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HeRe we CoMe! It’s officially on,

as you now hold in your hands our second issue of the Gospel Pages. A magazine that we couldn’t wait for the world to see. Just flip through the pages, we promise you won’t be able to put us down. Gospel Pages will take you on a journey every issue, opening your eyes and your mind to new people, places and things. While providing informative, entertaining and thought provoking content.

Enjoy this special second issue; The Gospel Pages team will bring you the ultimate gospel experience every month, the way that only we can do it. Much love and God bless to everyone out there supporting Gospel Pages Magazine.

Editor-in-Chief Walter Brooks

JaNUaRY 09

CONTENTS 04 // CHaRlIe’s aNGels CHIlD CaRe CeNTeR Kinston native Tabitha Luter uses her degree to open a string of businesses.

08 // CoRReaI MooRe FRoM QUeeN sTReeT To CHapel HIll His story of growing up in Kinston. The product of a broken home, Moore is proof that faith and determination cannot be extinguished.

12 // BoNITa BURNeY MaKING a JoYFUll NoIse The story of Bonita Burney Simmons; she shares her life, her family, and her career in music.

15 // peRsoNal BUDGeTING FoR 09 A few basic concepts that help to avoid several common pitfalls of budgeting.

18 // MosT INspIRaTIoNal MoVIes oF 2008 Gran Torino, Man On Wire, Slumdog Millionaire, Son Of Rambow, The Visitor, Planet B-Boy, Happy Go Lucky

21 // CD ReVIeWs

VolUMe 1, IssUe 2 JaNUaRY 2009

Brandon Heath, Mary Mary, 21:03, Deitrick Haddon, DecemberRadio, FireFlight, Josh Wilson, Newworldson, Crabb Revival, Greater Vision

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Gospel paGes // 03

Luter is a member of the Greater Faith Ministries Church in Kinston. “I’ve been attending Greater Faith for about three years now,” Luter said. “Before I’m about to make a big decision, I pray about it for a long time.”


Businesses By GOSPEL PAGES


inston native Tabitha Luter has

“Somebody that reads this may think it’s easy to get a grant or a loan, but I’d advise anybody that’s thinking about starting a business One of those decisions that she’s to keep their credit clean,” Luter prayed about recently is a new said. “If I didn’t have good credit, business venture. I wouldn’t be able to do the things I’m doing.” “The new business that I’m about to open is a beauty salon called While Luter encourages people ‘Tiki’s Braiding and More’”, Luter with a dream to go for it, she says said. “It will be located on North in these uncertain economic times Heritage Street. caution is required. Luter originally attended college “If someone was thinking of starting in 1986, but before finishing she a daycare, I’d suggest that they just decided to quit and go to work. start out by keeping a few children in their home,” Luter said. “The “A few years back I decided that economy is so bad right now that I wanted to start my own business a little bit of caution could prevent and be my own boss,” Luter said. some heartache later.” “I prayed about it and decided to go back to school. Without that education, none of this would have TabiTha’s EmpirE aT a GlancE been possible.”

built a small empire in Lenoir County. She is the owner of two daycare centers, and a third is on the way in February of 2009, along with a new beauty salon . “We provide daycare for children from birth up to age two,” Luter said. “We currently employ 16 people.” In a time when most businesses are closing, Luter has found a way to at Lenoir Community College, and not only stay open, but to flourish. she finsihed at Mt. Olive College. “I also worked as an administrator Luter recieved a bachelor’s degree for Rhema Ward, which gave me a in childhood education in 2006. good amount of work experience,” She started working on her degree Luter said.

04 // Gospel paGes

Luter said that she was able to get her businesses going through grants and loans.

Luter, who is 40-years-old, has two boys and one girl, which means she is constantly on the go. “I have alot going on, but I’m very happy with my life,” Luter said.

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Miss Charlie’s Child Care Centers I, II: 1503 West Vernon Ave., Kinston (opened in 2005) 700 N. East Street, Kinston (opened in 2006) West Vernon Avenue, Kinston (tba, 2009) Tiki’s Braiding and More, North Herritage St. (tba, 2009)

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Gospel paGes // 05

06 // Gospel paGes

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Gospel paGes // 07


Chapel Hill By PETE GOUR


my bike from school to work. I was living with my grandmother at the time, but after graduation I had to move to the outskirts of Kinston to live with my mom. My mother lived in a trailer park which afforded few amenities, and it was miles away from town. I then attended LCC from ‘92-’95, and although I did have some help from friends, I typically had to ride my bike to school, which could take well over a half hour. When I went to Greenville for school I also didn’t have access to a car, so I would ride a bike to work there as well.

from ECU?

CM: When I worked for the department store, I worked anywhere from 10-20 hours a week. After my work hours were cut I worked full time at a factory, and I would rack up 50-60 hours a week. After that job ended, I worked for Food Lion and I would work approximately 20 hours a week. I worked the same amount of hours when I moved to Greenville to attend ECU. Regardless of the job, the routine was largely the same. I would get up very early in the morning, ride the bicycle 30-45 minutes to get to school, attend classes, bike another 30+ minutes to work, and then come home. Sometimes I could catch a nap before work.

GP: What is your current job?

CM: I received my first degree from ECU in 1998. GP: What is your degree in? CM: Psychology in 1998, and Sociology in 2000.

Fort Bragg and I spent my summers orreai Moore had it in Kinston. After my parents split pretty tough growing up in my mom took an assignment in Kinston. The product of a Germany for three years, and when broken home, Moore is proof that we came back we lived in Kinston. faith and determination cannot be extinguished. GP: How many siblings do you have? GP: When were you born? GP: Approximately CM: I have five sisters and one how many hours a CM: August 23, 1973. brother. I’m the second eldest. week did you work while going to school? GP: When did your parents split? CM: To the best of my memory, my dad left when I was about five. I don’t remember exactly when he left, but that was when I don’t remember him as a constant presence. GP:Did your mom recieve any help from your father?

GP: Describe your early childhood. CM: I was born in Buffalo, NY but I spent most of my life in NC. My early childhoodyears were spent as a military kid. Both my parents were in the military. My dad was a Vietnam veteran and my mother was a dental assistant. We lived in 08 // Gospel paGes

CM: Not that I’m aware of. She did the best she could to raise us but she was largely doing everything herself. GP: What jobs did you have while putting yourself through school? CM: I started out working at Brendle’s department store my senior year in high school. As I didn’t have a car I would have to ride

CM: I’m a research associate for the Way to Health study at UNC Chapel Hill. I help gather and process data. GP: How did you get the job?

CM: I was approached by the Project Manager of a different study at UNC to take part in that study. When going over the procedures for participation, I informed her I was aware of the procedures because I was already certified. I was offered the opportunity to be a liason in Greenville to alleviate the burden of travelling between Chapel Hill. During that time I worked with GP: What year did you graduate the rest of the staff. When my

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his position. After that grant drew to a close, I moved over to the job I have now.

CM: The world is bigger than Queen Street and Vernon Avenue, Bright Street, or Tower Hill road. I encourage them to leave their comfort zones and make the most GP: Do you prefer living of their potential. In doing so, they in Kinston or Durham? will learn that life isn’t fair and the road will be tougher for you for no CM: I prefer living in tangible reason, but do not settle for Durham because of a lifestyle you don’t care for. the access to cultural activities I didn’t have GP: What role has faith played in in Kinston, such as Salsa your life? dancing. I also have the means to associate CM: I just try to remember that with a diverse group of situations are temporary, but God is people that I was not eternal. If you forge ahead in faith privy to when I was and determination, you can lead a coming up. blessed life. GP: Any words of GP: Would you say it’s also wisdom for young important to mind the company that immediate supervisor in the project people currently living you keep? left, I was encouraged to apply for under difficult circumstances?

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CM: It’s important to keep quality people around you. You need to forge relationships that build you up and not drag you down. Small minded people accomplish small minded things. I’ve been fortunate to have friends with goals and ambitions, and that rubs off on you. GP: So if you’re in a rough spot right now, you’re saying that’s not necessarily your sentence for life. CM: Right. Your worth may not be realized in your current environment. My pastor uses the statement that a diamond watch has no value to fish in the bottom of the ocean. Realize that if you’re not thriving where you are, then you need to actualize your potential elsewhere. But don’t forget where you came from.

Gospel paGes // 09

10 // Gospel paGes

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Gospel paGes // 11




onita Burney Simmons was born on March 28, 1971 in Stamford,CT.

After spending her early years with her parents in Hartford, CT the family relocated to their home in Kinston, N.C. Bonita was educated through the Lenoir County Public School System, and she graduated from Kinston High School in 1989. Under the direction of Martha Mainor and the late Wynona Daves, Burney started to develop her love for music into a career. At the age of twelve, Burney formed the group “Tried by Fire”, which is the name of her current outreach ministry. Burney showed signs of leadership at an early age. She served most of her Jr. and High School years as Student Government President and Class President. Bonita has a total of twenty years of private musical voice training under the direction of Martha Mainor, Wynona Daves, and Thommasine Hassel. “I was lucky to have such great mentors at an early age,” Simmons said. Along with her musical talents, Simmons has certifications in nursing and phlebotomy. Being committed to her family and ministry, Bonita has devoted the last eight years to being a stay at home mother. “I plan to resume my studies and receive a Batchelor of Science Degree in psycholoygy at Liberty University Lynchburg, VA in the External Degree Program,” Simmons said. Simmons married her husband/manager, Eric B. Simmons in 1994. The couple has three children; Mykeva, E.J., and Landon. “It’s a great blessing to have a husband for a manager,” Simmons said. “It’s rare to have your career handled by someone that 12 // Gospel paGes

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

you trust totally.”

Simmons has appeared and won first place on the 3rd Monday & Wednesday of each month at numerous occasions at the world famous Apollo 8:00 a.m. and 10 p.m. Call (252) 527-8845 for Theatre in New York City. channel and air time in your area.

Simmons has opened for many gospel greats: Luther Barnes, Shirley Caesar, John P. Kee, Albertina Walker, The Winans, Timothy Wright, Other television credits include a NBC television and many more. documentary on Black Gospel Music in which she was spotlighted along with The Winans’ Family and M.C. Hammer.

Bonita says her greatest accomplishment has been singing before the men and women who are mentally challenged and the women who are presently incarcerated. “If I don’t make an effort to reach this people, who will?” she said. “Those people need to hear to world of God just like everyone else.” Bonita currently serves as Co-Pastor/Outreach Coordinator of the Family Worship Center Church,”Ministry of Restoration” in Kinston, N.C. where her father, Bishop Landon O. Burney is the pastor.

“It is my prayer that as you learn more about me Simmons is also about to publish her first book. you learn more about God and His plan for your “The book is called ‘Restored: Spirit, Soul and life,” Simmons said. “Remember, we are blessed Body’, Burney said. The following is an excerpt to be a blessing!” from the book: “I only felt that God could use me in a singing ministry; for too long I sang, but had no intimacy with Christ.” Bonita expects the book to be available by the end of January. Simmons has released Simmons has competed and won first place on a gospel CD, also numerous occasions at the world famous Apollo entitled “Restored”. Theatre in New York City. According to her There are many words one could use to describe website, the CD was a a singer’s talent, style and ability, but there product of struggles, are no words to adequately describe Bonita pain, sicknesses, Simmons; except to say that she has a special disappointments, and gift and anointing from God. church hurt. The CD can be purchased at Simmons has opened concerts for many legendary gospel greats: Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Shirley bbsimmons and at the Caesar, Dorothy Norwood, John P. Kee, iTunes store. Albertina Walker, The Williams Brothers, The Winans, Timothy Wright, along with many other Burney can be seen on outstanding groups and choirs. Satellite Channel 48 on w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel paGes // 13

14 // Gospel paGes

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approach. When done correctly, one should end any given year with about 5% of their income left over. Limit Budget Busting. Of course, the better the estimates, “Busting the budget” is a common the better the results will be. pitfall in personal budgeting; To avoid running out of money frequently busting the budget because expenses occur before the can allow persons to fall into money actually arrives (known as pre-budgeting spending habits. a cash flow problem in business Anticipating budget-busting events jargon) a “safety cushion” of excess (and under spending in other cash (to cover those months when categories), and modifying the actual income is below estimations) budget accordingly, allows persons should be established. There is a certain time period. Knowing the a level of flexibility with their no easy way to develop a safety source and amount of income and incomes and expenses. cushion, so you frequently have to the amounts allocated to expense spend less than you earn until you Budget for Irregular Income. events are as important as when have accumulated a cushion. This those cash flow events occur. Special precautions need to be can be a challenging task particularly taken by persons operating on an when starting during a low spot in Keep it Simple. irregular income. Households with the earning cycle, although this is The more complicated the budgeting an irregular income should keep how most budgets begin. In general, process is, the less likely a person is two common major pitfalls in households that start out with to keep up with it. The purpose of a mind when planning their finances: expenses that are 5% or 10% below personal budget is to identify where spending more than their average their average income should slowly income and expenditure is present income, and running out of money develop a cushion of savings that can be accessed when earnings are in the common household; it is not even when income is on average. below average. Whether this rate of to identify each individual purchase Clearly, a household’s need to building a cushion is fast enough ahead of time. How simplicity is estimate their average (yearly) for a given financial situation defined with regards to the use of income is paramount. Spending, depends on how variable income is, budgeting categories varies from which will be relatively constant, and whether the budgeting process person to person, but many small needs to be maintained below the starts at a high or low point during purchases can generally be lumped amount of income. A budget being the earnings cycle. into one category (Car, Household an approximate estimation, room for items, etc.). error should always be allowed. So Budget Preparation Tools. keeping expenses 5% or 10% below Maintain Flexibility. the estimated income is a prudent The following tools are helpful for The budgeting process is designed to be flexible; the person should have an expectation that a budget will change from month to month, and will require monthly review. Cost overruns in one category of a budget should in the next month be accounted for or prevented. For example, if a person spends $40 more than they planned on food in spite of their best efforts, next month’s budget should reflect an approximate $40 increase and corresponding decrease in other parts of the budget.


Budgeting By LLOyD C. FOLKS





exceptions a person’s personal income is a limited resource. With a very few exceptions there are unlimited potential expenditures competing for a person’s personal income. Some potential expenditures are necessities such as shelter, food, clothing and taxes. Others are discretionary such as entertainment vacations and gifts. An individual is well advised to be proactive in making sure that expenditures do not exceed income. One of the best tools to help an individual to accomplish this is the personal budget. A personal budget is a finance plan that allocates future personal income towards expenses, savings and debt repayment. Past spending and personal debt are considered when creating a personal budget. Personal budgeting, while not particularly difficult, tends to carry a negative connotation among many persons. Following is a few basic concepts that help to avoid several common pitfalls of budgeting. Set a Purpose. A budget should have a purpose or defined goal that is achieved within

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel paGes // 15

constructing a personal budget. Regardless of the tool used, a budget’s accuracy is only as good as the accuracy of the individual updating budget data; an old budget that does not reflect actual income or expenses is of little use to a current budget. Computer generated budgets have come into common use since they replace the need to rewrite and recalculate the budget every time there is a change.

and performs calculations easily used to allocate the next month’s with rudimentary formulas. For expenses. Although every person’s example, budget spreadsheets are budget is different, the chart below, used to keep track of income and expenses. The major reason most people discontinue using budget spreadsheets that don’t offer dateCATEGORY shifting is that the information needs to be reentered or moved at the end Housing of each month. Spreadsheets are Transportation still excellent for complex budgets and planning. Food

Pencil and Paper.

Money-management Software.

A simple budget can be written on a piece of a paper prepared with a pencil, and optionally, a calculator. Such budgets can be organized in three-ring binders or a file cabinet. Simpler still is the pre-formatted household budgeting or bookkeeping forms that creates a budget by filling in the blanks. Useful budget forms may be found at these web sites:

Some software is written specifically for money management. Products such as Quicken and Microsoft Money are designed to keep track of individual account information, such as checking, savings or moneymarket accounts. These programs can categorize past expenses and display monthly reports that are useful for budgeting future months. templates/TC062062791033.aspx

Budget Allocation Guidelines

There are several guidelines to use when allocating money for a budget. Past spending is one of the most important bases for budget budgeting/l/blbudget.htm allocation. A critical step in most Spreadsheet Software. personal budgeting strategies Spreadsheet software, like involves keeping track of actual Microsoft Excel, iWork Numbers expenditures during the month so or Calc, helps to that spending for the month can be arrange budgets according to need reconciled with that budgeted and

16 // Gospel paGes

from, offers a guideline you can follow to help develop your personal budget.

Personal insurance and pensions Personal taxe Entertainment Apparel products and services Health care Miscellaneous expenses Education Personal care products and services Cash Contributions Reading Savings TOTAL

28.3 23.9 10.8 9.1 5.75 4.5 4.3 3.9 3.0 2.1 1.0 .6 .5 2.3 100.0

Hopefully, the above information will enable you to better manage your personal finances and achieve the blessing of financial independence.

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

The author, Lloyd C. Folks, practiced as a CPA from March 1973 to September 2003. He is currently a management consultant to public and private companies. The material for this article was extracted from Wikipedia, the Free

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Gospel paGes // 17

Most inspiRational Movies of 2008

gran torino

tHe Visitor

18 // Gospel paGes

Man on Wire

sluMdog Millionaire

planet B-Boy

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

son oF raMBoW

Happy go lucky

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel paGes // 19

20 // Gospel paGes

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

CD Reviews Top Ten Gospel albums of 2008, based on sales & radio airplay: Brandon HeatH What If We

(Reunion Records)

Mary Mary The Sound



Total Attention (Verity)

deitrick Haddon Revealed (Zomba)

deceMBeradio Satisfied

(Slanted Records)

FireFligHt Unbreakable (Flicker)

JosH Wilson

Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup (Sparrow)

neWWorldson Salvation Station (Inpop)

craBB revival Runaway Train (Daywind)

greater vision Not Alone (Daywind)

mary mary The Sound It’s the catchy, top 40-ready material that places Mary Mary at the forefront of contemporary gospel. When The Sound was released, the energizing “Get Up” was threatening to make as much of a crossover splash as 2000s “Shackles (Praise You),” and like four other songs front-loaded on Erica and Tina’s fifth album — including the triumphant David Banner feature “Superfriend,” the booming/bumping “God in Me,” and the rambunctious ‘60s throwback title track (“Is it all right if I moan?!/Mmmmoooaaannnnuh!”) — there’s more walloping vigor than what can be found in nearly any given modern, platinumseeking R&B album. The second half of the album is a bit of a bore, but it could never be said that the duo is going through the motions. The same goes for Erica’s husband, producer / songwriter Warryn Campbell. No one can accuse Mary Mary of creating a by-the-numbers album here; in fact, unless you’re listening closely, you may not even notice that it’s a gospel album.

heartthrobs like Ne-Yo and Chris Brown, but they’re noticeably more mature here, singing with more conviction and assurance than when they were first put together. The slick production also means there’s a fair share of name-dropping and overdone, over-tracked vocals, but outside of that the clear center of attention is the trio, which appears in control while seesawing between futuristic, buzzed-out bangers

(“You,” “U Got Me Through”) and heartfelt balladry (“Now,” “Holding on to You”). A few throwaway tracks are clearly aimed at the contemporary gospel contingent (“Riverside,” “Cover Me”), but 21:03 are almost out of character on those. Since they’re young, have great voices, and love to dance, they thrive on bangers like “Talkin’ About” and “Brace Up,” not syrupy, lighters-

21:03 Total Attention The members of 21:03 learned their lesson: It pays to not mimic bygone mainstream trends too closely. Their second album, Total Attention, sees them steering clear of the tired song structures that suffocated their debut album. 21:03 aren’t as autonomous as teen w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel paGes // 21

in-the-air altar calls like “Power of Christ.” That said, Total Attention is still a testament to the threesome’s growth spurt. God willing, it’s only a matter of time before they’re comfortable in their own skin to the extent that they’re able to call the shots and assert themselves as true power players in urban gospel. For the time being, all eyes are on them.

newworldson Salvation Station The introduction of this Canadian quartet’s soulful “speakeasy gospel” could hardly be a more welcome contrast to the derivative pop and rock that was dominating CCM radio at the

22 // Gospel paGes

time of their self-titled release. A delightfully rhythmic blend of ‘50s-style soul, ‘70s-style funk and ‘90s-style jam rock, Newworldson’s debut hinted at their dynamic live shows. Vocalist Joel Parisien, drummer Mark Rogers, bassist Rich Moore, and guitarist/vocalist Josh Toal originally met in a jazz club. As they welded together a fusion of roots rock, blues, jazz, and oldtimey gospel, they gained a steady following that eventually resulted in a deal with Inpop Records. It wasn’t too much of a stretch to compare the group’s transformation of Christian hit radio to the way that the Dave Matthews Band spun alternative music on its side in the mid-’90s. Like Matthews, Parisien had a recognizable voice and a uniquely talented rhythm section that kept the music from

ever taking itself too seriously. The transient “Citybus Lovesong,” for example, employed a kazoo solo. This didn’t mean that the music lacked substance, however. Each song evoked a passionate gospel witness with heartfelt storytelling and admissions of dependence. Such personalized handiwork helped make Newworldson’s debut one of 2008’s most enjoyable, wellwritten albums.

fireflight Unbreakable If success for Christian rock bands is judged by how well they offer an emotional respite for troubled souls, Fireflight’s sophomore album can be deemed a crowning triumph. If it is measured by a lasting artistic contribution, the Florida quintet has less to talk about. The positivemessage-set-to-a-barrage-of-metal formula was a well-worn path years before the release of Unbreakable. Fortunately, what this group has that others don’t is the authentic vocal talent of frontwoman Dawn Richardson. While guitarists Justin Cox and Glenn Drennen flex their guitar muscle track after track, Richardson penetrates their wall of fury with commanding emotion. Her riveting vocals carry the title track (which NBC used to promote its Bionic Woman series) and other pulsating rockers like “You Gave Me a Promise,” “So Help Me God,” and “The Hunger.” Lyrically, the album is victorious as a refuge for listeners struggling with loneliness, discouragement, and isolation. The

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

lack of something truly unique keeps this album from being ultimately distinguishable in its own right; however, it makes a notable contribution to the CCM play list.

deitrick Haddon Revealed The thumping grooves and smooth backing vocals behind Haddon’s passionate pleas on “I’m Alive” summarize the overall vibe here. Secular audiences can enjoy the beats and his rangy, soulful voice, but he’s definitely Christcentered in his themes. He’s not always overly preachy. On the dreamy light funk ballad “I Need Your Help,” he’s a little more general in his spiritual message, simply explaining that material gain without true love is meaningless. The trip-hoppy atmospheres on “Let Me Go” bring a bit of Lenny Kravitz (minus the electric guitar crunch) to mind, while “Jesus For President” would feel even more comfortable on an old Philly soul album. The most attractive songs here are the ambient-heavy ones, but there are a few hardcore gospel stompers too, most notably the Ricky Martinflavored, Latin-inflected “Reveal My Heart.” Another highlight is the simply produced “Soul Survivor,” which functions here as a hymnanthem in between the more produced, commercial material. It’s hard to predict whether Haddon will enjoy the big-time crossover success of a Kirk Franklin, but if not, it’s not for lack of talent and spiritual commitment.

w w w. g o s p e l - p a g e s . c o m

Gospel paGes // 23

Gospel Pages Magazine - Vol. 1 - Issue 2  

Feature-Bonita Burney: Making a Joyful Noise Correal Moore from Queen St. to Chapel Hill Charlie’s Angels Child Care Center Personal Budg...

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