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Body Shots

Mega-Extreme Black Tingle Formula Ultra-Dark Silicone Bronzers Mega-Extreme Black Tingle Formula with Ultra-Dark Silicone Bronzers. "Most Intense Tanning Experience Ever!” Once you dare try Body Shots™ you will experience the hottest and darkest tanning lotion invented by Ed Hardy Tanning. Scientifically engineered for instant darkness... See the results for yourself! Fragrance: Sparkling Citrus Available Sizes: 13.5 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

SPF 14

Sun Protection Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection Blended with Aloe, Cocoa Butter and natural oils to soften, smooth and moisturize the skin. Vitamin E helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while working to slow down the aging process. Achieve the perfect golden tan you crave with Ed Hardy's richest cocoa butter blend UVA/UVB broad-spectrum tanning lotion. Get the dark tan you always wanted. Fragrance: Fragrance Free Available Sizes: 7.5 US fl. oz.

SPF 28

Sun Protection Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection

I’m Fabulous

Instant Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion Luxurious Silicone Skin Softening Instant Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion. Luxurious Silicone Skin Softening Anti-Cellulite/Anti-Aging Formula. I’m Fabulous™ instant dark bronzing beads and potent tanning agents deliver a perfect and Fabulous golden bronze tan. The formula boasts high levels of Anti-Aging and Skin-Purifying ingredients as well as maximum amounts of moisturizers. Fragrance: Tropical Floral Available Sizes: 13.5 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

Formulated with Aloe to help moisturize the skin. Protect yourself with our moisturizing broad-spectrum UVA/UVB tanning lotion. Saturate your skin while you play in the sun with natural Aloe Vera, and let Ed Hardy's SPF help you manage and achieve the tan that's perfect for you. Fragrance: Fragrance Free Available Sizes: 7.5 US fl. oz.

Aloe Vera Relief Extending Spray Sun Relief Tan Extending Spray

Ed Hardy Aloe Vera Tan Relief Extending Spray offers cooling and moisturizing benefits to your bronzed skin. Soothing aloe temporarily relieves your skin of windburn, sunburn, or other skin irritations, leaving you feeling beautifully bronzed. After a long day of fun filled activities in the sun, cool and soothe your skin with Ed Hardy’s Tan Relief Extending Spray. Formulated with a unique blend of aloe, coconut and eucalyptus oils that will moisturize, calm and cool the skin. Prepare for an adventurous night out as your skin will be your fashion highlight! Fragrance: Peppermint Available Sizes: 8.5 US fl. oz.

Diving Dragon

Mega Dark Silicone Technology with Lychee Fruit Moisture Boost

Extreme Dark Tanning Spray Oil

Diving Dragon's ultra bronzing formula will give you the immediate dark tanning results you desire. Age Defying supplements will help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, with the combination of our DHA, Natural bronzers and Lychee fruit you will have irresistibly soft skin with a dark, long lasting tan.

Loaded with sweet and sumptuous almond and walnut oils, Ed Hardy's Extreme Dark Tanning Oil will take your tan to the darkest levels ever! This Spray Oil is blended with various natural oils which will work together to provide moisturization, smooth and soften the skin, help protect from environmental damage, and assist with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Fragrance: Wild Coconut Key Lime Available Sizes: 13.5 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

Oil Spray with Walnut Oil and Vitamin E

Fragrance: Strawberry Kiss Available Sizes: 8.5 US fl. oz.

Hollywood Bronze


Immediate Deep Glistening Bronzer Formulated with essential vitamins and oils for an Amazing Deep Dark Tan you will feel like Hollywood after using this lotion! Get that radiant Glow you lust for and see the super amino-peptide complex help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles every time you use...Hollywood Bronze. Fragrance: Candy Kisses Available Sizes: 10 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

Jet Setter


Cross My Heart

Mystical Blend of Luxurious Silicone Moisturizers with Tan Extending Benefits Ed Hardy's enriched silicone moisturizing formula leaves your skin nourished and radiant. While the DHA helps you develop a sun-kissed look over time, the slimming and firming agents help to tighten and increase collagen, giving your skin the appearance of a more flawless, youthful look. Fragrance: Refreshingly Clean Available Sizes: 18.75 US fl. oz. 2 US fl. oz.

Ultimate Dark Bronzing Tanning Elixir Infused with Mangosteen, Acai Oil, and Marshmallow Extract Super Antioxidants coupled with the strongest DHA bronzers delivers every tanner an extreme color boost in every session. The aromatic Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance is sure to heighten the tanning experience while the specially designed lotion delivers the DEEPEST and DARKEST Tan.


Fragrance: Warm Sugar Vanilla Available Sizes: 10 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

Wether you are looking for an all over sunless tan or just a touch up in between sessions. Ed Hardy's Mermaid can help you achieve that long lasting tan with ease. With the continuous 360 spray application, you can have a streak free tan within minutes, leaving your skin flawless and smelling irresistible!

Dragon Rose

Fast Acting Super Bronzer Streak-Free/Cocoa Butter Tanning Lotion

Sunless Tan Spray Continuos Fine Mist/No-Rub Application

Fragrance: Island Colada Available Sizes: 5 US fl. oz.

Dragon Rose is a streak-free DHA and silicone bronzer that leaves your skin silky, soft and golden. Essential nutrients and vitamins along with skin firming agents help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while cocoa butter works to protect the life of your tan. Fragrance: Fresh Floral Fig Available Sizes: 10 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

True to My Love

Advanced Tanning Serum with Bronzers An Oil-Free Dark Tan This Unisex serum is great for all skin types. True To My Love's oil-free intense bronzing serum will give any user desired results. Loaded with anti-aging and firming agents, you will achieve a youthful, glowing completion. Fragrance: Refreshingly Clean Available Sizes: 10 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.


Dark Tanning Lotion with Skin Nourishing Optimizers in a Coconut Milk Base Geisha gives skin a nourished, soft feel while the Shea butter repairs and prevents stretch marks. The Melaleuca complex helps clear, and protect the skin from harmful free radicals. Geisha's after tan odor eliminator will help you feel fresh and rejuvenated while giving your skin a long lasting natural glow. Fragrance: Ocean Mist Available Sizes: 10 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

Tattoo Stick Display SPF 60 Sun Shield Stick

Enhance and Protect your tattoos with Ed Hardy's UVA/UVB blocking SPF 60 Tattoo stick. Very water resistant and non greasy formula with added Shea butter moisturizers.

Fragrance: Light Tropical Available Sizes: Net Weight .49 oz. (14g)

Love Kills Slowly

Innovative Ultra Dark Bronzer with Color Enhancing Silk-Skin Blend

Ed Hardy Posters size 36� x 24�

Love Kills Slowly's unique blend of Silicone and Coconut Milk gives skin the long lasting moisture it's been looking for. The moisturizers work with the time released DHA allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your tanning session long after you leave the salon. it also utilizes caffeine to target cellulite, and dehydrate fat cells,while giving you a lasting beautiful bronzed glow. Fragrance: Citrus Charm Available Sizes: 13.5 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

Ghost Skull

Exclusive Blushing Bronzer with Luxurious Silicone Emulsion Ghost Skull's Bronzing-Blush formula will give you the deep, dark tan you've been looking for. Our Silicone Emulsion complex will leave your skin feeling softer and firmer, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. CoQ10 defends your skin from natural elements while maintaining a long lasting tan. Fragrance: Fresh Citrus Available Sizes: 13.5 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

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Koi Fish

Silicone Skin-Illuminating Formula with Age-Defying Acai Berry Super Fruit Koi Fish offers skin a nourished, age defying look using a unique blend of ultra rich coconut milk moisturizers, Acai Berry and olive extract. Dark tanning accelerator complex gives your skin an illuminated glow while the Aloe renews and reconditions your skin. Fragrance: Tropical Floral Available Sizes: 13.5 US fl. oz. .7 US fl. oz.

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