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The No One A Memoir by Kendall Jenny Wucker



The No One When I was little, I had many fears. Didn't we all? I was mostly scared of ghosts, but I overcame my fears over time and got to know them for myself and not relying on stereotypes or false information to give me the „in‟ on them. I had many ghost stories throughout my life, but this one is the most memorable. How? You may ask. Well, here is my story. Well, our story of me, and the No one. One night, I was sleeping in my small, pink, room in Murrieta, California. All of sudden I felt a painful tug on my blonde hair, I woke up and I looked back to see nothing. I went back to sleep thinking it was my dream and not reality. I woke again of something, or someone, pulling my hair. This time I did something about it. I tip toed down the hall, past my brother‟s room and past the laundry room into my parents room to find them sleeping. “Stop waking me up!” I quietly shouted to my mom “What? I didn‟t wake you up, I have been here the whole night.” Mom whispered rubbing her eyes and sitting up quietly so she wouldn't wake my dad. “Someone was pulling my hair and waking me up!” I said “Well, it wasn‟t me, It was just your dream, so go back to bed, goodnight honey” Mom whispered going to sleep. I tiptoed back into my room and climbed back into my pink bed. I fell asleep again and woke again to find someone, or something, pulling my hair! “It‟s not funny mom” I exclaimed softly sitting up in my bed. I looked around to find No One standing in my room. No living thing was in my room beside me, but they don‟t have to be alive to be there. A couple days later it was sunny and warm outside. Of course since it was southern California, it was about 100 degrees. But I didn‟t mind, I was used to it. I woke up and stretched my arms to each end of the room with a big yawn. I heard playful screams and I looked out the window and saw my friends playing Shark and Fish outside. It was my favourite game to play. It‟s when someone was the shark and you have to run across the yard without getting tagged by the shark. You were the fish. There were 2 bases at each end of the yard, if you got tagged; you were the shark next round. I got

up cheerfully and pulled my clothes on. I heard something banging on my door. I looked out to find, No One. Jordan was downstairs in the office, mom was making breakfast, and dad was watching TV in the living room downstairs. I was always the last one up. I went back to changing when I heard it again. I looked out again to find nothing. I didn‟t know what was going on. I was scared. This was the same thing over and over for the next couple years. Feeling someone pull my hair when there was no one and hearing someone scratching or hitting the door when it was No One. It was the summer of 2011. July 28. I remember that day because that is the day I was moving to Poland. I went into my small pink room and sat down with the doors wide open. “Goodbye, whatever you are. I will miss your company,” I said to the No One in my room. Then, the doors slammed shut. It was the No One. I still sat there, looking at the door. I got up and opened it. Then sat back down and watched it slam again. No doors were open, no windows, nothing. “Kendall! It‟s time to go.” My mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I slowly got up and opened the door. I turned around and walked to my closet. I looked in, my secret hiding place when I was little. I opened the sliding glass door. I looked in the empty closet and walked in. The sliding door closed just a bit. I stood there then looked out, it was the No One. “Haha, I wish I could stay here, Poland is far away, I won‟t see or hear you again for another 3 years!” I quietly exclaimed. Then I started to cry. I wiped my tears onto my shirt. I wiped them off and walked out, ready to go. I turned around and took one last glance in my old, small, pink room. I smiled and closed my door. I walked down the stairs and walked out of house and went into the yellow taxi that would be taking me to my adventure to the other side of the world. I looked at the balcony, that held many tea parties, games, and much more with my friends. The yawn, that held many water fights and picnics and shark and fish games. And lastly the front door, my old house that held many memories, and where the No One was. When I move back I will enter my newly painted blue room. I hope the No One will still be there to keep me company when I am alone. Many people will think I am crazy or

stupid not to be scared of the No One. I'm not afraid anymore. So, remember never judge things by what people tell you, and donâ€&#x;t rely on rumours either. Most of the time, they are wrong. Even now, years later, I still wonder about No One. What is he exactly? An imaginary friend? Just my mind playing tricks on me? A Ghost? I won't know for sure, and I probably never will. But all I know, He is as real as it gets.

The End!

____________________________________ “Clever, funny and frightful. The No One will keep you up at night.” -Fanchon Dehillotte, writer “The No One is a thrilling horror that definitely scared me. I would give it five stars” -Kat Macmillen, screenwriter “She has done it again! The No One is even better!” -Svenya Braich, singer

The No One This scary, and bone chilling story is about a young girl who makes an, unusual friend. She doesn’t know what he is, but learns to come over her fears and realizes that “The No One” is as real as it gets.

____________________________________ About the Author

Kendall Wucker is from a small town in California. She has 3 pets, two guinea pigs and a rescue horse. She is 12 years old and is now currently living in Poland. She is in 7th grade and goes to a school called ASW located in Warsaw, Poland


The No One  
The No One  

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