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The way materials are used poses challenges and provides benefits to society and the environment.

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What is measurement? What can be measured? What are the symbols we can use to show measurement? How are measurement and materials connected?

Tuning In: Use the following resources to assist you in developing your understanding of measurement. • BrainPop • Kahn Academy (conversion between metric units, converting within the metric system, perimeter and unit conversion) • AAAMath Finding Out: Work on your own or with others to solve two of these problems. Choose a level that you feel is challenging for you (but not too challenging that you don’t understand the task). You are responsible for recording your own work and submitting it. Before submission, reflect on the following (two reflections to be submitted - one for each problem): • Title of the activity • Description of what you needed to do • How you went about solving the problem (skills you used, help you needed, strategies applied, etc.) • Solution to the problem

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Define measurement clearly. Describe how we use measurement in real life. Identify different systems of measurement.

Going Further: Completed presentation of your understandings based on the success criteria listed below. You may choose to: • Create a mini-poster • Write a blog post (including pictures, diagrams, videos, links, etc.) • Write/create a rap/song/poem • Create a Voicethread • Write a children’s play/story in which the characters represent concepts from your investigations Assessment will be based on: Refer to the success criteria in the sidebar. Completion of all tasks identified above. Reflection: How have your understandings about measurement changed? How have you further developed your understanding of the central idea? Provide specific examples. Use diagrams to help you if needed.

Identify and describe different tools we use when we measure. Describe how we can convert between units within different systems of measurement. Describe the connections between measurement and materials.