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H Hello Friends, We want to take a moment to tell you who we are W and what we are about. Our names are Matt and a Bethany Ruckman and we have three beautiful chilB dren, Brendon, Kailey, and Andrew. We live in d Cleveland and love what this town has to offer! We C have started GoodNews Christian Magazine beh ccause we feel that when God, family, and community are combined lives will be changed. a GoodNews Christian Magazine is a complimentaG ry, Christian lifestyle publication. You can find us ry tthroughout the community in retail establishments, cchurches, restaurants and more. Our magazine opens the door for Christians to work together to o grow and strengthen our community through releg vvant editorial and effective advertising. GoodNews Chrisitian Magazine is written by men G and women in the community who love and serve the a Lord. Our hearts are open and willing to be used L by God to reach out to the community to spread b tthe GoodNews!

November 2012

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What Does A Good Dad Do? By: Kelvin E. Page Senior Pastor – Westmore Church of God


here are very few manuals today which teach men how to be good dads. There are very few, if any, public schools, college or universities which offer courses on how to be a good dad. Therefore dads are by in large developed by mentors provided by their fathers as boys growing up. The problem of course is when the family unit is absent of fathers and male leadership in the home. Millions of boys are growing up in homes in American culture without Godly male influence or leadership. One of the ultimate questions underneath our cultural problem is, “how does one define a good dad”? God’s Word provides some answers to the question in Proverbs 4:1. First, A Good Dad Instructs, Proverbs 4:1. He seeks to provide and produce understanding for his children which will impact the next generation. For instruction to be effective it must be simplified, to meet the son or daughter on their level, in order to accomplish understanding. The goal of instruction is to produce understanding so that Godly principles of life can be embraced by a child to make them a better person. Instruction provides a path for formation. This leads us to the question. What does a good father instruct? A good dad instructs his child in doctrine, Proverbs 4:2. For a father to teach doctrine is simply to instruct his child in the Word of God and the ways of God. Good doctrine will create a Godly belief system, a foundation for a world view and a basis by which he makes judgments and decision which have to do with morality, business, family and every aspect of life. Every father has a doctrine, a belief system no matter how educated or uneducated, and it will be revealed in his instruction no matter how simple or complex. A good dad understands that if he ignores the instruction of doctrine then the child will be vulnerable to be tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine…Ephesians 4:14. I have often wondered if the Columbine school shooting would have taken place had it not been for the continuous erosion of biblical, foundational truths that should have been established in the lives of two teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who murdered 13 students and then took their own lives by committing suicide. Could it be that issues in society such as abortion, evolution and euthanasia all are eroding our society’s value we place on life? Abortion by nature

November 2012

reduces the value of life. The theory of evolution in its purest form reduces the value of life. After all we are all only one big chance. Euthanasia, like abortion reduces the value of life. If the elderly are costing us too much time and money, do away with them. These issues permeate our society and are based upon selfishness which ultimately becomes more important than human life. Abortion is the choice of a mother who rejects the life of a child because of her own inconvenience and lack of trust in God. The same with euthanasia. If ever there is a time for fathers to commit to the instruction of doctrine, the time is now. Fathers must remember that the Word of God must be considered as central to every situation in life. As fathers perpetuate the “centrality of the Word” through modeling and instruction, it will become evident in the lives of his children sooner or later. Proverbs 22:6. Secondly, A Good Dad Imparts A Heritage. Many dads confuse inheritance with heritage. Inheritance is providing after death things like possessions, security and valuables. A heritage is leaving things more important and valuable, than an inheritance. When one leaves a heritage, they leave knowing that they have deposited a good name; Godly principles, character, integrity, honesty and knowledge which will help a child accumulate wealth and raise the next generation with the same values. A father, who leaves a good heritage, leaves a legacy which has the potential to be handed down for generations. Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Thirdly, A Good Dad Encourages His Child To Get Wisdom, Proverbs 4:5-9. Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge. It is one thing for a father to share knowledge and facts; it is quite another thing for a child to know how to use knowledge and truth. Solomon shared wisdom when he said; there is a time to speak and a time to keep silent, Eccleasties 3:7. Knowing the right action and course to take in the middle of a tense and difficult situation is wisdom. Fathers must model wisdom and teach their children to pray for wisdom. Many people posses great knowledge but have little wisdom therefore, relationships are strained around them, and good people skills lack in their life. Finally, A Good Dad Intentionally Leads His Children By Example. He leads them up right paths, Proverbs 4:11. In other words he doesn’t teach them to go anywhere which he has not been willing to go himself. He leads by example. How can a father expect his children to pray when he does not pray himself? How can a dad expect his children to be good financial managers when he is not one himself? Fathers must understand that they lead by example. Whatever a dad wants his son or daughter to become he must be willing to become himself. Whatever he wants his son or daughter to do he must be willing to do himself. Teach them faithfulness, giving, humility, character, integrity etc… by becoming one who possesses those things in life. Remember that doing and becoming are as important as teaching and expecting. Take the challenge and work hard at being a good dad.


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G ò0 dNews Kids

Psalm 9:1-2


1 I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

aura was too excited to sleep. Her mother had told her twice to turn o=ut the light and settle down, but Laura found one more reason to hop out of bed. “You’ve had such a big day,” said her mother as she walked the girl back to her bed again. “You should be glad to go to sleep.” “I’m too excited to sleep,” said Laura. “Then let’s talk about why you are excited,” her mother said. “I had fun today, and I like to think about it,” said Laura. “Well, I had fun today too,” her mother said, “and I like to think about it. What was the most fun for you?” “Most of all I liked being on all the rides,” said Laura, “especially the boats going down the waterfalls, and the horses, and the ride that went up and down and around and around. What did you like best, Mom?” “I liked being with my family,” said her mother,”and I liked seeing all of you laughing, and I liked the monkey show.” “I liked those things too,” said Laura, “and the hamburgers and the ice cream.” “This was a day to remember,” her mother said. “Yes,” said Laura. “See, I have this picture and this flag. I’m

2 I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High

going to put them on my wall so I can always remember today.” “I’m glad you had such a nice day,” said her mother. “We planned this day so you would have a good memory of being with the family. I remember happy days from when I was a little girl. I want you to have happy memories too.” “I don’t want to forget today,” said Laura. “If you think about it often, then you will always remember it,” her mother said. “And I know another way to help you remember today.” “How?” Laura asked. “By thanking God for such a fun day. Jesus was with us today,” said her mother. “Why was he with us today?” asked Laura. “Everything was going fine.” “We need him on good days too,” her mother said. “Our family was happy today because we could be together and show our love for one another. Jesus gives us that love. He forgives the things that could make us angry and ruin a nice day. And he helps us to be thankful for the many things we enjoy.” “Can we thank Jesus now?” asked Laura. “We sure can!” said her mother.

Excerpted from Family Time Story Devotions by Eldon Weisheit copyright © 1992 Augsburg Books, an imprint of Augsburg Fortress. Reproduced by permission of Augsburg Fortress. All rights reserved.

Some Questions 1. Do you remember a special day when you were very happy? 2. Are you looking forward to any special day? 3. What can you do to help other people have a happy day?

A Prayer Dear Jesus, thank you for a fun day. Thank you for my family and the things we do together. Help us always to love one another. Bless other families too. Amen.


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Gò0 dNews on Money Matters

MONEY TALK$ By: Andrew Lee

“Can’t Repeat the Past? No, But You Can Teach the Children”


n F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby responds incredulously when his friend Nick Carraway tells him, “You can’t repeat the past.” “Of course you can!” Gatsby responds, and of course, Gatsby was proven wrong on this point. What is true is that many of us wish we could go back and have the chance to make different choices regarding money: “If only I knew then what I know now . . . “. While we can’t go back in time to make different choices in our past, we can and should do all we can to teach the younger generation not to make the same mistakes we did with our finances. Many studies have shown that children who grow up to be financially responsible adults are those who were taught early and often about being responsible with money and planning for their long-term financial goals. Ideally, it would be parents teaching their own children how to make wise financial choices, but sometimes it’s an aunt or uncle, grandparent, teacher, or a caring friend of the family. With young children, it’s important to start small and make every lesson relevant to their lives right now. Piggy banks are always good ideas, preferably the transparent kind so children can see the coins and bills filling up the bank week by week. But then it’s just as important to take children to the bank and have them see how to make a deposit and see their bank balance increase every month. (Plus, the quicker the money is transferred to the bank, the less temptation there is for the child to “break” the piggy bank and go on a spending spree). Some general principles I’d recommend are:

November 2012

1. Never just “give” money to children; always connect it to “work” somehow. Pay them a commission for doing their chores or other small jobs. 2. Allow them to spend some of their money each week, but only after setting aside part of it for tithing/giving and for saving for the long-term. 3. Be consistent. This will keep children excited about handling money and watching their savings grow. Never let a week go by without “paying” the child, and be sure to make monthly trips to the bank or credit union to make “deposit day” an exciting event. Finally, I suggest getting children excited about investing as early as possible. I began teaching my boys about the stock market when they were ages 10 and 7. A couple of years later, they each decided to put some of their savings toward buying stock in a company of their choice. It was important that I let them choose their own company stock to purchase, so that it would be exciting for them to follow the stock’s rise (or fall). My older son chose Disney stock, and my younger son chose McDonald’s (no surprises here). Would you believe that last year, while my own stock holdings earned an average return of 5-6%, my sons’ Disney and McDonald’s stocks earned a return of 27% and 35% respectively? I was tempted to turn over all of our investments to these two financial gurus! The important thing is to get children excited about saving, investing, and planning for the long-term. Most of us would agree, “If only someone had taught me financial skills way back when . . .” 8

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Sex, Prayer, & Video Games By: Jonathan Stone


was twenty seven years old when I got married. I was not exactly old, but old enough that more of my friends were married than not. And the majority of my unmarried friends followed suit within the next few years. One of the things that has been interesting to me during the last eleven years since I made a lifelong covenant with my therapist is the various ways that romantic boys struggle to become the committed men that they say they will be when they launch into marriage. I am not talking about marital infidelity, but the ability to simply mature into a hard-working, supportive, and caring husband and father who places the correct priority on his wife and children. For example, I recall trying to wrap my mind around stories from married friends with children who would get together with other married friends with children every couple of weeks and play video games until 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. I remember being confused about how this was even an option to be considered. I was painfully aware of the stress that comes from the life-adjustments that have to be made when a couple becomes new parents. With that in mind I could not quite fathom walking in from work and saying something like, “Hey honey, would you mind if I got together with some of the guys Friday night to play video games?” Yet, my friends seemed to think that this was quite natural. Before I go any further I need to offer some disclaimers. As my therapist can attest, I have my share of remedial maturation issues. I have been slow to grow up in some key areas. Video games were not really my thing. Perhaps if I had been forced to make a more conscious effort to prioritize family time over some Xbox with my buddies I would have been a little more sympathetic. Having said that, I still shake my head in bewilderment over the late night gaming escapades in which some of my friends were indulging. While I recognized that I was probably just as guilty at mixing up my priorities with other childish things, there was always something about video games that seemed to bring a slightly more disturbing element. Now we are starting to see research that suggests that the social costs from over-gaming are higher than the surface might suggest. In 2011 a TED talk was given by renowned psychologist and Stanford professor emeritus, Philip Zimbardo. He suggested with such clarity and authority from his research that boys and men are digressing from their addictions to video games and internet porn that the TED talk became instantly popular. Since then Dr. Zimbardo has teamed up with Nikita Duncan and written a book on his research entitled, The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It. And just last week CNN wrote an exclusive on the research. Whether or not one buys into Zimbardo’s conclusions a helpful point to be brought to our attention is that video games (like porn use and excessive internet surfing in general) is an arousal addiction, which is rooted in novelty. That is, the addiction is built upon the satisfaction that comes from encountering new surprises. Once a game or website or porn genre has been fully explored the addict has to move on to a new game or website or porn genre. This is in contrast to traditional forms of addiction, which simply look for more and more quantities of the same thing. We have known since the 1950’s that humans, like lab rats, will stimulate the pleasure center of the brain nearly to death, given the opportunity. However, what is new in Zimbardo’s research is the suggestion that the male dominated activities

November 2012


of gaming and porn use are now taking measurable tolls on guys. He connects his findings to recent statistics on the growing under-performance of males at work, in school, and, most importantly, in real relationships. Men are increasingly averse to the risks, complexities, gradual developments, and delayed gratifications of committed relationships. Instead, they are choosing the instant, novel, and flighty stimulation of porn and video games. They justify these behaviors in light of the arousal addiction formed in the limbic system of the brain. After all, how could anything that feels so good be bad? By the time a boy turns twenty one he has played an average of 10,000 video games. We might be tempted to brush off video game stats, despite the fact that young men are now literally gaming themselves to death and preparing for mass murder by spending sixteen hours a day on World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. However, as I have written previously, it should be clear that on the pornography issue we are dealing with something far greater than mere individual moral behavior. The social cost of the ubiquitous supply of internet porn is the ravaging of our children. I have thrown out statistics on porn before, but here are a few more. The average boy watches fifty porn clips a week. The porn industry is still the fastest growing industry in America, $15 billion annually. For every 400 movies made in Hollywood there are 11,000 porn movies made. Ninety percent of youth ages 8-16 have viewed porn online, the largest single group viewing porn is ages 12-17, and the average age that a child is exposed to porn is 11 years old. If you have a teenager that has not viewed porn your teenager has defied the odds. But if I placed a bet that your teenager has viewed porn I have a 90% chance of winning that bet. So, if you are a man who has an arousal addiction, whether it is obviously destructive or seemingly benign, what are you to do? My answer may seem oversimplified at first, but hear me out. The answer to your (or any) arousal addiction is prayer. God does not want you to do away with the pleasure center in your brain. He created your limbic system to begin with. What He wants you to do is learn to use it in the way that it was created to be used. And nothing has the potential of stimulating your pleasure center like prayer. Arousal and the pleasure center were created for intimacy. We see it in sex in marriage and prayer with God. Nowhere do these two come together any clearer than in the Old Testament book of the Song of Songs. The book has often been misappropriated and misunderstood, people mistakingly going to one extreme or the other. On the one hand, there are those who view the book as a semi-inappropriate acknowledgement that sex is a necessary evil for procreation. Those who lean this way ignore the book altogether. On the other hand, there are those who have reduced the message of the book to the idea that God wants you to have killer sex. Those who lean this way see nothing but eroticism in the book. There is no doubt that the book is erotic. But there is also no doubt that the book is singing the beauty of covenanted relationship. The book is one of five Festival Scrolls, and it is read after the Passover seder. Its use at Passover roots it in the foundation of the Jewish understanding of God’s covenant with Israel. Americans tend to read the book and immediately think about two secret lovers, but a closer look reveals two people so devoted to each other that their love creates profound intimacy. So, yes, the current of the book is erotic, but its channels are banked with covenant and intimacy. Thus, the book begins with the image that best captures simultaneously both eroticism and covenanted intimacy: the kiss. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth–for your love is more delightful than wine. Song of Songs 1:1 You see, we think that sex and prayer are total opposites. In fact, they are very much related, and the core component that they share is intimacy. God actually created you to commune with Him, and the primary way that you do that is through prayer. And the exciting thing about prayer is that God likes to speak to you in continually new ways, which makes it a perfect fit for replacing your arousal addictions. Nothing can arouse the whole person in the way that the love of God can. His love not only never fails, but it is new every morning (see Lamentations 3:22-24). If you are addicted to gaming or porn, checking your phone or watching the evening news, or any and everything in between I have some good news. You were created to be deeply intimate with God, and nothing will stimulate and arouse your love like prayer. You can replace all of your arousal addictions with Him. And if you do, you will discover that He never plays the same clip twice.

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Get. Moving. By: Emily Stone


hen the LORD said to me, “You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north. Give the people these orders: ‘You are about to pass through the territory of your brothers the descendants of Esau, who live in Seir. They will be afraid of you, but be very careful. Do not provoke them to war, for I will not give you any of their land, not even enough to put your foot on. I have given Esau the hill country of Seir as his own. You are to pay them in silver for the food you eat and the water you drink.’” The LORD your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. He has watched over your journey through this vast desert. These forty years the LORD your God has been with you, and you have not lacked anything. Deuteronomy 2:2-2:7 He goes on to say similar things about two other people groups. Then in Deuteronomy 2:13: Moses continued, “Then the LORD said to us, ‘Get moving. Cross the Zered Brook.’ So we crossed the brook.” (New Living Translation) So what, right? Well, I think there is a “so what” to it. I think there is a message here. Let’s bring it home…make it a little more personal. Let’s try it like this. These people are afraid of YOU. THEIR insecurity is a danger to you. Don’t mess with them. Be normal, do what you would normally do. They have reason to be insecure…they’ve got some personal baggage…but don’t play into their insecurities. You have no need to play into their insecurities. I have taken care of you. You don’t need anything from them that I have not provided. Then…Get. Moving. There is a theoretical orientation for counseling practice called “Internal Family Systems”. Although those who have spent years studying under this theory would likely be appalled at my oversimplification the orientation is precisely what it says it is. INTERNAL. FAMILY. SYSTEMS. Stay with me here. Over the course of our growing up years we internalize the systems of our family. We internalize the voices we hear on a day-to-day basis until we have our own little “family” inside of us. Oh, come on…you know this is true! Don’t act like I am crazy. You totally have a little group of people in your head. Have you ever found yourself beating yourself up verbally only to realize that this voice you are using sounds just like old Uncle Todd? Or how about when you start whining and getting all anxious to only realize that this voice sounds like nervous Grandma Jane? We learn to talk to our self and relate to our self by how others related to us and through experiences we encounter along the way. Sometimes this is very, very good. We learn to be patient with ourselves because we had a mother or father who was gracious and forgiving. We learn to give ourselves a kick in the pants because we had a caregiver who said: “That’s enough of that. Pick yourself up and keep going.” Get. Moving. Sometimes these voices provide wisdom and spending time “sitting” with them and trying to understand them and their needs without letting them take over your decisions is a very, very good thing. Sometimes these voices or characters in our heads are not a person in

November 2012

particular, but a certain age in our past. Oh, come on…you know this is true! Don’t act like I am crazy. You totally have a teenager inside of you. And a three year old. And a know it all nine year old. Come on now. Have you ever found yourself questioning every little decision you are making…with a sort of sarcastic edge to it? Um, were you ever like that as a teenager? Have you ever found yourself questioning every little decision…with a sort of anxious edge to it? What age would that be? Not all of our internal cast of characters will be similar. It greatly depends on what you were like and what you were going through at a certain age. I was very insecure and desperate for approval as a twelve year old and so my twelve-year-old voice would be very cautious and afraid of what my peers thought of me. Go back up to that section of scripture. This time read it in this context. You are making a decision. You are about to make a move. It might be a career move, an emotional stand against a long time fear, or a decision to let go of an addiction. You are about to make a major shift in your directions (“You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north.”) As you make your move, as you journey to that Christ-centered part of you who is ready to make this leap of faith, you pass through the sections of your mind that are still occupied by a various cast of characters making their voices known (“You are about to pass through the territory of your brothers the descendants of Esau, who live in Seir. They will be afraid of you, but be very careful. “) These internal parts have their reason…their own baggage…but they are afraid for you. That twelve year old is afraid you might make a fool of yourself like you did in the cafeteria way back when. She will do ANYTHING to keep that from happening again…including sabotage your leap of faith. She forgets that you are no longer that 12-year-old little girl anymore. You are an empowered, Christ centered, Christ-led adult. That teenager who had to take care of everything at home when your mom or dad was too strung out or working too hard to help is still angry and will do ANYTHING to keep you from having to work so hard again. Including sarcastically poking fun at your newfound courage. They mean well…but, they are AFRAID of you and for you…the centered, Christ led part of you that is a mature, courageous person and ready to go where God wants you to go…do what God has called you to do…be who God has called you to be. God does not want you to spend too much time on “their land”. He wants you to Get. Moving. (“Then the LORD said to us, ‘Get moving.’”) So I ask you to prayerfully consider God’s challenge to you on this journey: (paraphrased by me) You have been wandering about long enough. Time to head in a certain direction. You are about to pass through the territory [of voices from the past] These people are afraid of YOU and for YOU. Their insecurity is a danger to you. Don’t mess with them. Be normal, do what you would normally do. They have reason to be insecure, but don’t play into their insecurities. You have no need to play into their insecurities. I have taken care of you. You don’t need anything from them that I have not provided. Then…Get. Moving.



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Assembly of God Grace Assembly 1976 Westland Dr SW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-7729 Triune Assembly of God 3625 Waverly Dr NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-4214


Beacon Baptist Church 505 Corvin Rd NE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 472-7056 Big Spring Baptist Church 1415 Hardwick St SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-1101 Bellefounte Baptist Church Pastor Lake Walker 132 Bellfounte Rd NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 336-2312 Sun School 10:00 Worship at 11:00, and 6:00 Wed. 7:00 Bethel Baptist Tabernacle Pastor John Bivens 3165 Buchanan Rd SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 479-5820 Sun School 10:00 Worship 11:00, and 6:00 Wed 7:00 Blue Springs Baptist Church 699 Blue Springs Church Rd SW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-0932F Cedar Springs Baptist Church 723 Cedar Springs Church Rd SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 479-5506 Center Point Baptist Church 167 Monza Ln NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 336-2133 Cleveland Cowboy Church Pastor Wally Varnell 3040 Blythe Rd. Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-7936 or Sun School 10:00 Worship 11:00, Wed. 6:30 Gospel Jubilee Fri. 7:00 Cloverleaf Baptist Church Pastor Johnny Moore 2290 Waterlevel Highway Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 339-3617 or Sun School 10:00 Worship 10:45,6:00 Wed. 7:00 Church At Grace Point Pastor Phil Griffen 2595 Old Freewill Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 728-5050 or Sun.10:00, Wed. 6:30

November 2012

Covenant Baptist Church 249 Calhoun Rd SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 559-2653 Dalton Pike Baptist Church 3055 Benton Pike NE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 472-7606 Elkmont Baptist Church 4030 Old Freewill Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 479-4600 Emmanuel Baptist Church 1227 Powerline Dr NE, Cleveland, TN 37323 East Cleveland Baptist Church 1145 Arnold St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-8728 Fairview Baptist Church 5545 Runway Dr NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 790-5353 First Baptist Church Co-Pastor Allan Lockerman, CoPastor-Jim Gibson 1275 Stuart Road Cleveland, Tennessee 37312 (423)709-9100 or Sun 8:30, 9:45 and 11:05 Wed 6:15 Galilee Baptist Church 665 Old Chattanooga Pike SW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 496-2019 Hopewell Baptist Church 188 Old Georgetown Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 479-3763 The Journey Church 1668 S Lee Hwy, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 728-4100 Lebanon Baptist Church 1411 Old Parksville Rd NE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 479-6700 Macedonia Baptist Church 3119 Spring Place Rd SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 479-1713 Maple Street Baptist Church 1700 Maple St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 478-3622 Maranatha Baptist Church 453 Blue Springs Ln SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 614-8991 Michigan Avenue Baptist Church 2741 Benton Pike NE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 472-8891 Mt Carmel Baptist Church 7619 Blue Springs Rd, Cleveland, TN 37311

(423) 479-1620 New Friendship Baptist Church 1344 Chatata Valley Rd NE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 476-6007 North Cleveland Baptist Church Pastor Dr. Jay Mccluskey 2815 Ocoee St N, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-8524 or Sun School 9:45 Worship 8:30, 11:00, 6:00 Wed 6:00 Oak Grove Baptist Church 4452 Bates Pike SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 479-9125 Old Pathway Baptist Church 224 Rymer Rd NE, Cleveland, TN 37323 Parkway Baptist Church Rev. Shane Lawson 185 Meadow Ln SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 339-5522 or Sun School 10:00 Worship at 11:00 and 6:00 Wed. 6:00 Philadelphia Baptist Church 910 30th St SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 Philippi Baptist Church 2325 Old Harrison Pike NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-5385 Ridgeview Baptist Church 1501 S Ocoee St, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-5119 Samples Memorial Baptist Church 371 Samples Chapel Rd SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 476-2329 Shiloh Baptist Church 3406 Blair Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 479-5755 Stuart Park Baptist Church 850 17th St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-6741 Tasso Baptist Church 164 Old Charleston Rd NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 559-2114 Temple Baptist Church 3070 Harrison Pike, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-6813 Thompson Spring Baptist Church 5660 Bates Pike SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 790-1823 Union Baptist Church 797 Hughes Lake Rd SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 559-1720

Valley View Baptist Church Pastor David Tuten 4657 Spring Place Rd SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 472-7707 or Sun School 9:30 Worship at 10:30, and 6:00 Wed. 7:00 Washington Avenue Baptist Church 1720 Perry St SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-0489 Waterville Baptist Church Pastor Allan Lovelace 4555 Dalton Pike SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 472-5582 or Sun School 9:00 Worship 10:45, and 6:00 Wed 6:30 West Cleveland Baptist Church 1959 Westland Dr SW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-8927 Westwood Baptist Church Pastor Steve Smartt 4001 Georgetown Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-1534 or Sun. 10:45, & 6:00 pm Wed 6:00 White Oak Baptist Church 2043 White Oak Valley Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 559-2359


St Therese Catholic Church 900 Clingan Ridge Dr NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-8123 Mass times: 6:00 PM - Saturday Vigil Mass 8:00 AM - Sunday Spanish Mass 9:30 AM - Sunday English Mass 12:00 PM - Sunday English Mass Holy Days of Obligation: 8:30 AM - English Mass 7:00 PM - Bilingual Mass


Cleveland Christian Fellowship Pastor Mark Strickland 695 S Ocoee St, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-2642 or Worship 10:00, and 6:30 Wed 7:00


United Christian Church 2200 Peerless Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-4277

Church of Christ

Cleveland Church Of Christ 1025 Beech Cir NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 339-2500 Eastside Church Of Christ 252 Wildwood Ave SE,


Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-0901 SE 2nd Street Church of Christ 753 Howard Cir SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-3789 Union Grove Church Of Christ Minster Steven Hall 4889 Bates Pike SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 479-8307 Sunday School 10:00 Worship 10:55, 6:00 Wed. 7:00

Church of God

Fellowship of Praise COG Pastor Selma Hall 931 Inman Street East Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-3121 or Sun School 10:00 Worship11:00, Wed 6:30 Heritage Fellowship COG Pastor Steve Gilbert 4635 South Lee Hwy Mcdonald, TN 37353 (423) 476-6316 or Sunday School 9:45 Worship 11:00, & Wed.7:00 North Cleveland COG Pastor Mitch Maloney 335 11th St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-5513 or Sun 10:30, and 6:00 Wed. 6:30 Mt Olive COG 3522 Harrison Pike, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-3381 Mt View COG 210 Roadway Dr SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 472-6925 South Cleveland COG Pastor Chris Moody 1846 Volunteer Dr SW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-6382 or Sun. 8:45, 10:45, & 6:00 Wed. 7:00 Westmore COG Pastor Kelvin Page 2412 Wolfe Dr NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 559-9646 or Sun. 10:00, and 6:00 Wed. 6:30 Zion Assembly COG Pastor Todd Mcdonald 5512 Waterlevel Hwy, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 476-3337 or Sun School 10:00 Worship 11:00, 6:00 Wed 7:00

Church of God of Prophecy

Cleveland Spanish Church of God of Prophecy 2610 Grove Ave. Cleveland, TN 37312 (423)473-7199 Durkee Road Church of God of Prophecy 201Durkee Rd. Cleveland, TN37312 (423) 472-4384 Keith Street Ministries Church of God of Prophecy 4000 Keith ST. NW Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-2448 Peerless Road Church of God of Prophecy 3301 Peerless Rd. NW Cleveland, TN 37312 (423)303-2680 Spring Place Church of God of Prophecy 2530 Spring Place Rd. Cleveland, TN37311 (423)476-6414 Wildwood Church of God of Prophecy 150 Wildwood Ave Cleveland, TN 37311 (423)479-6584


Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church 320 Broad St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-5541


LutheranFirst Lutheran Church 195 McIntire Ave NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-6811


Asbury United Methodist Church 120 Central Ave NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 790-5956 Big Spring United Methodist Church 1196 Hardwick St SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-5242 Black Fox United Methodist Church 1820 Old Chattanooga Pike SW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 339-1908 Broad Street United Methodist Church 155 Central Ave NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-5586 First United Methodist Church 3425 Ocoee St N, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-4504 South Cleveland United Methodist Church 1165 Church St SE, Cleveland, TN

7 GoodNews Christian Magazine

37311 (423) 476-8742 Tasso United Methodist 1106 Tasso Ln NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 479-4457 Trinity United Methodist Church 731 1st St SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 614-7900 Valley Head Methodist Church 920 Mouse Creek Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-0575 Wesley Memorial Methodist 3405 Peerless Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 472-9578


Faith Memorial Church 910 17th St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-6281 First United Pentecostal Church 4095 Peerless Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 476-9436

(423) 336-9696


Charleston Cumberland Presbyterian Church 8267 N Lee Hwy, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 336-5004 First Cumberland Presbyterian Church 161 2nd St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-6751 First Presbyterian Church 433 N Ocoee St, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-5584 St James Cumberland Presbyterian Church 151 Short St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-5762 Trinity Presbyterian Church 1780 Stuart Rd NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 559-9595


Christian Fellowship Ctr 895 6th St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-9591 Church Alive Ministries Cleveland, TN 37353 (423) 559-1371 Cleveland Cornerstone Church 533 Broad St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 479-1775 Freedom Fellowship Church 3555 Blue Springs Rd, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 478-0654 Graceway Chapel 221 14th St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 728-2226 Living Word Church Pastor Larry Cockerham 930 25th Street, NW Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 339-3028 or Sun.10:30 & Wed 7:00 pm Norvel Hayes Ministries 24 155 S Ocoee St, Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-3882 Restoration Fellowship 211 Trewhitt Dr SE, Cleveland, TN 37323 (423) 479-4249 Walker Valley Community Church 787 Lauderdale Memorial Hwy NW, Cleveland, TN 37312

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Singing Echoes 1 Chronicles 16:23-27 New International Version (NIV) 23 Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day. 24 Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

he Singing Echoes is a professional Southern T Gospel group based in Cleveland, TN. The Epperson family, originated in 1969 with Max and Lela

(Mom and Dad), their two sons Lynn and Gary, and Debbie, Gary’s wife. Through the many years of being in gospel music, they have become a well-known name in the gospel music industry. Their zeal to lift the Savior up in song has never diminished, and is displayed openly in each and every concert. In 1973, The Singing Echoes received a Grammy nomination for their arrangement and performance of the song “When I Wake up To Sleep No More.” Their style of “old-fashioned down home singing” led many nationally known groups to record this song. Therefore, the song became known by every gospel music lover in the country. With all eyes open and ears listening in the gospel music industry, The Singing Echoes next introduced, “Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet,” bringing out a prominent song writer, Squire Parsons, to gospel music. This created a domino effect of hits for The Singing Echoes including “Shouting Happy,” which was later recorded by The Kingsmen, “I Made a Covenant with My Lord” also recorded later by The Kingsmen, “His Tomb Is Empty Now” written by Lela Epperson and recorded by many gospel groups even today. “Two Coats” which was later recorded and performed in the movie “The Apostle,” “On The Other Side Of Jordan,” “I’ll Wear A White Robe,” “Thank You Lord,” “Enter In,” “Look For Me,” & “When I Go Strolling” written by Gary Epperson.“It’s Enough” also written by Gary Epperson and recorded in 1985 which climbed to #2 in the nation on the Singing News Chart. “Beautiful Heaven and “On Holy Ground” written by Gary Epperson remained in the top 20 of the Singing News Chart for months. “Keep Your Eyes on Him,” “I’m Depending On Jesus,” and “The Next Glory Flight” were all top 40 songs also written by Gary Epperson. The group’s work was recognized by the state of Tennessee, and Governor Lamar Alexander appointed them as “Ambassadors of good will” for the state of Tennessee. In 1989, Gary and Debbie’s son Joshua who had traveled with the group since he was 2 weeks old joined the family on stage to sing the tenor part at the age of eight. 1990 brought Lynn’s oldest son, Jeremy to the group full time to play drums at the age of 14. Both Jeremy and Joshua had enjoyed singing on stage with the family even before they started school. Due to health problems, Max and Lela left the road and retired in 1995. Shortly after their retirement, Lynn’s other two sons, Adam and Matt, joined the group full time. Even though Lela’s heart was broken because she was no longer physically able to travel and sing, her heart was filled with joy to see her four grandchildren step in to take the place of her and Max. The Singing News Magazine informed the gospel music Industry in1997 of the third generation now performing on stage and the “Gospel Voice” has recognized The Singing Echoes in their April 2001 issue. In September 1999, Lela crossed to the far side banks of Jordan and Max in July 2004, leaving behind a legacy in gospel music. The Singing Echoes celebrate 40 years in Gospel Music, with some of their latest releases, “Think I’m Excited,” “In the Shadow of God’s Wings,” & “Looking Forward to Where I’ve Never Been!” Their pow-

erful song “Empty Hands” written by Debbie Epperson, and their big hit “Somebody’s Here” climbed to the top of the charts. The latest DVD released is “Live In Anderson, SC,” featuring “That’s How Much I Love You” is being enjoyed by thousands. Their latest CD titled “Then & Now” features a number of great songs, like “Jesus Is Coming,” which was a top 5 nominated song by the Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair, “He Still Moves The Stones,” “I Can’t Begin To Tell,” & “Miracles. Their CD “37 years and Still on the Old Path” features “When I Go Walking,” Written by Adam Epperson. Their CD “Overthere” features “Be Counted on Gods Side,” Written by Debbie Epperson has currently been on the charts. The Singing Echoes are one of the few groups today that every member of the group is a song writer except Jonah, and most all of their songs recorded are written by their members. Their latest project, “our Heritage,” features the song “I’m a Used to Be,” written by Adam Epperson and currently on the charts. This song is also among the top 5 for Favorite Band, Favorite Mixed Quartet, Matt Epperson, and Favorite Lead Singer, And Lynn Epperson for Naomi Sego Living Legend Award by the Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair for 2010. In 2007 and 2008 The Singing Echoes were awarded the Favorite Mixed Group by the Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair. In 2007,2008, 2009 and 2010 they were also awarded the Favorite Band by the Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair. In 2007, Josh Epperson received the Favorite Musician Award, and in 2008,2009 and 2010 Lynn Epperson received the Favorite Bass Singer award by the Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair. In 2009, The state of Tennessee passed a Joint House and Senate Resolution honoring The Singing Echoes for their 40 years of service in gospel music. The Singing Echoes also host their annual Blue Springs Valley Singing at The Singing Echoes Park in Cleveland, TN every July. This park is Lela’s old home place. The event is one of the largest outdoor gospel singing in the southeastern United States. The park is equipped with camping facilities, Shelters, concessions, and the singing echoes museum which displays artifacts from the 42 years of their gospel singing ministry. In 2009, Josh’s son Jonah, at the age of seven, joins the group on stage which was the fourth generation of the Epperson family to sing on stage. The Singing Echoes are a visible example of the results of generations influenced by prayer, hard work, dedication, family, love, and a zeal to serve God. Gary –Lead Singer, Harmonica, Fiddle, and Guitar Lynn – Bass Singer Debbie – Alto Singer, and Keyboard Jeremy – Tenor Singer, Guitar, and Mandolin Joshua – Baritone Singer, Guitar, Bass, Fiddle, Mandolin, Dombro, Banjo, Dulcimer, and Steel Guitar Matt – Lead Singer, Mandolin, and Guitar Adam – Bass Singer, and Bass Jonah - Guitar

Adult Groups

Cleveland Christian Fellowship

-Bible Study Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Heritage Fellowship COG -C.O.R.E- Young adults age 1830, Single and Married gather together the 1st Tuesday of every month at Panera on Paul Huff Pkwy. -C.O.R.E- Sunday mornings at 9:45. Breakfast is provided.

Living Word Church -Grow University: “Equipping The Next Generation Of Leaders” Wednesday 7pm-8:15pm

Macedonia Baptist Church -Prayer & bible study Wednesday at 6:30 p.m

Parkway Baptist Church -Bible study Wednesday at 6:00 p.m

South Cleveland COG Bible studies and WOW worship Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

The Church at GracePoint -LifePoint Small Groups Contact mdavies@grace-point. com

Union Grove Church of Christ -Bible study Sundays at 10:00 a.m (All ages) -Bible study Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Westmore COG -“Bridge Builders” Sundays at 6:00 p.m. -“Berean” Bible Study Sundays at 5:00 p.m.” -Sanctuary Bible Class Sundays at 6:00 p.m. -Crossroads Bible Study Sundays at 6:00 p.m. -“Growing in Christ” Sundays at 6:00 p.m. -“Sojourners” Bible Study Sundays at 6:00 p.m. -“Growing in Grace” Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. -“The Blessed Life” Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m -Bible study Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.

Westwood Baptist Church -Bible Study Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

Children Living Word Church -Cereal Sunday: Last Sunday of each month beginning at 10am for elementary age children. W.O.W. = Win On Wednesday (Discipleship program) 7-8:15pm every Wed. night For kids infant to 5th grade Heritage Fellowship COG -Royal Rangers/Missionettes: Wednesdays at 7:00p (K-5) Macedonia Baptist Church -Awana Club Wednesday 6:00 p.m.

Mt Olive Ministries COG -Childrens Choir (K-2 grade, 3-5 grade) Wednesdays at 7:00-7:30 p.m. -Little Sweethearts (2-5 yrs) -Bluebelles (1st-3rd) -Joybelles (4th-5th) -Royal Rangers (K-5th) Wednesday 7:00 p.m.

North Cleveland COG -“e4Kids” Sundays 9:30-10:00 a.m. -Big Breakfast Bonanza Sundays 10:00-10:30 a.m. -Big City Sundays 10:30-12:00 p.m. -Toon Town Wednesdays 6:30-7:15

Parkway Baptist Church -TeamKIDS(k-5 grade) Wdnesday at 6:00 p.m

South Cleveland COG -Little Sweethearts (2-5 yrs) -Bluebelles (1st-3rd) -Joybelles (4th-5th) -Royal Rangers (K-5th) Wednesday 7:00 p.m.

Westmore COG -Childrens Choir (K-2 grade, 3-5 grade) Wednesdays at 6:30-7:00 p.m. -Little Sweethearts (2-5 yrs) -Bluebelles (1st-3rd) -Joybelles (4th-5th) -Royal Rangers (K-5th) Wednesday 7:00 p.m.

Westwood Baptist Church -“Kid Connection” Sunday School 9:30-10:40 Worship Hour 10:40-12:15

-Story Craft Hour (July) Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 -Awana (Aug-May) Wednesdays 6:00-8:00

Couples Groups

North Cleveland COG

-“Twenty Something” Couples Fellowship For engaged and married couples in their 20’s. Sundays at 9:30 a.m. -“Covenant Couples” Couples 30’s – 50’s Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Westmore Church of God -“IMarriage” Sundays at 6:00 p.m.

Family Groups Living Word Church - Living Word Church Family Life Groups (Call 423.339-3028 for more information) - Thursdays, 1:30pm - Thursdays, 6:30pm - Sundays, 5pm Westmore Church of God -Visionary Parenting Sundays at 6:00 p.m. -“Secrets of Your Family Tree” Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Food Ministries

Living Word Church Compassion Center gives out bags of groceries at each Sunday morning and Wednesday night service. Macedonia Baptist Church -Living Bread- gives out nonperishables first Friday of each month 12 - 1 p.m.

Men’s Groups

First United Methodist Church -Men’s Breakfast 1st Saturday Morning at 8:00 a.m. Living Word Church - Living Word Church Men’s Life Groups (Call 423.339-3028 for more information) - Sunday 6pm - Monday 7pm - Saturday 8am Mt. Olive Ministries -Men’s Ministries

Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m North Cleveland Church of God -“Iron Sharpens Iron” Mens Ministry Saturday Mornings at 9:00 a.m. At Mountain View Inn

The Church at GracePoint -Men’s Breakfast at 8:00 a.m First Saturday of the month in the Grace Point Café.

Westmore COG -Wednesday Morning Prayer 6:00 a.m.

Prayer Groups

Cleveland Christian Fellowship -Prayer meeting) Tuesdays at 7:30 a.m. Living Word Church Pre-Service Prayer Sunday Mornings. 9:30-10:20am. Prayer Room. God-Seekers (Noon Prayer). Freedom Prayer Room. M-Th 12:00 - 1pm City-Wide Prayer. Every Friday. 12:00 - 1 (Calendar available at House of Prayer. 1st and 3rd Fridays each month. 7-9pm. East Wing Go Prayer / Evangelism. Every Friday. 7pm. East Wing Fast Lane (Prayer and Fasting) 1st Mon, Tue, Wed of each month. 12 Noon. Sanctuary Healing Rooms (Healing Prayer Ministry). Thursdays 1-3pm. (By Appointment 423.339.3028) 1st and 3rd Fridays 7pm

The Church at GracePoint -Prayer Service Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Westmore COG -Missions Prayer Movement Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Senior Adult

Living Word Church

Embers (Senior Adult Ministries) Call 423.330.3028 for more information

Macedonia Baptist Church -Fellowship Lunchon-Every 3rd tuesday -Quilters groups that meets ever

November 2012 18

2nd. & 4th. Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m

North Cleveland COG -“Peacemakers” Senior adult ministries Contact Travis Porter (423) 476-5513

South Cleveland COG -“Prime Timers” 1 Friday a month

SingleAdult Groups

North Cleveland COG

-“Oasis Singles Ministry” Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Westmore Church of God -“Single Friends” Meet the second and forth Saturdays of each month for a variety of events. Contact Tammy Taylor at (865)617-7715.

Support Groups

Westmore COG

-“DivorceCare” Thursdays Contact Rick and Rhonda McClure (423)596-1003 -Grief Care Mondays at 6:00 p.m.

Womens Groups Living Word Church Life Groups (Call 423.339-3028 for more information) - Sunday 5pm, -Sunday 6pm, -Thursday11:30am - Thursday 6pm - Friday 10:30am

Mt. Olive Ministries -Women’s Ministries Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m

Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. -Yada Yada Book Club Third Thursday of each month 7:30-9:00 p.m Contact Emily Stone at (423)331-1474

Westwood Baptist Church -“Sisters Inc.” For more info contact Terry Johnson (423)472-1534


Cleveland Christian Fellowship -CCF Jr. Youth(10-12) Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. -CCF Teens(13-18) Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Heritage Fellowship COGROOTS Student Ministry: Wednesdays at 7:00p and Sundays at 9:45a.m. (breakfast provided!) Living Word Church -Ignite Youth Ministries Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Macedonia Baptist Church -Y4C Youth Group Wednesday 6:00 p.m. Mt. Olive Ministries COG -LH2O Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

North Cleveland COG -“Altitude Middle School Ministires” Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. -“Elevation” Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Parkway Baptist Church -Student Ministries(6-12 grade) Wdnesday at 6:00 p.m

South Cleveland COG -“Fusion” Youth Group Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

North Cleveland COG

United Christian Church

-Women’s Ministries Contact Nelda at (423)4765513

Westmore COG

-“Ground Zero” Youth Group Fridays at 6:00 p.m.

-Women group meets weekly For more info contact

-The Element Root work Electives Sundays at 6:00 p.m. -The Element Service Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Westmore Church of God

Westwood Baptist Church

The Church at GracePoint

-Women’s Bible Study


-“Refuge” Youth Group

GoodNews Christian Magazine

Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m.

Events In November Colever leaf -Harvest Festival November 5th 5:00 pm

-Veteran’s Day Remembrance Service November 10th 10:00 a.m.

-Praise & Worship November 17th 6:00 p.m.

Grace Point

-Life Action Revival Summit November 25th – 29th 6:30-8:00 pm -Ladies luncheon November 29th

Heritage Fellowship Church of God

-Apple Festival November 3rd 4-7:00 pm

North Cleveland Church of God -Women’s Encounter November 2nd - 4th

-Men’s Encounter November 9th - 11th

-Student Gathering November 7&8 7:00pm

Westmore Church of God -He IS a night of worship November 18th

-Men’s Meeting November 23rd 8pm

Living Word Church

-“Do Married Well” marriage conference Nov 2nd 6pm - 9pm & Sat Nov 3rd from 9am-2pm. Free dinner Friday pm and free lunch Sat. Child-care is provided Pre-registration is required. Call the church @ 423.339.3028 for

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G ò0dNews For Parents You Can Have My Toy When You Pry It From My Fingers By: Craig Thompson


ne time, a man's parents came to visit for Christmas. Since his three year old son was the first grandchild, you can imagine what the back seat of the car looked like. It was filled to the brim with presents. After opening an assortment of small boxes filled with toys and games of various kinds, the grandparents brought out THE BIG BOX. When the grandson opened the box, he discovered to his great delight that it contained a full drum set. As Grandpa helped assemble it, the boy began beating on the drum closest to him. The father, in great dismay, looked at his mother and said, "A drum set? Why did you buy him a drum set??? I thought you said I used to drive YOU crazy with my drum!" The mother gave a sweet smile, nodded her head and said, "Yes!" I can relate to the Dad. There have a few occasions where someone gave a gift to my child that played the most annoying tune. Or it was something that made them want to bang the toy on the floor or a wall. And, being transparent, there are a very few toys that made their way in the front door and back out in a give-away box or a trash bag before the child could get attached to them. Sanity is generally an important thing. The truth is, kids get on our nerves sometimes. Our OWN kids get on our nerves. They do silly things. They play games which seem to be a waste of time. They sing annoying songs which people with nothing better in life to do than write annoying tunes compose in their spare time. They talk about light, nonsensical topics. In short, they act so, well, so childish. Oh. Yeah. I forget sometimes that my children are supposed to be acting childish. I'm guilty of telling them to "Act your age" while forgetting what their age should be acting like. Many times I look at their toys and forget what it was like to have my own. I used to be a child once. I played the games I liked with my friends and siblings. I had imaginary stories with imaginary people who allowed me to be whatever kind of hero I could imagine myself to be. I had a toy box. It wasn't huge, but considering the small area we had, it took up a good portion of the space in our bedroom. Every now and then, my Mom would try to get me to "go through my toy box." By that, she meant clean it out. But I would go through it. And when I went through it, I would invariably make my way to the bottom where I would find cool treasures: toys I had forgotten I owned. How could I throw those things away? They came out of the toy box for a new round of playing until something else was buried at the bottom of the pile awaiting discovery just months down the road. Tinker-Toys. Green plastic army men -- with bazookas, no less. Plastic Indians. A Civil War soldier set (the South rose again every few days in my bedroom). Blocks. Real wooden blocks with raised letters. Cars. Ah, the memories. Those toys helped to define me. They shaped me by allowing me to imagine, to think, to interact. When I strategized the placement of toy soldiers, I was expressing part of my personality. When I built a building with blocks or a strange contraption with Tinker-Toys, I was building part of me into the structure. Even the timehonored game of cowboys and Indians had its place in learning fair play and friendship with my peers. (Sigh.) But we grow up, don't we? We are expected to mature, to slowly transform from the flighty child to the sober adult with serious business on his mind. Even the Apostle Paul stated that when he became a man, he "put away childish things." But therein lies the point. My children are not men and women. They are children. In time, they will grow up and, of their own mind, they will put away the childish things. But until that time, the Bible doesn't instruct me to pry the toys from their fingers. It doesn't say, "When my Dad thought I was at the right age, he MADE me give away all my toys" or "He sold all my toys out from under me." Apparently, the putting away of childish things is the responsibility of each individual for himself. And as parents, our role should be to encourage the positive benefits of healthy games and toys, to encourage our children's growth through all good means, and to no when to back off. Maybe when I get home, I'll dig up some blocks and see who wants to make a tower. How about you?

November 2012


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Faking It

Submitted By: Robert Green

Ready: “Jesus looked him hard in the eye— and loved him! He said, ‘There’s one thing left: Go sell whatever you own and give it to the poor. All your wealth will then be heavenly wealth. And come follow me.’ The man’s face clouded over. This was the last thing he expected to hear, and he walked off with a heavy heart. He was holding on tight to a lot of things, and not about to let go.” -Mark 10:21-22 (The Message) Set: Every day it sits on my desk as a powerful reminder. It tugs on my soul with a convicting message that seems to say, “Be careful. Do not let your life be like this.” The object is a gorgeous leather Bible with all the extras, including gold tipped pages. It’s real nice. But the reason I don’t want my life to be like this Bible is that when you crack open the pages, you discover that the pages are blank. Yup—not a single word or letter. It appears to be the Bible of all Bibles on the outside, but it contains nothing of God’s message on the inside. The fake Bible had actually been a sample sent to me by a publisher so that we could get an idea of a cover we wanted for a future FCA Bible. The sample just needed blank pages to fill the inside.

as a constant warning. It motivates me every day to be real and authentic—to not fake it, and to make sure that nothing gets in the way of my following Christ. I have a question for you: Are you faking it? Do you appear one way on the outside and a different way on the inside? Truthfully there are gaps in all of our souls. We might be like that Bible more than we think. It can be a daily battle. On the surface, we may look a certain way, but in our hearts feel totally different. “I’m just glad they don’t know what I am really thinking or feeling on the inside,” we might think. “Thank goodness the outside can cover up the inside.”

Sometimes this even leaks into our sports competition. We want others to think we are better athletes than we are. We get pulled into the trap of posing—looking good and impressing others. When we compete, we slip into performing for others instead of glorifying God. As athletes and coaches, we can be the worst posers. We become experts of covering up our true selves because we think people won’t like who we really are. We actually believe the fake version of us is what people want. We think that faking it covers the hurts, fears, wounds and gaps. The bad stuff gets conveniently Now this blank Bible sits on my desk tucked away.

God has a way of slicing through all of that. Everything changes when God’s touch cuts through the surface and pierces the heart. His touch grips our souls and exposes our gaps. You can’t play it safe when it comes to following Christ. Nowhere in Scripture does Jesus encourage us to surrender our lives to Him so that life will get easier. The Lord’s call always touches the very thing we don’t want to give up. He finds the one thing that hurts the most. In Mark 10:17-22, Jesus basically says, “Hey rich man, give up your wealth and follow Me.” The rich man went away sad, because Jesus pinpointed the very thing that the man wanted to hold back. The issue wasn’t that he was rich, but that his wealth got in the way of his following Christ. We all have something that gets in the way of our loving Jesus the way we should. His touch pierces our heart because He knows the very thing that prevents us from following hard after Him. The real question is not whether we have something that holds us back, but what are we doing about it. We need to examine the thing that gets in the way from being all-in. In your own life, what is the thing that is constantly holding you

back from experiencing Christ’s power? Identify it. God’s touch can heal it. What would it look like for God to reach in and heal that one thing in your life? How different would your life be? No more faking. No more posing. No more covering up. Let Him set you free today. Go: 1. For the rich man it was wealth that got in the way of following God. What gets in your way of following Jesus? 2. How do you pose? Why do we pretend to be one thing on the outside and different on the inside? 3. What is God revealing to you about the one thing He wants to touch and change? Would you let Him heal you today? Workout: Mark 10:17-22 2 Corinthians 5:17 Overtime: “Father, thank You for Your faithfulness in helping me to change. I confess that there are gaps in my life. It has become too natural for me to live a fake life. I want to be the real deal. Show me the gaps. Expose them. Forgive me for letting anything getting between You and me. I ask for Your touch today. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

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Health & Fitness

Splenda, Hidden Dangers? By: Amber Mulling When you think of Pooh Bear and his jar of honey, do you get that warm fuzzy feeling? We recently took a family trip to Disney and met Pooh. He was as jolly and warm as you could imagine. Like ike Pooh, sweet treats are the comfort food of choice for mostt of us. When we have a stressful moment we usually grab a barr of chocolate or a sweet drink to comfort us. At some point, wee decide we are going to be “healthy” and rid our diet of sugar. When we go to the grocery store, we pick up the treats that sayy “no sugar added” or “sugar free”. We feel good about out making a so-called better choice, but have you ever stopped to think about what is in the he sugar free products that make them taste sweet? The artificial sweetener etener getting the h most attention today is Splenda. The technical term for or this artificial sweetener is sucralose. alose. We are all familiar with thiss sweetener, but what we are not familiar with is what it can do to our body. Here’s a short history: istory: Sucralose, or Splenda da is chlorinated sugar. The The process sucrose (table sugar) gar) goes through to become ome sucralose (Splenda)) involves replacing parts off the sugar molecule with chlorine atoms. Essentially, you are consuming chlorine wh use when en yyou ou u ssee Splenda. Is this something really ometthi hing ngg yyou ou rea all lly ly want to have in your body? our ur b od dy? y Splenda’s manufacturer act cttur ureerr claims cla laims ims that im th hat at it it has haas h as n no o sside ide eeff id ffects, ect cts, s, no toxicity, and that iitt can be weight. b used d eff ffectively ti l to t lose l i htt They also compare Splenda to sugar, stating that the process for making sucralose begins with real sugar, which implies it has a certain “all natural” quality.

November 2012

However, research has shown that sucralose can cause shrunken thymus glands and enlarged liver and kidneys. It’s also been known to cause the body to swell. The common side ported effects of Splenda that have been re- po p rte by people intation, dizziness and clude skin rashes/flushing, agitatio numbness, diarrhea, panic, sswelling, muscle intestinal cramping, bladaches, headaches, intestina pain. der issues, and stomach pain A recent study reporte reported Splenda/sucralose kills the friendly bacteria in your gut, also known as Flora. Your gastrointes gastrointestinal tract is 70% of the body’s immune system. To put it simple, consuming Splenda compromises your immune system. The imm good bacteria that sucralose destroys is essential to maine taining good d health. h lh If the above facts have not encouraged you to en stop using Splenda, maybe this w will -- a new study sucralose. This is quite shows that your fat absorbs sucra different from what was previously previou thought. This is ultimately what is stored in your body and would contribute to the body bod hanging on to fat to protect it’s self from this th toxin. Causing the puffy/swollen look to the body. Some safe sweeteners that th I recommend are Lou Han, Honey, and SStevia in the Raw. use them sparingly. As with any sweetener us Enjoy your sweet treats on occasion.

Fitness Fi itness Challenge Perform the following workout in order as many Pe rounds post your time on ro as possible (AMRAP) and po Squates-10 1. Squates-1 10 Jumping 22. J i JJacks-20 k 20 3. Reverse Lunge-10 each leg 4. Push-ups-10 5. Burpees-10


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Taste B uds By: Deana Thompson

he phrase “Thanksgiving Dinner” conjures up different sights, smells and tastes for different people. Still, two of the most common sights on the Thanksgiving table (after the turkey and dressing) are the dish of deep red cranberry sauce and the basket of steaming hot dinner rolls. Despite their popularity, however, most cranberry sauces are served straight from the can (still in their cylindrical shape) and most rolls are the “brown-n-serve” kind from the bag. This year, make your Thanksgiving a little special by adding a few homemade touches. This cranberry salad, a gourmet twist on the standard sauce, can be made a few days ahead of time; and the rolls can be baked a day early. May this Thanksgiving be a day of reflection and thanksgiving, and a time to enjoy some goodies straight from your kitchen!

Cranberry Salad > 1½ c. cherry juice, or any dark red juice (the darker the juice, the darker the salad) > 20 oz. crushed pineapple > 1 pkg. unflavored gelatin > ¼ c. honey > 1 Tbsp. lemon juice (to keep the apple from turning brown) > 1 unpeeled apple, chopped > 1 stalk of celery, chopped > ½ c. pecans, chopped > 1 c. cranberries, ground In a small saucepan, bring the cherry juice to a boil. In a strainer or colander, drain the pineapple over a medium bowl, reserving the ½ c. of juice. Sprinkle the gelatin over the pineapple juice, and let stand for 1 minute. Add the boiling cherry juice; stir about 5 minutes, or until the gelatin dissolves. Add the honey, lemon juice, 1 cup of the crushed pineapple, apple, celery, pecans, and cranberries. Stir until well blended. Pour the salad mixture into a decorative serving bowl or a salad mold. Cover it with plastic wrap. Refrigerate until set (about 3-4 hours). If using a salad mold, remove the salad from the mold by dip the mold into warm water for a few seconds to loosen the salad’s edges. Then center a plate upside down over the mold and invert them. Shake the mold gently until you feel the salad loosen, then carefully lift the mold off. If the salad does not unmold, repeat these steps.

Dinner Rolls > 3¾ - 4¼ c. freshly-milled hard white wheat flour (or 3½ - 4 c. all-purpose flour) > 1 Tbsp. active dry yeast, or 1 pkg. > 1 c. milk > ¾ c. unsalted butter > ¼ c. honey > ½ tsp. salt > 4 egg yolks > 2 Tbsp. salted butter, melted In a large mixing bowl, stir together 2 cups of the flour and the yeast; set aside. In a medium saucepan, heat and stir the milk, the ¾ c. butter, honey and salt until 120-130F (mixture is warm and butter is almost melted). Add the milk mixture to the flour mixture. Add the egg yolks. Beat with an electric mixer on low for 30 seconds, scraping the sides of the bowl constantly. Beat on high speed for 3 minutes more. Using a wooden spoon, stir in as much remaining flour as you can. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead in enough of the remaining flour to make a moderately soft dough that is smooth and elastic (3-5 minutes). hape the dough into a ball and place it in a lightly greased bowl, turning once to grease the surface. Cover and let it rise in a warm place until doubled in bulk (1-1½ hours); punch down. Shape the dough into rolls (doing more than 1 kind makes a pretty bread basket) Rosettes: Grease a baking sheet. Pinch off a piece of dough the size of a golf ball and roll it into a 10” long rope. Gently tie a loose knot in the middle of it, leaving 2 long ends. Take the end that comes out of the bottom of the knot and tuck it into the top of the knot. Take the end that comes out of the top of the knot and tuck it under the roll. Place the rosettes on the baking sheet 2-3 inches apart. Crescents: Grease a baking sheet. Divide the dough into 2 portions. Roll out each portion into a 12” circle. Spread the dough with softened butter, and cut it into 8 triangles (as you would a pizza). Roll up each triangle, starting at the wide end. Place the crescent roll on the baking sheet with the point under the roll, and shape it into a slight arc. Cover and let rise until nearly doubled (35 minutes). Lightly brush the 2 Tbsp. melted butter on the rolls. Bake in a 375F oven for 10-12 minutes, or until golden. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

Tip: Kneading dough is not difficult; you just need to get into a rhythm. After roughly shaping the dough into a ball, fold the top half toward you. Use the heel of your dominant hand to gently push the dough down and away from you (or you can use both hands). Next, rotate the dough 90 or less and repeat these kneading actions—gently folding, pushing, and rotating the dough—for the amount of time stated in your recipe. Soon, you should be able to rhythmically rotate the dough with one hand as you are folding and pushing it with your other hand. Keep a little flour handy to lightly dust the dough if it becomes difficult to handle; however, use this extra flour sparingly.

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Daddy’s Deer By: Rev. R.G.O. (Rusty) Asble


t was a phone call like now other. I knew when the phone rang that it was not good. I did not want to answer. It was about 9:00pm on October 15, 2007. It had been a long day at Church and I was trying to settle down for the evening. As I pulled the covers up to my chin and let out a big breath of air, the feeling of relaxation overcame me. I thought about the day and thank Christ for allowing me to serve faithfully the best I could. It was in that moment of peace the house phone rang. It was my sister. She was extremely upset and almost impossible to understand. She had just gotten a phone call that something bad had happen to Dad and our step-mom. I told her I would find out and call her back. I called my Uncle who was on his way to what was the scene of the vehicle accident. It was confirmed that both dad and our step-mom were tragically killed in one-car accident about a quarter-mile from their home. I was numb. About two days earlier, I had just talked and made plans to hunt with dad on the second weekend on November. His words were, “Get here quick…I have seen good deer.” When I inquired about what did “good deer” mean, I could feel his smile over the phone as he said, “I’ve got a good one for you.” On Wednesday, October 17, My sister and I stood before both caskets and a large group of people in Bishopville, SC. It was a great emotional mix for both families and of great loss. God showed us through that difficult time, but I was given the chance to share with them ‘Seven Things Daddy Taught Me From A Deer Stand’.

Seven Things Daddy Taught Me From A Deer Stand 1. Find Your Passion And Make It Your Purpose. Whatever you do make a difference! 2. Use and Share Words of Affirmation…With Everyone. 3. Family Is Important…No Matter The Circumstance. 4. Don’t Be Afraid To Say I Love You….Multiple Times. 5. Enjoy The Differences In Everyone. 6. Invest In People. 7. Enjoy Yourself And Have Fun…Remember To Laugh. On Wednesday, October 24, I had to go back to South Carolina to deal with my Dad and my step-mom’s estate. It quickly became very overwhelming going through personal possessions and paperwork at an empty house. With 30 minutes left of day light, I went behind the house to the farm field that Daddy and I owned together. I sat in Daddy’s deer stand. As it began to pour down rain, I broke down. Daddy and I had planned to hunt that next week together. He had taken the time to prepare

November 2012

the stands with camo cloth and cut shooting lanes from the new growth of limbs that came up from last year. As I looked up, there standing in the raging rain was a 4-point buck about 70 yards. As I began to laugh through tears in the humor of the situation, I heard a stick crack behind me. The 4-point buck walked out of the field and out stepped a doe right under the stand. She fed in the rain for about 10 minutes and then grew extremely nervous. As I scanned the growing gray edges of the corner of the field she was looking at, out stepped what I thought was another small buck...until he raised his head. All I could think about was Daddy telling me on the phone two days before his death that I needed to get there because he had seen some good deer. This was most likely one of the many he had seen. Through tears, I raised my gun and found him in my scope at 210 yards. I was not even planning on shooting. I don’t even remember pulling the trigger. All I saw was the deer turn and run back in the woods. I knew my responsibility, with rain pouring down, I flew down the stand and went to look for blood. Fear began to creep in that I had either just badly wounded a deer or missed completely. Man, I couldn’t deal with another miss, especially in this situation. When I got there all I saw two big dig marks from his hoofs and one drop of blood that quickly disappeared with the rain. I scanned the woods with my Q-bean and saw nothing. Dishearten, I went back to my Uncles house where I was staying. After explaining the situation, he called a friend who had a dog that tracked wounded deer. He followed us to the property where I explained the situation. Stilling pouring down rain we went to the spot where I had seen the blood. He looked around for the dog and it was gone. He turned to me and said he had found my deer. Puzzled we walked to the edge of the woods, he called the dog and it came back. In about 3 minutes the dog led us into a thicket where the deer was laying. It was overwhelming, I fell at the deer and with cousins piling on top me - all crying like a babies. I had harvested Daddy’s Deer. It was officially my first BIG deer. All those years, all those hours and all those miles driving it came down to 30 minutes before dark, in the rain, one week after Daddy’s death, in his stand. There before me was a 185 lb, symmetrical 8 point with a 19 3/4” inside spread. When times seem heavy and everything around seems disastrous, remember that God says “Be still and know that I am God.” Thanks Daddy for the love of hunting and desire to share that with people through Jesus Christ. Thanks God for a memory and confidence knowing you are there in all situations.


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Lazarus By: Darren Schalk

hen my youngest brother Davey was about four, my Dad took him fishing for the first time. What transpired next would Wchange our lives forever and, if you keep reading, it might just change yours, too. One morning, while the rest of us were busy, Dad took four-year-old Davey to the local pond for his first fishing experi-

ence. After just a few minutes, Davey was reeling in his first fish. It was unmistakably small, but Davey was ecstatic. Dad pulled the fish from the line and was about to throw it back when he felt Davey tugging on his pant leg. “Dad, Dad, can we keep him? Can we keep him? Pweeeeeez, can we keep him?” Dad tried to talk Davey out of it, but there was no arguing with an insistent four-year-old, so they combed the beach and found an old, rusty coffee can, filled it with water, and dropped the little fish in. Davey held it gently in the backseat on the way home, making sure no water spilled over the edge. He had a new pet, and he was thrilled. We had to attend an event several hours away that evening and the fish set on the back porch, in the small coffee can, in the hot summer sun, for the entire day. We pulled into the driveway late that night and Davey, in his excitement, beat the family to the porch. When he reached that old, rusty coffee can, we heard a blood curdling wail that could only come from the inner-depths of a completely distraught four-year-old. There we saw the gruesome scene—the fish was belly up, floating in the can, stone cold dead. Davey was beside himself. Mom tried to console him, but it was no use. His feelings had been crushed. Then, as quickly as the dam of tears and emotion had burst, they stopped. Davey looked up at Dad in the blackness of the literal and emotional midnight and asked: “Dad, you always say that Jesus can do anything, right?” “Uhh, yesssssss. I have said that.” “Well, if Jesus can do anything, He can heal my fish, right?” “Uhh… well… yes… I suppose… he could do that.” “Then pray for my fish, Dad, so Jesus will heal him.” Dad could think of no response other than to oblige Davey’s request. So as Dad always said, he prayed the best prayer he could pray over a dead fish, and once the prayer was over, Davey was content. He apparently truly believed Jesus would heal his fish, and that was enough for him. Dad–being the ultimate man of faith that he was–thought that once Davey fell asleep, he’d come back out and get rid of the dead fish, hoping Davey would forget about it by morning. But, in the bustle of getting everyone in the house off to bed, he completely forgot. The next morning, Dad got up early to do some work, but instead of walking out the back door where the dead fish remained in the coffee can, he walked out through the basement door, never giving another thought to the fish. Of course, when Davey woke up, he immediately ran out the back door to check on his beloved pet. Dad was under the car when he heard the back door open and the little feet pounding the ground, moving quickly in his direction. “Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad…HE DID IT! HE DID IT! HE DID IT! HE DID IT! HE DID IT!” Dad slid out from under the car to see Davey, beaming from ear to ear. “Davey, what are you talking about? “He did it, Dad. He did it! He healed my fish! Jesus healed my fish!” They walked up to the porch together, and there, in the old rusty coffee can, was the fish, alive and well! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I probably wouldn’t believe it to this day. I saw the fish dead as dead could be the night before and the next morning, the same fish was alive! Jesus truly had resurrected a dead fish! We immediately named the fish “Lazarus,” and then had bigger questions to answer, like, “What do you do with a resurrected fish?” We had to go buy a fish tank, rocks, an aerator, fish food, and a few fish friends for our dear Lazarus. Isaiah 53:4 tell us (in the KJV, no less—insert heavenly music here), “Surely he hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.” On this day, Jesus carried Davey’s sorrows. But what about your sorrows? What about your griefs? Who’s currently carrying them? If it’s you, consider this: If Jesus was willing to resurrect a dead fish to calm the hurt feelings of a four-year-old boy, how far will he go to calm your emotional hurts and pains? I think the answer’s pretty obvious.

November 2012



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