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Hide And Seek By Thomas Geleschun

I dedicate this book to my family, Who helped me along the way.

“READY OR NOT HERE I COME” “This Book Really hooks you”- Brian, Smith Thomas Geleschun is a very smart and responsible person, and is a great writer. As shown in his writing. “This is the best book I have read” –Kay Minkiewicz, New York Times best seller Thomas Geleschun has written many books but this is the best of them so far. He was born in Kenya but lived most of his life in the United States of America. He is a very calm and giving person. The most important thing for him is his family and friends.

“Not fair” I yelled at my brother after he scored his 2nd goal on me. My brother was lining up for another shot and I looked at his face I can tell that he is concentrating, he shoots on the left side close to the post. I was about to yell and complain again, but right when I was about to my dad’s thundering voice said “Do you want to come on a walk with the dogs”? And we would always reply yes. This happened almost every evening. I would always put on my black coat and my black pants for extra camouflage. And my brother would always take the heavy flashlight which is what we used to find each other. Almost every evening we would play hide and seek while we were walking the dogs with our father. Last time we went on a walk with my brother, he was the last one to hide so this time it was my turn to hide (hiding was the best). We took our usual route down to the end of the road then we turned right and went to the end of that road, then we would loop around again. I waited until we came to the house that had the densest backyard, then it would be harder for my brother to see me. I told my dad that we want to play here, he nods in agreement. My brother has to count to fifty and then he can start to look for me. My brother yells at the top of his voice “START” And then the countdown begins, 50,49,48,47, every number is getting closer and closer to my doom. My legs were burning while I was frantically running around their house looking for an appropriate hiding place when I stumbled upon a nice dense bush that had not lost to many of its leaves like most of the bushes had. Right next to the bush there was a couple of trees that were swaying in the wind which would provide great cover. At the exact moment when I dove into the bush my brother bellowed “READY OR NOT HERE I COME” I’m sure that it woke up the whole entire neighbourhood, but that was not my main concern right now. My lungs felt like they were going to burst. I was trying not to breathe and only breathe very slowly through my nose, it smelled like pine trees that sent always comforted me it always made me think of my old house in the forest. Then suddenly I see the dreaded flash light beam sway back and forth around the whole yard, really close to where I was hiding, will he find me I thought to myself? Butterflies were hovering in my stomach. I held my breath and closed my eyes and kept them shut and hoped that he would not move it a couple of inches to his right, but he did I saw the bright light right in my eyes and I was about to yell for him to stop because I was scared that I was going to become blind but then he just suddenly moved it away from my hiding spot and scanned the area behind me. It took all of my control not to laugh at him; he had found me but not realized it. After a couple of more tense minutes he finally yelled “I GIVE UP” and then I felt the victory slowly seeping into my body, like pine sap seeping onto the floor. I was proud of myself. And so I should have been it was rare for someone not to be found. The whole way back I was bragging about it, and nagging my brother. “Andrew I beat you” I said in a jeering voice, “Shut up” he said. I had a broad smile upon my face as I walked home. It was a very important part of my life because; finally I had beaten my brother and gained the confidence that I needed, in my life. It was a big was a part of my life, because every day I woke up and looked forward to the long relaxing walk we would take, it helped clear my mind after an action packed day at school.

Remember even though I bragged about my win against my brother I still continued a healthy relationship with my brother. It is very important to have a good relationship with your family as you will see in my next memoir.

Hide And Seek  

A memoir about Hide and Seek that got a little dangerous.

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