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A line of exclusive built-in appliances SPICED UP WITH NEW FLAVOURS!


SPICE UP YOUR LIFE WITH PLUSES It can only be a kitchen. It can be much more when you spice it up with your creativity. It can only be a simple dish. It can be a luxury when you add your blend of spices. It can only be an appliance. It can be Gorenje+. This line of built-in appliances will season any kitchen with special pluses.



















WHEN IT COMES TO SEASONING, EVERY PINCH COUNTS. IN THE KITCHEN, IT IS THE SELECT PLUSES THAT COUNT. Gorenje+ line of appliances combines the advantages appreciated by the most advanced and demanding home chefs. The Gorenje+ line boasts state-of-the-art technological solutions, improved functionality and capacity, exclusive appearance, and a high level of warranty and after-sales services. The touch of luxury goes hand in hand with responsibility to the environment. Gorenje+ built-in appliances are designed for people who are always looking to add another plus to their lives. That is why they choose the freshest ingredients and the most aromatic spices when they cook; and that is why they choose appliances with special advantages when equipping their kitchens.

PLUS FOR UNIQUE COMBINATIONS Gorenje+ cooking, cooling, and washing appliances are based on an all-around integration in terms of concept, user experience, and design. This makes the daily chores easier, cooking pleasures more intense, and the appearance of the kitchen perfectly harmonious regardless of other equipment.

PLUS FOR INNOVATION Gorenje is creating worldwide innovations and Gorenje+ appliances boast the most advanced technical features. Ovens, which were the first in the world to allow selecting the functions simply by sliding your finger across the screen, now feature the acclaimed HomeChef module and new solutions for even better cooking results. Gorenje+ microwave and steam ovens, created in tune with the conventional ovens of the same line,

deliver astonishingly even microwave distribution and perfect steam circulation. Gorenje+ cooking hobs are based on state-of-the-art intelligent sensor technology. The IQcook hob was the first in the world to cook entirely independently, without supervision: always with the right power; with steam; without losing the precious nutrients in the food; and with considerable power savings. Meet all of its advanced functions! Excellent view of the interior in Gorenje+ cooling appliances has gotten even better with the power saving LEDs. Gorenje+ dishwashers stand out in particular with models that can deal with up to 17 place settings in a single cycle, while keeping outside dimensions standard. Perfect harmony in the kitchen is further extended by coffee makers that truly understand your desires, and kitchen hoods that employ advanced solutions to keep the air in your kitchen clean.




The Gorenje+ line boasts the latest technological solutions that allow better functionality and performance. Designing an exclusive appearance is always related to usability and reliability. Design is what improves the performance Gorenje+ appliances – along with other technological solutions – for example, by allowing a larger volume in the appliance interior. Design is what allows Gorenje+ appliances to match both a minimalist modern kitchen and a lavishly adorned nostalgic one, as well as all styles in between.

New Gorenje+ kitchen appliances, designed for the connoisseur, are available only in select stores where seasoned experts can help you choose the right combination for your lifestyle.

PLUS FOR SIMPLICITY Gorenje+ appliances are conceived with user friendliness in mind: from the purchase, through installation, to daily use. These appliances are easy to install and even easier to use. The principle of simplicity is observed as much as possible in ordering, delivery, installation, and after-sales services.

PLUS FOR RELIABILITY Warranty is a vital part of any excellent appliance and the exclusive Gorenje+ kitchen appliances boast a super standard one! An extensive network of after-sales service providers with trained and responsive service technicians allows us to deliver on all our warranty promises in the shortest possible time.

PLUS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY You will note that Gorenje+ appliances meet and exceed the most stringent of environmental expectations and standards with very low power and water consumption. You will taste that they keep your food fresh longer. At Gorenje, environment protection includes the entire product life cycle: from planning, through manufacturing, to use and discarding after the end of its useful life.

PLUS FOR ORIGIN For over 60 years, Gorenje has been effectively combining smart technology, excellent design, care for the environment and great value for the user in each appliance it makes. It is among the leading European home appliance manufacturers and its novelties constantly raise the bar for quality standards and consumer expectations.





Top features

HomeCHEF: plus at the touch of your fingertips

Convenience: plus for harmony

The HomeCHEF interface makes every choice a breeze, including the advanced settings employed by seasoned chefs who break down the cooking process into several intricate steps. The interactive colour TFT display allows full touch control. Simply slide your finger to flip through the colour photos of dishes and recipes and make logical settings in the menus. Choose your preferred language and enjoy the clear and neat layout. Cutting edge control system is based on the state-of-the-art technological and design solutions that turn the complexity behind them into pure simplicity in action and appeal in appearance, and make cleaning a snap.

Gorenje+ appliances are designed to work in unison. Harmony starts with control: all appliances are controlled by the same principles, using the instantly logical interfaces. Interior equipment is also in sync: baking sheets and trays, meat probes and other accessories can be switched between appliances regardless of their size or your choice of cooking methods.

When a chef reaches for the spices, the right choice and the right measures is already in his fingers. When a chef uses the Gorenje+ built-in oven, the magic is at his fingertips as well.

Perfect visual harmony is a plus unto itself. Regardless of your individual choice of appliances, the whole will be in perfect tune – in terms of appearance, materials, lines etc. Flexible solutions allow you to adjust them to your other equipment. Gourmet pleasures are based on the harmony of flavour. Harmonious operation of the appliances paves the way for total cooking pleasure – in a kitchen equipped with taste.



Volume: plus for capacity

HomeMade: perfect plus!

Gorenje+ ovens with internal volume of up to 75 litres are among the largest in the market. Innovative solutions in oven design allow the appliance to maintain standard outside dimensions yet accommodate larger baking trays than before. As a result, you can cook more food on each tray. Moreover, the trays can be placed on five height levels! New air injection and circulation solutions MultiFlow 360째 lead to better and more even cooking results than before, even when baking in several levels simultaneously.

Gorenje+ ovens feature a special rounded shape of cavity walls and ceiling based on Gorenje's patented HomeMade system. The system also includes carefully thought out heater placement that further improves the flow of hot air. Such design, along with the MultiFlow 360째 system, will make sure the food is browned just the way you want it to be, regardless of which height and which tray you are using. The food will be both juicy and crispy! Smart design of Gorenje+ ovens with its many novelties allows perfect cooking results on a par with those of true master chefs.

If getting the seasoning just right is what sets apart good chefs from the greats, then the interior and capacity are what makes the difference when it comes to ovens.




Designed to be different

Several levels for more treats

Pyrolytic cleaning

Glass and steel; stainless steel and black; these combinations evoke the sense of the real thing at first sight. Ergonomic handles and knobs round out the sophistication of design and technology of the appliances whose uniform appearance ties the room together into a harmonious whole. The Gorenje+ line is designed to allow a number of different layouts and combinations. Regardless of whether the appliances are stacked into a column or laid out in a row, square, or a T-shape, they will endow your kitchen with a new sense of harmony.

Cooking several dishes at once? Why not? Gorenje+ ovens allow arranging the baking sheets in five different height levels, and baking on three at the same time. The advantages of multi-level cooking truly shine bright in combination with the MultiFlow360째 system which makes sure the food is done evenly, as well as faster with lower power consumption.

Top models of Gorenje+ ovens also feature the pyrolytic cleaning function that allows you to keep your oven spotlessly clean in a perfectly simple way: using high temperature of up to 500 째C. No special preparation is required: oven cavity, baking trays, and wire guides are coated with the new ultra-durable enamel, which means you can leave them inside the oven during pyrolytic cleaning. The process is perfectly safe: oven door is automatically locked during the cleaning process and their four-layer heatreflective glazing, combined with superior insulation, prevents undesired heating of the oven exterior or transfer of heat to the adjacent furniture. Three levels of cleaning intensity are available, depending on how heavily soiled the oven is. After cleaning, simply clean the remaining dirt with a damp cloth. That's all! The oven is perfectly clean in an environmentally friendly and impeccable way.




Steam cooking: plus for healthy cooking

Dry steam: the pluses of cyclonic technology

Uniform steam distribution MultiSteam 360째

Gorenje+ steam oven is a convenient tool for keeping a healthy diet. It is available in two versions, differing by height: 60 cm or 45 cm. It is simple to use and its features allow the choice and combination of cooking procedures that truly make your daily meals nutritious and balanced. The food will retain its full flavour, aroma, colour, and nutrients.

The new Gorenje+ steam ovens allow cooking without unwanted drops of water that can leave the food soaked or mushy. Cyclonic technology creates a mist of completely dry steam that is evenly distributed around the entire oven and the food. The bottom heater makes sure that even the droplets that are formed when dry steam comes into contact with cooler chunks of food are immediately vaporized, thus preventing any excess liquid. After the cooking process, the oven is completely dry and it does not require wiping.

The MultiSteam360째 system will evenly distribute the steam in the oven cavity to make sure the food is fully embraced by it. This will lead to simply perfect cooking results! The DrySteam steam distribution process perfect for every cooking procedure is based on the new 3D design of the back wall with smart layout of holes. New solutions provide the most efficient steam flow throughout the oven cavity.




Inverter: plus for completely even cooking

Stirrer: plus for using the entire baking tray

Multifunction operation with grill

Inverter technology allows an advanced energy distribution method. Rather than pulsating, the operation is even. As a result, the food better retains its initial structure, as well as vitamins and minerals. Moreover, cooking time is shorter and, in turn, energy consumption is lower. Advantages of even energy generation are particularly notable in reheating and defrosting, and when cooking liquids.

Stirrer technology allows placing a standard-size baking tray into a microwave oven. The entire width of the oven is used, bidding farewell to conventional turntables and uneven heating. As the microwaves are evenly distributed throughout the oven cavity, the food is truly heated uniformly across the entire surface. Advanced microwave distribution system prevents the food from being overdone in some areas and underdone in others. The results are perfectly even which also makes the food healthier.

The combined multifunction microwave oven allows combining of any three cooking modes. The right combination will lead to faster cooking of even the most challenging dishes. Hot air can be used just like in a conventional fan oven, and use of convection with microwaves and grill heaters considerably expands your options. Combined with microwaves, grilling can make food preparation especially quick. Moreover, it allows you to simply brown the crust to crunchy perfection. You can also enjoy the crunchiness if you opt for one of the microwave oven models that do not feature the hot air function but do have a grill heater.







User-defined program: plus for your favourite aroma

Intensity and amount: plus for your preferences

Autocappuccino: plus for genuine aroma

Spice up your life with coffee to your taste! Gorenje+ coffee makers will remember your settings for flavour and the amount of ground coffee beans used. Just set your own program for your favourite taste and the right amount of coffee. Next time, just press the symbol and the coffee maker will do the rest automatically. Your own presets and all other settings from the offered options of coffee flavour are available via touch controls and an LCD screen that displays the functions in the language of your choice. The flavour can be adjusted to your liking during the coffee making process. Gorenje+ built-in coffee makers stand out with high performance and technologically advanced yet simple controls. Use it for a number of beverages. In addition to coffee, it can always dispense hot water for tea or other hot potions.

The intensity of coffee does not vary only with the amount of coffee beans in the beverage; it also depends on how finely ground the beans are. You can rely on the automatic function, or set the grinding coarseness to suit your taste. Thus, the machine will offer five flavours: very mild, mild, normal, strong, or extra strong. Automatic dispenser of ground coffee beans will allow you to choose between a short shot (ristretto), normal shot (espresso), or long shot (lungo). Last but not least, you can share your pleasure: the machine can make two cups at the same time!

Now you can enjoy authentic Italian coffee by pressing a single key. In addition to other controls neatly laid out on the control panel, Gorenje+ coffee maker features a special key that will make a cappuccino that is simply perfect in every way. The appliance forces the water through ground coffee beans in a way that extracts the full aroma and creates truly genuine flavour. A built-in slider allows you to set the level of milk frothing for either a creamy cappuccino or classic latte.





Top features

IQcook: Plus for innovation and revolutionary technology of the first hob feat uring fully automatic steam cooking IQcook is the world's first cooking hob that uses the cutting edge intelligent sensor technology for automatic 100% efficiency. It is the first hob that can cook by itself, without any control: in steam, always at the right temperature, with the right power, without any loss of valuable nutrients. You can truly trust it to perceive all changes in a timely manner and adjust the operation to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. IQcook is the revolution for the perfection in cooking, frying, and grilling. Proven. Patented!

Sensor technology IQ sensor technology allows automatic control of power and temperature of the induction hob. By choosing one of the five present cooking programs, the sensors installed in the cooking zone are automatically activated. Then, activate the sensor installed on the pan lid by a simple touch. The sensors watchfully monitor the cooking process in the pot or pan, and constantly communicate with the cooking hob's electronic circuit. The sensors immediately perceive any change in condition such as boiling, and convey the information to the hob which adjusts the cooking zone temperature as necessary. IQ sensor technology is built into the XtremePower induction hob, which delivers the highest performance among induction hobs. It is one of the hob's available operating modes. Your IQcook cooking hob can still be used in the conventional way at any time, as with all other high-end Gorenje+ induction hobs.




A+ gas burner: Plus for efficiency!

Gorenje+ induction hobs offer the luxury of connectible coking zones. Combined into larger heating areas, they allow the hob to adjust to the cookware of unconventional shapes or sizes. A combined, extended heating area lets you optimize the use of cooktop space, making full use of induction even when cooking in oval dishes. PowerBoost function is there to supply the extra power when needed. Choose a hob with four or two FlexZone heaters. Four special heaters can be merged into two large cooking zones, while two heaters with this amazing feature will blend into one extended zone. With plus features!

Innovatively designed Gorenje+ gas hob burners optimize the flame to allow faster cooking and ultimate efficiency of the use of gas. Owing to the construction of the burner, gas is combined with air before it actually reaches the burner. Air and gas mixture is closer to optimum than in conventional burners used to date, and the use of gas and control of flame are considerably improved. Burners are not assembled from several parts; rather, they are cast as a single piece which also makes cleaning truly simple.




IQsteam: Cooking with steam for healthy and wholesome meals!

XtremePower: Extra power when needed

Installation with no awkward edges

Domino combinations

Innovative and unique IQsteam cooking mode will cook your food using nothing but steam! It is a revolutionary novelty in steam cooking that will make sure your vegetables retain the valuable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while remaining compact and juicy. It only takes 0.5 dl of water to cook 1 kg of vegetables. And you will retain what is worth retaining! Steam cooking will also preserve the natural colour and flavour of the food you use. Cooking control is perfect as the preset program automatically controls the evaporation for even steam cooking.

XtremePower is the new generation of induction hobs whose Powerboost function, new highperformance induction coils, and double power of cooling fans provide even more of the excellent properties of induction. Smart electronic switches are used to distribute power between built-in inductors, allowing you to use all cooking zones simultaneously at the highest setting. Very safe. Very efficient!

Forget the edges between the cooking hob and the countertop and choose completely smooth worktop. Select hobs are designed to allow highly accurate installation flush with the surrounding surface. Special treatment of the edges of glass ceramic plates that provide the base for these hobs makes the transition seamless. Installation is simple, and the final effect is a sophisticated appearance of the entire cooking corner.

Smaller induction and gas glass ceramic hobs with two heaters each can be combined into a series of your choice. The available modules also include a glass ceramic hob with a special wok gas burner! Great for individual combinations!








LED: Plus for excellent view of the cooking hob

P.A.S. Modern extraction technology

PowerBoost: Plus for extra powerful ventilation

Select Gorenje+ hoods feature a built-in dimmable power-saving LED strip for optimum light distribution and excellent lighting of the hob. Carefully thought-out layout and LED orientation delivers optimum hob lighting at all times. The dimmer also allows using it as an ambiance light.

Smart targeted extraction with less noise! Gorenje+ cooker hoods feature a revolutionary new perimetric aspiration system that does not extract the air only through the central part, but rather directs extraction power to the edges as well. Such approach reduces power consumption and noise, and improves the efficiency of air extraction.

Activate the PowerBoost function to immediately remove excess steam bursting out of a pot. Select Gorenje+ hoods feature continuous SlideTouch power control with two power boost settings.







TotalCool: Plus for perfect cooling

LedLight: Plus for fully illuminated interior

ZeroZone: Plus for freshness lasting three times longer

AirFlow: Plus for constantly ideal temperature

Gorenje+ fridge freezers feature improvements that propel them towards perfection. Their appearance matches other exclusive Gorenje+ appliances that endow the kitchen with that final touch of sophistication. Their interior pleases with splendid details. Edges lined with high-grade stainless steel reflect the abundant lighting that allows a clear view. Special drawers, shelves, and compartments are designed and fitted with functional solutions to allow optimum storage for any type of food. Fresh produce will keep longer; smaller items will be more readily available; large items will be stored more safely. State-of-the-art air circulation technology, accurate control of temperature zones and humidity, and prevention of condensation, frost, and ice go without saying in appliances of such class. Everything was smartly thought out.

Most Gorenje+ fridge freezers feature a carefully designed LED lighting system that uses highly efficient light-emitting diodes (LED). Smart placement in just the right spots allows optimum illumination of the appliance interior. In addition, LEDs are appreciated for their long useful life and power efficiency. In some models, a special white halogen light with daylight effect makes the view into the refrigerator even clearer!

Save fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce in the special ZeroZone drawer where sensor control keeps the temperature around 0 째C, thus creating ideal conditions for fresh food which will keep three times as long, retaining its natural properties. The drawer is suitable for storing many types of fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, fish, seafood, fresh dough, etc. Retractable guides allow convenient view of the drawer contents.

Gorenje's own air circulation system Airflow maintains the desired constant temperature. In addition, the cold shower system is in operation simultaneously, supplying cool air to special compartments and keeping temperatures there between 0 and 3 째C. The principle of cold shower is connected to the smartly laid out slots placed above the ZeroZone drawer which target the air directly on the food stored in this temperature zone. Simultaneous operation of both systems is faster and more efficient than the conventional cooling system.







17 settings: Plus for as many as 17 place settings

Steel: Plus for vital parts made of steel

Two nozzles: Plus for the power of water

LED: Plus for total control of dishwasher operation!

Gorenje+ offers an XL dishwasher model with surprisingly spacious interior. Three baskets allow washing up to 17 place settings at a time! The machine with new interior layouts and smart placement of spray arms is 86 centimetres high. Even the standard- dimension machine can wash incredible 16 place settings in a single cycle! Gorenje+ dishwashers deliver excellent washing results and thorough rinsing.

Eight essential parts of Gorenje+ dishwashers are made of high-quality stainless steel. Carefully chosen material is not only used for housing and baskets, but also for the heater, spray arms, tub, filters, water spray pipe for the upper basket, and even the dishwasher feet. The quality of steel prolongs the appliance's useful life which is further guaranteed by the warranty period for Gorenje+ appliances.

Gorenje+ dishwashers feature spray arms at as many as 9 levels! By directing and dispersing the water, they make sure that dishwashing power is at its optimum at all levels, in all baskets. Baking and roasting enthusiasts will be thrilled about washing their baking sheets and trays in a special zone designed to yield better effects in eliminating the stubborn residues from the cookware. The layout of the spray arms allows the water to access every corner of the machine, thus delivering superior dishwashing and rinsing results.

Special LED lamp installed on the lower part of the dishwasher door constantly indicates the current stage of the dishwashing program. Blue light stands for the beginning of the program and informs the user that it is still possible to add dishes to the machine without compromising on the final effects. Red light goes on when the detergent has been released. In this stage, adding items or otherwise interrupting the washing program is no longer desired. When the green light appears, the washing cycle is over. Completion of the program is also signalled by a short beep, while the green light remains lit for two hours.

EXCLUSIVE PLUS BY GORENJE! Gorenje+ built-in appliances are a result of team effort by a network of experienced Gorenje experts familiar with the technological trends which they adapted in a user-friendly manner. They subscribe to the idea of design with a clear purpose. They are aware of contemporary lifestyle trends. They are the heart of development at the Gorenje Group. Effectively combining smart technology, excellent design, care for the environment and great value into every one of Gorenje appliances for over 60 years, Gorenje is constantly raising the bar of quality standards and consumer expectations for Europe’s leading domestic appliance manufacturers. Gorenje's quality and reputation are witnessed by numerous prestigious international awards including the Red Dot Design Award, Plus X AwardTM, Grüner Stecker

prize, Get Connected Product of the Year Award, Product Innovation Award, Trusted Brand, Superbrands, Icograda Excellence Design Award, ICSID Excellence Design Award, Innovation of the year, to name but a few. Partnership with select kitchen specialists across Europe rests on Gorenje Group’s solid distribution network which is present in 70 countries on all continents of the globe. Indeed, Home Appliances are the Group’s key division. Experience amassed thus far, widely acknowledged innovation, and distinguished technological perfection together form the foundations of the Gorenje+ concept.

Gorenje, d. d., Partizanska 12 3503 Velenje, Slovenia T: +386 3 899 0000 F: +386 3 899 2800

Gorenje+ Catalogue 2014  
Gorenje+ Catalogue 2014  

Gorenje+ line of appliances combines the advantages appreciated by the most advanced and demanding home chefs.