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Gadsden Arts Center & Museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, and has earned the Guidestar Gold Seal of transparency. Gadsden Arts Magazine 2022 © Gadsden Arts, Inc. COVER IMAGES (clockwise from top left): Alex Ross, Captain America, part of the Marvelocity: the Art of Alex Ross exhibition coming to Gadsden Arts this fall, developed by the Bess Bower Dunn Museum of Lake County,; a Tallahassee Senior Center group enjoys a Guided Group Visit of the Women Artists: Four Centuries exhibition led by Gadsden Arts Museum Educator Sarah Black-Sadler; Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, 1936, photogravure, Edition #36/300, Published by Aperture under the auspices of the Dorothea Lange Collection at the Oakland Museum; children from the Tallahassee Home School Association enjoy a Field Trip, talking with Gadsden Arts Curator Angie Barry about the painting Perro de Mi Primavera by Sal Guastella, which earned second place in the 33rd Art in Gadsden juried exhibition.

Museums & Health Can Gadsden Arts be your prescription for well-being? After attending a doctor’s appointment, you are probably used to receiving a prescription for a particular drug, the dosage, and how long to take it. But what if instead of a prescription that took you to a pharmacy, your doctor gave you a prescription for a visit to the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum (GACM)? In Belgium, this sort of prescription is becoming commonplace under a new pilot program. In September of 2021, the threemonth program was devised by the Brugmann Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Brussels, to assist patients suffering from stress and trauma. As an important response to COVID designed to rebuild mental health, the program allows doctors to prescribe individuals with free visits to five participating museums in the city (The Guardian, Boffey, 2021). The pilot program was inspired by a 2018 project undertaken in Canada by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), where doctors have been prescribing their patients with up to 50 free visits a year to the museum. The MMFA has served as a place for researching and measuring the impact of art on mental and physical health (The Art Newspaper, Hickley, 2021). With the COVID-19 pandemic, museums like Gadsden Arts have been pushed to the forefront of a mental health crisis brought on by isolation. Cultural institutions around the country have begun using their art collections and educators to address the needs of a grieving public, preparing exhibitions that feature scenes of nature, meditation, and tranquility. Others have taken a different approach by selecting artwork that speaks to the difficulties of isolation, disease, and trauma, hoping that visitors might see their experiences reflected in works from past generations (The New York Times, Small, 2020). Through the beauty of their objects on display, museums offer their visitors a break from the repetition of quarantine and a sense of refuge. Even during their initial periods of closure, many museums offered art therapy sessions and other programs

A family contemplates Clyde Butcher’s monumental landscape photographs during the first major exhibition at Gadsden Arts in 2021.

online to keep visitors connected from afar (The New York Times, Small, 2020). GACM’s Art@Home Kits have offered families the ability to make art in their own homes throughout the pandemic, and Art Talk Live! online programs have offered online learning, discovery and social engagement. In addition to improvements in mood and mental health, museums have been connected to physical health benefits. In the past few years, studies have linked engagement with museums and the arts to longer lifespans. A 2019 project published by British researchers followed thousands of people over the age of 50 for 14 years, and found that those who went to a museum or attended a concert just 1-2 times per year were 14% less likely to die during the study period than those who did not visit a museum or the theater at all. Those who went to a museum once a month, or once every few months, were 31% less likely to die. The study found that engaging in the arts reduced loneliness, promoted empathy, and kept people from being sedentary—which all contribute to a longer life (The New York Times, Cramer, 2019). A trip to the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum may offer not just the chance to view important works of art and spend time with friends, but also mental and physical health advantages. With six gallery spaces and rotation of most exhibitions every quarter, Gadsden Arts serves as a place for extended rest and relaxation, helping to improve quality of life in Florida’s Big Bend Region during difficult times.

DEPARTMENTS Grace Robinson Executive Director & Development 850.627.5020 Angie Barry Exhibitions & Collection 850.627.5021 Sarah Black-Sadler Education & Outreach 850.627.5023 Melanie Joyner Finance & Membership 850.627.5022 Becky Reep Museum Shop 850.627.5024


Challenge plus Creativity = Growth1 Dear Gadsden Arts Patrons, If you would have asked me in March 2020 how I thought the pandemic would play out, I would never have anticipated that we would be navigating waves of Covid two years later. In all program decisions we have been cautious, recognizing that we serve two very vulnerable audiences – young children and older adults. With such a small staff, we also make every effort to ensure our programs continue uninterrupted. Pandemic challenges have limited some events, but the upside is that they have also brought innovation and growth!


Leigh Watson Healy Vice-President Pam Butler Treasurer Jimmy Nicholson Secretary Terry Hawkins Immed. Past President Carole Fiore Martha Fletcher Laura Harris Yvonne Howell Brenda Johnson Crystle May Jim Miller Bill Piotrowski Eluster Richardson Karol Dover Selvaggio Allie VanLandingham Medora Wester Harris Wiltsher Mayo Woodward

Last year opened with a new fundraiser, A Week with the Arts, celebrating the art of creative living and our region’s creative talent through online, onsite, and at-home programming. Major Exhibitions Clyde Butcher: America the Beautiful transported us into the West, and Women Artists: Four Centuries of Creativity brought us through time to appreciate inspiring stories of pioneering women in art. Onsite and online programs for these two projects served 8,507 people! We have seen continued growth and innovation in our education programs this year. Art Campers returned last summer with new safety measures, outreach efforts created Art in Schools (rather than after school) every week, and Art @ Home Kits brought art home to 1100+ children! We were also very fortunate to welcome two experienced Museum Educators to our team in 2021 who have more plans for growth - read more in our education pages! I am proud of how flexible and nimble our organization has been, thanks to our thoughtful board and talented staff. In July, we hosted our 33rd Art in Gadsden preview and opening events, and in October traveled with our group to Bentonville, Arkansas. I look at the art and architecture we saw there (pictured above) and feel inspired by the power of creative thinking evident in the work of Kusama and E. Fay Jones - a reminder of the importance of what we are doing, bringing quality art experiences to everyone.

Financially, Gadsden Arts is in a strong position. Thanks to very generous donors, in 2021 we met Annual Giving and Art for Children fundraising goals, and reached our Impact Fund goal to support Major Exhibitions through 2025, a key goal in our Strategic Plan. We also had great success in pursing special funding opportunities. Years of pandemic have demonstrated the strength of our organization. Gadsden Arts is guided and fueled by people who love art, and love our community. You, our patrons, members, volunteers, donors, and sponsors invest time, money, ideas, and expertise to improve quality of life for everyone through Gadsden Arts. If you have read the first article in this issue of Gadsden Arts Magazine, you can see that our work is now more important than ever. Read on for more highlights from last year, and a preview of great things to come. Thank you for being a part of Gadsden Arts! – Grace Robinson, Executive Director

Gadsden Arts Impact Report 2021


Gadsden Arts remains the only independent nationally accredited art museum in the region, guided and supported by our community, serving 18,704 participants in 2021, open 224 days for visitors, and offering 167 tours and programs, while raising and earning all of the resources needed to serve our mission.

FINANCIAL REPORT FY 2021 (As of 12/31/2021)

Income (actual / budget)................$512,891 / $461,252 Expense (actual / budget)................$420,742 / $443,611 Operating Cash on Hand..............................$ 280,067 Restricted Cash - Special Projects.................$ 172,857 Gadsden Arts Endowment............................$ 998,192

BUDGET FY 2022 Total Budget...........................................$544,209 Investment in Programmatic Areas Education...........................................$166,179 Art for Children...................................$102,000 Exhibitions.........................................$244,808 Collection ............................................$22,382

Gadsden Arts volunteers devoted 1,546 hours to the work of Gadsden Arts, valued at $40,690 (Independent Sector).


Gadsden Arts hosted 15 exhibitions in six galleries, including three major exhibitions and ten exhibitions of work by our region’s artists. Fourteen students from five high schools in Gadsden and Leon Counties participated in our second Teen Art Council, a program that teaches teens about art, museums, and art careers, and hires them to create art programs for their peers and families. Art @ Home Kits went home to 1100+ children in our community over 16 months, while 48 scholarships were awarded to make it possible for children to attend Art Camp.

Gadsden Arts continued the popular Art Talks Live! online talks with guest curators, artists, and scholars this year, including Alexis Assam, Regena A. Perry Assistant Curator of Global Contemporary Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and Scott Schweigert, Curator of Art at the Reading Public Museum. Art Talks Live attracted participants from across the U.S. and beyond, including the UK and Canada. Also, a new program partnership between Gadsden Arts and the National Museum of Women in the Arts will continue this year.

In 2021, Gadsden Arts met all of its fundraising goals! These included 15 Art for Children Sponsors, and $250,000 in pledges and gifts for the Impact Fund. Furthermore, the Gadsden Arts Endowment Trust was within $2,000 of $1M! In 2022, Gadsden Arts plans to invest $102,000 in Art for Children programs, $166,000 in all education programs, and $249,000 in our exhibitions program.


Gadsden Arts had an economic impact of $756,939 in the community and generating $67,224 in local government revenue. (Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Calculator). The organization sustained 3 full-time and 7 part-time jobs, and increased staff compensation to align with Southeastern Museum Conference norms.


Gadsden Arts is top-notch, inclusive, innovative, and a true treasure for the community... All offerings are mindfully and expertly done, year after year. Thank you and Bravo! –GACM patron


FINANCE COMMITTEE Pam Butler, Chair Mark Bates Dianne Croley Terry Hawkins Nathan Roberts Bruce Rowan Mayo Woodward WEEKLY VOLUNTEERS Patsy Bates Jimmy Nicholson Carlene Prince



From members since the beginning to newer friends: Our Donors’ Perspective Involved in almost every aspect of the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum, GACM’s donors are some of the museum’s longest and most dedicated members. From the Board of Directors to Art for Children to Major Exhibitions, Gadsden Arts’ donors help make art available to everyone in Gadsden County and the region, and work to ensure the future of the museum. Through their support and commitment to improving life for everyone, donors make Gadsden Arts’ mission into a reality. Many of GACM’s donors first became members of the museum during its incorporation in 1994. They have seen the organization evolve from an annual art exhibition, to an established community gathering space, to an American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Accredited institution. “Jane and I were both born and raised in Quincy, and our families before that. When GACM came along, it was a breath of fresh air. It was something new and something good, something positive. We looked to that as the future, the bright spot in the future,” said Alex Hinson. Supporters of the original Art in Gadsden exhibition created by Beth Appleton, Alex and Jane Hinson have been involved in GACM’s exhibitions, education programs, capital campaigns, committees, and Board of Directors since the organization’s inception. “We’ve always been interested in the major exhibitions, which bring people out. The quality of those keeps improving through the years. We particularly like the Art in Gadsden show because it brings local artists from the whole surrounding area,” Jane Hinson said. Even from their homes in other states, some of GACM’s donors make efforts to participate in Gadsden Arts programs and support the organization. Laura and David Harris, residents of New York with family ties to Gadsden County, have come to appreciate the high standards and artistic variety of GACM’s exhibitions. “The art is local, but Gadsden Arts really can be a destination for viewers to come

Alex and Jane Hinson, dedicated Gadsden Arts volunteers and donors who have been involved with the organization since the beginning.

visit. It has work that can attract people. And since we’ve become a museum, Gadsden Arts can share its work with more institutions,” David Harris said. As a destination for tourism that regularly attracts visitors from neighboring cities, Gadsden Arts has been a leader in local efforts to revitalize Quincy’s downtown square. “The square is at the heart of Gadsden County, and GACM has played a huge role in making it vital. Its doors open to the square, and particularly with the Art Zone, people are encouraged to step into the museum. Even in New York, I was often surprised to meet people who had never been to the Metropolitan Museum. They felt like the door wasn’t open for them-- if it was a museum, they weren’t really welcome. I think that Gadsden Arts is making real strides in overcoming that type of misconception,” said Laura Harris. Through their support and volunteering, GACM’s donors make its community outreach programs possible. These programs work to make art accessible and approachable for everyone in Gadsden County, and reduce barriers to art education. “When Grace took over and brought Angie on, we could see that they had a strong

emphasis on support for the community, and especially for the schools. That really drew us in,” said Priscilla Dreibelbis. Long-time champions of GACM’s education programs, Priscilla and Richard Dreibelbis feel passionately about supporting the Summer Art Camp students. “We felt that during the earlier period of Gadsden Arts, the budgets for the county schools were going down. They were cutting out art, music, and physical education. We believe that you don’t produce well-rounded individuals if you don’t include those kinds of programs. So that’s how we got involved supporting students at Gadsden Arts,” Richard Dreibelbis said. In addition to supporting GACM’s exhibitions and education programs, some donors are involved in protecting and growing the museum’s permanent art collection. “My mother was an original donor and left the museum a bequest without a specific purpose. When I called to tell Grace, we got so excited we were practically finishing each other’s sentences,” Laura Harris said. Funds were used to prepare and professionalize a successful capital fundraising drive and contribute to preservation and storage. “The Gadsden Arts collection poses some real challenges. Much of the art is of mixed materials, unusual in shape and form. That presents challenges, particularly in an environment like Florida. My siblings and I are glad that

things are cared for in a way that meets high standards, especially since our mother, who was a painter, lost much of her work in a fire.” To Carl Owenby, an electrician since the age of 16, protecting and supporting Gadsden Arts means contributing his expertise to various facilities projects. “It all started with a conversation with Grace when I volunteered to donate some time, mainly to help with technical issues—in particular, electrical, construction, maintenance, and security,” Owenby said. Owenby has helped lead several major projects, including the installation of a generator, replacing a sprinkler system, and hurricane window treatments. These updates have allowed Gadsden Arts to bring more major exhibitions to Quincy, which require specialized protection for the artwork against power outages and extreme weather. “With every one of my projects, there were some challenges. The generator had to be adequately sized and the electrical system designed. And we had to coordinate with the equipment and HVAC manufacturers, and make sure that everything was the right voltage. But that’s kind of the fun part, meeting the challenges and addressing them,” said Owenby. Other donors have assumed roles on the Gadsden Arts Board of Directors, helping to make both large and small decisions to


Above left: Marjorie Turnbull, Ann Silcox, Annette Cowart, Dottie Harris, David Harris, and Laura Harris enjoy a gallery visit during Gadsden Arts’ Art Trip to Chicago. Right: a crane lowers the generator to power collections storage areas and security systems onto its pad. This was one of several important facility projects managed by Carl Owenby, Special Projects Coordinator. The generator was made possible by the Owenby Family.


Above: Gadsden Arts often hosts classes from Florida State University, teaching students about museum programs and careers. Staff are pictured here with Carey Fee’s Museum Basics class. Left: Dianne Croley, Gadsden Arts Board President, contemplates a contemporary sculpture made entirely of twigs at the 21c Hotel during the Gadsden Arts Art Trip to Bentonville, Arkansas, October 2021.

guide the museum in serving its mission. A current member of the Museum Shop Committee and the Exhibition Committee, Dianne Croley recently took on the responsibility of Board President this past year, and has worked to further secure Gadsden Arts during her leadership. “It was a little intimidating at first, to actually run the meetings. But so far it’s working out pretty well. It’s been challenging, but rewarding, and I’m just glad to be able to do my part,” Croley said. During his time on the Board, Alex Hinson contributed to some of the important decisions made after Gadsden Arts received its AAM Accreditation. “I was on the Board when we added ‘museum’ to the title of Gadsden Arts Center & Museum. I was also one of the ones that insisted on keeping ‘center’ in the title. In our little community, it is the center of a lot of activity and a lot of good things happening,” said Hinson. No matter what their interests or involvements, donors unanimously expressed

their dedication to the Gadsden Arts staff. “My involvement has been a long-standing commitment because of what they stand for, the organizational strength and creativity, and their commitment to community,” said Marjorie Turnbull, a donor for over 20 years and a member of the Board for many of those. “Grace Robinson’s stewardship of donors is amazing—the way she reaches out and personally touches the people who give.” With a variety of education programs for all ages, a constant rotation of exhibitions, and over six working committees, Gadsden Arts donors are able to lead and contribute to a variety of projects that are personally meaningful to them. Anyone with a passion for art or community who is looking to get involved at the museum can find something to interest them. And as Gadsden Arts continues to grow its impact each year, opportunities to engage in the arts will expand with it. “That’s something else about Gadsden Arts—they’re always looking ahead and thinking about what’s needed in the future. They’re not just thinking about this year, they’re really looking to five or even ten years out,” Turnbull said. “I think that’s what makes them thrive, and what allows them to keep up with the needs and interests of the community.”

Our Strategic Plan

Gadsden Arts is always guided by a strategic plan that supports our mission. This plan was developed based on program results and community input, developed over a two year process, and leads to our vision for the future. Major Exhibitions presented with quality museum education programs are at the heart of this plan.

Mission: Gadsden Arts fosters understanding and appreciation of the visual arts to improve the quality of life in Gadsden County and the region. We work to enhance arts education, provide cultural opportunities, and stimulate economic growth in the community. Vision: A nationally accredited, highly regarded, high impact arts center and museum with long-term financial and organizational sustainability.


Exhibitions are the heart of Gadsden Arts programs. Major Exhibitions interpreted through quality educational programs offer a depth of cultural and historical content, and attract and serve thousands of people of all ages. We recognize the need for more Major Exhibitions in our region and know from recent projects that everyone, from school children to adult residents to visiting travelers, benefits from these in-depth cultural experiences. The Impact Fund for Major Exhibitions provides advance resources needed to offer museum caliber exhibitions consistently. In 2022, we now seek to raise $50K to maintain the Impact Fund, now that the initial $250K goal has been achieved. Providing accessible art education programs for children and families is also central to Gadsden Arts’ mission, opening doors for lifelong learning. Through onsite


As an independent museum, Gadsden Arts is sustained through contributions, grant awards, and earned revenues each year. Continued development of these resources is crucial to fulfilling our mission and having the highest possible impact. This will be accomplished through a team effort, guided by the Executive Director, including the Board of Directors, professional staff, and volunteers.

GOAL 3: CONTINUE TO DEVELOP LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY. In the long term, Gadsden Arts aims to grow and diversify annual revenue streams, build operating cash on hand to equal twelve months operating costs, and grow the Gadsden Arts Endowment Trust.

The Gadsden Arts Endowment Trust (GAET) is working for the community every day, supporting facility needs and programs of Gadsden Arts, while ensuring support for our museum in perpetuity. The GAET Board of Directors manages this trust with a moderate investment policy and a conservative 2.5% spending policy to ensure fund growth over time. Donors may create their own separate Donor-Named Funds within the Gadsden Arts Endowment Trust which are invested along with the endowment, currently valued at $998,192. Our Strategic Plan goal for endowment is to reach $2M through gifts and growth by 2025. Planning is an ongoing process, and we appreciate your thoughts! Contact: Grace Robinson, Executive Director, 850.627.5020.



and online programs like the ArtZone, Art @ Home Kits, Field Trips, Tuition Scholarships, and the Teen Art Council, Gadsden Arts will continue to provide opportunities for children to interpret and make art that are economically accessible. In 2022, our Art for Children sponsorship goal is $50K in program support and matching funds for grants.


Major Exhibitions MASTERS OF AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY April 8 - June 25, 2022 Organized by the Reading Public Museum, Reading, PA Masters of American Photography features photographs from the 1880s through the 1980s, including iconic images by giants in the photographic canon such as Eadweard Muybridge, Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Walker Evans, Berenice Abbott, Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Margaret Bourke-White, and Paul Strand. This group of work, carefully chosen from the collection of the Reading Public Museum, features an impressive

range encompassing portraiture, landscape, still life, and cultural history, dramatically presenting American life during this period. The range of photographic processes represented includes silver gelatin prints, collotypes, bromide photo prints, photogravures, and dye transfer prints, demonstrating the versatility of the medium.

Top left: Walker Evans, Lunchroom Buddies, New York City, 1931, gelatin silver print, Printed in 1974, Print #11 from a portfolio of 15 photographs, Edition #71/75, From the “Walker Evans: Selected Photographs” portfolio, published by Double Elephant Press: New York, 1974; Left: Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, 1936, photogravure, Edition #36/300, Published by Aperture under the auspices of the Dorothea Lange Collection at the Oakland Museum

EXHIBITIONS COMMITTEE Eluster Richardson, Chair Dianne Croley Carey Fee Roger Raepple Steve Rollin Karol Selvaggio Janice Tucker Harris Wiltsher

MARVELOCITY: THE ART OF ALEX ROSS September 30 – December 10, 2022 Developed by the Bess Bower Dunn Museum of Lake County, Illinois Considered one of the greatest artists in the field of comic books, Alex Ross has created some of the most iconic images known to fans today. For nearly 30 years, he has revitalized classic superheroes into works of fine art by illustrating characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Storm from the X-Men, the Avengers,

Black Panther and many more. The exhibition includes the artist’s preliminary sketches, childhood drawings, life-sized head busts, and illustrated covers of comics. Above: Alex Ross, Spiderman. Marvelocity: The Art of Alex Ross was developed by the Bess Bower Dunn Museum of Lake County,

Special Projects & Regional Exhibitions


ELUSTER RICHARDSON: THREE DECADES January 14 – March 19, 2022 Art Talk Live! Online January 13, 5:30pm Member-Guest Celebration - March 11, 5–8pm Twenty-five years after his first major exhibition at Gadsden Arts, Eluster Richardson shares his latest paintings and sculptures in his sixth major exhibition at the museum. The exhibition reflects upon four series Richardson has developed through his art career, from the 1980s to today. Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, Richardson began painting in the third grade, and while he never stopped drawing and painting, it wasn’t until retiring from an engineering career that the artist could fully concentrate on honing his craft. Richardson’s fascination with family traditions and history, particularly the people and places of North Florida, has resulted in a body of work that is treasured by history and art lovers of the region. His award-winning works have been exhibited across the South and at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

I am Just the Messenger is an exhibition of artwork by Missionary Mary L. Proctor from the Gadsden Arts Permanent Collection, private collections, and the collection of the artist. Proctor has been creating her visions in mixed media art for the last 25 years. Like many vernacular and self-taught artists, she can pinpoint the exact moment and reason why she began to paint. In 1994, a fire took the lives of her grandmother, aunt, and uncle. Deeply depressed by her terrible loss, Proctor found comfort in her Christian faith, and in

1995, was visited by a vision telling her to get a door and paint. From that day forward, Proctor has taken it upon herself to be a missionary to the world, using doors as passageways to freedom, peace, and comfort, and instilling her paintings with passages from scripture, and glittering angels. She calls herself “Missionary Mary” and uses a myriad of found materials – buttons, sticks, broken pieces of glass, mirrors, plates – to complete her compositions. For Mary, putting together items that are unwanted or broken represents the process of mending.

EXQUISITE MINIATURES BY WES AND RACHELLE SIEGRIST September 23 - December 17, 2022 Produced by David J. Wagner, Ph.D. Wes and Rachelle Siegrist are an American husband and wife team who mesmerize viewers with miniature paintings so exquisitely craft- Above: Eluster Richardson, Peace II, 2021 oil on canvas, ed that they are often mistaken for tiny photo30 x 40 inches; Mary Proctor, Self-Portrait, mixed-media, graphs. Their paintings measure less than nine GACM Permanent Collection, 2011.2, Gift of Su Ecenia


square inches and appear even more detailed when viewed under magnification, but convey the feeling of a larger canvas, and the essence of the natural world.


Regional Exhibitions & Permanent Collection Top: Thank you to our 33rd Art in Gadsden sponsors, here standing with award-winning artists on opening night, July 2021. Below: Angie Barry, Curator and children from a Tallahassee home school group discuss Behind the Facade, the Best of Show award-winning sculpture by Mark Georgiades, during a Field Trip.

OUR GREAT TRADITION 34TH ART IN GADSDEN Regional Exhibition of Fine Art July 15 - September 3, 2022

Gadsden Arts’ great tradition continues this summer, inviting emerging to established artists living within 200 miles of Quincy, and artists with Gadsden County roots, to submit work for our 34th Art in Gadsden juried exhibition. This highly anticipated exhibition, along with its popular opening events, attracts top quality work in varied mediums by over 100 artists every year.


JESSICA BURKE: DRESSED UP BONES January 14 – March 19, 2022 A collection of drawings by artist and educator Jessica Burke, who combines the figure with skeletons and fantasy.


IN REAL TIME: BEVERLY HILLS FIGURE GROUP January 14 – March 12, 2022 COLLECTIONS COMMITTEE Lou Hill, Chair Patsy Bates Penny Dehler Jane Hinson Jim Miller MUSEUM SHOP COMMITTEE Dianne Croley, Chair Betsy Brugner Penny Dehler Wendy Devarieux Cynthia Everett Susan Frisbee Cheryl Sattler Karen Watson

TERRIE CORBETT: BEYOND THE FAMILIAR March 9 - June 4, 2022 RAY ALBAN: MAJESTIC LANDSCAPES June 11 - August 27, 2022 MARY STERNER LAWSON: PORTRAITS September 3 - December 3, 2022


Did you know the Fletcher Museum Shop, named in honor of art educator Jean Gard Fletcher, is one of the largest shops of its kind in our region, representing 70 fine artists and artisans year-round? If you have not visited the shop lately, drop in to browse thousands of items. Remember, your Gadsden Arts membership gives you a 10% discount on all museum shop purchases!


Enjoy four changing installations of the latest work by Gadsden Arts Artists Guild members, featuring work by over 70 artists. Guild membership information:


Gadsden Arts was pleased to add three quality pieces to the Permanent Collection in 2021, strengthening the museum’s holdings of work by Mary Proctor, Bill Thursby, and Mose Tolliver.

• • •

2021.1, The Coming Supper / The Last Supper by Mary L. Proctor, gift of Lucy and Fred Harris 2021.2, 1996 untitled ink/watercolor on paper by William “Bill” Thursby (donor wishes to remain anonymous) 2021.3, untitled painting on wood by Mose Tolliver, gift of Dr. Armand and Mrs. Suzanne Cognetta

Gadsden Arts Artists Guild Creative inspiration in its 14th year! In 2008, the Gadsden Arts Artists Guild was established to support local artists in the Big Bend Region through rotating exhibitions of their work. These exhibitions in the Bates Community Room feature work by Guild members who range from emerging to established artists. The Guild provides these local artists with the opportunity to display and sell their work in a gallery space, and has grown to include more than 70 members.

“The Guild is a wonderful venue that gives artists of all levels an opportunity to show their work. It’s been really inspiring to see artists who I knew as beginners develop their craft, as I hope I’ve developed. We learn from each other, that’s the wonderful thing. I think artists are some of the most generous people in the world, in terms of sharing techniques. It encourages a beginning artist to keep going,” McKeown said. Brenda Martin, a Guild member who found her passion for painting horses after taking informal paint-mixing lessons, also finds inspiration in the Guild exhibitions. “I always enjoy seeing what someone else has done. It makes you want to paint more often, to have something for the Guild,” Martin said. Each member of the Artists Guild is given the opportunity to display work in two of the Guild’s exhibitions during the year, motivating many artists to keep producing work on a regular basis. For Robert DeWitt Smith—a lifelong artist who signs his work with his middle name—the high artistic standard in a Guild exhibition is also motivating. “The Guild is an incentive to do good work, to not just be satisfied with a pedestrian sort of product. For myself and other artists, it’s the thing that keeps our quality up,” Smith said.

The Guild also brings local artists and community members together for opening night events. The opportunity to speak directly with viewers is a rare chance for most artists, and the Guild helps create these meaningful encounters. “When you go to an opening and your work is in the Guild, you get to visit in a better way with the people who have come to the show. Because the show strictly displays Guild members, folks tend to look at the work a little differently. They know that the artists are probably there, so they’re more conversant about the work that they see,” said Smith. In many ways, the Artists Guild reaches beyond the museum and local artists to provide opportunities for arts engagement to the greater Quincy area. Janice McCaskill, a Guild member who rediscovered her love of painting and became an art instructor at the Lake Jackson Community Center, considers the Artists Guild to be a source of community enrichment. “I think the Guild is an opportunity to expose your work to the community, and it in turn gives the community something to look forward to. It’s kind of like a revolving door. As the museum gets involved with the youth, they come and see the Guild shows and get interested in art, and the door opens and just keeps revolving,” McCaskill said.


Artists in the Guild work in a variety of mediums, including oil painting and mixed media. William H. “Bill” McKeown prefers to paint watercolors of things related to the coast - boats, people, landscapes, and everything in between. As someone who started painting later in life, McKeown appreciates the Guild as a place for artistic growth.

As a longtime member of the Tallahassee and Southern Watercolor Societies, Michele Tabor Kimbrough believes that being part of a professional organization is important for every artist. “The Artists Guild provides that sort of environment that allows artists to develop their skills. Because Gadsden Arts is in my community, I also think it’s important to support the community and actively stay a part of it,” Kimbrough said.

Carole Fiore, Color Waves, Fiber, 2015



Education volunteers: the heart of art encounters! If you’ve ever taken a tour of the galleries or completed a craft in the ArtZone, you’ve probably had the opportunity to learn from one of the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum’s education volunteers—the individuals who share their passion for art and their knowledge of art history with every visitor. From Art @ Home Kits to school visits, the education volunteers at Gadsden Arts work to provide residents of the Big Bend Region with inspiring art encounters. Education volunteers regularly assist with a variety of Gadsden Arts programming, including community events, group tours, ArtZone activities, and Summer Art Camp. With their broad experiences in teaching and art, each volunteer brings a distinct perspective on education into the museum space. “I think that art education should be about teaching the stories you get from a work of art. Anyone can really appreciate art when they can see themselves in it,” said Brenda Johnson. Johnson has been an education volunteer at Gadsden Arts for five years, and enjoys mentoring and guiding visitors at programs like Summer Art Camp. “I particularly like the programs that Gadsden Arts provides to schools, and children who aren’t usually exposed to art. I grew up in Gadsden County, so I like to see that the children here are growing up to have an appreciation of art.” Particularly when working with children, the education volunteers often utilize their professional classroom experience. “Being able to keep the attention of a big group of children for 30 minutes requires my training as a public librarian and school librarian. You have to be able to think on your feet and apply what you know, because you never know what they’re going to ask,” said Carole Fiore. Fiore worked for 17 years in schools and another 17 years in the public library system. Her philosophy on education has made her a passionate supporter of community outreach efforts. “The education program is not just for kids—it’s very impactful to bring an adult

group in, like a church group, that never gets to see other parts of the community. When I was helping libraries write their long-range plan, I always talked about going beyond the walls of the library. I know Gadsden Arts believes that as well, in going beyond the museum to get art into the community.” These outreach efforts have brought a number of individuals into Gadsden Arts who may not usually get the opportunity to visit museums or galleries. A few years ago, families of incarcerated people were invited to Gadsden Arts for a tour, and completed two art projects. Volunteer Nancy Adams assisted during the event, and remembers the immediate impact it had on the families. “The family members came in very serious and sad, and they left uplifted. I left pleased, knowing that I was part of something that I felt was impactful to them and to me. They were simple art projects, but the families took their art with them, and they were happy. They left feeling much different than when they first got there,” said Adams. As a mixed media and acrylic artist, Adams believes in the power of making art to relieve stress. “Art is just a great way to express emotions. People need art in whatever form it is, to express themselves in a non-controlled environment. I always try to give them constructive compliments, and I always stay positive.” With the introduction of virtual Art Talks Live and other online programming during the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity to benefit from arts education

Museum Assistants Learn & Launch into Careers

Education Volunteers continued.

at Gadsden Arts has expanded beyond Quincy to a global audience. “I’ve spent time sitting at the front desk, and always found it interesting to learn where people are from, and how they found Gadsden Arts. Now that we’re doing virtual events, people are logging on all the way from other countries. The fact that we can share knowledge and interact with people all around the world is an amazing vision,” said Patsy Bates, a volunteer and board member since 2007. Like many of Gadsden Arts’ education volunteers, Bates emphasizes not just the giving of knowledge to visitors, but an active exchange between all of the people involved in the museum’s programs. With nearly two decades of experience at Gadsden Arts, Bates has found that she learns as much as a volunteer as she shares. “I learn so much more as a docent about the history and background and details of the art on display, just by helping other people learn. Everybody learns so much when they’re at Gadsden Arts, no matter what role they play.”

The newest Museum Assistants at Gadsden Arts, Brittney Rollins and Ashley Williams, have used their expertise in graphic design and education to make visitors’ experiences at the museum fun and inspiring. Williams accepted the Museum Assistant - Education position at Gadsden Arts to continue her work in the museum field while attending Ph.D. courses in Museum Education at Florida State University. Williams approaches her position at Gadsden Arts with a broad goal in mind: “Within the field, I hope to make museum experiences more inclusive. I am interested in who does not come to the museum and why. What can we do as curators and educators to make museums more accessible?” she said. Having lived previously in the Tampa Bay area, Williams graduated from the University of South Florida with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Art History. She also interned for the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, and later worked as Lead Educator at Glazer Children’s Museum. These experiences have led to her work and educational approach today. Brittney Rollins got involved in the museum field through a less conventional, yet inspiring path. After earning her Associate of Arts Continued on page 18


Top left: Gadsden Arts volunteer Medora Wester leads a guided tour for a visiting group of Girl Scouts. Top center: Ashley Williams, Museum Assistant for Education, leads a guided tour for a homeschool group. Right: Brittney Rollins, Museum Assistant and Digital Marketing Coordinator, displays a custom wine label she designed for the Women Artists: Four Centuries of Creativity exhibition at Gadsden Arts.

Since 2008, Gadsden Arts Center & Museum has worked with more than 70 college and graduate-level interns, and more recently, paid part-time Museum Assistants. Gadsden Arts welcomed two new Museum Assistants in 2021, and has seen many of its assistants move on to professional positions in the field over the years. These part-time roles are significant starting points for students and emerging professionals to launch into the industry, and gain hands-on experience serving a community.




Did you know? Participation in just one museum visit that offers guided conversations about art is proven to increase empathy in children. Looking at and creating art can help develop critical thinking skills and empathy for people of all ages. Critical thinking involves the ability to think clearly and rationally, and to understand the logical connection between ideas. Sometimes, critical thinking also requires thinking outside the box or a little creativity. The act of art-making requires exploring new ideas and testing them out, a key component to critical thinking. Looking at art has similar benefits. An inquiry-based tour with a trained guide, or self-guided museum visit during which you use text panels to guide you, encourages you to slow down and look at the details in a work of art you will miss if just walking by. This is a meditative process that leads to discovery, and can refresh your spirit! On your next visit to Gadsden Arts, take the time to examine and think about the details that make up the meaning of a particular painting, sculpture, or photograph. Observing and analyzing what you see, and thinking about why the artist is presenting what you see, and how you feel about that, is key to having a satisfying experience with the work of art. You will start to experience the critical thinking, meditation, and emotional connection made possible by looking at art. Visiting Gadsden Arts, looking at different works of art, and making art – even simple, fun art projects - offers you the peace of introspection, connects you with different people and cultures, and offers new experiences, provides space for your emotions. Visiting Gadsden Arts connects you with a world of human experience, and restores your spirit - right here in your own community.


After months of visits by reservation, the ArtZone reopened for drop-in art-making fun in August, 2021. Over the fall months, families returned to the space to create art and discover new favorite works of art in the museum. We welcomed visitors from Quincy, Tallahassee, and many outof-town places, some visiting from as far away as Scotland! Friends of all ages have enjoyed the space, and in doing so, have discovered exhibitions on view, the Fletcher Museum Shop, museum membership, and all that Gadsden Arts has to offer. The ArtZone offers five new art projects each month inspired by the works of art on display in the museum. In the fall, visitors created embroidered works of art inspired by Gadsden Arts’ Artist Guild, practiced printmaking inspired by the Women Artists: Four Centuries of Creativity exhibition, and manipulated clay to create objects inspired by the museum’s permanent art collection. A visual scavenger hunt encouraged guests to explore works of art on view in the museum. On average, our Artzone guests stay for almost 2 hours and try every activity available to them, with many staying to look at and create art for over 3 hours! In the first half of 2022, the ArtZone will feature projects inspired by Eluster Richardson: Three Decades; Masters of American Photograpy; and Mary Proctor: I am Just the Messenger. All ArtZone guests are encouraged to take a free Art @ Home Kit with them to keep the creativity flowing while at home. Be sure to tell family, friends and neighbors about the ArtZone, and try

Art for Children the activities yourself! The ArtZone and Art @ Home Kits are free for all thanks to generous donors, sponsors, and grantors.


This past fall, Gadsden Arts was thrilled to bring art-making experiences to children in two Gadsden County elementary schools every week, during the school day. This approach, made possible by the Gadsden County Public Schools giving Gadsden Arts valuable instructional time and space at these schools, brought greater depth and consistency of learning and art-making to two groups of children in each school. A Gadsden Arts volunteer who works in the schools told us, “I could always tell when it was art day – the children were so excited!” Numerous studies have shown that consistent experiences with art improve students’ self-esteem and emotional health, develop student’s problem-solving and interpretive thinking abilities, and give children a working knowledge of art, opening doors for lifelong enjoyment of art and enrichment through museums. Consistent experiences in the arts are proven to raise students’ academic performance and graduation rates – as Dr. Ronald Peterson, former principal of George Munroe Elementary School told us a few years ago, “Gadsden Arts programs during and after school helped bring my students and school from an F to an A.” Recognizing that These programs make a real difference in the lives of children, Gadsden Arts aims to expand to four weekly school sites, with a goal to raise $50,000 in Art for Children program contributions in 2022, and will seek matching grants and foundation support.


Request a program or schedule a tour Sarah Black-Sadler, 850.627.5023. Support Art for Children Grace Robinson, 850.627.5020


In the fall of 2021, the second Gadsden Arts’ Teen Art grew from eight teens in one school to fourteen teens from five high schools in our region. The Teen Art Council introduces art-loving teens to museums, museum careers, and major exhibitions, paying them as part-time employees to develop art programs at the museum for their peers and for families. These teens engage more of the community with Gadsden Arts. Teen Art Council members met weekly to discuss major exhibitions and learn about career opportunities in the arts. Guest speakers included our professional staff, artist Eluster Richardson, and Curator Alexis Assam. Staff led the teens in hands-on workshops to create works of art, and our teens organized a student art competition which will be on display in the ArtZone at the beginning of 2022, along with an exhibition of the teens’ work in the Sarah K. Newberry Gallery. Our teens planned and staffed the first Art all Day family day, learned to lead docent tours, and met with Alexis Assam, Assistant Curator of Global Contemporary Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and a former Gadsden Arts Intern and Museum Assistant, to create a video interpreting Nengudi’s work of art. We look forward to welcoming a new group of teens in the fall of 2022! Generous support for the 2020 and 2021 programs was provided by Art Bridges, Art for Children sponosrs, and the Cornelia Bailey Foundation.

Left: children enjoy painting at Summer Art Camp Above: students experiment with watercolor during a weekly Gadsden Arts Art in Schools session.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE Nancy Adams Patsy Bates Carole Fiore Brenda Johnson Charlotte Kelley Donna Lowman Cheryl Sattler Phyllis Simmons DOCENTS Patsy Bates Carole Fiore Sharon Lasseter Leigh Watson-Healy Medora Wester



Fine Art Trip & Week with the Arts 2022 FINE ART TRIP BRANDYWINE VALLEY May 3–7, 2022

Join us for a trip to Brandywine Valley, a romantic historic area known for its stunning gardens, exquisite Mid-Atlantic cuisine, and worldclass art museums. We will stay at the historic Gilded Age Hotel DuPont, and explore Longwood Gardens, which features over 1,100 acres of lush meadows and woodlands with dazzling horticulture displays, majestic fountains, and a conservatory. We will experience the Winterthur Museum, Gardens, and Library, with one of the most significant collections of American decorative arts in the world, and spend the day at the Delaware Museum of Art and the Brandywine River Museum of Art, featuring the home and studio of famous American illustrator and painter, N.C. Wyeth. And we will share great food and great company! TRAVEL WITH GADSDEN ARTS At this writing, only 4 spots are available! Information, dates & registration 850.627.5020


WEEK WITH THE ARTS TEAM 2022 Penny Dehler Anne Draper Mary Howard Edwards Kay Edwards Martha Fletcher Terry Francisco Lucy Harris Terry Hawkins John Healy Leigh Watson Healy Brenda Johnson Crystle May Jimmy Nicholson Allie VanLandingham Medora Wester

From top: Longwood Gardens, the Hotel DuPont, and Winterthur will offer exciting cultural experiences during the 2022 Art Trip to the Brandywine Valley.

At this writing, we are looking forward to the second Week with the Arts, a celebration of creative living and a showcase of the creative talent in our community. The Shop till you Drop Art Auction features quality original art from local artists, with bidding online, and art on view at Gadsden Arts throughout the week. Proceeds support participating artists and Gadsden Arts.

Presentations continue with Reborn! faux finishing a thrift store find with Kira May and Kelly Pettit, and A World of Camellias, appreciating and growing your own Camellias, with Alex Hinson. We will also enjoy Cocktails with the Curator with Angie Barry and Grace Robinson, who will announce People’s Choice Awards for art in the auction.

Special presentations throughout the week share insights into the art of creative living by local talent, starting with Cheap Chic with Joe Munroe, collecting and decorating on a budget, by a guy with an eye for a good buy!

Special thanks to our our Week with the Arts presenters, volunteers, and sponsors!

The week wraps up with the Gourmet Take-home Dinner by Black Fig, and an online Gadsden Arts Game Show and Auction Finalé!



As an Art for Children Sponsor, you bring valuable art experiences to school and children’s groups, teens, and families from across our region. Art for Children programs offer experiences with art-making, an important opportunity for self-expression and development of problem solving skills; and art interpretation, which supports critical thinking and builds empathy. Art for Children programs introduce thousands of people to visiting an art museum for fun and enrichment, and introduce art-loving teens to museum careers. Programs include Art in Schools, the ArtZone, Field Trips, Teen Art Council, and Tuition Scholarships. These are offered at Gadsden Arts, online, in schools, and at home, free of charge, to ensure that everyone can create and appreciate art. 2022 Art for Children Goal: $50,000


The Impact Fund makes Major Exhibitions possible, bringing education and economic development to our community. Major Exhibitions feature art with historically and culturally rich content, along with programming that connects people of all ages with the art. These exhibitions bring a new understanding of ourselves, others, and our world. They are the highest impact programs of Gadsden Arts, serving tens of thousands of people each year. An accredited museum, Gadsden Arts is a leading provider of Major Exhibitions in North Florida. 2022 Impact Fund Goal: $50,000

As a Major Exhibitions Corporate Sponsor, you are helping bring high impact cultural programming to our community – education experiences for children, and enriching experiences for adults and seniors, that are normally found in larger urban areas. You are also helping grow the region’s economy through tourism, while gaining great brand exposure for your business. Sponsorships $5,000 / $2,500 / $1,000


A Week with the Arts is the highly anticipated annual fundraiser for Gadsden Arts, celebrating the art of creative living and the creative talent in our own community. Patrons enjoy a week of fascinating presentations, an auction of regional artists’ work that supports the artists and Gadsden Arts alike, and a finalé program with gourmet dining. Sponsorships $2,500 / $1,500 / $500


As an Art for Children Corporate Sponsor, you help bring life changing art experiences to more children in our community! (top left). Corporate Sponsorships $2,500


Grace Robinson, Executive Director 850.627.5020




Museum Assistants Grace Robinson, Daniel Noel, and Angie Barry pose for a picture on Daniel’s last day of work at Gadsden Arts, before Daniel moved on to a full-time professional post at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Museum Assistants continued from page 13.

degree from Tallahassee Community College and working for an extended period in the medical field, her talent for design found her a place at Gadsden Arts, where she can pursue her love of illustration. “I’m studying to be a Graphic Designer, but I never thought about working in the museum field. Working at GACM has granted me the opportunity to learn about so many occupations in art,” she said. On a day-to-day basis, Williams and Rollins help ensure that the museum runs smoothly and that visitors are given personalized experiences. They have

Ms. Robinson and Ms. Barry shared wonderful insight that I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere else! It was great to absorb that information for my future endeavors! - FSU Student

learned to navigate the challenges of museum work at Gadsden Arts and have seen great successes from their efforts. “I’m not well-versed in some aspects of art, so it was hard to hold a conversation with artists at first. Now, I take the time to study the artists in the upcoming exhibitions beforehand, which has helped me feel more comfortable when talking with visitors,” Rollins said. Since establishing its Museum Assistant positions, Gadsden Arts has seen aspiring professionals accept exciting roles at major art museums around the country. Recently, former Museum Assistant Daniel Noel accepted a position at the the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Alexis Assam accepted a position at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. This past November, Assam was appointed the Regenia A. Perry Assistant Curator of Global Contemporary Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. She was also named a 2021 “On the Rise” Museum Curator by Culture Type. Prior to

her appointment, she served as a Curatorial Fellow in the Department of Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. From 2017 to 2018, Assam worked as a Museum Assistant at Gadsden Arts while she completed her master’s in Art History at Florida State. Noel moved on from his Museum Assistant position last year to become Program Coordinator at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. During his time at Gadsden Arts, Noel assisted with grant writing, marketing, collections research, and educational promotion. “The museum professional that I am today is a direct result of the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum. A jewel to the local area, and the North Central Florida region at large, Gadsden Arts works to benefit the communities it serves. As an emerging museum professional, Gadsden Arts staff poured knowledge and experience into me, allowing for my growth. As I embark on my next journey, I will take all of the skills and experiences gained at the museum and apply them to my next role,” Noel said. Whether they continue to build on their path in museums, or start careers in other areas of the arts, Museum Assistants and interns at Gadsden Arts are given the opportunity to learn about the everyday operations of an accredited institution. These experiences shape their perspectives on museum work, and help inspire the newest generation of museum leaders.

PROGRAM INFORMATION Internship Information Email or visit

Annual Giving - our foundation for success ANNUAL GIVING 2022

staff required to accomplish quality, high impact museum work, making possible the broad scope of exhibitions, education programs, and cultural events that benefit people of all ages, from all walks of life. This year, please consider making your investment in the work of Gadsden Arts, improving quality of life for all of us through experiences with art.

Donor investment in Gadsden Arts makes our work possible. Annual Giving donors invest in the experienced, professional


For donations received between January 1 and December 31 each year.

CHAMPION ($20,000+) and BENEFACTOR ($10,000+)

All benefits below, plus: • Option to designate 50% of your contribution to a specific program area (exhibitions, education, collections, or facilities)

PATRON ($5,000 to $9,999)

All benefits below, plus: • Private Museum Tour for 10 guests with the Executive Director • Name plate on the museum’s Cumulative Giving Wall

SUSTAINER (Gifts of $2,500-$4,999)

All benefits below, plus: • Director’s Circle Membership with invitation to Director’s Circle Previews and first option to enroll in Fine Art Trips • Private Behind-the-Scenes Museum Tour with the Curator for 10 guests

Children from Crossroad Academy say “thank you!” for their Art @ Home Kits from Gadsden Arts.

PARTNER (Gifts $1,000-$2,499)

All benefits below, plus: • Invitation to the annual Donor Thank You Party (Tentative date: November 3, 2022)

CONTRIBUTOR (Gifts of $250-$999)

Benefit below, plus: • Recognized on the museum’s Annual Giving Wall and in the annual Donor Honor Roll • Family Membership benefits including NARM / ROAM reciprocal member benefits at 1,190 museums in the U.S. and Canada

SUPPORTER (Gifts $25 and above) •

Named donor recognition on Gadsden Arts website (


Over time, donors and volunteers have developed Gadsden Arts into a remarkable organization. Born a vital community arts center, and carefully nurtured with a vision forward, Gadsden Arts has grown to become one of only two independent, nationally accredited art museums in North Florida. Gadsden Arts is touching more lives and having a greater impact than ever thanks to renovation and expansion, which increased program capacity in all areas of the museum. The pandemic has also led to the development of online and at-home programming.


Your contribution to the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum is 100% tax-deductible. Online: Mail: Gadsden Arts, 13 N. Madison Street, Quincy, FL 32351 Contact: Grace Robinson, 850.627.5020,


Endowment & Legacy Giving - support in perpetuity MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW AND IN THE FUTURE! Two students in the fall 2021 Teen Art Council program discuss works from the Women Artists: Four Centuries exhibition at Gadsden Arts, organized by the Reading Public Museum.


The Gadsden Arts Endowment Trust is working for the community every day, FOR EDUCATION & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT supporting programs of Gadsden Arts, and THROUGH MAJOR EXHIBITIONS facility needs such as recent HVAC and fire sprinkler system upgrades, while ensuring Major Exhibitions, presented with a full support for our museum in perpetuity. complement of interpretive programming, are the highest impact programs of Gadsden The endowment is carefully managed Arts, meeting a unique need in our region, by its Board of Directors with a strategic and drawing thousands of people into investment policy and a conservative the museum each year for remarkable art 2.5% spending rate to ensure fund growth experiences. Resources are needed to plan over time. Donors of $50,000 and above and schedule these projects several years may create their own separate Donorin advance. Contributions and pledges Named Funds within the Gadsden Arts to the Impact Fund bring a consistent Endowment Trust, which is currently calendar of these culturally enriching valued at $998,192. Invest now, and help projects that benefit people of all ages, while us achieve our goal of $2M by 2025! stimulating our economy through tourism.


GADSDEN ARTS ENDOWMENT TRUST BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mark Bates Richard Bates Pam Butler Dianne Croley Bruce Rowan Terry Hawkins Pat Woodward

The Impact Fund is working, supporting major projects this year and beyond! Gadsden Arts seeks to raise $50,000 in 2022 to replenish the Impact Fund, after achieving our initial goal of $250,000 last year, to achieve the three key goals in our strategic plan through 2026 and beyond!


Grace Robinson, Executive Director 850.627.5020


A well-planned gift communicates your legacy and tells the story of what you hold as most important in your life and community. The Gadsden Arts Legacy Society honors those friends of the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum who have made a commitment to the future of this institution by including the museum in their estate plans. Estate gifts offer support in perpetuity in the Gadsden Arts Endowment Trust unless otherwise designated.

You make everything we do possible. Thank you! CHAMPION (20,000+) Patsy and Mark Bates Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation Florida Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture Florida Humanities The Owenby Family – Carl, Helen, and Ermine Mary Jane and Pat Woodward

Nesta Cumbie Cypress Capital – Kate Clark Sandy and Tom Delopez Anne and Jerry Draper PARTNER ($1,000+) Gaye and Mitchell Drew Shirley and Frank Baker Shirley Dyal Patricia Barmeyer Kay Edwards Pam Butler Marylyn and Ed Feaver Capital City Bank Group Foundation Fixel Law Firm – William Fixel Corry Law Firm – William Corry Martha and Mark Fletcher Penny and Moritz Dehler BENEFACTOR ($10,000+) Zoe Golloway and Jim Eggert Doug Croley Insurance Services Nancy and Tom Adams Judy and Wes Greenwald Julie and Everitt Drew Bates Family Foundation – Jan and Dick Bates Dorothy Harris Marilyn Eastwood City of Quincy Michael C. Hartley, DMD Janet and Joe Fixel Janice and John Shaw Curry Emily and John Higdon The Adrian C. and Annie Muriel Fletcher Priscilla and Richard Dreibelbis Iron Oak Wealth Management – Alexander Foundation The Newberry Family – Ron and Becky NewberHinson, Jr. Susan Frisbee ry Tiller, Rhett Tiller, Kelley and Scott Brewer, Melissa and Tom Jacoby Terry and Mike Hawkins Sarah Kathryn, Hannah, and Amanda Melanie and Bradley Joyner Leigh Watson Healy and John Healy Marjorie Turnbull Charlotte Kelley Henry Buchanan P.A. – Steve Carter The Woodell Family Foundation – Leewood and Key Properties and Jessie Suber Tom Woodell Fran and Terry Lewis Roslyn and Pat Higdon, Jr. Judith and Jerry Maxwell Calynne and Lou Hill PATRON ($5,000+) Sara Ruth and Bill McKeown Hinson Oil Company Art Bridges Dawn and Leo McMillan Stewart Hinson Centennial Bank Linda Meadows Margaret MacCary Dianne and Doug Croley Connie and Dean Mitchell Norma Meier Carole Fiore Grace Robinson and Tom Morgan Richard C. Munroe Foundation Guy de la Valdene Family Foundation Network for Good Bob Nave Gadsden County Tourist Development Council Bunny and Jimmy Nicholson Judy and Mike Pate Jane and Alex Hinson Jeannette and Ed Parramore Jenifer and Jared Policastro Institute of Museums and Library Services Cathy and Jim Pfeil Roberts Construction Services – Nathan Roberts Beth and Fount May, Jr. Cindy and Bill Piotrowski Nathan Simmons Mary Margaret and Larry McNeill Anonymous Donor Southern Forestry Consultants – Michael Dooner Betty Ann and Jim Rodgers Mary Apple and Steve Rollin Peggy and Jimmy Suber Trulieve Nancy and Fred Sanguiliano Sunnyside Farm Management Co. Jane and David Watson Karol Selvaggio Synovus Betty Serow Tallahassee Community College SUSTAINER ($2,500+) Ann Silcox Talquin Electric Cooperative Bell & Bates Home Center Chuck Stannard TDS Telecom Fasig Brooks Law Offices Betty and Billy Suber Medora and Jim Wester In Memory of Eleanor Woodward Fleming Karen Suber Mary and George Wickham Marcia and Tom Friedman Supporting Your Choices Inc. – Bobbie Dow Munroe Linda and John Williams Friends of Nanjemoy Creek – Synovus Jenny and Mayo Woodward Cackie and Robert Walker Tallahassee Watercolor Society Katherine Woodward Gadsden County Times Mary Ann Thomas Bettie Jane Grant Mary Alice and Mike Tiller CONTRIBUTOR ($250+) Judy and Scott Gregory Allie VanLandingham Wendy and Nick Adams Laura and David Harris Vicki and Billy VanLandingham Altrua Global Solutions – Lucy and Fred Harris William Ventry Melode and Skip Smelko Tee and Wilson Hinson Anne and Neill Wade Mary Louise Bachman Yvonne and Winston Howell Karen Watson Martha Bates Phyllis Ihrman Marjory Weatherford Helen and Tony Brittin The Lighthouse Wealth Management Group at W.O. Whittle Morgan Stanley – Jared Policastro & Brian Stokes Capital City Bank Linda and John Williams Coldwell Banker Hartung – Jason Boone Crystle and Bradford May Bob Woodward Coldwell Banker Hartung – Ranie Thompson May Nursery, Inc. Ellen and David Woodward Jennifer Collins Cindy and Jim Miller Martha Jean Woodward Barbara and Michael Craig Sunnyside Farm Management Company - PatriCSI Contracting – Norman McMillan cia Barmeyer, Laura Harris, Bebbie MacCary, Randy Thrower, and Mary Wickham Katee Tully and Helen Levine





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127 visitors of all ages enjoyed activities in the ArtZone and exhibition tours during the the Art all Day family day, organized by the Teen Art Council, and hosted during Quincy Main Street’s Mistletoe Market on December 4th.





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The Gadsden Arts Center & Museum improves quality of life through art. Gadsden Arts brings vitally important art experiences to children, creates enriching lifelong learning experiences for adults, brings people together, and grows our local economy.