Emirates, headquarters of the emirates oil operating companies and embassies are based here. The architecture of its modern buildings and sky scrapers is the finest in the Middle East. Large gardens and parks, green boulevards lining all the streets and roads, sophisticated high-rise buildings, state-of-the-art communication services and transport, the presence of all the international luxury hotel chains, rich shopping malls, cultural centres and events provide tourists a one-of-a-kind experience all year round. Its long coastline was once the world’s best waters for pearling. On the land, it stretches south to the oases of Liwa where some of the world’s largest sand dunes can be found. World’s largest indoor theme park, “Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi” is attracting the world’s attention. From rides and attractions, shopping in Ferrari Boutiques to fine dining, this park has something for everyone.

Sharjah Sharjah is a city of the learning and the arts, as confirmed by its 1998 UNESCO designation as the Cultural Capital of the Arab World. Being at the intersection of ancient cultural traditions and contemporary intellectual currents, the city aims to be an academic centre with its universities. It is home to more than 20 museums with splendid collections of artifacts and art as well as exhibits on science and natural history. Sharjah also hosts many cultural festivals, educational conferences, fairs and economic expositions. Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Meeting, Incentive, Conferences and Events Synchronized teamwork is the key to success As they say greatest luxury and true wealth is time. With exquisite accommodation, gorgeous event spaces and unparalleled services, Karnak Travel will prepare your any kind of organizations with every single detail, great effort and care to save your time and reach your targets. Let’s not forget that Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are unique destinations and to create a difference is the key to success in Incentive Travel and Organizations; be it for motivation, stimulation, rewarding, teambuilding, education, performance-increase, skills-improvement or solution-generation, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are the perfect destinations to create long-lasting differences for your clients.

Our Repertoire Development & Finalization of a concept Venue & Hotel selection Design, decoration according to the theme Entertainment AV and other technical equipment Transportation Logistics Staff & Hostesses Event Management

Corporate Services Turkey, the perfect destination to combine both business and entertainment Cycle Meetings Dealers Meetings Product Launches, Educational Meetings & Trainings Private incomming incentives & Events Fairs & Exhibitions Road Shows Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Event Services From concept to implementation dynamic, unique, professional, innovative, personalized and solution oriented Grand Openings Theme Parties Private Functions Wedding Receptions Gala Dinners Catering Services

Team Building Activities We are all on the same boat There are many reasons to organise teambuilding activities; Motivation Communication High Performance Personal Development Management Support Culture Awards Leadership


Bootcamps Paintball Go-Kart Cookery Classes Percussion Classes Treasure Hunting Boat Racing Karnak International Travel &Tourism



Everyday brings new discoveries Let us welcome you to experience the new holiday trend. Cruises are extraordinary choices to enjoy the holiday as much as the destination itself. They offer sophisticated environments designed to maximize comfort and inspire relaxation with ever-changing seascape and landscape bathed in sunlight and cooled by the breezes with an intimate crew and on board atmosphere. Due to their high standards of dining and nightly entertainments, cruises will expand demands from young couples, families, children and singles. Welcome a new destination on each new day.

Incentive on a Cruise Ship

The perfect combination of business and pleasure on board a cruise ship. Conference centres, luxurious accommodation, rich cuisine and colourful day and night life on board. Exclusive Spa & Wellness facilities.

Honeymoon on a Cruise Ship

There is nothing more romantic than sailing away together to a golden sunset Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Villas & Chalets the ultimate privacy and conservancy in summer and winter More than 20.000 private Villas and Chalets are available for rent in Turkey and all around the world. For your summer vacation you can rent a villa on the Aegean or Mediterranean Coasts or for your winter vacation rent a chalet in one of the most popular ski resorts of Austria, Switzerland, France or Italy. The villas in summer resorts are mostly close to the beach, as there are city-villas for the ones who love the big city life. All villas and Chalets offer you the utmost in privacy and conservancy, as they are always in the best regions and highquality environment. Most of them have a private pool, while all of them offer a garden and/or a terrace. All the villas and Chalets are fully furnished, has a refrigerator, dinner set and weekly towel and bed-sheet change service. They are rentable for at least one week, offered with more economical prices than a hotel and without the restrictions of a hotel (meal times, etc.). It is an exclusive and free style holiday and you can do whatever you wish at any given time. Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Blue Voyages

A beautiful life in a turquoise world A cruise on a gulette or blue voyage, sailing along the magnificent turquoise coast, is an ideal adventure holiday, offering fun, sun and pure relaxation in an idyllic setting. You will sail on most days 3-4 hours at a time, leaving the balance of the days and evenings at leisure to enjoy the magic of hidden bays, with lots of time to swim or snorkel in the azure waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Honeymoon Choose Your Style: Exclusive, fascinating, romantic, escaping, magical, dreamy or amazing Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are one of the premier destinations for honeymooners. Couples dream about having an amazing honeymoon and Karnak Travel is here to help planning perfect holidays in romantic destinations. We turn fantasy into reality. Perfect welcome, glamorous accommodation, candle-lit meals, special treatments help to build perfect bliss. The result; unforgettable memories. Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Health & Leisure Turkey offers the highest quality in health tourism

World standards Immediate treatment Easy and quick access to Turkey Competitive prices

Thermal &Spa & Wellness Pamper yourself and restore the harmony of your mind and body

It is time to invest in you. Karnak Travel gives privilege to thermal products to start making your health and well – being a top priority as well as enjoying a wonderful holiday in different parts of Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. If you need a very natural form of spa break, the wellness and spa centres of Karnak’s exclusive hotels, may be just the thing. While the spa itself is an ancient invention, revered for thousands of years, there are some people in the 21st century who still shan them. But there’s nothing that can’t be fixed by some relaxing massage, special treatments, good food and fresh air.

Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Tailor - Made Packages Karnak Travel redefines the concept of tailor made packages. It is nothing new but today’s discerning travellers are looking for increasingly intuitive, ultra – exclusive experiences. Karnak builds packages to suit your personal choices and expectations after analysing your holiday taste, by trusting Karnak as a professional travel designer; you add another one to your unforgettable holiday collection.

Golf & Special Interest Tours Holidays for your life Style Karnak Travel takes your taste of special interests and turns it into a remodelled holiday period which is a part of your life style. There might be no better place than Turkey for those who dream about enchanting golf resorts, rafting in wild rivers, hunting in immense valleys, skiing through the summit of the slopes or witnessing the breathtaking annual bird migration. Nothing will be more rewarding than going on life-style holidays and there are many options to suik your interests and hobbies in Turkey:

Golf, Football, Paragliding, Windsurfing, Rafting, Jeep Safari, Hiking and Tracking, Diving, Skiing, Baloon, Fauna & Flora Hunting Hotels and golf courses in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are designed to give the discerning golf traveller a total golf experience. In addition, golf trips are much more than a golf vacation. They are a total exploration of golf, as well as history and culture at the same time. The golf is world class, the accommodation are luxurious, and sights are beyond description, and golfers in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates will make others green with envy by taking advantage of this golf experience. Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Best Recommended Hotels & Resorts Safe, Comfortable & Free Style Istanbul Hotels


Ceylan Intercontinental

Rixos Elysium Taksim

Hilton Istanbul

Ramada Plaza

DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Old Town

DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Moda

Grand Hyatt

Divan Hotel

Swiss Hotel The Bosphorus

Karnak International Travel &Tourism

Families are one of the focal points of travel industry and highly valued concept.”Comfort and safety“ is the best definition for family holidays. Karnak offers best suitable locations, safe programmes and environmentally friendly hotels to please every member of the family as we known returning toa much-loved destination has become an annual vacation tradition for families.

Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Crowne Plaza Harbiye

Lares Park Hotel

Elite World Hotel

Elite Prestige Hotel

Alkoclar Keban hotel

Holiday Inn Topkapı

Point Hotel Taksim

Konak Hotel

Karnak International Travel &Tourism



The Madison Hotel

Crystal Hotel

Golden Age 1 Hotel

Euro Plaza Hotel

Oran Hotel

Marmaray Hotel

Sogut Hotel

Sky Kamer Hotel

Zurich Hotel

Karnak International Travel &Tourism

Amethyst Hotel

Sapanca Hotels

Gural sapanca wellness hotel

Momento Hotel

Goldenhill Hotel

Yalova Hotels

Thermalium Hotel

Elegance Resort Hotel

Bursa Hotels

Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel

Hilton Hotel Bursa

Hampton by Hilton Bursa

Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Almira Hotel

Celik Palas Hotel

Divan Hotel

Antalya Hotels


Kervansaray Thermal

Tugcu Hotel

Rixos Down Town Hotel

Dedeman Antalya Hotel

Ramada Plaza Hotel

Dinc Hotel

Karnak International Travel &Tourism

Belek Hotels

Rixos Premium Belek

Gloria Serenity Resort

Gloria Golf Resort

Gloria Verde Resort

Calista Luxury Resort Hotel

Ela Quality Resort

Lara Hotels

Kempinski The Dome

IC Santai Resort

Royal Holiday Palace

Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Royal Wings Hotel

Concorde Resort Hotel & Spa

Rixos Lares Hotel

Baia Hotel

Wow Topkapi Palace

Wow Kremlin Palace

Kemer Hotels

IC Green Palace


Karnak International Travel &Tourism

Rixos Sungate Hotel

Akka Antedon Hotel

Bodrum Hotels

Akka Alinda Hotel

Rixos Premium Bodrum Hotel

Kempinski Barbaros Bay Hotel

Xanadu Island

Baia Bodrum Hotel

Wow Bodrum Hotel

Yelken Hotel

Isil Club

Kefaluka Resort Hotel

Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Marmaris Hotels

Delta Beach Hotel

Munamar Beach Hotel

Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace


Karnak International Travel &Tourism

Salmakis Resort & Spa

Munamar BeachResidence

Grand Yazici Turban

Marti Resort

Grand Yazici Mares

Maritim Hotel Grand Azur

Dubai Hotels

Ideal Prime Beach hotel

Pineta Park Deluxe Hotel

Burj Al Arab

Atlantis Hotel

Armani Hotel

The Address Downtown

Kempisnki Hotel Residences Palm Jumeirah

Kempinski Hotel Mall Of The Emirates

Intercontinental Dubai Festival City

Karnak International Travel &Tourism



Sheraton Creek

Madinat Jumeirah

The Ritz Carlton Difc

The Ritz Carlton Dubai

The Monarch Dubai

Rixos Dubai

Palm Tree Court & Spa

One & Only Royal Mirage

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Karnak International Travel &Tourism

Royal Ascot Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Le Meridien

The Address Dubai Mall

The Address Dubai Marina

The Address Montgomerie

Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach

Raffles Dubai

Karnak International Travel &Tourism


Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Oasis Beach Tower

Grand Millenium Al Barsha


Karnak International Travel &Tourism

Shangri-La Hotel

Park Hyatt

Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa

Movenpick Hotel Deira

Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City

Hyatt Regency

The Meydan

Jebel Ali Hotel

Sheraton Deira

Capitol Hotel


Ascot Hotel

Dhow Palace

Majestic Hotel Tower

Arabian Courtyard

Karnak International Travel &Tourism



Park Regis

Coral Deira

Riviera Hotel

Ramada Bur Dubai

Carlton Tower

Holiday Inn Al Barsha

Flora Grand Hotel

Traders Hotel

Jumeirah Rotana

Karnak International Travel &Tourism

Burjuman Arjaan

Arjaan By Rotana

Seaview Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel Media City

Media Rotana

Rimal Rotana

Rihab Rotana

Rose Rayhaan By Rotana

Media One Hotel

Karnak International Travel &Tourism


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