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PLUS. PULSE. Kitchen is a concept founded upon clear principles of enhancement. Kitchen appliances are its plus. Gorenje+. PLUS is a symbol of exclusive novelties selected to meet your most demanding criteria. Treat yourself to the concept of pluses that will give your life a good pulse. Expect more. Demand PLUS.



Lavish choice and perfect harmony of appliances Gorenje+ exclusive appliances are based on a comprehensive concept of user experience and design, combining a wide range of superior cooking and refrigeration appliances, and dishwashers. Your choice is always individual, yet in your kitchen, it always comes together as a harmonious whole.

Plus technology

Better cooking results through cutting-edge innovations Gorenje appliances boast numerous advanced technological features, even global innovations. Gorenje+ is the first to offer ovens with unique electronic programming module iChef+ with a large colour TFT display that allows selecting the functions simply by sliding your finger across the screen. Gorenje+ induction hobs pride on Multizone+ - cooking zones that are connectible into larger heat+

ing areas, allowing them to adjust to cookware of special shapes and sizes. Power-efficient LED+ lighting in fridge freezers goes beyond respect for environment as it lights up several convenient features. XL dishwasher model Gorenje+ with surprisingly spacious Settings+ interior is the first in the world to afford washing as many as 17 place settings at once! You can rely on state-of-the-art technology in Gorenje+ appliances to deliver better results in cooking and refrigeration appliances, and dishwashers.

Plus design

Design for today and tomorrow, for different kitchen furniture styles Matching appliances can be found for every kitchen. But the perfectly harmonious appearance of Gorenje+ appliances will blend seamlessly with virtually any choice! Whether you love contemporary minimalism or you are looking for retro forms, you will be equally thrilled about the same appliances. Such is the power of smart and deliberate contemporary design that

does not seek to overpower, but rather uses the select genuine materials and elegant lines to accent the character of your kitchen.

Plus pure and simple

Simple use, reasonable price, and streamlined installation Perhaps each purchase is equally difficult or equally simple. But how simple it really is will actually become evident once it is delivered, installed, and used. Gorenje+ appliances are designed to be user friendly: from purchase, through installation, to everyday use. They are easy to build in – without complex tasks. Delivery is reliable. Simple operation and long useful life are guaranteed!

Plus responsibility

Respecting the environment You will note that Gorenje+ appliances meet and exceed the most stringent of environmental expectations and standards with very low power and water consumption. You will taste that


they keep your food fresh longer. Care for the environment is at the top of the list of priorities in Gorenje Group’s development strategy. Environment protection policy includes the entire life cycle of a product: from planning, through manufacturing and use, to disposal and handling after the end of useful life.

Plus exclusiveness

of modern lifestyle. They are built for ambitious people living a full life both at work and at home, demanding everything they deserve. In the uptempo urban beat, Gorenje+ establishes a sheltering atmosphere of intimacy and reliability – using the best of what is known today and selecting what will keep its charm in the future!

Exclusive offer for true connoisseurs

Plus warranty

New Gorenje kitchen appliances, addressing the true experts, are available only at select kitchen specialists who know how to find the right combination that matches your lifestyle and endows the space with an air of excellence.

All good appliances have warranty. Exclusive Gorenje+ appliances boast a super standard warranty! Because we know how they are designed and made, we guarantee years of reliability.


Plus life

Taking control of the dynamic everyday Gorenje+ kitchen appliances are designed with in-depth awareness and understanding of the requirements

Proof of reliably superior quality

Plus service

Backing up rock-solid trust A wide network of after-sales services provided by skilled and highly responsive service technicians is there to make sure all warranty promises are lived up to.

Plus origin

Made in Gorenje

Gorenje+ built-in appliances are a result of team effort invested by a network of experienced Gorenje experts who are familiar with the technological trends and use them to develop user-friendly solutions. They subscribe to the idea of design with a clear purpose. They are aware of contemporary lifestyle trends. They are the heart of development at the Gorenje Group. Through more than six decades, the smart combination of technology, superior design, care for the environment, and great value for the user, embodied in Gorenje appliances has raised the bar of quality standards and user expectations time and again for European manufacturers.



OVENS iChef+

Global revolution through unique touch control

Plus for more pleasure with professional effects – by logical touch control through colour icons! Gorenje+ offers the first ovens with unique electronic programming module and a large colour display that allows selecting the functions simply by sliding your finger across the screen. The complex innovation translates into simplicity of use and highly appealing form. Controlling your oven becomes pure pleasure ringing a familiar bell of the best experiences offered by consumer electronics products. This is a revolution that employs the most powerful computer control to date to allow excellent results for beginners and professionals alike. Simple, logical, innovative. Plus for cooking and gourmet pleasures!


Main menu

Touch by touch. Slide by slide. Plus for rapid access to desired contents! Initially, the display will indicate time and date. As you touch the display protected by the glass screen, the main menu appears, to allow you to set the time and date, as well as language – offering you a choice of 30 options. Main menu is also your gateway to the cooking program menu: SIMPLEbake, AUTObake, PRObake, STEPbake, MYbake and EXTRA.




SIMPLEbake option is selected, nine photos appear on the interactive colour display, representing 9 categories of dishes that are most commonly cooked in the oven. Select the category of the dish you wish to prepare. The preset program already includes the settings for the choice of heaters, the level at which to insert the baking tray or wire support, and duration of the program assuming a standard quantity. The program will adjust automatically to your input of estimated weight, choice of doneness, and perhaps the timing of the completion of the dish. iChef+ will communicate every simple step to be made, and when the food is ready it will only wish you Bon AppĂŠtit.

iChef+ already includes preset optimum settings for 65 dishes in 10 categories. The settings are adjusted to the amount, desired level of doneness, and perhaps the timing of the completion. Choose the category of dishes (e.g. meat, vegetables, pastry, etc.), select the dish from the category and press START. The program will ask about approximate amount, desired level of doneness, and the time you wish your food ready. All other adjustments are made automatically and the program delivers reliable and tasty results at the time you specified.

Plus for the simplest way to your favourite dish at the time you want!

Plus for a lavish choice of 65 preset dishes!




PRObake choices leave the chefs with all the creative freedom they may wish for, while elevating the reliability and accuracy of cooking procedures to a new level. Do you wish to use only some heaters, accurately set the temperature, etc.? No problem! You may use the oven in the conventional way you are used to. But the innovative display allows even more. Cook in several steps: the revolutionary new sub-program STEPbake, a unique and patented feature, allows you to set up to 3 stages with different, fully customized settings! This is a true revolution in simple presetting.

The settings used in combination with your own PRObake choices do not have to be changed during the cooking procedure; rather, you may define them in advance! For example, you can start with low temperature, then step up to high, and finish with medium; you may want all heaters to work at the beginning, but only the upper one from there on; you may want the settings to change in particular time intervals – it is up to you. Innovative, patent protected system allows setting up to 3 subsequent combinations of heating system, temperature, and duration – in a straightforward way. The settings currently effective in the oven are always displayed.

Plus for masters looking for total control!

Plus for cooking in accurately defined steps!




MYbake program allows selecting preset recipes and storing your own combinations to keep a cooking library of settings for up to 150 dishes. The memory program offers 10 categories of food (such as meat, fish and clam, vegetables, bread etc.) and 15 dishes and combinations used to cook them within each category. Your favourite dishes may be saved from the AUTObake program, or you may store any desired dish for which you have created your own favourite procedure using the PRObake and STEPbake functions. Hence, reliable automatic repetition of the procedure is always available just a touch away!

EXTRA choices allow automatic adjustment of temperature for the task of your choice, such as rapid preheating with the Preheat+ feature, keeping the cooked food warm with Warming+, heating the plates before serving with Serving+, etc. There are also convenient temperature presets for defrosting frozen food with the Defrost+ feature. The EXTRA choices also include settings for the meat probe (Probe+) and simple cleaning with nothing but water (Cleaning+).

Plus for recreating your most successful combinations!

Plus for the right help at any time – at the right temperature!



Designed to cook evenly Plus for remarkably even cooking! Gorenje+ ovens feature innovative shape of the oven cavity: the ceiling is arched and the side walls are rounded, or convex. Such shape, paired with accurately placed heaters, allows distributing the hot air throughout the oven in the most efficient way possible. Air circulation in Gorenje+ ovens mimics the principles of the ancient wood-fired ovens and makes the dishes juicy and crisp at the same time. The bread will have a crunchy crust while the center will remain soft. Many dishes simply taste better than in other ovens!




Plus for even the largest treats! Cavity design allows Gorenje+ ovens to rank among the most spacious in the market as they allow you to roast a sevenkilogram turkey or other huge chunks of food quite easily. Despite the size, Gorenje+ ovens are among the most energy-efficient in the market. Because the form is always combined with remarkable technology!

Plus for more baking trays and more dainties at a time! Gorenje+ ovens allow you to cook more at a time, not only because of even circulation of air through all levels, but also because with the width of 46 cm, they offer 15 percent more cooking area than the standard versions. Innovative solutions in the cavity and superior technology allow better usage of the oven width. Hence, you can cook more on a single baking tray and rely on cooking in several trays at a time on different height levels.

Truly spacious interior

Considerably larger cooking area


Efficient placement of heaters at different height levels Plus for the perfectly right browning – and absolute safety! Large and small infra heaters are inserted into the recessed oven ceiling, safely stowed where they are hard to reach and touch, in order to improve safety. When reaching into the oven, there will be less chance of burning. Heaters are placed at several levels to allow distributing the heat evenly throughout the oven as desired, thus providing excellent results. Some oven models also allow lowering the upper heater to make it more accessible for cleaning when necessary.




More harmony, more convenience Plus for simple pleasures and major thrills! Gorenje+ steam oven, select microwave ovens and coffee machine will elevate your kitchen experience as they grant you the luxury of quickly preparing your favourite dish or enjoying the perfectly brewed cup of coffee; moreover, they will introduce an air of prestige. Gorenje+ compact built-in appliances pride on their quality modern materials and boast both form and function that make many tasks much simpler. In addition they look great without overpowering the style of your kitchen!


Steam oven

For a wholesome meal Plus for vitamins and nutrients locked in the food! Gorenje+ steam oven is yet another convenient addition to liven up your kitchen. It is simple to use and it allows selecting and combining the cooking processes that truly contribute to a healthy diet. Steam cooking goes a long way in providing quality and balanced meals every day. The food will retain that full flavour and colour, as well as minerals.


Built-in coffee machine

Combined microwave ovens

Plus for custom made coffee – whenever you feel like it! On the outside, the appliance features smooth lines characteristic of the entire Gorenje+ range. The inside offers intelligent solutions that allow attaining professional results with ease. The coffee machine is operated via an LCD display. Choose between five different flavours of coffee: from very mild to extra strong. Use ground coffee or roasted beans, and set the coarseness of the coffee grinder from nine levels. Save your favourite settings and next time, they will be available at a touch of a button. Connoisseurs will appreciate the option to set the brewing temperature, and the nozzle for frothing the milk for a firm cappuccino. Special program for automatic cleaning and other advanced functions make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Plus for more cooking methods in a single compact appliance! Combined microwave ovens with appearance that harmoniously matches that of all other Gorenje+ appliances allow both conventional cooking and the use of microwaves. Combination of convection and microwaves affords even more rapid preparation of select delicacies. Plus for the tempo of modern lifestyle!

Fully automatic

Indispensible for those on the fast lane



HOBS Multizone+ Gorenje+ induction hobs offer the luxury of connectible cooking zones. Combined into larger heating areas, they allow the hob to adjust to the cookware of unconventional shapes or sizes. A combined, extended heating area lets you optimize the use of cooktop space, making full use of induction even when cooking in oval dishes. Powerboost+ function is there to supply the extra power when needed. Choose a hob with four or two Multizone+ heaters. Four special heaters can be merged into two large cooking zones, while two heaters with this amazing feature will blend into one extended zone. With plus features!


A+ gas heater Efficient use of gas

Plus for efficiency! Innovatively designed Gorenje+ gas hob burners optimize the flame to allow faster cooking and ultimate efficiency of the use of gas. Owing to the construction of the burner, gas is combined with air before it actually reaches the burner. Air and gas mixture is closer to optimum than in conventional burners used to date, and the use of gas and control of flame are considerably improved. Burners are not assembled from several parts; rather, they are cast as a single piece which also makes cleaning truly simple.




Plus for fast and wholesome cooking! Selected gas hobs feature special highperformance Wok+ burners highly suitable for rapid and efficient heating of cookware such as the Asian wok. Faster and more efficient heating delivers superior results with some cooking techniques. Wok+ burners are available on both glass ceramic and stainless steel hobs with one, four, or five gas burners.

Plus for excellent control of power and cooking time! Special innovative sliding zone allows perfect control over the power level for each cooking zone. In addition, timer can be set for each zone as well. Slider+ is also intended for simple control of special functions such as preventing boiling over, Heating+, Melting+ and Lock+.

New dimension of heating

Flexible control of each cooking zone



COOKER HOODS Respire+ Gorenje+ cooker hoods, employing modern ventilation technology, delivering high performance and silent operation, and offering many smart features, are like a new window in your kitchen. They endow the kitchen with the fresh feeling of cosiness that you can breath in every time, free of any unwanted odours. They can operate 24 hours a day, or at previously programmed times. They work! With plus effects!



Extra powerful air extraction Plus for immediate extraction of superfluous steam emerging from the pots! Choose the Boost+ function and your hood will operate with extra power for several minutes. Intensive air suction will be switched off after a few minutes and the hood will return to its most recent setting. There is no off switch for the Boost+ function. When the hood is done with odour extraction, it will return to previous settings automatically.





Plus for efficient use of energy and excellent view of the cooking hob! Select Gorenje+ hoods feature highly efficient light-emitting diodes (LED). Compared to other sources of lighting, they provide brighter illumination with minimum use of power; moreover, their useful life is up to three times longer. Smartly laid out LEDs provide optimum illumination of the cooking hob – either as an additional or as an independent lighting source.

Plus for the smart targeted extraction with less noise! Gorenje+ cooker hoods feature a revolutionary new P.A.S.+ system that does not extract the air only through the central part, but rather directs extraction power to the edges as well. Such approach reduces power consumption and noise, and improves the efficiency of air extraction.

Plus for making sure the air is fresh even when you are not at home! The cooker hood may switch on automatically every hour to operate for five minutes. Simply activate the Refresh+ function. It will make sure the air is fresh 24/7, or as long as you choose to leave it activated.

Lightening of the cooking hob

Modern extraction technology

Constant ventilation



fRIDGE FREEZERS Total+ Gorenje+ fridge freezers feature improvements that propel them towards perfection. Their appearance matches other exclusive Gorenje+ appliances that endow the kitchen with that final touch of sophistication. Their interior pleases with splendid details. Edges lined with high-grade stainless steel reflect the abundant lighting that allows a clear view. Special drawers, shelves, and compartments are designed and fitted with functional solutions to allow optimum storage for any type of food. Fresh produce will keep longer; smaller items will be more readily available; large items will be stored more safely. State-of-theart air circulation technology, accurate control of temperature zones and humidity, and prevention of condensation, frost, and ice go without saying in appliances of such class. Everything was smartly thought out. Smart plus!



Fully illuminated interior Plus for access to stored food – even those items in the back corner of the refrigerator! Most Gorenje+ fridge freezers feature a carefully designed LED+ lighting system that uses highly efficient light-emitting diodes (LED). Smart placement in just the right spots allows optimum illumination of the appliance interior. In addition, LEDs are appreciated for their long useful life and power efficiency. In some models, a special white halogen light with daylight effect makes the view into the refrigerator even clearer!






Plus for the vitamins and aromas locked in the fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce! Save them in the special Zero+ drawer where sensor control keeps the temperature around 0 째C, thus creating ideal conditions for fresh food which will keep three times as long, retaining its natural properties. The drawer is suitable for storing many types of fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, fish, seafood, fresh dough, etc. Retractable guides allow convenient view of the drawer contents.

Plus for constantly ideal temperature! Gorenje's own air circulation system Airflow+ maintains the desired constant temperature. In addition, the cold shower system is in operation simultaneously, supplying cool air to special compartments and keeping temperatures there between 0 and 3 째C. The principle of cold shower is connected to the smartly laid out slots placed above the Zero+ drawer which target the air directly on the food stored in this temperature zone. Simultaneous operation of both systems is faster and more efficient than the conventional cooling system.

Plus for the environment and your family budget. Select models of Gorenje+ fridge freezers are in the elite company of the most energy efficient appliances to date. They are rated A++ which means that their power efficiency is 40 percent above that of the A-class appliances. Such characteristics are made possible by improved insulation, door sealing, and cutting-edge refrigeration system components.

Freshness lasting three times longer

Continuous circulation of cool air

40% higher power savings




The first in the world with capacity for 17 place settings

Plus for as many as 17 place settings! Gorenje+ offers an XL dishwasher model with surprisingly spacious interior. Four baskets allow washing up to 17 place settings at a time! The machine with new interior layout and smart placement of spray arms is 86 centimetres high. Even the standarddimension machine can wash incredible 16 place settings in a single cycle! Gorenje+ dishwashers deliver excellent washing results and thorough rinsing.


Vital parts made of steel Plus for useful life! Eight essential parts of Gorenje+ dishwashers are made of high-quality stainless steel. Carefully chosen material is not only used for housing and baskets, but also for the heater, spray arms, tub, filters, water spray pipe for the upper basket, and even the dishwasher feet. The quality of steel prolongs the appliance's useful life which is further guaranteed by the warranty period for Gorenje+ appliances.




Plus for the power of water reaching every corner and tackling the most heavily soiled dishes! Gorenje+ dishwashers feature spray arms at as many as 9 levels! By directing and dispersing the water, they make sure that dishwashing power is at its optimum at all levels, in all baskets. Baking and roasting enthusiasts will be thrilled about washing their baking sheets and trays in a special zone designed to yield better effects in eliminating the stubborn residues from the cookware. The layout of the spray arms allows the water to access every corner of the machine, thus delivering superior dishwashing and rinsing results.

Plus for total control of dishwasher operation! Special LED lamp installed on the lower part of the dishwasher door constantly indicates the current stage of the dishwashing program. Blue light stands for the beginning of the program and informs the user that it is still possible to add dishes to the machine without compromising on the final effects. Red light goes on when the detergent has been released. In this stage, adding items or otherwise interrupting the washing program is no longer desired. When the green light appears, the washing cycle is over. Completion of the program is also signalled by a short beep, while the green light remains lit for two hours. LED lamps are extremely power efficient and have a long useful life. In addition to convenient control over the washing program, they also have the role of warning about any errors. Thus, a flashing red light signalizes a fault on water inlet or outlet, or a water leak.

Incredible power of two nozzles

Clear view in blue, red, and green


PLUS CHOICE: APPLIANCES AVAILABLE IN BLACK! Plus for appearance of power and harmony! Most exclusive Gorenje+ built-in appliances are also available in black. With all excellent features, yet in black colour for new combinations of harmony with any kitchen furniture and any lifestyle!

EXCLUSIVE PLUS By Gorenje! Gorenje+ built in appliances are a result of team effort by a network of experienced Gorenje experts familiar with the technological trends which they adapted in a user-friendly manner. They subscribe to the idea of design with a clear purpose. They are aware of contemporary lifestyle trends. They are the heart of development at the Gorenje Group. Effectively combining smart technology, excellent design, care for the environment and great value into every one of Gorenje appliances for over 60 years, Gorenje is constantly raising the bar of quality standards and consumer expectations for Europe’s leading domestic appliance manufacturers. Gorenje's quality and reputation are witnessed by numerous prestigious international awards including

the Red Dot Design Award, Plus X AwardTM, Grüner Stecker prize, Get Connected Product of the Year Award, Product Innovation Award, Trusted Brand, Superbrands, Icograda Excellence Design Award, ICSID Excellence Design Award, Innovation of the year, to name but a few. Partnership with select kitchen specialists across Europe rests on Gorenje Group’s solid distribution network which is present in 70 countries on all continents of the globe. Indeed, Home Appliances are the Group’s key division. Experience amassed thus far, widely acknowledged innovation, and distinguished technological perfection together form the foundations of the Gorenje+ concept.


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