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Special Places to Stay & Fragile Earth Series

2008 Catalogue

Environmental award winner 2008

A few words from Alastair... What is Special? The notion of ‘special’ is at the heart of what we do, and highly subjective. We take huge pleasure from finding people and places that do their own thing – brilliantly; places that are unusual and follow no trend; places of peace and beauty; people who are kind and interesting – and genuine. We seem to have touched a nerve with readers – we have sold over a million copies in the series. They obviously want to stay in special places rather than dull corporate monstrosities that have disfigured so many of our cities and towns. Life is too short to be wasted in the wrong places. A night in a special place can be a transforming experience. The words 'Go Slow' may remind the older ones among us of the dark days of strikes, the three day week and general misery in the '70s. But Slow has taken on new meaning, inspired by Italy's Slow Food movement. It is the antithesis of all things ‘Fast’ - including food: integrity and authenticity, beauty and pleasure rather than profit, and people's deepest needs rather than those of corporations. After Slow Food came Slow Towns and they are booming. A book called In Praise of Slow has sold brilliantly. Now for Slow Travel, with our beautiful new Go Slow book. Go Slow England is full of our fascinating Special Places selected for the example they offer: inspired and inspiring people living 'slowly'. We have also combined all our Special Places in one area and put them into a new book – Devon & Cornwall. It is compact, delightful – and immensely useful. Meanwhile, our Special Places to Stay books continue to sell solidly. Our re-branding has been a success and the books – take a look at Italy for example – look finer than ever. We are still respected for our writing, our subjective choices and our honesty.


Fragile Earth Our Fragile Earth imprint – hard-hitting environmental books like the magnificent The Big Earth Book – is growing quickly. This year will see the The Book of Rubbish Ideas by Tracey Smith, founder of National Downshifting Week, a paperback edition of The Big Earth Book, a book about banning carrier bags by the campaigner Rebecca Hosking, and a book debunking Climate Change myths, What About China? These books cover some of the most pressing issues of our times and will have a wide appeal.

Contents Special Places to Stay

Fragile Earth

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Design: Tom Germain Front cover: The Pear Tree, Pubs & Inns, entry 726;; Third Angle Back cover: Eshott Hall, Go Slow England


New Title Go Slow England Alastair Sawday Introduction by Nigel Slater


UK ÂŁ19.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-03-1 288pp, 200 x 240mm April 2008


The Slow Food revolution is upon us and this guide celebrates the Slow philosophy of life with a terrific selection of the places, recipes and people who take their time to enjoy life at its most enriching. In this beautiful book that goes beyond the mere ‘glossy’, you will discover an unusual emphasis on the people who live in Special Slow Places and what they do. You will meet farmers, literary people, wine-makers and craftsmen – all with rich stories to tell. Go Slow England celebrates fascinating people, fine architecture, history, landscape and real food. A counter-balance to our culture of haste.


“A lovely book” Rosie Boycott “Recipes, lists of vineyards and pubs, and suggestions for “slow days” – what’s not to like?” The Bookseller "Wow, it's absolutely beautiful. I find myself gasping or nodding (or both) at whatever page I open to. This really is a triumph" Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slow Coming in 2009 Go Slow Italy Slow food, slow travel and Special Places to Stay in the country where the Slow Movement began.


New Title Special Places to Stay Devon & Cornwall


UK £11.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-01-7 240pp, 115 x 168mm March 2008

The south west and Devon and Cornwall in particular provides so many of our Special Places that we have yielded to ‘popular request’ and have published a new guide to the area. It includes 174 of our Special Places – pubs, self-catering houses, hotels and B&Bs – something for all budgets and tastes. Now there is no need for endless searching – we've already found delights for walkers, surfers, gardeners and lovers of Real Ale. From the comfort of sleek, stylish hotels to B&Bs of every description – you'll find luxury, simplicity, beauty, character and something for all budgets. For the first time we've also included a bunch of lively, useful articles on the best beaches, cream teas, walks, pubs, outdoor activities and stuff for the kids on wet days. In a new smaller format, this friendly little guide provides the insider knowledge of a friendly local.

"I need divine intervention, but reach for the next best thing, an Alastair Sawday guidebook" The Guardian 6

New Title Special Places to Stay Scotland

UK £9.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-14-7 160pp, 115 x 168mm October 2008

“Give me but one hour of Scotland, let me see it ere I die”


From the Georgian splendours of Glasgow and Edinburgh to the remote beauty of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland is home to some of our most beloved Special Places. We’ve found something to delight everybody – secluded crofts, grand old castles, tranquil cottages and heavenly hotels – all tastes and budgets are catered for. Discover a castle clinging precipitously to granite cliffs on the Ayrshire coast; a simple cottage on North Uist; an award-winning ‘see-through house’ on the Isle of Skye. You can stop searching, this compact guide contains everything you’ll need for the perfect Scottish experience.

“Much-loved Special Places to Stay guidebooks” The Guardian


New Edition Special Places Pubs & Inns of England & Wales Edition 5


UK ÂŁ14.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-04-8 512pp, 128 x 220mm May 2008

We've discovered over 850 special pubs and inns for you to try, all inspected, all special. There are stacks for those who like their pubs with real ale on draft and pickled eggs on the bar and for those who like leather sofas and chalkboard menus. We have boisterous boozers and tasteful taverns; you need never be stuck in a grim, swirly-carpeted, jukebox-rattled corner ever again! For this edition we've also included full-page entries for pubs with bedrooms. We also flag up pubs with good local and organic and (mostly!) unpretentious food. There are awards for the best pub with rooms, the best pub for locally sourced/organic food and drink, the best community/village pub and the best unspoilt, timeless gems. Our well researched, fresh and lively write-ups paint an accurate picture of what to expect, from the welcome to the setting, to the food, beer and wines and there are clear maps, directions and symbols.

"Brilliant pub guide" The Observer 8

Digital Edition In association with RoadTour Special Places Pubs & Inns of England & Wales for Garmin: Download (50MB) – £7.95 CD ROM – £14.95 SD card (1GB) – £14.95 for Windows Mobile: Download (400MB) – £7.95 CD ROM – £14.95


Our Special Places – Pubs & Inns of England & Wales book is now available digitally for your portable in-car satellite navigation device, mobile phone or PDA. Developed with RoadTour it contains 640 full Sawday’s reviews with full colour pictures plus an extra 250 'Worth a Visit' recommendations. Available on CD, SD card or as a digital download for Garmin and Windows Mobile phones and PDAs.

What do I need to use this product? The satnav product is simply an add-on to your satnav device or mobile and is normally loaded on to your memory card (SD). It works on most Garmin satnavs and all mobiles with the Microsoft Mobile operating system.

Compatible devices Garmin satnavs – nuvis, zumo and StreetPilot models. Microsoft Mobile devices – any mobile or PDA running Microsoft Windows Mobile. The product works best with GPS-equipped mobiles, although you can still easily access all the content through the search function without GPS.


New Edition Special Places to Stay British Bed & Breakfast Edition 13


UK £14.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-05-5 416pp, 128 x 220mm September 2008

Greener and more authentic than ever as more and more of our owners use locally sourced and organic food; many produce their own, too. They take running a B&B as a serious lifestyle choice with sustainability at the heart of all they do. In this edition of our much-loved guide there are many new places to us, some of them farmhouses in gorgeous countryside, but also more townhouses and more B&Bs purpose-built by younger folk experimenting with a change in lifestyle. If you’re after outstanding architecture, inspiring views, beautiful interiors and memorable friendliness you will be spoilt for choice. This new edition contains something for everyone – from families with children to young lovers, peace-seekers, beach bums to gardeners. We include only places that we truly like and have built up a large and loyal band of owners and readers who trust our judgement.

“Takes the hard work out of choosing just the right place” The Daily Telegraph

Available Now Special Places to Stay British Bed & Breakfast


UK £14.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-02-4 416pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 12, September 2007

New Edition Special Places to Stay British Hotels & Inns Edition 10

UK £14.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-06-2 384pp, 128 x 220mm October 2008


This trusted guide is now in its tenth edition. All of the places are inspected and are good value (dozens with rooms for under £100), whether remote and simple or wrapped in luxury. This selection will provide plenty of inspiration, whether it’s for a weekend away, a family holiday or even a business trip – from the thoroughly traditional to state-of-the-art 'boutique'. New to this edition: a grand old bank in Oxford, an elegantly revived inn in Rye, a beach café on Slapton Sands. Our fresh and lively write-ups, full-colour photographs, clear symbols, excellent maps, clear directions and quick reference indices paint an accurate picture to help discover the place that is best for you.

“Evocative descriptions of characterful places” The Daily Telegraph

Available Now Special Places to Stay British Hotels & Inns UK £14.99 Paperback 978-1-906970-94-4 368pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 9, October 2007


New Edition Special Places to Stay French Hotels & Châteaux Edition 5


UK £14.99 Paperback 978-1-901970-95-1 464pp, 128 x 220mm March 2008

A seductive collection of over 380 hotels, châteaux, auberges and other places, all beautiful, unusual and great value; and all inspected and then selected because we like them. Seasonal, fresh and local food is de rigueur and, at many châteaux, dinners are hosted around a communal table. Over 150 of these places have rooms for €100 or less. Wine tasting, bike trips, cookery courses, tango workshops, antique hunting, making your own scent – all these activities are possible. Immerse yourself in France, ancient and modern – stone panelling, damasks and silks, formal gardens and potagers. Ranging from the small and intimate to the grand and gracious this is our richest ever edition.

“Too good a choice of exquisite places to stay, how on earth can you choose just one?” Living France 12

New Edition Special Places to Stay Italy Edition 5

UK £14.99 Paperback 978-1-901970-98-2 432pp, 128 x 220mm March 2008


We've uncovered Special Places to Stay all over Italy, including a solar panelled 18th-century home with organic vineyard, a snug cottage for two in the Lakes and a smart B&B in Milan with splashes of modern colour. Explore stylish apartments in a Venetian villa, a Florentine hotel with Art Deco chic and a simple mountaintop retreat. Delve into rustic agriturismi from Piedmont to Sicily serving divine home-grown dinners, a monastery-turned-quaint-hotel on an island off the Amalfi coast and a 16th-century villa in manicured grounds. Over 350 places are listed and more than 100 have rooms for under €100. Wonderful places for wine-tasters, hikers, lovers, families big and small – and plenty in cities too, including Venice, Rome, Florence, Lucca and Milan. Your own beach on an island, or an entire hamlet? From the simple to the luxurious, in landscapes barely touched by the centuries.

"Crammed with wonderful places for skiers, wine-tasters, hikers, lovers, families big and small, there’s a sprinkling of something for everyone." Italia 13

A Green Company For many years Alastair Sawday Publishing has been ‘greening’ the business in different ways. Our aim is to reduce our environmental footprint as far as possible – almost everything we do has the environmental implications in mind. (We once claimed to be the world’s first carbon-neutral publishing company, but are now wary of such claims.) In recognition of our efforts we won a Business Commitment to the Environment Award in 2005, and in 2006 a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category. In that year Alastair was voted ITN’s ‘Eco Hero’. In March 2008 we won the Independent Publishing Awards Environmental Award. We work hard to source our paper and print ‘environmentally’. Our book-printing is done in the UK, with a ISO14001-certified printer on recycled or FSC-certified paper using vegetable-based inks, and we have been offsetting our carbon emissions since 2001. We now do so through an Indian NGO, which means that our money goes a long way. However we are under no illusions about carbon offsetting: it is part of a strong package of green measures including running company cars on gas or recycled cooking oil; composting or recycling waste; encouraging cycling and car sharing; only buying organic or local food. In 2005 we created our own eco-offices by converting former barns to create a low-emissions building. By doing so we reduced our carbon emissions from 26 tonnes a year to just 6 tonnes through a variety of innovative and energysaving building techniques. But becoming ‘green’ is a journey and, although we began long before most companies, we still have a long way to go. The Fragile Earth series is a growing collection of campaigning books about the environment. Highlighting the perilous state of the world yet offering imaginative and radical solutions and some intriguing facts, these books will make you weep and smile. They will keep you up to date and well armed for the battle with apathy.


New Title What About China? Answers to this and other awkward questions about climate change

UK £6.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-11-6 144pp, 129 x 198mm July 2008

“What is the point of doing anything when China opens a new power station every week?” All of us are guilty of making excuses not to change our lifestyles especially when it comes to global warming and climate change. What About China? explains that all the excuses we give to avoid making changes that will reduce our carbon footprint and our personal impact on the environment, are exactly that, excuses! Through clear answers, examples, facts and figures the book illustrates how any changes we make now will have an effect, both directly and indirectly, on climate change.

Fragile Earth

The book to challenge climate change sceptics.

Various topics covered include – climate; recycling; energy; travel and food. Concise and entertaining answers to the questions are provided by a panel of experts from The Soil Association, Waste Watch, The Centre for Alternative Technology, Triodos Bank, Ecover, Alastair Sawday and James Bruges.

“An excellent debunking of the myths that justify inaction” The Ecologist 15

New Title The Book of Rubbish Ideas An interactive guide to reducing household waste Tracey Smith

Fragile Earth

UK £6.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-13-0 144pp, 129 x 198mm September 2008

In our throw-away culture it is important to remember that there really is no such thing as “away”. The average British household produces a tonne of waste each year and we each throw away our body weight in rubbish every two months. This guide to reducing household waste and stopping wasteful behaviour is essential reading for all those trying to lessen their environmental impact. Containing step-by-step projects, the book takes a top-down guided tour through the average family home, from the bedroom and bathroom through to the kitchen and out into the garden. Full of practical tips and quirky ideas – from insulating your loft to jazzing up your old clothes, growing your own food to keeping chickens – plus links to mini films on DIY projects, this book is a first step on the road to zero waste.

About the author Tracey Smith is the founder of National Downshifting Week. She has been shortlisted for the ITN Eco Hero Award and writes for Sustained magazine and for The Environment Agency magazine. She also presents the radio show Slow Down and Green Up.


Updated paperback edition The Big Earth Book James Bruges

UK £12.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-12-3 288pp, 195 x 262 mm September 2008

"A back-catalogue of core environmental thinking from the past 30 years… Pictures that are more suited to National Geographic and a layout so accessible that your children will pick it up" The Ecologist

Fragile Earth

We all know the Earth is in crisis. We should know that it is big enough to sustain us if we can only mobilise politicians and economists to change course now. This book explores environmental, economic and social ideas to save our planet. It helps us understand what is happening to the planet today, exposes the actions of corporations and the lack of action of governments, weighs up new technologies, and champions innovative and viable solutions. Tackling a huge range of subjects – it has the potential to become the seminal reference book on the state of the planet – the one and only environmental book you really need.

“The Big Earth Book is a big book about probably the biggest problem humanity faces: itself ” The Big Issue “Compulsory reading” Planet

Available Now The Big Earth Book James Bruges UK £25.00 Hardback 978-1-901970-87-6 288pp, 195 x 262mm


New Title Ban the Plastic Bag A Community Action Plan Rebecca Hosking

Fragile Earth

UK £4.99 Paperback 978-1-906136-16-1 240pp, 80 x 116 mm October 2008

Every year 17 billion carrier bags are given away free in the UK – that means an average of 300 carrier bags for every man, woman and child in Britain. Plastics do not bio-degrade. Scientists now estimate that plastic lasts for at least 1000 years. Every carrier bag that has ever been produced is still on the planet, in landfill, hedgerows, or floating in the sea. Plastic bag litter is lethal, killing over 100,000 seabirds, dolphins, seals, whales and turtles every year. But people are fighting back. It started in Bangladesh and Taiwan where carrier bags have been completely banned. China has announced it will soon do the same. Closer to home Ireland introduced a 15p levy on plastic bags which has led to a 90% reduction in their use. In the UK Marks & Spencer has just introduced a similar charge throughout its stores. In May 2007 Modbury in South Devon became Britain’s first plastic bag free town. Their plastic bag ban was not the result of years of campaigning. Rebecca Hosking suggested it in a pub one evening shortly after filming a BBC documentary about the devastating effect of plastic on marine life in Hawaii. She showed the film to the town’s traders. Four weeks later Modbury declared itself plastic bag free. This book tells the Modbury story, but uses it as a call to action, entreating every village, town and city in the country to follow Modbury’s example and BAN THE PLASTIC BAG.

Back List Special Places to Stay Green Places to Stay UK £13.99 Paperback 1-901970-77-9 288pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 1, September 2006

Support local communities and go orca-watching from kayaks, see an underwater ballet of dugongs, go reindeer sledding or rafting down mountains, or find serenity in a reiki course. Find authentic, beautiful places to stay all over the world that use eco-friendly technologies, contribute to conservation and genuinely benefit the local community. Our guide includes tree houses in rainforests, white pods in snowfields, fair trade tented camps, floating eco-lodges, organic mountain farms, eco-chic hotels – we've inspected and like them all.

Green Places

Many places call themselves 'eco' or 'green', yet standards differ enormously throughout the world. This guide features those very special places that also go the extra mile to provide responsible holidays. We have sought out and visited people with a passion for the local culture and environment, from the heart of Borneo to the African savannah.

“Sawday is a campaigner for the environment and good food, and his recommendations are like those of a good friend who knows just what sort of place you are looking for” The Guardian

Coming in 2009 Special Places to Stay – Green Europe Authentic and memorable places to stay across Europe that champion organic food, use eco-friendly technologies, contribute to conservation, and provide genuine benefits to local communities.


Back List Special Places to Stay French Bed & Breakfast UK £15.99 Paperback 1-901970-76-0 464pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 10, November 2006 Edition 11, February 2009


The first of the Special Places series, this established guide is a bestseller. With its huge variety and range of good value places to stay, it's an indispensable guide for those travelling round France. Special places from all over France are included, including ski chalets and seaside homes, châteaux and farmhouses – a collection honed over many years. Entries are chosen for their character and settings, friendly owners, great food and value for money.

“A bible for discerning travellers” French Magazine

Over 150,000 copies sold in 10 editions

Back List Special Places to Stay Paris Hotels UK £10.99 Paperback 978-1-901970-79-1 208pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 6, February 2007

A night in Paris is precious. With over 120 wonderful hotels to choose from, you needn’t waste a moment in the wrong hotel. These hotels stand out from the crowd. The selection is broad, from a 'Pension de Famille' to some rather grand establishments where superior comfort comes with genuine attentiveness.


“A truly mouth-watering selection” French Property News

Back List Special Places to Stay French Holiday Homes UK £14.99 Paperback 978-1-901970-93-7 480pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 4, October 2007

“The undisputed master of guidebooks about places to stay in France” French Magazine

Back List Special Places to Stay Croatia

France and Croatia

The best of France is here – châteaux, watermills, beamy farmhouses, cottages and convents – all sorts of restorations and clever conversions; for two or for 20. Splendidly old-fashioned or exotically modern – prepare to be delighted and surprised by some 400 places to stay, including places of deep comfort with open fires, salt-water pools, roll-top baths and stunning, sunning terraces. However, there are bargains here, with many places at less than €150 per person per week.

UK £11.99 Paperback 1-901970-84-1 240pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 1, November 2006

Over 160 enticing places are listed – Venetian and Habsburg villas transformed into boutique hotels, and Communist-era hotels renovated and injected with a new buzz. We have found, to our delight, special places all over Croatia: farmstays, isolated lighthouses, fisherman’s cottages, self-catering apartments in all sorts of beautiful places.

“The inimitable Alastair Sawday, one of our favourite travel book publishers” The Times


Back List Special Places to Stay British Bed & Breakfast for Garden Lovers

Britain and Ireland

UK £14.99 Paperback 978-1-901970-78-4 384pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 4, February 2007 This popular guide has delightful places to stay with fascinating gardens; from grand estates to small town plots, all over the country. In these places, you will meet owners with hugely different gardens: some will be finished masterpieces, others will be works in progress, but all will be talking points. Our owners are experts on their own gardens of course, but they can often organise private visits to other gardens, direct you to good local nurseries and give you the low-down on which public gardens to visit nearby.

“It's the ideal all-round publication for a gardener's weekend away, with lots of detail about the accommodation and the owners' gardens” The Times

Back List Special Places to Stay Ireland UK £12.99 Paperback 978-1-901970-81-4 320pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 6, February 2007

We've chosen over 240 special places to stay throughout Ireland, north, south, east and west: B&Bs in fascinating family homes, hotels of all sorts; fishing lodges, keeps and castles; self-catering cottages, farms and seaside houses. We've included small hotels and B&Bs, guesthouses and self-catering cottages, and family houses, from tiny simple places to luxurious ones.


“Essential reading for people who appreciate real character, interesting people and good value.” Choice magazine

Back List Special Places to Stay Spain UK £14.99 Paperback 978-1-901970-82-1 448pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 7, April 2007

“A necessary companion for anyone seeking inspiring and individual hostelries” The Daily Mail

Back List Special Places to Stay Portugal

Spain and Portugal

Whether you're heading for the Sierras or the costas, historic towns or cosmopolitan cities, this guide has a huge variety of places to choose from. There are simple Casas de Aldea (small traditional houses in remote rural settings), restored monasteries and palaces and modernist buildings with all the contemporary designer trimmings. Stride out on walking holidays in the National Parks, linger by the pool and make the most of some terrific regional and international cooking. Half of the properties chosen have rooms for two at under €70 per night.

UK £11.99 Paperback 978-1-901970-83-8 240pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 4, April 2007

This guide leads you to guesthouses, hotels and self-catering properties from the simple, cheap and charming to the grandly historic – pousadas, castles, forts and convents – and designer-decadent new kids on the block. You'll come across rustic houses with funky and fresh interiors, antique furniture, painted tiles, vaulted ceilings, carved beds, local crafts and the kindest hosts who go the extra mile to make your stay special. Half the places in this guide have rooms at under €70 per night for two.

“Get a copy of Alastair Sawday's Special Places to Stay, Portugal.” The Independent


Back List Special Places to Stay Greece UK £11.99 Paperback 1-901970-67-1 304pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 1, February 2006

Greece and Turkey

Over 200 remarkable places to stay, on dozens of islands and on the mainland. Whether you're planning to be madly busy – or not – here's a choice of memorable places to lay your head.

“The very best guide to staying in Greece – full of quirky, friendly, affordable and luxury villas and hotels, all carefully researched” Greece Magazine

Back List Special Places to Stay Turkey UK £11.99 Paperback 1-901970-68-X 264pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 1, June 2005

Sawday's guide to Turkey lists nearly 200 places from classy caves to Armenian mansions, log cabins to designer chic hotels.

“If you want to stay somewhere weird and wonderful, turn to Sawday's” The Sunday Times Travel magazine


Back List Special Places to Stay India UK £11.99 Paperback 1-901970-64-7 288pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 2, July 2006

“The best that India has to offer” The Times

Back List Special Places to Stay Morocco

India and Morocco

This trusted guide is essential reading for the independent traveller to India interested in culture, style and people. From Sikkim in the north to Kerala in the south the variety of places is rich and astonishing, including colonial hill stations, safari camps and sprawling palaces. You can stay in an old Portuguese church and dine on the roof, explore an organic farm and its spice garden, or live on the edge of the desert. From £10 to £210 a night, this is a remarkable collection of places that will transform your travel in India.

UK £11.99 Paperback 1-901970-65-5 256pp, 128 x 220mm Edition 2, November 2005

Morocco is so vibrantly different that it needs inside knowledge for outsiders to find its heart without being tipped too far from their comfort zones. This book enables readers to make contact with this culture's ancient tradition of hospitality and connect with Morocco's living aesthetic heritage. The entries in this guide are special in many different ways: we choose places for the warmth of their welcome, their style – whether grand or not – and look for good value for money and an eclectic choice of places to stay.

“Sawday’s books never fail to fascinate but his Morocco has to be the ultimate dream maker.” Choice magazine


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