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MADates Dating Experience and Restaurant

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Figure 1 MADates is a multifunctional space based in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Bournemouth, where customers can come to take part in a dating experience or restaurant. The dating experience is based on the concept of online dating and the madness behind not really knowing who’s behind the screen. My design consists of 4 main rooms that follow the process of online dating; Profile room – A space where individuals stand in a lit box for others to walk around and gaze at.

Figure 3 Stalking room – Where the displayed individuals then move to a larger communal box, where they can be seen but not see, due to the use of two way mirrors. Dark rooms – Where partners are chosen to be taken into the dark room and have the opportunity to talk but not see the other person, which is based on the idea of chatting online. Restaurant – This is the final place where couples come to have their first date after the experience. However, it can also be used individually as a restaurant to the public.

The style of the interior is based on romantic colours and textures such as pinks and velvets, which all aim to increase to romantic atmosphere. Figure 1 shows the lounge area of the restaurant for customers to relax whilst waiting to be seated. Figure 2 shows the profiles room where customers are placed in their glass boxes, like objects. And Figure 3 shows people using the mezzanine restaurant space.


Below these are the two floor plans to show the layout of the separate spaces. From these you can see how I have used the language of the building to inform my design, such as the cross shaped mezzanine and the symmetrical elements of the room.





1. White Oak Flooring 2. Cream Stone 3. Pink Velvet 4. Purple Velvet 5. Black and White Marble Tile 6. White Marble 6.


Contemporary environments poster 1  
Contemporary environments poster 1