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We want to take a moment to tell you who we are and what we are about. Our names are Matt and Bethany Ruckman and we have six beautiful children, Brendon, Kailey, Andrew, Leah Jean, Emma, and Cooper. We live in Cleveland, Tennessee, and love what this town has to offer! We have started GoodNews Christian Magazine because we feel that when God, family, and community are combined, lives will be changed.

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from the Pastor’s Desk
Wisdom on Preparing for Worship by Reagan Marsh
Money Matters
Maximizing Your Retirement: The Benefits
Rolling Your 401(k) into an IRA by
Rick Hughes
for Men
The Game of
Dr. Terril D. Littrell
for Women
Sacrificing the Best on the Altar of Good by
Kristen West
for Kids
Animal Truths by Charles Finney
for Relationships
The Simple Act of Kindness by Tamiko Jones
for Parents
Apply, Rinse, Repeat by Brenda Dedmon
Cover Story
Diving into The Juicy Seafood: A Local Favorite in Dalton, GA
Have You Been to the Mountain? by Dr. Alan Hix
Promise Keepers by Dorothy Teague
Making the Most of National Picnic Day: 10 Memorable Celebration Ideas for April 23rd
In the Garden of Gethsemane by Judy Hood
Business Spotlight
Better Health Starts with the
Dr. Mary Peters at
Chatsworth, GA
from the Physician’s Desk
Providers Urge Patients to Prioritize Primary Care
for Life
How’s My Driving? by Heather Guthrie
for Everyone
Giving Out Hope by Sandra Gilmore 8 24 40 Contents APRIL 2024
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Wisdom on Preparing for Worship

Too many Christians roll out of bed at the last minute, rush to get the kids dressed and fed, and pull into church exhausted and frazzled. They get home and think, “Why don't I get more out of worship?” While the lack of practical preparation often plays a role, there's also the reality that many simply don't prepare their hearts to come before God. English Puritan minister Thomas Ridgely faced this question in his church and gave seven points on how we should prepare to worship.

1. We should bring our normal work to an end before the Lord’s Day.

Now, we ought, the evening before, to lay aside our care and worldly business, that our thoughts may not be encumbered, diverted, or taken up with unseasonable or unlawful concerns about it. This is a duty very much neglected; and the omission of it is one reason of our unprofitable attendance on the ordinances of God on the Lord’s Day.

2. We should ensure that our relationships are at peace before the Lord’s Day.

We may add, that all envyings, contentions, evil surmising against our neighbour, are to be laid aside; since these will tend to defile our souls and deprave our minds, when we ought to be wholly taken up about divine things. Thus the apostle advises those to whom he writes to “lay aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil-speakings, and as new-born babes to desire the sincere milk of the word, that they might grow thereby” (1 Peter 2:2-3 KJV).

3. We should direct our souls to God in repentance and thanksgiving before the Lord’s Day.

Moreover, we are, the evening before, to endeavor to bring our souls into a prepared frame for the duties of the Lord’s Day, by having our thoughts engaged in meditations which are suitable to these duties.

4. We should consider how fleeting everything is compared to eternity, before the Lord’s Day.

It would also be expedient for us to meditate on the vanity of worldly things. Hence, we must consider ourselves as having a greater work to transact with God on his own Day, and desire to have no disturbance from the world.

5. We should ask the Spirit’s help to worship attentively and faithfully on the Lord’s Day.

To these meditations we ought to join our fervent prayers to God, that the sins committed by us in former sabbaths may be forgiven, that he may not be provoked to withdraw the influences of his Spirit on the approaching Day, and that the world with its cares may not then be a snare to us through the temptations of Satan and the corruption of our own hearts, thereby our interrupting our fellowship with God.

6. We should pray for the Spirit’s help as the pastor proclaims Christ on the Lord’s Day.

We ought to pray also that he would assist his ministers in preparing a seasonable word, which may be blessed to ourselves and others. Thus the apostle exhorts the church to “pray always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and to watch thereunto with all perseverance, and supplication for all saints; and for him, that utterance might be given unto him, that he might open his mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel” (Ephesians 6:18-19 KJV).

7. We should pray fervently that God would help us to honor the Lord’s Day.

We ought to be unrelenting with God, that he would sanctify and fill our thoughts, from the beginning to the end of the Lord’s Day.

Gò0 dNews from the Pastor’s Desk 8 // April 2024
Reagan Marsh is the founding pastor-teacher of Reformation Baptist Church of Dalton, GA. He contributed to The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia (Eerdmans), coedited in The Works of John Flavel (Banner of Truth), and authored two biblical counseling minibooks (The Greater Heritage). Reagan writes regularly for The Founders Journal and is coediting The Works of Hercules Collins (forthcoming, H&E). An SBTS graduate, certified biblical counselor, and Th.M student in historical theology, he has served in gospel ministry since 1998. About The Author
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AMaximizing Your Retirement: The Benefits of Rolling Your 401(k) into an IRA

Money Matters


Driven by a passion to educate, inform and prepare future retirees, Mr. Hughes founded Hughes Retirement Group in 2007. His main interest is helping his clients in reducing their taxes.

s you navigate the complexities of retirement planning, one crucial decision often arises: what to do with your 401(k) when you leave your job? While leaving your funds parked in your former employer's 401(k) plan is an option, rolling it over into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can offer a myriad of benefits that could significantly enhance your financial future.

First and foremost, rolling your 401(k) into an IRA grants you more control over your retirement savings. With a 401(k) plan, your investment options are typically limited to what your employer offers. However, by transferring your funds to an IRA, you gain access to a broader range of investment choices, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange - traded funds (ETFs), annuities and more. This expanded universe of investment options allows you to tailor your portfolio to your specific financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Another advantage of consolidating your retirement savings into an IRA is the potential for lower fees. 401(k) plans often come with administrative fees, investment management fees, and other expenses that can eat into your returns over time. By contrast, IRAs tend to offer more competitive fee structures. Over the long term, even seemingly small differences in fees can have a significant impact on the growth of your retirement nest egg.

Furthermore, rolling your 401(k) into an IRA can simplify your financial life. Instead of managing multiple retirement accounts scattered across different former employers, consolidating them into a single IRA streamlines your retirement planning efforts. This consolidation makes it easier to track your investments, monitor your portfolio performance, and adjust your asset allocation as needed. Additionally, having all your retirement savings in one place simplifies the process of calculating required minimum distributions (RMDs) once you reach retirement age.

An IRA rollover offers greater flexibility and access to your funds. While 401(k) plans may have restrictions on when and how you can withdraw your money, IRAs typically offer more freedom in this regard. With an IRA, you can choose to withdraw funds penalty-free for certain qualified expenses, such as higher education expenses, first-time home purchases, or medical expenses. Additionally, if you encounter financial hardships, some IRAs may allow penalty-free withdrawals under certain circumstances. 401(k) plans have a minimum 20% tax withholding on distributions as well, while an IRA allows, 0%, 10% or any other amount you choose.

Another compelling benefit of rolling your 401(k) into an IRA is the potential for enhanced estate planning opportunities. IRAs offer more flexibility when it comes to naming beneficiaries and structuring distributions after your passing. By designating beneficiaries strategically, you can potentially minimize taxes and ensure a smoother transfer of wealth to your heirs. Additionally, certain types of IRAs, such as Roth IRAs, offer tax-free growth and distributions for qualified beneficiaries, further enhancing the legacy you leave behind.

In conclusion, while leaving your 401(k) with a former employer is an option, rolling it over into an IRA can provide numerous advantages that may better serve your long-term financial interests. From increased control and flexibility to potentially lower fees and enhanced estate planning opportunities, an IRA rollover empowers you to optimize your retirement savings and achieve your financial goals with confidence. Before making any decisions, it's essential to consult with a financial advisor to assess your individual circumstances and determine the best course of action for your retirement strategy.

Hughes Retirement Group is here to coach you through your life changes in retirement and help you develop a game plan for your Retirement Playbook.

10 // April 2024
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Gò0 dNews for Men The Game of Life

The Milton Bradley company introduced the “Game of Life” board game in the 1960s. I recall playing “Life.” You start with a little plastic car and move along the board trying to increase your assets and family while avoiding natural and financial disasters. The winner arrived at the end of the track at “Millionaire Acres.” I did, however, pick up on the not-so-subtle clues that told me what life was about.

Elon Musk also believes that life is a game. But instead of us playing it, we are the pieces on the board. As he describes it, our reality is actually a “virtual reality” created by a super technologically advanced being. Our universe is an enormous video game, perhaps being played by a super advanced teen drinking super advanced energy drinks in his super advanced parents’ basement. Somehow that does not stop him from wanting to be the winning character by accomplishing more than all of the other characters.

International relations between the various countries of the world is clearly a game. The winning player has the most influence, best economy, and strongest military. Each player uses its material and intellectual resources to jockey up the ladder to control things for its benefit.

School and academics have also become a kind of game. The students put in whatever time, money, and effort are required to win the promised outcomes: prestige, published papers, a good job, self-respect, or maybe access to really great parties.

All of these games have a core similarity: a competition for limited “goods.” The world is a game board, and I as a player must use my wits and advantages to get to the end of the track. What people think the end of the track looks like differs, but it is generally considered to be some sort of happiness or satisfaction.

But life is not a game. There is no competition with winners and losers. We are not trying to “get the goods” and achieve our dreams. It has nothing to do with winning.

Life is more of a journey. We are not competing against others for limited resources. The key is how we follow our

path. Each such circumstance we face is an opportunity to choose to traverse the path either well or poorly. The underlying reality of our lives that defines us is how we get where we are going – that is, the manner by which we travel.

I believe that the Bible portrays life as a journey as well—a journey of faith. God uses the events and relationships in our lives to face us into our sin and our lack of trust in Him. He teaches us to value Him and His ways. He gives us His Word to guide us and make our paths straight.

Individuals may have vastly different resources on the journey. Some are poor; others are rich. Some have great families; others have abusive ones. Some are athletic or smart; others are uncoordinated or slow. But in the end, none of those differences matter since the journey is not about gaining worldly goods; it is about how we live our lives.

To adopt the game approach is easy. Our culture promotes it from every possible angle. Our culture picks the winners and the losers and tells us to be winners. One of the challenges of the journey approach is deciding what life is all about. Ultimately, we have to choose which slogan we prefer:

Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. Or It’s not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game.

Dr. Terril D. Littrell is a minister and educator with over fifty years of experience in instructing believers in biblical faith. Based on the Judaic model of acceptance and affirmation, he has long been an advocate of positive biblical ecumenism, restoration principles, liturgical renewal, and racial reconciliation. Terril lives in Cleveland, Tennessee. About The Author 12 // April 2024
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dNews for Women

Sacrificing the Best on the Altar of Good

Can you work overtime this week? Sure!

Can you lead this new Bible study? Yes!

Can you help coach this team? Come to this party? Attend this important meeting? Of course!

Saying yes was a default setting of mine for years. No wasn’t an option.

There were many reasons why: I wanted to be helpful; I wanted to be seen as dependable and reliable; I felt that, if the shoe were on the other foot, I would appreciate the same measure of kindness and courtesy.

And, while all of those things were good, my inability to say no was sucking the life out of me and slowly chipping away at my joy, peace, and sanity. I spent years

looked to have quiet moments alone with His Father to connect, reflect, process, and talk things through so that He would be at His best when engaged with the people around Him. Repeatedly we see Him slipping away from the crowds to recharge (Mark 6:30-32) or simply carving out time to focus on prayer (Luke 5:16).

It’s an idea that is counter-cultural to our current fastpaced, I’ll-rest-when-I-die mentality and it’s absolutely counterintuitive to most everything we’ve been conditioned to believe in our workaholic society. For most of us, the Lord has to bring us to a place where we realize that to be human is to have limits. (Many times, that’s simply our body giving out in some way because we haven’t given it the needed space to rest, destress, and recover from the wear and tear of daily life).

sacrificing God’s best for me on the altar of good. Living life at breakneck speed left me spiritually dry, emotionally drained, physically exhausted, and mentally depleted.

Interestingly enough, the one Man who could have justified a life of continual busyness didn’t. Jesus’s life was one of healthy rhythms that incorporated boundaries and intentional margin. He understood the Sabbath (a day to stop, rest, delight, and contemplate) and purposefully

To quote Ruth Haley Barton from her book, Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, “God is the one who is infinite; I, on the other hand, must learn to live within the physical limits of time and space and the human limits of my own strength and energy. There are limits to my relational, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities. I am not God. God is the only one who can be all things to all people. God is the only one who can be two places at once. God is the one who never sleeps. I am not. We can’t remind ourselves of this enough.”

Learning to say no – even to things that may be good –is critical to our maturing in faith. Being obedient to follow in the footsteps of our Savior and incorporate spaces of solitude, quiet, and rest will have us elevating His best for us (and we’ll be happier and healthier, as a result)!

14 // April 2024
Kristen West works at Rock Bridge Community Church with a heart for staff leadership, development, and care. She is a communicator with a passion to inspire, encourage, and challenge others in their daily walk with Christ. She writes and publishes weekly content on her blog at kristen-west.com. About The Author
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ò0 dNews for Kids

Animal Truths

Once upon a time in the quirky little town of Puddlebrook, there lived a mischievous group of animal friends. There was Freddy the fox, Benny the bunny, Daisy the duck, and Gertie the goat. These pals loved to have fun and play tricks on each other, but they were about to learn a valuable lesson about the importance of truth.

One sunny morning, as the friends gathered by the old oak tree, they noticed a peculiar sight—a colorful, sparkling treasure chest sitting right in the middle of the meadow. Excited by the prospect of adventure, they raced towards it, their curiosity piqued.

Freddy, being the cleverest of the bunch, exclaimed, "I know the truth about this treasure! Inside lies a magical potion that grants the power of flight!"

Benny, eager to prove his bravery, piped up, "No, Freddy, you're wrong! It's actually filled with an elixir that can make you invisible!"

Daisy, always the peacemaker, added, "Wait, Benny, you both got it wrong. It must be a chest of laughter, containing endless jokes and pranks!"

Gertie, who often found herself a little out of the loop, chuckled and said, "I think it's just a box of tasty snacks, guys."

The friends couldn't agree on the truth, so they decided to open the chest together. With trembling paws and hooves, they lifted the lid, and inside, they found... a single mirror.

Confused and disappointed, they stared at their reflections. The mirror showed each of them looking puzzled and silly, which made them burst into laughter. But then, something strange happened. As their laughter echoed across the meadow, the mirror shimmered and transformed into a wise old owl named Ollie.

Ollie cleared his throat and hooted, "Dear friends, the truth is not always what we expect it to be. It lies not in the treasure chest but within ourselves."

The friends listened intently as Ollie shared his wisdom. He explained that knowing the truth is essential, but telling it is equally important. He warned them about bending the truth and failing to understand it, as it could lead to confusion and hurt feelings.

Feeling a bit guilty, Freddy admitted, "I might have exaggerated the contents of the chest."

Benny sheepishly confessed, "I just wanted to sound brave and clever."

Daisy acknowledged, "I thought laughter could solve everything."

Gertie, munching on a blade of grass, admitted, "I often don't understand what's going on."

Ollie smiled knowingly and said, "Learning from our mistakes is part of growing up. The key is to value honesty and remember that the truth, no matter how simple, is always better than a lie."

The friends nodded in agreement, promising to be truthful from that day forward. With newfound understanding, they returned to Puddlebrook, spreading the message of honesty throughout the town.

As the years went by, Freddy, Benny, Daisy, and Gertie became known as the most trustworthy animals in the land. They learned that the truth is a delicate flower that should be nurtured and protected. And so, in the delightful town of Puddlebrook, the animals lived happily ever after, cherishing the value of truth and understanding that sometimes, the greatest adventures lie not in treasure chests but in the depths of our hearts.

16 // April 2024 Charles Finney—minister of inspirational Good News, retired various positions and industries, management and operational, freelance writer, author of “Grandpa-Good News From The Good Feel Cornfield.” Writings are a remembrance of family, farm life and church upbringing to be a blessing to all! About The Author





279 HAIGMILL RD NW, DALTON, GA 30721 (706) 225-2550

The Simple Act of Kindness

“Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over men shall give into your bosom” (Luke 6:38 KJV). What a powerful scripture! We often associate that scripture with receiving wealth. Notice that it doesn’t talk about money at all. It just says give and you will reap a harvest from your actions.

This year I have experienced the blessing of this scripture coming alive in my life. It’s even one of the reasons I have the opportunity to write this article. It all started with a simple act of kindness.

Recently, I visited the beach. I took in the beauty and pondered upon some things that had happened the week before. God blessed me in many different and unique ways. My heart was just overflowing with the love that my Father in Heaven had for me! He has that same love for you too! He’s such a loving Father who loves to give good gifts to His children. He blesses us not because we’re always good but because He’s so good.

A friend needed assistance and I was more than willing to help her. I love planting seeds in the lives of others because I always look at the situation as if it could be me. You remember that old saying, “What would Jesus do?” Well, I really try to put that into practice. When I arrived at her house, she said, “I have something for you.” There in her hand was a beautiful butterfly ring made out of diamonds and sapphires. The words flew out of me with excitement: “I love butterflies!”

Overwhelmed with emotions, I

Gò0 dNews for Relationships
18 // April 2024

didn’t know what to say next. I was hesitant to take it because I wondered if she was giving it to me out of obligation when truly I was just being a friend to her when she needed help. She assured me that was not the reason and insisted that I take the ring. She shared that she heard God say that she was to give it to me. She insisted that I take it because she didn’t want me to block her blessings. We hugged each other, prayed, and thanked God for His goodness and love toward us. The Holy Spirit fell on us both. Tears ran gracefully down our faces. At that moment, we could feel He was truly in our midst. He was watching the love He has for us being exchanged between two friends. We were both blessed to be a blessing to each other.

When we have a genuine and caring heart, we’re able to see the needs of others and respond.

Sowing good seeds in the lives of others brings a great harvest that you will definitely reap one day. It’s His word! So that’s a promise.

The simple act of kindness can be shown in so many different ways. It’s a hello with a smile, a compliment given to a stranger, or the acknowledgment of a job well done to a colleague. I have now begun to ask God, “How can I be a blessing to you today?” Asking this question is simply saying, “Who can I be a blessing to today?”

So ask Him that question so you, too, can reap an abundance of blessings in your life!



Tamiko Jones is a mother and grandmother who loves encouraging others and spreading the love of Christ.
About The Author

Apply, Rinse, Repeat

Have you ever looked at the back of a shampoo bottle and read the instructions: Apply, rinse, repeat? Who buys this and needs instructions to wash hair? Anyone washing their hair would know how without instructions. I then begin to think about

parents and wonder how they know how to parent if they have never had children or when they have more than one. Parents are always seeking answers to their one key question: Am I a good parent? In our world today, we know parenting is hard. The quick solution to this question is to Google. If you Google the question, you will find that you will get at least 185 million results!

Teaching begins in the home and this has the most lasting influence on a child. It is important to develop a parenting plan for the family. The Bible is a source for parents. Proverbs 22:6 The Voice translation says, “Teach a child how to follow the right way; even when he is old, he will stay on course.” Paul reminded Timothy of his family’s influence on his faith, “I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you” (2 Timothy 1:5 RSV).

One of the most essential elements in a parenting plan is consistency. Did you do an eye roll when you read that statement? Even though it is tough and hard to do, it does not decrease its importance. The Apply, Rinse, Repeat concept is needed for parenting. No one can be consistent 100% of the time. Hal Runkel, family therapist, says this about consistency, “It comes down to integrity: meaning

Gò0 dNews for
20 // April 2024

what you say, saying what you mean, and following through with what you promise.” Consistency is important to help children know the consequences of a behavior. Then they will come to modify their own behavior. This means you are teaching them how to make better choices.

It is important for children to be involved in the process of discussion and understanding the family discipline plan. Have a family meeting about discipline and the consequences of not keeping the rules. Discuss how Jesus instructed His followers to love one another, take care of one another, and follow God’s instructions for life. Children need boundaries. They need to understand expectations. If you are consistent in discipline, it will be easier for the children to follow the rules. Consistency is not being inflexible. Flexibility will be required but that does not undermine your consistency to make changes.

A reminder to parents to cherish the gift of children and to be consistent in nurturing them is

this verse: “Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?” (Psalm 127:3 MSG).

Conversation Starters:

• For your family meeting, bring games your family likes to play. Ask if they remember the rules of how to play. Talk about the rules and what would happen if someone did not play by the rules. Ask them what they think should happen to someone who would not play by the rules.

• Read John 13:34-35. Lead them in a discussion of family rules that are important to have a happy family. Talk about what should happen if someone does not keep the rules.

• Make a list of the top ten rules and the accompanying actions if rules are broken. Share with the children that you will continue to have family meetings to add or remove rules and their consequences.

About The
Rev. Brenda Dedmon, retired director of Children’s Learning Center, First Baptist of Dalton and an avid Bama fan.
Annual Spring Carnival NORTH GEORGIA FAIRGROUNDS NORTH GEORGIA FAIRGROUNDS Annual Spring Carnival MAY 16 - 26, 2024 Purchase Tickets In Advance Online: northgafair.com
819 Walnut Square Blvd DAlton, Georgia 30721 706.381.8878 FOR ORDERS OF $25 or More. New Lunch Specials Starting At $9.99 & Up! FREE HUSHPUPPIES APPETIZER SHOW THIS PHYSICAL COUPON TO RECEIVE A 866-668-4700 www.builtwell.bank As the largest locally owned, multi-market community bank in southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia, we are here to serve the needs of our local communities. “Builtwell has been my bank for years. They are always willing to help and the service is topnotch. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a local bank!” - Lorie W. 302 Red Cross Dr. Dalton, GA 706-529-8049 | retrobowlofdalton.com $1 OFF Hourly Rate Church Groups/Group Rate Expires: 03-15-19 1/2 Price Shoes Church Groups/Group Rate Expires: 03-15-19 STOP PAIN the Dr. Luis Rivera Member Georgia Chiropractic Association FREE Initial Exams & Digital X-Rays A $300 VALUE! Includes: Consultation, Chiropractic Exam, and (2) sets of Digital X-Rays Not valid with workers comp or personal injury claims. First time patients only. Present coupon at time of first visit. Not valid with any other offer. Expires: 03-15-19 GN 715 S. Thornton Ave. Dalton, GA 30720 706.609.0023 www.praychiro.com MOST INSURANCE ACCEPTED & CARE CREDIT Welcome Español Rebecca Holden Member Georgia Chiropractic Association 09-15-19 09-15-19 302 Red Cross Drive, Dalton, GA 706.529.8049 | retrobowldalton.com $1 OFF Hourly Rate Church Groups / Group Rate Expires: 05-15-24 1/2 Price Shoes Church Groups / Group Rate Expires: 05-15-24

Diving into The Juicy Seafood: A Local Favorite in Dalton, GA

The Juicy Seafood's focus is all about keeping it real with flavors that pack a punch. Their main attraction is the seafood boil that lets you play chef. You get to pick from a sea of options like crab legs that crack just right, shrimp that's first-rate, mussels that melt in your mouth, and lobster tails that are the real deal. Sides like corn on the cob, pasta, potatoes, boiled eggs round out a pleasurable meal. Also choose from New England Clam Chowder or gumbo. And it doesn't stop there. You get to call the shots on how spicy you want your feast, making every bite hit just the way you like it.

Bringing the Beach to You

This place isn't about putting on airs. The vibe is laidback and the decor's got a cool ocean feel. It's the kind of place where you can kick back, roll up your sleeves, and dive into a seafood feast without worrying about keeping things tidy. The food's served in bags – steaming hot and full of flavor – making every meal a bit of an adventure.

The People Make the Place

One thing that sets Juicy Seafood apart is the folks working there. They're all about making sure you have a

good time, from the moment you walk in to the last bite you take. Need help deciding what to order? They've got you. Got a special request? They're on it. It's like visiting family –if your family were seafood experts.

More Than Just a Meal

Juicy Seafood's become a spot where people from all walks of life in Dalton gather since May 2023. It's not just about the food (though that's a big part of it); it's about the experience: celebrations, casual get-togethers, friends meeting for a quick dinner or families who want a night out with the kids. There are two party rooms that can be reserved for special events without extra charge. In the Lobster or King Crab rooms, you can host your friends and family. If it’s your birthday, we offer a free dessert. Consider these rooms also for your next business luncheon or dinner meeting. It's the kind of place where good food and good times go hand in hand. Look on their social media for seasonal specials such as the Valentine VIP Ticket for a special meal plus reserved table, chocolate, and a printed keepsake photo. On the fence about whether to try it? Take the word of this customer: "My husband and I went


out 02/16/24 for our valentine date. We didn’t know what to expect. We had not ever been before. We found our experience an awesome one. The dinner area was clean, atmosphere very nice, great service, and everyone was so friendly. We will definitely go back.”

Daniel Toro, store manager, explains, “We also have a wonderful, huge bar shaped like a boat offering delicious mocktails and drink specials for the whole family including Freshwaters (made with natural pulp juice fruit, not from concentrates). We also have alcohol-free options such as our pineapple colada mocktail. This option is perfect for those looking to experience the tropical flavor of a piña colada without the added alcohol. We are also pleased to offer the highest quality boba tea on the market with green tea and black tea with milk options (whole milk or dairy free options). Our seasonal hot drinks are a welcoming addition. With summer approaching, you can cool off with our new bubble teas. We offer slushie bubble teas, fruit teas, milk teas, and matcha teas. We have the best bubble tea flavors imported from Taiwan. Try these flavors: Passion fruit, strawberry, pineapple, peach, mango, orange, wintermelon, honeydew, brown sugar, and there’s even more! Come enjoy the best seafood in Dalton with the only slushie bubble teas within 30 miles. ”

Bottom Line

If you're in Dalton and craving some seafood, The Juicy Seafood at 819 Walnut Square Blvd is the place to be. Store hours are Sunday to Thursday 11am to 10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am to 11pm. Check out the lunch special Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm with special prices on fried and boiled food. Are you a veteran, senior citizen or serving in the military? Stop by for a meal with a discount.

See the website thejuicyseafoodkitchenandbar.com and join the loyalty program for pick-up and delivery orders or complete the application form to join our team. Find us on Facebook at Facebook/TheJuicySeafoodDalton or on Instagram at thejuicyseasfooddaltonga.

The Juicy Seafood in Dalton is straightforward, nononsense, and all about serving up some of the best seafood around. So, whether you're a seafood aficionado or just in the mood to try something new, give them a call at (706) 381-8878 or visit on site and get ready for a meal that's sure to bring the beach to you!

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We sell gently used and new furniture, building supplies, and appliances at a fraction of the retail price.

ReStore of Greater Dalton functions on donations made by individuals and businesses within our community. All of our proceeds go back into funding our mission of building homes for hardworking, low-income families in need.

ReStore Hours

Donation Information

Tuesday 10am - 4pm contact@habitatdwm.org

Thursday 10am - 4pm (706)

Friday 10am - 4pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Visit us! 2303
Chattanooga Ave, Dalton, Georgia 30721
272-3336 ext 2

Gò0 dNews for Everyone Have You Been to the Mountain?

Have you ever had an experience that, if you had not gone through it yourself, you would find hard to believe? How could you prove to others that this amazing thing happened to you?

In 1 Peter 1:16-19, Peter describes his experience of seeing Christ transfigured in His heavenly glory. An account of this is found in Matthew 17:1–3 ESV:

1And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James, and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. 2 And he was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light. 3 And behold, there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, talking with him.

In response to false teachers who claimed the story of Jesus was a myth, Peter declares:

For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty (1 Peter 1:16 ESV).

Peter, James, and John experienced something that transformed them. That something was the realization that in Jesus, God had come to dwell among men. On the mountain, they were enveloped in a cloud, and in that cloud, God spoke to them about Jesus—This is my beloved son; hear him (Matt. 17:5 ESV). Peter’s proof of the truth of his message is that his encounter with the living God transformed him.

When we are saved, we are not just the same person whose eternal destination has been rerouted. We were sinners who have been transformed into saints—those who have been

made holy by God. If then, we are a people sanctified by God for His service, are we pursuing holiness, reflecting Him in every area of our lives, or are there idols that have garnered our attention?

LifeWay Research polled 1,000 Protestant pastors asking this question: “What modern-day idols have significant influence on U.S. churches?”

There were a number of reasons listed, such as romantic love, power, success, money, and security. Surprisingly, 67% of the respondents said that the number one idol influencing churches was comfort!

C. S. Lewis once said, “I didn’t go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of Port would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity.”

I came across a blog entitled “6 Signs Your Christianity is Too Comfortable.” Here are six signs that might identify you as a “comfortable Christian.”1

1. You “tune into” church and God at your own convenience.

2. Most of your friends can’t tell you’re a Christian.

3. Your “go-to” passages in the Bible are the ones that make you feel good.

4. It’s not a big deal that people in your life don’t believe in Jesus.

5. Your prayers revolve around keeping your life running smoothly.

6. You’re not excited about heaven or seeing God face to face.

When I read this last one, I said, “Wait a minute.” But the author argued that many Church members are too busy setting up their “heaven on earth,” trying to check all the boxes on what they want out of life—impressive career, great marriage, good kids, perfect home, etc., to have time to think about going to heaven or what it means.

Which one of these do we find in our own lives? Are we content in being comfortable, or do we long for something more? Our desire should be for Christ to transform us into a mirror image of Himself. Let us return to the mountain!

1 https://ymi.today/2021/09/6-signs-your-christianity-is-too-comfortable/

About The Author Dr. Alan Hix is Professor of Christian Studies at Shorter University. In addition to being and educator, he has served churches as a pastor, been involved in mission trips to Africa, Canada, and Alaska, and participated in archaeological excavations in Israel for several years. 28 // April 2024
869 College Drive (706)529-7800 1518 W. Walnut Ave (706)508-4638 879 College Drive (706)529-6000 934 Market Street (706)217-6200 865 College Drive (706)226-9500 875 College Drive (706)270-0500

dNews for Everyone

Promise Keepers

Have you ever had someone dear to you let you down by not keeping their word or following through on their promise? If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a broken promise, then you understand how bad that feels. We get hurt the worst by the ones we love and trust the most. We open up our hearts to them and are more vulnerable when they are the ones who break promises. We especially hold friends and loved ones to a higher standard of keeping promises if they are Christians. Ecclesiastes 5:5 NIV says, “It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it.” In God’s eyes, a broken promise to another person is a sin against Him!

The Old Testament talks a lot about covenant keeping. A covenant is a binding promise. There are several important covenants that God made to man in the Bible: the Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, and the New Covenant. So, if covenant

keeping is this important to God, then shouldn’t it be important enough for us to keep our promise to others? My concern is that if we aren’t in the habit of keeping our word to each other, then do we also fail to keep our promises to God? Pledging to do something —whether to God or man— is a matter of honor and character. If we want to honor God with our lives, we must keep our promises to each other and especially to Him! If we don’t, our lives become a lie and not a Godly witness. In Numbers 30:1-2 ESV, Moses is speaking to the heads of the tribes of Israel. He says, “…if a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.” We are imperfect beings so we are going to make mistakes. I’m so glad God always keeps His promises! One of the greatest covenants and reminders to us is the rainbow in the sky after the rain. In Genesis 9:13 ESV, God says, “This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” The world is watching us, so let’s show them Jesus with how we live our lives. Be Promise Keepers.

30 // April 2024
About The Author
Dorothy Teague is a Tennessee native, who resides in McMinn County with her husband, Lewis, on their farm. After completing 31.5 years as a teacher in the Bradley County School System, she is active in her church at Eastanallee Baptist Church where she is a member of the choir and praise team.
60 Highway 286, Chatsworth, GA 30705 (706) 422-8301 drifterstrading.com

Gò0 dNews for your Taste Buds

Making the Most of National Picnic Day: 10 Memorable Celebration Ideas for April 23rd

National Picnic Day, celebrated this year on April 23, 2024, is the perfect occasion to embrace the great outdoors, savor delicious food, and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Whether you prefer a serene park, a sandy beach, or your backyard, here are 10 ideas to make your National Picnic Day celebration memorable.

Classic Picnic Setup:

● Choose a picturesque park with ample greenery and set up a classic picnic blanket with comfortable cushions. Bring a wicker basket filled with your favorite snacks and refreshments.

Seaside Extravaganza:

● Head to a sandy beach for a coastal picnic experience. Pack seafood delights like shrimp cocktail, crab rolls, and refreshing tropical fruit salads. Don't forget beach games for added fun.

Backyard Bonanza:

● If you prefer the comfort of home, turn your backyard into a cozy picnic spot. Lay out blankets, set up a small grill for barbecue, and enjoy a relaxing day surrounded by the familiarity of your own space.

International Picnic Feast:

● Take your taste buds on a global adventure by preparing dishes from different cuisines. Include

Italian antipasto, Spanish tapas, or Japanese sushi rolls for a diverse and flavorful picnic spread.

Sunset Picnic Romance:

● Plan a late afternoon picnic that extends into the evening, allowing you to witness a beautiful sunset. Bring candles, fairy lights, and cozy blankets to create a romantic atmosphere.

Picnic Potluck with Friends:

● Turn your National Picnic Day into a potluck gathering with friends. Each person can bring a dish to share, creating a diverse menu and making it a collaborative and communal celebration.

Adventure Picnic Hike:

● Choose a scenic hiking trail and plan a picnic at a midway point or a summit. Pack energy-boosting snacks, hydration, and enjoy a rewarding meal surrounded by nature after a satisfying hike.

Countryside Charm:

● Explore the charm of the countryside by choosing a location with rolling hills, meadows, or even a local market. Pack a gourmet picnic with local cheeses, artisanal bread, and a selection of baked goods like cookies or hand pies.

Picnic and Play:

● Opt for a location that offers recreational activities. Bring along sports equipment like a frisbee, soccer ball, or even a kite for added entertainment during your picnic.

Picnic Movie Night:

● Set up an outdoor movie screening with a projector and a blank wall or a portable screen. Pack popcorn, candies, and your favorite movie snacks for a cinematic picnic experience under the stars.

National Picnic Day is all about creating lasting memories while enjoying the outdoors and good company. These ideas or a combination with your own twist can make your celebration on April 23 truly special. So, pack your picnic essentials and embrace the joy of National Picnic Day!

32 // April 2024

Upgrade Your Hay Game

Don't let your old tractor turn hay season into a headache. Kubota's lineup of workhorses will have you tackling those hay elds with ease. Maximize your harvest and minimize your stress.

Stop by Nelson Tractor to nd the ideal Kubota tractor for your operation.

In the Garden of Gethsemane

Have you ever wondered while Jesus was praying in the garden of Gethsemane If in His mind’s eye, He could see you and me?

Lost forevermore in a deep pit of fire,

He knew what He had to do, for our souls, He had to acquire.

Through His disciples, He knew our weaknesses

But He also knew our uniquenesses.

He prayed to the Father, please let this cup pass,

But He knew in His heart He could not bypass.

He came into the world that the world might be saved.

He knew we could find salvation if He went to the grave.

The grave could not hold such power down.

On the third day, He rose from the ground.

He went to his Father forever to stay.

Do you want salvation?

All you need to do is pray!

Gò0 dNews Poetry
34 // April 2024
• COSMETIC DENTISTRY • IMPLANTS • GENERAL DENTISTRY • ORTHODONTICS At Beautiful Smiles we have transformed dentistry with our “one stop shop” approach for all things dentistry. Whether you just need your regular cleanings or more extensive treatment, we have them all. We offer basic fillings and cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics, crowns & bridges. We pride ourselves by staying up to date with new technical advances backed up the latest equipment that include our new 3D imaging systems and intraoral scanners. We Accept Most Insurances • se habla español 509 S. Thornton Avenue, Dalton, GA 30720 706.226.9798 • beautifulsmilesdentistry.com 3975 Ruby Drive, Varnell, GA 30756 706.222.0230 | tenchifamilykarate.com TENCHI FAMILY KARATE MARTIAL ARTS, FITNESS & CHILD DEVELOPMENT “All Roads Lead To Tenchi” OKINAWAN KARATE is a TREASURED MARTIAL ART. We are the ORIGINAL COMBAT MARTIAL ART from Okinawa, Japan. Everything begins with you, YOUR STABILITY LIVES WITHIN YOURSELF. Karate is about CREATING PEACE. Courtesy, Honesty, and Respect belongs to everyone. From decades of proven martial art methods, we help everyone grow mentally and physically to become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. We welcome you and your family to come “LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.” NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

It starts with a better brain!

Consider that your brain coordinates EVERY func�on in your life. 90% of ALL DISEASE is caused by the inability for your brain and nervous system adapt to and recover from stress.

Research proves as brain func�on improves the following also improves:

Self Worth

Immune System Func�on

Self Confidence

Better Health Starts with the Brain: Dr. Mary Peters at Brain-based Wellness in Chatsworth, GA

Focus / ADD / ADHD


Anxiety / Depression

IDiges�ve Issues

Communica�on / Rela�onships

And so much more . . .

magine stepping into a space where every detail is designed with your wellness in mind. That's the experience Dr. Mary Peters has cultivated at Brain-based Wellness in Chatsworth, GA. With a warm smile and a wealth of knowledge, Dr. Peters isn't just any practitioner; she's a guiding light for those navigating the often difficult tides of chronic pain, anxiety, and neurological conditions.

brainwaves, respiration, heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, galvanic skin response, and muscle tone (sEMG). Assessing these factors gives you a baseline about how your brain and body adapts to and responds to stress with an emphasis on how quickly your brain and body recover from stressors.

Using the latest technology we measure your brain to see how it perceives its environment.
Dr. Mary Peters

1475 US 76 , Suite 4 Chatsworth, GA 30705 (706) 972-2919


Schedule your Stress Response Exam Today!

At the heart of Dr. Peters' practice is a belief in the power of the human brain. Research has shown that up to 90% of diseases are attributable to stress and the brain’s ability to adapt or recover from stressors. At Dr. Peter’s office, it's all about neuroplasticity —the incredible ability of our brains to adapt, change, and heal throughout our lives. Dr. Peters, with her years of experience and passion for her work, takes this concept and turns it into a tangible path to wellness for her patients. Her approach? It's as personal as it gets. Dr. Peters knows that no two brains are the same, which is why she tailors every treatment plan to fit the unique needs of each individual who walks through her door. With tools like biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a dash of lifestyle adjustments, she's crafting a new narrative for health—one where you're in the driver's seat.

Biofeedback is one of the stars of the show at Brain-based Wellness. This non-invasive therapy is kind of like a personal training session for your brain, helping it learn to calm down or speed up as needed. It's been a game-changer for folks dealing with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more, offering a gentle yet effective path toward balance and well-being.

Dr. Peters doesn't stop there. She's a firm believer in the connection between mind and body, which is why nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness are also part of the conversation. It's about nurturing every part of you, creating a holistic approach to health that feels refreshing and, most importantly, doable.

What is done to determine where to start? Dr. Peters uses an evaluation called Neuroinfiniti specifically measuring

Imagine finding peace after years of anxiety, or reclaiming your life from chronic pain. These aren't just hopes; they're realities for Dr. Peters' patients, who often describe her care as life-changing. Dr. Peters is more than a doctor; she's a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. Her goal? To empower you with knowledge and tools so you can understand your brain, work with it, and ultimately, thrive. At Brain-based Wellness, it's not just about getting better; it's about discovering a new way of living.

In a world where we're often rushed through healthcare, Brain-based Wellness stands out as a place of patience, understanding, and genuine care. Dr. Peters' commitment to her patients shines through in everything she does, from her meticulous approach to treatment to her ongoing quest for knowledge in the ever-evolving field of neurology.

If you're curious about what brain-based therapy can do for you, or if you're just looking for a sign that things can get better, Dr. Mary Peters and her team at Brain-based Wellness are ready to welcome you. Located in the heart of Chatsworth, Georgia, this is where your journey toward healing and hope begins. Dive deeper into the world of Brain-based Wellness by visiting www.brainbaseddoc.com. Here you'll find information, patient stories, and insights into the treatments that are transforming lives. With Dr. Peters and her team by your side, the path to wellness is not just a dream—it's a journey you can start today. Call (706) 972-2919 for an appointment. The office is located at 1475 US 76, Suite 4, Chatsworth, GA 30705. Tell them the folks at GoodNews sent you by!

Gò0 dNews Business Spotlight 36 // April 2024
& Chiropractic
Do you want your best life ever?
• RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL ROOFING • EMERGENCY REPAIRS • GUTTERS • FINANCING (706) 529-8136 2213 Cleveland Hwy, Dalton, GA aultmanroofing.com HOW’S YOUR ROOF LOOKING? MISSING SHINGLES? HEAVY GRANULE LOSS? LEAKS? CALL US TODAY TO SEE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR ROOF. TOP QUALITY VETERINARY CARE WITH UNPARALLELED SERVICE 2685 CLEVELAND HIGHWAY DALTON, GA 30721 706.281.4770 • daltonvetpractice.com PHARMACY • DENTAL CARE PAIN MANAGEMENT EMERGENCY SERVICES DIGITAL RADIOLOGY BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS HOURS MONDAY - TUESDAY: 8AM - 5PM WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY: 8AM - 8PM & Chiropractic Do you want to live your best life ever? WE OFFER HELP WITH: • Nutrition • Neurology • Chiropractic • Chronic Pain • & Much More! Consider that your brain coordinates EVERY func�on in your life. 90% of ALL DISEASE is caused by the inability for your brain and nervous system to adapt to and recover from stress. Research proves as brain func�on improves the following also improves: Self Worth Immune System Func�on Self Confidence Focus / ADD / ADHD Allergies Anxiety / Depression Diges�ve Issues Communica�on / Rela�onships And so much more . . . Do you want your best life ever? Schedule your Stress Response Exam Today! 1475 US 76 , Suite 4 Chatsworth, GA 30705 (706) 972-2919 www.BrainBasedDoc.com Dr. Mary Peters Doctor of Chiropractic Using the latest technology we measure your brain to see how it perceives its environment. It starts with a better brain! 1475 US 76, Suite 4 Chatsworth, GA 30705 (706) 972-2919 BrainBasedDoc.com Dr. Mary Peters Doctor of Chiropractic

Providers Urge Patients to Prioritize Primary Care

Staying away from the doctor is easy for individuals who feel well. But it isn't the best strategy for long-term health. Selecting a primary care provider – and keeping up with regular visits – helps catch health concerns early, builds a strong patient-provider relationship, and can make appointment scheduling faster and easier when an urgent need arises, according to Megan Brown, MD, Hamilton Physician Group – Catoosa Campus.

“The ultimate goal of primary care is to prevent disease before it happens," she said. "It is important for everyone to have a primary care provider who can help them navigate specific agerelated screenings and health goals.”

Preventative Care

Regular screenings can often mean significant differences in health. Early detection is crucial for good outcomes in many diseases. Many seemingly healthy adults rely on walk-in clinics, urgent care, and emergency room visits when symptoms surface. Without a primary provider as part of their care team, patients may never see someone who understands their overall health.

“A primary provider can help coordinate care between specialists when needed, guard against medication interactions, ensure health screenings and tests are performed on recommended schedules and better understand the patient’s overall history,” said Holly Hamil, DO, Hamilton Convenient Care - Varnell. They can also support patients who are ready for a lifestyle change.

Such was the case with a patient Hamil saw for an annual physical. His cholesterol was elevated, and his liver enzymes were

above normal, so she sent him for a liver ultrasound. It showed fatty changes in the liver. After altering his diet and increasing his physical activity, the patient’s cholesterol lowered by more than 50 points! He lost weight and improved his liver enzymes.

“This was all done with simple lifestyle changes and no medication interventions,” Hamil said.

Hamil sees patients in a primary care capacity at the Varnell Convenient Care. All of Hamilton’s Convenient Care locations provide primary care services.

Monitoring for health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, breast cancer, and colon cancer is part of annual visits. Some illnesses are silent with no symptoms until the problem is well advanced. Brown recalled a patient in her 50s who was diagnosed with breast cancer thanks to following a screening timeline.

“It was caught early and treated completely with surgery,” Brown said. “She is now cancer-free, and may have had a very different outcome if she did not keep up with her yearly visits.”

“Annual visits can impact quality of life, too”, Brown said, “as every patient has physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.” He recalled how he once treated a professional musician whose career and quality of life had diminished because of a hand deformity that had developed.

“I was able to diagnose him and refer him to a surgeon,” Brown said. “Months later, I was happy to see this man – thrilled because he could play his guitar again for the first time in over three years.”

Finding a Provider

To find a provider who is a good fit, Brown recommends patients begin by checking with their insurance companies for a list of providers in their area. Hamil suggests also asking family and friends for doctor recommendations. Expect to have an in-depth health history taken at the first visit and be prepared to provide information on previous surgeries, diagnoses, and family history.

“If there are specific questions you want answered, it’s a good idea to write them down beforehand so you don’t forget them,” Brown said.

To find a primary care provider in Whitfield or Murray counties, please visit hamiltonhealth.com/primaryproviders or call Hamilton’s physician referral line at (706) 272-6100.

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Physician’s Desk 38 // April 2024
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How’s My Driving?

Idreamed one night I was speeding while driving. I will not go into all the details but the important ones.

I had to get to my next destination; people were in my way; and they were not driving in the correct lane. The sheriff and folks I knew were patiently listening to my perspective. I knew I was wrong. When I woke up the next morning, I knew God was convicting me. I repented and asked for His help.

He had previously impressed on my heart to pray for folks while driving. My prayers weren't always kind. They were selfish at times. He was letting me see how folks were driving in different spirits, to see the cars as the people's hearts who are driving.

As I drive on the interstate I occasionally look out across the lanes and see how folks are driving. If they seem to be driving strangely, I pray for them. If they seem as though they are distracted, I pray for them. There are times I feel a gentle nudge in my heart they need prayer even though I don't see a physical situation that is very noticeable. (Of course, if you see an accident, please take a moment to pray). Those times when I am stuck in traffic for whatever reason, I have time to talk to the Father instead

of complaining. While sitting at a light I've looked in my rear view mirror and seen the driver behind me have a long face and occasionally tears paired with it. I pray for them. Instead of being in such a hurry to watch the light change, I think about the others sitting at that light, too. They may need a prayer. OK, most likey they do need prayer! The Lord has helped me remember other folks on the road in a new way. They have places to be, hard things happening, celebrations to attend, obligations, and a grocery list of other things, just as I do. Yes, folks pull out in front of me and something rises up. The frustration, concern, fear, and maybe something else bubbles to the surface. When that happens, I have learned to release it to the Lord. It’s ok to get upset but don't stay there. I am quick to say this is definitely a place of growth for me but I hope this makes you more mindful on the road, too. I appreciate the gentle nudge of His correction. Correction is a blessing. “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you” (Ephesians 4:32).

Although you are not walking by them on the street, you are driving by them, pray for them. You may never know how God used you to touch their lives but God does. They will know someone prayed for them. I truly believe whole heartedly that when we pray for someone, God carries it out. When you are focused on praying for them you never know how God is using you. He really is awesome to hold a conversation with. When you get focused on Him, your perspective shifts to Him. Stay the course. Let's build one another up in prayer!

Gò0 dNews for Life 40 // April 2024
in ministry. She can be
at Higuthrie215@gmail.com. About The Author
Guthrie, daughter of the King dancing in the deep and encouraging others with truth. She loves to meet people where
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Giving Out Hope

Amanda was concerned about her grandmother’s mood. For weeks now, this special lady had lost her spark. She just hadn’t been herself. Her hope waned. Her enthusiasm slid with it. How could Amanda energize her grandmother again within the limitations of time, mobility, and minimal computer skills? Almost as a reflex, Amanda took her quandary to social media wondering if her friends and family might be able to form a list of possible activities to help regain Grandma’s hope and spunk. They came through!

Can you relate to Amanda’s predicament? Do you find yourself or a loved one with the blahs? Here are some examples of hope-fostering activities to try on for size:

• Make a playlist of hope-filled music with snappy tunes that get your toes (and emotions) tapping along.

• Become an accountability partner with someone with a mutual interest. Cheer each other on whether it's running, reading, or something in between.

• Use the “one” method. Make one phone call, clear out one shelf, lose one pound, give a smile to one person. You get the pattern. Small gestures make big progress.

• Give your children or kids you know some crayons and a coloring book. Tear out the pages and color away. After you have written a short message about how you are thinking of the recipient and how much God loves her/him, take the pretty pages to a nursing home or children’s hospital ward.

• Reach out to your community by donating time to a particular cause. Perhaps a school or daycare could use your help organizing events, cleaning, painting classrooms, or simply listening to students read.

• Go to the local animal shelter and care for the animals for an hour one week.

• Call your pastor to see if there are missionaries who need encouragement through prayer or a letter.

• Write thank you notes to the leaders in your community such as your pastor, teachers, or local

officials. Someone would have at least one note of gratitude for an otherwise thankless job!

• Make a post on social media that includes a scripture about hope.

• Be kind to yourself. Pick something you have been postponing or waiting to do. Read a new book. Call that former classmate. Prepare your favorite meal –and maybe make extra to take to a friend.

• Celebrate a milestone, no matter how large or how small. Every little bit counts!

There are so many ways to share hope with those around you. How you do that is as unique as you are. Don’t be limited by what someone else has done. Try whatever you hear the Lord leading you to do. This week, make a deliberate effort to help someone else. No matter how small the gift or effort, help someone else. If the only thing you can pay is attention, then lavish someone with that. If prayer is all you can spare, then pray often. When you focus on the Hope of Glory, you will begin a journey with Him that will lead you to those who need your help and to those who can help you. There are many ways to keep hope alive!

42 // April 2024
Gilmore serves
Lord as wife, mom, and encourager, mostly through writing and speaking, occasionally through cooking, rarely through anything athletic and only because of the mercy and grace of Jesus. You can reach her by email: tandsgilmore@yahoo.com or her website: www.sandragilmore.org About The Author
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Dalton Church Directory

Assembly of God

Christian Fellowship Assembly

3656 Chattanooga Road, 30755


The Sanctuary

515 Reed Rd NW, 30720


The Healing Center Church

515 Reed Road, 30720 706-229-9456 Baptist

Abundant Life Baptist Church

811 J and J, 30721


Antioch Baptist Church

1205 Antioch Road, 30720


Beaverdale Baptist Church

2496 Beaverdale Rd NW, 30721 706-259-7089

Calvary Baptist Church

2115 Chatsworth Rd, 30721


Carolyn Baptist Church

2305 Cleveland Highway, 30721 706-259-8142

Centerpoint Baptist Church

420 Centerpoint Drive SE, 30721


Christ Reformed Baptist Church

1378 Dug Gap Rd, 30720


Concord Baptist Church

1054 Hopewell Rd, Cohutta 30710


Cove Baptist Fellowship Church

461 Carbondale Rd SW, 30721


Crown View Baptist Church

502 West Tyler St, 30720


Deep Springs Baptist Church 1660 Beaverdale Rd NE, 30721


Dug Gap Baptist Church

2031 Dug Gap Rd, 30720


Eastbrook Baptist Church

204 Hill Rd, 30720

Eastside Baptist Church

913 East Morris St, 30721


Eleventh Avenue Baptist Church

2550 South Dalton Bypass, 30722


Emmaus Baptist Church

4268 S. Dixie Rd, 30735


First Baptist Church

802 Kenner St, 30721


First Baptist Church of Dalton 311 North Thornton Ave, 30720


Grace Baptist Church

2049 Lower Kings Bridge Rd, 30721


Good Hope Baptist Church

2525 Lake Francis Rd, 30721


Grove Level Baptist Church

2802 Cleveland Highway, 30721


Good Samaritan Baptist Church

3137 Cleveland Rd, 30721


Gospelway Baptist Church

336 Jupiter Cir, 30721


Grace Baptist Church

2049 Lower Kings Bridge Rd, 30721


Harmony Baptist Church

187 Lower Dawnville Rd, 30721


Harvest Baptist Church

3986 Cleveland Hwy, 30721


Hill Crest Baptist Church

1901 Cityview St, 30720


Hopewell Baptist Church

3527 Airport Rd, 30721


Kinsey Drive Baptist Church

2626 Kinsey Drive,30720


Lakeshore Park Baptist Church

12 Crescent St, 30720


Liberty Baptist Church

506 South Pentz St, 30720


Lindsey Memorial Baptist


3503 Lindsey Memorial Rd. Rocky Face, Ga. 30740

Macedonia Baptist Church

1355 Dawnville Rd NE, 30721


Maple Grove Baptist Church

347 Maple Grove Rd, 30721


McFarland Hill Baptist Church

307 Brickyard Rd, 30721


Mount Rachel Baptist Church

332 Haig Mill Lake Rd, 30720


Mount Ridge Baptist Church

1401 M L King, Jr. Blvd, 30721


New Hope Baptist Church

900 Roan St, 30721


New Hope Baptist Church


2105 Tunnel Hill-Varnell Road

Tunnel Hill, GA 30755

New Life Baptist Church

2620 Old Grade Rd, 30721

Northwest Georgia Baptist Church

222 North Pentz St, 30720


Olivia Baptist Church

1817 Guy St, 30720


Pine Grove Baptist Church

4004 Airport Road, 30721


Poplar Springs Baptist Church

897 Poplar Springs Rd, 30720


Reformation Baptist Church

244 N. Hamilton St, 30720


Rocky Face Baptist Church

1544 Rocky Face Railroad St, 30740

706- 226-5751

Salem Baptist Church

1448 Pleasant Grove Dr, 30721


South Dalton Baptist Church

498 Lakemont Drive, 30720


Shiloh Baptist Church

2014 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 30721


Temple Baptist Church

2310 South Dixie Hwy, 30720


Valley Baptist Church

2907 Old Rome, 30720

Welcome Hill Baptist Church

2772 E Welcome Hill Circle, 30721


Whitfield Baptist Church

2134 Dug Gap Rd, 30721 706-278-6776


Fellowship Bible Church 2044 Dug Gap Rd, 30720



Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church

968 Haig Mill Lake Rd, 30720



First Christian Church

1506 Dug Gap Rd, 30720


Church of Christ

Central Church of Christ

515 N. Tibbs Rd, 30720


Riverbend Church of Christ

2218 S Riverbend Rd, 30721


Church of God

Church of God of Union Assembly

2311 South Dixie Rd, 30720


City View Church of God 3688 Chatsworth Hwy, 30721 706-226-6686


2681 Underwood Street 30721 706-278-2649

Lifegate Church

2744 Cleveland Highway, 30721 706-259-0016

Valley Brook Church of God 1474 Mineral Springs Rd, 30720 706-279-3296


Church on the Hill 1035 Abutment Rd, 30721 706-278-9208

Community Fellowship Church 409 North Fredrick St, 30721 706-278-3204

Freedom Community Church 908 Elk Street, 30720 706-463-2690

The River Community Church 825 Chattanooga Ave, 30720 762-201-7966

Rock Bridge Community Church 121 W Crawford St, 30720


Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church 901 West Emory St, 30720


Jehovah’s Witnesses

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 1309 Applewood Drive, 30720


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 1817 Dug Gap Rd, 30720


Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

610 Shugart Rd, 30720



Christ the King Lutheran Church 623 S Thornton Ave, 30720



Bethel AME Church 620 Spring Street, 30720


Bethel UMC 123 Bethel Church Rd, 30721 706-278-3309

Dalton First UMC 500 South Thornton Ave, 30720


Fairview UMC

735 Riverbend Rd, 30721


Five Springs UMC 2823 Five Springs Rd, 30720 706-277-3928

Mineral Springs UMC

4079 Airport Road, 30721


Mt. Vernon UMC

597 Lafayette Road Rocky Face, GA 30740


New Haven UMC

4040 South Dixie Highway, 30721 706-217-1879

Pleasant Grove Methodist 2701 Cleveland Highway, 30721 706-259-3141

Sugar Valley UMC

503 Murry Hill Dr, 30720 706-280-9112

Trinity UMC 901 Veterans Dr, 30721 706-278-4042

Varnell United Methodist Church 3485 Highway 2 Cohutta, 30710 706-694-8023

Wesley Chapel UMC 808 Jamestown CT, 30721 706-270-2331


First Church of the Nazarene 2325 Chattanooga Rd, 30720 706-278-8428

Grace Church of the Nazarene 1111 Nelson St, 30721 706-278-1171


Abundant Life Bible Church 901 Chester Road, 30721 706-270-9733

Bridging the Gap Ministries

514 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 30721

44 // April 2024


Relentless Worship Center

210 Robinwood Dr, 30721


Dalton House Of Prayer

897 College Dr, Conference Rm 3, 30720


Dawnville Community Church

1409 Dawnville Rd NE, 30721


Good Neighbors Church

910 South Thornton Ave, 30720


Gospel Light Tabernacle

804 Sheridan Ave, 30721

Grace Fellowship Ministries

620 N Glenwood Ave 2&3, 30721


Northwest Christian Fellowship

272 Main St, Varnell, GA 30756


River of Life Church of Dalton 2919 East Walnut Ave, 30721


Saint James Overcoming Church

400 North Fredrick St, 30721


Tunnel Hill Community Church


121 North Varnell Road

Tunnel Hill, GA 30755


Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal Fuente de Agua Viva

1007 Underwood St, 30721


La Senda Antigua

308 East Matilda St, 30720


True Gospel Pentecostal Church

109 South Henderson St, 30721


Shadow Ridge Worship Center

122 Wheat Drive

Varnell, GA 30721



ChristChurch Presbyterian

510 South Tibbs Rd, 30720


First Presbyterian Church

101 S. Selvidge St, 30720


Grace Presbyterian Church

2107 Threadmill Rd, 30720



Salvation Army

1109 N. Thornton Ave, 30722


Seventh Day Adventist

3 Angels Hispanic SDA

701 E Morris St, 30721


Dalton Hispanic SDA

112 W Long St, 30720


Dalton SDA Church

300 South Tibbs Rd, 30720


Chatsworth Church Directory


Blue Ridge Primitive Baptist Church


134 Hyden Tyler Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Calvary Baptist Church


Highway 225 North

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Center Hill Baptist Church


65 Berry Bennett Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Cisco Baptist Church


Highway 411 North

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Cool Springs Baptist Church


Holly Creek Cool

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Fellowship Baptist Church


4396 Highway 52

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

First Baptist Church


121 West Market Street

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Flat Branch Baptist Church


3443 Highway 286

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Free Hope Baptist Church


4176 Highway 76

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Holly Creek Baptist Church


422 Holly Creek

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Liberty Baptist Church

4221 US-76, Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Little Consauga Baptist Church


1100 Sugar Creek

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Maranatha Baptist Church


Highway 225 South

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Mount Pisgah Baptist Church


2309 Old Highway 411

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

New Hope Baptist Church


1273 New Hope Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

New Prospect Baptist Church


7629 Highway 225

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Old Fashion Baptist Church


885 Ben Adams Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Open Air Ministries


1058 Mtn Crest Dr.

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Prayer Baptist Church


10859 Hwy. 225 South

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Shinning Light Baptist Church


801 North 5th Avenue

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Smyrna Baptist Church


1913 Smyrna Church Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Spring Place Baptist Church


441 Highway 225 South

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Total Praise Baptist Church


1461 Greeson Bend Rd, Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Zion Hill Baptist Church


Highway 225 North

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Grace Bible Church

2599 Leonard Bridge Rd.

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Church of Christ

Woodhaven Church of Christ


508 West Peachtree Street

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Church of God

Chatsworth Church of God


Highway 411 South

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Central Community Church


60 Pine Hills Drive

Chatsworth, GA 30705

Spring Place Church of God


717 Tibbs Bridge Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Full Gospel

Faith Worship Center


189 Hyden Tyler Road

Chatsworth GA 30705

House Of Prayer

616 Jenkins Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Casey Springs UMC

7250 Chastworth Highway South

Chastworth, GA 30705

Center Valley UMC


5394 Highway 225 North

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

First United Methodist Church


107 W Cherokee Street

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Fullers Chapel UMC

2144 Fuller’s Chapel Rd

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Mineral Springs UMC

71 North Way St

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Spring Place UMC


Po Box 248

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


God’s Light House

784 Smyrna Church Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705

The Church of God of the Union Assembly at Chatsworth, GA 706-695-7335

Highway 52 Alternate

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Liberty Tabernacle


2196 Smyrna Church Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Living Word Christian Fellowship


960 Cherokee Drive

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

New Beginnings Ministries


646 Floodtown Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

North Gate Church


7727 Highway 225 South

Chatsworth, GA 30755 US

Tabernacle of Praise


1435 Leonard Bridge Road

Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Wings Of Faith Ministries


1122 North Holly Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Victory Tabernacle


355 Ellijay Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

A Place to Worship


259 Old Landfill Rd Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Sumach Presbyterian Church


2089 Sumach Church Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Seventh Day Adventist

Seventh-Day Adventist Church


1115 Highway 52 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

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