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By: Samir Thakore 26th Sept 2011

A Fat Guy

There was once a fat guy, He was fat like a b!ck

H" picture was on # wall,

And it was si%ing some expired alcohol

A Lie Collection!!! I have 12 bigger brothers that are all 11 But still my dog can beat them in a race My dog is 1000 years old I can do 50 push ups in 20 seconds My cats can jump over the moon And I can carry my macbook on my nose

I wish... I wish I had 3 day weekends, I wish I could play outside for longer, I wish I could make summer longer I wish I could never die, I wish I could be a cricket player, I wish I could bring my macbook home, I wish I had something to make my wishes come true

A Girl From Peru There was a young girl from Peru Who dreamt that she was kissing her shoe She woke up that night She was sitting upright Only to discover it was true

There was a grandma named moi Who cried because she never had joy She sells school bells To a very large motel She changed her name to joy

Alpha Adventurer 15  

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