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GoodNews from the Pastor’s Desk

6 The Word of His Power by Dr. Bobby Sneed

GoodNews for Kids

8 Time For Back to School! by Brenda Dedmon

GoodNews Money Matters

10 Learning the Secret Language

by Dr. Andrew Lee GoodNews for Men

12 Marvelous Mercies by Donald Cantrell

GoodNews for Women

14 Comes a Warm Sunbeam by Candyce Carden

GoodNews for Fathers

18 Step Up to The Plate by Wayne Williams

GoodNews for Everyone

20 Unsanitized Prayer by Kristen West

GoodNews for Everyone

22 Of All the Places by Sandra Gilmore

GoodNews for Marriage

24 Til Death Do Us Part—You Are Kidding, Right?

by Jack Borders GoodNews Cover Story

26 B&B Tractor Garage GoodNews for Everyone

28 Who Can You Be an Inspiration To?

by David Huff

GoodNews for Everyone

30 Patience

by Shannon Richardson-Hopkins

GoodNews for Everyone

32 Be A Witness for God by Susan Lavigne

GoodNews for Everyone

34 Finding Strength in Weakness

by Dr. Alan D. Hix GoodNews for Everyone

36 I Never Met Emily


by Deck Cheatham

GoodNews for Everyone

38 Just One Word

by Zebbie Brewster

GoodNews for Family

40 Before There Was Evangelism...

by David Beckmann GoodNews for Everyone

42 God Loves All Creatures Great & Small


by Cheryl L. Dunson GoodNews Poetry

44 Learn To Love by Judy Hood

GoodNews for Everyone

46 Do You Know Your Creator? by Matt Jensen

GoodNews for Everyone

48 Hope and Faith in Our Father Liberate

by Paul McGuire GoodNews for Everyone

50 Convict on the Loose! by Monica Gambrell


Gò0dNews from the Pastor’s Desk

The Word of His Power


by Dr. Bobby Sneed

ecently, I was preaching from the first chapter of

God speaks, He expresses His will and His Word carries the

the book of Hebrews and was struck by the phrase

full weight of His omnipotence.

in verse three, “upholding all things by the word of

Consider Christ’s last words on the cross (John

His power.” I know the anonymous writer was specifically

19:30): “It is finished.” The Word of His power is manifest

speaking of Christ’s work on the cross and that this world,

completely at Calvary when He became “The Lamb of God

which is in turmoil due to the sinful nature of mankind, is

who takes away the sins of the world” (John 1:29). The

only held together for as long as God deems it to be. Yet,

whole Bible (The Word of God) is the Word of His power

He (Jesus) once and for all purged our sins and obtained

and we are the beneficiaries of His expression of love if only

the more excellent name, but this phrase means so much

we will profess Christ as Lord!

more when we consider the voice of God. Let us consider the “word of His power.” In the first chapter of Genesis and John, we see by His Word all that was created was done so by Him, through Him, and for Him. He spoke into being the sun, moon, stars and all that we see, and beyond this, the vapor of His voice did manifest all that we have never seen but still exists because He willed it so. This is the Word of His power! Throughout the Old Testament, we read of the voice of God which came from a burning bush, spoke like thunder

One final thought—when Jesus was finished with the

and yet was a still small voice, was communicated in dreams

work of the cross, He sat down at the right hand of the

and was delivered by Heavenly hosts. Again, in the first

Father to make intercession for those who believe and

chapter of John, the Word became flesh and dwelt among

follow Him. While we eagerly await the Word from the

us with His life being the light of men. While fully God and

Father to the Son to return and bring us home to Him in

fully man, we see the Word of His power because when

Heaven, in the meantime, remember this: when we call on

He spoke the lame were healed, He rebuked the storm and

Jesus for salvation and in daily prayer, we are the topic of

it was calm, He called Lazarus from the tomb raising him

His conversation with the Father and receive the full benefits

from the dead, and Jesus lovingly forgave the sins of those

of the Word of His Power today!

does so much more than us. When we talk, we convey our thoughts and verbalize our hopes or concerns. But when

6 // August 2022

About The Author

caught in their trespasses. We see that when God speaks, He

Dr. Bobby Sneed is the pastor of Deep Springs Baptist Church. His greatest desire is that all will experience the peace, hope and love of the Father made possible by faith in the Son, Jesus Christ.



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Gò0dNews for Kids

Time For Back to School!


by Brenda Dedmon

hen you hear those words, how does it make

“Oh, I remember the boy’s name was Ren, and I think we will

you feel? Responses may include: “No, I am

be in the same class,” replied Owen. “Maggie, do you remember

not ready,” “Summer was too short,” “Great, I

the girl’s name?” asked Mom. “I think it was Sadie Grace,”

am ready to see my friends,” and “I hope I can make new friends this year.” The month of August is “Back to School”

replied Maggie. “I have two ideas for this first day of school,” said their mom.

time. The following story is about the beginning of a new

She got a pen and paper and asked Owen and Maggie to name

school year. As you read the story, think about two things:

things they would like on the first day if they were going to a new

how you feel about starting back to school and how you

school. “I will write down your ideas.”

could do the things in the story for a new friend.

Maggie said, “I would want someone to help me find my way around the school.” Owen replied that he would want someone to sit with him at lunch. Mom said, “Let’s review the list: help find your way, eat lunch with you, introduce other students to you, play with you at recess.” “What is your second idea?” asked Owen. “I am so glad you asked,” replied mom. “We know it is Ren and Sadie Grace’s first day. Ren will be in your class, Owen. And Sadie Grace will be in yours, Maggie. I would like you to take the list and make sure you do all these things for them today.” They both had big smiles and said, “Great Idea.”

Owen was excited that it was the first day of school. He

When they got in the car that afternoon, their mom asked,

hurried down to breakfast and found his sister, Maggie, sitting

“How did it go?” They both had big smiles and said at the same

at the table crying. He asked, “Why are you crying?” She told

time, “I think I have a new best friend.”

him she was scared about the first day of school. “Why are you

Now it is your turn! Talk with your parents and discuss

scared?” he asked. She reminded him that her best friend Ella Kate

how you may help someone at your school this year! You

had moved over the summer, and she would not be at her school.

might even discover you have made a new best friend.

Owen told her that she would make new friends. Maggie just let new family they had met at church. She said, “They just moved to town, and they don’t know anyone here.”

8 // August 2022

About The Author

out a big sigh and wiped her tears. Mom reminded them of the Written by Rev. Brenda Dedmon, retired director of the CLC, First Baptist of Dalton and an avid BAMA fan.

Learning the Secret Language MONEY MATTERS



Dr. Andrew Lee is professor of English at Lee University. He also serves as a coordinator for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. He and his wife Esmerelda have three children.

nyone who’s been married for a while knows that

or writes about “investment vehicles,” we might assume

marriage can sometimes be volatile, meaning, “likely

they’re talking about collectible cars. What’s your “investment

to change rapidly and unpredictably.” But what do

vehicle”? Aston Martin, Rolls Royce? Here’s the translation in

financial experts and economists mean when they use terms

plain terms: just replace the word “vehicles” with “choices” or

like “volatility?” Let’s simplify some investing terms to make

“types.” So your “investment vehicle” is the type or choice of

them more understandable, shall we?

investment—stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, etc. What about

Volatility: When you hear about “volatility” in stock markets,

the mind-boggling phrase “debt instrument?” Sounds like a

this means the market is swinging wildly up and down rather

flute or tuba that you’re making payments on, doesn’t it? Again,

than moving gradually or steadily in any one direction. So far

just replace the word “instrument” with “type” or “choice.”

this year, stock markets have been quite volatile.

So “debt instrument” means an investment that involves

Equities: When you hear about investing in “equities” or

loaning money in order to receive regular interest payments,

“the equity market,” just replace the word “equities” with

such as investing in bonds. A “bond” is simply an I.O.U. used

“stock market”—you’re buying shares of stock in a company

by a company or government in order to borrow money for a

or mutual fund which holds stocks of many companies. The

particular reason or project. If Smith County needs to build a

confusing part is that we also talk about having “equity”

new school, or if Corporation X wants to build a new factory,

in your home, which simply means the value of your home

they might sell bonds to raise the money from investors.

minus the mortgage debt owed on your home—or the profit

Interest rate environment: Let’s drop the confusing word

you’d receive from the sale of your home after paying off any

“environment” and just say “interest rates are currently going

remaining mortgage debt. Sometimes we hear of an employee

up or going down.”

(usually an executive) having “equity” in their employer’s

Passive investment/active investment: With a “passive

company—this means they receive a share of the company

investment,” you invest your money and then do nothing but

profits (perhaps through shares of company stock) as part of

collect regular payments such as dividends or interest, or you

their compensation package.

just wait for a period of time until the value of your investment

Liquidity: No, it’s not water or oil. An investment you

goes up (hopefully) so you can sell at a profit. With an “active

can sell easily and at any time is referred to as a “liquid”

investment,” you’re actually doing a considerable amount of

investment. For instance, with a click of the mouse or computer

work in order to increase the value of your investment, such as

keyboard, you can easily sell shares of a publicly traded stock.

renovating a house in order to make it more valuable to earn

On the other hand, investments such as real estate or rare

a profit when you sell it. It would be nice if financial services

collectibles are often referred to as “illiquid” since it would take

folks would use simple terms that we can actually understand

some time and effort to sell them.

instead of obfuscating with pretentious jargon (that last word

Investment vehicles/debt instruments: These annoying phrases are two of my biggest pet peeves. When someone speaks

10 // August 2022

was a bonus for you—look it up)! “The more the words, the less the meaning” --Ecclesiastes 6:11.

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Gò0dNews for Men

Marvelous Mercies


by Donald Cantrell

was feeling a little nostalgic the other day and I thought

and gasping for air. That is, until his dad runs in from the

about one of those old metal or aluminum water dippers

sideline. In 99 out of 100 cases, that dad will look down at

that people used to have. My grandmother had one,

that boy, asking him if anything is broken, and the kid will

and several of my relatives had them around their houses.

usually whimper “no” as the dad lifts him up and wipes

Some were inside, while some hung on a post outside. It

him off before sending him right back into the game. As

has been ages since I saw one, so I went on eBay to see if I

I think about that scenario, that is exactly what the Lord

could find one, and sure enough, there was one for sale. It

does with His children.

looked just like those from when I was a young child, but

Whenever we get knocked down, due to our own

when I magnified the photos, I noticed that the dipper or

dealings or because of some unexpected mishap, the Lord

ladle had dents on it. So, after reading a bit more, I found

immediately comes upon the scene, checks us out, brushes

out that the dipper was used, but it was still useful. Lamentations 3:21-23, KJV, “This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” That used dipper reminded me of myself and my standing before God. I am so thankful that He does not write me off because of my flaws, failures, inadequacies, and sins. The Lord is faithful in His mercies, and His forgiveness is fresh; it will

us off, and puts us back into the game. I am so glad for His

never be exhausted or denied. One could easily assume

marvelous mercies, because they are fresh and faithful. If

that most of us are like that used water dipper—we have

you need them today, they will be there, but they will also

survived life, though it has dealt us some rough blows.

be there tomorrow. The next time you mess up, go to the

God still finds value and usefulness in our lives. You are

Lord, ask Him to forgive you, and allow Him to place you

most likely harder on yourself than God is, for He knows

back in the game. Contrary to popular opinion, the Lord

that we are feeble and weak.

is not out to get you, He is out to love you and wants to

Last fall, I was a football referee for the Murray County Recreation Department and I was humorously reminded

extend His marvelous mercy unto you. Will you allow Him to do that?

is a rough sport. It is a game of collision, and often times a kid will literally be knocked flat on his back while heaving

12 // August 2022

About The Author

of how God treats His children. As we all know, football Donald Cantrell is a lifelong native of Murray county and has been pastoring and preaching since 1980. He has had the honor of publishing over thirty books and his sermon material is sold all over the world by various online companies. If you visit his house any weekend in the fall you will find them watching the “Florida Gators or the New England Patriots… Chomp Chomp.”


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Gò0dNews for Women

Comes a Warm Sunbeam by Candyce Carden


et the morning bring me word of your unfailing love… (Psalm 143:8, NIV). Sitting in the early-morning quiet of the

When we practice stillness, we receive the greatest gift—the presence of God and the warm sense of His love and care for our every need. Its

tiny beach condo, I watch the sun inch its way

warmth wraps us in His peace and comes from

above the bay. Sunrays soon break through the

the deep-seated joy found only in Him.

glass sliders that run the width of one wall. I’m content to sit and do nothing but contemplate the shafts of broken light on the

To tune in to God’s unfailing love, we spend time with Him. We read the Bible to know Him better. We talk with Him. Just like with any friend,

ceramic-tiled floor. I watch dust motes, illuminated by the sunbeams, float in the air. I feel the sun’s gentle warmth. I hear its silence. And I sense God’s presence. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote, “Just as there comes a warm sunbeam into every window, so comes a love—born of God’s care for every special need.” Although Hawthorne never belonged to religious organizations, he had strong faith. He knew God’s love. He felt it in the most

we nurture our relationship. And as we draw

ordinary things on the most ordinary days. How

near to Him, He draws near to us. Then we find

else could he capture such a beautifully poetic

Him everywhere—in the sky, the trees, the stars

truth that analogizes God’s love with a warm

overhead, and the warm sunbeam.

sunbeam? God speaks to us through nature. We

Father, too often I rush through life without inviting You along. Slow me down so I don’t miss You.

have only to grow still, silence the noise, pay God’s whispers. 14 // August 2022

About The Author

attention, and be present in the moment to hear A retired teacher and beach lover, Candyce Carden writes devotions for CBN, Refresh Magazine, The Quiet Hour, and Reflections among others. She’s currently at work on Waves of God’s Glory, a devotional set at the beach. Follow her blog at

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16 // August 2022

Good Samaritan Baptist Church 3137 Cleveland Rd, 30721 706-259-7239 Gospelway Baptist Church 336 Jupiter Cir, 30721 706-278-1424 Grace Baptist Church 2049 Lower Kings Bridge Rd, 30721 706-537-6884 Harmony Baptist Church 187 Lower Dawnville Rd, 30721 706-226-5521 Harvest Baptist Church 3986 Cleveland Hwy, 30721 706-694-8951 Hill Crest Baptist Church 1901 Cityview St, 30720 706-279-1267 Hopewell Baptist Church 3527 Airport Rd, 30721 706-226-5987 Kinsey Drive Baptist Church 2626 Kinsey Drive,30720 706-277-3505 Lakeshore Park Baptist Church 12 Crescent St, 30720 706-275-6050 Liberty Baptist Church 506 South Pentz St, 30720 706-226-5535 Lindsey Memorial Baptist 706-673-7650 3503 Lindsey Memorial Rd. Rocky Face, Ga. 30740 Macedonia Baptist Church 1355 Dawnville Rd NE, 30721 706-259-9220 Maple Grove Baptist Church 347 Maple Grove Rd, 30721 706-483-6300 McFarland Hill Baptist Church 307 Brickyard Rd, 30721 706-277-5521 Mount Rachel Baptist Church 332 Haig Mill Lake Rd, 30720 706-278-5192 Mount Ridge Baptist Church 1401 M L King, Jr. Blvd, 30721 706-278-0335 New Hope Baptist Church 900 Roan St, 30721 706-226-2093 New Hope Baptist Church 706-673-8050 2105 Tunnel Hill-Varnell Road Tunnel Hill, GA 30755 New Life Baptist Church 2620 Old Grade Rd, 30721 Northwest Georgia Baptist Church 222 North Pentz St, 30720 706-463-3490 Olivia Baptist Church 1817 Guy St, 30720 706-278-3507 Pine Grove Baptist Church 4004 Airport Road, 30721 706-264-8630 Poplar Springs Baptist Church 897 Poplar Springs Rd, 30720 706-259-8727 Reformation Baptist Church 244 N. Hamilton St, 30720 706-314-8711 Rocky Face Baptist Church

1544 Rocky Face Railroad St, 30740 706- 226-5751 Salem Baptist Church 1448 Pleasant Grove Dr, 30721 706-259-7045 South Dalton Baptist Church 498 Lakemont Drive, 30720 706-278-4946 Shiloh Baptist Church 2014 East Waugh St, 30721 706-226-5981 Temple Baptist Church 2310 South Dixie Hwy, 30720 706-226-6785 Valley Baptist Church 2907 Old Rome, 30720 Welcome Hill Baptist Church 2772 E Welcome Hill Circle, 30721 706-278-0368 Whitfield Baptist Church 2134 Dug Gap Rd, 30721 706-278-6776


Fellowship Bible Church 2044 Dug Gap Rd, 30720 706-278-6269


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church 968 Haig Mill Lake Rd, 30720 706-278-3107


First Christian Church 1506 Dug Gap Rd, 30720 706-278-7244

Church of Christ

Central Church of Christ 515 N. Tibbs Rd, 30720 706-278-8051 Riverbend Church of Christ 2218 S Riverbend Rd, 30721 706-226-0819

Church of God

Lifegate Church 2744 Cleveland Highway, 30721 706-259-0016 Church of God of Union Assembly 2311 South Dixie Rd, 30720 706-275-0510 City View Church of God 3688 Chatsworth Hwy, 30721 706-226-6686 Crosspointe 2681 Underwood Street 30721 706-278-2649 Valley Brook Church of God 1474 Mineral Springs Rd, 30720 706-279-3296


Church on the Hill 1035 Abutment Rd, 30721 706-278-9208 Community Fellowship Church 409 North Fredrick St, 30721 706-278-3204 Freedom Community Church 908 Elk Street, 30720 706-463-2690 Rock Bridge Community Church 121 W Crawford St, 30720


Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church 901 West Emory St, 30720 706-278-8857

Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 610 Shugart Rd, 30720 706-278-5295


Christ the King Lutheran Church 623 S Thornton Ave, 30720 706-278-3979


Bethel AME Church 620 Spring Street, 30720 706-226-2714 Bethel UMC 123 Bethel Church Rd, 30721 706-278-3309 Dalton First UMC 500 South Thornton Ave, 30720 706-278-8494 Dawnville UMC 1529 Spring Ln NE, 30721 706-259-5342 Fairview UMC 735 Riverbend Rd, 30721 706-996-5057 Five Springs UMC 2823 Five Springs Rd, 30720 706-277-3928 Mineral Springs UMC 4079 Airport Road, 30721 706-517-0200 Mt. Vernon UMC 597 Lafayette Road Rocky Face, GA 30740 706-673-4667 New Haven UMC 4040 South Dixie Highway, 30721 706-217-1879 Pleasant Grove UMC 2701 Cleveland Highway, 30721 Sugar Valley UMC 503 Murry Hill Dr, 30720 706-280-9112 Trinity UMC 901 Veterans Dr, 30721 706-278-4042 Tunnel Hill UMC 706-673-4022 121 North Varnell Road Tunnel Hill, GA 30755 Varnell United Methodist Church 3485 Highway 2 Cohutta, 30710 706-694-8023 Wesley Chapel UMC 808 Jamestown CT, 30721 706-270-2331


First Church of the Nazarene 2325 Chattanooga Rd, 30720 706-278-8428 Grace Church of the Nazarene 1111 Nelson St, 30721 706-278-1171


Abundant Life Bible Church 901 Chester Road, 30721 706-270-9733

Bridging the Gap Ministries 514 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 30721 706-277-7575 Relentless Worship Center 879 College Dr, 30720 Conference Room 3 706-313-1129 Cornerstone Family Church 1240 Dawnville Rd, 30721 706-259-8509 Dalton House Of Prayer 897 College Dr, Conference Rm 3, 30720 706-915-6545 Good Neighbors Church 910 South Thornton Ave, 30720 706-226-0846 Gospel Light Tabernacle 804 Sheridan Ave, 30721

Grace Fellowship Ministries 620 N Glenwood Ave 2&3, 30721 706-280-1375 Northwest Christian Fellowship 272 Main St, Varnell, GA 30756 706-694-9830 River of Life Church of Dalton 2919 East Walnut Ave, 30721 706-965-6683 Saint James Overcoming Church 400 North Fredrick St, 30721 706-278-0319


Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal Fuente de Agua Viva 1007 Underwood St, 30721 706-278-4963

La Senda Antigua 308 East Matilda St, 30720 706-270-8826 True Gospel Pentecostal Church 109 South Henderson St, 30721 706-278-5696 Shadow Ridge Worship Center 122 Wheat Drive Varnell, GA 30721 706-280-4546


ChristChurch Presbyterian 510 South Tibbs Rd, 30720 706-529-2911 First Presbyterian Church 101 S. Selvidge St, 30720 706-278-8161

Grace Presbyterian Church 2107 Threadmill Rd, 30720 706-226-6344


Salvation Army 1109 N. Thornton Ave, 30722 706-278-3966

Seventh Day Adventist

3 Angels Hispanic SDA 701 E Morris St, 30721 706-618-1182 Dalton Hispanic SDA 112 W Long St, 30720 706-275-0523 Dalton SDA Church 300 South Tibbs Rd, 30720 706-226-2166

Chatsworth Church Directory Baptist

Blue Ridge Primitive Baptist Church 706-517-9849 134 Hyden Tyler Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Calvary Baptist Church 706-695-7747 Highway 225 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Center Hill Baptist Church 706-695-7988 65 Berry Bennett Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Cisco Baptist Church 706-695-9270 Highway 411 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Cool Springs Baptist Church 706-517-5388 Holly Creek Cool Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Fellowship Baptist Church 706-695-2626 4396 Highway 52 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US First Baptist Church 706-695-2112 121 West Market Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Flat Branch Baptist Church 706-695-2663 3443 Highway 286 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Free Hope Baptist Church 706-695-3717 4176 Highway 76 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Holly Creek Baptist Church 706-695-8522 422 Holly Creek Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Liberty Baptist Church 4221 US-76, Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Little Consauga Baptist Church 706-517-5733 1100 Sugar Creek Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Maranatha Baptist Church 706-695-6330 Highway 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Mount Pisgah Baptist Church 706-517-8944 2309 Old Highway 411

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Murray Baptist Church 706-695-9712 508 West Peachtree Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US New Hope Baptist Church 706-517-3089 1273 New Hope Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US New Prospect Baptist Church 706-629-9521 7629 Highway 225 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Old Fashion Baptist Church 706-695-5420 885 Ben Adams Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Open Air Ministries 706-386-484 1058 Mtn Crest Dr. Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Prayer Baptist Church 706-624-9216 10859 Hwy. 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Shinning Light Baptist Church 706-517-1739 801 North 5th Avenue Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Smyrna Baptist Church 706-695-5815 1913 Smyrna Church Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Spring Place Baptist Church 706-695-5532 441 Highway 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Strait Way Baptist Church 706-517-2861 508 West Peachtree Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Total Praise Baptist Church 706-695-6441 1461 Greeson Bend Rd, Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Zion Hill Baptist Church 706-517-5913 Highway 225 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Grace Bible Church 2599 Leonard Bridge Rd. Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Church of Christ

Woodhaven Church of Christ

706-847-7400 508 West Peachtree Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Church of God

Chatsworth Church of God 706-695-9388 Highway 411 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Central Community Church 706-695-4242 60 Pine Hills Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 Spring Place Church of God 706-695-8000 717 Tibbs Bridge Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Full Gospel

Faith Worship Center 706-695-6866 189 Hyden Tyler Road Chatsworth GA 30705 House Of Prayer 616 Jenkins Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Casey Springs UMC 7250 Chastworth Highway South Chastworth, GA 30705 Center Valley UMC 706-971-4646 5394 Highway 225 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US First United Methodist Church 706-695-3211 107 W Cherokee Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Fullers Chapel UMC 532 Cook Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Mineral Springs UMC 71 North Way St Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Spring Place UMC 706-695-5143 Po Box 248 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


God’s Light House 784 Smyrna Church Road Chatsworth, GA 30705

The Church of God of the Union Assembly at Chatsworth, GA 706-695-7335 Highway 52 Alternate Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Liberty Tabernacle 706-517-3140 2196 Smyrna Church Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Living Word Christian Fellowship 706-695-5005 960 Cherokee Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US New Beginnings Ministries 706-695-6067 646 Floodtown Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US North Gate Church 706-548-4967 7727 Highway 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30755 US Tabernacle of Praise 706-517-0377 1435 Leonard Bridge Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Wings Of Faith Ministries 706-695-1527 1122 North Holly Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Victory Tabernacle 706-517-1458 355 Ellijay Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US A Place to Worship 706-517-8568 259 Old Landfill Rd Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Presbyterian Sumach Presbyterian Church 706-695-4773 2089 Sumach Church Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Seventh Day Adventist

Seventh-Day Adventist Church 706-517-5124 1115 Highway 52 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US // 17

Gò0dNews for Fathers

Step Up to The Plate

nd, you fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4, KJV). As I excitedly channel surf the multiple baseball games on my high-resolution television, I am reminded of the book, Step Up to the Plate, Dad by author, evangelist, and notable conference speaker RV Brown. In this autobiographical work, the former coach and now Biblebased motivational speaker to numerous high school and college athletic teams provides instructions and exhortations to help men of faith rise to the occasion of being effective

in their efforts to succeed at fatherhood. Admittedly, there is no “cookie-cutter” or one set of rules that can generically be used by any man that will ensure 100% success in this vital area of parenting. However, in Brown’s book, there are words of wisdom that many a “dad” have found to be resourceful in an attempt to fulfill that sometimes elusive calling to be a “good father!” From a biblical standpoint, even Israel’s great King David, “a man after God’s own heart,” struggled and, at times, failed in his efforts. That being said, I think that one of the common mistakes we as fathers make is thinking that we will be “perfect,” beyond reproach, or even “flawless at fathering.” Nothing, my friend, could be further from the truth! Interestingly, as it should be noted in the key verse stated earlier, the notable admonishment to fathers or dads (words

18 // August 2022

used interchangeably throughout this writing) is the one thing we should “not” do. The Phillips translation reads, “don’t over-correct your children or make it difficult for them to obey the commandment.” Or, in my interpretation of the text, “don’t expect of your children what God does not expect of you and me, and that is, to be perfect, without fault or mistakes.” Don’t misrepresent Matthew 5:48, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” When the actual rendering of the word “perfect” in the original Greek is “teleios” (of men, “fullgrown,” mature; and of God, “wanting nothing necessary to completeness,” Strong’s Concordance). Friend, God expects us to mature, “grow up into him in all things” (Ephesian 4:15) but knows quite well our shortcomings (reference Romans 7:18). Conversely, note the two things we as fathers are to do (interestingly, over the one thing we are not to do; time nor space restraints will not allow me to elaborate on the significance of that key point). Fathers, we are to “nurture” them. Ironically, in multiple Bible translations and scripture versions, there is the common use of the expression, “bring them up.” Hence, to “bring” something would seem to indicate that you “come along with.” As dads, you and I are to “bring up,” comparable to the expression used by the writer of Proverbs, “train up” (Chapter 22, Verse 6). I am inclined to ask, as dads, are we perfect? No! Are we without faults? No! Have we had our share of mistakes? Yes! Contrariwise, Has God written us off? No! Does God persist in rebuking and scolding us? No! Is God loving, patient, kind, and merciful towards us? Of course, He is! Dads, God as our Father seeks to “bring us up” or “alongside” Himself “with Christian teaching in Christian discipline” (Phillips). And so should we with our sons and daughters. Ultimately, but not without time, patience, and occasional mistakes, you and I as fathers, will “mature” our children as we ourselves mature in the things of God. In the words of my friend RV Brown and during this season of baseball, “Dads, [it’s time to] Step Up to the Plate!” About The Author


by Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams and his wife of over 40 years, Lita, reside in Athens, Tennessee.

Church Activities & Events East Brainerd Church of Christ VBS

Monday, August 1 - Wednesday, August 3 7745 E Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga, TN

Welcome Hill Baptist Church The LeFevre Quartet

Sunday, August 7 | 10:30AM 4528 Ooltewah Ringgold Rd, Ringgold, GA

Rocky Face Baptist Church

God, Where Are You? Ladies Conference Friday, August 5 - Saturday, August 6 1544 Rocky Face Railroad St, Rocky Face, GA

Grace Church

Family Bible Study

Wednesday, August 17 401 Peters St, Calhoun, GA

Gò0dNews for Everyone

Unsanitized Prayer


by Kristen West

ave you ever felt like there are just some things

overlooked. A huge chunk of the Psalms was written

you can’t say to God? Or that when you do

by David. As you read through them, you’ll notice they

talk to Him, you somehow need to put your

are basically a collection of unsanitized prayers. David

words into a holy sentence structure? As a young Christ-

removes any religion from his conversations with God

follower, I sure did. I was convinced that if I didn’t polish

and tells it like it is. He says what he means, describes

my words and pray with certain religious verbiage, God

what he’s feeling, and pours out his every raw emotion.

wouldn’t listen. Nothing could be further from the truth.

David knew it was foolish to try and sanitize his

If you can’t be raw, unfiltered, and completely vulnerable

words. What would be the point? Didn’t God already

with God, then who can you be that way with?

see and know everything about him? Was there anything David had already said or done that God had not been privy to (Psalm 139:1-5)? The same is true for us today. God wants us to talk to Him— unfiltered, unsanitized, completely raw. He already sees your anger, worry, frustration, and bitterness. He already knows about that sin, secret, addiction, and heartbreak. There are no special words, phrases, or flowery church jargon that God is looking for. He just wants you—the real you—to talk to Him. Dump out the hurt, the pain, the anxiety, the fear… in your own words. Don’t hold back.

David, referred to as “a man after God’s own heart”

David didn’t. He brought his authentic, broken, and very

in Acts 13:22, is one of the best examples of this. David’s

real self to his conversations with God, was called a man

walk with God had more ups and downs, twists and

after God’s own heart, and saw God move in His life in

turns than the world’s best rollercoaster. He defeated

some incredible ways! “…pour out your hearts before

Goliath, became one of Israel’s most well-known kings,

Him. God is our refuge” (Psalm 62:8, HCSB).

committed adultery with Bathsheba, had her husband murdered, and embarked on an abundance of other With the highs and lows of his life documented for all of us to study, the way he prays should not be

20 // August 2022

About The Author

exploits too numerous to name here.

Kristen West works at Rock Bridge Community Church with a heart for staff leadership, development, and care. She is a communicator with a passion to inspire, encourage, and challenge others in their daily walk with Christ. She writes and publishes weekly content on her blog at

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Gò0dNews for Everyone

Of All the Places by Sandra Gilmore


grew up moving a lot. Roots and wings we had, just not a

*Capernaum Wow, what a place in the life of Jesus!

lingering address. Our family was rooted in the Word of

Miracles happened often in this adopted home of Jesus, after He

God, in our special traditions, and in laughter, letters, and

left Nazareth. How does its name reflect His presence there? It

phone calls from other family and friends. I grew up grateful

means “town of the comforted.” His miracles brought comfort

for new experiences, new friends, new neighborhoods, new

with a miraculous catch of fish, His deliverance of the Sermon

time zones.

on the Mount, His healing of Peter’s mother-in-law and the

Each location gifted me with lessons I wouldn’t have had

raising-the-roof healing of the paralytic. The lives of the woman

otherwise. When queried about which place was my favorite,

with the issue of blood and Jairus’ daughter became centered

my reply was, “They all were!” Because we knew each move

on His healing comfort. And there’s more: He healed two blind

was ordained by the Lord. He blessed each place for us!

men, restored a withered hand, plus the sanity of a man tortured

Jesus moved around a lot too. He understood the proverbial “roots and wings.” Is there something to be gleaned from the

by demons. Jesus called upon a fish to deliver tax money and called upon a loaf and fish dinner to feed thousands with twelve baskets leftover. His comfort was readily displayed. *Nazareth About 65 miles from Bethlehem, there’s a hamlet that is quite overlooked in history. It’s not mentioned in the Old Testament. The writings of the Talmud and our own Jewish-scholar-turneddevout-Christ-follower Paul are silent about it. Even Josephus omits any mention. And yet, the God of the Universe highlights this place specifically. Its name comes from a Hebrew term meaning “root or branch.” In Isaiah 11, we learn the Messiah is the root of Jesse. While history skips record of this town, when do we hear of it again? Thirty-three years after Joseph and Mary make their Nativity journey from here, Pilot engraves the name on history when he writes a title for Jesus “and puts it on the cross. And the writing was: JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE

places Jesus lived? Let’s take a look. Of course, the locales will

JEWS” (John 19:19). Many Jews rebutted Pilot for the wording

include where the Christmas story took place. Have you been

and asked that the inscription be changed. Pilot emphatically

following this series? Check each month as we explore often-overlooked

answered, “What I have written, I have written.” The sign

connections to this sacred event and wind our way back to Christmas.

marked in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin remained above the cross

*Bethlehem Although it’s secular history might have

where Jesus was crucified. It remains in the record to this day.

been born with the birth of Christ, this “House of Bread” was

Of all the places Jesus lived, the most significant place is

first mentioned in Scripture in reference to Rachel, who died

in our hearts. Once He becomes our Savior, He shepherds us

near there around 1700 BC. Several centuries later, this place

through places with comfort and miracles. Will you invite Him

served as the backdrop for the endearing story of Ruth and

in today?

there. David was a renowned warrior. Interestingly, Bethlehem sounds like the term “warrior or fighter” in Hebrew.

22 // August 2022

About The Author

Boaz, whose descendant David becomes king and rules from Sandra Gilmore serves the Lord as wife, mom, and encourager, mostly through writing and speaking, occasionally through cooking, rarely through anything athletic and only because of the mercy and grace of Jesus. You can reach her by email: or her website:

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200 WEST MORRIS ST, DALTON, GA (706) 264-4132

Gò0dNews for Marriage Til Death Do Us Part—You Are Kidding, Right?


by Jack Borders any years ago, a young couple sat in the

prepared, you do it. If laundry needs to be done, you do

minister’s office as they were finishing their

it. What about the vows you exchanged? Were they just

pre-marital counseling. The minister took the

words or do they actually have real meaning? What if the

couple by surprise when he asked a very direct question, “Imagine your wedding ceremony goes perfectly. The

day comes when you must put up or shut up? Fast forward several years when the same couple,

music is great, the message is meaningful, the vows are

now middle-aged, is sitting in church together. The

heartwarming. Then the reception goes well. The punch is

groom watches week after week as a retired missionary

good, the cake is moist and delicious. Friends and family

couple enter the building. The elderly gentlemen smiles

all have bright smiles and well wishes as the newlyweds

as he pushes his wife’s wheelchair to their customary

leave for their honeymoon.”

place. The man’s ministry focus has now changed from the tribes in Africa to the woman in the wheelchair. The middle-aged groom realizes that if they live long enough, he will either be pushing the wheelchair or sitting in the wheelchair. Fast forward to present day. Now the groom is old. He pushes his bride’s wheelchair down the corridor of the nursing home where she now resides. The old man reflects on the minister’s question so many years ago. He remembers that he made a promise, no a commitment on their wedding day to love his bride in sickness and in health until death parts them and he fully intends to keep his word.

The minister continued, “While you are on the way to

Their love story didn’t go as the groom would have

your honeymoon destination, you are involved in a traffic

written it, but he believes with all of his heart in the

accident and your spouse is now paralyzed from the neck

sovereignty of God. He clings to Romans 8:18, “For

down. Your spouse now cannot contribute anything to the

I consider that the sufferings of this present time are

marriage. You do everything. What happens now?”

not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be

The young groom-to-be left the office and pondered the minister’s question for the next few days. You have

revealed to us.” His prayer is that his love for his wife might serve as

just left your wedding after promising to love your wife,

an inspiration to someone just as he was inspired by the

for better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death

love the elderly missionary displayed for his wife.

needs to be cleaned, you do it. If a meal needs to be

24 // August 2022

About The Author

do you part. Now your wife can do nothing. If the house Jack Borders is a Christ follower, husband, father, grandfather and caregiver living in Cleveland, Tennessee.










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26 // August 2022

Charles’s sons, John and Tyler, also working alongside their father. Charles originally started in the outdoor equipment industry because it was a family business. He followed in his father’s footsteps, stating that his father started it and he wanted to do what his father did. Although lawn care businesses have significant off seasons in the fall and winter, the spring and summer months bring booming business through both personal lawn care buyers and professional lawn care providers. B&B Tractor Garage is different from other companies of its kind by providing eXmark and Makita products. As an independent business, they house a large parts inventory, with more parts than many competitors in the area. The employees at B&B Tractor Garage pride themselves in knowing how to fix problems

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B & B TRACTOR // 27

Gò0dNews for Everyone

Who Can You Be an Inspiration To?


by David Huff

rowing up, I worked for a discount store called

Jesus was a great example of someone who served

Roses. It was there that I would meet Jody

His people, and also led His people. This is what I

Wheldon, someone who would go on to change

remember the most about Jody, the way he held himself

my life many years later. Jody was the assistant manager

accountable to show respect not just to himself but to

of Roses, and he would later be named store manager.

those around him. Jody was a true example of what

What was so special about Jody was how he inspired us

Christ set for us as a servant leader. I encourage you

to do the best we could in everything we did. He poured

today to look around at the faces near you, the faces that

out the love in his heart to each person he knew. To a

you see every day and ask yourself, what would it hurt to

17-year-old kid who never had anyone take the time to

speak a kind word to someone? What would it hurt to show

express encouragement, I did not know how to accept

love to someone who may not be the best person?

it. It did not matter because, many years later, his words

As a 17-year-old kid who was lost in the world and

still echo in my mind. Jody was only our store manager

stayed lost for many years, I needed the inspiration

for less than a year, but in that short amount of time, the

I received at that tender age. Even though I did not

inspiring he did would last a lifetime.

realize it at the moment, God was working in the

Jesus was a great encourager and influencer who inspired many to give up their lives to teach the Gospel

background to orchestrate my return to Him. It only takes a few seconds of the day to be nice to someone. It only takes a few seconds of the day to show love to someone, and

years after His death. In 1 Corinthians 11:1 we are called to be imitators of

we receive a reward for it too. The

Christ. That includes influencing the

more kindness, inspiration, and

lives of someone who has no one

love that we show to someone

else to help them. Jesus taught that

comes back to us. We find ourselves a new joy and

we are to love our neighbor as we love

peace that we have never

ourselves. Your neighbor is anybody


near you—a co-worker, a family

Who can you

member, someone on the elevator, or even your physical neighbor. In

inspire today

Titus 2:7, we are told to

through your

show ourselves in all

loving acts

respects to be a model

of kindness?

of good works. Being a model of good works is living the as Christ did.

28 // August 2022

About The Author

servant leader life

My name is David Huff. I am married to Brittany and together we have five wonderful kids. We attend Rock Bridge Community Church Calhoun where I serve on the prayer team, host team, production team, and a small group co-leader. I am also a senior at Lee University.



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by Shannon D. Richardson-Hopkins

he impatience of today’s youth is unsettling. It comes

to the knee,” and binge-watch The Clone Wars as much as

partially from cell phones, social media, gaming,

the next person. But this “Right Now!” mindset that is being

streaming services, etc. I am not dissing these things;

instilled in today’s youth is not healthy. It’s spoiling them

I am just saying that they have contributed in some way

(in a bad way), they are quick to anger, and have unrealistic

to this instant gratification era and the ever-shortening

expectations of life.

attention spans of our kids. In my day, if you wanted to talk to friends or family

As an adult who grew up without all this, the best advice I can give parents today (where technology is

far away, you called them. If they were home, you were

concerned) is to limit the amount of time your kids spend

charged for every minute of long-distance. You could also

on their devices. Make them go outside with nothing but

write a letter. Letters took time to write, and you had to wait for a response. Now, you can text, call or message on social media free of charge. Do you still have to wait for a response? Yes. Does it take days or weeks? Usually not. Several social media sites have oneminute videos. You just swipe on to the next one if you get bored. One-minute recipes, crafts, skits, etc., are all attributed to shortened attention spans. Back then, we did not have video games at home. We played sports, board games, D & D, or made-up games. Later we had arcades, but you had to go to the mall, when they were open, and have a pocket full of quarters to do anything. Now, we have games at home, anytime, right

a water bottle and their imaginations. Give them paper,

at our fingertips! They cost a pretty penny, but you can play

scissors, and glue, and have them create something. Play

over and over and over. Die, respawn, repeat.

sports in the backyard with your teens. Play board games

Streaming was not heard of when I was young. You

with them. Plant a garden with them. Read with them. Teach

had to wait an entire week to see a new episode of your

them the value of patience. I promise it will be worth it in

favorite show. If you missed it, you were out of luck

the end. Just wait and see.

until re-runs started—the next year! Now you have whole

Titus 2:1-2, “But speak thou the things which become

seasons, even entire series, all at once! If you still watch

sound doctrine: That the aged men be sober, grave,

weekly shows and you miss one, you can watch it at your

temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.”

Technology definitely has its perks (when it works). I love being able to FaceTime the grandkids, “take an arrow

30 // August 2022

About The Author

convenience on your DVR. My name is Shannon D. Richardson-Hopkins. I have two beautiful daughters, two awesome sons, and two wonderful sons-in-law. My youngest son has autism. I am also a very proud ‘Gamma’ of six beautiful grandkids who are 7th-generation Church of God. Woohoo! I love the Lord with all of my soul, and pray that I can serve Him in whatever He wills me to do. I hope to inspire people through wisdom and The Word of God.


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Be A Witness for God


by Susan Lavigne

ow many of you have ever watched the TV series

• How did I come to know Jesus?

Perry Mason? How many of you have no idea what I

• How do I see God working in my life?

am talking about? Maybe you have seen a TV show

• How has God taken my life events and made me unique?

like Matlock or Law and Order? In every episode, there is a court scene. In a court of law, whether on TV or in real life, as a witness on the witness stand, you would be asked to “Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,

• How can I take the comfort that God has given me to comfort others? • What wisdom or revelations has God given me that I can share with others?

so help you God.” A witness’s job is to tell the truth of what he sees and knows from his own personal experience. God wants us to be His witnesses of His work in our lives. Acts 1:8, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you shall be my witnesses…to the end of the earth.” However, what I didn’t realize initially is that there is a big difference between being a witness and being an attorney. Attorneys try to convince, while a witness merely tells the truth. When I was witnessing for Christ, I thought I was responsible for convincing others to follow Jesus, and if I failed to do that, then I failed God. I was wrong. We are only called to tell others what we know about God. So, I couldn’t fail as long as I spoke truth from my own life. Our

As you ponder these questions, also think about where you would be now if someone had not witnessed to you? Personally, I believe the enemy is making it easier for

role as witnesses is to share our life story with others and

us to share our faith every day. Whenever bad things happen

let God, through His Holy Spirit, do the convincing. What

in the world, this opens opportunities not only to share

a relief to know that I was not responsible for another’s

our concerns about what is going on in the world, but also

salvation. The responsibility is between God and the

our trust that God is still in control. We still trust Him with

person who hears my testimony.

our lives regardless of the circumstances. Then, we should

So, in order to witness to others, you may want to

pray for others to see the peace of God inside ourselves. Remember, God is calling all of us to be His witnesses, not

prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to

His attorneys!

give the reason for the hope you have…” (1 Peter 3:15).

32 // August 2022

About The Author

ponder the following questions so you will “…always be

Susan Lavigne attends Cornerstone Church. She is a Christian speaker and songwriter. Feel free to contact her at

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Finding Strength in Weakness


by Dr. Alan D. Hix

ugust is a month of beginnings. My two

Paul had received a great gift. He had been given a

granddaughters are looking forward to the

glimpse of the glory of heaven that awaits believers. He

excitement of being in the next grade. As a lifelong

would have been glad to encourage others in sharing the

educator, I have seen August as a time for dreaming new

amazing sights and sounds. However, God threw a roadblock

dreams and looking forward to new possibilities as the

into that plan by allowing a difficulty to enter Paul’s life

school year begins. The business of fall activities keeps that

that caused him to question God’s plan. God’s response was

excitement going into the Christmas break. The new year

simple, yet profound: “My grace is all you need.”

also starts with anticipation of good things to come. However, by Spring Break, both students and teachers are ready for the school year to be over. The dreams of the year past have either been realized, dimmed, or fallen to the side. By Spring Break, we’ve settled into making it to the end. Sometimes our spiritual lives are like that. We come into a relationship with Christ with a host of dreams and possibilities. Over time, however, that original fervor often dims, and we settle into a “getting through the day” mindset. Add to that the difficulties and crises that life throws our way, and we can lose that sense of the close connection to Christ we felt at first. We long for that original sense of intimacy, and we wonder how we will face the challenges yet to come. The Apostle Paul had a similar experience that he relates

One of the struggles we have as believers is that we often assume that if we are faithful and obedience to Christ, that our lives should be relatively free from difficulty. We

in 2 Corinthians 12:2-9:

assume that hardship and difficulty are the exception. Paul

I was caught up to the third heaven fourteen years ago…and heard

discovered that it is those very things which challenge

things so astounding that they cannot be expressed in words, things no human is allowed to tell. That experience is worth boasting about, but I’m not going to do it. I will boast only about my weaknesses. If I wanted to boast, I would be no fool in doing so, because I would be telling the truth…So, to keep me from becoming proud, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger from Satan to torment me and keep me from becoming proud. Three different times I begged the Lord to take it away. Each

our faith that cause us to realize that in those moments of discouragement, God’s grace is all we need. The hopes, dreams, and anticipations for our lives that we thought were crushed find new direction in Him. It is this shift of focus that moved Paul to conclude in verse 10, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” So, the next time you find yourself standing amidst the wreckage of your broken dreams, choose to turn to Christ, not away from Him. When we do, we discover, like Paul, God’s grace is all we need.

weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me (NLT).

34 // August 2022

About The Author

time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in

Dr. Alan Hix is an Associate Professor of Christian Studies at Shorter University. In addition to being and educator, he has served churches as a pastor, been involved in mission trips to Africa, Canada, and Alaska, and participated in archaeological excavations in Israel for several years.

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I Never Met Emily by Deck Cheatham


never met Emily Brown Kocis, but I know her. I know

those who go on. But we never just go on, for the life that

her as God allows me to know His truth, and in its light,

loves and touches also resurrects. We are changed because

her light, God’s light through her, I am changed. All who

this life was lived and was loved and did love. And through

knew her are changed. Emily was diagnosed with peritoneal

this resurrection, the eternal bond can never be broken. Love

mesothelioma, a rare cancer. She was a daughter, a sister,

has yet to know death.

a wife, a mother and more. She was 28. She parted this life January 7, 2017. Light emanates from her soul and spirit. Emily’s spirit touched me. I spent time reading her posts on Caring Bridge, and through her words, I began to understand a person’s life by its devotion to more than self. By its love and faith and courage in the face of human certainty, life is a prayer. Her life, more than self, prayed for us all. Emily walked her path with a sublime clarity, not with any sense of giving up, but with a confident determination to fight, to win, and to live. Her journey, which began with “just another hot Tuesday in July…that day that changed everything,” would forever alter the lives she touched.

Anne Lamott, in her book Traveling Mercies says, “They

Emily’s life, death, and words reveal God to me. She

seem always to be walking. As with all nomads, if you

said, “There is something about the illusion of a limitless

don’t keep walking, you die—so you figure out how to

horizon that makes you squander your time a little more

keep walking.” This is how I will think of Emily. Though

carelessly. And there is something about accepting the fact

here but for a while, she is still walking, leaving in her path

that the cancer may win that alters your field of vision. Time

grace, dignity, and hope, walking in the minds and hearts

becomes something to savor. Again, the fight is not over.”

of family and friends and the lives she touched, even people

I prayed for Emily so many times with so many others in so many solitudes. I asked God to heal her and give her strength and courage. As I read her words, I found she

like me who never met her. “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken” (Psalm 55:22).

possessed these gifts before the first prayer was uttered.

For more information on peritoneal mesothelioma,

I asked for nothing less than what was in God’s power

contact the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation at

to grant. I asked for her light, God’s light through her, to

Our earthly bonds are but for a while, and though severed by death, the broken bond seeks an equilibrium for

36 // August 2022

About The Author

remain in our presence. Deck Cheatham has been a golf professional for some 40 years. He lives with his family in Dalton. He is a guest columnist for the Rome News Tribune, The Daily Citizen, and the Calhoun Times. Email him at






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Just One Word


by Zebbie Brewster

ave you ever had a bad day or seemingly bad

with my breathing! I am not exactly sure what the

days after bad days? Your heart was weary

doctor did to help me, but it worked. I am sure my

and you needed a word of encouragement.

mom’s prayers went a long way in helping also!

Have you ever prayed for God to just speak a word of encouragement to your heart and mind? My mom has been very sick and I want so much to

I can say with much thankfulness that I have never known a time in my life when my mom wasn’t praying for me and my two brothers. They made the difference

make her journey better. It is a very painful path she is

in all things always! Now I know that prayers—and

on right now, and I remember as a child, she was the

many of them—will continue to make the difference in

one I could always go to when my heart was weary.

our daily walk in this world. “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you” (I Peter 5:7). As Christians, we don’t walk this journey alone. It is amazing how God will send people to our pathway to speak a kind word or send up a prayer for us. That day I prayed quietly for the Good Lord to please give me a word of encouragement, and I was amazed at how many people showed extra kindness to me that day! The Bible talks about those kind words: “A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth:

She knew how to try to help when I was hurting. It

and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!”

seems more than once in the summertime I would find

(Proverbs 15:23). “A word fitly spoken is like apples

my way into a wasp nest and come screaming home

of gold in pictures of silver” (Proverbs 25:11).

with them chasing me. My mom would try to calm me down and doctor me the best she could. I remember one time I got bit by a red wasp on my bottom lip and that was not good! I ended up in

So, I pray that in your walk with the Good Lord, today you will find apples of gold in pictures of silver and that it will add comfort to that heart that needs encouraging.

Thank the Good Lord the swelling did not interfere

38 // August 2022

About The Author

the doctor’s office because I was allergic to bee stings.

Zebbie Brewster resides in Summerville, Georgia. She is an active member at Perennial Springs Baptist Church.


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Before There Was Evangelism…


by David Beckmann

here was the family. When God made

hates the family so much. That is why the devil and his

provision for His will to be done on

servants have always done what they could to destroy the

earth, He created a man and a woman,

“traditional” or “natural” family, which God established

with the idea that they would start a family. When He

at the creation. And boy, have they been busy over the

decided it was time to start that project over, He saved a

last century or so! Our enemies know how important the

family from the Flood—Noah’s family. When it was time

family is. Do we?

to begin and establish “His own” people who were to do

I write to believing, evangelical married couples. As

His will in the Promised Land, He started with the family

we seek to fulfill the Great Commission and to live out

of Abraham. When God gave the law for His people at

the Christian life—to be salt and light in this world—

Mt. Sinai, right in the middle of it is the family: “Honor

how do we order our personal priorities? How are we to follow Paul’s instruction to be wise and understanding what the will of the Lord is for us (Ephesians 5:15-17)? Well, after he says to do that, he tells us to live in the Spirit, be thankful, have a submissive attitude toward one another, and then he orders our family life (Ephesians 5:18f).

your father and your mother…” Ultimately, when God

Evangelism is important, but God created families

sent His Son to save us from our sin and to establish His

to do His will on earth before they fell and needed

kingdom, He had him raised in a family.

evangelism. How can we invite people to God’s love in

I say all that to get to this: when the apostle Paul writes about living out the Christian life, we should

Christ if we cannot love our relatives (1 John 4:20)? Furthermore, if we are to disciple the nations,

expect him to put a lot of emphasis on how we live in

shouldn’t that discipling begin with our own children?

our families—or I should say households, because he

Has God not given them to us for that purpose?

includes the servants—which he did. Why? Because

Shouldn’t we want to have children (or adopt them) so

the family has always been the primary building block

we can nurture them to know the Lord and thus build the

for His kingdom and the doing of His will on earth—

family of God, the Church?

“thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

If we want to win the world for Christ, whatever we do, let’s still focus on the family.

a godly family are so important for us as Christians. It is also why the devil, and the world under his influence,

40 // August 2022

About The Author

That is why marriage and the raising of children in The Rev. David Beckmann is an Anglican priest and Moderator of the C.S. Lewis Society of Chattanooga. Recently, he was director of the C. S. Lewis Study Centre at The Kilns, Oxford, UK. He blogs at


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God Loves All Creatures Great & Small


by Cheryl L. Dunson

n the fifth and sixth days, God created living

Billy Graham once wrote, “We must never treat any

creatures to fill the water, the skies and the earth.

part of God’s creation with contempt. When we do, we

God saw that it was good, and He blessed them.

are indirectly treating our Creator with contempt. Instead,

When God created man in His own image, His first

God calls us to be stewards or trustees of His creation and

mandate to man was to have dominion over the creatures

the Bible reminds us that we are responsible to Him for

God created. The Lord delegated responsibility of His

the way we treat it…The Bible commands us to take care

creation and everything in it to us, and He entrusted us to

of the animals under our care…. Even the animal of an

be good stewards (Gen. 1:26).

enemy was to be treated kindly…” (Ex. 23:12).

In other words, animals matter to God! August 26th is set aside as National Dog Day to

Naturally, some of us are more receptive to animals in our lives than others. Some of us choose to invite warm

recognize dogs in need of rescue, and to acknowledge

and furry creatures into our home, while others prefer to

those dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives,

keep them at the barn or in the pasture. Still, some favor

keep us safe, and bring comfort. But let’s expand upon the recognition of canines and appreciate the importance of all animals in God’s kingdom. In Genesis 1 & 2, we see animals bring joy to God. He declared them “good!” In Psalm 104, God demonstrates His care for the animals, beginning with giving water to all beasts of the field, wild donkeys and birds of the air (11 & 12). The Lord makes grass to grow for the cattle (14), and prepares homes for the birds in the cedars and pine trees (16 & 17). God made the high mountains for the wild goats and rabbits. He made the forests for the lions to seek their prey and then to lay down in their dens (20 & 21). He spilled teeming creatures beyond number into the sea (25), and all of God’s living things look to Him for their food at the proper time (27). By giving man kingship of His creation and everything

keeping their living spaces free of animals altogether. God certainly recognizes and appreciates our preferences.

in it, the Lord commands us to secure the welfare of its

But, in deference to God’s awesome creation, let us be

subjects: “The righteous care for the needs of their animals,

kind to all living things and commit to never abuse,

but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel” (Psalm 12:10).

neglect or mistreat any of God’s wonderful creatures.

42 // August 2022


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Gò0dNews Poetry

Learn To Love by Judy Hood

There once was a man who walked this earth He was so wise; great was his worth He healed the sick; he had no favorite pick He tried to save them all from making a dark fall He walked the sea so all men could see Many miracles he performed for you and me He was complete love; that’s what he’s all about So build your faith; don’t live in doubt God gave us a big world in which to live So be good to each other, your love to give Give it richly; good seeds will grow Help your neighbor to and fro If this world would love as much as it hates Just think, we would all walk through those pearly gates.

44 // August 2022

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Do You Know Your Creator?


Part One by Matt Jensen

o you know your Creator? Do you really know

Some of the most controversial words in the Bible are,

Him? May God use these words to help Christians

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”

know Him better, and unbelievers to know Him

(Genesis 1:1). Why is that? Because if these words are true,

through Jesus Christ. May everything that has breath praise

nothing ultimately exists for us (Colossians 1:15-17). They

the One true God (Psalms 150:6).

were neither made by us nor to promote our purposes or

God is a Spirit (John 4:24; 1 Timothy 1:17; 6:15)—

glory (Ephesians 1:1-14; Romans 11:36). If these words are

As one author describes, God is “immaterial, invisible,

true, then God’s standard of morality, belief, and worship

and without composition or extension.” In other words,

are the standard to which we must all submit.

God does not have a body (immaterial) or take up space (extension), can’t be seen (invisible), and is not composed of parts (composition). He’s not one part holy and another good; therefore, every attribute of God qualifies each attribute. We can’t see Him with our eyes, but we can know Him in our hearts by faith. We can’t see Him, but He always sees us! God is a Spirit, infinite (1 Kings 8:27; Psalm 145:3)— This means that everything God is, He is without limits. He transcends all measurements of time and space. In fact, God does not merely exist like us to a greater degree, but his existence is different in quality. God’s existence is incapable of measurement. He’s not spread out over the universe but everywhere present with the entirety of His being. God is a Spirit, infinite, and eternal (Psalm 90:2;

It means that sin is a big deal and needs a big solution. Can you imagine standing before this God and giving an account for everything you’ve ever said, done, or thought

2 Peter 3:8)—God has no beginning, no end, and no

about doing? You can’t run from Him—He sees all! You

succession of moments. He completely transcends time. God

can’t kill Him—He gives life! You won’t outlive Him—He’s

does not reflect on yesterday or think ahead of tomorrow.

eternal! You can’t bribe Him—He’s unchangeable! But

Before time was created, God was there. For God is time’s creator.

this great God offers a big solution to our big problem in

God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable

Jesus Christ. As the hymn Rock of Ages carols, Jesus is sin’s

(Exodus 3:14; Psalm 102:26-28; Malachi 3:6)—Change

“double cure;” He saves from wrath and makes us pure. In

occurs in time, but God is eternal. God can’t change because

other words, Jesus has promised to deal with sinners’ guilt

there’s no room for Him to improve. He’s already perfect! If He

before God (Romans 3:9-26) and the power and pollution

were to change it must be for the worse. God is the same

of sin in them (Romans 6:1-23). He has promised to do

yesterday, today, and forever—perfect.

this for all who come to Him in repentance and faith. Why

In his being (Exodus 3:14; John 5:26; Revelation

wouldn’t you come to Him? Isn’t the infinite, eternal, and

4:11)—God’s being is spiritual being, infinite being, eternal

unchangeable God better than what you’re worshipping?

gives life to God; God gives life to all things. God is the uncreated Creator of everything that is not Him!

46 // August 2022

About The Author

being, unchangeable being, and self-existent being. Nothing Matt Jensen is a missionary from Reformation Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia. He and his wife, Danielle, are preparing to move to Thailand soon with their son, Judah. They are also anticipating the birth of another son, Gabriel.





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Hope and Faith in Our Father Liberate don’t enjoy difficult times. Who would? But my wife and I have seen enough challenging times to know “up close and personal” the wonderful Faithfulness of God. His Faithfulness is the foundation of who He is! Anchored in Him, we cannot only endure trial, storm, and difficulty, we can live—live in His Peace and enjoy His Provision. Psalm 91, we have been learning, is not just about shelter in times of danger or trial, but is about a place of Peace to live, a place from which to do battle against and to gain Victory over our enemy through Christ. In this extraordinary time in history, we are facing some genuinely disturbing assaults from Satan. Certain men who have accumulated untold wealth have sold out to a dark agenda. The evils they pursue, most of us would never consider doing. What do we do? First of all, we must not fear but turn to our Father for His Promise of help. And I emphasize: Do not fear. Fear paralyzes—hope and faith liberate. Fear leads us away from God and away from His Truth. We Hope in God’s Promises, and our Faith anticipates His fulfillment of those Promises (Hebrews 11:1). I encourage you: keep your eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2), just as this old song speaks so well: “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face; And the things of earth will grow 48 // August 2022

Strangely dim, In the light of His Glory and Grace” (Helen Howarth Lemmel, 1922). Set your hearts to consider that these are exciting times and that hearts belonging to Jesus have nothing to fear! With your spiritual eyes fixed

on Him, you will see miracles as never before in the earth. We win, if we are His—always. And many, who do not know Him now, will rush to Him as they hear the Truth of the Gospel, and as they see His wonderful, rescuing, redemptive, restoring Love. Rejoice! Heaven is visiting the earth! And we get to be a witness of and participate in these great moves of God! What exciting times to be alive!

About The Author


by Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire has been born again for almost 60 years, and has pursued to hear God’s Voice through all those years. He and his wife Teresa of 49 years are active at Living Word Church in Cleveland, Tennessee. They have two children and five grandchildren.


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Convict on the Loose!


by Monica Gambrell

y husband and I had decided very early on in

no one had ever told her, “I love you,” unless they wanted

our relationship (even before we were married)

something in return. I was stupefied. We must ask God for

that if and when we had children, one of us

His eyes so that we see people as He does.

would always be home with them. Many people told us

I Samuel 16:7, “…God does not see as man sees, since

that it wasn’t possible in this economy to make it work

man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at

with only one income, but we were determined. And it

the heart.”

did work. We had to make many choices that were unconventional, but we believed we were doing what was best for the family. Bear had always been the one to work while I stayed home with the children, but there came a time when our roles reversed. I got a customer service job with a utility company, which paid much more than he had ever made, so I went to work. The building I worked in was closed to the public. It was locked up tight and there were plenty of security measures in place. Many days Bear would load the children into the vehicle and pick me up in the parking lot so we could all have lunch together. Bear was 6’6” tall, around 340 lbs., wore a size 15 shoe, and was a very imposing figure. He also kept a buzz haircut most of the time. On top of that, on one particular day, he showed up wearing an orange T-shirt as prisoners wear. Before I even made it outside, I heard the commotion and asked

Isaiah 11:3, “And He will delight in the fear of the Lord,

someone what was happening. Apparently, security had

And He will not judge by what His eyes see, nor make

mistaken him for a convict on the loose and had called the

decisions by what His ears hear.”

police for backup to apprehend him! It wasn’t until I arrived

Luke 6:37, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged.

on the scene that everyone involved was assured that he was

Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Pardon,

indeed a harmless husband. I can’t tell you how opposite

and you will be pardoned.”

my reaction was to my husband’s. I couldn’t stop laughing. Here’s my question: How many people do we instantly

Father God, I am guilty. Many of us are. May we sing the Brandon Heath song in our hearts. “Give me Your eyes

judge the way they judged him? We see a homeless person

so I can see—Everything that I keep missing. Give me Your

holding a sign asking for help and turn away. We see an

love for humanity. Give me Your arms for the broken-

impoverished mother with dirty and possibly unruly

hearted—The ones that are far beyond my reach. Give me

children and puff ourselves up in comparison. Shame on

Your heart for the ones forgotten—Give me Your eyes so I

us. Surely all of us have been judged by others as well.

can see.” Oh, Lord, how we need this in our world! The only

Charlene, a woman more beautiful than any Hollywood

way this world can change is when believers start acting like

actress, and a friend of mine, admitted to me one day that

believers. Mercy.

50 // August 2022

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