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Our game needs help – let’s tee it up The sexiest pros in golf? You tell us Why men love Bandon but we love Boulders fashion tips: no-bulk layering

october I 2010

contents ∑ Cover story: We love golf, and it might be up to us to save it. 6

is is true love:

Take our survey and tell us how you feel about The Game. 12

HIS AND HERS, NOT: With putters, it’s all about customizing the fit. 23


We all have our issues – here’s a solution to one. 24

and MORE: HIGH NOTE: Opera singer and gang. 16 HUH?: Glossary term 17 EYE CANDY: Alvaro Quiros 20 FITNESS: Cut to the core 22 STAR WATCH: Your golfoscope 60 GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 2

Sexiest in Golf:

Here are our nominees – now you pick. 26



The Boulders and Bandon Dunes have earned top raves as golf destinations; our exhaustive research shows why women prefer the former and men lust after the latter. Try it yourself and decide. 32


19th hole seeks out the best wine bottled small. 48


Apres-golf sustenance from Boulders chef. 53


Dress for any weather and still look chic. 54

our GAME: Golf writer Cori Brett finds a course in her area code that encourages men to move up. She likes it, and so do they. 58 GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 3

GottaGoGolf The online magazine for women who love the game Staff

Susan Fornoff Publisher and Editorial Director

Nanette Bisher Creative Director

Lynn DeBruin Associate Editor

Cheryl Stotler Web Director and 19th Hole Editor Contributing writers:

Stacee Brown, Cori Brett, Karen Misuraca Contributing designer:

Susan Fornoff, the founder and voice of GottaGoGolf, has written thousands of newspaper and magazine articles in a journalism career that began at the Baltimore News American in 1979 and proceeded to USA Today, the Sacramento Bee and the San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle. She has had two books published, “Lady in the Locker Room” and “Northern California Golf Getaways.” Fornoff’s got the golf bug and has covered the Masters, several U.S. Opens and a slew of PGA Tour and LPGA Tour events. Fornoff lives in Oakland, California, and plays golf on Sundays with the Sharp Park Business Women’s Golf Association. Nanette Bisher, of San Francisco, California, created the logo and look of GottaGoGolf and supervises design and presentation. Bisher most recently was Creative Director for the San Francisco Chronicle. Previous experience included heading the newspaper division at Danilo Black international design and branding firm, plus print media creative/art director stints at The Journal News, Orange County Register, U.S. News & World Report and the New York Daily News. Bisher does not play golf, yet she adores the game and aspires to at least ride along in the cart for GottaGoGolf tournaments.

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Debi Bridges, Fred Ellison, Lin Little, Gail Rogers, Wood Sabold, Frank Vega, the Sharp Park Business Women’s Golf Association and the Saddle Creek Women’s Golf Association for their assistance and guidance in laying the groundwork for our premiere.


Online home: Email address: For information about advertising partnerships and rates, contact Susan Fornoff at 510.507.3249.

4 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Lynn DeBruin, of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, conceptualizes, writes, edits and photographs for GottaGoGolf. DeBruin is a newspaper veteran who fell in love with the game of golf when she was just 10 while growing up in eastern Pennsylvania. Stints at the Rocky Mountain News and Colorado Avid Golfer took her to golf’s majors and landed her interviews with some of the game’s greats, from Tom Watson and Ben Crenshaw, to rising stars such as Alexis Thompson and Rickie Fowler. An 8 handicap with two aces to her name, DeBruin isn’t afraid to take on the boys, recently playing 144 holes in six days. Cheryl Stotler, of Calistoga, California, oversees the online presence of GottaGoGolf and supervises 19th hole coverage on food and beverage. She is wine educator on the Napa Valley Wine Train and has a history of success in the hospitality industry, including at Northwest Airlines, WaterBarge Restaurant (which she co-owned with her partner John Coss), Tudal Winery and Lindblad Expeditions. Stotler can’t squeeze golf into her busy schedule these days, yet she continues to be a big fan of the game and its top players.


Meet us on the tee A greeting from the publisher

Welcome to the premiere issue of GottaGoGolf, the online magazine for women who love the game. Maybe you heard, we were going to be GolfGoddess. The lipstick on the golf ball? Purple, a very royal and goddessy color. A popular color with women in the focus groups, we found – equal in votes to the red you see in these pages today. But, it turned out that we didn’t really want to be GolfGoddess, and so we tested GolfGoddess against GottaGoGolf. And women liked GottaGoGolf, even though it didn’t say GirlsGottaGoGolf or in any overt way identify our target readers as women. Women still identified. “GottaGoGolf prioritizes us and what we like to do,” one of the focus group members said. “It says, hey, you can come first, you

gotta go golf.” No kidding. We are country club members and municipal course walk-ons, scratch players and high handicappers. We shop for the latest golf attire and we play in jeans. We are mature and we are young, our complexions many shades. But we are women, which means there’s so much we have to do every day, on the job, at home, in the community – what a relief it is when we get to say “GottaGoGolf.” We look forward to our time outdoors, with friends or strangers, doggedly moving that dimpled little ball toward a barely bigger hole. We love the game, so the lipstick on the ball is red, the color of passion. We believe it’s our game, not just their game, and that there are no ladies’ tees and no men’s tees. Golf is for all of us, and all of the tees are men’s tees and all of the tees are ladies’ tees.

We do, however, have a sense of humor, which is why our first issue features a look at the sexiest men in golf. This, after all, is the way that men’s golf magazines have been covering women’s golf for years -- we thought we’d turn the tables. Unlike those other magazines you’ll notice a shortage of tips in this magazine. If you are looking for lessons, the other golf magazines are full of them, and we recommend you check out Ladies Links Fore Golf for lessons created by and for women. Here at GottaGoGolf, we’d rather inspire you to become the most fun, sociable and current member of your foursome. So we bring you trends, travel, food and beverage, profiles, fashion, gear, fitness and by-women/for-women course reviews. Tell us how you like it. – Susan Fornoff GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 5


We love golf. And though it doesn’t always love us back, right now it needs us. By Susan Fornoff with Illustration by Lance Jackson

GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 6

COVER I bought a plaid skort last spring. It has become the most complimented piece in my wardrobe this year, but I think that’s mostly because it only gets worn on life’s best days, the days when I am golfing, the days when I am sure to be smiling. It’s on these days that I’ll probably be hanging with folks I don’t see anywhere else, those dearest of friends to whom I needn’t send a birthday card or invite to din-

ner or introduce to my family. The newspaper publisher famous for busting unions who loves to play golf with me, a lifelong, blue-collar union backer who loves to play golf with him. The Craigslist guy who was thinking of leaving his wife but saw my ad and decided that just playing golf with a woman would suffice – we love the game together. The club with a mix of such cool straight and lesbian cover continues


GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 7


8 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

golf, you just pay your money and you play with whoever.” So now that participation has dropped, clubs are filing for bankruptcy and Tour ticket sales and sponsorship are racing each other to the bottom of the revenue bucket, how amusing it is that the men in charge are asking what they’ve got to do to attract more women golfers. They throw their hands up in the air and focus on men (as at Bandon Dunes) or they shake their heads, mystified. Did they learn nothing from having mothers, sisters, wives and daughters? One maker of golf clubs told me in frustration, “Women are cheap.” Uh, yes sir, we are careful shoppers, we generally prefer a good deal to a bad one and when we want to splurge we want

the best. Is this really a revelation? Maybe to the men in charge it is. They’ve been studying us recently – spending good money on reports such as “Growing the Game” and “The Right Invitation” – to find out such things as: We quit the game because it takes too much time. We quit the game because it is too hard. We play the game more for its social component than its competitive one. Indeed, we are busy and have other things

photo / iSTOCK

COVER from previous page women that they decided to have a “Which way do you swing?” tournament. Where else I would get to sit down and have a drink with such a fascinating, eclectic and kindred array of souls? It’s not typical for a woman to go out and play 18 holes by herself, you know. Even if we love the game, especially if we love the game, we know the game doesn’t really love us back. The architect didn’t think of us when he designed such a long course, and the developer didn’t give us a place to shower, change our shoes or even freshen up our makeup after a round. The owners may require us to pay for a cart even though we want to walk, and if one of us opts for a cart we may not sit tall enough to clearly view the GPS yardage information on the high screen. The male staff at the golf course takes the woman’s money but assumes it will have to send a marshal out to move us along. The instructor discourages the woman student from actually venturing on the course anytime soon. The shop probably doesn’t have many clothes for us, and the starter may offer few words other than “the ladies’ tees are up there.” No one makes any effort to set the shy woman player up with friendly golfers who are receptive to playing golf with a woman – I even requested this on occasion, when I was a newbie and nervous about the tolerance of strangers, and was told, “This is

COVER to do – so why not move the game along with Twosome Tuesdays, or divine nines, or three-hole happy hour? And, don’t forget to tell us about it with an email clearly labeled for women. Indeed, we do not like to be embarrassed, so, why not move the tees up or over so we’re not facing a bunker or having to carry a water hazard 150 yards off the tee. (On the average, one of those studies says, we drive the ball only 145 yards.) And, yes, we are playing for fun, not to relive our youthful dreams of athletic achievement or to train for the Senior Tour. So why not pay attention to the clientele, and set us up with friendly, like-minded companions when we don’t bring our own? SEND US FLOWERS What it would take for golf to endear itself to us and our friends costs little money to speak of. We like pretty scenery; if you don’t have it, spend some money on strategically placed flowers and plantings. We want decent restrooms, so replace the stained sink and toilets. We like to be pampered, so come around and see us on the golf course to ask if there’s anything we need. And if you are doing all these things for us, let us know it. Just as we love for a suitor to send flowers or a note, we want you to pursue us with ardor. We are playing hard to get, you know, and it’s up to you to come and get us,

with emails, advertising and PR campaigns that say quite clearly, “Our course loves women.” One course in my time zone actually undertook a recent re-do to toughen its challenge, planting trees in bailout areas and spots slicers tend to find; it never thought to ask its quite large consumer base of women what they wanted. Why not take the opposite approach – consult with women players on small changes that will make a course more fun for us to play, and then ask us to help get the word out. Of course, we’re going to have to dress up, make nice and engage in a bit of flirtation to remind them that they really do want us. And that’s Part One of our GottaGoGolf call to action: I. Participate in golf course decisions and operations at your local course in a way that forces it to interest women in the game and inspire women who have left it to return. They may not know they want you, and they definitely don’t know how to get you, so help them. Part Two of the GottaGoGolf call to action: II. You know that friend of yours who has always wanted to take up golf? Take her by the hand, head for the range, show her our 18-hole journey to the 19th hole, and mentor her on through her first purchase of plaid. There’s never been a better time for women to assert themselves in the game so many of us love.

our GottaGoGolf call to action: I. Participate in golf course decisions and operations at your local course to force it to interest women in the game and inspire women who have left it to return. If there’s no women’s club, get one started. II. Recruit that friend of yours who has always wanted to take up golf and start her on our 18-hole journey to the 19th hole (next page).

GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 9

COVER: getting started

Now go on and get out there 1st hole Watch a few golf swings on your computer. Google “golf swing” and you should find some worthwhile video, as long as you don’t put “Charles Barkley” in the search. (And if you think this is an inside joke, Google “worst golf swings” and see who comes up!)

5th hole Look around the range for someone who seems to know what he’s doing – even better, what she’s doing. Go and watch admiringly for a few shots, and then ask if she knows of a good instructor. If you’re really lucky, maybe she is one!

2nd hole Go to the driving range and buy a small bucket of balls. These may be paid for and dispensed electronically, but you can figure it out – you use ATMs and Laundromats and eBay, how hard can this be? Do remember to put the bucket below the ball dispenser or things could get messy.

6th hole Make some calls to find an instructor willing to book you for a series at a convenient time. These usually come in sets of six halfhours starting at as little as $200, depending on the instructor, the area code, the economy. If this doesn’t break your budget, advance to the 9th hole.

3rd hole Borrow a club from the golf course shop or the shack at the range – they’ll be happy to lend you one or two, free of charge, in hopes of hooking you in. A favorite among newbies: 7-iron.

7th hole Whatever you do, don’t hire your spouse, boyfriend, partner or friend. The advice may be good, but your relationship may not stand the stress, cursing and name-calling.

4th hole Now, try to hit some balls. See how hard it is? OK, now stop -- you could really hurt somebody if you go on like this. Don’t waste a lot of time before moving on to the 5th hole. 10 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

8th hole Check out group programs – some courses gear these toward women. The PGA of America’s “Get Golf Ready” program of a series of small-group lessons, for as little as $99, has been an especially big hit with

Illustration / iSTOCK

An 18-hole scorecard for launching your new life as a golfer Compliments of Lynn DeBruin and Susan Fornoff

Getting Started: COVER women. Your local recreation and parks department may offer bargain basement classes. 9th hole Practice your new knowledge at least once in between lessons or classes. You will not only get comfortable with the golf swing, you will begin making friends at the range and may find some who will not be too high-falutin’ to play with you. 10th hole Had a few lessons with that 7-iron? No matter what the sales people say, it is not time for you to get fitted for brand new golf clubs -- but do get fitted (free, up to $50) and then use the specs to start shopping for a gently used set. Yes, shopping, you’re good at this! You want irons of at least 6-iron down to SW (sand wedge), a driver, a few fairway woods and a putter. 11th hole Thinking it’s time to venture onto the course? Ask a good friend for an etiquette lesson that starts with not talking when someone’s hitting, proceeds to fixing divots, and concentrates on moving

around the golf course efficiently so as not to slow play. 12th hole Get yourself an outfit and cute shoes! Leave the jeans at home – many courses don’t allow them. Cover up any low-cut tank tops – they get more revealing as you stand over the ball. Think light, trim layers. 13th hole Other items to stock before your round: tees, balls, glove (for your nondominant hand), ball markers, divot fixer, lip balm, sunscreen, water bottle. Ask your teacher for ball suggestions -- no need to spring for Pro VIs unless your swing speed is super fast. Cheapos probably will do for now. And if you like some color other than white, go for it. 14th hole Stretch out. If you’re walking, you’re about to burn approximately 1,450 calories! It’s mostly a cardio workout, but you’ll be calling on muscles in your back, arms, glutes and thighs as your calves and feet propel you around.

15th hole If you’re driving, make sure you know how to accelerate, brake, steer, shift into reverse and go forward again. Carts do tend to make an annoying noise in reverse, so that’s best avoided. Also, find out course policy on when you can leave the path. Some are cart-path only throughout, most are cart-path only on par-3 holes, most post signs when you should stop going forward and return to the path.

“nice shot,” “good miss” and “get legs.” 18th hole Save time for the 19th hole, golf’s celebratory and social ritual of enjoying a beverage while rehashing the round afterward. Then you, like your companions, can go home fantasizing about how much better you’ll be next time out.

16th hole OK, here we go: Step up to the first tee and hit it. Yes, you’ll have a million swing thoughts, but don’t let them paralyze you. Maybe focus on one or two things and HIT THE BALL. If a companion then says, “Take a mulligan,” forget about that shot and tee up another. But just one and move on. If you need to, pick up and start playing courses from 100 or 150 yards in until that part is mastered. 17th hole Be the kind of companion you’d like to have – practice the words GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 11



Put tongue in cheek, then answer GottaGoGolfers, we want to know how much you love the game – kind of, pretty much, a lot, unconditionally. (We assume if you don’t love it at all, you’re not reading this.) And we want to check your attitude, for future story planning. So, tell us. Fill it out here.

What would you rather do than play golf this Saturday? A. The sexiest man in golf. B. Mani-pedi. C. Shop for Jimmy Choos D. Take the kids to their soccer game E. Clean the kitty litter box F. Spin class G. Read Jody Piccoult’s latest, by the pool, with full bar service H. Nothing. Are you buying?

GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 12

Which golfer would you most like to play a round with? A. Tiger Woods I. Nick Faldo B. Phil Mickelson J. Ricky Barnes C. Camilo Villegas K. Suzann Pettersen D. Fred Couples L. Natalie Gulbis E. Rickie Fowler M. Sandra Gal F. Adam Scott N. None until I lose 20 G. Graeme McDowell strokes off my handicap H. Henrik Stenson Which golfer would you most like to play around with? A. Tiger Woods B. Phil Mickelson C. Camilo Villegas D. Fred Couples E. Rickie Fowler F. Adam Scott G. Graeme McDowell H. Henrik Stenson I. Nick Faldo J. Ricky Barnes K. Suzann Pettersen L. Natalie Gulbis

M. Sandra Gal N. None until I lose 20 pounds

Photo / iSTOCK

Would you be willing to vacation with your kids and in-laws in a one-bedroom cabin in Death Valley in August in exchange for a hole-in-one during your next round of golf? A. Yes, but could the in-laws buy the drinks? B. Yes, but can I bring my smartphone and ear buds? C. No, unless the sexiest man in golf is on retreat alone in the cabin next door. D. No, the pleasure is not worth the pain.

cover: Survey

Who’s your choice for LPGA Player of the Year? A. Ai Miyazato – love the outfits B. Christie Kerr – here’s to the red, white and blue C. Paula Creamer – in spite of all that pink D. Annika Sorenstam – she doesn’t even have to play E. I don’t know the tour players well enough anymore to pick one, or even pronounce their names. It’s a par-3. You can opt for a 135-yard carry to the green, over a pond, or go around the pond to the right in two with no carry. A. Go for it! Only a high handicapper would be scared of a carry like that. B. I’m a high handicapper, but I’d still go for it, Phil’s my hero! C. I’d weenie out, more like Don Johnson in Tin Cup.

Which event would you most like to attend? A. Ryder Cup B. Solheim Cup C. U.S. Open, men’s D. U.S. Open, women’s E. Masters F. British Open, men’s G. British Open, women’s H. Filming of the Big Break I. None has a better view than the one from my couch and plasma TV. When I skull a chip I: A. Think about what cocktail to order at the 18th hole. B. Hammer my wedge into the turf, utter an expletive and pretend my childish act is really cool. Works for Tiger. C. Ask my playing partners, what am I doing? And of course don’t listen. D. Take a deep breath and try it again. After all, I haven’t gotten to 10 yet. My ultimate golf getaway: A. My regular four gals, at a posh golf resort in Tuscany where they have wine carts instead of beer carts. Of course we have Italian male caddies. B. A most beautiful and romantic coastal resort with my favorite partner – massages, butler running a bath for two… Damn, we have to leave the room for golf? C. The kids, Grandpa, Grandma, Mickey, Minnie, Disney World, 99 holes of golf, 99 rides on It’s a Small World, and no cooking! – By Susan Fornoff and Cheryl Stotler

GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 13

short game 10 pages of news and notes about the game's characters, quirks and gadgets

Compiled by Lynn DeBruin and Susan Fornoff

New to you

Talking points to spring on your foursome in your next round

14 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Ten for ’11 The LPGA will welcome at least 10 fresh new faces for 2011 – the automatic qualifiers from its farm system, the Duramed FUTURES Tour. The newbie roster looks as diverse as the LPGA Tour itself, with names like Song (Jennifer and Christine), Mendoza (Gerina), Oh (Angela), Joh (Tiffany), Jun (Hannah) and Phatlum (Pornanong). Jenny Shin and Ryann O’Toole round out the top 10 along with the tour’s leading money winner and Player of the Year, Cindy LaCrosse. LaCrosse, 23-year-old daughter of a former golf pro, grew up in the Tampa area, graduated from the University of Louisville in 2009, won three tournaments in 2010 and took home $94,578. Not one to blow the ball by the competition, the slender LaCrosse powers her game with a fiercely competitive spirit. Her

goal for 2011: “To be in contention and have fun.” Eating for arthritis Phil Mickelson’s revelation that he’s gone vegetarian because he’s suffering from psoriatic arthritis has brought out of the woodwork supplement sellers, acupuncture aficionados and drug dealers touting their solutions. Digest what you like and spit out the rest. Some serious food for thought, especially for women who might be calorie counting, comes from Monica Reinagel, the chief nutritionist at She cautioned against overdoing fruit and whole grain pasta, typically staples in a vegetarian diet. “Grains and legumes (including soy) typically loom large in vegetarian diets,” Reinagel said. “However, because they are quite rich in carbohydrates, they can; Shannon Rush/; Intelliskin/

Short Game

moderately elevate blood sugar, which tends to exacerbate inflammation. Fruit and fruit juice are both high in sugar, which can do the same thing. Although there's room for whole grains and fruit in a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet, it's important to balance these foods with others that counter-act the inflammation process.” The balancing foods include fish, almonds, olive oil and leafy greens. For more information, look up the IF Rating on Dress for success You won’t find IntelliSkin apparel on our fashion pages, but Dr. Tim Brown’s line of bodycoddling garments has made true believers of a diverse array of athletes, including Champions Tour player John Cook. Brown, a sports therapist, and

lower body – and also sells a few hats bearing the striking IntelliSkin logo. And, no, the hats don’t make you smarter.


Peter Park, Lance Armstrong’s strength and conditioning coach, started the line with a patentpending shirt that “coaches” your body into alignment. The theory behind it mimics effective taping, giving athletes “the same sensory input to stimulate optimal alignment and enhance performance.” Cook wears his shirt to and from tournaments to help with preparation and recovery; he doesn’t actually play in them. IntelliSkin (www.intelliskinusa. com) now has garments for the

Read for speed Patrick Mateer’s new book, “The Return of the Four Hour Round,” is a must read for every new golfer, every junior golfer, and, well, every other golfer – especially the waggling, circling, grass-tossing tour pros engaged in endless debates with their caddies. Mateer, an accomplished amateur who runs destination golf tournaments, offers up a solution to the ever-lengthening round of golf – a problem that increasingly repels women players, who cite “takes too long” as the No. 1 reason they give up the game – and it starts with each of us. Joking that the book has been 20 years in the making because he got behind a slow foursome,

Mateer lays out in 117 pages his case for behavioral changes that will do what marshaling, rules and penalties haven’t: reduce the time it takes to play 18 holes (approaching six hours in some tournaments, especially on the junior and collegiate levels) to no more than four hours and sometimes much less. His solution in a word: Education. We learn to swing, chip and putt, and before we venture out onto the golf course we must also learn to move around it in an expeditious manner. He’s launched a “movement about movement” and fans can sign up for free at – By Susan Fornoff

GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 15

short game


An opera singer reaches high notes when she’s out on her home course LITTLETON, Colo.

But don’t be fooled by the gray hairs or friendly disposition. These women can play. The best of the bunch that tees it up regularly at The Meadows at Deer Creek southwest of Denver may be 72-year-old Kay Griffel. She can blast a drive or sing an aria with equal grace. Twice she’s shot her age, including last year at age 71 when she won the club championship. “One of the things I love most about golf is that it’s kind of like singing in a way,” said Griffel, who grew up in Eldora, Iowa, and travelled the world before settling in Colorado about three years ago. 16 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

“It’s a delicate balance of so many things. You’re always in a different situation, with different lies. It’s such a challenge to me. One day you can go out and sink putts and the next you can’t make anything. It’s how you live with yourself, how it works on you personally, to not be so distressed, to accept things.” Griffel certainly has the worldly experiences to navigate her way around a course. With a degree from Northwestern University, she debuted in the Chicago Lyric Opera right out of college in 1960 before heading abroad. She was Mimi in La Boheme, the

PHOTO / Lynn DeBruin

Tuesday mornings they gather, an eclectic group that includes grandmas, business executives, jet setters, even a semi-famous opera singer.

short game

Countess in the Marriage of Figaro and Tatiana in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin. “I wasn’t the Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods (of opera) but the next cut down,” Griffel says. “I wasn’t a superstar but I had a wonderful career.” She’d sing in Paris, throughout Germany, Austria, Japan, New Zealand, even Russia when it was still behind the Iron Curtain. Eventually she debuted at the Met-

take her clubs, even though she didn’t really understand the game or have much time to play. Most memorable was driving 90 minutes each way from Toyko to a Japanese golf course where young women in pointed hats and pushcarts ran after their shots. “After nine holes we’d stop, eat a big lunch then go play another nine. It was great fun,” Griffel recalled. Griffel’s golfing expertise reached her musical acumen when she met former LPGA player Sherry Graham, “It’s a delicate balance of a teaching pro who converted her into a single-digit handicapper. so many things. You’re She’d get her handicap low enough always in a different situto compete in the national senior ation, with different lies. games and the USGA Senior WomIt’s such a challenge to me. en’s National Championship. Griffel later would be honored for One day you can go out her interest in golf along with Judy and sink putts and the next Bell and Betsy Rawls when Merion Country Club had its 100th year celyou can’t make anything.” ebration. Still, that hasn’t prevented her ropolitan Opera in New York City in from enduring the stereotypes that 1982 as Elettra in Idomeneo. Another come with women in the game. Just big role cast her as the soprano Ara- this summer she and Graham were bella in Richard Strauss’ hit opera by scheduled to play a course in Denver the same name. only to be paired with two men. Wherever she went, she’d always They found out later that the men

had tried to switch out. “We went out and kicked their butts. I don’t know what they said afterward,” Griffel said. Inevitably, she ends up hearing the same refrain after teeing off from the forward tees and blasting it 50 yards past the mens’ drives: “ ‘You should be playing from the silvers,’ the men say. And sometimes we do.” Not this day. “We cleaned their clocks,” Griffel said with a laugh. – By Lynn DeBruin

GLOSSARY: “Silly Season” This used to be toward the end of the year when stars would take time off and other players could make a buck. That changed with the introduction of the FedEx Cup, four events culminating with the Tour Championship. Of course then there are the Shark Shootout, the Chevron World Challenge and the ADT Skills Challenge for those looking to extend their income production window. It feels a little silly to call it “silly season” when $3 million is at stake at the Shark Shootout, but, there you have it. GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 17

short game


O say can you see better by GPS or laser? Google the words “golf and GPS” and you’ll get hit with more than 21 million entries. Another 5 million come up for “golf and laser.” What’s best for you? Well, it depends. One golf executive said he sees most competitive golfers, especially in state championships, using Bushnell laser rangefinders. “The best players, maybe 99 out of 100, use lasers versus SkyCaddies,” said Ed Mate, executive director of the Colorado Golf Association. “They laser bunkers, how many paces from the left edge of the flag, the front edge to the hole.” High-handicappers, meanwhile, seem to be just the opposite. “They want something simple. SkyCaddies and smart phones give them a simple number and you don’t have to look through a laser.” Beth Lobdell, a 9 index who plays several times a week, and boyfriend Jeff Labarge, a 3 18 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

index, prefer lasers. “I like being able to look through the laser and point and shoot how far I need to carry something,” Lobdell said. “And Jeff likes it because if he hits an errant shot, he can still point and shoot the flag (from well off the fairway).” They also like the feedback they get when playing true doglegs. Dave Lagarde, meanwhile, is a low-handicapper who prefers a SkyCaddie for one simple reason.

“I’m not interested in new technology,” he said. “And with lasers, I find them too hard (to hold steady) to hit the pin.” SkyCaddie gives him all the info he needs, even if it’s off a yard or two. “What difference is that gonna make in my game?” he quipped. At one women’s league, lasers were a rarity. The reason: the women wanted instant numbers, rather than relying on a steady hand to point a laser at a distant flag or bunker. The downside to laser devices and Skycaddies is a price tag that ranges from $150 to $400 plus a subscription cost upwards of $35 a year. Apps that one can download onto a smartphone seem to be gaining the most attention, and they’re cheaper - $30 yearly for GolfLogix and $30 up front for GolfShot with no yearly subscription. Both also track stats. With those, the key often is having enough

Short Game


Gotta Giggle

battery power and remembering to download a specific course before heading off to play. But be warned: Devices that provide too much information are illegal. Mate said his organization does not allow devices that provide information on elevation change, slope, wind speed, or even humidity. Also, many state organizations do not allow any devices in junior events so as to not disadvantage those who might not be able to afford them. “The jury is out as to whether it speeds up play. In casual golf, it does,” Mate said. “In competitive golf, I think it’s kind of a wash.” That’s because some golfers aren’t satisfied with one measurement. They point and shoot and pace off yardage. Then there are those like Mate. “I don’t use them at all. I don’t want to deal with it. I just want to play, and (such devices) take away from my enjoyment,” he said.

Tiger Woods endured plenty of late-night ribbing for all his infidelities, but some fans remained steadfast. Consider 85-year-old Mary Nell Wilshire, who drove 11 hours from Virginia to see Woods play and toted along an oil canvas painting of the world’s No. 1 during a late-season round. “I don’t approve of what he did, and I’m disappointed,” she told the Akron Beacon Journal. “But everybody deserves a second chance, even after 16 women.” ....Which raises the question of this issue’s ...

Gotta Ask Forgiveness: Is it time to start rooting for Tiger again? Yes, let’s all get over it. No, never. Maybe, if he’ll go out with me. Vote here!

– By Lynn DeBruin

GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 19

short game

Eye candy: Alvaro Quiros Alvaro Quiros, an outgoing Spaniard with a ready smile, long sideburns and a day or two of stubble on his face, was the longest driver on the European Tour in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and has ranked second this year by a smidge. He’s also the body under the latest ad campaign by Callaway and Perry Ellis, which launched a Facebook campaign to let fans dress Quiros for the PGA Championship in August. Their new apparel line premieres this month. Quiros, 27 years old and from the south of Spain, took time recently to talk about life on and off the course.

Q. Was Seve Ballesteros your idol growing up? A. You have to recognize when I was growing up, Seve was coming back. My example was (Jose Maria) Olazabal. He was the young guy winning the two Masters when I was growing up with golf. Q. What’s it like being single on Tour. A. Honestly, when I play here at World Golf events or majors, there are not too many places to visit and meet. Q. So you fly under the radar? A. Yes.

20 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Q. And you like that? A. I think so. Q. You’ve got the long, thin sideburns. What’s with that look? A. I like. Everybody has them short so I grow them long. Q. How big of a sports fan are you? A. I like soccer, but I like all the sports. Even when I came here to the States I liked to see American football. I play a little beach volleyball and, of course, soccer. Q. You’re also into music? A. I like everything except country. I don’t like too much of the country music. Q. Are you one to go out dancing at clubs? A. I have some moves, yeah. I love to laugh. When I’m dancing, this is why I dance, to enjoy. – By Lynn DeBruin

PHOTO /Lynn Debruin, Dreamst

Q: You average more than 305 yards off the tee. How did you get to be such a long hitter? A: I grew up playing with my father’s clubs. I was 12, 14 when I started. I’m not a huge guy, (6-3!), but I have quick muscles.

short game


Men still carry the big purse Paula vs. Bernhard and Graeme 1500

The PGA Tour is still the land of plenty, with the average purse at more than $1 million. But the women still have a leg up on the seniors.



The 2010 U.S. Women’s Open boasted a $3.25 million purse, with Paula Creamer’s winner’s share at $585,000. The seniors played for $2.6 million at the Open in Washington this year, with champion Bernhard Langer collecting $260,000.



Graeme McDowell, one of many first-time major champs, out earned Creamer and Langer combined and pocketed a cool $1.35 million when he hoisted the trophy at Pebble Beach, where the purse for the 2010 U.S. Open was $7.5 million.



Paula Creamer $585,000

Bernhard Langer $260,000

Graeme McDowell $1,350,000

– Lynn DeBruin GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 21

short game


Baby that lower back Low back pain is one of the most frequent injuries in golf and can stem from a variety of sources. One such source can be our lack of “core stability,� which is the cohesive strength of the muscles/joints/nerves between the chest and thighs. This stability is of the utmost importance during the golf swing. Proper engagement of the musculature supports the joints and protects the nerves of the spine. When we are weak we often compensate and end up placing undue stress and repetitive strain on our tissues. This simple test helps determine the stability of the lumbar spine. The great thing about this test is that it doubles as an exercise to strengthen and improve the coordination of the hip, abdominal, and spinal musculature. Single leg bridge test:

By Stacee Brown, PT, DPT, ATC FORM Physical Therapy (415) 297-4113

22 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Lying on your back with both knees bent and feet flat on the ground, squeeze your glutes and lift the hips off the floor so that your body is in a straight line from shoulder to knee. Keep the abdominals tight as you extend one leg and hold two seconds. The goal is to keep the pelvis straight and prevent it from dipping. Once back to the original bridge position ,kick with the opposite leg. Repeat 10 times on each side. Your performance will dictate whether you need to improve your core strength.

Single leg bridge exercise: Your performance on the single leg bridge test will determine if you need to practice this exercise. Never perform this exercise through pain or with poor technique. With core exercises, quality is more important than quantity. Easy: Perform a bridge as described above. Kick one leg out and hold one to two seconds. Return to bridge and lower. Rest one to two seconds and then repeat on the other side. Do 2 sets of 10. Medium: Perform a bridge as described above. Kick one leg out and hold one to two seconds. Return to bridge and then repeat on the other leg. Lower and rest one to two seconds. Perform 2 sets of 10. Hard: Perform a bridge as described above. Kick one leg out and hold five seconds. Return to bridge and then repeat on the other leg, alternating between right and left without lowering. Perform 2 sets of 10.

short game


His or hers? Suit yourself

Q A PHOTO / Lynn DeBruin

I understand that men are generally more powerful than women and so there’s some foundation for having men’s golf clubs and women’s golf clubs — but, should we be shopping for putters made for women too?

You should be shopping for a putter made for you. Putting is 43 percent of the game, give or take a chip-in, and a putter is the one club a player uses every hole. But 99.9 percent of the golfing public -- and and that includes men and women -- is using a putter that doesn’t fit them. So says Jerry Walters, pro tour rep and club fitter for Colorado-based Yes! Golf. “Regardless of style or brand, you need to get fit,” Walters said. Remember the three Ls: length, lie and loft. Almost every putter off the rack is shafted at 34 or 35 inches because it’s

easier to cut down a putter than extend one. But for most women that’s too long: Their eyes are not over the ball, and the toe of the putter is in the air, which causes players to hit it on the heel. Also, when the ball is too far out in front of the eyes, it causes swing arcs to get the club face square at impact rather than a straight-through motion. The average length of PGA Tour putters is 33 1/2 inches. Many everyday players will even find an inch shorter the best. Robert Garrigus, a 71-inch-tall PGA/ Nationwide Tour player, uses a 29-inch putter. Putter fittings can cost $30, but Yes! offers free fittings for any of its putters, even if a player buys it off the rack. – By Lynn DeBruin

GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 23

guidance Use your head – maybe it will stop someone from hitting hers One of the players in my golf group frequently starts walking ahead before others have hit. The rest of us would like to know the rules implications if one of our shots hits her, and we’d also like some ideas about how we can get her to stop doing this. Frankly, it scares us. Molly McMulligan Divotville, Pennsylvania We took your question to one of the best sources in the country for answers on golf rules, etiquette and down-home common sense and manners, Gail Rogers. Rogers recently retired after 17 years of USGA committee membership, though now that she’s joined the Northern California Golf Association’s Board of Directors she figures to stay plenty busy in the game. She has walked fairways as a rules official at 24 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

more than 50 USGA events, including the U.S. Women’s Open, U.S. Women’s Amateur, and the Curtis Cup. But Rogers prides herself on being considered one of the easiest players to have in a group at her home course, PaGail Rogers, shown here in action at the U.S. Women’s Amateur in August, spent 17 years as a rules official and board member of the USGA.

photos / usga, istock


satiempo, an Alister MacKenzie design in Santa Cruz, Calif. “At first everyone was terrified I’d be a rules nazi,” Rogers said. “But I’ve made it a practice to just play my game my way and not say anything about the way anyone else plays. Whenever I do answer a rules question, I make a point of asking whether it’s casual play we’re talking about, or whether it’s a tournament.” So naturally, Rogers had a two-part answer for your question. Here’s her answer for when playing with Fearless Fanny in a casual round with friends: Afterward, take her aside very privately – no need to gang up – and tell her, “I have two concerns here about your walking ahead before other players have hit. One is for safety. I know we see LPGA players on TV waiting up ahead for each other to hit, but we’re

not that good and you could get hurt. Also, etiquette-wise, it’s a distraction to other players.” Now that you’ve had this conversation privately, the next time you’re playing with her and she starts to walk forward, you can say, “Hey Fanny, remember…” and she should stop. Here’s Rogers’ answer for what to expect in a stricter tournament setting: In an individual stroke-play tournament, another player is considered an outside agency, and you might want to refer Fanny to the definitions section of the Rules of Golf book. There’s not a penalty for either of you, though if you hit her you might consider yourself doubly penalized, first because you will have to play the ball as it lies (probably not as far as it would have gone had your fearless friend not gotten in the way) and

second because, Rogers said, “if you hit somebody your stomach flips over, and it’s hard to play golf with your stomach flipped over.” In singles match play, Rogers notes, the stomach still flips over but there’s at least some good news: If your shot hits your opponent or her equipment, you can immediately play the shot over if you wish.

In any case, Molly Mac, make communication your go-to strategy. “Give the person the opportunity to tune in to something they haven’t committed to in the past,” Rogers said. “And then once you’ve had that private conversation, it becomes easy to remind her on the golf course.” – By Susan Fornoff GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 25

PROS The Sexiest Men in Golf (and a few sexy women too) By GottaGoGolf Staff Before Tiger Woods tiptoed through the tabloids last fall, we never really thought about golf as having great sex appeal. Then, the text transcripts. Then, the Vanity Fair cover. Then, we thought twice. Woods apparently oozes sex appeal, if you can look past his problems. He’s got money, brains (though sometimes the lower ones prevail), a chiseled physique, and, according to the tell-alls, other assets as well. Do you think he’s sexy, GottaGoGolfers? Here’s your chance to vote on the sexiest men in the game. We present for your consideration 12 nominees, based on informal polling among those who care and with an eye for age ranges and type ranges – lamenting the lack of diversity GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 26

in the game. We disqualified a few because we didn’t like them or (in the case of the ones we have at home) we didn’t think their golf games measured up. We also included a few women because they are just so hot. We’ll tally up the votes at the end of the year, take the sexiest picture we can of your favorite, and put him on a 2011 cover with an in-depth profile. The men can have their fantasy leagues – we want your golf fantasy, the golfer you’d most like to play around with.

Tiger Woods, 34 Divorced, two kids Best feature: Powerful chiseled physique

Cast your vote here

PhotoS /, pga tour, lynn debruin, associated press

Graeme McDowell, 31

Phil Mickelson, 40

Camilo Villegas, 28

Very single

Married to Amy, 14 years, with three kids

Single, reputed to have a girlfriend

Best feature: C’mon, it’s gotta be the hair. No flat top here!

When you hear a female voice on the golf course exclaim, “There he is,” bet the house that Camilo Villegas approaches. No one causes such a stir when he reads a putt (the Villegas “Spider” inspires shrieks at normally staid country clubs) or has a haircut (his shorn locks in early 2010 were the talk of his native Colombia, where it was generally concurred that he should grow them back).

Best feature: Bedroom eyes Those Irish eyes of Graeme McDowell… We confessed, we hardly noticed until our HD screens gave us a close-up of his dark eyes navigating Pebble Beach to win the U.S. Open. Love them! No wonder the big search term on the internet the next day was “Graeme McDowell girlfriend.” Also, those of us who trekked around Pebble in June can attest that the rear view proved every bit as watchable. But the clincher – his sense of humor and self-deprecation make him the man on the list with whom we’d most like to have a beer, if that’s the only option.

With Phil Mickelson, it comes down to the following: Is the smile goofy or gorgeous? How sexy is family devotion? And, does he have the best hair on tour? But the real reason Mickelson gets GottaGoGolf’s nomination for sexiness: that penchant of his for taking chances, and for seeing the possibilities of a rough lie behind a tree in the final round of the Masters. We suspect this might translate to an adventurous spirit in other pursuits beyond golf.

Best feature: Flexibility

The picture of geometry, from square jaw to washboard abs, Camilo also cuts a dashing figure in fashion. Cuz, he looks good in anything. Or nothing. We’re just guessing.

continues GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 27



Freddy Couples, 51

Henrik Stenson, 34

Single, married twice, says he won’t do that again

Married to Emma, four years, one child

Best feature: Face

Now the poster boy for tighty whities, Henrik Stenson captured little attention as one of the top players in Sweden – until he bared almost all to make a golf shot out of a muddy lie in a 2009 WGC tournament. There’s something sexy, playful and definitely uninhibited about a guy who’d take one shot wearing only briefs and golf glove rather than play 15 holes wet and muddy.

The poster boy for “Gray is good,” Freddy Couples was named by every woman over 40 that we asked. And some under 20. Couples has that moon-doggy, dreamy look, with the shaggy, salt-and-pepper hair, big brown eyes and carefree demeanor. The laconic, easy-going personality scores points on the sex appeal, because you know he wouldn’t get upset if you burned the French toast. And lucky you to be cooking it for him. 28 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Best feature: Lack of inhibition

There’s also something secure about letting a female caddy, tour veteran Fanny Sunesson, call your shots. And did we mention, blond hair, blue eyes?

PhotoS /, pga tour, lynn debruin, GETTY

Nick Faldo, 53

Rickie Fowler, 21

Adam Scott, 30

Divorced three times, dating CBS vice president LeslieAnne Wade

Single, has a girlfriend

Single, has an eye for celebrities

Best feature: Silver tongue, with a British accent

Best feature: Youthful exuberance

Best feature: Face

The youngest man on our list, Fowler has DiCaprio looks and a style all his own. We’d just as soon he leave the all-orange outfit at the jailhouse next weekend – maybe pull a Stenson at the first tee?? – but gotta love the floppy hair and sparkling eyes , plus the fast-rising golf cred.

Sports Illustrated threw a bone to women readers a few years ago and put Australia’s Adam Scott on its Masters Preview cover; inside, pictures of him modeling provided man-watchers our equivalent of the thrills of the swimsuit issue.

Look, sometimes sexy starts with a good conversation – some intelligent insight, maybe, or just a bit of playful banter. GottaGoGolf bets Nick Faldo can hold up his end – as he has done on TV with the likes of Paul Azinger and David Feherty, and at home with a series of wives and live-in loves beyond double-bogey count. If candor and humor aren’t your thing, maybe the 6-foot-3, well-exercised bod will do. Being off the tour seems to have benefitted Faldo’s fitness – TV guys must have more time to work out.

Fowler’s mom is half Japanese and half Navajo; thus, his distinctive looks and lovely skin. Oh, but did we mention, he’s only 21? Vote for him, readers, and it may be years before he’s supplanted.

Scott is hot. One of our correspondents followed his, uh, round in August last year and held her breath each time he’d hit the ball near her. “It was breathtaking,” she said. “He is breathtaking. I’ll follow him anywhere.” We won’t tell her husband.

GottaGoGolf I continues october 2010 I 29


pros And a few sexy women in golf

Natalie Gulbis, 27 Single, once dated Ben Roethlisberger, and that’s all we know Best feature: The leggy, bouncy strut

Suzann Pettersen, 29 Single, and that’s all we know Best feature: Intensity GottaGoGolf hates to think that a woman golfer has to contort herself on a calendar to be considered sexy. And so we optimistically nominate Suzann Pettersen for consideration by the woman-watchers. Pettersen, blond and Norweigian, has the fit, strong body of an athlete. She’s done some PR and modeling for endorsements, but we think she’s at her sexiest when she’s on the golf course, passionately demanding her golf ball to do what she wishes. Wouldn’t you listen?

30 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Natalie Gulbis milks her wide-eyed sex appeal to such an extent, she’s been described as the Anna Kournikova of the pro golf circuit. One of the girly girls of the tour, she meticulously takes a few minutes each evening planning her outfit for the next day. The outfit is usually quite short, thankfully showing off her long tanned legs. And, though she’s won only once on the LPGA Tour (2007), with more than $4 million in career earnings, she’s obviously got some game. As if we care.

This cartoon was found in a shop in London that sells vintage prints.

Sandra Gal, 25 Single, and that’s all we know

PhotoS /, associated press

Best feature: Legs forever The famous picture of 6-foot, German-born Sandra Gal shows her posing like a model, in short short shorts and gold high heels, with her long brunette locks flowing over her shoulders. She’s also got driver in hand, ready to tee off.

GGG is looking for original cartoons for future issues. Send your work to nbisher@ gottago

Unrealistic? Sure. Another golfer’s fantasy? Most assuredly. Gal seems focused on her game at the moment and might yet build the sort of golf stature that renders moot the modeling poses, so, in the meantime, enjoy.

GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 31

travel ‹Oregon’s Bandon


Arizona’s› Boulders The best destinations for a couple to take a golf vacation – separately

32 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf



By Susan Fornoff The roomful of 80 or so men just about shouted me into the Pacific Ocean when I picked up the microphone and asked, “How many of you think your wives or significant others would like it here at Bandon Dunes?” “NOOOOOOO,” they hollered as one. It half sounded like a plea: Please, please, pretty please, don’t make me bring her here. And it half sounded like a groan: This is the only guys getaway I have all year, you’re going to ruin it for me. These men were on the eve of the conclusion of a fun, four-day tournament on the Oregon coast and had become friends now. Wine was flowing freely and a stunning sunset hinted at beautiful weather for their final round. So I don’t think they were lying to me. They just weren’t answering the question. Which, when I thought about it later, was answer enough. Would we like it at Bandon Dunes? Who cares if we’d like it? It’s not about us. There’s not a bathtub on the property, the shaving mirror in the shower is head-high (with no ledge or shelf should we want to shave), the nightlife is cigar and scotch in the dismal Bunker Bar and the spa cuisine is … wait, there’s no spa. There’s really nothing at Bandon Dunes, in

fact, except golf. As Bob Vernon of San Francisco said to me after that dinner: “Nothing here is that nice, and guys love that. Oh my God, it’s like a club, like a fortress, it’s a man thing. Everything is not great, everything is golf.” But in his next breath, Vernon said, “Boulders is awesome! It’s the exact opposite! The weather, oh my God, it’s night and day. And you’re right there in Scottsdale, with so many other great things to do.” On that note, I zipped up my jacket, cocooned in my scarf, and headed out to enjoy the renowned Bandon Dunes nightlife – a visit to the pillow, preparing for an early morning tee time. It had been not even a couple of months since I’d packed all my best skorts and sleeveless tops, my swimsuit and sundresses – not to mention several pairs of sandals – and made the rounds at the Boulders, which monopolizes all the adjectives opposite Ban-

don Dunes on the resort scale. Luxurious and service-centric, the Boulders entices visitors with such a full slate of activity options, 36 holes would be considered a waste of a day. You play the North one day, the South the next – then you sit in the Jacuzzi or the Golden Door tea lounge debating which one you liked better. North and South both come in the color green that graces most golf magazine covers – well watered oases in the Arizona desert, with cacti serving as the same prickly deterrent to missing a fairway as Bandon Dunes’ glowing gorse. Here, the South Course has collected accolades from women’s golf pub-

Question Readers, would you be interested in participating in a women-only tournament at the Boulders or Bandon Dunes? Fire off an email and let us know what you’d have in mind – destination, how many days/nights, what format, price range – and we’ll start making plans.

continues GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 33


34 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

travel Luxurious and service-centric, the Boulders entices visitors with such a full slate of activity options, 36 holes would be considered a waste of a day. You play the North one day, the South the next – then you sit in the Jacuzzi or the Golden Door tea lounge debating which one you liked better. lications, but the pristine peace and clarity of an early morning round on the North Course after a rainy night won my heart. Both courses have three tee options under 6,000 yards, so women of different lengths can find a comfort zone – with lay of the land provided by the cart’s efficient GPS system. And the staff makes a point of welcoming women; the starter, astutely observing that though I was the female I was still the host, actually directed his questions to me rather than my very male guest. What else pleases us, my fellow GottaGoGolf women? It’s not all on the golf course. HUGE bathrooms, big tubs, romantic casitas (with remodels on the drawing board), lotions and potions right atop the sink instead of hidden in drawers, hiking trails, swimming pool, and did I mention the foodie factor? A leisurely dinner at the exquisitely serene and seasonal Latilla cannot be rushed, even if you already know you want the pistachio encrusted swordfish – and a woman can dine here alone without turning heads. Just try that at Bandon Dunes’ leathered and darkpaneled McKee’s Pub. Of course, on the plus side for our man-loving readers, a single, golf-impassioned woman, looking or not, is sure to find soulmate candidates. And a deli-

“Women want to do something else,” said Craig Allen, a Boston dentist who suspected his wife would be somewhat bored at Bandon. “They want a spa, they want shopping, they want something else to do.” cious plate of pasta as well. Couples populate the dining rooms at the Boulders, where other options include a fine dining steak restaurant, the casual Bogey’s at the clubhouse, and breakfast-lunch options including the spa café. At the spa cafe,

the flavors of such treats as Blue Crab and Mango Gazpacho belie the healthfulness of the cuisine, and even the resort’s non-spa menus designate a few spa-healthy options.

story continues GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 35



At Bandon in Oregon, the golf courses bear the colors of their setting – the usual wellwatered emerald green replaced by shades of gold, brown and even lime. Feeling guilty about the fine dining calories? Take a hike or bike the trails, play some tennis or work out. And the very luxurious Golden Door spa calls all aches and pains for pampering. Bandon Dunes has trails too, and a sweet labyrinth tucked away in the trees. Not that 36 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

anyone feels like taking a walk after walking 36 holes – the required way to navigate these courses. Golf carts are reserved for medical exemptions and I didn’t see one in my five days on the property. Ground was broken on a spa a couple of years ago, and then a quadruple bogey econ-

omy caused owner Mike Keiser to edit the spa down to a likely fitness facility someday – succeeding the current, basement room housing a few treadmills not far from the cigar bar. Yet Keiser still found the funds for a fourth golf course, Old MacDonald, which opened in May to raves from the traditional golf media. Golf at Bandon can feel exhilarating when the sun beams warmly, the gorse blossoms gold and the breeze wafts off the Pacific; Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes (my first and probably forever favorite) wander along the ocean’s edge, and the new course offers sea views as well. Bandon Trails provides some refuge from the coastal elements but offsets that with the challenge of hills. Unlike at the Boulders, the golf courses here bear the colors of their setting – the magazine-cover green replaced by shades of gold, brown and even lime. Because they fit into the land so seamlessly at times, they’re also impossible to navigate without a caddy the first time; don’t even consider forgoing the expense to haul your own bag. Remember, however, that the caddie is useless if you don’t pay her mind; she knows much better than you where Bandon’s penal bunkers


hide. Lodgings were created for men – “avid golfers” being the code words used by the resort – in twos and fours, and tournament groups constantly flow in and out. How many are women’s groups? “Oh, about point-nine percent,” Bandon’s special events manager, Todd Kloster, said with a wink. “Actually we just had a group of women from the Olympic Club. This isn’t a place for men or for women, it’s a place for golfers.” If 90 percent of Bandon Dunes’ guests are men, does that mean we’re not golfers? The golf courses and the setting blew me away, as I know they would many of my women friends. I still didn’t want to play more than 18 holes in a day. And I would not happily play even that first 18 with rain falling sideways in sheets, as many do. “Women want to do something else,” said Craig Allen, a Boston dentist who suspected his wife would be somewhat bored at Bandon. “They want a spa, they want shopping, they want something else to do.” On my last day at Bandon I came across a guest services supervisor who had been a human resources staffer at the Boulders until two years ago. Soraya Johnson – yes, a

At Boulders in Arizona, the fairways and greens look like lush, clean carpeting rolled out across the middle of the desert landscape of cacti and rock formations. woman, among many others on the extremely friendly Bandon staff – describes the two places as “apples and oranges.” “Bandon Dunes is completely different from anyplace I’ve ever golfed,” she said. “This is links golf. Boulders is country club

golf. But I think the Boulders cultivates its women-friendly spirit, while Bandon Dunes can be intimidating, I think. Ladies will read that it’s walking only, all golf, no spas, all

story continues GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 37


travel: The details By Susan Fornoff

Scottsdale, Arizona (888) 579-2631



How to get there

Fly into Phoenix and then drive or take a shuttle ($35) to the resort, about 40 minutes away.

Fly into Portland or San Francisco and connect to the North Bend airport, and then drive or take a shuttle ($69) to the resort, about 30 minutes away.

The courses

North, South

Bandon Dunes, Bandon Trails, Pacific Dunes, Old MacDonald

Getting around

Staff in golf carts pick you up at your casita, or you can walk to the Lobby and catch a shuttle from there to the courses.

Shuttle bus

Getting around the courses

Everyone rides carts with GPS.

Everyone walks, most take a caddie.


Latilla (Southwest-inspired fine dining), Palo Verde (breakfast/lunch), Bogey’s at the Club (casual fare), Rusty’s Chophouse (steaks/fine dining), Golden Door Spa Café (creative & healthy)

The Gallery (seasonal and local specialties), McKee’s Pub (hearty meals), Pacific Grill (seafood specialties), Trail’s End (lunch at Bandon Trails course), Tufted Puffin Lounge (bar food)

What to do after golf

Have a massage or a meal. Take a hike. Cool off in the air-conditioned room.

Play more golf


Discovery Lounge for cocktails, piano, views.

Bunker Bar for pool, cigars, scotch.

38 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Source: The Boulders Resort and Bandon Dunes

PHOTO / The Boulders



PHOTO / bandon dunes

Bandon, Oregon (888) 345-6008



The vibe

Sophisticated and active.

Sporty and all about the next tee time.

Peak Season

November through April

May through October

Peak Season Weather

Sunny and warm, sometimes rainy and cooler.

Sunny and breezy, sometimes cool.

Peak Season Rates

Starting at $679 for a luxurious room for two with a golf round for each.

$220 a round; $300 and up for pretty basic double rooms.

Peak Season Must-haves

Swimsuit for post-round hot tub. Resort attire for dinner. Windbreaker, just in case. Lots of room on the credit card.

Second pair of golf shoes for afternoon round. Warm sweater for evening. Layers of golf attire. Lots of room on the credit card

Value Season


Nov. 20 through February

Value Season Weather

Hot and hotter. But as they say, it’s a dry heat.

Rainy and windy. Unless it’s beautiful.

Value Season Rates

Free round of golf plus $35 per player cart fee (and, you wouldn’t want to walk in 110 degrees) with a room at $119 and up.

$75-90 a round, $140 night and up for double rooms.

Value Season Must-haves

A light suitcase packed with all that’s breathable and skimpy. Sunglasses. Sun screen.

Rain gear, waterproof shoes, umbrella, warm beanie or earmuffs – and sunglasses for the optimist. GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 39


guys, and they think it’s not for everybody, maybe it’s not for me.” I thought the Boulders and Bandon Dunes were both for me. What no doubt would make a difference to many women golfers is that the former agrees that it’s for them, and latter does not. Which kind of gives me a fantasy of filling the entire Bandon Dunes property for a weekend with women who all leave comment cards behind. Anyone in? 40 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf



A picturesque, hidden labyrinth, above, stands as one of the few nongolf diversions at Bandon Dunes. Visitors at the Boulders have to schedule carefully to make time for the pool, the spa, the hiking and gourmet meals, including dinner at Latilla, left. GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 41



Find fairways in fair weather at fair prices By Karen Misuraca

The arrival of winter brings cold weather and snow to some parts of North America, cold weather and rain to other parts of North America, and the best weather of the entire year to these golf destinations -- which The TPC Scottsdale partners with the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess for a getaway that mixes a variety of programs and treatments that optimize golf fitness. add to their allure with some special packages this time of year.

A “Golf Fit” getaway in Scottsdale The deal: In one long day you can kick your golf game up a notch, learn about healthy eating, get a personalized workout regimen, sink into a blissful spa for hours, and sleep like a baby in a luxurious guest room at the 5-diamond-rated Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. Partnering with the legendary TPC Scottsdale, which is adjacent 42 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

to the resort, the Fairmont has created a dream day for golfers who aspire to greatness: the “Golf Fit” package. During this multi-faceted, holistic, individualized program, a Willow Stream Spa personal trainer works with each golfer to access her balance, agility and core strength, suggesting and demonstrating stretches and exercises to improve shoulder and torso rotation, hamstring flexibility and lower back strength, all on basic equipment that can be found at the golfer’s home fitness

club. Included in the package, the Willow Stream Golf Performance Massage was developed in conjunction with the world’s top golf instructor, David Leadbetter, and PGA golf pro Charles Howell III, combining massage, stretching and acupressure to improve performance and avoid injury. The Golf Fit package, through December 31, 2010, from $496 single, $853 double: > Luxury Fairmont accommodations > 30-minute fitness session with a Willow


DEALS: Travel Stream Spa personal trainer > 30-minute golf instruction with a TPC Scottsdale teaching pro > A round of golf per person on the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course or Champions Course > “Golf Fit” lunch at The Grill at TPC > Free day-long access to the Fairmont Willow Stream Spa (steam, sauna, inhalation room, hot & cold plunge, fitness classes, rooftop pool). > 60-minute Willow Stream Golf Performance Massage The golf: TPC Scottsdale comprises the Weiskopf and Morrish-created Stadium and Champions courses. Designed expressly as the stage for the PGA TOUR’s WM Phoenix Open, which draws the largest golf tournament spectator crowds in the world, the 7,216- yard Stadium Course is rampant with fairway-lining mounds and more than 70 bunkers, some 7 feet deep. Add to this a halfdozen water hazards, towering saguaro cacti and mesquite trees, what seems like endless desert scrub, and multi-tiered Bermuda grass greens, and you have some of the toughest holes on the tour. End up anywhere but on the landing zones and you’re lunchmeat. You get a break on the kinder, gentler Champions Course, a shorter, less demanding and quite pretty resort course. > To reserve your Golf Fit vacation, call (866) 540-4495 or visit

Run away to Florida this winter The deal: Under sunny Florida skies through mid-January, the “Fall Escape and Play” package at PGA National Resort and Spa (in Palm Beach Gardens) promises allgolf-all-the time, if you’re up for it. You can golf your head off on 72 fairways, get free instruction at one of the world’s top academies and enjoy half-off cocktails at palmy watering holes around the resort.

The 379 guest rooms, suites and cottages are luxury-level retreats for a gang of girl golfers. Tucked away from the busy heart of the resort, two-bedroom, two-bath cottages have spacious living rooms, full kitchens, laundry rooms and outdoor terraces. A whopping 40,000-square-foot spa, 19 tennis courts and 9 swimming pools complete the picture. For news of package deals and highlights of

deals continues GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 43


Travel: Deals the resort, download the free PGA National Golf iPhone App, which comes with a live golf cam. Fall Escape and Play, through Jan. 12, 2011, from $199 per night per person: > Unlimited golf on The Palmer, The Squire, The Haig & The Estates courses > Complimentary golf clinic at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy > Access to the tournament-level practice facilities & unlimited practice balls > Daily breakfast > 2-for-1 one cocktails at the iBAR, The Bear Trap, Wave Bar & Grill, & the 19th Hole The golf: High handicappers love the absence of water hazard crossings and forced carries on Fazio-designed The Haig, and the wide fairways and dazzling vistas of The Palmer, which has undergone a recent complete renovation. Apres golf, tuckered players like to lounge in “Waters of the World” outdoor mineral pools, and sink into reviving spa treatments such as “Muscle Melt” – a warm herbal wrap followed by an aromatic rosemary massage. Home of the PGA TOUR Honda Classic, held on the Champion course, PGA National is the only place in the world with both a Dave Pelz Scoring Game School and a David Leadbetter Golf Academy, which anchor the new PGA National Golf Academy. > For information and reservations, call (800) 863-2819 or visit 44 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Whopping resort credit at Punta Mita The deals: On the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit stretch of the Pacific Coast is balmy and dry, year-round. Near Puerto Vallarta, the long-awaited second Jack Nicklausdesigned track––Bahia Golf Course––has opened at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita. Secluded from the tourist frenzy of Puerto Vallarta, the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita is plush, lush and private, with 135 guest rooms and 30 suites in low-rise buildings perched at the ocean’s edge along

pearly-pink beaches. White marble floors, HDTV, deep soaking tubs, ceiling fans and loungy furniture create a world that is hard to leave. Why leave? Your third night is free on the “Stay Longer” package. Until November 19, 2010, a $1,234 resort credit is offered for guests who stay four consecutive nights--and what golfer would think of leaving before playing the Bahia and the Pacifico, and the two spectacular new courses just up the road. Available into 2011 and starting at $615 per couple, the “Spa and Unlimited Golf Package” is also a great value at the Four Seasons, especially


TRAVeL: DEALS if your partner wants to partake of the Aputane Spa while you play golf: > Unlimited golf or one spa activity per person, per day > Daily breakfast for two > Free golf clinics & practice range privileges The golf: On a spear-shaped peninsula in Bahia de Banderas, among lakes and numerous water features, the 7,035-yard new beauty, the Bahia, has skinnier fairways, more bunkers and trickier greens than its celebrated sister course at the resort, the Pacifico Golf Course. With eight holes bordering the ocean, Pacifico is famous for the world’s only natural island green, “The Tail of the Whale”––whales are often visible offshore from December to April. Wide fairways and five sets of tees are defense against steady winds and narrow approaches, 96 sand bunkers and well-guarded greens. The Greg Norman-designed, 7,022 yard Litibu Golf Course & Club rolls up and down in dramatic elevation changes along the Pacific shore, while, just reopened, the Nayar Golf Course in Nuevo Vallarta has been entirely transformed by Jack Nicklaus Design. > For more about resort credits at Punta Mita, visit or call (800) 819-5053. Karen Misuraca writes about golf and travel at GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 45

Course review

Fab, fine or fizzling for women? Pebble Beach Golf Links 1919, Jack Neville and Douglas Grant Best known for its breathtakingly scenic U.S. Opens and the annual fun-filled February celebrity pro-am once called the Crosby, Pebble Beach tops the dream destination list of most golfers. Set alongside the precious town of Carmel, Calif., on Stillwater Cove, the course wanders inland among megamansions before heading to the coast for the fourth through 10th holes. It comes back to Ritzville for 11 through 16 and then finishes with two great coastal holes. A photo at the 7th tee and one at the 18th tee make it a day to remember. Many golfers schedule a special birthday here, or make a tee time as a reward for some achievement such as breaking 100. But we say if you haven’t broken 90 yet you might want to hold off on a Pebble Beach celebration. 46 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Course: Groomed as beautifully as any resort course, Pebble Beach nonetheless demands knowledge beyond that of the typical one-time dream player. There are tricks to success here – aim at a particular house on this hole, a particular tree on that, and whatever you do don’t go over the 14th green. The average woman player can find success by not finding trouble, especially on the coastal holes. The caddie will give you a line on No. 8, but many will still have to lay up to get a makeable carry over to the fairway of this intimidating par 4. As long as the crew has cut the fairways wide and long (unlike in a U.S. Open), the layout rewards decent ball striking, but once you reach the tiny greens, be ready to be confounded. Ambiance: Though it can be cold and windy any time, the setting is beautiful in fog or sun, and the rainy season is usually gone by April well into October. There’s not a real clubhouse here: the Lodge serves as that, and gloriously so, with the golfhistory-filled Tap Room supplying the GottaGoGolfer’s 19th hole. Otherwise playing Pebble doesn’t feel as luxurious as the



pressel at the 2010 evian masters / Photogolfer,

travel price – restrooms and turn are basic, service nothing special. And the long rounds – allot 5 ½ hours and hope you’re not overly optimistic – can disappoint those expecting golf as usual.

IN the suitcase

Value: For $495, one expects at least a golf cart. But unless you’re staying at the resort, it doesn’t come with the green fee. A caddie – recommended the first time around, if only to fill in the long waits with some history lessons – will cost another $75 plus tip. But, there’s only one Pebble Beach, and for that, we’ll pay.


Woman appeal: If we throw in all the amenities – the Lodge, the scenery, the shops, the Tap Room – we’d give Pebble Beach a Fab for Women label. But the elements, the rough and small greens make the golf course too hard for the no-better-than-average player, man or woman, to maneuver skillfully. Factor in the ridiculous price and pace, and we’ll settle for: Fine for Women.

– By Susan Fornoff

Email us at feedback@gottagogolf. com for information on how to have your golf course certified by the Women Welcome golf course consultation, evaluation and certification service.

Find a porter when Pressel comes to town aking the LPGA Tour is no easy task. Getting around from stop to stop, especially with a dozen tournaments in other countries, can be an even bigger learning curve. Just ask Morgan Pressel, who at 22 is in her fifth year on the pro circuit. “I haven’t really learned how to pack

light,” she said in an email interview from the Ricoh Women’s British Open. “Usually if it’s more than a week, I have two suitcases -- one large and one medium.... and they are heavy. Of course I always have my clubs, too. I pay plenty in overweight/extra baggage fees.” Pressel says she usually bring two weeks’ worth of golf clothes; enough workout clothes for one week; a couple pairs of jeans; tops, a few dresses, and undergarments; sneakers, flats and two pairs of heels; and of course a blow dryer and toiletries. While some pros preselect their outfits down to the day, not Pressel. The colors and styles she coordinates usually depend, she says, on “how I feel when I wake up in the morning.” Pressel, who became the youngest major winner in LPGA history when she won the 2007 Kraft Nabisco, may have as much electronic equipment as clubs. Asked what she brings, she said, “A ton.” That means her Blackberry, iPhone, a couple of iPods, an iPad, sometimes her computer, a camera and all the cords that go with them. If that isn’t enough to keep her occupied on the plane, she either buys the latest fashion magazines or a book – and always has the noise-canceling headphones in her carry-on. – By Lynn DeBruin

GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 47

19th Hole

Half in the bag Dear golf course: When’s the wine cart coming around? By Cheryl Stotler

19th Hole’s carefully calculated and tested conclusion: A half-bottle of wine, tucked into the golf bag or cart, fits the halfround of golf perfectly. Ideally teeing off after work, paying a super-twilight rate, we can enjoy a happy hour adult beverage light on calories (slimming, even, by the looks of those darned, chic French) and reputed to have some positive health benefits. He can summon the beer cart; alas, the mythical wine cart hasn’t even gassed up yet as golf courses persist in quenching the thirst of their men players and ignoring ours. What’s a golfing gal to do? Ignore the prohibitive signs at the course, be discreet, bring your own. The challenge, our test panel 48 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

discovered, will be finding your own. We paid a visit to some of our local mega-merchants for alcoholic beverages, and the little bottles were confined to spirits. A staffer told us his store stopped carrying half-bottles due to theft. Other stores carried half-bottles of dessert wines and some splits of bubbly, but not your typical, drink-on-course, still wine. Yet, the wineries we contacted all said, yes, we make our wines in half-bottles. One winery, Williamson, particularly prides itself on offering its wines by the half-bottle for precisely onehalf of the cost of the same wine by the full bottle, rather than the usual $1-$5 gouge by most. The half-bottles typically sell

Half-bottle Birdies Fit nicely in golf bag (and also some purses), in cup holder of golf cart even with some ice… keep the drive home legal … half as caloric as full bottle … reduce waste—no leftovers… no discourse on “red vs. white”—everybody can drink what they want.

out first! Single people, married folks with a spouse who prefers the other color, light drinkers, all know that any wine changes overnight when half is consumed and the rest is re-corked. And, get back to it the next day or try it on the plants.

Half-bottle Bogeys Some people might laugh at you … wine ages faster (too fast, some believe) … may cost more than half of the same wine in a full bottle … you won’t find one during your regular Saturday errands… sometimes it’s not enough… some backward states still don’t allow shipping of vino.

PHOTOs / Brand X Pictures / Getty Images; Simon Bond / Getty Images

Survey says, women think they don’t have enough time for golf, but nine holes is about right. Survey also says, men prefer beer and women prefer wine.

19th Hole

The winemakers also told us that half-bottles have a shorter shelf life than full bottles. Here’s why: There’s still that head of air inside the half-bottle, but its proportion here is bigger than it is in the full bottle. With a bigger air-to-liquid ratio, the wine ages faster. This is why wine-lovers covet magnums, where that ratio is smallest. (These, GottaGoGolf observed, would be ideal for our foursome -- but, we couldn’t find a golf bag or even cart that would accommodate a magnum.) Yet the half-bottle has made a full turnaround in the last few years, largely due to renowned chefs including Thomas Keller of French Laundry listing many half-bottles to accompany their multi-course “tasting menus.”

Where to shop As we note, it’s not easy to find half-bottles of wine. Even online, some sites offer only dessert wines, and some are unloading vintages that are old enough to call quality into question. If there’s something in particular you want, call the winery because often they do not even list half-bottles on their web sites.

At French Laundry, for instance, there may be seven or more courses – each suited to a different style of wine. Ordering a full bottle for two of wine that compliments one course but detracts from another might actually send the guest away disappointed in a dining experience that cost hundreds of dollars. Trends that start at such chichi restaurants tend to trickle down; many restaurants today have lots of half-bottles on their lists. With your local stores lacking in half-bottles to buy, this is a great place to start shopping.

If you see a favorite wine here by the half-bottle, call the winery and find out how you can get it. You may see some intriguing, unfamiliar wines on the restaurant list, because the half-bottle also has become quite popular in Europe, South America and Australia. That also means that here in the Merlot-ChardonnayWhite Zinfandel-happy U.S. of.A., shopping for unfamiliar varietals on web sites that carry still-prime half-bottles across the globe can uncover new favorites worthy of future fullbottle bucks.

Otherwise, we found a good selection at: Warning: Don’t be confused by the so-called glass mini-bottles some vintners have been selling for tasting parties and sending to high rollers. The 50ml minis hold about 1.7oz of wine. They won’t quench your thirst, even for nine holes and they only have a six-month shelf life.

WINE SCORECARD GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 49


Half in the bag GottaGoGolf Wine Scorecard Eagles Women (and lots of men) love everything produced by Rombauer Vineyards in St. Helena, Napa Valley. Our favorites: Rombauer Zinfandel (California) 2008, 375ml, $14.00 (60 percent Sierra Foothills and 40 percent Northern California.) Rich and jammy with big, wild-berry fruit flavors and soft tannins. So good it will make your toes curl! ­ ombauer Chardonnay (Carneros) R 2008, 375ml, $16.00 A classic Napa Valley Chardonnay. Loaded with exquisite tropical fruit; creamy and toasty with nice acidity and a bit of tartness on the finish.

50 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

Birdies Serious wines by Miner Family Vineyards. Delicious on their own and great with food: Miner Viognier (Simpson Vineyard) 2008, 375ml, $10.00 With a screw cap, so perfect for the golf course. True to the varietal, with intense stone fruit characteristics and bright tropical notes. Energize with a handful of nuts or a hunk of semi-soft cheese – a totally feminine wine. Miner “The Oracle” (Stagecoach Vineyard) 2006, 375ml, $45.00 (A Bordeaux-style blend, 50 percent Cabernet, 23 percent Cabernet Franc, 17 percent Merlot, 5 percent Malbec and 5 percent Petit Verdot.) Lush, ripe black fruit with a sexy mouthfeel and long finish – an elegant sipper.

PHOTOS / heatherdawn / panoramio; a. ferguson photography; mineratpressclub/eventbrite; Crocker Starr; Chateau Montelena

19th Hole

Par for the Course Try this yummy foursome to stretch your palate: Crocker Starr Sauvignon Blanc (Napa Valley) 2009, 375ml, $16.00 (Two vineyards, one in cooler Sourthern Napa Valley and the other in warmer St. Helena.) Fresh and citrusy with pear and peach flavors and a vanilla honey ending that lingers with a bit of minerality.

Chateau du Roett Rosé (Cotes de Provence) 2009, 375ml, $9.50 More honey notes inside the shapely bottle of this French Rosé, which has a stunning floral nose of rose and lilac. Dry yet juicy with vibrant strawberry, cream and a hint of spice. Medium acidity and the rich honey finish.

Qupe Chardonnay (Santa Maria Valley Bien Nacido Vineyard “Y” Block) 2008, 375ml, $12.00 Exotic and fruity with more toast and oak flavors than butter. Great balance, acidity and a nice tropical finish. Delicious and refreshing.

Chateau Montelena always has the current release Estate Cabernet Sauvignon in half bottles at the winery, and it’s worth the splurge. Our yardage book on the 2006 vintage: deep garnet red color in the glass, with complex notes of blackberry, clove, cinnamon and cocoa along with dried black currants; soft, supple and juicy with crisp acidity and fine tannins. At $67.50 for the 375ml format, it is priced exactly one-half of the 750ml bottle… only available by calling the winery.

SHOPPING CART GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 51


19th Hole

Shopping Cart 1

The Pulltap Corkscrew has become the favorite of professional waiters everywhere, because of the innovative two-step, double hinge. Foolproof, folding, pocket-sized, the “pull” on the Pulltaps is near vertical – no broken corks! Find them in wine shops and online starting at about $8.95.


The classiest and hardiest unbreakable wine glasses we found were made in a mold of grapes and foliage by Prodyne Enterprises. The sturdy plastic gave a clear view of the contents, making it a proper vessel for receiving the finest of our samples. Purchase a set of four online starting at $14.99 or individually sold in wine shops at about $3.99. 52 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

3 1. Pulltap Corkscrew

2. Unbreakable wine glasses by Prodyne Enterprises

3. Frosted plastic cups from Design Design.

4. Wine-chilling sleeves from VacuVin Innovations RapidIce.

The frosted plastic cups from Design Design enhance the wine drinker’s vocabulary; each has an imprinted adjective, such as Nutty, Mellow, Seductive. Not your classic wine glass, these are great for the golf cart and walking cart because they fit in the cup holder—$11.95 for eight.


Rapid wine-chilling sleeves really do work, and they’re not just for the white wine lover. We put the VacuVin Innovations RapidIce (available online starting at around $6) in the freezer overnight; it chilled a bottle of Pinot Gris in five minutes— and kept it cool for two hours in the golf bag. (Longer than that, you ask? We couldn’t wait.) To uncork your red at the optimum temperature, remove the sleeve, play the next hole, and pour. Cheryl Stotler is wine educator for the Napa Valley Wine Train. She lives in the wine capital of Calistoga, California.

PHOTOS /; Prodyne Enterprises; Design Design;

Of course you’re not going to chugalug right out of the bottle. This topic calls for doing some more shopping. We did—here are a few accessories we think a GottaGoGolfer’s gotta have, searchable online and in winethemed gift shops:

Chef’s treat

Bloody Mary Scallop Salsa from the Boulders Bogey’s, the casual restaurant in the Boulders clubhouse, underwent a recent remodel and menu faceleft. Chef de cuisine Marco Alvarez shared with us one of his new recipes, which he hopes members and guests will enjoy for their 19th hole; readers, we think you will enjoy preparing this before your round so it’s ready to enjoy as soon as you get home. Then you can pretend you’re at a fancy resort like the Boulders. A chilled and citrusy Sauvignon Blanc would go well—or, a vodka martini. —By Cheryl Stotler Bloody Mary Scallop Salsa For the Salsa: For the Scallops: 3 oz diced tomato 4 oz fresh bay scallops 2 oz diced red onion (or diver scallops medium dice) TT serrano chile finely diced 1 ½ oz lemon juice ½ tsp chopped cilantro 1 ½ oz lime juice ½ tsp green onion 1 tsp light soy sauce 2 oz lemon juice TT black pepper 2 oz vodka (alcohol cooked off) 4 oz bloody mary mix TT salt and pepper TT worcestershire Directions: Toss all ingredients for the salsa and let rest. In a small bowl combine lemon juice, lime juice, soy sauce and scallops, sprinkle with fresh cracked pepper and place in refrigerator for 45 min then add to salsa. Serve with tortilla chips or lavosh bread chips. GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 53

garb For all elements

Nike Bandons

Form-fitting looks make layering more fun and less fattening

And by the way, you will no doubt notice from the pictures, Kris is not a model. She is, in fact, a caddie at Bandon Dunes – and one who has earned an exStory and photographs by Susan Fornoff cellent reputation for reading the Most women can easily pull something out of the closet greens. GottaGoGolf promises that makes them feel cute and confident on a nice sunny all our models will be real golfday of golf. It’s not so easy when it’s kinda cool and cloudy, ers, so don’t be too hard on them if they don’t have their catwalk but could get warm if the sun comes out or frigid if the poses down.

wind comes up -- or wet if the rain comes down, which it did for the last 10 days and probably will again.

That nice, sunny day would be at Boulders (except maybe June through September, when the temperature soars beyond golf friendly). It might also be expected at Bandon Dunes June through early fall -- but the changeable “iffy” day can sprout any time of year. Bandon Dunes associate head

54 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

professional Amy Pendergast went into her shop and outfitted our model, 21-year-old Kris Valencia, in the latest survive-theelements gear for women golfers. Here, we show Kris dressed for the worst of days and best of days – and, yes, ironically, we photographed her on what the locals described as one of the 10 best days of the year on the Oregon Coast.

For better

“It’s all about layering,” Amy Pendergast said. “You start with a polyester compression layer, then add fleece, then something waterproof.” When most of us already feel we have 10 pounds too many, that sounds like mirror madness. But the manufacturers are making the most light-weight and sleek outerwear ever. Gone is the

bulky, band-at-the-waist pullover, replaced by a trim, fitted silhouette tapered at the waist. And the golfer’s version of the skier’s fattening down vest combines style and upper-body freedom of movement. “Vests are one of our biggest sellers,” Pendergast said. “The idea is core warmth that doesn’t restrict your arms.” That’s why they’re great for temperate coastal days that may have a bit of nip or breeze in the air – which is what Kris is dressed for in the photo on the next page. Her Capri pants from Adidas are a fashionable solution to maybe-warm, maybe-cool forecasts – and a great answer to stodgy country clubs still trying to tell women how many inches their shorts can go above the knee. If you’re worried about


white, this stretchy fabric was thick enough to conceal undergarments – yet, its CoolMax Pro Dry Plus properties allow for hot weather wear.

preserve its waterproof properties), but the key for keeping dry is seam sealing. It’s labor intensive, which is why these items are so expensive (Kris’ Nike StormFit Elite pants in the pictures on For worse the next page, for instance, reNow, say it’s really raining. tailed for $200). This does happen at Bandon You want a great umbrella and Dunes, and if you’ve gone to the rain gloves, and, especially, the trouble of finding your way to right head gear. We show Kris in this somewhat remote but treas- the golfer’s choice for a rainy day, ured golf destination, you are not the bucket hat in GoreTex. But going to go hide in the Bunker on the cold and rainy day, PendBar. ergast said, the trick is to put on a For those days, Pendergast baseball-style cap and then pull said, you want pants and jacket a beanie over the top down over that are guaranteed waterproof. the ears. The bill keeps rain out These will probably have Gore- of the eyes, and the double layertex in the fabric (tip: wash your ing keeps the head warm and dry. Goretex as seldom as possible to And if you’re the kind of GottaGoGolfer who thinks, even on the worst days, it’s all about the From head to toe shoes, don’t forget to check out (All prices manufacturers the men’s shelves (generally, two suggested retail) sizes lower than women’s sizes). Oakley sunglasses ($158) • That’s where we found the Nike • Adidas shirt ($70) Bandons Kris wears with her rain Polo Ralph Lauren • pants; they cover the ankles and water repellant vest ($230) offer an extra, zippered waterAdidas capri pants ($78) • proofing layer. She loved them. • Signature Natalie shoes more photos by Adidas ($132) GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 55



for all elements • Zero Restriction bucket hat in black Gore-Tex ($45) • Sun Mountain Rainflex jacket ($190) • Zero Restriction rain gloves ($24.95) • Nike Fit Storm waterproof pants ($200) • Nike Bandons, men’s ($155) • Scotty Cameron Kombi putter ($325). • Gellas Golf Shed Rain umbrella ($50).

more photos 56 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf


Kris is among the younger caddies at Bandon Dunes, but she reads greens like a veteran. SUN PROTECTION • Kris, 21, doesn’t usally wear a hat and we told her she might regret that at 41. She tried the one above from the Bandon shop, and a visor by Imperial ($22) left.

• On the job in Bandon’s latest caddie uniform,

from adidas Golf.

The shirt and vest come out from under the raingear: • Cutter + Buck zip shirt ($84) • Weather Tec Vest ($80) GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 57


OUR GAME: Your viewpoint

Man-up: If the ‘red tees’ fit his game, then he should play them and post

Cori Brett is a freelance golf and travel writer who lives in Scottsdale, Ariz. Visit with her at www.coribrett. com.

Real men play from the forward tees? Are you kidding? I still remember the ludicrous penalty men imposed if their tee shots didn’t make it past the forward tees: The next shot was to be played with a certain part of their anatomy exposed. But here in the 21st century, some trail-blazing golf courses actually rate the forward tees for men. Among them: Talking Stick Golf Club, an upscale daily fee facility in Scottsdale, Ariz., managed by Troon Golf. Going over the scorecard during a recent round, I was surprised to find that the forward tees were rated for men as well as women – on both the North and South Courses. Director of Golf Jeff Sorkness says the courses were to be re-rated this year, and he took the opportunity to request the forward tees be rated for men. But why? Sorkness explains that a group of Troon Cardholders, men ranging from 55 to 75 years of age, play regularly at Talking Stick from the forward tees. Without a rating, they couldn’t post their scores on the computer unless he did a conversion. Now they have their own rating. Obviously these players have figured out that golf is supposed to be fun, and playing from the appropriate tees for your game makes it

58 I october 2010 I GottaGoGolf

all the more enjoyable. As Sorkness says, “They’re comfortable with themselves.” Providing more playing options for players at every skill level certainly opens up the game to a wider range of players. Golf courses that initiate these changes retain the loyalty of regular players and attract new ones. Could it be the start of a trend? The highly visible and well-regarded Talking Stick can only hope so. It’s next door to the brand-new Talking Stick Resort, with 497 luxury guestrooms and a fancy casino to fill. Sorkness expects increased play from individual visitors in addition to tournaments already on the books for next year. If rating the forward tees draws new players, all the better for business. But how will men receive the idea of playing from “up there”? I spoke with Dennis McLean, a semiretired CPA from Walnut Creek, Calif., who freely admits, “I really should be playing from the forward tees.” McLean plays to a 22.8 handicap index, averaging two rounds a week plus several trips to the practice range. He also works as a marshal at Roddy Ranch Golf Club in Antioch, Calif. The forward tees look more attractive as older golfers experience diminished driving distance and


By Cori Brett

our game


Obviously these players have figured out that golf is supposed to be fun, and playing from the appropriate tees for your game makes it all the more enjoyable. As Sorkness says, “They’re comfortable with themselves.”

decreased club speed. Faced with a 160-yard carry over a lake, McLean says, “I can’t count on that shot.” Sometimes it’s not so much the difference in distance, but a more favorable placement of the forward tee. Depending on the angle at which it faces a water hazard, less water may come into play. Not only older golfers but players who have suffered injuries may prefer playing from the forward tees. If they’re men, the tees are probably not rated for them and they’re unable to post scores. However, if men and women play from the same tee box and it is rated for both, the tees are always rated easier for the men than women. For example, Talking Stick North Jade/forward tee is rated 64.9/113 for men and 70.2/116 for women. In a friendly match, men would still have to give women back several strokes. If both players hit the ball the same distance, why is the tee rated easier for men? Course rating evalu-

ations are complex, and many factors are taken into consideration. The fact that men are statistically stronger than women comes into it, as do many other measurements . Another innovation that makes courses more userfriendly to a wider range of players is the “ComboCourse,” which is a mix of tees created to provide an intermediate choice. The formidable Pete Dye Stadium Course at PGA West in La Quinta features a Men’s Combo (6,408 yards) and a Ladies’ Combo (5,400 yards). Talking Stick plans to implement a Jade/Gold combination in spring 2011 that would measure around 5,800 yards. Perhaps the current economy’s devastating effect on the golf industry is inspiring golf course operators to think of ways to attract more players. That can only be good for the game in the long run. As for the short run, the last word comes from McLean, who insists, “I’m not playing from the forward tees unless someone else in the foursome joins me, and I’m sure not telling you where I buy my skirts!” An archaic man-law may be fading away, but not without a fight. Have a great golf story? Share it. Send it to for use in a future issue. GottaGoGolf I october 2010 I 59

golfoscope By The Golf Goddess

October Aries (March 21—April 20)

Gemini (May 22—June 21)

Leo (July 23—Aug. 23)

Hey persistent girl, you might have a hard time keeping your mind on golf this month. There’s a lot going on in your house of spirits and the ball may hit the cart path and bounce backward instead of forward. Keep plugging away and expect it all to make sense later in the month, when you can expect your game to return.

Hey dichotomous girl, you might have trouble finding time for golf early in the month, when a trip or a promotion takes priority. Get golfing again with the girls as soon as you can – but be alert for cheating or sandbagging after Oct. 20, when Mercury moves into Scorpio with some hidden baggage. By the end of the month you could be tired – how about another golf getaway?

Hey roaring girl, try to get a round in with somebody who knows the game better than you do – you’ll be receptive to advice. And pay attention to the dynamics of your regular foursome because there may be some secret mystery hiding there. You may have to spend money at home this month, so hold off on that round at Pebble Beach.

Taurus (April 21—May 21) Hey hard-headed girl, open your mind to a fortune early this month – go high on your skins wagers! But don’t splurge on any fancy golf resorts later in the month, when accident and injury risk runs high and your golf cart could go off the cliff. On the plus side, you might be able to afford the body treatments in the spa afterward.

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Cancer (June 22—July 22) Hey soft-shelled girl, you may be feeling a little sensitive early this month and wondering what’s with all the self-doubt. So don’t be surprised to find yourself trying new putting grips the first week of the month, even though the one you had was serving you well enough. Make pleasant conversation about it on the golf course and you may find love!

Virgo (Aug. 24—Sept. 22) Hey pure girl, take a break from your regular golf gang before things get overheated and overly dramatic. Want to join a new golf gang with less drama and more game for 2011? Shop around now for a good deal to consider; chances are, you won’t be the only one. Just be sure not to break any promise you made for a life-long Saturday tee time commitment.


Libra (Sept. 23—Oct. 22)

Sagittarius (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

Aquarius (Jan. 21—Feb. 19)

Hey balanced girl, your relationship with the game may start to worry you this month. Is it healthy, you ask? Is it mutual? Is it, um, balanced? Am I crazy? Nah, that’s just Venus moving retrograde. Go beat some balls at the range when no one’s watching, it’ll be our secret. And be careful to play by the rules, or you just might get DQ’d. Take your two-shot penalty and move on.

Hey searcher girl, settle down already. Your calendar of social golf will be as full this month as you want to make it, and a nice long weekend getaway might be the way to start it all off. Just remember, stress isn’t really good for the golf swing – and, especially the second half of the month, be careful not to trip over gopher holes and sprinkler heads.

Hey water girl, with Mercury joining Saturn at the new moon, use the power of the intellect to plan an exciting itinerary for your next golf trip. Professionally, there may be some things going on behind closed doors you should know, especially after the Oct. 23 full moon – so maybe it’s a good time to take the boss out for 19 holes.

Capricorn (Dec. 22—Jan. 20)

Pisces (Feb. 20—March 20)

Hey purposeful girl, your business and love partnerships should be thriving – so maybe it’s a good time to play in a two-woman scramble or a member-guest. But tee off before the last week of the month, when those same partnerships may experience some upheaval and an unforeseen expense may keep you from buying that new driver you’ve been coveting.

Hey fish girl, while Jupiter and Uranus are linked up the next few months you can expect your golf game to go high, low, left and right, and sometimes maybe even give you an oddly great score. It’s a time of change, but also a time of learning. Think big and long – but go ahead and sign up for that short-game clinic you’ve been thinking about!

Scorpio (Oct. 23—Nov. 21) Hey enigmatic girl, your determination to master the game is apparent to everyone this month, and the scorecard might indicate that you have (on some days) succeeded. Be generous when companions ask you to share some of your secrets, and then sneak out for a solo round in the fall color late in the month, a sketchy time for relationships.

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