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With the holidays vastly approaching, this November my staff and I decided to bring you the “Going Green” issue of The G.O.O.D.S Magazine. “Going Green” is a popular phrase being bandied about these days and chances are you have heard it referred to quite a bit, but what does going green mean? In essence, it refers to using various everyday methods to help save the world and its environment. We at The G.O.O.D.S Magazine wanted to put a fashion twist on this term by bring you, the reader, articles like Models Who Have Gone Green, Budgeting for Style – Spring 2012 Runway Looks, and others that focus on eco friendly designs, designers, and reusable materials that are making a big impact in the fashion world. I don’t want to give up “The G.O.O.D.S”, but you’ll be highly impressed on what our staff writers will bring to your attention as far as eco friendly fashion is this issue. Many people consider going green to be an actual lifestyle; for them, save the world is the bases for all their actions. This month, there’s a host of looks in our pages that you will surely be shopping for this Fall/Winter season. I’m confident this issue will provide inspiration for everyone. I would also like to take the time to formally welcome Qiana, Ken, Connie, Esmeralda, and Jamilla to The G.O.O.D.S Magazine staff! Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

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The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

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The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

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The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


By: Christina DiMaria

Baby, it’s cold outside, and you need to wear a stylish, yet functional coat to protect you from those harsh winter elements. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from with this year’s hottest looks. So hurry up and bundle up!

Luxe Parka Luxe parka describes the coats that convert the traditional parka into a slim-fitting, figureflattering shape. The color variety of Luxe Parkas include the standard coat shades of black, navy and white, and the vibrant hues of red and orange, too.

vince camuto Faux Fur Trim Parka $200.00


Laundry Coat Long Sleeve Belted Mixed Quilt Down $130.00


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Colors Go bananas and buy a brightly colored yellow jacket this winter because bold bright colors are all the rage. You may opt for a pumpkin-colored coat because orange is a trending color this fall as well. The lively spring colors are continuing into winter this year to melt away those cold, snow days.

ASOS Coat With Fold Over Collar $115.00

charlotte russe Tiered Yellow Wool Coat $45.00

ASOS Fit And Flare Coat With Frill Back $45.00

Peacoats Peacoats live on for another season. These coats combined a classic design with a flattering look mixed with warmth. Usually, you’ll find peacoats in shades of black, gray and navy blue, but with the cheerful color trend, you can find peacoats in most colors of the rainbow.

Anthropologie Popham Peacoat 198.00

Malene Birger Fidelina Cropped Peacoat $440.00 SPIEWAK BEEKMAN PEACOAT $190.00


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Fur Although fur teeters are on the line of fashion almost every year, for the 2011/2012 winter season fur is warm and trendy. While wearing an entire bear fur rug is not in fashion, hints of fur around your sleeves or collar line are just enough to bundle up with sophistication and flair.

Need Supply Co. Fox Fur $78.00

Kenneth Cole New York tan faux shearling $140.00

Gap Faux fur coat $168.00

y s p y g inter w photographer: RamsĂŠs Radi Wardrobe: Emma Breden MUA: Alessia Mancini Model: Anna Majewska Model: Luke Bohanna Location: The Elementree Studios, Brighton, UK


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Scarf: Lucie Vincini Jacket: Rasha Swais Mustard cord trousers: Rasha Swais Bracelet: Jolita Jewellery Boots: Barratts


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Fur Coat: Lucie Vincini Orange and red t-shirt: Lucie Vincini Rust and black cord trousers: Rasha Swais Boots: Barratts


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Zigzag black and white Jumper: Lucie Vincini Scarf: Lucie Vincini Rust and Black cord trousers: Rasha Swais Boots: Barratts


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Healthy skin with Makeup? By: Kristina-Monique

Makeup LOVERS deep down inside we all want to do our part on going GREEN, right? Even those of us who like to beautify ourselves with some of the non-natural stuff that the world has to offer. Well let’s try something healthier for your skin, mineral makeup. I know you think makeup and healthy skin not possible well SURPRISE!!! I’m sure you have heard some not so great reviews about it but I bet you’ve also heard some AMAZING reviews as well. All I have to say is pure great things. I’m definitely one of those who truly believe in mineral makeup because of the healing powers it has while making us beautiful.


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

One of my ultimate favorites is definitely La Bella Donna (right) a mineral based line with the ability to offer SPF, color and antiinflammatory properties to the skin. Not only are these products all minerals derived from rocks but they have no FD&C dyes, oils, talc, alcohol or fragrance. Don’t get me wrong, I love my product based lines that aren’t so natural that I like to use for photography, editorial and those days that I don’t want to feel so natural myself but why not go outside of our box. They are anti-aging with light reflectors to create a more flawless appearance, healing, and great for problematic skin because it doesn’t clog the pores (SCORE). Really the list goes on and on plus you can put these minerals on your face after any type of treatment, which I find rather rewarding myself. With that I give you a challenge to give back to the earth by using resources that are natural and non-toxic for your skin, the Egyptians did it and I do recall Cleopatra being quite beautiful so mineralize your life.

Brand New Bag

By: Erika Thomas

J preston its nce no i s way s are ng n g o a l andba ar th-co ise h m co and d an e nonex y orla kiely s a h ngs, nte tually ike the n a o i i w e fash beginn if you ere vir oked l rom th y l o f d w r l e nfrien stella d to b hoices either came . An i d o ey Ec than It use our c able ow an l e th ead sh thing nd i s y . k a i s , n l v l e l l o y-a clo 0s a lD , or re a epti exc us carr that we k mule Gratefu adable late 8 ear thr c scio Bags n a pa th at a biodeg in the , still, g way. . e i tent nged o ir t boo other ailable ionabl in a b left a h v h o k d l s be ye t- p an ere a re fas e mar esigns looked l d d tie- of hem that w be mo the sty uster g that nks to l s flux ssorie ried to issed d lack methin ay. Tha vative o t e acc 90s items m ials an ing so so tod st inn —and t o y r c l y o e u r s ea ciou mat , prod bag. N ttest, m it’s eas s e con r crud esired hand the ho days i The o be d ag than me of , nowa t o You can take your pick of environmentally lot e feedb n of s around o r i . t o mindful designers who have turned being ecom volu akers reen e g m e g friendly into chic-o-friendly. Bags by Matt & Nat h n g t dba us bei n a are completely vegan, and made from one hunh oro glam dred percent recycled materials. Orla Kiely uses all natural leather and manufactures their handbags in an environmentally friendly manner, using only organic vegetable extracts. J Preston makes use of the adage “waste not, want not” by creating bags from remnants of natural leather and other raw materials that would have otherwise been thrown away. These are only a few of the designers who have helped revolutionize the face of fashion when it comes to earth-conscious wares. Their eco-chic bags will have you seeing green and looking great doing it! matt & nat

g n i g Brin n Greehe to t creen big s

By: Feriel Kolli

A new fresh air of consciousness is blowing over the Hollywood red carpet. The “Green” mania is contaminating celebrities, who ring the global warming alarm to make the crisis clear and loud. Is it a sincere philanthropy resolution? Or A sharp way to invigorate their public figure? Beyond speculations, every single famous activist has a bright idea to clean up the planet. Leading light voices, snatched TV Shows, and the Box Office to wake up the mind of the public. “Start with plastic bottles and paper bags,” said the talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, reflecting on how ecological daily tasks could merely save the world. The green rules require also not playing dirty politics. Al Gore, George W. Bush’s competitor at the 30

The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

2000 presidential, spread out his echoing political messages by starring in the multi-awarded environmental documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”. Shocking statistics, hitting speeches, and screenshots of natural disasters, Al Gore causes Mr. Anti-Kyoto protocol in trouble. Environmental matters concerned likewise gorgeous Brad Pitt who founded The charity organization. He swapped his dazzling suit from the “Ocean’s” saga for a humble outfit and a hard hat, for the rebuild of green homes, Katrina storm damages in New Orleans. Every green decision is a gift given to the earth. Kate Hudson and her rock star Matthews Bellamy know something about it. Planting a “celebration tree” for a newborn is one of the most original eco-friendly present

the couple wished from their relatives, to immortalize the arrival of their son Bingham. Screened showcases, a home, a baby gift, each shinning celebrity left a green footprint on the Hollywood sign.

After the catwalk

By: Kimberly Kimmel

what do Models wear in real life? And, which models have gone green?

After walking the catwalk, what do Models wear in real life? And, which models have gone green? Models who strut their stuff on the runway are dressed in high-heels, high-end fashion and clothes with high price tags. They work in couture, but what do they do when they hang at Starbucks? After hours in front of the camera in full-on make-up models such as Taylor Momsen (Material Girl) and Antonia Wesseloh (Escada) favor a more casual look. “Models are advised to walk around with a clean face. Unless they are coming from a test shoot, they will normally have no make-up on,” says a former New York model. “They travel comfortably and fashionably but most of the time they will wear heels. It’s good practice for the runway and you can get spotted by agents.”


In a recent Elle magazine interview, former Material Girl model (Lourdes Leon’s line) Momsen, who has an edgy personal style says, “Honestly, most of my clothes I’ve had for a long time, or a lot of it is vintage. So I kind of wear the same things over and over.” Leggy Antonia Wesseloh, a 16 year-old model (Prada) and horse enthusiast from Germany with intense down-turned eyes, says she likes going more relaxed hanging at home with friends and spending time in coffee shops. And then there is model Summer Rayne Oakes (Elle, Allure) who has not only gone green, but has dedicated her career and personal life to helping the environment. Oakes is a naturalist with a PhD in environmental science. Known as the first EcoModel, Oakes is a former correspondent on Discovery Network’s Planet Green and embraces all things green.

The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Even Stella McCartney salutes the model. “We love Summer and what she’s done for going green, with her book, ‘Style, Naturally’.” Glamour magazine named her “One of the 70 Women of Green.” CNN listed her as a “young person who rocks,” and Cosmopolitan awarded her the “Fun, Fearless Female” Award. “I firmly believe that we all want—or at least would like to be (whether we know it or not)—part of something that is greater than all of us,” says Oakes on her website. For most models, you can bet whether on the runway, or at the movies, no matter what they wear, they carry themselves with confidence, grace and style, especially those who have proudly gone green.

Fall Bobs 2011

The traditional bob has transformed over the years. Not only can it be worn in the workplace, but it can be appropriate for the streets. The bob is sophisticated, spunky, and punk rock depending on how it is worn. Considering the colors for Fall try a bob with flare. Fall colors, the naturals such as black, dark browns, and blonde.

If you are the individual who likes versatility try the spunky bob. This look has more visible layers that can be styled in various ways. Wondering how? You can bump the ends, feather the layers by over-directing the hair as it is curled or even flip it. To repeat the style in the morning repeat the steps mentioned above, and style the layers as desired.

When Fall comes many people think it is time to let their hair grow, but these days anything goes. With numerous ways to customize the bob to fit your style, find one that fits you (If you are considering a haircut). Once you try it and find you do not care for the style, the good thing is that it will grow back and if you need it to grow quicker there are places to buy it! Happy bobbing!!

By: SheMarie

Not sure which style will fit you best? Consider your style, your routine, and schedule. For the individual that needs something low maintenance refer to the sophisticated bob. This version has a smooth look. Does not have many layers, and if it does they are not choppy. Maintenance will include simply wrapping your hair smooth flat to the head in a circle, using a silk or satin scarf to hold in place then unwrap when time to do so. The wrapping technique will hold the form of the style, making it extremely manageable with close to minimal or no heat to style.

Do you have more of a funky or punk rock style? The rock bob is choppy. This bob makes a statement. It has the traditional shape along the bottom, but has random layers that can be spiked, flipped or curled. This look can be high maintenance depending on the detail you want in the layers. To maintain the style repeat the steps above, then tend to the layers as desired.

Care For Your Hair By: SheMarie

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Laureth Sulfate: These harsh detergents which are also used in carwash soaps, floor cleaners and also as engine degreasers. Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl): These help extend the shelf life of products. These chemical preservatives have been linked to breast cancer. Propylene Glycol (PG) or Butylene Glycol (BG): Are derived from petroleum. They penetrate the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure. PG is strong enough to remove barnacles from boats. PG is an active ingredient in industrial antifreeze. Synthetic Colors and Dyes: Used to make cosmetics “pretty,� synthetic colors and dyes are labeled as FD&C or D&C followed by a color and a number. Green No. 6. Synthetic colors tested on animals tend to produce cancer.


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Now that we are aware of how important it is to GO GREEN, try it for your hair. Try Organic/ Vegan hair products. I can suggest three important things to consider when choosing products. Learn how to choose products for your hair type, read labels, and be consistent. Decide what it is you want to do with your hair. Do your research on organic products that can cater to your needs. Once you know what direction you need to go to get your product learn to read labels. This is important because there are certain chemicals that you should stay away from. For example:

Now that all the dangerous and unhealthy chemicals have been discussed, here are a few Organic/Vegan Product Lines to consider:

#1- Abba Hair Products 100% Vegan - Free of Synthetic Dyes Sulfate Free - DEA Free Abba has a “commitment to purity”. Natural plant based ingredients, known as “prescriptive” formulas that meet specific needs for different hair types.

#2- Soma Hair Products Organic - Sulfate Free - 100% Vegan - 100% Biodegradable - 100% Alcohol Free Hypo allergenic - Paraben & Formaldehyde Free. Soma offers over 20 hair products that are 100% Vegan and Organic.

#3-Just Natural Hair and Skin Care Natural & Organic, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Vegan Guaranteed

You may not know much about these companies, but they stand behind their products. Do your research and see the benefits. Care for your hair use green hair care.

Mickey Mouse Ears: Vintage Blouse: Vintage Jeans : H&M


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


Downtown Rush Hour Photography and concept: Benjo Arwas Makeup: FouFou Styling and Hair: Stacia Buttons Model: Hannah Doerksen @ M Model Management West Hollywood


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Vintage acid wash Jean Jacket: H&m Leggings: Rebel Yell British Rocker T: BrigadeLA handmade feather earing Ring: Kitten Hawk

Jeans: H&M Military style boots: steve madden acid wash tank: Vintage Charm Jacket/Vest: BrigadeLA


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Crystalized swimsuit: vINTAGE Lonely hearts fur coat: BrigadeLA Heels: Aldo

Charm Jacket/Vest: BrigadeLA


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Hat: Vintage Acid wash tank : Vintage Vintage capris: H&M Military Boots: Steve Madden Bangles: Sticks and stones

Hoody: Spirit Heads/Red Wolf by BrigadeLA Shirt: Long sleeve pocket T by BrigadeLA Knee high leggings: H&M Military boots: Soul struck


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Mickeymouse ears: Vintage Jeans: H&M Leotard: H&m Heels: Aldo

Blouse: VintagE Jeans: H&M mickey mouse ears: Vintage


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Le Kid Oh Alright Review By: Michael Brewer

It smells like Teen Spirit...and it’s one of the main components of this breakout Swedish Pop Band. Other added ingredients include sugar, spice and everything nice. And just like the Power Puff Girls, they have a final ingredient which is Chemical X. Together they form the devilishly addictive pop confection known as Le Kid. On their hotly anticipated debut album Oh Alright, Le Kid blend 60s psychedelic melodies, new millennium BritPop and Swedish Electronica into a well developed first LP. With so much refined sugar, neon colors and teenage themes you would think Le Kid was for kids but that couldn’t be further from the truth.


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

On the surface, Le Kid plays the innocent card very well at first glance or better yet first listen. As you dive deeper into the nuclei of Oh Alright, you will find double entendre, clever word play and innuendos that might at best raise an eyebrow or two. But it’s all in good wholesome fun. The first offering is the Xenomania-Esque dance/rock treat, “We Are The Drums” metaphorically explaining how they are music itself. Not exactly an arrogant way but more so in a confident manner. Next, we’re taken to the cool “Mercy, Mercy” which sonically sounds like “Can’t Speak French” by Girls Aloud. Then we move into the lush and cosmic, “America” which flies into your subconscious and takes over your senses. This song is by far the most astounding and brilliant composition on the entire album. Helena and Johanna’s vocals soar and their harmonies feel the space between the melodies and the drums. After that, we are introduced to what I consider to be Le Kid’s signature sound, the summery beach pop of “Oh My God.” It could easily it any episode of American Bandstand. With so much nostalgia flowing throughout the album, we are brought to the present with the Space-Invaders-8-bit electropop of “Bigger Than Jesus.” It’s a love letter to their native sound of Swedish pop and a truly emotional song. Some might slate them for such a “blasphemous” title however, Love is considered to be just as powerful if not more powerful than religion. Soon the kids of Le Kid gives us more teen spirit on the unashamed pop of “Seventeen” and “We Should Go Home Together.” In addition, Le Kid channels the teen angst in the obsessive pop blast of “Telephone.” Since its creation the telephone has been one of the most coveted tools of communication used by teenagers. Le Kid does an amazing job retelling a crucial part of the teenage experience of waiting on that special person to call; rather it be a crush, secret admirer or someone you had date with the night before.

Lastly, Le Kid are melancholic and heartbroken in the bouncy “Escape.” With a heavy heart they sing “I gotta start having me some fun/ I gotta undo the damage done/ I gotta start having me some fun/ Escape, escape.” As any teen, they bounce from one extreme to the next. Fortunately the members of Le Kid are level-headed adults who know how to keep that melodramatic teenage angst in check. And ending the album in high spirits, the folks of Le Kid courageously cover The Killers massive breakout hit “Mr. Brightside.” Transforming the song into an energetic ABBA-fied pop anthem, Le Kid takes the song in such an unexpectedly great direction that not many bands would attempt. The risk pays off as the album closes on such a high it demands that you play it over again. From start to finish, Oh Alright is strangely smart, sophisticated, nostalgic yet incredibly current record. It’s a refreshing take on the teen experience that is easy for anyone to relate of any age or race. The coming of age experience is one the most important phases of personal human development. With such exceptional vocal arrangements, superb production and creative lyrics, Le Kid has created a great introduction for themselves. Freshman year seems to be going well for them and we hope they can continue on their teenage misadventures in the same fun, ambitious and fearless manner. We wouldn’t want them to flunk out before Prom. Oh Alright Released September 7, 2011 (Roxy Recordings Sweden)


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


: By

r te ea Sw n ! ai k Pl oo A sL rn u Tu ulo To Fab w A Ho to In e





a ri




While sweaters might keep you warm throughout those cold winter days, the bulkiness of them sometimes downgrades your fashionable look. Many sweaters hide your curves in an unflattering manner, but with a few simple tricks and tips, you can make that sweater look chic, sexy, and sophisticated. Have you ever wondered how you can look stylish while at the same time embracing an eco-friendly style? Here are a few tips to share so that we can all be contributors of an eco-friendly style.

The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011


A pair of oversized earrings and/or a delicate necklace with a pendent work well with sweaters, especially ones with a cowl neck or a turtle neck. A pair of large hoop earrings or long dangle earrings, such as drop earrings or chandelier earrings accent the outfit with a stylish chic look that are perfect for going out or going to work. A pendent necklace adds a bit of sophistication to a sweater without overtaking the outfit. Choose eco-friendly jewelry such as the San Fernando earrings made by Moonrise Jewelry, to reduce your carbon footprint in a fashionista kind of way.

High Heel Pumps

Now ladies, you know high heeled shoes can turn any outfit sexy because they give you the extra height that boosts your confidence. Just like pairing a little black dress with red high heels, little black sweaters are versatile enough, so you can do the same. In fact, if you wear a pair of crocodile high heels, you’re accessorizing with your sweater in trendy way. Do not hesitate to spice up your fleece with bold colors and while you are standing out, don’t forget cute shoes can be environmentally-friendly, also! Check out Charmone shoes for a variety of eco-friendly shoes with an elegant look made of vegan suede and absolutely no PVC content.


A brightly colored scarf stands out and turns a boring sweater into an exciting style. The scarf doesn’t need to be a bright color. A matching scarf has the capability to convert a seemingly dull beige sweater into an outfit suitable for fall or winter. Although you may tie the scarf around your neck, you could always let the scarf hang down on both ends for a more casual look. Etsy has a collection of eco-friendly scarves including the wide bamboo pattern scarf.

save on spring style 2012 Runway Looks

The Spring 2012 runway collections have everyone buzzing, and searching for a spare fortune to indulge their fashion addiction. But fretting won’t get you any closer to 2012’s lust-worthy looks. Instead, figure out how to update your closet without collapsing under piles of debt and clothes you have to consign. Organize your fashion allowance into two categories: Splurge Pieces and Cheap n’ Trendy. Incorporate a few new, or new to you, items into your wardrobe for serious next-season style.

1. Silk button-up shirts in solid neon and neutral By: Theresa shades. Silk can be pricey, and synthetic substitutes often don’t have the same swing as the real thing. Fisher Three or four high-quality silk blouses will anchor your wardrobe. Find your favorite version of this versatile top and buy it in two neutral colors—light and dark. Then, score one or two blouses in of-the-moment colors or styles. Wear these with everything, especially the punchy, printed bottoms that dominated the runways. Equipment makes blouses, pictured, in a wide variety of cuts, colors, and styles. Haute History: Going green is always glamorous, but this season’s Twenty-Twelve gone Twenties trend makes reusing and recycling clothing especially chic. The runways saw designers dig into the last century to churn out a parade of swingy, sparkly, and marvelously metallic looks. Stake out vintage shops or get Googling, and enhance your wardrobe with previously owned wares. Peplums lend flair to structured, classic silhouettes. Though a broad range of designers and retailers are featuring peplums this season, it’s best to spend a little extra for pieces that flatter your figure and last through every event. Don a boucle jacket for work or, for dressier occasions, some dramatic, architectural heel.


Pretty, pretty pleats. Every few years, pleats make a comeback, and more likely than not, you know someone who’s a few seasons, or years, behind on spring cleaning. Rummage through a friend or family member’s castaway clothing for an old pleated skirt, and seek out a good tailor to help transform it into a 2012 treasure. The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

It’s All About Prints: Prints—whimsical, dramatic, futuristic, just plain pretty—sprang up during so many Spring 2012 shows. The key to a pulling them off? Authenticity. Pick prints that, above all else, show off your personality.

Cute Outs: Oh, the New Years dress debacle. Is the perfect, one-night-only dress really a priceless commodity? Not if your pennies are few. Consider sporting a cut out or color-blocked dress, for a very now look that can be achieved affordably. Since cut out dresses tend to (or at least, should) have some sturdy stretch, they’re often made from synthetic or cotton-based blends, and look equally luxe at high and low price points.

yea, We Still make Videos

Eco Friendly Relationships By: Deyanira Collier

In today’s modern day relationship we are always striving to connect no matter which stage of the relationship is in. Whether you’re at the beginning stage and are both sparking each other’s interest by revealing your passions or whether we are falling into a routine and feeling the need to explore new passions. The key is to always keep the romance alive! Exploring ways to help the environment could be a great way to building deep bonds and enrich our appreciation for our surroundings. It fosters self worth and awareness since it promotes healthy living and a much conscience lifestyle. How great would it be for the two of you to come together in a positive and powerful way to help your environment!

Here are five ways that as a couple you can enrich your lives as well as your planet. 1. Learn to cook green

2. Plant a Vegetable Garden

together Get your hands dirty together and plant your Attend a healthy green cooking class that very own vegetable garden. You can find focuses on cooking with locally grown many tips and ideas online. http://www.infoods. CUPS in La Jolla is well known is a great website for their organic cupcakes but they also to get you started. This site is truly an easy offer a cooking class focused on using guide to gardening. They have the how to’s in seasonal fresh vegetables straight from articles, audios and videos. They even give your local markets. Check out their web- you a guideline on how to start your own garsite for their next Farm to Table cooking dening business! Now that’s a venture to truly class at After each bring you together! meal you will have a chance to enjoy the delicious plate you’ve just learned to cook along with a Q&A with the Chef. How enjoyable would that be! 62 The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

3. Dine at Your Local Green and Organic Restaurants Make date night extra special! offers a list of restaurants that are dedicated to cook with fresh seasonal foods from local farms. They have a list from Alchemy Restaurant, Blue Water Grill, Cucina Urbana to O’Brother’s Burgers just to name a few.

4. Go on an Eco tour Ecotourism focuses on building environmental awareness as well as provides direct financial benefits for ecological conservation. This is a perfect way to get insight into the impact that human beings have on the environment and gain greater appreciation of our natural habitats. San Diego is known worldwide as one of the best tourist destinations not only for its gorgeous weather but also for its part in its wildlife conservation movement being home to a SeaWorld theme park and the “world-famous� San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. Check out for eco tours. They claim to offer tours and activities cheaper than you would find on the providers own website! There are a lot of options for you both to explore and enjoy together.

5. Volunteer For a Good Cause Join a group together in support to help clean your community. Organizations like I love A Clean San Diego encourage community involvement to actively conserve and enhance the environment. Their website is http:// offers programs and a calendar of clean up events for you and your partner to get involved with together so you can enjoy a much cleaner and beautiful town.

Top: ICHI Skirt: Oasis Shoes: Steve Madden Bracelets: Vintage

ntered e e h s y t i s o i r u With c st o l d n a t s e r o f the mystical ot inside with her trail, she g ld mood and a magical co out. She just couldn’t reach and decided felt connected e the spirit of b to stay and to orest. the f 64

The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

lost in the woods Photography By: Benjo Arwas Styling: Benjos Team. Makeup and Hair: Lina Hang Model: Alexandra Bengtsson @ GOSHEN Models, Korea.

Bracelets and ring: Vintage


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Dress: Vintage Bracelet: Forever 21 Hair Piece: Bedford Falls Headwear


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Dress: Adolfo Sanchez Bag: Vintage Bracelet: Forever 21 Hair Piece: A Chorus Line

Dress: Adolfo Sanchez Shoes: Guess Bag: Vintage Bracelet: Forever 21 Hair Piece: A Chorus Line


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Necklace: Forever 21 Top: Lindex (Swedish boutique) Bottom Skirt: Angel Clothing Belt: Angel Clothing Hair Piece: Bedford Falls HeadweaR Shoes: Steve Madden

Dress: Hot Miami Styles Shoes: Doll house Bracelet: Chanel Hair Piece: Icing Accessories


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

Dress: Olive Olivia Hair Piece: Bedford Falls Headwear


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine November 2011

November 2011  

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