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Published forthe 95%ar

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)6ur Doc(orb


li :::"'


Dr. Daild Joane,Pi,oneer Physician and lounder of the Hquse of Dr. D, JaWe & $on. Inc. Eatabliclad ii I8SO.

All the pay a skilled physician is lost unless hii presciiption is tui"ea over to an e.qyally. skilled and experienced pharmacist Jo be filled. your diuggist is p professional man, just as your il"octor; in fact, he is your dbdtor's ,ight tiunJ, nod me-rely a merchant. No one is better fitted to be. a guardian of a community,s health and to advise you on the seledtion of a medicine, because his knowleag" of arugs ang cnemreals, medieines old and medicines new ls wrde and accurate,.and usually verified y Io1B. years.of actual-expeiience with irecticines

of a,"-"au - --" ] .of qvely k1nd.His personal "ndors.-"nt ts backed is backed by bv sound sound knowledoe k-nowledge and real reql pwnpria-^o and e*perie.,ce The confrdence the d"ruggist i.. _ Ju-v"";.-"t"i*.-of honored medicineshas been *oi"Uv ,erf -6.ii;"J;;_ failing perfo.rmancesince Doetor fjuvia lav; il;;;gan dispensinghis o_wnmedicinesas a cou"ntry doc[or more hundred yeam ago, thus Iaying the'founda- -tion for the House of Dr. D. Jayne & S6;,i;;; Makers 6f



+ yNE' s Ut",'ft"f3*,fil1?, ?",iI I 3 I J JA Fixed and Movable Festivals

ner*a,fuieS,6f, rne SEAD


TWINg; Epiphany. . .. .Jan. 6 Gemlnl S e p t u a g e s i m aS u n d a y . . . . . . . . F e b . 13 ARMg Feb. Sun.. . 27 Quinquagesima-Shrove St.Devid. ....IIar. I N AshWednesday.... ..trIar. 2 LION, Firat Sunday in Lent. .IIar. 6 Lm St. Patrick. EEART ...IIar. 17 Annunciation-Lady Day. . . . . I\Iar. 25 Palm Sunday . .Apr. 10 Good tr'riday , .Apr. l5 BALANCEj Eastei Sunday, .......Apr. 17 Libra Low Sunday . . . A p r . 2 4 KIDNEYS Rogation Sunday. ....\Iay 22 AseensionDay.. .....IIay 26 Pentecost-['hit Sunday. . .. .June 5 ARCHER; Trinity Sunday. . . . . . . J u n e 1 2 Sagittarius TIIIGEg C o r p u sC h r i s t i . .......June 16 St. John Baptist. .....June 24 tr'IichaelmasDay... ..Sept.2g WATERF First Sunday iu Advent. . . . . .Nov. 27 1\IAN. St. Andrew. ...Nov. 30 Aquarius St. ltlicholas. . . Dec. 6 I,EGg St. Thomae. . .Dec. 21 ChristmasDay... ....Dec. 2E St. John, Evangelist. ..Dec. 27

ffi BULL

Taurus NECI(















EMBER DAYS l\[arch. June.. September. December.

. . . . . 9 , 1 1 ,1 2 ......8,10,11 . .21, 28,24 ..14, 16, 17




Capricornus I{NEES

ErsEES, PiSCeS, $




Thls Astrologer'B Chert shows the l2 Slgns of the Zodlac snd lndlcates the parts of the body which they are considered to eontrol. It also slves tlre Lctin end Itnglish name &nd the symbol for each Slgn. The Zodiac is an lmaginary ban<l of the heavens in shlch the sun. moon and planets travel. lt ls dlvlded into 12 equal Darta or Sicrrs. These Signs were named by the ancient astronomerr ior th-e consteltations ol stars whlch oppecr ln them. Some of the nomes are of gre&t entlqulty.





In the year 1938 there will be four Eclipses, two of thc Sun and two of the l\{oon. I. A Total Eclip.seof the lloon, l.Iay i3-l-1. Thc beginning visibtc generally in the Atlantic Ocean except the eastern.part,- r,i-orth Ameriea except the extrenre northcrn part, South Amcriea, Antarctica, the eastern part of Australia and the Paeific.Oeean;.the ending visible ge3erally_in'the central ana'tt'"sa;;; i;ils-;i N;ii; Ailil";, the *'estern part of South America, Antarctica, the Paeific Ocean, Australia and the noriheastein ;;ir*;-ity-;i A$4. uccurrrng as lollo$'s:

. II..A Total Eclipse of ,the^Sun, I{ay 29...Invisible to North America. Visible to the southern parts of South Amenea and Atrlea and the liouth Atlantie (Jceen. III. A.Total E.lip"-. of tbe-Ifoon,-N_ovemberT. In North America,-the beginning is visible to the ertreme northeastcrn parL qld the^endin_g visible exe-ept in the western and northwestern perti. IV. A Partial Eelipse,of the-Sun,_Nov_ember-21. Visible to the extreme weetein part of North America, the extreme eastâ&#x201A;Źrn part of Asia and the North Pari6c.Oeean..Beglnning at lortl4rnd 3 5li, Boise Citv lggd-Cjnson City 4 rrA, Sqnimente 4 loA, San Franciseo 4 llA, Los Ansiles l-5t.L, San Oitr:o 4-BZA-;"d";;iid itl} i,ifltl



and Evening

Stars, 1938

20, May lg and _ Merclrry _rrrll b,eJ\ttor4ing- Star about Jenuary 13; and Evening Stsr &bout. April 2, .luty gt and Novem$eptember ber 25. Venrls will be Star Morning ti[ February 3; then Evening Star till _ November ?0; anA then Morning Star agaiD the rest of the tear. Mars-will be Evening Star till Jrtly 24; and tlren Morning Star the rest of the year. wiu be Evening Star till Janu:lry 29; tben Morning Star .-Jupiter yeai. till August 20; and then Evening Star again the rest of the Saturn will be Evening Star till March 29; then Morning Star till Oc0ober 8; and then Evening Star again the rest of the year.

Planets Brightest, Mercury-March 24. June 19, September 17 and November 30. l5 and December 26. Venus-October Mars-Not during year.


S_t* Positions of Planets, 1938.

1938 Jupiter-August Saturn-October Uranus-Ivovember Neptune-Marcb

20, 8.

8. 10.

V d O March 10, and shines all rright. 2 d O August 20, andshines all night. b d O October 8, and shines all night. -atl night. 6 d O November 8, and shines 9l d O January 29, andis then invisible. b d O March 29, and G then invisible. 6 cf O May 4, and is then invisible. d d O July 24,andis theninvisible. V c/ O September 14, and is then invisible.


Charleston And Southern States


a9l 6tr1

9,d SIJNI SUNIMOONF'b'l sets risesl I rises h . m . l h .m . l h . m .


Aspects of Planets


Planets rise and set for W'ashiagton


l6 I




€l e l € cololo

€ " ll €" il€ol leol el lo€ll oe l o


A. Day of the month and day of the week. B and D. Times at which the sun and moon rise and set. Only moon risings and settings which occur in the hours of darkness are giveJr. AII times given are nean sun time for the latitudes of the cities named. To change to your local staudard time, first: Subtract 4 minutes for each degree of longitude you are situated easl of your Standard N{eridian or add 4 minutes for each degree west of same. Standard Time Meridians are: Eastern 75th. Central 90th. Mountain 105th. Pacific 120th. Secondly: Apply % of t,he time difference between New York and Charleston for each-degree of latitude you are nort*r or south of the nearest of these latitudes. Thus if y,ou qfg 3 degreee south of New York latitude, you apply fi of the time difference to the New York time. If you are 2 degrees north of the latitude of Charleston, apply r7{,of. the time difference to the Charleston time. pxample: Find the time of sunrise for Washington on January lstO n t h i s d a t e s u n r i s ef o r N e w Y o r k o c c u r s s t . . . . . .,,.7 h.24m. AndforCharlestonat.... ..7h.3m. Yielding adifference between the tabulated values of ....,... 21 m. As wg have shown above Washington being one-quarter of the distance from New York towards Charleston, we take one-quarter of the difrerence of 2.l,minutes, equal to 5 minutes, from 7 h. 24 m., and obtain the time of rising at Washington, 7 h. 19 m. Thirdly: For the moon only, you must further eorrect for longitude by adding.2 minutes to Ceqtral Time, 4 minutes to Mountain and 6 minutes to Pacific Time. C. The equation of time, or the difference between mean (average) solar time and apparent solar time. "Sun Slow 2 minutes," therefore indicates thet the sun will not arrive at the meridian uutil 12:02. E. Showing the constellation the moon is in on the date given. You can find the name of the constellation by checking the symbol with the Moon'g Man Chart on Page 1. . F. A_spects of Planets: Rising and eetting of principal planets and etar qouthingg;Tlanetary and moon conjunctione, interesting astronomical facts, etc. the column at the right will enable you to interpret the symbols and abbreviations uged. o.- G. The houre of moonlight and darkness ehoqrD by self-explenatory symbole. Duration of moon4ght,-phese of moon andapprorimate timb I' oI rrse aD(l 8ef,, ca,n De seen at a gtence.



Eveninp l*lotolo l l d




Syrnbols and Abbrerilations O Sun @ Darth P Mercury 9 Venus d Mars 2l Juoiter h Saiurn

g Uranus I Neptune G l\,Ioon D First Quarter @ Full I\{oon 0 Last Quarter @ New I\{oon

6-Moon farthest North iD the heavens. 9-Moon farthest South. c/-Conjunctlon: W}ren two heavenly bodies have the same celestial longitude. Superlor-When the planet is on the side of the Sun most distant llom the Earth. Inferlor-When on the sa,me slde of the Sun as the EartlL gr. elong. E or W-Greatest elongation or gxeatest angulor distance E or W' from the Sun. great€st libra@ gr. liU. E or W-IUoon's tion E or W-A slisht variation at different tlmes in the amount of the eastern or western edge of the Moon seen. gr. Ifel. Lat. N or S-Greatest heliocentric latitude, or gTeatest anguler dtstance North or South from the ecliptlc as seeD from the ceDter ol tbe Sun. Statlonary-Whetr the Dlonet, through Its relative motion to that of the Eartll. &ppears to remain ln one place nmong tbe dxed stars. $-Signtfies the star south8. or cnoffres tlre meridian. Peritrellon-Neer tbe Sun. Perigee-Near tbe Earth. Aphellon-Far from the Sun. Apogec-Fsr tfom tbe Esrth. M-Momlng. A-Alternoon brll.-Brlillancy. o-AscendiDg Node. U-DeseendtDa Node. DQuadrature: 00o lrom sun. d-Oppo8l0ion: 180" fmm 8u!"


Round Wqrms Alrnast Actuol Size

Inveatieations in various parts of the United States lead to the- conclusion that, in some sections of this country, almost 50 children out of each 100 harbor worms. In certain cities where sanitation is of the best, we still find that 1Oin each 10Ochildren and adults suffer with these worms. Two common Round Worrne found in the human intestinal traet in practieally every section of the united states are eo different in life and custom of multiplyrng,. that they must be described separetely. The largest and most common Round 'Worm, known as Ascaris, was diecovered and identified in 1758, just a short time after eome of our oldest cities in the original tJrirtcen colonies were being settled. These worms live in the small intestine of man, but owing to the fact that they wander about, they are found in many other parts of tbe body. The female worm p&saes many eEgs which leave the body in the stool. The eag cannot reinfect man until the lsrva ha.e developed outside of the body. The e8gis, when out of the body remain alive for many years. Scientists have estimated that the female Round Worm contsins about 27,(nO,000 eggs and that she passes about 2(X),0(X) eggt per day.

of Worrn Infectlon Symptoms The symptoms of the preBence of these worms in the intestinal traet are often similar'to the symptoms of many other diseases. The only positive evidenee of harboring these worms is the findine of the live worms in the stool or by vomiting them. The finding of the ' the use of a microscope, is eleo posrtrve evrqence. 'When the Iarvae are boring through the intestine, liver and lungs, they Eive rise to numerous hemorrhages, often producing symptoms resembling that of lobar pneurnbnia. In sensitive individuals, a toxin or poisoning may occur a,s a result of absorption of the byproducts of thie worm. While migratins the worms are often vomited or escape through the nose. They often entei and obstruct the bile or pancreatic ducts, or the appendix, and they may even penetrate the intestinal wall, or cause peritonitis. Where the infestation is heqvy, that is, a person having from 10X) tn WO worms, they collect and form a ball which may be mistaken for a tumor. lf this suspected tumor is massaged and the ball moves across the abdomen, it is a sure sign that the suspected tu:rror is a bdll of worms, and this.may eause serious obstructions sometimes necegsitating a major operation,

Sources of Infection Children and adults become infected by swallowing water or eating- vegelibles polluteal $'ith qgs contcining the infecte-d larval etase. It is often sugaested that infection ean oceur u&en Che brvae Denetratâ&#x201A;Ź the skin or by the inhalation af eggs into the chest. When the lanrae are the eggs containins swalow:ed they are microseopieally small: the larvae escape from the egp and bore throush the wall of the intestine and then inter the blood streaffi and are carried to the liver and the heart and finally to the lungs whe-re thev srow and sh-ed' Here they leave the blo6d-stream. crawl up into the trachae and.return to the stomaeh and intestine' wneie tUev again shed and become adults. While the tinv ]arvae are cra,wling through the heart and from theintestid liver to the lungs and returning to-th.e grow to lO times their intestines, they oricinal si"e. After again reaching the intbtine they beeome adults in about 6 weeks The 6ah ir sbout 7>/ro to 9,, long and about as larse in diametet as a pe"cif Tbe-fclnab b about thq m*f eeme diameter but reecha a lengtb of 15". (See picturee)

Pin \ilorn* or Tlrread Worm . The second very common, troublesome Round Worm is very amall and commonly known as the Pin W-orm or Thread Worm, which was identified and described in the year 1758. This worm is a very common parasite found in both adults and children. (See pg. 2l)


Pin Worms o&dEggs Masnifid


lst Month New York


and Northern




Aspects of Planets Planets rise and set for Washington


IsuxIsun rrseE


3l Days

I riseslsets 1 b .m . t h .m . h . m


; - , 4]i7 3r5 51 6 45 $ lCircumcision 1 i-WEl New Yorh 9.l9; Charleston 10.02 Day's L,ength: Second Sunday after Christrnas psld sets I 315 2 l s17 25]1444; sets 1 Q 9 \E/ O in periheliou 315 771 6 szl 3jMlz zsl+441 Venus rises 6 53315 821 4lr 17 25144517 5rl 8 5El 315 Q gr. hel. Iat. N. 5lwlz zsl+4618 521 471e 541 315 e 561 Epiphany 6ir 172514 4i5 10 551 Aldebaran S. 9 24" 7 l F1725i4 48110571 4t5 1 1 5 5 1 d h a , ]l 8 l st7 25\449lmornl Day's I-rength: New Yorh 9.25; Charleston 10.07 First Sunday after Epiphany , r o r n>@ 4 1 51 1 n ql e i s7 2514 0 l'iR h g 0 s t a t i o n a 4i5 1210 571 loiM7 Al4 o I 4itr j) c/ 6 c , I 415r2l 2 2lrr@] Mars setq9 28o 7 24i4 4i5 13i 3 8l i G i n U 12lw7 24'4 3 3i5 14i 4 141 13jT7 241,4 4 Fq j R i g e l S . 9 4 0 " D 3i5 15i5 171 I G in perigee 14iF 7 23i4 3i5 16i 6 141 I Jupitcr sets 5 51" 6 151s 7 23,4 \t


Second Sunday



16ls1722|,4581rises11 17lMl72214'sl 7 8i1 18lT172rl5 0l 8 18i1 1elwl7zrls rl o zolr 2oiT172ol5 2i1032ll 36i1 2|Fl 7 2ol5 3111 22"si71 9 i 5 4 l m o r n l l Third Sunday after le5 6i 0 3711 231

Day's l-rength: New Yorh 9.36; Charleston 10.14 Epiphany 3!5 171rises 6;\ 15- 16 CapellaS. 9 29" \:/ 3i5 1817 lE Saturn sets 10 13o 215lel 8 23 6 stationary 2152OlS 2e Canopus S. 10 27" 2i5 2rl0 27 rl5 2r"tll 27 &r, l Sirius S. 10 39' 1i5 22imorn i l]ranus sets 1 16Epiphany



Nevv Yorh

9.47; Charleston


1;52310 25lp6l '\L rf zs CastorS.11 19" l! O':5zal I zllpal Ncptuncrises8 56. ll 1815 711 36r 24 0;5 2512 l4i(ffiiConversionof St. Paul lf 25tT r7|5 al,z szlt 16;5 ei 3 2611 59i52613 qqffi'ProeyonS. 11 13" I l! 2l T 16j51014 16i1 59t527i1355i&ffitG in aposce ll 2EF 15151215 ljl 5 8 i 52 8 14 4 l l 4 ? l P o l l u xS . t l 1 0 " lf 29:s 14i5r3l 5 43i1 5 8 i 52 e l 5 2 5 l s ' l d q O : d Q G lr Day's Length: New York 10.01; Charleston 10.33 Fourth Sunday after Epiphany ffi^d92:tr6O Wi/srdAC:dgG


Eastern Standard Tirne d. h. m. 1 1 58' e New Moon I I 13D First Quarter 16 0 53@ Full Moon 0 Last Quarter 23 3 931 8 35O New Moon

The Jewish Calendar for 1938-5698 tlanuary

3, Rosh Hodesh 17, Rosh Shanah

Shebat Lreaylanot

WEATHER CONJECTURES-1-2, Stormy; 3-5, Very cold; 6-8, Cloudy; 9-10, Changeable;11-13,Cold; 14-17,Stormy; 18-21, Unsettled; 22-25, Changeable; 2G28, Clear, cold; 2g-3I, Stormy.


SIGNS OF STOMACH WORMS (Anlnal Parasltes of Intestines) Diarrhoea Upset Stomach Nausea Underweight Paleness Fidgeting Constipation

Listen to Your' Innards' !

Your digestive tract, of course, eannot talk, but it coz tell you in "sign language" what may be u'rong with it. The signs that point to Stomach W'orms are very plain -diarrhoea oi constipation, _stomach disco-mfort, nause&, nervousness or underweight. Any one of these signs may mean lilrorms, especially if you have been troubled for a long time with these symptoms that won't yield to the usual remedies, laxdtives, tonics and antiacids. The longer you have experimented without benefit, the more you ow'e it to your health to heed the warning

signs and find out for sure whether or not Stomach Worms may be bothering you. It can do no harm to treat with Jayne's Vermifuge on suspicion, as oftentimes the drugs impart a tonic effect. When you learn that the tiny, Iiving Worm eggs pass through the human digestive system all the time, you'll rronder thdt any person escapeslilorms at all. But not aIJ these egge hatch. Under favorable conditions they hateh in rruch less time than it takes for food to pass through your system. Country folks reeognize the symptoms but eity folks still have to find out for tbernselves.


To make szre whether your troubles are due to 'W'orms'or not costs so little and means so much that you really should learn the facts instead of going on forever and get worse all the time. Just take a few doses of Jayne's Vermifuge and watch for'Worms to be expelled in the stools.-Jayne's Vermifuge is pleasant and

WORMS!-ttorsTonlcn rnotlBu found, "I usd Jdune't Vermvuge as a last rcsoil and 'stomaah a qulck, ileclsloe and pleasar.t et.d lo mlt trouwes' whkh I thouqht uere Lruurawe. I sure ucsh f It uotid, haae hod knawn abou ll seaeral Aenrs ago.

nu @tro,ol rntseru." saoed,


iffiK: ,*.

palatable and doesn't in any.way upset your stomach, In fact, it may do a lot of good because it's anti-aeid, too. And it costs so Iittle that you really ean't afford to keep experimenting any longer with wrong and useless remedies. Ask your druggist today.

,.STILL HAD WORMS AT 65"' "At 66 I'm stlltr troubl,ed. uUh U-orms al tlmts," wiles Mrs. l{'rn. C. Tholl lrom Chka|o. "I told. a bul she laughed. a, nelghbor her hdd ll'orns nte, anl the.U operated for Appedtcttls. "Then theA lound the glrl uas J6t tultr ol ll-orms, The dcx:lqs hal neoef scan anuthin| ltke 1t."





Znd Month New York


and Northern Statee

o (D

Aspects of Planets Planets rlse and aet for Waehlnpton

SUN setS


l. m,


6 I


:9t: oolo

8 I I


e4l5 53t5

6 ' 8I I 10

^ 6 t+


Sunday aftcr Epiphqry

Day's Lengrth: New Yorlr 10.17; Charleeton 10.45

s I'i.'8'3 "

5ll5 3810

0 in aphelion Capella S. 7 54o Mars sets I 23" Canopus S. 8 57" @ in perigee

47154214 Septuagesirna

9 in aphelion Purifi cation-Candlemas d I O superior dhA,:d&Q Venus sets 5 23o

Day's Lrengrth: New York 10.3{};Charleston l0.S?


Sirius 8. 9 9" 6\ \7 re St. Yalentine Jupiter rises 6 21^ d q C rd Q % G gr. libration W. ft,, lProeyon S. 9 42"

Sexagesima Sunday

Day's Lrength: New YorL 10.51;Charleston ll.l0 mornl 5fo| Saturn eets 8 14"

0 +lful A 2t G in 6-J 0 581(ffi1 K- PolluxS. 9 32. I 4qqffil G in aposee 2 351& | St. Matthias


3 201&lUranussetsll 2o



flffi | Denebola S. 1 24-


Day's Length: New Yorh lt.09; Charlegton 11.23 Neptune rises 6 39"


MOON'S PHASES Eastern Standard d.

Tirne h.


D Frrst Quarter 7 7 32" 14 0 14" @ Full Moon € Last Quarter 2l ll 24"

The Jewish Calendar for 1938-5698

February l, 2, Rosh Hodegh Adar Rishon 15, Purirn Katan WEATHER CONJECTURES- 1-3, Threatening I 4-G,Very cold; 7-9, Changeable; 10-13, Agree'able;14-17,"(iuite cold; 18-21, Cool, stormyit?-24, Warmer, littie rainj ZB-2A,Hig[ wind.'cold.'



possibleintheclarkestorsafestolace he could find. Had hunting been iood, his stomach would be well filled before he retired. These conditiong eristed for so many thousands of yeare that man acquired an ingrained need for tbem. In order to aleep modern man still wantg (1) quiet, (2) darknes, (3) to lie down, (4) a full or partly filled stomaoh, (5) absence of brain action or worry. AIDS TO SLEDP. SPECIAL "Counting Sheep" to induce sleep is silly because it requires brain work. A glaea of warm milk iS.more likely to help, unless food has been teken recently. A change of temperature or air in the room often helps. Tbe mind must be freed of worry, fear. or exciting thogghts. THE SENSDS NEVER SLEEP. Even duriag

SLEBP ie that state in which a person'a mind is only partially conscious and all the muscles are completely relaxed. The movemenk of breathing and of the pulse are alower than in the waking gtate. The bodilv functions and internel Eeoretionc are partially auspended. The pupils of the eyes ar€ generally contraeted. INSOMNIA is the inability to sleep, also called sleepl€dsneaa or wakefulness. This state may be caused by ill health or one of the following conditione (hsvinE no relation to health):a strange or noisy environment; extreme mental or physical emotion before retiring; the absence of usual comfort; hunger; or exceaaof sleep. BDST CONDITIONS FOR SLEEP. Our primitive ancestora, treedwellers oI cavemen, would hunt and seek food only in {lylight. At night they had to seek refuge-in trees oi caves so es not to be killed by perhaps the same animals they hunted by day. It was only netural that the cave man, as a matter.of selfprotection, would retire to a tree or cave at night, lie down and remain as quiet ae

(Continued on page g)

Avoid or Soothe

Ghecperond Betlcr thon PLASTERSI



If you are subject to rheumatic or neuralgic twinees of pain, rub a dab of Jeyne's Lincreme on the gpot where the pains usually atiart, after you have been out in cold or demp weather. Do this just ss soon aa you get home in order to nip the pein in the bud, before it has a chaace to grow reelly aevere. Mauy oeoole use Lincf,eme even BEFORE ihey go out in bad weather. For inatanoe. auFererg from cold feet, cbilblsins or froet bitee use it reeulady BEFO&E venturiag outdoors and thur alleviate much needBocauge Linoreme lrenetrat€a deeply into the less pain and diecocrfort. pores, the warming and eooihing efrect is felt at mte. It giveo la*ing comfort, too, because it "Never Frtled to Relleve Prlrr" doesn't rub ofi ao easily. being deep in tbo pores trys Lsura M. Splelel, a iDstesd of on the etpfec of the skin. Its cleaD" nurao tndurto Dorpsinty,gdgp nrkeo it doubly ploerant to . "I taprwrtN Lltuficnp al u!e, esDecreuy tor bccausett lw tsa ldld Heedec|lee and Steeolcacnelg ?etleue thc nN tp taale Mtn. It "db.t Juat rub g littlg iDto tns naDe-of the neek or at owacbD tbeb wltlwu {ataw the templee if congestion rf those poi.uta caure tJ.a sldn, eut ls ,r@ rrom anpa6@rt odor and ottrlrr4j,s." SCneE Or lllaoElnrE.




of - .A whole year'e iupply Lincreme may actually coot no more than a single plaster. And ii doesn't burn nor blister; you ca,n,readnlz tbe degroe of heat and efrecU you want. Small wonder thie modern marvel is so popul&r for rruscular iiaine, sprains and bruieeo; rheumatic and neuralgic twinges;. ch€st colde; cold feet; "stif' neok. and. many other pains dus _to cold, exposure. or overstrain. Only 60C a tube. Try it. .For Stffi. Soro Kneet ulth t{tr, "I @&s p atndd pal,nlld kurs and ffmlt ttdt: I itottw ,r&t.tu mooe le tO tws. Afla utltg anb E anb'{ d Llt@crp & Nr,s a?d stltut lalt.* M?s. Moy Dlfidorr, Wltornlro, Po. .€old SDotr" Rclleved "Sfruc chtldlpd I h4oGt8ad spot$" (& hadi d Irom "& ld ail ftost Utcsr. AUua atfu J@c ltbtranu I'm ctmolaih tdtq Ropg _ryn, "dIM,,: brvv,Fqfuul; Mo.




MARCH, 1938

3r'd iltdnth New.Yorh


and Northern States


risesj sete I rises r. m.lh. m.l h. m.


thern Sta


suNI suN nsesl sets

3t D"tls

a o

Aspects of Planets Planets rlse and set for Washlngton


HOURS Mornlng


I 6l


:l o








+) !.

ol o ele ,o l.o

36155015 s2llslp 30i5 5715 4 d lm'n I St. David i 35155rl sets lrlp 28't557i sets d ittiiflt'2 Ash wednesday i 33155217 46lrab 27155817 4'. & iVenussets6 23" I srlss+ls szlr{lozolsool8 4 , & l c l b C I 3015551e 59;14b25:6 0l 9 4 1 R I c / c r A I First Sunday in Lrent Day's Lrength: New York 11.28;Charleston 11.37 28i556111 1 t 23l|6 &64, 271557lm 1 t 22l|6 Gin19 25155810 I 1 l 2116 TIL c/POsuperior 24t15591L I I ;6 2016 iY I Mars sets 9 15. 1C 22,6 Oi 2 I I ,6 1816 dvo II 2016 ll 3 I p 1716 @ in perigee l2 19i6 213 4 I i6 16:6 Castor S. 8 11" Second


in Lrent

Slo t

4 4 531 rises 8 I 10t10

lqiq I

Day's I-rength: New Yorh 11.46;Charleston 11.52


i6 r

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l6 I

61 4 lsiwffii Jupiter rises 4 5671 4 54lg{tlProcyon S. 8 8" 71 5 3OJfiStr51 15 d q G 8l rises l&'i .=r- 16 Pollux S. 8 6. 91 7 551A",l St. Patrick : ( I b

o ls s + l F , l yq I 101 e 521ft1 cr e q

Third Sunday in Lrent 20lsp 616l ll11 5l S 16 6 6 21M,6 41672"1159, 716 4t6 22lT16 zlo rgtnornl 7,b g6

Day's l-rength: New York 12.05; Charleston 12.05


zsiwiotlo r+lo 4slzil6 zis 24rT b 5el6t5l l s2l016 o,o

25lFlb 57161612 r2l 6115 5e,6 26isl5 s6l6 ul 2 4716llbsB6 Fourth Sunday in Lent 27tS 18 3 16i 19 3 o I 16i 3 oI 20 4 2 1714 4 2l 4 4 1814 4 o l8l i)

MOON'S PHASES Eastem Standard Tirne m. g t& New Moon 3' 4O^ I 3 35. D First Quarter 16 0 15^ @ Full Moon 23 8 $o 6, Last Quarter 31 I 52o G New.Mtrcn

Day's Lrength: New Yorh 12.24; Charleston l2'.2A 101 45i l8j 511 26i

The Jewish Calendar for 1938-5698

March 3, 4, Rosh Hodesh Adar Shenee 16, Fast of Esther 17, 18, Purirn WEATHER CONJECTURES-1-3, Stormy; 4-6, Clear, high wind; 7-10, Moderate; 11-13,Pleb,sant;t4-L7, Threaten!qg; t8:?0, Pleasantl 2L-22, Rain; 23-26,'Clear, pleasant; 27-31, Changeable. 8

+ I

I i


( after extreme m.ental effort, without anv use of muscles, requires partial unconsciousneis (as in sleep). It has becn found that persons u'ho gr.t continuous daily exercise for their muscles, slich as laborers, farmers, mechanies, ete., require nrore sleep and rest than office workers and others who u'ork largely with thcir brain. GETTING TIRED DOING NOTHING. I,et a d-og exercise vigorously and keep him awake for 36 hours and he will sleep in any position. If such a dog is killed and an extiact from his brain trans-

Don't Dose IIer

with unpalatable or sickening medicines Doslng her wlth naaty medicine.e of any kind makes her nght agalnst ALL medicines. She'll nght and struggle stlll harder if she should experience ill results alter taklng it. . For lnstance. il she should ever try one of the worm medlclnes thac ere olly or nauseatlng, or one that makes her dlzzy or sick to the stomach, you can't blame her for going lDto tantrums every time she heers the word "medicine." The wise mother avolds nghts, arguments and upsets by glving her cbild only pleasor.l, agreeable medlcines such as Jayne's. All Jayne medicines ta.ste 8o good that ehildren &ctu&lly ask tor them. And they are 8o sklltully blended snd compouDded that they get results without the sllghteot lDterference with digestion.

Instead of Distasteful Upsetting Medicines


Its Mint Flavor pleases the palate and makes childrenuanf, to take it !

ean be kept au'ake for about 42 hours. Aftâ&#x201A;Źr that he'll go nearly crazy or want to 6cht if not allowcd to sleep. Knowledgc of this faet is used in "Third Degree" police work. After 42 hourg or so a man w'ill beeonre partially unconscious and fall a second and usually gets "6ghting ms<l" if a*'akened. Just how mu-ehsleeo a person needs is as hard to determine as the imoirnt of food one rcrluires. Iluch depends -aee, on one's trork, bqblls, health, feelings and ENEMIES OF SLEEP. Neivous tension. excitcment or worry keep us awake. Constipation with its ncrve reflexes k-eepsmany sufierers w&keful. Anemia with its laek of re<I blood also eontributes to sleeplessness.Every sufferer ntust disc_ovcrhis_parti-cular enemy, ind the sooner he does so the better, for sleep we muet bave to live vigorously and bappily.

Do You Know ThofAbout 16,O0O,00Otons of rain fall every seeond on the earth as a rvhole, and the same amount is ehanged, by evaporation. into invisible water vapor of the air by the sun eaeh seeond. If all evaporation ceased, the eartb's gurface would be apond 2 feet deeo. Trail huntine with dogs can only be successful on eool, danrp days; the nroisture holding the animal odor. I)uring droughts in arid localities, trail hunting ig impossible. Thrce factors; namely, temperature, humidity and gir velocity, a5c th9 most important factors in determinrng vacat,roD locatrons. Photographs of the structure of thousands of snow flakes indicatc that no tr.r'oare alike. If all the snow in the Arctic and Antartie on all tbe mountains melted, and there was no evaporation, New York City, Pbiladelphia, the state of Florida, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, and all cities at about the eame height above sea levels, would be from 90 to 150 feet under water. The human body eonsists of many different chemieals, all of whieh serve some speeial purpose, The lack of any chemical in our food ciuses ilmi upset in our health. Thc aupply of Iron should be watehed uith eBe-eial care because of its vital importance to heslth and vitality.


b* APRIIT, 1938

4th Month

30 Days

New York


and Northern States

E-IsuNlsuNlMooN 3Fl'i.*l*tsfsets '1lFl5 4516 2317 4614154el6lel 7 361&lcl I @ g l5 6 14 1 s 4 8 1 6 2804i2 i f n 'df rei c : d zlsls++l0z+ Fifth Sunday in Lent

ol o ml9{lrJl(o

6 c

Day's Lrength:

l) l)[lrillrlrlrt]r|rl Kl]K itl)l)-i-trtrl-in--n-KlX

New York

12.44; Charleston


13.02; Charleston


Q gr. hcl. lat. N. @ in perigee Regulus S. 9 10"


0 1 I 2 Palrn

HOURS Morning,

Tilil Vcnus sets 7 41" j! 7 Dcnebola S. 10 43 dQ I Mars sets 9 5"


Day's Length:

2 'sl

3 311 411 1 311 rrses I 7 531 8 531

New York

2 s S i R S l S p i c aS . 0 l l 37162613 2glg$il H stationery 4 38i&',lfl C gr. libration W. riscs 1ft,'l\7 fa Jupiter rises 3 87 38lrh lGood Friday : d g 6 3116301I 351F6 r i s e s4 57^ 3 5 1 5 $|l A Saturn 57S n t u r n riscs l)

Easter Sunday

Day's Lrength: New York 13.20;Charleston 13.01 G iu {-3 .Arcturus S. 0 30I Ijranus sets 7 45" in apogee G 9 in 6-J (d \L 22 Neptune sets St. Gcorge [3 41

Low Sunday

Day's l-rength: New York 13.37; Charleston 13.15


I 2 2 3 3 4 5

, I

3 3 4 D

MOON'S PHASES Eastern Standard D First Quarter @ Full Moon ( La^st Quarter O New Moon


Tirne h.


7 10 f014 | 21" n 3 14" 30 O 28-


St. Mark @ gr. Iibration E. 0 in!9


@33y%3 The Jewish Calendar for 1938-5698 Aptil2,

Rosh Hodesh Nissan 16, 17, Pesah, first 2 da]rs

WEATHER CONJECTURES-1-3, Variable; 4-8, Cbld, qlo14qyi_9-12, Qqite cold; 13-14,Warmer; 15-16,Little rain; \7-?0, Warm, -pleasant; 2L-23, Stormy; 24-27 Quite cool; 28-30, Stormy.

..PA L E


CHEEKS Turned Pink Quickly


after she got over that Worm ,l Attack


Round, Worms ore the most @mmon of the animal parasitei tlnt iq,hgpit the intestines ot child,rm.


i, l'

oommon they are right in your own neighborhood. If you want to 6nd out whetber lrozr child is restlesg. pale or thin beeause of these Worme, try siving her Jayn4's Vermifuge. She will like ita plessant mint flavor. Theri'wctch for worme to appear in the etools. If no 'Worms are found, no harm fias been done. This is tbe quick, easv and pleasant wey to learn the true facts. 47 million bottlee have been used. Druggists rrcommend it. Try it.

Millions of mothers have rejoiced to see their little oneg return quicklv to normal health and strength after beine pale, thin, ddgety, or crcs for weekq or months becaus-eof Worms. These are some of the danger signs that point to Round Worms: Pale faces,.constant thin bodies, poor appetites, crosanesa and nose pieking, fidgeting, bad irritabilitv, dreamg, Liinding of teeth in sleep, vomiting, and dianhoea. Govt. Bulletin No. 286 etates that out of 2,000 school cbildrtn examined, aE many as 49 out o! fOO in certain acbools had lV'orms! Your druggist will tell you how



The difierence between Joy and a Gloom ie often so sliaht-perhaps a tiny pill touch of Constipation-th&t or two (of the right kind) will put you on tbe Sunny Side for daye. So don*U let the Gloom of Constipation rob your life of its thousand and one thrills! Don't let it depress you and 6lI you with psinsl


The avcrage doctor'e idea of an ideal Iaxative is one tbat is tlwrouO.h yet,


Relief ig as close os your nearest drug gtpre! Just ask for Jeyne's Laxative see how Pills-take 1*6 lsnight-and much better you'll feel es that slwgish feeling disappears, headachee vanish, appetite andieet for life, work and play return! Once more you're on the Sunny Side! Don't wait for Constipetion to get you down. Keep. t}gse little pills handy. Take them at the firet si8n, ea Boon a6 you feel slightly sluggish, lazy, stuffy, or tired for seemingly no reason. Poor appetite is another sisn. So is a headache, pimples or blotchee. Pretty soon you'll know the signs that herald ConItipation in your own particular c&Ee. Ouce you,know them, you're oafe; be* cauae you-know what to do; get Jayne'l Laxative Pille and keep on the Sunny Side ALWAYS!


"EIow are your bowels?" Thattg usually the first thing a doctor aoks hie patient. He knows the importanee off frequent and complete b6wel move. ments. On the other hsnd, the doetor also knows the danger of barsh, drastic laxatives tbat too easily establish the "laxative habif' by giving the bowels ooerrsorlcinstead of light erercbe. Over* worked bowele naturClly weaken. with the result that larger and more frequent dosee are needed to make them move.


/\RtW\ I

t t'


ii*'9,'XtfffiLihlrT*i1nT'H drastic.

IAYI{E',.S:dr$"'ar'l,''il"ifg about one cent per dose. They are tiny,


lfShT#u'H"?iT;:f,"ii"%'.'o and others who dieli[e oument. bitter

PrLrs iili$;*:ilf'Bliffi$: 11

{) 't

a d

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t o19 o+? o1 I

e, orz

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a o1 I t olzl AI 01 II






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*B wa ..o



OEX - P t r

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c o Fl .o h

FEa,E,' * , r r g ; , o6


>r =r-.i{-ffi-F-ffifr



F { d i F i H 6 1 6 l



61 61 6q c\

?ho rt<o-t--oo-

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C!rrv 6Q\7

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u?+m fl

t.- I\ t\ c6N6r

o-o; 6l c6 co

t ) cn l/t2*

.+l d h d d

n^tcl 6l cl 6r



t o S-srt

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€) c c ) c c ) t @torO=n IorOrOtltr





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+J (6 b

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(d 6-l=-16l?5-64-6-6l" - d HrirF{$lHrOCo



ct *-<o t- ro olH ril 6l <r rr


3-rra La ro

_-.1-t-d iiCiCA<t<i lololr)IoIorO


ut o t{ 6

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+a ul d

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d H d i l

t\ t- F- t'- f- t- t?-m=6-* cl-O-!i !'r rdl <t { ca

61 60 tdr


6t * .1t 66-6 6t 6O^l $i<i

tO LC tO V) ttl <l .il .+a d =F-ii-F=-<.-+-:fl h d d

t 7 a & h

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I'i^:!-l " 92 a


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*--6i-6.<r ti

tr-tro ro

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t- F- t- t- t.- t-


icict.O*<,.fr .A

t{ 6-('i=-6-80-6-Ao $r iti $ !'{ $ $1 o (t FI b--()-<)-ro-!tt-ca-61 Fr o d

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H r--cO-O-O 3To loIorOuiro ( 0 ( o < ) €c 0 b . - t O-o-od-<b-ro-!i-6 ro|olorororo ?lLtn










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c ri,a (D * "r+a 3\o .t -r 6+ aQ : F A ' t +, 'c I bl bl ,6 Qa F'E t o o o d ' 3i .3 v ! 9 't) Fl . , r 9l "' Q Fl I I E P o O+ .o -a

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f!lo * a -i

E :ot rl .l Z .;lq


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HID;t{6 Y l.4 6 (6

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5ll-< t O .al6f'u


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hrr YC'

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ffif; N * 9 6

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E 22 EEE

l\tu)Z a@s e

8i oEe> r E=g

EO H Jrl


..SPRINGFEVER'' Whatit is

Whatto do

Indoor life in lr'inter, heavy foods, lack of exercise and fresh air leave the systenr full of thines u'hieh shouldn't be there and lacking in those r+'hich should be there. This condiiion causes a certain sluggishness, lassitude, lack of feeling energy, tired and aversion to u'ork, conrmonly known cs "Spring Fever." Plenty of ox.ygen will "burn" out the fttiguc po.isons and bring ner+' r'igor. To attraet oxygen, you must take Iron, the only t'lement eapablc of capturing this vital element. A5k yourhruggist for JayJne's Tonic Pills, *'hieh act much fasler than fron alone because they contain several other elements that hasten thcir effect. Just *'hat your blood needs after a winter without enough fresh air and iron-rich foods such as fresh, spinach, peas, beans, grapes, earrots, peacnes anq apneo[s.

The Dongerous Age After 2, children begin to mix w'ith others. All sorts of dangerous germs and parasites are brought home from contact with others at this tender age when resistance has not yet been deA chUit utth a courh or cotd veloped. Watch should be k(pt au'ay Ircm othos all danger sigso as not lo spread lnfecllon. nals! If- Junior brings home even a slight eough, give him Jayne's Expeetorant at once. It's the germ that settles down and gets bottled up in a dry throat that is likely to gron' dangerous. Keep the throat moist and free from drying, irritating phlegm with this three-way cough syrupIF


AreYou aBig Eater? o^,F,'fl!il"


Thousands of persons today wonder if they have a Tapeworm when worried by too big an appniite, quecr stoirach-aches,'underu-eight, dizzy spells, 'r'omiting, tirecl feeling, u'eakness or nunrbness in the limbs. Tapeu'orms are very common in localities that consume much fresh or s-nrokedfis-Ir,or where rau'beef is considcred a delicacy. Insufficiently cooked fish, beef or pork are the main causes of Taoeworm infeetion. The only sure sign of Tapoworm is seeing the wliitish links of the worm in the stools. To eause the worm to shed these links and thus reve_alits pfesence, talie Jaync's Vermifuge in double doses, followed b_ydouble.doscs of Jayne's Laxative Pills. If worm segments &re now observcd in the stool, take Jayne's Tapeworm Treitment without delay and watch for the r,r-ormto be expeiled.



JAYilE'S TAPEW(lRM TREATM El{T - This treatment has been suecessful in thousands of cases, even when the worm had resistcd all previous methods. Jayne's is a cornpletetreatment. Nothin-g else is needed. W'hy experiment witblomemade or uncertain remedies? l{ost Tapeworm R-emedies are $5 to $IO-Jayne's only $2. Ask your druggist to get it for you today.


AII the sources of ern, ht|hlu laboralory 80dce.

rea m.odsclentllic are at your

Detectlon Worm Servlce Elirnlnates Guesswork To aid the druggist and physicirn, we now ofler a sclentiflc microscopic analysis of stools to ileteet and identify atry traeea o( lnfection by Itound. Tope, or Pin Worm. This servlce may also be used by the publlc. If interested, send $2 tor lnstructlons aDd special container to in whieh to msil a semple of stools. No further charges. Wrlte Recearch Labo.atorlea, Dr. D. Jayne & Son, IncPhlla,. Pa.

|? lil

New York


e z

and States Northern



IF ix

ts 30 Days

JUNE, 1938

6th Month

suNlsuN MOOnp a

risesl sete sete h. m.lh. m. h . m . n

Charleston and Southern State{

!9 0l


r. m.lh. m h . m

3 1 24lro231 4v 3 1 24trt 2t 24

3 p l?l

MOONITIGHT Aspects of Planets Planete rlse and set for Washlngton

EvenlnE aolo) I

€l e i-l@

olr16\ HtHIH ololo rlel+t o)lold lrlr

HOURS Mornln <i


ololototototo e l €l + l e l + l * l e c\ ldlc.rlorl!il1lo1@

0 9lM lVenus sets 9 34o 0 53iFH€lArcturusS. 9 29"


t atlffil jg nornlffil Jf

?filmornl ZW



3l ol

3gl EeJ suNlsuN lruoor risesf sets sets

Mars sets8 31" 4 AlphaccaS. l0 40"

Day's Lrengrth: New York

14.57; Charleston


c/V@ G gr. libration W. Jupiter rises 11 50o Antares S. 11 18"


Day's Lrength: New Yorh 15.03;Charleston 14.17


f2 ,\ltair S. 2 28- 9 Saturn rises I 24G in apogee 9 er. hel. lat. N. Corpus Christi Alphacca S. 9 49. 6\ (Y/


Sunday after Trinity


3ql 1 341 ll

I 4 341mor

Ijranus rises 2 I A 20 I in Perihelion \e O entcrs @, Sumn c/g Osuperior [begi Neptune sets 11 33" St. John Baptist @in19


7 I

s4l 0 1 34{0 5 3511 3 34 2 l Second

Day's Lrength: New York 15.05; Charleston l4.lg

52 I 52 I 52 53



Day's Lrength: New York 15.05; Charleston 14.18


lll 3 3 r2l }lw 53t7 rll Ep,5317 sets | 3ll4 5317lll sr 3l 3l

8 ral dk E4lrr2l T 8 5q qh Mv r2l 8 r2l s e 341dl4 5417

MOON',S PHnSgS Eastena


D First Quarter @ Full Moon

( Last Quarter O New Moon

Tirne d. h. m. 4 ll 32" 12 6 47"

n 8 52" 27 4 10"

Antares S. l0 7" O 415 ql$#t gz G in perigee

dAQ,:d&G St. Peter and St. Paul d9c,

The rlewish Calendar for 1938-5698 June 5, 6, Shebuot 29, 30, Rosh Hodeeh Tarnooz

WEATHER CONJECTURES-1-4, Yery warm, showers; s-8, Cooler; 9-11, Pleasant; 12-13,Hot; 14-15, Rd,in; 16-18; Moderate; ls?!, Agreeablelt2-25, Warm, rain;2S28, Hot, sultry; 29€0, Showers. 14


Find the ChildrenWho Have Worms






Any mother whose ehild has ever had Round Worms can easily pick out the poor "tykes" in this picture who are so affiicted. The signs of Round Worms are only too plain-fidgeting, nose picking, pale cheeks, underweieht. lack of appetite, crossness,stomach discomfort, diarrhoea, no p"ii Bb,d drcams, grinding of teeth, pnd restless sleep aie^other common signs. Less experiericed mothers whb are still puzzled by these often baffiing symptorns, will be happily surprised to discover how

quickly a child returns to normal health, how cheeks turn pink, appetite picks up, weigbt increases, and restlessnessdies away. when the Round W'orms which may be causing the trouble are expelled by the use'of Jayne's Vermifuge. It can do no harm to treat with Jayne's Vermifpge oq suspicion, as oftentimes the drugs. impart a tonic etrect.47 million bottles have been sold. Think how prevalent Round W'orms must bel

JarArE',s YnnMIFUGE "They All Laughed When I Said'Worms"t


"'Thot's somc old. u.toman's tnlk' said the.dactnrs, ond theg gooe ma littln girl aU kind* of rncditine but nothiw h.elpd h.a, 'till I saw o Jogma Almanac and rea.d aboul aour Vermilztqc. Altnr hall a bottl,e she uas already a chaWd chdld." 6ioneil MRS. ANNA BISHOP, Leawnuorth, Kans,

Ol the thousands of plants, the MiDt family is 0he only one in wNch the stem of the plant is Square. A torDado swept e iar of sweet piclrles 25 mile and placed lt, unbroken, in s dltch. passinc Lichtnlns, the atmosphere. through aDd Nltrates which later dlssolve lorms Ammonle in rain and lertillze ttre laDd. It ha^s beetr estimated pounds pure lertilizer i8 reof that over a bllllon to the good esrth each year by lightning turned phenomen&. Tlre spor€s of plsnt dlseaaes have been found two mlles bich in the elr. IC hs8 been €stlmatod that it would take a frelght traln of 250 cars to baul eway the dlrt that taltg citi€s each lrom the sky on som€ of our industrlel year. of tbe alf 8urSctenttsts estlmate the welcht tons, rouDding the eartb equsls 5,660,000,000,fl)o When the speed of the rind equals the speed ot ln tbe srme dbectlon, on airplane rDd ttravels tbe plane wlll cnish. T'berefore 8l[ DlBDes, ln order ot to ny witl maximum safety, ny ltrto tho IM the wtnd ln t8ktDg ofi and landlng. are as dlsagrceable to avlstor8 Alr "boulders" street ls to tho drlver of an ox as a cobblegtone caft

Boy Was Very \ilhite

"My ---and picked his rnse all tlu time 't:ill I gooc him Joyw,'s VermifuOe. Then lw pssed o Worm 18 inches long ond, many smaller utea. My doctor wid there Tooa no arc.h thin4 as Wmm Spo,srna. Your medicine has donc more good th.on analhiW I eoer gooe a child." (Siened) M n8. L. H AnnIS, Kokarr.o, Irld. "I haw four cbi,ldten, the oldes| youngrcat the sir. f hau fiftzen, aluoys den then Joyne'a Yqnigood rnad.iI it not oily o fuge. find eitw tor Worms h4 it gioas tlv children slich a splendid op@ik otrd good c&r." MNS. F. L. COTTON, Quiwy, IU.


7 E

JULY, 1938

?th Month Charleston

New York and Northern




SUN I SUN isesl sets l' sets . m.lh. m.l h. m

Aspects of Planets Planets rise and set for Washlngton


l * l *$



scts9.10" riFp 321735110814ll454171211061f;s1Venus 2lS143217351103914W Ss',212:1042,6{ltie in nphelion


3 l D"ys

lolo l*le

lL. ic itltl e l €l €l €

l * l N .. l{' I'r I'e

** lli )ir|lll|l|r|li r*fi i DlDllrlllilili]

Day's l-rength: New Yorh l5.0l; Charleston 'Th @ gr. lihrrrtion \\-. -8, 4 Alphaeca S. E 4f" Mars sets 7 53" Antares S. 9 28" G in {-3 Jupiter rises 9 48o l)* Vegrr S. 11 25o Q) lX Day's Length: New York 14.56; Charleston

Third Sunday after Trinity 3lS 14 33i7 34 1 1 1 0 4p, 5517 4lM!4 33,7 34 1 1 4 l !l+ 5617 slrl+e+izz+morn 4p, 569 6iwl4 347 34 0 1 4 \ln 5717 7lTl4 -35,734 0 5 0 fll+ szlz 8lF14367 33 1 2 9 qF 5sl7 e l s l 4 3 7 1 73 3 2 1 3 5l145817

Fourth Sunday after Trinity 37I 3313 0i 5ll4 5e,7 rrl 3 22qffii n b l0 d r l /rr\ '@ in apogee 38,73213 5215ll45e7 10i4 131 ll 72 3817S2lrises | 5ll5 07 l0lrisesI d t l \=) 112 Altair S. 0 303el73rl 7 551qF 0,7 rol 7 43.rgiSaturrn rises ll 27" 13 40173118 2616115r,7 el 8 17.'gl Fomaalhaut S. 3 2814 . 40173018 54/ qF r,7 ej 8 4e 'Al q + q , rvithin -.15 41t73ol I 2ll 61152,7 9t I 20id l J 2 I 16

Fi{H* xi*ix 14.17


J i l

Day's Length: New York 14.471'Charleston Fifth Sunday after Trinity 14.05 521ffi!Uranus rises 0 24. 2el I 4 qp 3v 2sl10 I qF 3V 1 0 2 5 1 &Antares l S. 8 41" q,5 417, 1 1 r1 i1q>l o I r t d h a , 28I 0 \L Zo C gr. librationE. t 1 414rEfrl 271 I1 btiD Dt/ 271n ollu EtiZ nlo rnap@l d6c qis 6i7 0 27mqfflL9 In Ur 2610 lerul O entcrs p 251 0 61157lz 6 Day's Length: New York 14.36; Charleston 13.58 Sixth Sunday after Trinity

17i S ta 4 4 18;Ml4 leiT144 20iwl44 2rlT 144 22lF144 23is144

7 241L 551qF 7F 481 4el7 2313 q qF 817 4el7.2214 1316115817 7 2ll setsI Qj5 el7 501 1ol7 511 7 2rl 8 516115 521 7 2ol8 381qF 10i7 1117 531 7 lel e 1016;15 Seventh



2 171R d


3 2oif'4 St. James 4 3 1 i $ { mm) 26 @ in perigee tti$rYAltair S. 11 Z7c sets o##€ 8 Oi!"ffi d a a , 8 38ifiS Neptune sets 9 14" I r4l*dlr d g A , : c / V G


Day's Lrength:

New York

14.24; Charleston


erts MOON'S PHASES Eastern Standard Tirne

D First Quarter

@ Full Moon ( Last Quarter o New Moon




4 8 47^ 12 10 20 7 1926 lO $$. {n

The Jewish Calendar for 1938-5698 rluly 17, Fast of Tarnooz ^ 29, Rosh Hodesh Ab

WEATHER CONJECTURES-1-2, Pleasant; 3-8, Rain, generally hot; _9-10, Showers; ll-13, Agreeible;' 14-16; Cloudy; 1_7-19,I\{oderate; 20-22, Changeable; 23-25, Hot, thunder showersl 26-27, Pleasant; 28-31, Showers. 16


Haphazard bits of advice from well-meaning friends never cured any cold. A cold nray be too stubborn and deeply rooted to yield to anything but a serious, systematic plan of rttack. Trying one thing aftcr another is too slorv and costs you many times nrore for doctor bills and nredicine in the cnd. The' tinre to deeide on what to do for a cold is BEFOIIE you catch it, and then get all your \r-eaponsready. Here's a plan that is scientific and simple,-and eheap and quiek besides:-



for Heod qnd Chest Colds JAYNE'S Itr,rIT\T Yv tr I

Heed Colds: Inhale the vapors lrom a just a datr of bowl ol hot water wlth Jayne's Lincreme added to it. To break up congestion and clear the herd, put a dab ot Lincreme or the base of the skull and work lt lightly into the and neck with your nngertips. This also aids ln the relief ol headeches due to the congastion.


CREME IS BEST Lincreme contains ingredientg (tound ln no other liniment or chest rub) whlch permit it to sink far deâ&#x201A;Źpâ&#x201A;Źr into the pores. This makcs the efrect stronger, and more llsting. too, bec*use it isn't rubbed ofi so quickly. It lelvcs no indelible stains on skin or linen, (loesn't bli-ster, and has no "painty" snrell like oldf,,shioncd kinds. It's cheal), too-a, smlll tube lasts about {r yerrr ln the average home.

into the Chest Colds: Rub Ilnereme chest and neck to prevent or break up congeBtion quickly. glow ol Tbe warming LiDcreme is wonderfully soothing and comlorting.


n cough, too, or wish to avoid one, sip Ja5'ne'sExpeetorant to raise the phlcgnr and soothe the throat liuing. I{eep the bowels open with Laxative Pills. 2 evt'ry -l Jayne's'till relieved. Drink plenty hours, of u'ater and citric fruit juiee. Avoid srveetsand fatty and starchy foocls. Rest in bed, if possible.

Those Poins You Ccn'f Exploin moy be traced ro coNsTlPATloN The vague diseomfort, the logy leeling, the headaches and other pains from whiclr thc cverage person sufiers morc or less frequently, crc of course signs of some inncr trouble. It surprises most sufierers when they discover by actual "pcin tests that these obscure symptoms are acturlly w&r'es" coming lrom corrstiplrted bowels. r.iertain nerve refleries cre set up by the bowels when distended too far by dehye<l or fermenting too(l wostes, and various forms ol discomlorL &re likely to rssult, such as head:rches, biliousncss, dizziness, nilllses, listlessness, sour storn.lch or distrrste for loorl. Whenever you hove th&t hrlf-sick fecllng or v&uge lliscomfort for no app:rrent reason, try a prompt but gentle latittive such as


You'll probnbly find c quick solution to your problem, just irs t.housands ol others h&ve-often to "ryem-thelr great surprise. lUost people think qftrw$reb* they're 7,o1 col)stipated bccause they \ movements-but the rrrore#l?-,T:l',S$",fl,1tJ*f.:l , ,nenls ar( not. conDlet4 t


Foo(l wustes rnlry eling to t,he bo*'el linlngs.for

or p&in wavcg. l'or o complete, thorough movement, witlrout grlping or discomtort, get Jayne'g L:I x ative P I lls. Th ey &re 8() mlld


Before Baby Comes The 1938 modcl of hunranity expects to find these itcms ready and n'aiting for hin on his arrival. trIost of thcsc things are for daily use. The best place to get thern is at the drug store v'hdre you are sure of gctting sanitary, properly sterilizcd supplies.



Bottle rack Measurlng {Elasg Meesurin{l spoons Mllk strainer Pan for boilinE rnllk Pan for bolllng water 3 flennel bands 6 t 24 ln. 3 flannel shirts lE diepers (22 1n.) Borlc acid powder Cestlle soap X lb. sterile gauze 2 doz. safety pins (Yarlous slzes) Scslee Bathtub Soft hairbrush ri plnt sweet oil Hot wster bottle bottles (8 oz.) Nursln[ Nlpples

Your drwgist



Bottle brush 9r yd. thin flannel 2 ltght wool blanketa 3 cotton and wool undershlrts 4 cotton sllps Benzolnated lerd powder Telcum Vssellne (not carboleted) rA lb. stetlle ebsorbent cotton Tray Crlb 2 wash cloths 2 towels Essence of peppermlnt Crearns and eoaps . (good qusllty) Rubber caps and corks

sells most o! these articles and u:ill be glad to artttse you.

lrili rraF

AUGUST, 1938

8th Month New York


and Northern States


E IsuuIsunI a E YI riseslsctsI BetB { . . lh . m . tn F ; h. m.lhm

Charleston | <j and | 8l SouthernStateslf 5l

lt'Tl r . m . l l rm . . lh . m . l r I



i9 t3 lo lo tlo

i5 ,t)



Day's Lrength: New York


13.53; Charleston


5ll521i6 4Sl7 s7lf$ i I stut,iorrrrry





Day's Length:


New York

8 231q F 2 1 144 6 8 r?ls S t tturr I :tt rlscs 9 2 1 8 53141522164619 irl >9 d b ((*< (- q r :. 1lilrrati,ion I e 2714152sl645i|I 4Ll >@ *< r S . I2 3O10 6l +llsz+la4411 0 23i ll"< ' t A].lgcniLr lo 5ol 41524i643j1 1 10i \L _ l 8 G i n r U Pollari s S . 3 t53u 4314ll52516421rnornl ()l A mornl 3115 26164tl 0 d

6 5rl 0 44i 6 5011 5ll 64813 2l 6 47' 4 17|' 6 451sets I 643il7 7l 6 4217 40


14.09; Charleston

sll.rzolo+'tlz z+lr_ .& l d2 l C



o l€o l o l o i o l o €l l e l €l €l € i l N l c o l < r l r ol ( o

irt rtpogee 611517165313 0i $l I Jupitcr riscs 7 39" sllsrslos:l e sall$] l-cinurllurritS. 1 46515 19165ll 4 48'r3l,;--r to I in U slls rgio 5t)lriscsIi $ l . : - / 1 1 M a r k a b S . 1 4 5 -

ryla at l

1 4 l sl 5 15lMl5 16lT15 17lwl5

ci lca t{t , L') l(c tr.-


qis 1716 54i2 8iS I I C

317 417


l.Y l€

12t65e110 281h,,@ gr. libra,tion W. 1316 5 8 1 1 17 l & T\ 2 Verrrrs scts g 14p57111 48lpE J! I in nphelion 15i65Tlurorniffi Vcga S. 9 4ll" 15 1561 6 o 3qw Mlrrs rises 4 451 6 6 55i 1 lel(ffi Altair S. 10 4bi"

Eighth Sunday after Trinity

rl7 | 217

I MOONIJIGHT HOURS l_ Morning l- Evening

Aspects of Planets

*tff1"$iJ"tffi,fft;'. p-ooryf suNlluN 9i l: r i s e s l s c t ssl e t s

rjMF 551717i10161qF 2lTl4 561716i105ll qF siwl4 E7l7lbltt 281qp alrl+ sslz t3lmornlqF 5 l F l 45 e J 71 2 1o l 1 l qp 6 l s l 5 0 1 71 r l 0 5 7 1d t s t) D 5 c

3l Days

Day's l-rength: New Yorh 13.36;Charleston 13.14 Trinity 26p 4OiL 5 i MI Uranus rises 10 5" 27163812 11if4 I A"h"r.r". S. 3 3528i63713 1ei# i C i" pcrigee 28i6 3614 2eleffi ip',,m St, Bartholomew 2916351sets l*$ lriJ$,lrzr d A C 30i63417 lolR$i lcl V G 3 0 6 3 3 17 471&,' I Nepttrne sets 7 22" New York

13.18; Charleston


3 1 18

81 8

I 94




MOON'S PHASES Eaeterrr Standard D First Quarter @ Full Moon ('Last Quarter 0 New Moon

Day's l-rength:








2 11 18 25

I O 3 6

0" 57^ 3& 17^

The tlewish Calendar for lg38-5688 August 7, Tishabeab 12, Tubeab 27,28, Rosh Hodesh Elool

thunder showers; 1G11, Cooler; 12-15, Agreeable; 16-19, Cool, clear;2U23, W&rm, Bhowers;2+26, Plea"sant;n-29, Hot, cloudy; 30-31, Pleasant.



HOW TO TAIX PAINTS This color chart may enable you to use up left-over paints and enamels by miring them to form the particular color you neeo. Red and Black make Brown Red and Blue make Purote Red cnd Yetlow rnake O-ran{e Red snd Green meke Russei Red, Yellow and Whlte make Bufi Red, Blue aod Black make Ollve Red and Whlte make Plnk Blue and Yellow make Green BIue and Lead mcke Pearl Gray Llght Blue and Plnk make Ltta-c

Makes You Popular Men like glrls with endless pep-good who make sports real pals. Pale and p6ple*r girls rtey at home-no dates, no lun,

rely. A lack of Iron ln food c&uses a lack ot IroD in ilre tlood (Nutritional Anemia) as ahowa by lack ot energy, trequent headaches, tatigue or weakness, or poor appetlte.



There are several common Tapeworms tound ln chtldren end adults in the Unlted Starc€. The three most lmportant are caused by eatlng undercooked beef, Dork or flsh. The worms are greyish white in color and vary trom a, lew leet !o 30 feet In length. The head is no larger tban o pln point DUC can be seen with the ald of a masnllyins The hesd of the Tapeworm conslsta of suikeis or-t€eth-Uke projections by means ol which lt sucks or cliDgs to the mucous linlng of the int€stlnal tract. They do not leed through tbls head but, depend on the absorptioD ot their lood through the enrire body. The bead, through lts suckers or teeth-like lormation, cuts or wounds the lnt€stine8: thereby causing bleeding and perlraps ulcers. When medicine is taken to remove Tapeworms, lt is ebsolutely negeas&ry to remove the head tor lf the body breeks at the head and passes, tbe head will agala develop a body In a very period short of time. grodually grows lsrger until - The bqdy of the Tapeworm about balf woy the length of the worm the segmenLl gome re&ch a width ol over ,6r. It ls a flet worm or tepellmes like in appearauce. The .msture Trpeworm lays thousands ol eggs ln the tntesthal tract whlch pass lrom the body ln the stool. Tte eggs of the Tafreworm cannot be again swallowed &nd developed lnto an adult worm. It is necessary for the eggi8 to pass through varlous life processes in other animsls b€fore they are inJective to human beings, eventuelly wlndiDg up as cysts in larval lorm in the muscles ol cows. hogs and flsh. In the case of these Tapeworms the only posltlve proo( gf inlectioD is the nnding of the links or eegments of the body by observetlon ol the stool, or ln the Iaboratory by meaDs ol I microscopic examination the egBs are identlfled. When chlldren or adults harbor TaDeworms, the sym}toms mey be those ol severe anemia, prece<led by general symptoms such as lessiiude, or lack of de8lre to work or play, a ravenous appetit€, and also abdominal dij$turb aDees. Commonly, Jaundice i,s present and tbe blood Bhows a reduction of the red coloring matter. Other symptom.g &re those ol constipation, the absorptlon ol toxine whicb often eause nausea and vomltlng, and a general upset condition of the iDtestlnal tract that may give riss to Indigestlon.

Tske these l{edicinal Iron pllls urlth your mea,ls to help your red blood cells il they are pale or weak in Iron. Thi:s lE I qulck way to ofiset the lack ol Fbod Iron because o few pllls ofrer more Iron then several pounds of foods rlch ln necessary to red blood, health, this vital element-so strength, snd pep. Besldes lron, thes€ pills ofler you Calcium to help build Bound teeth and stroDg bones, and several Tonic ingredients tha,t improve &pp€tite and mahe the digestive Julces flow more freely. A quick increase in weight is not unusual in c€s€s wbere of appetlt€ or underwelght ane emong the of Nutritlonal Anemi&. It cosrs so little to try lymptoms Jayne's Tonlc Pllls-only 75c lor 10 days' supply. And remember-Iron ln this lorm do€s not harm or discolor the t€€tlr; nor do€s lt lnterfere witb dlgestloD-quite the contraryl



neue for all who have no Then read thie good gas, heartburn, front for lood aufrer zeat and arise that other discornforts ind,tgestion, and xtornach. lrort an over-acid Ttere le no ne€d ot comtng to the dinner table with a lons face--or to leave lt fllled wltb the tear chat acid lndisesiion and sa,s palna wlll haunt you lor the next tew hours. ls lntended to prevent just such disJeyne'g Carmlnitive besides glving you new zest comfort, due to over-acldity, lor tood: Just a sip ol lt before dlnher prepares the stomach tor the pleasant event by increaslng the flow of the digesilve tulces.

Prevenf Acid Indigesfion

One Treotment Killed Topeworm

bloating, As a, Dreventive ot heartburn, pains AFTER belchlng, and indig$tion your meale, you merely take Jayne's 'mhatlve !jr(, AFTER A.t-l eating. eallng. shortlv Snorlry C&rmiDatlve will convinee convince you ren a single trlal will single trlal Even living lrid to living delightful aid here is a delightful that hat h€re more Dleasurably and comfortably. 35cAt euch small cost toc-only or 60c tor the familY slze.

"I had S doctors ,l,n 2 Uedrs rflth llflIe rc)Ief:' wltes Mrs. nene Sntth oI Ore|on, "and, neelless to say I ua.s ln a oery ran-doDn condttion. Thanks lo Jalnle's TaDeuorm Treatment I'm O. I{. once rnore-one treatment dld, tie uork."

C)ne Dose Expelled t2-foot Worm



"! uos bothercd, ulth a eucer choktng serutatton and got e boltle of aow Vermtfu?e and passed. sioetal ptaes ol ltofrn, I shoued, them to our Iarntht doc.tor and, he told, ne I had, a, tapeuorrn. So I oil.ercd, sorne of Uour tapeworm treatment qnd your d,trccttons reod. I am uonderI lt carnc toolt lt llke whera 12, tet,lonC IaUU paeased,uUh lhe rcsults. I passed a uorn and I am leellw rtne. I can ruomrnend, It rtlth prdtses to anuone." Slgned,-Mrs. H. ll'. TtlW Mt. Vernon, Ill,.


Makea Eating a Pleasure instead ol a Nececeitu.




9th Month New York

t-' I



and States Northern




E .! | riseslsets sets $ " l t . m . l h .t ' h . m . m





MOONIJIGHT HOURS -Evenin-a--T-Mor;ile


FIN rli


€l e

q l a


l-l€ ro l-

H l d


l^ i* is lr' l? lr olololololo )o ll € l - l € l €l e l e I l * l * l c ol $ I ' c l o

Day's I-rength: New Yorh

l3.0I ; Charleston


i n o p o s e e: d Q d 3 6 6 2 2 10 5 l l $ l G 3 6 ; 6 2 1 11 4 6 1 ( t l Q s t a t i o n a r y 37rO201 2 4li.ilgl Mars rises 4 233 7 1 61 8 13 S 5 r d [ l F o m a l h a u t S . 1 1 4 8 "

r7l 4 BqA I ds d cJ c t 231 Bsi6 39;6 161rises e Markab

2 I rrses I I 6 261

S. 11 47" lffi l\:/ 3 9 6 l 4 l 6 3 0 l d l 9 c r . e l o n g .E . , 4 6 " 1 9 '

Sunday after Trinity

1 1 l s 1 53 5 1 6l 6 5 12lMl53616I 7 3 r lalTlb 8z16I 8 14lwl538i6 I 8 lblTls eglor I 16lF154016 1 0 l 7 l s 1 54 1 1 6 1 1 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

6 451

7 221 821 8 471 I 3511 10 2611

Time d.

Day's Length: New Yorlt 12.05;Charleston 12.05

4 s l 55 4 16 5 7 1 6 , ' l d I V 50155317 381ft I I er. hel. laL.N. 5 0 1 55 2 18 2 1 l p 6 l c i " 6 = r: d g G 5115501I i]qffil Neptunerises4 47' 52'5 491I 56,amlMichaclmasDay 5 2 5 4 8 1 0 4 6 a f f i l A l e oSl . z g t -


Day's Lrength: New Yorh 12.241Charleston 12.19

45i6 4lmorn]ffi | PolarisS. I 554516 2l | 4 ffil Sahrrn riscs 6 56" 4616 ll 2 lltr#€i G in perisec 47j16 ol 3 lsif;SjSt. Mattherv 47.5 581 4 z5'fi*alm-'*, Y c/ G : c/ I C 4815571sets lf;Sj\l-H/ 23 O enters =, Autur 4Sl5 5616 181fr,I Um.t.,s rises 7 49' [begi

Fifteenth Sunday.after Trinity

D First Quarter @ Full Moon G Last Quarter @ New l\{oon

Day's l-rength: New York 12.43; Charleston 12.33

40161317 4Ll6 r2l 7 4116l0l 8 4216 el e 43i6 8i10 436 6i10 44,6 5111

Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity


Aspects of Planets Planets rise and set for Washington

1l 14 morn o2

0 331 1 281 2 251 3 231


I q

l - i

nsesl scts I s c t s l 5 ' i r. m.lh. m l h . m . l l

34110531 3 2 1 1411 1 Sllmornl

4 i s 28,6 5M 296 6lT 7;WD 8ir 1l o/ e t Fr O l 0l str;)-

| 3

StateslS E z Southern ---__-te.^ s u N l s ulMooNrF'b' N

f slsullsun

30 Days



1 0 28" I 3 $c 16 10 12" 23 3 34"

The rlewish Calendar for 1938-5699 Septernbet

26,27, Tishree Rosh Hashanah 28, Fast of Guedalyah

WEATHER CONJECTURES-1-3, Agreeable;4-5, Little Lain; 6-9, Quite warm; 10-11,Pleasantl 12-13,Rain; 14-16, Cool; 17-18, Clear; 19-21, Rain; 2L24, Variable; 25-27, Quite cool; 28-30, Stormy.




Lack of Iron in the blood is likely to blamc

ing,raekof e'ergy,poo.'pp"til?l


;"t;ft 3"i:

ness. Without plenty of this vital elcnrent the blood cells "strangle" and turn pale, weak and sluggish, as shown in these pictures of the true corrdition of the blood as revealed by the rnicroseope.

Thot Persisfent Lozy Feeling. a aure aign you need a strong tonic Any kind of tonic at all lvill not serve in your present condition. You need onc that is r.specially suited to your case; onc that will help your pale blood to pick up the vitalizing oxygen which it needs so badly just now. In othcr words, the tonic you select should be an fron-Tonic because Iron is the only element that can catch the neede'doxygen from the air you breathe into your lungs. This is the reason dcctors usually prescribe Iron as the most helpful tonic for weakness and other symptoms of Nutritional Anemia.


JAYNE'STONIC PILLS much fasterthan lron alone

this potent tonic beYour druggist rrill recommend Iron, refincd and eause it contains not only medieinal purified, but also Caleiurn to help keep bones and tceth in good eondition. It contairrs still other tonic ingredicnts u'hich cause &n inerease in the flow of digestive juices ancl thereby aids in creating a healthy appetitc. You'll be wise to choose it because it contains important elements the blood needs and use's evc'ry day to keep It's both effective and inup strength and well-being. expensive. Try a, Titc bottle and see if you don't fecl nruch better and develop a good appetite and a zest for living!

Feels20 YearsYoungerat 80

"l'our Tonk PIU| straightencd me oul ll'hcn I got s'ck last faII," uriles James CooI of Greenrl,Ile, Ohio. "I set asid.e my cane anrl. arn going to utork In the Sprtng. Jaync's Tontc Pills dld me so much ?ood I fed llke startlng llfc all orer agatU a.l 8O. I Ieel 2O uears uounger, l,hanks Io Jaune's Tonic I'illsl''

"Going StrongaI 67" "I use Jaune's Tonic I'iIL\ a feu u'eeks eoth Uear and lind ,hem the best rcm,ed.u I ha\e eoer tled fof thal llfcd "dourn" leclln|, and a 7rcal help ln I'eeplng ,ne rolng slrong al lhe a|e ol 67." (Stgned) ll'. L. Smllh, Iieuark, Oh7o.

Pulledout of 10 YearSlump Ptlls to relTete thal tlrert fagged4ul "I used Jayne's Tonk Icelln7. Alter 70 days' use I leel betler lhan I hale for LO Uears." (Stgnbd) Mrs. C. L. Ilogner, Fort Benton, Mont.


(conrinucd fromps.3)

The eggs of this *'orm are swallowed and they are generally transferred from the hand of an infected perperson, through son to the hand of anothcr towels, person through habits, unclean through an infected hanclling dishes, playing u'ith ehildren, playini n'ith aninrals, through soil eontanrination and it is bclie\-od also ln r,l'ater. When the egg reaehes the intestinal tract the larva escapes from the egg cell and beeomes mature very quickly. Thc male and female mate and the male dies. The nrales are scldonr secn or found. The fcrnale Pin Worm diffcrs from other Round Worms in that it docs not lay eggs in the intestinal tract. It nrigratcs at night to the rectum, crau'ling out ancl laying eggs on the-moist skin. The worm usei the sharp point of its tail as arr aid in crawling, and this pricking scts up an irritation of the skin usually follon'ed by intense itching or pruritis. This is one of the most inrportant synrptonrs of Pin Worm or Thread Worm inicction. Ai a-rcsult of this intolerable itching, the person scratching hinrself often crushes the female u'ornr, releasing nrasses of these sticky eggs which eling to t}te skin. Thc eggs, which are carried by the fingers agaitr to the mouth, reinfect the person so that the prq. cess is continuous as well as b6ing readily eommunrcated to one's immediate family and friends with whonr he associates. The fenrale worm is very often found in the appendix a-nd nray give rise to aeuteappendicitis. They al3rj cause the scvere itchins described above whieh seems ineurable until thi cause is discovercd. These *'orms cause the children to get the fidgets and become very norvous as shown r'lren the sleeping chikl jumps and tosses in hi.s slecp and grinds his teeth. Children be. come vcry irritable, lose wcight, and as the number of parnsitcs inercascs, conditions arise that must receive imnrediate attention'in to avoid ordcr unnecessary illnr,ss. The prosenee of the worm can be positively diagnosed in tr.r'o ways-(l) by the examination of the stool for purEo or an enelna-(2) the fcmale wornr aftcr a -a in the laboratory by means of mieroseopie examination of the scraping of the skin near the anus. These \r'orms cannot bc seen casily u'ith the naked eyq but are readily glass. (See pictures.) seen with the aid of a magnifying

WHATMANISMADEOF A 160-pound person consists of the following: Oryâ&#x201A;Źen Hydrogen Carbon Nltrogen Cafclurn PhosphorusSalt Sulphur Potassfum Ma{lneslurn-

-95 -15 -3E 4 4\t 2 6 4 _ 3\i 2

lbs. lbs. lbs. lbs. lbs. lbs. oz. oz. oz. oz.

Nttrlc Acld-2 oz. -2)4 Fluorlne oz. Iron l/1 oz. Slllcon I Very Manganesef ellght amountg Alum-lnurnJ I.odtne ) Srnatt Arsenlc I tracee uoppeU

The human body consists of many different chemicals, all of whieh serve some speeial purpose. The lack of any chemical in our food causes some upset in our health. The supply of lron should be watehed with because of its extreme and vital importance special eare 'strength, and vitality. to health,


= 3l Days

ocToBER, 1938

t0th Month New York


and States Northern




rrsesl sets sets r. m.lh. m. h. m.


Aspects of Planets Planets rise and set for Washington



I DlDlDiDlDr1r|IirlrtrlrHK

Venus scts 7 16"

Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity ZStS 505 42lmornlllll5 5415

Day's Lrength: New York Tr I G inapogee. -W Fomalhaut S. 10 6. Mars rises 4 2.

0 I I

3 4 I

7lFl0 rl5 3414 llllab 5715

8lsl6 2lbssls rslr2lsssis Seventeenth

etsr6 I olMlo I llr lo I 2lwl6 I 3lri6

3t 9t9 olo 'Q

61528 71526 8t5 25 I 4 l F 6 el523 I 5ls6 l0l5




w T F


lq5 r0l 2oi5 8l 2rl5 7l 2215 6l 2315 4l


& # rsF

I1.46 ; Charleston



Q gr. hel. lat. S. Markab S. 9 57.


Day's Lrength: New York 11.28; Charleston ll.3? 361rises| ffi 6 \ e d h c , 3516 22ilfrqp\Z) d I Osuperior 3317 7itffi G i n U : d O G 3217 58lR d & w 3ll 8 54lFq Jupiter sets I 28. 6 3ol e 54lR Algenib S. 10 38" 2ello 57lM Sunday after Trinity Day'e Length : New Ytrrh 11.09; Charleston 11.23 after


rrF 201 1 1 4 8 r4il6 l2l5 lelmorn rsl16 l3l5 r7l o 5 7 15116 r4p 16l2 6 r5116 l5l5 l4l 3 1 4 rqp 1615l3l 4 2 2 15il6 l 7 l 5 l l l 5 2 9 15lb Nineteenth


HOURS Mornlng

:[[EEt?1. [[H:H: ;l:l;FEHli

tlsls 551544111lellqF 53b 461113Sl

sllvtls szls+rlo rohillss+ls alrlssalsaolr ralrrlls ssls4 5[wl5 5el5 3812 llhllls sols 4 I olssola roirlBszls 61116


Sunday Bets cbl

631 72r 8l( 24ls sl 9 ! 25lS 2110 r



27lmornlffi'\L r{ 1o G in Perigee 2610 3l'H Polaris S. 11 57. 251| 8l'# St. Luke, Evang. 2412 121fr$2 stationary 2313 l6lRS c / V C : d & C 2214 lelh' Saturn sets 5 8. 2ol5 221&"Achernar S. l1 32o

after Trinity

els lel r0t5181

nl5 ul

l2l5 161 1315l5l

r3lsr4l r4l5 r3l

Day's Lrength: New York

10.51 ; Charleston

I l.I0

dtlfr28dqC \JEitt' G in 62 d9@ Uranus rises 5 40o () Hamel S. ll 40" St. Simon and St. Jude Neptune rises 2 51-

y after Trinity Day's Lrength: New Yorh 10.34;Charleston 10.57 3o I stationcry r5i5 l2ll1 lsla$l h 1 6 1 5l l l m o r n k G l - P 8 l H a l l o r v e ' c n


Eastern Standard Tirne d.

I First Quarter @ Full Moon ( Last Quarter O New Moon D First Quarter

1 9 16 23 31



645437^ 4 24^ 3 42^ 2 45^

The tlewish Calendar for 1938j5699 October5, Kipoor; 10, ll, Sucot, first 2 days

16, Hoshaanah Rabah 18, Sirnhat Torah 17, Sherninee Aseret 25, 26, Rosh Hodesh Heshvan WEATHER CONJECTURES-1-3, Cloudy, rain; 4-5, Changeable;6-7, Rain; 8-9, Pleasant; 10-13, Threatening; l+17, C,ool; 1922, Generally cold; 23-25, Pleasant; 26-n, Stormy; 2&31, Mild, pleasant.

JAYNE'SAAEDICAT GUIDE During the last two decades seience has lengthened the life oI Span rn or of lue of people in tbe the United Unitecl States by DeoDle rn Dy aDout about 20 years, The following suggestions and first aid treatments, if carried out and &veilable when needed, will I help to increase longer life in the human race. There is no age ugc limit on he&lth. healih. Fealth is a symbol of youth . . . a symbol you mey retain passed, by obeying long after youth itself ha.s passed, obeying slmple stmple rules p of regularity and rest, proper)r diet and exercise in the ploper amount, according to the life eech individual lives. APOPLEXY-l\.1ost common to people over 50. It is accompanied with loud breething, rattling of the throat, and snorting. Generally the patient moves the arms and legs on one side but not on the other, showing a paralysis of the side not moving. The lips may be paralyzed, causing loss of pronunciation. compreheDsible The patient should be placed on his back with the head raised or turned on his side if the breatbing is nolsy. Cold cloths or ice should be placed on the head and hot water in bottles to the feet. If unconsciouS, do not force food or drink. Death rnay occur during the unconsciousness. A physician should immediately be obtained. APPENDICITIS-The appendix ls located on the right side half way betwe€n the hip bone and the navel. Tenderneaq, discomfort, or pain fi,t this point ls a warning, while acute appendicitie causes the patient to double up. Place patient in bed, apply ice packs, and send for physician. Do nol ?ioe a Latalioe. EYE-The BLACK eye heals and discoloration disapfrearg without treatment. However. to remove discoloration and swelling quicker, little squares of white cotton sumciently large to cover the eye and swollen area should be continuously applied as cold as flossible for a p€riod of 24 hours. This arrests and reduces swclling. Hot applic&tions will then hasten the removal of discoloratlon. Nature alone removes all evidence in a period oI about nve days. BLEf,,DING-If an artery is cut, blood spurts and is bright red. Speedlly place patient flat and apply a tourniquet at some point betwe€n the heart and wound, If a tourniquet is not available use pressure of the nngers or haDds between the heart and wound. A tourniquet can be ma<le from string, rubber tubing, rubber suspenders, rope, etc. Do not allow tourniquet to remaln tightened too long. Release to allow If much clrculation for a short period. and then tighten. blood is lost, apply hot water bottles and keep patient warm. Obtain serviees of physician or surgeon as fast as possible. Bleedinc from a cut veiD causes a steady -flow of dark blood. Apply pad or cloth, sterile if possihle,'directly over a steady pressure. If the bleeding is wound end maintain betwecn the extremity and the excessive, use a tourniquet wound, not between the wound and heart. BOILS-A boil is caused by the entrance of pus-producing germs into the skin through the pores or along hair follicles, of & clrcular area, They are very paincauging inflammatlon ful and generally come to a head in several days. It may be as lerge an a, pigeon's ecg. They cause e severe pain of a t&robbinc nature, and sometimes fever. A boil ls fuuy developed at the end of 10 day8 with the formation ot & core of dead tiBsue and pus. It may break ol its own force, how€ver, one generally at this stage forces the core with gentle pr€gmre, They nqy occur Bingly or in numbers and spread the original boil. Consult €s^sily to the area surrounding your physician as to serum treatment if you have several botls. A carbuncle is a more serioua matter inasmuch as the infection spre&ds laterally and deeply, being common ln older peBona. Carbunclee should be treated by sklued consists in applying large bot frhysicians. Local tre&tment Great ca,re must be taken to daxseed poultlce8 frequently. rsstl the surroundingi area with a good antiseDtic. the case ol bealthy persons this showg BRONCHITIS-In ln the lorm of & cough accompanied by or following a cold. Ordinary symptonN are the Bame &s & common cold in the head; eneezing, running of mucus from nose, &Dd tightnesg ol chest or Boreness. Usually there is no serious disturbanc€ of the system whlch lnt€rferes wlth dally duties. Treetment consist€ ol remaining ln bed, and ordlnery common cold remedies. Ch€st tightness can be relleved by llncreme epplication to che8t. Keep bowels open. (See page 17.) BRUISES-CoId eppllcatlon8 untll swelllng has stopped. will remove sorene(s and alter 24 hours. hot appllcation8 At thl8 sraeie masss€llng wlth Jeyne'g snd dlscolor&tlon. wtll Sreatly &id. Ilncrcme BURNS-Burns arc dangeroua &ccordlng, to thelr locatloD snd degnee. there being nrst, second aDd thlrd class burng

Thqnks to JAYNE'S LAXATIVE PNLS Love and BadBreathjust don't mixanybetter than Fire and Water. Many a lovely rom&nce has been nipped in the bud by a persistent bad breath. Luckity it's easy enough to counteract this unpleasantness when it's due to a constipated condition, which is so often the case.

lf You'reUnwanted because of BadBreath,TRYTHIS: Take one or two Jayne's Laxative Pills a day, regularly, to keep your bowels from becoming clogged with the food wastes that may be the cause of bad breath, They also aid in the relief of many other symptoms such as headaches, biliousness, stuffy feeling, sleeplessness, and other minor annoy&nces. Blotches, blackheads and other facial blemishes are often eaid to be due to or aggravated by constipation. Theee little pills are mild and gentle, yet thoroug! enough to insure a complete bowel movement. Not the slightest diseompills for only 25c. fort-50

W ffiffi



F' llth I

New York




i 3

and19 outhern StatesiS 5

and Northern



Month Statee

MOONIJIGHT HOURS Aspects of Planets Planets rlse and set for Washington

SUNi SUNIMOONI6' riseslsets| ."t. l$ r . m . l h .m . i t r . m . l l

s l s u Nl s u N l

p ,f, | rises sets sets I I t l h . - . r h .m . l h - n

30 Days -l

rrc r€ It-


^ l

+l 6ll

le lc\



sslmornltQl6 1715l

ltT i6

zilvio 571o 5q1qp1815 3iri6 3 l 5611 55l1qp1815 4iF16 ill 2 56i1qp1el5 5,S16


5314 ojtdl62015


Sunday after Trinity Ir*,"r" :N"w Yorh l0.l?; Charleston 10.45 """'"AchernarS. l0 33" 5 S lqp 2li5 614 55 & lr;\ 3 6 4 5 r 6 12'1qp225 515 59,/'rt"trll.!) 7 ( 6 A.

'i'":11919?|il 1l'i.":-igfl{-q ?'{ 6 o e z+ltQloz+t,s +l o +;,FCiNlarsrisesB 32-

7 25ilt\1625',5 317 s;ffii G in perisee 8 3lllEl6 26j5 2l s 50lf.fI HarnelS. 1041. I 4011616 27i5 lt 9 571f4lJurriter sets1l 31"



l 2[s


Twenty-second Sun. after Trinity Day's Lrength: New Yorh 10.02; Charleston 10.34 1 3 l S6 43,4 4 5 1 0 50 rqp 2715 11r1 2 rffi ,.4' '\lsol S. 11 3.1. \| 14 Slrturn sets 3 27' r4lM6 44i4 4417 O b rlqp 2815 0lmorn rslT6 46"44.j, m otnl1 q p2el5 0l 0 f;Si-{ldcbaran S. 0 58l6iw6 47,4 42i I 5il q p 3oJ1sel 1 m " at tr j2 O : C V C l TtT6 3114sril 2 1 l fu,lRigclS. I 294ri 2 r2l15116 l sl F6 4ll 3 171 t"llo32145813 l : B,,l c/ c/ C lels 6 4Ot 4 2r 15{10 l 33145EI4 t : Pl I Q sr. hcl. lat. S. Twenty-third

Sun. after Trinity

I 5 25t1 6 26lI scts I1 6el 1 70i I 7 51tlI 8 491I First


36i4 3714 38i4 3s;4 39,4

in Advent

Day's Length: New Yorh 9.48; Charleston 10.23

5 lllfa'F*, ./ 9 O inferior 2l d I C 6 9rft i "iJsJY sets iWl O entcrs y'

6 3 O l q f fdi la



7 2li 4! | t-ranrts scts 5 36. 8 1 2 1 4 I| 0 e r . e l o r r g .E . , 2 1 o 5 1 ' G in clrogce

Day's l-rength: New Yorh 9.3?; Charleston


Capella S. 0 50. Neptune rises 0 56.

i.TI 2sdeJa JY St. Arrclrt's'

MOON'S PHASES Eastern Standard Tirne


( Last QuarterO New Moon l First Quarter

+ ? fi;

14 ll 20^ 21 7 5" 29 l0 59"

The Jewish Calendar for 1938-5699 Novernber

24, Rosh Hodesh


WEATHER CONJECTURES-1-3, Cloudy; 4-8, Considerable rain; 9-12, Clear, pleasant; 13-i6, Cooier; 17-18,Variable; 19-21,Showers; 22-21, Cold; 25-28, Generally stormy; 2S30, Clear, pleasant.



Co rft FoolGrondlno

MedicalGuide-(Continued) r,hat m.oy be caused lrom nre, acids, alkaues, or electric shoch. A mlld burn coverlng 7,3 ol tbe body wlll result iD qeath. A qe€p burn covering i small arer is less dangerous. I.ir8t Aid Rulae-Cut, away elothing very gently. Brmk no bllsters. GeDtly cover the burned arerr with Carron oil (equtl parts ol llmew:rter &nd llnseed orollve oil). Combat shock. It p&tient ls cgld. puls€ Jumpy :rml weak, thinking ls coDfused, glve tilblespoonlul of whiskey in X glass ot hot witer. Keep body warm. Send for & physician. CALLOUSES-TheSe uswrlly occur on the soles ot the teet and c&n be ellminated by the Eelectlon of proper nttlng Bhoes. (See Jayne's Llncreme, pece 29.) po'x ts a contagious children's CHICKEN POX-Chlcken dlsease and ls not common among ildults. The flrst slgns are chllle end pains In the body, usually accompanied-by v-omiting. A typical rash follows, red sl)ots slightly raised above the skin level. The nrst signs usually cDt)€ar &bout 2 weeks after the chlld catcheg the infect,ion irom others. I(eep the p&tien6 lndoors until &ll signs of rash are Dirst, Be Bure to see a doctor to insure thrt a mild caCe ol SMALLPOX ilt not pres€nt as the signs lre ruuch tlike. The diet should be &bout the a&me iut recommended in IMeasles, and the itchlng can be :rllayerl by the use of ctlilmlne lotion or crrbolated vaseline. Scr&tching slrould be prevented in order to &vold infection, which may le&ve scals. The p&tlent should remain ln bed. Chicketr pox generally results in spee(ly recovcry without l&ter troublcs. In fact, it is ofte[ hard to keep chiklren in bed witlr this (lisease. One attack ol Chicken Pox usually protects &grinst runother. SORES OR FEVER COLD BLISTERS-These can be <lrierl quickly by bathing with spirits of c&mphor or clrhmine lotion. COllC-Stomach-aehe, belly-ache, or intense Doin in the belly may be caused by mtny diseases or condiiions which require the attention of a physiciiln, but in first aid the nrst endeavor shoukl be to relieve the sufiering. J&yne's C;urminative should be given hourly in :I little water until the paiD subsides, or until threc doses have been given. The applicatlon ol cloths rung out of hot watcr, and il possible sprinkled with turpentine, and cpplie(l frequently to tlre belly wlll prove of much service. Rubbing the belly in the directlon of thc latce intestine, if it is not too tender or too much swollen, often effords tcmpora.ry rellef. Hot wtter containing a tablaspoonful of whiskey or br:rndy may be swallowed ll there ls faintness, but' or(linarily while pain lasts and when there is vomiting, no food or drink slrould be gIven. IN CHILDREN-Generelly start with COIWULSIONS squinting of the eyes, restles.sness, starting or crying olrt in thc tceth, bcndlng the thumbs, or the sleet), grinding twitching ol the muscles of the face or ltmbs. These signs lndicate r wirning. The chil(l should be pllrced in a bath ol cool water. The flt m:ly begin wlth the bo(ly stiffeniug :rnd arching, the eyes bccome fixe(l and rolllng. The child generally doesn't see, leel or hear, but is unconscious. Brecthing is rapid and therc is biting and grinding of the teeth. The attcck may last for several minutes or, occaslonully, for much longer duration. After the attack, the child must be can be applied to the kept warm, while cold applicltions head &nd neck. A solt clean rag should be placed in the mouth to prevent the bitingi of the tongue. The condition which cause(l this convulsion should be investlg&ted by a physician. Sueh convulsions as these are often caused by worms. It \youkl do no harm to take Jayne's Vermifuge. TREMENS-rarely occurs ln those given to DELIRIUM occasional sprees ol <lrinklng intoxlc&ting liquors, even if prolonged, but in habitual heavy drinkers. The &ttack begins with nervousness, sleeplessness and depression, :rfter rvbich the drinker beglns talking in discorlcerted mann€r and desires to be in constant motion. Ire imagines animuls and mirchinery are endeavoring to hurt him an<l lives in constant lear, grrdually reaching a stage where he dcsires to esc&pe and sometirnes attempts suicide. Treatnrent consists ot avoiding pneumonia, restorlng strength, €liminating alcohollc drlnk8 and preventing accidents through violence. IIe must be treat€d rvith gentleDesJ and watclred every minut€, leeding wlth strcng soups, beef tea, milk &nd rlrw eggs overy two hours, It is not necessary to illow &lcohol. Clold baths or sponging with cold w&ter quiets the nerves. The bowels mrlst be moved freely. The mental aspects ol the case require that every hums"n tesource be used to create a strong will power to stop drinking. DIARRHOEA-Commonly due to catarrhal inflamrnation of the mucous membrane liolng tbe inside ol Che intestlnes

When .Iack ea,n)e honre r+'ith a report card from the sehool nursc saying "Undernourished," Ilother rvas greatly rvorried about it. Come to think of it. Jack uros thin, and hc wasn't eating likc hc used to. But Grandnra was just plain nad whcn heard she about it. "Worrns!" she cried. "W'orms!-that's r+'hat he has; and I'll prove it to that nurse and make her eat her u'ords! We'll just try him rvith Jaync's Vermifugc and settlc that argumentl"


Lack of Appetlte Due to Worrns Brou€ht on Rickets 7 Uear otrd son "IlIu dercloped a case of rickets due to a lack of appetlle lor the food he needed. Stnce takln4 Jaune's Vermtfuge he eals eoovthlng and, as galnln0 nearl,U 2 pounds a ucek. He'll soon be stronl enou|h Ior school, lhanks to Vermlluge." Ja!/ne's itrs. Lon ll'oods, Rlchlield, I.daho

J lYxgs Ve RmrFucE For thin, pale, or listless children Surc enough, Granclma rvas right. Jack did have those pesky Round W'orrns that almost every child gets somehorv or other, sooncr or later. The very next day after taking Jayne's Vermifugc Jack began to feel better and soon took a real boy's interest in food again. Underweight, loss of weight, and poor appetite are or anemia easily mistaken for signs of nalnutrition city folks) seem to because sorne people (cspecially 'Worms havc forgottcn that Round still exist everyu'here. Both city and country children often catch the irrfection. No safcguard is lN/6 efrective. All you can do is to keep Jaync's Vermifuge handy and use it promptly so as to lessen the severity of the symptoms. It can do no harm to trcat a child *'ith Jayne's Vermifuge oz suspicion as thc drugs often impart a tonic effect. Ask your druggist-he knows.





DelicateBoy Gains 10 Pounds "Our 1O year old boy was always delicak. Jayne's Verrniluge increased his wei{lht by 1O pounds. He eats ond, sleeps uell, has rosy cheeks and is as actioa again os any normal boy could be. Thanks to Jayne's Vermifuge." (Sisncd) Mrs. Anton F. Ciehv Brantl.on, Minn.




New York



and Northera States




3312 1C 17 Second Sunday in Advent



& >gP q ls s<

Planets rlse and set for Washintton

9 in 6-J

*l-l l *

l O r l O lF l6l lHli

- l € +ol pt o ll +o, llPo ,o ll- oo lol o l d




@ gr. libration E.

Day's Lrength: New York 9.27; Charleston 10.08

sl7 61433t3 5011 Mlz 714$l 4 521

Q stationary

( 6 A,:CinU A\ St. Nicholas 19 z Venus rises 5 3@ in perigee 9 stationary Mars rises 3 8-

rlt sl+eslo ol

W7 914SSlrlses I Tlz 1ol433l 6 t2l

plz rrl+ zelz z+l slz td+ asls aol Sunday

Aspects of Planets


t9 0l



and louthernStatet


SUNISUN suNlsuN MOON luootr risesleets Seta a riseslsets sets r. m.lh.m h . m , m : . m . l h .m h . m . 3410 4 l l l 0 4 F 341I 42 11 1




lzth Month

Day's Lrength: New York 9.20; Charleston 10.02

in Advent

1314 L4t4

t5t4 1614

16t4 Fl7 L7l4 sl7 l8l4 Fourth Sunday in Advent 4Li 5lt 6l sets 541 64:

I S6itrffilAchernar S. 8 15" l1 ll*$rl Jupiter sets 9 51" nornlffil rF lS Q in perihelion 0 4lft,,ltL YQ Oinferior

1 5lful b stationary


Day's Lrength: New York 9.16; Charleston 10.01 4 4 D

se 6 6


5l &r,lSaturn sets 1 16-



c/9C:Ginfl, I]ranus sets 3 54,dlihr c/ I C tllffill zr St. Thomas O enters 6, Winter 0 gr. hel. lat. N. [begin @ in apogee

Day's Lrengrth: New York 9.16; Charleston 10.00 5 CI9

Christmas Day St. Stephen : d '4 Q St. John, Evang. fnnocents 1 5Y 29 Capella S. 10 40'


Neptune rises l0 45'

MOON'S PHASES Easterrr Standard

@Full Moon

C Last Quarter O New Moon D First Quarter


13 2L 29


ot; #,

8 17" | 7" 5 53"

The Jewish Calendar for 1938-5699 Decernber 18, Hanucah, fint day 23, Rosh Hodech Tebet

WEATHER CONJECTURES-1-3, Stonny; 4-6, Cold s^tg*-y; 7-9, Clqg_t,co!g; lyl4, Wainle_r,plbrisantj 1#17', rain; 1_&21,IMin_dy,very coldl. 22-24, Warmerl Q_lo_udy, 25-26,Stormy; 27-29,Moderate;3G31,Cold.


l.i\ I|





though Married

poigon lrom wound by IX)G OR CAT BITES-Remove €ncouraSlog bleeding or sucking the wound il tlre lios ar-e lot cro4ked. Cauterlze by dipping a tooth ptek. inatch stem o,r wooden stlck lnto pure iftriC actd and rub s:ime into wound. A thlrd of a, teastoontul ot carbollc acid to a Dint of .water'c:r-n De-pourcd lnto the wound. Send tbo erilitt to. the laborstory tor e\imlnstion. Il euspected o1 sntnd lav|ng rabl€s o-r hydrophobis, the Pasteur treatment muet De glven lmmedi&tcly. EARAqHE-Plece 2 or 3 droDs ol warm minerat oll tn the o$r qDg spply hot water bag. Il echo contlnues consult & Dnyalclan. psrlent flat on hlE ba,ck, rolsing feet -FA-INTINC,_PUt llgher thsn heed lf lsce l,s psle: lf t&c6 ls nrshbd. rais€ head blgher tban feec. Loosen ciotbing. Pour colfl water on face qnd chert. Hold Ammonla or emelling Belts near th€ Dotr. Do rot-pqt sDythlnA lD mouth ag walor oi stlmulent mai GAUEOchoklnS. FOREIGN BODIES fN EYE-Pull the uDDer ltd downwaral away lrom the eyebell over lowor tld irnd release. ls o real treezlng of tho ttssues of ilre rROSTBITE-ThirB body. FiIEt.f.ltl Bhould be rcndered as-totlows: brirg suf,ercr lnto e cool pl&cc sDd bttho psrtE wlth cold wst€r wi-th sUcbt rubblDg. Do not come near suddeD heat. tr'tndly. b€toit cttorlDa rarm room, rub wlth eeual Dsrts of wat€r and alcobol and then expose gradually tb he{it of e normal room. It lB very importaDt tbst the blood should be allowed to rcturD gradually to the frozen &rea. Aft€r ctrculetlon haa beeD restored and the vlctlm ha^B quleted down ln a re&rm room, tbe damaCed area should be bovercd wlth I crearn or v-asellDe. ll blisfers or sorea occur, they should be treated the Seme as burDs. H!^p^qIfES-There &re many types ot headoche& eacn ot whlch lE due to dlflerent causes, 11-18 tmDosslbte. without phystclon, i;o detcimine Eerlou8 study by a compet€nt the exect Gaurrc. In the caae ol beadache caused by lndleestlon. pfttp€r--Fetchlng ol tbe dlet may avold same. Tley ani €ienerelly aceompanted by pelns In the bowels, constlDauon. q&u8ea, t€nder end palnful eye balls, etc. A cathartic should help to remove the cause. Heedach€s trom eye strain caD geDerelly be relieved by nestlng the eyes. If this ts constant. may ghow that you need sla8ses to eliml: On ex&mlnatlon note thlE type of hoedache. Decayed teeth &re otten the cause ot beadaehes. Adenold8 and ent&rged ton8ils, of disessed reproductlve orgens will often ceuei head&che'end can'only b€ eumlnated by correct medlcal troatment from yoqr_phydclQn. A nervoua headeche ls due to exclt&bluty and brsin exharEtion. Lylng down, a proDer reet anal abStamlDg lrom excltement for short Deriods ol time. cure tblE type ol heg4eche.,Neuralgia headaches are caused by expoin varlous p&rts of the boay. lqre to cold or inflammallon Meny druss Gause heada,ches wh€n tskeD lor other Durrx)s€s: glycerine, anrob ad qunlne, nitrate, 6tc. Tte beeaacho caus€d by tbe polgon ol the Balerlal Daraslte ls very Datnftrl and vloleDt. Ileadacbes can be causad by-allsun stroke. Tte headaahe anlotlng the patient dsy and every @nst8rt dry lDcr@sing ln severlty. shoulal be a most violent warnbS to coDdrlt your phy8lcLrn and bave e thorouah exaJnltrauon !ude. Mort ol the oommon. elnole. temoonary Icadsoh€€ cea bo prcventad by matntblatni tlie body h i

"Bc a We lirst crtd, hquscLceper sccor&, V ttou uant to rcrnaln hdpplla mat. ttcd," soW a lo. mow docw. Too much enerry spent on childrcn and houEework maFes a woman too weak and tired to be a cheerful wife and_mate to her husband. The conetant rind of overwork soon tellg. The lovely bride fadeJ into o iired d-rudge. tler strength ebbe away: her nerveg weekea: ghg g"oqe irritable, sleepless, "b-ard to live witb." Tod l&te'. perhapo, sho- realizes the dootor wes right --he Bnourd Deve s&ved her strengtb.




JAYNE,S Toxrc Plnns 'fssfer


thon lron ofone

fron has been the doetor's moEt common pregoriotion for weaknegs end rundown condition wheir the blood lacke lron. Overworked wives, orpectant or nurcina mothers, young girls with dark eye-bollowr and palo facee should try Jayne's Tonic PiUs. They help to build up physical energ'y and to revive youthful rcet in work and play. They act much faster than fron olone because they contain both fron end other etrongly tonic aida to pale blood, poor appetite and weakened dieestion. A short trial costs co little, and may bring you gurfirising strcngth and rclief. Try them without delay-only 75c a bottlo (lasts for 10 days).

NEW PEP AND ZEST FOR LIFE "I JInd that I haoe more aest lor l,lfe anit am mstlu happla slrue seletlng .Iavnc's Tontc Pllls to kecp me phys'bally and Mrs. T. J. Hanlsort of Dalhatt, mentalla on m! toes," w'lt8 TexoA. "It k the potenl remdu |or that dradd dot&Ed Iee.Ibo so often sut6d, W wonen tlnl I lrzoc eoct bean &le to fir.d."

THIN FOR YEARS-GAINS 15 POT]NDST atrtr mv llfc," ur$cs Mlcs n. M. "I lnoebeenand,auetqltt

Ratb d Neut York. "I fiId @elltlt]w suggcstcd l0 mc bu urtlhonl results, ur.l,U I look Jagnc's Tonlc PW aul aMd, 16 pounds dn E moruhs. Ar.d,th6rrwo&rLs part *i I haocrdat,ad lho 6na uetgv rolthou dmtlnulrlst &slng."

WORK NOW SEEMS LIKE PLAY "Janc's TonL PUls d,e me enery! a.nd o god dppetUe. ?helt ,rnke my uorL s@rn ltkc Dlo'tt," ur&es Mrt. Glaaw Schnedofian fron Kcl,llb@, lwtnn.




Whof's Wrong



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('something" No sensible wom&n will asli for for a cough. If she knows what causes a cough and knorvs how Nature itself tries to soothe it and stop it, she will ask for




tested and found helpful in This is a real prescription, many millions of homes ovt'r a pcriod of nrone than a eentury. llillions of mothcrs havc put their f lr,ith in itkept it'handv both summer and wintcr for thosc sudtlen spelts of coughing, due to colds, that come so oftcn and worry all mothers to distrnetion A bough is Nature's x'ny of expelling t-he phlegm that flows down from the nose into the back of the throat n'here it dries and tickles. The throat then eontracts into (called a cough) trying to get rid of the irritaaspasm Expeetorant tion. Jayne's -lubricatesclings -7





lining and soothes the tendcr helos to maintain a moist eonditioir in the dangcr zone. It's callcd becausc it helps an Expectoralt to exDectorate, that is, to moisten phlegm and iooscn the irritating in the throat. today advise I\Iany physicians against nasal sprays, nose drops, and other menthol, eucelyptus a If you woukl treat irritants. cold-cougir as it is now treated in most famous instiour eountry's do as the doctors do:tutions, Moisten the Phle€m-Soothe the lrrltatthe Throat-Expel lnA Phle€,m. Thls Dart of the breathln7 systen. must be kept molsl to atotd drv, hacklng or tickllnp cou?h spd,sms.


MedicalGuide-(Continued) hellthy condition and watching rnovemcut*i of the whole intestinal

to insure daily bowel t,rect,. (see page 17.)

HEART ATTACKS-S€nd for a doctor, loosen elothes, give a simullrnt :rn<l allow prrtient. to inhale a crushed amyl nitrate &mpoule held in a handkerchief. By following the &dvicc <-rfthe doctor the dangerolrs attacks may be warded olf untl rc(luce(l in severity. HMs--'fheir ul)pe&rtncc is localized on one part ol the b o d } . T h c y : r r c l r l r r < 1 ,r o u n d , o v a l l u m p s f r o m t h e s i z e o f a b o i r n t o t-I'hey hitt ol ir sili'er dollar. They give an itching, burning f('rling. usu:llly al)l)cur very su(ldenly :rnd disrrppear :rs sud(leull'. They gener:rlly leave &fter 2 or:t d&ys. However. the troubl(r sonretitnes lasts iI long u'hile. The hives lotion is olle of the best shoul(l not be scr:rtched. (:rlrminc lrl)i)lic:ltions to relicve itching. Ask yorrr druggist for it. INI.-LtIENZA-1'his is rr conc:rgious (liselse that sprecds ralii<ll}' over vrrst xre:rs. It is orrly rrecessury f,o recrrll the epi(lemic tlrst occurre(l during tho \vorl(l W&r to realizc the seriousness of allowing t,he (lilreirse to sprc:xl. Onc &tt&ck does nclt protect aguinst anot,her. It is oftcn fital to the -feeble and uge(l. Its syml)tons are those of ordinary cold, grippe nt the onset followe<l by fever, p&in, arrd mentol trnd trhysiclrl rlepression. It &ttacks suddenly. There is fever of betwecn l(X)o and l04o. A ortarrhal condition causss much coughing :md & eontinuous disch:rrge from thc nose and throat. After 4 or 5 days the fever decreasqs, coughing disappe&rs and recovery follows in about l0 d&ys, lcdving the I)rtient extremcly wea,k 8nd ernaciated. Ilelapse is common. The trqltment conslsts of ellminating the toxins formed lrom the bucteria; ln relieving paiD and promoting strength. ()uinine lrnd hot rvhiskey should be given during the chill period. I\lild c&thrrtics are necessory to keep the bowcls regulur. (See prrge 17.) The diet should consist of egg$ milk and broths every two hours. A tea.cpoonful of whiskey or nrm can be :r(l(led to thc milk. During epldemics it is a<lvisable for people to &void crow(ls ln street cars, buses, theaters, etc. A physici:rn should be consulted immediately. INGROWING TOE NAILS-Insrowins toe nails ore elrused by the inflamm&tion of the flesh olong the edge due to the outgrowth of tbe nail. To &voi(l ingrowing, the nrrils shoul(l be trimmc(l straight, lcross anrl not trimmed at the corners. I'roperly fitting shoes shoukl bc worn. If the toe is sore tn<l the surfrce rrw. vaseline shoul(l bc applied, covere(l lry absorbcnt cotton until the pnin h:rs been relieverl. followed by btthing night and morning with a tannic rcid s{)lution to causc the flach to dry aw&y from the nlil. Tlris should be pusherl under the nail on llttlc pieces of cotton. If infection or pus occurs & physician should be ' 4 consulted. INSECT BITES-Rites that c&use itching or burning can oftcn be relicved by appllc&t.ions of werk ammoni& and vilrega.r. Stings ctusc(l by bees, spirlers, caterpillrrs, c{rn be soothe(l by immc(llrtely removing stinger with a blackhcad remover or tweezers, and &pplying ammonia water. ITCHING-The cause ol ltchins clrn be found most quickly if it is due to skin porasites. Ilowever, should it be (lue to skin dise&ses, accomplnied by an eruption, & physicirrn shoukl be c&llcd in. Ilathing is helpful in some cases <luring very warm $'eather. The addition ol baking sodrr to thc water relieves a tempor&ry con(lltion. A tablespoonful of baking so(lr in one quort of w&ter rpplied to the irrltoted arca gives quick relief, If the itching is connned to places where pimplcs and scrles are Dresent, tcr oint,ment, zinc ointment, or sulphur ointment is helpful. Constant itchine ol tlrc nosc or anus may be a sign of stomach worrns (See Jayne's vermifuge) or pin worms. (See page 32.) LIGHTNING OR SHOCK-Dash cold water over penoon. Perform artincial rsspir&tion. Give stimulant in Bmall doses and secure warmth by rubbing or covering.


is communicarcd through a speciflc mcxMALARIA-It quito. The symptoms of the disea"se consist of headaehe, yawning and restlessness, often accompanied by llssitude, vomlting. The attack begins with chills and violent shaking. It is not uncommon that while the chtll irs occurring the temperature reaches from l02o to 1O5". With the passege ol the chiu the face becomes flushed and the skin hot. The lever lasts two to three or four hours in most cases en(l gradually (llsappe:rrs, as well as the other distressing symptoms, with the ons€t of sweatlng, after whieh the patlent generally slnks into n refreshlng 8leep. These attacks oecur every dey. recur at every other day, or every third day, and genertlly

Medical Guide-(Continued) tbe same time of the dsy as in the first stt8ck. There are Eeverel forms o{ I\{alaria: such as chronic mal&ria. remittent forms, aDd pertricious malarla. Your physlcian should be coDsulted so that Quinine tre&tment cun be rendered. MEASLES-Thig is a contagious disease and its deflnite eause ls stlll unknown. One &ttack generally protects & person from another, but second attacks have been known, .The patient can communicate the disorder at any time during the disease. Its incub8tion perlod is from 7 to 2l days. The ons€t is accompanied by a dlscharge from the nose, tever, watery red eyes and irrltable sore throat, with some cougb and muscrrlar soreness. The fever at night ruDs from lo2o to 105o. Yolrr doccor's orders should be followed closely to avoid severe bronchitis, bronchlal pneumonia, ear,diseRses. deafness, etc. The patient must be kept in a darkened room at a temperature ol approximately 70o. MENSTRUATION-PaIn|uI menstruation ls cl&imed to be due to the progress of civillzation, causing local <liscomfort aDd pain each month, however usually not so set'ere as to incapacitate one from work. A physician should be consulted lu .very painful ca^s€s to lt it is due to neuralgia, mellormetion rheumatlsm, of organs or obstrucIt may be t'ion. due to eongestion, innammation due to colds, or as a rssult of chlldbearing and other nu,tural causes. The treatmelt, it a_physlcian can flnd no re&l cause, conal"sts (l) of restlng in bed durlng the whole time and from excitement, abstinence hu8band and wife should occupy seperate beds, (2) the use ol sult&ble indoor and outdoor exercise in which the body enjoys Dlenty of sunshine, (3) concentrated rich and indigestible iood should be avoided. Coarse and bulky simple foods, lresh vegetables and salads, all well chewed. should b€ e&t€n. Drink at 6 gla-qqes of wat€r every day, (4) constipotion should be avolded, (5) th€ wearing o( wool underclothes during most ol the year i,s helpful, or at lea{,t a woolen bsnd olrr the abdomen. THE ABSENCE OF \{ENSTRUATION in youne glrls who are li,stless, thin. and poorly developed should be eonsidered a symptom of a rundown condltlon. Such girls should be t:lken and pleced ln an environment whereby they recelve a regular amount of rest, and slmple nourishing food wlth plenty of sunshine and outdoor exercise. In some caaes, the taking ol emulsion of cod liver oil or iron pllls such &s Jayne's Tonlc, wlll ald in restoring normal health. I\{enstruation will appear in due time and there should be no cause lor &nxietlr. MUMPS-Thls irs a contaglous disease and is not usually (spit) gl:rn(ls, causing a serious. It att&eks the salivary swelling below the ear. Its onset is in(licated by increas€ of temperature, the fever belng from l0lo to l04o. The sufrerer may become delirious. It ls nccompanled by marked p&in n.nd olten the pallent ca,n ha,rdly op€n his mouth. It lasts from a week to l0 days en(l then dis&ppears. It is common in large cities, attacking ehildren and youths, rarely infants or adufts, occuning &s epidemlcs. Vp to gOTo of the children in a locallty may be ot,t&cked. There may be cert&in uncomfortable complications. and other glands may be involved. However, compliclltions are not iommon. Your physlcien should be consulted, although there is little that can be done due to the unknown c&use of this It is most common to have the swelling on one side of the lace but often both glands are involved. Sponglng the body to gives some relief, and rest, and qulet lower the temperature in bed should be strictly enforced. Ice pecks are helpful during periods of fever. PILES-These coDsist m&lnly ol enlarged veins in the lower part ol the bowel. They afe eltber internal or external. Piles may or m&y not be accompanied by loss of blood. Inflammation causes them to become very painful. They are more common in adults and espeeially those who exercise very little but are large eaterg. Constipaiion should be mcat carelully avolded. (See page 11.) Pile Buppositories, astringor cold wuter enert'aa often give rellef. ent ointments, (ACNE) -This PIMPLES, BLACKHEADS eruption ls commoDly found on the lace but quite often on the back, shoulders and chest in young men and womeu at about the age ol puberty. Constipation and indigestion favor the blackheads. Tea.s, cofree, tob&cco occurrence ot pimplesand and alcohol together with veal, pork, lats end cheese should be avoided. The bowels must be moved d&ily by a proper laxative such aa Jayne's Laxetlve Pills. Your druggist can suggest a good ointment for external treatment.


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Llncreme costs so llttle50c tube lasts over a year in moet homes. even if used as a !,eneral llniIneng

fuDo any o! the children in gour class fidget and squinn? Do they 7>ick t.h.eir noses or scratch thernselws? Are they nertsous, pale or puny? Are they dull, inattentite or secmingly stupid? &re LvrA likelg the tictims chiklren of or Pin Round Wortns Wornts. Thc signs all point to thern. The U. S. Gorcrnment inoestigators haue found as hi{th as 49% o! the children in some schools su.fering from Round Worms, aII at the same time. Both citg and country children are menaced bu this almost forgotten but eterpresent parasite. I! yott. suspect any o! your li.ttle charges of bein.g in/ected, send him ot lrcr home uith one o! our Vermifuge circulars the lor parenb to read and consitler. You may do the helpless child a g:reat serdce, and your class uill be more orderly, eficient and attentiae as tlw Worm menone sabsfdes. Please send lor as many free circulars edre to '{ posl card u'ill do.

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Medical Guide-(Continued)


PNEUMONIA-On8et ol symptoms are qulck. S€vero ehills, beadache, grippe lollowed by dry raching cough. Sharp psiDs in sides when coughing. The bre$th ls rapld aDd temperature rises as high as lo4o to 105" F. Place patient In bed, cover warmly and send for a physician at once.


Yes, by all ttteans, iJ your stomach is too acid-BUT-

ALKALIZE THE TONIC WAY Too many alkalizers have no tonic efrect whatever on the stomach. The good they do for a moment may make matters much worse soon after. The surcst sign of this would be that you have to take the stuff all the time, in fact more and more of it. Do you?-Think carefully! If so, it's high time to change to the TONIC way of alkalizing the over-acid stomach. The Tonic way is the pleasant, delightful, and inexpensive way to counteract over-acidity with its attendont evils-gas, beartburn, indis€stion, bloating, belching, flatulence, and other discomforts, and at the same time derive Tonic benefrt.

JAYNE'S CARfiTINATIVE Sweet Stomachic Bitters If the thought of your next meal fails to thrill you with pleasgre, you have certainly lost one of the joy-s of life. Happily, however, this pleasure may be revived. It ryay lot be lost forever. Why not try a sip of Jayne's Carminative before your next meal? Taken BEFIfRE meals it's a splendid appetizer-and if taken AFTER meals it helps you to avoid the pains that follow overeating, wrong food mixtures, and other errors of dict. Don't deoy yourself this treat.

POISON M-TNS eruption is generally obtained by eoming ln contact wlth the polson lvy plant or its volatile oils. Susceptible persons do not have to toucb the plent, but merely being in its vicinity will develop a case. Even tbe smoke from burning ivy leaves will develop a ra,sh. The de. depends on the person. Many persons ang Sxec of irrit&tion imnrune, wNle an atteck will foree others to rem{rin in bed. accomprnied by tremendous itching and great swelling. The spot infect€d becomes red and swollen and painful, tollowed by a forrn:rtion of little whlt€ blisters. Ttre poison can be conveyed to any p..lrt ol the body. \ry'hen a suaceptible person ha,s touched the plant he should immediately wash all exposed part's &'ith surgicol greel soap in order to removo mcst of the poisonous oil. A solution of baking soda applied regularly gives grert relief. Frequent bathing witb a solutioo of a tablespoonful of Hyposulphite of Soda to one qurrt of wat€r will oft€D dry up the bllst€r€. Your drwgirst's experience may enable him to recommend some other e[ecti1'e trealment. PRICKLY HEAT-This irritation ie generally temporary aDd ls eliminated by avoiding heat, or by the applicatlon ot simple st&rcb" flour or talcum powdeB. Llme water is very Boothing. RINGWORM-Skin rlngworms are usually cur€d by BevemJ applicatlong ol zinc ointment or Jayue's LlncreEe. (S{r page 29.) FEVER-Searlet SCARLET Fever is a common disease ir childreu from 2 to 6 ol og€. It is, however. hrown to atteck adults. Ita stete of incubation ie lrom 2 to 5 days. Ita onset irs sudden, geDerslly beginntag with vomitins, sore thro-at, lever, chilliness, and headache. The tongue is Withln coat€d. 24 hours a briabt red raslr appears on the neck, chest, or down on the back, spreading over the entire body. In a sbort period the rash &ppears as scarlet pinheeds spread over the flushed skin. It gradually tades away in lrom 5 to 7 days, and sccung continues for another lO days. The tongue has dennite FirBt, eharaet€ristics. red dots through a \f,hlte coa,ting and when the coating disoppers a raspberry-like color. The lever irc high and pulse rapld, both lBding with the disappearanoe ol the ra^*. All adviee of a frhysician should be lollowed in order to avoid complications, as sever€ kldney disorders may result, and d€afness is not uncommon. The eyes muat be watoh€d es blindness and nervous dlsorders are posslble. Scarlet fever patienta should always be isolated tor & period ot lrom6to8weeks. SNAKE BITES-There ere a lew polsonous soecl€3 ln thc United Stat€s. Ilo\ryever, due to tbe fact that most p€opb cannot t€ll a poisoDoua snake lrom a non-poirsonous sDake, all precautions should be taken immediat€ly upon beingl bltt€n (r) Iuake the wound bleed. Cut through the wouod sumciently deep and squeeze. Do not suck the wound. (b) If bite is on limbs, use tourDlquet between bite a.Dd heartr remembering to loosen tournlquet lf appesrence of ehln indicat€ thar circulation has been eut ofi tor too long. (c) The quickest nntidote is to wash the wound with permang&n&te solutlon. (d) It is not necessary to give liquor but the hearo should be stimulated on sdvice of che doctor. ptrysician Get a or obtain &n anti-venom Bnake bit€ outft and use rccording to directions. SUFFOCATION-Whether due to choking, strangling, dense smoke or drowning, or uncongciousne.s8 due to Iach ol alr reaching the lungs, first clear the throat ol the suflerer pull and tongue lorward, looeen hb cloth€s snd e,pply artlAlways respiration, try artidcial even 4ctal respiration. long atter heartbeat catrnot be heard or felt. Try to Eiet doc. tor or pulmotor immediately. WHOOPING COUGH-This disease ls cEused by a germ lnfection and ls spread through coughlng. It attacks children lrom 6 months to 6 years of age. One ettack generauy protectd against another. It starts like an ordlnary cold. p€riod becinE alter the second week. Tter€ The whooping ane nany remedie8, but no single cure. A vacglne b nor availeble to sbort€D lts course. Chlldre[ should be kept in the open alr and Brrnqhine a"s much aa posdble. T?rey nrugt Cet propq[ r€t end lf mucb welgbt 18 lost sbould be given phyElclatr a tonlc. Your should be congulte<!. (8€e JayDel Tonic PtUe.)

BloatingAlmostChokedHim urltes V. N. Slnpson, "No morc gas or bloallng nou," Freqport, Ohlo. "I used, to be so bloated, and lall ol paln I cotid, lwrdfy brealhe. Tilccl ledlw d.etorc and manu odtltu rend,les but got no rcllcf lA I bougw Jaane's Carmlrutlt).. It rcl,leoed me al, orue!"

FoundReliefAfter 30 Years

"Aflq 30 lectE of Eqterlnt ltofi.qas palns and, bloatln| I lqund, qellef W tqbTr?o Jaunc's Carmlrntloe" soas El,mq Houard, Bratuh, Mbh.



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the children just hate Spinach

It doesn't matter now if the ehildren just "hate" certain foods which are needed to maintain the Iron strensth of their blood. (Iron, of course, is needed for propei srowth, sturdy bodies, resistance to colds, etc.) Food is not the only source of Iron. ft can also be given in the form of l\{edicinal Iron, in little sugar-coated pills that children don't mind takiug. So don't wear yourself out day after day in fights with the children about their food. Just give them whatever iron-rich add one little foods they will accept gracefully-and Jayne Tonic Pill to each meal. In this way peace and quiet will reign at mealtimes, and the children will not look thin, pale or puny for lack of Iron. rrh

JIYxE's Totuc Prrrs These pills contain Iron for the -blo-od,Calcium for bones anti teeth, and Iodine to aid in the prevention of simple goitre. They also supply tonic ingredicnts that stir the slueeish anpctite and tone the stomach so the digestive juices flow more freely. These pills are meant to sunplement the resular balanced diet in cases of Undeiweieht, Paleness. Headaches, Sleeplessness'and

I I l.

a,s.a_tonic, not only-younE for growing girls, children but for expectant and nursing mothers, overworked adults and aging men .and womeo. Only 75c at any drug store.





LAXATIVES YS. CONSTIPATION It has often been sald. without serlous consideration, that l&xetives may lead to constipation habits, tâ&#x201A;Ź bc. come continltous or chronic. Many well informed people, following the most valuable hygiedc rules known as to body cleanlirress, exercise and diet, olten find (by t&hing Charcoal markers)* that they ere suffering lrom cumulatlve If this happens constipation. even to those people who pay strict attention to rules of hygiene, think of tbe vast number of people who gufier from cumulative constipation because they are without proper knowledge or because of neglect, which easily becomes a babit. Such people will also sufrer from the type of constipation caused by lack of exerci,ge, improper diet, and Bedentary life. Both forms of constipation require laxatives to maintain health by urging the bowels to perforq their duty of expelling food wastes wir,hout delay. Tlre question arises as to which is the best practice-to poisoned by putrefying have the body chemically lecal metter in the intâ&#x201A;Źstinal tr&ct, or to see to it that the bowels are cleaned once or twice a week with a reliable laxative. In the study of many patients, lrabitual constlpation was found to begin at 26 in women and 31 in men. Many people suffer with diseases afiecting the body aa e whole. The aged, the infirm, must and those individuals necessarily have a laxative. to those people A laxative ls as irnportant aa glasaes are to correct the vlsion of thoEe suffering with eye trouble. * Blacli.ened, stools shoull, appear u/ithl.n 36 houTs olter a charcoal tabl,el ls taken, otheruiae constipolton ts presenl atr S0tne aeqfce,

HINTSFORSOREFEET 1. See that shoes fit well, have good strong soles and archeg and that heels are straight. Have the shoes wide enough so a6 not to cramp the toes. Change gradually from too high to medium and low heels. 2. Socks or stockings should be long enough, X inch too Iong rather than too short. Change daily, or even seversl times da.ily in hot weather. 3. Corns, callouses and bunions should be kept pared down. removed, or kept soft and pain-free with Jayne'e r'increme. 4. Bathe feet daily with special foot soap, (ask your druggist) and dust leet and shoes with foot powder. Foot (ring:worm and itch bF 5. Avoid or treat Athlete's tween toes) by smeariDg a very tbin Rlm of Jayne's Lincreme on afiected spots.



If There is no Druggist Near You, Order Your Medicine by Mail The quickest and cheapest way to get the famous Jayne Medicines is through the druggist who gives you this Almanac. But if there is no druggist near you, send this order blbnk, together with payment in stamps, money order or check, and the medicines will be sent to you postpaid. Please add 10c extra foreach bottle of liquid medicine ordered, to help pay pacliing and pootage. Dr. D. Jayne & Son, Inc., 2 Vlne St., Phlla., Please eend me the following medicineei

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Joltnn! Drove Teach,er Crazy

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i"i"'"'r's"g1i ilslmi':i

or cnlroren rro-m_z to lO Trould stop ..-scratching and fidgeting, sleep rl.elll wrrl)out nlg:Iltmarefi or bed wetting. gain ' _ c o l o r andnew_color p e p , all a n t l rrep, a l l by b y tat<ing t a k i n g te-a'cfer.sTeaeher.s iD norms! after ilrose pesky p _good advice-get 't'in Ask ]'our druggist today for Jiyne;s ivoini .Hreparation, the COIIILE1IE Preparqllion,_the_ COf,IpLEI'E nrethod. or rr.rftp B-rvav method, B-rvay ll,rite d i r e c t t o D r . D . J a y n e & S o n . I n e . , p h i l a d e l p' h i a antl send money order for 92, if he eannot sutiply vou. 7

#ilfrE: F R E E f"t"*1f#,e;lffr"S#Fl;,illi#!#l'ff .ffi+!,:lss:it"-tr o'": *u 8l'tgfftfiQh:.?ftfl{"gt'*#,%i*w*"'#"';"'$o%H: DREAM To get thls amSzlng book FREE send the package tront from V,'*rr:;$im"'stiF;Fs;fBn"tl BOOK 3iL{"ET,ilT*Tr

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'CouldWrmi have, done this

to ftIa chitd2

Must Even a City Child Suffer from Round Worms? Yes, Mother, Round Worms are plentiful in the city, .lust as they are in the country. The signs are only too common. Look around you, at the pale faces and thin bodies of dclicate, irritable or "nervous" children. As likely as not, those gi.gns mean Round Wormsl - So don't be surprised if your own child gets thin, pale, irritable or fidgety, picks the nose, sleeps dtfully or detelops other symptoms of Round Worm infcction. Even the most scrupulous cleanliness, hygiene and modern safcguards cannot prevent Worms. Just ask your druggist and you'll be astgnished to learn how common these hca-lth-destroying Bound Worms are right in your own city. Then ask your druggist what to use to find out for sure if your child is infected, and'he'.ll say-


^fAyArE',s Vnntwrcuct |$lF^r:

Jayne's Almanac and Medical Guide to Health - 1938 - Dr. D. Jayne & Son  
Jayne's Almanac and Medical Guide to Health - 1938 - Dr. D. Jayne & Son  

Jayne's Almanac and Medical Guide to Health - 1938 - Dr. D. Jayne & Son