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APRIL 2021


Gotham Chandna Nicole Goesseringer Muj


Nicole Goesseringer Muj


Gotham Chandna


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Viktoria Bocharova

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Founder / President of XOFeminist Productions & Anteriya Films

Director, Screenwriter



CEO/Co-founder, MirrorWater Entertainment

Managing Director, Alien Films






Eva Lan

Director |

Ch Ro

CEO/C Mirror Enterta

a nska

| Screenwriter

hristina ose

Co-founder rWater ainment LLC

APRIL 2021

Eva Lanska is a London-based director and screenwriter. After graduating from the London Film Academy, Eva has focused on producing both documentary and fiction films. She has directed several award-winning films recognized throughout Europe and America. Across her films, Eva studies the concepts of acceptance and love in challenging circumstances. She poses pressing questions to direct her audience to reflect on the choices to be made, putting themselves in the shoes of her protagonists. Her previous film, Little French Fish, starring British actors Jonas Khan and Devora Wilde, draws attention to the global stigma against interracial marriages through

Christina Rose is an American-German director, producer, and screenwriter and is part of the new ‘Hollyworld Movement,’ bringing entertainment to the global world. She has worked in North America (USA, Canada), Europe (Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria), Africa (the famous Atlas Studios in Ouarzarzate), and Asia (India’s Bollywood). Together with her brother Michael, she co-founded MirrorWater Entertainment LLC (MWE). Prior to setting up a production company, Christina worked at such prestigious companies as Arad Productions (The Amazing Spiderman), Exclusive Media (Rush, Ides of March), in distribution at ZDF-Enterprises, where she has developed numerous projects with Michael Hirst

the relationship of an Orthodox Jewish woman and a Muslim man. In 2020, Little French Fish was selected by one of the world’s oldest and largest Jewish festivals, the Washington Jewish Film Festival. Her previous picture Okay, Mum, won Best Picture at the Los Angeles Film Festival and was selected for the Short Film Corner at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. During the pandemic, she launched MOTEK, a romantic short Web series that premiered on It’s A Short. The series has already received numerous awards and accolades. She recently announced her first feature I Am Not An Actress, inspired by the philosophy of Brigitte Bardot.

(Vikings) and William J. MacDonald (Rome). Most recently, she was an executive at the European network Sky, acquiring new projects for development. Since starting MWE, she has produced a number of documentaries and TV shows for the international market and is currently finishing her anticipated six-part documentary series Wonder Women where we meet young women leaders in underrepresented industries around the world who are redefining leadership for a better future. The series will premiere this summer at the 10th Anniversary of "Kat Kramer's Films That Change The World." The theme for this year's event is "Sheroes For Change."



Eil Tas

Manag Alien F

Anna Fishbeyn Founder and President | XOFeminist Productions and Anteriya Films Anna Fishbeyn is an award-winning star of stage and screen, a filmmaker, director, author and actress. She has a passion for the betterment of women in society and has shaped her work to drive gender equality. Her movie Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground, which she wrote, directed and starred in, will be released in theaters and on major streaming services this year. The pre-release version of the film screened to a packed house at the Cannes and Big Apple film festivals and was a finalist of the Sundance New Frontier Exhibition. Anna’s first play Sex in Mommyville premiered in New York City and was recommended by Bloomberg News, while CBS Radio pronounced her "a comic genius.” Her second play My Stubborn Tongue played off-Broadway at NYC’s New Ohio Theatre and went on tour to the West End in London at the Soho Theatre. Her solo cabaret show at the Metropolitan Room in NYC Anna on Fire and Uncensored was recommended


by CBS News New York, Jewish Week, and NiteLife NYC. Anna wrote and starred in the Web series Happy Hour Feminism, which won awards for leading actress, best screenplay, best web series, best short comedy, best musical parody, and has been selected at over 17 festivals. She directed and starred in Invisible Alice, a short musical film that won best musical at the Action on Film Festival in Las Vegas, best director at the International Film Festival Milan, and best actress and best director at the Moscow Independent Film Festival. Anna’s critically acclaimed first novel The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield earned her comparisons to Tolstoy, Austen and Nabokov, and is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Pre-production has begun on her next movie How To Seduce Your Dinner Guest, as well as two optioned pilots for television, the comedy Healthy Nuts and the drama Infidelity Club.

APRIL 2021

leen sca

ging Director | Films, Task Films

Eileen Tasca is managing director of Alien Films and Task Films, a production whose co-shareholder is legendary Polish film director, Jerzy Skolimowski. In 2015, she was executive producer of Skolimowski’s 11 Minutes that premiered at the 2015 Venice Film Festival. The film won top prize at the Lisbon Film Festival and was selected as Poland’s entry for foreign language film for the 2016 Academy Awards. In 2010, she co-financed Essential Killing, also directed by Skolimowski,

that garnered numerous awards at the Venice Film Festival. Working again with Skolimowski, she currently is executive producing the film Baltazar, a parable focused on the life of a simple donkey, set against the backdrop of today’s maddening reality. Previously, she worked in venture capital at Citicorp and as a journalist for Variety and several other trade publications. She is a member of the International Academy of the Television Arts and Sciences.

Award-winning British filmmaker Kate Rees Davies will moderate the hour-long panel. Kate is a prize-winning director with experience in narrative features, short film, music videos and commercials. Kate’s feature Altered Perception, starring Jon Huertas (Castle, This is Us), is currently streaming on Amazon and was nominated for a DGA Newcomers Award in 2019.

Kate Rees Davies

She directed six short films that were screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, several of which were picked up for distribution. Recently, she was the shadowing direcDirector, Producer | tor on Amazon’s Transparent where Moderator she was mentored by Jill Soloway. Kate has a few TV shows in development - an eight-part mini-series Director | Producer about the last six months of Marilyn Monroe’s life and a period dra-

ma based on the life of former slave Biddy Mason. Kate is the founder of the recently launched New Hollywood Collective, an inclusion initiative with workshops that give the members the tools to develop, finance, and produce short form and proof of concept content for next level success. To date, the participants’ films of the program have been accepted into ten major film festivals. Kate also teaches directing at UCLA and serves on the board of several organizations, including NAMIC So Cal. She is a strong advocate for creating more opportunities for women and underrepresented communities within the entertainment industry, and curated and moderated the 2017 AFM panel “The Future is Female,” featuring Geena Davis. 7


Contemporary Artist Carl Hopgood to Unveil Neon and Sound Public Art Sculpture Lost Hollywood in September

Circus of Books store, LA

Nicole Muj Managing Editor, IEM

Wales native, California-based artist Carl Hopgood, whose unique work includes neon, sculpture and video installations, will commission a new series of work titled Lost Hollywood. He is best known for his works Digital Taxidermy, film sculptures, and his solo show Arrivals Departures. 8

APRIL 2021

Carl Hopgood

Carl Hopgood's work

A multi-media public art piece combining sound and neon, the sculpture will immortalize the iconic bars, restaurants and gay establishments of West Hollywood, California, which closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The closures not only affected the business owners, but also their staffs, families and the local LGBTQIA+ community.

The Standard WEHO, Micky’s, Marix, Taste, and Rage are among the many iconic places that will be featured in the neon interactive installation. These West Hollywood institutions, favorites among the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrities were forced to close permanently due to the pandemic. These institutions may be gone, but their memories will remain alive thanks to the glowing light and amplified sound recalling stories and memories made at these places. The work will immortalize the shared lost history these landmarks represent.

“I would walk past the shuttered bars and restaurants in my area, and all I could see were chairs and tables stacked up in the window. It became a place I did not recognize. It was like a ghost town. I felt so helpless, but I knew there was something I could do to memorialize these iconic places,” comments Hopgood. Lost Hollywood will be the third neon installation commissioned by the artist. Two of his works Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places and My Heart Is Open were previously on display at the Maddox Gallery that also showcases the works of top Los Angeles artists, including Justin Bower, David Yarrow, RETNA, Lefty Out There, and Mr. Brainwash.

In September 2021, Lost Hollywood will be unveiled on the facade of Circus Of Books above Chi LaRue’s Circus store in West Hollywood, in the uber trendy part of Los Angeles that attracts tourists from all over the world - the perfect location for this interactive work. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched in support of the project.



In Conversation with David Beckham hosted by

Ben Winston set for April 13 Nicole Muj Managing Editor, IEM

Global sporting icon, football club owner, Goodwill Ambassador, entrepreneur and founder of production company Studio 99 David Beckham will be the keynote speaker of the 2021 Digital MIPTV, that will take place exclusively online from 12-16 April.

Michelle Obama with David Beckham


APRIL 2021

In his first in-depth television industry keynote, Beckham will talk about launching his own production company, his global ambitions for Studio 99, and current projects in production and development for a variety of global networks including A Whole New Ball Game, charting the contemporary history of the Premier League, World War Shoe, a documentary mini-series charting the untold story behind sports brands Adidas and Puma, and the upcoming definitive David Beckham biopic. In Conversation with David Beckham, hosted by award-winning Director and Producer Ben Winston, will take place on Tuesday, 13 April at 18.00 CEST, and will be available to watch until May 14. David Beckham OBE is one of the world’s most recognized personalities. After retiring from a football career that saw him play for over 20 years at some of the world’s most successful clubs, he has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, working strategically and creatively with many of the world’s leading brands. His independent brand management operation, DB Ventures, manages a number of partnerships including with Diageo, Adidas, Tudor and EA Sports in addition to overseeing investments such as Guild Esports plc. In 2018, he fulfilled a lifelong ambition to become an owner of a football club, an opportunity following his time playing for LA Galaxy, and Inter Miami CF began its first season in the MLS last year.

commercial studio and produces a wide range of both editorial and marketing content for global brand clients. David has also played a long-term role, as a Goodwill Ambassador, in helping UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, promote and protect the rights of the world’s most vulnerable children. In 2015, he launched the ground-breaking initiative 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund to protect millions of children around the world from danger. Over the 15 years David has worked with UNICEF, he has used his voice and influence to raise awareness and affect change. Ben Winston is a partner at Fulwell 73. He serves as Executive Producer of the Emmy Award-winning THE LATE LATE SHOW with James Corden” and is the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the Carpool Karaoke series for Apple Music, and Drop the Mic, for TBS. The nine-time Emmy winner was Executive Producer of this month’s Grammy Awards, and will produce and direct the Friends reunion later this year.

In 2019, David founded Studio 99 alongside longtime partners David Gardner and Nicola Howson. Studio 99 is a global production and content studio which focuses on documentary films, series and format development. The company is also a 11


market spotlight

Anna Fishbeyn

— on feminism, filmmaking and fishderas 12

APRIL 2021

Nicole Muj Managing Editor, IEM

Founder and president of XOFeminist Productions and Anteriya Films, Anna Fishbeyn is an award-winning star of stage and screen, a filmmaker, director, author and actress. She has a passion for the betterment of women in society and has shaped her work to drive gender equality. IEM had the chance to catch up with this quadruple threat prior to the market. Can you tell us about the projects that you would like to feature during MIPTV? Anna Fishbeyn: The release of Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground in the theaters and the production of Infidelity Club and Healthy Nuts for TV. What was the initial feedback received for Galaxy 360? AF: The response at the Cannes Film Festival was amazing and unexpected. There was a mad rush to finish the film for that preview, so I didn’t have time to promote it at Cannes. But at my first screening, there was a giant line stretching out into the hallway waiting to see my film - I didn’t realize it was my film until I asked the guy at the end of the line: “What are you here to see?” And he replied, “Galaxy 360 and we can’t get in. Do you know the director?” I said: “Don’t worry, I can get you in!” It was funny, but it was also quite incredible. It was later that we learned that people saw our poster and read the description of women ruling the world, and instantly wanted to see it.

Anna Fishbeyn

After the movie, there were amazing responses from the audience. One woman thanked me for making this film. Another woman said, “You are going to change the world.” A man asked me if I had a boyfriend while filming Galaxy and said: “I assume you didn’t, because what man could take it, you and eight other guys?” My character, Illumina, sexually harasses the top contestants in the pageant and this had a very fascinating effect on the men in the audience. When walking around Cannes people would scream across the Crossette, “There goes Galaxy 360!” People stopped me on the streets and took photos with me and wanted autographs. Fans remembered quotes from the movie and told me their favorites. Somehow, I ended up on the cover of The Wrap Magazine next to Antonio Banderas, and some of my friends at Cannes started calling us “Fishderas” which was especially funny since I had never met Antonio. It was an incredibly exciting time and an overall positive and affirming experience. →



There was such a positive impact on the audience from this early version of the movie that it makes me hopeful for the impact the film will have in its finished form, Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground. You direct, write, act in all mediums. Do you have a favorite “role"? AF: My favorite “role” is the magical intersection between directing and acting because it is the most challenging, and on some level the most satisfying. It forces me to fire on all cylinders - as the actor and creator, switching between roles and tapping into all of my multitasking abilities. It reminds me of the experience of living in two languages and two cultures, Russian and English, precisely because the process of directing is quite different from the visceral experience of acting. In acting, I must become someone else, submit to the role, engage my emotions, my intuitions, etc. Directing engages the part of my brain that is ruled by logic and storytelling: problem-solving, moving the plot, finding solutions, and understanding the actors. Seeing how the other actors interact with me informs the director in me, while the actor in me is informed by the vision of the director. And because I am also an actor with the other actors in the trenches, my vision as a director is better imparted, because I know the challenges in and out, in my own experience. In Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground gender roles are reversed. The male actors had to feel powerless to be convincingly ruled by the women, while the female actors needed to feel powerful to convincingly harass and abuse the men. The cast was incredibly talented and courageous and open, each performance was deeply personal, and the work we did together was transformative for all of us. 14

You are a self-described feminist. How do you feel the 1960s feminist movement has evolved since the heyday of Gloria Steinem? AF: We have definitely made progress. I am deeply grateful for the fact that Kamala Harris is our Vice President and that New Zealand and Germany have female leadership. It is also painfully obvious that we still have far to go. I feel that female leadership should be normal, natural, and men and women should share power and wealth, and yet we are constantly told to be grateful for every advance we make, for every successful woman, for every award nomination a woman receives in a field where men have dominated. We do not begin with the presumption of equality - we begin with the presumption of being less than as women. I’d like to see a world where we begin as equals, where women are not beholden to men for their advances, where we do not have to call on men to join us in our striving for equality but a world where men join us voluntarily, call themselves feminists voluntarily, where we don’t have to convince them or beg them or show them that we too can make money or that it’s profitable to hire women or support a woman’s business. Men should want women to be equal to them because it is just and right, because we have born oppression for no reason, because underneath the fabric of our inequality are ancient stereotypes that have no bearing to reality: concepts such as women being “less logical” or “less smart” or “less competent” than men. I’d like to see a world where men fight for this equality because they too see the absurdity of inequality, and because they empathize and have daughters,

APRIL 2021

I feel that female leadership should be normal, natural, and men and women should share power and wealth...

mothers, sisters, wives, and girlfriends, and just female friends. Women in 2021 should not still be earning less than men for the same work. When we look back, the 1960s should be a distant past, but the Equal Rights Amendment has still not been ratified. States are still trying to outlaw abortion. Most vitally, none of this should be seen in isolation from new developments, such as the rise in sex trafficking of women and young girls in the last two decades. The business of women trafficking should remind everyone that women continue to be enslaved in an industry that’s booming.

So, while willing to concede that we have made progress, that we continue to make progress, that women and men are finally beginning to embrace the word “feminism,” while a decade ago a self-described feminist was called “aggressive” and a “man-hater,” we continue to be lagging in many areas. We need movements, marches, amendments, legal changes, and public and social awareness of women’s issues so that one day we can live in a society where women don’t have to prove their worth - where our worth is already a given, just like men’s worth has been a given for centuries. →



Who were some of the most influential people in your life early on in your career? AF: Maureen Howard, a Professor at The Columbia University Writing Program, was my writing teacher. She believed in me and told me that I was a true original. It stayed with me, always. Austen Pendleton was my acting teacher at HB Studios, and he was extraordinarily supportive of my acting and writing, came to my shows, and always gave me awesome roles, which filled me with so much joy. Abigail Thomas, my writing teacher at the New School, always encouraged the comedienne in me, and encouraged my sense of humor. I wrote a short piece called The Philanderer for her class and ended up reading it at graduation to great laughter and applause, which became my earliest inkling that I loved performing. What's the best piece of advice you have ever received? AF: Don’t give up. Don’t pay attention to reviews. Just keep going, keep moving forward, keep being original. You do not have the luxury to be depressed. What would you advise a young female filmmaker who is just starting out today? If you are a female and a filmmaker, it is a tough terrain to navigate, so be prepared. Be prepared for the male dominated environment, be prepared to be put down and treated like a child, be prepared for the way you will be treated, and that treatment


might interfere with your confidence and ability to lead. Don’t let it! Learn everything, from writing to directing to acting to holding the boom to fixing sound to knowing the editing process. Always remember that it’s okay to not know things, to ask questions, to double check, but also remember to never feel like you are anything less than everyone else around you just because they have more experience. Remember who you are and your vision, and learn from everyone you can, and once you’re filled with all the knowledge, and even before that, dive in and take that chance. You will carry your knowledge in your soul like a badge of honor and armor against the naysayers. If you have chosen this path, know that it is a calling, a passion, a vision, and it is one of the most challenging careers in the world. Hold on to that passion, through all the bullshit. Then there are no limitations to what you can do.

APRIL 2021






M AY 1 5

The 3rd annual




A Star is Born Because stars are so far away, it takes years for their light to reach us…

Call My Agent!

Lena Basse Hollywood Foreign Press Association

If you are like me and do not speak any French, then you were frustratingly forced to wait for a long time for all four seasons of the hit French TV series Call My Agent!, now on Netflix. That’s right, 24 episodes of the crème de la crème French comedy about a Parisian talent agency. It’s become a sensation, especially among people in the entertainment industry who know precisely the significance of talent agencies in the production process. But the everyday functions of the agency 18

were not the only source of excitement and interest in the show. Rather, the agents’ complexities displayed through their personal stories and relationships with their clients are what makes the show so appealing. Instead of representing various social groups, the characters in this series first and foremost are real people. As a spectator, you feel connected with them through everything and embrace them for who they are. This is what makes the show so very special.

APRIL 2021

Camille Cottin

Grégory Montel, Camille Cottin and Assaad Bouab Camille Cottin with co-star Ophélia Kolb

While Ryan Murphy's Hollywood miniseries fantasizes an alternative history of a real homophobic past, Call My Agent's character Andréa Martel relates to the LGBTQ community in a refreshing and contemporary way. As one of the four partners at a Paris talent agency, Andréa became such a popular character that people began to copy her fashion and hairstyle while discovering the often-underrepresented lesbian experience. She doesn’t beat around the bush and her directness is very endearing. I’ll bet that even men can relate to her perspective about her attraction to women: “When I moved on from guys to girls, it was like graduating from a sandpit to a football pitch.” Andréa’s character is based on a real French agent Elisabeth Tanner, who represents Sophie Marceau, Cécile de France, Anouk Aimée, and Charlotte Rampling. Perhaps this is the secret as why her character seems so alive and flawlessly developed. Fanny Herrero, who created the show from Dominique Besnehard's idea, was clever enough to include many details from real life professionals in the entertainment industry.

The casting is just superb. Camille Cottin, a former English teacher who found fame only a couple of years ago, seems to be born to play the role of a perspicacious, direct, and mischievous young woman. Don’t forget that Andréa is a real movie lover with her own visions. She is fully committed to her work and ready to play therapist for her clients, even in the middle of the night if needed. Even though Cottin was seen in the second season of Killing Eve, since watching this series, I can't help to completely identify the actress with her character, Andréa. Her performance is captivating, feeling not only raw but also essential. This is why I am looking forward to watching Cottin in her next role, alongside Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, in Ridley Scott’s biopic Gucci. But first, watch all four seasons of Call My Agent! on Netflix in French with English subtitles. Who knows, maybe at the end you will be able to express your feelings in French. And as a cherry on top in every episode you will meet at least one French famous actor or actress per episode, including Juliette Binoche, Jean Dujardin, Monica Bellucci, Fabrice Luchini and Isabelle Huppert… who are only human after all. 19


Mother's Day Gift Guide Celebrating the Special Ladies in our Lives on Mother’s Day 2021 Nicole Muj Managing Editor, IEM

As things start to open up, we still must be mindful and celebrate the most important people in our lives - our moms, of course! Mother’s Day will be extra special this year, with possible in person visits and special gifts to honor all of the wonderful women in our lives. Following are some of IEM’s top picks.



To create an inviting home space, an alpaca blanket made in Peru, part of the Soul Collection by BIG LOViE, is the perfect addition. Sweet soulful messages are imprinted on every label and for every blanket purchased, one is donated to a child in need.

SoClean Air Purifier


For the next Zoom call, CameraReady Lighting LiteBars, sleek, lightweight and portable HALO lights created by EMMY® nominated lighting designer Christien Method are a must. Affordable professional lighting with no filters needed. *Receive 15% off from April 25-May 9, just in time for Mother’s Day.

On the health and wellness side, one of the most thoughtful gifts of the year is the SoClean Air Purifier, a portable, stylish air purifier that is 3,000 times more effective than HEPA standards, and kills 99.99999% of airborne viruses and bacteria. So practical that it even can be placed in the car’s backseat and is perfect for those moms with pets and seasonal allergies.

Continues 21


APRIL 2021




A new brand on the scene is Los Angeles-based Charlot, founded by a brother and sister team who wanted to create fragrances that bring cinema to life. The duo has created a line of all-natural, coconut soy wax candles with signature scents First Class, Moroccan Lounge, Paris Apartment and Roman Hot Spring, uniquely cinematic scents that will transport you, just like a great movie does. *Use the code MOTHERSDAY for 30% off and free shipping on all orders.

philosophy amazing grace gift set

Iconic brand philosophy has created some special kits for the special day. My pick is philosophy amazing grace gift set that features the best-selling, feminine floral fragrance and includes eau de toilette spray, shower gel, and body emulsion. Every philosophy purchase, including the Mother’s Day gift sets, contributes to the hope & grace initiative, with funding to support community-based programs focused on mental health and well-being for women and families.

While we have spent much of the last year in our comfy clothing, things are slowly beginning to get back to normal. Help mom prepare by gifting her some of the most stylish new fashion and accessory finds around. 22


A beautiful jewelry piece by Diamond Nexus, featuring The Nexus Diamond™ is sure to make you the family favorite. The lab-created diamond simulant most closely imitates the look, weight, and wear of a perfect diamond, but costs significantly less. The Infinitely Bound Round Cut Bracelet in 14K rose gold is dazzling.


Gold leather clogs made in Portugal by AZZUL are uber comfortable and very stylish. An iconic footwear choice of the Portuguese people for centuries has been reinterpreted to feature the classic silhouette with a modern flair and a nod to the country’s history and culture.

Pop Bag USA’s limited edition Jonny Detiger Mini Bag is very apropos for the next cocktail soirée. The edgy mini is made in Italy of Saffiano leather with a crosshatch finish, paired with a gold-chain.

Continues 23


APRIL 2021




Direct from the United Kingdom, Ali-son Van Der Lande’s gorgeous cashmere Swarovski crystal wraps are the perfect gift for your favorite lady. A stunning new take on the classic pashmina.


The latest in sunglasses should be on this summer’s shopping list. One of my favorite styles is Nellie by Draper James, part of the “Back to Classics” signature collection featuring beautiful colorations, custom prints and mother of pearl.


Now on to food and drink! If we can’t take our moms to Napoli, let’s bring Italy their homes with Talia di Napoli, the authentic Neapolitan Pizza shipped directly from Naples to the United States. Talia uses top-quality local ingredients to ensure the premium and flavor of the pizzas. All ingredients, including cheese, tomatoes, and even water, all are from Southern Italy with no preservatives, additives, or GMOs, with gluten-free options. What best to pair with pizza? Bubbly, of course.



Champagne Pommery, the legendary brand founded by Madame Pommery in the late 1850s, has many rosé champagne options, including Pommery Pink Pop Rosé and Champagne Pommery Brut Royal Rosé. In 2020, they also launched Louis Pommery Brut Rosé, a sparkling rosé wine made with California grapes.


And of course, we must not forget the amazing rosé wines from the South of France by Château de Berne and Ultimate Provence, made by star winemaker Alexis Cornu.

Cheers to Mom! 25


APRIL 2021


Programmi Spotlig MIP Galaxy 360: A Woman's Playground

NEW PRODUCTIONS  Anteriya Films  GALAXY 360: A Woman’s Playground (English, feature film, 118 minutes) Women rule the world, men dream of getting married, and you’re invited to attend Victor’s Angels Mr. World Beauty Pageant, the most watched reality TV show of the future! This is a comic SciFi satire with a great message! Set in the year 2195, all gender stereotypes are reversed, and men are treated as objects and playthings, under the wealth and power of women. The pageant features The Great Media Personality Illumina, who whips the men into shape through drama, tears and insecurities, as they dream of winning the Golden Phallickorn Crown - a prize that will raise the men's social and economic status. Directed by, written by and starring Anna Fishbeyn. 26

 MirrorWater Entertainment  Wonder Women (English, documentary

series, 6 x 50’) Series that focuses on women working in underrepresented jobs as we intend to seek out women whose presence is 15% or less in their respective career fields. Our journey will take us around the world as we follow these women who are paving the way in their own right. But this is not about the brave pioneers who forged the initial paths; instead, we choose to look at women who are working in fields that have little female representation. We will witness their daily struggles, the obstacles they must overcome, and take part in their success stories as we immerse ourselves into their lives.

APRIL 2021

ing ght TV

Wonder Women

 InGenius (English, documentary series, 6 x 30’)

Docu-series that explores the spirit of innovation with storyteller and adventurer Lani Evans. In every episode, we peer into the conditions that inspire common people to invent extraordinary solutions to the challenges of everyday life.  Men of Bronze (English, limited TV series,


10 x 60') Against the backdrop of World War I, African American ragtime jazz musician James Reese Europe and the men of the 369th Infantry Regiment fight a war on two fronts as they battle for freedom against Germany and for racial equality back home.  USATV Productions  Nova Vita (English, TV series, 10 x 60’)

Nova Vita

The story of two men, best friends Mark Davis (Jared Farid Ward) and Carter Hayes (Micah Hauptman), who work in the cryptocurrency business and find themselves in legal trouble. The only way to escape the consequences is to fake their own deaths with the help of a company Nova Vitanamed Nova Vita that helps billionaires to stage their deaths and create their new identities, appearances and lives. However, their families are torn apart and the FBI becomes involved. For these men, is this a new life or a new hell? Stars Stephen Baldwin, Thomas Beaudoin, Reed Birney, Jonathan Camp, Raymond Cruz, Michel Gill, Micah Hauptman, Robert Knepper, Marci Miller, Dean Norris, Jenny Shakeshaft, Jared Farid Ward and Titus Welliver. Directed by top commercial and music video director Santiago Salviche.



 Formats


Part of iFORMATS’ annual Wisdom in China showcases some of the original formats presented at MIPTV this year, including:

 By Eva Lanska

 Wonder Agency is a show that keeps pace with the times. Created against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the show utilizes the most advanced technologies and focuses on how the business could survive or even prosper in the post-pandemic era. Content-making stereotypes are broken as entertainment, e-commerce and business development are combined in one single reality show.  Shine! Super Brothers invite 21 talented male artists from different fields to compete in singing and dancing, doing tricks that have never been shown before. These artists will at last form a seven people pop male group and start their careers.

 I Am Not An Actress (feature film) New feature drama inspired by the public life and animal rights advocacy of French personality and activist Brigitte Bardot.  MOTEK (Webseries) Music teacher David (Max Katz), who was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, is a bohemian living in London. He falls in love with his new student Evelyn (Ellinor Persdotter), a Swedish aristocrat who has just moved to the city. Engaged since childhood, she understands that this relationship has no future. David realizes that Evelyn has a secret and hopes to discover what she’s hiding. But he has a secret as well.

 Action! is a simulation of the real marketplace where actors and actresses, famous or not, will have to start their acting career from scratch and earn a place solely based on their acting skills. Classic movie clips are selected by four famous directors for remakes. These actors and actresses have to make breakthroughs and sacrifices to stay on the stage and fight for the honor of “Best Actor or Actress.” I Am Not An Actress


APRIL 2021

 PoorHouse International (Sales Agent)  The Rocking Baritone (Russian, English, French w English subtitles, documentary, 86 minutes) This documentary film about Russian opera singer Evgeny Nikitin is in the final stages of completion. One of the most prominent lyrical singers launched by Russia’s Mariinsky Theatre in the past twenty years, Nikitin is a world-renowned bass-baritone who is acclaimed for his Wagnerian roles. In addition, he is also a heavy-metal rock musician. Directed by Bertrand Normand and filmed over the course of six years, the film will both explore what it means to be an opera singer today and offer an intimate account of the singular personality and journey of this exceptional artist. Baltazar


 Alien Films  Baltazar (working title) (feature film, in pre-production) By director Jerzy Skolimowski, Baltazar is a parable focused on the life of a simple donkey, set against the backdrop of today’s maddening reality. As the donkey passes from one owner to another, and travels from country to country, a full spectrum of human behavior, as well as society’s morals and ethics, will come out in full display. The Rocking Baritone


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