Written Into Nature: Chapter II

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Written into Nature II

By Grace Safford


Your Nature Writing Adventure To be in nature is to be inspired. As a writer, artist, and creative, whenever I'm outside, I feel my brain awaken. I feel my thoughts stir. I

As with the previous volume, I must note that this was a small personal passion project made on Canva. All prompts and writings are by me, but the illustrations were found free-for-use on Canva (I deeply admire visual artists, I wish I had that artistic talent). This book is a collection of made-art to inspire art-making. I created this collection of prompts simply to bring some happiness and creativity into my life and yours. I hope it sparks some of nature's warmth in your bones.

feel my heart sing. I feel like... myself. Keep creating. Keep writing. Written Into Nature: Chapter II is a continuation of the 30-day prompt book, Written Into Nature. This volume expands upon the first, offering the reader another 30 days worth of nature-themed prompts that are meant to kick start your writing (or even your art). Whether you need a spark of inspiration or you're looking to have a bit of fun, these prompts can guide you across the page. In this volume, we visit everything from the frogs of your local forest, to the leaves that tap at your window, to the whales at the depths of the ocean. No matter where we go on our nature adventure, we're sure to find a new story along the way. Do you have a pencil? A pad of paper? Then let's explore.

GRETEL EHRLICH "Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are."

WALT WHITMAN "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars."

ROBIN WALL KIMMERER “Paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world, receiving the gifts with open eyes and open heart.”

1.Where We Land Next

2. In Autumn, Speak to Me

Write about the flight of a dragonfly. Where

Write about the first signs of fall. How does

has it been? What has it seen and felt?

nature tell you it's ready to change? Write

Where will it go next?

about that conversation.

3. The Pace of the World

4. To Sleep in the Chill of Fall

Write from the perspective of a slow moving

Write from the perspective of a plant or tree

creature. Does time even matter when the

going to sleep in late fall. What happens in

word "rush" is absent from your life?

those few last waking moments before months of slumber?

5. Who Am I Who Are You

6. Goodbye, for Now

Write from the perspective of a flower that is

Think about a bird that you frequently see.

trying to come up with a name for itself.

Write about its journey south for the winter.

7. The Friend at The Window

8. Where is the Moon Tonight

Write about the leaves that tap at your

Write from the perspective of a simple

window every morning and night. Write

brown moth who loves the moon. What does

about what these leaves have seen and

it think when it looks to the sky?

supported you through.

9. The Language of Flowers

10. The Nature of a Hat

Think about the language of flowers. What

Acorn caps make the perfect hat. Write

meaning do your favorite flowers convey to

about the creature that starts wearing an

you? Write about their stories.

acorn hat.

11. This is Beautiful, Too

12. The Path We Make Together

Mushrooms often live among forest decay.

Write from the perspective of a mountain.

Write about how rotting logs and fungus are

What must it be like to have people walk on

just as beautiful as flowers.

you every day—to have footprints left on you?

13. Lost And Found You find a bird feather on the ground. Write the story of the bird who lost that feather.

14. I Will Catch You When You Speak Write about the secrets of the ocean whispered into shells.

15. An Unexpected Companion

16. Rest Here, Just for a Moment

Write about the unlikely friendship between

A mushroom makes the perfect umbrella in

you and the neighborhood squirrel.

a sudden rainstorm. Write about the creatures who use the mushroom to hide from the rain.

17. To Find Each Other Think about a tree close to your home. How are you and this tree much more alike than you originally thought?

18. What We Find Where No One Looks Jellyfish have no brains. Nevertheless, write about the deep beauty of their lives floating in the ocean.

19. Thinking in the Rain

20. Take Off With Me, Won't You?

Write about the thoughts a plant must have

Write from the perspective of a moth

on a rainy day. What do they think about as

moments before it learns how to fly.

the raindrops land on them?

21. To Think, To Live Think about a flower in the middle of a field. Write about that flower's top three dreams.

22. To be as Busy as a Bee Write about the morning routine of a honey bee. What does it check off its to-do list?

23. The Unexpected Hero

24. Look Down to See the Beauty

Write from the perspective of the humble

Think about all of the different things you

frog. Make the frog the hero of its own story.

can see on the forest floor. Write about the

(whether it be small or grand).

little-big world right at our feet.

25. At The Edge Of the Earth

26. Branch Out, Say Hello

Think about the way it feels to stand at the

Write from the perspective of a branch that

very top of a mountain. How, in that

is trying to reach towards something new.

moment, do you feel powerful? How do you

What is it trying to touch?

feel small?

27. See Me in a New Light

28. Find Me and Start The Day

Write about things in nature you once found

Write from the perspective of a small forest

ugly or insignificant. Write about how now,

creature looking for its morning breakfast.

with a new perspective, you find them

What does it find along the way?

beautiful and important.

29. Love, Happiness, Connection

30. The Most Beautiful Creature on Earth

What three words best describe your

Whales are the largest creatures on earth.

relationship to nature? Write them down

Write about what it must be like to be the

and expand upon your words through story.

gentle giant of the ocean.

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Happy writing and happy exploring.

Grace Safford

CLAUDE MONET "The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration."