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THE THE PLACE PLACE TO BE Our independent and assisted living community is a place where you can Our independent and assisted living community is a place where you can Our independent and assisted living community is a place where you can Ourmake independent and assisted living community is a place where you can friends, eat well and kick back with confidence and security. make friends, friends, eat eat well well and and kick kick back back with with confidence confidence and and security. security. make make friends, eat well and kick back with confidence and security. •• •• •

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Contents JUNE 2022

GoodNews from the Pastor’s Desk

6 How To Cry (Part 1) by Brian Branam

GoodNews for Kids

8 A Cheerful Heart by Danny Hesterly

GoodNews Money Matters

10 Let’s Get Real (Estate) by Andrew Lee

GoodNews for Men

12 I am Man; Hear Me Kneel by John Garrod

GoodNews for Women

14 Fighting the Unseen Opponent

by Karla Smedley GoodNews for Couples

18 The Two Stones of Marriage by Carl W. Corser

GoodNews for Everyone

20 He Knows My Name by Dorothy Teague

GoodNews for Life

22 David And Nabal

by Jonathon Wright

GoodNews for Father’s Day

24 What Kind of Father Should You Be?

by Dr. Alan Hix GoodNews for Everyone

26 Finding Strength from Our Roots

by Paula Burgner GoodNews Cover Story

28 Walter’s Auto Wash & Express Lube

by Leighanne Sharp

GoodNews for Everyone

30 Scoring For the Wrong Team by Kristen West

GoodNews for Everyone

32 Give Our Hurts to God by Chad Van De Griek

GoodNews for Everyone

34 Living Water

by Katie Loveless

GoodNews for Everyone

36 The Voice at The End of


The Line

by Rhonda Lane GoodNews for Everyone

38 June Joy

by Monica Gambrell

GoodNews for Everyone

40 Picking Up Where We Left

Off: Learning from Zechariah

by Sandra Gilmore

GoodNews for your Taste Buds

42 Peach Surprise by Tim Marcum


GoodNews for Everyone

44 Being Made in God’s Image by Chase Holtzclaw

GoodNews for Everyone

46 Walking With Molly—Part 2 by Shelley Knick

GoodNews Poetry

50 Our New Home by Judy Hood

GoodNews for Everyone

52 Praying Offensively by Jade Morgan

GoodNews for Everyone

54 The Great Chase by Donald Cantrell


Gò0dNews for Everyone

How To Cry (Part 1)


by Brian Branam

here is a book of the Bible that teaches us how to

regret and remorse. He’s not getting through it as much

cry. Lamentations is the Scripture’s record of the

as he is thinking it through. He works at what the Lord

mournful reflections of the grief-stricken prophet

has brought him to. Jeremiah has worked at preaching;

Jeremiah following Jerusalem’s destruction. Here are

now, he will work at weeping. Your time in the Word

some takeaways from the Bible’s book of tears.

is essential, and so is your weeping. Take time in it and

Embrace It, Don’t Avoid It

work at it.

In a hedonistic culture, we put a premium on pleasure and the avoidance of pain. When there is a loss, we want to rush through it and get back to life. Jeremiah doesn’t rush through his sorrow; he records it. He shares

Devotional Challenge Read Lamentations 1-3 • Write down some of the emotions Jeremiah shares in these passages.

the sights, sounds, and emotions of the moment. He

• What do these passages teach you about the Lord?

reflects on what brought him to this place and sees the

• What do these passages teach you about some of

Lord’s purpose in it.

the actions we should take during times of lament?

“Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow, which was brought upon me, which the Lord inflicted on the day of his fierce anger” (Lamentations 1:12). When it comes to sorrow, don’t rush it. Embrace it. Pause. Look around. Listen. Write it down. Answer the question, “Why am I here?” Work At It, Don’t Get Over It When it comes to Christian disciplines, we tend to think of actions like serving, witnessing, giving, worshipping, praying, and journaling. What about weeping? Should we not work at weeping as well? Lamentations is an action-packed book of the Bible. Jeremiah weeps. He grinds his teeth. He

If you are not in a time of lament, think back to your

remembers. He cries out. He groans. In Lamentations,

last time of great loss. Did you use that time to deepen

the Lord is at work. He crushes. He cuts down. He lays

your relationship with God, take corrective action, or

waste. He scorns.

did you rush through it? If you are currently in a time of

“He has filled me with bitterness; he has sated me

lament, use Lamentations to guide you through a time

with wormwood. He has made my teeth grind on gravel

of mourning that will help you deepen your relationship

and made me cower in ashes” (Lamentations 3:16-17).

with God and make some needed course corrections.

He is in a painful conversation with God that involves

6 // June 2022

About The Author

Instead of getting over it, Jeremiah is getting into it. Brian Branam is the Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church, a multi-site church in NW Georgia. For more of his material visit www.FeelMyFaith.com.



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Gò0dNews for Kids

A Cheerful Heart


by Danny Hesterly

t’s summer! That’s something to be excited about.

Now to me, the kitchen held different importance

Let’s shout it out loud together. It’s S-U-M-M-E-R!

because it had the only TV connected to the Nintendo. Also,

That felt pretty good, right? I treasure this time of

nearly equal in importance as the TV was our only window

year because the days are long, and it brings back many

air conditioning unit in the house. Summertime in Southern

wonderful memories.

Illinois can be blistering hot, and sleeping in my bedroom

Growing up, on the last day of school, I would have

with only a box fan pushing hot air around was not my idea

this jittery excitement because I knew what awaited the

of a cool summer. So, my siblings and I would sort of take

next 2 ½ months for me and my siblings. Summer brought

over the kitchen each summer, enjoying countless hours

this special privilege of getting to stay up late each night

with one another while enjoying the cool breeze from the

playing the newest Nintendo video games with my sister

good old AC (short for air-conditioning). Proverbs 15:13 says, “A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face; a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day.” Summer is a great time to have fun and make wonderful memories with your family and friends. Did you notice what this proverb or piece of wisdom said? It said, “a cheerful heart brings a smile to your face.” A cheerful heart is a heart full of gratitude. Another way you could say that is a cheerful heart is a thankful heart. When you’re thankful, you’re showing an appreciation for something or that you treasure something special. I treasured my summers growing up as a kid because I knew there were things

and brother. Now, I’m talking about the old-school Nintendo

I got to do that I normally didn’t do while school was

Entertainment System (NES), also known as the best gaming

happening. I was thankful that my mom shared the kitchen

console ever made (at least in my opinion).

with us each summer.

It was only in summer that my brother and sister and

Take a moment and write down or tell a parent, sibling,

I were allowed to sleep in the kitchen. The kitchen was a

or friend some of the things you’d like to do this summer

special place in our home. The kitchen was where my mom

that will bring a smile to your face. I bet some of those

would cook some of the tastiest food I’ve ever eaten. It was

things will also bring a smile to a parent, sibling, or friend’s

also a place that introduced me to the flavors of Korean

face too. Here’s to a fantastic, fun, and memorable summer!

Every dish she served was full of dedication and love for her family.

8 // June 2022

About The Author

cuisine. This was my mom’s favorite room in the home. Danny Hesterly lives in Chattanooga, TN where he spends most of his days in coffee shops helping others discover their part in God’s amazing story. Danny has two children (12, 10) and has been married to his lovely bride for 17 years.

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Let’s Get Real (Estate) MONEY MATTERS

WITH DR. ANDREW LEE Dr. Andrew Lee is professor of English at Lee University. He also serves as a coordinator for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. He and his wife Esmerelda have three children.


ince the start of the pandemic, the real estate market

two roommates who are each paying $500 per month (not

has been on an upward trajectory. Home prices and

including utilities), you’re basically living for “free” while

rental rates are soaring, and home buyers are offering

owning your own home.

well over “asking price” to win the bidding war. With a

If you’re wondering how an eighteen-year-old and

national shortage of available homes for sale, there are too

a twenty-year-old (my sons) were able to obtain FHA

many buyers competing for too few homes. At the same time,

mortgages, my wife and I allowed them to be “authorized

countless informercials and podcasts promote real estate

users” on a credit card when they were seventeen years old.

investing as a sure path to wealth. But with interest rates

They used the credit card only for gas in their cars, and they

now rising, some may believe they have missed their chance

paid off their balances in full every month. Within a year,

to realize the dream of home ownership. What to do now?

they both had credit scores over 760 and were able to qualify

One way of entering this expensive housing market is

for FHA mortgages on their “house hacks.”

by “house hacking.” House hacking means that you buy

If you’re wondering where my sons got their money for

a home to live in, and get roommates or tenants to share

their down payments, they saved it from working part-time

the home with you to help cover the mortgage, taxes, and

jobs from age 16-18. (Encourage your teens to get jobs. It

insurance. Many young people are currently doing this

won’t kill them!). Meanwhile, my wife and I own several

with great success. If you buy a house with a bedroom

rental properties, and I regularly talk to successful real estate

and bathroom in the basement, for instance, that might be

investors locally (many of them are my friends) to learn

ideal for a roommate or tenant (especially if you can add a

more. I’ve never paid some real estate “guru” for a course in

kitchen in the basement). In a single-family home, you can

real estate investing. I just read a lot of books and listen to

rent out extra bedrooms, or if you’re able to buy a multi-

podcasts. It’s hard work, but if I can do it, you can do it.

family property (duplex, triplex, or 4plex), you can live in

But is real estate currently too pricey? Should you sit

one unit for “free” while the rents from the other units cover

on the sidelines hoping for a drop in home prices? (I do not

the mortgage and expenses. Both of my sons are currently

offer professional or legal advice, just one man’s opinion).

“house hacking” single-family homes by sharing with

To me, the real question is, “Do you think this property will

roommates, and the rents nearly cover the entire mortgage

be more valuable or less valuable in ten or twenty years?” If

and expenses every month. Here’s an example using real

the answer is “more valuable” (and history has proven this

numbers. By using an FHA loan with a low 3.5% down

over time), then perhaps waiting on the sidelines may cost

payment of $7,000 a $200,000 house, the monthly payment,

you more in the future. “Those who work their land will

insurance, and taxes on a 30-year mortgage is approximately

have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies will have

$1,070 per month. Assuming you share the house with

their fill of poverty” (Proverbs 28:19).

10 // June 2022

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Gò0dNews for Men

I am Man; Hear Me Kneel


by John Garrod

he King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”

(Matthew 25:40, NIV). When I completed my Master’s degree last November,

I began to work as a substitute teacher in the same school where I had done my student teaching. I love the school, and getting my foot in the door to eventually become a teacher there was not the furthest thing from my mind, if I’m honest. The very first assignment I took was in a self-contained, high-needs Special Education classroom. Most of the students are either non-verbal or only marginally verbal. Some you fall in love with immediately. Others…take a little more work to love. Emotional meltdowns are common. Gains in learning are minimal, and hard-fought. You never take for granted that they can do anything for themselves, even if they did it fine yesterday. Much of this work is done by paraprofessionals, most of whom are women. I suppose it is a bit misogynistic of me to say that this did not surprise me; we tend to expect women

And then, at the end of the school day, when most of us

to be nurturing, caring individuals, more willing to take on

are headed home, he goes to an afterschool program where

the care of those who cannot care for themselves. Women

he watches…children.

are awesome like that.

I’m proud to even be around men like this. I’m humbled

But then I met Mr. S.

when I see this kind of selfless service to those whom Jesus

Mr. S is a man after God’s own heart. Day after day, he

described thus in Luke 18: “Suffer little children to come

cares for these children. He endures setback after setback,

unto me and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom

because sometimes we set expectations for the children, see

of God.” There are positions far more highly esteemed in

them reach them, and then the next day, it’s as if they went

the eyes of men, and certainly many which pay a more

back three paces. He changes diapers that make lesser men

substantial wage for the hard hours put in. Yet there is no

retch. (Okay, I am that lesser man, and they make me retch.)

more noble act than that of a man who humbles himself to

He feeds one student through a tube, then half an hour later,

show the love of God to the least, the last, and the lost. If

he is cleaning up the mess when that student throws it back

God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble, then

up. He teaches alongside the SpEd teacher, stepping in at a

I’d tell you that this man’s heavenly grace paystub puts

moment’s notice when asked to cover a segment of learning.

mine to shame. This is what Godly manhood looks like.

often has to bag up soiled clothing to go home. He does all this for far less than what a teacher is paid.

12 // June 2022

About The Author

He sends notes home to parents about their child’s day and John Garrod is a father of six, husband of one. He is a graduate of Lee University (c/o ’19), a discipleship teacher at South Cleveland Church of God, and a U.S. Army veteran.

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Gò0dNews for Women

Fighting the Unseen Opponent pponents are everywhere! On the court and on the screen, they have the potential to make a good sports game and an interesting movie, but real-life rivals are not so fun. We have faced adversaries for years. They came in many forms. Some as people we did not know, like a rude customer service representative or a flippant driver. However, the people who we consider opponents at times are our co-workers, the ones we live with, or extended family. Think about it. One minute we are sailing along smoothly with a friend or family member when the wave of a disrespectful action occurs and rocks our boat. Learning to recognize these moments and having the wisdom to overcome them is a must in the world in which we live. Perhaps a loved-one does not respond in a way we expected. His reply is too quick, too short, or down-right wrong in our eyes. Maybe the adverse situation is with a teenager who has huffed one too many times. Whatever the situation that causes us to be on the defense, we often result in negative reactions. We must prepare our minds for a better way. While we will encounter rivals that we do not know personally and those that we are close with, our unseen adversary is our most

14 // June 2022

dangerous one. He sneaks up on us; he slams us. He creates uncertainty and doubt. He is Satan, and I don’t like him. Though I do not believe the saying, “The devil made me do it,” I do perceive the statement, “The devil tempted me to do it,” is an absolute truth—as God is not the author of confusion, Satan is (1 Cor. 14:33). In addition, we find that John 10:10a states, “The thief [Satan] comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” That is just what he wants. He wants to take us down and all those around us as well. I want to recognize my ultimate opponent and have a plan that promotes peace, not added hostility, which will only aid Satan in his wicked ways. I must defend myself because when I allow Satan to take hold, my actions affect my families’ lives. Thus, I am opening the door wider for Satan to come into my home. The armor of God is what I need…what we need. By putting on the armor of God, I can take my stand against the devil’s schemes (Ephesians 6:10-18). My mom used to say, “We make it together or crumble together.” I think a paperchain is a wonderful visual for families. When each link is secured, it can be stretched, even under pressure, but it will stay strong. However, when one little link is not secured, the whole chain will weaken. Families should connect like those chains, unify by learning God’s word and applying His principals. As women, we should help each other and the children in our families to learn about the armor of God. One of our best teaching tools is that of example. Our families need to see us putting on the armor of God when we must combat our battles. Our families need to see us act and react to our opponents, those visible or unseen (Satan), so that they too can learn to defend themselves using the word of God— for it is sharper than a doubleedged sword.

About The Author


by Karla Smedley

Karla Smedley lives in Dalton, Georgia, where she has taught 5th through 8th grade for the past twenty-four years. She is a member of Emmaus Baptist Church and has two grown children. She enjoys singing with the praise team at church, and she writes a Christian blog, Smorgasbord of Sisterhood, with her cousin Donna.

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16 // June 2022

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Community Chapel Church of God 807 Blythe Ave SE Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-2143 Cornerstone Church of God 1826 SE Dalton Pike Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 478-0006 Church of God Sanctified, Inc. 746 First Street N.E. Cleveland, TN. 37311 (423) 479-3895 East Cleveland Church of God 900 15th St NE Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-3389 Fellowship of Praise Church of God 931 Inman Street East Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-3121 Grace Community Church of God 4745 Mouse Creek Road NW, Cleveland, TN 37312. (423) 614-0708 Heritage Fellowship Church of God 4635 South Lee Hwy McDonald, TN 37353 (423) 476-6316 International Worship Center Centro Internacional de Adoración 533 Central Ave. NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-1977 Kinser Church of God 141 Kinser Road Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 476-7400 Lakeview Church of God 105 Pound Street SE Cleveland, TN 37323 (423)-790-5805 North Cleveland Church of God 335 11th St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-5513 Michigan Avenue Church of God 515 Minnis Road NE (423) 284-7573 Mt Olive Church of God 3522 Harrison Pike, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-3381

Mt View Church of God 210 Roadway Dr SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (706) 455-3528 Pine Hill Church of God 1484 Old Alabama Rd McDonald, TN 37353 (423) 488-0939 South Cleveland Church of God 1846 Volunteer Dr SW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-6382 Westmore Church of God 2440 Legacy Pkwy NW Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 479-3415

Church of God of Prophecy

Cleveland Spanish COGOP 2610 Grove Ave. Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 473-7199 Durkee Road COGOP 201 Durkee Rd. Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-4384 Keith Street Ministries COGOP 4000 Keith ST. NW Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-2448 Peerless Road COGOP 3301 Peerless Rd. NW Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 303-2680 Spring Place COGOP 2530 Spring Place Rd. Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-6414 Union Grove COGOP 533 Union Grove Rd Charleston, TN 37310 (423) 479-5357 Wildwood COGOP 140 Wildwood Ave Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-6584

The Church of God

The Church of God Jerusalem Acres 1826 Dalton Pike SE Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-1597


Fellowship in Christ 1025 Beech Circle NW Cleveland TN 37312 (423) 314-2382

Disciples of Christ

First Christian Church 3625 N. Ocoee Street Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-6682


Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church 320 Broad St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311


First Lutheran Church 195 McIntire Ave NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-6811

Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 4200 Pryor Rd N.E. Cleveland, TN 37312

(423) 503-6394


Big Spring United Methodist 1196 Hardwick St SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-5242 Black Fox United Methodist 1820 Old Chattanooga Pike SW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 339-1908 Broad Street United Methodist 155 Central Ave NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-5586 First United Methodist Church 3425 Ocoee St N, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-4504 Mount Zion UMC 7223 Germantown Rd NW Cleveland, TN 37312 Pleasant Grove UMC 3043 Pleasant Grove Church Rd SW Cleveland, TN 37311 Red Hill United Methodist Church 527 Red Hill Valley Road SE Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 728-5413 South Cleveland United Methodist 1165 Church St SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 507-5760 Tasso United Methodist 1106 Tasso Ln NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 479-4457 Trinity United Methodist Church 731 1st St SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 614-7900 Valley Head Methodist Church 920 Mouse Creek Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-0575 Wesley Memorial Methodist 3405 Peerless Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-9578


Faith Memorial Church 910 17th St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-6281 First United Pentecostal Church 4095 Peerless Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-9436 Full Gospel House of Prayer 1500 Wildwood Ave. Cleveland, TN Set Free Christian Fellowship 1175 King Edwards Ave. Cleveland, TN


Cleveland First Church Of The Nazarene 2712 Henderson Ave. Cleveland, TN 37312 423-472-7371 New Hope Church of the Nazarene 4514 Waterlevel Highway Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 473-3379


Benton Pike House Of Prayer 2615 Peach Orchard Hill Rd, Cleveland, TN 37323 Christian Fellowship Ctr 895 6th St NE,

Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-9591 Church Alive Ministries 6315 Mouse Creek Road NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-8133 Cleveland Community Chapel 1823 Forest Ridge Dr. Cleveland, TN 37311 Cleveland Cornerstone Church 533 Broad St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-1775 Community Hall Church 1305 6th Street Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-2178 Crossroads Community Church 1000 South Lee Highway Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 716-2871 Dwelling Place Church International 523 Urbane Road NE Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 790-5200 Evening Light Gospel 200 20th St SE Cleveland, TN 37311 Fairhaven Ministry Center 1807 Blythe Ave. SE, Cleveland TN, 37311 Freedom Fellowship Church 3555 Blue Springs Rd, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 478-0654 God’s Family Fellowship 2823 South Lee Hwy Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 458-4490 Graceway Chapel 221 14th St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 728-2226 International House of Fire 1701 South Lee Hwy Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 790-0772 The Journey Church 3191 South Lee Hwy, McDonald, TN 37353 (423) 728-4100 Living By Faith Ministries 1175 King Edward Avenue Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 457-9072 Living Word Church 930 25th Street NW Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 339-3028 New Life Bible Church 155 S Ocoee St, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-3882 Restoration Fellowship 211 Trewhitt Dr SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 479-4249 Shema Israel Ministry 850 Elrod St SE Cleveland, TN 37311 423-994-8553 The Sanctuary 1203 Smith Dr. Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 478-2843 Tasso Christian Church 1135 Tasso Lane, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 479-2705 The TRIBE 1175 King Edward Avenue SE

Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 380-8802 Tri-State Cowboy Church 200 Natures Trail SW, McDonald, TN 37353 (Building 3) (423) 303-8954 United Christian Church 2200 Peerless Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-4277 Unity Christian Ministries 2419 Georgetown Rd NW Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 473-9338 Walker Valley Community 787 Lauderdale Memorial Hwy Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 336-9696


Charleston Cumberland Presbyterian Church 8267 N Lee Hwy, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 336-5004 First Cumberland Presbyterian 161 2nd St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-6751 First Presbyterian Church 433 N Ocoee St, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-5584 Flint Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church 515 Flint Springs Rd Cleveland TN. 37323 (423) 284-6397 Prospect United Cumberland Presbyterian Church 310 New Murraytown Rd. NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-6181 St James Cumberland Presbyterian 151 Short St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-5762 Trinity Presbyterian PCA 1780 Stuart Rd. NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 559-9595

Seventh Day Adventist

Bowman Hills Adventist 300 Westview Dr NE Cleveland, TN 37312 Cleveland Fellowship Church 211 Trewhitt Drive Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 400-7054 East Cleveland Seventh-Day 801 Howard Circle SE Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-9299 Ladd Springs Seventh-Day 5860 Bates Pike SE Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 476-1889

Zion Assembly

Zion Assembly Church of God 5512 Waterlevel Hwy, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 476-3337

List/Update Your Church Listing (423) 478-6484

goodnewscm.com // 17

Gò0dNews for Couples

The Two Stones of Marriage


by Carl W. Corser

arriage milestones or millstones? Can both

so slowly, and so fine that we fail to recognize it’s affects upon

become part of a marriage? Which one is most

our marriage. We need to take inventory of our marriage

commonly discussed while marriage is the topic

relationship to identify the millstones that have begun

of the discussion? Doesn’t God intend for us to celebrate

grinding away at its integrity. Destruction of our marriage

milestones in our marriage? How about millstones? Hum?

will sneak up on us if we do not change our behavior.

There’s only one letter that is different in the spelling of these words, but there is a vast difference in the meaning or

If we return to the proper respect and love for our marriage, then the millstone will not have the opportunity

circumstance surrounding each one. It is a wonderful privilege to have the opportunity to celebrate a milestone that becomes a reality in our marriage. “We met on this day, ten, twenty, or even fifty years ago” or “We’ve been married for one year today or some other length of time.” How about a new home, children, or another good memory in our past? Why is a millstone so different? Why is its meaning so tragic? How many marriages do millstones destroy? What does it feel like to become saddled with a millstone within your marriage? Isn’t a common term used in application of this word slow grinding? How can this philosophy be applied to our marriage? Do marriages dissolve overnight? How long does it take for something that occurs within your marriage to

to destroy what God has put together. The celebration

become so terrible that it causes the marriage to split?

of milestones within a marriage will continue to be a

Love can cause us to make some foolish decisions. Sometimes, we are living in the name of love, not

wonderful time. God, help us all to be very protective of our marriage

recognizing that the millstone issue is still slowly grinding

relationship. The family will definitely benefit from the

on our marriage relationship. Then when the split occurs,

celebrations. Our world will become a much better place to

we are in wonder of what and when this all happened.

live. Our society will become healthier and more conducive

Wouldn’t it be so much better if we did not allow the

to the survival of successful marriage relationships. God’s

millstone the opportunity to start its grinding process?

institution of marriage will be re-established as He intended.

Wouldn’t it be so much less pain and suffering if we would

Blessings to you all as you become better custodians of your

ask for forgiveness instead of the millstone of bitterness

marriage, family, and life.

There are many issues that we can allow to become a millstone within our marriage. They become so heavy, grind

18 // June 2022

About The Author

grinding away so slowing at our marriage? Carl Corser is an ordained bishop, business owner, farmer, and is the author of the devotion website, www. sundaymorningdevotion.wordpress.com/living.

Church Activities & Events First Baptist Cleveland VBS Spark Studios

Monday, June 6 - Thursday, June 9 1275 Stuart Rd NE, Cleveland, TN

Museum Center at 5ive Points Walking Tour—Historic Churches Saturday, June 11 | 1PM - 2PM 200 Inman St E, Cleveland, TN

Westmore Church of God Jason Crabb

Friday, June 24 | 6PM 2440 Legacy Pkwy NW, Cleveland, TN

Ocoee Ridge Camp

Camp Whatever—LifePoint Church Monday, June 27 - Friday, July 1 479 Frey Rd, Old Fort, TN

Gò0dNews for Everyone

He Knows My Name by Dorothy Teague


n this fast-paced world we live in, we are known more

faith that He is an omnipresent God, not restrained by Time

by our number rather than our name. We are given a

itself. It is so reassuring to me that He knows my name and

number to identify us when we are born into this world,

He loves me so much that He has written it on the palms of

our Social Security number. It goes with us throughout our life. We have to give it at every turn, from applying for a job,

His hands (Isaiah 49:16). We read in John 11 how Jesus raised Lazarus from the

getting a loan, having a bank account, to going to the doctor.

dead after he had been in the tomb for four days. He called

Further, in this digital world, we are identified by our

Lazarus by his name to come out. This is important on so

account numbers and the use of a password in order to pay

many levels! Lazarus was known by Jesus just as Jesus

bills, use our credit cards, book a hotel or flight, and the list

knows our names. Each child of God is important to Him. But if Jesus had not called him by name, all the dead in the tombs would have come out because of the power of Jesus and His Word. On the other side of things, Lazarus knew Jesus’ voice and came out at His bidding. John 10:27 says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me…” While it is nothing short of amazing that God knows each one of our names before we are born, it is greater still that He also gives us a new name presented on a white stone as recorded in Revelation 2:17. It is a mystery as to what the stone will be made of or what it will say, but

goes on. They may ask for the name on your account, but

scripture tells us that it will only be known to the receiver of

only after having the number. It is dehumanizing us a little

the stone. The significance is that it is symbolic of an entry

at a time, a stripping away of WHO we are.

pass into Heaven to the believer or victor through Christ.

On the other hand, before we are formed in the womb,

While we may be known in this world more by a

God knows our name. He knew us before we existed in this

number than a name, we must remember that God knows

world (Jeremiah 1:5). He knew what our name would be

us all by name. We are His children, and He, our Father, and

and how our unique path would be laid out. Psalm 139:16

what a good Father He is! He named each one of us and will

says, “Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book

never forget us!

were written, every one of them, the days that were formed concept to understand, which is why we must accept it by

20 // June 2022

About The Author

for me, when as yet there were none of them.” This is a hard Dorothy Teague is a Tennessee native, who resides in McMinn County with her husband, Lewis, on their farm. After completing 31.5 years as a teacher in the Bradley County School System, she is active in her church at Eastanallee Baptist Church where she is a member of the choir and praise team.

Gò0dNews for Life

David And Nabal 1 Samuel 25


by Jonathon Wright

avid was well known throughout Israel and Judah. He defeated the great Goliath and his popularity soared. But there were some like

Nabal who were not impressed by David’s ability to take on a giant. Some did not appreciate David in their territory and were faithful to King Saul. This would describe Nabal, who was not only rich but influential, coming from the family of Caleb. When Joshua gave Caleb the land of Judah, he and his family drove out the giant Canaanites. This may explain why Nabal was not impressed by David. As the story continues, David and his men come all, taken care of Nabal’s sheep, and there was a celebration throughout the land. Yet, Nabal was harsh, offensive, and insulted David’s men. Of course, it is true in life that harsh, mean words often lead to violence and problems. When David heard these words, he was furious. He told his men to put on their swords because they were going to wipe these guys out. David was taking matters into his own hands and let anger get the best of him. This is never a good thing. But God had other plans. Abigail, Nabal’s wife, had not seen David’s men or heard of his request, so she went and secretly prepared a feast. Notice verses 18-19. “Then Abigail made haste and took two hundred loaves of bread, two skins of wine, five sheep already dressed, five seahs of roasted grain, one hundred clusters of raisins, and two hundred cakes of figs, and loaded them on donkeys. And she said to her servants,

22 // June 2022

“Go on before me; see, I am coming after you.” But she did not tell her husband Nabal” (NKJV). When she got there, she talked some sense into David. In the end, God took care of these potentially disastrous problems. David thanked and blessed God for her wisdom and gift. Abigail wisely waited until her husband was sober to tell him all she had done. He became like a stone, and ten days later, scripture records his death. David recognized God’s sovereign hand in his life and these events. He eventually would marry this kind and wise woman. In the same way, God stands sovereignly over our lives to prevent major problems. Yet, we still need to walk in kindness, listen to God, and the wise advice of others to see His best.

About The Author

to Nabal expecting some hospitality. They had, after

Jonathon Wright currently lives in Cleveland, Tennessee, and has been a member of the Church of God for about twenty years. He is a graduate of Lee University and Beacon University where he earned a BA and MA in Biblical Studies. He loves studying the Bible and has done so for over thirty years, but only now has God given him a desire and the opportunity to be a writer. He is currently beginning the process of writing a book on Genesis entitled, God’s Good Prophetic Plan: From Beginning to End.



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Gò0dNews for Father’s Day

What Kind of Father Should You Be? hat is the most important thing a father can do for his children? You might respond by saying he should provide for his family; make sure that they have a roof over their heads, food to eat, clothes to wear, and some sense of security. So many children in our troubled world don’t have those things, so that is the best thing a father can do for his children. If we look to the Bible for models to follow for passing on our faith, we might think of several prominent individuals. David had a great passion for God. We can see that passion in his Psalms. Although he is seen as Israel’s greatest king and was called “A Man After God’s Own Heart,” he was a disaster as a parent. His oldest son Amon raped his half-sister and was later murdered by their brother Absalom. David banishes Absalom, then relents, and in return, Absalom leads a rebellion against David until he is finally killed in battle. And although David’s heir Solomon starts well, he falls to worshipping the false gods of his many wives, thus leading Israel to do so as well. Hezekiah is considered Israel’s second greatest king, and he purified the practice of the Temple worship of God more than any other king. We are told that God loved Hezekiah so much that he spared his life and gave him an additional 15 years. And yet Hezekiah’s son, Manasseh (who reigned for 50+ years), is considered the evilest king in Israel’s history. Here we have children who were provided for better than anyone else in the land, and yet their father’s faith did not seem to translate to them. What are we to make of that? What kind of faith did they seek to pass on to their children? We can see the evidence of what happens when that faith is not effectively passed on. When we consider King David, we know from the Psalms that he had a great passion for God. When we study Hezekiah’s reign, we find that he practiced his faith better than any king before him. When we think about what type of faith we should pass on to our children, which is more important? Practice without passion is empty action. Practice without passion cannot answer the question of “Why?” On

24 // June 2022

the other hand, passion without the practical expression of faith leaves us vulnerable to being led astray by every whim of doctrine or action that touches us emotionally. It is the practice of faith driven by the passion of our relationship to Christ that communicates effectively and powerfully the full message of the gospel. Passion gives us the “why,” while practice gives us the “what” and the “how.”

Jesus summed that up in one simple statement in John 14:15. On the night before his crucifixion, Jesus told his disciples, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” The answer to the question of what kind of faith should we pass on to our children is BOTH. God calls us to be fathers whose experience of faith is central to and guides every area of our lives. It is a faith that is PROFESSED though one’s lips and is PRACTICED through one’s life. This Father’s Day, I encourage you to commit to being the father, the grandfather, the greatgrandfather that God has called you to be. As fathers, let us fulfill the role as the priest of our homes and commit to teaching and living Christ before our families.

About The Author


by Dr. Alan Hix

Dr. Alan Hix is an Associate Professor of Christian Studies at Shorter University. In addition to being and educator, he has served churches as a pastor, been involved in mission trips to Africa, Canada, and Alaska, and participated in archaeological excavations in Israel for several years.

Gò0dNews for Everyone

Finding Strength from Our Roots here comes a certain point in our lives where we dig down deep to find our inner strength. We often take a moment to pause and reflect on the things that brought us to where we are today. It’s almost as if we have to go back to our roots to find the meaning of how life is supposed to be. You can always remember where you came from, as it is part of the journey that has led you to where you are, and it will guide you along the way. We take many paths through life. Some of those paths are laid out before us and some we have to make on our

own. Paths are not always paved in stone; some are made from the simplest things, like walking down an old dirt road. In order to find your direction, you have to reflect back on where you have been. From time to time, there are storms that come to try to block our way. But not all storms come to destroy our lives, sometimes they come to clear a path for us. Storms seem to make trees take deeper roots—to dig deeper and hold tighter the stronger the wind blows. Often, we look at a small tree as weak and fragile, and think of a big tree as being so strong and unbreakable. Yet, appearances can look very different when we view something from a different point of view. A smaller tree can have deeper roots that are

26 // June 2022

unseen. A larger tree appears to be stronger, but its roots are barely embedded into the soil. In the same way that a tree’s roots are planted deep into the soil, we need to plant our roots deep down in the Word of God so we may prosper. Psalms 1:3, “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” This is why it is so important to surround yourself with people that love you and support you in all you do. This is God’s way of keeping us rooted in unseen ways that guide us along life’s journey. Everything in this life has a root, although we may not see where it started or how it may end up. When we pray, keep our faith, and look for the positive side of things, we will find more blessings, thankfulness, and joy. Colossians 2:7, “Rooted and built up in him, and established in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.” Don’t give up, learn to enjoy the view from where you are, and see the natural beauty that this life has to hold. Stand tall and stand proud of what you have done. When we are on an uncertain path, rest assured that God will provide us with the right shoes to walk the path that He has laid out before us. So, remember to dig your roots deeper so that you may firmly grow and prosper with the fruits of your labor. Jeremiah 17:7-8, “Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of the drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.”

About The Author


by Paula Burgner

Paula Burgner is a very strong willed, outgoing, girl who loves working out, and she believes in her heart that you are capable of doing anything that you put your mind to.


917 Keith Street NW Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 339-2343 ~ LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED ~

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Walter’s Auto Wash & Express Lube


by Leighanne Sharp

alter’s Auto Wash & Express Lube

running different car washes in Cleveland and

is your only full-service car wash in

surrounding areas, he bought the building that is

Cleveland. We can clean your car

now Walter’s Auto Wash to become an owner.

from the inside out and change your oil all in one

After more than forty years in the business,

place! We are here to help you with all your car

Walter and Sheila decided to retire—and that’s

cleaning, detailing, and oil change needs!

where we come in! We are Jordan and Leighanne

In November of 2003, Walter and Sheila

Sharp. I, Leighanne, am Walter’s daughter.

Brewer opened Walter’s Auto Wash & Express

Keeping the business in the family has always

Lube. Rebuilding this business from the ground

been a hope for me, but I knew I had to have

up after being closed for two years, they strived

someone that would be able to work with me to

to build our customer base and satisfy these

keep this business the way it has always been!

customers to make them want to return time

Jordan and I have been married for almost seven

and time again. Walter started in the car wash

years, so he has learned the business, which

business when he was just a teenager, beginning

makes this an easy job! He is Mr. Fix-It, and keeps

in the vacuum lanes and working his way up to

the outside running while I’m on the inside,

manager. After years of working, managing, and

keeping it in order. Our vision is to keep this as a

28 // June 2022

small, family-owned business to provide the best service possible to our customers! We have a wide variety of services that we offer between the car wash side and the lube center. We offer different types of car wash packages to please everyone—cleaning wise and price wise. We can do a simple Exterior Package for $8.99 all the way up to a Supreme Deluxe Package for $34.99. We also offer a more indepth detail option that can involve shampooing seats and carpets, hand waxing, buffing, engine

We are open six days a week, Monday through

cleaning, and hand washing. We have taken care

Saturday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., for all of your

of some of the newest cars as well as vintage cars.

needs. You can contact us at 423-339-2343 and find

Our lube center is able to take care of all your oil

us on Facebook at Walter’s Auto Wash & Express

change needs! We can change oil, get you some

Lube. We look forward to seeing you and taking

new wiper blades, change head and tail lights,

care of all your car needs!

and get a clean air filter into your car. We also top off all your fluids and balance the air pressure in your tires! Oil changes also come with a free Exterior Wash Package, but if you want more than just the Exterior Package, you can upgrade your car wash package to any of our other larger packages and receive $8.99 off of them! We are in a convenient location on Keith Street, just two red lights down from the Village Green. goodnewscm.com // 29

Gò0dNews for Everyone

Scoring For the Wrong Team


by Kristen West

y teammates were bewildered. My coach was

vulnerable to our old ways or one hot-button decision away

dismayed. The crowd was confused. My eighth-

from making a lay-up for our former team. The truth is, we

grade basketball team was pitted against a rival

all stumble in many things (James 3:2), are prone to sin, and

team on that very cold night in 1982. It was one of those

tend to get easily derailed in our faith journey. So, what do

small-town, everyone-gets-hot-under-the-collar kinds of

we do if we find we just scored for our old team? Get back in

games. The kind where, when you’re fourteen years old, it

the game!

feels like a life-or-death match. At one point in the game, I had stolen the ball from the opposing team’s point guard and dribbled to the basket as fast as I could. Most of the other players were behind me. The court ahead was clear. I went in for a lay-up and scored! An easy two points! I was thrilled… until I noticed my team wasn’t cheering and the other team was laughing. That was the mortifying moment when I realized I had just scored for the opposite team! I had succumbed to a moment of familiarity. You see, just one year before this embarrassing flub, I had been a player on the other team! Between my seventh and eighthgrade years, my family had moved. As a result, I changed

1 John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, He [God] is

schools. This game was the first time I had been on the court

faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us

with my new team, facing my old team. For just a moment,

from all unrighteousness.”

I had a lapse in judgment and thought I was, once again, playing for my old team. Have you ever done that? Perhaps not in basketball,

God knows our weaknesses and is forever faithful and kind to help get us on our feet, brush us off, give us some great coaching encouragement, and send us back on the

but your Christian walk? In the spiritual scope of things,

court! And, the wonderful reality is that the longer you play

there are only two teams—God’s team and “the opposing”

for God’s team, the less likely you’ll be inclined to score for

team. According to Romans 3:23, we have all been a part of

your former team. It proved true for me in basketball, as

that opposing team at one point or another. As a result, we

well. I went on to play with the same girls from my eighth-

became familiar with it—the rhythms of a self-centered life;

grade ball team for the next five years. I didn’t make the

the habits of selfishness; the team support of the world and

mistake of scoring for my old team again.

all its trappings.

Lesson learned.

ultimately, the best decision we’ll ever make for ourselves and our neighbor; however, that doesn’t mean we’re not

30 // June 2022

About The Author

Joining God’s team is essential for eternal life and, Kristen West works at Rock Bridge Community Church with a heart for staff leadership, development, and care. She is a communicator with a passion to inspire, encourage, and challenge others in their daily walk with Christ. She writes and publishes weekly content on her blog at kristen-west.com.



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Gò0dNews for Everyone

Give Our Hurts to God


by Chad Van De Griek

remember back to when I was around nine years old or so, I was getting out of the minivan and working to make my way into the house with the rest of the

family. At that point in my life, I was still learning how to accomplish physical tasks (like getting out of the car) by myself. As a result, it would often take a little bit of time for me to do. On this particular night, a former family member was growing impatient as I slowly made my way from the van to my awaiting reverse walker. He quickly and assertively picks me up and begins to carry me into the house. As we made our way into the house, he began to tell me that “people would get tired of carrying me around,” that I needed to learn to do things on my own, and to quit being, as he put it, “babied.” It’s interesting how little moments like the one I just described can often bring the most damage to one’s heart and mind. Even after fifteen plus years have passed, these painful words can still very much impact the way I think, speak, and act on a daily basis. I often find myself trying to get things done quickly when I know that people are waiting on me, and I am very apologetic if I feel like I am taking too much time to complete a particular task. I don’t want to feel like a burden or hindrance, so I try to shoulder everything on my own. And most of those habits stem from those words spoken on a quiet evening all those years ago. For so long, I took those words to heart, and I let them

my job to make sure they understand how much they hurt

control me in a lot of ways. But as I think back on things,

me or for me to prove them wrong. I can’t let the pain that

I realize that I can’t let someone else’s unhealthy choices

they caused control me. I have to give it to God and trust

become the loudest voice in my head. Of course, those

that I am never alone in that battle. No, it’s not easy. Yes,

words hurt, and I won’t deny that or pretend like they

there will be plenty of days where the pain comes flooding

didn’t impact me. But I can’t let the words of broken and

back or days where we have to wrestle with that pain and

hurting people be the ones that carry the most weight in my

forgiveness over and over. That doesn’t mean that anything

heart and mind.

is wrong with you or me. It shows that we’re human. We

Life is hard. People are going to say and do things that hurt. But I am realizing that forgiving those people is much

must continuously give our hurts to God and lean on those around us that we trust.

It’s about me trusting God enough to let them go. It’s not

32 // June 2022

About The Author

more about me and less about the person who hurt me. Chad Van De Griek lives in Nashville, TN! He loves Jesus, hockey (Go Preds), and is a big Bible nerd. Chad was born with Cerebral Palsy and is very passionate about using his writing as a way to show God’s love to everyone! You can find more of his writing at chadvandegriek.wordpress.com.


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Living Water by Katie Loveless


recently marveled at how casually a significant relationship

searching. Jesus came to make a way as He says:

seems to wax and wane in my life. The most tender spot

“But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him

stems from how casually they enter and exit when what I

really long for is continuity—a stay. As I prayed about it, God used this concern as a teachable moment to correct me. Isn’t that often what I do? Isn’t that sometimes how I worship? I come into His courts with praise, and then I leave. I enter His gates with thanksgiving, and then I go on about my day murmuring. I casually stroll into the presence of God, and then I exit when what God is longing for from me is

shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life” (John 4:14, KJV). Later Jesus says again: “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth of me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7:37b-38, KJV).

continuity—a stay. I want my relationship to be one in which there is no punctuation. There is no beginning and no ending—always with Him and Him always with me. I want to lock eyes with Jesus. I don’t want to go where He is not. I don’t want to be where He is not. And where He is on the move, that is where I want to be moving too. I began to think about water and how many of us get thirsty and visit wells for our supply. Wells of entertainment. Wells of knowledge. Wells of wishful thinking. Wells of nostalgia. Wells of judgement. Wells of superstition. Wells of tradition. In the natural sense, satisfying our thirst with well water has limitations. We must be in proximity to the supply. We also need a clean Finally, we need a reliable way to access the water. Friend, let’s remember that Jesus is our most significant relationship. We can stay tapped in to our source at all times. He came to revitalize our drinking habits. He came so that we wouldn’t have to go in search of people, places, and things outside of us but rather that we could draw from a fountain of life that springs forth from the inside of the life dedicated to Jesus. The story about Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well explains it all. He used a conversation with an outsider to reveal to us that we, too, are an outsider in need of a Savior and in need of a divine supply (see John 4:9-18). So many of us don’t have access to clean drinking water in the spiritual sense. We may feel lost and undone—thirsty and

34 // June 2022

Maybe you’re like me and going through drought in meaningful relationships. Maybe, you are dry and dusty from being cut off from the source of things or people previously significant to you. Maybe, you don’t feel worthy to drink anything at all to free your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Beloved, it’s not all about what is going on all around you. It is about the stirring that takes place from the inside. If you are willing, invite God into the dusty places of your soul. Ask Him to come and fill you as only He can. Ask Him to cause water to come that springs up into everlasting life. Ask him to stir up a well of water that will never run dry. About The Author

supply of water free of sediment and harmful pollutants.

Katie Loveless is a social worker, wife, and mother of five boys. She is a student of grace who enjoys writing, gardening, and empowering others to pursue stability.

Gò0dNews for Everyone

The Voice at The End of The Line


by Rhonda Lane

hen I was a teenager, there was an

thing we all have, if we will accept it, is a father.

AT&T commercial starring the late

A Heavenly Father. There are no long-distance

Bear Bryant, legendary football

charges and no dead cellphone batteries when we

coach at the University of Alabama. Although I

need to talk to Him. We just talk, we just groan,

don’t remember the entirety of the ad, its message has clung to my memory for some forty-plus years. The beginnings of the commercial probably espoused the virtues of using AT&T, as is the aim of most commercials. The last line, however, was the bombshell. Coach Bryant, by this time advanced in years, wistfully questioned his audience in a tender voice, “Have you called your Mama today? I sure wish I could call mine.” I was sitting next to my own mother, whom

we just cry. (“Likewise, the Spirit also helpeth

I saw every day, whom I talked with every day,

our infirmities: for we know not what we should

and whom I had teenage squabbles with almost

pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh

every day when this popular commercial aired.

intercession for us with groanings which cannot

Immediately, at a rather late hour, my mom

be uttered,” Romans 8:26). He immediately hears

jumped up from her seat, went to the phone,

it all, interprets it all, and listens to it all. Talk to

and dialed her mother’s number. At my age, I

your Father.” ‘

understood her motivation, though I was too young to yet feel it. It remains one of the most

Have you called your Mama today? I sure wish I could call mine.

Many people don’t have a mother anymore, including me, and some never had a mother. One 36 // June 2022

About The Author

memorable moments of my life. Rhonda Lane is a native of Dalton, Georgia, and is an orphaned, old maid, and only child trying to find her way in the world and lose herself in Jesus Christ.





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June Joy


by Monica Gambrell

y parents divorced when I was six years old,

we asked my mother where we were going, she always

and my mother assumed the role of both mother

replied with a resounding “who knows, but we’ll have fun

and father. She was a strict disciplinarian, and

getting there!” We would literally have no destination in

there was no doubt that she held tight reigns on the entire family. As a wonderful balance to the discipline, she took any available opportunity to create moments of joy. Saturdays were both dreaded and looked forward to by

mind, just a pleasant drive and a lot of fun. I could recount numerous such trips, but one comes to mind more than most. It was late June and extremely hot. We were all piled into the station wagon, and I’m sure

all of us. The standing rule was this: “as soon as the house

our conversation in the back was as heated as the black

is clean, we begin an adventure.” And when mom said

tar road on which we were traveling. My mother took the

clean, she meant spotless! We stripped the beds, did all the laundry, swept, mopped, and waxed the wood floors, cleaned the inside of the refrigerator, washed the windows, cleaned the floor furnace, cleaned the oven, dusted, and much more. I’ve never known anyone that was more of a pack-rat than she was, so dusting (always my job) was a real chore. The kitchen sink was lined with a towel before adding hot sudsy water, and every knick-knack in the house had to be washed and dried before returning it to a freshly dusted shelf or table. If you come to my house today, you’ll find very few things that are not utilitarian because I don’t want to have to dust them. Every hairbrush in the house was soaked in bleach water, then rinsed and laid out

watermelon that was rolling around the back floor of the

to dry. We knew not to dawdle, though, because it was a

car and made a game that was both tasty and entertaining.

race to finish so our adventure could begin!

She cracked it open on the tailgate (no utensils handy),

Every family develops their own way of looking

scooped it out by hand, and tossed hands full to each of us

at things, and my mother encouraged in every way

lined up on the side of the road while we held our hands

the thought that “the journey is the point, not the

behind our backs. Imagine driving by and seeing that!

destination.” In those sweet days of my childhood,

What a clever way to break up the tension and irritation of

weekend adventures were treasured beyond words. We

six people in a hot, crowded car!

always kept the ice-cream freezer (the hand-crank kind)

How easy it is to choose joy. How rarely do we choose

in the trunk of the car, along with peanut butter, canned

it. Lord, help us to have an attitude of joy. May we search

meat, rock salt, and other “necessities.” When cleaning

for it as one searches for great riches. “These things have

ceased, we threw together a cooler of food and ice, and

I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and

piled in the car for a trip to who knows where. When

that your joy might be full” (John 15:11).

38 // June 2022


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Picking Up Where We Left Off: Learning from Zechariah


by Sandra Gilmore

e just stood there, stunned, overwhelmed. Nothing he had ever known compared to the entity before him. Nothing he had ever heard compared to the words spoken. From this

other-worldly being came an other-worldly message: your prayer was heard. Zechariah was a priest who had even married into another priestly family. The family business, so to speak, was prayer. He was surrounded by prayers, prayers for High Holy Days, for his community, for his nation, for adoration and praise, for supplication and petition, for thanksgiving, for intercession. That’s what brought him to the holy place that day. It would have been expected, would have even made sense for Zechariah to reply, “Which prayer?” And yet, as the story flows from Luke chapter one, Zechariah seems to know precisely which one. Of all the prayers, he knew this Messenger appeared “to the right of the altar” specifically for the one most tender to Zechariah’s heart. The Greek allows for even more context in translation: it implies the prayer was one that wasn’t even prayed anymore, longshelved without a hint much less a harvest. Could it be Elizabeth’s husband had forgotten he prayed it? Maybe, except we know from in turn, he—was reminded daily of the presence of children in the lives of others by the aching absence of children in their own lives. No baby clothes hanging on the line repeatedly during the week. No extra meals to prepare for younger folks in the household. No small chairs or beds among the furnishings. No milestones to discuss over the fence to the neighbor. No further investment in a once-enthusiastically offered prayer. We associate this story with the Christmas story. Have you been following this series? Check each month as we explore often-overlooked connections to this sacred event and wind our way back to Christmas.

Before the tinsel, lights, stockings, and trinkets, there was a prayer. Before the tax edict, before the long ride to Bethlehem, before shepherds and the manger, there was a prayer. And the interesting thing about that prayer was, it’s quite possible, it had been set aside. Do you quit praying after a while? When natural evidence says the prayer won’t be answered, when logic speaks otherwise, when your heart loses hope? Check your reason for quitting. Was it you or the Lord who told you to cease your petition? If it was your own logic or fatigue, pick up that prayer again and keep going. It’s not too late. It may

40 // June 2022

have been stifled, shelved, or shuffled around in your heart, but not in heaven! Before you chide yourself too harshly, remember it’s hard to live supernaturally in a natural world. How do we keep focused on not only the long-awaited answer but on the Answer-er? If this were a complicated process based on multiple segments with accompanying printed logos on attire, journals, and coffee mugs, folks might be more inclined to participate. It’s rather direct and straightforward: study the Word. Collect examples of prayers and prayer patterns. Find encouragement from diligent pray-ers who didn’t give up. Or maybe you can relate to those who weren’t so diligent and had to pick up from where they left off like Zechariah. Although his prayer seemed to center in their household, the answer (their son John the Baptist) impacted the world. Your prayers are also part of a design set in motion by the Grand Designer. Only God knows the potential they hold. Stand in faith and keep praying! About The Author

Elizabeth’s musings, she had not forgotten the prayer. She—and

Sandra Gilmore serves the Lord as wife, mom, and encourager, mostly through writing and speaking, occasionally through cooking, rarely through anything athletic and only because of the mercy and grace of Jesus. You can reach her by email: tandsgilmore@yahoo.com or her website: www.sandragilmore.org

Faith Haven Christian Academy

Faith Haven is an accredited, independent, non-denominational Christian school serving grades PreK through fifth grade. Our mission is to foster a safe and encouraging environment­— an atmosphere that enhances the holistic growth of students: intellectual, physical, artistic, and spiritual.

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Peach Surprise by Tim Marcum



• ½ cup of milk

1. Combine the first five ingredients until smooth.

• ¾ cup of self-rising flour

2. Then, spread into pan to form crust.

• 1 large box of vanilla instant pudding mix

3. Arrange drained peaches on top of the crust mixture.

• 3 tbsp of butter • 1 egg • Large can of sliced peaches (drain and reserve juice) • 8 oz of cream cheese, softened • ½ cup of sugar • 4-5 tbsp of peach juice • 1 more tbsp of sugar (for sprinkle) • ½ tsp cinnamon (for sprinkle)

42 // June 2022

4. Combine cream cheese, ½ cup of sugar, and peach juice. Mix with mixer on medium for 2-3 minutes until smooth. Pour over crust. 5. Mix cinnamon and 1 tbsp of sugar and sprinkle on top. 6. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. To double the recipe, use a 9x13 disposable pan at 350 degrees for 40 minutes (do not cook longer).

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Being Made in God’s Image


by Chase Holtzclaw

ook up and tell me what you see. If you are a believer,

should look at ourselves. How wonderful it is to think

you might see something besides clouds and the sky.

about His love for us. God knew how we would be when

You might see the heavens and look up and say Abba

He chose us. He knew how we would betray Him and sin

or Father God. When I look up, it reminds me of how small

against Him, and yet He still chose us before the foundation

I truly am compared to the existence of the things God has

of the earth. How beautiful is His perfect love for us that He

created. I like to look up at the sky and talk to my Father

would put Himself through death to give us life—a life for

God who is in heaven. God said, “Let us make man in our image according to Our likeness…” (Genesis 1:26). God created man in His own image to remind us of Him. What do you think God sees when He looks at us? This question has so many answers from so many well-educated scholars, and these scholars have much to say about this topic. When I ask myself this question, I must look back to the work of God and think, God said that He made us in His own image. In this image is a perfect plan for our lives and the future we are created for. When we are born, our parents looked at us and compared us to them. How we have the same nose or the same color eyes. We often look at our children and see ourselves in them or parts

a life, after all, is the cost of sin. Sin will cause death, and

of our loved ones. When our kids act a certain way, we can

through our sinfulness, Jesus chose death of His body for us.

see where they may get it from. Father God knows where

The enemy does not want us to see ourselves the way

we get our likeness from. He knows all things about us from

God sees us. He wants us to see the same disappointment

the inside to the outside.

that he sees when he looks at himself. Imagine the jealously

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, do we see

that the enemy has for us because of the love God has for

the love of the Father on us, or do we see the weight of the

you and I. We can overcome the enemy when we truly

sins that we have committed? Sin will not allow us to look

look at ourselves and can see the love of our Heavenly

at ourselves as the image of God. It only lets us look at

Father resting on us. The peace that comes with that is

ourselves with guilt and shame. We are children of the God

overwhelming and is contagious to others. When we are

Almighty, and when we look at ourselves, we should see

walking with the image we were created to walk in, people

Him through us.

can immediately see the light of the Lord through us.

Bearing the image of God is nothing to take lightly us in His image. Our God, the creator of all things, chose to make us His own, which completely changes how we

44 // June 2022

About The Author

considering He loved us so much that He chose to make

Chase Holtzclaw has three wonderful kids. God saved Chase’s life by showing him He has a better way. Chase prays that he can show his children how to love God above everything and to love their neighbor as themselves.

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Gò0dNews for Everyone

Walking With Molly—Part 2


by Shelley Knick

raining sessions with Molly continued to grow deeper,

impulse would be to kneel down to her, hold her sweet face

offering more insights. One day, in particular, still

in my hands to remind her, “We are two different species my

stands out. In the world of Washington state weather,

dear. You are missing the point here.”

the days seem to vacillate between romantic summers,

Tears filled my eyes when I thought about God seeing

painfully harsh winters, and chronic in-betweens of blah.

all my trying and failing and holding me close nonetheless.

Routine walks would often take on the temperament of

He likely saw effort, fight, and perseverance—qualities He

the weather. Which is to say, Washington weather and

respected, perhaps admired. Likewise, he saw my impatience

Washington moods are not that far apart.

and demanding responses to failed expectations. It hit me

Molly, however, became a constant for me. Her mood was steady when mine was not. It was humbling how she looked at me with admiration and reverence. She lived for our time together. Molly had a past that was unknown to me. When she came into my life, I knew nothing about how she might have been abandoned. I knew only that she looked like she had recently nursed a litter of puppies and was now discarded. She had lived some years and accumulated some experiences. Her path had refined her, and this intrigued me. Like Molly, at that time, I was a mother without her children and geographically far from my family. Unlike Molly, I had not been used and abandoned along a country road. My story wasn’t overtly tragic. But I had accumulated

that I was ambitious to be awesome like God rather than

enough years and experiences to leave my soul familiar

awesome with God. When we walk with God, we become

with being dislocated in life, detached from purpose, and

a unit. Ultimately, we share in God-Likeness because of

seeking to resolve an ache that consumed me. When Molly

our harmony. He offers transcendent qualities beyond our

arrived, she came with her breeding mate. He was strong and

species. We offer him a vessel, a character, and a reach that

relentless in his will. When they were together, she was his.

is uniquely human. Absent of Him, our striving is in ego. In

After we found him a new home, she and I walked together

truth, He teaches us that relationship is transformative and

like two women in their thirties trying to figure out our

transaction is religious.

purposes together. Something about her poise and elegance made me

Inevitably, Molly gets distracted and defaults to her animal instincts. In response, I apply training techniques

proud of her, though I wasn’t responsible for these qualities.

on the walk to bring her mind back to calm submission.

It was admiration. I wondered what it would be like if she

Restoring our peace becomes my primary objective, as it is

knew how I thought of her. If I felt this way towards her, I

with God. “Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be

considered how similarly God thought of me as we walked.

recovered, so we must die. But that is not what God desires;

Then I imagined her growing insecure and anxious because she had big ambitions that she wouldn’t have if not

rather he devises ways so that a banished person does not remain banished from him” (2 Sam. 14:14).

up on two legs, to walk and talk with me? Would she grow guilty and wrecked with self-defeat because she couldn’t do more human things? This seemed ridiculous to me. My

46 // June 2022

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for knowing me. What if she began pressuring herself to stand Shelley is an aspiring writer. She is also a nurse, a wife to her high school sweetheart of 22 years, a brand-new mama to their miracle baby, and a new resident of Rome after moving from Washington state.


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Gò0dNews Poetry

Our New Home by Judy Hood

We’ll fly like an eagle when Jesus calls us home

We’ll be such a happy bunch—just you wait and see

We’ll dance in the clouds never more to roam

As we worship our Lord, He will be so pleased

It will be such a party; don’t you want to go?

You can’t get to heaven by paying a fee

He’ll take us to that land called our new home

All you need to do is bow on your knee

We’ll watch the angels singing in the choir

God loves everyone, He says in His word

What a sound we will hear like the Holy Ghost fire

He wants you to come and be a part of His herd

It will be brighter than the sunshine we all know

He painted heaven with splendor; we’ll be so amazed

We’ll bathe in His beauty as He calls the roll

We’ll spend eternity with Jesus all of our days

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Praying Offensively


by Jade Morgan

o you ever watch a movie or TV show with

of Esther in such a way God’s power and deity cannot be

someone and they start predicting what will

denied. When it seems we do not see, hear, or feel God, He

happen? It can be so annoying when this happens,

is there, and His promises and Word are being fulfilled.

especially when what they are predicting turns out to

With anxiety and depression more commonly spoken

actually happen. Unfortunately, I am totally this person. My

about than ever before, it seems it is easier for our minds

close friends have learned this about me, and at first, they

to be bent more towards the negative. No wonder it has

were impressed. Now, I am not so sure!

become accepted and commonplace to assume the enemy

Just last week, I was watching a movie with a group of friends, and the uncontrollable urge to audibly say what I

is lurking, or thwarting plans, before we choose to see what God is doing in our midst.

could see coming overtook me. I gave in and verbalized my prediction. My close friend said, “She always does that.” My response was, “They give you every clue about what is going to happen!” A few days later, I was watching a suspenseful TV show and I felt that feeling creep in again. I knew what was about to happen. It was so clear to me. Then, about five minutes later, it did indeed occur. In that moment, I began to realize how this concept parallels our spiritual lives. At first, my thought was that, more often than not, there seem to be clues indicating forthcoming danger or sorrow. I can look back and see this clearly in my own life. Indicators and signs that seemed so hidden at the time but now seem abundantly clear. I had

My pastor said something to me last year that I did

an adversary clearly fighting against me. Having been

not understand at the time, but that has become more

born and bred in the south, I have often been the recipient

and more clear the last several months. He said, “Pray

of the phrases, “The enemy is lurking about,” and “God

offensive prayers, not defensive ones.” I see now how

must be up to something for the enemy to be fighting you

vital it is to not wait until we are in conflict, or tension, or

so hard.” These expressions are said in abundance, and

something stressful happens to pray—this would be praying

often without thought of the power we are giving the

defensively. Creating the habit of praying offensively,

enemy when we say these words and just believe them as

praying to be “Alert and sober minded,” as 1 Peter 5:8 says,

truth. There are often clues about what the enemy is up

and putting on the full armor of God in Ephesians 6 shifts

to, sure. Yet, there are always indications of what God is

our brains and spiritual lives to be on the offense before the

doing and how He is working.

trials even come. Intentional practice will not make perfect,

The story of Esther is so intriguing to me because of

but it will make purpose.

no direct mention of Jesus, nor any of the names people call God. However, it is evident He was there working the entire time. The gospel story is woven throughout the entirely

52 // June 2022

About The Author

how it lacks the mention of the Lord in any way. There is Jade Morgan taught special education for thirteen years before God called her to ministry. She is currently the Connect & Serve Director at Public Church in Cleveland, Tennessee, where she also leads a ladies Community Group.

Gò0dNews for Everyone

The Great Chase


by Donald Cantrell

ecently, Kinsley, my nine-year-old granddaughter,

We got out of my truck, and Kinsley began to look at

and I were in South Dalton driving around so that

all of the snow cones and ice creams that the truck offered

I could pick up a small table that I had bought off

before settling on a Birthday Cake flavored ice cream on

Facebook Market Place. As we made our purchase and were

a stick. We had set out to go and pick up a small table for

about to turn my truck around in a local subdivision, we

my Sunday school class, and before we knew it, we were

encountered an ice cream truck.

involved in the “Great Chase” for ice cream. It was as if we

I asked Kinsley if she wanted a snow cone or an ice

were chasing down a stagecoach.

cream, and the reply was a deafening, “YES.” So, I pulled

As we got back into my truck to meet our family for a

up behind this vehicle, flashed my lights and honked my

quick dinner before church, I heard the most heartwarming

horn, to no avail, as the truck kept on going, but so did we.

words that a “Poppy” can ever get, as Kinsley said, “Thanks

As I followed the truck, I told Kinsley that it was not going

Poppy, that was so fun.” I think sometimes the most fun

to stop, and I heard this reply, “Poppy, let’s chase it down.”

things in life just happen without being planned. Kinsley

Just like that, the great chase was on as we followed this

knows that I often write articles in this magazine, so she

vehicle to the great unknown.

said, “Poppy, when you get home, you need to write a

The deafening shrills and giggles were worth the chase

story about this.” I love writing stories about our exciting

as I got behind the truck and followed it around curves

escapades, but even more than that, I love writing stories in

and over hills. The entire chase involved lots of deafening

her little heart that will last a lifetime.

cries of “Poppy, don’t lose the truck, I want an ice cream.”

As she gets older, she will forget all of the gifts that I

In a matter of minutes, which seemed like hours, the truck

have bought her over the years, but she will never forget

made a turn down a dirt road, which was a side entrance

things like the “Great Chase.” As many of you might know,

to Lakeshore Park, where the truck stopped, with its music

I have been her “Babysitter” since she was four months old,

playing, and the “Great Chase” ended.

and every day is a new day of adventure and exploration. The most precious things in life are often free and happen without any planning or forethought. I am so looking forward to the

54 // June 2022

About The Author

next “Great Chase.”

Donald Cantrell is a lifelong native of Murray county and has been pastoring and preaching since 1980. He has had the honor of publishing over thirty books and his sermon material is sold all over the world by various online companies. If you visit his house any weekend in the fall you will find them watching the “Florida Gators or the New England Patriots… Chomp Chomp.”

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