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MARCH / april 2009

02 // Gospel Pages

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Gospel Pages // 03

EDITOR’S NOTE Volume 1, Issue 3 March / aPRIL 2009 Founder: Walter Brooks Senior Writer: Pete Gour Staff Writer: Keyatta Brooks ART DIRECTOR: Jimmy Taylor NEWSTAND DISTRIBUTION: Headliners CIRCULATION: Dorcel Brooks ADVERTISING SALES: Porcha Brooks PUBLISHED BY: Brooks Publications, Inc.

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This is our third issue. We went to twelve pages, then twentyfour and now we are at forty-eight. We are building and we are building fast. The support we’ve gotten from the community is unbelievable. So sit back, relax and enjoy our latest issue. 04 // Gospel Pages

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Editor-in-Chief Walter Brooks

contents 06 // KINSTON: CLASSROOM TO THE WORLD Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon is a Lenoir County native who has achieved pretty much everything there is to achieve in the world of academia.

12 // wHO IS JOE PEELE? A 17-year miltary veteran and an astute businessman. The 45-year-old mechanic is the owner/operator of Rick’s Tires II on North Queen Street, Kinston.

16 // CD Reviews Five BlindBoys of Alabama, Hezekiah Walker, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Steven Curtis Chapman, Shane and Shane

20 // The Word Is... Bobby Brown Expecting Fifth Child, Kimora and Her Kiddies, Cece Winans in recovery after under going emergency surgery, Is TD Jakes going gay christian friendly, WOW Hits 2009 Certified Gold Soon After Release, Is The Oprah Winfrey Show going to be cancelled, Bishop TD Jakes’ Daughter Sarah gets married at the Potter’s House, T-Pain vs. Kirk Franklin

26 // mary mary: a history Mary Mary is a two-time Grammy winning gospel duo consisting of sisters Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell. Their newest album is called “The Sound”.

30 // What is the gate? Wanda Jordan is the Executive Director of The Gate in kinston.

33 // gUIDE TO GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE If you make purchases or subscribe to monthly recurring services, odds are customer service has become part of the fabric of your everyday life.

35 // LOOKING FOR A HAIR STYLIST? Five Tips to Creating a Great Client-Stylist Relationship.

36 // Fashion Trends A look at todays great fashion choices.

38 // SLIM & STREAMLINE YOUR BODY WITHOUT SURGERY A woman’s outlook on life and level of self-esteem often has a lot to do with the way she looks, says research.

42 // getting a gig in a bad economy With graduation fast approaching for many of the nation’s young people, the questionable economy is no doubt a concern for the hundreds of thousands of soon-to-be-minted grads about to enter the job market.

44 // River of Life Christian Center Youth Ministry Life Warriors is a powerful youth ministry that is equipping the teenagers to achieve their full potential by living a Godly lifestyle. w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel Pages // 05

06 // Gospel Pages

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KINSTON: Classroom

to the world Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon is a Lenoir County native who has achieved pretty much everything there is to achieve in the world of academia. by gospel Pages Delorge International Learning Systems was established C.H. Bynum Elementary. by Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon on June 19,1993 in Raleigh, North Carolina to supplement the educational needs of children “My parents were both life-long educators,” Jarmon said. and adults entering public and private K-12 schools, colleges, “They taught me the importance of education from an graduate schools, and adult professional education early age.” programs. Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre, A Division of DeLorge International Learning Systems, was ECEAC is a private, full-service educational consultant also established earlier in June 1988 by Dr. Jarmon who firm and a teacher/parent educational product store currently serves as executive director of the centre and Dean specializing in meeting the educational and career guidance needs of students, parents, of School of Continuing Professional “Students from all teachers, administrators, and the Studies at DeLorge International University Centre. He has served as over the country are general public. ECEAC is a division of a visiting adjunct Asst. Professor of currently enrolled in DeLorge International, which is also the home of DeLorge International University Education at North Carolina Central our online courses, Centre’s School of Professional Studies in University in Durham, North Carolina Whether a person lives Adult & Teacher Education, a licensed, and adjunct Associate Professor of Graduate Studies in Education with in Kinston, Maryland, corporate training and development consultant firm. Central Michigan University. or Denver, they can

take advantage of

ECEAC provides academic enrichment “I recived a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in our online service.” courses in order to enhance student education from the University of North success in core subject areas in grades Carolina at Chapel Hill; a Master’s of - Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon. 3-12. Our center serves as a full-service Science degree from North Carolina A. & T. State University; Educational Administration and supplemental education agency specializing in providing Supervision certification from East Carolina University,” research-based instruction in the areas of reading, Jarmon said. “I earned my doctorate in adult education with mathematics, writing, science, and Spanish instruction. concentrations in adult continuing professional education and school administration/supervision from North Carolina Students participating the ECEAC academic program are provided with a firm foundation review of the basic State University.” concepts in reading, math and writing in a small group Dr. Jarmon has served as a middle school classroom teacher, setting, generally no more than five students per teacher high school assistant principal, and elementary principal at and/or teacher assistant. Face to face and online class w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel Pages // 07

instruction will be taught and provided by either Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon or a designated, certified and/ or qualified faculty member for grades 3 - 8. Teachers and teacher assistants may work with students using a comprehensive, research-based curriculum implemented by Dr. Jarmon and his faculty. The curriculum includes motivating lessons that will enhance the student’s selfesteem as well as increasing student technology skills in order to compete with other 21st century students in our global society. ECEAC’s reading program focuses on enhancing a student’s understanding in improving and applying reading skills based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Various scope and sequence skills in reading instruction are taught by Dr. Jarmon and his faculty in order to increase student success in the areas of reading comprehension, vocabulary development, developing test taking strategies, and phonics development. These skills

08 // Gospel Pages

are heavily concentrated on by faculty in order to increase the chances of students succeeding on the North Carolina End of Grade

test. In regards to mathematics instruction, concepts taught and reviewed

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

during each session are also based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and supported by the National Council of

Teachers in Mathematics. The mathematics strands that our face to face and online program focuses on include understanding mathematics, computing mathematics, applying mathematics through problem solving, using reasoning skills to determine outcomes in problem solving and engaging students in performing at various levels of critical thinking. Additionally, ECEAC offers a wide variety of online education courses. “Students from all over the country are currently enrolled in our online courses,” Jarmon said. “Whether a person lives in Kinston, Maryland, or Denver, they can take advantage of our

online service.” The ED2GO course, for example, provides online continuing professional education programs and courses in teacher education, health education, personal enrichment, arts and sciences and social sciences disicplines. Jarmon said that his faith, along with his family, has helped to propel him through many of life’s challenges. “I’m very thankful for what God has blessed me with,” Jarmon said. Jarmon has also published several educational books and papers. In 2000, Jarmon wrote his thesis,

“Factors Associated with African-American Students’ Perception of the College Environment for Academic Success at a Predominately African-American University and a White University” at North Carolina State University. In 2002, “Improving Classroom Management Skills” was released by Pearson Custom Publishing . In 2004, Jarmon penned “Principles & Practices in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics (Parts I & II)” and “Introduction to the College Experience”. Eastern Carolina Educatinal Assistance Center & DeLorge International Learning Systems provide staff development opportunities for teachers, administrators,

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

non-certified & support personnel. Participants engage in intensive training sessions ranging from one day seminars to state agency mini-courses in various areas ranging from school board training to useful teacher education training certification sessions. “Most jobs that require certification also require that certification to be renewed every so often,” Jarmon said. “We provide several options for people that need to get a license or certificate updated.” For more information, call 1-888-698-4867.

Gospel Pages // 09


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Gospel Pages // 11

wHO IS jOE peeLE?

a 17-year miltary veteran and an astute businessman. The 45-year-old mechanic is the owner/operator of Rick’s Tires II on North Queen Street, Kinston. by gospel Pages “I started this garage in February of 2005,” Peele said. “A friend of mine started the first Rick’s in Goldsboro, and we decided to make it a franchise.” Peele said that the only thing that ties the two businesses together is the name. “We both have the same business philosophy, so it works out well,” Peele said. “He runs his place, and I run mine; they’re two separate entities.” A veteran of the Iraq war, Peele went into the military straight out of high school. While some people bypass college for financial reasons, Peele said that was not the reason for his decision. 12 // Gospel Pages

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“Don’t fear your dreams, follow them,” - Joe Peele

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Gospel Pages // 13

“From an early age, I knew that I wanted to be in the military,” Peele said. “I knew I would get an excellant education in the armed forces. I took a few courses at a local community college, but most of my early life and work experience was through the military.” While in the military, Peele was a member of the airborne field artillery unit. “Basically, we jumped out of airplanes to set up guns and so they could be fired at the enemy,” Peele said. In the beginning, Peele’s shop started out slow, but as time marched on his reputation as a good mechanic with fair prices started to spread. “I had some lean times at the onset, but gradually I started to accumulate some regular customers, and those customers would tell their friends, and so on,” Peele said. “We still get the occasional newcomer, but there is nothing like being the go-to guy for a set group of people. It’s good for business.”

14 // Gospel Pages

www. gos pel- pa g e s . c o m

Rick’s Tires II specializes in tires, vehicle inspections, brake work, and all sorts of small engine repair. “We can handle a wide array of repairs,” Peele said. While family and the military have been major influences on Peele’s life, he also cites his involvement in the church as being a motivating factor in his life. “Rev. Jimmy Mumford is a great man of God; he’s a very positive and inspirational man,” Peele said. “All of the people that attend Shady Grove Church have benefited from the words of wisdom that have eminated from that pulpit.” Peele is currently a member of two churches: Greater St. John’s and Easter Chapel in Goldsboro. When asked if he had any words of wisdom for young people that were thinking of opening their own business, Peele offered some very sage advice. “Don’t fear your dreams, follow them,” Peele said. Rick’s Tires II is located on 1300 N. Queen St., Kinston.



Five BlindBoys of Alabama Down In New Orleans

Since 1939, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama have stayed true to their original earthy sound and approach. Led by Jimmy Carter, whose voice has aged into an expressive, earthy delight, the Blind Boys take a New Orleans detour here, working with veteran New Orleans musicians like the legendary Allen Toussaint. The result has a joyous feel that reaches back into the long history of traditional Southern gospel even as it updates that tradition with some well-chosen material. The opener, “Free at Last,” swings in exactly the right way, emerging as a lightly funky reaffirmation of everything the Blind Boys have always stood for. Everything here has that tone and feel, even though the group tackles a wide variety of songs, including Earl King’s “Make a Better World,” a pair of songs associated with the great Mahalia Jackson, “If I Could Help Somebody” (featuring Toussaint on piano) and

16 // Gospel Pages

“How I Got Over,” the country standard “Across the Bridge,” and Curtis Mayfield’s “A Prayer.” ‘Down in New Orleans’ is a sheer delight, uplifting and full of a rare kind of joy. One could say welcome back Blind Boys of Alabama, but these guys have been doing this all along, and that they can deliver one of their best albums 70-some years into their career is nothing short of amazing. Better to burn out than fade away? Don’t tell these guys that. They’re a testament to the fact that you don’t need to do either of those things. You can instead just keep right on making great music.

Hezekiah Walker Love Is Live! If this wild, energetic Sunday morning tour de force from Brooklyn’s Love Fellowship Tabernacle doesn’t get you feeling spiritual (or at least a bit giddy), not much will. The arrangements of these mostly upbeat handclappers are unique in the way

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

they balance the men’s and women’s choirs for certain emotional emphases, but there are also standout solo performances by Denise Heyward (“You Have Been Right There”) and Kirvy Brown (“Lord Do It”). These songs all feature familiar upbeat themes about grace and redemption, but the power of these voices brings fresh emotion, which makes every word a unique revelation. Most gospel choir albums go from vocal to vocal, but any regular churchgoer knows sometimes the most musical fun comes from the band just riffing (organ in the crazy lead, of course). The title “Praise Break” sounds kind of quiet, but it’s a wild jam that blends rock and R&B/gospel in a swirling circus of sounds. A lot of gospel choir recordings sound the same, but this one stands out brilliantly from the pack with an energy that just doesn’t let up.

While Clark-Cole really puts her soul into this material, she aserts herself as a stylish songstress on the more urbanized selections, like the breathtaking “Yesterday”. Clark-Cole sounds hippest in songs like “Return” (featuring cousin J. Moss) and “It’s Okay” (a duet with niece Kierra “KiKi” Sheard), but the more modern context is never out of place, mainly because Clark-Cole knows how to seesaw between sacred and secular sensibilities — that’s was one of the trademarks of the Clark Sisters. That’s the reason Take It Back is ClarkCole’s best album yet: more so than any other outing from a solo Clark, it succeeds at knitting together all the eras of the renowned gospel family — past, present, and future — all on one disc.

Dorinda Clark-Cole

This Moment

Take It Back

Take It Back is Clark-Cole’s strongest effort thus far, perhaps because it was recorded entirely in the studio. The Clarks have a thing for cutting albums live, but their charismatic background sometimes gets the best of them, resulting in naturally over-the-top singing, but not so with Take It Back. The controlled environment of the studio keeps Clark-Cole contained, resulting in some pretty terrific church music.

Steven Curtis Chapman Steven Curtis Chapman has created another steller set of Christian pop tunes on his 17th studio album. You get the feeling that the man with the most Dove Awards in the history of the Gospel Music Association could write this stuff in his sleep. He’s that good, and the tunes are that well done. ‘This Moment’ finds him leaning in the same polished pop direction as his creative and popular Speechless era. It offers artists half his age a textbook for personable, polished, songwriting craft. You have a tender daddy-daughter tribute in “Cinderella,”

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel Pages // 17

an ode to mothers (“One Heartbeat at a Time”), a worship anthem (“With One Voice”), an introspective rocker (“Broken”), and power pop with traces of punk (“You Are Being Loved”). Each of these, of course, represents a “moment” to which the album refers collectively as the reasons we ought to celebrate life. He even took his own advice and made the 50-date Live in This Moment Tour a family affair. His two sons Will Franklin (drums) and Caleb (guitar) joined the band on the road. Without a doubt, the ease and confidence with which Chapman crafts his gems is his enduring legacy.

Shane and Shane Pages

Shane Barnard and Shane Everett had halt touring long enough to record their first studio album since 2004. The duo once maintained a prolific recording s c h e d u l e , releasing four albums in a little over two years. What’s unique about Shane and Shane is that they have a heavy college following. with ‘Pages’, the group seems to be inviting their college-aged fans to follow them into adulthood, as the songs show a maturity not shown on ther previous albums. Heavy touring followed, giving Barnard and Everett plenty of material for a new project but little time to lay it down in a studio. The duo doesn’t stray far from its tempered acoustic pop on Pages, though if anything Shane & Shane stretch their legs in the pop realm and rely less on straightforward worship. The exception, of course, is the first single, “We Love You Jesus.” Other tracks express earnest healing (“Over the Sun”), admission of personal shortcomings (“Beg”), and the repulsion of devilish thoughts (“Embracing Accusation”). There is little to distinguish this album from other worship projects out there, but that didn’t seem to stop Shane & Shane from attracting a massive collegiate following.

18 // Gospel Pages

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Gospel Pages // 19

the word is... Bobby Brown Expecting Fifth Child by US Magazine Bobby Brown and his girlfriend Alicia Etheridge are expecting a baby, his agent Ravi Dabiesingh confirms to Usmagazine. com. It will be the singer’s fifth child. “Yes, Bobby is expecting his fifth child from Alicia,” Dabiesingh tells Us. “There aren’t too many details out there right now, but we do know he is very excited, as Bobby is big on family. The sex of the baby is not known yet, and we can confirm she is four months along.” Brown started dating Etheridge in 2007. He split with Whitney Houston in 2006. They have one daughter, 15-yearold Bobbi Kristina. The “My Prerogative” singer has three children Bobby Brown and girlfriend Alicia Etheridge making a trip to Cedars Sinai in Beverly Hills, CA on February from other relationships: 2, 2009. Landon, LaPrincia and Us Magazine Bobby Jr.

It looks like Kimora Lee Simmons’ daughters Aoki Lee and Ming Lee have welcomed Djimon Hounsou into their family with open arms. Anthony Monterotti/

Kimora and Her Kiddies by brenda Expectant parents Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons took her daughters Ming Lee (9) and Aoki Lee (6) shopping at the Century City mall in Los Angeles the other day. Although the little girls are very close with their dad, hip hop mogul Russell Simmons, they seem to have taken a liking to their mom’s boyfriend Djimon. That’s a good thing since he’s going to be the father of their new baby brother or sister! (Rumor has it that Kimora is expecting a boy.)

The “Blood Diamond” star and his girlfriend Kimora are rumored to be having a baby boy. Anthony Monterotti/

When caught up with the “Life in the Fab Lane” star during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Simmons revealed that one of her pregnancy cravings has been pizza. “On the way to the [Barbie] show, I had to have a slice of pizza -- New York pizza,” she noted. “I think I’m going to have another one after the show, too.” And why not? She is eating for two these days! 20 // Gospel Pages

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Cece Winans in recovery after under going emergency surgery Los Angeles, CA - Famed gospel singer, CeCe Winans, was recently admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery. She’s currently recovering well, however doctors predict a long recovery period so we solicit your prayers for a complete and speedy work. Due to the aforementioned procedure, Winans will not be able to proceed with her highly anticipated Throne Room Tour and plans are to be back on the road in 2005 when the singer has rested and been released from doctor’s care. Although the second leg of the tour will not occur in the fall, as planned, fans can definitely look forward to seeing CeCe live in concert when her Throne Room DVD is released on Tuesday, September 14th. For those who were not able to attend one of Winans’ Throne Room concerts this will be a special treat, and for those who have already enjoyed the experience, can re-live the moment. Please remember to keep CeCe in your prayers!

Is TD Jakes going gay christian friendly? According to Soulforce press, he is indeed.

by On Sunday, May 18, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) families and their allies attended worship and met with staff and families from The Potter’s House, a 35,000-member multiracial, nondenominational megachurch in Dallas, Texas. Lead by Bishop T.D. Jakes, The Potter’s House is nationally recognized for its advocacy on social issues such as domestic violence, poverty, and HIV/AIDS. We commend the staff of The Potter’s House for the gracious manner in which they extended hospitality and respect for our visiting families. After the worship service and before a family mixer, Soulforce staff

and volunteers engaged four top leaders in Bishop Jakes’ administrative team during a private meeting focused on finding common ground. Jeff Lutes, Dr. Sylvia Rhue, Rev. Gil Caldwell, Rev. Linda Craig, and Rev. Troy Sanders participated in the meeting to represent Soulforce and our partnering organizations. Afterwards, Bishop Jakes (who was recovering from back surgery) called Jeff Lutes and expressed appreciation for the manner in which Soulforce had reached out to him for dialogue. Bishop Jakes agreed to Jeff’s request for ongoing conversations.

WOW Hits 2009 Certified Gold Soon After Release by The October 7, 2008 release of WOW Hits 2009 became RIAA certified gold for sales in excess of 250,000 units of the double-disc CD just weeks after its release. Well on its way to platinum status, WOW Hits 2009 continues to see a significant sales increase over the WOW Hits 2008 release, despite a declining market and all-time low in recorded music sales, further proving the strength and staying power of the WOW brand. The strong artist and song list, premium retail positioning, standout online presence and aggressive price-point have helped contribute to the success of WOW Hits 2009.

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Gospel Pages // 21

22 // Gospel Pages

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

In addition, WOW Gospel 2009 recently released on January 27, along with several other new WOW projects slated for release this year including WOW Essentials and WOW Gospel Essentials. Created through a partnership between EMI CMG, Provident Music Group, and Word Entertainment, the WOW Hits 2009 compilation is part of the multi-platinum WOW brand series. The marketing and distribution of WOW projects is shared among the companies, with Word leading efforts for WOW Hits 2009. For more information visit Word Entertainment, a Warner/Curb company, is comprised of Word Distribution, Word Music and Word Label Group’s Word Records, Fervent Records, Myrrh Records and Word Music Publishing. Leading the industry with over 58 years of music making history, Word Entertainment represents some of Christian entertainment’s top brands, including awardwinning artists Diamond Rio, Selah, BarlowGirl, Mark Schultz, Point Of Grace, Randy Travis, Natalie Grant, Aaron Shust, Big by Daddy Weave and Nicole C. Mullen, in addition to Big Idea’s Yesterday I watched the Entertainment successful VeggieTales video series. Tonight video of Bishop TD Jakes’ daughter, Sarah Jakes — now Sarah Henson – getting married at The Potter’s House.

Bishop TD Jakes’ Daughter Sarah Gets Married at the Potter’s House

Sarah Henson was so cute, looking just like Bishop TD Jakes and her mother, First Lady Serita Jakes, as Sarah talked about how Bishop TD Jakes picked out the wedding dress she wanted, plus the brides maids’ dresses and everything. Tyler Perry was there, as well as Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw and others. They showed First Lady Serita Jakes lighting the candles astride of the unity candle.

“Is The Oprah Winfrey Show Going To Be Cancelled?”

What an awesome looking wedding - I pray the best for Bishop TD Jakes’ daughter Sarah Henson, and his new son-in-law, Robert.


God continues to use Bishop TD and Serita Jakes mightily to change many lives for the better — including mine! Here’s that new book called Before You Do: Making Life Decisions (that) You Won’t Regret by Bishop Jakes.

It was previously made public that Oprah Winfrey partnered with Discovery Networks and is supposedly getting her own Network in 2009. The current Oprah Show has a syndication deal which exprires in 2011 and than is supposedly the time where both parties may go their own ways. This would lead to no more late afternoon Oprah programs on local TV. Oprah may not leave the show we all know and love but when 2011 comes she is getting her own network so If there are any Oprah fans out there you better subscribe to the O Network. w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel Pages // 23

24 // Gospel Pages

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T-Pain vs. Kirk Franklin

and gold/ I done mixed up silver and gold/ I’mma tryin’ to get drunk before this party/ Somebody’s gonna have to carry me home/ I done drank the silver and gold.”


While Pain’s following ate it up, non-secular-music kingpin Kirk Franklin had to put a call into the young singer. Franklin debuted the original “Silver and Gold” on his 1993 Kirk Franklin and the Family album. The gospel version goes: “Silver and gold/ Silver and gold/ I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold/ No fame or fortune/ Nor riches untold/ I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold.”

T-Pain is feelin the heat from switching up a gospel song into a song about Patrón “Silver and Gold”: Pain cut called “Silver and Gold” leaked to the Internet a few months back, with the Tallahassee, Florida, native singing about the effects of blending clear and colored Patrón tequila together for consumption. “You’ll be hanging, swanging, drinking two types of Patrón,” he sings. “I done mixed up silver

“It was never supposed to be on my album,” Pain said Tuesday in the MTV News office, wearing a purple top hat and matching shirt. “The record, it got leaked, then me and Kirk Franklin had to talk. He was doing most of the talking. He was saying it wasn’t no disrespect. He was saying he knows how songs get leaked. He had it happen to him before. He said he wasn’t a saint, and it wasn’t like he never did nothing wrong. It’s not like [Kirk] said I did something wrong. He said if I was gonna go with it, just change the melody. ‘You can still say silver and gold.’ He’s got a lot of people saying stuff to him: ‘How could you let T-Pain destroy a gospel song like that? How could let him talk about alcohol?’ I wasn’t even doing it for a mixtape or nothing. I was literally drinking and made a song. I was bored in the studio. There was nothing else to do. I made it into an alcoholic anthem, which wasn’t good.”

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel Pages // 25

26 // Gospel Pages

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Mary Mary

A history

Mary Mary is a two-time Grammy winning gospel duo consisting of sisters Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell. Their newest album is called “The Sound”. by gospel Pages The sisters were born Erica Atkins and Trecina Atkins in Inglewood, California. The Campbell (formerly Atkins) sisters grew up as part of a large family of nine children in Inglewood, California. At an early age, the sisters became involved in church choirs, traveling gospel shows, and some television productions. All nine Atkins children were on the Bobby Jones Gospel show on BET. The sisters enrolled at El Camino College to study singing. There they ran up against the divide between academic music studies and the popular musical world. “We had to study classical and sing arias, which was fine,” Erica told the Times, “but the teachers would tell us if we sang anything else it would damage our instrument.” The sisters toured with the 1995 Michael Matthews traveling gospel show “Mama I’m Sorry and Sneaky”. Each sister subsequently toured as a backup singer for a variety of R&B acts including Brandy. Both sisters are married to unrelated

men with the last name Campbell. Tina married drummer Teddy Campbell from Chicago in August 2000. Their daughter Laiah Simone Campbell was born sixteen days early on Tuesday,

September 9, 2003, weighing 5lbs 4oz. Tina and Teddy welcomed their second child, Meela Jane on June 11, 2007. Erica married their record producer Warryn Campbell on May 26, 2001. w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

They have a daughter together named Krista Nicole. A meeting with producer Warryn Campbell led to their song publishing deal with the giant EMI music conglomerate and a series of songs that landed on soundtracks. They wrote “Dance” and performed it with Robin S. for the soundtrack to the 1998 film Dr. Dolittle; they performed “Let Go, Let God” for The Prince of Egypt. The duo was subsequently signed to Columbia Records and decided to perform under the name Mary Mary, honoring Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. They were the first gospel act to record for Columbia since Tramaine Hawkins in the mid-1990s. Their first single, “Shackles (Praise You)” became a crossover hit, being popular with gospel, R&B, and pop audiences. It was a Top 10 R&B and Top 40 pop hit, and peaked at #28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It became the first gospel song in five years to crack the R&B top Gospel Pages // 27

ten and gained wide exposure on the MTV video cable channel. The album was a huge success because it offered a younger, hipper version of gospel that audiences could relate to. Their debut album,Thankful was released in May 2000. It peaked at #1 on the Gospel album chart and at #59 of the overall Top 200 chart, and was certified Platinum for shipments of of 1 million copies in the USA. It went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album. The second single “I Sings” features rapper BB Jay. Both singles were also hits in the UK and Europe, and to this day remain popular with Christian youths in the US, Latin America, and Europe. With their second album “Incredible”, the duo was able to maintain their success. Soon after its July 2002 release it was #1 on the Gospel chart entered the Top 20 of the Top 200 album chart. “Incredible” was later certified Gold in the United States. The album’s singles were “In The Morning” and “I Try”. While this album charted higher than their debut, sales were lower. The duo attributed the lower sales to less aggressive promotion due to label switchovers and the advent of music piracy. After taking time off to have children, Mary Mary released their third album Mary Mary in July 2005. It became the

28 // Gospel Pages

duo’s first album to enter the Top 10 on Billboard and was certified Gold for sales of 500,000 copies. The first single “Heaven” contained a sample from seventies soul trio the Honey Cone’s “Want Ads”. Heaven made history and broke chart records as it had an unprecedented 9 week run as the #1 record on Billboard’s Gospel Radio chart. The second single, “The Real Party” debuted at #43 on the Gospel Radio Chart. The third single, “Yesterday”, also became a hit, especially on the Adult R&B charts where it peaked at #10. On the R&B/Hip Hop chart, the song became their second biggest hit since “Shackles” in 2000, reaching the #53 spot so far. The album’s final single, “Believer” indicated testimonies of being a Christian. The song hit #33 on the Gospel Radio chart. On October 21, 2008, the group released their fourth studio album of new music entitled “The Sound”. The lead single “Get Up” was released digitally via iTunes on July 15, 2008. The album sold over 37,000 copies in its first week of release, and debuted at #7 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Warryn Campbell produced the album and oversaw collaborations with Kierra Sheard, David Banner, Marvin Winans, Daryl Coley, Andrae Crouch, Rance Allen, Dorinda Clark Cole, Joe Ligon, Walter Hawkins, Tramaine Hawkins, and Karen Clark Sheard.

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

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wanda jordan is the executive director of the gate in kinston. by gospel Pages The Gate is a 7,000 square foot community development center that came into existence in May of 2008. It’s located on Gordon Street in Kinston. The mission of the Gate is to offer the love of Christ to the youth of Lenoir County and the surrounding areas. “The idea is to provide a safe, welcoming atmosphere,” Jordan said. Jordan has been running The Gate since September of 2008. “Our busiest night is Friday night,” Jordan said. “All children from grades 6-12 are welcome from 7-10, so it’s quite a busy night with about 80 kids and teens in attendance. On Monday’s we have math tutoring, and coming up soon we’ll have karate lessons on Monday as well.” Jordan said that on Tuesday nights The Gate offers a women’s yoga class, and on Tuesdays and 30 // Gospel Pages

Wednesdays there is a girls Bible study group. The



features a computer room with internet access, a television/video game room with two flat screen televisions

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and two Playstation systems, a conference room that is used for small group sessions, an air hockey machine,

have gone through our training program. On Friday nights alone, it takes about 10 volunteers to keep everyting going.” Along with volunteers, The Gate relies heavily on the generosity of government grants and the Association of Congregations for financial support. GOSPEL PAGES asked Jordan if their had been any troubled kids that had made things difficult for the staff.

a ping pong table, and a foosball table. “We also have a large stage that is equipped with a Tama drum kit and a keyboard,” Jordan said. “Anybody that can play is welcome to sit in.” Jordan said that while a large number of the children that inhabit The Gate are local to Kinston, they also see families and church groups bringing in children from outside the Kinston area. “People from La Grange, Pink Hill and Snow Hill bring their children to our facility,”

Jordan said. “We’ve even had people from Wayne County bring some kids over.” While The Gate attracts children of all ages, Jordan says that there is virtually no segregation when they all get together.

“Actually, the kids that seemed like they could have been trouble ended up becoming some of our strongest youth leaders,” Jordan said. “All of these kids are good, but sometimes you don’t see the good side of a person until they’ve been fed some positivity. My job is to constantly feed them with positivity; usually when you do that, you’ll see good results.” Other than Jordan, there is only one other person that is employed at The Gate. “We rely heavily on volunteers,” Jordan said. “Currently, about 30 people

Jordan said one way she lets the children know she cares about them is by visiting their schools. “When our kids see me

“You’d think that the older kids wouldn’t mingle well with the younger kids,” Jordan said. “But the older kids do a good job of looking out for the younger kids. Several of the teens that visit the center have taken on quite alot of responsibility over the last several months.” w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

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walking down the hall of their school, they sometimes look shocked,” Jordan said. “When I find out that a kid who acts right at The Gate is acting wrong at school, I pull them aside and tell them that if they can behave with us, they can behave at school. I don’t come down hard on them, but I bring it up in a way that lets the children

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know that I’m interested in their lives, and they seem to appreciate it.” For more inforation on The Gate, visit [www] www.thegateofkinston. org. Wanda Jordan can be reached at 252-939-3223. Volunteers and donations are welcome.

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If you make purchases or subscribe to monthly recurring services, odds are customer service has become part of the fabric of your everyday life. While you want the products and services you purchase to work, things don’t always go as expected, and you’ll need to call a company’s customer service department for help. Many companies are working to find new ways to help you make that experience better. “We’re listening more than ever before, and our customers tell us that communication is the key to a great customer experience,” said Tina Waters, senior vice president of National Customer Service Operations for Comcast, the country’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communication products and services. “We’re also taking more steps to give our employees the training and tools they need to manage every aspect of the customer interaction on the first call. One example of this is new software on our call center representative’s desktops that lets them perform a remote ‘health check’ and often fix services without having to schedule a visit to the customer’s home.” As businesses are focusing on ways to make it easier for customers to interact with them -- from offering 24/7 support and self-service options like online bill payment -- there are some things consumers can do to help make sure they have the best experience possible whenever they contact any company, for any reason. Be prepared. Regardless of who or why you’re calling, being prepared before you pick up the phone is an important first step. Write down your account information and a list of the questions or topics you want to discuss before calling. In order to protect your privacy, you may be asked to verify your account or other information to identify yourself. Having this information easily accessible will help the rep on the other end of the phone quickly find the correct account and verify that you are an authorized account holder. In addition, having a list of questions will help you avoid having to call back because you forgot to ask about something. Consider other ways to contact a company and timing before placing a call. At Comcast, customers can choose from six different ways to contact the company about their

video, high-speed Internet and phone services -- ranging from traditional phone support to sending an e-mail directly to the head of customer service. In addition to around-the-clock customer service support, many companies offer a variety of ways to contact them when and how it’s most convenient for you. You might be able to get the answer you need by chatting online with a customer service rep or by e-mailing your question. Posting on company-hosted help forums is a way for consumers to share ideas and offer suggestions based on their experiences. If you prefer to speak with a representative by phone, Monday mornings and early evenings when most people are coming home from work tend to be some of the busier times, so if your issue doesn’t require immediate assistance, you may want to consider other options,like online chat, or calling at another time. Provide descriptive details of the problem you’re experiencing. For example, if you’re having trouble logging into a service, it’s more helpful to tell the rep what the message that appears on the screen says rather than simply saying, “I can’t log in.” This can help the customer service representative more quickly identify the source of the problem, and most importantly, provide you with the best and fastest way to resolve it. Remember the Golden Rule. While the customer service employee is a representative of the company you’re calling, chances are he or she is not the cause of the situation that’s led to your call. Good customer service reps genuinely want to help you. While they understand you may be frustrated -- or even angry about -- an issue, they also appreciate when a customer is able to separate the person from the problem. By being patient and working with a customer service rep, you’ll encourage him or her to become your advocate in finding a solution for your problem. Be resourceful. Once you’ve resolved a problem with help from a customer service representative, there are two questions you may want to ask: “Could I have fixed this myself?” and “How can I keep this problem from happening again?” This proactive approach can potentially save you time and spare you frustration down the road.

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Tip 1:

Tip 2:

Tip 3:

Tip 4:

With the money crunch, always search out for a stylist whose prices fit your budget. Ask questions concerning the services you wish to have or will need. Be precise when you set up an appointment on what you want done and the time it will take you. Time is important to you and your stylist’s time is also important! If you have anything planned for the day you are getting your hair done, plan it before or even the next day. It will save you disappointment if your stylist is behind or something happens because as we all know, life can show up and things change.

Always be prepared to wait a few minutes. If you wait a while ask your stylist how much longer it will be. If you have something else you can do, take advantage of the time.

Tip 5:

Trust your stylist!

If you have had a talk with your stylist ahead of time about your hair, give the stylist time to work. Hair care is a process! The job of a hair stylist is a gift from God. The time and patience it takes to create and maintain a person’s hair is a needed profession. A woman’s Glory is hair long, short, or in the middle and we as hair stylists know that. Without our customers, we would not be in business of hair. Teamwork is what we are after.

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FASHION TRENDS L/S Roundabout Shirt

Dec Fleece Group Fleece Pants

Style: RW-R1107W26 Work around your style. Pattern striped long sleeve woven features a point collar, button front closure, and deep button cuffs. Details include an embroidered logo R at left chest and stitched flame logo on upper back

Mens. Premium cotton with Authentic detailing.

Price: $115

Price: $78

Spinderella Dress

Military Group Jacket Hoodie

Style: RW-R912K9300 Put a trendy spin on your fairy tale ending. Short sleeve hooded dress features drawstrings, a zip front closure, and mesh overlay at center bodice. Metallic stitched flame logo rests at upper back.

Military theme inspired hoodie, with assorted badges, and ranking emblems 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex. Reserve today.

Price: $78

Price: $118

Roc Uprising Tee

Excaliber Group Striped Polo

Style: RW-38154192-13 He’ll start uproar with this Uprising tee. Thermal inset sleeves and crew neck detail this top with suede logo patches and splashed foil print on front. Machine wash cold. Made in China. 100% cotton

Boys. 100% Premium Cotton Jersey.

Price: $42

Price: $36

Satin Logo Baseball Jacket

Style: RW-38231004 Batters up in this athletic style. Satin baseball jacket with striped rib trim, zip front closure, and embroidered logo R at left chest. Signature print with embellished logo fashions backside. Onseam pockets. Lined.

Price: $54 36 // Gospel Pages

Pinkberry Group - Basic Lucy Skooter Skirt

Girls. Soft cotton with generous stretch. Raised embroidered ‘COOGI’ script across chest with leather trim and rhinestone embellishments. 99% Cotton, 1% Spandex.

Price: $64 w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m



Style: 3450721 Long-sleeved sport shirt cut for a trim, modern fit and designed in preppy plaid patchwork for a handsome, sporty appeal. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Imported.

Style: 42481 Metallic leathers, signature fabric and lurex quilted together. Open inside pocket, Zip-top closure, Fabric lining, 47� adjustable strap, 7 3/4 (L) x 8 1/2 (H)

Price: $158

Price: $145

3/4-SLEEVED DUAL MATCH OXFORD Style: 3444710 The essential oxford button-down is given a modern Blue Label spin, designed with feminine three-quarter sleeves and finished with heritage polo printing and embroidery. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Imported.

Price: $165

CHINO SPORT COAT Style: 3427161 Boys classic sport coat in durable cotton chino gets an iconically preppy finish with a madras plaid undercollar and equestrian crest at the chest pocket. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Imported.

Price: $175

BIG PONY POLO DRESS Style: 3430633 Girls classic polo dress features an embroidered Big Pony. Two-button placket, ribbed collar and armbands, straight silhouette. Cap sleeves, evenvented taped hem. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Imported.

Price: $55




A woman’s outlook on life and level of self-esteem often has a lot to do with the way she looks, says research. by PR NEWSWIRE/MS According to a major study, 90 percent of American women say that how they look determines how they feel about themselves. The study also found that most women, regardless of age, size or shape perceive that they have body flaws. Sixty-three percent cite their tummies as the problem area, 45 percent their thighs, and 33 percent their rears. Poor self-image significantly increases for women larger than a size 10. While a combination of diet and exercise is the optimal solution to creating the toned, slimmed bodies they desire, most women today find it challenging to eat right and exercise regularly. Sixty-five percent say that their attempts at weight control have been unsuccessful. Their busy schedules, family demands, the cost of food and gym memberships are barriers to healthy lifestyles. However, breakthroughs in the fashion industry that employ advance technology and unique designs are helping women compensate for failed diets and inadequate exercise. Today, many women are discovering the benefits of shapewear. These pieces can actually “nip and tuck,” helping women achieve the bodies they want. But few designers are actually using this innovative technology that combines instant control with the fashion designs women

love. One brand that is in the forefront of the technology and design is Shape fx(R). Each Shape fx(R) design slims, conceals and re-shapes using built-in power-mesh lining and exclusive fabrics that smooth and control. The designs also accentuate assets and conceal problem areas. The collection is an entire wardrobe of expertly tailored, seasonless clothing, ultraslimming swimwear and shapewear solutions. Each piece, from pants to dresses to suits to slips, provides effortless slimming and reshaping that truly helps a woman “make the body you have, look like the body you want.” In addition to using Shape fx(R) technology, there are other ways to dress that can transform the look of the body without shedding weight or going under the knife. Here are a few tips: * Wear the right size: Squeezing yourself into a smaller size will not help you to look thinner. What it may do is accentuate all of the bumps and bulges you’re trying to camouflage. Fit the largest part of your body and tailor clothes to fit you correctly. * Use patterns to trick the eye: Zig-zags, diagonal stripes, and other patterns can fool the eye and hide problem areas. Avoid horizontal or vertical stripes however. * Choose boot-cut or trouser-cut pants: Skip the straight or tapered legs. Wider legs on pants will balance out larger hips or thighs and give a more streamlined appearance. * Wear a heel: Even a small heel can elongate the body and give a more svelte appearance. The Shape fx(R) Collection is available at www.shapefx. com,, and in the Newport News and Spiegel catalogs.

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getting a gig in a

bad economy With graduation fast approaching for many of the nation’s young people, the questionable economy is no doubt a concern for the hundreds of thousands of soon-to-beminted grads about to enter the job market. And with many economists and other prognosticators predicting the economy won’t bounce back until 2010, such trepidation is completely understandable. While the current job market is less than ideal, prospective grads should recognize there’s nothing they can do to improve the job market. There are, however, a handful of things those about to enter the work force can do improve their standing. It just takes some persistence and some willingness to try new things in an effort to get that first job. • Seek internships. While it’s common to associate internships with undergraduates, in the current economy grads should be willing to take anything that can help them get their foot in the door. An internship offers an insider’s view to a company and a field of work, allowing interns to get a better grasp of how a given business works and what they can bring to such a business. Such a view from inside could help new graduates in an interview down the road when being considered for a full-time position.

With unemployment rates so high, internship opportunities, though unpaid, could be on the rise, as companies seek help to meet customer demands with smaller staffs. And with the economy widely expected to bounce back in 2010, interns could be among the first to get job offers once the economy does take a turn for the better. • Go the extra mile. When sending a resume, especially in the current economy, you run the very real risk of being among thousands of applicants. Simply sending the bare minimum won’t make you stand out, and will likely land your resume in a human resource department’s scrap heap. When responding to an ad, rather than sending out a form letter and resume, tailor each depending on the prospective employer. Other materials, such as writing samples for writing-based jobs or design samples (professional or from class) for graphic design positions, can be included as well to help you stand out from the rest. • Network. Networking can be difficult, particularly for recent graduates, but many people end up finding work through word of mouth from friends, family members or business associates of parents or even professors. Those about to enter the job market should use their school’s alumni network to the fullest of their advantage. Also, discussing a job search with university advisors can be a good way to gain perspective on job hunts, such as how past students might have found jobs. When looking for a job, it never hurts recent graduates to discuss the search with as many people as possible. One never knows from where their next opportunity might come.

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River of Life Christian Center Youth Ministry

Life Warriors

a powerful youth ministry that is equipping the teenagers to achieve their full potential by living a Godly lifestyle. This is generation that is searching for something to give them a purpose for living, a generation that is looking for answers, something to stand up and fight for, something real that they can be a part of. Life Warriors Youth Ministry is here to empower and equip youth people through meaningful dynamic worship, praise, and the anointed preaching and teaching of God’s word. They are given solid biblical teaching that challenge them to apply God’s truth to their lives daily. They are being taught who they are in Christ, their purpose, and how to live a victorious and righteous life in Jesus. We are committed to providing a loving atmosphere where youth that can be themselves, emphasize their strengths, make healthy choices, have fun and develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Life Warriors are being rooted and grounded in God’s word enough to reach out to others in their homes, their schools, to their friends and other youth in the community. This is youth ministry that was the vision of River of Life Christian Center, Pastor Larry Locust and Co-Paster Helen Locust. They are constantly praying and searching for things and events for the teens to help them move forward in their 44 // Gospel Pages

relationship with Jesus. The River of Life Christian Center “Life Warriors” step team is one if the dynamic ways our youth are impacting this city. Through high spirited stepping and precise movements to the youth at Rochelle Middle School’s “Build Bridges for Students Success!’ program, Veterans Day Parade, Black History Programs for NAACP, several Christian ministries by stepping at Lenoir Community College and Elizabeth City State University. Their most recent event was in February at the Step Competition on Camp Lejeune Military Base they were amazing. The River of Life Christian Center “Life Warriors” liturgical dance team also energetically ministers through Christian Expression of prayer, praise and worship using body movements using praise music. They are continually in the forefront so other youth can see them boldly express their gifts and talents for the glory of God. They are “Life Warriors”, Champions who are determined to do their part for their generation. Each person wants to leave their mark on important acts they are part of that is making a positive impact in other people lives. This is their voice, rising up and declaring that they have something to contribute also.

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Our children are in inheritance from God who has entrusted leaders to teach them his principles and precepts. They are the most valuable asset Gad has blessed us with. Let us make as quality investment by planting seeds of hope, faith and salvation. There are so many things that are trying to make our youth loose focus, like drugs,sex,gangs,violen ce,disobedience and many more. We must provide more avenues for our youth to express the gifts and talents that Gos blessed them with. It is time for us ti take back every youth by changing the negative stereotype and build positive relationships that change their way of thinking into Jesus way of thinking. They are our heritage and our future, and our future starts now. They are Life Warriors. For more information contact River Of Life Christian Center Phone: 252-524-8400

Michael Jenkins Life Warriors Step Team Leader 252-468-9723

Joyce Tyson Life Warriors Department Head 252-523-2843

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RUARY 2009









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