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Gorenje @ IFA 2013

We welcome you to our exhibition area 201 in hall 1.1.

Gorenje at the IFA global marketplace 2013 Gorenje is again present at the IFA, world’s leading consumer electronics and home appliance tradeshow. This year, Gorenje is rising to new challenges with a striking new stand concept and an exhibition spanning two floors and 750 square meters. For the first time, the Gorenje stand includes the exciting premium Asko brand alongside highlights of the Gorenje brand.

Dynamic meeting point, new ideas Inspiration for Gorenje’s stand comes from the marketplace – a dynamic place where we all meet, a hub of new ideas, inspiring innovations, and fascinating new products. Multimedia projected on the outer wall invites the visitors to enter and get immersed in the Gorenje story. Our friendly hosts will welcome you on an exciting journey of advanced technologies, strong values, and creativity that propel Gorenje onwards.


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Gorenje was born in a humble village, in the heart of Slovenia. Over 60 years it has grown into one of the leading European manufacturers of home appliances and yet, has managed to maintain the company’s founding principles, respecting real, core values and fulfilling hopes and ambitions with hard work and dedication. All in the belief that the best is yet to come.



Gorenje’s wide array of products Gorenje’s presentation at IFA this year has something for everyone. By offering a wide array of products in numerous, varied styles and price segments, Gorenje gives users the possibility to express their own individual lifestyles.


The remarkable ION generation fridge freezers The ION generation of Gorenje fridge freezers represents a lineup of smart appliances boasting superior technology and design – among the best available today. Innovative IonAir technology eliminates up to 95% of microorganisms and – paired with the advanced MultiFlow 360˚ and NoFrost Plus functions – creates the ideal microclimate for keeping food fresh and healthy. AdaptCool is another advanced technology that helps food keep longer, prevents unwanted heating up of food, and saves energy by adapting to each individual household.

Gorenje’s new Simplicity Collection The Gorenje Simplicity Collection boasts marvellously easy control, adaptive technology, modern design, and excellent value. These harmoniously designed appliances are distinctive in their pure lines and minimalistic design, neatly packaged in the tried and tested “simplicity” style. Elegant black or white glass finishes work in perfect harmony with the pure lines of the handles. Together, they tell a timeless story of a beautiful, functional symbiosis between glass and metal. Beautiful. Simple. Affordable.

Gorenje Classico Collection The Gorenje Classico Collection with a strong designer imprint embodies timeless aesthetics fashioned on select materials, soft lines, and inspiring reliefs. Modern materials provide a home for advanced technologies and ensure the appliances shine equally in both modern and traditional settings. Experience a moment of timeless satisfaction with Gorenje’s Classico Collection of kitchen appliances – in your choice of ivory or matte-black. Passion for cooking revived.

New fridge freezers of the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection The Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection is eternity captured in simple lines, quality materials, and superior technology – a combination that is never out of fashion. Now, even more of the collection is being made available, as new 60 cm wide fridge freezer models featuring the latest AdaptCool and IonAir technologies have been added to the roster. The new Gorenje Ora-Ïto fridge freezers boast great technological features and exquisite design, and are extremely friendly to both users and – ranking in the A++ energy efficiency class – the environment. Elegant, minimalist design on the outside, superior technology inside.

Gorenje RETRO COLLECTION What you get when you choose from the Retro Collection is superior technology with a charming touch of nostalgia. The rounded convex design is the hallmark of the entire collection of perfectly designed, economical, and environment-friendly state-of-the-art appliances. Alluring colours match perfectly with your desire for individuality and distinctiveness. In addition to the existing range of colours Gorenje is presenting a new retro model in yellow at this year’s IFA fair. Different; and closely in tune with your lifestyle.

Ultimate sense for your laundry Gorenje’s latest generation of washing machines and dryers reaffirm the company’s role as an innovative and decidedly design-minded creator of home appliances. Remarkable performance, ergonomic details, and effective, logical settings embody the excellence of Gorenje’s SensoCare washing machines and dryers. Intelligent SensorIQ technology delivers fully customized laundry care and automatically regulates the washing and drying process for higher energy efficiency.

IQ technology: IQcook & IQhood The IQsensor technology from Gorenje enables fully automatic cooking that is completely safe, fully controlled, and totally optimized for power and time consumption. The Gorenje IQcook is the first induction hob in the world that you can truly trust to sense any and all changes quickly and efficiently, adjusting operation to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. The user-minded IQsteam, IQboil, IQpro, IQfry and IQgrill pre-set cooking modes simplify meal preparation even further. Following up on the introduction of the revolutionary IQcook induction hob, Gorenje is now introducing a prototype of the intelligent IQ hood. The new hood uses integrated sensors to connect to the sensors in the cooking hob, synchronizing its operation with the hob and adjusting it to ongoing cooking processes. The hood can operate in both automatic and conventional manual modes.

Gorenje’s unique HomeCHEF oven Gorenje’s high-end HomeCHEF oven brings the intuitive, playful feel of consumer electronic devices into today’s kitchen, making excellent cooking as easy as pie. The revolutionary HomeCHEF control and function upgrade is a real leap forward in the development of electronic oven touch control, and a true innovation. The new models, showcased at IFA 2013, boast a new, safe and highly energyefficient UltraCoolDoor (UCD) system, considered among the best on the market. Extremely low exterior door temperatures during cooking – as low as 30 °C – keeps everyone absolutely safe when touching the oven door. The latest HomeCHEF models are also fitted with the new GentleClose soft oven door closing system.

ASKO BRAND The ASKO story started back in 1950 in Vara, Sweden, with an innovative young man’s dream to build a washing machine for his mother to make her life easier. This very first washing machine laid the foundation for what would later become Asko Appliances. In 2010 ASKO was integrated into the Gorenje Group as its global premium brand.

Professional ASKO range The ASKO professional range includes a new, larger professional washing machine with an 80 litre drum and a loading capacity of 8 kg, and dryers with a drum volume of 145 litres and a loading capacity of 8 kg. With the new ASKO Professional door system featuring the SmartSeal™ solution loading and unloading the washer becomes incredibly easy. The ASKO professional dishwashers boast stainless steel construction and offer models with both industrial crate carriers and flexible standard dishwasher baskets, all in stainless steel. They are fitted with 6 kW elements, quick wash programs as short as 5 minutes, and have circulation pumps that vary pump pressure according to the load. All ASKO professional dishwashers are also equipped for connection to an external detergent dosing system for two chemical feeds.

GORENJE group More than 60 years of experience Gorenje Group is a leading European home appliance manufacturer supplying superiorly designed and technologically per fected appliances that simplify the lives of users in 90 countries around the globe. Product portfolio marketed under the brands Gorenje, Gorenje+, Atag, Asko, Pelgrim, Mora, Upo, Etna, and KÜrting is rounded off by the offer of kitchen furnishings and other home products like water heaters and heat pumps. In addition, the Group’s operations include ecology services, toolmaking, and engineering. The Group generates majority of revenue in Europe.

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