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Hello Friends, We want to take a moment to tell you who we are and what we are about. Our names are Matt and Bethany Ruckman and we have five beautiful children, Brendon, Kailey, Andrew, Leah Jean, and Emma. We live in Cleveland, Tennessee, and love what this town has to offer! We have started GoodNews Christian Magazine because we feel that when God, family, and community are combined, lives will be changed. GoodNews Christian Magazine is a complimentary, Christian lifestyle publication. You can find us


throughout the community in retail establishments,

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Contents DECEMBER 2018

GoodNews from the Pastor’s Desk 6 The Power of the Nativity

GoodNews for Everyone 30 How to Read the Bible

GoodNews for Kids 8 Christmas Giving

GoodNews for Couples 32 Christmas Back In Our Marriages

by Kenneth Ware

by Michelle Morris

GoodNews on Money Matters 10 Hush Money by Andrew Lee

GoodNews for Men 12 Psalm of Perils

by Andrew Corbin

GoodNews for Women 14 Discerning God’s Voice by Suzanne Hooie

GoodNews for your Taste Buds 16 Christmas Peanut Butter Dream Fudge by Ginger Smith

GoodNews for Parents 20 Being a Parent

by Jennie Arnold

GoodNews for Life 22 Every Life Matters by Khristie Staines

GoodNews for Health & Fitness 24 12 Holiday Gifts that EVERYBODY will Appreciate by Thomas Morrison

GoodNews Cover Story

26 Cultivate Good News GoodNews for Teens 28 Where is He?

by Karla Smedley

by Reagan Marsh

by Laura Perdue

GoodNews for Seniors 34 Christmas Celebrations by Shannon Alvey

GoodNews for Singles 36 A Single Christian


by Chad Penny

GoodNews for Everyone 38 Legacy of Love

by Jennifer Hastings

GoodNews for Everyone 40 Out of My Hands and Into His by Robert Leamon

GoodNews for Everyone 42 Take Your Time


by Donna Tumlin

GoodNews from the Physician’s Desk 44 Sleep Apnea

GoodNews from the Outdoors 46 Lost by Rusty Asble

GoodNews for Moms 50 I Choose Joy

by Jennifer Govea


Gò0dNews Christian Magazine


Gò0dNews from the Pastor’s Desk

The Power of the Nativity


by Kenneth E. Ware

an you believe it? Christmas season is already here. With sales, commerce, and travel reaching an annual high, many will perceive Christmas as

merely a holiday instead of a holy day. Its central message is the unique and miraculous virgin birth of Jesus Christ. God became Man in the person of Jesus Christ (cf. John 1:14). The Son of God became the Son of Man so that sons of men can become sons of God. In the gospel of Luke, the power of the nativity involves a Decree from Caesar Augustus, a Declaration from an angel of the Lord, and a Doxology from a multitude of the heavenly host. Let’s observe this historic, yet powerful passage of scripture.

II. The Declaration - Luke 2:10 The angel declared good news of great joy to the shepherds first. Why the shepherds first? Why didn’t the angel declare the good news of great joy to the chief priests, the scribes, and the religious leaders first? In the Old Testament, Jesus Himself is identified as a shepherd. A trilogy in the Messianic Psalms declares that Jesus is the Good Shepherd (Psalm 22), the Great Shepherd (Psalm 23), and the Chief Shepherd (Psalm 24). Likewise, the New Testament asserts that Jesus is the Good Shepherd (John 10:11,14), the Great Shepherd (Hebrews 13:20), and the Chief Shepherd (1 Peter 5:4). Wow! No wonder the angel did not declare the good news of great joy to the chief priests, scribes, and religious leaders first; the shepherds were more Christ-like than the religious hypocrites. Nevertheless, the good news was not to end with the shepherds. Futuristically, the same good news, as the angel declared, “shall be to all people.” The good news of Jesus Christ is not only for Jews, but also for all nationalities. III. The Doxology - Luke 2:13,14 The multitude of the heavenly host highlighted the announcement of Jesus’s birth by praising and glorifying

I. The Decree - Luke 2:1 Caesar Augustus, the first Roman Emperor, ordered a decree stating that a census be taken of the entire inhabited Roman Empire for tax purposes. That decree was inadvertently part of the sovereign plan of God. Joseph and Mary had to travel back to Bethlehem and so fulfill the prophecy of the supernatural virgin birth of the coming Messiah (cf. Micah 5:2). Well, God has also ordered a decree. In eternity past, God has foreordained whatever comes to pass in your life for His own purpose and glory. Therefore, it was already decreed in eternity past that Caesar Augustus should issue an executive order to take a census of all the inhabited Rome. All events that surrounded the birth of Jesus Christ

God. The word “glory” is the New Testament Greek word “doxa” from where we get “doxology.” It means “to praise, honor, glorify or exalt.” Have you ever noticed that angels are never seen in the Bible “singing” to God? They simply “say” to Him words of praise and adoration (cf. Is.6:3; Rev.4:8; 5:12; 19:1,4-6). Angels are neither redeemed, nor do they live by faith. Christian men and women are redeemed and live by faith. Since angels are not redeemed, they do not have a song of redemption to sing to God by faith. That is why angels have a longing desire to look into our preaching, praise, service, and worship of God (cf. 1 Pet.1:12). Your praises to God are not merely about how good you sound, but what good you say.

glory so that the scriptures would be fulfilled (cf. Isa. 7:14; 9:6; 11:11; 53:2; Mic.5:2).

6 // December 2018

About The Author

were already decreed and predestined by God for His own Kenneth E. Ware, M.M., M.A.B.S., M. Div. He is the pastor of New Sholar Avenue Baptist Church.He and his wife, Tonia, have two children, Kenny and Kaliya.He is a graduate of Temple Baptist Seminary.

Gò0dNews for Kids

Christmas Giving


by Michelle Morris

s the weather turns colder and the leaves begin

The Bible says in I Peter 4:10, “As each one has

to fall from the trees, I begin to look forward

received a gift, minister it to one another, as good

to Christmas! Christmas is my favorite time of

stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I believe there

the year! It is the time where the world shines bright,

is no better opportunity than to share your gift with

festive music plays all around, and we choose to show

others while showing and telling others of Christ’s

our love to one another with gifts. Giving during the

amazing love. Because we have all been blessed with

Christmas season is one of my greatest joys! I love the

different talents, God can use each of us to carry out

planning and thought process that goes into picking

His plan of salvation. God shared the best gift He

just the perfect gift, finding that gift, and then the

could possibly have given to us on that long ago night

anticipation of waiting for that special someone to open

in Bethlehem. It is our calling as Christians to share

it! Their expressions of surprise and joy

the gift of salvation with those around us. John 3:16

are literally the best!

reminds us that God gave His only son for us

We all have an amazing

that whosoever believes can have eternal life.

opportunity this Christmas

We are commissioned with the task of sharing our gifts with the

season to share gifts with one

whosoever’s around us!

another. But unlike the gifts that we wrap beneath the tree

So, I would like to

with ribbons and bows, these

challenge you during the

gifts are from our heavenly

hustle and bustle of the

father. God has gifted each

season to remember the

of us with talents and skills

power of your gift. Take a

that he wants us to share

little time to reflect on what God

with others. For some, this

has blessed you with and use that

might be donating your

gift to show His light this season.

time at a homeless

Give of your time and talents, and

shelter. For others, it

be aware of every opportunity

might be preparing

God drops in your lap!

a meal to share with a

Your gift might the

family down on their luck.

very thing that

While some of you may choose

leads someone

to visit a nursing home and

to Christ! Let’s

spend time with those whose

choose to make

families aren’t able to be with

this season’s gifts

them on Christmas. All of these

the kinds that keep

are just a few examples of how

giving all year long!

this Christmas season.

8 // December 2018

About The Author

you can “gift” God’s love during Michelle Morris is a 5th grade teacher at Michigan Avenue School. She attends Keith Street Ministries where she sings on the praise team and teaches the primary class on Wednesday night.


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Dr. Andrew Lee is professor of English at Lee University. He also serves as a coordinator for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. He and his wife Esmerelda have three children.


ost of us have heard the phrase “hush money,” referring to payments made in order to keep people quiet so they don’t reveal some scandalous secret. But here I’m using the phrase to refer to how many Christians view money as a forbidden topic, never to be talked about. Some of us grew up in households where money was never really discussed, other than occasionally sitting around the table bemoaning our lack of money to do something we wanted to do. Most of us had no idea how much money our parents actually earned at their jobs, nor did we have a clue how much our parents had saved in the bank or in retirement accounts or other investments. Likewise, we often had no idea how deeply our parents were in debt or how much they owed to creditors. There seemed to be this idea of “out of sight, out of mind,” and if we just keep quiet about money generally, our financial situations will all magically resolve themselves. But the truth is quite the opposite: people who are financially successful are also very intentional regarding money; they don’t mind talking about it; in fact, they frequently discuss money issues in order to be financially pro-active—paying off debt, saving and investing, planning for the future. Study after study has shown that in lower-income and middle-income households, money is a taboo topic rarely spoken about, but in upper-income households, money and finances are more often discussed openly among married couples who also include their children in the discussions in order to teach them about money. But should you really be candid with your children (whether minor children or adult children) about how much you make, how much you owe, and how much you’re worth? My feeling is that it depends on your

10 // December 2018

relationship with your children and whether you believe your children demonstrate enough maturity to have these discussions. One is reminded of the old adage that “you should definitely have life insurance, but not so much life insurance you have to sleep with one eye open.” An irresponsible or immature son or daughter—whether age sixteen or sixty—should probably not be trusted with a parent’s sensitive financial information, nor with the parent’s finances. On the other hand, if your children or grandchildren have proven to be financially responsible and disciplined with money (which is our responsibility), and are eager to learn how to handle money successfully, there are countless “teachable moments” to share by being transparent about the household budget, bills, and investments. My wife and I regularly discuss these details with our teenaged sons (19 and 16) because they have jobs, pay for many of their own bills, and have proven themselves to be fiscally disciplined, and we hope our nine-year-old daughter will one day emulate her brothers in this regard. So why are so many Christian households “hushed” when it comes to having family financial discussions? Some believe (mistakenly) that money is somehow bad or evil, and that being ambitious about having more money or wealth is likewise wrong. Greed or obsession with getting rich can certainly be immoral, but let’s not confuse greed with a healthy desire for success, including financial success. How many people could you help if you acquired wealth through diligence and investing? How much could you contribute to God’s Kingdom if you stopped thinking of money as inherently bad? To “do good works” often (not always) requires money; we would be wise to stop being ashamed or reluctant to have “the money talk.”

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Gò0dNews for Men

Psalm of Perils


by Andrew Corbin

salms 57 begins with David crying out to God

else seems to be suffering. David illustrates in Psalms

saying, “Be merciful unto me, O God”. David has

57:4 that his “soul is among lions”. In our times of

be on the run from King Saul, and has found a

tribulations, we get too caught up in how bad our storm

dwelling place in a cave. While he is hiding from Saul

actually is. David finds a turning point in verse 5, and

and his army, David cries out to the only person who

he realizes what needs to be done in order for him to

can actually help him. David is in the cave and, no

have peace during the problem.

doubt, feels as if he is all alone. When the world feels

David begins to praise the name of God. He begins

like it is crumbling in our hands, we also feel as if we

to get his eyes off the problem, and focus his attention

are all alone. Most people who are Christians are just

on the problem solver. He lost his focus, and now he

like David. When we have perils in our life, instead of

realizes what actually is important. While David was still going through a valley in his life, instead of focusing on the issue at hand, he focused on the Lord. The valleys, the storms, the heartaches, and the trouble will not necessarily go away, but when you get your focus on the one who “has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm” (Nahum 1:3), the trial does not seem so bad. The trials will happen, just like in Matthew 7:24-27, concerning the two houses built on different foundations. One house was built on sand, which symbolizes a lost person, and the other house was built on a rock, which symbolizes

trusting the journey that the Lord placed us on, we deter

a saved person. The storm, winds, and rain came for

our path and go into a cave.

both, but the difference was the foundation that the

The lesson from the story is that instead of only

house was built upon. Through the storm, through the

crying for help and mercy, David finds out the key to

valley, through the shadows, if you’ll “Lift your eyes

obtaining sweet deliverance. In the midst of the cold,

unto the hills, from whence cometh my help” (Psalms

dark, and lonely cave, David finds peace. Beginning

121:1), there will always be more than enough grace to

in verse 1 and through verse 4, David is focused on

get through it.

thing. We are too focused on what the problem is, how unfair it is that we are in the situation, and why no one

12 // December 2018

About The Author

how big his problem is. Many times we do the same Andrew Corbin is an evangelist who preaches throughout the surrounding area of Northwest Georgia. God called him to preach back in April 2017. You can find him at Grace Baptist Church in Dalton, GA, where he is a member and also plays guitar there.

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Gò0dNews for Women

Discerning God’s Voice

y sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27). Do you believe that God speaks to His children? Believers have varying answers on this question that range from, “No, I don’t believe God speaks to us,” to those who believe that every impression is from God. I tend to think that the truth lies somewhere in the middle of these thought processes. Using several authors (Priscilla Shirer, Max Lucado, and Rick Warren), I want to point out five truths that I use to test that what I have heard is actually from God. The first question I use to test an impression from God is, “Does it follow biblical truth?” If we use the Bible as a plumb line, does the impression that we have fall within Scripture? If that impression goes against what the Bible teaches, you can rest assured that it is not from God. We all know that His Word is the light for our paths and the lamp for our feet. This enables us to guard ourselves against sin and following our own voices. The second question is, “Does it make me more like Jesus?” If the impression does not make us walk as Jesus walked or serve as Jesus served, it fails that important litmus test. Our ultimate goal as a Christian is to become more and more Christ-like. We are made in His image that we might strive to become more like Him. Anything we do that makes us less like Jesus is not from God. Affirmation from our church family and spiritually mature friends/mentors is the third way to test an impression. Discuss your impression with someone who you know is spiritually mature. If they do not affirm you, it does not automatically mean that impression is not from God. Perhaps that lack of affirmation is a call for us to dig deeper and listen more closely. If you are not comfortable even discussing it with a spiritual mentor or friend, consider this discomfort a warning sign. The fourth question to test an impression is, “Does it fit with my spiritual gifts and natural abilities?” For example, if I felt God calling me to sing solos in my church, I can assure you that it is not from Him because I am not musically gifted, AT ALL. I would strongly question this impression being from God. He does call us out of our comfort zones and is ready to equip us for the tasks He calls us to do, but not completely out of our spiritual giftedness and natural abilities.

14 // December 2018

The last way I use to test an impression is to ask the question, “Is this going to glorify God and build up the people of His kingdom?” Is it something that will promote me or someone else or does it exalt God? We glorify Him by acknowledging His greatness and worshiping Him. An idea or impression from God brings the glory not to us, but to Him. Isaiah 42:12 states, “Let them give glory unto the Lord, and declare His praise in the islands.” I can assure you that if you impression brings glory to God, it will build up His kingdom people. I think Priscilla Shirer sums it up beautifully is her book, Discerning the Voice of God. Shirer writes, “Discerning the voice of God is a divine mystery because it is a supernatural work the Holy Spirit does in us . . . I can’t give you a formula by which you can discern His voice with 100 percent accuracy. As you practice discerning, know God graciously allows our errors to be the best teacher in hearing correctly in the future.”

About The Author


by Suzanne Hooie

Suzanne Hooie serves as the Minister of Missions and Community at the First Baptist Church of Dalton. Suzanne and her husband, Sherrel, have 2 grown children, John (24) and Lauren (22).

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Gò0dNews for your Taste Buds Christmas Peanut Butter Dream Fudge by Ginger Smith

Ingredients 3 cups sugar ¾ cup margarine (melted) ⅔ cup of evaporated milk 1-10 ounce package of peanut butter chips 1-7 oz jar of marshmallow creme ⅓ cup smooth peanut butter 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Directions Combine sugar, margarine and milk in a heavy 2 ½ quart sauce pan and bring to a rolling boil, stirring constantly. Continue boiling five minutes over medium heat and stirring well. (A very important part of the process or it won’t thicken). Add in the following, in order, beating each until blended before adding the next ingredient. Add your peanut butter chips Marshmallow creme Peanut butter Vanilla Pour into a buttered 13 x 9 pan (or smaller for thicker pieces).

16 // December 2018

About The Author

I double the recipe and use a 10 x 13 pan or a 10x14

Ginger Smith is married to her husband Gary Smith. They reside in Cleveland, Tennessee.


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Cedar Valley Church of God 2744 Cleveland Highway, 30721 706-259-0016 Church of God of Union Assembly 2311 South Dixie Rd, 30720 706-275-0510 City View Church of God 3688 Chatsworth Hwy 30721 706-226-6686 Crosspointe 2681 Underwood Street 30721 706-278-2649 Valley Brook Church of God 1474 Mineral Springs Rd, 30720 706-279-3296


Rock Bridge Community Church 121 W Crawford St, 30720 Community Fellowship Church 409 North Fredrick St, 30721 706-278-3204 Freedom Community Church 908 Elk Street, 30720 706-463-2690


Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church 901 West Emory St, 30720 706-278-8857


Christ the King Lutheran Church 623 S Thornton Ave, 30720 706-278-3979


Bethel AME Church 620 Spring Street, 30720 706-226-2714

Bethel UMC 123 Bethel Church Rd, 30721 706-278-3309 Dalton First UMC 500 South Thornton Ave, 30720 706-278-8494 Dawnville UMC 1529 Spring Ln NE, 30721 706-259-5342 Fairview UMC 735 Riverbend Rd, 30721 706-996-5057 Five Springs UMC 2823 Five Springs Rd, 30720 706-277-3928 Mineral Springs UMC 4079 Airport Road, 30721 706-517-0200 Mt. Vernon UMC 597 Lafayette Road Rocky Face, GA 30740 706-673-4667 New Haven UMC 4040 South Dixie Highway, 30721 706-217-1879 Pleasant Grove UMC 2701 Cleveland Highway, 30721 Sugar Valley UMC 503 Murry Hill Dr, 30720 706-280-9112 Trinity UMC 901 Veterans Dr, 30721 706-278-4042 Varnell United Methodist Church 3485 Highway 2 Cohutta, 30710 706-694-8023 Wesley Chapel UMC 808 Jamestown CT, 30721 706-270-2331


First Church of the Nazarene 2325 Chattanooga Rd, 30720 706-278-8428 Grace Church of the Nazarene 1111 Nelson St, 30721 706-278-1171


Abundant Life Bible Church 2110 Antioch Rd, 30721 706-270-9733 Bridging the Gap Ministries 514 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 30721 706-277-7575 Church on the Hill 1035 Abutment Rd, 30721 706-278-9208 Christian FreeWorship Church 210 Robinwood Dr, 30721 706-313-1129 Cornerstone Family Church 1240 Dawnville Rd, 30721 706-259-8509 Dalton House Of Prayer 735 Beaverdale Rd NE, 30721 706-280-0263 Good Neighbors Church 910 South Thornton Ave, 30720 706-226-0846 Gospel Light Tabernacle 804 Sheridan Ave, 30721 Grace Fellowship Ministries

620 N Glenwood Ave 2&3, 30721 706-280-1375 River of Life Church of Dalton 2919 East Walnut Ave, 30721 706-965-6683 Saint James Overcoming Church 400 North Fredrick St, 30721 706-278-0319


Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal Fuente de Agua Viva

101 S. Selvidge St, 30720 706.278-8161 Grace Presbyterian Church 2107 Threadmill Rd, 30720 706-226-6344


Salvation Army 1109 N. Thornton Ave, 30722 706-278-3966

1007 Underwood St, 30721 706-278-4963 True Gospel Pentecostal Church 109 South Henderson St, 30721 706-278-5696 ChristChurch Presbyterian 510 South Tibbs Rd, 30720 706-529-2911 First Presbyterian Church


701 E Morris St, 30721 706-618-1182 Dalton Hispanic SDA 112 W Long St, 30720 706-275-0523 Seventh Day Adventist Church

300 South Tibbs Rd, 30720 706-226-2166

Seventh Day Adventist

3 Angels Hispanic SDA

Chatsworth Church Directory Baptist

Blue Ridge Primitive Baptist Church 706-517-9849 134 Hyden Tyler Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Calvary Baptist Church 706-695-7747 Highway 225 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Center Hill Baptist Church 706-695-7988 65 Berry Bennett Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Cisco Baptist Church 706-695-9270 Highway 411 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Cool Springs Baptist Church 706-517-5388 Holly Creek Cool Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Fellowship Baptist Church 706-695-2626 4396 Highway 52 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US First Baptist Church 706-695-2112 121 West Market Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Flat Branch Baptist Church 706-695-2663 3443 Highway 286 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Free Hope Baptist Church 706-695-3717 4176 Highway 76 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Holly Creek Baptist Church 706-695-8522 422 Holly Creek Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Keith Road Baptist Church 706-695-6441 Keith Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Lindsey Memorial Baptist 3503 Lindsey Memorial Rd. Rocky Face, Ga. 30740 706-673-7650 Little Consauga Baptist Church 706-517-5733 1100 Sugar Creek Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Maranatha Baptist Church 706-695-6330

Highway 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Mount Pisgah Baptist Church 706-517-8944 2309 Old Highway 411 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Murray Baptist Church 706-695-9712 508 West Peachtree Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US New Hope Baptist Church 706-517-3089 1273 New Hope Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US New Hope Baptist Church 706-673-8050 2105 Tunnel Hill-Varnell Road Tunnel Hill, GA 30755 New Prospect Baptist Church 706-629-9521 7629 Highway 225 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Old Fashion Baptist Church 706-695-5420 885 Ben Adams Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Open Air Ministries 706-386-484 1058 Mtn Crest Dr. Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Prayer Baptist Church 706-624-9216 10859 Hwy. 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Shinning Light Baptist Church 706-517-1739 801 North 5th Avenue Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Smyrna Baptist Church 706-695-5815 1913 Smyrna Church Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Spring Place Baptist Church 706-695-5532 441 Highway 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Strait Way Baptist Church 706-517-2861 508 West Peachtree Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Zion Hill Baptist Church 706-517-5913 Highway 225 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Grace Bible Church 2599 Leonard Bridge Rd. Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Church of Christ Woodhaven Church of Christ 706-847-7400 508 West Peachtree Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Church of God

Chatsworth Church of God 706-695-9388 Highway 411 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Central Community Church 706-695-4242 60 Pine Hills Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 Spring Place Church of God 706-695-8000 717 Tibbs Bridge Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Timms Chapel Church of God 706-629-4720 7727 Highway 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30755 US

Full Gospel Faith Worship Center 706-695-6866 189 Hyden Tyler Road Chatsworth GA 30705 House Of Prayer 616 Jenkins Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Center Valley UMC 706-971-4646 5394 Highway 225 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US First United Methodist Church 706-695-3211 107 W Cherokee Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Fullers Chapel UMC 532 Cook Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Mineral Springs UMC 71 North Way St Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Spring Place UMC 706-695-5143 Po Box 248 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Tunnel Hill UMC

706-673-4022 121 North Varnell Road Tunnel Hill, GA 30755


God’s Light House 784 Smyrna Church Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 Dayspring Church 706-695-7335 Highway 52 Alternate Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Liberty Tabernacle 706-517-3140 2196 Smyrna Church Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Living Word Christian Fellowship 706-695-5005 960 Cherokee Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US New Beginnings Ministries 706-695-6067 646 Floodtown Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Tabernacle of Praise 706-517-0377 1435 Leonard Bridge Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Wings Of Faith Ministries 706-695-1527 1122 North Holly Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Pentecostal Victory Tabernacle 706-517-1458 355 Ellijay Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US A Place to Worship 706-517-8568 259 Old Landfill Rd Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Sumach Presbyterian Church 706-695-4773 2089 Sumach Church Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Seventh Day Adventist

Seventh-Day Adventist Church 706-517-5124 1115 Highway 52 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US // 19

Gò0dNews for Parents

Being a Parent hen you became a parent for the very first time, did you have any idea how extremely time-consuming, heart-stealing, and how an overwhelming flood of emotions would fill you up by this tiny person that God blessed you with? They don't exactly come with a "how-to" manual, but we do have God's instruction book to help us along the way. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

I know from my own experiences as a parent of 2, now adult children, it's so easy to make mistakes along the way, but at the time you think you are making the best decisions for all. So many times I've looked back over the past 40 years and wished I could have a "doover", but since that's not possible I think God has given me the grace to forgive myself and I have been able to enjoy watching my children make their own way in life. We will always look back and wish we could do it again. Even as adults, we look back and wish we could sometimes do things differently with our own parents because they, too, were doing the best they knew how to. Being a parent is not easy on the heart, by any means. Most people think when their kids are young they can't wait for them to grow up and get out on their own. Well, you worry about them when they no longer live with

20 // December 2018

you too! Just because they are no longer under your roof doesn't change the fact that you are concerned about their welfare. “Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. Honor your father and mother that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” I have to continually pray for mine and that God will watch over them and help them to make right decisions in life. Will they mess up? Sure, they will. But, they will have to learn that there are consequences for each of our actions and if they make a decision that ends up being a poor one, they will have to “pay the price” for whatever that decision was. Too many parents these days are trying to fill up their kids’ days with activities and keeping them entertained. That's fine, to a point. I am constantly seeing parents that don't spend quality time with their kids because they have such full schedules going from one thing to another. What ever happened to sitting down for a family meal together and just talking and laughing about the day? What about just taking a walk around the neighborhood with them, stopping to admire flowers or visit with a neighbor? I think that parents are under the impression they have to take kids on expensive vacations or constantly buy new things for them, but in the end, that's not really what kids remember when they are grown. My adult daughter has commented to me that she's so thankful we had supper together as a family every single night! She said some of her friend's moms didn't even cook! It was always takeout, because mom was too busy! I really think that is sad and shows what we are teaching our kids. Bottom line is, be a parent to your kids. Don't try to be their friend. Don't give them everything to keep them happy. Let kids get outside and use their imaginations. Let them be a kid for a change. When they are adults, you'll be surprised at the little things they will thank you for that they remember from their childhood. About The Author


by Jennie Arnold

Jennie Arnold is married, a mom to two grown children, and a “mi mi” to grandchildren. She has attended Rock Bridge Community Church for approximately 11 years. She enjoys volunteering and attending Bible studies.

Church Activities & Events First Baptist Church Dalton Family Christmas Eve Service Sunday, December 23rd - 10:30AM

Temple Baptist Church Christmas Play

Sunday, December 16th - 6PM 2310 South Dixie Hwy, Dalton, GA 30720

Fellowship Bible Church

Children’s Christmas Program Sunday, December 9th 2044 Dug Gap Rd, Dalton, GA 30720 Call for more info (706) 278-6269

Poplar Springs Baptist Church Men’s Breakfast

Sunday, December 2nd - 8AM Call for more info (706) 259-8727

Grove Level Church

Christmas with The Ball Brothers Wednesday, December 18th - 7PM

Eleventh Avenue Baptist Church Brotherhood Breakfast

Sunday, December 16th - 8AM 2550 South Dalton ByPass, Dalton, GA 30721

Gò0dNews for Life

Every Life Matters


by Khristie Staines

t a training I recently attended, I was

how miraculous the precious gift of life is. How every

reminded, yet again, about the beautiful

detail of the human body was orchestrated by God, all

preciousness of life. That a life, no matter

for His purpose and glory (Colossians 1:16, Ephesians

how brief or fleeting, is so special. You see, while I

2:10). When was the last time you really thought about

agree that the loss of a life at any age is heartbreaking,

the gift of life? About the sheer wonder of it all. When

the loss of life merely weeks after conception can be

was the last time you remembered to thank God for all

equally as devastating. Let’s not forget about the loss

the gifts He has bestowed upon you throughout your

of life that, at times, takes place before life has even

life? He is waiting and would love to hear from you, for

begun. At what point do our hearts and minds think of our babies? At what point do we see them as our baby? In our dreams, when they are conceived, or when they are born? I fell in love with my son before he was ever conceived. Can any of you relate? He was already in my heart before I ever knew his gender or had picked out his name. God’s word teaches us that we are each fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). That He knit us together in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). That He knows the very number of hairs on our head (Luke 12:7). So if He knows all of these things, I have no doubt that He knows the length of our life (Job 14:5) regardless if

He already knows your heart. He is available 365 days a

it is mere moments or many years.

year, 24-hours a day, and 7-days a week.

Seeing tiny fetal models in the first trimester

May we give Him thanks in all things, good or

of life, a 20-week fetal model, and countless other

bad, happy or sad (I Thessalonians 5:13, Ephesians

remembrance photos of babies of various gestational

5:20, Psalm 118:1), no matter if we are walking through

ages, was a beautiful reminder of how intricately we

the dark valley or are up on the hill. To Him every life

are formed from the beginning of life. When a loss

matters. The hopes, dreams, heartaches, and pain that

of life occurs early in a pregnancy some may feel as

we try to hide from the world, God sees it all, every

though it was ‘only tissue’, yet we know that it is a

single tear.

and likeness. Oh sweet friends, let’s not ever forget just

22 // December 2018

About The Author

baby. Our baby. A baby that God created in His image Khristie Staines is the co-founder and president of Footprints on the Heart, Inc. She resides in Bartow, Georgia.

Passion & Perfection

108 North Hamilton Street | Dalton, GA 30720 Phone: (706) 278-1030 | Fax: (706) 279-2010


For a Lifetime

Maryville JEWELERS 108 N. Hamilton St. Dalton, GA 30720

Phone: (706) 278-1030 Fax: (706) 279-2010

Maryville JEWELERS 136860-1

108 North Hamilton Street | Dalton, GA 30720 Phone: (706) 278-1030 | Fax: (706) 279-2010

DALTON OFFICE 704 S. Thornton Avenue Dalton, GA 30720 706.226.5182 CALHOUN OFFICE 120 Cornerstone Way, Ste 6 Calhoun, GA 30701 706.629.8818


RINGGOLD OFFICE 7616 Nashville Street Ringgold, GA 30736 706.935.5599 CARTERSVILLE OFFICE 322 E. Main Street Cartersville, GA 30120 770.382.2121

Gò0dNews for Health & Fitness 12 Holiday Gifts that EveryBODY will Appreciate n the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…” so the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas goes. But if you love yourself, I’d like to share some gift ideas I’m sure your body would love to get! Here is the song it may sing: On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 1. Yes, a smaller waistline just for me! It’s not just about looks, it’s about your health! Any waistline greater than your ½ your height significantly increases your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 2. Two Dumbbells! These versatile tools enable you to work any part of your body safely and progressively. You can roll them out for breaks at work, or use them at home when you can’t get to the gym. 3. Three aerobic workouts a week! This is wonderful for enhancing the function of your brain, heart, and lungs and for many other tissues and systems of your body as well. It enhances fat burning too! 4. Four basic exercise movements! Push, pull, hinge, and squat! Upper body pushes are push-ups and presses, and upper body pulls are pull-ups (or pulldowns) and rows of all kinds. Squats or lunges work the lower body along with hip hinge type movements like deadlifts or kettlebell swings. Train each of the four movement patterns equally and you are guaranteed to have a balanced training program. 5. Five fruits and vegetables! Packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients and more, add at least one or two to every meal you eat! 6. Six workouts a week! Train with weights a couple days and do some walking or other aerobic activity on the other days.

24 // December 2018

7. Seven hours of sleeping! Experts generally recommend 7-9 hours of sleep a night for healthy adults. Getting enough sleep is important to feel refreshed and be alert enough to do your best work. 8. Eight glasses of water each day! Coffee or tea with no added calories count too! 9. Nine calories per gram of Omega 3 fat! To get this essential fat, two servings of fish each week will work, or a 250 mg capsule of preformed omega 3 fats, EPA and DHA, can be found in algae oil for those who don’t like fish. A tablespoon of ground chia or flaxseeds each day will get the rest. 10. Ten minute workouts for busy days! Brief high intensity intervals have a profound effect on health, and just walking in 10 minute excursions, three times a day can be as good as a single 30 minute walk. It is also easily possible to weight train a couple body parts in 10 minutes with dumbbells. By rotating body parts each day you can keep your whole body toned and in fine shape! 11. Eleven superfoods to have each day! 1.) Cruciferous vegetables, 2.) Greens, 3.) Other vegetables, 4.) Beans, 5.) Berries, 6.) Other fruit, 7.) Flaxseeds, 8.) Nuts, 9.) Spices, 10.) Whole grains, 11.) Tea 12. Twelve weeks for a body transformation! Too many expect too much in the short term, and neglect to see how small changes can add up to impressive results in the longterm. Give yourself the gift this year of sticking with your new exercise or diet program long enough to see how good your life can be.

About The Author


by Thomas Morrison

Thomas Morrison is the Fitness Coordinator and a personal trainer at Bradley Wellness Center in Dalton, GA, where he has served for the past 18 years.

a women’s gathering around the word

featuring Bible Teacher Kelly Minter

First baptist dalton

311 N. Thornton Avenue | Dalton, GA 30720 706.278.2911 Friday, February 1, 2019 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Saturday, February 2, 2019 | 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Tickets Available at




Cultivate Good News

ultivate means to develop, fertilize or nourish. “I love tending to gardens, vegetables, flowers and all of those things. I was thinking about how you have to cultivate things for them to grow and to bloom and to get a harvest. I felt like that’s what we were getting to do in the spiritual realm,” author and worship leader Kelly Minter said. Minter is the creator of a biblically focused gathering, Cultivate. “I felt that we were getting to cultivate the hearts and lives of people who are right in our midst, but also through missions we’re able to cultivate the lives of people who need us in other parts of the world and also locally,” Minter said. “The spiritual life is a process, so ‘Cultivate’ seemed like the best word to use as we’re cultivating the word of God in our own lives,” Minter said, describing the process of naming the event. Minter began her career in worship in her 20s when she signed a record deal with a Christian band to sing and write

26 // December 2018

songs. This band planted the seeds that took her to Music City, Nashville, Tennessee, where she still lives today. She has three CDs with both original songs and hymns. “I love Great is Thy Faithfulness because it is a reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness to us and is so beautifully written,” Minter said. Minter’s current career as an author and speaker developed from her music. A book publisher contacted the band she was touring with and asked if she would be interested in writing a book. “I wrote my very first book and then I was approached by LifeWay to look at writing Bible studies, and that was an incredible opportunity for me,” Minter said, as the seeds began to bloom. “My goal is to get us around the Word, to get us worshiping, to get us praying and to get us talking about missions and being involved in it,” Minter said about Cultivate. Cultivate is a four part event. Minter teaches three 50-minutes sessions, there is a time for worship with her band, a time for individual and corporate prayer and a time to talk about local and global missions.

Minter planted the seeds as a successful Christian writer and speaker herself without going to seminary. “I’ve been informally learning my whole life,” Minter said. “I grew up in a spiritual home. My dad was a pastor so I was very interested in spiritual things and the Bible, so I dug in at a younger age.” “I’ve studied a lot in my own personal reading and meditation time, but also in reading commentaries and learning from teachers like Beth Moore and many others,” Minter said. Her success bloomed from hard work and personal cultivation. “She is one of the most talented Bible teachers and powerful speakers, I have ever heard,” supporter Suzanne Hooie and coordinator of the event in Dalton, Georgia said after attending Cultivate in Lexington, Kentucky. Justice and Mercy International is the global missional organization Minter is passionate about and has been working with for the past 10 years. Justice and Mercy International is a nonprofit organization that reaches out to forgotten communities in the Amazon and orphanages in Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe. “In the Amazon we teach and train jungle pastors. No other place on earth, besides the home I grew up in, has influenced my faith more,” Minter said. “In Moldova we work with kids who have come out of orphanages or very poor environment and help with taking care of them and giving them places to live. The transformation of these kids is nothing short of miraculous.” “We’ll talk about what God’s doing missionally around the world but also what He’s doing locally in Dalton and how the women can get involved,” Minter said about Cultivate. Dalton will focus on Soul Food Ministries during Cultivate. Soul Food is a program that targets the working

poor in our community. We provide a good meal and an enjoyable night out for families who otherwise might not have such an opportunity. “This will be the first time that Cultivate will be coming to the North Georgia area, which is really exciting,” Minter said, planting God’s seeds to be cultivated in new places. Cultivate tickets can be purchased at www.cultivatevent. com for the gathering in Dalton, Georgia, on February 1 and 2. The event is being held at the First Baptist Church of Dalton, located at 311 N. Thornton Avenue. The times of the event are 7p.m. - 9p.m. on Friday, February 1

and 8:30a.m. - 12:30p.m. on Saturday, February 2, 2019. Ticket prices are $40, student prices are $20 and group discounts for groups of 10 or more are $30. For additional information, please call the church office at 706-278-2911. Check out more about Justice and Mercy International

a women’s gathering around the word

featuring Bible Teacher Kelly Minter // 27

Gò0dNews for Teens

Where is He? ver the summer, I was at the beach with my daughters and some family friends. Driving down the road that runs parallel to the ocean, the four-year-old noticed the view. In her excitement, she yelled, “Mommy! I see it! There’s the beach!” Her excitement was hard to contain as she chattered. But we kept driving, she grew disappointed. “Mommy? Where

did it go? I can’t see it.” As we continued riding, her squeals and sighs went up and down. Like most kids, Rylynn persisted in her “Where did it go?” until she was satisfied with the answer. “Rylynn, it did not go anywhere. We did. As we moved, the hotels and shops were in the way of us seeing the ocean. But sweetie, it is always there. There’s just stuff in the way.” I pondered on that profound statement. Really? Isn’t that the way it is with God? He is always there. We just can’t see Him for the junk in our lives obstructs our view. Think about it. We go to church on Sunday,

28 // December 2018

and there He is. We sing our songs, we listen to the message, and we feel Him in our midst. We sense His mighty power and feel an overflow of His Holy Spirit. But as Sunday fades into Monday, we begin the routine of school with all its do’s, don’ts, and checklists. Do get up early; do your assignments. Don’t be tardy to class; don’t be on your cellphones at certain times. Activities or work after school cause pressure on our time and duties at times. When we add a social life with friends and family, life can be exhausting. The God feeling that was so strong on Sunday is drained from us, even if we dropped by church on Wednesday evening for a quick fill up. So, I asked Rylynn’s question: “Where’d He go?” We know the answer. Nowhere. He is always there; many of us learned that as a kid. He has longed for us to talk with Him, but it is like we put Him on a shelf and make Him one of our duties or activities on our weekly checklist. That’s not His desire. Instead, I believe He wants us to walk with Him hand and hand whether the view of Him is in plain sight like during church times or when our life is filled with the constructed things that are blocking our sight. There are small distractions like outings with our friends or assignments, but there are towering obstructions like conflicts with our peers or adults, selfimage or pride issues, or important life decisions. God desires for us to see Him during it all! How? Reserve a time to read your Bible and pray daily. As we do, the buildings of life that could block our view of Him will crumble. Thus, we will strengthen our relationship with God allowing His presence to flow in us throughout the week.

About The Author


by Karla Smedley

Karla Smedley lives in Dalton, Georgia, where she has taught 5th through 8th grade for the past twenty-four years. She is a member of Emmaus Baptist Church and has two grown children. She enjoys singing with the Praise Team at church and she writes a Christian blog, Smorgasbord of Sisterhood, with her cousin Donna.

Melanie Hammontree NWGA Development Officer

The mission of the Chattanooga Area Food Bank is to lead a network of partners in eliminating hunger and promoting better nutrition in our region.

In 2017, the Food Bank partnered with over 100 local agencies to distribute 4,579,169 meals (over 5.4 million lbs. of food) in NWGA.

Join us on social media @chattfoodbank

If you are interested in joining the fight against hunger in your NWGA community, call me at 706-483-2422.

Your Bank for Life Your Bank for Life Your Bank for Life

Your Bank for Life With four four convenient serve you With convenientlocations locationstoto serve you

118 N. Hamilton St

706-226-5377 118 N. St 706-226-5377 3075 E.Hamilton Walnut Ave 706-370-4186 With convenient locations to serve you 3075 E. Walnut Ave 706-370-4186 2518four Cleveland Hwy 706-876-5377 2518 Hwy 706-876-5377 785 Cleveland Shugart Road 706-259-4186 118 N. Hamilton St 706-226-5377 785 Shugart Road 706-259-4186 3075 E. Walnut Ave 706-370-4186 With four convenient locations to serve you 2518 Cleveland Hwy Member FDIC706-876-5377 118 Hamilton St 706-226-5377 785N. Shugart Road 706-259-4186 3075 E. Walnut Ave


Gò0dNews for Everyone

How to Read the Bible


by Rev. Reagan Marsh

eople frequently ask, “How should I read the Bible?” It’s a great question, because the Bible is a big book, written by 41+ authors, translated from 3 languages, and encompassing some 4200 years of ancient cultures. It can certainly be intimidating! So here’s some of the counsel I give.

1. Read patiently. 66 books means a lot of ground to cover, a lot of theology to learn, and a lot of history to grasp. New words, concepts, and the deeply interconnected nature of Scripture means that this will be a long-term project, and that’s okay. Take a breath, take a step, rinse, and repeat.

6. Read progressively. In other words, aim for the progress of understanding more today than you did yesterday. That means taking time for study, research, and reflection. Don’t aim for just moving the bookmark; aim for grasping the meaning. 7. Read promised-ly (hey, I was on a roll). In other words, read Scripture on its own terms, as not only the very word of God, but also God’s testimony of his redeeming love in Christ. Scripture speaks about

2. Read prayerfully. This reading is not merely a cognitive exercise. To understand the Bible rightly requires the illumining work of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:9-10,14) to lead us to Christ, who is the centerpiece of Scripture. Such growth is under God’s providence (Hebrews 6:3), and teaches us dependence on him.

4. Read practically. Scripture contains lovely doctrinal depths, each intended to lead us to worship God, and to teach us how to live unto him, for his glory. Theology is meant to be lived (1 Thessalonians 2:13), and Scripture overflows with theology. 5. Read personally. The Bible speaks to my need, my sin, my obedience, my worship, the state of my soul, and most importantly, my Savior. Humility is key here: it’s written to others, but it’s for us (Romans 15:4; 1 Corinthians 10:11). Don’t ignore its original historical context; but don’t discount its wisdom and perspective for today, either.

30 // December 2018

Jesus (Luke 24:25-27,44; John 5:39,46). He is its ultimate subject and controlling category, and all God’s promises are kept in him (2 Corinthians 1:20). Rebels receive gracious promises, mediated only through Jesus. Across Scripture’s various genres, history, narrative, Gospel, epistle, wisdom, poetry, lies the big picture of who God is, and how he has shown mercy in Christ while we were yet sinners. The goal of reading the Bible is to know this God, obeying him by his word, communing with him by his Spirit, drawing near to him by his Son, resting in his steadfast love, to the praise of his glory. Take up and read! About The Author

3. Read persistently. The Bible takes time to master, and a lifetime to be mastered by it. Chip away at it! Most biblical books can easily be read start-tofinish in under an hour, and some in less than 10 minutes. Discipline yourself to read a portion each day, and decide to do it stubbornly.

Reagan Marsh is husband to Kara, daddy to RG and AG, and Pastor-Teacher to Rocky Face Baptist Church (

Gò0dNews for Couples

Christmas Back In Our Marriages


by Laura Perdue

eck the halls with boughs of holly

making sure that everything is perfect. Gifts must

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

be bought for the children, dinners cooked for

'Tis the season to be jolly

families, and all the parties you can think of are

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

going on. You would think that Christmas is the

Don we now our gay apparel

best time for marital bliss but somewhere in the

Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.

back of my mind I sense that for some married

Troll the ancient Yule-tide carol

couples, Christmas is all but exciting. Why, you

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.

ask? Well because Christ is missing in Christmas in the marriage and it is time we put Him back there. Have you ever broken down the word Christmas when it applies to marriage? I sat the other day and thought about what does marriage look like in the word Christmas? Well here is what I came up with, Christ, Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Sacrifice, Time, Mercy, Acceptance, Support. I know it may appear and sound silly to you, but if you really took a serious look at your marriage, would you see that there may be one of those areas that you have left out? What if by applying just one

Oh yes, it is that time of year again! Time for

missing letter to your marriage daily changed the

family gatherings, shopping malls to be packed as

course of your relationship forever? Wouldn’t that

the sound of Christmas carols play throughout the

be the greatest gift you could give your spouse

stores, houses decorated in shades of greens, reds,

at Christmas time? The gift of love? The gift of

and golds. Christmas is here and what a joyous

Christmas back in your marriage.

time it will be. As we prepare for the season, I know that others. It’s the time of year when love is felt and seen everywhere you go. Husbands and wives seem to get so busy with the hustle and bustle

32 // December 2018

About The Author

Christmas can be exciting for some and sad for My name is Laura Perdue and I am married to my best friend, Brian Perdue. God has truly blessed us both and I could not imagine life without my prince, my promise. Brian and I reside in Marietta, Georgia, and serve on the ministry team of Fivestones Church in Canton, GA.

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Gò0dNews for Seniors

Christmas Celebrations ith the holiday season in full swing, your thoughts may be turning to loved ones and all the celebrations ahead of you. If your family includes a senior who lives in an assisted living community, here are some meaningful ways to celebrate. How to Celebrate the Holidays with a Senior in Assisted Living Having a senior in assisted living allows you two great options for celebrating: you can host your own gathering there or invite the family to attend festivities organized by the community.

Celebration #1: Have a Family Party at the Community ‘Tis the season for family parties, and one of the best places for holding yours could be at the senior living community where your loved one resides. Your senior loved one will enjoy having a chance to show off their family. A surefire way to make the party more festive is to decorate for the season. This can be easily accomplished with a trip to the dollar store. Grab a cart and fill it up with holiday tableware,

34 // December 2018

decorations, and everything that’s appropriate for your gathering. The idea is to transform the space into a winter wonderland or a holiday extravaganza. Don’t forget music, presents, and a way to get everyone singing carols. For a special treat, consider hiring a piano player or DJ who can lead the group in singing holiday songs. If that isn’t possible, even a CD player with holiday CDs will do. Be sure to call early to book the space for your get-together. You’ll want to coordinate everything with the team at the community. Ask about catering possibilities because the community’s dining services department may be able to help. Celebration #2: Attend Some Holiday Events at Their Community It’s natural for friends to exchange stories and to show interest in one another’s family members. Residents in senior living celebrate their ups and downs together, including those of their family members. So when community events are open to families, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to meet. If you’ve met your mom’s (or dad’s) friends before, it’s a chance to catch up and have a good time together. But the person having the best time will probably be your loved one. Feeling special and enjoying a party with all their friends and family in one place is the best celebration of all. At Legacy Village of Cleveland, we place a high value on family interaction. From inviting family members to meals to including everyone in our numerous, year-round community celebrations, we know the larger the social network, the happier everyone is. About The Author


by Shannon Alvey

Shannon Alvey brings over 20 years’ experience in management and healthcare to Legacy Village of Cleveland as the Executive Director.

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Gò0dNews for Singles

A Single Christian


by Chad Penny

eing single is sometimes difficult. Many of us

happens. We pray, study the Bible, and even ask our

have found ourselves single again through

family and friends to help us pray, and still nothing.

a marriage breakdown or the death of a

Then the questions start popping up. We blame

spouse. Sometimes we don’t find the one person

ourselves, and then we blame God. The answer

God has planned for us until later in life. But again,

is simple, we seek advice, but we don’t wait for

not everybody on earth is meant to get married.

the answer. We have to have the courage and

Some will stay single all their lives. So, can a single

obedience to trust Him. It’s easier said than done,

person be truly content?

but “in all things seek God first,” (Matthew 6:33). You will know when you’re on the right path when you feel peace instead of frustration and hope instead of despair. You may be single, but you are definitely not alone. Isaiah 41:10 says, “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” You have the greatest champion on your side cheering you on. Times of loneliness is a given. We all hope for a perfect

Contentment in Jesus is not paralyzing, it can be energizing. It may be good to point out the issue of contentment and satisfaction. Paul tells us

world, but that is just our human nature. The only perfection comes in Heaven. What we sometimes fail to understand is that

in Philippians to be happy in our fellowship with

these moments of loneliness are actually a gift. It’s

Jesus. Philippians 4:11 says, “I have learned in

an opportunity to get to know yourself and learn

whatever situation I am to be content.”

how strong we really are. A little loneliness goes a

We wonder what we can do about our situation. We ask God all kinds of questions about our future.

long way in creating a richer, deeper, more vibrant, and colorful person.

The biggest and probably most asked question is for my life? There will come a time in your life when we want something so bad to happen, but nothing

36 // December 2018

About The Author

the, how do I continue to have faith in God’s plan Chad Penny is the minister of evangelism at Riverside Baptist Church in Rome, GA. He and his wife, Beth, have four children. He is open to speaking at any venue or ministry opportunity.

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“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” —Psalm 139:14

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Gò0dNews for Everyone

Legacy of Love he holiday season is upon us. Time seems to pick up and move with neck-breaking speed. If we are not careful, we can begin to chase our to-do list and miss the joy in the small moments. Christmas tree...check. Presents wrapped...check. Dinner planned... check. Slow down! Do not go through your holidays in a mad rush to conquer. It can seem like the pumpkins whizz by the front porch, the turkey trots onto your table, Santa drops a present under your tree, and the next day is New Year’s Day before you have turned around. Whew! I encourage you to take the time to enjoy the important people in your life. You never know when this could be your last with your loved ones. This season will be a difficult one for me; I’m approaching this holiday season knowing there will be an empty seat at my table. A seat no one can fill. A seat whose absence fills the room. How do you enter a season steeped in tradition without the main ingredient for it? Traditions are a blessing and a curse! I’ve always known the holidays can be a difficult time for people; I’m bracing myself for this season. It is my turn for a first, my first Christmas without the person who taught me to love everything about it. It will be my Mother’s first Christmas in heaven and my first Christmas without her. When I think back to my family’s first Christmas after my Papaw passed away, it was the year we broke tradition. We always had Christmas Eve dinner at their house and like most families, we enjoyed our familiar routine. I remember asking my mother, “Why are we not having Christmas Eve dinner at Mamaw and Papaw’s house like we always do? She said, “We just want to try something different this year.” My little heart screamed inside me, it will already be too different without him, so let’s keep the rest of it the same. As a seven-year-old, that Christmas was hard. We all felt his absence. I know my Mom, my aunt, and my uncle

38 // December 2018

worked hard to help my Mamaw through that Christmas. That year, I watched Mamaw’s children present her with a special ring to wear in the absence of her wedding ring. My little heart hurt in ways I couldn’t name. I watched them wrap their arms around my grandmother and cry and laugh all at the same time. Their tradition of love continued in the midst of their grief. This year, I now have my own seven-year-old getting ready to face her first Christmas without her

beloved Mimi. I worry about her little heart and how can I help her make sense of her own feelings when I’m struggling with my own? What can I do to ease my Dad’s grief? I’m choosing to revise my definition of tradition. The actual events surrounding my holiday season will be vastly different this year, but I’m going to summon the love my mom had for Christmas. I will keep the tradition of loving those I’m blessed to have with me, taking time to enjoy the small moments, and cherish the memories I carry in my heart. The legacy of love will continue.

About The Author


by Jennifer Hastings

Jennifer Hastings and her husband, Stewart live in Rocky Face with their three children, Claire, Caroline, and Carter. She works for Dalton Public Schools as a curriculum specialist. She has recently started a blog with one of her best friends, Stephanie Bramlett where their main goal is to encourage women to live their best lives. You can check out their blog at

Gò0dNews for Everyone

Out of My Hands and Into His


by Robert Leamon

salm 139:5-6 says, “You are all around me on

family member got angry and stopped talking to me. For

every side. You protect me with your power. Your

three years I struggled with this. I prayed, but I still tried to

knowledge of me is too deep; it is beyond my

fix it and couldn’t. It wasn’t until I finally gave it to God,

understanding.” Have you ever done something or said something to

although it took three years, that I learned a great lesson in life; most of the time, I can be the problem if I am not careful

hurt, hinder or even destroy a relationship? I have, and

and I need to seek God in everything first (Matthew 6:33)

if we are transparent and true to ourselves, we know that

and He will direct my path (Proverbs 3:5-6). It is so easy to get discouraged in today’s world.

we have all probably done this at some point in our lives. If you are a child of God, then most of the time our next

All too often we forget who we are and who we are representing, a mighty God. We, as Christians, have so much to encourage us to do the right thing, to continue on the right path. If we will just utilize it, the resources are just endless and limitless. When it comes to God, Philippians 4:13 tells us, there is nothing impossible through Him, that we can do all things; it doesn’t say some things, it says all. The most important thing to remember is that we must be willing to let His spirit guide us and sometimes we wonder how we do that. Well, I don’t know what God has in store for you, but I do know how to have a good start on finding out: read, pray and just walk and talk to Him. He is

step is to fix the problem. But way too often we go about

closer than you think! Look around you and see what God

it the wrong way, trying to fix the unfixable within our

is doing. He speaks to us in so many different ways and

own power when knowing that the real power resides

sometimes we just need to slow down and listen to His

inside us. Isaiah 41:10 says, “So do not fear, for I am

voice. John 10:27 tells us, “My sheep hear my voice, and

with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will

I know them, and they follow me.” Also in John 10:14 it

strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my

says, “I am the good shepherd, and I know my sheep and

righteous right hand.”

they know me.” If we truly want to be closer to Him, He

Three years ago I was trying to fix, help, reconcile,

will show Himself to us. It starts with us!

a relationship with a family member and their kids. Anyway the family member thought I was meddling and yes, now I see they were right. It’s not our job to fix other people’s problems. It’s our job to be Christ to them. The

40 // December 2018

About The Author

Sometimes it’s best to just let God take care of those things.

Robert Leamon is a local martial artist of 36 years. During his career, he has had the privilege of training with a variety of instructors versed in multiple styles of the martial arts. Robert, together with his wife Lisa, stepped out on faith and founded Christ Centered Martial Arts (CCMA) in 2008. He is the Chief Instructor of CCMA and they have a main dojo (karate school) located in Rocky Face, Georgia and another dojo in Chatsworth, Georgia. Robert and Lisa are very involved with their home church Emmaus Baptist as well as teaching an AWANA’s elective at a couple of other area churches. Although Robert might be described as an outstanding martial artist by his peers, a large portion of his time is spent introducing Christ to others in a unique way!

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Gò0dNews for Everyone by Donna Tumlin

here are moments in life when you should not take your time, such as last week when I entered the bathroom at a local store. I walked around the corner and came face to face with this sweet, little elderly man. Bless his heart; he’s doesn’t know he’s in the women’s bathroom, I thought. Then I heard the words, “Honey, you are in the men’s bathroom.” I moved very quickly! I tend to drive fast. Mama always said I had a lead foot. One morning as I was driving to work in the “fast lane,” a black car pulled up behind me and rode my bumper for miles. I was going 70 in a 55! Finally, the car pulled around me and sped quickly away down the highway, weaving in and out of cars. So many people are speeding through life. My grandmother has said to me many times, “The older you get, the faster time flies.” I have discovered she is right. As a kid, it seemed like Christmas would never come. As an older adult, it seems like it was just here, and when I turn around, it’s back. We tend to live life anxiously hoping for the next step. “I wish they were already potty trained.” “I will be so glad when they are beyond this moody preadolescent stage.” Before you know it, they are walking across a stage in cap and gown to receive their diploma. “I can’t wait to graduate college.” “I’ll be glad when I am out from under my parents and can move out on my own.” “I’ll be so happy when I can retire.” The next thing you know, your parents are nearing the last years of their lives. I have heard many people say they wish they could stop time. Of course, in our fast-paced world, that’s not really possible. We have jobs, family, obligations, and

42 // December 2018

many things that require us to follow a clock. But take a few minutes each day to look around and enjoy what God has given. Over the past few years, I have learned the delight of slowing down and appreciating things I might have missed if in a hurry. I may not have seen the brightest star in the sky, the two squirrels playing chase around the tree, or the daughter walking arm in arm with her elderly mother. I may not have heard the katydid, the laughter of a baby, or the dog snoring. I may not have

felt the warmth of the sun on my face, or the softness of a child’s hand in mine. When we take time to slow down and smell the roses, perhaps we will not miss the little blessings that God sends to us every day. “Listen to this, O Job, Stand and consider the wonders of God” (Job 37:14).

About The Author


Take Your Time

Donna Tumlin is the mother of three grown children and lives in Rome, Georgia. She has been a teacher for twenty years and is currently teaching kindergarten. She is a member of First Baptist Church of Lindale. She is also the co-author of a Christian blog, Smorgasbord of Sisterhood, which she writes with her cousin.

ABOUT L'Abri Symphony Orchestra BEGAN: 1992 as a student ensemble in L'Abri Academy of Fine Arts, housed in Kinsey Drive Baptist Church, Dalton. FOUNDERS: Rev. Ron McKinney, Pastor and Betty and Gene Lindauere, music instructors. EXPANDED: to full symphony orchestra after 2000, when invited to base operations at Colonnade Convention Center, Ringgold.

Conducted by Allison Hilles

Thursday and Friday December 13 & 14, 2018 7:00 PM In the Sanctuary of

First Baptist Church

of Dalton 311 North Thornton Ave.





No public schools in our area have an orchestra, so L'Abri functions as an extension of the school system by offering training and experience, with no fees or charges, to advancing students. In 2012, in conjunction with our move to Dalton, we established the L'Abri String Ensemble, a small group which has visited schools, small churches, and nursing and retirement homes. Since 2016, a string representative of the orchestra visits one elementary school before each Spring and Fall concert, teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades about string instruments and the symphony orchestra. He then invites them to attend the free concert.

RETURNED: to Dalton in 2012, after Colonnade management change and loss of support. NEW HOME: First Baptist Church of Dalton, which provides space for rehearsal and use of the sanctuary for concerts. MEMBERSHIP: Averages 65, with a core of professionals and music teachers, about 1/3 advanced amateur adults, and 1/3 students of middle and high schools. Some turnover as students graduate and others join. VOLUNTEERS: All members of the orchestra, and its Board of Directors, are volunteers. We are called to share our God-given time, musical talents and administrative skills. CONCERTS: Three concerts each year, in April, October, and December. The Spring and Fall concerts have a wide range of themes and styles of music. All are FREE and open to the public, thanks to sponsors, partners, and love offerings at concerts. MISSION: 1) To help members, especially students, to grow in musicianship, technical skills, and ensemble disciplines; and 2) To bring the symphony orchestra experience, and great music, to the public in this area.

Gò0dNews from the Physician’s Desk


Sleep Apnea

f you snore loudly and feel tired even after a full night’s sleep, you might have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder, characterized by excessive

daytime sleepiness, tiredness, poor memory, snoring, and poor sleep quality. It affects 1 in 15 patients in the United States; that is 20 million people. It’s estimated that 40 million have the disease and have not yet been diagnosed. Sleep apnea occurs when the muscles that support the soft tissues in your throat, such as your soft palate and tongue, temporarily relax. When these muscles relax your airway is closed or narrowed, and the airway is temporary cut off. You can’t get enough air, which can lower the oxygen level in your

Sleep apnea can affect anyone, even children. But certain factors increase your risk. • Excess weight. Obesity greatly increases the risk of sleep apnea. • Neck circumference. People with thicker necks might have a narrower airway. • Narrowed airway. Narrow throat, tonsils, or adenoids also can enlarge and block the airway, particularly in children. • Family history. Having family members with sleep apnea may increase your risk. • Being older. Apnea occurs more in older adults. • Being of male gender. Men are two to three times more likely to have sleep apnea than women. Women’s risk increases after menopause or if they’re overweight. • Use of sedatives, alcohol, or tranquilizers. These all relax muscles in your throat which can worsen obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and can cause high blood pressure and/or heart problems, type 2 diabetes, daytime fatigue, metabolic syndrome, complications with medications and surgery, liver problems, and sleep deprivation. Treatments for Obstructive Sleep Apnea CPAP: A continuous positive airway pressure device, also

blood. Your brain senses your inability to breathe and you arouse from sleep so you can reopen you airway. You may snore, choke, or gasp for air. This pattern repeats itself 5 to 35 times or more each hour, all night, impairing your ability to get a good night’s sleep. The most common signs and symptoms of obstructive and central sleep apnea include: • Gasping for air during sleep • Loud snoring (but not everyone who has sleep apnea snores) • Episodes when you stop breathing • Awaken with dry mouth • Excessive daytime sleepiness • Difficulty paying attention • Morning headache • Irritability • Fatigued

44 // December 2018

known as a CPAP, delivers just enough air pressure through the mask to keep the upper airway passage open, preventing apnea and snoring BiPAP: Bi-level positive airway pressure, or BiPAP, is another type of treatment device. It delivers a preset amount of air pressure during a breath in and a different amount of pressure when a breath is released. Mouthpiece: A special kind of oral device can be used to keep the throat open by holding the tongue forward. Surgery: Tissue can be surgically removed from the back of a patient’s mouth and top of his or her throat. Tonsils and adenoids may be removed as well. Jaw surgery: The upper and lower part of a patient’s jaw can be moved forward to enlarge the space behind the tongue and soft palate, making obstruction less likely. Hamilton Regional Sleep Center makes getting your sleep study easy. Call 706.278.4757 to learn more.

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Gò0dNews from the Outdoors


ave you ever been lost? No, really lost? I have and here is what I learned. It was October 1985 and I was 18 at the time and desired to be adventurous and go hunting in a 21,000 acre Wildlife Management Area in Florida just about one hour from my house. Upon getting there, I parked about a quarter mile in the woods on an old logging road. I opened the trunk of my car, got my rifle, got my bearings on my compass, reached back in grabbed my cartridges, closed my trunk, and took off into the swamp. It was a beautiful morning that led into the afternoon. I must have walked for miles discovering bits of old Florida, hog signs, deer tracks, and turkey feathers. About 4:00PM, I knew it was time to head back to the car. I reached in my hunting vest to get my compass and discovered it was not there. Checking every pocket on everything. No Compass. Then it hit me. I had accidentally placed it down in the bed of the trunk when I picked up my rifle cartridges. Now trying not to panic, I looked for the sun and as expected heavy clouds had moved in. Taking a deep breath and thinking I knew where I was at, I took off towards the car. After about an hour and a half, I realized I didn't know where I was at. There was still no sun due to the light rain that had begun. Okay, so here is the scenario: lost, swamp, knee deep water, low light,

46 // December 2018

now raining, already walked around for an hour and a half, and nothing. Coming to a high sandy spot, I squatted down by a huge cypress tree and prayed a simple prayer. “Lord Jesus, please help me.” In the quiet of the moment of exhaustion, prayer and yes, desperation, I heard something. It was the interstate. I-75 at its finest. It was semi-trucks decelerating way off in the distance when going over the wet overpass. I knew that it was to my west and my car was that way. After walking for another hour and a half I found my car about 7:30PM, right at dusk. When I opened my trunk, there was my compass nice and dry safely where I had placed it. Many things happen when we are lost. We may panic, run, lose self-control, give up, rely on ourselves, not think straight, shut-down, or cry out. But, have you ever thought of just asking Christ to help you? I believe it was my simple request and peaceful moment with Him that He revealed, as my true compass, the right direction for me to go. So let me ask you. Are you lost? Where is your compass? Have you ever asked Christ (the true compass) to help you, save you, make Himself real to you? Take a moment right now and ask Him. Then listen and watch in the moment of your peace. About The Author


by Rusty Asble

Reverend Rusty Asble is the associate pastor of recreation administration at First Baptist Church, Cleveland, TN. He and his wife Stacy have three children: Ridge, Garrett, and Susie. They reside in Cleveland.

Harlan Acres Rooted in the foothills of Chatsworth, Georgia- Harlan Acres is the ceremonial solace of your dreams. Ensconced in the shadow of Fort. Mountain with a panorama view of open, lush pasture, Harlan Acres displays a unique tableau. Newly renovated, the cathedral high ceiling bejeweled with chandeliers and a spacious, open room offers very little limitation to your imagination. Fully climate controlled including a full service kitchen, restrooms, ample parking, and an intimate georgic setting. Call and schedule a tour of our venue today!

Spring/Summer Rates 2018 Friday-Sunday 2 Day Wedding Package $2,500 1 Day Wedding Package $1,500 Full Day Rental (12 Hours) $900 Half Day Rental (6 Hours) $500 Monday-Thursday $100 per hour All rentals come with full access to the venue, tables, and chairs.


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Writer Guidelines:

e believe when people are equipped,

Who: Our writers range from pastors, professors, and

motivated, and passionately engaged in

professional writers to stay at home moms and dads,

living out their faith in Jesus Christ they

business professionals, and others who have a desire to

have the potential to be world changers. Our mission is to bring people into a dynamic

relationship with Jesus Christ—a relationship that empowers them to see how God can work through individual personalities, situations, and talents. Christ was an activist, he did not neglect the needs of the people as He brought His message. We strive to encourage everyone to look more like Christ by reaching outside of themselves to serve the needs of others—at home, at school, in communities, and across the world. Phone: 423.478.6484

reach out to people through words of encouragement. What: We believe that it is important to laugh together, praise each other, encourage one another, and to offer biblical advice. Articles can be directed toward everyone, or from woman to woman, or man to man. We love to share recipes and family traditions as well. We ask that articles be kept to a 500 word maximum. We’d love to hear from you! Where: Please send submissions to Why: Because God has not intended for us to just survive. We believe that we are intended to reach out to love and encourage each other. God has brought each of us through tough times, blessed us, and made the “impossible” possible. Let’s, together, share the love of Jesus Christ.

48 // December 2018


zipline, disc golf, ropes course, hiking, volleyball, and more!

Our Pikeville, TN facilities are available for lease to Christian organizations and include:

4,500 sq. ft. lodge with eating and meeting space for 250 people. 2,500 sq. ft. lodge with camp office, showers, laundry, and a conference room. Thirteen 600 sq. ft. cabins divided into 26 motel rooms. Each room is furnished with 6 single beds, 1 queen bed, heat/AC, showers and restrooms. | | 540-521-9821

Gò0dNews for Everyone

I Choose Joy

recently read something from Billy Murray which said, “Social media is training us to compare our lives, instead of appreciating everything we are. No wonder why everyone is always depressed.” While there is some truth to what he says, I think that overall social media gets a bad rap. Regardless of its original intent, anything and everything under the sun can be used for God’s glory and Facebook is no exception.

We don’t need to compare our lives to others. It is common knowledge that what is posted on Facebook isn’t a complete picture of anyone’s life, good or bad. It’s the personal snapshots of our day that we choose to share with others. I don’t think that it’s lying to selectively post positive parts of your life. Even the Bing Crosby song from 1944 “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive” focuses on eliminating the negative and spreading joy up to the maximum. Let me give you an example. My family and I are traveling around the world for a year and just started our journey this June. Loved ones have shared in our excitement and we’ve heard, “I wish I could do that” many times. The majority of what I have posted on

50 // December 2018

Facebook about it includes the beautiful flora and fauna that we see, visiting with old friends, inspiration from the Bible, funny differences I see in culture, and times when I am proud of a family member or friend for some type of achievement. I could easily post about a huge issue we had with our planned AirBnB stay that really messed up the beginning of our trip, a delay in a payment, waiting for long periods at the airport, medical bills that we owe, some physical issues each of us have, the fact that it was so stinking hot and there was no air conditioning where we lived, the poor infrastructure, issues with my cell phone and my phone number, and a problem with a former landlord. The list could go on and on. It’s not that I’m trying to hide these things or that they didn’t happen, and I do have times when I vent with close friends. It’s just that I choose joy. I choose to focus on the positive. I choose to see things through the lens of God’s providence and look for the good in each of those situations. Some words that Paul told Timothy encourage me that God can use anything for good; social media is no exception. “Since everything God created is good, we should not reject any of it. We may receive it gladly with thankful hearts. For we know it is made holy by the word of God and prayer” (1 Timothy 4:4-5). Even when scrolling through social media tends to get you down after reading about opposing political views, school shootings, global warming, and war, remember that you can be God’s tool to add something uplifting to other people’s newsfeeds. “As far as I am concerned, God turned into good what you meant for evil” (Genesis 50:20a).

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by Jennifer Govea

Jennifer Govea is a bilingual editor and former missionary in Latin America. She and her husband work at Rock Bridge Community Church and have a son.


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