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VVA Board of Directors Meeting Call to Order Susan Zalenski, lot 364, called the meeting to order via Zoom, at 6:30 p.m. Board members present were Mark Leggett, lot 72; Tony Gronniger, lot 2281; Celeste Armanees, lot 62; Troy Lesan, lot 576; Marvin McNabb, lot 28; and Mike Booth, lot 1259. Troy Lesan led in prayer. Approval of Minutes Tony Gronniger moved to approve the minutes of the November 8, 2020, board meeting. Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed. Committee Reports Handbook Committee Celeste Armanees reported the Handbook Committee had worked on changes that have not been done in 10 years. She said she would present the changes later in this meeting under board discussion. Finance Committee Committee met Dec. 10, via Microsoft Teams virtual format with eight members present. Financial statements were reviewed with no areas of concern noted. The committee decided to raise the credit card transaction fee to from 3% to 4%. It was pointed out that the association incurs expense in providing this service which results in overall membership subsidizing a service that is used by a relatively small number of members. As a point of reference in 2020, the VVA is projected to finish with a net increase in cash position of $709,848. This is an unprecedented number. Just

*COVID-19 Precaution*

Face masks are now required by all, prior to entering the association office, safety office or maintenance area.


If you would like to be added to the Lake Viking e-mail list please e-mail us at

Next VVA Board Meeting:

Sun, Jan 10, 2021 6:30PM at lower level of the clubhouse.

All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you want on the agenda, you must notify the office on or before the Monday prior to the board meeting.

for comparison in 2015, we finished with a net gain of $2,241. In 2016, it was $42,000. Keeping this in mind, the Finance Committee revisited the 2021 proposed budget and focused on two items for further review. One item was anticipated capital gains taxes on sale of community areas. The second item was a capital expenditure designation of the new safety boat purchase which will be in January of 2021. In both of these cases, we have revenues realized in 2020 contributing to our robust bottom line, followed by 2021 in which related big expense items are due. In the case of the capital gains taxes in community area sales, we are looking at an expense of close to $100,000. In Shawn Hepinstall’s dredge presentation he had capital gains taxes worked into his numbers, but to make for a cleaner budget presentation we chose to show this, as well as potential taxes on PPP funding in the line-item expense of “taxes licenses & permits” for the 2021 budget. The new boat purchase in capital expenditures is in addition to several capital expenditures that were deferred from 2020. The result is a 2021 budget as $370,000 in the red. Again, to put this in proper perspective we have to look at our extraordinary net of $709,848 in 2020. We anticipate that the negative net projected in the 2021 budget will come down, but the committee feels obliged to include all of the deficit possibilities in this budget and it will be our responsibility of explaining this one-year deficit in context as it relates to the total two-year picture. Also discussed were the finishing touches on the transfer of funds to the Morgan Stanley Account. We

December 2020

Volume 33, No. 8

December 13, 2020 have submitted the necessary paperwork designating authorized association contacts to open the account, and we are ready to move money from our BTC ICS account. We anticipate a forthcoming initial deposit of $500,000 into what has come to be known as the bucket #2 low risk fund with Morgan Stanley. As a final item, on our financial summary we have several funds that will be combined into the Morgan Stanley Account. Examples: a cemetery fund of $19,922 that is drawing zero return, a $29,500 money market fund that was designated by board action to pay for engineering study, a low yield cash balance at Edward Jones that is our 2019 Deferred Maintenance Capitol Projects Fund, dredge fund, and community area sales funds from 2020 as well as other carry-over funds that we need to continue to track on an individual basis. A list has been compiled of these items and will be listed on a “Funds Schedule” which will be included with funds summary in our monthly financial statements. This schedule will be sent to the office, finance committee members, and board members for final review. Strategic Planning Committee No Report. Activities Committee No Report Building Committee Marvin McNabb reported there were ten permits in

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Big water plant upgrade planned By Troy Lesan

I have an idea. Pour yourself a nice glass of water and sit down. I have an article I want you to read . . . about our drinking water. Maybe not such an exciting subject – it’s something that we mostly take for granted – but it’s very important. We are very blessed in many ways at Lake Viking, and the quality of our drinking water is one of our major blessings. There are many places in the world where entire populations live entire lifetimes without ever knowing the simple luxury of clean, quality drinking water. Lake Viking has great drinking water, and we have the numbers to prove it. As a public supply district, our water quality is tested extensively with results published and monitored by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Water District Manager Roger Barker has even seen to it that the district has its own testing apparatus which he and Gary King continuously use to monitor our supply. If further confirmation were needed, in 2018 the DNR mandated a specially funded effort to test for the presence of e-coli in the raw water supply. It was a year-long study and when it was concluded, the superior quality of Lake Viking water was once again confirmed, even in the raw water with a next to zero presence of e-coli. Our water plant, situated at the north end of the lake close to the dam, is over 50 years old. Thanks in great part to Manager Roger Barker, the water plant has run like a well-oiled machine. Roger has decades of experience and knows the industry inside and out which has resulted in his presence on the

PWSD # 3 Water Connections at Lake Viking

2015--626 2016--637 2017--651 2018--654 2019--662 2020--668

State Rural Water Board. Our district has also had a history of an excellent staff to support Roger. As referenced earlier, however, the plant is getting old. Both the equipment and building have experienced significant deterioration in 50+ years of operation. The plant still pumps water like clockwork, but there is another vulnerability that looms large. It is pumping capacity on PEAK USAGE days. With the population disbursement being comprised of less full-time residents and more part-time residents, overall usage has remained constant but peak usage events have increased. This has become a challenge to the aging system. With this in mind, Public Water Supply District

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The Association provides dumpsters for the Beaches, Campgrounds and some Community Areas, for the purpose of accumulated trash in these areas, not day to day household trash. Please DO NOT dump building materials of ANY kind, such as lumber, sheetrock, shingles, etc. in these dumpsters.

Animal Rules & Regulations Allowing dogs to roam/animal bite: Dogs are not allowed off the member’s property and shall be contained by a fenced enclosure or controlled by a leash. Guests’ dogs are included. Any animal whether leashed or unleashed that attacks or bites a person, and after review of the circumstances, is deemed to be a vicious animal and must be removed from the lake. The owner of the animal is subject to a minimum $500.00 infraction ticket.

NOTICE OF FILING DATES FOR APRIL ELECTION Public Water Supply District No. 3 of Daviess County

In compliance with RSMO 115.127.5, notice is given to the qualified voters of PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY DISTRICT NO. 3 OF DAVIESS COUNTY, MISSOURI that the General Municipal Election for the office of Director of Sub-district No. 1 and Sub-district No. 2, each to serve a 3 year term, will be held on April 6, 2021. Candidates may file at the office of the District at Lake Viking from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, beginning at 8:00 a.m., December 15, 2020, and closing 4:00 p.m., January 19, 2021. The District office will be closed December 25, 2020, December 26, 2020, December 31, 2020, and January 1, 2021. Clerk, Public Water Supply District No. 3 of Daviess County


December 1, 2020

In compliance with RSMO 115.127.5, notice is hereby given to the qualified voters of Daviess County Special Road District #1, (SRD#1). The Daviess County SRD#1 will be accepting declaration of candidacy for the April 6, 2021 General Municipal Election. Vacancy to be filled is for an open Board Member for a three-year term. Candidates may file with Daviess County beginning at 8:00 am on December 15, 2020 and concluding at 5:00 pm on January 19, 2021. Qualified candidates may file for candidacy either at Daviess County Courthouse with the election authority or submitting directly to a current SRD#1 Board Member or mail to: SRD#1, 144A E. Main, Gallatin, MO 64640.

Mark E. Leggett, Secretary of Daviess County SRD#1 440-313-2000


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Sean Dinwiddie…20 years and happy to be alive “I’m an open book,” Sean Dinwiddie, 21, says. The Pattonsburg native is not prone to drama. You don’t have to be around Sean very long to realize he’s pretty low key, really, and likely to downplay most things. Sean is a tall, good-looking young man with a soft voice and polite good manners. There’s nothing unusual about him, except maybe he’s thinner than most, almost too thin. At the Old Memories Café in Pattonsurg, his appetite doesn’t seem to be as hearty as it should be. He takes a bite of his sandwich, shrugs, and says, “If people ask me about it, I tell them.” Sean has Alagilles Syndrome, a very rare disorder that can affect the liver, heart, kidneys, spine, mental development, and growth. People do not generally have occasion to ask about the liver transplant Sean had to have 20 years ago when he was just a baby….even though it’s a pretty remarkable thing to have happen. Another remarkable thing is that Sean has lived a fairly normal life since the operation. Still, it’s not a sub-

ject that comes up in everyday conversation. “Sometimes my friends might ask why I don’t drink with them,” Sean says. “I have to tell them I had a liver transplant, and I can’t drink. Sometimes people ask me about the scars on my stomach. Otherwise, the subject doesn’t come up.” It all came rearing up a few months ago, though, when Sean wound up in the hospital. He went through an ordeal that he says was one of the scariest medical things he’s experienced since the transplant. “Technically, I almost died,” he says. He was having a liver biopsy done, which is something he has to have done every year just to make sure his liver is working like it’s supposed to. Suddenly, somewhere among all the doctor’s prodding and poking, heart issues kicked in. He was having extreme chest pain and his blood pressure took a nosedive. “My doctor said he wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t having a heart attack,” Sean says. He was rushed to KU and was there for [Continued on Page 18]


Sean and his brother, Wyatt

“I am very grateful to the donor. I am alive because of her parents’ decision to donate her organs”



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Tree Tech Tree Service Insect & Disease Control • Tree Trimming • Tree Removal • Stump Grinding Licensed and Insured

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NOVEMBER 2020 Lot 2492 Thearl Jr. & Shawna Lake Lot 321 Mary Zimmerman Lot 1243 Linda Cosgrove Lot 3116 Ronnie Bain Lot 580 Teresa Larson Lot 3108 Adam Buller

About your trash service Just a reminder to all members with dwellings or commercial buildings, you must pay for trash service to the trash removal company providing the service. Full time residents will pay for 12 months of trash service and weekend or part-time residents will pay for 6 months of trash service (April 1 thru Sept. 30.) If you need the phone number for our trash service, please contact the association office, Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.–4 p.m. for more information @ 660-663-2131. Anyone setting trash out prior to pickup day must have trash in a container with a closeable / sealable lid. (This was adopted, by motion, at the Board of Directors meeting on Aug. 10, 2008.)

REMINDERS!! 6 Exceed Maximum

Posted Speed Limit: The maximum speed limit for the operation of any vehicle or conveyance upon the roads, ways, streets, and thoroughfares of the subdivision shall be thirty (30) miles per hour except in those areas where additionally restricted speed limits may be posted, whether temporary or permanent.

6 Improper Parking:

The parking of motor vehicles on the traveled portion of any street, road, or way within the subdivision is prohibited except for an emergency which does not allow immediate removal.

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Commendation to Gallatin officer for recovering missing child Gallatin Police Officer Seth Allen has received a commendation from the City of Gallatin for identifying and recovering a missing child on Nov. 3. Officer Allen identified the vehicle traveling on Highway 6 through Gallatin out of DeKalb County and conducted a felony traffic stop, taking a male and female into custody and recovering the child. The incident began when the Department of Family Services went to a DeKalb County home to get the child. At that time the grandparents took the child and fled, which triggered the search by law enforcement. The commendation was presented by Gallatin Police Chief Mark Richards.



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CALL TO ORDER Kyle Parkhurst, President (2023), called the meeting to order at 4 p.m. Due to the continued spread of coronavirus in the area, the meeting was held at the Viking Valley Association Clubhouse to allow for social distancing. Members in attendance were Troy Lesan (2021), Harlan Horst (2023), Jeffrey Speaker (2022), and Mark White (2021). Also in attendance were Charlie Zitnik with DA Davidson, Roger Barker, water superintendent, Gary King, operator, and Diane Hulett, clerk. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Harlan Horst moved to approve the minuteTroy Lesan moved to approve the minutes of the Nov. 17, 2020, Board of Directors meeting. Mark White seconded. All members were in favor; motion carried. PUBLIC COMMENT There was no public comment.

OLD BUSINESS Roger informed the board that the district’s attorney, Tara Walker, reviewed the Bartlett & West 35% Design Bid Contract. After the revisions suggested by her were made by Bartlett & West, the contract is now ready to sign. The final 2021 budget figures were reviewed. Jeffrey Speaker moved to approve the 2021 Operating & Capital Improvement budgets. Troy Lesan seconded. All voted to approve; motion carried. NEW BUSINESS Financial Report: The financial reports and bills were reviewed and discussed. Troy Lesan moved to approve the November financial reports as submitted and approve the bills. Harlan Horst seconded. All members voted to approve; motion carried.

done on the meter pits to prevent freezing. He also noted that it would be wise to issue a reminder to residents on precautions to take to avoid frozen pipes during the winter. Executive Session: A motion was made by Mark White and seconded by Harlan Horst at 6 p.m. for the board to enter executive session to discuss personnel. Roll Call: Kyle Parkhurst - yes; Troy Lesan - yes; Jeffrey Speaker - yes; Harlan Horst - yes. Mark White - yes. The board returned to regular session at 6:15 p.m. Kyle Parkhurst, president, announced the next meeting would be Jan. 19, 2021, at 4 p.m. with the location to be determined later. The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Jeffrey Speaker

DISCUSSION Superintendent Report: Roger reported that maintenance has been PWSD #3

Sign up for Auto Pay & eBill PWSD#3 offers Auto Pay for anyone that wishes to have their bill automatically paid. The two Auto Pay options are bank draft and recurring credit card. Auto Pay by bank draft is a free service provided by the district. If using a recurring credit card for payment, a transaction fee will apply. We also offer eBill for customers who would like to receive their bill by email. Sign up for either of these services by calling the office at 660-663-2771 or accessing the web portal at https://pwsd3daviess.azurewebsites. net



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William ‘Bill’ Sullenger 1944-2020

William “Bill” Sullenger, 76, Gallatin, passed away Saturday night, Nov. 21, 2020, at Liberty Hospital in Liberty, MO. Bill was born on Feb. 26, 1944, the son of William Glenn Sullenger Sr. and Mildred (Barger) Sullenger in Excelsior Springs. He grew up in Gallatin and was a 1962 graduate of Gallatin High School. On June 6, 1965 he was united in marriage to Rose Ann Spainhower at the United Methodist Church in Hamilton.

Bill was a farmer most of his life. He loved horse showing, attending basketball games, golfing, and making friends laugh. Spending time with his kids and grandkids was most important to him. He loved his wife, kids, and grandkids dearly. Bill enjoyed watching Chiefs games and Gallatin basketball. Mowing the grass on his tractor, was his “happy place.” He was loving, kind, caring, outgoing, ornery, silly, and always smiling. Bill never met a stranger, was everyone’s friend, and he wanted to make sure everyone was well fed. Bill “stories” are never ending and full of laughs. He will be dearly missed and always remembered. Bill was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Donna Rhodelander. Survivors include Rose Ann of the home; daughter, Christa Sullenger of Bethany; son,

Chad (Lacey) Sullenger of Gallatin; brother, Danny (Mary Jean) Tucker of Kansas City; grandchildren, Reece and Caden Littrell, Cam and Mila Sullenger. Nieces, nephews, cousins and other extended family members also survive. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions are suggested to the American Heart Association in care of the funeral home. Friends may call 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Friday, Nov. 27, 2020, at Stith Funeral Home, Gallatin. Private family graveside services due to COVID-19. The service will be live streamed via the Stith Family Funeral Home & Cremation Services Facebook page at 3 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 27, 2020. Arrangements entrusted to the care and direction of Stith Funeral Home, Gallatin. Online guestbook at

Gallatin Active Aging Resource Center • January Menu

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Active Aging Resource Center - serving times 11:00-12:00 Monday-Friday 109 S Main, P O Box 272, Gallatin, MO 660-663-2828

January 2021 MONDAY

Pork Steak with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Green Beans, Biscuit Peach Crisp



Baked Chicken with Dressing Carrots, Brussel Sprouts Sliced Bread Stewed Apples

11 Chili over Potato Tots w/ Cheese Pickles & Onions Cole Slaw, Tomatoes Cornbread Muffin, 1/2 Banana

Barbeque Ribs Scalloped Potatoes Green Beans, Blueberry Muffin Peach Crisp

18 Tomato Soup & Turkey Sandwich Pickles & Onions & Celery Whole Grain Crackers Mandarin Oranges

Shrimp & Sausage over Rice Broccoli, Cole Slaw Garlic Toast Pineapple Crisp

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Chicken Filet Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Broccoli & Cauliflower w/ Cheese Applesauce

Beef Stew Crackers, Vegetable Juice Garden Salad Cottage Cheese Stuffed Pears






Tuna & Noodles Cornbread, Peas Lettuce Salad Pineapple Upside Down Cake



Chicken Pot Pie Lettuce Salad, Hot Roll Cottage Cheese Mixed Fruit


Oven Fried Chicken Mashed Potatoes & Gravy 7 Layer Salad, Hot Roll Peach Cobbler Board Meeting 10:00 a.m. Fish Creamed Mixed Vegetables Buttered Garlic Potatoes Fruit, Lemon Pie



Hot Beef Sandwich w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Spinach Strawberries & Bananas

Sausage & Egg Biscuit with Gravy Hash Browns, Tomato Juice Stewed Apples

Pork & Noodles Scalloped Cabbage Honey Buttered Carrots Muffin, Cherry Cheesecake

BBQ Ribs & Kraut Baked Potato Garlic Toast Spiced Peaches


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Smothered Steak w/ Onions Corn Casserole Broccoli, Buttered Toast Grapes

Philly Steak Sandwich Macaroni & Tomatoes Mixed Vegetables Fruit Ambrosia

Ham & Beans Cornbread Muffin Fried Potatoes Spinach Salad, Fruit Juice




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= total meal has over 1 gram of sodium



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Garages Shops Storage Garage, shops, and storage buildings available in wood frame and all steel structures


911 Addresses and Lot Numbers to be displayed

: lets try to crop these and change the headers to Garages and Shops and Storage Doug Waugh City Lumber a)King All dwelling owners (houses, mobile homes 208 E. Putnam and dwellings of a similar construction) will King City,lotMO 64463 have their number prominently displayed so 660-535-4337 that it is clearly visible from the roadway. Current Notes: July 2016: Four New Pix city b)located Letteringh/customers/king and numbering needs to lumber/ be at least3716, 0174, 3808, 4466 3 inches high and sign colors need to be contrasting colors so the sign is easily read. c) Owners having multiple adjoining lots may include on the sign at the principle residence. d) Lots with structures (shelters, sheds, boat or swimming docks, decks, etc.) will have their lot number(s) prominently displayed so that it is clearly visible from the water (on lake front lots) and from the road way. e) As of August 1, 2014, all docks must have their lot numbers displayed on the lower right side of the dock, facing the water. All lake front dwellings will have lot numbers clearly visible from the water. This rule is in place for your safety in case of an emergency! Safety, Fire Department, First Responders and Ambulance personnel need to be able to see your address and lot numbers to respond!


MEMBERS The Viking Valley Fire Dept. will be mee�ng the 2nd Saturday of every month at 9AM at the Fire Sta�on. The sirens will be tested at this �me.



And Happy New Year! from Lake Viking News



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Christmas Mules

Stay Safe …

By Troy Lesan

Who else but Marj Locker would think of this? Marj is an artist and a painter and this is her latest masterpiece.

Below are a few tips for Winter … • Clean your chimney before building a fire; • Warm up your car outside, not in the garage; • Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning … headache, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain and confusion; • Make an emergency kit for your car; including water, snacks, first-aid kit, blankets, flashlights, extra batteries, cell phone charger and emergency flares. • Use floor mats inside and outside your doors; • Remove ice and snow from walkways frequently to prevent slips and falls; and • Don’t forget to walk like a penguin when navigating the snow.

t n o r f e Lak Lot!

2214594 Remax Tier lot under co

Lot 599 Lake Viking Terrace This lakefront lot comes with a single well boat dock, shed, water and electricity. This lot would make a good build site. Close to the West entrance.



Tanya Burns Sales Associate

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RE/MAX Town & Country, Broker Jeff Riley 801 S Main, Gallatin, MO • 660-663-5757

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Our Iconic Residents By Troy Lesan

One of the unique attractions of living at Lake Viking is the abundance of wildlife. Some wildlife is seasonal, like loons and pelicans, but these eagles, along with several others, are permanent residents and we are glad to have them. Later in the year, when the lake freezes, they will descend from their trees to spend time on the ice in search of prey. Photographs by Kevin Trimble from Lake Viking Group Facebook.

| Nadine Parmenter | 816-390-7938 | 816-233-5200 Glenda Ide, Broker

3827 Beck Rd, Saint Joseph MO

Lot 27 -- Gallatin: Located in the 1st cove past the marina. Just tucked away behind the no wake zone. This property provides 108 feet of shoreline, covered boat dock with Ecno boat lift, benches on the dock which provide a great hangout entertaining area. The view from this property looks into the 1st cove that is located close to the main water just a short distance to the clubhouse, pool, and marina. 8x10 shed for storing your boating essentials. Make your call today and see for yourself. Close to main entrance of the lake. #2234703 $130,000 117 Whitecap Drive: Wow this ranch style home is close to the marina & clubhouse, pool many amenities, 3 BRs, 1 1/2 baths open kitchen concept, with newer epoxy countertops. Countertop cook-top & built in oven. The kitchen also boosts dishwasher & gray swan-stone double sink. Eat in breakfast nook & open dinning area with a large LR. Laundry is located just off the kitchen. Located next to the half bath. Nice sized BRs full bath located close to all BRs. #2241060 $218,500

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VVA November Board Meeting sales and the PPP Loan. Troy Lesan wanted to explain further that the capital gains tax will be taken out of the proceeds and we do not know yet what the tax will be on the PPP Loan, so it had to be estimated. The Finance Committee felt like we needed to project those taxes high instead of too low. We also have the Deferred Capital Funds of $50,000 is taken out each year for our five-year plan. One other item Susan pointed out was the line item for roads. It is showing an increase of $54,000. Mark Leggett commented on the road budget being so high, but if we contract our chip and seal process, like we did this year, that budget needed to be higher, but the roads will be in much better shape. Susan Zalenski recommended that we think about breaking out the internet costs and technology improvements into their own line items and set a budget for these items. Mike Booth asked if the finance could look at two-way radio communications for Safety and the Fire Department in the budget in the near future. Susan asked about the electrical expense for the 15 new spaces and where it is in the budget. Flint Hibler commented the pedestals were already paid for in 2019. Mark Leggett moved to accept the Proposed Capital Expenditures and Proposed 2021 Budget. Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed. 2. Publishing names of Lake Viking members in collections: Last month the board was given a list of property owners that are in collections. Susan Zalenski commented about a recommendation from the Strategic Planning Committee was to publish the names of Lake Viking members that are in collections, so she asked the board to consider this. Troy Lesan asked if we had obtained a legal opinion on doing this. Susan said no we had not obtained a legal opinion yet, but we can do that and bring it back to the board. Troy’s concern is liability. Mark Leggett agreed with Troy that we should get legal counsel on this issue before moving forward. 3. Rules update: Celeste Armanees presented a “clean up document” and several “rule changes” to the board from the Handbook Committee. The committee went through the entire handbook looking for grammatical errors, punctuation, formatting, what needs to be underlined and bold print, adding headings or changing headings. It is a very lengthy document, about 25 pages, so the document in its entirety will be kept in the office with the minutes. Celeste Armanees moved to accept this document as changed. Marvin McNabb seconded. James Funk asked why the sticker placement on campers was changed to the center of the camper. James felt anywhere on the front should suffice. Celeste said the reason for the change was because people were putting them on sides of the camper and on the tung, making them not consistent. Celeste amended her motion to say, “the front of the camper”. Mark Leggett seconded; motion passed. Rules update continued: Page 23 top Floating Platforms Last sentence currently reads: When electrical power is supplied to boat docks, the owner is responsible for ensuring all wiring and protective devices are installed and in working order. Proposed: All electrical installations must comply with Articles 553 (residential docks) and 555 (commercial docks) of the 2011 National Electrical Code, which mandates a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI or GFi) on all docks. A GFCI measures the current in a circuit. An imbalance of that current, such as a discharge into the water, will trip the GFCI cutting off power. A GFCI is a major safety device to protect swimmers around your dock. Mark Leggett added the following: Goal: To keep our members and guest safe.

(continued from page 1)

Implementation: Create a communication campaign to inform our members how this will work and when it goes into effect. The Process: It is the recommendation to use Safety and the Lake Committee to support the efforts of inspection. Celeste Armanees moved to accept the GFi changes. Mark Leggett seconded; motion passed. The following are other changes Celeste presented from the Handbook Committee: Building Regulations Page 18 Add to Building Permit fees already on page 18-19: No-Fee Permit: Utility work Pergola Landscaping (not requiring equipment) Shoreline work (not requiring equipment) Foundation repair Steps or ramp to house Install new driveway tubes Repair/replace with same-sized shed, shelter, etc. Stepping-stone patio (not requiring equipment) Small hand-built retaining walls (not requiring equipment) Interior remodel Septic repair/replace Stacked rock project (3ea or less large stones) $100 Permit Fee: Boat lift Jet ski lift or port Fence Swim dock Storage shed on dock (max 36 sq. ft.) $750 Permit Fee: Stacked rock project (20ea or less large stones) $1,500 Permit Fee: Stacked rock project (more than 20ea large stones) Celeste Armanees moved to accept these changes. Tony Gronniger seconded; motion passed. Page 26 Zebra Mussel Initiative Zebra Mussel Violation: Rewrite: All watercraft, attachments, and equipment utilized in any body of water other than Lake Viking MUST undergo a hot water power wash at the Lake Viking Hot Wash Station conducted by trained personnel prior to entering/returning to Lake Viking waters. This includes the following: 1. Change towable to air-inflated towables (plural) 2. (no change) Create new subheading Prohibitions to Prevent Zebra Mussels and place numbered items 3-5 under it and renumber 1,2,3. Note: Move entire section Zebra Mussel Initiative so zebra mussel prevention is BEFORE ever get on the lake—i.e. move to pg. 24 BEFORE section on Fishing Rules & Regs, Water Rules & Regs. (And change to pg. 24 in Table of Contents.) Celeste Armanees moved to accept this change. Mike Booth seconded; motion passed. Page 27 Movement Conflicting with Normal Traffic: Add sentence. Any boat or watercraft, including jet skis, is prohibited from doing donuts or circles. Celeste Armanees moved to accept this change. Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed.


Page 33 Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations 5. change 12 to age 14. Delete unless… swimming card. 7. Change to: No alcoholic beverages allowed inside fenced pool area. Beach Use New 6. Children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult. (so same as #5 under Swimming Pool) 9. new: No swimming at association pier docks. Celeste Armanees moved to accept these changes. Tony Gronniger seconded; motion passed. Page 36 Loss of Privileges Any member that who incurs three (3) infractions (ANY violation of the Viking Valley Association Handbook) with imposed fines, in a membership year may lose their lake privileges for the balance of that membership year, and during any pending appeal, at the discretion of the Infraction Committee and/or board of directors. Celeste Armanees moved to accept this change. Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed. Page 39 Dumpster Use 4. Omit all of 4. Not practical that must notify Safety before use maintenance area and etc. Abusers don’t bother and this is a real headache for Safety. Hours not always correct. 7. Delete last sentence. Same reason. 11. Misuse of dumpsters is subject to a $250 fine as determined by the Infraction Committee. (3-2020) Mark Leggett moved to accept these changes. Marvin McNabb seconded; motion passed. Page 19 bottom Add heading Septic and Sewer: Rewrite: All septic and sewer systems, whether it be new or repair/replace, must be approved by the state of Missouri authorities prior to installation. The septic system design and installation must follow Missouri state guidelines. In addition to state/ county requirements, residential waterfront lots MUST have a septic designed to accommodate a minimum-sized 3-bedroom house. A copy of the Missouri state permit must be submitted to Viking Valley Association before installation occurs. All easements and setback (one word) requirements apply, so a site plan must also be submitted to Viking Valley Association. If any changes are made to the design or placement of septic systems, an “as-built” plan must be submitted to the association office before installation. The association does not charge for septic permits. (12/2020) Celeste Armanees moved to accept these changes. Troy Lesan seconded; motion passed. Mark Leggett thanked Celeste and all the Handbook Committee for their hard work on making these changes. 4. Campground Study Report: Susan Zalenski thanked Frank Armanees, Lana Southwick, Cindy Wolfe, Kathy Price, and Patty Reynolds for their work on this project. Susan also commented that none of the findings from this study will be voted on at this meeting. The board just received the report on Friday and have not had time to digest it all yet. Susan went on to say that there is no intention of closing our campgrounds. That was not part of the scope of the study. There will be an electronic copy of this report sent out to our email list. Frank Armanees presented a summary of what this report is about. This study was initiated by a member that wanted time to speak to the board about the process of getting a spot in the camp-

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VVA November Board Meeting ground. This member is on the waiting list for a camp space and wanted to know why it was taking so long. The study group was formed to see how we can improve the experience for all our members. Frank Armanees gave a summary of the report. The group consisted of three current campers and two that are not involved with the campground. The goals of the group are as follows: • Self-sustaining • Easy to manage • Allow campers to access everything camp ground electronically The board of directors provided the group with some questions to give them their scope of work to look at. The group has consulted with professionals in many areas to determine the best possible solutions for our campground. They have consulted with our electric company, other electricians, the Lake Manager, and our own campground managers to name a few. The group has researched other campgrounds nationwide with a focus on a 4-state area. Some of the questions assigned to the study group were: • What percent of campers are fulltime? • How do people use our campgrounds? • How are utilities paid? • How many hours/weeks does the staff of VVA spend on all thing’s campground? • How many members have more than one camp space? • What is camper storage? These are just a few of the questions the board tasked the group to research. With these questions the group formed a scope of work including the following: • Purpose of the Campground • Determine a fair process for the most pressing issues around the Campground • Hard Costs • Soft Costs • Utilities • Review Campground Rules • Campground needs The first thing the group will recommend is a separate budget for the campground and along with that official campground managers with compensation. They also would recommend a campground website. These are just a couple of the recommendations that have come out of this study. Frank encouraged members to bring their questions and thoughts after they have reviewed this report. Susan Zalenski thanked Frank for his summary of the report and reiter-

(continued from page 13)

ated an email copy of the report will be sent to our distribution list. Susan asked if they would like to have a study session of this report after the board and everyone has had a chance to read it. Mark Leggett has many questions and believes there is no rush to get through this. The board was in agreement to have a study session with the study group to answer any questions. 5. Annual Meeting Special Committee report: Susan Zalenski reported Mike Booth, Tony Gronniger, Marvin McNabb, and herself met a few weeks ago to discuss how we could have our annual meeting this year to meet all our requirements during a pandemic. It was discussed having the meeting virtually and then break to get the voting in somehow. Suggestions for voting could be having people come to the clubhouse to cast their votes and then meet virtually later in the day to get the results or do some kind of drive-through for voting. Our goal is to get through this meeting, but at the same time keep everybody safe. Marvin McNabb has been working with Zoom about this meeting. The Zoom meeting will cost $50.00 and can host 200 people. Additional internet connections will cost us approximately $60.00 a month and is still a work in progress. 6. Nominating Committee report: Mark Leggett reported to date we have had no one come forward with any interest to run for the board. Anyone wanting to run for the board can call the office for a form or go to our website, We would like to have candidate’s information in time to publish in the January Lake Viking News. 7. Membership card/Gmail suite update: Mark Leggett reported that the Gmail suites program that we purchased is now ready to implement the automated voicemail system. Mark presented two estimates for app development to the board. The membership piece of suites is already done, but Mark still has some questions to get answered. Basically, we have the ability to attach a bar code to membership cards. The first new estimate Mark presented is a building permit module with the ability to save documents at a cost of $750.00. After a short discussion Celeste Armanees made a motion to move forward with this module. Tony Gronniger seconded; motion passed. The second estimate is for the design and setup of a new website. This estimate includes a one-year care plan with hosting and content delivery network, site security & backup, SSL Certificate, site performance and

search engine optimization and technical support. Tony Gronniger asked about our current website host, if they would be ok if we developed a new site with someone else. Troy Lesan responded that he has spoken with our current host and he is fine with it. Mark asked that this estimate for a new website be put on the January board agenda. 8. Mark Leggett discussed the possibility of having an informative meeting to answer questions of prospective candidates for the board of directors. Mark thought sometime in January. Adjourn Tony Gronniger moved to adjourn into executive session to discuss personnel and board organizational matters at 9:12 p.m. Celeste Armanees seconded; motion passed. Attendance Dwayne & Jeannine Ross, Chuck & Becky Weldon, Robert Hayes, Michelle Sullivan, Ellen Dors, Jennifer Kiely, Randall Davidson, Paula Krawl, Sue White, Bob Johnson, Mark White, Duffy Coin, Patty Reynolds, Jeff Emmendorfer, Mary & Flint Hibler, Lana Southwick, Nancy Hall, Kathy Price, Frank Armanees, Annette Cornett, Shawn Hepinstall, Anthony Dirks, Abby Sanderson, Karen Williamson, Roger Shewey, Joe Hughes, Cheryl Cooper, Debbie Patch, Jim Bob Hunt, Ryan Dowis, Matt Marshall, Richard Berry, Riley Blauvelt, Gary Covey, Justin Wilder, Cory Wilder, Charles Sudduth, Richard & Lucia Hounker, Ron Emmendorfer, Tom Beeler, Doug & Resa Wiltse, Paula Roberts, Sue Wolfe, Margie Albertson, James Funk, Pam Plymel, Judy Crawford, Vivian Phillips, Donna Archibald, Shad Mort / Lake Manager, and Sally Zerbe / Office. Let the record show that these minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and a sampling of the discussions. Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in the minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members.




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you need to know about Lake Viking

Lake Viking 2020 Boards & Committees Activities Committee Ramona Miller, Mary Hibler (Chairperson), Dustin Hibler, David Hibler, Eric and Jody Odette, Gail Bush, Resa Wiltse, Janet Hillman, Leanne Lee, Vikki Walton, Janet Yuratovich, Celeste Armanees (Board Contact), Dan & Connie Weidmaier

Board of Directors

President, Susan Zalenski; 1st Vice President, Mark Leggett; 2nd Vice President, Mike Booth; Secretary, Tony Gronniger; Assistant Secretary, Celeste Armanees; Treasurer, Troy Lesan; Assistant Treasurer, Marvin McNabb.

Building Committee Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at the Association office. Building permits are required to be approved by the Building Committee prior to the start of any construction as stated in the Covenants, Restrictions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Viking Valley Association.

Crappie: Keep all crappie caught, within the state limit, which is 30 per day.

Kenny Southwick (Chairman), Tony Gronniger, Missy Leggett, Shawn Hepinstall, Paula Hepinstall, Dennis Schlaiss, Lana Southwick, Kim Spidle, Carolyn Leeper, Terry Nibarger, Sue Wolf, Brad Trenkle, Don Leeper, Susan Zalenski (Board Contact)

Dredge Committee

Paula Hepinstall, Robert Hayes, Brett Bush, Shad Mort, Rick Roberts, Shawn Hepinstall (chairman), Mark Leggett (Board Contact)

Employee Board Contact Tony Gronniger

Finance Committee Mike Krehbiel (Chairman), Donna Archibald, Shad Mort, Sally Zerbe, Len Zalenski, John Kmetz, Lyle Alexander, Missy Leggett, Flint Hibler, Marvin McNabb, Celeste Armanees, Troy Lesan (Board Contact)

Handbook Committee

Fishery Guidelines

Walleye: Fisherman can keep Walleye at least 21” in length, release all catches under 21”.

Mowing Regulations You are required to have your lot mowed by May 1st, June 1st and September 1st of each year. If you do not keep your lot mowed, or hire a contract mower, the Association will mow it, and bill you $90.00 for each mowing.

The Association does not want to be in the mowing business. Please self-mow your lot or hire a contract mower to do it for you. All contract mowers are required to submit a customer list to the Association office. If you are not on their initial list, you may be accidentally billed by the Association, so please contact your mower early. The below listed mowers have registered with the Association office and can usually be reached in the evening. There may be other mowers who advertise in the Lake Viking News.

Contract Mowers Can Save You Money Jason Burns......................................... 660-605-2151 Mike Cline............................................. 816-465-0092 Eric Critten.......................................... 660-663-9122

Donna Archibald (Chair), Mary Miller, Kyle Parkhurst, Kim Spidle, Terri Schlaiss, Celeste Armanees (Board Contact)

Randy Gatton....................................... 660-663-9348

James Funk (Chairman), Carl Butcher, Bob Clemens, Jim Gibbany, Kyle Loehnig, Mark Leggett (Board Contact), Ed White, Bob Shinogle

Jeff Johnson........................................ 660-334-0604


Lake Committee

Shirley Leakey, Don Leeper, Carolyn Leeper, Bo Steed, Mike Krehbiel, Sherry Krehbiel, Eric Odette, Robert Walton, Troy Lesan (Board Contact)

Special Road District

Mark Leggett, Ron Spidle, Troy Knight

Volunteer Fire Department

Rusty Hendricks, Gary King, Tony Gronniger, Dennis Schlaiss, Riley Blades, Luke Threlkeld, Len Zalenski, Mark White, Mark Closterman, Anthony Dirks. Mike Booth (Board Contact). Fire Department meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9 a.m. at the firehouse in the association main parking lot. If you have the interest and the time to serve your community, be sure to attend the next meeting.

Public Water Supply Dist. #3 Kyle W. Parkhurst, President, term expires 4/2023 - Sub-District #3; Troy Lesan, Vice President, term expires 4/2021 - Sub-District #2; Jeffrey Speaker, secretary, term expires 4/2022 - Sub-District #4; Mark White term expires 4/2021 - Sub-District #1; Harlan Horst, term expires 4/2023 - Sub-District #5; Roger Barker, Superintendent; Gary King, Water Operator; Diane Hulett, Clerk. Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4 pm at PWSD No 3 office. Office Hours: 8am-4pm • Monday thru Friday. All payments for metered water bills are to be made payable to Public Water Supply District No. 3 of Daviess County, Missouri. You may abbreviate as PWSD #3. If you have any questions, contact the PWSD No. 3 office, 116 Waterworks Dr., Gallatin, Mo. 64640 (located at the water plant). Phone 660-663-2771. Online payments can be made at For the convenience of customers of Public Water Supply District No. 3, a drop box is available at the front door of the office located at the water plant for the payment of water bills. Payments received after 4 p.m. in the drop box will post the following day.

For the convenience of Association members, a drop box is available in the front door of the association office for the payment of association bills.

* Fire - Lake Viking Fire Dept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 911

* Association Office. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 660-663-2131

Bass: Release all bass 12” to 19”. Fishermen can keep one bass per day of 19” or longer.

Community Strategic Planning

Ambulance - Fire - Rescue

Property Owners

Marvin McNabb (Board Contact), Doug Wiltse, Jim Miller, Flint Hibler.

Mary Hibler (Chairperson), Mike Wolfe, Charles Sudduth, James Funk, Mike Booth (Board Contact)

* DAVIESS COUNTY EMERGENCY . . . . . . . . . . . . 911

Important Phone Numbers

Viking Valley Association Board of Directors Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month, at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the clubhouse. All members in good standing are welcome to attend.

Campground Committee

Emergency Phone Numbers

Viking Valley Association Office Address: 144 E. Main, Gallatin, MO 64640 Office Hours: April 1 - Labor Day Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Day after Labor Day - March 31 Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. You are responsible for your guests and their actions. It is your responsibility to educate them on the rules and regulations of Lake Viking. Lake Viking is private property, but all lots are owned by some other individual. Please do not drive or ride ATV vehicles or bicycles on neighboring lots, or walk across lots to fish or use others’ property without first getting the property owner’s permission.

Building Committee


Mark Hoig................. 816-716-1896 or 660-663-4244 Ron Huston..............660-663-3234 or 816-390-5161 Jim Miller..............................................816-520-3280 Gary Salmon........................................660-663-9363 Lyle Hoover..........................................816-244-0752

Please Keep Control of Your Dogs Dogs are not allowed off the member’s property and shall be contained by a fenced enclosure or controlled by a leash. Guests’ dogs are included. Violation of this rule may be subject to an Infraction Ticket issued to the property owner.

Building Permit Notice Building Permits are required, but not limited to the following projects: fences, storage shed, shelters, decks, boat docks, boat houses, room additions, porches and any alteration of the roof line; and any other construction that requires large earth moving equipment, concrete trucks and other equipment that requires multiple axle trailers. Failure to comply with building regulations could result in a minimum fine of $500 and loss of lake privileges. Any construction not in compliance with these regulations could result in forced relocation of the structure.



30 MPH

Watch When & Where You Burn! Anytime you are burning brush, etc., on your lot, make certain you are burning on your lot and not someone else’s property. Unattended burning is prohibited and burning is not allowed when winds are in excess of 15 mph and shall be subject to an Infraction Ticket and fine.

Member Reminders • Helmets are required to be worn when operating a motorcycle within the Lake Viking Subdivision. • Goose population control is hard to manage... The first step in this process is DO NOT FEED THE GEESE!

To Report Fire Only * Lake Viking Safety Patrol. . . . . . . . . . 660-663-2204 * Sheriff, Daviess Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 660-663-2031 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or 663-2149 * Highway Patrol (Emergencies) . . . . 1-800-525-5555 *****************

* Maintenance Barn. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 660-663-2777 * Public Water Supply District #3 of Daviess County (Water Plant). . . . 660-663-2771 Roger Barker (Emergency after hours). 660-334-0100 * Lake Viking Marine, Inc., Lot #1000. . 660-663-3722 * Lake Viking Sales Office, Lot #Z-9. . . 660-663-2134 * Farmers Electric Co-op., Inc. During business hours . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-279-0496 After Hours. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-927-5334 * Advanced Disposal Services, Inc . . 1-800-346-6844 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or 1-800-778-7652 * Windstream Telephone Company Customer Service (Residential) . . . 1-800-347-1991 Repair Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-782-6206

Lake Viking 50th Anniversary Book on Click the large green print announcement on the homepage directly below the picture. Then click Lake Viking 2017 (in green print) and read the book in its entirety.



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Rules for Committees & Their Members

When these brothers and their friends were riding through North Missouri, they might have read the Gallatin North Missourian... we don't know for sure, but we do know the Gallatin North Missourian was founded in 1864 and continues today as your weekly source for local news!

The Board of Directors may appoint Special Committees as they feel necessary. All members must be active members current in dues, assessments and other fees. The board of directors will appoint the following standing committees: finance, building, cemetery, infraction, lake, nominating, handbook, strategic, and campground. • All committees shall have a minimum of three active members and include at least one board member.

North Missourian Gallatin

• No committee or subcommittee may be formed without board approval. • All recommendations from committees shall be presented to the board prior to any actions taken by said committees. • No action may be taken by any committee member that has not been approved by the chairperson, board contact and the board. • New committee members shall be presented to the board for approval.

Next VVA Board Meeting:

Sunday, Jan 10, 2020 @ 6:30PM at lower level of the clubhouse.

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Sean Dinwiddie…20 years and happy to be alive (continued from page 3) two weeks. Sean is not big on details or explanations when it comes to his medical condition. “I survived,” he says, and that seems to be all he wants or needs to know about it. He came home and got on with his life. He’s not 100% yet. He gets tired and wears out easily. Sean has had other health issues come up through the years since having the transplant. A lot of them happened when he was too young to even remember them. For instance, he was only two years old when he had open heart surgery. “My heart wasn’t cooperating with my liver” is what he remembers about that episode.

Trouble started early

Sean was born five weeks premature and was jaundiced. Test results suggested biliary atresia, a condition in which the bile ducts are damaged. It’s a fairly rare disease that begins in early infancy. Unless bile flow could be established, Sean’s liver would gradually stop functioning. The most common treatment is an operation called the Kasai procedure. Threemonth-old Sean underwent that procedure. The damaged duct was removed and replaced with a new drainage system made from a piece of his small intestine. The procedure didn’t work. Sean also had lots of rejection episodes from age 18 months to around three-years-old. Before long, scarring in Sean’s liver, called cirrhosis, was severe and advanced. Cirrhosis is not reversible. There was only one option left for Sean — a liver transplant. Sean doesn’t know too much about the little girl who saved his life by giving him her liver. “All we know is that the donor was an infant girl who passed away in a car accident,” he says. “My mom and grandma sent the family a letter a few months after the transplant, but the family never wrote back. I am very grateful to the donor. I am alive because of her parents’ decision to donate her organs. If I had the opportunity to meet them and tell them how incredibly thankful I am, I absolutely would!” After the surgery, Sean was placed in an intensive care unit, where he was monitored for infection, rejection, or poor functioning of his new liver. He was in ICU for five days. Then he was taken to another hospital floor where he spent nine more days. Everything went well with his recovery except at some point, doctors realized Sean was addicted to fentanyl, a pain

killer. He had to be given methadone, a medicine used to bring down heroin addicts. Of course, Sean has no memory of any of that. He was just a little kid. Anyway, he got better and went home and started school like all the other kids in Pattonsburg.

Normal enough childhood

There are no benefits to being sick when you’re a kid. But people do try to help kids get through it. Sean got to take a trip to Washington, D.C. through the Make a Wish Foundation when he was a second grader. He chatted with some secret service agents and saw President George W. Bush. President Bush talked with Sean about NASCAR racing and video games. Sean asked the president if aliens were real. President Bush told him his daughter wanted to know the same thing. Sean says that other than being on the “critically ill list” all the time, his childhood was normal enough. “I did just about everything the other kids did,” he says. “Except I couldn’t play football.” He did play one year of basketball when his brother Wyatt was a senior and asked him to join the team. “I was a pretty terrible basketball player. Wyatt was pretty good.” He was in band. Social Studies was his favorite subject. He was in vo-tech in high school and worked in auto-body. After high school Sean graduated from Pattonsburg High School and then went into the work force. He worked for a few years at the Daviess-DeKalb Regional Jail, which is located in Pattonsburg. He works at Dack Outdoors these days. The sporting goods store is owned by his uncle. Wyatt is Sean’s full brother; Sammi is his half-sister through his mother; Mason and McKenna are half brother and sister on his father’s side. He and Wyatt do a lot of things together. They used to have their differences, but they have grown closer as they’ve grown older. They hang out and ride their fourwheelers. He says Wyatt is a little overprotective of him but that’s okay because big brothers are supposed to be like that. Sean has a girlfriend. She knows all about his liver transplant and isn’t bothered one way or the other about it. His parents, Mindi and Kenneth, separated when he was small. He remains equally close to both of them. His mother is a nurse by profession. She worries about him all the time.

“She’s constantly asking ‘how you feeling?’ I can’t leave the house without getting a text message from her,” Sean says. His father, who remarried, is a farmer; he isn’t quite that bad about worrying.

Medication a must

Sean has a daily routine of medications, five pills every day and one three times a day to keep his blood pressure where it should be. He’ll have to take immunosuppressants all of his life. That’s the medicine that keeps his body from attacking the new liver. He has to have regular check ups. He says he’s not quite sure what all the medical stuff means. “The doctors say things and I don’t have a clue,” he says. “They use a lot of really big words. I say okay. I don’t know what that is, but okay.” For someone who should be on the “vulnerable” list, he has surprisingly little concern with COVID-19. “I think the news is throwing a lot of stuff out there,” he says. “They want to keep your focus on this, while they do that. I think there’s a lot of sleight of hand going on.” He doesn’t like to wear a mask, but he does keep his distance from people. “I don’t worry about COVID anymore than I would any flu or cold.” He does get sick more than the average person because his immune system is not as strong as most. “Sometimes if I get sick, I go to the doctor and get medicine and sometimes I tough it out,” he says. Life goes on Sean has lived in Pattonsburg all his life. He’s thought about moving south, maybe to Texas, where it’s warmer. He doesn’t enjoy the winter, the snow, and the cold. When he’s not working, Sean likes to hunt sometimes and goes on the regional critter hunt, (that’s coyote, coon, possum). He also likes to deer hunt. He likes to watch TV, play games, and just relax. He likes to ride his four-wheeler and has taught his sister how to drive it. “We drive up town sometimes into Pattonsburg and terrorize the neighborhood,” he says, grinning. He drives a truck, a Ford F150. “It’s not my dream ride. That would be a Camaro, or a Challenger.” So, it seems all in all things are going well for Sean 20 years after his liver transplant. He has a job, a girlfriend, and a family that’s always close by. “I’m living,” he says.

Lake Viking News

Big water plant upgrade planned #3 applied for a grant made available by the DNR, providing 80% funding for an engineering study of our system. This was an extraordinary opportunity. The district applied for the grant and received it. Then the real work began. The engineer selected was Bartlett and West, an experienced and reliable regional firm. A year later, after crunching numbers, working and re-working the expenses which included several variance requests, the numbers have materialized. Public Water Supply District #3 is closing in on a major water plant upgrade with an estimated cost of $2.1 million with financing to be spread out over 20 years. At present, rates for financing this project are favorable. The anticipated interest rate on financing is 2.5%. Just yesterday it was announced that the Fed is not anticipating a raise in rates for the immediate future. This plan lingered, for a time, with concerns over what impact COVID-19 would have on the economy. The outcome was a surprise to everyone at Lake Viking. Business at the lake went bonkers. Property sales sky rocketed; demand went through the roof. The Association Office had an unprecedented increase in deed transfers. Lake Manager Shad Mort has been on record as stating that this was the busiest year he had ever seen at Lake Viking. Property values spiked, and Lake Viking Marine literally sold out of boats. Our relatively remote location with the wide open spaces made Lake Viking ideal for the social distancing mentality that suddenly prevailed. We began to see a boom in activity in April and it continued throughout the year. Association members were spending more time at the lake than ever before. It also became apparent that peak water usage days were increasing. The previous paragraphs are a lot to digest, so I will begin to elaborate on the particulars. Proposed funding of this water facility upgrade will be a 20year project based on a projected across the board increase of our base water rate by $10 a month. It is presently anticipated that tap fees will remain the same. A chart that accompanies this article will clearly demonstrate that the increase still positions our district’s water rates equal to or below those of neighboring water districts. At this point, without mentioning names, I can tell readers that certain neighboring water districts have had serious problems with disastrous water loss numbers and outright system failures due to terribly outdated infrastructure. The Lake Viking water supply has not had any of these problems, because we have kept ahead of the curve by continuously implementing incremental improvements. We intend to keep this record intact. Water intake for our plant is at the dam with water pumped to the plant and processed. Storage is at two water towers: the traditional elevated tower, with a 75,000 gallon capacity that looms on the horizon on the southeast portion of Association property; a 100,000 gallon stand-pipe, on the northwest end, close to the Lake Viking Sales Office, and a 285,000 gallon clear-well directly behind the water plant building. The single-stage processing of the raw water consists of: 1. Coagulation when chemicals are added. 2. Sedimentation where settling occurs 3. A three layer filtration process. 4. A final process of granular activated carbon filtering. This is done by equipment in the water plant. Our single-stage processing is unusual. In today’s industry design specifications, two-stage processing is usually mandated by the DNR. The reason our district is able to retain the single-stage process is a result of our good numbers which are the result of our relatively clean raw water source mentioned earlier. Many water districts, especially the big districts that are now selling their water to smaller districts, get their water from rivers which are heavily laden with runoff and affluents. Our district applied to the DNR for a variance that would exempt us from the two-stage process thereby saving expense. The vari-



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ance was granted. Public Water Supply District #3 has a lot of positives of which many other rural water districts would be in envy, but our aging system is becoming more of a liability during peak usage events. Water District Manager Roger Barker is aware of this and knows how to compensate. For many years, he has gone through an extensive preparation drill during the days before the Fourth of July. First of all, he revs the pumps into high gear several days out, makes sure that both water towers and clear well stay full several days out, but then around mid-day, on those big peak usage days, we still begin to lose ground with our water pressure. The July 4 weekend is, without a doubt, the peak usage benchmark for Lake Viking. Our yearly total is around 20,000,000 gallons of water processed. An average water consumption day is 58,000 gallons. In a three-day stretch during the 2020 July 4 weekend, daily totals of water processed were 149,300 gallons, 161,950, and 126,370. Some years, peak daily totals, always in July, were as high as 200,000 gallons used. The plan for the new system will double our pumping capacity from 120 gallons a minute to 240 gallons per minute, thereby alleviating the strain on peak usage days. The Bartlett and West Engineering Study touched WATER RATE HISTORY original rate RESIDENTIAL

Flat Rate for all gallons used Base Rate for 0-1500 gallons Next 1000 gallons Next 1700 gallons Next 800 gallons Next 500 and above Base Rate for 0-1000 gallons 1001-65,000 gallons (rate/1000gal) Over 65,000 gallons (25% discount)

District formed 4/1/1997

on potential growth at Lake Viking. Now, as the year closes, we are seeing this growth – big time – and that’s what this plan for a major upgrade is all about. We want to stay ahead of the curve. In summary, it is important to stress we are looking at a projected rate increase which still puts us equal to or below water rates for neighboring districts. (See chart) Considering real estate values and other costs of lake living, this is noteworthy. This upgrade is all about taking on the future while continuing to provide a superior quality of drinking water. I could go on about this subject, but at the beginning of this article, I recommended a drink of water, and I’m sure that readers are finished with that drink by now. The complete Engineering Report from Bartlett and West is in digital form. Public Water Supply District #3 is governed by the sunshine laws of the State of Missouri regarding transparency. A copy of the engineering report is available for customers to look at in the office or can be available to water district customers upon written request. More historical information on Public Supply Water District #3 can be found in the Forty-Year History of Lake Viking which is online at





17.00 5.00

18.75 5.00

18.75 5.00

19.50 6.00





22.00 7.50 5.70

25.00 7.50 5.70

5.00 10.00 9.30 6.20 3.10 2.20


Base Rate for 0-1000 gallons Over 1000 gallons (rate/1000gal)

18.75 5.00

19.50 6.00

22.00 7.50

25.00 7.50


Base Rate for 0-1000 gallons Over 1000 gallons (rate/1000gal)

18.75 7.00

19.50 9.50

22.00 9.50

25.00 9.50

TAP FEE - quarterly




3000gal 64.00

4000gal 80.50

5000gal 97.00

6000gal 113.50

Base Rate for 0-1000 gallons - 21.40 Rate per 1000gal up to 10,000-10.70 Rate per 1000gal over 10,000-16.05






PWSD#3 Lake Viking

Base Rate for 0-1000 gallons - 25.00 Rate per 1000gal up to 65,000-7.50 Rate per 1000gal over 65,000-4.50






Proposed Change

Base Rate for 0-1000 gallons - 35.00 consumption rate $7.50/1000 gal






Base Rate for 0-1000 gallons - 35.00 consumption rate $8.50/1000gal






Base Rate for 0-1000 gallons - 35.00 consumption rate $9.50/1000gal






PWSD#1 Pattonsburg

Base Rate for 0-1000 gallons - 31.00 Rate per 1000gallon after min-16.50

PWSD#2 Gallatin



Lake Viking News

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