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Navigating the Grant for International Students November 15, 2013 Madeleine Wilcox, Navigating the Grant Fellow

Types of Grants and Ways to Learn about Them ∗ National Multidisciplinary Awards – CURF, Career Services ∗ Field, Location Specific – Department, Colleagues, Academic Associations, Newsletters ∗ Internal Funding at Penn – Your department, and Navigating the Grant’s Spring Conference!

Some types of Opportunities at Penn

∗ Critical Writing and Speaking ∗ Dissertation Completion and Research ∗ Grad Center ∗ Center for Teaching and Learning Note: For some of these you need to be nominated by your department. Make sure to always talk with your advisor and graduate coordinator !

How do I learn about fellowships? ∗ Talking to classmates, faculty ∗ Career Services library and databases ∗ CURF website ∗ Go to the Navgrant webpage for materials from panels and workshops on fellowships as well as sample applications

How do I get help managing the application process? ∗ Make an appointment with Weingarten Learning Resource Center! ∗ Come to Writing Mondays at the Grad Center ∗ CAPS ∗ Take a break with Connection Mind and Body Series at the Grad Center!

How can I get feedback? ∗ Sign up for peer to peer advising at the Grad Center! ∗ Marks Family Writing Center appointment ∗ Career Services appointment for cover latters, c.v.s ∗ CURF ∗ Science Outreach Initiative (for STEM related Broader Impact Statements)

Resources for Navigating the Grant at Penn