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The Kays will be located off the Jacmel Road, in the CODEP Region of Haiti.

Restoring Haiti’s forest, one home at a time

Incentive Kay budget (per kay) Materials: $4,450 wood, hardware, roofing, concrete Labor: $1,750 1 BGF Field Manager/Trip Leader, 5 Haitian crew members Supervision and support: $1,300 Total: $7,500


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Rooted in the construction industry, Building Goodness Foundation collaborates with other nonprofits to serve communities in need. To advance our partners’ missions, BGF builds and renovates enduring structures that transform lives.



ISSUE: deforestation In RURAL HAITI

of Haiti’s original forest remains

solution: INCENTIVE kays To earn a home, the average family in the CODEP program plants

Since 2000, families enrolled in the CODEP program have planted

12 million trees

50,000 trees

OUR COMMUNITY PARTNER: CODEP - Haiti Fund CODEP (Comprehensive Development Project) - Haiti Fund is one of Building Goodness Foundation’s longest-standing partner organizations. CODEP provides health, education, agricultural, and economic initiatives to support the people of rural Haiti. Families in the CODEP program plant trees to earn homes­­—“kays”—built by BGF volunteers and Haitian crews.

What is an Incentive Kay?

An Incentive Kay is a 12’ x 20’ family home with traditional Haitian features, including a porch, two doors, and a custom-built front truss. Incentive kays adhere to international standards for earthquake-, hurricane-, and termite-resistance. Kays serve as enduring points of pride for the families who earn them by reforesting their land.

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