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WHAT YOU PREPARE AT HOME WILL FROM NOW ON SMELL SIMPLY TASTIER. AS IF BAKED IN A WOOD-FIRED OVEN. is a unique shape of vaulted ceiling and side panels featured by the new Gorenje built-in ovens. It was modelled on traditional wood-fired bread ovens and is proven to guarantee excellent baking results. The dishes are succulent yet crispy, the breads are soft with perfect crusts. Discover the scent of your own story. The inside story.



Franjo Bobinac President and CEO, Gorenje


The dilemmas between function and

of Ora-Ïto, an excellent French designer of

the aesthetic appeal into our lives,

form no longer apply. Modern technol-

the young generation, who joined us a

and modern technology is a must

ogy, upgraded and enhanced each year,

good year ago to design a noted collec-

in the contemporary everyday. The

and the appealing form, can no longer

tion of household appliances. However,

21st century is perpetually con-

exist one without the other; they can

this is not only the future of Gorenje; it is

fronting us with challenges that

only complement each other in a syner-

the future of all who have recognized the

compel rapid and advanced tech-

getic and harmonious coexistence.

added value generated by design, and all


nological solutions, and decisive

In Gorenje, the exceptional value of

who understand the needs and desires of

steps towards combining the cre-

top-notch design and technological in-

our consumers for childishly simple ope-

ativity of design with technology.

novation have been appreciated as the

ration and multifunctionality of each and

key generators of sound business per-

every household appliance.

formance for several years. We believe

On the path of our development, we

that tradition, our experience, compe-

are guided by our customers; the nu-

tencies, and know-how form the foun-

merous awards, on the other hand, wit-

dations on which our brand will be built

ness that the path we have chosen is the

and upgraded in the future. This belief is

right one. They prove that innovation in

constantly reaffirmed, as our brand is

modern technology is more than desi-

pushing the boundaries both with re-

rable. It is the basic cell that joins the

gard to innovative design and techno-

world in the yearn to integrate our lives


into a common, simple, and convenient





nonetheless, ecological excellence.

information space that defies national,

"I admire contemporary design as

continental, or even planetary borders; a

long as it is strong, influential, bold, and

space that knows only technological

visionary. I believe that in the future, en-

perfection and superior quality in the

tertainment and interaction will become

embrace of state-of-the-art design. This

strong core elements of each product and

has been and remains the gist of

that they will make the use of these pro-

Gorenje's activity: yesterday, today, and

ducts fun." These are the prophetic words






The new generation of built-in Gorenje appliances is a whole new story. The Inside Story. With no rules set in stone to follow, everything is possible. Owing to their technological perfection the appliances enable exactly what the person touching them commands. The patented innovations are not only a technological novelty; they are a fresh view of how we live: each in our own distinct way! First presented to the public at the IFA Fair in Berlin, Hall 1.1, from August 29th to September 3rd 2008; at the HOME APPLIANCES @ IFA Exhibition.


Home-baked delicacies simply smell better. Prepare them in Gorenje ovens of the new generation. Now with the help of the HomeMADE, a unique innovation which ensures perfect baking results typically associated with traditional wood-ďŹ red bread ovens. A unique novelty with a tint of ancient wisdom!





Mr. Hans Haas, Chef de Cuisine at the cult restaurant Tantris in Munich, is among the great culinary masters that will never speak of themselves as having to work; he simply enjoys preparing his gourmet masterpieces from day to day. He is also a proud recipient of two Michelin stars – and, of course, the genie of the cult Munich restaurant Tantris.


By pursuing a straightforward concept of a design-minded company that seeks to understand its consumers, innovate and invent, Gorenje is creating aesthetically appealing and desirable products with innovative and convenient technological solutions. Thus, it is assuming the role of a trendsetter in the field of design, advanced technologies, innovation, and contemporary living culture based on the values of home and family. Today and tomorrow.

GORENJE LIFE STYLE MAGAZINE AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2008, SPECIAL IFA FAIR ISSUE PUBLISHED BY: Gorenje, d. d., Partizanska 12, SI–3503 Velenje, Slovenia EDITOR-IN-CHIEF : Aleksander Uranc; EXECUTIVE EDITORS: Greta Kokot Rajkovič, Dejan David Kemperl; CO-CREATORS AND CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS: Elizabeta Biluš, Augusta Rosa Fabijanić, Irena Knez, Tjaša Kobal, Saša Košec, Uršula Menih Dokl, Linda Parker, Vesna Petkovšek, Urška Rant, Valentina Smej Novak; PHOTO MATERIAL: Studio Breg, AV Studio, Agencija Idema, Peter Marinšek, Dean Duboković, Gorenje Design Studio; TRANSLATION: Lingua Service, d.o.o.; DESIGN AND LAYOUT: Agencija Idema; PRODUCTION EDITOR: Borut Kuk; PRINT: Gorenje I.P.C. d.o.o., Velenje, Partizanska 12, AUGUST 2008





SmarTa ble by gorenje

of versatility. SmarTable is a unique prestigious table with a remotely controlled refrigerator, integrated in the table's central cylinder foot.

What is the pur-

It is offered to our most demanding

pose of a table? Gorenje is

customers who appreciate novelty and

changing the answers to the

value unconventional, yet comfortable

seemingly simple questions by

prestigious solutions. Its clear message of

approaching them in an innova-

innovativeness and business excellence

tive fashion.

makes SmarTable highly appropriate for official venues and business premises, as

Particularly notable among the solu-

it can transform the working environ-

tions resulting from such an approach is

ment into an opportunity for relaxation,

the SmarTable, an innovation on a global

snack, or a toast, in any moment.

scale, which introduces new dimensions

SmarTable is unique, and stands out wherever it is displayed. The concept saw its debut in 2006 at the 100 % Design Fair in London. A year later, SmarTable impressed the audience and the expert community alike at the Foire de Paris where it was nominated for the Le Grand Prix de l'Innovation. This year, it won the audience award at the Observeur exhibition of the CitĂŠ des Sciences, Paris.




Gorenje Ora-Ïto oven wins the Plus X Award

The Plus X Award jury was impressed by the elegant appearance and technically perfected interior of the built-in oven B1 ORA E.

Already ranked among the five best

and electronic controls that support op-

household appliances of 2007 by the

timum cooking results. They were

cult magazine Wallpaper, Gorenje Ora-

charmed by the timeless elegance of

Ïto Collection recently impressed the

minimalist exterior design, and the tech-

sharp eyes of the Plus X Award jury

nological perfection of electronically

which appreciated its elegant appear-

controlled built-in oven of the Gorenje

ance featuring black glass combined

Ora-Ïto Collection.

with a handle made of brushed aluminum, technically perfected interior,

INTRODUCING THE GORENJE ORA-ÏTO WHITE COLLECTION This fall, the new version of the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection in white will be launched. Gorenje firmly believes that it will thrill the customers and experts alike, just as the preceding minimalist black collection did. The new collection is intended for those that still value white colour in the kitchen, yet are looking for excellent and distinctive design. The perfect harmony between the elegant glossy surfaces of white glass and the rounded lines of brushed aluminium handles is bound to charm, as well as to introduce into the kitchen the freshness that can only be brought about by reflections in white.




Creating for tomorrow Gorenje is a company


trends from the world of fashion and furniture design; thus, its appliances were

of ambitious visions. It seeks to approach its markets as a trend-set-

In the spirit of its vision, Gorenje was

embellished with Swarovski crystal ele-

ter rather than a follower. It is a

the first to offer its demanding cus-

ments. One of the prestigious fridge

company aiming to become the

tomers excellently designed and techno-

freezers made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM –

most innovative, design-minded

logically perfected range of appliances,

Swarovski Elements was sold at a chari-

creator of home appliances in the

developed in cooperation with the fa-

table auction in Moscow for USD 110,000

world. It is stepping boldly towards

mous Pininfarina design studio. Gorenje

and is most likely the most expensive re-

the future, without hesitation or

was also the first to reach into the seg-

frigerator ever sold. Another unique in-

faltering. Thus, the company grad-

ment of fastidious buyers by sensing the

novation from Gorenje is the prestigious

ually invested in the development and redesign of technological procedures in all manufacturing programs, and introduced entirely new generations of technologically advanced, innovative, and environment-friendly appliances, immediately recognizable by their outstanding design.

The role of design in the future is fundamental. Design is a trigger for innovation and continuous progress for the community. GORENJE LIFE STYLE MAGAZINE


innovative SmarTable with a completely


integrated remotely operated refrigera-

memos, as well as listening to the radio



tor in the centre of the table. Gorenje is

operated via touch-screen. Gorenje is

one of the first companies to offer urban

the first manufacturer to have developed

design in the mid price range, as it has

a special cooling technology in the

recently launched new products in its

freezer doors, which paved the way for

collection of household appliances de-

larger freezer door shelves. User-friendly

signed by the world-famous trendy de-

innovations in the fridge freezer pro-

signer Ora-Ïto.

gram also include the revolutionary and


The concept pursued by Gorenje as a design–led company is simple. It is to understand the consumers, to innovate and invent, and to create new products for them.

unique technology of integrating a


transparent window that offers a view into the refrigerator interior.

Gorenje is a company that offered

The concept pursued by Gorenje as

touch-control operation as early as in

a design–led company is simple. It is to

1996, in its Simple&Logical range of

understand the consumers, to innovate

washing machines – long before the ap-

and invent, and to create new products

plication of liquid crystal displays for ap-

for them. The results of such concept

pliance operation became as common

are aesthetically appealing and desi-

as it is today. Furthermore, Gorenje was

rable products with innovative and con-

the first company ever to introduce the

venient technological solutions. In the

innovative touch-screen operation by

past decade, the Gorenje brand has thus

employing the advanced LCD technol-

rapidly and justly built an image of a

ogy. The innovation of touch-screen op-

player that steers the trends in the field

eration was also employed in the

of design, introduction of advanced

glass-ceramic cooking hobs and kitchen

technologies, innovation, and contem-

hoods. New generations of touch-

porary living culture, based on the val-

screen operated appliances are revolu-

ues of home and family.

tionary in of the way they communicate with the user. They enable settings in 42 languages. Communication functions of these appliances are also innovative from the aspect of interactivity. Gorenje was the first to offer the functions of

The innovative window into the fridge, lit up from the inside by a simple touch on the interactive screen of the fridge door (The Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection).




LESS IS MORE Gorenje invests EUR 40 to 50 million

ergy consumption required for manu-

annually into technology upgrades and

facturing one household appliance is up

even more than required by relevant

new product development. Throughout

to ten times lower today.

legislation – is both responsible to-

the last four decades of modernization

wards the environment in which we

and revamping of technology, many im-

operate and to the generations to

provements were implemented. Key re-

come, as well as economically effi-

visions include introduction of gas as

cient. For Gorenje, the way to envi-

the fuel that completely replaced oil de-

In the recent decade, Gorenje cut


Investment into environment-friendly




rivatives as early as in 1987. In 1993, the

the quantity of hazardous waste by 42

accountability coincides with the

use substances that are detrimental to

percent per product; the volume of

way to competitive edge and lower

the ozone layer was eliminated – and

waste disposed was cut by 54 percent

operative costs.

Gorenje was among the first manufac-

per product; total waste water treat-

turers in Europe to do so. The following

ment load was reduced by 76 percent;

major step was introduction of dust

water consumption was decreased by



65 percent per product; and consump-

processes in the nineties. Introduction of

tion of natural gas has gone down by 39

modern galvanization procedures in

percent per product.





1994 and waste water treatment in 1996 led to considerable cuts in water consumption to this day.

In terms of environment protection, Gorenje is at the top of European industry both with regard to appliance devel-


opment and technological procedure management. This is witnessed by the survey conducted by the Advance Proj-

Experience has shown that major in-


ect, a group of independent research in-

vestments into environment-friendly


technologies ten years ago have already

countries, according to which Gorenje




been full amortized. The math is quite

ranks third in Europe by efficient envi-

straightforward: twenty years ago, two

ronmental action. The results have

million cubic meters of water were con-

shown that Gorenje's approach to sus-

sumed to produce one million large

tainable development is among the

household appliances. Today, half a mil-

most efficient in the segments of envi-

lion cubic meters of water suffice for

ronment protection, social issues, and

three million appliances. On average, en-

managerial economics.

New generation fridge freezer; the PURE line.



COOKING AND THE KITCHEN: LATEST TRENDS The last few years have seen some major changes in how we use, view, and design our kitchens. Interiors journalist, Linda Parker, takes a look ‌




Whilst it’s often quoted that the kitchen is ‘the heart of the home’, that’s never been truer than now. The trend for opening up the back of the house and creating a multi-purpose living space that includes the kitchen, an eating area, family space and maybe even a work or study corner means that the design of the kitchen has a big impact on the entire look of the ground floor of the home. It means that the kitchen is constantly on view and constantly in use too. Consequently, materials have to be tough, practical, and easy to maintain, and appliances have to be ultra-efficient, quiet, and easy to use. Efficiency and ecological awareness are vital considerations in any kitchen at the moment; customers want their kitchen appliances to be as energy-efficient and kind to the environment as possible.

Appliances are more important than the cabinets when planning a kitchen; after all it’s the appliances that do all the hard work.

PROFESSIONAL-STYLE APPLIANCES The second look is the ‘industrial-chic’ or ‘professional’ look, which applies mostly to large-scale range cookers and hobs and over-sized cooling appliances. This is a look that instantly reminds us of a hectic professional kitchen, all heavy-duty pan rests and chunky lines that will withstand intense use. The implication is that cooking on such an appliance will upgrade your performance, and the simple, straightforward design of these hobs and cookers means that in general they’re also easy to use.

ECO-AWARENESS AND GREEN THEMES Today’s consumers are energy-conscious and want to know that their new appliances are using energy wisely and efficiently; this is not just because of spiralling fuel costs, but a general ethos of caring for the environment by using as little energy as possible. A or A+ rated appliances will satisfy those needs, but we need to be aware also that energy efficient appliances using new technology can offer more savings and benefits. Induction hobs are at last breaking through into


the marketplace in significant numbers, and are a perfect example of high-tech + energy efficiency. Induction hobs only

Kitchen designers are increasingly aware of the importance

heat the pan itself, not the surrounding surface, so use around

of choosing the right appliances as a starting point for a spectacular kitchen design, and will accommodate everything else around them; choosing the right hob is vital and it will often be positioned as a centre-piece in an island unit, teamed with a

Statistical pan-European trends for built-in products

super-efficient extractor or hood. Current trends for appliances

Sales of built-in products have increased across Europe as a whole. In 2007, sales of built-in ovens accounted for 62% of sales in the segment, an increase of 2% on 2006 figures for the Western European region. This trend is mirrored in Eastern Europe as the built-in sector, as a whole, grew by 3.5% with built-in ovens accounting for 30% of the total ovens and cookers sales.

can be quite neatly split into two strong looks. The ‘design-led’ look is not easy to define, but is essentially where the beauty, style and elegance of the appliance stands out. It applies to the built-in ovens and also to the streamlined hobs that partner them. Cooker hoods tend to be design-led too, with elegant glass canopies and unobtrusive controls.




40 % less energy than a standard electric hob. The heat is instant too, so the hob satisfies the customer’s need for both speed and efficiency.

Today's consumers are energy-conscious and want to know that their new appliances are using energy wisely and efficiently.

Induction is the fastest growing technology in the cooking sector. In 2007, the German market (the largest kitchen appliances market in Europe) saw sales volume increase by 54% and 48% in value. This trend is spreading across Eastern Europe where the year on year increase in sales is 9.8% with induction accounting for 21% of the electric hob market.

DESIGN TRENDS FOR KITCHENS The design of the latest kitchens is increasingly sophisticated, and compliments the sophistication of the new ranges of appliances. The I Saloni/Eurocucina show in Milan earlier this year showed a host of sleek, refined and minimalist kitchen ideas. Kitchen cabinets are increasingly handle-less, with touch-close mechanisms, and can be in shiny, glossy colours. White is still a predominant colour, it suits living/eating/family spaces beautifully, and of course works perfectly with any highlight colours, as well as mixing with darker shades for work surfaces, splash backs and flooring. There’s plenty of opportunity to add colour, perhaps a single bank of violet, orange or lime cabinet fronts as a zingy contrast to an expanse of white. Stainless steel continues to play a huge part in cre-




The latest appliances have to look fabulous, they must also have supreme functionality and at the same time be quiet, logical and easy to operate.

ating a streamlined and efficient kitchen, with work-bench and island unit arrangements looking crisp and sharp in stainless steel, with integral sinks and drainers. Even taps can be hi-tech, too, with some of the latest designs incorporating LED lights that illuminate the water depending on its temperature. Boiling water taps are also de rigueur at the moment, despite their hefty price tags. Choose from models that provide boiling water only, or chilled/filtered water as well. Other trends that will become more accessible and widespread are the inclusion of media/audio visual equipment into

one around the table to eat together. The move towards eating

the kitchen; sophisticated kitchen spaces won’t just require a

in the kitchen, either at the breakfast bar or around the table is

flat-screen TV, but a link to the computer and music/mp3 sys-

underlined by the popularity of the new-style open plan

tem as well. Of course, these trends are the results of the

kitchens – there are fewer separate dining rooms and in many

kitchen becoming more of a multi-functional living and family

cases, the dining room has been dispensed with in order to cre-

space. Many of the newest cabinet ranges can also be used

ate the new multi-functional kitchen space. Recent successful

beyond the kitchen, providing storage for books, CDs,

TV programmes such as Jamie Oliver’s Jamie At Home, Delia

audio/visual equipment and so on.

Smith’s How to Cheat at Cooking and Nigella Lawson’s Nigella Express all flag up our ‘need for speed’, and all programmes


showed us ways of producing good quality food with little fuss or bother. There’s no doubt that the overwhelming trend is for

Of course, our new, spacious, sleek kitchens have an im-

simple, healthy food, with an emphasis on rustic styles and

pact on the way we eat and shop, as well as how we generally

hearty flavours. Cooking as entertainment is still a very strong

live our lives in the kitchen. Despite the many scare stories in

trend, with guests gathering around the island unit, chatting to

the media about unhealthy diets, there is still an increased in-

the chef whilst he or she is preparing supper.

terest in fresh, healthy foods, with an upsurge in interest in buying local produce where possible, from farmers markets, farm shops and street markets. So, many owners of a brand new all-singing all-dancing kitchen will be spending their weekdays eating good-quality, ready-made chilled dishes, but will be entertaining friends and cooking more spectacular recipes at the weekends. Consequently, our kitchens need to be able to cater for both extremes; we want to be able to heat a chilled recipe dish efficiently and quickly, perhaps using a programmable combi-microwave, but at weekends we want to be able to relax with friends whilst cooking up something spectacular on the induction hob - that is more than likely given pride of place in the island unit.

HOW WE EAT Eating habits have changed; we tend to eat on the run, standing at the breakfast bar, sitting in front of the TV or (worse!) the computer, and few families will manage to all sit down and eat together during the week. After school-activities, long journeys home from work, early starts in the morning and long working days mean that family members are all on different timetables and it takes a huge effort to gather every-




THE INSIDE STORY OF THE NEW GENERATION The new generation of built-in Gorenje appliances is a whole new story. With no rules set in stone to follow, everything is possible. Thanks to their technological perfection the appliances enable exactly what the person touching them commands. These patented innovations are not only a technological novelty, they are a fresh view of how we live: each in our own distinct way. The new generation of built-in Gorenje appliances is for each of us our own private story. The story you experience: The inside story!

The new generation of built-in Gorenje appliances; the PURE line.




ASTONISHING NOVELTY When it comes to ovens, the insides matter.

is a unique

form of vaulted ceiling in Gorenje built-in ovens. It was modelled on traditional wood-fired bread ovens and is proven to guarantee excellent baking results.

The innovative design involves a precise positioning of the heating elements for perfect baking, with the vaulted interior ensuring a more efficient circulation and an even distribution of hot air inside the oven. The result is succulent yet crispy dishes, soft breads with perfect crusts, many of our favourite dishes cooked to perfection – the way we could only dream of till now. Gorenje's original and insightful approach to oven design is homage to traditional experience and the result of a fruitful cooperation with renowned research institutions. A unique innovation modelled on traditional wood-fired bread ovens!

NUMEROUS HANDY FUNCTIONS The oven, which testifies to Gorenje's original approach to design, is distinguished by extra capacity (65 l) with the largest baking surface ever, innovative upper grill solution, which allows for all dishes to be evenly and well cooked, fast preheating of oven in only 6 minutes, cool oven panels and oven door, and numerous handy functions.

BigSpace, super-size baking area

PerfectGrill for a perfect crust

Fully extendable telescopic guides & Baking on several shelves




DirecTOUCH PATENTED CONTROL DirecTOUCH is a completely new, patented electronic programme module for touch-screen operation of ovens. DirecTOUCH is based on the innovative UseLogic® technology integrated into the entire generation of new built-in appliances.

In 3 steps to the homemade bread




By a simple touch select the requested preset program, and the innovative UseLogic® technology will do for you all the rest.

After turning the oven on, make your selection by touching the symbol indicating the dish you want to cook, then press “Start”. Numerous preset programmes automatically set the right combination of heating elements, temperature and cooking time. Large and clearly recognizable symbols make the oven easy to use while still leaving you the freedom to set all cooking parameters (heating element, temperature, cooking time, meat probe) according to your preferences and cooking ability. Your favourite settings can be stored in the memory and simply recalled when you use the oven next.

Extra-deep, XXL baking tray

WarmPlate, for professional service

StayWarm, keeping dishes warm at exactly the right temperature AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2008, SPECIAL IFA FAIR ISSUE



Appliances in harmony DESIGN PRESTIGE



The PURE line disarms with its clear surfaces emphasised by minimalistic metal elements. The colour selection and the verticalhorizontal compositions provide the harmonious link to other kitchen items. The ergonomically designed handles and knobs ensure comfortable use, as well as clear and simple control.

Wall freestanding hood

Decor panel for microwave oven

Induction hob 75 cm

Glassceramic hob 60 cm


Decor panel for diswasher

Gas hob 60 cm

Compact combined oven with microwaves

Compact steam oven



When it comes to design, it is about universal synergy - the striking perfection of the appearance and the appeal of what lies beneath. The innovative functionality of the new generation of built-in appliances is topped off by a comprehensive approach to the exterior: in two different ways!




The ALLURE line amazes with its original 3D convex forms. The glass control panel is pleasantly slanted for better visibility. The dynamic modernity is accentuated by a glass door with an integrated handle and the composition graphics on hobs and controls.

Wall freestanding hood

Induction hob 75 cm

Decor panel for microwave oven

Glassceramic hob 85 cm

Decor panel for diswasher

Gas hob 60 cm

Glassceramic hob 60 cm


The new generation of built-in Gorenje appliances; the ALLURE line.




Robert Rošer Director of cooking appliances program

Aleš Zaverla Head of cooking appliances development

This was one of the most

All innovative concepts,

extensive projects thus far, as

original construction and

it comprised the develop-

functional solutions of the

ment and implementation of

new generation which are

entirely new appliances, from

unique in the industry result

various segments, which

from the work of Gorenje de-

combined represent as much

velopment and design teams;

as 70 percent of Gorenje’s

therefore, these solutions

total cooking appliance pro-

have been patent protected.

duction program. The new

Patent protection applica-

generation of cookers and

tions thus include the arch-

hobs is expected to replace

shape of the oven interior

the previous one within a

ceiling which mimics the


shape of traditional baker's ovens and enables excellent cooking results; original heater placement; solutions for improved oven cooling system; a special system for

Polona Bobinac Executive Director Sales

Cooking appliances have been Gorenje's flagship for some years, and the new generation is a logical upgrade to this successful story. Entirely fresh and novel functional and technical solutions coupled with striking design once again reassert Gorenje's role as a trendsetter in the industry. Our quest for innovative solutions was inspired by the actual needs of the consumers and their increasingly higher demands. I strongly believe that the new generation of Gorenje cooking appliances will meet a highly positive response from professionals and the final users alike.

Oskar Fučik Designer, Gorenje Design Studio The new generation complies with all contemporary trends perceivable in the market in terms of design; at the same time, it takes a step away. Consistently with our philosophy of distinctive design, we created a quite conspicuous design for those customers that seek diversity. The focus is on ergonomics, transparency, simplicity, and user-friendliness. We interweaved our experience with the current innovations and created a new story. We took a step into the third dimension. Literally.

cooling the oven door and electronic timer sensor control. Finally, the striking design was model protected.


London 2008 - Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection, WALLPAPER Nomination

Paris 2007 - SmarTable, OBSERVEUR 08 Nomination Düsseldorf 2007 - Combi fridge freezer made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski crystals, PLUS X AWARDTM 2007

Düsseldorf 2006 - Combi fridge freezer Gorenje Pininfarina, PLUS X AWARDTM 2006

Ljubljana 2006 - Combi fridge freezer Gorenje Pininfarina, ICSID DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARD - BIO 20

Ljubljana 2006 - Kitchen

Delta Multicolor, GOLDEN LINK AWARD Essen 2005 - Washing machine and dryer Gorenje Premium Touch, RED DOT DESIGN AWARD




Simultaneous launching of brand new appliances in three key product groups – cookers, built-in ovens and cooking hobs was both a challenge and an opportunity for Gorenje. Gorenje’s development team came up with a batch of innovative, fresh and unique solutions – five of which are patent protected. With the new generation Gorenje offers customers something different; a notable design that focuses on excellent ergonomics, a neat and comprehensive layout and convenient operation.

Rok Grudnik Head of product management

Jože Dermol Inventor of the innovative electronic control

Mihajl Palfi Head of cooking appliances technology

Aleš Brglez Director of quality management

With the new generation, the competitiveness of our

We have developed an

Taking place behind the

cooking appliances was taken

entirely new concept of elec-

scenes of the creation

to an even higher level; at the

tronic control which is a no-

process of each new genera-

same time, our offer of built-

velty in the cooking appliance

tion of appliances are major

in appliances that seem to be

industry. We employed the

technological tasks and

increasingly in demand, was

principle of capacitive sen-

preparations that may well be

expanded. We have perceived

sors which operate through

quite inconceivable to the

the wish, or rather the urge,

glass, to produce a user-

customer. The production

of our consumers to save

friendly appliance that allows

process saw a small revolu-

time and energy when

simple selection of functions

tion that resulted in excep-

preparing food; thus, we im-

and settings directly with the

tional technological

proved the energy efficiency

illuminated symbols. At the

advancements in terms of

of our appliances, optimized

same time, these symbols

high automation, productivity,

the preheating time, and of-

provide information on the

and flexibility.

fered a standard size oven

appliance operation status. In

with the largest useful

other words: if the user

volume in the cooking appli-

wishes to bake some bread, a

ances market.

touch of the bread symbol will suffice to start the baking process.

Düsseldorf 2005 - Combi fridge freezer Gorenje Premium Touch, PLUS X AWARDTM 2005 dryer Gorenje Premium Touch, PLUS X AWARDTM 2004 AWARD - BIO 18

Quality management was included in all stages of new product preparation, planning, and execution. Prototypes manufactured in prototype workshops were sent to Gorenje labs for function tests, safety tests, packaging durability tests, etc. Only when the entire concept and quality were confirmed, the nullseries assembly was tested on regular assembly lines. Appliance durability is tested in the durability testing lab where they are exposed to burdens of prolonged use; appeal of the design and satisfaction with operation and functionality, however, are also measured at users' homes.

Düsseldorf 2004 - Washing machine and

Ljubljana 2002 - Development project Touch the future, ICSID EXCELLENCE

Ljubljana 1997 - Washing machine Simple&Logical, DIDA - Delo Industrial Design Award

ing machine Simple&Logical, ICOGRADA EXCELLENCE AWARD - BIO 15

Ljubljana 1996 - Wash-

Beograd 1986 - Integral kitchen M-006, GOLDEN KEY

Ljubljana 1979 - Integrated sanitary equipment for bathroom Gorenje TGO, HONORARY PRIZE - BIO 8




BlackUp Excellency Black is conquering the world of household appliances. Gorenje is setting the trend by pre-


vide perfect laundry handling, thus ensuring smooth and quiet operation. The UseLogic® system optimizes the washing process whereas a total of 19

senting BlackUp - the new line of machine

programs will surely accommodate any

comprises the WA 72145 BK wash-

boasts 7-kg load capacity and the triple

individual requirements of the user. A

ing machine, the D 72325 BK con-

"A" energy class. Spinning with 1,400

special Enzyme Phase improves the ef-

denser dryer, the RF 62309 BK

revolutions per minute only leaves 44

ficiency of stain removal, while a special

fridge freezer, and the NRK 67358

percent of moisture in the laundry. En-

sensor determines the quantity of laun-

SB fridge freezer embellished with

ergy and water consumption amounts

dry and adjusts the water consumption

Swarovski crystal elements. All

to 1.19 kWh and 49 liters, respectively.

optimally. Furthermore, BlackUp appli-

BlackUp models embody the inno-

3D ribs shake up, loosen, and constantly

ances also feature the delayed start op-

vative design, top quality, the

direct the laundry into the middle of the

tion, Aqua Stop, balancing system, and

trendy black colour, and excellent

drum; combined with the SCS balance

the EKO- and Jet systems for rapid

environment protection features.

and stability control system, they pro-

soaking of the laundry.

special models. The assortment






The D 72325 BK condenser dryer


The WA 72145 BK washing machine

The BlackUp dryer can also handle

Perhaps the most prominent feature

with additional 65 liters being available

up to 7 kg of load; it belongs to the "B"

of the BlackUp Oldtimer fridge freezer

in the freezer compartment. The nostal-

energy class. The UseLogic® system de-

is the highest, "A++" energy efficiency

gic convex, bulging front panel design

livers optimal process control. A mois-

class. Its height of 173.7 centimeters dis-

with 3D logo makes these 50s style ap-

ture sensor located in the drum just

tinguishes the BlackUp model from

pliances look convincingly authentic.

under the door automatically stops the

other Gorenje Old timer models in

drying process when the desired mois-

terms of size as well. The fridge com-

ture level has been reached. For those

partment offers a capacity of 229 liters,

that may not enjoy ironing, there is a special anti-crease function.

A SYNTHESIS OF RETRO DESIGN AND EXCELLENT ENERGY EFFICIENCY NO FROST, total capacity of 320 liters and the A+ energy class are the highlights of the NRK 67358 SB combined fridge freezer. The RK 67367 SB model, same in construction, won the 2007 Plus X Award for simplicity of use, or




model also featuring a front panel embellished




Swarovski Elements, boasts additional interior equipment that makes it even more attractive. The interactive touch screen display offers easy access to the numerous functions such as a radio tuner and a recipe list. Further highlights include the Multiflow cooling system, innovative door layout, removable serving trays, and antibacterial wall layer.

The RF 62309 BK fridge freezer

The NRK 67358 SB fridge freezer





The first series of Gorenje household

ally renowned design brand partic-

appliances was designed by Pininfarina as

ularly famous for its automobile

early as in 1990. Ten years later, in 2000

designs – most notably, the cult

when Gorenje celebrated its 50th an-

Ferrari. However, the Pininfarina

niversary, the first comprehensive collec-

Studio is also active in the field of

tion of household appliances bearing the

industrial design, architecture, and

name Gorenje Pininfarina was launched.

interior design. Its cooperation

Thus, the joint efforts resulted in the first

with Gorenje dates back 18 years.

comprehensive line of uniformly designed

hearts of consumers. At the end of last

Strategic pursuit of a shared vision

appliances. A new culture of living was

year, the third common project saw the

led to a solid relationship between

born. In 2005, another collection followed

light of day: the prestigious collection of

the two companies.

this path and it, too, immediately won the

household appliances in black called

Complamentarity of top design, advanced technologies and innovation is a good formula for successful cooperation.

Gorenje Pininfarina Black combines excellent design with state-of-the-art technology. During the presentation for the international press, Mr. Paolo Pininfarina described the line as a "beauty hiding a beast within". Hence, Gorenje and Pininfarina have created a classic beauty. A design that lasts – just like their partnership. With its appearance and rich functionality, Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection embodies a comfortable life – something that is increasingly appreciated by contemporary consumers whose lifestyles steer the trends, and who only select for themselves and their homes the ordinary, yet precious things of lasting beauty and value. Creators of the Gorenje Pininfarina Black line believe that by combining superior design with advanced technology they have once again created a prestigious and timeless collection.


DESIGN THAT LASTS. THE ALLURING, REFINED AND CLEAN CUT DESIGN MAKES THE GORENJE PININFARINA BLACK COLLECTION AN UNQUESTIONABLE DESIGN ICON. The seductive exterior conceals a multitude of state-of-the-art technological advancements to create a masterful combination, coupled with outstanding durability. The Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection is the rational choice of trend-conscious connoisseurs who knowingly value awless aesthetics and timeless beauty.

Limited edition



Hans Haas The friendly ghost of Tantris* Fritz Eichbauer, the owner of the cult Munich restaurant Tantris for the last thirty years, colorfully described his passion: "The money invested in Tantris would have sufficed to build a castle; but then, where would we eat...?" To this though, he adds his motto: "The guest is the center of the world; not Mr. Hans Haas, the chef, nor Mrs. Paula Bosch, the sommelier – the guest is the king!" And this motto applied no less when the restaurant kitchen hosted the chef of the century, Mr. Eckart Witzigmann, or Mr. Heinz Winkler, performing their culinary art. The current chef, Mr. Hans Haas, recipient of two Michelin stars, is well aware of this. * Tantris, in Balinese ‌ aspiration for perfection




Hans Haas of Tirol, Austria, has worked or better yet has enjoyed – for no top-class chef will ever say to be working – at the famous Tantris, the restaurant that has changed the German gastronomic scene.

When did you come to Tantris? In 1991 I came to the restaurant whose foundations were erected by Mr. Eckart Witzigmann; he was succeeded by the great Heinz Winkler who has worked here for thirteen years; and now – here I am. What has changed in terms of concept and philosophy through these years? Actually, our philosophy has not changed at all. The pleasure of the guests is our central goal ant the entire team is deeply devoted to it; our restaurant is no place to build one's individual career. You speak of the pleasure of the guests. But have the guests changed in the last thirty years? Yes, the change has been unbelievable. Thirty years ago, the guests' main concern was the quantity on the plate, while they

Although I believe that molecular gastronomy is a trend that

knew little to nothing about the food supplies and preparation

will continue to thrill and enthuse some gourmets, I also see po-

techniques. Today, their knowledge is quite extensive as they at-

tential for development in a return of traditional dishes prepared

tend cooking courses, watch TV cooking shows, read more, and

in new and exciting ways. The use of high-quality supplies is an

thus simply know more. The same applies to their knowledge of

absolute must for any ambitious restaurant, and this implies close

wines. However, I see this as a positive development, because

cooperation with the suppliers, i.e. a passionate search of good

today's guest can evaluate quite reliable where and why the cui-

groceries. Needless to say, excellent preparation and taste, as well

sine is good, and also understand why the prices at some restau-

as the aesthetics on the plate, will remain essential; one could de-

rants are higher.

scribe our servings as being fashion-aware. We have seen your numerous prestigious awards

How do you feel about the currently widespread trend – molecular gastronomy?

and prizes. How much do these actually mean to you?

Ferran Adria is unique and inimitable. Although I am not sure

Critique and praise are relevant in any business and mine is no

whether I could enjoy such meals every day, his culinary master-

exception. Although it may not always be 100 percent objective,

pieces are incredible gastronomic experiences. On the other

I appreciate any response and I carefully consider any comment,

hand, I dislike any imitation as I hold that everyone should find

good or bad.

their own style and gradually perfect it. Molecular gastronomy is certainly not my style.

With sixty guests in your restaurant, you prepare close to six hundred meals. How often and to what extent do you vary your menu?

We have spoken about a trend; how do you see the future of gastronomy – as a return to the traditional, as globalization of taste, or...?

Our menu includes the so-called standard dishes which represent about 30 percent of the menu. These are the dishes that we are famous for and which are the reason why many of our guests come to us. All other courses are changed according to season, as well as daily. To me, the season of supplies is very im-

I use the supplies when they are best and ”when I can prepare them in such way to bring out the best in them. ”

portant and I disapprove preparing asparagus or strawberries at Christmas time. I use the supplies when they are best and when I can prepare them in such way to bring out the best in them. To me, the season of supplies is very important.




What do you raw on for inspiration for new dishes? I have an excellent team working with me. I work a lot, we experiment together, discuss, contemplate. I feel I can learn something from anyone, and I am surrounded by many wonderful enthusiasts. While I walk through the marketplace or through the woods, the mushrooms, the chestnuts, all these scents, inspire me and I enjoy each new season of the year. Where does the love for cuisine come from? Is this a family tradition? No, my family is engaged in agriculture. As a child, I was already interested in cookery, so I attended the cooking school and initially, I worked in common, popular restaurants. When I found a few years later, that despite the exhausting work I still felt some passion for my job, I knew I was on the right way and that I have found my world. So I signed up as an apprentice to top-class chefs and worked, worked, worked. I feel very much obliged to my mentor and still a great friend, Mr. Paul Haeberlin, as well as Mr. Eckart Witzigmann. Today, you not only convey your knowledge to your colleagues; you also run a cooking school and write cookbooks. physically, but especially once a family is established. This is the I like sharing my knowledge, it makes me happy. My school, or

only reason why I suggest it will remain the realm of men and

rather courses, is attended by amateurs. The courses take place

has nothing to do with talent. In order to be a top-notch cook,

every Thursday and Friday and the response is incredible and still

one needs full support from the family. It is a hard job; a lot of

rising. People wish to reveal the background of a good meal, they

time is spent in the kitchen, and without someone who under-

wish to learn the tricks used in the kitchen. And they are surprised

stands you, it is difficult to succeed.

to learn that the tricks are quite simple. However, when they see for themselves that even the simplest of tricks is a result of a lot of hard work, their attitude when in the role of a guest is also quite

An excellent course also requires excellent wine. The wine cellar seems impressive...

different, and they begin to understand why they have paid a hundred euros for a dinner. The same applies to cookbooks. Thus far, I have written three, and I illustrated one of them.

By all means, in addition to the food, the ambiance of a restaurant and the service are also immensely important. So is the choice of wine. Our sommelier, Mrs. Paula Bosch, is among

Are there any women among your colleagues in the kitchen, or is cooking still an exclusively in male domain?

the top experts in Germany, who has written several books on the subject; I would definitely suggest fully confiding in her choice. She will select the best for you.

As you have seen, my right hand is Mrs. Sigrid, an incredibly talented young lady. But if you ask me whether I believe this is a

Do you cook at home?

job for a woman, I feel that may be quite strenuous, not only At our home, my wife does the cooking; she is an excellent cook, and she is not timid about it at all. My children are now 12 and 14, and they are still too young to show any serious interest in cooking. In conclusion, what would you, as a cooking star, recommend to your junior colleagues? Regardless of how successful they are, they should stand firmly with both feet on the ground and continue to learn and work. There is still so much to learn... Interviewed by Augusta Rosa Fabijanic




Good advice is like good jokes Good tips are kind of like good jokes: you can never remember them when you need them. That’s why we have collected a variety of good advice and kitchen tips for you ...

How to know when your bread is done… Beat it Homemade bread doesn’t just smell of slow Sunday mornings and family quality time, it also tastes fantastic. That is, of course, if it’s thoroughly baked. Doughy bread that sticks to the sides of your mouth is generally an unpleasant experience. So here’s how to ensure the read is fully baked. Give it a whack on the bottom. If it gives off a clear hollow sound, then you know the bread is done.

Herbs are fragile They work by the clock Remember this when you’re serving ... As soon as they’re cut they release their aromatic oils into the air or in the dish they’re garnishing. If you blend herbs with lemon or vinegar, the herbs will turn dark within the hour, so serve dishes sprinkled with herbs within the hour.

How to treat your coffee guests to golden biscuits Beat with salt Sounds familiar? No matter how much love and good energy you put into your biscuit dough, it still winds up unsatisfactory. So every time you have to admit that your mother-in-law’s homemade biscuits are just better than yours. You can live with this fact, but if you should feel the need to boost your self-confidence anyway, you could add a little salt next time you beat the eggs for your biscuits. This is how you get golden biscuits in the biscuit jar the next time you have unexpected guests. It could be your mother-in-law.

How to get the yellow bananas in the layer cake to stay yellow… Give them a little to drink Most of us know that if you put a little lemon juice on a half green apple, it stays green without turning brown (if you didn’t know that, just consider it a bonus tip). But what do you do about banana slices that, like apples, have a tendency to turn brown if you let them stand (and brown banana slices on a layer cake just won’t do). The answer: Give them a little something to drink. If you want to perk up your party, give them a little sherry. Or a little pineapple or lemon juice will also work.




Compact steam ovens excel with more than functionality:



sure the oven is truly compact by dimensions, as its height is no more than 45 Compact steam oven

centimetres; nevertheless, its




amounts to respectable 27 litres. The touch screen makes operation plain and simple. The oven will be perfectly suitable even for those with little cooking Compact combined oven with microwaves

skills and experience, as its preset "Professional cooking" programs will lead them to excellent results.

Compact steam ovens for a healthy meal Everyone that values a healthy diet will surely appreciate Gorenje's new offer: the built-in compact steam oven. This unique innovation enables cooking with steam, hot air, or a combination of the two, while those requiring even more versatility will undoubtedly ďŹ nd the combined compact oven with microwaves of particular interest. Hence, there are no more reasons not to enjoy delicious and healthy meals every day.




PURE line


Sensor-Operated and Super Silent


After entering a designer kitchen, the hood is bound to catch your eye. However, appearance should not remain the only notable attribute; your kitchen hood should also deliver the performance you require. In Gorenje hoods, the fats dispersed during cooking are filtered

Super Silent

through aluminum, metal, acrylic, or paper filters that can all be easily cleaned or replaced. Noise level is another vital characteristic. Gorenje's super silent models excel with particularly quiet operation. Especially attractive flagship models also include the touch control hoods, and sensor-operated hoods that will be activated when the built-in sensor perceives increased humidity level and temperature in the kitchen. During operation, the hood will adjust the suction power to the actual conditions and turn the fans on and off as required. Thus, hood

Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection

motor power is optimally used and maximum cleanness of air in the space is attained.

The design of Gorenje hoods will impress you and adorn your kitchen.




Appealing on the outside, convenient on the inside The new generation of Gorenje Classic and Exclusive line refrigerators boasts new convex doors with a timeless design that allows them to blend completely with any kitchen ambient. The elegance and the minimalist appearance of the door is complemented by ergonomically designed vertical handles that allow simple opening and closing of refrigerator door for adults and children alike. You are also bound to be impressed by the cool interior side of the refrigerator door where the innovative design and layout of the door shelves enables optimum use of space. They are adjusted for storing food that is used most frequently. Owing to the functional layout and increased depth, the space in the refrigerator door is used better than ever; furthermore, it immediately gives the user a clear and comprehensive view of the content. All refrigerator models excel with low power consumption as they belong to either "A" or "A+" energy class.

Electronic control allows optimal temperature settings, which will prolong the storage life of your food. The combined refrigerator-freezers offer ďŹ ve temperature zones that create favorable conditions for storing various kinds of food. A true highlight in this regard is the innovative Zero'n'Fresh drawer in which a temperature of 0 °C is maintained to store fresh food.




How about a cup of coffee? Allow us to present your new butler: the coffeemaker controlled by gentle taps on the multilingual LCD touch screen. The option to save your settings will allow you to prepare your favorite cup of coffee, froth the milk, and trigger the coffeemaker self-cleaning procedure, by a single touch. Gorenje coffeemaker will surely become your best friend in the kitchen, suiting any taste and enlivening even the most sleepy mornings.

Cappuccino? Coming right up! AutoCappuccino is a unique function that enables preparing this excellent Italian coffee beverage by a single touch of a button!




Eager for your t uch

A unique advanced Sliding touch control, developed in Gorenje.




Increasing number of devices and appliances ranging from mobile phones, MP3 players, navigation systems, to video and photo cameras, respond to a gentle touch and movement of the user's finger. Touch control operation is desirable, fashionable, trendy; thus, it has also been introduced in the kitchen where this mode of delicate and convenient communication with the technical equipment is ever more popular.

With the DirecTOUCH excellent cooking results are three gentle taps away.

Elegant touch control screen of the Gorenje Pininfarina Black Collection.

Refrigerators, once conventionally white, today often stand as

users a lot of inconvenient rotation of knobs and offers them nu-

the central visual element of the kitchen; however, appearance is

merous preset programs that will aid anyone, even a beginner

not their only benefit. Kitchen appliances are increasingly intelli-

chef, in attaining enviable cooking results. In this regard, the new

gent, and the best among them also respond to touch. Gorenje of-

generation of built-in ovens from Gorenje is particularly notable.

fers a prestigious model that is not merely embellished with the

Its revolutionary DirecTOUCH controls make sure your culinary

Swarovski crystals, but also wins the users' hearts with its conven-

masterpieces will look even better than in the photos in your

ient and comfortable touch controls. The integrated LCD screen


will quickly turn the refrigerator into a radio tuner or even a digital

Yet the story of touch control does not end in the kitchen;

recorder for recording and playing back voice messages. Further-

Gorenje has introduced it into all parts of your household. Washing

more, it allows access to a database of recipes and cooling tips and

machines and driers, too, are controlled by a gentle touch of the

instructions. Thus, the refrigerator becomes the central element of

screen, which is yet another step in the pursuit of the idea of intelli-

the kitchen, offering a new mode of communication.

gent home in which all appliances will be connected and control-

However, touch control is not confined to refrigerators; it is also featured in kitchen hoods, ovens, and hobs. This spares the

lable from remote locations. Touch control from Gorenje gives you the opportunity to touch the future today.

The Gorenje refrigerator adorned by Swarovski crystal elements with the touch screen won the Plus X Award due to its stylish design and high convenience of control. The Gorenje Premium Touch model is the only washing machine in the market, equipped with an elegant touch screen display.


SmarTable by gorenje



Qube, the ambient of the future The conceptual project of freestanding appliances Qube, a result of Gorenje's inhouse development, anticipates a revolution in contemporary residential interior design, as its hidden plumbing and power circuitry hubs concealed in elevated floors or suspended ceiling constructions allow the rooms to fully live up to their purpose. Qube excels with perfect ergonomics and alluring roundedness. It is an ideal concept for furnishing open attics, garrets, or mansards of old bourgeoisie mansions, lofts, and originally redecorated apartments in former industrial facilities where the ambiance is not defined by rooms restricted by walls. Completely freestanding



Qube, combined with the freestanding storage furniture will create a floating kitchen anywhere in the open space of a

Future: Total freestanding Freestanding cooker

contemporary home of a creative and trend-aware individual.

Vision: 360° Aesthetics


Brand new innovation: Foldable cooking hob with hood


world renowned designer of the new generation. Simple and complex. Minimalistic and elegant interaction of modern and noble materials; black glass and aluminium. It does not say too much, just what matters. Nothing more. Trendy collection of household appliances - Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection.


ALLURING BLACK Gorenje is betting on black. More precisely, it is betting on design in ever fashionable, ever elegant black colour - the embodiment of luxury with a subtle twist of rebellion. In the world of fashion, black has always been "in", at least since the invention of the little black dress in the beginning of the 20th century – a piece of clothing that has remained indispensible to this day. Promoted by Gorenje, black has entered the world of household appliances as well. With the urban aesthetes in mind, Gorenje has already dressed its large household appliances of the BlackUp line in velvet black. The trendy Ora-Ïto Collection followed suit, as did the Pininfarina Collection. Most recently, the line of small household appliances has gone black as well. … not to mention the hot black apron ... Alluring indeed.






household appliance manufacturer, teamed up with the company Swarovski to create an outstanding product that reinforces Gorenje's position among the providers of the most prestigious home products. The two-meter tall black beauty adorned with several thousand Swarovski crystals belongs to the Gorenje Premium Touch family; it boasts superior touch-control technology and the highest energy-efficiency class A+. Furthermore, it is embellished with two vertical strips of glittering Swarovski crystals, which probably makes it the world's most extravagant refrigerator – and irresistibly seductive ... for those that appreciate crystals and properly cooled champagne in the right moment.



KITCHEN TIME! It's just not true. The famous excuse that there is not time for cooking, usually followed by a moan how things used to be quite different, is just that – no more than a lame excuse. One way or the other, each generation simply must cook their own meals and emancipate from the granny's recipes by cooking the new way. The amount of time available for cooking depends on one thing only: how much of it you are willing to take. Quickly opening a can takes time as well. So does waiting in a restaurant. So does watching the telly. And so does cooking. But – lo and behold – cooking does not just take time; it gives some back. I can solemnly declare that many a favorite moment was given to me in the kitchen – sometimes in the company of my husband, while dicing carrots or juicing cucumbers and apples in the mornings, or when children join me in the kitchen. Chained to the kitchen sink, so to speak. Nowhere are the differences between male and female principles as pronounced as at the kitchen worktop. And nowhere else can a couple harmonize and attune as in the kitchen. At first, cooking is undoubtedly about domination. "Who's in charge? Who's the chef and who's the Chef de Plúnge? Who decides if the pasta is done, if the salad needs more dressing, who designates where to drop the spatula and how to organize the dishes in the dishwasher?" Layout in the dishwasher may well be the key aspect of a couple's compromise. "So, you still insist on putting the glasses there and the plates in the lower basket? Would it not be better the other way around?" And – crack! – a glass that could not find its spot in the upper or lower basket of the dishwasher is shattered into smithereens. "That'll bring good luck!" we would then yell, just to remain faithful to the old superstition. And indeed, what then follows in the kitchen is nothing but consonance and accord, a well-tuned cuisine symphony, cooperation in pursuit of the same goal. And there is no sound more soothing to an impatiently hungry family than the promising roar of the food processor: "Mom, will you let me dip my fingers into to icing before you pour it over the cake? It smells good... how much longer will it take? Can I have some dough to ply with? How much longer?" The kitchen is a confluence of the age past and future: the memories of what has already been experienced, and the anticipation of what is to come. Oven-baked stuffed tomatoes bring up reminiscence of the holidays, the fragrance of stone pines making its way into the flavor of the pinyon nuts, the shadow of olive trees, the heat that cooks the tomatoes. Sacher cake invokes remembrance of all those Christmases when the atmosphere was filled with scent of chocolate and anticipation. Yes, anticipation is the most precious and vital time in the kitchen. It is the time spent in front of the oven, "waiting for it to be done". Precious moments that would never have come about if stuffed tomatoes, marinated roast, or a soft sponge cake weren't placed in the oven. Forty or fifty minutes of a present to oneself. Written by Valentina Smej Novak GORENJE LIFE STYLE MAGAZINE

New generation cooker; the ALLURE line.

‹ PURE line ›

BENEATH THE SURFACE OF THE NEW GENERATION O F G O R E N J E B U I LT- I N A P P L I A N C E S W H O L E new stories are taking shape. Your home stories – created with the help of the unique innovation for perfect baking results, wood-fired oven effects and given the domestic touch through the innovative patented DirecTOUCH electronic programme module with preset programmes. These patented innovations are a fresh view of how we live: each in our own distinct way. Thus, the new generation of Gorenje built-in appliances is for each of us our own private story. The story you experience: the inside story.

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