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elcome to our all-new issue – new look, new size and new editor. That’s me! I’m so excited to be taking over the editorial reins and look forward to this new chapter in the magazine’s history. It’s been such tough going for so many of us lately that I can’t help thinking how apt our cover picture is. The stag represents fertility and regeneration, forests and the wilderness – the great outdoors – as well as passion, strength, and vitality. We all need some of that! So, as we move into a new phase of the magazine and we all start to prepare for the holiday season, we might look to the stag for the strength and vitality to keep us well.

I’ll certainly be taking good care of my immune system this season. There’s plenty on information on how you can do the same, as well as fascinating facts on the most traditional Christmas gift of all, frankincense. Now more than ever, there’s a huge appetite for health information and our passion is to bring you the best, but it’s a twoway street. We want to help you share your passion for wellbeing, too, so do get in touch with us if you have a message you want to shout about. I hope you enjoy the magazine and stay well this season!. JJ Editor Autumn / Winter 2021


Autumn / Winter 2021




Ease the pressure and let go of stress


Boost your body’s defences this season


Health hacks from a nutritional therapist


It’s quality, not quantity, that counts


It’s the gum that holds us together


Smart supplements on the cutting edge of health


FRANKINCENSE THE SACRED HEALER Focus on the master healer for mind, body and spirit


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Snuggle up with our picks on outdoor adventure, inner balance and empowerment


One therapist’s life of healing after turning around her personal trauma


Horses helping to heal mental health issues in the Highland countryside



Meet the herb-fed turkeys that love Abba


Winning wellbeing ideas to put on your seasonal wish list – or Santa’s


Sheer indulgence – some of the best bath time treats for pampering yourself


Bringing the best of Scotland together on a plate


Fabulous ferments to create in your own kitchen





Wild swimming, enchanting woods and Hogmanay fun


WOODLAND WELLNESS Ayrshire’s Glenapp Castle is ready to welcome you as you rediscover your connection with nature

Autumn / Winter 2021



A nation under pressure If you feel under pressure to perfect every area of your life, you’re not alone


new study commissioned by Dragonfly CBD has found that 47% of people polled feel this way. Forty-eight per cent said they feel more stressed today than they did a year ago. Natural health expert Dr Tom Bond puts the rise in health ‘perfection’ down to the pandemic – with diet, sleep, stress levels, exercise and relationships all coming more closely under the


Good Health Magazine

spotlight. And social media may be adding to the pressure. “We’re scrolling endlessly, comparing ourselves to the people on the screens in front of us,” he says. The research found how 28% of respondents feel pressure to look perfect, 21% feel pressure with how they look and 20% feel pressure as a partner. It’s certainly no secret that anxiety has reached epidemic proportions in the UK. Meanwhile, help for mental health conditions such as stress and anxiety can involve long NHS waiting times and limited resources. Community pharmacist Sultan ‘Sid’ Dajani suggests we look to over-the-counter solutions, such as CBD (cannabidiol) drops.


These can reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety and is perfect for those who don’t want to rely on taking pharmaceutical medications.

Speaking anxiety Studies have shown how CBD can reduce conditioned fear and anxiety. There’s even evidence to suggest that taking CBD before simulated public speaking reduced anxiety in speech performance. This 100% organic, science backed solution comes from the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa L. CBD doesn’t induce the ‘high’ often associated with cannabis as it’s free from, or very low in, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. >>


Prescriptions at the touch of a screen Pharmacy2U has a great health hack to make sure you never run out of your repeat prescription again. Its free online service and supporting app make getting prescriptions easier and save time by eliminating trips to the pharmacy. Just register and order your regular medications online and, once the prescription has been checked with your GP, it will be delivered to your door. Sign up at:

Active lifestyle? Enter Wassen’s new one-a-day Multivitamin with Vitamins, which has been specially developed with 23 tailored nutrients. Each capsule contains 10 minerals and 13 vitamins to help maintain immune support, energy, cognitive function, muscles and bones, and skin and heart health. Pick up a bottle in your local health store or at:

Good bone structure Naturally, it makes sense to support your bones. But how do you do that beyond drinking milk and boosting your calcium intake? Well, the new bonebalance supplement from Living Balance may have the answer. It comprises, high-quality

Bioactive Collagen Peptides® clinically proven to help form bone matrix – the tissue which gives bones the tensile strength and flexibility to absorb impact without breaking. Find out how it works at: Try Dragon Fly CBD at:

Autumn / Winter 2021



Sound therapy for major depression

No more tears? Dry eyes after too much screen time? Try new Cationorm, an artificial tear that clings to the eyes, healing the damaged surface and providing long-lasting hydration. It’s also useful for soothing dry eyes caused by hay fever and menopause. Available from most pharmacies and at:

New to the CBD sphere is Satipharm’s CBD Advanced range, whose Active and Focus capsules include targeted vitamins to help safeguard your health. The capsules contain Satipharm’s patented CBD microbeads powered by its Gelpell® technology, which protects the cannabinoids by embedding them in microspheres. This Gelpell® has been clinically proven to increase the bioavailability of CBD, making Satipharm capsules one of the best ways to take the supplement. Taking a Satipharm 10mg CBD capsule is equivalent to taking 3.5 times the dose (35mg) of CBD oil. Find out more at: 8

Good Health Magazine

Sound therapy can have huge benefits for mental health and wellbeing. But Flow Neuroscience is the first and only medically certified device deemed to be able to treat major depressive disorder. It’s said to cut through the long NHS waiting times, medications and talking therapy to offer a solution combining brain stimulation and behavioural therapy. Find out more at:

UTI? Try new self TestCard

Know your numbers

Bladder infections – otherwise known as UTIs (urinary tract infections) or cystitis – are thought to affect between 40 and 60 per cent of women during their lifetime. They can be uncomfortable, to say the least. But, thanks to new TestCard, it’s something we may be able to diagnose at home – a lot sooner. Find out more at:

Nearly a third of people in the UK have high blood pressure, but many don’t know it. There are rarely any symptoms, but it can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and other illnesses. Check your blood pressure at home with an easy-to-use home blood pressure monitor from the likes of Beurer. Find out more at:



Forget any health blues this season, stay in the pink by boosting your body’s defences


ow that the nights are drawing in our instinct is to cosy up with comfort food before we dive under the duvet. It’s tempting, but if we want to keep our health in good shape, we need to take action. The foundation of a good immunity is a nutrient dense diet full of fresh, organic produce, cutting out processed food and an excess of sugar. Going organic and pesticide-


Good Health Magazine

worst free really does make a difference. The chemical residue on fruit and veg harms our gut flora which is a major factor in a strong immune system. Modern living also means that few of us manage to eat the best diet to keep our systems in top condition, so it’s wise to take supplements to fill the gaps in our diet if we feel we might be under par. Here are seven keys to enjoying a healthier winter season.


Take your vitamins

We all know the power of vitamin C as a bug buster, but vitamin D is also hugely important to keep us healthy. Most of us living in the UK don’t get nearly enough of it. B6 and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, are also great immune boosters.


Honey Heaven CBD spray

Earths Secret – Thrive

Honey Heaven Organic Herbal CBD Spray Immunity and Sport features a mix of carefully blended Indian ayurvedic herbs including tulsi (holy basil), orange zest, turmeric and ginger with CBD oil with added CBD distillate which is a pure form. The added herbs mask the taste of CBD, so a good one if you don’t like the natural taste.

A powerful mix of Hydrocurc® Turmeric with increased bioavailability, organic spirulina (a useful source of B6), organic reishi mushroom, elderberry extract, and organic ginger root. It’s designed to boost immunity and care for your gut.

The Gamechanger Tincture

Immunium with D3

Notting Hill wellness and lifestyle club Cloud Twelve has produced a remedy that includes a punchy blend of antimicrobial and antiviral herbs known to strengthen the immune system and help increase defences against pathogens. The ten ingredients include echinacea, cordyceps, ginger and elderflower.

Keep your system protected with this blend of andrographis, selenium, vitamin D3 and BioPerine. Selenium helps protect cells from oxidative stress and supports normal thyroid function while andrographis has antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant properties.




Studies of CBD, as it’s better known, have shown many immune-boosting benefits, particularly its ability to lower anxiety, inflammation and stress which all impact our immunity. CBD also brings our bodies into homeostasis or balance.

These have many properties and help to keep our immune systems in shape. Top of the list are chaga, cordyceps and the king of mushrooms, reishi. Lion’s mane, maitake, shiitake and turkey tail are beneficial. Take them in capsule or powder form.

Frankincense is the king of oils. It’s antibacterial, antiviral and promotes cellular health and immunity. Other common anti-viral oils are lavender and thyme. Add a few drops to hot water and inhale the steam if you have a cold.

Try Cannabidiol

Medicinal Mushrooms

Essential oils

Autumn / Winter 2021



Supercharged blackcurrant extract New Zealand Blackcurrant extract CurraNZ® is a new heavyweight in the halls of health. It increases fatburning during exercise and speeds up recovery time afterwards. It also has anti-viral properties and powerful antioxidants to help support cardiovascular, brain, eye and gut health. Why New Zealand blackcurrants? The company picks cultivars known for their anthocyanin density,

Armchair salt cave therapy Europeans have been visiting underground caves for their health for hundreds of years, but now we don’t have to travel to benefit, thanks to the Cisca Saltpipe. It’s a dry salt inhaler that works by drawing microscopic particles of rock salt into the respiratory tract to draw off excess fluid and cleanse. Salt has a thinning effect on mucus so helps clear it naturally and makes it an ideal alternative for relief from asthma, COPD, colds, coughs and flu. The Hungarian developers say some find a dramatic improvement in their general health with only 15 minutes of use a day and the compact Cisca Easy Saltpipe is perfect to carry with you on the move.




Take a probiotic supplement to increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Drinking kefir and kombucha, eating fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are useful sources, too. Make sure you’re eating enough prebiotics in the form of fibre and natural sugars for the best results.

The mighty turmeric is well known now for its health properties, as is ginger. Take them as a supplement or add them to your food. Ashwagandha is an immune boosting superhero. Aloe vera, astragalus, basil, cleavers, garlic and olive leaf are also worth taking as well as echinacea.

Get out into nature as much as possible and exercise every day. Don’t let the weather put you off. It is important to get your body moving regularly, if only for a short time each session. Breathing fresh air and relaxing in nature do us the world of good, and they’re free.

A Good Gut


the purple pigment that delivers the health benefits. That and the country’s long, hot summers stimulate anthocyanin production, which in turn produces supercharged fruits. The company’s founder Fleur Cushman says: “There’s also good science showing blackcurrant anthocyanins have multiple anti-viral properties and are being used to develop a new generation of anti-viral medications.”

Good Health Magazine

Herbs and spices

Fresh Air and Exercise


Ask Ali A.Vogel Nutritional Therapist Ali Cullen answers the question on everyone’s lips this season: How can I keep my whole family healthy this Winter?



t’s (mostly) with joy that we’ve seen our families able to resume some normal activities, and (mostly) with optimism that we hope they may continue to do so. Fortunately, there are many simple things you can do to give yourself and your family the best chance of staying healthy and navigating the seasonal bugs that will gleefully fall upon us this winter. Firstly, it’s sensible to consider that even if you normally glide tranquilly through the colder months, immune system firing on all cylinders, the last year or so have reduced our exposure to a range of common bugs, whilst increasing some negative pressures on our immune function. Stress and anxiety-related disorders have risen, sleep patterns have been dysregulated, alcohol consumption has increased, and many of us have put on extra weight, none of which is helpful for immune function. Children have lacked the ‘training’ that


Good Health Magazine


HEALTH their immune system receives from regular contact with others. So, a little additional care is appropriate.

Head to the hills (or just the park!) Raising your level of physical activity above ‘low’ will protect you against poor outcome with respiratory tract viruses. Researchers observed that even low-to-moderate exercise seems to make a difference, so it doesn’t have to be Munro-bagging: head out for a gentle walk as often as possible.

And then sleep! Sleep is thought to assist your body in creating immunological memory so that it can respond faster and more effectively to pathogens it’s encountered previously. Whilst you sleep, T-cells are distributed around your body, like supplies being taken to main depots during the night, ready in the right place for the morning’s tasks!

Eat up Being overweight is something that we all prefer to avoid, but it’s not just an aesthetic issue – the risk of suffering from many types of illness are increased with obesity, including the viral infections prevalent through the winter. An unhealthy lifestyle interacts with increased weight to pull down your immune function and increase the risk that you’ll fare badly when infectious diseases strike. Happily, research shows that better lifestyle and dietary choices can

increase resistance to viruses such as respiratory tract viruses. So, any positive dietary moves you make will strengthen you for the winter ahead.

Top up these nutritional stars Deficiency of one or more of the three elements vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc compromises the immune response, making an individual more vulnerable to viral infections and to a worse outcome from the infections. Good foods to include regularly in your diet to give you sources of these nutrients are citrus fruits, cabbage, peppers, blackcurrants, broccoli, eggs, pumpkin seeds, oats, adzuki beans, peas, almonds, and brown rice.

Lend your body a herbal hand Taking echinacea purpurea is my favourite supplement strategy for making it through the winter in healthy style. Recent research shows that it supports the balanced production of interferon, a protein produced as part of the immune system’s response to infection, helping to reduce a virus’s chances of replicating. A reduced viral load means fewer symptoms, less chance of postviral fatigue, and less likelihood of passing infection to those around you. Echinacea is not virus-specific, but work across a broad range of virus families and strains, which is another reason I keep stocked up with it all year round. Sponsored by A.Vogel


Nature-C for Kids Naturally occurring vitamin C from 6 real fruits Tasty, chewable tablet No artificial colours or flavours Acerola, passion fruit, sea buckthorn, prickly gooseberry, blackcurrant and lemon are the delicious fruits that make up this tangy tablet, full of natural vitamin C and its naturally occurring cofactors. Bump up your children’s vitamin C intake for the winter months. RRP £6.40 for 24 tablets from independent health stores and

Autumn / Winter 2021



From the Three Wise Men to skincare preparations, the Boswellia tree has played the hero throughout history. Now Shehbaz Khan is expanding our modern understanding of the ‘king of oils’

Frankince the sacred healer


Good Health Magazine




hehbaz Khan is a man steeped in the wonders of frankincense. For the past 12 years he has immersed himself in learning everything there is to know about this resin with super healing qualities. Frankincense is tapped from the Boswellia tree and has been treasured as a medicine for thousands of years. It’s antiinflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic as well as astringent and has anti-aging properties. It’s even being studied for use in cancer treatment, and it’s still burned in spiritual and religious ceremonies all over the world. “I believe this ancient medicine, is perfect for this time, especially with what is happening around the world. One of the biggest issues we are hearing is people feeling anxious. Frankincense is one of the best tools to help boost our mood and heal the heart,” says Shehbaz, who runs The Frankincense Store.

Sustainable harvesting The traditional method of harvesting frankincense by tapping the trees twice a year makes it a sustainable resource. It’s an ethos reflected throughout Shehbaz's business, from product and packaging to people. The trees grow mostly across southern Arabia and north east Africa, but Shehbaz sources the best frankincense from Oman which he sorts into 14 grades rather than the traditional three. Working with frankincense in this way allows him to gain an

understanding of the vibrational frequency of each resin, of how and when to use it. “There is a generic attribute to all frankincense. It's a mood lifter, it creates positive energy and it’s calming. But when you go further into each of the grades, you start to feel different vibrations from each one. It's as if the resins talk to me, and unleash their secrets.” “The green frankincense is the finest and rarest variety – Boswellia sacra. When it’s taken internally, it's very effective for a variety of illnesses such as cancers and improving the respiratory system. Another grade is rich in collagen, the yellow is used as a daily medicine and others are more for meditation.”

Healing the heart Frankincense has a profound spiritual and otherworldly connection. “Historically, it was a gift for the gods and people would burn it just as it is, as a resin. Now, if we look at essential oils, everyone talks about frankincense as the king of essential oils. All around the world people use it to heal themselves and experience a relaxed sensation. And then there’s the special combination of frankincense and myrrh. Shehbaz says: “When you burn them together, it creates a feeling of equilibrium. We become more centred, more focused, more Zen. It also heals the heart. “Frankincense and myrrh together release the memory of trauma from the heart. >> Autumn / Winter 2021



“I believe this ancient medicine, is perfect for this time, especially with what is happening around the world..." Shehbaz Khan, The Frankincense Store

We have witnessed people crying as they start to release the suffering attached to the heart just from the smell of frankincense and myrrh. Shehbaz believes that this alchemical blend was deeply symbolic in the Christmas story. “Look at Jesus's message to the world, the message of love. How can we love another when we don’t love ourselves? So, I believe the three wise men, the magi, gave these symbolic gifts, along with gold, to help this message spread through the world.”

Spiritual tradition He’d love to bring that sensibility back to Christmas celebrations. “Let’s just bring back that tradition of what Christmas was truly about. I think we should bring back some humility and sacredness to the meaning of Christmas, followed 18

Good Health Magazine

by the Epiphany, because we are entering a new world the Age of Aquarius where all traditions and celebrations are slowly going to be fading away. “But some traditions should still be kept alive. And if that's burning frankincense and myrrh on Christmas Day, then so be it. Because we know it brings a lot of peace, tranquility and love into our hearts. What a better way to celebrate this Christmas?” To help you do just that, The Frankincense Store is selling frankincense and myrrh resin in a gold tin this holiday season – the perfect stocking filler made with love. Dive into the world of frankincense and choose from the whole range of grades and types at his website:

Good hydration with the right kind of H²O is the foundation of a strong immune system, as Water for Health founder Roddy Macdonald explains



hen people think about boosting their immune system, they frequently think of vitamins C and D or herbal nutrients such as echinacea, garlic and oregano. People seldom think about water, yet good hydration is vital for a healthy functioning immune system. Poor hydration is a contributory factor in many degenerative diseases. Over the years, the focus of most medical research has been on the cell and comparatively little has been carried out into the function

and characteristics of the water around them. Yet recent research by leading scientist Dr Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington has proven that the quality of the water around our cells has a profound effect on their integrity. Most of our body is made up of water. Typically, it accounts for about 80 per cent for a newborn baby and drops to below 60 per cent for an adult. In some older people the percentage is lower than that – a sad manifestation of the effects of many years of dehydration.


Water for wellbeing Quality over quantity Modern day diets, high levels of stress and environmental pollution have a negative impact on our body’s pH balance. Our blood pH needs to remain in a tight, slightly alkaline, range for optimum health. Unfortunately, the side effects of typical diets and stress increasingly push the blood pH towards acidity, resulting in many negative effects, such as poorer oxygen transfer. If allowed to continue long term, this can increase the potential for degenerative disease and make us more susceptible to infection. >> Autumn / Winter 2021



Good hydration is an important part of Whatever the digestive problem – maintaining good body pH balance, oxygen colitis, IBS, constipation, bloating, acid transfer, and helping to eliminate toxin. reflux, leaky gut or some other disease But good hydration doesn’t solely depend label – you can be sure that the gut on the amount of water we drink. It also environment is out of balance. If the depends on the quality of the water we gut environment is not what it should drink and its absorption. There are many be it will result in an imbalance of the people who drink lots of water without microbial colonies in the bowel which much of it being absorbed. One of the are vitally important for our wellbeing. reasons for that is a lack of electrolytes in More and more research in this area is the body. showing the connection between the gut This problem is most prevalent when microflora and diseases in different areas people don’t consume of the body and, in adequate amounts of particular, the brain. Good hydration is good salt. The body The balance and needs salt, although proliferation of good an important part a small percentage microbes in our of maintaining of people are sodium digestive tract very good body pH sensitive. It’s essential much depends on balance, helping to consume salt the environment, to eliminate that is unprocessed. and that depends on toxins and Dr Fereydoon many factors including Batmanghelidj, a hydration, pH and maintain good leading ambassador mineral balance, oxygen transfer. for the benefits of body temperature hydration, wrote a and vitamin D levels, book called Water and Salt: Your Healers as well as blood and nutrient flow. A From Within, which is an excellent properly functioning gut will enhance introduction to the extensive health our health and boost our immunity. benefits of both. Proper hydration is vitally important to promote overall wellbeing and a Essential for gut health robust immune system. As mentioned In addition to toxin removal and earlier, this begins with consuming better blood oxygenation, one of the good water and the quality of the water key benefits of proper hydration is we drink is of key importance. People improved gut health. Poor hydration is automatically assume that to achieve a major contributory cause of many of good health-promoting water we just the manifestations of digestive tract have to remove chemical contaminants, dysfunction, particularly conditions such as the chlorine added during water which result in a sluggish bowel. If treatment or the multitude of chemicals our digestive tract is not functioning found in our environment, which include optimally, it will greatly impact our micro plastics, heavy metals, pesticide immune function since a high proportion residues, drug residues and the of our immune cells are in the gut. weedkiller glyphosate. 24

Good Health Magazine


Good water should be mineral rich, slightly alkaline, have antioxidant properties and good structure. Go for the good stuff Removing contaminants is only part of the process. Good water should be mineral-rich, slightly alkaline, have antioxidant properties and good structure. Neither tap water nor bottled water has all these properties. Over the last decade there has been significant published research on the antioxidant effects of water containing molecular hydrogen. This type of water is found in naturally occurring waters known to have benefits for health. Good structure is also necessary to give our bodies the type of water it can use to effectively protect our cells. Japanese scientists believe that the optimum water structure for the human body is hexagonal, in which six water molecules are bound around an alkaline mineral. There

are many views on the structure of water and increasing ways to improve its structure. No doubt, over the next few decades, we will begin to better understand the vital role good, suitably structured, mineralrich water has on improving or maintaining our vitality and immunity. As we go into Winter and heightened immunity is on our minds, it’s prudent to consider optimising our hydration levels. Water is the number one nutrient for our bodies, and proper hydration is the single most important, most cost-effective, course of action we can take to protect ourselves. Water for Health Ltd is a company dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their health naturally. Autumn / Winter 2021


Collagen plus


It’s the latest buzzword in health and wellbeing, and it does far more than improve your skin


Developed for a champ TRR Nutrition Pro Collagen was initially developed for tennis champion Andy Murray to help protect his bones and joints when his hip was bad. Now we can benefit from it, too. It contains 10,000mg of marine collagen plus turmeric to reduce inflammation and vitamin C to boost the immune system. If it’s good enough for Andy…


Good Health Magazine

Edible Health have two blended powders, Anti-Ageing Collagen and Digestive Enzyme Collagen, that contain additional, highly active ingredients. They’re different from other powders in that they are best made into a paste before whisking into a drink. You can also just sprinkle them onto cereal or ice cream if you’re feeling adventurous!

case for


our granny had the right idea when she boiled up a pan of bones for broth. Some people still swear by the benefits of going old school, but collagen has moved on. Today’s supplements are usually more bioavailable and come in a range of palatable flavours that taste nothing like bones. They’re also in a host of products from powders to skin and hair care. If you’re wondering why you might take a collagen supplement, the answer is simple. Collagen is the most abundant protein we have. It provides structure and support for our

bodies but as we age, we produce less of it. That can be a problem as it’s pretty much the gum that holds you together. The name even comes from the Greek word for glue. On top of normal aging, too much sugar and refined carbs, too much sunshine and smoking are all guilty of damaging collagen production. The effects of the last two are all too easy to spot on the skin. That’s just the visible damage. Vitamin C and high-quality protein in your diet will help, but for most of us taking a supplement is the easiest way of knowing we’re getting what we need.


Collagen cake, anyone? The new COLNATUR range contains hydrolysed collagen, making it easier to be absorbed by the body. It contains 10,000mg a serving and the powder can be added to hot and cold food and drinks – coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, soups or stews. You can even use it when you bake, so it makes it easier to incorporate into daily life.

There are no official guidelines on how much collagen we should take but experts agree that it’s generally safe. Most people will see a benefit within one to three months of taking the maker’s recommended daily amount of any product. There are plenty or supplements to choose from and for all diets. Animal derived collagen, marine collagen and plant-based collagen are all widely and often favoured by athletes looking for quick muscle repair after a workout. You don’t have to work out, but if you’re feeling a bit creaky, a spoonful or two in a smoothie might just oil the wheels.

Sustainable bounty

Vegan choice for skin health

Cytoplan Marine Collagen is a unique, bioactive collagen peptide formulation, certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. They use wild caught, sustainable marine collagen peptides from whitefish, which are odourless and tasteless. Marine collagen can be used for the health of all connective tissue including skin and muscle.

Ethical beauty brand Raw Beauty Lab’s award-winning 'skin-drink' to support healthy skin is 100% plant-based and packed with beauty vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to help protect elastin and build collagen. Add to filtered water or your favourite drink for a delicious cruelty-free treat.

Autumn / Winter 2021



Liposomal technology

The gold standard in health supplements


Elena Lena of Lemon Well Med, a supplier of nutritional supplements and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic devices, discusses cutting-edge health technology – liposomal supplements


hen we think of new technology, our minds are often drawn to machines – the latest smartphone, ecofriendly transportation, AI, and robotics, but what about new innovations in health? During the previous 18 months or so, many people have taken a greater interest in their health and are seeking out new and different approaches to preventative health. Let’s not wait until we are sick and have to treat the issue but take a more proactive approach and find ways to boost our body’s defences. You may not be aware that the body can sometimes


Good Health Magazine

struggle to absorb the ingredients in a vitamin tablet. That’s down to the level of bioavailability which presents a problem for manufacturers. Low bioavailability means it’s often necessary to provide larger amounts in a tablet to provide an effective dose to the cells that need it. This decreases efficacy and increases the cost of the supplement. Larger doses may also place unhelpful strain on the liver and kidneys.

Working differently Many years of medical research have led to the development of liposomal supplements. These smart

supplements have the active ingredient enclosed in a lipid layer (the liposome). This protects the vitamin or mineral from the harsh environment of the stomach and allows almost complete absorption into the blood. And because the liposome is identical in composition to the body’s cells, the body can use the lipid layer to help repair cell walls, so there’s no waste. This innovative delivery system shows remarkable results in enhancing bioavailability and is supported by dozens of research studies. However, not all liposomal supplements are created equal. Some containing liquid based liposomes have been

manufactured using heat and/or high pressure with chemicals added for stability. Some dry or powder-form liposomes have a similar production process. These manufacturing processes can damage the ingredients leading to less pure and less effective products.

Pure formula The powder-form liposomal supplements developed by UK-based company Vitamunda using LipoCellTech technology are unique. They contain vitamins, minerals and the phospholipid layer only with a bioavailability up to around 95%, 20 times more than some traditional supplements. Vitamunda is a preferred partner for Lemon Well Med and committed to producing the purest supplements without flavourings or preservatives which makes their products highly beneficial and safe for all.


Commonly asked


Why should I spend more on liposomal supplements? Liposomal supplements are generally more expensive that traditional supplements. However, because they are much more effective at delivering the vitamins or minerals to the cells that need them, they produce far superior results. When you realise that for some supplements only 5% of the ingredient is absorbed by the body, you can immediately see the value of the products.

How do I take liposomal supplements? Dry, powder-form liposomal supplements come in capsule form and are taken in the same way as any other supplement you might use. Consume with a meal and plenty of water.

Which liposomal supplements should I consider? Naturally, this depends on which body system you are wanting to support and whether you have conditions which might benefit from additional supplementation with highly bioavailable vitamins or minerals. During the winter months, certainly in the UK, our bodies lack Vitamin D which is vital for a strong immune system, teeth, and bones as well as heart health and improved mood, so I would recommend putting this one high on your list. To help your body fight the winter bugs, of course, add Vitamin C to your daily regimen. If you are looking for an all-around boost, the multi vitamin and mineral formulation would be the perfect option for you. Containing 17 vitamins and minerals with the unprecedented efficacy, this is the Rolls Royce of liposomal supplementation.

Are Vitamunda liposomal supplements suitable for vegans? All Vitamunda’s liposomal supplements are suitable for vegans with the exception of the multi vitamin which is OK for vegetarians but not vegans.

Where can I buy the products? All Vitamunda liposomal supplements are available for single orders or bulk purchases WITH SPECIAL OFFERS at:

What guarantees are offered by Lemon Well Med for these supplements? Lemon Well Med has done due diligence to ensure that all Vitamunda products are developed in-house according to GMP and HACCP standards. The in-house manufacture allows Vitamunda to ensure that all products contain only pure and active ingredients. For more information about how liposomal technology works visit:

Lemon Well Med’s vision is for a world where everyone enjoys life to the full by being as healthy as possible for as long as possible. We support individuals to adopt healthy choices and healthcare practitioners to provide innovative treatments for optimum health every day. Visit us at:

Autumn / Winter 2021


Be bold and save the world! W

RECYCLED MATERIAL Every single pair of leggings are made up of an enormous 20 plastic bottles, yes you read it right, 20 bottles!

ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING! We’ve worked hard to find the right partner to work with to bring you the perfect packaging! And we think we’ve done just that! Our funky leggings are going to be sent to

you in packaging that is completely compostable – within 1 year, at home!! Or, where this isn't possible (which is the tiniest bit!) it’s 100% recycled and recyclable


elcome to MFB Activewear, the most colourful, fun, stylish and functional leggings you could own. And the best bit, every pair of MFB Angels are made from recycled fabrics, so not only will you look amazing, you ARE amazing by purchasing a pair, as you’re helping to save our wonderful planet! Below is our 3-prong eco attack, which we are massively passionate about:


1 TREE PLANTED for each pair sold! Every pair of MFB leggings we sell will have a tree planted in their honour! We are firm believers that our printed leggings should do their bit for the planet. With the help of Ecologi our MFB Forest is rapidly growing – together, we have planted over 1000 trees in less than a year, and with every pair of funky leggings we sell it will get even bigger. Time to start giving back.

SOFT AND STRETCHY Charlotte S (Verified buyer) says ‘My MFB leggings are my best legging buy! So soft! Super stretchy! Great pocket & NO PANTS ON SHOW! Great price which is an ultimate bonus! Highly recommend them and everything they do on top is just wonderful! Anything to help our planet has my vote!’

Colourful Sports Leggings – MFB Activewear Autumn / Winter 2021




Grab a great title to cosy up with this Autumn-Winter The Living Mountain Originally written towards the end of World War Two, this rerelease is an impassioned ode to author Nan Shepherd’s beloved Cairngorm Mountains. The book encapsulates the diversity and beauty of the Highland landscape with newly commissioned paintings by artist Rose Strang.

Adventure Revolution:

© The Folio Society 2021 The Living Mountain edition by Nan Shepherd

The Life-Changing Power of Choosing Challenge This empowering title by explorer Belinda Kirk pitches a great case for ditching the living room for a longer, happier and more adventurous life. It reveals how adventure has the power to transform the timid into confident, the addicted into recovering, and the lost into intentionally wandering.

The Art of Wild Swimming: Scotland Full of beautiful photography featuring scenery from the peaty lochs of the Cairngorms to the rocky coves of Clunes, this book is full of hidden gems, windswept beaches and perfect ponds. It’s also the ultimate guide to being a safe, responsible and environmentally aware open water swimmer.

The Divine Feminist Explore your divine femininity and return to a place of balance and connection with the help of rituals and meditations written by practising witch Ceryn Rowntree, founder of The Divine Feminist podcast. Due for release on 18 November, during the first Full Moon after Halloween.

Rebel Witch Written inclusively for modernday witches of any background, culture, capability and level, Kelly-Ann Maddox’s book is the guide you’ve been waiting for. Pick and choose theories, adapt spells, energise crystals and sacred texts – whatever you need to do to feel like the empowered, fulfilled witch that you are! Autumn / Winter 2021



Scottish therapist Susan Watson is living proof that you can overcome and heal from anything. Once lost, she’s now found – and helping others

Desperately seeking

Susan 34

Good Health Magazine


I experienced multiple traumas in my life,” says Susan. “I was an emotionally mixed-up child and teen, and left home at 16. “I always thought I was made wrong and didn’t fit into the world. I had a high level of anxiety as a child and right up into my 40s. “I was married and divorced with three children by the time I was 22. “By the time I was 39, I had three failed marriages, had been homeless twice and was supported by Women’s Aid. “Everything was so difficult, and the world was a scary place for me. “Life was all about putting food on the table and juggling bills. “I worked as a childminder, cook, cleaner… anything I could do to make money to see us through.” That’s when Susan realised things had to change. “I decided to improve my life,” she says. “I got my first office-based job in a call centre, which trained me how to support colleagues with mental health issues. “I learned a lot and it kick-started my personal training and healing journey. “In helping others, I had found my passion and purpose in life.” Susan’s journey from trauma to self-discovery has armed her with a unique toolbox of coping strategies which she now uses to empower her clients to overcome anxiety, grief, trauma and loss. She has been on a continual learning curve and now has nearly 20 different disciplines under her

belt – making her one of Scotland’s leading private anxiety, trauma and complex emotions counsellors. “I wanted to help others see that they are not ‘made wrong’, that they do fit into the world, and they can achieve anything they put their mind to,” she says. Susan now works from her garden office in Kirkliston – offering a space to heal and find calm, peace and meaning in life.

“In helping others, I had found my passion and purpose in life.” Susan Watson, Therapist

She works with many different modalities, from psychotherapy to energy work – and with people of all ages, from all walks of life. “I like to think I offer a space which is very relaxed and comfortable, and the client is always at the centre of everything I do. “An integral part of my business is teaching others how to use the methods I have learned themselves, so they have their own little toolbox to help them cope with life’s challenges. “Because I work with trauma, there doesn’t always have to be much talking. “But, if my clients want to share their story, they can do so in a safe environment.

“I often work with how the body feels and use very quick and simple methods. I don’t have a specific time for each session. It depends on the client – and it doesn’t change the fee. “Some of my clients just want to sit and have a coffee and a chat. And that’s okay.”

Lockdown support Susan also runs workshops for families, groups and the workplace, as well as offering free, ongoing distance support for her clients. During lockdown, she provided free online support to anyone who needed it – via Messenger, text, email and Zoom or Skype. “I felt it was important to help as much as I could to reduce isolation and loneliness, which often brings with it depression and anxiety.” Susan also has more than 50 free self-help videos on YouTube. When she’s not counselling, Susan is still studying – always looking to learn new skills. She has now added Dream Alchemy and Interpretation to her growing list of credentials to better understand and explain dream psychology. She has also recently landed a string of awards. “Having the chance to live a fulfilling life fills me with gratitude and appreciation every single day. “Always make time for self-care and do something every day just for you.” Find out more at: Autumn / Winter 2021


Equine Horses are coming to the rescue as mental health needs spiral upwards – Kate Johnston takes up the reins to explain


t may not be your first thought when faced with a mental health issue, but when you need a helping hand, a horse just might have your name on it. Mankind has maintained a special relationship with horses since time immemorial and that relationship is increasingly showing up in the vanguard of treatment as the need for mental health therapies continues to mount. Horses for healing isn’t new. The therapeutic value of riding was documented in Greece as far back as 600 BC, and was no doubt recognised well before that. These days we call it equine therapy, or equine-assisted therapy, and you don’t have to know how to ride a horse to benefit. You don’t


even have to touch the animal. Sometimes just being around a horse can be therapy enough, and sometimes it works where nothing else can.

Successful treatment If you’re wondering why, the key is the behavioural similarity between humans and horse. We both have similar social and responsive behaviours so it’s easy to create a connection. And while many animals are used for therapeutic purposes, horses have become increasingly popular because they give immediate feedback on whatever you do. They can mirror our feelings and their sheer size forces people to gain trust around them. >>

Autumn / Winter 2021



There’s a great deal of evidence to show how this form of therapy has been successful in treating a large range of mental health problems from anxiety and depression to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and dementia. It promotes physical, occupational and emotional wellbeing. It can also improve confidence, communication and trust as well as perspective, social skills and impulse control. As equine therapy is recognised increasingly around the world, its popularity in Scotland has also been growing steadily with centres all over the country. One of these is HorseBack UK, founded in 2009 by former Royal Marine Jock Hutchison who had suffered a breakdown himself after leaving the armed forces. He puts his recovery down to buying a horse which in turn became his therapy.

In the saddle The idea for the charity started when Jock invited 16 young men to recuperate and ride his horses at his Grampian farm near Aboyne. They were also former Royal Marines, all injured in Afghanistan. They had gone through extensive medical treatments – one had 54 different operations – and they were struggling to adapt to the civilian world. Sitting on a horse gave the veterans different perspective. It helped with family relationships, too. For one man, a turning point came when his two small daughters saw their father on his mount. Jock says: “It was the first time since he was injured that they had looked up to 38

Good Health Magazine

The therapy is available to everyone who needs it, from troubled children to CEOs and soldiers.


“Horses are a perfect combination of power and timidity."

feel safe with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing? You need to become a benign leader with a horse. They won’t love you unless they respect you and you have to earn that respect.” Recently, there has been a marked change in the injury profile of people seeking the therapy with 95% now presenting with mental health issues rather than 95% physical as seen previously. He says the goal is the same whatever the issue. “I want people to say, for the first time, ‘I’m hurt’. You can’t fix yourself until you admit that.”

Jock Hutchison, HorseBack UK

Wee miracles

him. There he was, a leader again, on a half-ton animal.” Today, HorseBack UK uses horsemanship and outdoor activities to deliver nationally recognised and accredited personal development programmes. These are designed to inspire recovery, regain self-esteem and promote positive change. The therapy is available to everyone who needs it, from troubled children to CEOs and soldiers. Since the start of the pandemic, they have even been helping hardpressed carers and managers in care homes as Dr Lynne Taylor, national psychology advisor for the Scottish government, gave them the green light for two pilot courses.

Horses for courses Courses at HorseBack UK kick off by matching participants with a suitable horse. Lively people are often paired with a laid-back cob, while the

more laid back can find themselves working with a lively ex-racehorse. The horses never reject their paired human in Jock’s experience. Then Jock also gives everyone an introduction to horse psychology. He says: “Horses can’t control what goes on in the world, but they can control what they focus on.” To demonstrate his point, he brings two horses into the group, then takes one away. Everyone can see the remaining horse getting stressed, but Jock gets the horse to focus on him, on being in the moment, of concentrating on what is in front of him, and the tensions ebbs away. “Horses are a perfect combination of power and timidity,” he says. “You have to be the horse’s bravery, be his reassurance, and take away his anxiety. They react with anxiety to anything they don’t understand. You have to exhibit certainty and self-belief. Why the hell would they

It’s the same for children. Those sent to HorseBack UK will often tell Jock they’ve got OCD, ADD or ADHD. “They’re all being taught by well-meaning people that there’s something wrong with them,” he says with passion. “They’re not ‘normal’ but there’s nothing wrong.” Jock holds a debrief at the end of every course for youngsters when children must give a two-minute speech. It’s a monumental challenge for some. He recalls one 13 year-old girl: “I had never heard her speak, nor had her teacher. She got up and talked about the effect the horses had. “She said that she and the horse had become friends. The horse was maybe her first proper friend. She had learned she could be a leader and do things she thought impossible for her to accomplish.” It was, says Jock, nothing short of a wee miracle. Tel: 01339 880487 Autumn / Winter 2021



Environ Gift Set, £115 from Harvey Nichols


ift – or ask Santa for – the ultimate, pampering skincare experience with Environ’s Clarity+ Set. This innovative three-phase system helps clean, control and clear skin to reveal a breakoutfree, healthy-looking glow that’s backed by science.

The Ultimate Wellbeing Winter

GIFT GUIDE Give and receive the gift of good health this season!

HigherDOSE PEMF Go Mat, £469 from:


reat someone you love to the ultimate (and only) amethyst crystal, tourmaline and charcoal infused PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology) mat from HigherDOSE. Not only will they experience a deeper sense of calm, but all the benefits of infrared heat, including better sleep, more energy, and improved circulation and muscle recovery.


Good Health Magazine

LIFESTYLE Eco Changing Cloak, £119.95 from:

Stocking fillers


ove an open water swim? Here’s a present to add to your wish list! The Eco Changing Cloak from Charlie McLeod is great for outdoor pursuits and comes in short and long-sleeved styles for both adults and children. Each coat is made from around 110 recycled PET plastic bottles, making it an ethical choice too.

Lavender Hand Wash, £10 from:

JING Flowering Tea Set, £60 from:


ive the tea-lover in your life an experience they’ll adore. As well as pretty glass cups and saucers and a two-cup tea-iere, this tea seat includes four bulbs of floral showstoppers made from Chinese green tea, hand-tied with sweet jasmine blossoms and soft lily petals, which bloom into a vibrant display when added to hot water.

Advanced Nutrition, £50+ from:

Westlab Pink Gin Bathing Salts, £6.99 from:

Real Calm Massage & Body Oil, £12 from:


ur bodies create 200 million skin cells an hour – and our future skin is created from the nutrients, food choices and lifestyle decisions we make daily. That’s why Advanced Nutrition’s Festive Gift Collection combines its most popular supplements, including Skin Vitality, a modern multivitamin which delivers 28 smart nutrients in one easy-totake daily capsule. Give someone the gift of good health and great looking skin!

Wild Heather Candle, £29 from:

Keyring Diffuser & Essential Oil, £18 from:

Autumn / Winter 2021



Dancing Queens Herb Majesty's

Turning the tables on industrial turkey production with a diet high in herbs and an Abba playlist


harlotte Blackler believes a turkey isn’t just for Christmas and she’s on a mission to make it a treat all year round. Not just any old turkey, mind you, but high welfare turkey given the royal treatment. That’s what the Perthshire smallholder produces at Herb Majesty along with her lamb, pork and chicken, all raised to the same ethical standards in a natural environment where herbs play a key part. In the UK, around 18 million turkeys are slaughtered a year and more than


Good Health Magazine

half of those are eaten at Christmas. “Turkey is such a nutritious meat, we should be eating more of it and all year round, not just at Christmas. Gearing production to one main season creates so much waste,” says Charlotte. “Turkey is so good for you, too. It’s leaner than chicken and high in tryptophan which makes serotonin.” Tryptophan is also an essential amino acid that our bodies can’t make themselves, so we must get it through our diet. Diet is something that Charlotte is very aware of when it comes to animal

feed. Her style of husbandry is close to nature, reproducing a way of rearing livestock that our ancestors would have been more than familiar with. She says: “I grow livestock in as natural a way as possible, so rather than use pharmaceuticals, antibiotics and hormones, I try to use the medicinal properties of herbs and native plant species so that the animals tend not to get sick in the first place. But if they do, we’ve got a really strong immune system there from the beginning and they need a lot less help if any at all.


"At first, I was terribly highbrow and played Classic FM, but then I changed to another station and Abba came on and they absolutely loved it!”

“This isn’t new, this is what our ancestors did. They knew all the plant knowledge, they had the herb lore. My pastures are full of weeds. Any farmer would look at my pastures with absolute horror. They’re not a monoculture of grass but are packed full of various native species. “All of them have different phytochemicals in them and they all have a job to do but we’ve eliminated them from our pastures, so our animals aren’t grazing them any more. It’s also important to graze them at different times of the year,

so seasonality is important to give the animal the whole nutritional spectrum. “At the end of the day, it’s all about nutrition because what they’re eating, we’re eating. The pharmaceutical industry has done a really good number on farming where we dose prophylactically for just about everything and it’s not necessary.”

Stress-free birds Charlotte’s turkeys benefit from this varied diet, keeping them as balanced and stress-free as possible and

making sure they have a strong gut and immune system. They really do dine like royalty on a diet of oats with 12 different herbs and aromatics and seaweed for iodine. Vitamin C comes from autumn hips and haws, sea buckthorn and other leaves and berries. Homegrown hops calm any nerves while dock leaves and cut willow are also on hand for the birds who happily peck at nutritious nettle seeds. Apple cider vinegar in their water reduces any inflammation they might suffer from; garlic helps keeps >> Autumn / Winter 2021



Talking turkey Turkey is a rich source of two important amino acids – serotoninboosting tryptophan and dopamineenhancing tyrosine. Serotonin is known for lifting mood and reducing anxiety whereas dopamine is about drive, motivation, reward and memory. Maintaining the two of them at good levels and in balance with each other is key to mental wellbeing. Science informs us that nutrients such as vitamin B6, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium are needed to convert amino acids into neurotransmitters, but that may not mean much to the lay person. In practical terms, if you load some complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato or an oatmeal and sage skirlie onto your turkey dinner along with some dark green leafy veg, you’re likely to have all the


Good Health Magazine

vitamins and minerals your body needs to work its alchemy. But it’s not just about giving your body the right nutritional building blocks. You also need a healthy environment in which to do the building, and that means having a healthy gut. If you have a healthy gut flora, both serotonin and dopamine will flourish and create an optimum neurotransmitter metabolism within your nervous system as well as a better mood. You don’t have to get bogged down in the science, though. Simply eat food as nature intended and let your body’s true nature do the rest. Keren Brynes McLean is a medical herbalist practising in Kirkcaldy, Fife. healthfoodandmore.

Herb Majesty's Charlotte Blackler.

worms at bay and acidophilus prevents blackhead disease which can be a poultry killer. “Also, if I feel they need it, they get sage tea in their drinking water for a week,” she says. “They also get sage tea as a last supper because it goes through them and is cleansing and herby tasting.” Charlotte’s way of working is intuitive, always on the lookout for signs of sickness or distress and paying close attention to make sure their needs are met, and she’s passionate about providing the right environment for the birds. “Their environment isn’t just what they eat, but smell and hear, too. I play

the radio for them. At first, I was terribly highbrow and played Classic FM, but then I changed to another station and Abba came on and they absolutely loved it!” Needless to say, Abba is a regular on the turkey playlist these days. Recent consumer surveys show that in Britain today, 76% of us choose turkey for our festive feast and most of those birds will have been reared in high density barns which can give rise to welfare concerns. None of that at Herb Majesty. If you take a chance on one of Charlotte’s turkeys, you can be sure it will have had the best care before it met its Waterloo.

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the Behind



apscallion is the cheeky new kid on the block, but the team behind it is deadly serious about putting the craft back into soft drinks. JJ Stenhouse meets the makers. Gregor Leckie and Sophie Easthope are the couple powering the latest soft drinks line, Rapscallion, a brand that aims to redefine sodas as an adult treat. Don’t be fooled by the cheeky brand name. This is a grown-up product that’s as far away from industrial fizzy drinks as you can imagine. The rascally handle merely


Good Health Magazine

allows them to be playful marketing a serious business. The pair have years of experience in the hospitality industry and bring a stringent eye to making the most flavourful, natural carbonated drinks possible at their Glasgow base – a Gorbals railway arch. They met while working in bars in Sophie’s native Australia. Gregor, originally from South Queensferry, spent six years down under gaining experience in commercial drinks production and even molecular mixology. He also worked in the wine industry in New Zealand. It

was there that he developed a distaste for the pomposity that’s so prevalent in the industry. He says: “We knew what we didn’t want to be and that’s a pompous drinks maker. We are meticulous in the way in which we create flavour but in terms of how we market it, it’s not our job to preach to people. “We want it to be about relearning what a soft drinks company could be. I know this sounds like a cliché, but there so much craft in whisky, beer and spirits and we both lived and breathed that.”


“We just wanted to make the best tasting drinks without artificial ingredients.”

“We knew what we didn’t want to be and that’s a pompous drinks maker.” Gregor Leckie, Rapscallion

In fact, it took the couple nearly two years of hard work to come up with their winning formulas using raw, fresh ingredients and sourcing the best local produce in season. They use Co2 as a natural preservative after a slow pasteurisation maintain the best flavour profile. “We never actually intended to make a healthy soft drink we just wanted to make the best tasting drinks without artificial ingredients,” says Gregor. “Soft drink consumption is such a huge part of any bar or restaurant offering, so why then are you getting lemonades that have never seen a fresh lemon in their life? Why is limeade nuclear green and sickly sweet? “We made sure we were using the right sugars. Raw organic cane sugar was a

way that allowed us to bind our ingredients together beautifully and allowed us to use much less of it.” Originally, the business operated as a trade supplier but pivoted to online and a subscription service when bars and restaurants closed during lockdown. It was a nimble move that kept Rapscallion, and their plans for more innovation in the future, afloat. Sustainability and traceability are important to the brand, as is seasonality. Apart from the core flavours of lemon, lime and ginger they offer seasonal additions from time to time, so watch out for some special surprises in the run up to Christmas. Rapscallion, made in Scotland from nature.

Autumn / Winter 2021



Be adventurous Yes, you can drink Rapscallion sodas straight from the can if you want, but why not have fun with them? Here are three delicious ways to serve their core range. Gregor says they prefer to encourage adventurous flavour pairings before you reach for the spirits cupboard, but you can add alcohol of your choice to any of the recipes below.

DRY LIME Head to your local farm shop to get a bunch of perky mint. Black mint and peppermint are best if you can source them Gently rinse your mint and pick a handful of the tips and the best leaves Press softly in your hand to release some oils and discard into the bottom of the glass Add a splash of cloudy apple juice. Cawstons and Copella are best for mixing Add some ice, stir, top with Rapscallion Dry Lime and taste


Good Health Magazine

GINGA NINJA Grab an overripe pineapple and cut 5-6 wedges Muddle wedges with a touch of muscovado sugar Fill glass 2/3 full with a cold can of our Ginga Ninja Stir through and have a cheeky sip to test Top with ice to the brim Enjoy! For extra acidity: add a squeeze of lime For added complexity: add a dash of angostura bitters For extra oomph: forget the wedges and start with a splash of proper pineapple juice (not from concentrate)

TO PREPARE Get those cans in the fridge Whip out your best glassware Find the best clear ice Choose your garnish (see below)

BURNT LEMON Source ripe fresh peaches or grab tinned peaches from your supermarket when out of season Slice peach, remove pit, cut into 8 slices Gently heat on your frying pan with a pinch of sugar. A tiny touch of salt works very well too When peaches have softened, add 6 slices to the bottom of your glass Fold in half a can of cold Burnt Lemon and stir gently Top up with ice, and garnish with your pan roasted peach slices Enjoy! This is a team favourite For extra acidity: orange wedge does the trick


Lynda Hamilton Parker checks out Edinburgh’s new foodie marketplace which brings together the best of fresh, Scottish produce and hospitality – including Edinburgh’s first 100% plastic-free, plantbased restaurant


&Wild B

onnie & Wild’s Scottish marketplace brings a fresh, new social dining concept to Edinburgh’s St James Quarter. In fact, it’s the new food hall everyone’s talking about. With more than 10 restaurants and stalls under one roof, the food hall is the first of its kind for the city and brings together a unique collection of culinary experiences, from plant-based street food to fine dining – showcasing the best of Scotland’s larder.


Good Health Magazine


It also brings a great, new social vibe to the capital after months of social distancing and is fast-becoming the go-to destination for gatherings and events. With The Hauf & Howff bar at its heart, the marketplace is popular with local foodies and is a hive of activity which buzzes with energy and the smell of freshly caught seafood and perfectly cooked steak, prepared by some of the country’s top chefs. There’s something for everyone,


“MacDuff and The Gannet have a strong relationship – they’ve been supplying our Glasgow restaurant for years – and they’re approach to quality and traceability matches our own." Peter McKenna, The Gannet co-founder

too. Award-winning chef Jimmy Lee presents Salt & Chilli Oriental, for example, which serves up a tantalising fusion of Hong Kong street food with a Scottish twist, while Creel Caught – a solo venture by MasterChef winner Gary Maclean – specialises in grilled Scottish langoustine, steamed Shetland mussels, and Arbroath smokies. It’s undoubtedly the place to see and be seen and the beauty of the marketplace is that you can dine

with friends and order individually, so everyone is happy. It’s a win, win and really captures the true essence of what it means to be social.

Plant-based Bonnie & Wild is also home to Erpingham House’s Edinburgh restaurant, which really caught my eye – thanks, in part, to its back-story. The 100% plastic-free, plant-based stall is the third Erpingham House restaurant to be launched by co-

founders Loui Blake and footballers Declan Rudd and Russell Martin – completing a trilogy with other locations in Norwich and Brighton. The vegan restaurant, bar and café concept, which is built on health, sustainability and delicious food, was inspired after entrepreneur Loui bounced back from the brink of burnout by switching to a plant-based diet. Aberdeenshire-born head chef Emma Rae believes healthy food should be delicious and sustainable >> Autumn / Winter 2021




"We’re very excited to be working with MacDuff 1890 for this new venture. It’s a great opportunity for Bonnie & Wild’s and The Gannet East’s customers to experience a level of quality they won’t find elsewhere." Peter McKenna, The Gannet co-founder

– and uses only locally and responsibly sourced produce, which is kind to both people and planet. Her creations, which include the meat-free Erpingham burger and chimichuri tacos with jackfruit and black bean filling, are bursting with flavoursome, seasonal produce which is predominantly Scottish. Based on a mantra of ‘Eat plants and be kind’, Erpingham House is 52

Good Health Magazine

free from single-use plastics and offsets all carbon emissions by planting trees. The restaurant is free from all animal products, making it a musttry for any vegan, vegetarian or allergy-sufferer paying a visit to Scotland’s capital city. Discover more at:

If you’re not vegan and love a good steak, don’t miss The Butcher’s Cut – Scotland’s first field-to-fork fine dining experience – brought to you by Bonnie & Wild’s resident butcher and The Gannet East restaurant every Wednesday. Just turn up, visit the Macduff 1980 butcher counter and hand-pick your own cut of meat. Then have it taken along to The Gannet East food stall, which will cook your steak to perfection before serving it with beautifully prepared sides. Cuts include MacDuff’s Scotch ribeye, flat iron, and Galician ribeye steak. The Butcher’s Cut is available every Wednesday between 11.45am and 9.30pm. Cost: £16 plus the price of the steak. No need to book.

Get your health message across with

Women Speakers Association J

oin Good Health, Wellbeing & The Great Outdoors editor JJ Stenhouse on Wednesday, 24 November for a virtual networking event with Women Speakers Association (WSA) and grow your network, as well as your business. The magazine is proud to support this incredible online networking event hosted by our editor, JJ, who is also WSA’s Global Business Connector for Scotland. The evening promises a chance to connect and introduce yourself to other leading women around the world within a small, supportive online gathering. WSA draws on the strength which comes from getting together with like-minded souls and helps and supports women all over the world. Away from the magazine, JJ is known as The Practical Alchemist – an empowerment and transformation coach and medical intuitive.

She works with women on their self-development journeys who have tried it all and still haven’t found that pot of gold. She is excited to bring WSA to Scotland to gather female entrepreneurs who covet more visibility and bring them together to harness the innately Scottish unicorn energy of purity and power – ultimately releasing the creativity to do business in a much more powerful and inventive way. “Women in Scotland and around the world have a voice and it’s time to take our rightful place on the world stage,” says JJ, who also hosts Alchemy 1.01 on UK Health Radio. Join JJ at 7pm on Wednesday, 24 November, 2021, for her WSA virtual networking event. Register at: or contact for details.


Spice up your



Bored with the run of the mill? Have fun with ferments and liven up your kitchen this season


s the days draw in, it’s time to welcome warming winter root vegetables and brassicas. The trouble is, they can seem a bit boring. Fermenting your veg is a simple process that adds an extra dimension in taste and nutrition. Even the humble cabbage can become a superstar transformed into sauerkraut or spicy kimchi.


Good Health Magazine

Here’s my recipe for the fermented Korean staple. Kimchi is already highly nutritious but I always up the ante by adding fresh turmeric as the fermentation process improves bioavailability. (daikon or mooli), if you can source it. You will need a clean Kilner jar or two to ferment the vegetables. Tradition asks for Chinese cabbage, but white or Spring cabbage is great, too.



Ingredients: 1 small to medium white cabbage, shredded 2 large carrots, grated 1 bunch of chopped spring onions 2 tablespoons of crushed fresh root ginger 4 cloves of finely chopped or crushed garlic – or more to taste Chilli flakes to taste A couple of handfuls of natural sea salt

Optional: 1 small Japanese radish (daikon or mooli), if you can source it Grated turmeric to taste. Remember to guard against staining!

Mix the cabbage, carrot, onion, radish and turmeric in a large bowl and cover with a solution of salt and water. Leave overnight to soften the vegetables. Once softened, drain most of the water and add the chilli, garlic and ginger. Mix well and fill your Kilner jar. Pack the vegetables tightly so that the moisture covers the top and place in a bowl in case of leakage. Leave and allow to ferment for as long as you can resist, but 1-2 weeks is a good start. Play with it, tweak the recipe, work out your favourite fermenting time and enjoy!

Kombucha basics for beginners With Bad Gal Boocha’s Heather Blair Kombucha brewing is more of an alchemy than a science but with this easy wee guide you’ll be brewing up magic in no time.

You will need:

A clean, sterilised jar 1 litre water 5g loose leaf black tea 50g sugar 1 bottle of Bad Gal Boocha Original kombucha Elastic band and cloth Kombucha is a process of fermentation. You essentially feed your culture an extremely sweet tea, leave it alone for eight days and then start the process again. To begin, simply clean and sterilise your jar then add the sugar and the tea to 1 litre of freshly boiled water. Stir to dissolve all the sugar and then steep the tea for 30

minutes. Strain out the tea leaves and set aside until completely cool. Once cooled, add 250ml of our Original kombucha, including the little blob you see in the bottle, then top up with tea. Cover with cloth and secure with an elastic band. Store in a warm, dark place for eight days then remove 750ml. Leave 250ml plus the SCOBY (large white gelatinous disk covering the surface of the liquid) and repeat the process. Bottle up your kombucha as is or add whichever flavourings take your fancy! If you are struggling to master the art of kombucha, fear not. We run workshops. Just keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details. @badgalboocha

Autumn / Winter 2021



Yearning for the great outdoors? Rediscover your connection with nature at Glenapp Castle

Woodland Wellness


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ucked away beside the Ayrshire coast lies 110 acres of woodland estate. Home to an abundance of magnificent trees, including neck-achingly tall giant redwoods; cercidiphyllum japonica (Katsura tree) and abies cilicia (cicilian fir), which are some of the tallest known trees in Britain, the dense woodland is a forest bather's dream. The estate is that of Glenapp Castle, whose beautiful walled gardens were designed by famous horticulturist Gertrude Jekyll. Steeped in natural history and with clean, fresh air sweeping in from the Firth of Clyde, the estate and luxurious 5-star Relais & Chateaux hotel feel like a wellness retreat. Its guests eat better, sleep better and, ultimately, feel better. And the hotel doesn’t even have a spa. Yet. As well as a base to relax and destress, Glenapp offers more than 65 different experiences and activities for guests to explore and enjoy the great outdoors and seasonal produce available locally.

‘’Visiting Glenapp is like visiting another world.” Barbara Griffin, Fitness Coach

For the first time this AutumnWinter, it’s offering a Woodland Wellness retreat in partnership with Barbara Griffin of Transform Body + Mind. The bespoke retreat has been designed to help guests get close to nature and enjoy a lifechanging experience before the busy festive period.

Another world It follows hot on the heels of a new suite of wellness activities at Glenapp, which include yoga, a digital detox programme and forest bathing. ‘’Visiting Glenapp is like visiting another world,” says fitness and life coach Barbara, who has hosted a string of life-affirming retreats in the Canary Islands. “It’s not a million miles away, yet it feels like it is. “Our retreat, which combines meditation and mindfulness workshops, active sessions and nutrition within the calming surroundings of Glenapp, is a perfect antidote to 18 months of restrictions which, for many, have caused uncertainty and anxiety.” >> Autumn / Winter 2021



Over three days between November 26 and 28, guests can expect a full schedule of body and mind coaching, incorporating walking, running, yoga, pilates and more – all individually tailored and with special meals prepared in partnership between Barbara and resident executive chef Joe Gould. When you add to this the comfort of bedrooms fit for royalty, with elegant baths and stunning sea views and the famous volcanic outcrop of Ailsa Craig, we can’t think of a better place to relax, reenergise and kick-start the festive season! We’re sure the retreat will be the first of many. Find out more about what’s on at: PS The spa is earmarked for 2023! 58

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Christmas Wonderland WHERE: Perth Riverside WHEN: 2-23 December HOW TO BOOK:

What's Treasure Trails WHERE: Various Scottish locations WHEN: Year-round HOW TO BOOK: Explore beautiful Scotland and uncover the secrets of its ancient cities, wild peaks and dramatic coastlines with a fun-for-all-the-family Treasure Trail. Designed to appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure, the self-guided booklets have three themes to choose from: treasure hunt, spy mission or detective mystery. Treasure Trails are available from John o’ Groats in the north to Melrose on the Borders – and dozens of places in between. Crack the clues along the route of each Trail to unlock incredible stories from the past and solve the mystery.

Don’t miss Perth Riverside’s first Christmas-themed outdoor lighting trail created by the amazing 21CC team famed for its pyrotechnics. Experience the city on a magical, night-time walking trail that will illuminate the water and take you meandering through a glittering Norie Miller Walk and Rodney Gardens.

Restore & Renew Retreat WHERE: Perth Riverside WHEN: 19 – 22 November HOW TO BOOK: Sign up for three days of pampering in a picture-perfect Highland cottage and rediscover the best version of you before the Christmas madness kicks in. It will equip you with all the tools and techniques you need to live your best life and nourish your body with its locally sourced, wholesome organic menu. You’ll leave this women’s wellness retreat feeling transformed and ready for anything!

Autumn / Winter 2021



What's Wild Wimmin Retreats

Wondrous Woods

WHERE: Isle of Mull WHEN: Throughout 2022 HOW TO BOOK:

WHERE: Hopetoun House, South Queensferry WHEN: 21 October – 14 November HOW TO BOOK:

Join the Wild Wimmin for an unforgettable 3 or 4-night adventure on the Isle of Mull in 2022. You’ll spend the days exploring Mull and Iona, taking sandy walks along Knockvologan Beach, and wild swimming in its crystal-clear waters. Try paddleboarding and snorkelling, as well as great food and wine, then relax and recharge against a backdrop of Hebridean beauty.

Join Woody the Owl on a mystical woodland journey through the magnificent grounds of one of Scotland’s most iconic stately homes. This enchanting woodland walk meanders through secret paths and clearings before winding up back at Hopetoun House, beautifully illuminated against the night sky. Expect creative lighting and special effects!

Hogmanay Riverbank Ceilidh WHERE: Ness Walk, Inverness WHEN: 31 December HOW TO BOOK: Bring in the New Year at Ness Walk, in the heart of the Highlands, with a traditional Scottish ceilidh. You’ll enjoy a spectacular 5-course meal made with the finest local and seasonal ingredients then dance your way to the bells and beyond. Is there a better way to see in 2022?


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Win a home

spa gift set from Bampton House


ach of these spa gift sets from Bampton House contains 100% natural skin care for a luxurious home spa experience. Collections include Positive Mind, Calm Mind, Sleepy Mind, Fertility, Mother-To-Be and many more – each of which comes in a grey, organic cotton zip wash bag. We have one of the Happy Mind gift sets, worth £38, to give away which includes 50g Happy Mind Bath Salts, 100g Happy Mind Candle, 85g Happy Mind Body Scrub and, of course, an organic cotton wash bag.

Each of the natural products is infused with an uplifting blend of lemon, lime and juniper essential oils to inspire a happy mind. To be in with a chance of winning this gift set for you or a friend, simply enter the draw by emailing competitions@ with ‘Bampton House’ in the subject line by 12 noon on Tuesday, 14 December, 2021. The winning entry will be drawn at random and notified by email. Follow @BamptonHouse on Facebook and Instagram.


Save 10% off natural skin care this Christmas Get 10% off the entire Bampton House range until the end of December with our exclusive reader discount code! Shop at: and enter the code: GHM10 at checkout.

And relax! Make bath time bliss with our pick of luxury self-care products perfect for a night of pampering.



oak away the stresses with Dr Teal’s new Hemp Seed Oil Epsom Salts or Foaming Bath, which is beautifully blended with White Thyme and Bergamot essential oils. It’s a must for sore muscles and Winter-related aches and pains!


iscover ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s luxuriously scented body washes and lotions to nourish your mind and body and soothe your soul. After The Rain is a sensual blend of lime, rose and sandalwood – perfect for the time of year.



et the mood with one of The Calm Society’s new seven signature oil blends – each designed to help you relax, unwind and reach a calm state of mind.

op your favourite fragrance into the OBYO Mini cold air diffuser to awaken your senses and lift your spirits. Its’ luxe glass and sleek stainless-steel design is effortlessly mobile once charged – making it great for the bathroom and beyond.


ie back and enjoy the flickering flame of Suzanna K’s Zen scented coconut soy candle. This cosy blend evokes a sense of calm and tranquility with notes of lavender and Ylang Ylang.

Autumn / Winter 2021


Elliott Yoga Studio


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