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T h e C e n t e n n i a l C a m pa i g n

T h e C e n t e n n i a l C a m pa i g n

For the past 97 years, Graded has been recognized as an international educational leader, dedicated to empowering students to reach their potential and positively impact the world. In anticipation of the school’s 100th anniversary, we launched the Centennial Campaign, an ambitious initiative to raise funds for the following three strategic priorities: Graded Campus Project - A multi-year project of construction, modernization, and renewal that is transforming the Graded campus by investing in infrastructure and the school’s future. Graded Scholar Program - Through this endowed program, Graded offers life-changing, full scholarships to economically disadvantaged, exceptionally gifted Brazilian students. Excellence in Teaching Initiative - This endowed fund ensures that Graded is able to recruit, retain, and develop the world’s best teachers for many years to come. By embracing the Centennial Campaign, Graded honors its history and builds a legacy of excellence. “This campaign is for our kids and the next generations. In this effort, we are not Brazilian, American, Lower, Middle, or High School. We are Graded School. Let’s do it together and make it happen.” Renato Ochman Centennial Campaign Executive Committee Co-chair

Gr a d e d C a m p us Pro j e ct

In 2010, we began this visionary project by developing a master plan for Graded facilities in conjunction with H2L2, a company specializing in international school design. This plan was used by Zanettini, an awardingwinning São Paulo-based architecture firm, to develop detailed architectural specifications based on the overall master educational plan. In conjunction with Hochtief, one of the leading construction companies in Brazil, Graded established a strategically phased approach for implementation. Phase I - In February 2014, Graded completed a full renovation of the Lower School Playgrounds and Gymnasiums. Phase II - Inaugurated in March 2017, this project includes a new Main Entrance, Parking Garage, Student Center, Large Field, Small Field, Track, Beach Volleyball Court, Wellness Gymnasium, and Maintenance Building. Phase III - A state-of-the-art Athletics Center is scheduled to open in February 2019. Ongoing Phase IV - Graded’s Academic Infrastructure Modernization Project is a two-year endeavor which includes installation of air conditioning units in every classroom; improved outdoor lighting; new hallway flooring; concrete treatment of Lower School exterior; and remodeling of learning spaces and administrative offices. Upcoming Phase V - A remodeled Dining Center. Upcoming Phase VI - A renovated Auditorium.

Gr a d e d At h l e t i cs C e n t e r Scheduled to open in February 2019, Graded’s new Athletics Center, Phase III of the Graded Campus Project, will transform our sports and wellness offerings into a world-class program. The facility will replace an aging gymnasium, empowering highly capable athletes and learners to reach new levels of excellence. The Athletics Center will include: • A multi-court gymnasium with telescopic bleachers • A semi-olympic, six-lane swimming pool with viewing area • Three rooftop tennis courts with viewing area • Locker rooms • Solar panels for heating hot water • Air-conditioning Graded is proud to be the recipient of a R$12 million gift from Fundação Lemann, in support of our new Athletics Center. “I am happy to contribute to Graded’s new Athletics Center, because it will make Graded even stronger and its students more successful in life. My younger children were Graded students, and now I have grandchildren at the school. Athletics has played a significant role in my life. Sports develop discipline, teamwork, and risk-taking. They teach you how to lose and learn from it. All of these qualities are essential as young people mature.” Jorge Paulo Lemann Graded grandparent, alumni parent, and Centennial Campaign donor

Gr a d e d D i n i n g C e n t e r

Graded's remodeled Dining Center will offer a heightened culinary experience to members of our school community. A larger, better equipped kitchen will facilitate the preparation of a wider range of fresh food options. The Dining Center will include: • Increased seating capacity. • New attractive, functional internal design. • Acoustical engineering for improved noise control. • Enhanced temperature control, providing greater comfort. • A multi-use, transformable space with flexible seating. • New modern furniture.

Gr a d e d S c h o l a r Pro g r a m EN d o w m e n t

The Graded Scholar Program targets inequality by providing full-tuition scholarships to economically disadvantaged, highly gifted children, many of whom reside in the neighboring community of Paraisópolis. Graded Scholars typically enter the school in sixth or seventh grade. Selected after having completed Graded’s intensive Outreach Program, these talented children enhance and diversify our student body. We know that Scholars perform better at Graded when they are supported by a cohort of peers from similar backgrounds. This is one reason that we aspire to increase the number of entering Graded Scholars to four per year, raising our total program participation from 10 to 28. It takes R$2.2 million to endow a scholarship in perpetuity. You can also “adopt” a Scholar for the duration of their time at Graded. Can we count on your support? “The friends I made, the places I explored, the knowledge I gained; they were all gifts from you. I feel like the protagonist of a novel, your novel. With that said, I want to thank you for writing such a fantastic story, and creating such a happy path for me, as your character, to follow and learn from; if I am who I am, and if I exist as I do, it is because of you.” Leo Oliveira Graded Scholar ‘14 Skidmore College ‘18

E xc e l l e n c e i n T e ac h i n g E n d ow m e n t

In May 2014, the Garfinkel family made an endowed gift to launch Graded’s Excellence in Teaching Initiative. Since 1920, Graded has attracted top educators who seek an inspiring and intellectually challenging community. By supporting faculty salaries and providing professional development opportunities, the Excellence in Teaching Endowment allows Graded to improve student learning by recruiting, developing, and retaining the world’s best teachers. Can we count on your support? “My day is engaging, forces me to learn, and is deeply satisfying, as I continually see the impact of our efforts on both student achievement and teacher empowerment.” Aaron Van Borek Lower School Teaching and Learning Coach


N a m i n g O p p ortu n i t i e s

Leadership Donors demonstrate exceptional commitment to Graded and its future. Their gifts impact the long-term vision of the school.

Numerous naming opportunities exist for Centennial Campaign donors. Gifts may be paid over a three-year period.

To join Graded’s Leadership Donor Circle, donors must pledge a minimum of R$150,000 to one of the Centennial Campaign’s three strategic areas - Graded Campus Project, Graded Scholar Program Endowment, Excellence in Teaching Endowment. Gift pledges may be fulfilled over a period of up to three years. Leadership Donors are recognized on the school’s Centennial Campaign Donor Pillar and in institutional publications, such as the Annual Report. They also receive invitations to special Leadership Donor Circle events.

GRADED CAMPUS PROJECT Student Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$8,000,000 Wellness Gymnasium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$5,000,000 Swimming Pool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$4,000,000 Amphitheater. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$3,000,000 Beach Volleyball Court . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$1,000,000 GRADED SCHOLAR PROGRAM Endowed Full Scholarship. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$2,200,000 Endowed Semester Scholarship. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$1,100,000 Endowed Quarter Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$550,000 EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING INITIATIVE Full Faculty Position. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$6,000,000 Partial Faculty Position. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$3,000,000 Educator Speaker Series . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R$1,000,000

L e a d e rs h i p Do n or C i rc l e R$10,000,000+ Fundação Lemann R$3,000,000 – R$9,999,999 Juliana and Roberto ‘90 Sallouti R$1,500,000 – R$2,999,999 Anonymous (2) The Garfinkel Family Alessandra and Ezra Safra R$500,000 – R$1,499,999 Anonymous The Blay Family The Galeazzi Family Andrea and Guilherme Johannpeter Maria Angela and Roberto Klabin Raquel Moura Borges Claudia and Renato Ochman Amalia Spinardi and Roberto Thompson R$250,000 – R$499,999 Michele Behar ‘80, Stephanie Behar ‘08, and Chloe Behar ‘10 Renata and José Ermírio de Moraes The Formicola Family The Ioschpe Family JHSF NY, INC. The Laport Family Renato Maluli ‘82 Roberta ‘91 and Thomas Mello e Souza

Thatiana and Leonardo ‘90 Mello Diana and Bernardo Paiva The Quintella Family Charitable Fund The Verdi Family Fernanda and Alvaro Augusto Vidigal R$100,000** – R$249,999 Anonymous (3) Ana Carolina and José Roberto Auriemo Graziella and Helio Beltrão The Biagi Family Ana Paula and Mauricio Bittencourt A. Magalhães Gabriela and Adriano Borges Carolina Casañas-Giráldez and Juan Giráldez Shirley and Alex ‘84 Chang Maria Fernanda and Fabio* Coelho Soraya and Edgard Corona Regina and Gustavo* Diniz Junqueira Flavia and Antoine Faugeres Deborah and Paulo Haegler Christina and José Carlos Hauer Santos Denise and Patrick Hruby The Huang Family Roberto Luiz Justus ‘73 Mylena, Carlinhos ‘84, João ‘17, and Pedro ‘27 Kalil Camila and David Kahn Giuliana and Marcio Kaufman Mônica and José Kfuri Juliana and Renato Klarnet Lily and Joe ‘89 Lee The Lustosa Veirano Family Patricia and Marcelo Marco Antonio

The Markakis Family Lucianna and Angel ‘88 Martinez Larissa and Caio Mesquita Gabriella and José Miguel Neto Victoria ‘18 and Clara ‘19 Miranda Márcia and Kasuo Miyake The Mofarrej Fonseca Family Parent Teacher Association Caroline* and Maximo ‘94 Pinheiro Lima Lorena Pinheiro Lima ‘91 and Luiz Felipe Coutinho Dias de Souza Cristiana and Rodolpho* Protasio Fernanda and Fabio Rossi Camila and Jório Salgado Gama The Shores Family Paula Soares and Carlos Hitoshi* F. Castro Roberta Suplicy and Phillip Bendenoun Veronica Sverner and Jorge Arruda Ana Carolina and Marc Szlezynger The Sztamfater Lottenberg Family Lucila Tchira and Jeffrey* Hoberman Tatiana and Alexandre Thumlert Camila Vieira Santos and Cristiano Biagi Cristiane and Johann* Mathias von Bernuth Tânia and Arnoldo Wald *Board Member **Adjusted from R$100,000 to R$150,000 on January 1, 2018, to keep pace with inflation. Leadership Donors are those who contribute at a level of R$150,000+ and are recognized on Graded’s Donor Pillar.

Other Centennial C a m p a i g n Do n ors R$10,000 - R$149,999 Carolina and Patrice Etlin Veridiana and Guilherme Ferreira R$5,000 - R$9,999 Class of 2025 Maria Fernanda and Adelino Arantes Fernanda and Leonardo Morari Charo and Ramon Sánchez Daniela and Abraham Weintraub R$2,500 - R$4,999 The Haenni-O’Callaghan Family R$1,000 - R$2,499 Carolina ‘27 and Tiago ‘30 Mason Bruno Amrit H. Mohanani ‘04 Carlo ‘01 and Marina Padovano Renata Romanich and Henrique Buosi UP TO R$999 Class of 1965 Angela Lopes Julia Oliveira and Dr. Matheus Ribeiro Barcelos The Roane Family

C e n t e n n i a l C a m pa i g n E x e cut i v e C o m m i tt e e

Renato Ochman, Co-chair Amalia Spinardi, Co-chair Ana Cabral-Gardner* Luiz Galeazzi ‘81* Jeffrey Hoberman* Andrea Johannpeter Roberto Klabin Caroline Pinheiro Lima* Lorena Pinheiro Lima ‘91 Veronica Sverner Arruda Fernanda Vidigal Richard Boerner, Superintendent, Ex Officio Susan Clain, Chief Advancement Officer, Ex Officio Julia Oliveira, Development Manager, Ex Officio *Board Member

B o a r d o f D i r e ctors

Luiz Claudio Galeazzi ‘81, President Paige Geiger, Vice President Carlos Hitoshi F. Castro, Treasurer Johann Mathias von Bernuth, Secretary Ana Cabral-Gardner, Member Fabio Coelho, Member Gustavo Diniz Junqueira, Member Barry Engle, Member Jeffrey Hoberman, Member Caroline Pinheiro Lima, Member Rodolpho Protasio, Member Ricardo Zuniga, Member Richard Boerner, Superintendent, Ex Officio

For more information on the Centennial Campaign, please contact Chief Advancement Officer Susan Clain: +55 11 3747 4800 ext. 139

Av. JosĂŠ Galante, 425 - SĂŁo Paulo, SP - Brazil - 05642-000 +55 11 3747 4800 -

Graded School - The Centennial Campaign  
Graded School - The Centennial Campaign