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BY REBECCA J. STOLTZFUS ’83, president

EDITOR Jodi H. Beyeler ’00, ‘19 (MBA)

The enduring value of ‘Culture for Service’

ASSISTANT EDITOR Brian Yoder Schlabach ’07

WHEN I ATTENDED Goshen College, little did I understand the enduring value of my education, because it was not immediately apparent. Yes, I was accepted into several top graduate schools, and yes, I excelled academically in those programs. I am grateful to many good GC professors for that. But academic excellence was not the only enduring value. Twenty-five years later, when I was in the midst of developing a global health experiential learning program at Cornell University, a close friend observed: “So, you are trying to make Cornell the Goshen College of the Ivy League?” We laughed aloud, but he was right. The enduring value of our motto, “Culture for Service,” surfaced these decades later. What we learn at Cornell or at Goshen College is much bigger than ourselves. My career became about having deep understandings of the places where my knowledge and discovery can be useful. To listen really carefully to, “what are the needs of the world?” And, “how can we respond to that creatively?” That happens when students are put in situations of relating and interacting with the world, and then are challenged to think deeply about it — whether global or local, through an internship, service project or some sort of creative project, research, policy engagement, entrepreneurship or working on sustainable development in a community. Learning that connects the world with the best of the academy is truly exciting and transformative for our students. Former Goshen College President J. Lawrence Burkholder wrote: “College mottos are usually innocuous. But at Goshen, ‘Culture for Service’ is a reality and needs to be affirmed at a time when a materialistic, technically oriented culture pulls in other directions.” This year we are renewing and deepening our commitment to “Culture for Service” through our new Center for Community Engagement (learn more on pages 5 and 14). True to Goshen College, this new center connects our liberal arts core curriculum with career networks and internships, summer camps for children with new programs for employed adults, and global education with local settings. It is an ambitious initiative that has already attracted significant funding. What Goshen College distinctively adds to the educational equation is something that a public institution, or even a secular private university like Cornell, cannot: the mentorship and friendship of faculty rooted in the way of Jesus, in a learning environment shaped by the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition. Where joy is cultivated and active love for God and neighbor is part of our mission. That is our distinctive flavor, the saltiness that we persist in bringing to an increasingly materialistic and generic world of higher education, as well as to our local and global communities.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Hannah Gerig Meyer ’08 NEWS NOTES ASSISTANT Myrna Kaufman ’66 ALUMNI OFFICE ASSISTANT Jan Ramer ’87 ___________________________ VICE PRESIDENT FOR INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT Todd Yoder ’84 DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT Dan Koop Liechty ’88 ___________________________ BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bruce Stahly ’67, chair Conrad Clemens ’85, vice chair Susan Fisher Miller ’79, secretary Malinda Berry ’96 Kevin Deary ’00 David Gautsche ’85 Kelly Hartzler ’97 Cristina Hernandez ’00 Gerry Horst ’72 Felipe Merino Bart Miller ’90 Tonya Miller ’95 Dan Nussbaum ’94 Joy Sutter ’81 Aaron Zou ___________________________ Magazine: 574.535.7569 Postmaster: Send change of address to: Alumni Relations 1700 South Main Street Goshen, IN 46526 Other college phone numbers: Switchboard: 800.348.7422 Admissions Office: 844.704.3400 Alumni Office: 574.535.7564 Box Office: 574.535.7566 Development Office: 574.535.7564 President’s Office: 574.535.7180 The Goshen College Bulletin (ISSN 0017-2308) is published two times yearly by Goshen College, 1700 South Main Street, Goshen, IN 46526-4794.






What is our community engagement?

How students engage the community

The impact of alumni in Elkhart County

The directors of the college’s new Center for Community Engagement introduce what community engagement means today.

Meet six students who have had unique college opportunities to learn experientially and connect with the local community at the same time.

Meet 13 of our 3,407 alumni who live in Elkhart County and are great examples of the ways alumni deeply shape various corners of this community.

About the cover Illustration by Hannah Gerig Meyer ’08 Community engagement is rooted in a place and in its people. While this college may be more broadly known for its history of global community engagement, our local community engagement goes back to our founding in 1894 as the Elkhart Institute of Science, Industry and the Arts. Since then, Goshen College has played an important and enduring role in shaping the people and culture of Northern Indiana — and in particular, Elkhart County — but also being deeply shaped by this community we call home. This topographic map of part of Elkhart County represents the land, landmarks and pathways of this particular place, and the chain of purple paper people represent the partnerships and relationships we seek to build, hand-in-hand, together.

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 1



KULP HALL MEMORIES Did you ever live in Kulp Hall? Built 115 years ago in 1906 as a women’s dormitory, it is the oldest residence hall on campus. Kulp now serves as a co-ed facility that can house up to 68 juniors and seniors. We recently asked alumni and friends to share their favorite Kulp memories on social media; read some of their responses! Sharon Risser ’74 Freshman and Sophomore year; it was great. Wide halls, small rooms. Fire escape worked great when we came in after female curfew

Kristina Everingham Kartikeyan ’02 It’s amazing how this picture evokes such cherished memories. Freshman and Sophomore years ’98-’00 on the 2nd floor. My grandmother was there 60 years earlier and oh my, the scandalous stories she told! I’m only sad that my aunt and mother missed out on the joys of Kulp life. Michelle Yoder Horning ’91 Lived in the same room my mom lived in 30 years earlier. Sammy Rosario ’13 One time, roomies from downstairs came to our floor and inundated our floor with balloons they even drew our faces on them. Pretty neat

Sharon Wilson ’84 Yes! K2W. Friends for life. We graduated in ’84, and still get together regularly, despite long distances. We attended each others’ weddings, cried with and prayed for each other in crises, and now congratulate each other on the birth of grandchildren.

Ally (Hawkins) Stiffney ’10 Climbing out on the little roof, stealing utensils, getting ready in the big bathroom, dance parties, staying up way too late, prank wars, roomie meals!! Lois Bare ’79 My grandmother lived there in 1907. My daughter lived there 1987-88.

Steve Walter ’87 Second Spring Term, Kulp 1 with roomie Anthony Beiler ‘89. Super hot summer month hanging out in a kiddie pool we bought at GL Perry? Held it to the roof of the car driving back to the dorm and plopped it in the lawn to cool off. Melinda Spohn Beatty ’97 Kulp was kinda magical, with its vines, squeaky floors and pretty balconies, which were great for journaling and watching the strange campus goingson below. Adored my time there and the people I shared it with! Sheryl Nespor ’74 Kulp hall… small, cozy rooms. Tiny closets… Wide halls, close to dining hall. Character, history, charm!


FIND MENNO As a priest and important Anabaptist leader, Menno Simons found good company to hang out with! We heard from 61 of you who correctly found Menno Simons hiding in the Spring/ Summer 2021 issue on page 1 among the lineup of students, faculty and alumni sharing about where faith and learning connect. Congrats to the five lucky winners who were chosen at random to receive limited-edition Goshen College T-shirts: 1.

Crystal Collier ’06 South Bend, Indiana

2. Michael Grieser ’81 Goshen 3. Trisha Handrich ’11, employee Goshen 4. Ella McHugh, child of alums Goshen 5. Bill Swartzendruber, parent Goshen We love hearing from all of you as you find where Menno is hiding (he looks just like the photo at the top, just smaller). So, when you do, submit your entry to by January 30, 2022, for a chance to win. Be sure to include your name, address, T-shirt size and graduation year/ affiliation with Goshen College.

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Enrollment Numbers















Class of 2025 Profile









4 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

TOP 10 DECLARED MAJORS: Nursing Business Education (Elementary or Secondary) Molecular Biology/Biochemistry Biology Environmental & Marine Science Music Psychology Sign Language Interpreting Exercise Science

$10M + 2021 Rankings: GC in the Top 10


percentage of graduates who go on to earn a doctoral degree — WASHINGTON MONTHLY


“Best Value Schools” among regional Midwest colleges — U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT


“Top National Bachelor’s Colleges” (1st in Indiana) — WASHINGTON MONTHLY


“Best Regional Colleges in the Midwest” — U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT


Record-breaking giving a highlight during pandemic Goshen College saw increased giving during the 2020-21 fiscal year, with the largest overall fundraising year since 2007. Overall giving to totaled $10,371,785, which combines both unrestricted and designated giving. The GC Fund received $2,465,379, making 2020-21 the most successful year ever for the fund that provides immediate, dynamic and impactful support for GC students. More than 3,500 households gave in the 2020-21 fiscal year, of which 2,252 were alumni households.

New Center for Community Engagement to grow local partnerships Goshen College received more than $4 million in grants from Lilly Endowment, Inc., and more than $500,000 from the Community Foundation of Elkhart County to support the creation of the new Center for Community Engagement, building institutional capacity to address the career concerns of both traditional students and those in careers now disrupted. The new center will increase educational access, engagement and attainment in Elkhart County for all learners, including at Goshen College, through new educational partnerships with and for the local community. This includes outreach to low-income, school-age students and adult learners. The five-year plan includes an ambitious proposal to advance the college and county through programs and partnerships. Read more about the new Center for Community Engagement on page 14.


Resuming SST presents challenges and opportunities After a year-long Study-Service Term (SST) hiatus due to the pandemic, in which the office of international education reviewed and re-evaluated the program, 18 Goshen College students traveled to the Southwest United States during the summer to spend six weeks exploring the Navajo and Hopi cultures as part of a new SST unit called Southwest Indigenous Perspectives. Before the pandemic, two off-campus immersive courses in the southwest were already in the works, hoping to appeal to students who might not be as able to travel abroad, such as international students or studentathletes. However, when COVID-19 led to the cancellation of SST units in Ecuador and Senegal, the planned offcampus courses became the inspiration for an alternative SST experience for students who still needed to complete their international education credits. As further changes to global education at Goshen College take shape, sequential SST courses will be offered over the course of several semesters, including May or summer terms. In this model, at least two of the courses for “study” and “service” will be experiential and immersive courses on or off campus. This fall, international SST resumed with a small group of students traveling to Ecuador. Learn more at Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 5



Maple & Hickory Scholars pursue summer research with faculty Joel Lara , a senior art major from Aguascalientes, Mexico and Goshen, worked with John Mishler ‘72 , associate professor of art, designing and building a musical sculpture for Assembly Mennonite Church in Goshen. Courtney Templeton, a junior film production major from St. Louis, Missouri, and Jackson Steinmetz, a junior film production and communication major from Bluffton, Ohio, worked with Kyle Hufford , associate professor of communication, on a documentary about Blosser’s Island on the Goshen Dam Pond. Samuel Stoner Eby , a junior physics major from Goshen, and Lisa Nalliah , a junior environmental science major from Huntington, Indiana, worked with Paul Meyer Reimer ‘83 , professor of physics, studying environmental risk factors that contribute to mycotoxin presence in crops, including precipitation and soil, in collaboration with a research group led by President Stoltzfus, using satellite data. Ronit Goswami , a senior exercise science major from Goshen, worked with Jessica Lala ‘98 , associate 6 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

professor of social work, exploring ways to evaluate the mental health needs and views of local law enforcement officers. Rediet Delelegne , a senior molecular biology major from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, worked with Neil Detweiler ‘08 , assistant professor of biology and director of pre-health programs, on an ongoing study of the physiology of cow pulmonary arteries. Asa Schiller , a sophomore math and computer science double major from Pasadena, California, worked with Jeanette Shown , associate professor of computing science, on making a tactile programming environment to help students in high school and college who are visually impaired to learn to code. Liam Elias , a senior environmental science major from Bothell, Washington, worked with Jason Martin, executive director at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center, to assess salamander and turtle populations at Merry Lea. Ruby Meyer , a junior biochemistry and chemistry double major from Huntington, Indiana, and Mira Yoder a sophomore biology and

computer science double major from Harrisonburg, Virginia, worked with Carol Good-Elliot ‘89, environmental educator and ornithologist, studying the Merry Lea bird populations, an ongoing project since 2002. Skylar Antonides , a junior environmental and marine science major from Wauconda, Illinois, Madison Sorg , a junior environmental and marine science double major from Manchester, Indiana, Josie Strader , a senior environmental science major from Goshen, and Janell Stoltzfus , a junior environmental science and ecology double major from Goshen, worked with Ryan Sensenig, environmental science director, John Mischler, assistant professor of sustainability and environmental education and Jonathon Schramm , associate professor of sustainability and environmental education, to study the effects of fire and grazing, specifically by cattle, on plant composition within the prairies and soil organic matter and carbon content in the soil. Alex Graber Neufeld , a sophomore biology and Spanish double major from Harrisonburg, Virginia, also helped with the project.

Welcome: New faculty and staff NEW TEACHING FACULTY:

Sister Veronica Adeduro, assistant professor of nursing

Anna Groff ‘06, assistant professor of communication

Linda Boling, visiting assistant professor of information technology & business

Breanna Nickel ‘10, assistant professor of Bible and religion

Endah (Etty) Setyowati, visiting global scholar from Duta Wacana Christian University in Indonesia

NEW ADMINISTRATIVE FACULTY OR STAFF (.5 FTE OR HIGHER): Erica Ackerman, admissions operations coordinator Connie Albright, physical plant custodian Liz Andes, director of health & wellness, Title IX deputy coordinator Grant Bachman ‘10, AV/IT systems specialist Michelle Blank ‘92, director instructional design & learning technology Chandler Buchfeller, residence director Erika Buhring, executive director of the Center for Community Engagement

Julia Danner, admissions counselor

Mike Malott ‘08, physical plant maintenance

Heidi Dyck Hilty ‘89, annual giving & advancement coordinator

Ally Medellin ‘17, admissions office assistant

Josiah Gaut, physical plant maintenance Aaron George ‘17, Salesforce developer Lawrence Giden, admissions counselor Emily Hahn, residence director Isacc Hernandez ‘13, academic counselor Sarah Kohler, technical director

Andre Natella, web developer/designer Tina Neff, human resources assistant director Courtney Ropp ‘17, diversity, equity & inclusion coordinator Kyle Schlabach ‘96, writing program director & academic coach

Kaitlyn Sproles ‘17, environmental educator and public program coordinator Tom Stuckey ‘70, interim vice president for finance Angela Swartzendruber ‘11, co-controller Brody Thomas ‘15, performance venue production manager Matt Wimmer ‘17, staff accountant, accounts receivable

Kevin Schultz, residence director

Alvarez and Bontrager hired as new vice presidents President Rebecca Stoltzfus has hired two new members to her senior leadership team. Beginning in March 2022, Jim Alvarez ‘84 (left) will be the vice president for finance, serving as the college’s chief financial officer. And Ben Bontrager ‘19 (MBA) (right) will be in a new role as the vice president for operations, serving as the chief operating officer, beginning in January 2022.


Alvarez has been senior vice president and chief financial officer since 2006 at Everence, a faith-based financial services organization headquartered in Goshen. Bontrager has served as chief financial officer at Goshen Health since 2018 and worked as director of financial services before that. Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 7

Kyle Mishler ’14 trains Paralympic gold medalist Kyle Mishler ’14 (right), assistant coach of men and women’s track and field at GC, helped Sam Grewe (left) to the gold medal in the men’s T63 high jump at the Tokyo Paralympics this summer.


Students develop local sensory trail app Goshen College students have teamed up with the City of Goshen and ADEC Inc. to create an app as part of a sensory trail initiative to help connect individuals with disabilities to the health benefits and wonders of nature. The sensory trail consists of two-mile stretches on both the Millrace and Abshire Park trails. The app has several features, such as identifying sounds on the trail, and will help to guide people along the trail using all the senses, said Jeanette Shown (left), associate professor of computing science and advisor on the project. Gabrielle Vogeler (right), a senior computer science major from Rolling Prairie, Indiana, and Kevin Mazariegos-Perez (middle), a senior computer science major with a minor in game design, from Elkhart, Indiana, programmed the app.

New entrance added on College Avenue in first of two phases The first phase of a new entrance project to the Goshen College campus is underway at College Avenue and 10th Street, requiring the removal of one house with plans to remove a second house next year. The creation of a new more prominent entrance from College Avenue is part of the college’s long-term campus master plan and will provide easier access to the Music Center and meet the requirements by the city for a railroad quiet zone. The future second phase of this entrance project will involve landscaping, signage and further road development to make this the primary campus entrance from College Avenue, in addition to the Welcome Center entrance from Main Street. 8 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021


Mishler, who holds the school record in outdoor high jump with 6 feet, 8 inches, and was the first-ever GC high jumper to earn NAIA All-American honors, has coached Grewe since 2015. This often meant back-to-back practices with the Maple Leafs, followed by one-on-one time with Grewe.

Faculty release new books Regina Shands Stoltzfus ‘84, professor of peace, justice and conflict studies, has coauthored the new book “Been in the Struggle: Pursuing an Antiracist Spirituality” (Herald Press, Nov. 2021). Written with Tobin Miller Shearer, professor of history and African American studies at the University of Montana, “Been in the Struggle” nurtures, challenges and fosters the work and witness of dismantling racism for the long haul. John D. Roth ‘81 has published a new book, titled “A Cloud of Witnesses: Celebrating Indonesian Mennonites” (Herald Press, Sept. 2021), detailing the history of three streams of Anabaptist-Mennonite church groups in Indonesia, tracing the 170-year history of Mennonites in Indonesia alongside the larger cultural and religious history of the country.

Librarians co-host ‘Just Plain Wrong’ podcast During the past year, three current and former Goshen College librarians, Erin Milanese, Abby Nafziger ‘06 and Tillie Yoder ‘12, have co-hosted the “Just Plain Wrong” podcast, in which the three Mennonite librarians review depictions of Amish, Mennonites and other Plain groups in fictional works such as Amish romance novels and historical films. More than 30 episodes in, the three have hit their stride and grown their fanbase, and learned a lot about Anabaptist fiction in the process. “Just Plain Wrong” can be heard on most podcast platforms. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @plainwrongpod.


New Fisher Terrace embodies John & Pauline Fishers’ legacy John J. ’48 and Pauline Clemens Fisher ’48 left a lasting impact on Goshen College. As a longtime professor of English, John’s love of words and connection to Irish poetry are threads that continue to weave through the fabric of campus today.

John and Pauline’s daughters, Susan Fisher Miller ’80 and Margaret Aeschliman ’87, are also GC alumni, as are four of their grandchildren, including Peter Miller ’09 who follows in John’s footsteps as an assistant professor of English at Goshen College.

As a testament to their legacy, family, friends and former students dedicated a new Fisher Terrace, built in the Fishers’ honor during Homecoming Weekend.

To honor their parents’ legacy beyond the endowed scholarship they left, the Fisher family also wanted to enhance a campus common space and promote conversation and fellowship among all members of the campus community. Thus, they dreamt up the idea for the Fisher Terrace.

Through a charitable donation from the John and Pauline Fisher estate, the outdoor area immediately east of the Leaf Raker Café in the Union Building has been renovated as a dining and gathering space, with a new pergola and seating. The terrace will also soon incorporate poetry displayed around the surrounding garden, including some by Irish poets that John connected with on campus and on classes he led to Ireland.

“When you’re grabbing a sandwich on the way to teach class or finish a paper, you can pause on the terrace for poetry and conversation with friends,” said Fisher Miller. “It’s a nice fusion of culture and service our parents would have appreciated.”

Top: Family and friends of John and Pauline Fisher gather during Homecoming Weekend to dedicate the new Fisher Terrace. Middle: Pauline and John Fisher early in their relationship at Goshen College. Bottom: Left to right: Desmond John Villiers FitzGerald (29th Knight of Glin), Jack Dueck (GC Associate Professor of English, 19661977) and John J. Fisher in Ireland circa 1973.

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 9


Simon Graber Miller ’22

Keegan Kwong ’20



Mia Pawelski ’22


SCOREBOARD BASEBALL (3-34, 2-26 CROSSROADS LEAGUE) A couple of Maple Leaf pitchers earned honorable mention allCrossroads League awards. Senior Kyle Staelgraeve (Britton, Michigan) pitched 46 ⅔ innings and started eight games. In addition to throwing 35 strikeouts, he led the team in all three categories. Senior Camm Nickell (Middlebury, Indiana) was second on the team in strikeouts and ERA. At the plate, he hit at an impressive .327 clip with 18 hits in just 55 at-bats.

SOFTBALL (21-33, 10-24 CROSSROADS LEAGUE) Goshen had a 20-win season for just the third time in school history. The season culminated with a trip to the conference tournament for a second straight season and included a seven-game win streak which was the longest since 2001. Sophomore Jolie Groeneveld (Allendale, Michigan) tied 10 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

the single-season triples record with four, but senior Ri Koteles (Wixom, Michigan) set a new record with five this season. Koteles now holds the career triple and home run records. As a team, the Maple Leafs set season records for triples, home runs, walks, hit by pitches and stolen bases.

MEN’S OUTDOOR TRACK AND FIELD (39TH IN NAIA, 9TH IN CROSSROADS LEAGUE) Senior Jacob Gerber (Goshen) became the first Maple Leaf track and field athlete to earn the Regional Athlete of the Year title by the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. He set a school record in the hammer throw at 203 feet, 8 inches during the Crossroads League championship. It was the second-best throw ever recorded in the 54-year history of the conference meet. Junior Simon Graber Miller (Goshen) also set

a school record in the high jump at 6 feet, 9 ¾ inches. At the NAIA national championship, Gerber placed third in the hammer throw, Graber Miller was fifth in the high jump, and firstyear Nelson Kemboi (Eldoret Rift Valley, Kenya) took 17th in the men’s 5,000-meter run. Gerber and Graber Miller earned All-American honors.

WOMEN’S OUTDOOR TRACK AND FIELD (68TH IN NAIA, 10TH IN CROSSROADS LEAGUE) Three team records were broken during the women’s outdoor season. First-year Maria Maldonado (Goshen) broke a 33-year old record in the 200-meter dash with a time of 25.01 seconds. Another first-year student, Summer Cooper (Elkhart, Indiana), set a record in the 800-meter run with a 2:17.36 final time. Lastly, the 4x800-meter relay team beat their own school record during the NAIA national championship

and finished 12th in the nation. The record of 9:22.40 was accomplished by first-year Annika Fisher (Staunton, Virginia), senior Makayla Collier (Clayton, Indiana), first-year Naomi Richer (Goshen) and Cooper. Cooper also finished 16th in the 5,000-meter run at the NAIA championship.

MEN’S VOLLEYBALL (15-9, 7-5 CROSSROADS LEAGUE) In just the third season of existence, the men’s volleyball team competed in the conference tournament and had its first winning conference record in its brief history. Goshen spent most of the season ranked in the NAIA coaches poll. Senior Alexander Rabadzhiev (Razlog, Bulgaria) earned his 1,000th kill – which extends the team record. He ranked sixth in the NAIA in kills and seventh in aces during the season and was on the all-Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference first team. Senior outside hitter Lucas Sauder (Lititz, Pennsylvania) and grad student setter Michael Wahl (Malvern, Ohio) both were named to the all-conference second-team.

Summer Cooper ’24

MEN’S TENNIS (5-10, 3-5 CROSSROADS LEAGUE) In the regular season, the Goshen men had five wins, with four of them being sweeps. The Maple Leafs shut out conference opponents Saint Francis, Mount Vernon Nazarene and Bethel. They also blew past Trine, 7-0. Sophomore Kevin Bollmann (Reinach, Switzerland) was named to the allCrossroads League team. In singles competition, he posted a record of 6-9.

WOMEN’S TENNIS (0-15, 0-8 CROSSROADS LEAGUE) The Goshen women had three contests that they were within a point from winning, losing to Saint Francis, Bethel and Aquinas each with a score of 3-4. In the U.S. Highway 20 Cup match played against Bethel, junior Sarah Hinshaw (Centerville, Ohio) won in straight sets, sophomore Meaghan Godzisz (Elkhart, Indiana) had a match-tiebreak victory, and first-year Naomi Lapp Klassen (Goshen) had her first collegiate win.

Alexander Rabadzhiev ’22

Ford to lead men’s volleyball Lauren Ford has stepped in as the new men’s volleyball head coach this season. The Indiana native played collegiately for the Wisconsin Badgers and South Carolina Gamecocks and internationally in Finland, Germany, the Philippines, Switzerland and Spain. While at South Carolina, she set records for most blocks in a match (13) and most blocks per set in a season (1.27). Ford has served as an assistant coach for the women’s program at Goshen since 2019. She becomes the second woman in Goshen Maple Leafs history with sole responsibility for coaching a men’s athletic program. The first was Allison Bailey – who led the men’s golf team from 2011 to 2013.



DeWeese joins Athletic Department staff


Justin DeWeese has joined the Maple Leafs staff as the assistant athletic director of communications and operations. DeWeese majored in sport management and business analytics at Ohio University before completing his MBA there as well. DeWeese will direct all communications and supervise all aspects of event operations. Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 11


2020/2021 ALUMNI AWARD WINNERS (left to right) Todd Woodworth ’78, Dr. Roman Gingerich Champion of Character Award; Rebecca ’08 and Paul (not pictured) Shetler Fast ’08, Young Alumni Servant Leadership Award; Shashi Buluswar ’90, Culture for Service Award; President Rebecca Stoltzfus ’83; Franklin Baer ’72 , Culture for Service Award; Krysten Parson ’02, Dr. Ruth Gunden Champion of Character Award



12 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021




OCT. 1-3, 2021


1 Peter Miller ‘09, James and Clara at lunch food trucks 2 Lavender Jazz at the Goshen Theater, First Friday 3 Anna McVay ‘22 & Cade Fisher ‘22, Homecoming Music Gala 4 50th anniversary of the 1971 Men’s Soccer conference championship team 5 Mark Daniels ‘00 draws a caricature for Leah (Lehman) Miller ‘11, Agatha and Finnegan 6 Men’s basketball alumni game 7 ‘Girl Named Tom’ concert featuring siblings Caleb ‘18, Joshua ‘19 and Bekah Liechty


WANT MORE? Check out the class reunion photos in the News and Notes section (p. 29-35). View more photos, including class reunion photos you can download, at:

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 13

AN INTRODUCTION BY Erika Buhring, Suzanne Ehst, David Kendall, Jan Shetler ’78, Duane Stoltzfus ’81 — the directors of the Center for Community Engagement

Community engagement has been central to Goshen College since our founding, and our motto “Culture for Service” captures it well. But it was explicitly affirmed in 1968 when the faculty unanimously voted to require a service-focused international semester in the core curriculum. After 52 years, our commitment to community engagement has grown only stronger. However, much of this past engagement with partners has largely been in the service of the institution and our students. The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) was created this year to propel the college further into the next phase of community-based initiatives, centralizing reciprocal partnerships

14 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

that advance work in the community in the context of our students’ learning. The CCE will provide guidance, training and resources to strengthen the work already being done with community partners. Currently, each major at the college requires a practicum that sends students out to apply their work in the world, and many of our adult and graduate students are already deeply invested in community jobs as they advance their education. Some courses visit partners to enhance student learning and assist the organization’s work too. Many alumni host student interns or make connections that enhance career paths. Study-Service Term

requires a six-week, service-learning assignment, and first-year students have an annual service day in their Identity, Culture and Community class. Additionally, courses for continuing education in Spanish and industry skills are offered. The CCE will support all of these programs to re-examine, expand and solidify reciprocal partnerships to respond more effectively to the needs of the community in the context of this existing work. In addition, we will develop new partnerships that will have an identifiable impact on the well-being of people in our local region, and particularly in Elkhart County. We will increase place-based activities that work with local partners to

address the issue of the low rate of access to education. We’re reaching out to partners in neighborhoods with the lowest post-secondary educational attainment rates, where income, race and ethnicity are correlated. A first step has been to listen to these partners so that expanding educational access for the residents themselves is at the heart of our initiatives. From that work new partnerships will be identified that bring together the needs of the community with opportunities for engaging our students in meaningful, placebased learning initiatives. Thus, experiences will flourish for years to come through passionate community-based partnerships.

FROM THE EDITOR Our mission begins: “Goshen College transforms local and global communities…” It is also true that our local and global communities transform us. As we ponder our local community engagement, we ask: What would Elkhart County be like if Goshen College had never been formed? And how different would Goshen College be if it began somewhere other than here in this land filled with diverse people — from Amish to Evangelicals, from Appalachian migrants to Mexican immigrants, from artists to manufacturers — who are exceptionally community minded? Meet our students and local alumni who demonstrate what community engagement looks like, how it happens and what kind of an impact it can have — on us and the people we engage with.


Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 15

Meet six students who have had unique college opportunities to learn experientially and connect with the local community at the same time. EDITED BY JODI H. BEYELER ’00, ’19 (MBA)

Music for Social Change — a minor program of study or concentration at the college and the first undergraduate program of its kind — is designed to intersect with initiatives in Elkhart County and to give students experiential learning opportunities to use music education for youth to help bring about social change.

Petenei Tacü ’22 music major | Phesama, India In my country, we teach math, we teach science, but it is primarily the wealthy students who receive music lessons. My parents taught me to give back to the community, and taking Music for Social Change made my focus clearer. This course made sense to me, and I connected with it personally. Part of my internship was spent in the GC Leaf Alive Camp for local school children this summer. I saw how normally quiet kids responded when they heard music that represented their cultural heritage. After my studies, I want to return to India. We need a purpose in life, and my purpose is to help children learn and experience music, while preserving our culture, and inspiring social change.

16 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

The Sustainability Leadership Semester (SLS) at the college’s Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center is a 13-week fall semester, residential program for undergraduate students that explores the many ways we can contribute to sustainable, resilient futures for our communities in the midst of our rapidly changing planet. Students discover the sustainability of places through canoeing 70 miles from the top of the watershed at Merry Lea to Lake Michigan, hiking trails, and interacting with various community members and sustainability professionals. Within SLS, students dig into personal leadership development while also reading widely to connect with insights and ideas from diverse disciplines.

Emma Zuercher ’23 sign language interpreting major Apple Creek, Ohio

The college’s Laboratory Kindergarten has been in operation by Goshen College since 1959, and joined in a partnership between the Education Department and Goshen Community Schools in 2008. Education students work alongside the teacher as they complete field experiences in the kindergarten.

Anastasia Stevens ’24

TESOL and secondary education double major Rushville, Indiana The most impactful piece of working in the College Kindergarten for me this year has been the power of connection. I get to see scaffolding for students with exceptional needs, like I’ve been learning about in my Exceptional Learners class. In another class I learn about the development of language and writing in young students, and I get to watch this development firsthand by observing writers’ workshops. Through observing the College Kindergarten, I’ve been challenged to think critically about classroom design, and the power of co-teaching. I’ve

learned about the role of collaboration in early educational settings, and I’ve been an active participant through planning lessons, and working individually with students. The connections I’ve built with professionals, and with the children themselves, have truly reinforced my passion for working with younger students. The College Kindergarten is one of so many ways the teacher education program at Goshen has given me the opportunity to connect my learning in the classroom with real experiences in the broader community.

My experience as a participant in the Sustainability Leadership Semester (SLS) at Merry Lea helped shape the lens through which I see the world. I saw how sustainability — a word I found confusing and undefined prior to my SLS experience — applies not only to environmental issues, but to culture, social and environmental justice, language, art and community. Sustainability is inherently interdisciplinary and that means it’s woven into every aspect of my life no matter what my career path looks like. Our canoe trip, treks through the many ecosystems at Merry Lea and conversations with people of diverse perspectives, shifted my understanding of relationships. I learned to see that community is not only inclusive of all people but is much broader than the human world. My neighbor is the egret on the wetland, the bluestem grass in the prairie and the deer in the forest. All beings must be included in creating a world that supports us now and those who will live after us. Sustainability comes in many forms and is meant for everyone.

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 17

All nursing majors have the opportunity to gain plenty of hands-on learning through a variety of opportunities for nursing clinical experiences, including many right across the street at one of the best hospitals in Northern Indiana — Goshen Hospital. During the pandemic, the nursing majors were even able to have first-hand experience caring for COVID patients and helping manage a very difficult health crisis.

Kiprop Kiprotich ’22 nursing major | Eldoret, Kenya Caring and learning through the pandemic was a battle we fought hard. No matter how much we tried, it was difficult to win. We were always tired, but that never stopped us from serving and learning from our community. As a nursing assistant and student, I felt consumed. All the stress from taking care of my patients, performing CPR, seeing my patients and their families cry almost broke me. I had lost my bearing, but that wasn’t a reason to not care. It’s so hard to operate under exhaustion, guilt or fear of COVID-19. I remember all my patients; some were too young to die, but we couldn’t save them. Being from a culture that rarely talks about death, it was traumatizing to have end-of-life discussions, but I couldn’t avoid it. My dying patients taught me alot: to be grateful and prayerful. Those lessons still keep me going. Out of everything I’ve done or will ever do, nothing can compare to the joy and fulfillment of seeing my patients going home, especially from the ICU after spending weeks on the ventilator and being intubated. These were people from my community. I was always ecstatic releasing them to their families. The college and local community has given me so much that I felt I could return the favor by serving it and caring for its people.

18 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021


During the summer of 2021, the new Southwest Indigenous Perspectives Study-Service Term (SST) unit was the first domestic SST for the college. After taking several study courses on campus to prepare, 18 students spent six weeks exploring the Navajo and Hopi cultures, as well as leading the summer math and reading camps at the Peace Academic Center in Arizona.

Anna Smucker ’22 graphic design major | Goshen Initially, I had signed up for the Ecuador SST because I was excited about applying my Spanish knowledge and language in a different context. When the Ecuador SST was canceled [due to the pandemic], I chose this SST course because I hadn’t learned a lot about Indigenous Peoples in a global context and I wanted to know more about Navajo and Hopi people. Also being able to travel, hike, and explore the mountains with a group sounded like an added bonus!

42% Our local community also shapes where our students come from — 42% are from Elkhart County

Opened in 2020, the Center for Communication Studies at Goshen College brings together the awardwinning television, radio, print and other media curriculars under one roof. Students are able to meet in one place and collaborate as one team. A department that has won a steady stream of statewide and national awards has found a new home with high energy and round-the-clock activity, with Globe Radio announcers on the air and student staff in a bustling newsroom.

Gabriella Klopfenstein ’22 public relations major | Goshen The Center for Communication Studies has become my second home. I’ve had the opportunity to hold many leadership positions, but most recently as president of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and the student station manager of 91.1 The Globe, our student-run radio station on campus. In these various leadership

When we first stayed with host families on the Navajo Reservation, I was immediately struck by my host family’s hospitality as they welcomed us into their homes as strangers. After asking questions and doing a lot of listening and learning, I remember being told a lot about the daily challenges that my host sister and mom faced over the years for being Native American, such as discrimination, hatred and prejudice. Yet, this was balanced out by stories of their incredible strength and courage to keep pushing on. I felt honored to be in a household with three generations of women who showed us nothing but patience, strength and kindness.

roles, I have experienced more than just on-campus opportunities. For my internships, through connections from PRSSA, I worked with organizations from Goshen and Elkhart. These opportunities not only shaped my skills and helped me find my true passion, but also gave me mentors and friends. My time in the communication department has fostered my love of learning, new relationships and prepared me for my future.

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 19

Meet 13 of our 3,407 alumni who live in Elkhart County and are great examples of the ways our alumni have deeply engaged and shaped various corners of the local community. EDITED BY MARSHALL V. KING

Zulma Prieto ‘01 Co-editor and co-publisher of El Puente, English as New Language teacher After moving to Goshen from Colombia in 1990, Zulma Prieto ‘01 and her husband Jimmer Prieto started “El Puente,” a bilingual newspaper serving northern Indiana in 1992. With family and friends, the Prietos used their publication to build bridges in Hispanic and Anglo communities. They also taught young people and adults over the decades and helped create a range of community groups. After we gave our lives to the Lord in Colombia, this is where he sent us to serve. We were tools of his will and we hope we have served well. We were able to work with people from across the world in this community and with different churches and groups. It’s a matter of community in love. This is more than justice. When you work with justice, you have to choose sides. When you choose to work for love, you’re committed to everyone. You have to listen and learn and work alongside others, even if you don’t completely agree with them. We learned a lot and had a lot of help from others. You start work on the shoulders of what others have done and we hope that others can work on the shoulders of what little we have done.

20 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Kevin Deary ‘00 President and CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County Kevin Deary ‘00 came to Goshen from Boston in 1994 to be the executive director of the Goshen Boys & Girls Club. He became president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County in 2005 and oversaw the addition of three new clubhouses in Middlebury, Nappanee and Elkhart. Prior to the pandemic, the organization served more than 4,000 youth a year. He is also a new member of the Goshen College Board of Directors. Making sure our kids are healthy and have the support they need is a key part of building a healthy community. We do that by providing safe places for kids, by helping families and parents partner with the schools, by working with the court system. It’s important to connect with kids and provide hope and inspiration in a genuine way for kids who don’t have it or don’t see it. I help teach staff and inspire volunteers to carry out that work of helping kids.

Dan Nafziger ‘83 Chief medical officer and infectious disease consultant for Goshen Hospital; former health officer for the Elkhart County Health Department Dan Nafziger ‘83 has been a leader in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. His role involves assisting Goshen Health in improving the health of the people it serves and also keeping its colleagues safe and healthy. The administrative part of Dan’s job has an aspect of making sure that people with the right credentials are providing care for their patients, as well as ensuring that the hospital provides high quality

care. Being a part-time practicing physician, when at times most of the hospital’s inpatients had COVID, meant trying to educate other doctors on how to care for patients as new information became available.

then learn all I could for the best science-based response. I wanted to be able to provide a level of care for our patients that was no different than organizations with many infectious disease physicians.

As a former public health officer, longtime infectious disease doctor and hospital administrative leader, it is easy to see how I might be uniquely positioned to have a positive impact on my community’s response to COVID-19. I tried to provide an early alert to our health department and my health system so that we could prepare for what was to come and

When I attended Goshen College, its five core values of Christcenteredness, passionate learning, servant leadership, compassionate peacemaking and global citizenship had not been officially adopted but were already part of what was taught in support of a ‘Culture for Service’ worldview. Those values drive the ‘why’ of my personal response to this very day.

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 21

Mary Ellen Meyer ‘54 Co-creator of Millrace Cohousing Neighborhood, Goshen Mary Ellen Meyer ‘54 had lived in the Shanklin Park Millrace neighborhood for 50 years with her husband Al Meyer ’50, long before it was even called that. They loved the neighborhood with its intergenerational mix, and wanted to live there as long as they could. Mary Ellen became a leader in establishing a 14-unit cohousing development with the front doors of small individual houses facing center lawns, rain gardens, shared parking and gathering spaces. They began the journey to share the idea, form a group, attend a myriad of meetings with the city to further their proposal, work with a contractor and begin to literally build community which is now almost complete (most of whom are also GC alumni) along the Goshen Millrace Canal near downtown. I believe that the best way I can work at bringing in the kind of world God intended is to build relationships and to try to follow the example of Jesus in ways to work in that direction. To me, this means respecting the value of each person, learning ways to listen to others respectfully even if I don’t agree, and being willing to change my own opinions when cooperation benefits the whole community. I have learned that working together accomplishes more than each faction working to benefit itself. And I think that for me, ‘thinking globally and acting locally’ is the best I can do.

22 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Rafael Barahona ‘01 Partner at LightBox in Goshen Rafael Barahona ‘01 first arrived in Goshen from Canada in 1993 and started his freshman year at Bethany Christian High School. The shift was initially a very difficult one, but over the years, Rafael has grown to love Goshen. He and his family moved back in 2012 and Rafael has firmly embedded himself in the community. He has served on the Mayor’s Arts Council, the Latino Advisory Committee and is joining the board of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce. Rafael is a partner at LightBox, a design studio that provides visual identity and branding services to local nonprofits as they do important work in the community. When I came back to Goshen nearly ten years ago, I had absolutely no idea how I would get involved. I have always had a penchant for creative work, but only really discovered design after I had already graduated from Goshen College with my psychology degree. After coming back to Goshen from Virginia, the community was simultaneously familiar and a new landscape. It was such an encouraging community and I felt almost pushed into starting my own business. As it developed, I really wanted to lean into making a difference in the community and getting beyond ‘making things look nice.’ I have felt really blessed to work alongside amazing clients who are already doing good work where I live, work and play.

Jon Cutrell ‘75 Designer and gardener of DeFries Gardens, also known as “the Calendar Garden,” near New Paris, Indiana Jon Cutrell ‘75 became friends with Elizabeth DeFries, who had lived in an old brick farmhouse with her husband, Dr. John DeFries. When John died, she donated the 13-acre property east of New Paris, Indiana, to Elkhart County Parks, and later funded its development. Their friendship eventually resulted in Jon becoming the

designer and gardener of the Calendar Garden, a one-acre showpiece that reflects the four seasons of northern Indiana. The unique flowering calendar is enjoyed by many visitors year-round. I have enjoyed interaction with the natural world since I was a child. For me it is both a spiritual experience as well as an aesthetic one. After majoring in art at Goshen College, I found that work in landscape design was a good combination of these interests. During the summers there I worked at a local

landscape company which gave the added benefit of hands-on experience. For several decades I was happy to do a wide variety of jobs for individual customers as well as various institutions but eventually was drawn to working more with public space. One project that fascinated me was the idea of making a garden that would be based on my visualization of the annual cycle of the seasons. I have been happy that the Calendar Garden has become a way for local people to appreciate the way we fit into the cycles of nature that we all experience. Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 23

Arvis Dawson ‘76 Elkhart City Council member and retired educator After graduating from Goshen College, Arvis Dawson ‘76 worked as a social worker and then as a teacher for 31 years in Elkhart Community Schools. He is serving his eighth term on the Elkhart City Council, a total of 28 years so far in two different stints, and formerly worked for the Elkhart mayor on the Board of Works. He is currently serving as a member of the Goshen College Alumni Council. My parents were always part of a group helping me and motivating others. When I became an adult, I saw it was something I needed to do because it was done for me. When you grow up in Chicago in a community that large, you don’t see things happen, you hear about them happening. In Elkhart and Elkhart County, you see things happen. Once you realize you can have an impact on making those things happen, it becomes a natural thing. Goshen College helped because it simply gave me opportunities I never would have had if I hadn’t attended college there. I tell people all the time, Goshen College changed my life. I believe it was faith that got me there and helped me succeed. People there, some of the first people I encountered who were Caucasian, treated me in a Christ-like way.

24 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Laurie Nafziger ‘78 President and CEO of Oaklawn Laurie Neumann Nafziger ’78, MSW, ACSW, is president & CEO of Oaklawn, the leading community mental health center for Elkhart and St. Joseph counties. She has been with Oaklawn for 34 years and her current role is to ensure quality services while positioning the organization for the future. Mental health and substance use treatment have long been important to the community’s health, but as the need continues to grow, these services are all the more vital.


3,407 alumni live in Elkhart County

Chris Kingsley ‘04 President and CEO, Lacasa Inc. Chris Kingsley ‘04 has been president and CEO at Lacasa, a nonprofit community development organization working in Elkhart County, for three years (previously led by Moses Beachy ’57, Arden Shank ’74 and Larry Gautsche ’74). Lacasa is a 51-year-old agency founded from a concern for the housing conditions of migrant farm workers. Over the decades it has expanded activities and focus in the areas of housing and

community empowerment services. It has elevated the standard of housing in the community and offers a full schedule of classes and one-on-one financial empowerment services to help build community. I resonate strongly with the idea of unlocking God-given potential. In my work in the community, I get to see that through restoration and repurposing of buildings, revitalization of neighborhoods, and, most rewardingly for me, strengthened individuals and households. The best way for me to

It’s an exciting time to be in mental health. We are expanding prevention and early intervention services, knowing we can reduce the severity of illness and substance use by moving our efforts further upstream. We’re embracing consumer voice and lived experience, recognizing that clients bring valuable insight to the treatment process. And we’re learning new ways to deliver services that will help more people get faster access to care when they need it. I love this work as I’ve been surrounded by bright and caring people who engage in the sacred work of walking with others on a journey of healing.

capture my ‘why’ is to ask people to think about those moments when you see a light turn on for someone and all of a sudden there is hope. That moment when hope enters a person — or even a neighborhood — is so powerful and something that really inspires and motivates me. As we walk alongside people attaining goals they thought were out of reach, we do not own or create the potential, but we get to be a part of releasing it. I’m wired to cheer people on, and working with Lacasa gives me a way to do this. Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 25

Allan Kauffman ‘71 Former mayor of the City of Goshen; member of the Goshen Community Schools Board of School Trustees Allan Kauffman ‘71 was mayor of Goshen from 1997 to 2015. During his time as mayor, he focused on quality of life initiatives, believing that community development is economic development. He also helped the growing community navigate race relations. Prior to that, he had been on the Goshen City Council for 16 years. He has been a member of Goshen Noon Kiwanis for 47 years and started serving on the Goshen Community Schools Board of School Trustees in 2021. I am following in my dad’s footsteps. My father, Paul, was the first blue-collar worker to serve on the Goshen School Board. My family also volunteered for a lot of things in our community, so I continue to find ways to do that. The late Jerry Trolz used to often say ’Service is the rent we pay for life on earth.’ Goshen College taught me the value of ‘Culture for Service’ and how to do that in the place I loved. Being mayor wasn’t a sacrifice because I believe in the power of co-creating in our country. There are many passionate and talented people here that have made Goshen what it is today. I have an emotional attachment to Goshen, so when people asked what my vision was for the city, I said it sounds trite, but my vision is that it’s always a place we’re proud to call ‘home.’ Because if others see that, they’ll want it, too.

26 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Tavi Mounsithiraj ‘94 Co-founder of Goshen Soccer Academy Tavi Mounsithiraj ‘94 has spent most of his adult life helping to successfully grow a love and passion for the sport of soccer in and around Goshen. He started playing soccer at Goshen College in 1991 and coach Dwain Hartzler ’71 also asked him to help coach in the Goshen Youth Soccer Organization. After graduating, Tavi became an assistant coach on the GC Men’s Soccer Team and then was head coach from 2001 to 2013. As a culmination of a life devoted to soccer and the local community, he and others founded the Goshen Soccer Academy in 2019 where he is now part-owner and co-manages the facility with Kyle Stiffney ‘10, whom Tavi coached since he was eight years old all the way through college. I am who I am today because of Dwain Hartzler and what he did in soccer. I’m just trying to continue what he started in this area. I wouldn’t be who I am today without Goshen College, what I learned and the people along the way. Dwain sought me out as a studentathlete and gave me the opportunity to play soccer and get an education.


Chad ’89 and Tracy ’90 Klopfenstein Co-owners of The Chief in Goshen and Granger, Indiana; Tracy is also an art teacher at Concord Junior High School and Chad is vice president of engineering at Nishikawa Cooper LLC The Chief started as a small ice cream shop in Goshen in 1962, and Chad ’89 and Tracy ’90 Klopfenstein joined the ownership team in 2018. Chad’s business and engineering skills, combined with Tracy’s creativity and

connections to school-aged employees, have allowed them to continue The Chief’s popularity in Goshen and to expand, opening a new store in Granger this year. When we purchased The Chief, we felt strongly that we were to continue their long-standing tradition of giving back to the community. This community has fully supported this business. It is important to us to support local charities that provide services to the people of Goshen and Elkhart.

Fostering community begins with our staff, and we strive to provide a fun, supportive environment for our young workers, many of whom we watch learn skills in their first job. We love seeing the community gather at our business. There is a spirit of camaraderie and happiness. Just watching the children — Blue Moon ice cream smeared on their faces — playing tag can put a smile on anyone’s face. Our slogan is ‘Make the world a sweeter place,’ and that is what we are trying to do, one scoop at a time.

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 27


BY DAN KOOP LIECHTY ’88, director of alumni engagement & international student adviser

Teaching and learning about identity, culture and community EVERY FALL, I have the privilege of co-teaching a section of the general education course that all first-year students take called Identity, Culture and Community, or ICC as it’s commonly known on campus. This course has replaced the colloquium course that students took for decades. Over eight years of co-teaching, I’ve seen the evolution of the course from what was a bumpy start to a course with solid student evaluations. We have honed the course to help answer the important question: How do people with diverse identities live together in a vibrant community? What could be more important and relevant than that in our fractured world? Through a set of common readings and discussions, students are challenged — the first time for many — to think deeply about their own identities and how those are shaped by their communities and the cultures around them. We read:

• •

Make Your Home Among Strangers, a novel by Jennine Capó Crucet about a first-generation student struggling and ultimately learning to thrive in a collegiate academic environment and how that shapes her identity Citizen: An American Lyric, a book of poetry by Claudia Rankine dealing with some of the most challenging racial concerns of our time and the past Monique and the Mango Rains, a Peace Corps memoir by Kris Holloway set in Mali, a former Study-Service Term (SST) host country

Along the way, our ICC section gets a chance to do service together, share times of fellowship outside of the classroom and just build a learning community. Each section is intentionally selected to represent the diversity of our student body and in that way we can safely challenge and support each other as we learn about our differences. I could go on and on about this course and my belief in its relevance to our world, but I’d be remiss to not acknowledge that teaching this course has also deeply impacted my own thinking about my identity, my communities and the cultures in which they lie. As an assignment, I’d encourage you to read our common texts and dream with us of a world where the diversity in our cultures and communities is not only welcomed, but is part of what we cherish most about them. 28 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021


Meet your Alumni Council (2021-22) Back row, left to right: Gretchen Nyce ’92, Harrisonburg, Virginia (incoming chair); Galen Graber ’83, Wellman, Iowa: Jair Hernandez ’13, Chicago, Illinois (concluding chair); Arvis Dawson ’76, Elkhart, Indiana. | Middle row, left to right: Pamela Ortiz Ramirez ’21, Chicago, Illinois; Anita Miller ’90, Denver, Colorado (secretary); Margaret Fisher Aeschliman ’87, Salem, Oregon; Maynard Miller ’90, Millersburg, Ohio. | Front row, left to right: Kristina Roth Martin ’89, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Jaime Stack Applegate ’15, Goshen; Ameera Alshuga ’20, Topeka, Indiana. | Not pictured: Marlette Gomez Wengerd ’13, Goshen; Ainslee Zou ’22, Bristol, Indiana (student representative).

Submit your nominations for our 2022 alumni awards Do you have classmates or alumni friends who exemplify the college’s motto, “Culture for Service,” live out the college’s core values and should be considered for our 2022 alumni awards? Find the criteria and submit your nominations by Jan. 15, 2022 at

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Alumni Connections 1940-49 DEATHS Elta Yoder Ehret ’43, Wakarusa, Ind., died Sept. 2, 2021. Doris Moyer Good ’48, Harrisonburg, Va., died May 21, 2021. Henry T. Mukai ’47, husband of Eunice Mukai, died Jan. 13, 2020. Mabel Pfile Rupp ’43, Freeport, Ill., died Jan. 15, 2021. Virginia Bontrager Sharp ’46, Goshen, died March 28, 2021. Rheta Mae Hostetler Wiebe ’49, wife of Peter Wiebe ’49, 4436 W. Vista Ave., Glendale AZ 85301, died April 15, 2021. Carl H. Yoder ’49, husband of Sue Yoder, 5116 Eagle Dr., Millersburg OH 44654, died Dec. 12, 2020.

1950-59 DEATHS Dale E. Aschliman ’54, husband of Pat Aschliman, 339 Andros Dr., Sarasota FL 34233, died May 7, 2021. DeWayne C. Bontrager ’54, Goshen, died Sept. 1, 2021. Lois Whitehead Kaufman Bontreger ’52, wife of Harold L. Bontreger ’57, 1108 Spring Brooke Dr., Goshen IN 46526, died July 30, 2021. Victor H. Esch ’55, Lakewood, Colo., died Aug. 5, 2021. Mildred Bobeck Ginger ’56, Syracuse, Ind., died Aug. 20, 2021. Emma Birky Ingold ’56, Arvada, Colo., died May 20, 2020. Glendon C. Jantzi ’52, Goshen, died July 22, 2021.

Naomi Kauffman Lederach ’54, wife of John M. Lederach ’57, 3144 Drake Ct., Goshen IN 46526, died July 24, 2021. Aaron M. Longacre ’57, husband of Muffy Longacre, 3406 Heads Ferry Dr., Tampa FL 33618, died April 20, 2021. Donald M. Marquis ’59, Goshen, died July 29, 2021. Ernest D. Martin ’50, Columbiana, Ohio, died Feb. 19, 2021. Edgar J. Metzler ’52, Goshen, died May 12, 2021. Beverly Shellenberger Miller ’53, wife of James Miller, 10336 County Rd I, Montpelier OH 43543, died May 1, 2021. Sylvia Neumann Miller ’57, wife of James R. Miller, 28070 County Rd. 24, Apt. 505, Elkhart IN 46517, died June 25, 2021. Jane Willey Swartzentruber ’51, Moorestown, N.J., died March 28, 2021. Melvin R. Voran ’58, husband of Marilyn Helmuth Voran ’52, 1543 Dogwood Ct., Goshen IN 46526, died July 27, 2021. Leland K. Weldy ’57, husband of Sigrid Weldy, 25997 Lake Dr., Elkhart IN 46514, died July 19, 2021. Lois Leatherman Yake ’57, Bainbridge Island, Wash., died Sept. 18, 2020. Dennis L. Yoder ’56, husband of Nancy Yoder, 1925 Rolling Green Cir., Sarasota FL 34240, died July 12, 2021.

1960-69 NOTES Velma Schmidt Hadley ’61 and Pearl Lavern Hadley, Hillsboro, Kan., celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Aug. 26, 2021. Abner Hershberger ’60 (faculty ’65-99), Goshen, an active painter and printmaker for more than six decades, had his work

featured in an exhibit, “Abner Hershberger: The Abstraction of Landscape,” at the Midwest Museum of American Art, Elkhart, in summer 2021. 1 J. Michael Hostetler ’68, Lake Oswego, Ore., has published his third historical novel, “Turnaround Destinies 1933-34” (FriesenPress, 2021), writing under the pen name James Carlson Lake. 2 Eleanor Hunsinger ’68, Brooksville, Fla., retired missionary nurse, has self-published her first novel, “Mark of the Covenant: The Story of Jonathan, Prince of Israel” (2021). 3 Richard Kauffman ’68, Goshen, began as interim pastoral team member at Berkey Avenue Mennonite Church on Feb. 15, 2021. Donald E. Kraybill ’69, Harleysville, Pa, recently reached the 20-year mark of employment with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. He has conducted almost 1,000 site visits of residency training programs for all medical specialties at hospitals in the United States, as well as internationally. He continues a part-time private practice as a psychologist in North Wales. DEATHS Ellis Bontrager ’67, husband of Ruby Bontrager, 1234 Greencroft Dr., Goshen IN 46526, died Sept. 5, 2021. Julie Kaminky Bower ’64, Woodbridge, Va., died July 12, 2021. J. Howard Burkholder ’65, husband of Linda Tosi, 117 Russett Rd., Apt. 1, West Roxbury MA 02132, died July 24, 2021. Sonja K. Cassady ’69, Elkhart, Ind., died March 17, 2021. Linda Brunk Coddington ’69, Baldwinsville, N.Y., died June 8, 2021. Mark O. Hostetler ’66, Indianapolis, Ind., husband of Randy Hostetler, died Jan. 23, 2020.

Gene F. Kanagy ’53, husband of Wilma Leichty Kanagy ’54, 4737 Becker Cir. S.E., Albany OR 97322, died March 29, 2021. John D. King ’57, husband of Jean Sutter King ’57, 120 Sugarberry Rd., Aiken SC 29803, died March 29, 2021. Thomas D. Kintigh ’50, Goshen, died March 28, 2021. Regina Ogle Kunkel ’58, Washington, D.C., died July 18, 2021.




Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 29



Thane A. Huffman, husband of Marilyn Quiring Huffman ’67, 1122 Park Meadows Dr., Goshen IN 46526, died Feb. 22, 2021. Phillip J. Keim, husband of Janet Troyer Keim ’64, 6877 E. Eli Lilly Rd., Syracuse IN 46567, died April 22, 2021. Dennis D. Leinbach ’69, husband of Joyce Leinbach, 8405 Lima Rd., Fort Wayne IN 46818, died June 1, 2021. Ekkehard Lichti, husband of Wilma Leichty Lichti ’65, 1308 Greencroft Dr., Goshen IN 46526, died Sept. 14, 2021. Stanley E. Liechty ’61, Goshen, died April 25, 2021. Joyce G. Longacre ’61, Fairview, Mich., died Sept. 9, 2021. Willard M. Martin ’61 (faculty ’84-95), husband of Mary Ellen Kauffman Martin ’63, 1001 E. Oregon Rd., Lititz PA 17543, died May 28, 2021. Bonnie Weldy Miesel ’67, wife of John Miesel ’74, 14660 4 Mile Rd., Morley MI 49336, died March 28, 2021. James W. Miller, husband of LaVonne Eschliman Miller ’60, 4291 Allen Rd., Apt. 221, Stow OH 44224, died June 8, 2021. James L. Osborn Sr., husband of Amanda Knox Osborn ’67, P.O. Box 7574, Sebring FL 33872, died March 31, 2021.

John Paul Wenger ’63, Southfield, Mich., died May 18, 2021. Gordon L. Yoder, husband of Margaret Eby Yoder ’67, P.O. Box 151, Wyatt IN 46595, died July 17, 2021.

Steven R. Studebaker ’70, Mountain Home, N.C., works as a family financial planner for Studebaker Investments Inc. DEATHS Deonna Figert Baxter ’73, wife of John Baxter, 12899 Gloria Dr., Fishers IN 46037, died June 29, 2021.

1970-74 NOTES Daniel E. Lemons ’74, Hastings-onHudson, N.Y., was recently appointed interim executive vice chancellor and university provost of the City University of New York (CUNY), which comprises 25 campuses. Prior, he was interim president of Lehman College, one of the CUNY campuses. Edward A. Liechty ’74, Indianapolis, Ind., considered a “pioneer in neonatology” by his colleagues at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, retired June 30, 2021, after a 34year career marked by scientific discovery, global health advancement and “the kind of moral leadership that inspires everyone to do better.” 4 Margaret Ann (Mag) Richer Smith ’73 and Bob Richer Smith ended as bridge pastors at First Mennonite Church, Indianapolis, Ind., on June 30, 2021.

Thomas Detwiler, husband of D. Sue Shaum Detwiler ’71, 58279 County Rd. 23, Goshen IN 46528, died July 2, 2021. David L. Frey ’73, Minneapolis, Minn., died Dec. 25, 2020. Fred A. Greenawalt ’72, husband of Delores Gangwer Greenawalt ’74, 1313 Ashbury Ct., Goshen IN 46526, died Aug. 10, 2021. Jerry L. Nesbitt ’73, husband of Avis Nesbitt, 1013 Lincolnway W., Ligonier IN 46767, died May 2, 2021. J. Thomas Schrock ’71, husband of Ruth Slabaugh Schrock ’71, 1404 Canterbury Ct., Goshen IN 46526, died June 23, 2021. U. Lloyd White ’70, Elkhart, Ind., died May 21, 2021. Glenn C. Yoder ’74, husband of Lynn Yoder, 7456 Route 414, Canton PA 17724, died April 25, 2021.

David P. Redding ’64, Goshen, died July 7, 2021. Myrl D. Sauder ’61, husband of Freida Sauder, 17191 County Rd. D., Wauseon OH 43567, died Sept. 10, 2021. Richard J. Strong, husband of Nancy Clark Strong ’65, 704 N. Lake St., Syracuse IN 46567, died April 21, 2021. Larry L. Swartzendruber ’68, Banning, Calif., died Feb. 6, 2021. Paul H. Thomas ’63, Goshen, died April 15, 2021.

30 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021




1975-79 NOTES David L. Beachy ’75 and Marlene Bachman Beachy ’76 have lived in Paoli, Ind., since Dave attended medical school. Dave retired in January 2021 from family practice, ER work and more than a year in Kenya. Marlene does prayer ministry with splankna, theophostic and inner healing. 5 Laurie Neumann Nafziger ’78, Goshen, president and chief executive officer at Oaklawn Psychiatric Center, has joined Interra Credit Union’s board of directors as an associate director. Jeffrey S. Rasley ’75, Indianapolis, Ind., published “Godless – Living a Valuable Life Beyond Beliefs” (Midsummer Books, 2021). 6

Karen Kreider Yoder ’78 and Steve Kreider Yoder ’81 pedaled cross-country on their tandem bike from San Francisco to Yorktown, Va., starting in late May 2021. Cycling self-supported 3,800 miles over 61 riding days, they navigated mostly rural bike-friendly roads, pitching their tent in campgrounds and town parks or sleeping on floors of cyclist-friendly churches and fire stations. Among their breaks was a pause in North Newton, Kan., to lead a week-long camp for youth and adults at the Kauffman Museum. 7 (credit: Anna Gillespie) DEATHS Getachew Mikre ’76, Los Angeles, Calif., died June 19, 2021. Deanna Workman Wagler ’76, wife of Robert D. Wagler ’71, 2600 W. 100 N., LaGrange IN 46761, died May 23, 2021.

1980-84 NOTES Bruce Breckbill ’81, Kidron, Ohio, was promoted to managing director of the Everence offices in Northeast Ohio in 2020. He retains his role as stewardship consultant, serving area Anabaptist churches.


Robert Lerch ’84, Spring Valley, N.Y., and Mark Wittrig ’84, Lawton, Mich., played important roles in the development of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19. Lerch is the head of lab and site management and business operations at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Wittrig is senior director of quality assurance at Pfizer. 8


Joanna Osborne Masingila ’82, Syracuse, N.Y., concluded her tenure as dean of the school of education at Syracuse University to begin a one-year research leave beginning Aug. 1, 2021. She anticipates returning to the faculty with a dual appointment in the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences. 9

Randy Detweiler ’88, Wakarusa, Ind., concluded his ministry at Holdeman Mennonite Church on Jan. 31, 2021. He began as development associate at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary on Feb. 1.

NOTES Greg Beachey ’86, Silt, Colo., is director of career academies at Youthentity. Scott B. Denlinger ’89, Lancaster, Pa., is director of library services for the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.

Margaret Owen Gesner ’86, Racine, Wis., head of the Central Racine County Health Department since 2006, retired from that position on Aug. 31, 2021. She remains with the department through the end of the year to support the new health officer and to ensure a smooth transition to a Racine County Public Health Division in 2022. 11

Douglas E. Nisley ’80, Goshen, a retired partner from accounting firm Crowe, has joined Interra Credit Union’s board of directors as an associate director. Cynthia D. Yoder ’83, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, published a memoir, “This is Life; ‘Haik al-Haya’: Five Years Teaching in Palestine” (Be Still Press, 2020), about her life and work directing the English Language Center at the Arab American University of Palestine from 2000 to 2005. Since March 2021, she has been doing book readings via Zoom, including one with GC classmates in August. 10

Eric Dyck Hilty ’89, Elkhart, Ind., is an advancement associate at Bethany Christian Schools. His primary responsibilities are alumni relations and annual fundraising. Heidi Dyck Hilty ’89 is now the annual giving and advancement coordinator at Goshen College. Ellah P. Wakatama ’88, London, United Kingdom, is a literary critic and editor-atlarge for Canongate fiction. She delivered the Harriet Martineau Lecture, which celebrates the legacy of a remarkable, world-changing woman by inviting globally-renowned radical speakers to respond to her life and work.

DEATH Carol Siebert Epp ’82, wife of Arlen Epp, 51892 County Rd. 11, Elkhart IN 46514, died April 24, 2021.





Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 31


Rebecca Whitmer Helmuth ’94, New Paris, Ind., graduated from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary on May 1, 2021, with a Master of Divinity degree, with a major in Christian faith formation. In 2020, she ended nearly 16 years of working with The Mennonite magazine in Elkhart, Ind. 12 David Maugel ’92, Wakarusa, Ind., has been appointed the second associate superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. He had been principal of NorthWood High School since August 2006. Michael Nolt ’94, Middlebury, Ind., a chemistry teacher at NorthWood High School, was named educator of the year by the Nappanee Area Chamber of Commerce. DEATHS Nancy Hoglund Davidson ’87, South Bend, Ind., died Aug. 14, 2020. Randall D. Kauffman ’89, Glendale, Wis., died April 2, 2021.

1990-94 NOTES Jonathan Bornman ’90, Lancaster, Pa., received a Ph.D. in social anthropology from Middlesex University in 2021. The title of his dissertation was “American Murids: Muslim proponents of nonviolence open alternative conversations about Islam, jihad and immigration.”


32 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021


Jennifer Helmuth Shenk ’94, Goshen, was ordained at Kern Road Mennonite Church on May 2, 2021. Steve Slagel ’92, Traverse City, Mich., began as transitional pastor at Holdeman Mennonite Church on May 29, 2021. Marisa Smucker ’94, Goshen, is the senior executive for the newly formed Ventures division at Mennonite Mission Network. Ventures combines the former resourcing and mobilization and international partner engagement departments. She oversees the team responsible for creating and maintaining collaborative programs and services for constituents and partners. 13 Michele Lowery Turner ’91, Snohomish, Wash., wrote “Lessons Learned: Short Stories of Continuity and Resilience” (independently



published, 2021), which provides personal stories of lessons learned, both personal and professional, over a close to 30-year career dealing with disasters and catastrophic events. Her current role as head of global business resiliency for Amazon, allows for her team to provide business continuity, workplace resiliency and crisis management support across the globe. Ann Garber Walter ’93, Kenosha, Wis., is senior copy editor at Trusted Media Brands in Milwaukee, Wis. She helps lead a desk of six editors who work on cookbooks, general interest books and several magazines, including Reader’s Digest, Taste of Home, Birds & Blooms and Reminisce.

1995-99 NOTES Gene Crusie ’96 was promoted to chief executive officer and Jason E. Lehman ’99 to chief financial officer at Surf Broadband Solutions headquartered in Elkhart, Ind. In summer 2021, Surf received significant investment from Bain Capital to continue building a fiber optic network offering fiber internet across the Great Lakes region. Kyle Longacre ’95, Harleysville, Pa., has been appointed dean of workforce ad economic development for Montgomery County Community College. He provides strategic leadership with local employers, government and nonprofit agencies and economic development organizations. He also oversees implementation of the new




Baker Center of Excellence for Employee Ownership and Business Transformation, which provides educational programs and resources for employee-owned companies. 14

Brad Weirich ’96, Goshen, is co-owner of Fables Books and works with acquisitions and curation. DEATH John W. McKinney, husband of Bethany Andrews McKinney ’99, 25955 Northland Crossing Dr., Elkhart IN 46514, died Aug. 24, 2021.

2000-04 NOTES Liz Miller Borntrager ’01, Goshen, has been promoted to assistant vice president, regional retail manager, at Interra Credit Union. With more than 20 years of experience at the credit union, she oversees branch operations, staff development and member engagement for six of Interra’s locations. Krista Nussbaum Daniels ’00, Goshen, has worked as the interpretive naturalist for Elkhart County Parks for 20 years. Nayla Jiménez-Cabezas ’03, Seattle, Wash., joined the Washington Farmland Trust in July 2021 as a program associate to support fundraising and Farmer to Farmer programs. Amy Chupp Kratzer ’02, Goshen, graduated from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary on May 1, 2021, with a Master of Arts degree in Christian formation. She was also selected to receive an award for excellence in Christian formation from the seminary’s Church and Ministry Department. She concluded 18 years of service on the pastoral team of Sunnyside Mennonite Church in Elkhart and is teaching music in Goshen Community Schools. 15 Heidi Stoltzfus McHugh ’03, Goshen, was promoted to chief impact officer at Lacasa Inc. The CIO role and function blends strategy, evaluation, planning and public engagement, strengthening the organization’s ability to demonstrate its impact and to grow its philanthropic capacity to support strategic goals.

Emily Rodgers ’03, Pittsburgh, Pa., released her fourth album, “I Will Be Gone,” in April 2021. 16 Abena Kuttin-Naumah Saulka ’03, Naperville, Ill., is director of software engineering at Pluralsight. 17


Joseph Shetler ’06 was selected to have a work in a show at The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., from July 17 to Sept. 12, 2021. This was a presentation of works by artists of the greater DC region that reflected resiliency in response to the pandemic and recent social upheaval. 19


NOTE Matthew Troyer-Miller ’05 of Shickley, Neb., graduated from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary on May 1, 2021, with a Master of Divinity degree, with a major in pastoral ministry. He completed part of his degree at a distance through AMBS’s MDiv Connect program and continues as pastor at Wood River (Neb.) Mennonite Church. 18

2006 NOTES Vanessa Mishler Adcock ’06, Goshen, joined Bethany Christian Schools as the enrollment director.

NOTES Sheldon C. Good ’09 is administrator for the office of housing and community development within the Department of Health and Human Services of Montgomery County, Pa. This office coordinates the county’s housing crisis response system and administers millions of dollars in federal, state and local funding to prevent and end homelessness, address housing affordability and provide decent housing, a suitable living environment and expanded economic opportunities for low- and moderateincome persons. Morgan Kraybill Gross ’09 and Conrad Gross, Harrisonburg, Va., celebrated the birth of Sophia Mae on May 16, 2021. She joins Cyrus, 4. Morgan works in community mental health. 20 Phil Schmidt ’09, Goshen, was installed as pastor at Belmont Mennonite Church, Elkhart, on April 25, 2021. Katie Sowers ’09, who was the first woman to coach in the Super Bowl, is a Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellow with the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021 season. 21




Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 33


Nathan L. Geiser ’13 and Shanti Geiser, Renton, Wash., celebrated the birth of Micah Atlas on Jan. 2, 2021. He joins Rain, 3. Nathan is employed as a housing case manager at Pioneer Human Services working with participants in a diversionary drug court in Seattle. 24 Lucas Geiser Godshalk ’13 and Hannah Geiser Godshalk ’13, Pittsburgh, Pa., celebrated the birth of Felix on Feb. 3, 2021. 25 Ben Sutter ’13 and Grace Parker Sutter ’13, Kansas City, Kan, celebrated the birth of Simeon Gregory Parker Sutter on June 4, 2020.

2014 NOTES Quinn Brenneke ’14, Elkhart, Ind., graduated from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in August 2021, with a Master of Divinity degree, with a major in theological studies: history, theology and ethics. He continues to serve as co-pastor of Prairie Street Mennonite Church. 26 Kyle Mishler ’14, Goshen, is Goshen College assistant track and field coach. He also coaches Sam Grewe, a local high jumper with a single above the knee amputation, who competed in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, where he won a gold medal in the T63 high jump by clearing the 1.88 meter bar in his final attempt.

2015 2011

2012 NOTE

NOTES Scott Kempf ’11 and Kate Friesen ’11, Millersburg, Ind., cultivate beautiful flowers raised for florists and subscription on Singletree Farm, an acre of land about seven miles southeast of Goshen. 22 Allison Miller Kizziar ’11 and Jeremy Kizziar, Sarasota, Fla., celebrated the birth of Lawson Philip on March 26, 2021. He joins Ryder, 5. Allison is a middle school teacher in Sarasota. 23


34 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021



William (Billy) D. Funk ’12 and Alita Yoder ’13, Elkhart, Ind., celebrated the birth of Simeon Luke Yoder Funk on April 20, 2021.



NOTES Emma Brooks ’13, Denver, Colo., is the senior graphic designer at Margot Elena Companies & Collections.


Melissa Mackowiak Smith ’15 and Cody Smith, Lima, Ohio, celebrated the birth of Peyton Marie on May 16, 2021. She joins Cameron, 2. Melissa graduated from St. Bonaventure University, Allegheny, N.Y., on May 15, 2021, with a master’s degree in school counseling. 27


NOTES Katelyn Vendrely ’16 and Joseph Brenneman were married on June 19, 2021. 28




Jenna Lee Wait ’16 is a conservationist at the Elkhart County Soil and Water Conservation District.

2017 NOTES AJ Delgadillo ’17, Goshen, is community relations director for the City of Goshen. Kelsey L. Fraley ’17, Indianapolis, Ind., is an internal operations/event assistant at Butler University. Aaron N. George ’17 (professional staff ’21-present) and Mary I. Seeck ’18, Goshen, were married on May 1, 2021. Aaron works at Goshen College as a Salesforce developer. 29 Dona Park ’17, a graphic designer and digital illustrator based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, was named one of the first Mennonite Church USA #BringThePeace honorees. The award recognizes the work of denominational peacemakers and is sponsored by Mennonite Church USA’s Church Peace Tax Fund. 30

2018 NOTES Clara Beck Faust ’18, Toledo, Ohio, teaches K-4 music at Whitehouse Primary School. Sara E. Groff ’18 and Bryan Yoon, Washington, D.C., celebrated the birth of Hana Francine on Sept. 4, 2020. Sara is a nurse and nurse leader at MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. 31 Mark R. Kreider ’18 earned a master’s degree in ecology from Utah State University and began a Ph.D. at the University of Montana studying fire ecology and equitable access to public lands. He was awarded the Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship, an award given to a graduate student who has “the potential to make a significant positive difference in understanding wilderness and how to protect it.”



Caleb Liechty ’18, Joshua Liechty ’19 and Bekah Liechty, members of the sibling band Girl Named Tom, are competing on NBC’s The Voice this fall. 32 Emma Koop Liechty ’18 has relocated back to Goshen after four years in Washington, D.C. In August, she started a job as content specialist at Eyedart Creative Studio.

Patrick Webb ’21 had an opinion piece published in Live Steam magazine.



Deanna A. Risser (faculty ’99-21), Goshen, began as vice president for administration and chief financial officer for Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart on Aug. 1, 2021. She worked at Goshen College since 1999, including as vice president for finance since 2016. 34



Sophia P. Martin ’20, Lititz, Pa., was awarded a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) to study Indonesian during the summer of 2021. CLS scholars gain critical language and cultural skills that enable them to contribute to U.S. economic competitiveness and national security. She was in Indonesia while on Study-Service Term in college.

Sylva R. Keenan (staff ’74-10), Goshen, died Aug. 27, 2021. She worked as the nursing secretary for 29 years and retired in 2003.

Ryan S. Miller ’18 and Carolyn Saylor, Holly Springs, N.C., were married on June 19, 2021. 33

2021 NOTES Kadie Daye ’21 has joined the “Clay & Company” morning show at WYRK at Buffalo, N.Y. Ariana Perez Diener ’21, Goshen, was awarded a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) to study Swahili during the summer of 2021. CLS scholars gain critical language and cultural skills that enable them to contribute to U.S. economic competitiveness and national security. She was in Tanzania while on Study-Service Term in college.


Jeanette Hostetler Yoder (staff ’00-15), wife of Ray Yoder, 2408 Redspire Blvd., Goshen IN 46526, died June 1, 2021. She worked in the financial aid office and retired in 2016.

Send us your news and photos Send your news and photos related to births, deaths, marriages, job changes, achievements, etc. to or Goshen College Alumni Office, 1700 S. Main St., Goshen, IN 46526. When sending in photos for publication, please submit digitally in the highest resolution available. We look forward to hearing from you! You can log on to the Alumni Directory ( to read more news about alumni, find their contact information and submit your own updates.




Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 35



MABEL BRUNK ‘47 (1926-2021)


Former assistant professor of nursing

Former professor of biology

Mabel Virginia Brunk ’47, a former nursing professor at Goshen College from 1951-1959, died Sept. 7, 2021 at the age of 95.

Mary Linton, former professor of biology from 1989-2002, died June 13, 2021 in Bay City, Michigan. She was 66 years old.

Brunk received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Goshen College in 1947 and her master’s degree from the Frances Payne Bolton (Cleveland) School of Nursing. She was a nurse in Indianapolis before returning to teach at Goshen College in 1951.

Linton earned a bachelor’s of science degree at Michigan State University in 1975, a master’s degree in biology at Michigan Technological University in 1982, and a Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky in 1995.

Following eight years of teaching, Brunk moved to Korea to work at Pusan Children’s Charity Hospital from 1959-1967 with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), where she cared for orphaned children after the Korean War. In 2012, the Korean government honored her and other nurses for their dedication and service. During the Vietnam War, Mabel refused to pay taxes and cared for her mother near Harrisonburg, Virginia, until her mother’s death in 1977. She worked at Ten Thousand Villages in Akron, Pennsylvania, then moved to Tampa, Florida and later Charlottesville, Virginia, where she provided private care for many homebound children. Brunk joined Christian Peacemaker Teams and at age 80, traveled to Iraq and Palestine to promote peace between Muslims and other groups. Brunk was preceded in death by her parents Joseph Eshelman Brunk and Alice Yoder Brunk, and siblings: Ivan Wilson Brunk ‘35; Milton Joseph Brunk ‘42; Adella May Kanagy ‘44; and Dorothy Belle Brunk. She is survived by many nieces and nephews.

36 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021


In 1989, Linton arrived at Goshen College to teach biology. During her time at Goshen, she was active with Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center, conducting research on Ambystomatid (mole) salamanders at the facility. Linton helped to develop the environmental science major at Goshen College in 1999, and her involvement in strategic planning at Merry Lea led to the development of Rieth Village, the first Platinum LEED-certified building in Indiana. As a published poet, Linton’s passion for the natural world came through in her poetry. A wetland poetry session at the Wisconsin Wetlands Association’s annual science conference is named in her honor. Survivors are her wife, Kathy Kauffman; her sister Barbara; her brothers William (Judy) and Robert (Patricia) Linton; and 68 nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents, Phyllis (Snyder), and William Harold Linton.







Former academic dean and professor of German

Professor emeritus of history

Former associate director of college relations and director of communications

Willard Martin ’61, former academic dean and professor of German from 1984-1995, died May 28, 2021, in Lititz, Pennsylvania. He was 87 years old. Martin earned a history degree from Goshen College in 1961, and later attended graduate school at Pennsylvania State University, earning a master’s degree and Ph.D. in German. Martin taught and held administrative positions at Penn State until he returned to Goshen as academic dean from 1984 through 1988, and served as professor of German from 1988 through 1995. He led several Study-Service Term (SST) units to East Germany, including in 1989, four months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. After leaving GC, Martin taught at the Schwäbisch Gmünd campus in Germany, run by the University of Maryland. He officially retired in 2000, and relocated to State College, where he taught an additional 14 years at Penn State. Martin was preceded in death by three brothers; Clarence, Cleon and Lloyd; two sisters, Vera Brubacher and Florence Metzger; and a stillborn grandson, Owen. Survivors are his wife, Mary Ellen Martin ‘63; two sons, Stefan Martin ‘88 (Heidi) and Derek ‘97 (Henry Lucero); two sisters, Gladys Diefenbacher (Edward) and Marlene Kwandt (Peter), and brother-in-law Lorne Metzger; brother-in-law Richard Kauffman ‘68 (Suzanne ‘68); and three grandchildren, Lily, Garrett and Kyle.

Theron F. Schlabach ’60, professor emeritus of history, died May 13, 2021, in Goshen. He was 87 years old. He married Sara Ann Kauffman in 1955, and began supporting his family as a trucker before attending Goshen College, earning a history degree in 1960. He received a master’s degree in history in 1961 and doctoral degree in U.S. social history in 1966 from the University of Wisconsin. Schlabach taught history at GC from 1965 to 1998. Though he officially retired from teaching in 1995, he continued to teach part-time into the early 2000s and pursued scholarly research and writing much longer. He is the author of five books and editor of more, including an acclaimed four-volume history of Mennonites in America. He and Sara twice led SST in Costa Rica. He also led classes in Europe and traveled to China. Along with his parents, Ezra and Vivian, he was preceded in death by his wife Sara, two brothers, Dale ‘66 and J. Richard ‘69, a sister, Eudean Broni, a brother-in-law, Paul Shaum, and a grandson, Brock Birky. He is survived by a daughter, Kristina Johnson; three sons, Gerald (Joetta ‘80) Schlabach ‘79; J. Carlyle (Julie Birky ‘85) Schlabach ‘81; Roderic (Mary Beth ‘87) Schlabach ‘86; seven grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; two sisters, Ruth Shaum ‘62 and Arleta (Phil ‘72) Kilmer; a brother, Dorvin (Ruth) Schlabach, Goshen; a brother-in-law, Emil Broni ‘72; and a sister-in-law, Viv Schlabach ‘65.

Mervin D. Zook ’59, former associate director of college relations and director of communications, died Aug. 29, 2021, surrounded by his family. He was 84. A 1959 graduate of Goshen College, Zook earned graduate degrees from Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame. He began his career at Goshen College in 1964 in the college relations office before moving into the role of director of communications, where he worked until 1978. He also spent part of his career at Mennonite Mutual Aid (now Everence) and retired from the Elkhart County data processing department. In his retirement years, he was an active volunteer at College Mennonite Church and Greencroft. He was always willing to lend a helping hand to neighbors needing computer assistance. He was a learning enthusiast and took classes on a wide range of academic topics throughout his life. He strived to practice a healthy lifestyle, which included being an avid bicyclist. He is preceded in death by his wife, Joan (King) ‘57; parents ​​Ellrose D. and Frances (Loucks) Zook; and twin brother, Merlin W. Zook ‘59. He is survived by three daughters, Cynthia J. Zook ‘84, Susan D. (Kevin Gross ‘83) Zook and Wendy A. Zook.

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 37

This fall, 147 of our students (18% of the student body) are children of Goshen College alumni. We celebrate this passing on of “Culture for Service” from one generation to the next!

ANOTHER GENERATION Traditional undergraduate program

Meredith Blossom ‘25 Wellman, Iowa (Theresa Blossom ‘99 & Kent Blossom ‘99)

Katarina Amstutz ‘23 Indianapolis, Ind. (Heidi Amstutz ‘89 & Lon Amstutz ‘87)

Madeline Bollinger ‘25 Lenexa, Kan. (Jan Good-Bollinger ‘94 & Jonathan Bollinger ‘94)

Birch Baer ‘23 Archbold, Ohio (Fred Baer ‘90)

Emma Bontrager ‘23 New Paris, Ind. (Cynthia Bontrager ‘88 & Gordon Bontrager ‘85)

Denver Beck ‘22 Archbold, Ohio (MaryBeth Beck ‘91 & Kerry Beck ‘91) Wesley Beck ‘23 Goshen (Launa Leftwich ‘92 & Brent Beck ‘92) Willa Beidler ‘25 Lancaster, Pa. (Emily Smucker-Beidler ‘87 & Lorin Beidler ‘87)

Isaac Bontrager ‘25 Goshen (Ben Bontrager ‘19) Lukas Bontrager-Waite ‘24 Goshen (Beth Bontrager ‘85) Lucas Bontreger ‘22 Goshen (Myron Bontreger ‘91)

Nathan Berkey ‘21 Goshen (Veronica Berkey ‘92)

Axel Brown ‘23 & Zoe Brown ‘22 Goshen (Melanie Hire ‘07 & Dale Brown ‘04)

Lauran Blank Lagrange, Ind. (Michelle Blank ‘92)

Brenden Brown ‘25 Goshen (Amy Brown ‘21)

38 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Nathen Byrd ‘25 Frontier, Mich. (Nykol Byrd ‘97) Ben Cerceo ‘25 Seattle, Wash. (Sally Oyer ‘80) Adrian Delgadillo ‘25 Dakota, Ill. (Dottie Delgadillo ‘98 & Julio Delgadillo ‘08) Luisa Dutchersmith ‘25 Goshen (Kent Dutchersmith ‘90) Sasha Dyck ‘24 Goshen (Lesley Dyck ‘14 & Ted Dyck ‘93) Dan Eash-Scott ‘24 Wauwatosa, Wis. (Rachel Eash-Scott ‘98 & Peter Eash-Scott ‘99) Craig Elias ‘25 & Liam Elias ‘22 Bothell, Wash. (Morlin Elias ‘88) Alexandria Flores ‘23 Goshen (Simona Flores ‘11) Kaylie Gaby ‘23 Syracuse, Ind. (Sonny Gaby ‘97 & Mark Gaby ‘98)

Briana Gerig ‘25 Mishawaka, Ind. (Beth Gerig ‘84 & Kevin Gerig ‘83)

Alexa Haarer ‘22 Elkhart, Ind. (Connie Haarer ‘94 & Mark Haarer ‘79)

Caleb Gingerich ‘23 Kalona, Iowa (Mo Rhodes Gingerich ‘86)

Drew Hackman ‘24 Bethesda, Md. (Shelly Hackman ‘92 & Andre Hackman ‘91)

Emma Gingerich ‘25 Elkhart, Ind. (Kris Gingerich ‘98 & Peter Gingerich ‘98) Mariah Gingrich ‘22 Verona, Wis. (Myron Gingrich ‘89) Meaghan Godzisz ‘24 Elkhart, Ind. (Katrina Godzisz ‘92) Simon Graber Miller ‘22 Goshen (Ann Graber Miller ‘80) Andrew Graber ‘25 Goshen (DeLane Graber ‘85) Mia Graber ‘24 Wellman, Iowa (Ruth Brenneman ‘87 & Galen Graber ‘83) Erica Gunden ‘22 Sellersville, Pa. (James Gunden ‘80)

Ryan Harmelink ‘23 Goshen (Tonya Harmelink ‘94 & Erin Harmelink ‘95) Joe Harshbarger ‘21 Warrenville, Ill. (Denise Harshbarger ‘95 & Chad Harshbarger ‘94) Gabe Hartzler ‘22 & Isa Hartzler ‘25 Goshen (Ruth Hartzler ‘99 & Andrew Hartzler ‘98) Natalie Hazbun ‘22 West Lafayette, Ind. (Tamara Hazbun ‘89) Emily Hershberger ‘25 Normal, Ill. (Melika Kauffman Hershberger ‘94 & Ross Hershberger ‘92)

Simon Hertzler Gascho ‘24 Goshen (Julie Hertzler ‘91)

Carlos Lichty ‘25 Goshen (Emily Herriott ‘16)

Anne Nisley ‘23 Goshen (Doug Nisley ‘80)

Mary Schmauss ‘22 Albuquerque, N.M. (Dawn Graber ‘82)

Sarah Hochstetler ‘24 Goshen (Jay Hochstetler ‘84)

Conrad Liechty ‘24 Goshen (Jeanne Liechty ‘92)

Lydia Holsopple ‘23 Millersburg, Ind. (Jan Friesen Holsopple ‘90 & Todd Holsopple ‘88)

Cormac Koop Liechty ‘25 Goshen (Jill Koop Liechty ‘90 & Dan Koop Liechty ‘88)

Lydia Nolt ‘23 Lancaster, Pa. (Rachel Nolt ‘90 & Steve Nolt ‘90)

Caleb Shenk ‘24 Goshen (Jen Shenk ‘94 & Jeff Shenk ‘98)

Dylan Horning ‘25 Goshen (Michelle Horning ‘91 & Chad Horning ‘91)

Olivia Lilly ‘24 Syracuse, Ind. (Alison Powell ‘21)

River Norton ‘24 Goshen (Sharon Norton ‘92 & Steve Norton ‘91)

Maija Short ‘24 Goshen (Lisa Short ‘91 & Darin Short ‘92)

Victoria Oakes ‘22 Middlebury, Ind. (Shannon Oakes ‘04)

Drew Smoker ‘24 Burnsville, N.C. (Britt Kaufmann ‘96 & Chad Smoker ‘96)

Steven Horsch ‘22 Goshen (Jon Horsch ‘88) Marcus Housholder ‘21 Goshen (Kirsten Housholder ‘93 & Paul Housholder ‘93) Solana Hubbard ‘24 Elkhart, Ind. (Solidia Brown ‘90) Gabriella Jantzen ‘22 Granger, Ind. (Eric Gates-Jantzen ‘94) Anna Kauffman ‘24 & Leah Kauffman ‘22 West Liberty, Ohio (Tisha Kauffman ‘93 & Alan Kauffman ‘92) Noah Kauffman ‘22 Osceola, Ind. (Ramona Kauffman ‘92 & Troy Kauffman ‘93) Seth Kauffman ‘25 Goshen (Christy Smith ‘94 & Jeremy Kauffman ‘96) Jadyn Kaufmann ‘24 Goshen (Cynthia Good Kaufmann ‘23 & Eric Kaufmann ‘96) Evan King ‘25 & Jonah King ‘23 Normal, Ill. (Shelly King ‘93 & Darvis King ‘93) Terran Kingsley Goshen (Natasha SawatskyKingsley ‘93 & Aaron Sawatsky-Kingsley ‘97) Greta Klassen ‘23 & Naomi Klassen ‘25 Goshen (Beverly Lapp ‘91) Gabriella Klopfenstein ‘22 Goshen (Marisa Klopfenstein ‘94 & Dereck Klopfenstein ‘92) Olivia Koop ‘23 Kitchener, Ontario (Sarah Hostetler ‘93 & Paul Koop ‘93) Olivia Krall ‘23 Carmel, Ind. (Rachel Friesen ‘91 & Steve Krall ‘89) Maggie Lapp ‘25 Philadelphia, Pa. (Amy Hochstetler ‘95 & David Lapp ‘96)

Saige Lind ‘24 Seattle, Wash. (Carl Lind ‘88) Zoe Longacre ‘25 Barto, Pa. (Ann Longacre ‘90 & Jim Longacre ‘90) Carissa Mast ‘24 Goshen (Sara Mast ‘94 & Luke Mast ‘95)

Jonathan Orjala ‘24 Downers Grove, Ill. (Melodie Graber ‘92) Anna Osborne ‘23 North Manchester, Ind. (Maria Osborne ‘90 & Jeff Osborne ‘92) Leah Otto ‘22 Orrville, Ohio (Joel Otto ‘90)

Rachel Mast ‘23 Elizabethtown, Pa. (Susan Hochstedler ‘93 & John Mast ‘90)

Becca Padilla ‘22 Goshen (Vilma Padilla ‘09 & Saulo Padilla ‘05)

Elena Meyer Reimer ‘22 Goshen (Kathy Meyer Reimer ‘83 & Paul Meyer Reimer ‘83)

Emily Perez ‘24 Salem, Ore. (Karen Kenagy Perez ‘79)

Ruby Meyer ‘23 Huntertown, Ind. (Erika Meyer ‘93 & Tom Meyer ‘93) Alexander Miller ‘22 Middlebury, Ind. (Jennifer Miller ‘92 & Daryl Miller ‘92) Tyson Miller ‘25 Syracuse, Ind. (Beth Miller ‘99 & Jeff Miller ‘98) Liam Minielly ‘25 Kingston, Ontario (Kate Minielly ‘98 & Scott Minielly ‘96) Karla Minter New Paris, Ind. (Maxine Yoder ‘59 & Leroy Yoder ‘60) Johanna Morford-Oberst ‘25 Albuquerque, N.M. (Achim Oberst ‘86) Gus Morris ‘22 Austin, Texas (Lisa Morris ‘92 & John Morris ‘91) Sarah Morrison ‘23 Culver, Ind. (Kim Morrison ‘94) Lauren Murphy ‘24 & Megan Murphy ‘25 Goshen (Denise Murphy ‘90) Anna Myers ‘24 Elkhart, Ind. (Kathy Myers ‘96 & Kent Myers ‘96) Ana Neufeld Weaver ‘24 Bluffton, Ohio (Paul Weaver ‘81)

Erin Peters ‘23 Hesston, Kan. (Rita Enns Peters ‘92 & Doug Peters ‘90) Miranda Pfahler ‘25 Goshen (Lee Pfahler ‘89) Kate Ramirez ‘22 Goshen (Judy Ramirez Ingold ‘90) Naomi Richer ‘24 & Sierra Richer ‘22 Goshen (Jerrell Richer ‘85) Ana Roth Martin ‘24 Lancaster, Pa. (Kristina Roth Martin ‘89 & Jeff Martin ‘89) Savannah Roth Walter ‘22 Lancaster, Pa. (Lisa Roth Walter ‘86 & Steve Walter ‘87) Landon Roth ‘22 Archbold, Ohio (Stan Roth ‘86) Zoey Rupp ‘24 Elkhart, Ind. (Rita Rupp ‘90 & Phillip Rupp ‘89) Gavin Rusel ‘22 Goshen (Lora Rusel ‘95 & Colin Rusel ‘96) Lucas Sauder ‘22 Bristol, Ind. (Gretchen Sauder ‘97 & Steve Sauder ‘96) Aiden Schloneger ‘24 Goshen (Sarah Schloneger ‘93 & Mark Schloneger ‘92)

Andrew Smucker ‘24 & Anna Smucker ‘22 Goshen (Beth Smucker ‘88 & JD Smucker ‘83) Sophia Smucker ‘24 & Tristan Smucker ‘22 Ottawa, Ohio (Judy Clemens Smucker ‘91 & Steve Smucker ‘91) Dalton Soergel ‘25 Sturgis, Mich. (Becky Soergel ‘09) Fae Sommers ‘25 Goshen (Sue Sommers ‘86 & Greg Sommers ‘85) Elijah Stoltzfus ‘25 Mount Rainier, Md. (Eric Stoltzfus ‘81) Sam Stoltzfus ‘25 Goshen (Angela Stoltzfus ‘97 & Dan Stoltzfus ‘97) Trevor Stutzman ‘23 Centennial, Colo. (Barb Stutzman ‘90 & Rodney Stutzman ‘84) Oskar Sunderland ‘23 Seattle, Wash. (Emily Riesser ‘86) Maddie Swallow ‘26 Goshen (Wendy Swallow ‘08) Madison Swartzendruber ‘22 Goshen (Calvin Swartzendruber ‘93) Emilia Thut ‘25 Goshen (Karla Hernandez Thut ‘98) Diego Torres ‘23 Goshen (Cris Torres ‘08) Benji Wall ‘23 & Chloe Wall ‘22 Goshen (Zoann Wall ‘89)

Amelia Witmer-Rich ‘25 & Phil Witmer-Rich ‘25 Chagrin Falls, Ohio (Maria Witmer-Rich ‘96 & Jonathan Witmer-Rich ‘98) Connor Wyse ‘22 Archbold, Ohio (Michelle Wyse ‘96 & Barnaby Wyse ‘96) Aaron Yeakey ‘25 Goshen (Kathy Nofziger ‘86) Ana Yoder ‘25 & Joel Yoder ‘21 Elkhart, Ind. (Starla Graber ‘85 & Harley Yoder ‘85) Drew Yoder ‘25 Goshen (Jewel Yoder ‘99 & Josh Yoder ‘99) Kyra Yoder ‘25 Cleveland, Ohio (Tim Yoder ‘86) Mira Yoder ‘24 Harrisonburg, Va. (Derek Yoder ‘96) Suzanna Yoder ‘23 Wellman, Iowa (John Yoder ‘77) Meiling Yordy ‘25 Goshen (Kristy Shellenberger Yordy ‘94 & Eric Yordy ‘94) Elaina Youngberg ‘22 Goshen (Jennifer Youngberg ‘92) Emma Zehr ‘24 Carthage, N.Y. (Linda Anneler Zehr ‘87 & Marvin Zehr ‘75) Ben Zimmerman ‘22 Archbold, Ohio (Deb Zimmerman ‘90 & Mike Zimmerman ‘90)

Adult & Continuing Studies Kristy Shellenberger Yordy ’94, ’21 Goshen (Evelyn Shellenberger ‘63 & Wallace Shellenberger ‘60)

Graduate Programs Cynthia Good Kaufmann ‘23 Goshen (Martha Good ‘71) Kelsey Namisnak ‘22 Granger, Ind. (Bruce Smucker ‘90)

Eric Weaver ‘22 Hyattsville, Md. (Rosanna Weaver ‘86 & Don Weaver ‘83) Evie Weaver ‘25 Mishawaka, Ind. (Murray Weaver ‘94) Jonathan Weaver ‘25 Milwaukie, Ore. (Karin Weaver ‘93)

Let us know if we accidentally missed you. Email us at:

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 39


We celebrate the generosity of our many alumni and friends who have invested in educating our students during our last fiscal year. Thank you for your significant contributions!

Thank you!


Lead Donors: Total Giving We are pleased to acknowledge donors who made gifts totaling $2,500 or more to any fund for fiscal year 2020-21. They provided support for scholarships, the arts, athletics, Merry Lea, SST, Globe Media and many other areas, including unrestricted giving through the GC Fund. Whatever their special passions, we thank the following donors for their partnership in supporting transformative education at Goshen College.

$50,000 or more

Anonymous Gerald Brenneman Community Foundation of Elkhart County Crossroads United Way Inc. Michael and Lynne Fry Jack M. Gibson Estate Susan Haney Milo and Mary Hochstedler Trust Gerald and Linda Horst Jane M. Lehman Lilly Endowment Inc.

40 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Grace L. Martin Estate Angela Miller-Bastian and Daniel Bastian Chester and Ruth Ann Peachey Redekop Family Endowment Elias N. Saig Estate Maynard L. Sauder Estate Ronald and Leanne Schertz Anna Belle and Arden Schmucker Estate The Schowalter Foundation Inc. Rebecca Stoltzfus and Kevin Miller Douglas and Janette Yoder Mildred M. Yoder Troyer Estate Joseph and Tami Zehr

$25,000 — $49,999

Doug Caskey and Mary Liechty-Caskey Everence Services, LLC Ruth Gunden (deceased 3/25/21) Peggy Hann Hans Hillerbrand (deceased 11/14/20) D. Michael and Susan Hunsberger Arlin Hunsberger Susan Kenagy and Katherine Schaefer Lois Kenagy Estate Martha Kreider Estate Merritt and Dierra Lehman Mennonite Education Agency Mick and Hildie Terry Memorial Endowment

Daniel and Mary Miller Galen Miller and Sue Neeb Mary Ann Miller Miller Poultry Myra Oswald Tim and Joanne Oyer Tim and Faith Penner Carolyn Sauder Glenn and Anne Weaver Ed and Theo Yoder

$10,000 — $24,999

Anonymous Audrey Alderfer Royal Bauer Estate Marie Beechy Rajesh and Aarti Biyani Philip and Lori Bontrager Boys & Girls Club of Goshen Sheryl Burkhalter Corson Family Foundation Inc. Council of Independent Colleges De Fehr Foundation Inc. Elnora J. Voth Trust Fred F. Silk Charitable Foundation Paul M. Gingrich Estate Goodville Mutual Casualty Company Goshen Health John and Elaine Harley Kelly Hartzler and Manoel Couder Lotus and Judith Hershberger Owen and Joy Hess Horizon Education Alliance

Independent Colleges of Indiana Inc. David Jeschke Rosa and Clarence Johnson Dale Kempf and Kay Miller Kempf Lois E. Keuhl Estate Ronald King Maurice and Carol Lehman Ulrike Lichti and Stephen Leppla William and Phyllis Miller Bart Miller and Margaret Jeschke Robert and Janie Mullet Anne Nafziger Lowell and Diane Kae Nafziger Lewis Naylor and Belle Duerksen Stanley and Janet Reedy J. Douglas and Sharon Risser David and Jean Sack Alva J. and Doris M. Schlabach Endowment Fund Science Ridge Mennonite Church Scottdale Mennonite Church Tim and Jane Short Shirley and Stuart Showalter Mark and Vicki Smucker Jon and Janet Smucker Gerald and Beulah Steiner Charlene and Lowell Stoltzfus Valparaiso University Alan and Carla Weldy Ora and Grace Yoder Endowment Fund Wayne and Roveen Yoder Zion Mennonite Church

$5,000 — $9,999

Anonymous (2) Michael Baccash Ruth B. Bauman Estate Patricia Bechtel Thomas and Trinda Bishop Marylin Boyer Calvin and Cheryl Britsch Calvin College Geraldine Chan Wilma and David Colter Erik and Lisa Cressman EALgreen Russell and Ruby Freed Grace M. French Estate David and Lisa Gautsche John and E. Louise Gingerich James Gingerich Norris and Sandra Glick Nicholas Good and Judith Kooser Susan Gotwals and Timothy Lehman Kevin and Jennifer Graber Ron and Linda Gunden Vivian Headings Esther Heatwole Estate Paul and Lavera Helmuth Kenneth and Susan Hochstetler Charles Hostetter Sally Hunsberger and Michael Fay Debra and Robert Kauffman Gerald and Marlene Kaufman Marilyn Kay Kurt and Betty Kennel Harry and Rosemary King Foundation Larry King and Betty Serian Eunice Kreider Douglas and Joy Landis Douglas and Joni Lehman Marjorie and Russel (deceased 1/13/21) Liechty Wendell and Betty Litwiller Faye Litwiller Nancy Liechty Loewen Leota Mann Clair and Guenn Martin Brian and Tonya Miller Edward and Twila Miller Lee Miller and Susan Fisher Miller Betty and John Mullet Jesse and Linnea Myers

Bryan Noe Ed and Carol Nofziger Northeast Indiana Area Health Education Center Delores and Donald Pettengill Jacob and Judith Redekop Colene Rich Elaine Sommers Rich Estate Miriam Rich Brent Rychener and Laurie Fulle-Rychener Kevin and Lisa Schloneger John and Katherine Schmid Joe Short Hollis and Martha Showalter S. Anthony and Chelsea Showalter Don and Jody Smith Barbara and George Smucker Bruce and Barbara Stahly Elvin and Grace Stoltzfus Eric Troyer and Emily Headings True LaCrosse LLC Mark and Barbara Weaver Helen Weldy Rondel Wenger E. James and Rachel Witmer Norah and David Wolthuis Janet E. Yoder Marian Yoder Roberta and Larry Yoder Yoder Department Store Inc.

$2,500 — $4,999

Anonymous (3) Kathryn Aschliman Donald and Judith Bacher Bank of America Foundation Cynthia and Cleveland Bell Mary Eleanor Bender David Birky and Beth Martin Birky Wesley Bontrager Janet and Jonathan Braslow Steve and Victoria Brenneman Kathy Brubaker Elaine Buerge Emily Burkhalter and Chris Blosser Joy Martin Buschert Don and Marie Clemens Cora Crossgrove Estate CVS Health Foundation C. Grace Davidson

Dekko Foundation Inc. Helen Detwiler Paul and Maxine Diller A. Corinne Dixon Donald Driver Deloris Dueck EC Foundation Eighth Street Mennonite Church Pearl Farney Estate Lloyd J. Fisher Estate Joseph Fretz and Ann Froese-Fretz Lois and Joachim Friesen Ivan and Rachel Friesen Elaine Gerber Ann Gibson (deceased 8/15/20) Owen and Miriam Gingerich Goshen Rotary Club Stanley and Mary Grove Donald and Theresa Gunden James and Suzanne Gunden Robert and Christine Guth Rollin and Debra Handrich Mervin and Sharon Helmuth Abner and Anne Hershberger Reynard Hilman and Betrice Tinawati Phillip and Elizabeth Histand Clyde and Carolyn Hockman Cathleen and David Hockman-Wert Chad and Michelle Horning Helen Hostetler Ralph and Ina Hunsberger Indiana Center for Nursing Joseph Jackson Christine and Sushil Jain Johnson Controls Foundation David and Lou Ann Kanagy Nancy Kauffmann Keith and Kathleen Kauffmann Barbara Kaufman Stanley and Bonita King Vernon and Shirley King J. Michael and Ellen Klaus Alyssa Kreider and William J. Sunderland D. Eugene and Diane Kropf Warren and Janice Lambright Jan and Michael Landis Geoffrey Landis and Elizabeth Gunden John and Alice Lapp Jim and Betsy Lehman

Mary Lehman Yoder Neil Ann S. Levine Daniel and Mary Liechty Dean Mann and Petra Lenz Robert Martin Louise Meek Estate Carl and Doris Metzler Anita Miller and Steve Stutzman Dale E. Miller Ron and Sally Jo Milne Van Nussbaum and Carla Wenger-Nussbaum Michael and Jana Peachey Willard and Peggy Peffley Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Nghia Pham and An Hoa Nguyen Michael and Amy Phend Nathan and Andrea Pletcher William and Rosemary Pletcher Merrill and Beulah Raber J. Mark Ramseyer and Norma Wyse David Reimer and Simonetta Romagnolo David and Carol Rosenberger Larry and Rosemary Rupp Kenan and Anja Schaefkofer Donna Schrock Jonathan Schrock and Amanda Yoder Arlin and Esther Shisler Sisters & Brothers Inc. Stanley and Rita Smith Randall and Rita Springer Springer Dental Care LLC C. Martin and Charlotte Stoltzfus Jacob and ReBecca Stucky Timothy and Margaret Thut University of Notre Dame Barry and Marjorie Weaver Esther Wert Bud and Phyllis Wulliman Adam and Laura Yoder Doug and Vicki Yoder Evangeline Yoder Fred and June Yoder Harley Yoder and Starla Graber Robert and Dorothy Yoder Todd and Kathleen Yoder John and Winnie Yordy Mervin Zook

Kelly Hartzler and Manoel Couder Rosa and Clarence Johnson Dale Kempf and Kay Miller Kempf Ulrike Lichti and Stephen Leppla Bart Miller and Margaret Jeschke Brian and Tonya Miller Dan Nussbaum and Shanti DeFehr David and Jean Sack Jon and Janet Smucker Gerald and Beulah Steiner Charlene and Lowell Stoltzfus Rondel Wenger

Thomas and Trinda Bishop Wilma and David Colter Erik and Lisa Cressman David and Lisa Gautsche John and E. Louise Gingerich Norris and Sandra Glick Susan Gotwals and Timothy Lehman Ron and Linda Gunden Vivian Headings Lotus and Judith Hershberger Charles Hostetter Sally Hunsberger and Michael Fay Debra and Robert Kauffman LaDene King and Gretchen Nyce Rosemary King Eunice Kreider Maurice and Carol Lehman Douglas and Joni Lehman Daniel and Mary Liechty

Goshen College Giving Clubs The combined giving power of all GC Giving Club members is truly phenomenal. Five giving clubs support the GC Fund, and together, the members of these clubs provided $1,686,321 in “unrestricted” giving for fiscal year 2020-21. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of these friends and alumni whose gifts support every student and department on campus.

President’s Circle $25,000 or more

Michael and Lynne Fry Gerald and Linda Horst Daniel and Mary Miller Galen Miller and Sue Neeb Mary Ann Miller Tim and Joanne Oyer Tim and Faith Penner Rebecca Stoltzfus and Kevin Miller Glenn H. and Anne D. Weaver Ed and Theo Yoder

Leadership Circle

Honor’s Circle

Anonymous Marie Beechy Philip and Lori Bontrager Sheryl Burkhalter

Anonymous (2) Audrey Alderfer Michael Baccash Patricia Bechtel

$10,000 — $24,999

$5,000 — $9,999

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 41


Marjorie Liechty Faye Litwiller Wendell and Betty Litwiller Nancy Liechty Loewen Leota Mann Dale E. Miller Edward and Twila Miller Betty and John Mullet Jesse and Linnea Myers Lewis Naylor and Belle Duerksen Ed and Carol Nofziger Delores and Donald Pettengill Colene Rich Miriam Rich John and Katherine Schmid Tim and Jane Short Joe Short Hollis and Martha Showalter Mark and Vicki Smucker Eric Troyer and Emily Headings Norah and David Wolthuis Roberta and Larry Yoder

Partners Circle $2,500 — $4,999

Kathryn Aschliman Cynthia and Cleveland Bell Mary Eleanor Bender Wesley Bontrager Marylin Boyer Kathy Brubaker Emily Burkhalter and Chris Blosser Doug Caskey and Mary Liechty-Caskey Paul and Maxine Diller Donald Driver Russell and Ruby Freed Ivan and Rachel Friesen Elaine Gerber John and Elaine Harley Abner and Anne Hershberger Owen and Joy Hess Phillip and Elizabeth Histand Kenneth and Susan Hochstetler Dennis Hoover Ralph and Ina Hunsberger Joseph Jackson Barbara Kaufman Susan Kenagy and Katherine Schaefer Alyssa Kreider and William J. Sunderland D. Eugene and Diane Kropf Warren and Janice Lambright Douglas and Joy Landis Jan and Michael Landis John and Alice Lapp Mary Lehman Yoder Robert and Jennifer Lerch Robert Lerch Russel (deceased 1/13/21) Liechty Dean Mann and Petra Lenz Robert Martin William and Phyllis Miller Anita Miller and Steve Stutzman Lee Miller and Susan Fisher Miller Byron and Ellen Miller Laura Moyer and Robert Knappman Mary K. Oyer Willard and Peggy Peffley Michael and Amy Phend Nathan and Andrea Pletcher Merrill and Beulah Raber David and Carol Rosenberger Larry and Rosemary Rupp Anja and Kenan Schaefkofer Kevin and Lisa Schloneger

42 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Walter and Vera Schmucker Jonathan Schrock and Amanda Yoder Donna Schrock Arlin and Esther Shisler Shirley and Stuart Showalter Stanley and Rita Smith David and Sheri Smucker Barbara and George Smucker Bruce and Barbara Stahly Elvin and Grace Stoltzfus Timothy and Margaret Thut Barry and Marjorie Weaver Mark and Barbara Weaver Adam and Laura Yoder Evangeline Yoder Robert and Dorothy Yoder John and Winnie Yordy Mervin Zook

Associates Circle $1,000 — $2,499

Anonymous (6) Kathleen Aeschliman Jeffrey and Margaret Aeschliman Willard and Mary Ann Albrecht James and Ruth Alderfer JoAnne Alderfer Jim and Lois Bare Scott Barge and Nessa Stoltzfus Barge Marvin and Delores Bartel Roger and Teresa Beachy Curtis and Shari Bechler Jeannette and Thomas Bechtel Kent Beck and Karen Lehman Benjamin and Jodi Beyeler David Birky and Beth Martin Birky Mark and Jeanne Birky Garrett and Jennifer Bishop Lavonne Bixler Gordon and Cynthia Bontrager Christopher Bowers Janet and Jonathan Braslow Janice Brenneman Todd Brenneman and Trinda Bolton William Brenneman and Judith Vander Henst Calvin and Cheryl Britsch Robert Brunk Lenette and Keith Burckhart Dominique Burgunder-Johnson and Patrick Coonan Russell and Janet Buschert Jon and Deborah Byler Gene W. Caskey Jim and Lisa Caskey Karl Cender Linda and Joseph Christophel Jeffrey and Mariko Claassen Don and Marie Clemens Timothy and Evangeline Clemens Charlene and James Clymer James Conrad Catherine and Michael Coscia Phyllis and Donald Crouch Joanne and Douglas Dahl Bill and Judith Davis David and Ester DeFehr Julia and Gary Delp Jim and Dory Delp David and Judith Denlinger Mary Derstein Helen Detwiler Jay and Barbara Detweiler Peggy and Robert Detwiler A. Corinne Dixon

Gayle Dosher Dennis Drudge Donald and Carol Ebersole John Eby Robert and Ruth Enns John and Bernice Esau Calvin Esh and Janet Lind Elizabeth and Mark Fakhoury Curtis Fenton and Sarah Buller Fenton Martha Foreman John Frankenfield Judith Franz J. Lamar Freed and Susan Moyer Joseph Fretz and Ann Froese-Fretz Bernard and Jo Frey Robert and Joyce Frey Barbara Freyenberger Kelvin Friesen and Karen Rodriguez Clarissa Gaff and Steven Miller Judy and Winston Gaffron Lawrence and Carolyn Garber Steven and Susan Garboden Merritt and Ruth Ann Gardner Leonard Geiser Dwight and Paula Gerber Robert and Julia Gerber Luella Gerig Pamela Gerig Unruh and Lowell Unruh James and Catherine Gingerich Owen and Miriam Gingerich Wallace and Elaine Gingerich Elizabeth Gingrich Jon and Rita Gingrich Stanley and Susan Godshall Isaiah and Allison Goertz Chris and Lindsay Good Byron Good and Mary Jo Del Vecchio Good John and Yixia Gotwals Cal and Sharon Graber Kevin and Jennifer Graber Galen L. Graber and Ruth Brenneman Kathleen Grieser and John Chipka Mary Grieser and Chuck Prather Merlin and Mary Grieser David Groh James and Suzanne Gunden Jay and Nicole Gusler James and Jane Halteman Richard and Annette Harnish M. Chad and Denise Harshbarger Bert Hartman and Alicia Batson Jon and Susan Hartzler Barbara and Thomas Hassan Rosemary and David Haury Lisa and Bryan Heinz Carolyn and Donald Henry Steve and Ann Herendeen Kay L. Hershberger and Brian H. Burnett Ray and Rosemary Hershberger Virgil Hershberger and Ruth Leach Hershberger Alice and John Hill Reynard Hilman and Betrice Tinawati Jim and Linda Histand Rex and Angie Hochstedler Pauline and Harlan Hochstetler Barbara Hodel Eric and Glenda Hooley Donald and Carol Horning Jesse and Marla Hostetter Kropf Chun-Liang Hsieh and Hsin-yu Chien Hsieh

Donald and Ruth Inglis-Widrick Randall and Rachel Jacobs Jean Janzen N. Marcia and Rafael Jimenez William and Toni Johnson Timothy and Ruth Stoltzfus Jost Allen and Suzanne Kaczor David and Lou Ann Kanagy Franklin and Linda Kandel Timothy and Kimberly Kauffman Harold Kauffman Keith and Kathleen Kauffmann Glen and Christina Kauffmann Terry and Lois Kaufmann-Hunsberger Mary Kem Larry King and Betty Serian Stanley and Bonita King Vernon and Shirley King J. Michael and Ellen Klaus Nel Kopp R. Kim and Lyla Kornhaus Grace Krabill Joan Kreider Russell Kremer Joan Kropf and Alan Yordy Philip and Karen Kym Michael and Rosemary Lambright Wayne and Lois Lambright Henry and Jane Landes Mark and Deanna Landes Wendell Lantz and Doris Weaver John and Patricia Lauver David and Julia Leatherman M. Grace Leatherman Elwin LeFevre Chad Lehman Eric and Marcia Lehman Marilyn and Louis Lehman Merritt and Dierra Lehman Phyllis Lehman Katelyn and William Leichty Daniel and Mary Lemons Allen and Ginny Liechty Edward and Mary Liechty Rita Liechty-Snyder and James Snyder Clifford and Hope Lind Laura Litwiller and Mark Tenekjian Gail and Harold Loewen Kenneth and Nancy Long Kenton Longenecker and Shelly Mann Donald and Christine Lundberg Clair and Guenn Martin Richard E. Martin Jr. R. Michael and Lois Massanari Cinda McKinney Jason and Heather McNeal Benjamin and Joy Metcalf Mary Ellen Meyer Barbara Miller BJ Miller Carroll and Roberta Miller Gerald and Mary Miller James Miller James and Debra Miller Jeffrey and Kay Miller John D. and Rebecca Miller John K. Miller Kenneth Miller Kenneth and Doris Miller Lana Miller and Linda Hyland Mark and Deborah Miller Raymond and Marie Miller Ron and Sally Jo Milne H. Ray and Nancy Mininger

Dennis and Pattie Mishler Doris Morgan Laura and Jason Moshier J. Phillip and Betsy Moyer David and Janet Mullet Audrey Musselman Janice Nafziger Lowell and Diane Kae Nafziger Roger and Laurie Nafziger Alexander and Julia A. Naula Mark and Gail Neumann Roger Neumann Dave and Ruby Nofziger Steve and Rachel Nolt Ezra Nugroho Kenneth and Rachel Pellman Ruth and Milbert Penner Nghia Pham and An Hoa Nguyen Ken and Justine Pletcher Doyle and Mary Jo Preheim Gary and Gloria Rediger David Reimer and Simonetta Romagnolo Marvin and Sylvia Reimer Phil Rich Anna Jean and James Rios Deanna Risser David Ritchie and Susan Brown Octavio and Guadalupe Romero Alice and Willard Roth Evan and Grace Roth Lynn and Karen Rupp Philip and Karen Rush Carl and Lovina Rutt Wilmer Rutt Brent Rychener and Laurie Fulle-Rychener Ruby and Thomas Sawin Ronald and Leanne Schertz Mary Schiedel LaVerne and Carol Schirch Ervin and Lois Schlabach Scott Schmucker and Lisa Gunden Sue Schmucker Coblentz and Christopher Coblentz Howard and Willeane (deceased 2/26/21) Schrock Marion and Verna Schrock Ronald and Nancy Schrock Ruth and Thomas (deceased 6/23/21) Schrock Steven Schrock and Kimberly Stuckey-Schrock Marian Schwabbauer Douglas J. Schwartzentruber and Diane White Jane Sears Jane Sell and Robert Pierre Ruth Anne Sexton Laura Shaida Philip Shenk and Anne Lehman Peter and Kelly Shenk Koontz Jerry and Kathleen Short Carolyn Short Jim Siegmann Leanne and Walter Smith John and Joann Smith Arthur and Nova Jean Smoker Chad Smoker and Britt Kaufmann Mary Lu Smucker Ralph and Lila Smucker Randall and Ann Snyder Randall and Rita Springer Rick and Kathy Stiffney Randall and Ellen Stoesz C. Martin and Charlotte Stoltzfus Duane and Karen Sherer Stoltzfus

Eric and Ruth Stoltzfus Glenn and Geneva Stoltzfus Vernon and Carla Stoltzfus Aaron and Rachel Stuckey Jon and Jessica Stuckey Kent and Linda Stucky Terry Stuckey Mary Ann and William Suter M. Willis Sutter Thelma Swartzendruber William and Margaret Swartzendruber Lon and Sandy Swartzentruber R. Jane Swihart Farrell and Joseph Farrell Stephanie and Donald Thompson Robert and Brenda Toews Donald and Beth Troyer G. Weldon Troyer Rebecca K. Tyson and Marcellus Blosser Benjamin and Debra Unger Carolyn and Larry Vanice Patrick and Ann Vendrely Jorgiann Waltner David Weaver Henry Weaver Mildred Weaver Helen Weldy Galen and Carolyn Wenger Galen Wenger Sherry and Curt Wenger Sara Wengerd Susan and William Weybright Donald White and Betty W. Good-White A. Edwin and Cindy Williams Jerry and Ruth Ann Wittrig Bud and Phyllis Wulliman Stan Wyse and Donna Unruh David W. and Jane K. Yoder Doug and Vicki Yoder Douglas and Janette Yoder Fred and June Yoder Harley Yoder and Starla Graber J. Landon Yoder and Sarah Gettie McNeill Jessica and Nicholas Yoder John and Joyce Yoder Katherine Yoder and Brent Finnegan Keith and Esta Yoder Laura and Edward Yoder Leroy and Maxine Yoder Ruth H. Yoder Terry Yoder and Joan Gotwals Yoder Todd and Kathleen Yoder Lloyd Zeager Grant and Dorothy Zehr Michael and Lois Zehr Karen Zimmerman John Zook Aaron and Sherrie Zou William and Joyce Zuercher

Builders Circle $400 — $999

Anonymous (5) Kaleab Abebe and Alyssa Beck Abebe Ryan and Laurie Ahlgrim Debra Albiez Jacob and Marlene Alderfer Audrey and James Almdale Jaime Alvarez and Diane Beam James and Darlene Ashcraft Grant and Kathryn Bachman Hannah Gerig Bachman

$149,698,931 Jay and Shirley Bachman Skip and Laura Barnett Ray and Carol Beauregard Ervin and Phyllis Beck Merlin and Eileen Becker-Hoover John and Brenda Beitler Ivan and Romona Beyeler Maribel Beyler Richard Beyler and Jennifer Snyder Melvin and Jane Birky James and Thelma Bixler Samuel and Carol Bixler John Blosser and Rebecca Unternahrer Ramona Blosser Daniel and Diane Bodiker Jean Boen Roberts Benjamin and Jennifer Bontrager Galen and Gladys Bontrager Herman and Jeanette Bontrager Lilly and Jeremy Bontrager Phillip and Lynette Bontrager CarolSue Borkholder Helen and Murray Bowman Paul and Ruth Bowman Ina Ruth Breckbill Douglas and Linda Brenneman James and Terri Brenneman P. Jane and Jon Brookmyer Maynard and Janice Brubacher Carley and James Brubaker Donald and Rebecca Brunk Richard Buckwalter and Ann Rutt Brett and Angela Buller Helen Burkholder John and Lyn Buschert James and Jo Ann Byler Ruth and Milton Cender Greta Cender-Poplett and James Poplett Thomas and Kristine Charles June and William Cleaveland J. William and Margaret Clemens Mary Clemens Marshall Colburn Ayo-Olu T Cole Mark and Nancy Conrad Dean Cooke Merlin and Marva Coulter Kay and William Creasey Victoria Crowe Louise Cullar Chris and Dawn Curtis C. Grace Davidson Bethany Denlinger and Leonard Moses D. Daryl Derstine and Julie Miller Derstine


Roseyn Devlin Calenthia Dowdy Kaylene and Alan K. Ediger Susan Edwards and Chris Neblett Dennis Egli Donna Eigsti Renee and Rick Eigsti Eldon and Marilyn Eigsti Kristin Ems Audrey and Micah Engle-Eshleman Jill and Christopher Erb Mary Lou and Roger Farmer Ramzi and Carol Farran Robert Fatton and Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton Elaine and Edwin Fischer Kerri and Jim Fisher Amanda and Andy Flickinger Philip and Cheri Fox Dayton and Gayle Frey Jerry and Jill Frey Joelle Friesen G. Weldon and LuEtta Friesen Laura Funk Peter Gaff and Rebecca Jones Verlin Garber Donald and Connie Garber John and Suella Gerber Rich and Marcy Gerig Elaine and James Gibbel Mary and Glenn Gilbert Samuel Gingerich and Erin Holmes Eileen Zehr Good and William Melberg Jr. Delmar and Lou Ann Good Trudy Good and Michael Pratt Darryll and Linda Graber Myron and Martha Graber Peter and Melba Graber Alvin and Dolores Graber Ronald and Esther Graber Benjamin and Ivannia Graber Gladys Grasse Beth Graybill and Robert Weinstock-Collins David Graybill and Brenda Martin Carol Grieser Michael and Elisabeth Grieser Seth and Kayla Grimes Sue and Marlin Groff Jay Grossman Stanley and Mary Grove Ray and Sonja Gyori-Helmuth Dan Haarer Travis Handfield Trisha Handrich and Chase Snyder Len and Loanne Harms Paul and Ethel Hartman

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 43


Harvey and Betty Hartzler Justin and Hannah Heinzekehr Thushan and Jill Hemachandra Jair Hernandez A. Chris and Tamie Herr Ross Hershberger and Melika Kauffman Hershberger David Hershey and Kristine Koehne Ruth Hertzler Franklin Hess and Vassiliki Tsitsopoulou Lynne and Victor Hinojosa Felipe and Maribel Hinojosa Robert and Rachael Hochstedler Lucile Hochstetler Russell Hochstetler Paul and Barbara Hodel Arlene and Kenneth Holdeman Kathleen Holsopple Martin and Carol Honderich Chad and Michelle Horning Kenneth and Rebecca Horst Randall Horst and Laura Lerch Horst Donald and Fay Etta Horst Gordon and Phyllis Hostetler Beth and George Hower Norman and Alice Hsu Kyle and Adela Hufford Susan Hunsberger and Trevor Bechtel David and Cynthia Janzen Anthony Janzen and Denise Reesor Dewayne and Carolyn Johns Keith and Deborah Johnston Matthew Kanagy and Joann Hunsberger Allan Kauffman and Carol Miller Jeffry and Glenda Kauffman Chad and Kristi Kauffman Thomas and Amy Kauffman Marlo and Deanna Kauffman Ann and Ned Kauffman Sherman and Betty Kauffman Byron and Barbara Kauffman Sanford and Linda Kauffman Norm and Sharon Kauffmann Rodney and Jeanine Kaufman Stanley Kaufman Myrna and John Kaufman John and Margaret Keiser Timothy and Jayne Kennel Lois Kennel Aleeta and Terry Kent David and Karen Kieper Delmar and Sherri King Susan King Vicky and Jim Kirkton Vic and Irene Koop D. Wayne and Phyllis Kornhaus John and Renee Koshmider Merrill and Clare Krabill Kristina Krabill Jean Kraybill Paul Kreider Janice and Evan Kreider Richard Kremer and Jane Carroll Gary and Barbara Lamb Geoffrey Landis and Elizabeth Gunden Beverly Lapp and Dale Klassen John and Sandra Lapp David Leaman and Marva E. Williams Bryan Leaman and Ann Helmuth Leaman John and Naomi Lederach Nancy Lee Anne and Aaron Lehman

44 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Elizabeth Lehman Thomas and Mary Lehman Matthew and Ruth Lehman Wiens Carl Lind and Susan Lohrentz Mary Ann Litwiller and Frederick Brancel Jeffrey and Nancy Long Robert and Grace Lotter Timothy and Gail Manickam Eric and Jan Mann Darrell Martin and Cynthia Miller Roger and Shirley Martin J. Mark Martin and Amy Anderson Mary Martin Joanna Masingila Stephanie Mason T. Douglas and Astrid Mast John and Lois Mast Ned A. Mast Norma and Marion Mast William and Marna Mateer Janell Maust Teresa Mauzy Celia M. Mellinger and Jonathan M. Dueck Paul and Jeanette Metzler Jocele Meyer L. Richard and Linda Meyers Joyce Miller and Steve Pischalko John and Rachel Miller James Miller James and Anna Miller David and Mary Miller Philip Miller and Jean Newcomer Stanley and Sandra Miller M. Devon and Margaret Miller Delwyn and Patricia Miller Nancy Miller James and Linse Miller Sanford and Mary Lou Miller Lloyd Miller and Joan Yoder Miller Margaret and Alton Miller William and Karla Minter Martha Minter Colin and Julia Mishler John and Phyllis Mishler Luke and Donna Mosemann Robert and Bettie Moser Bradley Moyer Denise and Michael Murphy Paul and Catherine Myers Lorna and Robert Mynsberge Charles and Esther Nafziger Ruth Nafziger Jason Nelson Kurt Neufeld and Elizabeth Gunden Perry and Patricia Ng Dennis Nice Matthew Nofziger Kathleen Nofziger Yeakey and Michael Yeakey Patricia and Bruce Nofziger Wilmer and Doris Nolt Lowell and Virginia Nunemaker Van Nussbaum and Carla Wenger-Nussbaum John Nyce and Dorothy Yoder Nyce Lynda Nyce and John-David Yoder Angela and Jacob Oetama-Paul Robbin and Michael O’Leary William and Lois Olson Jeffrey and Maria Osborne Myra Oswald Saralyn Murray Oyer and John Oyer N. Donald and Alyce Peifer Bruce and Joyce Peifer Cynthia and Carroll Peterson

Kirsten Peterson Charles Pfeiffer Edward and Rachel Pippenger David and Karen Powell Sherri Qing-He Putera and Dea Putera LeAnne and Galen Quenzer Lester C. and Velma Rassi Thomas Regnier Rosemary Reimer Carol and James Rhodes Sidney and Sandra Richard Evan and Laura Richards James Rieckhoff Alice and Dennis Risser John Roth and Ruth Miller Roth Annabelle and Glen Roth Lou Ann Rupp Eunice Rush-Day and Jeffrey Day Andrew Schiedel and Karen Martin Schiedel Theron Schlabach (deceased 5/13/21) Craig and Ann Schloneger Jason and Melanie Schmucker Philip and Elaine Schmucker Myron and Ericka Schrag Rhoda Schrag Kenton and Sally Schreck Daniel and Elaine Schrock Janice Schrock Lisa and Isaac Schrock Michael and Susan Schrock Mildred Schrock Timothy Schrock Christine Schumacher and J. Harold Hess Susan and Benjamin Setiawan Ada Shaum Wallace and Evelyn Shellenberger Kris and Jonathan Shenk Shirley and Brent Shenk Wilbert and Juanita Shenk Clay and Rose Shetler F. Jay and Marilyn Shetler Frances Shetler Gary and Carol Shetler Elaine and Larry Short Bernard and Miriam Showalter Linda and James Showalter Greg Slough and Linda Richer Jay and Patricia Smith Dorothy Smucker Russell and Linda Smucker Bradley K. and Kathleen J. Sommer Karen and Darrel Sommers Aliko Songolo and Emilie Ngo-Nguidjol Robert and Ada Souder

Frederick and Joan Speckeen Christina Springer and Peter Kenagy Joanne Sprunger Aletha Stahl and Neal Baker Anita Stalter Diane Stauffer Clayton Steiner Dan and Vera Steiner John and Lillian Steiner Ruth Stephens Eric Stoltzfus and Cynthia Lapp Margaret Stoltzfus Victor and Marie Stoltzfus Jeffrey J. and Amanda Stuckey Keith and Phyllis Stuckey Steven Studebaker and Elizabeth Tait Janice A. Stull Linda and Tom Stump Phyllis Stutzman Ralph and Marilyn Stutzman Lauralea Suess Martha Suter and John Martens David and Janice Sutter Karl and Lynn Swartzendruber Linda and John Taylor Tessema Tefferi Marcia and Donald L. Troup Dennis and Kathleen Troyer Mary Vail Gaye VanDiggelen and David Antonides Sueann VonGunten and John Alter Gertrude Warkentin Malaina Weldy Janice Wenger Paul Wenger and Katarina Borer Wenger Christopher and Rebekah Westerbeek Ardith and Ralph Wilson D. Byron and Myrtis Yake Aden and Helen Yoder Benjamin Yoder and Anita Hooley Yoder Devon and Marcia Yoder Diane and Richard Yoder Doris Yoder Eleanor and Marion Yoder John and June Yoder Jonathan and Leanna Yoder Mary E. Yoder Paul and Anita Yoder Sanna Yoder and Richard Walters Timothy and Jane Yoder Maurice Yordy LaVerne Yousey Avery and Eunice Zook

Lifetime Giving Societies Goshen College gratefully acknowledges those whose cumulative gifts over the years add up to extraordinary support for Goshen College. Lifetime giving includes restricted and unrestricted gifts, gifts through a person’s business, through a foundation and the company’s match of an employee’s gifts. This list accounts for contributions given as of June 30, 2021.

Noah E Byers Society: $1,000,000 or more

Anonymous Gerald and Linda Horst Daniel and Mary Miller Mary Ann Miller Larry and Janet Newswanger Carolyn Sauder Myrl and Freida Sauder Donna Schrock Glenn and Anne Weaver Ed and Theo Yoder Mary Zook

Sustainers Society: $250,000 — $999,999

Philip and Lori Bontrager Russell and Janet Buschert James Gingerich Alvin and Dolores Graber John and Elaine Harley Paul and Lavera Helmuth Kay L. Hershberger and Brian H. Burnett Owen and Joy Hess Calvin and Janet High Arlin Hunsberger D. Michael and Susan Hunsberger Elizabeth Jacobs Marlin Jeschke William and Toni Johnson Jane M. Lehman Martha Longacre Carl and Doris Metzler Galen Miller and Sue Neeb Angela Miller-Bastian and Daniel Bastian Myrl and Phyllis Nofziger Tim and Joanne Oyer Tim and Faith Penner William and Rosemary Pletcher Ernestine Raclin Ann Rieth Van Dyke and Paul Van Dyke Jueldine Rupp Shirley and Stuart Showalter Don and Jody Smith Mark and Vicki Smucker Rebecca Stoltzfus and Kevin Miller Clifford and Louise Troyer Ira Weissman Douglas and Janette Yoder Gordon Yoder Joseph and Tami Zehr

Founders Society: $50,000 — $249,999

Anonymous (7) Willard and Mary Ann Albrecht James and Ruth Alderfer Kathryn Aschliman Michael Baccash Donald and Patricia Bachman Jim and Lois Bare Patricia Bechtel Ervin and Phyllis Beck Kathryn and Jon Beckwith Marie Beechy Ben and Janet Beiler Thomas and Trinda Bishop Rajesh and Aarti Biyani Ervin and Karen Bontrager Mary Bontrager Janet and Jonathan Braslow Gerald Brenneman Eunice Brenneman James and Terri Brenneman J. Kenneth and Pamela Brubaker Kathy Brubaker Theodore Budiardja and Shin Yee Tan Joy Martin Buschert Doug Caskey and Mary Liechty-Caskey Geraldine Chan Conrad Clemens and Andrea Gerlak Don and Marie Clemens Beulah Cobb Wilma and David Colter Erik and Lisa Cressman Esther Deal Julia and Gary Delp Helen Detwiler Paul and Maxine Diller A. Corinne Dixon Donald Driver Donald and Carol Ebersole Ella Mae Eby Dennis Egli Jonathan Felton John and Lois Fidler Abraham Friesen Michael and Lynne Fry Leonard Geiser Robert and Julia Gerber Reti Gingerich John and E. Louise Gingerich Owen and Miriam Gingerich Norris and Sandra Glick John and Yixia Gotwals William Gotwals Ron and Linda Gunden Susan Habegger Susan Haney Peggy Hann David and Florence Harnish Gregory and Eudora Hartzler Vivian Headings Mervin and Sharon Helmuth Robin and Debra Helmuth Lotus and Judith Hershberger Barbara A. Hershey Becker Jim and Linda Histand Phillip and Elizabeth Histand Barbara Hodel J. Kenneth and Doris Hoober Elizabeth Hoover David and Debra Horst

Kenneth and Rebecca Horst Charles Hostetter Patricia Hostetter William Hsiao Ralph and Ina Hunsberger Sally Hunsberger and Michael Fay Joseph Jackson Christine and Sushil Jain Timothy and Ruth Stoltzfus Jost Ernest and Roberta Kandel Franklin and Linda Kandel Debra and Robert Kauffman Nancy Kauffmann Dale Kempf and Kay Miller Kempf Stanley and Bonita King J. Michael and Ellen Klaus Nel Kopp D. Eugene and Diane Kropf Kevin and Carrie Lambright Geoffrey Landis and Elizabeth Gunden John and Alice Lapp John and Patricia Lauver Allon and Doris Lefever Elwin LeFevre Carol Lehman and John Kampen Jim and Betsy Lehman Martha Lehman and Rex Hooley Mary Lehman Yoder Maurice and Carol Lehman Merritt and Dierra Lehman Robert A. and Jennifer Lerch Robert D. Lerch Daniel and Mary Liechty Marjorie Liechty Wendell and Betty Litwiller Viva Lugbill Leota Mann David Mark Julie Mark Clair and Guenn Martin Ruth and Jay Martin Rodney Maust and Martha Yoder Maust H. Charles and Madeline Mellinger Joyce Millen Bart Miller and Margaret Jeschke Carroll and Roberta Miller Edward and Twila Miller L. Edwin and Joann Miller Lee Miller and Susan Fisher Miller Lois and Freeman Miller Richard and Fannie Miller Robert and Sue Miller William and Phyllis Miller Ron and Sally Jo Milne Martha Minter J. Phillip and Betsy Moyer Merle and Rosalyn Mullet Robert and Janie Mullet LaVerne Nafziger Lowell and Diane Kae Nafziger Roger and Laurie Nafziger Lewis Naylor and Belle Duerksen Roger Neumann Ed and Carol Nofziger Marvin and Delores Nolt Dan Nussbaum and Shanti DeFehr Myra Oswald Mary K. Oyer Chester and Ruth Ann Peachey Delores and Donald Pettengill Michael and Amy Phend

J. Mark Ramseyer and Norma Wyse Calvin Redekop Stanley and Janet Reedy Colene Rich Evelyn Roseberry Alice and Willard Roth Deena Roth Jonathan and Mary Ann Roth Larry and Rosemary Rupp Carl and Lovina Rutt Brent Rychener and Laurie Fulle-Rychener David and Jean Sack Kevin Sauder Sandra Sauder Ronald and Leanne Schertz Mary Schiedel John and Katherine Schmid Walter and Vera Schmucker H. Douglas and Jeannine Schrock Ronald and Nancy Schrock Twila Schrock Michael Shantz and Sheue-Ling Chang Shantz Joe Short Hollis and Martha Showalter Barbara Slough Stanley and Rita Smith Barbara and George Smucker Jon and Janet Smucker Joseph Springer and Jo-Ann Brant Bruce and Barbara Stahly Philip and Sharon Stalter Gerald and Beulah Steiner Randall and Ellen Stoesz Elvin and Grace Stoltzfus Larry and Janet Stoltzfus Victor and Marie Stoltzfus Kent and Linda Stucky Kwang-Eel and Yon-Sook Suh M. Willis Sutter Nelda Thelin Timothy and Margaret Thut Alberta Troyer Marlin and Evelyn Troyer Ora and Mary Troyer Franklin and Cara Ulrich Patrick and Ann Vendrely Donald Voth Barry and Marjorie Weaver Dale Weaver Henry Weaver Margaretha Weaver Mark and Barbara Weaver Alan and Carla Weldy Helen Weldy Edward and Wilhelmina Welter Rondel Wenger Sara Wengerd Esther Wert Rebecca and John Wetzel Bud and Phyllis Wulliman Steven and Susan Wyse Harley Yoder and Starla Graber John and Joyce Yoder John and Winnie Yordy Lillian Yoder Marian Yoder Nancy Yoder Robert and Dorothy Yoder Terry Yoder and Joan Gotwals Yoder Wayne and Roveen Yoder William and Joyce Zuercher

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 45


Alumni Giving by Class Year The support of Goshen College alumni is greatly appreciated. During fiscal year 2020-21, our alumni contributed $3,805,123. Each class list below is preceded by the percentage of living class members that gave and the total amount given by class. We thank and honor these generous alumni and celebrate their commitment to their alma mater.



Marie Ramseyer Shisler Beechy Mary Helen Yoder Wade

Donald Driver Miriam Sensenig Gingerich Owen Gingerich A. Ruth Nafziger Good Lorene Nafziger Good Joyce Long Graber Esther Bixler Heatwole (deceased 1/12/21) Lucile Conrad Hochstetler Helen King Hostetler Kathryn Miller Lorentzen Olive Grace Yoder Miller C. Evan Oswald William Pletcher Kenneth Shoemaker Bernard Showalter M. Willis Sutter Thelma Derstine Swartzendruber Zelda Yoder

12.5% — $100


14.3% — $2,836

Mary K. Oyer Dorothy Zook Zeiset


15.4% — $1,100

Anonymous Wilma Hollopeter Shank


11.8% — $500 Ray Bair Walter Good


20% — $2,100

Ruth Alderfer Hertzler Roger Neumann Ruth Lederach Rittgers Betty Eigsti Roeschley Mary Herr Weaver


32.1% — $1,725

Lillian Oswald Bair Helen Witmer Burkholder Simon Gingerich Gladys Landis Grasse Doris Gunden Metzler Calvin Redekop Ada Shaum Peter Wiebe Rheta Mae Hostetler Wiebe (deceased 4/15/21)


25.4% — $10,320

Anonymous Cora Garber Askren Mary Eleanor Bender Charles Burkhart Joy Martin Buschert John Driver Robert Harnish David Hurst Mary Ann Troyer Litwiller Jocele Thut Meyer Mary Detweiler Miller Vesta Moyer Julia Smucker Penner Chester Raber H. Royce Saltzman Janet Lehman Sherk Lillian Zook Yoder

46 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

29% — $18,810


36.5% — $42,300

Anonymous (2) Mahlon Amstutz LaRelda Nafziger (Arnett Fry) Birky James Bixler John Bixler Ina Ruth Krabill Breckbill Curtis Byer Louise Thomas Cullar Maxine Frey Diller Paul Diller Esther Buckwalter Graber Ronald Graber David Groh Ruth Gunden (deceased 3/25/21) Patricia Lerch Hostetter E. Ellsworth Kauffman James Miller Jean Carper Miller Octavio Romero Miriam Troyer Showalter Robert Smith Donald Sommer Earl Sutter Hope Sanchez Ventura Marilyn Helmuth Voran Maurice Yordy


40.3% — $75,195

John Bender Naomi Hertzler Bender (deceased 11/13/20) Gerald Brenneman Esther Berkey Cender

Irene McCoy Farrand Mary Groh Rodney Herr Abram Hostetter (deceased 1/10/21) Pauline Graybill Kennel Elwin LeFevre Ruby Swartzendruber Lehman Marjorie Schertz Liechty Russel Liechty (deceased 1/13/21) Nancy Yoder Long David Mann Alta Roth Mellinger Johannes Meyer Beverly Shellenberger Miller (deceased 5/1/21) James Miller Galen Otto Caroll Hostetler Roth Phyllis Engle Saltzman Harold Schultz Elizabeth Stieglitz Scruggs Doris Good Shoemaker Frederick Speckeen John Swartzendruber Paul Swartzentruber G. Weldon Troyer Aden Yoder Helen Kandel Yoder


40.4% — $93,416

Willard Albrecht Kathryn Aschliman James Christophel Caroline Moser Detwiler Helen Thut Detwiler Catharine Brunk Eash Anna Rose Schmucker Fuentes Eunice Zook Little Gautsche Luella Albrecht Gerig Victor Hartzler Darrel Hostetler Marian Brendle Hostetler Marian Hostetler Annabelle Conrad Hughes Gerald Hughes Wilma Leichty Kanagy Darlene Metzler Landes J. Clyde Landes Roland Landes Naomi Kauffman Lederach (deceased 7/24/21) Jane Lehman Kenneth Long Mona Aeschliman Mann Mary Ellen Yoder Meyer D. Richard Miller Marilyn Oswald Miller Marvin Miller Esther Miller Mills LaVerne Vogt Nafziger Joyce Nyce Osborne Millard Osborne Geraldine Landis Raber Colene Aschliman Rich Genevieve Leichty Schwartzentruber Edith Shantz

Esther Shaum Lydia Schlabach Tester Mary Jean Troyer John Ventura N. Joan Strauss Walsh David Yoder Dolores Stump Yoder Lois Yoder Virgil Yoder


38% — $208,743

Anonymous Carolyn Brooks Blosser John Bohn Eugene Clemens James Delp Carolyn Smith Diener K. Elaine Rocke Gerber Eileen Rutt Graybill Alta Perry Grossman Hans Hillerbrand (deceased 11/14/20) Naomi Derstine Hunsberger (deceased 8/18/20) M. Verena Wyse Jacobs Mary Ann Heiser Jost Grace Hershberger Krabill David Leatherman Eva Byers Martin Lavonne Wenger McGuire Deloris Herr Meiners Carl Metzler Jeanette Keener Metzler Paul Metzler Anna Nofziger Miller James Miller Phyllis Ramseyer Miller William Miller Doris Amstutz North Carolyn Yoder Sauder Wilbert Shenk Beatrice Hilty Slabach Margaret Gerber Stoltzfus Cara Frey Ulrich Franklin Ulrich Helen Eicher Weldy Carol Sommer Yoder Marilyn Rufenacht Yoder


42.3% — $42,290

Anonymous Lois Dayton Byler Morauski Gene W. Caskey Ruth Wismer Cender Ila Eichelberger Dennis Lois Brenneman Gugel Paul Helmuth Paul Herr Floyd Hershberger Ralph Hunsberger Lois Ruth Kennel Mary Ann Hostetler King Dorothy Reil Kuhns Julia Steiner Leatherman Lois Gisel Leidig Robert D. Lerch Dean Mann Mary Hostetler Mann Ruth Hartzler Martin Patricia Mishler Miller

Arlene Smucker Moore Doris Souder Morgan Audrey Musselman Carol Nebel Evelyn Mohler Peifer Beulah Esch Raber Merrill Raber Jacob Redekop Wilmer Rutt Carolyn Mast Schultz Esther Troyer Shaum Donna Gerber Smucker Mary Lu Imhoff Smucker Pauline Smucker W. Frederick Springer Wilma Kaufman Springer Ruth Yoder Stauffer Geneva Swartzendruber Stoltzfus Glenn Stoltzfus Marie Althouse Stoltzfus Victor Stoltzfus Janet Hostetler Swartzentruber Bernita Kauffman Wade Ardith Schertz Wilson Velma Zimmerly Shoup Dorcas Alwine Zook John Zook


36.2% — $26,825

Larry Beachy Mary Martin Christophel Vada Hostetler Clemens Aaron Eby Myrna Kinsinger Farraj Verlin Garber Leonard Geiser Paul Hodel (deceased 11/15/20) Anna Joyce Cooprider Hoff Carl Hurst Dale Kaser Clifford Kauffman Marilyn Frey Kay Eleanor Graber Kreider Jane Schloneger Landes John Lederach Lavern Lehman Louis Lehman Marilyn Baker Lehman Janet Miller Litwiller Erwin Mellinger Joyce Burkhart Millen BJ Miller Glen Miller Sylvia Neumann Miller (deceased 6/25/21) Marilyn Liechty Moffett Philip Rittgers Alice Metzler Roth Roger Roth Frances Stieglitz Schiller Willeane Beyeler Schrock (deceased 2/26/21) Charles Shenk Juanita Brenneman Shenk Stanley Smucker Elinor Esch Surgener Winifred Mumaw Wall Carl Yoder

Janet Yoder (deceased 9/28/20) Phyllis Yoder Terry Yoder Theodosia Hartzler Yoder Pearl Bauman Zehr


38.2% — $165,870

Carol Birky Beachy Marylin Ebersole Boyer Shirley Kratz Brandes Lois Yoder Brubacher Carley Eash Brubaker Gerald Buzzard Richard Camp James Conrad Lowell Detweiler Wanda Longacre Domer Bernice Klaassen Esau Betty Diener Fulmer Alvin Graber Joan Reedy Griffith Anna Eby Hennelly Anne Krabill Hershberger John Hertzler Barbara Amstutz Hodel Donald Horst Fay Weaver Horst Bertha Redekop Klassen Rosella Hostetler Kliewer Phyllis Rensberger Kornhaus Daniel Leatherman Ulrike Lichti Betty Wenger Litwiller Edna Hertzler Litwiller Roseanna Foley Maust Angel Miranda Bettie Durst Moser Rosemary Wyse Reimer Anna Gerber Rios Corine Short Samuelson Leanne Fricke Schertz Ronald Schertz Merle Sommers John Troyer Melvin Voran (deceased 7/27/21) D. Anne Harnish Weaver Glenn Weaver Carol Mast Webster Dorothy Imhoff Wegman Marion Wenger Paul Wenger Elvin Yoder LeVon Yoder Marceil Hartzler Yoder Avery Zook Joyce Gingerich Zuercher William Zuercher


32.8% — $22,460

Kenneth Amstutz Ervin Beck Phyllis Lauver Beck Lorraine Stealy Birkey James Bixler Donald Blosser Lewis Brubacher Darlene Mathis Eddy John Esau Victor Fast Fran Kaufman Gerber Phyllis Miller Gerber Dolores Kauffman Graber Vivian Amstutz Headings

Joanne Yoder Holtzinger Gordon Hostetler John Ingold Margaret Miller Ingold Vivian Tyson Kaser Shirley Martin Kowaleski Fern Cender Martin A. Eugene Miller Carroll Miller Gerald Miller James Miller Mary Knox Miller Lora Esch Miranda Janice Stickel Mullet John Nyce Joyce Metzler Petro Fancheon Emmert Resler LaVera Miller Ressler Arnold Roth Lucille Schultz Roth Lila Amstutz Smucker Marlene Rufenacht Smucker Ralph Smucker Raul Tadeo Donald White Donald Yoder Larry Yoder Maxine Mumaw Yoder Meredith Yoder Mervin Zook


27.5% — $28,243

Kathleen Harley Aeschliman Julia Rohrer Beyeler Maribel Beyler Jane Zehr Birky David Brunner Charlene Alderfer Clymer Mark Conrad Nancy Gerber Conrad Doris Kennel Delp Leora Hostetler Gerber Lavera Sommers Helmuth Carolyn Lehman Henry Abner Hershberger Paul Hershberger Phyllis Davenport Hostetler Byron Kauffman Sam Kaufman Verna Swope Kerns D. Wayne Kornhaus M. Grace Leatherman Milton Litwiller Lorna Linder Longenecker Nevin Longenecker Elaine Kleer Miller Kristine Miller LaVonne Eschliman Miller M. Devon Miller Marie Keeler Miller John Murray L. Caroline Nebel Eldina Miller Nussbaum Jean Schertz Redekopp Margaret Swartzendruber Ryan Theron Schlabach (deceased 5/13/21) Yvonne Hofer Schnarr Wallace Shellenberger Denzel Short George Smucker James Stemen Carolyn Morrison Stoll Dale Stoll Jo Ann Troyer Sumner

Ann Sommer Troyer Ora Troyer Lynn Williams Anita Hoffman Yoder Devon Yoder Leroy Yoder Marian Smith Yoder Ruth Hockman Yoder Dorothy Yoder Nyce Eldon Zehr


34% — $101,188

Anonymous Jacob Alderfer James Alderfer Ruth Hess Alderfer Sharon Long Baker Lavonne Gisel Bixler Donald Clemens Catherine Lyndaker Dannan Jane Alderfer Diseroad Rebecca Miller Fast Lois Weaver Friesen Esther Ventura Garay Robert Gerber Leland Good Rachel Bixler Guedea Martha Harshberger Helmuth Lotus Hershberger E. Joy Yoder Hess Russell Hochstetler Karl Hostetler Harold Kauffman Thelma Reimer Kauffman Gerald Kaufman L. Marlene Cender Kaufman John Keiser Margaret Schumacher Keiser Stanley King Eldon Kreider Phyllis Schloneger Lehman Wendell Litwiller James Mast Norma Kornhaus Mast Daniel Miller Myrtle Stoltzfus Miller Nancy Reedy Miller Raymond Miller Robert Moser Janice Nafziger Ruth Gisel Nafziger Dolores Gerber Nussbaum Gloria Amstutz Nussbaum Willard Peffley Alyce Nyce Peifer N. Donald Peifer Delores Lambright Pettengill Marvin Reimer Ruby Horst Sawin Mary Hunsberger Schiedel Marion Schrock Mildred Schrock Verna Rohrer Schrock Marian Histand Schwabbauer Jane Falb Sears Tillie Anderson Shank John Smith Linda Zuercher Sommer Milton Troyer Grace Sommers Whitehead Bernhard Wiebe D. Byron Yake Myrtis Shore Yake

Evangeline Yoder Lowell Yoder Mary Ann Short Yoder Orville Yoder Richard Yoder LaVern Zehr Twila Zimmerly


34.4% — $541,544

Anonymous Marlene Landis Alderfer John Amstutz Melvin Birky B. Urbane Byler James Byler James Clymer Phyllis Lehman Collier Joseph Cressman Rachel Yoder Cressman Homer Detwiler Peggy McKibben Detwiler Johnny Dixon David Gerber Delmar Good John Gotwals Daniel Haarer Harvey Hartzler Judith Hieser Hershberger Owen Hess Jeptha Hostetler Joyce Metzler Hostetler Merle Hostetler Christine Horswell Jain Rose Marie Batch Jorgeson David Kanagy Norman Kauffmann Stanley Kaufman Loyal Klassen Janice Hartzler Lambright Lois Swedberg Lambright Warren Lambright Wayne Lambright Gordon Lapp Winifred Miller Lehman Bernadine Beck Mast Barbara Stoltzfus Miller Dale Miller Margaret Rensberger Miller Jose Ortiz Chester Peachey W. Albert Redekopp Janet Umble Reedy Stanley Reedy Alice Yoder Risser B. Loreen Lewis Schlemmer Vera Zook Schmucker Marilyn Zuercher Scotti Shirley Wyse Shenk Joyce Headrick Shetler Alice Shoemaker Beverly Weaver Smith Macy Friedt Steckley Gary Stoltz Royal Unzicker Carolyn Smucker Vanice Mary Ann Troyer Watkins Donna Yoder Eileen Yoder LaJane Richer Yoder Marcia Schrock Yoder Richard Yoder Robert Yoder Joseph Zehr


29.6% — $75,519

Jeannette Sprunger Bechtel Lilah Graber Bohn Rebecca Kaser Brubacher Janice Eicher Brunk Robert Brunk Leonard Byler Mary Cender Miller Orrie Clemens Jewell Yordy Coleman Wanda Sundheimer Croft C. Grace Snyder Davidson G. Weldon Friesen Lawrence Garber Julia Yoder Gerber Ida Gross Ada Mast Hallman Jon Hartzler Daniel Hochstetler Carolyn Lind Hockman Oren Horst Charles Hostetter Glenda Gautsche Hurst Lou Ann Richer Kanagy Gordon Kauffman Joan Schertz Kaufman JoAnne Hostetler Kilmer Nelson Kilmer Stephen Kim (deceased 12/16/20) Eunice Steiner Kreider Daniel Landis Aaron Lehman Marilyn Graber Leichty Faye Newcomer Litwiller Mary Mast Litzinger Lois Shetler Massanari R. Michael Massanari Rhoda Nyce Massanari Ronald Massanari Jeanette Rhodes Mellinger William Meyers Margaret Wanberg Miller Rebecca Miller Betty Smith Mullet Ruth Ann Brilhart Peachey Velma Schrock Rassi Carol Springer Rhodes Mary Beth Kaufmann Schlabach Enid Miller Schloneger Rhoda Nafziger Schrag Ruth Anne Kaufmann Sexton Evelyn Kauffman Shellenberger Carolyn Short Joann Yoder Smith Beulah Wenger Steiner Gerald Steiner Carolyn Detwiler Stjernholm Melvin Stjernholm Charlene Beechy Stoltzfus Kathleen Winger Stuebing Carolyn Schrock Watkins Arlene Yoder Wenger Mary Lou Shetler Williams Bradley Yoder Fern Cender Yoder


32% — $118,721

Anonymous (2) John Beachy Patricia Sutter Bechtel

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 47


Roger Beck Martha Mishler Bender Robert Beyeler Daniel Bodiker Diane Frey Bodiker Robert Brubacher Ann Krabill Burkholder Geraldine Chan Joanne Hallman Dahl Judith Yoder Denlinger Roseyn Rychener Devlin Dennis Egli Caralee Eicher Ivan Friesen LuEtta Horsch Friesen Robert Gerber Bruce Glick Merlin Grieser Kathleen Harshbarger Sara Peachey Hartzler Frances Hassencahl J. Harold Hess Alice Wenger Hsu Sharon Kennell Kauffmann Ronald King J. Evan Kreider Janice Aeschliman Kreider Larry Lehman Maurice Lehman Merritt Lehman Gerald Lichti Treva Bontrager Lichti Ronald Martin Shirley Wilson Meyer Joann Shelley Miller L. Edwin Miller Linus Miller Mary Yoder Miller Lorraine Murphy Elaine Bachman Newcomer Myrl Nofziger David Powell Karen Coolman Powell Nathan Reedy John Rohrer Rebecca Roth Linda Miller Rowold-Brown Phyllis Ruth James Sauder Vernon Schinski Robert Schloneger Walter Schmucker Daniel Schrock Carl Schumann Bonnie Short Leanne Miller Smith Dorothy Springer Smucker Jon Smucker Cara Schrock Steiner C. Martin Stoltzfus Phyllis Dintaman Stutzman R. Jane Greenawald Swihart Farrell Faith Landis Wenger James Wenger Sara Gingerich Wengerd Adeline Amstutz Yoder James Yoder Kermit Yoder Sharon Wise Yoder M. Winifred Hostetler Yordy


25.1% — $72,744

JoAnne Schrock Alderfer Kirk Alliman James Bare

48 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Marilyn Kaufman Brown Wilma Yordy Colter Evelyn Driver M. Joann Zeiset Freed Rodney Frey Elaine Moyer Gibbel Gilbert Gingerich Ervie Glick Carol Hartzler Grieser Stanley Grove Donovan Handrich Virgil Hershberger Clyde Hockman Thomas Holtzinger Norman Hsu Ronald Hurst Bonnie Liechty King Dierra Kreider Lehman Norman Leichty Elizabeth Lehman Martin Cinda Schrock McKinney Judith Kennell Miller Ruth Frankenfield Mumbauer Nancy Eash Myers Lorna Hostetler Mynsberge Carl Newcomer Bryan Noe Glen Oesch Lois Roth Oesch Carolyn Amstutz Patterson Twyla Maurer Pauls Elizabeth Yoder Pyles Mona Nofziger Sauder Vivian Mishler Schinski Ervin Schlabach Vivian Crilow Schlabach Rachel Yoder Schwartzendruber Joe Short Eleanor Smith Arthur Smoker Nova Wingard Smoker Alvin Smucker Betty Voran Smucker Linda Wyse Smucker Russell Smucker Daniel Steiner John Steiner Margaret Mann Steiner Wesley Steiner Colleen Rhodes Stoltzfus Johanna Sutter Ted Thompson Henry Troyer Philip Troyer Marnetta Rychener White John Yoder Nancy Metzler Yoder Wayne Yoder John Yordy John Zook


32.9% — $68,185

Roger Beachy Cynthia Jantzi Bell Lester Beyeler Jerry Bontrager Allen Brenneman Janice Kauffman Brenneman Janice King Brubacher John Burkey Jon Byler Susan Kauffman Cater LuEtta Yoder Culp A. Corinne Rohrer Dixon

Janet Weirich Eby Kristin Troyer Ems Ruby Byler Freed Russell Freed Laura Funk E. Leonard Garber Stephen Gerber Elaine Graber Gingerich James Gingerich Sandra Stalter Gingerich Wallace Gingerich Byron Good Judith Burket Haller James Halteman Sarah Brookmyer Hammitt Loren Hartman Gregory Hartzler Karen Pletcher Honderich Dorothea Dyck Honn Wanda Amstutz Hostetler Elizabeth Hunsberger Barbara Aeschliman Johnson Rosa Yoder Johnson Barbara Gingrich Kauffman DeRoy Kauffman Linda Nofziger Kauffman Sanford Kauffman Myrna Yoder Kaufman S. Roy Kaufman Bonita Martin Kaufmann Alice Umble Klassen John Klassen Clair Martin Guenn Stoltzfus Martin Evelyn Yoder Miller John Miller Leroy Miller Julia Mast Mishler J. Phillip Moyer David Mullet Paul Myers Victor Myers David Nofziger Ruby Stoltzfus Nofziger Rebecca Kreider Pries Sue Roth Howard Schrock Ronald Schrock Christine Schumacher Brenda Short Shelby Gerald Sieber Janet Nase Smucker Sarah Roth Smucker Grace Souder Loren Stauffer Vernon Stoltzfus Margaret Cline Weybright Eleanor Steiner Yoder Gretchen Honderich Yoder Janette Rupp Yoder John Yoder Tim Yoder Karen Zimmerman Mark Zimmerman Richard Zimmerman


29.3% — $70,230

Beverly Horst Armstrong Mary Lou Stuckey Beck Jan Bleile Linda Schmidt Brenneman Victoria Blair Crowe David DeFehr David Denlinger Ann Peifer Eberly Lillian Bartel Elias

Nancy Kennell Fisher David Forrer Barbara Fisher George Dwight Gerber Lowell Gerber John Gingerich Norris Glick Carol Glick Mullet Harold Good Jean Wallace Griffin Ronald Guengerich P. Marcus Hamsher Rebecca Imhoff Hartzler Rodney Hartzler Wealtha Yoder Helland Carolyn Gass Hertzler Arlene Koch Holdeman Lois Janzen Preheim Duane Kauffmann Sandra Gunden Kennedy Vernon King Ruth Neffle Koch Mary Roeschley Kratz Ray Kratz Carol Histand Lehman Jane Gingerich Lehman Donald Litwiller James Martin Edward Miller Lloyd Miller Ronald Milne Sally Miller Milne Colin Mishler Robert Mullet Wade Mullet Dennis Noe Amanda Knox Osborn Kathleen Yoder King Quinn Lester Rassi Gary Rediger Emily Strong Rickloff Kathy Cutrell Royer Lynn Rupp Walter Sawatsky Geraldine Miller Schrock Timothy Schrock Susan Shank Alice Kaufmann Slabaugh Steven Slabaugh Rita Kandel Smith Stanley Smith D. Gary Smucker Linda Yost Spohn Bruce Stahly Clayton Steiner Ila Hartzler Stoltzfus Neal Stoltzfus David Swartz Sara Leatherman Weaver Gwen Widmer Rachel Yoder Hartsough Wilcox Jerry Wittrig Norah Johnson Wolthuis Clarence Yoder Galen Yoder June Alliman Yoder Mary Schrock Yoder Roveen Townsend Yoder


28.4% — $130,528

Anonymous Ronald Anderson Roselyn Aschliman-Roth Walter Bachman Teresa Brown Beachy

Delores Williams Beyeler Ivan Beyeler Rosalie Barclay Billheimer Susan Hess Blessing Mary Boshart Douglas Brenneman Rachel Cross Brenneman D. Michael Byler Joan Smith Carter Ingrid Troyer Eash Mary Aschliman Eastty Sherman Eberly Ramzi Farran John Frankenfield Jay Frey Joyce Brunner Frey Kay Freyenberger Frunzi Glenn Geissinger Paula Geiser Gerber Joan Gerig E. Louise Burkholder Gingerich Mary Grieser Jane Bishop Halteman Elaine Smucker Harley John Harley Robert Hartzler Alice Albrecht Hill Rachael Troyer Hochstedler Pauline Stutzman Hochstetler B. Suzanne Beechy Kauffman Richard Kauffman Dorotha Shank Kauffmann John Kaufman Titus King Diane Alderfer Kropf Michael Lambright Henry Landes Jane Clemens Landes Darlene Ritter Larrison Theodore Larrison J. Philip Leatherman Elaine Miller Liechty Robert Litwiller Cheryl Weldy Martin Terry May Barbara Jantzi McFall L. Richard Meyers Linda King Meyers Twila Gingerich Miller Janet Kropf Mullet Martha Ebersole Nardacci Lynn Newcomer Verlyn Nofziger Charlene Yoder Rhodes Dale Rhodes Claudia Wolfe Rosen Dallas Rychener Albert Schlabach Elaine Gerig Schrock Nancy Schrock Elizabeth Kaufmann Scott Beverly Short Jean Smucker Rodgers Karl Sommers Aliko Songolo Robert Stuckey C. Ardell Swartzendruber Douglas Swartzendruber Margaret Brenneman Thut J. Jerry Troyer Fay Terwillegar VanCise Lavon Welty Carolyn Liechty Wenger

Galen Wenger Douglas Yoder Janice Hamsher Yoder Joan Yoder Miller Keith Yoder


29.3% — $92,167

James Ashcraft Donald Bacher Claudia Chupp Beechy John Beechy Jane Smucker Beyeler Marion Beyeler Robert Birkey Thomas Bishop Trinda Hirschey Bishop Arlee Albrecht Blackburn Calvin Britsch Elaine Jennings Buerge Lenette Maurer Burckhart Delbert Culp Mary Derstein Marilyn Wenger Derstine A. Helen Redekop Dueck Carol Koop Farran Gail Fisher Jerry Frey Raymond Funk Judy Hartzler Gaffron Thomas Gardner Della Yoder Gascho Janette Basinger Gerig Douglas Gingerich Gloria Aeschliman Gingerich Kenneth Gingerich Helen Liechty Glick Kenneth Graber Ronald Gunden Duane Gusler Paul Harshbarger Karen Yoder Harvey Mervin Helmuth Cheryl Hershberger Dwight Hershberger Joan Kennell Hershberger James Hochstetler Jane Myers Hooley Elaine Bomberger Hostetler Glenda Hunter Sara Lapp Janzen Daniel Kauffman Barbara Claassen Kaufman H. James Kaufmann Delmar King Larry King J. Michael Klaus Donald Kraybill Paul Kreider D. Eugene Kropf Rosemary Imhoff Law Ruth Nussbaum Lehman Thomas Lehman Rita Conrad Liechty-Snyder Ruth Fireoved Marino Frederic Miller Marvin Miller Paul Miller Susan Miller Janie Liechty Mullet Randall Noe Keith Nofziger Marjorie Troyer Nofziger Donna Richer Oswald Velma Miller Peck Donna Hershberger Rempel Phillip Rich

Pamela Allen Rodriguez Ronald Rogers David Rosenberger Larry Rupp Rosemary Falb Rupp Barbara Mullet Rychener Jane Wenger Sell Phyllis Good Senesi J. David Shenk Elaine Nussbaum Short E. Keith Springer Anita Stalter Keith Stuckey Susan Eigsti Stuckey Ted Stuckey Mary Ann Yoder Suter Darrell Swartzentruber Karen Diener Thompson Timothy Thut Marcia Mann Troup Joyce Frey Troyer Rebecca Tyson Carl Weaver Margaret Miller Williams Larry Wyse Esta Moreland Yoder Kenyon Yoder Linda Yoder Mary Yoder Michael Yoder Dorothy Miller Zehr Grant Zehr Dorothy Peters Zimmerman


27.4% — $70,238

Judith Beechy Marlene Aschliman Bell David Bender Dawn Yoder Bender Elizabeth Beyler Mary Yoder Birkey John Blosser Henry Braun Sara Jo Lehman Braun Thomas Brenneman Carol Myers Brown Lois Hostetler Charbonneau Audrey Yoder Croal Richard Crockett Phyllis Weaver Crouch Elizabeth Davies Kibler Howard Detweiler Grace Martin Dickerson M. Dean Falb Bettilu Gisel Fraas Jill Miller Frey Jayne Poynter Gall David Gerig Mary Amstutz Gilbert Judith Noe Gingerich Noreen Preheim Gingerich Martha Yoder Graber Myron Graber Shirlyn Liechty Graber Jean Rufenacht Hartzler Rachel Nafziger Hartzler Carol Miller Histand Robert Hochstedler Helene Hoover George Hostetler Lowell Jantzi Donald Jaquet Phyllis Lehman Jaquet Jeanette Jefferis Franklin Kandel Ann Alderfer Kauffman

Overall giving during the last four years $10,371,785

$6,420,981 $5,067,579




Lois Johns Kaufmann Miriam Ebersole Kennell Badawe Khader Elizabeth Loux Kraybill Joan Oswald Kulp Janet Knox Landis Robbin Mester Lang Vicki Gardner Lichti Richard Martin Shirley Richer Martin Virginia Shank Martin Nancy Zehr Massanari Kathleen Lehman McCain Barbara Miller Gloria Miller Lowell Miller Eva Neff Nance Myra Nafziger Oswald Robert Oswald Ruth Gingerich Penner Cynthia Wingard Peterson Kenneth Pletcher Roberta Davidhizar Rexroth J. Douglas Risser Norene Rychener Saldana Rebecca Roth Schenck Kenton Schreck Janice Ebersole Shantz Glenn Slabaugh Rebecca Gunden Smith Roxanna Bontrager Sommers Robert Souder Barbara Yoder Stahly Bonita Slaubaugh Stuckey Terry Stuckey Thomas Stuckey Steven Studebaker Linda Wyse Stump Sem Sutter Louise Morell Vanagasem Sueann VonGunten Ronald Weirich Vicki Randolph Weirich A. Edwin Williams Herman Wulliman Frederick Yoder


Marcia Yoder-Schrock Dale Yoder-Short LaVerne Yousey


26.7% — $59,816

Audrey Alderfer Darlene Trudel Ashcraft Retha Yoder Baer Sharon Lucas Bailey Philip Bauman Ross Bender Jeannette Birky Kathy Matthews Brubaker Shirley Nafziger Brunk June Gingrich Cleaveland Daniel Conrad Mary Jane Schmell Crockett Veronica Beachy Denlinger Wayne Denlinger Ruth Ann Dome Jane Ebersole Phyllis Ersery Victoria Northage Fisher Bernard Frey Jo Nussbaum Frey Barbara Schmid Fridley Mary Yoder Glick Sandra Gerig Glick Doreen Wenger Good Martha Smith Good Randall Graber Carroll Haines Rosemary Wiebe Haury Margaret Swartz Hensel Diana Nafziger Hershberger Joy Glick Hess Stanley Histand Wayne Hochstedler Loren Hostetler David Huneryager Cynthia Wedel Janzen N. Marcia Phillips Jimenez Lois Johnson Allan Kauffman Carol Reeb Keel David Kennell


Joy Kauffman Khader Connie Rathbun Kreider Jean Schrag Lauver Gay Hunsberger Lehman William Longcor Donald Lundberg Nancy King Marsh Roger Martin David Massanari Patricia Massanari Anna Peachey McCarthy John Miller Lynn Miller Rachel Buckwalter Miller Stanley Miller Benjamin Nelson Susan Gardner Nelson Lois Falb Newcomer Mary Bontrager Owens David Ritchie John Roeschley S. Rebecca Miller Roggio Karen Garver Rohrer Carol Freeman Rosenberger J. Thomas Schrock (deceased 6/23/21) Ruth Slabaugh Schrock Shirley Albrecht Shenk Clayton Shetler Dore Potteiger Smith Mark Smucker Vicki Yoder Smucker Randall Snyder Kathleen Newcomer Springer Roger Springer Larry Steider Charles Steiner Karen Mast Steiner Carla Handrich Stoltzfus Max Stuckey Kwang Eel Suh Rhonda Willems Swartzendruber Don Troyer Jon Troyer Dale Weaver

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 49


Rondel Wenger Mary Ann Lehman Wieand Ruth Ann Miller Wittrig Phyllis Imhoff Wulliman Stanley Wyse Joyce Yoder Marilyn Yoder


27% — $92,890

Anonymous (2) Peter Albrecht Lynette Anderson Bachman Franklin Baer John Beitler Anne Birky Jeanne Nofziger Birky Mark Birky Herman Bontrager John Bontreger Janet Hartzler Braslow Dorothy Gingerich Brenneman Shirley Handrich Bustos Alma Coffman Deborah Conrad Mary Ann Halteman Conrad Janice Graber David Hilda Wiebe Driedger Deloris Schwartz Dueck Mamo Dula Marilyn Steiner Eigsti Kathleen Ford Fix Nancy Summerville Flint Shambaugh Richard Gerig Samuel Gingerich Fred Greenawalt Donald Gunden Theresa McCarthy Gunden Thomas Gunden Robert Guth Lois Hooley Hall John Hershberger Marla Heindel Hirschy Maurice Hirschy Elizabeth Boshart Histand Phillip Histand Carol Helmuth Honderich Martin Honderich Gerald Horst Joyce Huber Donald Inglis-Widrick Donald Jantzi Marilyn Hostetler Jantzi Nelda Stickel Johnson John Jost Joseph Landis Paul Lauver Sanford Lehman Mary Rich Liechty Suzanne Hilty Lind Timothy Lind James Miller John Miller Sandra Wyse Miller John Mishler Phyllis Emerson Mishler Karen Strauss Nichols Lowell Nunemaker Rebecca Falb Oyer Robert Oyer Carol Pankratz Amy Conrad Phend Michael Phend Justine Clemmer Pletcher E. Dean Rhodes

50 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

G. Edward Rissler Jean Kuhns Rissler Janice Roth Janice Schrock Linda Miller Shetler Carol Spicher Waggy Theodore Springer Judith Hartzler Steider Kathleen Bennett Stiffney Donna Blowers Stoltzfus Yon-Sook Han Suh Verna Hostetler Troyer Kathy Brenneman Walter Jorgiann Waltner Susan Anderson Weaver Nancy Davidhizar Yoder Rebecca Miller Yoder Jane Short Yoder-Short Julia Byler Zehr Lois Sharp Zendt


24.5% — $50,065

Stephen Ainlay Brenda Goossen Beitler Mario Bustos J. Robert Charles Timothy Clemens Nevin Diener Kenneth Ebersole Donna Zuck Eigsti Eldon Eigsti Stanley Engle Marcia Schertz Gerig Sharon Aschliman Ginter Eileen Good Kathleen Grieser Julie Schrock Gunden Jay Hartzler Sherilyn Greaser Hartzler Timothy Hershberger Sandra Hess Curtis Holsopple Kenneth Horst Beth Swanson Hower Mary Lynn Overmyer Huber Brenda Beechy Huneryager Dewayne Johns Robert Johnson Amy Gerber Kauffman L. Bernice Beyer Kauffman Thomas Kauffman Nancy Geiser Kauffmann Vicky Yordy Kirkton John Lauver Daniel Liechty Rodney Maust Bonnie Lou Miller Carol Miller Constance Miller Debra Fisher Miller Ellen Kempf Miller Samuel Miller Verna Miller Doris Willems Moore Betsy Alderfer Moyer Dale Nissley Virginia Whitmer Nunemaker Nghia Pham Donna Cyphers ReistBergeron John Rupe Martha Detweiler Savanick Philip Schmucker Sally Richard Schreck Meribeth Shank

Gary Shetler Sylvia Shirk Dora Short Jerry Short Mary Jo Hartzler Short Tim Short Darrel Sommers Barbara Troyer Springer Marlene Slagle Springer Sanford Stauffer Rick Stiffney Martha Suter Karl Swartzendruber Ronald Thomas June Hershberger Trcka Judith Vessey Rosemary Gunden Widmer Doris Yoder Joyce Shoemaker Yoder June Gingerich Yoder Roberta Miller Yoder Samuel Yoder Sara Alice Zimmerly


24.5% — $65,429

LaVelle Byers Allen Ramona Blosser Maynard Brubacher Naomi Rose Buckwalter Kay Wenger Creasey Rachel Harder Diener Lucille Overholt Eberly Donald Ebersole Don Eichelberger Diane Kauffman Fowler Sandra Shoemaker Friesen Steven Garboden Larry Gautsche James Gingerich Stephen Glick Susan Gotwals Tim Graber Scott Graybill Delores Gangwer Greenawalt Elizabeth Gunden Galen Hershberger Susan Murray Hofstetter Linda Benner Horst Linda Beechy Houshower Sherry Roupp Jordan Armon Kauffman J. Stanley Kauffman Minh Nguyen Kauffman Keith Kauffmann Carol Kautz Gary Keister Norma Denk Keister Thomas Kennell Jan Kraus Joan Kropf Paul Leichty Diane Clemens Leland Daniel Lemons Edward Liechty Nancy Liechty Loewen Susan Hepler Long Christine Yost Lundberg Gary Mallard Jon Mast Connie Yoder McTigue Galen Miller Gem Gross Miller Gayle Zehr Musser Sheryl Lehman Nespor Sharon Shenk Risser

Joseph Schrock Mary Thomas Schrock Leeandra Smith Sewell Arden Shank F. Jay Shetler Hilda Shirk Jay Smith Ada Beyer Souder Joanne Sprunger Mary Sprunger-Froese Robert Stauffer Kent Stucky Linda King Stucky Beth Bedsworth Suderman Lauralea Suess Robert Troyer Samuel Troyer Jane Snyder Vendrely Susan Weaver Galen Wenger Annie Wenger-Nabigon David Widmer Jonathan Yoder John Zehr


25.2% — $31,501

Zenebe Abebe Judith Gardner Ainlay Jay Bachman Shirley Helmuth Bachman Douglas Basinger Loretta Mumaw Baur David Beachy Leonard Beechy Sharon Schrock Beechy LaMar Bender Martha Deisler Brown J. William Clemens John Dick Shirley Claassen Dick Debra Hostetler Dietrich Janelle Roupp Diller Stephen Diller Fred Driver Dennis Drudge Rebecca Dyck Gregory Ebersole Daniel Eigsti Mary Lou Swartzendruber Farmer Judith Harder Franz Douglas Gaff Rebecca Peterson Gaff Julia Graber Gautsche Jennifer Northage Glick Linda Widrick Gnagey Jeffrey Gundy Fred Habegger Paul Hartman Dorothy Beachy Hathaway Susan Herr-Hoyman Ray Hershberger Kathleen Yoder Holsopple Carol Holsopple-Froese Dennis Hoover Rebecca Bontrager Horst Sheila Hostetler Hans Houshower John Huffman Cynthia Jones Irick Mark Jordan Joan Kreider Richard Kremer Timothy Lehman Mary Lehman Yoder Betty Stuckey Leichty

Mary Smucker Lemons Mary Purves Liechty Brenda Martin Stephanie Mason Darlene Showalter Miller Jane Miller Lana Miller Randall Miller Ronald Miller Rebecca Oyer Darlene Short Ramon Sue Lehman Roggie Margaret Jones San Miguel Elaine Rutt Schmucker Kathleen Gnagey Short Randall Springer Joanna Suter Lynn Cullar Swartzendruber Douglas Vendrely Connie Gingrich Warkentin Christine Gerig Way Gordon Weirich Janice Wenger Barbara Sommer Wieferich Norma Wyse Vicki Kauffman Yoder Marvin Zehr Mary Jane Zimmerman


22.1% — $35,419

Anonymous (2) Mary Alderfer Audrey Swartzendruber Almdale Janice Martin Baldauf Marlene Bachman Beachy Susan Bender Patricia Bixler Reta Scheele Borchelt Russell Buschert M. Christine Alderfer Carpenter Pamela Swartzendruber Clouse Brenda Johnston Cromwell Arvis Dawson D. Daryl Derstine Gayle Dosher Robert Fatton Joseph Fretz Barbara Freyenberger Maribeth Diener Friesen Diane Stutzman Graybill Marlyce Martens Gundy Nancy Tielkemeier Guthrie Geneva Hershberger Rosemary Buckwalter Hershberger Sylvia Horst Barbara Weybright Hrynewycz Carolyn Gingerich Johns Rachel Leaman Johns Deborah Gahman Johnston Frank Jordan Jean Liechty Jordan Jon Kauffmann-Kennel Lois Kaufmann-Hunsberger Lynn Canal Kennell Donald Kooker Phyllis Krabill Russell Kremer Geoffrey Landis Alice Weber Lapp Gary Laustsen Jolene Bontrager Lehman

Richard Lehman Grace Zinser Lotter Robert Lotter Darrell Martin Rhoda Miller Mast Dorothy Kaisand Mertz Kirsten Weldy Meyer Byron Miller Peter Miller Julie Miller Derstine Patricia Roth Nuyken Pamela Piper-Ruth J. Mark Ramseyer Paula Neumann Ream Sidney Richard Evan Richards Linda Richer Dennis Rittenhouse Albert Roggio Luke Roth John Schmid Karen Fast Shenk Jane Graber Short Merle Snyder Lois Fast (Ganger) Sousley Joyce Wyse Spohr Marilyn Stahl Stephanie Ortman Thompson Marjorie Martin Weaver Beth Ranck Yoder Joanne Hershberger Yoder Richard Yoder Lloyd Zeager Eric Zehr Patricia Ebersole Zwier


19.2% — $23,070

Calvin Aschliman Eileen Becker-Hoover L. Merlin Becker-Hoover Ronald Blaum James Brenneman Terri Plank Brenneman Glenn Buller Sarah Buller Fenton Lorel Schmidt Caldwell Mary Clemens Mark Edsall Marcia Wenger Ertel Curtis Fenton Kelvin Friesen Ann Froese-Fretz Donald Garber Elinor Gerig Joyce Nymeyer Graybill Marlin Gregor Mary Jean Gunden Marilyn Miller Henderson Gerald Hertzler Linda Kraybill Histand Suzan Yoder Hooper Janice Ingram Loren Johns Don Kauffman Sherman Kauffman Vaughn Kauffman Terry Kaufmann-Hunsberger Kay Kempf Anita Martin Donna Schlabach Mast Pamela Huenefeld Miller Robert Miller David Mishler Rebecca Birky Mishler Randall Murray

Robert Nafziger Roger Nafziger Kathryn Oyer Faith Hershberger Penner Colleen Sholly Rosborough Linda Gautsche Rufenacht Teresa Bennett Russell Randy Smith Dale Souder Jo Bontrager Taylor Rollin Ulrich Byron Warkentin Barry Weaver Jacqueline Brandeberry Wilson Connie Miller Yoder Joanne Yoder John Blosser Yoder Melvin Yoder Martha Yoder Maust Ann Yoder Smith Dennis Zehr


23.4% — $40,635

Anonymous Lorene Lehman Arnold David Bauman Cheryl Leichty Blaum Lori Hollenberg Bontrager Wesley Bontrager Helen Stoltzfus Bowman Rosa Clemens-Hines Randall Clouse Barbara Liechty Detweiler Jay Detweiler Mary Dyck Deborah Funk Bonnie Yoder Gerber Judith Gingerich Jean Sutter Glick Marilyn Graber Mary Liechty Graber David Graybill Curtis Hartman Eric Henderson Ann Klink Herendeen Gwen Friesen Hershberger Maynard Hershberger James Histand Glenda Jantzi Hooley Eileen Hostetler Mary Kauffmann-Kennel Dale Kempf Jeffery Kime Wanda Reimer King Julia Davis Kooker Barbara Bixler Lamb Gary Lamb Frieda Fengmei Hsieh Lee Gregory Leichty Mary Kristin Massanari Miriam Miller Mast Deborah Olson Miller Mark Miller Mary Schmid Miller Philip Miller Terry Miller William Minter Jeanette Moreau Amy Yoder Murray Laurie Neumann Nafziger Dennis Nice Dolores Nice Mary Erb Nitzsche Bruce Peifer Roger Piper-Ruth

Michael Robaska Patricia Goossen Robbins Catherine Frederick Roth Deena Godshall Roth Eloise Schrag Linda Schrock Douglas Schwartzentruber Jan Bender Shetler Peter Shetler Susan Nyce Stiffney Ellen Hoover Stoesz William Swartzendruber John Tiessen Barbara Derstine Weirich Catherine Wismer Todd Woodworth Marisa Lingerfelt Yoder


21.5% — $43,300

Ryan Ahlgrim David Anderson Roelif Badertscher Ramona Horst Bailey Lois Kieffaber Bare Michael Bender Jeffry Birky Philip Bontrager Lynette Schlabach Buschert Mark Byler Susan Fisher Miller J. Lamar Freed Erin Geiser Pamela Gerig Unruh John Glick Sally Weaver Glick Peter Graber Cynthia Moser Grau Burdette Gunden Nancy Stoner Heisey Robin Helmuth Steven Herendeen Karen Weaver Hershberger LuAnne Yoder Hershberger Norma Schrock Hershberger Marlo Kauffman Ruth Kauffmann Calvin Kaufman Pamela Gerber Kaufmann Sherri Gunden King Susan Fisher King Merrill Krabill Kenneth Kraybill Thomas Kreider Lisa Herr Lederach Philip Lederach Heidi Wolfgang Linebach Christina Litwiller Lita Horst Martin Conrad Mast Jane Metzler David Miller Beth Miller Kraybill Jeri Mowery Anne Nafziger Mark Neumann Jean Newcomer Gail Janzen Newel Hai Thi Nguyen Joyce Nafziger Peifer Mary Nyce Roth Randall Roth Eunice Rush-Day Gerald Schlabach Vivian Schmucker Greg Slough Terry Stauffer

$13,939,849 Eric Stoltzfus Ruth Horst Stoltzfus Janice Yordy Sutter John Swartzendruber Jimmy Talim Mary Buller Triller Donald Tyson Ethel Owens Walton Jon Warkentin Jane Keeney Webster


21.1% — $69,833

Barbara Stewart Abebe Naomi Kucik Baumgartner Alice Gunden Bender Craig Berkey Carolyn Beyler Millie Tann Birky Carol Bucher Bixler Samuel Bixler Beth Gerig Bontrager Anita Stoltzfus Breckbill Sheryl Burkhalter John Ross Buschert Linda Campbell-Davis Barbara Carbaugh Catherine Tonn Coscia Karen Regier Deaver Joan Ernst Drosdoski Willard Fenton-Miller Jane Liechty Fisher Dayton Frey Olga Contreras Garcia Pearl Geiser John Gerber Howard Good Charlotte Gingerich Gunden James Gunden Debra King Helmuth Lorie Ringenberg Hershberger Phillip Kaufmann Rodney Kremer Jan Loewen Landis Joy Neumann Landis Galen Martin Kent Martin Doris Boehr Miller Judy Beachy Miller Kenneth Miller Lee Miller Philip Miller Paul Mumaw Robbin Lerch O’Leary Sarah Oyer A. Timothy Penner Miriam Rich Rhonda Richer Renee Sawatzky


Joetta Handrich Schlabach Patricia Yoder Schmucker Bonita Bontrager Schrock Mark Shelly Elizabeth Sholly Sharon Shumaker Douglas Snyder Bradley Sommer Kathleen Koshmider Sommer Joseph Springer Charlotte Schrag Sprunger John Stahl Ruth Weber Claassen Stephens Kimberly Ann Stewart Kirk Stiffney Randall Stoesz David Sutter Donita Shaum Wheeler Christian Yoder Cheryl Troyer Zehr John Zehr Sheila Lyndaker Zehr Terrence Zehr (deceased 11/25/20)


20.7% — $57,880

Anonymous (2) Curtis Bechler Kent Beck Rosina Miller Berkey E. Douglas Bomberger Irvin Bomberger Bonnie Borntrager Timothy Brenneman Richard Buckwalter Anne Meyer Byler Patricia Shumaker Chisholm Mark Chupp Marie Gehman Clemens Peter Conrad Warren Croyle Calvin Eigsti David Erb Kathy Fenton-Miller Christine Frederick Rose Alvarez Gillin Barbara Good John Graber Beth Graybill D. Jonathan Grieser Elisabeth Smucker Grieser Michael Grieser Audrey Augsburger Groff Richard Harnish Paul Hershberger Philip Hess Judith Kauffman

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 51


Susan Kenagy John Koshmider Rosemary Hooley Lambright Douglas Landis Shari Leidig Holland Jeffrey Long Adamson Masingila (deceased 1/28/21) Brent Miller Kevin Miller Phyllis Miller Jay Moyer Karey Musselman Gail Schrock Neumann Craig Oswald David King Powell Orlando Rivera John D. Roth Ruth Miller Roth Rosalie Schrag Daniel Schrock Ken Shenk Irene Yoder Smucker Christina Springer Diane Stauffer Eric Stoltzfus Duane Sherer Stoltzfus Karen Sherer Stoltzfus Mary Sutter Benjamin Unger David Weaver Sherry Mellinger Wenger Debra Berkey Williams Diane Leatherman Yoder Stephen Yoder Avery Zook Pamela Bontrager Zook


19.6% — $64,145

Anonymous Kevin Allebach Don Breckbill Steven Brenneman Donald Brunk Douglas Caskey Karl Cender Sharon DeBliek-Anderson Ester Snyder DeFehr Julia Swartzendruber Delp Laura Eitzen Calvin Esh Ann Garl A. Mark Gibbel Rita Liechty Gingrich Dawn Graber Millard Graber Kathleen Renshaw Grothouse Les Gustafson-Zook Wilma Harder Jean Haidet Hershberger Robert Hershberger Randall Horst Anita Yoder Kehr Bryan Kehr John Lapp Sandra Shenk Lapp Eric Lehman Marcia Richer Lehman Laura Lerch Horst Mark Liechty Janet Lind Gail Miller Manickam Timothy Manickam Eric Mann Joanna Osborne Masingila

52 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Keith Mast Joyce Miller Kenneth Miller Sanford Miller Stanley Miller Douglas Minter Dennis Mishler Robert Mishler Jackson Nafziger Wayne Nitzsche Kristina Nofziger Miller Clifford Oyer Ellen Peachey Brent Rychener Douglas Schirch Michael Sherer Janet Shoemaker Karla Soukup Margaret Kempf Swartzendruber Cynthia Cooke Weisel Audrey Plank Wells David Yoder Terry Yoder

Gail Mann Shetler John Smucker Dallas Sommers James Spicher RaMona Stahl Barry Stoltzfus Grace Mast Stoltzfus Ingrid Bixler Stoltzfus Rebecca Stoltzfus Douglas Stutzman Emily Hertzler Swartley Kenton Swartley Rebecca Unternahrer Miriam Voran Debora Weaver Joseph Weaver Mark Weaver Alan Weldy Robert Wheeler Karen Wiebe Diane Bontrager Woodworth Sanna Yoder Andrea Zuercher


19.4% — $69,410

23.1% — $627,491

Jeffrey Albrecht Krisann Zunkel Applegate Ann Weber Becker Byron Becker Beth Martin Birky David Birky Patricia Byler Thomas Charles Eric Christner Linda Albrecht Christophel Erik Cressman Kurt Eby Rachel Liechty Eby Frances Martens Friesen Laurie Fulle-Rychener Kevin Gerig Jon Gingrich Joan Gotwals Yoder Galen Graber Sheila Koch Graber John Graybill Daryl Groff Ruperto Guedea Kathleen Harder Lisa Neumann Heinz A. Chris Herr Jane Hiebert-White John Hiebert-White Kenneth Hochstetler Eric Hooley Laura Hostetler Susan Huber Rachel Miller Jacobs Rodney Kaufman Wesley Mark Linda Metzler Mary Lou Overholt Miller Merrill Miller Angela Miller-Bastian Daniel Nafziger Lori Byler Reethof Kathryn Meyer Reimer Paul Reimer Evan Roth Philip Ruth Katherine Schaefer Jennifer Halteman Schrock Mary Lou Schwartzentruber Patricia Musser Sherer Byron Shetler


Tamene Abebe Jaime Alvarez Connie Leinbach Bauman Gail Lehman Baumgartner Stephen Beachy Diane Beam CarolSue Hostetler Borkholder Carola Horsch Breckbill P. Jane Stock Brookmyer Timothy Buckwalter James Caskey Greta Cender-Poplett Dean Cooke Sharon Swartzendruber Durkin Connie Carlson Garber Beth Good Gerig Janet Erb Geyer Ray Gyori-Helmuth Lois Nofsinger Harder Mary Harder Tamie Schrock Herr Jay Hochstetler Susan Alderfer Hochstetler Chun-Liang Hsieh D. Michael Hunsberger Brent Kaufman Cheryl Detweiler Kaufman Renee Miller Koshmider Jennifer Lapp Lerch Robert Lerch Barbara Beyer Mack Ivan Mast Joel Mast Lois Stoltzfus Mast J. Kevin Miller Jill Clauss Newcomer Rebecca Miller Nussbaum Charlotte Yoder Oswald David Reimer Lori Rusterholtz Kahlil Schertz Pamela Stuckey Schroeder Lonnie Sears Regina Shands Stoltzfus Rodney Stutzman Linda Graber Taylor Beth Litwiller Troyer Donald Troyer Jill Wyse

Christine Miller Yoder Todd Yoder Stanley Zehr Philip Zimmerman Karen Zorn


24.8% — $51,320

Anonymous (3) Amy Bixler Elizabeth Bontrager Gordon Bontrager Roger Bontrager Jamey Bontrager-Singer Kay Bontrager-Singer Lisa Yoder Caskey Kristine Kopp Charles Conrad Clemens Margaret Miller Clemens Bethany Denlinger Kaylene Yoder Ediger David Gautsche Jean Alexander Gilcrest Heidi Ulrich Gingerich Martin Gingerich John Goldfus DeLane Miller Graber Starla Graber Sonja Gyori-Helmuth Stephen Harnish Monica Hostetler Harnish Randall Jacobs Keith Johnston Julia Spicher Kasdorf Glenda Shirk Kauffman Eric King Timothy Klassen David Leaman Shelly Mann Lisa Martin John Mast M. Catherine Yoder Mast Kevin Miller Karla Yoder Minter Thomas Nofziger Timothy Oyer LeAnne Zimmerman Quenzer Jerrell Richer LaRita Miller Robinson Elizabeth Keim Ropp Grace Hunsberger Roth Carolyn Peachey Rudy Jonathan Rudy Philip Rush J. Steven Rutt David Schneider Sandra Graber Sears Gregory Sommers Michael Stauffer Arlene Hinckle Steffen Brenda Stoltzfus Toews Robert Toews Ann Gusler Vendrely Patrick Vendrely Barbara Lerch Weaver Harley Yoder Jane Yoder Kathleen Schertz Yoder S. Scott Yoder


17% — $29,398

Deana Moren Baker Shari Kornhaus Bechler Michael Bixler Nora Cardoza-Deering

Leanne Farmwald Laurie Virgil Gray Jennifer Helmuth Sally Hunsberger Susan Graber Hunsberger Debra Bontrager Kauffman Jeffry Kauffman Jeanine Cender Kaufman R. Kim Kornhaus Kathleen Kremer Jessica Lapp Jan Miller Lehman Timothy Lehman Christine Lindell Detweiler Brent Mann James Martin Kendel Martin Linda Dintaman Martin Teresa Dyck Mauzy Debra Miller James Miller Karen Miller Terri Brown Miller Joe Mills Kenneth Mininger David Moser Kathleen Nofziger Yeakey Patricia Schlabach Nofziger Emily North Joachim Oberst Janine Miller Ostergren Michael Peachey Holly Graber Powers Lisa Wagler Puckett Emily Riesser Annabelle Shirk Roth Stanley Roth Lisa Roth Walter Rachel Leatherman Schertz Craig Schloneger Linford Shenk Beachy David Smucker M. Gregory Smucker Sue Leatherman Sommers David Treber Rosanna Landis Weaver Darrel Wisseman Barbara Oesch Yoder


22% — $19,612

Anonymous Jeffrey Aeschliman Margaret Fisher Aeschliman Linda Anneler Zehr Richard Beyler Teresa Paglow Bomberger Clara Rank Bontrager Lynette Beck Bontrager Phillip Bontrager Ruth Brenneman Lorene Byler Miller Nancy Chupp Laurel Elias Crawford Lorne Dueck Wendy Eash Lisa Yoder Gautsche Marjorie Springer Gingerich Jennifer Headings Graber Kevin Graber J. Michael Groh Jay Gusler Bert Hartman Steven Hartman-Keiser Kenneth Kauffman Fredrick Kem David Kieper

Roelf Kuitse Ann Helmuth Leaman Bryan Leaman Berdine Mininger Leinbach Philip Lindell Detweiler Kenton Longenecker Samuel Manickam Jon Markley J. Mark Martin Lori Yoder Martin Laura Mann Mast T. Douglas Mast Janell Maust Emil Menzies Darren Miller Jeffrey Miller Kaylene Nofziger Miller Durrell Ramer Jan Albrecht Ramer Kenneth Rodgers Karen Miller Rush Malinda Stoltzfus Sanna Margaret Warkentin Sawatsky Ann Conrad Schloneger Jonathan Schrag Robert Shreiner Jennifer Snyder Jon Sweigart Robert Tiessen Steven Walter Carla Friesen Weldy Douglas Wengerd




16.6% — $15,036

Beth Bartel Cynthia Yoder Bontrager Anne Sprunger Cartmel Abril Rivera Castillo Joy Kauffman Detweiler Randall Detweiler Morlin Elias Elizabeth Hodel Fakhoury Julia Friesen Gail Graves Gerber Elena Saner Greer Paul Helmuth Kay Hershberger Franklin Hess Todd Holsopple Kevin Hurst Steven Johnson-Evers Karen Kaufmann Kieper Denise Eby Konan Karen Yoder Kym Christine Landis Dan Koop Liechty Carl Lind Cara Longacre Hurst Bonita Hostetler Miller Lyle Miller Lori Oesch Jana King Peachey Gilberto Perez Stephanie Brenneman Ramer Kevin Schloneger Beth Hochstetler Smucker Jeffrey Smucker Lon Swartzentruber Harley Toole Bruce Unruh Carol Garber Welty Mary Burk Whitelock Anita Yoder Tim Yoder

15.2% — $25,585

Christopher Bowers Scott Denlinger Evangeline Gerber Myron Gingrich Janice Martin Goldsmith Carol Good-Elliott Nicole Clymer Gusler Tamara Loewen Hazbun Emily Headings Susan Hunsberger David Jeschke Margaret Jeschke Connie Johnson-Evers Douglas Kaufman Steven Krall Philip Kym James Landis Steven Leinbach Vonda Litwiller Audra Miller Mark James Mark Jeffrey Martin Van Nussbaum Kristina Roth Martin Katrina Esch Schrock Philip Shirk Katharine Mast Shreiner Aletha Stahl Youko Watari Ruth Krabill Weirich Jon Welty Peachey

17.9% — $32,080

Jennifer North Bauman Kendal Bauman Sandra Brown Kimberly Burkholder Kirby Carpenter Cynthia Friesen Coyle Jan Friesen Holsopple Debra Zehr Frohberg Trudy Good Linda Garber Gunden Eric Herr Rex Hochstedler Brian Jans Dawn Kaczor Janine Helmuth Kauffman Jeffery Kauffman Kimberly Stjernholm Kauffman Timothy Kauffman Dawn Kaufman-Frey Ronald Krabill Gerald Leatherman Jill Koop Liechty R. Scott Litwiller Eric Massanari Charlene Mast Anita Miller Anthony C. Miller Anthony S. Miller Bart Miller Jodi Miller Maynard Miller Denise Clemens Murphy Rachel Miller Nolt Steven Nolt Maria Lehman Osborne Joel Otto Lisa Rheinheimer Otto James Powell Rita Ruth Rupp

Sue Schmucker Coblentz Lori Steiner Jans Barbara Stutzman Eric Troyer Lisa Ross Troyer Matthew Troyer Andrea Welty Peachey Rhonda York

Brent Reinhardt Jason Samuel Tami Schlabach Susan Miller Setiawan J. Chad Stoltzfus Krista Vogt Troyer Michele Troyer Christina Kauffman Weaver



Duane Beck Kerry Beck MaryBeth Alderfer Beck Philip Bergey Trinda Bolton Myron Bontreger Todd Brenneman Lorin Byler Amy Von Gunten Clemens M. Kent Clemens Laura Devine Daniel Diener Richard Eby Susan Edwards Coretta Franz-Eby Rachel Friesen Andre Hackman Lydia Hailu David Hershey Julie Hertzler Angela Nofziger Hochstedler Cathleen Hockman-Wert Chad Horning Michelle Yoder Horning Dean Jantzen Yolanda Kauffman Aleeta Haas Kent Beverly Lapp Jessica Lehman Lisa Stauffer Mayen Bradley Moyer Bruce Nofziger Lynda Nyce Steven Shirk Shannon Musselman Unzicker Janette Aeschliman Wisseman Mary K. Yoder

Lisa Bohnert Rose Wei Ding Diane Miller Eldridge Ingrid Friesen Moser Wen-Qiang Gu Kendra Good Hendon Mary Hershberger Kirsten Oleen Housholder Paul Housholder William Kaufmann Betty Lew Kennel Darvis King Laurie King Shelly Nester King Eric Kurtz Patrick Leaman Susan Lehman Erika Yoder Meyer Thomas Meyer Brian Miller James Miller

13.3% — $12,122


11.9% — $19,865

Brent Beck Deanna Chupp Beck Mary Longacre Benner Rajesh Biyani Steven Buchtel Janelle Seitz Butterworth Jeffrey Dyck Melba Eli Fox Carl Friesen Joseph Fritsch Kathleen Steiner Fritsch Sheila Henry Hackman Scott Hartman Betty Jane Weaver Helrich Ross Hershberger Susan Conrad Howes Kori Eckert Jantzen Kurt Kennel Launa Rohrer Leftwich Jeanne Liechty Dwight McFadden Jeffrey Osborne Debra Houtz Powell

15.8% — $14,250

Tamara Miller Gail Hess Nafziger Shawn Nafziger Lori Nitzsche Matthew Nofziger Gretchen Nyce Sherri He Putera Jill Reedy Marla Gerber Reinhardt Jennifer Rohrer Walbert Scott Schmucker Michael Schrock Benjamin Setiawan Samuel Snyder Jeffrey Stuckey Brenda Wyse Summers Andrea Unger Jason Wyse


14.5% — $8,670

Steven Beyeler Jonathan Bollinger Shanti DeFehr Michael Denlinger Gayle Troyer Frey Laura Gerber Suella Lehman Gerber Andrea Buller Golden Jan Good-Bollinger Timothy Grieser

Ways you too can help grow Goshen Donate! With your generous contributions to the Goshen College Fund and Student Aid Fund we are able to make the “Distinctively Goshen” experience accessible for all students. Referrals are one of our top sources for students who end up enrolling. Refer students to us who have not heard of or considered Goshen College (and make sure we have contact info for your own high school children/ grandchildren), but whom you think would value this learning experience and community. Organize a group of high school students in your area (or your own children/grandchildren) and bring them to campus for a visit. The Admissions Office can help with your planning and with travel reimbursement. Pray regularly for our admission counselors on the road, prospective students traveling for a visit and for those making decisions at the college.

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 53


Melissa Grose Tonya Richer Harmelink Matthew Chad Harshbarger Stefanie Hartzler Carmen Horst Melika Kauffman Hershberger LaDene King Stephanie Goertzen King Chad Lehman Carolyn Schantz Lichti Cheryl Kaufman Mast Lenae Nofziger Dan Nussbaum Troy Osborne Marlene Reiff Jeffrey Reimer Alice Miller Schermerhorn Kristin Shellenberger Yordy Cheryl Hochstetler Shirk Xinia Smucker Lara Troyer Timothy Troyer David Unzicker Yunqing Xia Leanna Bontrager Yoder Eric Yordy


9.6% — $2,065

Kimberly Souder Barrett Hermann Bauer-Alvarez Chad Bauman Suzanne Beyeler Erin Harmelink Denise Beyeler Harshbarger Michael Hawkins Patricia Yousey Heath Evan Hoover La Vern Friesen Klassen Eric Martin Emily Lehman Miller Tonya Kauffman Miller David Moyer-Diener Nathan Osborne Dea Putera Lora Gisel Rusel Paul Schermerhorn Angela Showalter Cheryl Shreiner Cathy Smetana Kimberly Stuckey-Schrock


14% — $6,815

Jenelle Basinger Jodi Bauman Malinda Berry Heather Bruinewoud Birky Michael Bodiker Kristin Borntrager F. Kevin Claassen Christopher Cummings Marten Duhoux Joanne Duhoux-DeFehr Jonathan Friesen Kristin Wengerd Friesen Dora Kaufman Britt Kaufmann Eric Kaufmann Wendel Landes Sonya Mateer Rempel Samuel Miller Laura Yoder Moshier Mitchell Rhodes Beth Conrad Rupp David Rupp

54 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Colin Rupley Rusel Kyle Schlabach Chad Smoker Ryan Springer Daniel Steiner Jon Stuckey Bethany Swope A. Colleen White Barnaby Wyse Michelle Thuma Wyse


10.7% — $21,331

Lisa Beachy Jason Birky Emily Burkhalter Jennette Badgett Claassen Lisa Gunden Anthony Hartzler Kelly Hartzler Jennifer Jackson Hawkins Lenora Hirschler David Lind Megan Miller Rachel Miller Moreland Jason Moshier Joanna Moyer-Diener Jesse Myers Nathan Rempel Steven Schrock Angela Harshbarger Shoemaker Joseph Shoemaker Keith Swartzendruber Laura Glick Yoder


10.1% — $9,325

Anonymous Jeffrey Bontrager Alison Charbeneau Bryant Andrew Hartzler Jesse Hostetter Kropf Marla Hostetter Kropf Joann Hunsberger Nathaniel Jordan Matthew Kanagy Chad Kauffman Kristin Graber Kauffman Glen Kauffmann Terry Martin Celia Mellinger Alexander Naula Megan Ramer Valerie Schrock Aaron Stuckey Tessema Tefferi Theresine Gundy Wedel Edward Yoder


15% — $19,845

Anonymous Scott Barge Matthew Beachy Ben Beyeler Heather Birky Kenteth Blossom Theresa Litwiller Blossom Thomas Bona Lilly Santeliz Bontrager Peter Eash-Scott Paul Gayler Paula Fisher Gayler Shawn Gerber Chris Good Angela Gunden

Ruth Alfaro Hartzler Erika Janzen Kristi Short Kauffman Travis Kauffman Christina Kilmer Kauffmann Lisa Koop Mark Landes Adam Law Amanda MacGregor Law Jason Lehman Sarah Kraybill Lind Steven Miller Jill Liechty Replogle Grant Rissler Kara Schmucker Jonathan Schrock Mark Short Stuart Showalter Amy Thut Dirk Wolfer Amanda Yoder Katherine Yoder Jason Yoder Rupp


12.3% — $13,276

William Barker Terry Beck Jodi Hochstedler Beyeler Rebecca Brown David Chupp Clarissa Gaff Rachel Springer Gerber Timothy Godshall Sonia Graber Anne Horst Hanby Seth Kauffman Timothy Kennel Patricia Gross Lehman Matthew Lind Karen Martin Schiedel Jason Miller-Souder Andrea Springer Pletcher Nathan Pletcher Andrew Schiedel Rachel Amstutz Stuckey Lynette Thuma Anne Waltner Jeri Yoder Michael Yoder Tonya Yoder Rupp


10.6% — $9,532

Dustin Brubaker Fiona Christano Sara Rhodes Chupp Wade Ebersole Janice Eigsti Miller Matthew Falb Glenn Gilbert Rachel Glick Amy Boller Graber Nathan Graber Jason Heatwole Reynard Hilman Stephen Himes Eric Hochstetler Sarah Sales Lashley Laura Litwiller Ned Mast Brian Miller Laura Moyer Lauren McFarland Murto Lora Nafziger Ezra Nugroho Angela Oetama-Paul

Rebecca Rich Pratikshya Sharma Rijal Deborah Scott Jesse Sensenig Rachel Stuckey Showalter


7.5% — $6,335

Reuben Budiardja Peter Gaff Cara Landis Jeeves Allen Kaczor Suzanne Landis Kaczor Alyssa Kreider Travis Leatherman John Leigh Jeffrey Martin Heidi Birky Sawatzky Howard Showalter Adam Tice Maria Longoria Tice Kara Westerbeek Heidi Foss Worabo Jessica Yoder Laura Yoder Margene Murdent Zink


7.4% — $4,745

Alyssa Beck Abebe Kaleab Abebe Garrett Bishop Jennifer Springer Bishop Megan Kraybill Dolan Anne Albrecht Lehman Kristen Mast Julia Adams Naula Matthew Nyce Olivia Nyce Roth Kirsten Peterson Tasara Redekopp Matthew Rissler Amanda Schmidt Timothy Shenk Renee Springer Jayne Thomas Kennel Amy Williams Elisabeth Zwier


7.7% — $7,005

Ross Bay Theodore Budiardja Ayo-Olu Cole Lindsy Diener-Locke Nicholas Enz Jason Kauffman Shelley Habusta Kauffman Aaron Lehman Lisa Miller Martin Stella Mason Benjamin Metcalf Sarah Nelson Shannon Oakes Charles Rush Catherine Froese Springer Christopher Westerbeek J. Landon Yoder


12.3% — $8,741

Angela Newcomer Buller Brett Buller Jeffrey Claassen Mariko Miyama Claassen Heidi Collins Sara Yoder Ebersole

Elizabeth Hofstetter Falb Adam Graber Roth Thushan Hemachandra Katie Beck Joshi Jason Kauffman Lisa Graber Kauffman Philip Kendall Deanna Martin Landes Joy Houser Metcalf Stephanie Johnson Miller Jason Schmucker Deborah Shetler Schneider Daron Showalter Troy Springer LaMont Steiner Daniel Stutzman Jessica Berkey Yoder Nicholas Yoder Yu Shi Russell Zhao


10% — $10,555

Anonymous Dominique Burgunder-Johnson Allison Brenneman Goertz Isaiah Goertz Justin Heinz Heinzekehr Lori Kaminski Catherine Law Katelyn Nafziger Leichty William Leichty Abigail Nafziger Bethany Shue Nussbaum Melody Huffman Quiroz Meryl Roth Melanie Histand Schmucker Rose Miller Shetler Kirstin Docken Showalter Jennifer Rupp Steiner Jessica Roth Stoltzfus Marcos Stoltzfus Jacob Stucky ReBecca Johnson Stucky Eric Walsh Joshua Weaver


7.4% — $5,750

Laura Renner Barnett Jean Boen Roberts Daniel Clouse Hannah Eash-Gates Garrett Gingerich David Glick Hilary Mayhew Christine Miller Hesed Kyle Miller Hesed Anika Roth Mary Roberts Schmidt Adam Yoder Anita Hooley Yoder Benjamin Yoder Laura Landis Yoder Reuben Yoder Anna Yoder Schlabach Brian Yoder Schlabach


7.1% — $4,265

Benjamin Graber Bradley Graber Ivannia Perez Graber Karen Graber Roth Sara Groff Jeffrey Hochstetler Justin Hochstetler

Anthony Janzen Pamela Kistler-Osborne Zachary Miller Kelly Shenk Koontz Peter Shenk Koontz Tyler Springer Megan Vendrely Greta Weaver Courtney Welborn Yoder Matthew Yoder


7.2% — $2,966

Grace Magnan Burmester Nathan Burmester Alexander Childers Katharine Derstine Grieser Nathan Grieser Brent Handfield Irina Skvortsova Herschberger Abri Houser Hochstetler David Kempf Leah Roth Miller Peter Miller Emily Lehle Ott Luke Penner Philip Schmidt Erin Diller Suderman Ryan Suderman Hillary Watson Juli Suter Yoder


5.7% — $2,985

Grant Bachman Kathryn Schlabach Bachman Nicholas Bouwman Juan Diaz De Leon Renee Miller Eigsti Adrienne Gerig-Heyerly Jesse Gerig-Heyerly Rachel Schlabach Grosh Maria Hosler Byler Philip Hosler Byler Joel King Michael Neumann Breanna Nickel Darin Schwartzentruber Allison Hawkins Stiffney Kyle Stiffney


9% — $4,540

Greta Breckbill Jabin Burnworth Aaron Core Shenk Breanna Lange Daugherty Trevor Daugherty Rick Eigsti Audrey Engle-Eshleman Hannah Roth Geyer Jacob Geyer Patricia Fuller Goodman Christa Graber Kauffman Seth Grimes Elizabeth Gunden Trisha Handrich Katelyn Nussbaum Hochstetler Kelsey Shue Hochstetler Jordan Kauffman Anne Lehman Kelly Miller Kurt Neufeld Mallori Norris Rachel Yoder Penner

Maria Sanchez Schirch Philip Shenk


6.5% — $3,590

Garrett Cannizzo Joshua Delp Summer Hasan Kari Heusinkveld Connor Histand Krista Kaufman Aaron Kaufmann Krista Saffell Kempf Matthew Lehman Wiens Daniel Penner Isaac Yoder-Schrock Lisa Horst Schrock Adrienne Yoder Matilda Yoder Derek Zook


9.2% — $3,360

Lydia Alderfer Lewis Caskey Hannah Geiser Godshalk Lucas Geiser Godshalk Marlette Gomez Jessica Gotwals David Graber Brock GunderKline Jacob GunderKline Jair Hernandez Benjamin Kelly Ruth Lehman Wiens Annika Miller Rudy Moyer-Litwiller Kajungu Mturi Maryn Munley Matthew Nafziger Brian O’Leary Saralyn Murray Oyer Ariel Ropp Meg Suter Schroeder Levi Smucker Rebecca Yoder Smucker Rebekah Steiner Ryan Wengerd


7.1% — $2,645

Anonymous Rebecca Augsburger Hannah Bachman Elizabeth Core Shenk Sylvia Rocio Mondragon Diaz Micah Engle-Eshleman Matthew Glick Jennifer Steinmetz Graber Joseph Gunden Alicia Hofer Nathaniel Klink Karina Kreider Anthony Miller Danae Miller Katherine Miller-O’Leary Kyle Mishler Lisa Myers Jenna Nofziger


7.6% — $1,375

Twila Albrecht Anna Costanza Micah Detweiler Mollie Nebel Gaeddert

Gretchen Geyer Hillary Harder Lisa Gaffin Hochstedler Thomas Leonard Caleb Longenecker Fox Kristina Longenecker Fox Andrea Mast Kelly Miller Biddle Perry Miller Biddle Michelle Moyer-Litwiller Rachel Pippenger Samantha Weaver Madeleine Yoder April Zehr


4.1% — $1,800

Joelle Friesen Mariah Martin Jared Nussbaum Michael Oyer Danielle Kerschhackl Salsgiver Katie Schramm Brian Sutter Malaina Weldy


2.8% — $712

David Bontrager Ellen Conrad Sally Ponce Jacob Roth Kaitlyn Bradley Sproles Betrice Tinawati


5.1% — $623

Ameera Alshuga Evan Beck Jacob Ebersole Natalie Graber Matthew Granitz Shay Hart Emma Henderson Ryan Miller Matthew Smucker Seth Weaver


9.4% — $1,006

Elsie Koop Liechty Ian Martin Taylar McKinley Nathan Pauls Ariana Perez Diener Claire Rauck Jennifer Ritchie Emmalene Rupp Brooke Stutzman William Troyer Clara Unzicker John Vance Shelbey Younts


Nathan Berkey Elizabeth Breckbill Amy Brown Genevieve Cowardin Amanda Flickinger Heather Gabel Erin Graber Cynthia Herrera Fernandez Jonah Hochstetler Maria Hodges Aaron Lambert

— $240

Natalie Hazbun Acadia Imhof Naomi Willis Brayton Yoder

MEET OUR ADVANCEMENT TEAM Rebecca Stoltzfus ’83 President & Chief Fundraiser


7.5% — $5,700

Emily Evans Nussbaum Christian Grider Julian Harnish Devin Heath-Granger Hannah Hostetter Mark Kreider Caleb Liechty Emma Koop Liechty Brooke Maes Matthew Milanese Lydia Miller Reena Ramos Kenan Bitikofer Schaefkofer Lana Smucker Nathanael Dick Smucker Kimberly Shank Snyder Christina Swartzendruber Brandon Vires


5.1% — $1,357

Spencer Aeschliman Benjamin Bontrager Max Burkholder Roxanne Gehring Rachaelann Klink Elsa Lantz Reuben Leatherman Joshua Liechty Nathaniel Nussbaum Anja Kenagy Schaefkofer Kyle Stocksdale Landon Weldy Alexandra Yoder Rachel Yoder

Todd Yoder ’84 Vice President for Institutional Advancement Roger Nafziger ’77 Director of Planned Giving

Trisha Handrich ’11 Major Gift Officer Heidi Dyck Hilty ’89 Annual Giving & Advancement Coordinator Kevin Miller ’85 Major Gift Officer Kathy Nofziger Yeakey ’86 Gift Receipting and Report Manager Jan Ramer ’87 Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Advancement

Fall / Winter 2021 | BULLETIN 55


Investing in the community, ahead of the curve BY JOE SPRINGER ’80, curator, Mennonite Historical Library

UPON HER COLLEGE graduation and with support from her local congregation Assembly Mennonite Church, Rebecca Yoder Neufeld ’74 created a new program to assist a growing number of Goshen Community Schools’ K-12 students who were living in households where English was not the primary language. Collaborations among Rebecca, Chandler Elementary School Principal B.J. Miller ’57 and others — first volunteer, then grant-funded — positioned Goshen Community 56 BULLETIN | Fall / Winter 2021

Schools to be ahead of the curve as it adapted to what would soon become a dramatic enrollment increase of such students. In 1979, the college’s Education Department received national recognition for preparing its students to teach in bilingual/ bicultural programs. Whether volunteer or paid, in school classrooms or church basements, many GC students, faculty and alumni continue to invest skills and time to strengthen English language capacities among newcomers to Elkhart County and elsewhere.

Pictured: In 1978, to complete her junior field work requirement in college, Brenda Hostetler Meyer ’79 (left) tutored Hispanic students, including Carmen Alvarado (right) at Chandler Elementary School in Goshen, where Brenda herself had attended years earlier. Brenda later served as director of Goshen Community School’s English as a New Language (ENL) program, beginning in 1989 in a one-third-time position with two half-time teachers assisting. When she left in 1996, she was serving full-time with 15 other teachers working in the program. Currently, one-third of students in Goshen Community Schools are English Language Learners and the district has the largest program in the state for a school district of its size.

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