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VVA Board of Directors Call to Order Troy Lesan, Lot 576, called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the clubhouse. Members in attendance were Susan Zalenski, Lot 364; Flint Hibler, Lot 183; Mike Booth, Lot 1259; Eric Odette, Lot 220; Mark Leggett, Lot 72 and Tony Gronniger, Lot 2281. Shad Mort led the Pledge of Allegiance. Mark Leggett led in prayer. Approval of Minutes Flint Hibler moved to approve the minutes of the April 14, 2019, board meeting. Susan Zalenski seconded; motion passed. Committee Reports Handbook Committee: No Report Finance Committee: Eric Odette reported on the finances for April. The income is up, but expenses are also up. The committee discussed a BTC Bank investment account that has a low return and discussed moving some of that money to a higher rate account. The postage budget was also discussed and it was proposed we think about sending mass e-mails for billing and infractions to eliminate some of the postage expense. We have applied for tax exempt status with the State of Missouri. If we are fortunate enough to gain that status, Tom Johanson has volunteered to go through receipts for the last 3 years to find what we can claim for a possible refund. About 85% of the 2019 Dues and Assessments have been collected. The committee is also discussing the possibility of raising the $20 penalty that is imposed on late payment of Dues and Assessments. There was also extensive discussion on the dredge. Strategic Planning Committee: Susan Zalenski reported the AED that was discussed last month has been purchased and will be installed in the upper level of the clubhouse. Susan moved to


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use the remaining funds, of approximately $10,000, for the completion of the clubhouse reno project, which includes replacing the fans, building a closet for the table and chairs, and window treatments. Eric Odette seconded the motion and the motion passed. Susan also moved to add Randy Tague to the Strategic Planning Committee. Tony Gronniger seconded the motion and the motion passed. Mark Leggett had been approached about energy grants pertaining to solar, wind or water conservation. He asked if this would fall under the Strategic Planning to research. Shad Mort commented that he had been looking into solar energy for the clubhouse. Mark would like for us to look into more than just solar for the clubhouse, but a water turbine to put at the dam. Mark has someone that he will get with Shad to look into these things. Activities Committee: Eric Odette reported on behalf of Mary Hibler for Activities. They had a successful “Cinco De Mayo” with approximately 90 people in attendance. The next event will be the “Poker Run” on June 15, 2019. Mark Leggett asked if the Activities Committee would think about having another bus tour in the fall like they did last year. Building Committee: Flint Hibler reported 14 permits had been reviewed at their last meeting. Fire Department: Tony Gronniger reported the Fire Department had met on Saturday. Tony asked the office to put their recruitment application and other documents pertaining to the Fire Department on our website. They would like to set up an additional meeting time, possibly on a Wednesday, once a month for a truck exercise. Jim Miller reported on the smoke alarm installment process. Jim said he had about 8 or 9 houses left to do, but most full time residents have been taken

May 19, 2019 care of. Campground: The campgrounds are still slow, but should start seeing more campers with the holiday weekend coming up. Lake Committee: Troy Lesan reported the roadside inspections have been completed, but due to weather, they are a little behind on the waterfront inspections. Troy would like to put a committee together to work on reviewing boating rules. There was a group of people that met several times Continued on Page 6

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June 9, 2019 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the clubhouse All Members in Good Standing are Welcome & Encouraged to Attend.


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Annual Meeting (held March 24, 2019) are on Pages 4-5 of this issue!


MAY 2019

Lake Viking News

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Gallatin Publishing Company -- Ph: 660.663.2154

MAY 2019

Lake Viking News


From the assessor …

Best day ever! Cory Brooks, winner of the Duc Pham Bass Fishing Trip Giveaway, caught his personal best largemouth bass amongst many other bass and had a great time. “This is the best day of Viking bass fishing I’ve ever had!”

FYI: I took office on Sept. 1, 2017. Everything was already complete and in the system for the 2017 tax year. 2018 was my first year picking up new construction in the county, and this year, 2019, is my first reassessment year. The State requires that a review of all property in the county be done in reassessment years. My office staff and I have been out in the county picking up new construction and doing the required field reviews. Part of doing the field review is to make sure that all structures are recorded correctly. That means that if an addition, a deck, a patio, etc. are not on the assessment roll, measurements are recorded, photos are taken, and they are added to that parcel. It also means that if a structure is no longer there, it is removed so the taxpayer does not pay taxes on that structure. It would be very helpful if people would contact our office when they remove or add a structure on their property. In conducting the review this reassessment year, we are finding several campers, decks and carports in campground areas that are not on the assessment roll, and as required by the State, they must be added. The State also requires that we have current photos and sketches on all structures. We do not have current photos, and the ones we do have are at least 15-20 years old. We also do not have sketches on some structures. To do a sketch means that we have to measure the structure. If you see us measuring a structure on your property, this is why. The task of reviewing, doing sketches and getting updated photos is a daunting task and will not get completed in 2019. We will get as many reviewed and completed as we can this year, but it is going to be a work in progress. My job is to be fair and equitable to every taxpayer. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or stop by the office. Sincerely, Sally Black Daviess County Assessor 660-663-3300 ext. 1


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MAY 2019

Lake Viking News

VVA Annual Meeting of Members Call to Order Mike Booth convened the meeting in the upper level of the clubhouse at 2 p.m. Shad Mort opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Troy Lesan led in prayer. ~ Moment of Silence for lost members ~ Troy Lesan made several announcements: Troy pointed out the fire exits, introduced CPR providers, thanked many people involved in today’s meeting including, the staff for preparation of the meeting, Glenn Miller for his financial reports, Gallatin Publishing, and the Lake Viking Church for the refreshments. Troy also recognized Norma McCaulla, Lot 610, for her long tenure at Lake Viking. Norma is 92 years young and lives in one of the first homes built on Lake Viking, which would have made her 40 when the lake was created. In all those years Norma has managed to attend all but 2 Association meetings. Introduction of Board Members Troy Lesan, treasurer, introduced the current board members that were present, James Funk, Asst. Secretary / Sergeant at Arms; Mike Booth, Secretary; and Susan Zalenski, Asst. Treasurer. Phil Stockard, President, Flint Hibler, 1st Vice President, and Mike Krehbiel, Asst. Treasurer, were unable to attend. Phil Stockard rendered his resignation, effective at the close of this meeting. Orders of the day: Troy Lesan, Lot 576, moved to accept the orders of the day as set out in the agenda. Sherry Parkhurst, Lot 21, seconded; motion passed. Troy also wanted to give a clarification of the Board: “Procedures outlined in Roberts Rules of Order and other HOA documents relating to governing boards make it very clear that matters concerning personnel and legal issues are not to be discussed in open meetings. Violations can be subject to legal action. We are therefore clarifying that we cannot entertain any questions or comments regarding personnel or legal matters in this open meeting and are requiring that questions relating to these matters be ruled out of order.” Approval of Minutes Mike Booth asked if there were any additions or corrections to the 2018 minutes. As there were no requests for changes, Mike Booth, as chair, moved to accept the minutes of the 2018 meeting as written. Sue Morris, Lot 332, seconded; motion passed. Recognition of Committees Mike Booth recognized and thanked the committees and their chairpersons for all their hard work. Handbook Committee – Donna Redden Strategic Planning Committee – Susan Zalenski Building Committee – Flint Hibler Campground Committee – Mary Hibler Infraction Committee – Roger Lankford Finance Committee – Mike Kemna Activities Committee – Mary Hibler Fire Dept– Tony Gronniger Lake Committee – Mike Krehbiel Cemetery Committee – Shad Mort Recognize Award Winners Loa Parkhurst Volunteer of the Year Award – Don & Carolyn Leeper Nevin Burns Safety Awareness Award – Tony Gronniger Julia Shank Board of Excellence Award – Mike Krehbiel Clubhouse Rehab Recognition Susan Zalenski gave a report about the Clubhouse Renovation project. Susan was happy to report $30,000 had been raised and all by private donation. There were some materials donated, others were discounted at cost, and a whole lot of time by volunteers doing the work. Just to mention a few: Carolyn and Don Leeper were the project leaders, Sherry Parkhurst helped identify the amazing people to work on this project, Brad Leeper developed a plan, Mary Hibler and the Activities Committee held a 50/50 drawing and Mary also issued a challenge and raised $3,000 and also donated another $2,500 of their Activities funds, the Board donated the proceeds from a lot sale, Mark Leggett and Jana Hanson hosted a Halloween party, Tony Southwick donated toilets, Mike Toney donated drywall, Leann Lee donated paint, and Shawn Hepinstall sold us the cabinets at cost. All of these folks and more made a big impact on this project. Susan also wanted to thank Eric Odette and Jim Miller for the time they spent on this project. They worked every day for several weeks from 8–5. In December there was a demolition party and Susan asked anyone that participated to stand up and anyone that donated or painted or attended the fundraiser to stand up. Susan also thanked the staff for collecting the money. There are still a few things that need to be done, including tables and chairs, new fans, sound system and window treatments. Susan passed around a pledge sheet for continued donations to finish the project. Election Mike Booth addressed the assembly about the elec-

tion of Board Members. Mike said there were currently two openings on the Board for 3-year terms and a third opening to fill the uncompleted term of resigning President Phil Stockard, which is 1 year. Mike Booth asked for nominations from the floor. Robert Walton, Lot 217, moved to nominate Eric Odette for the Board of Directors. Jody Odette seconded. Tom Johanson moved that nominations cease. Don Leeper seconded; motion passed. Voting Instructions: Instructions were in the handout. Introduction of Candidates: Mike Booth explained the candidate process. Each candidate will be given 5 minutes to speak. 1. James Funk: James is currently on the Board. James is the Board Contact for the Infraction Committee and the Handbook Committee. This was James’ first year to serve on this type of Board. He has served on other Boards, but not for a Homeowners Association. James commented that he has learned a lot about the inner workings of our Association, by talking with the Lake Manager and Staff. James also participated in a special Campground Committee. He was very proud to serve on this Board and would always be open minded. James attends many of the activities at the lake and loves to socialize. James wants to see the lake move forward and emphasized one of the biggest concerns for our lake is the dredging. 2. Tony Gronniger: Tony serves on the Strategic Planning Committee and the Volunteer Fire Department and is currently Fire Chief. His family purchased property here in 1968 so he has been around Lake Viking for a long time. Tony made his home here 14 years ago. He retired from the Independence Fire Department as a fire service mechanic. Tony served approximately 15 years on local private school boards in the Kansas City area. Tony currently works for MO Department of Transportation. He believes one of the greatest challenges of the lake is long range planning. His vision is to maintain a vibrant and diverse lake community. 3. Mark Leggett: Mark and his family have been at the lake for 23 years and he made his permanent home here 5 years ago. Mark co-chaired the 40th Anniversary Party and chaired the 50th Anniversary Party and co-chaired the Halloween Party last year. Mark served on the Board from 2000-2010. We need to change, we have to change so we need to be prepared to change. Mark commented that in 2000, very few people were engaged and we have to remember this is a business and we have to treat it like one. The Board is the management of the business and each and every member is ownership of that. In 2000 there were only 4 committees and 19 individuals involved and then in 2010 we had over 8 committees and 75 people involved. Mark believes we need to stay fast on operational excellence, stay cost efficient and search for other ideas for income. Mark has 4 kids and his philosophy for the lake is family, friends and future. 4. Eric Odette: Eric and his family have been coming to the lake since 1984-85. Eric spent 22 years of active duty in the Navy and 20 years as a civilian for the Navy. They sold their house in Faucett, MO, and moved here full time and began to get involved with the activities of the lake and would now like to serve on the Board. A question was asked of Eric, what his top 2 issues at the lake would be. Eric responded that dredging is very important and to look at how we are spending our money. Floor Counters: Mike Booth introduced the floor counters: Don Leeper and Tom Johanson Introduce the Voting Officers: Mike Booth introduced the voting officers for the Board election. They were: Sally Black, Rhonda Lambert and Nan Burge. Mike Booth instructed everyone to cast their ballots and the results will be announced as soon as the count is complete. Bylaw Changes Susan Zalenski read the following changes to Standing Committees, Article VIII of the current Lake Viking Handbook. • The Cemetery Committee shall be removed as a standing committee. The responsibility of coordination for cemetery plot sales and maintenance will be conducted within the Association Office with oversight by the Board of Directors. • The Nominating Committee shall be removed as a standing committee. The Board of Directors will designate a Special Nominating Committee as need arises. • The Board of Directors proposes the movement and renaming of the current Dredge Committee to Dredge & Erosion Committee, from Sub-Committee to Standing Committee status and further expanding the committee’s responsibilities. This Committee shall serve as a research, monitor and advisory committee to the Board of Directors regarding Lake Dredge operations, soil erosion and bank stabilization issues. The Committee shall consist of no less than 3 members or more than 5 members in addition to the March 24, 2019 Lake Manager, an ex-officio non-voting member. • The Board of Directors proposes the movement of the Activities Committee from the status of Special Committee to Standing Committee. The Activities Committee shall consist of no less than 3 active members in good standing and shall work to promote fellowship and positive interaction among Association members. The committee may seek out or develop social opportunities in which members in good standing and their families can take part as well as identifying worthy projects and focus fundraising events that enhance the community and membership. Resa Wiltse, Lot 494, seconded the motion; motion passed with 94 votes yes and 0 votes no. Susan Zalenski made a second motion for an addition to Article XIV – Enforcement, Section 4. Infraction – Paragraph 2, which reads as follows: • (Proposed addition in bold) The actions taken by the Infraction Committee may, by notice given to the Board of Directors within thirty (30) days of the date final action is taken by the Infraction Committee, be appealed to the Board of Directors, and such appeal will be heard e novo by the Board at its regular meetings. Parties cited with violations may be represented by Counsel. A NonMember appealing an Infraction Committee decision to the Board of Directors must appear with the member property owner of whom they were a guest. Gary Steinly, Lot 3018, seconded the motion and the motion passed by a vote of 83 yes votes and 7 no votes. Finance Committee motions, discussion Glenn Miller addressed the membership about the 5 year plan and the promises/projections made and the promises and projections fulfilled. In review of the 5 year plan, we had 4 goals: 1. Utilize our annual revenue and expense budget to maintain the current state of the lake 2. Increase annual assessments by 4% each year and cap the expense increases to 2% each year to fund raising costs and create a surplus. 3. Use the annual surplus to add to our cash reserves for longer term stability. 4. Create a new fund for deferred maintenance/ capital projects and fund it with surpluses from the budget and a set of new user fees. How the plan will work: 1. Each year the finance committee will provide the Board with a cash basis budget to be approved, and that budget, including revenue (and any changes to assessments) and expenses will be voted on at the Annual March Meeting by the membership. *There are no automatic increases!” 2. During the year, quarterly cash basis financial statements will be printed in the newspaper so that everyone can monitor the execution and management of the plan. *This brings transparency and accountability!” 3. At the end of each year, if, by good fortune and good management there is a cash surplus, that money will be used to increase cash reserves as noted in the handout 4. Monies in excess of the cash flow target will automatically go into the deferred maintenance and capital projects fund. 5. Ongoing analysis and adjustment. No one can predict the future, but we can plan and prepare for it. Each year, as the plan progresses, it will be evaluated and adjusted as needed. Glenn went on to give a review of how the 2018 year ended with the 5 year plan. The net increase for 2018 was $15 per owner with no increase in base assessments. A new, per owner capital assessment was approved for $40. With this plan we begin to add to our cash surplus and begin building a deferred maintenance/ capital project fund. So adding to our cash surplus comes from a per owner assessment and budget surpluses. Glenn continued with the 2018 yearend financial results which included $1.3 million in income and $1.2 million in expenses with a net income surplus of $95,000. This was a really good year, but to get here we had to have no major road repairs, major equipment failures and many other factors involved to keep expenses down. For 2019, the income budget is $1.3 million and the expense budget is $1.2 million with a net income of $36,000. These numbers do represent the 5 year plan of a 4% increase in assessments, which amounts to $22 per lot, and a 2% increase in expenses. With the 5 year plan a success in its first year, we are able to put $67,000 in a savings account, which includes the $50,000 collected on the deferred maintenance/capital project assessment and $17,000 from the budget surplus. This money is specifically for capital needs. The Finance Committee worked diligently with the Board all year having 1-2 hour meetings every month and sometimes twice a month. The plan is working well so we would like to move forward with the plan again this year. Glenn asked for any questions about the plan before moving forward with a vote. Jean Dustman, Lot 652, asked

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VVA Annual Meeting of Members Glenn to explain the budget numbers for Special Lake Expense and Legal expense. Special Lake was $10,000 under budget and Legal was $6,000 over budget. All budget line items can have unexpected expense, so we try to build in enough to cover for those unexpected expenses. Jeff Yuratovich, Lot 564, asked what goes into miscellaneous expense. Sally Zerbe explained many things go into that account, which include, the sale of equipment and infraction fines. Glenn asked for comments on the pros and cons of the 5 year plan. There were 3 comments on the pro side of the plan and no comments on the con side, so Glenn called for a vote of continuing the 5 year plan as presented. The vote was unanimous to continue the 5 year plan with 96 votes yes and 0 votes no. We believe this is the first time ever for a unanimous vote on the assessments. Mike Booth, on behalf of the Board, thanked Glenn Miller and the Finance Committee for all their hard work. Board Election Mike Booth gave the results of the Board member election. The top two votes will be elected to the Board and the third will fill the unfinished term of Phil Stockard. The top two are Mark Leggett with 59 votes and Tony Gronniger with 57 Votes. Mark and Tony are elected for 3 year terms. The third vote was Eric Odette, who will serve for 1 year to fulfill the vacated term of Phil Stockard. There were also 2 write in votes for Troy Knight. Dredge Report – Shawn Hepinstall Shawn Hepinstall recognized the other members of the Dredge Committee, which includes Bob Hayes, Brett Bush, Shad Mort and Paula Hepinstall. Shawn began his presentation with a detailed Long Term Dredge Plan. This plan is to develop and maintain a comprehensive silt control plan to manage the in-flow of silt and the removal of silt from our lake using a combination of tools: • Remove silt using the dredge • Remove silt with the long reach • Stream Bank Stabilization • Weir systems to slow incoming silt • Measure and monitor silt annually We will never stop the silt from coming into the lake. There are creeks running in all around the lake. There are 4 areas that we have concentrated on in the last 50 years: • Pilot / Pirate Cove • 3 Tubes Cove • The Garney area • South end In review of 2018 silt control, the following items were performed: • Stream Bank Stabilization in 3 tubes cove • Cleaned weirs in Garney & 3 tubes • Reconditioned silt pond in 3 tubes • Reconditioned silt pond in Pilot/Pirate cove • Completed dredging in Pilot/Pirate cove • Dredged and deepened Danger Area We did not get the 3 tubes cove dredged in 2018 as planned, but we had a lot of repairs to the dredge, about $34,000, due to ropes, pipe, rebar, tarps, fishing line and chairs. The dredge literally sucked these items up out of the water as it was running and we had to pull the dredge out several times and take the head apart and redo the seals and redo some motors. Shawn asked the members to please keep these things on their docks and out of the water. For 2019 the plan is as follows: • Dredge 3 Tubes cove (12-15,000 cubic yards) • Stream Bank Stabilization in 3 tubes • Clean weirs in Garney, 3 tubes and South end • Dip and dozer south end (50,000 cubic yards) • Continue dredging in south end. In the off season the dredge was torn down to rehab the pump and seals. It will soon be ready to start in 3 tubes. Property owners will be called to assist in getting their docks ready to move. Future planning for the dredge program includes: • 2019 – 3 tubes, south end stabilization, weirs • 2020 - South end, stabilization, weirs • 2021 – Review Garney Stabilization • 2022 – Build new south end storage area • 2022 – 3 tubes & Pilot/Pirate, Review other areas • 2024 – South end There was a study done by Snyder Engineering almost 10 years ago. Most of the silt coming into the lake is from stream bank erosion and most of this is on farmland surrounding the lake. We are focusing on our land and what we can do to stabilize our property. It is about a 5 year cycle for the south end. About 100,000 cy will enter the lake at the south end. Shawn showed a map of 4 different areas that streams come in to the south end. We removed about 23,000 cy in 2017 on the topside of the south end and another 20,000 cy around the island of the Yacht Club. In the far southern end we have about 40,000 to 50,000 cy to remove and this is the area we will be concentrating on this year. The south end pond is full right now. It will hold about 85,000 to 100,000 cy. In the last 10 years we have used the long reach and dozers to move silt out

of the pond and just piled it up. It is very expensive to do this. We have looked at trucking it out and moving it offsite. We will be dipping again this year and part of 2020 so we can keep dredging on that south end. We are looking at options for a new basin and one is on Fox Rd. or if we can expand the existing basin and recondition it. Before we bought the dredge in 2016 we did some research based upon questions from the members. The members asked why we couldn’t just hire a company to come in and do our dredging for us, instead of buying a dredge and spending our time and money to do that. We had 3 different companies come and bid the dredging for us. Those companies were Dredge America, McGruder and Masters Dredging. The bids were as follows: • Dredge America - $755,000 – This bid equates to $690 per member. • McGruder - $510,000 - $465 per member • Masters Dredging - $545,000 - $500 per member None of these companies would even consider coming here unless we had adequate storage for the silt. We would have to spend $500,000 just to build a pond for that storage. These bids also only included the south end and no other coves. Buying our own dredge at $295,000+ we can at least control where and when we need to dredge. South end Silt Basin Options 1. Build new structure on Fox Road • Potential capacity of 250,000 cy • Snyder Engineering Estimate $350,000 to $375,000 + $30,000 for plans + Require a Booster Pump $150,000 • Total = $500,000 - $550,000 2. Recondition and expand existing structure • Currently holds approx.. 80-100,000 cy • Potential storage 250,000 to 300,000. Giving us 2 dredging’s over 8 years • May need to relocate road – Work with Road Commission • Estimates to Clean and Recondition: Walker $368,750; Coulter $508,500; Ebert $847,500. Six companies had no interest in bidding. 3. Build 2nd New Structure South End (Add additional storage long term) • Use new structure to clean out lower south end of lake • No booster pump needed • Estimate $350,000 - $375,000 • Does not recondition current pond South End Silt Basin • RECONDITIONED EXISTING SILT POND • This is a $500,000 capital improvement project • Beginning to accrue funds in the 5 year plan for use by 2022 • Financial Options we may need to consider in the future 1. Use 5 year Financial Plan – Deferred Maintenance/Capital Projects 2. Approve new dredge assessment • $50 x 1100 = $55,000 per year • $75 x 1100 = $82,000 per year • $100 x 1100= $110,000 per year 3. Sell VVA waterfront community areas 4. Loan or financing 5. Combination of options 6. Could do nothing – Not Recommended Shawn was asked if we are going to vote on these things he has discussed at this meeting and his response was, absolutely at some point in time in the near future we will have to vote on financing these projects. Shawn explained we would watch as the assessment was put in last year how that grows and probably next year or the next we will have to make some decisions on how we finance the dredge program in the future. Lake Manager’s Report Shad Mort thanked the Finance Committee and Glenn Miller. We have worked hard to put a plan together going forward to sustain our lake. We had a very hard winter and will be doing a lot of work on the roads this year. Shad has been asked by members, why don’t we hot deck our roads, so he is going to work with Stategic Planning to gather some information to present to the members. Shad’s next big concern is our infrastructure. After 52 years our many areas of our infrastructure need work, including, road tubes that need to be replaced and the pool has issues and all of these things cost money. We have done some improvements to the campgrounds, but mainly in Campground 1, so Campground 2 is going to need some work. These are all things we need to be thinking about as an Association. Shad thanked Shawn for a great report on the dredge. Shad also wanted to thank the Board, Finance Committee and all committees for the time they spend on the community. Shad thanked the staff, especially the Maintenance Crew for the long tiring hours spent on snow removal. Shad announced that the office would be closed next week, due to the postponement of the Annual Meeting. They will be doing the Annual billing for 2019.


Continued from previous page 50th Anniversary Report – Mark Leggett Mark gave a quick history of the Anniversaries. In 2007 the Association paid for the party and spent $14,000. In 2017 we made a profit of $8,121. That was presented to the Board of Directors in August of 2017. At the Annual Meeting last year Mark presented this to the members and proposed that we recognize the Sponsors. Mark sent an e-mail to all the members of the 50th Committee and they came up with 5 ideas to recognize the Sponsors. The ideas were: a mini amphitheatre, a mammoth flagpole, new HVAC for the clubhouse, a new shelter or redo the shelters by the waterfront. Mark commented the Committee narrowed it down to the mini amphitheatre and HVAC for the Clubhouse. Mark came back to the Board in October and the Board asked Mark to take it to the Annual Meeting. After reconciling the money there is $7,565 available. Mark reached out to a couple of the sponsors on their opinion and they agreed on the amphitheatre, except they might want to turn it different or relocate it. Mark described where this would be located and how it could be utilized. It could be used as a stage, a wedding venue or just seating to look at our lake. He also said there would be very little maintenance involved. After discussion, Mark Leggett made a motion to move forward with the $7,500 to build the rock structure (amphitheatre) on the hill behind the clubhouse. Carolyn Leeper, Lot 22, seconded the motion. The motion failed with a vote of 20 in favor and 47 opposed. Light Pollution Jeff Walsh, Lot 456, addressed the membership about light pollution. Jeff and his family and friends have always been amazed at the stars and beautiful sky from Lake Viking. As the lake continues to grow and we get bigger and bigger houses being built, one of the biggest things happening today is light pollution. Last year a house was built across the cove from Jeff and they put high intensity lights on poles and it interferes with seeing the stars at night and being outside and enjoying the darkness. It is happening across the country. People think they are installing them for security reasons, but it has been proven that you are more likely to be broken into in a well-lit area than a dark area. Jeff said last, but not least, is the beauty we have here at Lake Viking. Currently we have building requirements, but there is nothing on outdoor lighting. There is a light ordinance that has been developed for communities like ours. Jeff asked the members to think about this issue and if a lighting ordinance is something we should adopt. Strategic Planning Susan Zalenski wanted to say a few words about the Strategic Planning Committee and its purpose at Lake Viking. The Strategic Planning Committee looks at the future of the lake to make it viable and help it thrive. This past year we came forward with our recommendations for incorporation, the clubhouse renovation and communications. Our next major project is to develop a long term Strategic Plan for our lake. The members of the committee are Paula & Shawn Hepinstall, Carolyn & Don Leeper, Tony Gronniger, Missy Leggett, Dennis Schlaiss, Lana Southwick and Kenny Southwick. Susan asked Kenny to give a presentation today of what the committee will be working on for a long range plan. Kenny explained that strategic planning is nothing more than visioning what you want to see in the future. You start by looking at your normal operation of where we have come in the last 52 years and examine the things that are really good and also examine the things that are threats to us. There are a lot of great committees in place. We will be looking at demographics, a lot of data and what we think is the value of our lake. Kenny went on to say, once we know where we are, what are our expectations and vision for the future. If we do nothing different at all we will be doing the very same things we are doing today 25 years from now. So the committee will be looking at all the things that have made us what we are today and begin to setting some aspirations. We will then look at what resources we have and what resources we need to move forward. The committee will set a vision for the lake and make recommendations to the Board. ANNOUNCEMENTS Mike Booth announced the Office would be closed next week to get the annual billing done. Mike also asked the Board members to meet in the lower level at the conclusion of this meeting. Adjournment Tom Johanson moved to adjourn at 4:49 p.m. Mike Booth seconded; motion carried. Let the record show that these Minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and a sampling of the discussions. Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in these Minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members. Respectfully Submitted, Mike Booth, Secretary, Board of Directors


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last year and Troy would like to continue discussing these rules this year. Len Zalenski, Bo Steed and Jim Miller volunteered to help with this. Troy asked that anyone else interested in helping with these rules, please contact the Association Office. Some of the areas for review are horsepower, wakes, and watercraft clearance distances. Infraction Committee: Roger Lankford reported about an infraction meeting that was held the end of April, took care of the carryover of tickets from last year, and reported in 2018 there were 157 tickets adjudicated. 37% of those tickets were for not having a sealable trash container. The first meeting for 2019 infractions had 6 tickets and 33% of those tickets were for not having sealable trash containers. One ticket from that meeting was dismissed. Lake Manager Report (Shad Mort) 1. Dredge: We have had quite a few problems with the dredge. There have been hydraulic issues and overheating. We have things fixed for now. We will continue to work in 3 tubes, but will not be done there by Memorial weekend. Another problem we are experiencing is the overflow on the retention pond. We have spent about $27,000 already this year on the dredge. 2. Memorial Weekend: A lot of people don’t have their watercraft up here yet, so next weekend Safety will be busy with this process. If you haven’t brought your watercraft up yet, call Safety and get on the list. We will get you taken care of. Financials: Flint Hibler moved to accept the financial statements. Mark Leggett seconded. Susan Zalenski requested to have more details on check register. Sally Zerbe will try to come up with a more detailed report. After discussion, Troy Lesan called for the vote on the motion. The motion passed. Mark Leggett has had several calls about rock projects and the fees charged for those projects. Mark would like the Handbook Committee or Building Committee to review the fees and set some guidelines for the stack stone projects. The original permit for stack stone projects is $1,500, but this spring a lot of people have damage to their walls from the hard winter and just need to repair them. They don’t want to have to pay $1,500 to repair their wall. Mark did comment there is a rule that says repairs don’t require a permit. Mark is of the thought these rules need to be looked at and some better guidelines set for adjusting the stack stone permit fees. Flint Hibler responded that if someone calls and says they need to repair a wall, they do not charge them anything as long as they are not bringing in more rock. If they are using what is already onsite they are not required to get a permit. Mark would just like to clarify the rule of repairs and define the cost of repairs or small stack stone projects. Tony Gronniger will take it to the Handbook Committee for review.

Welcome New Members! April 2019

Lot S120 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Martin & Tamera Knight Lot 2313 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brett & Leslie Miller Lot 2257 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gary & Kathleen Buck Lot 2907 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Matthew Marshall Lot 207 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Equity Trust Company Lot 600 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CM Covey Inc Lot 1101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jim & Linda Hudson Lot 2038 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jeremy & Mandi Ripple Lot 1168 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James & Jennifer Hunt Lot 96 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scott Phillips Lot 3039 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karen Vanderpool Lot 1171 & 1172 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Odette Enterprises, LLC Lot 2105 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Levi & Rachel Taylor

Guest Time Bo Steed asked about the Lake Committee communicating with members via e-mail before letters are sent, thus saving the postage. Bo also asked why we couldn’t do this across the board and require people to give us e-mail addresses to communicate bills and letters to them instead of using the mail and save on the postage. Susan Zalenski said at first it was voluntary for people to give us their e-mails and if you require them to give us e-mail addresses they may not keep that current with us and we would have to do a follow up letter anyway, especially if it were a Lake Committee issue on an infraction. Troy Lesan is skeptical about sending an e-mail to someone that states they need to fix something on their property or you are going to get a fine. Troy estimated we had about 300 e-mails on file. Len Zalenski commented, e-mail would be a way for people to opt in and say, send me my bill via e-mail versus wasting $4,000 a year in postage. Bo Steed also had comments about road work. He noticed there had been some road work done on the dam already this year and asked about the discussion about limiting the weight and the trucks that go across the dam. Shad Mort responded, it was still being looked into, but there are a lot of different factors involved, such as weight limit, turning vehicles around, and not creating more wear and tear on other roads in the process. There is nowhere on the east side of the dam to turn around. Light pollution ordinances were mentioned at the Annual Meeting and Bo Steed asked if anything had been done with this. Troy Lesan explained the presentation at the Annual Meeting was from a member just wanting to bring to our attention that some HOAs have lighting ordinances and asked the membership to think about whether this is something we need here. Bo Steed would like to head up a light pollution committee to research it further. Lana Southwick would also like to help with this subject. Bo and Lana will research this subject and get back to the board. Resa Wiltse asked if there would be dumpsters brought in to Beach 2 for the holiday weekend. Shad Mort said there would be a roll off at Beach 2, Campground 1 and Maintenance. Board Action No board action. Adjourn: Tony Gronniger moved to adjourn into executive session to discuss legal issues and personnel at 7:15 p.m. Flint Hibler seconded; motion passed. Attendance: Resa & Doug Wiltse, Lot 494; Len Zalenski, Lot 364; Jim & Ramona Miller, Lot 455; Dennis Schlaiss, Lot 1080/1081; Missy Leggett, Lot 72; Jody Odette, Lot 220; Kim Spidle, Lot 341; Bo & Kitty Steed, Lot 444; Lana & Tony Southwick, Lot 1595; Robert Hayes, Lot 389; Mark & Stephanie Closterman, Lot 1900; Roger & Margarite Lankford, Lot 644; Shad Mort, Lake Manager; Sally Zerbe, Lot 2528/Office. Let the record show that these minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and a sampling of the discussions. Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in the minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members. Respectfully Submitted, Mark Leggett, Secretary Board of Directors, Viking Valley Association

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MAY 2019

Lake Viking News


Wallace State Park hosts Kid’s Fishing Explorer Day Wallace State Park will host Kid’s Fishing Explorer Day 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 15, at the park’s Lake Allaman. Sponsored by the Missouri State Parks and the Missouri Department of Conservation, the event is free and open to kids ages 5 to 12 and parents are encouraged to attend. Fishing poles, bait and assistance will be provided. The event will also feature a nature display, a tree hike, a Missouri nature quiz, and drawings for prizes. Participants of all ages are eligible to earn a Missouri State Park Explorer patch. Activities will take place at the park’s open shelter house. Wallace State Park is located 6 miles south of Cameron on Highway 121. From Interstate 35, take Exit 48, travel south on Highway 69 for one-half mile, then take Highway 121 for one mile to the park entrance. For more information about the event, contact the park at 816-632-3745. For more information on state parks and historic sites, visit the web at Missouri State Parks is a division of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

June 15 .................................................................. Poker Run July 6 .............. July 4 Celebration, Craft Fair in Clubhouse Fireworks in evening July 27 ................................................ Patio Party with band August 10 ............................................... Kids games in park September 7 ................................................. Scavenger Hunt September 14 ............................................ Fall Garage Sales October 5 ...... Beer and Brats with Levi Garrison and Sons October 26 ....................... Halloween activities in afternoon & Halloween Party in evening November 2 ................................. Firefighters Chili Cook-off

This Space Reserved ... For YOU! Call 660-663-2154 or email to inquire. Gallatin Active Aging Resource Center • June Menu Serving 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Monday-Friday • 109 S Main, PO Box 272, Gallatin, MO 660-663-2828


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Lake Viking News

NOTICE TO LANDLORDS If you have a rental property at Lake Viking, please read the following. ARTICLE XI - DWELLING RENTALS Section 1. A member can only rent one house at a time. Only a house is an eligible rental property. Garages, unimproved lots, shelters, private docks, private shorelines, beaches and campground spaces are not eligible for renting to non-members. Individual rooms in a house cannot be rented separately. Rental is for the entire property. Section 2. Non-member renters will pay Viking Valley Association a Renter’s fee for every whole or part of every 12 month period equal to the current year dues and Assessments. This Fee does not constitute any kind of membership. This Renter’s Fee is due on or before first day of occupancy. Member is responsible for ensuring Renter’s Fee is paid on or before first day of occupancy and upon any extension or renewal of lease. This fee is not refundable or subject to proration under any circumstances. We are grandfathering in the 10 current renters as of March 6, 2016 for the term of the current lessee. Section 3. Non-member Renters must show the Member’s guest pass for access to the pool, clubhouse facilities, beaches and community areas. If a Member is not in good standing, the Member’s guest passes are invalid. Section 4. No non-member renters are allowed to have watercraft titled in their name on the lake. All watercraft must be titled to a property owner. Renters with a valid guest pass may only use watercraft of a member in good standing. All watercraft are stickered according to the lot number of the Member. No guest and/or non-member watercraft allowed. Section 5. It is the Member’s responsibility to deliver a copy of their lease in its entirety to the Association office prior to the start of renter occupancy. Member shall have 10 days to notify the Association office of any changes or amendments to that lease pertaining to occupancy extensions or renewals. Section 6. Every non-member renter must attend a Zebra Mussel information session at the Association office within 10 days of the first day of occupancy. Section 7. All non-member renters must abide by the By-Laws, Covenants and Restrictions. Members shall be responsible for compliance of such Rules and Regulations by renters.

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MAY 2019

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Around the Lake

The Remarkable Story of the Pelican Orphan By Troy Lesan Earlier this year there was a general sense of excitement over the flock of American White Pelicans that stopped here on their migratory flight back north. There were posts and pictures on Facebook; especially since the flock ended up hanging around our lake for about three weeks as opposed to the usual day-long layover. The flock was definitely on their way back to their nesting grounds in Canada after wintering in a large area ranging from the southern states all the way to Guatemala, but no one has really figured out why they stayed longer this time. Maybe it’s a case where even the pelicans have discovered “the best kept secret in Northwest Missouri.” In any event, when it was time for the flock to finally depart, despite valiant efforts, they had to leave one of their members behind. The primary witness to this situation was Joanne McFadin, who watched the daily activities of a group of pelicans in her cove from her window. The pelicans would gracefully float by her shoreline and routinely feed and scavenge at the water’s edge. Note: Although the White Pelicans are larger and look more robust, they are not deep divers, like their Brown Pelican cousins. They prefer to feed from the top of the water, scooping up fish and vegetation in their big shovel shaped beaks. As Joanne reports, that’s exactly what a group was doing, swimming close to a dock, when two juveniles ventured underneath a dock! It’s hard to perceive what goes on in an animal’s mind. It was easy enough for the young pelicans to swim under the dock, through the open area between the flotation tubs, but when it came to swimming back out, they simply couldn’t do it. Confused by the sudden darkness and confinement, they were unable to navigate the same route that had been their entry. And that’s when an unusual scene unfolded. Several adult pelicans at-

tempted to go under the dock and pull the juveniles out, but apparently they resisted. It was then that Joanne witnessed the adult pelicans forming a line, a protective barrier in front of the dock, and they remained in that formation. Finally, a very big white pelican – much bigger than the rest: the alpha male of the group perhaps – appeared on the scene and dragged one of the juveniles out. But at a cost! Apparently, the young pelicans were so freaked out by being trapped under the dock that they resisted rescue efforts by the adults. According to Joanne, one of the juvenile pelicans disappeared, presumably dead, while the other, after being drug out from under the dock, had a broken wing! It was obvious: the bird’s wing was sticking straight out from its body. And that was only the beginning of the bird’s troubles. The flock had already hung around Lake Viking longer than usual; it was still a long flight back to Canada. It was time to go. There was no other option. The young pelican with the broken wing was simply left behind at Lake Viking! So, anyway, that’s when Joanne called me. The young pelican had been abandoned and had become a pelican orphan. All alone and with a broken wing – Joanne wondered if it couldn’t be rescued? I did some searching online and found that there was, indeed, a bird rescue facility in Kansas City, close to the zoo, for parrots mostly, and yes, they would take the pelican in. The catch was that I had to bring it to them. Hmmm. I briefly thought about the prospect. I could just imagine scrambling around on the unstable footing of the shoreline, clinging to a big cage while trying to catch a large bird that was already an accomplished and battle-hardened survivor. True, the pelican had a broken wing, but I’d probably end up with some broken bones too. Or worse yet, if I attempted the capture, the bird would violently resist which might cause further

injury. Nope, I don’t think so. Next, we called a local Missouri Conservation officer. He talked to me and even came out to the lake for a look but arrived at the same conclusion. Sometimes man causes greater problems by trying to intervene with nature. We had tried, but we were going to have to let nature run its course. An immediate worry was the fox population. For years, foxes have been sighted around Lake Viking, and there is a den on an unimproved lakefront lot close to where these events occurred. In the meantime, the pelican orphan was a pathetic sight: wandering around the shoreline with his broken wing or swimming in search of food, alone, and without companions. But then, in a rather remarkable development, the pelican orphan began making friends. Joanne reported seeing him hanging out with a couple of different herons in the area, and later, others reported him swimming around the lake with some geese. But, when a couple of weeks went by and there were no sightings, it was feared that a fox or another predator finally got him. Then, miraculously, he appeared one day. Joanne saw him walking along the shoreline and she noticed that he had sort of a new-found swagger; not that lost and forlorn look but an aura that seemed more confident and “proud.” Once again, there were reports of him swimming around with his goose friends, farther out from the cove, in the main body of the lake now. One friend thinks he saw him around the dam. The little guy has definitely proven to be a survivor. We had written him off a couple of times and now the pelican orphan has become an ethereal, almost mythical presence.


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Lake Viking News

Cinco de Mayo has been another big activity the past few years, and this year’s event was the biggest yet. Mary Hibler says she has a great committee which contributes to the planning and organization of these events.

! o y a M e d o inc

C A good crowd – 93 in attendance.

Janet Yuratovich, from Activities Committee celebrates another great event

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to current folder before altering this ad. was excellent. Once again the Save potluck buffet week brought in by Association members

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Next on the agenda will be the poker run on June 15, and of course July is always a big month with Lions Club breakfast, craft bazaar, and fireworks on July 6, and also the patio party on July 27 with our favorite band Now and Then. Spring and summer will fly by and those events will be here before we know it.

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1/4 mile west of Jamesport 31301 State Hwy. 6 Jamesport MO 64648 660-684-6650 Monday-Saturday 9AM-5PM

Y herita TR





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Lake Viking News



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Lake Viking News 208 E. Putnam, King City, MO 64463

(660) 535-4337

Garages Shops Storage Garage, shops, and storage buildings available in wood frame and all steel structures : lets try to crop these and change the 911 Addresses headers to Garages and and Shops Lot and Storage Numbers to be displayed Doug Waugh

a) All King Citydwelling Lumberowners (houses, mobile homes and dwellings of a similar construc208 E. Putnam tion) will have their lot number prominentKing City, MO 64463 ly 660-535-4337 displayed so that it is clearly visible from theCurrent roadway. Notes: July 2016: Four New Pix b) Lettering and numbering needs to3716, located h/customers/king city lumber/ be0174, at least 3 inches 3808, 4466 high and sign colors need to be contrasting colors so the sign is easily read. c) Owners having multiple adjoining lots may include on the sign at the principle residence. d) Lots with structures (shelters, sheds, boat or swimming docks, decks, etc.) will have their lot number(s) prominently displayed so that it is clearly visible from the water (on lake front lots) and from the road way. e) As of August 1, 2014, all docks must have their lot numbers displayed on the lower right side of the dock, facing the water. All lake front dwellings will have lot numbers clearly visible from the water. This rule is in place for your safety in case of an emergency! Safety, Fire Department, First Responders and Ambulance personnel need to be able to see your address and lot numbers to respond!!


MAY 2019

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Almost everything...

Emergency Phone Numbers

you need to know about Lake Viking

* DAVIESS COUNTY EMERGENCY ...................911

Lake Viking 2019 Boards & Committees

* Fire - Lake Viking Fire Dept ..............................911

Activities Committee Ramona Miller, Mary Hibler (Chairperson), Dustin Hibler, David Hibler, Eric and Jody Odette, Gail Bush, Resa Wiltse, Janet Hillman, Janet Yuratovich, Eric Odette (Board Contact) Board of Directors Board of Directors: President, Troy Lesan; 1st Vice President, Susan Zalenski; 2nd Vice President, Mike Booth; Secretary, Mark Leggett; Assistant Secretary, Tony Gronniger; Treasurer, Flint Hibler; Assistant Treasurer, Eric Odette. Viking Valley Association Board of Directors Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month, at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the clubhouse. All members in good standing are welcome to attend. Building Committee Flint Hibler (Board Contact), Doug Wiltse, Jim Miller and Tom Johanson. Building Committee Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at the Association office. Building permits are required to be approved by the Building Committee prior to the start of any construction as stated in the Covenants, Restrictions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Viking Valley Association. Campground Committee Mary Hibler (Chairperson), Flint Hibler, Marion Crawford, Mike Wolfe, Charles Sudduth, James Funk, Mike Booth (Board Contact). Community Strategic Planning Tony Gronniger, Missy Leggett, Shawn Hepinstall, Paula Hepinstall, Dennis Schlaiss, Lana Southwick, Kim Spidle, Carolyn Leeper, Don Leeper, Kenny Southwick, Randy Tague, Susan Zalenski (Chair/Board Contact) Dredge Committee Shawn Hepinstall (chairman), Paula Hepinstall, Robert Hayes, Brett Bush, Shad Mort, Mark Leggett (Board Contact) Employee Board Contact Flint Hibler Finance Committee Mike Kemna (Chairman), Donna Archibald, Shad Mort, Sally Zerbe, Glenn Miller, Len Zalenski, Missy Leggett, Troy Lesan, Flint Hibler, Tom Johanson, Eric Odette (Board Contact) Handbook Committee Donna Archibald (Chair), Kyle Parkhurst, Kim Spidle, Terri Schlaiss, Tony Gronniger (Board Contact). Infraction Committee Roger Lankford (Chairman), Carl Butcher, Bob Clemens, Jim Gibbany, James Funk, Mark Leggett (Board Contact) Infraction Committee meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month, 9 a.m., Lower Level Clubhouse. Lake Committee Shirley Leakey, Don Leeper, Carolyn Leeper, Bo Steed, Sherry Krehbiel, Mike Krehbiel, Ramona Miller, Tom Johanson, Troy Lesan (Board Contact) Special Road District Mark Leggett, Ron Spidle, Troy Knight Volunteer Fire Department Rusty Hendricks, Gary King, Tony Gronniger, Dennis Schlaiss, Riley Blades, Luke Threlkeld, Len Zalenski, Mark White, Mark Closterman, Anthony Dirks. Mike Booth (Board Contact). Fire Department meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9 a.m. at the firehouse in the association main parking lot. If you have the interest and the time to serve your community, be sure to attend the next meeting.

Public Water Supply Dist. #3

Kyle W. Parkhurst, President, term expires 4/2020 - SubDistrict #3; Troy Lesan, Vice President, term expires 4/2021 - Sub-District #2; Jeffrey Speaker, secretary, term expires 4/2022 - Sub-District #4; Randy Tague term expires 4/2021 - Sub-District #1; Harlan Horst, term expires 4/2020 - SubDistrict #5; Roger Barker, Superintendent; Gary King, Water Operator; Diane Hulett, Clerk. Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. at the PWSD No. 3 office. Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday thru Friday. All payments for metered water bills are to be made payable to Public Water Supply District No. 3 of Daviess County, Missouri. You may abbreviate as PWSD #3. If you have any questions, contact the PWSD No. 3 office, 116 Waterworks Dr., Gallatin, Mo. 64640 (located at the water plant). Phone 660-663-2771. For the convenience of customers of Public Water Supply District No. 3, a drop box is available at the front door of the office located at the water plant for the payment of water bills. Payments received after 4 p.m. in the drop box will post the following day. For the convenience of Association members, a drop box is available in the front door of the association office for the payment of association bills.

Viking Valley Association Office Address: 144 E. Main, Gallatin, MO 64640 Office Hours: April 1 - Labor Day Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Day after Labor Day - March 31 Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Property Owners

Ambulance - Fire - Rescue To Report Fire Only * Lake Viking Safety Patrol ................660-663-2204 * Sheriff, Daviess Co. .........................660-663-2031 or 663-2149 * Highway Patrol (Emergencies) ...1-800-525-5555

***************** Important Phone Numbers * Association Office ............................660-663-2131

You are responsible for your guests and their actions. It is your responsibility to educate them on the rules and regulations of Lake Viking. Lake Viking is private property, but all lots are owned by some other individual. Please do not drive or ride ATV vehicles or bicycles on neighboring lots, or walk across lots to fish or use others’ property without first getting the property owner’s permission.

* Maintenance Barn ............................660-663-2777

Fishery Guidelines

* Lake Viking Sales Office, Lot #Z-9..660-663-2134

Bass: Release all bass 12” to 19”. Fishermen can keep one bass per day of 19” or longer. Crappie: Keep all crappie caught, within the state limit, which is 30 per day. Walleye: Fisherman can keep Walleye at least 21” in length, release all catches under 21”.

Mowing Regulations

You are required to have your lot mowed by May 1st, June 1st and September 1st of each year. If you do not keep your lot mowed, or hire a contract mower, the Association will mow it, and bill you $80.00 for each mowing.

The Association does not want to be in the mowing business.

Please self-mow your lot or hire a contract mower to do it for you. All contract mowers are required to submit a customer list to the Association office. If you are not on their initial list, you may be accidentally billed by the Association, so please contact your mower early. The below listed mowers have registered with the Association office and can usually be reached in the evening. There may be other mowers who advertise in the Lake Viking News.

Contract Mowers Can Save You Money

Jason Burns ........................................ 660-605-2151 Mike Cline ............................................ 816-465-0092 Eric Critten ......................................... 660-663-9122 Randy Gatton ...................................... 660-663-9348 Mark Hoig ................ 816-716-1896 or 660-663-4244 Ron Huston .............660-663-3234 or 816-390-5161 Jeff Johnson ....................................... 660-334-0604 Jim Miller .............................................816-520-3280

Please Keep Control of Your Dogs

Dogs are not allowed off the member’s property and shall be contained by a fenced enclosure or controlled by a leash. Guests’ dogs are included. Violation of this rule may be subject to an Infraction Ticket issued to the property owner.

Building Permit Notice

Building Permits are required, but not limited to the following projects: fences, storage shed, shelters, decks, boat docks, boat houses, room additions, porches and any alteration of the roof line; and any other construction that requires large earth moving equipment, concrete trucks and other equipment that requires multiple axle trailers. Failure to comply with building regulations could result in a minimum fine of $500 and loss of lake privileges. Any construction not in compliance with these regulations could result in forced relocation of the structure.



30 MPH

Watch When & Where You Burn!

Anytime you are burning brush, etc., on your lot, make certain you are burning on your lot and not someone else’s property. Unattended burning is prohibited and burning is not allowed when winds are in excess of 15 mph and shall be subject to an Infraction Ticket and fine.

Member Reminders

• Helmets are required to be worn when operating a motorcycle within the Lake Viking Subdivision. • Goose population control is hard to manage... The first step in this process is DO NOT FEED THE GEESE!

* Public Water Supply District #3 of Daviess County (Water Plant) ....660-663-2771 Roger Barker - (Emergency after hours)....660-334-0100

* Lake Viking Marine, Inc., Lot #1000 660-663-3722 * Farmers Electric Co-op., Inc. * During business hours ...........1-800-279-0496 * After Hours ..............................1-800-927-5334 * Advanced Disposal Services, Inc 1-800-346-6844 or 1-800-778-7652 * Windstream Telephone Company * Customer Service (Residential) 1-800-501-1754 * Repair Service ............................1-800-782-6206

Lake Viking 50th Anniversary Book is now on Click the large green print announcement on the homepage directly below the picture. Then click Lake Viking 2017 (in green print) and read the book in its entirety.


Gallatin Publishing Company -- Ph: 660.663.2154

MAY 2019

Lake Viking News

JESSE A. WHITE - OWNER Phone (816) 449-2912 Phone (816) 649-5078

JOHN A. WHITE Phone (816) 449-2334 Fax (816) 449-5692


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Attention Dock Owners!! Boat dock wiring must be protected by a ground fault interrupter (GFI). If your dock wiring is not GFI protected an electric accident can occur. You can purchase a GFI electrical tester at any hardware store to see if you are already protected or contact a qualified electrician to install a GFI to protect your dock.

More Eggs! The Campground Easter Egg Hunt began several years ago and eventually became a lake-wide event, held at the clubhouse playground. This year’s edition again proved to be a very popular event. Committee Chair Mary Hibler was unsure if many kids would participate this year and was overwhelmed when over 50 kids showed up. As it turned out, there were barely enough Easter eggs. Committee members Mary, Resa Wiltse, Janet Hillman, and Janet Yuratovich were kept busy by the big group. Mary’s note for next year’s event: more eggs!


MAY 2019

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(660) 359-2277

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MAY 2019

Lake Viking News

From Lake Viking ... to a Viking River Cruise – France By Troy Lesan Maybe it’s the Viking mojo – all things Viking are good, right? Because, it seems we are hearing more and more good things about Viking River Cruises. Especially from Lake Viking Association members. These cruises go everywhere in Europe, at least where there’s a major river involved. Recently, Debbie Hower and friends, including association member Karen Reardon, took “a Viking Voyage” up the scenic and picturesque Rhone River in France. The group started their trip off with an extra three-day stay in the glamorous and glitzy French Riviera – Monte Carlo, Nice, and Monaco. Then they began their Viking Voyage up the river, from Avignon to Lyon in the Provance region of France. Debbie thought the Rhone seemed comparable, in width, to the Missouri River; the boat traveled upriver during the night and the passengers disembarked for day trips on shore. Their forays included featured ancient buildContinued on next page

Among scenes from the Provance region of France is the Pond du Gard, a Roman Aqueduct Bridge built by quarried hand-cut stone fitted and stacked. No mortar used in this magnificent 2,000 yearold structure.



We are the closest storage units to the lake with managers that live on site and 24 hour surveillance.

WILSON FAMILY STORAGE FENCED-IN PROPERTY Hwy. 6, Altamont, MO Large Units 12x30 11x26

Motor Homes Trailers, Boats



Medium Units 10x20 10x10

Small Units 6x10 8x10

Wilson Family


We have a brand new building with 10 11x26 units ... perfect for Boats, RVs or Car Storage!


MAY 2019

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Lake Viking News Viking Cruise

(continued from previous page)

ings and sidewalk cafes with incomparable French food, including wines, those big loaves of freshly baked bread, and even truffles. There were many historic cathedrals in the area, most notably the Papal Palace in Avignon. The Papacy was actually headquartered here during an unstable period of strife and violence in Rome in the fourteenth century. The cathedral/fortress is considered as one of the most important medieval Gothic constructions remaining in Europe. Also included on the tour were glimpses at some magnificent 2,000-year-old Roman ruins that are still standing in the area. The Roman ruins and some of the cathedrals were built from sturdy limestone rock quarried in the region, and Debbie remarked that the old quarries were an impressive sight. Over the centuries, some of the sculptors had used the quarry walls to practice their art and much of the work was still intact. Judging from the accompanying pictures, from Debbie’s Facebook posts, it looks like this Viking River Cruise, in France, is a definite thumbs up.

Crowder State Park hosts Explorer Hour Crowder State Park hosts weekly “Explorer Hour” programs starting at 10 a.m., each Saturday through Aug. 31. Meet park staff at the campground amphitheater to explore a short section of trail. Crowder State Park is located in northern Missouri, off Highway 65; west of Trenton off Highway 146. For more information, call Crowder State Park at 660-359-6473.



Come to Watkins Mill Come join Watkins Woolen Mill State Park and State Historic Site staff as they host a living history farm from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., every Saturday and Sunday through the first weekend in August. Costumed interpretive staff present life in rural Missouri in the 1870s. Demonstrations focus on the way people lived and played in the 19th century. Tours of the Watkins woolen mill and Watkins house are offered daily. Watkins Woolen Mill State Park and Historic Site is located at 26600 Park Road North in Lawson, north of Kansas City. For more information about the event, call the visitor center at 816-580-3387.

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ENCE IFFER EAL D ledgeable S O M w THER • Kno

THE ional IENCE ndly • Profess R E P X e E t • Fri MANUFACTURING: Hones

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nce Differeeable l a e S g owled ermo

he Th fessional • Kn ro ience t Expesrt • Friendly • P Hone

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Flooring, Cabinets, Countertops, Benjamin Moore Paint. Free Measures Available 1301 N 25th St • Bethany, MO 64424 Mon- Fri. 8am to 5pm; Sat. 8am to Noon




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MAY 2019

Lake Viking News The current year

Consumer Confidence Report for PWSD#3 of Daviess County is available at: For a CCR paper copy, please call us at 660-663-2771.


Payment Terms PWSD#3 would like to take this opportunity to review the payment terms for our Metered & Unmetered customers. • • • • •

Bills are due on the 20th of the month which follows the billing . All payments are posted on the date received at our office. Neither the check date, nor the postmark date, are recognized as when a payment is received . If payment is not received by 4pm on the due date, the account is considered past due and charged a $5 late fee . You can now pay online at https://pwsd3daviess .azurewebsites .net

PWSD #3 Open Meeting

May 21, 2019

CALL TO ORDER Kyle Parkhurst, President (2020), called the meeting to order at 4:10 p.m. Members in attendance were Troy Lesan (2021), Jeffrey Speaker (2022) and Randy Tague (2021). Arlo Aschbrenner (2020) was unable to attend. Also in attendance was Roger Barker, Water Superintendent. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Troy Lesan moved to approve the minutes of the April 16, 2019, Board of Directors meeting. Randy Tague seconded. All members were in favor; motion carried. PUBLIC COMMENT There were no visitors in attendance for public comment. OLD BUSINESS There was no old business. NEW BUSINESS Financial Report: The financial reports and bills were reviewed and discussed. Troy Lesan moved to approve the April financial reports as submitted and approve the bills. Jeffrey Speaker seconded. All members voted to approve; motion carried. The audit figures from Karlin & Long were presented for review. Jeffrey Speaker made a motion to approve the 2018 Audit. Randy Tague seconded. All members voted to approve; motion carried. A letter of resignation was received from Arlo Aschbrenner to be effective immediately. Randy Tague moved to accept the resignation and Troy Lesan seconded; all voted in favor. A motion was then made by Troy Lesan and seconded by Randy Tague to appoint Harlan Horst to fill the unexpired term of Arlo Aschbrenner as Sub-District #5 Director. All members were in favor; motion carried. DISCUSSION Superintendent Report: Roger informed the board that, due to boundary line changes, the district will now report to the NE Regional Office in Macon instead of the NW Regional Office in Kansas City. He also reported that the district was approved for a $20,000 DNR grant for an engineering study. Roger updated the board on three valve replacements done at the south end of the lake and also discussed the need to replace testing equipment at a future date. Kyle Parkhurst, president, announced the next meeting would be June 18, 2019, at 4 p.m. at the water plant. Troy Lesan moved to adjourn and Randy Tague seconded. All members were in favor; motion carried. Respectfully Submitted, Jeffrey Speaker

July 6th Lake Viking Events & Activities

Fireworks Display

– 9:30 p.m.

Mark your calendars and join us for the big day!

Bring Your Lawn Chairs To One of the Best Fireworks Displays in the Region!

Lions Club Breakfast Serving 7 a.m. to noon both days in the Lower Level of the Clubhouse SATURDAY - JULY 6TH

Annual Pancake Breakfast


Biscuits & Gravy

Adults $7 • Ages 5-12 - $5 • 5 & Under - Free

Bazaar -8:00 a.m. - 2:00 the Upper Level of the Clubhouse

. . Please Note: To ensure safety for all, the road at the top of the hill next to the clubhouse will be closed at 8 p.m.; Beach #1, the pool and the lawn area will be evacuated and no boats will be allowed within 700 feet of the shore at Beach #1 and the clubhouse area. Adults $7 Ages 5-12 - $5 5 & Under-Free

Great Fireworks & Fun for the whole family!

MAY 2019

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Lake Viking News

Safe Boating practices shared by Missouri State Highway Patrol In addition to making sure your boat equipment is in compliance with state law, make sure you are familiar with laws regarding boat operation and traditional navigational rules. Remember: Missouri law requires everyone born after January 1, 1984, who operates a vessel on Missouri lakes to possess an approved boating safety identification card. In 2018, there were 173 boating accidents reported in Missouri, with 101 injuries, and 16 fatalities. When boaters understand and obey the law, and vessels are in good operating order, everyone’s experience becomes safer. A life jacket for everyone on board is a must! Children under seven years old are required to wear a personal flotation device in a boat, but you are never too old to wear a life jacket! Life jackets are now lighter, less obtrusive, and more comfortable than ever before. The new inflatable life jackets allow mobility and flexibility for activities like boating, fishing, or paddling, and are much cooler in the warmer weather. Although not required by law, children playing along the shoreline or on a dock should wear a life jacket. A drowning can occur quickly, with little or no sign the victim is struggling. Life jackets save lives, please wear yours! It is important for each boat operator to know the capabilities of their boat. Reducing your speed in unfamiliar areas and being aware of unusual water conditions respective to the size and type of boat you operate are just a couple of environmental considerations. Extended time in the sun and the constant motion of the water effects every vessel operator. It’s important to recognize the dangers of boater fatigue. Stay alert while enjoying Missouri’s lakes and rivers. Additionally, if you combine alcohol with boater fatigue your reaction time and

thought process will be much slower. Designate a sober captain if you choose to consume alcohol. Additional safe boating tips: 1) Be a defensive boat operator . . . creating distance from other boats equals more reaction time . 2) Adjust your speed for the conditions . . . if visibility is poor, or the water is rough, slow down! 3) Turn off the boat while passengers are entering/exiting the water . 4) If you will be out on the water after dark, check your navigation lights before you leave the dock or ramp . 5) Each boat operator is responsible for doing whatever they can to avoid a crash . Don’t expect other boats to move out of your way . 6) Be courteous with your wake . Boaters are reminded to contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol by dialing *55 on a cellular phone if they need assistance or observe another boater operating a vessel in an unsafe manner. Watercraft operators must consider the effect their actions have on others: Share the waterway and use common sense, good judgment, and courtesy to ensure the safety of all. Life jackets save lives. Wear It!!


Classified Ads For Sale


BASE ROCK, BLACK DIRT AND fill dirt. Huston Trucking & Construction, 660-663-3234 or 660-334-0997.

KELLY B’S Trees, prompt professional pruning, reasonably priced removals, complicated/ technical removal done regularly. Please call 816-6327077.

New 22 Western Style Revolver, $149; New 9 mm automatic, $169; 22 Derringer, $179; Springfield Compact 45 with holster, $385; Guns & Gold Wanted. Cash Buyer. R& R Pawn Shop, Cameron, Mo. 816-632-1787

SEAMLESS GUTTERING, A-1 Leaf Guard, CHI Overhead Door, LiftMaster-Chamberlain Operator Sales, Installation & Service. Call for free estimate. Serving you since 2006! Miller Construction, Jamesport, MO 660-684-6950.

About ... ... your Trash Service Just a reminder to all members with dwellings or commercial buildings, you must pay for trash service to the trash removal company providing the service. Full time residents will pay for 12 months of trash service and weekend or part-time residents will pay for 6 months of trash service (April 1 thru September 30.) If you need the phone number for our trash service, please contact the association office, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for more information @ 660-663-2131. Anyone setting trash out prior to pickup day must have trash in a container with a closeable / sealable lid. (This was adopted, by motion, at the Board of Directors meeting on August 10, 2008.)


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MAY 2019

Lake Viking News

Rule Changes February 2018 Dumpsters (Building Regulations) - page 19 of handbook: Dumpsters and/or a portable receptacle capable of containing construction debris will be required for onsite construction, at the property owner’s expense, but is not limited to: New home construction, garages, hangers and home additions. Other projects that may require the use of a dumpster or receptacle will be determined at the time a permit is approved. Both the permit and the job site placard will identify the container requirement. A dumpster or receptacle on new home, garage, hanger or home addition construction is not required until the foundation is completed. Only scrap lumber may be piled outside of the container and burned on the job site in accordance with burning rules and guidelines. Material waste where no permit or dumpster/ receptacle was required may be placed in the appropriate receptacle in the maintenance yard in accordance with refuse disposal restrictions and yard disposal rules. Failure to secure and maintain a debris receptacle will result in a minimum $250.00 fine. (2/2018) Smoking in Clubhouse - page 38 of handbook: Smoking in the Clubhouse is prohibited at any time. (2/2018)

Attention Members

The Viking Valley Fire Department will be meeting the 2nd Saturday of every month @ 9 a.m. at the Fire Station. The Sirens will be tested at this time.

REMINDERS!! 6 Exceed Maximum

Posted Speed Limit: The maximum speed limit for the operation of any vehicle or conveyance upon the roads, ways, streets, and thoroughfares of the subdivision shall be thirty (30) miles per hour except in those areas where additionally restricted speed limits may be posted, whether temporary or permanent.



Runway for Aircraft Only

The Association provides dumpsters for the Beaches, Campgrounds and some Community Areas, for the purpose of accumulated trash in these areas, not day to day household trash. Please DO NOT dump building materials of ANY kind, such as lumber, sheetrock, shingles, etc. in these dumpsters.

Now that spring is here, not only is there an increase in boat traffic, but also more aircraft using the LV airport. While we do not have a great deal of air traffic, remember that our runway is for aircraft use only. For your protection, and that of others, please keep all vehicles and pedestrians clear of the airport runway at all times.

Private Ramp Recommendation


The Board of Directors would like to recommend that all private ramps be chained and locked when not in use by property owner.

SPEED CREATING EXCESSIVE WAKE: Trolling speed will be used when approaching within seventy-five (75) feet of boat docks, marina, and coves marked with Association buoys, or other areas marked with permanent or temporary Association buoys.


Animal Rules & Regulations

for Committees and Their Members The Board of Directors may appoint Special Committees as they feel necessary. All members must be active members current in dues, assessments and other fees. The board of directors will appoint the following standing committees: finance, building, cemetery, infraction, lake, nominating, handbook, strategic, and campground. ~ All committees shall have a minimum of three active members and include at least one board member. ~ No committee or subcommittee may be formed without board approval.

Allowing dogs to roam/animal bite: Dogs are not allowed off the member’s property and shall be contained by a fenced enclosure or controlled by a leash. Guests’ dogs are included. Any animal whether leashed or unleashed that attacks or bites a person, and after review of the circumstances, is deemed to be a vicious animal and must be removed from the lake. The owner of the animal is subject to a minimum $500.00 infraction ticket.

Cemetery Decorum

Flower bouquets are permitted any time of the year. For the spring and summer seasons beginning March 1st and extending to December 1st of each year, no wreaths or sprays, or other decorative materials shall be used on any lot, except such decorative materials as can be contained in vases mounted to the marker base. Exceptions will be made for a period of one week following an interment service, Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Wreaths, flowers, and other materials left on graves, which have withered or become unsightly, will be removed by the cemetery without notice. Wreaths and other decorative materials must be removed from shipping boxes and containers before placing said materials on any grave.

~ All recommendations from committees shall be presented to the board prior to any actions taken by said committees.


DEFAULT - Do Not Change This File.

No action Save to current week folder before ~altering thismay ad. be taken by any 6 Improper Parking: committee member that has not The parking of motor vehicles on the traveled portion of any street, road, or way within the subdivision is prohibited except for an emergency which does not allow immediate removal.

been approved by the chairperson, board contact and the board.

~ New committee members shall be presented to the board for approval.

DEFAULT - Do Not Change T alterin Revised 2-5-15 Danielle




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Just a reminder, camp spaces are NOT transferrable with the sale of your lot or camper . The campground agreement that each of you have signed states: Section Eight: Privilege Not Assignable Licensee’s privileges under this Agreement shall not be assignable by Licensee in whole in current part . Saveorto week folder before

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2019 Change

of Mowing Requirements The dates for having your lots mowed have changed for 2019. Members are required to have your lots mowed by June 1, July 1 and September 1. Additionally, lots with homes should be mowed twice a month during the growing season (except during times of drought). Should the member fail to meet the listed criteria, the Association has the right to mow the lot, issue an Infraction Violation as well as recover expenses incurred by the Association. The Association recommends that property owners contact a contract mower if they are unable to do self-mowing.

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Lake Viking News • May 2019 • Page 23 MAY 2019

Lake Viking News



MAY 2019

Lake Viking News

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