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Healthy steaming

WHAT IS COOKING WITH STEAM ALL ABOUT? Steam cooking is fast, simple, and healthy as it involves only a small amount of water which boils in contact with hot air and evaporates into steam, and requires no extra fat. During the cooking process, food is not in direct contact with boiling water and therefore won’t overcook. Rather, it will retain the precious vitamins, nutrients, natural colour, softness, juiciness, and full flavour. In China, the steam cooking method has been around for thousand years. Traditionally, food – especially rice – was steamed in simple bamboo steaming baskets. Today, steam cooking is made easy by state-of-the-art home appliances. The paramount advantage of the Steam Tower is that the perforated trays allow even circulation of the cloud of steam. This can turn any standard oven into a steam oven and allow you to enjoy as you cook healthy meals.


Slow cooking Slow cooking introduces a new dimension of ideally cooked food to your kitchen. Due to extended cooking, the meat is tenderer while still juicy and nutritious. It can be cooked along with vegetables in the bottom nonperforated tray covered with a lid.

Baking Steam Tower is also an excellent baking accessory. The bottom tray can easily be used as a convenient baking tray to make deliciously crunchy dishes. Moreover, the lid can also be used a shallow baking tray when making a small amount of food, such as pizza or pastry.

Healthy steaming

Dehydrating Apart from snacks, dried fruit, vegetables, and herbs are important ingredients for your culinary creations as they retain important vitamins and minerals. With the Steam Tower, food can be dehydrated quickly, in all three bowls simultaneously.

Marinating Meat that has spent some time in a delicious marinade can be even softer and more flavourful as the interplay of aromas tickles your taste buds. Leave the meat to marinate in the bottom tray, covered with a lid. Meanwhile, you can prepare other food.

Serving All three bowls feature sophisticated design that makes them ideal for immediate serving of your main course, straight from the oven to the table. The lid can be used as a separate tray or as a hot pot stand. After use, the trays and bowls can simply be stacked one into the other to save space in the kitchen.

Straining No more extra kitchen utensils and accessories, and major time savings when cooking. After cooking, the multi-purpose perforated bowls can also be used as strainers. Thus, pasta will be ready to serve even quicker.

Storing Storing cooked food and other ingredients is now even simpler. Simply cover the bottom tray with a lid and store it in the fridge.



Healthy steaming



Healthy steaming


Poached trout with lemon INGREDIENTS: •• 4 fresh trout fillets •• salt •• white pepper •• 1 tablespoon olive oil •• 4 slices lemon

Rub the trout with salt and pepper, drizzle with oil, and line with lemon slices. Place in the fridge and prepare other dishes.


A side of steamed vegetables INGREDIENTS: •• 1 zucchini •• one half leek •• 1/4 fresh red bell pepper •• a slice of kohlrabi •• salt •• 1 teaspoon dill •• 1 teaspoon butter

Clean and cut the vegetables. We recommend julienning the vegetables, i.e. cutting into matchstick-sized bits. Cut the zucchini into 4-cm-long sticks with a width of 5 mm; cut the kohlrabi and bell peppers into 4-cm-long sticks with a width of 2 mm, and slice the leeks into 4-cm-long and slightly wider strips. Place the chopped vegetables into the top perforated bowl. Season with salt, sprinkle with dill, and line with bits of butter.


Buttered potatoes INGREDIENTS: •• 4 potatoes •• salt •• one sprig rosemary •• 5 dl water or vegetable stock •• butter

Peel the potatoes and cut them into larger chunks. Place the potatoes into the bottom non-perforated tray. Season the potatoes with salt. Place rosemary over the potatoes and add 5 dl of water or vegetable stock. After potato is cooked, add the butter.

Place a perforated bowl with the vegetables over the tray with potatoes. Then, place the largest perforated bowl on top. Put the fish in the top bowl and cover with the lid. Place the tower into a deep baking tray on the bottom grid in an oven preheated to 155 °C. Cook for 40 minutes.

155°C 40 min



Healthy steaming


Healthy steaming


Fish rolls INGREDIENTS: •• 4 hake fillets •• 1.5 dl heavy cream, liquid •• salt •• rosemary •• white pepper •• 2 teaspoons lime juice •• 7 dag spinach •• 7 dag carrots •• olive oil

Grate the carrots and fry them in olive oil. Cut the fish into fillets of even width. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with lime juice. Add the chopped rosemary. Process the rest of the fish in a Gorenje blender. Add heavy cream, spinach and salt. Process into a smooth paste, or spread. Sprinkle fried carrots over the fish fillets. Roll up the fish fillets tightly with oiled cling film and tie on both ends. Then, wrap the fish rolls in aluminium foil and place in the middle perforated bowl.


Buckwheat groats (kasha) with olives INGREDIENTS: •• 15 dag buckwheat groats •• 3 dl water or vegetable stock •• 8 green olives •• 1 bay leaf •• salt

Place the groats in the bottom non-perforated tray and pour water or vegetable stock over them. Season with salt, and add sliced olives and bay leaf.


Crème caramel INGREDIENTS: •• 4 tablespoons sugar for caramel •• 5 cl water •• 4 tablespoons sugar •• 2 egg yolks •• 1 whole egg •• 2 dl heavy cream

Grease six small ramekins with butter. Cook sugar and water until reduced to caramel and distribute it evenly across the ramekins. Whisk together the sugar and the two egg yolks. Add milk and whisk into foam. Add heavy cream, mix again, and pour the mixture into the ramekins. Cover the ramekins with aluminium foil and place them in the top perforated bowl.

Place the bowl with the fish rolls over the tray with buckwheat groats, and place the bowl containing the ramekins with crème caramel on top. Cover with the lid and place the steam tower on the bottom grid in an oven preheated to 155 °C. Cook for 70 minutes.

155°C 70 min



Healthy steaming


Healthy steaming


Fish terrine INGREDIENTS: •• 3 trout fillets •• 1 dl heavy cream •• 1 teaspoon cognac or brandy •• pinch of ground nutmeg •• white pepper •• salt •• 1 tablespoon butter •• 10 shrimps, heads removed •• olive oil •• 10 dag smoked salmon

Skin the trout fillets. If there are bones in the fish meat, remove them with tweezers. Finely cube the fillets and process them in a blender. Add the heavy cream, cognac, nutmeg, salt and pepper, and process thoroughly into a pâté. Fry the shrimp in olive oil. Grease soufflé ramekins with butter. Use porcelain, silicone, or aluminium ramekins. Make sure the ramekins are not taller than the edge of the Steam Tower bowl. Spread a thin layer of the fish pâté on the bottom of each ramekin. Then, place a slice of salmon over it. Add another layer of the fish pâté, then a layer of shrimps, followed by another layer of fish pâté and another layer of salmon. Finish with a layer of fish pâté. Cover the ramekins with cling film and then with aluminium foil, and place them in the middle perforated bowl.


Olive dumplings INGREDIENTS: •• 3 dl milk •• 1 teaspoon butter •• a pinch of salt •• 12 dag semolina •• 1 egg •• pinch of oregano •• 8 black olives, stoned

Cook the semolina in salty boiling water. Cook over moderate heat for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Then, add butter. Let the semolina cool down. Add the egg and oregano and mix into compact dough. If the dough is too dry, add another egg. Split the dough into four parts. Form balls and press an olive into each one. To make shaping the dough into balls easier, wet your fingers with water. Place the dumplings into the top, largest perforated bowl. LIQUID HOLDER

Red beets with rosemary

Peel the red beets and cut it into sticks (like French fries). INGREDIENTS: Place the beet sticks in the bottom non-perforated tray •• 2 small red beets and add the remaining ingredients. •• 1 sprig rosemary •• 1 tablespoon olive oil •• 1 tablespoon red wine •• salt, 3 peppercorns, a pinch of cumin •• 1 dl water or vegetable stock Place the bowl with the fish terrine over the tray with the red beets, and place the bowl with the olive dumplings on top. Cover with the lid and place the tower into a deep baking tray on the bottom grid in an oven preheated to 155 °C. Cook for 25 minutes.

155°C 25 min



Healthy steaming


Healthy steaming


Fish steaks INGREDIENTS: •• 4 Mediterranean seabass fillets •• 1 tablespoon grated celery root •• 1 tablespoon finely chopped chives •• salt, a pinch of Cayenne pepper •• one half teaspoon balsamic vinegar

Place all ingredients in a food processor bowl and process into a smooth paste. Then, cut the fillets into four steaks, 2 centimetres thick. Grease the middle perforated bowl with butter and add all four steaks.

Baked potato slices INGREDIENTS: •• 2 potatoes •• salt •• oil


Peel the potatoes, unless you are using new potatoes which can be cooked unpeeled. Slice the potatoes into thin slices, but thicker than for chips. Distribute the slices evenly on the Steam Tower lid which in this case will be used as a shallow baking tray. Drizzle with oil, season with salt, and toss to coat. LIQUID HOLDER

Baby kohlrabi with butter and herbs

Peel and cube the kohlrabi. The cubes should be 1 cm INGREDIENTS: x 1 cm. Place the kohlrabi cubes in the bottom, smallest •• 1 medium yellow kohlrabi non-perforated tray and add the remaining ingredients. •• 3 dl water or vegetable stock •• 1 tablespoon butter •• a sprig of rosemary, oregano, and basil •• 2 tablespoons white wine TOP STEAMER

Vanilla soufflé INGREDIENTS: •• 1 tablespoon butter •• 2 tablespoons flour •• 1 dl milk •• 2 eggs •• 1 pack vanilla sugar •• 2 tablespoons sugar

To make the Béchamel sauce, lightly fry the flour over butter. Then, add milk. Stir until smooth. Add vanilla sugar and one half of plain sugar. Let the mixture cool down. Then, add the egg yolks and beaten egg whites to which you have added the remaining sugar. Grease porcelain soufflé ramekins, which should not be taller than the edge of the Steam Tower bowl, with butter and sprinkle with sugar. Fill them up to two thirds and place them in the top, largest perforated bowl.

Place the tray with the kohlrabi at the bottom. In the next tier, place the bowl with the fish steaks. In the third tier, place the bowl with vanilla soufflés. Cover with the lid holding the potato slices. Place the tower into a deep baking tray on the bottom grid in an oven preheated to 165 °C. Cook for 25 minutes.

165°C 25 min



Healthy steaming


Healthy steaming


Swiss chard steak INGREDIENTS: •• 500 g Swiss chard •• 2 tablespoons olive oil •• 2 cloves garlic, crushed •• salt •• 1 tablespoons cottage cheese •• 1 egg •• 8 dag grated Emmental cheese •• 3 tablespoons breadcrumbs

Cut the Swiss chard into strips. Sauté over olive oil; then, add garlic. If there are juices from the Swiss chard in the pan, drain them and save for later. Finely chop the Swiss chard, add other ingredients, and mix. Let rest for a few minutes until the bread crumbs are soaked and bind the mass together. Then, shape the steaks. Use extra breadcrumbs if necessary. Place the Swiss chard steaks in the middle, i.e. smaller perforated bowl.


Vegetable pilaf INGREDIENTS: •• small can tomatoes (pelati) •• 15 dag parboiled long grain rice •• water or vegetable stock, triple the amount of rice (by volume) •• salt, bay leaf, teaspoon safflower •• 1 grated carrot •• 2 tablespoons grated celery root

Finely cube the canned tomatoes and place them in the bottom, non-perforated tray. Add all other ingredients and pour the Swiss chard juice over them, if you have reserved it while sautéing the chard. Mix thoroughly.


Leavened bread dumpling with prune INGREDIENTS: •• ¼ cube yeast •• 2 tablespoons sugar •• 75 cl milk •• 20 dag flour •• half teaspoon salt •• 1 egg yolk •• 1 teaspoon rum •• half tablespoon butter •• 1 tablespoon coconut flour •• 8 prunes, stoned •• cinnamon

Combine the yeast and some sugar. Heat the milk until lukewarm. In a small pan, melt the butter. In a bowl, combine flour and milk; then, add sugar, salt, egg yolk, rum, and yeast. When the ingredients are combined, add the melted butter and coconut flour. Knead the dough until smooth. Then, let rise to double size. Sprinkle the prunes with cinnamon. Roll each prune with dough and form into a dumpling. Place the dumplings on the top, largest perforated bowl, previously greased with butter.

The vegetable pilaf is in the bottom tray; the bowl with Swiss chard steaks is in the second tier; the bowl with leavened dumplings is on the top. Cover the tower with the lid and place it into a deep baking tray on the bottom grid in an oven preheated to 155°C. Cook for 40 minutes.

155°C 40 min



Healthy steaming


Healthy steaming


Chicken wrapped in bacon INGREDIENTS: •• 1 large piece boneless chicken breast •• salt, white pepper •• 1 large carrot •• 2 tablespoons sour cream •• 1 tablespoon dry white wine •• a pinch of marjoram •• 8 slices smoked bacon •• stock

Cut the chicken breast lengthwise and form the meat into thin escallops. Cover the chicken with cling foil and pound them to make the escallops even in thickness. Shape into rectangles and season with salt and pepper. Finely chop the remaining chicken and combine with grated carrots, cream, wine, marjoram, and salt into a smooth paste. Evenly spread the paste over the chicken escallops and roll them. Wrap the rolls with bacon, then firmly wrap in cling foil and tie. Place in the bottom, nonperforated tray. Pour water or stock over them.


Dumplings with pine nuts and leek INGREDIENTS: •• 10 dag flour •• 1 teaspoon oil •• 75 cl water •• 2 tablespoons pine nuts •• 1 stalk leek •• 1 tablespoon butter •• salt •• 10 dag cottage cheese •• 1 egg

Combine the flour, oil, and water into dough. Use an electric mixer for more convenience. The dough is ready when it can be shaped into a soft ball. Add oil and let it rest on a plate for 20 minutes. In a pan, roast the pine nuts without any fat. Then, add butter and sliced leeks. Sauté until the leeks wilt. Transfer into a bowl. Add cottage cheese and stir. Then, add the egg and season with salt. Finely spread out the dough and spread the filling over it. Roll up the dumpling, making sure it is not thicker than 5 cm. Wrap the dumpling in moist cheese cloth and cook in the middle perforated bowl.


Honey cream with fruit INGREDIENTS: •• 2 tablespoons wildflower honey •• 1 pack vanilla sugar •• 2 egg yolks •• 1 whole egg •• 2 dl heavy cream •• 2 canned peaches •• 8 canned sour cherries

Grease six small ramekins with butter. Whisk together the honey, vanilla sugar, and two egg yolks. Add the whole egg and beat into foam. Add the heavy cream and mix again. Distribute the finely cubed peaches and whole sour cherries on the bottom of the ramekins. Pour the mixture over the fruit, cover with aluminium foil, and place in the top bowl.

Stack the tray and the bowls into tower. Place the tower into a deep baking tray on the bottom grid in an oven preheated to 165 °C. Cook for 60 minutes.

165°C 60 min


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