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2018 Wholesale Catalog

Table of Contents Egypt Collection Into The Woods Collection Birthday Love + Valentine’s Day Marriage + Baby Congrats + Friendship Graduation + New Home Sympathy Thanks + Everyday Moms + Dads Holiday Gift Wrap + Gift Tags About Us Policies

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The Egypt Collection A feminist take on an ancient civilization

Egypt Collection Notebook Duos

Lay-flat saddle stitched · 6” x 8.5” · 32 blank pages

Scarab Notebook Duo NS0005 $6.00 Gold Foil

Pyramid Notebook Duo NS0004 $6.00 Gold Foil

pocket notebook trio

Lay-flat staple stitched


4.25” x 5.5”

Pharaoh Queen Trio PN0001 $7.50 Gold Foil



48 blank pages

spiral notebooks Gold double-O wire binding


6” x 7.5” · 280 lined pages

Eye of Horus Spiral Notebook SN0001 $9.50 Gold Foil

Papyrus Spiral Notebook SN0002 $9.50 Gold Foil

art prints

Offset printed with metallic ink

Cleopatra Art Print AP0029 $14.00


11” x 14”

Hatshepsut Art Print AP0030 $14.00

Nefertiti Art Print AP0028 $14.00


Inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden.

Into The Woods Collection

Into The Woods Collection Notebook Duos

Lay-flat saddle stitched · 6” x 8.5” · 32 blank pages · 100% recycled paper

Forest Creatures Duo NS0001 $6.00 Copper Foil

Beetles & Butterflies Duo NS0003 $6.00 Copper Foil


Lay-flat perfect bound

Thoreau Journal - Plum JR0002 $7.50 Copper Foil



6” x 8”


132 lined pages

Thoreau Journal - Sage JR0001 $7.50 Copper Foil

Mushroom Duo NS0002 $6.00 Copper Foil


100% recycled paper

Thoreau Journal - Sunshine JR0003 $7.50 Copper Foil


Fifty sheets


5.5” x 9”


Gather Your Thoughts Notepad NP0001 $6.00 Copper Foil

100% recycled paper

Grow Your Ideas Notepad NP0002 $6.00 Copper Foil

Groceris & Goods Notepad NP0003 $6.00 Copper Foil

file folders

Set of six · 11.75” x 9.25” · Cover stock full-color foil stamp

Life Is Wild Folders FL0001 $7.50 Copper Foil

Naturally OrganizedFolders FL0002 $7.50 Copper Foil


Birthday folded a2

Birthday Boar GC0178 $2.50 Gold Foil

Hummazing Birthday GC0181 $2.50 Gold Foil


Happy Birthday Queen GC0174 $2.50 Letterpress

Glamour ‘Pus Birthday GC0180 $2.50 Letterpress

Llama Birthday GC0182 $2.50 Gold Foil

Happy Purrr-thday GC0185 $2.50 Letterpress

Love Yo’Self Birthday GC0173 $2.50 Letterpress

Panda Birthday GC0172 $2.50 Letterpress

Relaxing AF Birthday GC0183 $2.50 Letterpress

Wise One Birthday GC0184 $2.50 Letterpress

New Year Birthday GC0155 $2.50 Letterpress

Killer Birthday GC0097 $2.50 Rose Gold Foil


Birthday page subtitle folded a2

Soul Sister Birthday GC0096 $2.50 Letterpress

Golden Girl Birthday GC0117 $2.50 Gold Foil

Let’s Get Slothed GC0120 $2.50 Gold Foil


Happy Buffday GC0116 $2.50 Green Foil

Chin Whiskers Birthday GC0118 $2.50 Letterpress

YAS Birthday GC0067 $2.50 Letterpress

Single Ladies Birthday GC0080 $2.50 Digital Offset

Wild Spirit Birthday GC0035 $2.50 Letterpress

Top Koala-ty Birthday GC0070 $2.50 Letterpress

Franรงois Appy Birsday GC0069 $2.50 Letterpress

Manatee Birthday GC0068 $2.50 Letterpress

Silver Fox Birthday GC0066 $2.50 Letterpress + Red Foil

Keep Thriving Birthday GC0119 $2.50 Letterpress

Adventurer Birthday GC0071 $2.50 Letterpress


Love folded a2


Swan Love GC0153 $2.50 Gold Foil

Turtle Crush GC0152 $2.50 Rose Gold Foil

Squeeze Me GC0151 $2.50 Letterpress

Depths Of My Heart GC0149 $2.50 Letterpress

Loving You GC0148 $2.50 Letterpress

Love Is Love GC0092 $2.50 Holographic Foil

Opposites Attract GC0095 $2.50 Letterpress

Lego Love GC0091 $2.50 Letterpress

My Heart Your Love GC0053 $2.50 Letterpress

Valentine’s Day folded a2

Soul Sister Valentine GC0054 $2.50 Letterpress

Love Yo’Self Valentine GC0150 $2.50 Letterpress

Bear Valentine GC0094 $2.50 Gold Foil

More than kisses, letters mingle souls. - John Donne

Snail Mail Valentine GC0154 $2.50 Red Foil


Marriage folded a2


Cherish The Flaws GC0027 $2.50 Silver Foil

Stay Seal-y Wedding GC0100 $2.50 Letterpress + Gold Foil

Ever After Wedding GC0098 $2.50 Letterpress + Gold Foil

Love Story Anniversary GC0122 $2.50 Letterpress + Gold Foil

Picked You Anniversary GC0123 $2.50 Gold Foil

MVP Anniversary GC0099 $2.50 Letterpress + Gold Foil

Baby folded a2

Lady Lumps GC0187 $2.50 Letterpress + Gold Foil

New Favorite Hug GC0186 $2.50 Letterpress + Gold Foil

Hello Baby GC0101 $2.50 Gold Foil

Welcome to Parenthood GC0102 $2.50 Letterpress

Congratulations Pregnancy GC0177 $2.50 Gold Foil

More Than Skin Deep GC0175 $2.50 Gold Foil


Congrats + Friendship folded a2

Whale This Is Exciting GC0171 $2.50 Gold Foil

You’re Doing Great GC0129 $2.50 Gold Foil

Wishing You Good Juju GC0188 $2.50 Letterpress + Gold Foil

Toucan Do It GC0127 $2.50 Letterpress

Lion Here Thinking Of You GC0130 $2.50 Gold Foil

Puffed With Pride GC0126 $2.50 Letterpress

Owl Be Missing You GC0131 $2.50 Letterpress


Congrats Elephant GC0034 $2.50 Gold Foil

Graduation folded a2

Dam Graduate GC0107 $2.50 Letterpress + Gold Foil

Head & Heart Graduation GC0108 $2.50 Gold Foil

New Home folded a2

Home Is Where The Cheese Is GC0132 $2.50 Gold Foil

Moving Is Stressful GC0106 $2.50 Letterpress

Fairy Home GC0133 $2.50 Letterpress


Sympathy folded a2

Angel Wings Sympathy GC0179 $2.50 Letterpress

Hug Away The Pain GC0134 $2.50 Letterpress

You Will Love Again GC0128 $2.50 Letterpress

Weight Of Loss GC0135 $2.50 Letterpress


Thanks folded a2 cards & boxed sets of 6

Butt Seriously Thank You GC0190 $2.50 | BX0190 $7.50 Letterpress

Mooochas Gracias GC0191 $2.50 | BX0191 $7.50 Letterpress + Gold Foil

Thank You Kindly GC0193 $2.50 | BX0193 $7.50 Letterpress

folded 4bar cards & boxed sets of 6

“Feeling gratitude, and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

Spanx You Very Much GC0189 $2.50 | BX0189 $7.50 Letterpress

Thank You Fairy Much GC0109 $2.50 | BX0109 $7.50 Gold Foil

Elephant Never Forgets GC0056 $2.50 | BX0056 $7.50 Copper Foil

Botanical Thank You GC0057 $2.50 | BX0057 $7.50 Letterpress

- William A. Ward

Speckled Thank You GC0192 $2.50 | BX0192 $7.50 Copper Foil


Ye Olde Thank You Note GC0110 $2.50 | BX0110 $7.50 Letterpress

Gold Moon Thank You GC0058 $2.50 | BX0058 $7.50 Gold Foil

Everyday folded 4barcards & boxed sets of 6

Egypt Papyrus GC0176 $2.50 | BX0176 $7.50 Gold Foil

Walk In The Woods GC0115 $2.50 | BX0115 $7.50 Gold Foil

Enchanted Mushroom Garden GC0114 $2.50 | BX0114 $7.50 Copper Foil

Rose Monarch GC0112 $2.50 | BX0112 $7.50 Gold Foil

Teal Beetle GC0113 $2.50 | BX0113 $7.50 Gold Foil

Periwinkle Mushroom GC0111 $2.50 | BX0111 $7.50 Gold Foil

San Francisco Love GC0077 $2.50 | BX0077 $7.50 Red Foil

François Says Alo GC0062 $2.50 | BX0062 $7.50 Letterpress

Communication Is Key GC0016 $2.50 | BX0016 $7.50 Gold Foil

Vibe Attracts Tribe GC0075 $2.50 | BX0075 $7.50 Letterpress + Purple Foil

“I found it is the small, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay... small acts of kindness and love.” - Gandalf


Moms + Dads folded a2

Two Better Than One Dad GC0157 $2.50 Holographic Foil

Look Up To Dad Father’s Day GC0104 $2.50 Copper Foil

Lunchbox Love Dad GC0159 $2.50 Gold Foil


Fly Guy Father’s Day GC0164 $2.50 Letterpress

Never Outgrow You Father’s Day GC0074 $2.50 Letterpress

DAD Card GC0161 $2.50 Gold Foil

Majestic Beast Father’s Day GC0163 $2.50 Gold Foil

Gorilla Dad GC0072 $2.50 Letterpress

Hipster Dad GC0156 $2.50 Gold Foil

Two Better Than One Mom GC0158 $2.50 Holographic Foil

Lioness Mother’s Day GC0105 $2.50 Gold Foil

Lunchbox Love Mom GC0160 $2.50 Gold Foil

Mama Bird Mother’s Day GC0165 $2.50 Letterpress

Never Outgrow You Mother’s Day GC0073 $2.50 Letterpress

MOM Card GC0162 $2.50 Gold Foil

Fabulous Mama Mother’s Day GC0167 $2.50 Gold Foil

Grateful For Mom GC0166 $2.50 Gold Foil

Single Parent Seahorse GC0137 $2.50 Letterpress


Holiday folded a2 cards & boxed sets of 8

Keep It Together, Frank GC0169 $2.50 | BX0169 $10.00 Gold Foil

I Vant Candy GC0168 $2.50 | BX0168 $10.00 Letterpress

Incognito Turkey GC0170 $2.50 | BX0170 $10.00 Letterpress


Northern Lights GC0138 $2.50 | BX0138 $10.00 Green Foil


Nutcracker Dancer GC0141 $2.50 | BX0141 $10.00 Red Foil

Skàndia Season’s Greetings GC0146 $2.50 | BX0146 $10.00 Gold Foil

Happy Hooowlidays GC0084 $2.50 | BX0084 $10.00 Letterpress

Merry Christmukkah GC0043 $2.50 | BX0043 $10.00 Letterpress

Chill Holidays GC0083 $2.50 | BX0083 $10.00 Gold Foil

Cheeky Christmas GC0139 $2.50 | BX0139 $10.00 Gold Foil

Moo-ry Christmas GC0142 $2.50 | BX0142 $10.00 Gold Foil

Christmas Magic GC0140 $2.50 | BX0140 $10.00 Gold Foil


Holiday folded a2 and boxed sets of 8 4bar

Christmas Wishes GC0087 $2.50 | BX0087 $10.00 Gold Foil

Let’s Laugh New Year GC0085 $2.50 | BX0085 $10.00 Copper Foil


Skàndia Merry Christmas GC0145 $2.50 | BX0145 $10.00 Gold Foil

You Do You New Year GC0086 $2.50 | BX0086 $10.00 Letterpress

Merry & Bright GC0088 $2.50 | BX0088 $10.00 Copper Foil

Odds In Your Favor Hanukkah GC0144 $2.50 | BX0144 $10.00 Letterpress

Hope Is The Miracle GC0143 $2.50 | BX0143 $10.00 Letterpress


This Is How We Jew It GC0089 $2.50 | BX0089 $10.00 Letterpress

SkĂ ndia Happy Hanukkah GC0147 $2.50 | BX0147 $10.00 Silver Foil


Gift Wrap page subtitle rolls of 3 and single sheets

Pine & Mushroom GW0010-R $6.00 GW0010-S $2.25

Pink Rosemåling GW0012-R $6.00 GW0012-S $2.25

Purple Rosemåling GW0013-R $6.00 GW0013-S $2.25

Winter White Rosemåling GW0006-R $6.00 GW0006-S $2.25

Norse Green Rosemåling GW0005-R $6.00 GW0005-S $2.25

Norse Blue Rosemåling GW0004-R $6.00 GW0004-S $2.25

Gift Tags sets of 10

Twig & Berries Gift Tag Set GT0007 $4.50 Gold Foil


Hallingdall Gift Tag Set GT0005 $4.50 Gold Foil

Red Rosemåling Gift Tag Set GT0006 $4.50 Gold Foil

page subtitle

Yuletide Red Skàndia GW0001-R $6.00 GW0001-S $2.25

Yuletide Blue Skàndia GW0002-R $6.00 GW0002-S $2.25

Yuletide Green Skàndia GW0003-R $6.00 GW0003-S $2.25

Skis & Sleigh GW0008-R $6.00 GW0008-S $2.25

Santa Wreath Cameo GW0007-R $6.00 GW0007-S $2.25

Hanukkah Menorah GW0009-R $6.00 GW0009-S $2.25

Cheeky Christmas Gift Tag Set GT0004 $4.50 Gold Foil

Gnome & Fox Gift Tag Set GT0002 $4.50 Gold Foil

Santa Wreath Cameo Gift Tag Set GT0003 $4.50 Gold Foil


oh hey! Juliana Ryan Marina Brie

We are four San Franciscobased millennials who love the beauty of our planet and the relationships we cultivate here. We believe in the power of goodness. In what goes around, comes around. We believe in sending letters and writing things down. Spreading good juju (aka love) is a choice. It’s a deliberate celebration of our world and its living things. Our stationery seeks to touch anyone with a sense of humor, a lust for luxurious design, and an appreciation for life’s wild details--such as the intricate flora and fauna featured heavily in Juliana’s illustrations. We like to strike that balance of funny but tender, silly yet sweet. We love adventure and starting this company has been our greatest one to date. Join us in choosing to #spreadgoodjuju today...

Terms + Policies minimums The minimum for an opening order is $150, and the minimum for reorders is $100. Individual product minimums are as follows: Stationery - Greeting Cards (6), Boxed Sets of Cards (3) Gift Items - Gift Tag Sets (3), Gift Wrap Sheets (10), Gift Wrap Rolls (3) Desktop Items - Journals (3), Notebook Duos (3), Folder Sets (3), Notepads (3), Spiral Notebooks (3), Pocket Trios (3)

how to order We have 3 easy ways to order: 1) Email your order to 2) Fax your order form to (415) 624-8578 3) Call us at (415) 985-4732 And if you need a new order form, let us know and we’ll send one to you ASAP!

payment After you submit an order, we will send you an invoice via email, which can be paid by check, credit card, or PayPal. New retailers are required to pay before shipment. Net 30 terms are offered to established customers. Late payments incur a late fee of 10% per month. Customers are responsible for shipping and handling costs.

packaging All products must be displayed and sold in their original packaging. Boxed sets may not be broken up.

shipping Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to ship. Most orders ship via USPS or UPS unless other service is requested. If an order is needed by a certain date, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. All orders ship from our studio in San Francisco, CA.

refunds and returns All sales are final and cannot be exchanged once products have shipped, although we do accept returns for damaged products. Claims must be made within 10 business days of receipt of products.

contact information Call 415.985.4732 Web Fax 415.624.8578 Instagram @goodjujuink Email Facebook

more info For more detailed product photos, please visit And feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions. We’re happy to help!

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