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ISSUE 17th April 2012

Inside this ISSUE: The2Steves1Teacher trip to Shri Lanka2ITFCPlayer Interviews3School Counsellors4The Page of Fame5Stickmen6How to be a Great Friend & Sport7Internet Safety8Interview9The Building work10Black forest Victoria11Scootering12Good Books13Word search14Maths Page15

Years Five and Six have worked hard together to produce a news paper and radio station, which are called Gorseland Times and GSRS. They have written and recorded news and news all by themselves. We are very sorry that this issue is taking so long to come out. The reason is that lots of people are not coming any more. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to come but we would be very grateful if anyone would like to. It’s very fun but you have to work hard. Thanks to everyone who does come. Hope you enjoy this issue. Intro written by Billy J, Cameron L, Joseph L and Ollie V. (The Editors)

The children at Gorseland are looking forward to the Two Steves visiting the School on Wednesday 20th June for the afternoon. Steve Barlow is tall and hairy, Steve Skidmore isn't! Together they are Britain’s most popular comedy writing and performing double act for young people. The 2 Steves met over twenty years ago when they were both teaching in Nottingham. Since then they have written over 130 books together. They have also acted as series editors on numerous reading programmes for several major publishing houses.

The Two Steves - Action Dogs Game Show Tour

To celebrate the launch of their new series, Action Dogs, the Two Steves (through the generosity of Usborne, the publisher of the series) will be bringing their Action Dogs Game Show Tour to Gorseland (Years 2 to 6). ***New Action Dogs titles will be available to purchase on the day*** Further details to follow - In the meantime if you want to know more visit their website and find out more!

What was it like in Sri Lanka? Very hot and the landscapes were like a jungle. The beaches were very nice and there were all different things to look at. How was it different to England? The main difference was that there roads were really busy and nobody took care when driving on the right hand side of the road. Also it was actually quite scary driving a tuk-tuk. They don’t have any pet s so there were a lot of dogs roaming around and there were cows walking down the roads! Were they as religious as us? They were more religious than our school as a whole and all the teachers were very religious. They enjoy showing people all their religious temples and t hey took lots of blessings. Were you inspired by the things in Kudawella? The thing that inspired us most was the way that the children were happy with everything they have even as they don’t have as much as us.

I nt er view wit h Tommy Smit h and J ade Cole f r om I TFC

These ar e t he quest ions t hat we asked J ade and Tommy • How do you keep healt hy? • How do you pr epar e f or a mat ch? • How much sl eep do you need? • W hat happens if you don’t get enough sleep? • W hat f ood do you eat ? • W hat do you dr ink? • W hat ment al pr epar at ion do you do? • W hat exer cise do you do? J ade Cole J ade is t he pr ess of f icer f or t he f oot ball club. She or ganises all t he pr ess passes and makes sur e t hat t he pr ess can get in. Al so she is i n char ge of maki ng sur e t hat i f t her e is any incor rect inf or mat ion it s put ri ght . When we asked her t he 8 quest ions about heal t h and f it ness we got lot s of answers. The answers we got f or ar e quest ions in or der t o have a healt hy diet you need t o have pl ent y of f r uit s and veget abl es and r ice, past a and br ead t o keep you ener gy level s up, t he next most i mpor t ant f ood i s meat and f i sh J ad e doesn’t r eall y dr ink ver y much ot her t han wat er and ver y wat er ed down cups of t ea. She also t hinks you need at l east a good 8-9 hours sleep t her e ar e down si des t hough, if you don’t get enough sleep you won’t perf or m as wel l and you make sil ly mist akes. J ade al so has a pet dog and she keeps f it by walki ng her dog r egul arl y, running and going t o t he gym. Tommy Smi t h We asked t he same quest i ons t o Tommy Smit h. He said in or der t o keep a heal t hy diet i s t o keep cl ear of f at t y f oods like chocolat e and cakes but i t s ok t o have as a t r eat occasionally. Tommy said t hat all t he f oot bal ler s ar e given guide li nes t o what t hey ar e supposed t o eat . Ever y now and again t hey do special exercise t o make sur e t hat t hey ar e f it enough and if you ar e over weight t hey ar e gi ven st r ict r ules and amount s of f ood t hey ar e aloud. The next quest i on we asked hi m was t he sor t of dr inks he had and he sai d t hat he only r eally drank wat er and t he occasional squash. Tommy agr eed t hat you need at least 8 hour s sleep in or der t o per f or m your best in what ever you are doing. Tommy said t hat havi ng a l it t le bit of nerves was good because it makes you want t o do your j ob in t he t eam bet t er and t o always gi ve 10 0%. The main f it ness Tommy does is f oot ball and f oot bal l t rai ning but somet imes goes t o t he gym f or st r engt h. Ext r a i nf or mat i on I pswich Town do l ot s of t hings t o help communit y l ike visit ing local school s and char it y. The cl ub gi ves l ot s of signed f oot ball s and some t i cket s away t o t he char i t ies. Tommy has played f or N ew Zealand 8 t i mes and t he most challengi ng t eam he has pl ayed against i s I t aly. He has also been pl aying f oot ball f or f i ve and half year s. The t eam go on out ings li ke f or a meal and a game of ot her spor t s t o gain t he t eam t rust and t o keep t he t eam spir it .

The School Councillor s I t s 2012, a new year we have t o make t he most of it . Our School Councillor s ar e her e t o help wit h any school issues or pr oblem.

Y6ssc2 Y6ssc2 Y6 Mr s Harr is Y6 Mr Sampson Y5 Mr Tr inder Y5 Mr s Aldous Y4 Mr s Tyalor Y4 Mr Guit e Y3 Mr s W aller / Slat t er y Y3 Mr s Cr acknell Y2 Mr s Adeleson Y2 Mr s St anely Y1 Mrs Door ly Y1 Miss Gar diner Y1 Mr s Dyer

Luke G J oe M Ollie K Ollie V Nat asha J Daniel W Mar t ina M W illiam R Mat t hew W Tom H Helena H J ames H Poppy B Elizabet h W Lennon B

They are t here t o hel p. Don’t be af rai d t o ask. School councillor s ar e t her e t o make t he school a b et t er place Read N at asha’s Art icl e about what it ’s like t o be school councillor s. I nt ervi ew wit h Eli zabet h in year 1 Hel lo Eli zabet h li ke being a school councillor Yes Do You Think it s good That Y1’s get t i ng involved because When I was in year 1 (a long T ime ago) The School counci llor s wer e f r om Y2 Yes I t hink it helps much Do you t hink it s good t hat t he class choices Yes I do Do you t hink i t s good t he childr en t hat t he chil dr en ar e involved in making t he schools choi ces and a b et t er place Yes I agr ee By Olivia Thank you Elizabet h Bye

THE PAGE OF FAME! Will it be you next? Mr A Sampson Running By Beth W & Hannah G Mr Sampson what is? the longest race you have ever ran? ‘Well the longest race I have ever ran was 1500 metres and I did it in a flash!’ So how old were you were you? ‘I was young when I did the race…. Very young!’ So that’s why he’s so fast! Melody H Karate By Beth W & Hannah G What award did you get? ‘I got the student of the month award for improving the most.’ I think that’s a great award to receive, do you have to wear a uniform in karate? ‘Yes, you have to wear a my belt and a gee.’

How to be a great friend!!!!!!! 1) First of all you need to know how to trust your friend and to be able to talk to them about personal matters. 2) You need to be able to be yourself around all friends and be able to forgive them easily. 3) Do not be all bossy and insult them about things. 4) If they are new welcome them into the class. 5) Sometimes friends can be sad so make them happy and maybe use some humour to cheer them up. 6) Don’t leave your friends alone when they are upset make sure that they are ok before going to play with your other friends or you could invite them to play with you. 7) To make them feel more welcome invite them round to play and when you know them better you can start having them round for sleepovers and have lots of chocolate and sweets. 8) As a tip you should introduce them to other friends instead of them hanging to you all the time. 9) When with a friend you should never embarrass them because then they may not want to be your friend again. 10) Do not always cling around your BFF they may not like it and may feel uncomfortable.

TOP TIPS Ask your friend if it is ok to play with someone else when you want to play with them!!!

Sport News! M.U.G.A. In the summer we sometimes have tennis out in the MUGA and there is a big net which is doubles one and there are single ones which are smaller than the double one.

Cricket We usually have that in the summer to .We don’t really have teams we just have a bowler fielders and back stop and the batters.

Football We usually play football on the M.U.G.A. but we some times play on the play ground. We can not play football on the field because there are little black bits.

Running Running is on Tuesdays and Fridays. Mr Guite and Mrs Rose run it, you run through the woods and if you are in running you can do athletics which is also run by Mr Guite and Mrs Rose and we do it on the filed opposite the school and on the M.U.G.A.

I nt ernet Saf et y

Hi I ’m Zoe and t oday I am going t o t alk about Chat Rooms.

• Never give per sonal inf or mat ion • Always ask an adult bef or e you use a chat r oom • These ar e some chat r ooms

I Hope t his keeps you saf e. Next t ime will be t alking about cyber bulling.

The Building Work Behind the KS1 classrooms you probably would have seen some big diggers and lots of construction. It is taken a lot of time and a lot of work but it now looks fantastic! Do you know what it is? Well it’s a mini amphitheatre for children to perform in and have class assemblies. The children in year 1&2 are really exited and can’t wait to use it. I’m sure everyone thinks it’s amazing!

If you shape it like a heart and your really good at making them it may look a bit like this. Black Forest Victoria Ingredients: Cake: 225g unsalted butter 200g golden caster sugar 1 tablespoon golden syrup 200g self-raising flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 25g cocoa powder, sifted 4 medium eggs 100ml milk Filling: 300g black cherry jam 1 tablespoon kirsch 350ml double cream 2 tablespoons finely grated dark chocolate

Remember to get an adult to hep you with anything sharp and wash you hands before you start.

If you’re really good and you shape it like a heart it might look like this

Method 1. Preheat the oven to 190*c, gas mark 5 and butter a 20cm cake tin. 2. Put all the cake ingredients in a large food processor and cream together. 3. Transfer the mixture to the prepared tin and smooth the surface. Bake for 50-55 minutes. Run a knife around the edge of the tin and leave to cool. 4. Blend the jam with the kirsch in a bowl. In another bowl whisk the cream until it starts to form soft peaks. But be careful not to let it stiffen as it will be hard to spread. Remove the cake from the tin. 5. Slit the cake into three layers with a bread knife. Spread the lower layer with half of the jam and half of the cream. 6. Repeat with the next layer, using up most of the remaining jam, all of the cream and lay the top layer in place.

By Cameron L & Ollie V

Book’s I recommend for you!!! If you love Ja cque line Wilson look up little  da rling if you like  mystery its  a bout a  girl c all de stiny a nd Sunse t De stiny is a  norma l school girl but  sunse t is a  da ughte r of a  roc k sta r (Da nny Kilma n.) Destiny a nd her mum  a re big fa ns of Da nny Kilma n in fa ct the ir so big of fa ns tha t Destiny is a   song tha t he  wrote. De stiny’s mum cla ims tha t Da nny is De stiny’s da d to  find out if it is true  you’ll ha ve  to rea d it.    If you like  wiza rds you should c he c k­ out Ha rry Potte r it’s one of the best  books I rea d a nd e ve n they thought it wa s so good they turne d it into a   movie is a lso cool. Did you know tha t J.k. Rowling sta rted the  la st book  be fore  she  finishe d the  first one  she kne w e xa c tly wha t she wa nted to  ha ppen. But you ha ve to rea d the first book then the  se c ond then the  third  book e ct.    If you like  dra ma  a nd roma nce  a nd Va mpire s you should look a t the   twilight sa ga  it’s a  re a lly good. All the  books a re  ca lled twilight, ne w  moon, ec lipse  a nd bre a king da wn. You ne ed to re a d them in orde r, or  you won’t get it. It All le a ds up to one thing like  Ha rry potte r this book is  ve ry ha rd to describe you ha ve  to re a d the book a nd see  wha t ha ppe ns .    If you think your strong a nd your unde fea ted the n you should c hec k out  the  strongest girl in the world. Bet she ’s stronge r tha n you in the  book she   lifted up a  house, a  horse  with a  ma n on it, a  bus, a  c ha ir with one  finger!!!!  This is a lso one  of the be st books I ha ve EVER re a d!!!      If you like  come dy a nd dra ma  you should c he ck–out cliff ha nger it’s a   rea lly funny be ca use  two pe ople who super rubbish a  sports go to a   a dve nture  holida y wha t is a ll about sports the  ma ins a re  Tim biscuits Gile s  a nd Ke lly. Tim a nd bisc uits a re the one s who a re rubbish a t sports a nd  Ke lly a nd Giles a re re a lly good a t sports.                   

Ice Cream Flavour Word Search!!!

Can you find the 12 different flavours of ice-cream in the word search? Remember, they can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even backwards! C H O C O L A T E R O S G O J Q P K G T F K N D B M Z E N Y F P A W S J B E A M E Y M Q T Q Q P R V E R Z V R P P Z O T B R L O A W E O O U U E V S W N B E H V B B P J B E I W M K B E P P E R C L I P L U N P R P Z S L P E L K W R O P Q K A G B W Y Y S B W S H U H M A G R A P E U M V I V H W N L B L E A N O I I A W Q G Q T N I M R N X J R I R G L Y D A B U F P L H D E S Y W Z O X J A W Y R R E H C Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Mint Coffee Blueberry Banana Orange Cherry Grape Mango Bubblegum

D o you like maths? Yes w ell this is the page for  you! This page includes w ays to improve your  times tables, mental addition and subtraction.  This page w ill also include some methods to solve  addition and subtraction problems. After you  have used these methods hopefully your BIG  MATHS BEAT THAT score w ill be improved.    These are some problems that you could try if you  are already confident:   1) There w as 637 people at the imperial w ar  museum 296 of them left because it w as 6:00 at  night. How  many people are left?  637­296=  2) Sarah has 492 moshi monsters cards she gave  aw ay 127 of them. How  many does she have left?   492­127=   N ow  on those tw o problems there w as the sum  and now  on these tw o there is not going to be the  sum and you have to find the sum by your self.  3) Amy is 67 years old Jon is 170 w hat is the  difference betw een them?   4) Jamie runs from pinew ood to Manchester the  length of the run is 476 miles he has ran 56 miles  how  much has he got left to run?   Here are some mental multiplication sums that  you could try!!!   5) Jimmy is 42 James is 4 times older how  old is  James????     That is the end of this page for this issue I hoped  this helped you!! Sydney 

GT - Issue 2 Apr 12  
GT - Issue 2 Apr 12  

The second issue of the newspaper from the children