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Building Goodness Foundation & GOALS

The village of Destra, Léogâne is particularly remote. The nearest main walk on foot, and none of the villagers own a car.

GOALS Community Center budget

“Parents, kids and staff continually tell us that the one thing more important than football is education.”

Materials: $50,000 wood, hardware, Labor: $33,800 Local Haitian crews, one BGF Field Manager Supervision and support: $13,500 Total: $97,300

ABOUT BUILDING GOODNESS FOUNDATION Rooted in the construction industry, Building Goodness

building on


communities in need. To advance our partners’ missions, BGF builds and renovates enduring structures that transform lives.

GOALS Community Education Center Destra, Haiti

A community of 800 families, the village of Destra lacks a school, a health clinic, and a place of worship.

The average Destra household survives on

$1.50 per day



education and public health IN RURAL HAITI meeting community needs

goals community education center

GOALS (Global Outreach And Love of Soccer) uses soccer to engage youth in community work that improves their quality of life, their health, the environment, and local leadership. GOALS programs include local teams, health education, and scholarships. In Destra, GOALS has built the town’s only latrine.

Out of the 800 families living in Destra, GOALS’ programs reach

125 children

the building The GOALS Community Center will serve as a multi-purpose building for the Destra community. The Community Center will house after-school tutoring, teen programs, and health education. The building can also function as a medical clinic and host community meetings.

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