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Reaching for the Stars Astronaut Peggy Whitson, IBM and NASA fuel STEAM Innovation The Magazine of Sacred Heart Greenwich

Spring 2017 2019

Where young women become global leaders

“Our student body is very committed to becoming global citizens and making the connection that Madeleine Sophie did hundreds of years ago — namely, that by educating women, the world will become a better place.” MAUREEN CONSIDINE, DIRECTOR OF UPPER SCHOOL CAMPUS MINISTRY

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EAR SACRED HEART COMMUNITY: This school year has been quite literally out-of-thisworld. This fall, we welcomed renowned astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson to campus to help us reopen the Mother Aloysia Hardey, RSCJ Observatory with new equipment and launch our STEAM education partnership with NASA and IBM. Dr. Whitson’s commitment to the education of women is reminiscent of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, founder of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Her goal of propelling more women to pursue careers in STEAM fields resonated deeply with students and faculty on King Street. As the world continues to change around us, we are focused on leveraging new teaching strategies, tools, and technology alongside our foundational teachings of faith, values, and ethics to create a unique educational environment for our students. A strong moral compass, unparalleled leadership training, and excellent academic preparation set Sacred Heart Greenwich graduates apart. We hope you enjoy the stories of student accomplishments at all grade levels within the pages of Horizons. With the support of our entire community, our students continue to reach for the stars. Warmly,

Christopher R. Ryan P ’12, ’16 Pamela Juan Hayes ’64 Chair of the Board of Trustees Head of School

1177 King Street, Greenwich, CT 06831 203-531-6500 | Board of Trustees Christopher R. Ryan, Chair Dreux Dubin Claiden ’77, Vice Chair Timothy C. Muccia, Treasurer Kathleen Plunkett O’Connor ’89, Secretary Katherine “Kate” Lavin ’98 Emily Bailey Berry 2 PMS Colors: Erinn Laragh Denson ’85,342 & 416Thomas D. Lehrman Peter A. Marshall Alumnae President Dolly Mayer Jan Dunn, RSCJ Douglas M. Mellert Gregory A. Gilbert Lynne Newman Paula S. Gruner, RSCJ Bernadette Prato Karen Finneran Hamilton Barbara Quinn, RSCJ Pamela Juan Hayes ’64, Thomas Simisky, S.J. Head of School Cynthia van Eck Sarah Jorquera ’79 Abbas “Eddy” Zuaiter Julie Keller, Parents’ Association President Mission Statement Sacred Heart Greenwich, founded in 1848, is an independent Catholic college preparatory school for young women from kindergarten through grade 12, with a coed early childhood education program. Sacred Heart, steeped in a solid academic tradition, educates women to have independence of judgment, personal freedom and strength of character so that they can become leaders with broad intellectual and spiritual horizons. The School welcomes students of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds and religious beliefs. True to its international heritage, the School provides students with experiences of diversity. Cultivating prophetic leaders is a compelling commitment of our education, and the entire school community, and as a member of the Sacred Heart Network of Schools, it is dedicated to the Goals and Criteria: › A personal and active faith in God › A deep respect for intellectual values › A social awareness which impels to action › The building of community as a Christian value › Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

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A collection of the news from this school year, including the St. Philippine Bicentennial Prayer Service, Singapore Math and more

Featuring the fall season with highlights from winter and spring sports

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On the Cover: Mya Gayle ’26, Moira Marangi ’25, Advika Dushyanth ’23, Laurie Starke ’26, Natasha Stewart ’25, Eugenia Piriz ’26, Clara Bonomo ’26 and Chloe Hill ’26 with Dr. Peggy Whitson.

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Upcoming events May 4 • 6:30 p.m. Green & White Benefit

June 3 • 8:45 a.m. Barat Center Prize Day

May 19 Katie Cassidy Higgins ’96 Memorial Lacrosse Tournament

June 3 • 9:30 a.m. Lower School Prize Day June 4 • 9:30 a.m. Middle School Prize Day

June 12 • 6:30 p.m. Alumnae Gathering in New York City at Rare Bar and Grill June 15–16 USA Field Hockey U19 Regional Tournament

May 30 • 10 a.m. Ascension Thursday Liturgy

June 5 • 9:30 a.m. Upper School Prize Day

July 15–16 University of North Carolina Lacrosse Camp

June 6 • 1:30 p.m. Graduation

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HORIZONS spring 2019

OU R C L A S SRO OM S Serving from the Heart If you ask the residents of The Greens at Greenwich, the dementia care facility next to Sacred Heart, they will tell you that visits from Middle School students are true highlights for them. Students are paired with a resident who they meet with individually and in a large group as part of their creative arts program. The program creates moments of laughter and creative expression for the residents. But the true magic of the program, according to Middle School social justice program leader Vicky Lorenzato, is in what the students experience. Lorenzato explains that the most important aspect of the Middle School community service projects is helping the students to realize that they have special gifts and talents to share with others. While it is important, for example, to donate non-perishable food to those in need, the program has a longer-term goal of helping the girls identify their passions and seeing how they can use their talents to bring about lasting change. According to school psychologist Melissa Otero, “Developmentally, middle school students are in a time of incredible cognitive, social, and moral development. They are becoming more aware of the fact that they are individuals with unique interests and points of view.” What’s unique about the Greens is that students with an interest in dance can be paired with the resident who was a former Rockette, or

a resident with verbal difficulties can be paired with a student passionate about languages. Another popular Middle School program is the partnership with Blythedale Children’s Hospital. During visits to the hospital, the students meet with children ages six to 15 who have a wide variety of illnesses causing them to have extended stays at the hospital. Lorenzato says that most frequently, the children want the opportunity to engage in normal conversation, do normal teenage things like laugh at YouTube videos or discuss pop culture. An opportunity to be comfortable in their own skin is what is most important for both the students and the patients. When students are encouraged to discover and nurture their interests, this prepares them for the next critically important stage of development, adolescence. The combination of focus on the Goals and Criteria and development sets this social justice program apart.

What’s unique about the Greens is that students with an interest in dance can be paired with the resident who was a former Rockette, or a resident with verbal difficulties can be paired with a student passionate about languages.

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


Celebrating the Bicentennial of St. Philippine Duchesne Last November, the Sacred Heart Greenwich community gathered to celebrate the life of St. Philippine Duchesne on her Feast Day and also honored the Religious of the Sacred Heart in the Fairchester community: Sr. Imma De Stefanis, Sr. Reyna Gonzalez, Sr. Paula Gruner, Sr. Joan Magnetti, Sr. Margo Morris, Sr. Sherry Smith, St. Margie Strom, and Sr. Rosemary Sheehan, who passed away in June 2017. The Feast Day held special meaning as it kicked off a bicentennial celebration of St. Philippine Duchesne and the 200 years since she founded the first free school west of the Mississippi in September 1818. The Society of the Sacred Heart and all of the network schools spent from November 2017 until November 2018 celebrating the bicentennial with a variety of activities, including a trip to St. Charles, Missouri, a ‘Year of Prayer’ and a global service day. Phyllis Pregiato, Chair of the US Theology Department, attended the bicentennial celebration of St. Philippine in St. Charles with other members of the Sacred Heart Greenwich team and our Network schools. Her reflection on the weekend, which follows, highlights the important role Philippine plays in guiding Sacred Heart educators. Celebrating the Bicentennial of St. Philippine on her feast day in St. Louis, Missouri was a once in a lifetime moment. Sitting in the Basilica of St. Louis on Sunday, November 18, at 2:30 PM, the music, the pageantry and the drama of the occasion enthralled attendees. A specially commissioned mass written by Michael Joncas filled the imposing space where Romanesque arches and glowing mosaics reverberated with the majesty of


HORIZONS spring 2019

the music. Symbolic drumming reminded everyone of Philippine’s loving connection with the Potowatomi Indians. The procession of students, faculty, and administration who represented the Network schools, the descendants of Philippine’s family who traveled from France, a joyful contingent of RSCJs all wearing flowing red scarves, and various members of the clergy elevated the spirits of everyone in attendance. A

ciborium given by Madeleine Sophie Barat to Philippine as she left France was present on the altar. The celebration of the mass itself brought together heaven and earth and moved many to tears. Fourth-grade teacher Kerri Moore, Middle School theology teacher Maureen Crowley, Director of Advancement Melissa Canoni, Director of Alumnae Relations Meghan Ryan, Student Body President Emma Butler ’19, and Claire Butler P’17 ,’17, ’19 all represented our School at the events. The group also reunited with Michael Baber, former Assistant Head of School at Sacred Heart Greenwich and current Head of Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill Schools. We attended a beautiful prayer service organized at the shrine of St. Philippine in St. Charles on Sunday morning. Words from Philippine herself united us as Sacred Heart educators and reminded us of her holiness, her intelligence, her courage, and her


hopefulness. Knowing she was present gave us the chance to verify our commitment to her ideals through our presence. The students who attended contributed thoughtful remarks about how they had benefitted from their Sacred Heart education. For many of us, a visit to the Shrine was a return to our roots; for others, it sparked a desire to get to know Philippine better. The mosaics throughout the Cathedral depict various Catholic pioneers from a number of religious orders as the Midwest became more populated. Philippine shines forth from one of the pendentives and had an excellent viewpoint for all the proceedings on her special day. Although 200 years may seem like a long time ago, the spirit of Philippine is still fresh and new. She may be wearing the traditional habit of the RSCJs but she will always be a pioneer into the future. Her vision leads us forward, and she still inspires all those who make a commitment to teach. Philippine is alive and present in every member of the Sacred Heart family. She has sustained us throughout the past 200 years and will continue to encourage us to forge ever-new frontiers.

Sacred Heart Day of Service On September 15th, Sacred Heart schools throughout the world came together to celebrate the life and legacy of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne as part of the celebrations honoring 200 years of Sacred Heart education in the United States. Sacred Heart Greenwich partnered with Don Bosco Community Center in Port Chester, New York for the Global Service Day celebrations thanks to the organizational efforts of Maureen Mara Brown ’82, P ’19, Susie Callagy McCloskey ’84, P ’14, ’20 and Upper School Community Service Director Kerry Bader. Don Bosco is a multiservice organization serving the poor in our immediate area, and volunteers had the opportunity to work in the soup kitchen, youth program, library, and resource area. Students from all three divisions, alumnae, parents, faculty, and staff participated in the Global Service day, with many having the opportunity to prepare food and read with members of the youth program at Don Bosco.

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Performing Surgery in the Gillespie Science Building Middle and Upper School students, even those not enrolled in biology or anatomy, have flocked to the new Anatomage table, or digital cadaver, that now calls our Science Department home. Sacred Heart is the first high school in the state to acquire an Anatomage table, thanks to Parents’ Association and Board of Trustees. The table is a digital teaching tool that displays the human body and all of its organs on a long screen and acts as a dissection table. Anatomy and biology teacher Amy Dillane helped bring the table to life for students this fall, walking them through how to switch modes to identify major arteries or organs and how to complete a dissection. Students simply swipe between major systems of the body or use their finger to draw an incision. The new tool allows students to think critically and learn the basics without things getting too messy. Currently, both Middle and Upper School students are using the table in their biology studies. The table is constantly updated with new data profiles of both humans and animals, making it particularly useful for Upper School students who are refining their college and career paths. Senior Nia Foster told the Greenwich Time, “I’ve always been interested in veterinary school, and this will help me learn the basics of anatomy [of other species.]” she said.


HORIZONS spring 2019


SINGAPORE MATH ON KING STREET When prompted to complete a long division problem, fourth graders in Kerri Moore’s class not only know the answer, but they can teach you how to solve this one math problem in multiple ways. That’s what sets the Lower School Singapore Math curriculum apart. Each lesson kicks off with an anchor task, a discovery-based tool where students can explore math concepts and then transition into a guided practice that is less teacherdriven. Then, students have time for independent practice and journaling. The implementation of Singapore Math in this way leads to greater depth of understanding and increased fluency, while allowing opportunities for individualized learning. After being recognized with the Vivian Pomex Sabbatical last year, Moore set out to private and public schools across the country to learn more about how they leverage Singapore Math concepts in the classroom. What quickly became clear is that, thanks to the Faculty and Staff Professional Development Fund, Sacred Heart Greenwich teachers shine in their ability to deliver the curriculum in a student-centered way. Under the direction of Lower School Math Specialist Cilla Bercovici, teachers

consistently participate in Singapore Math conferences during the summer and over breaks from school to stay up to speed on the latest developments to the curriculum. Ultimately, the teachers know how to teach Singapore Math, but more importantly, the pedagogy and the philosophy are all in their understanding.

“Singapore Math breeds enthusiasm among our students,” said Bercovici. “The learning the students are doing is discovery-based, so the students own the work they do, and it excites them. All of this stems from the training our teachers have done to be able to think of Singapore Math as an approach instead of a curriculum.”

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


Students Celebrate International Day of the Girl On the International Day of the Girl, October 11, Upper School students traveled to New York City to participate in the Girls Speak Out Summit at the United Nations. The day started out with a visit to the NYC office of Sr. Sheila Smith, RSCJ, the International Society of the Sacred Heart’s nongovernmental organization representative. Sr. Smith taught students about the correlation between the Goals and Criteria and the UN’s sustainable development goals, which include gender equality and quality education. Maureen Considine, Director of Upper School Campus Ministry, spoke about the lessons learned with Sr. Smith saying, “Our student body is very committed to becoming global citizens and making the connection that Madeleine Sophie did hundreds of years ago — namely that by educating women, the world will become a better place.” Then it was on to the UN for the Girls Speak Out Summit, which featured a panel of girls from around the world speaking about important topics like climate change, equal access to health care and providing education to more girls around the world. The summit kicked off the UN’s year-long focus on helping girls throughout the world overcome adversity. Reflecting on the trip, junior Mae Harkins said, “After hearing a number of inspiring and empowering speeches given


HORIZONS spring 2019

by other girls our ages, I left feeling ready to take make a bigger impact on this world, using the education and resources I have been gifted for good. And I knew that the trip was not merely a one-day event, but is a lifelong calling that we must answer — to fight ceaselessly for all those who cannot speak for themselves.”


POTTERY ON THE WHEEL The best place on campus to study forces, simple machines and the conservation of energy? How about at the pottery wheel in the Middle School art studio. First, the students learned how to center the pottery wheel and then, how to pull the clay to see how concepts like friction impact the clay on the wheel. The project allowed students to experience important science concepts firsthand while also learning a new art form they might be interested in studying in the future.

Online Courses Expanded through

Interested in learning more about Sacred Heart’s online course offerings through SophieConnect? Check out for the latest course offerings for Upper School students, from AP Computer Science Principles to Nutrition & Wellness.

Enroll today for Summer Enrichment courses at Sacred Heart! The Summer Enrichment program provides students with engaging, hands-on learning experiences and offers a wide variety of options from which to choose. For Summer 2019, there are offerings for girls and boys entering pre-school and kindergarten, as well as for girls entering grades 1–12. Summer Enrichment courses are open to current students, siblings, children of alumnae, and friends. Courses run from June 10–28 and online courses are available from August 5–August 16. Visit the Sacred Heart Greenwich website for more information or email


HORIZONS spring 2019


SophieConnect brings students online classes not offered on campus while providing the opportunity to learn and build community with other Sacred Heart students across the US and Canada. Sharing the expertise of Sacred Heart faculty from across North America, motivated students can pursue a wider variety of courses through the self-managed, guided inquiry offered via SophieConnect.


Trustee Rev. Simisky, SJ Installs 20 Seniors as Eucharistic Ministers Throughout the United States, Sacred Heart schools marked the opening of the 2018–2019 academic year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit. The Mass of the Holy Spirit dates back to the 16th century and allows the entire school community to come together to celebrate the School’s mission and Catholic identity. This year’s service was celebrated by Rev. Thomas Simisky, SJ, who serves on the Sacred Heart Greenwich Board of Trustees and is the President of Fairfield College Preparatory School, as Bishop Frank Caggiano was in Rome. During the service, Fr. Simisky asked the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom as we embarked on a new year of learning.

During the Mass, Fr. Simisky commissioned 20 seniors as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. In this new role, the students will serve as Eucharistic Ministers at liturgies throughout the school year. This year’s Eucharistic Ministers are: Anissa Arakal, Adriana Arias, Elizabeth Asprinio, Juliana Collins, Grace Danahy, Emma DeMartino, Mary Ann Gallagher, Shantel Guzman, Teaken Haggerty, Ella Holl, Bianca Massello, Sara Micciulli, Emma O’Connor, Natalia Pazos, Erin Quigley, Katherine Santoro, Ryan Smith, Anna Snopkowski, Daisy Steinthal, and Oliva Teklits.

Sacred Heart Greenwich •



HORIZONS spring 2019


HONORING MATER AND ALL MOTHERS Each October, we honor Mater with a wonderful tradition known as the Mother-Daughter Liturgy. As an all-girls school and with Mater as our example, this liturgy provides a unique opportunity to reflect on and strengthen the special bond shared by mothers and daughters. Each year, the reflections from an eighth grade mother, eighth grade daughters, and a mother-daughter pair from the senior class prove to be inspiring exchanges of love, confidence and motivation. What follows are excerpts from this year’s reflections. Kristin Morrow ’23: My mom is my light. She has guided me through life, helping me learn what to do at all the twists and turns I have and will face in my life. I see many qualities that are in Mater in her. She is possibly the most humble person I know, and the most generous person I know. When I was growing up, if someone asked me who or what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would say ‘My mom!’ and not even hesitate. If someone asked who my role model was, I would, and still do say, my mom. Lauren Kim ’23: Someone that has given me strength and courage especially in times of doubt, is my mom. She is kind, strong, hard working, and never fails to make me smile. My mom has always inspired me. She has shown me that intelligence and wisdom are very important. My mom has always been honest, creative, positive, and my biggest inspiration. No matter what, she always finds the good in a situation or a person, and I hope that I can have the same characteristics. Regina Gannon P ’23, ’28: I am sure that many of you in your own lives have had personal struggles along your journeys. You have had to rely on your faith and on the bonds of your own special mother-daughter relationships to navigate challenges. In many ways, we are ALL trying to emulate the life of Mater. You girls are all on the threshold of life. You may not know what joys, adventures and struggles lie ahead, or what struggles many of

your own classmates are dealing with now. Be open to the love and support of your families — and be open to the support of your mothers and of Mary. It is hard to distinguish between Mary’s love and the love of your mothers. Just like Mary felt the pain and suffering of her son Jesus on the cross, your mothers understand and love you — they want to help ease your pain in difficult times — and help you become the amazing women that you are already on the path to becoming. As you look ahead to high school and the building pressures of academics, athletics, dating, and friendships, try to slow down and take the time to nurture your relationships. You will need to draw on your mother’s love more than you can imagine.

Juliana Collins ’19: The bond I share with my mother is unlike any that I will ever find again in my life. She is the strongest influence on who I am, how I act, and the person that I have become. She has worked her whole life to provide me with the necessary tools to succeed: whether it be her sending me to Sacred Heart, showing me undying love and support throughout the good times and the bad, or simply making my favorite snack before I dive into hours of homework. I am so blessed to have such a caring and supportive mother in my life, as we all do. Whenever I find myself facing challenges that I am unable to conquer alone, no matter how big or small, I can always count on my mother for advice, guidance, and love.

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Multi-Age Classroom Multiplies Success When you see the spring flowers hanging in the windows of the Barat Center for Early Childhood Education, what you won’t be able to see is how each of the flowers was created: how one group was exposed to the patterns in the flower petals, how another practiced replicating petal patterns, and how the other created its own petal patterns. The Barat Center offers a unique learning environment for preschool age students with a multi-age approach to learning. A truly authentic development approach, the multi-age classrooms allows teachers to educate to where a student is at that moment of developmental time, not how old she is or when her birthday is. “The magic of the multi-age classroom is that it treats every child as an individual,” said Christine D’Alessandro, Head of the Lower School. “We take each child for who she or he is and where she or he is with a concept, regardless of age.” When springs spouts on King Street, the seasonal theme is used to reinforce the concept or skill on deck as opposed to creating projects with the purpose of promoting the season, as is most common in preschools. For each skill and concept, the teachers plan and organize instruction for a range of developmental levels. In the classroom, teachers divide students into groups that represent scaffolded stages of concept understanding and skill development. Each time a new skill is introduced and each time a new subject is


HORIZONS spring 2019

studied, the groups shift to meet the students where they are developmentally that day. “The success of the multi-age classroom depends on the teachers deeply understanding every area of early childhood development,” said D’Alessandro. “This allows them to fluidly push children forward with one concept or work with them more intensively on another. It requires constantly tinkering with lesson plans, and most importantly, being flexible enough to know when to provide more and when to give students more room to grow and explore on their own.“ The result of this multi-age classroom experience is exceptional academic preparation as well as social and emotional development that sets students apart when they assimilate into the Lower School.


Upper School Students Receive Accolades for Achievements As of the time of publication, Upper School students have been recognized for numerous achievements in academics, service, filmmaking, art & writing, and more. Isabel Davenport ’19 and Meredith Wilson ’19 were named National Merit Scholar Semifinalists, and the following students were named Commended Scholars: Elizabeth Asprinio ’19, Laura Ferrucci ’19, Mary Anne Gallagher ’19, Eliana Manriquez ’19, Natalia Pazos ’19, Erin Quigley ’19, Daisy Steinthal ’19, and Kristen Walsh ’19. In addition, Natalia Pazos ’19 was also named a National Hispanic Scholar through the College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program. The Don Bosco Community Center in Port Chester, New York recognized the following students with the Don Bosco Youth Service Award at the annual Don Bosco Dreams benefit dinner: Adriana Arias ’19, Cameron Calcano ’20, Shantel Guzman ’19, Gigi Jervis ’19, Nicole Mellert ’20 and Julia Welsh ’20. The 2018 All American High School Film Festival recognized the films created by the following students as finalists in the premier high school filmmakers and media arts competition: Olivia Andrews ’20, Sophia Brusco ’18, Delaney Coleman ’21, Cecilia Duncan ’21, Georgia Ferguson ’20, Christine Guido ’20, Carly Haines ’20, Roxanne

Kassapidis ’19, Jillian Larkin ’18, Lily Lemkau ’18, Clementine Marcogliese ’20, Gracie McDevitt ’20, Kate Murray ’20, Christine Plaster ’20, Jackie Prata ’20, Sofia Pye ’21, Katelin Ulmer ’19, and Maggy Wolanske ’18. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards recognized Molly Cadman ’19, Sophia Georgas ’20, and Sasha Kalinichenko ’21 with honorable mentions; Grace Danahy ’19 and Arielle Uygur ’20 with Silver Keys, and Shay Newman ’21 with a Gold Key in the arts category. For writing, Michala Rogers ’21, Malika Amoruso ’20 received Gold Keys; Katie O’Shea ’20, Morgan Wilkens ’20, Laura Ferucci ’19, and Daisy Steinthal ’19 received Silver Keys; and Shay Newman ’21, Hadley Noonan ’21, Ursula Volmer ’21, Morgan Wilkens ’21, Caroline Badagliacca ’20, Elle Delalessandrini ’20, Christine Guido ’20, Kate Murray ’20 received honorable mention awards. In the Greenwich Magazine annual photography contest, Zada Brown ’20 placed second and Elizabeth Colligan ’20 placed first in the Places category. In the Animals category, Zada Brown ’20 took third, Megan Farrell ’20 took second, Sasha Kalinichenko ’21 took first. Yvestlana LaFontant ’21 received third place in the People category. Finally, Julia Welsh ’20 was awarded the Back Cover of the January issue of the magazine.

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


Do you know any students who might be a great fit for Sacred Heart Greenwich? We value personal recommendations from families who know and love our School. The Admission Office is available to welcome these prospective students and families to campus when the admission season starts in the fall of 2019. Share your recommendations with us directly by emailing We look forward to meeting future members of our Sacred Heart Greenwich family!

Reimagining a Classic Ninth graders taking “Foundations of Literature” put on their best Charlotte Bronte hats earlier this year to reimagine Jane Eyre for younger audiences. An exercise in reading comprehension went a step further, with the students choosing a single focus for their texts to help younger readers better follow the plot line. The students learned that using themes to retell Jane Eyre would help build motivation, curiosity,


HORIZONS spring 2019

memory, comprehension, and concentration when unveiling their books to the younger students. One class identified Jane’s association of color imagery with emotion and retold her story leveraging that use of color. Once their texts were complete, each ninth grade class presents its version of Jane Eyre to Lower School students in Barat Center through second grade. Ninth grade English teacher Dr. Allison Alberts explained, “Presenting to the Lower School students was a such an important part of this project: it required the ninth

graders to anticipate the expectations of their audience members and to be confident enough to teach a text they had just learned themselves.”


FOURTH GRADERS TAKE OVER THE BROADCAST SUITE In November, Upper and Lower School students collaborated to produce a special Thanksgiving edition of the Lower School news show, “News From the Heart.” Fourth graders joined the advanced broadcast journalism class to learn the ins and outs of planning, producing, and filming a news show. Beginning with the brainstorming process, the Lower School students shared ideas for their segments and divided into groups to further investigate their stories. Junior Christine Guido ’20 was impressed with how creative and collaborative the younger students were, saying, “as a group, we worked together on making Thanksgiving themed placemats. Each of the girls drew a turkey, decorated it, and wrote on its feathers what they were most thankful for. The fourthgrade girls are so collaborative and kind.” Next, two girls were selected to serve as anchors on camera. With help from the advanced broadcast students, the newly minted anchors were able to brainstorm, film, and edit in less than thirty minutes. Sophomore Ella Drummey ’21 said, “both of the girls working on the opening with Isabelle and I were so excited and had so many ideas. It was fun to watch them work with all of their classmates and teach them the things they were learning. I’m so happy we got to share our class with them.” The final step in the process was editing each piece into the full “News From the Heart.” The partnership between the Lower and Upper School students provided opportunities with leadership skills, public speaking, and confidence they will all use in the future. Lower School Educational Technology Coordinator and Computer Teacher Mrs. Kathy Dunn reflected on the project, “The collaboration between the fourth grade and the Upper School was an outstanding experience for everyone involved. The Upper School students passed along their knowledge of script writing, interviewing, videotaping, and more. Their guidance ultimately enabled each Lower School student to feel successful as they shared in this hands-on and creative approach to learning broadcast journalism.” Sacred Heart Greenwich •



Fall Season Highlights

Congratulations to our Middle School, junior varsity and varsity teams, who sustained excellence as they concluded the fall season and competed in the Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA) and New England championship tournaments.



» » »

» Sacred Heart Greenwich won the FAA

RECORD: 20–6

Sacred Heart’s cross-country team finished the regular FAA season with a record of 20–6. The team placed 2nd in the FAA Championship and 2nd overall in the regular FAA season. Grace Lillis ’21 was the overall FAA Champion for the second year in a row; she also placed 3rd at the Canterbury Invitational with a time of 19:15.



RECORD: 16–2–1

» »

Field Hockey Tournament title in an overtime win against Greenwich Academy for the 2nd year in a row. Their incredible regular season run earned them the #3 ranking in the NEPSAC post-season tournament where they advanced to the semifinal round. After the 2018–2019 season, Beth Yeager ’21 was named to the 2019 Croatia Cup United States Women’s Indoor National Team and the 2019 U.S. U-17 Women’s National Team.


» In the Head of the Schuylkill in Philadelphia, PA, Sacred Heart Varsity 8+ placed 39 of 53, JV 8+ placed 38 out of 54, Novice 8+ placed 19 out of 30, and Novice 4+ placed 13 out of 30 boats.


RECORD: 12–7–1

» The team’s final record tied the regular »

season win record for a Sacred Heart Varsity Soccer team. The team advanced to the semifinal round of the FAA tournament.


RECORD: 9–0–1

» The team finished 1st in the FAA

for the regular season and won the JV FAA tournament.


» The varsity team demonstrated

grit, resilience, and perseverance this season and notched some impressive wins throughout against high-level opponents.


Sacred Heart Greenwich •


Fall Awards Varsity Field Hockey Captures 2018 FAA Championship Varsity Field Hockey brought home the 2018 FAA Championship title for the 2nd year in a row on November 9. A hard-fought win in overtime, the Tigers beat out top-seeded Greenwich Academy with a final score of 2–1. Beth Yeager ’21 scored both goals for Sacred Heart while goalie Olivia Caponiti ’23 made 8 saves.

Mary Grace Farrell ’21





Fernanda Serna ’21


HORIZONS spring 2019

NEPSAC All-Stars: Varsity Field Hockey: Mary Grace Farrell ’21 Caroline Nemec ’22

Field Hockey: MaryGrace Farrell ’21 Eliana Manriquez ’19 Caroline Nemec ’22 Elizabeth Yeager ’21

Varsity Soccer: Taylor O’Meara ’20 Fernanda Serna ’21

Soccer: Lara Patricio ’21 Fernanda Serna ’21 Amelia Sheehan ’20 Volleyball: Natalia Pazos ’19 Kellie Ulmer ’20 FAA Honorable Mention: Cross Country: Cecilia Duncan ’21 Gabrielle Davitch ’19


Caroline Nemec ’22

FAA All-League: Cross Country: Grace Lillis ’21 Ursula Vollmer ’21

Taylor O’Meara ’20

Field Hockey: Sydney Gallop ’20 Volleyball: Eva Canellakis ’21

2018 All-NEPSAC Class A: Varsity Soccer: Alana Frederick ’21 Varsity Field Hockey: Eliana Manriquez ’19 Beth Yeager ’21 High School All-Region Southern New England: Varsity Field Hockey: Eliana Manriquez ’19 Beth Yeager ’21


Go, Heart, Go!

Eight members of the Class of 2019 intend to continue their athletic careers after they depart King Street: Olivia Batal Hamilton College, Field Hockey Julianna Collins Bucknell University, Rowing Athena Corroon Naval Academy, Lacrosse Catherine Hamilton Villanova University, Swimming Hilary Hoover Cornell University, Lacrosse Eliana Manriquez Princeton University, Field Hockey Ryan Smith Boston College, Lacrosse Katelin Ulmer Tufts University, Swimming

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New Rowing Shell Dedication

Row, Heart, Row! On September 22, the Rowing team christened the newest 8+ shell as they prepared for the 2018–2019 season. Parents, alumnae, coaches, and Director of Athletics Liz Dennison gathered to welcome the new shell into the Sacred Heart family.

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


Winter Highlights

A tremendous winter sports season recently wrapped; here are some highlights from an exciting season. For a complete winter sports recap, visit the Sacred Heart Greenwich Athletics website. Varsity Basketball had a historic season, earning its first-ever berth to the New England Class A Tournament after placing 2nd in the FAA Tournament! The Middle School Squash A Team was crowned national champions after winning the MS Squash National Tournament! Catherine Hamilton ’19 broke the school record in the 200m freestyle during the New England Division 1 Championships, and the team finished third at the FAA Championships. Divers placed 4th through 8th place at the FAA Championships. The second season of the fencing club saw an expanded number of practices held over the course of the winter among an enthusiastic group of students. The rowing program formalized winter training this winter, meeting five days a week for training on the ergs, in the fitness center, in the yoga studio and more. Upper School Squash placed 2nd in the first ever FAA Squash Tournament.

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Middle School Fall Sports Middle School student-athletes saw sport wide success this fall. From the 32 player tennis team to the entire Middle School field hockey program only seeing one loss, these nine teams showed they had what it takes to compete at the highest level.


HORIZONS spring 2019


Worth Noting Taking a look back at highlights from the Spring 2018 Season: » Varsity Golf took home the 2018 FAA Championship,

with Lianna Amoruso ’21 winning the FAA. The team went on to place fifth at the New England Championship, the team’s highest-ever finish. At the FAA tournament, Lianna Amoruso ’21, Josephine Genereux ’22 and Carly Haines ’20 earned All-FAA Team honors. At New Englands, Genereux paced the Tigers with a fourth-place tie, and captain Morgan Hennessy ’18 was presented with the Izzy Marley Award, given to the student who shows dedication to academics, sports, and volunteering. Varsity Lacrosse won the 2018 FAA Championship for the second year in a row. In addition, Ryan Smith ’19 was named an All-American.



Sacred Heart Greenwich •


Cornell Athletics Department Veteran Named Athletic Director at Sacred Heart Liz Dennison joined Sacred Heart Greenwich as Director of Athletics in July 2018 after spending nearly a decade at Cornell University in roles including the Staley Head Coach of Women’s Rowing and, most recently, the Associate Director of Rowing. In her new post, Dennison oversees the management of the School’s 27 interscholastic athletic teams at the Upper School level and 27 Middle School teams. “We hope that Liz will be more than just our athletic director,” said Board of Trustees Chair Christopher R. Ryan. “As a former studentathlete and Ivy League coach, Liz understands how important it is for our student-athletes to balance their academic, athletic, cultural and spiritual lives before going off to college. She will also play an important role with families of student-athletes and our alumnae network. Liz will help lead Sacred Heart Greenwich athletics to greater success on the fields, in the classroom and in the community.” Dennison received a Bachelor of Science degree in foreign service from The Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

She then went on to receive a Master of Public Administration and Certificate of Advanced Studies in civil society from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. Before moving into athletics full-time, she served as a Presidential Management Fellow in the Office of the Chief of Staff ’s verification division at the Department of Homeland Security. During her fellowship, she received the DHS Pillar of Leadership Award recognizing her as the employee of the year.

USA Field Hockey Clinic Sacred Heart Greenwich hosted USA Field Hockey’s free “Learn to Play” clinics over the summer on our very own Magnetti Turf. Girls and boys of all ages were invited to attend clinics with the U.S. Men’s National Team coaching staff. More than 80 athletes attended the clinics, including some of our own Tiger student-athletes. The USA Field Hockey’s Under-19 junior national team also held competitions on the Magnetti Turf against Chile, August 6–10, to help promote the Olympic sport in America.


HORIZONS spring 2019


U.S. Soccer Star Holds Clinic at Sacred Heart Sacred Heart’s soccer fields were busy on October 20, as Megan Rapinoe, a member of the U.S. 2015 women’s national soccer team and the 2012 Summer Olympic Games team, led a bustling soccer clinic. In a collaborative effort between Rapinoe, Sacred Heart Greenwich soccer coach Stuart Smith, Greenwich High boys soccer coach Kurt Putnam and Cardinal Soccer Camps, more than 160 athletes attended the Saturday morning clinic. Members of our very own Sacred Heart soccer team enjoyed spending time with a player who inspires them. “It’s a really nice camp,” Sacred Heart junior forward Taylor O’Meara said. “I have been a fan of her (Rapinoe) and the women’s national team for a long time — I have been following them since 2015. She is my idol, so it’s nice to be here.” Tigers sophomore forward Alana Frederick was also among some of the Sacred Heart players at the event. “I think it’s great that these kids get to play with one of the best players in the world right now,” Frederick said. “It’s so inspiring to see these great soccer players grow up (to) do this for a living. It’s also cool that they get to use our facility and be a part of our community.”


The 17th annual Katie Cassidy Higgins ’96 Memorial Lacrosse tournament will feature, for the first time, a free lacrosse clinic for girls in 2nd–6th grades at 10:30 am. Join us as we celebrate Katie’s memory, spirit, work ethic and love of athletics. Katie, a three-sport varsity athlete in field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse, attended Sacred Heart from kindergarten through twelfth grade. After graduating in 1996, she went on to play lacrosse at St. Lawrence University. Tournament proceeds support a four-year scholarship to Sacred Heart in Katie’s honor. Since it began, the tournament has sponsored the education of four Upper School students. The tournament is open to girls’ lacrosse teams in seventh and eighth grades in Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Each year, hundreds of lacrosse players, their families and alumnae come together for an afternoon of sport, music, food, and games. For more information on the free 2nd–6th grade lacrosse clinic for children of alumnae and Sacred Heart students, which is hosted by Sacred Heart coaches and players, please email Meghan Mara Ryan at

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


Learning Opportunities



HORIZONS spring 2019

RLD In the fall, Sacred Heart Greenwich announced a partnership with IBM and NASA to fuel STEAM education initiatives for all students. The partnership provides Sacred Heart with research-grade equipment and technology, the ability to leverage NASA curricula at all grade levels and access to career leadership and role models for the students.

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


At Sacred Heart Greenwich, we are committed to academic excellence and this partnership with IBM and NASA positions us to provide unparalleled STEAM opportunities for our students.

o celebrate the collaboration, leading astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson visited the school on Monday, October 29, to meet with students and inspire their class and career choices. Piper Van Wagenen ’20, granddaughter of Neil Armstrong, introduced Dr. Whitson before she addressed the entire student body during the school day, giving students time to ask questions about her career as well as the intricacies of living in space. With the help of IBM and NASA, Sacred Heart reopened the Mother Aloysia Hardey, RSCJ Observatory with new equipment in October, thanks to a donation from the Parents’ Association and the Board of Trustees. After a ribbon-cutting ceremony, students experienced the new state-of-the-art telescopes — complete with solar viewing capabilities — for the first time with Dr. Whitson. Students at all grade levels, from the co-ed Barat Center for Early Childhood education through 12th grade, will have access to the observatory


HORIZONS spring 2019


during classroom hours. The Hardey Observatory is also open to the community for viewings every Thursday evening, weather permitting. “At Sacred Heart Greenwich, we are committed to academic excellence and this partnership with IBM and NASA positions us to provide unparalleled STEAM opportunities for our students,” said Head of School Pamela Juan Hayes ’64. “We look forward to seeing our students conduct research projects with the new observatory equipment, to forging career mentor relationships for students with world-class scientists and to doing all we can to inspire our students to reach further and higher to achieve their goals in college and beyond.” After she spoke with the entire student body, Dr. Whitson met with smaller groups of students in the Observatory, Makerspace and Robotics Lab, where students presented research on food sustainability in space, showcased LEGO Robots and more. Science, coding,


HORIZONS spring 2019

and engineering classes throughout the school will now have access to the NASA curriculum to infuse into daily coursework. Dr. Whitson, who holds the record for longest amount of time spent in space by a United States astronaut, shared her experiences completing experiments on the International Space Station for high school and college-aged students. The partnership with IBM and NASA extends beyond the Sacred Heart Greenwich campus too. The goal of the collaboration is to develop a global pipeline that will help girls of all ages become more engaged with STEAM today and into their careers. As part of a network of 120 Sacred Heart schools in 44 countries, Sacred Heart students in Middle and Upper School participate in exchange programs with sister schools. Students visiting campus from domestic and international Sacred Heart schools will have access to the Hardey Observatory and participate in classes incorporating the NASA curriculum. “Sacred Heart Greenwich is the perfect environment to spark, incubate and launch the next generation of female makers, engineers, and entrepreneurs,” said Nancy Greco, director of Internet of Things research at IBM and distinguished engineer. “Given IBM’s proximity to Sacred Heart Greenwich and the company’s commitment to education, we are excited to continue building this partnership to help encourage girls to not only pursue STEAM classes in school but in their careers as well.”

Sacred Heart Greenwich is the perfect environment to spark, incubate and launch the next generation of female makers, engineers, and entrepreneur.


STEAMing Ahead A STEAM Advisory Board was created to steer the IBM and NASA partnership, and students are already connecting with board members. Kindergarteners, who blast off to space each winter during their science curriculum, met with Tess Caswell from Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin, an aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company. The other board members include: Trustee Emily Bailey Berry P’27 ’28, founder and president of GGBAILEY, LLC and co-owner and CMO of RACEMARK International; Nancy Greco, Director of Research, Internet of Things at IBM; Dan Barstow, senior education manager for the International Space Station; Drew FitzGerald, co-founder of JUST; Marion Kieltyka, science department co-chair at Sacred Heart; Zachary Lemnios, global leader of physical science and government programs at IBM; Dr. Peggy Whitson, retired NASA astronaut; and Molly Van Wagenen, STEAM and women’s leadership advocate.

STEAM beyond King Street A major component of the IBM and NASA partnership is to provide Sacred Heart Greenwich students with access to career networking resources. With more than 70 students currently enrolled in Science Research studies and even more taking Advanced Placement courses in science, technology, art, and math, Sacred Heart hopes to help students envision potential college courseloads and career paths that best fit their interests. During Dr. Whitson’s visit to campus, IBM’s Nancy Greco moderated a panel conversation with distinguished leaders in STEAM education for Sacred Heart students, families and the community. Greco was joined by Dan Barstow from the International Space Station; Dr. Tess Caswell, engineer and planetary scientist with Blue Origin; Zachary Lemnios, Vice President, Research Strategy and Worldwide Operations at IBM; Mary Musolino, Upper School science teacher and Director of Science Research at Sacred Heart Greenwich; and Whitson. Prior to the panel conversation, Sacred Heart students also had the opportunity to sit down and share a meal with a wide variety of scientists from the nearby IBM campus.


HORIZONS spring 2019

Mother Aloysia Hardey, RSCJ Observatory Built in 1999, as part of an initiative to immerse girls in STEAM subjects and fields and named after the founder of the first Sacred Heart school in New York City, the Mother Aloysia Hardey, RSCJ Observatory is one the few secondary school observatories in New England. During the summer of 2018, the facility was updated with research-grade equipment and capabilities for day and night viewing thanks to the Parents’ Association and Board of Trustees. A full-time astronomy teacher and a technician coordinated the installation. During the 2019–2020 school year, an interdisciplinary astronomy course will be offered for the first time. The Observatory is open to the Sacred Heart community every Thursday evening during the school year. Contact Rick Bria, astronomy technician, for exact times as they vary seasonally. To check to see if viewing is canceled due to overcast skies or bad weather, call the Observatory’s answering machine (203-532-3322) on Thursdays after 5:00 PM.

Stars on the Nightly News Kate Snow and the crew from NBC Nightly News visited campus to capture Dr. Peggy Whitson’s visit and learn more about the IBM and NASA partnership. In addition to getting to watch her skilled reporting in action, broadcast journalism students had the opportunity to interview Ms. Snow about her illustrious career.

Sacred Heart Greenwich •



STEAM Education







By Christine D’Alessandro, Head of the Lower School


HORIZONS spring 2019


hile Lower School students visit the Makerspace over the course of the year, this year a new initiative emerged to invite more STEAM learning opportunities directly in the classroom. The boxes provide opportunities for hands-on, play-based activities that incite wonder and surprise. These kinds of experiences are important because they give students fluidity in applying their reasoning, communication, and metacognitive skills simultaneously. Each month, classrooms receive a new STEAM box that is thematically designed to incorporate cross-curricular exploration of materials, concepts, and skills. The box themes range from cardboard to circuits, architecture to rocks and minerals, sewing and weaving to international cultures. In addition to the play elements that elicit exploration, each box includes books that support and enhance the theme. Watching the students dive into these STEAM boxes, you can see them connect skills learned in art, science, reading, writing, and math without hesitation. The STEAM boxes allow for opportunities to design, connect, create, fabricate, generate, and construct freely and openly. The more frequently children utilize these types of cognitive skills and understandings, the more successful they are at applying them to all academic areas of their life. They begin to master a growth mindset, knowing that persistence, motivation, and experimentation lead to attaining new outcomes and solutions to problems and understandings. The more they play, the more open they are to absorbing, applying, connecting the multitude of concepts and skills they need to achieve both developmentally and academically. Earlier this year, after making a car from a cardboard box, a first grader said, “STEAM activities just feel good.” That feeling she’s describing? These activities “feel good” because they align with how children develop, learn, grow, and apply new knowledge. Sacred Heart Greenwich •


with 2019 Graduation Speaker Christina Ciardullo ’02 The Class of 2019 welcomes Christina Ciardullo ’02 as its graduation speaker. Ciardullo is a senior architect at LAVA in Berlin, Germany and the co-founder of SEAch+ (Space Exploration Architecture), which develops human-supporting design concepts for space habitats. A graduate of Columbia University with Bachelor of Arts degrees in philosophy and astronomy, Ciardullo went on to received a Master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University and has begun a Ph.D. at Yale University’s Center for Ecosystems and Architecture. Read on to hear more about how Sacred Heart influenced her path to space.


HORIZONS spring 2019


I took a lot of diverse classes at Sacred Heart. Ones that stand out are the Great Thinkers class, AP Chemistry, AP Physics and Science Research. It was Mary Musolino’s first year teaching Science Research and the Gillespie Science Building had just opened. Most of the girls in my science classes were thinking about going into medicine, and after Science Research class, I decided that I was going to be a true scientist and work in a lab. But, in college, I went on to study astrophysics and philosophy because of the combination of the theology, great thinkers and curiosity that went into it all. For me, science was always encapsulated in this

greater context of philosophy and theology. How do we think about the world, how do we come to understand the world, and by what means do we understand it? The diversity of courses at Sacred Heart in concert with the philosophy and theology background made me into a different kind of scientist. Now, as an architect, I get to be the translator between many voices. I work with scientists to make buildings respond to the natural environment and principles of physics and mechanics, and consider philosophical questions about how people live. I also work on NASA projects on habitats, which requires working with radiation experts and structural engineers while at the same time considering very human questions of what it means to live in a place that is isolated and far from home. As the architect, you bring it all together to meet the needs of a particular project.


Which Sacred Heart Greenwich courses influenced your college coursework and career choices?


What was your science research project at Sacred Heart? I worked on a project about bioremediation, using bacteria to clean pollutants out of wastewater. I went to the wastewater treatment plant in Stamford, CT regularly to see if bacteria would work better than traditional chemical treatment methods. Interestingly enough, this is quite similar to some of the closedloop ecological systems work we consider when working with building projects.


What research projects are you working on now? I’m participating in a NASA sponsored project to 3D print a Martian habitat and working on closed-loop ecosystems for buildings both on earth and in space. In some ways, it’s science fiction. We take what’s in the realm of possibility and knowing what’s possible, we decide where we should focus our research. We’re at a point in time where we have a lot of tools we could use

to build in outer space, like 3D printing and inflatables. There’s a lot of science, but it requires a vision for how to apply it. It requires incorporating a human and philosophical perspective into what might otherwise be straightforward engineering. NASA recognizes the need to keep pushing these visions so we can inch toward bringing these projects to life.


What advice will your share at graduation with the Class of 2019? You don’t have to choose to be a particular box. There are more opportunities to create your own career and path than you think. For me, choosing architecture was a way to bridge science with the philosophy and arts side of me. But I’m still on the road figuring this all out, only a bit further down than the Class of 2019. There’s still so much more to come, and we have to maintain a sense of curiosity about the world to keep trying to learn and understand.

Sacred Heart Greenwich •



happenings 1







Major Donor Dinner for

OUR PHILANTHROPIC LEADERS L’Escale in Greenwich served as the backdrop for the annual leadership donor dinner, where Head of School Pamela Juan Hayes ’64 thanked donors who have contributed $10,000 or more. More than 75 guests were treated to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the water’s edge before adjourning inside for an elegant seated dinner. Senior, Student Body President and “lifer” Emma Butler spoke eloquently of her experience as a Sacred Heart student. Emma spoke personally to the guests, saying “You have been the catalysts for change that the students need to flourish, thrive and fully focus on our education, so I would like to say that your generosity is not just greatly appreciated, it is essential and the pivotal piece to what makes Sacred Heart so extraordinary.” Each year, the School receives over 80 leadership gifts at or above $10,000. We are truly grateful for everyone’s passion, leadership and investment in Sacred Heart Greenwich.


HORIZONS spring 2019

1. Clare Butler, Emma Butler ’19, Dave Butler • 2. Mary Catherine Joyce McCooey ’60 and Patty Joyce Figge ’58 • 3. Phil and Bev Guido • 4. Elisa and Tom Wilson • 5. Ingrid and Edward Arredondo • 6. Jennie and Kevin Stone • 7. Cristina and Walter Pye

2018 Summer Outreach

GOLF AND TENNIS OUTING Thank you to everyone who supported the Summer Outreach Golf & Tennis Outing. From behind-the-scenes to the court, course or table, it was a wonderful day. The Outing netted nearly $125,000, which will provide critical summer enrichment and athletic and academic programming for financially disadvantaged children from nearby towns. Several people deserve special recognition: Outing Co-Chairs Doreen Griffin P ’22 and Helen Woods P ’32 and Tennis Committee Chair Lauren Nardis P ’24, Emcee and Auctioneer Frank Carroll P ’15, ’17, Varsity Golf Coach Karen Panarella, and Varsity Golfers Lianna Amoruso ’21, Carly Haines ’20, Lexi Herrmann ’19, Jackie Prata ’20 and Julia Veber ’19. Congratulations also to the following winners: • Intermediate Tennis: Tara Tiedemann P ’24, ’26 and Laura Yaeger P ’28 • Advanced Tennis: Doreen Griffin P ’22 and Carolina Velez P ’23, ’24 • Closest to the Pin: Paul Chmiel P ’18, ’20 • Longest Drive: Chuck Callerie • 1st Group Low Net: Greg Gilbert P ’21, Fred Christensen P ’21 • 2nd Group Low Net: Brian Dennis P ’31, Josh Desiena, Frederic Guitard, Marc Martillota

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


Lower School celebrates

GRANDPARENTS AND SPECIAL VISITORS DAY This annual tradition celebrated by the Lower School welcomes grandparents and special friends to a morning filled with entertainment in the de Csepel Theater and visits to the classroom. During the event, held the morning before dismissal for the Thanksgiving holiday, students have the opportunity to express their gratitude for their grandparents and friends who have made such a difference in their lives.

Father’s League

OKTOBERFEST Special thanks to Fathers’ League Chair Mike Petrizzo P’20, ’22, ’25 for planning a fun Oktoberfest. Despite the torrential rain, a record-breaking number of fathers came together for fellowship, bratwurst, and seasonal beers donated by Carlos and Belinda Brito P ’23.


HORIZONS spring 2019



COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Come Home for Christmas kicked-off the holiday season Nordic Noel-style. The weekend was such a success thanks to event chairs Christine Fouts P ’24 and Jennifer Sfreddo P’24, ’25, Auction Chairs Nikki Denvir P’25, ’29 and Carlie Gillen P’25, Holiday Boutique co-chairs Michelle Vittoria Gelinas Buford ’88 P’27 and Nicole Russo Steinthal ’88 P ’19, P ’21, and Santa’s Secret Shop co-chairs Camille Mourdant P ’25 and Liz Waldrup ’77. Thank you, as well, to the Board of Trustees, the GreenwichMaplehurst Alumnae Association, The Parents’ Association, the Madrigals and dozens of volunteers. The weekend netted over $78,000 for the Faculty and Staff Professional Development Fund.

Sacred Heart Greenwich •




MOMS’ NIGHT OUT The Parents’ Association hosted the inaugural Moms’ Night Out party this winter with 100 moms from all divisions — and even some of our alumnae moms! — enjoying the “Taco ‘bout a Party” theme with Mexican food, margaritas, and sangria from Boxcar Cantina. This fiesta is just one example of how Sacred Heart Greenwich celebrates community!


In March, students, parents, grandparents, alumnae, parents of alumnae and friends of the School gathered in Palm Beach, Florida for a festive evening full of school pride. The event, hosted by Bill Finneran, grandparent of Catherine ’19, Annie ’22 and Mary Grace ’27 Hamilton brought together multiple generations of the Sacred Heart Greenwich family.


HORIZONS spring 2019

ALOYSIA HARDEY, RSCJ PLANNED GIVING SOCIETY Leave a legacy… By including Sacred Heart Greenwich in your estate plans, you can insure that the School you know and love remains vibrant for future generations. There are a number of ways to leave your legacy: • Bequests • Charitable remainder or lead trusts • Rolling over an IRA (for those 70½ and older) • Beneficiaries of retirement funds • Beneficiaries of Donor Advised Funds

Testimonial from an Aloysia Hardey ­Society member: I am blessed to have received a Sacred Heart education. The four years I spent at Sacred Heart were happy, challenging and nurturing. The Religious of the Sacred Heart strengthened the gift of faith given to me by my family and laid the foundation of learning, discipline and service to others, which have served me all of my life. By naming Sacred Heart Greenwich as a beneficiary of my IRA, I can help to make a Sacred Heart education ­available to future generations. This is the most meaningful way I can honor the values that Sacred Heart instilled in me. — Sheila Hickey Cameron ’62

Members of the Aloysia Hardey, RSCJ Planned Giving Society are invited to an annual seated luncheon with Head of School Pamela Juan Hayes ’64 and students. For more information contact Melissa Canoni, Director of Advancement, at 203-532-3326 or or visit

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


ALUMNAE news Dear Alumnae and Sacred Heart Family: Together with the Greenwich-Maplehurst Alumnae Association Board and the Young Alumnae Council, I want to thank all of our alumnae for their participation in our Sacred Heart community this year. As you’ll see in these pages, the alumnae community continued its long tradition of volunteering, mentoring, giving back and attending events to support our school. I hope you enjoy the alumnae stories in this issue of Horizons, and I encourage you to read the monthly issues of Alumnae Au Courant that are shared over email. With Heart,

Erinn Laragh Denson ’85, P ’15, ’22 President, Greenwich-Maplehurst Alumnae Association

Find Your Tiger Connections with the Alumnae Network! Have you signed up for the Alumnae Network, a desktop and mobile-friendly networking tool offered exclusively to Sacred Heart Greenwich alumnae? You can sign in online using the web version or download the app for iOS or Android. To download the app, search for “EverTrue” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Alumni Community app. Once installed on your device, open the app and you will be prompted to search for our community. Begin typing “Sacred Heart Greenwich” and select the correct community. You can also sign up by visiting


HORIZONS spring 2019

Greenwich-Maplehurst Alumnae Association Board 2018–2019 President: Erinn Laragh Denson ’85, P’15, ’22 Vice President: Nicole Russo Steinthal ’88, P’19, ’21 Treasurer: Margot Kearney Navins ’02 Secretary: Colby Gargano Summers ’01 Board Members: Gabriella Almeida ’07 Alessandra Badioli ’11 Tory Bensen ’10 Caitlyn Harrington Bertoncin ’03 Kelly Whipple Brooke ’06 Maureen Mara Brown ’82, P’19 Michelle Vittoria Gelinas Buford ’88, P’27 Meghan McGuinn Chew ’05 Johna McCoy Clear (91st St.) ’91, P’25, ’28 Kristin Carey Connors ’09 Sara Callagy Finn ’88, P’18, ’23 Katy Grogan Garry ’95 Noël Ausserlechner Gilbert ’00 Debbie Busby Kunces ’73 Deana McGlasson McCabe ’89, P’18 Kathleen Plunkett O’Connor ’89, P’20, ’21, ’22 Jennifer Bentley Rivera ’94, P’21, ’22 Liz Waldrup ’77 Ex Officio Members: Pamela Juan Hayes ’64, Head of School Melissa Strock Canoni, Director of Advancement Meghan Mara Ryan ’01, Director of Alumnae Relations Katherine Colihan Scott ’06, Assistant Director of Alumnae Relations

Young Alumnae Council Members Kristin Carey Connors ’09 * Alessandra Knight ’09 Tory Bensen ’10 * Alessandra Badioli ’11 * Maria Rincon ’11 Sarah Tranfo ’11 Francesca Libassi ’12 Alli Sciarretta ’12 Emma Molloy ’13 Meggie Purcell ’13 Catherine Cunningham ’14

Margot McCloskey ’14 Claire O’Neill ’15 Grace Campbell ’16 Lizzie Considine ’16 Juliette Guice ’17 Helen Rail ’17 Katie McCabe ’18 Nathalie Perreault ’18 Kate Ruberti ’18 *Alumnae Board liaisons

GLOBAL LEADER Alumna Award Winner Shares STEM Career Advice Cristina Dolan ’79, the Global Leader Alumna Award winner at Reunion 2018 and former Alumnae Board member at Sacred Heart Greenwich and 91st Street, returned to campus in September to speak with members of the AP Computer Science class in the Upper School. An internet pioneer and financial technology aficionado, Dolan shared with the class her advice for college and career, her personal career journey and details on the inner workings of her latest business, iXledger, which handles insurance on the blockchain. When applying to college during her Sacred Heart years, Dolan was drawn to shows like Star Trek and Lost in Space and focused her college search on opportunities in engineering. An MIT MediaLab alumnus, she went to work at IBM before the internet browser was fully formed. Future career stops at Hearst and Disney found her launching some of the first consumer websites and later the first online shopping experiences at Oracle. She also co-founded, which grew to be the tenth largest ISP after a successful IPO.

Dolan spends time mentoring other female engineers through the Dream It. Code It. Win It. conference she founded in 2013, countless speaking opportunities each year and by volunteering through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She shared with Sacred Heart students the importance of being a problem solver and self-learner as well as the importance of ignoring any sense of imposter syndrome. She told the class “Don’t doubt yourself. When you feel the doubt creeping in, you need to have a few questions to ask yourself to reassure yourself. Create a filter in your mind when you hear those voices in your head that say you aren’t good enough. Because you are.” Her new venture with iXledger came out of volunteer work Dolan undertook at MIT. While going through the intricacies of bitcoin, blockchain, ethereal smart contracts, and hyper ledger with the class, Dolan explained that blockchain is particularly interesting because we live in a world with little trust, so having a technology where

you can store data, keep data and it can’t be deleted is an amazing way to create trust — especially with millennials who trust this sort of technology more than a money manager. Enabling trust fuels the economy, and the technology increases the speed of trusted and compliant transactions. Dolan closed the class by entertaining questions from the students, many of whom have completed supplemental computer science and engineering programs outside of school to further their experiences, and discussed the impact open source technologies on the rate of innovation today. A world of innovation that Dolan is certain current Sacred Heart engineers will take part in.

Join us in New York City for a summer night of connecting, reminiscing and camaraderie! Wednesday, June 12, 6:30–8:30 pm RARE Bar and Grill

303 Lexington Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


Class of 2013

Welcome Home Reunion 2018

Renee Holt Bigler ’48, Ginny Beach Coudert ’48 and Louise Meiere Dunn ’48 celebrated their 70th Reunion

Class of 1988

Natalia Delgado ’72, recipient of the Professional Excellence Award, with her family

Class of 1973


HORIZONS spring 2019

The Class of 2014 was honored with the Young Alumnae Spirit Award. The Award was established in 2016 to recognize the young alumnae class (2009–2018) with the highest participation in the Fund for Sacred Heart. Shelby Holland, Audrey Moukattaf and Catherine Cunningham accepted the award on behalf of their classmates.

Class of 2008

Kathy Williams Dunn ’73, a recipient of the Outstanding Alumnae Award, with her family including her sisters, Maureen Williams Fay ’69, Meghan Williams Hess ’81 and Jennifer Williams Byrne ’84, daughter, Jeanie Dunn ’10, and niece, Caitlin Fay Fink ’98

Carol Higginbotham Healy ’53 and Pat Bainton ’53

Class of 1968 50th Reunion

The Class of 1968 takes over the Today From the Heart set

Cristina Dolan ’79, recipient of the Global Leader Award, with her family

Angela Dinger ’89, recipient of the Professional Excellence Award, with her family including her parents, Frank and Beatrice Dinger P’88,’89,’93, sisters, Melissa Dinger Gibbons ’88 and Cynthia Dinger Knoll ’93, and aunt, Lauren Dinger McCauley ’58

Sacred Heart Greenwich •



Welcome Home Reunion & Fall Festival • Honoring the Class of 1969 at its 50th Reunion and classes ending in 4 and 9 Erica Jorgensen ’04, recipient of the Broadcast Journalism Award, with her mother, Peggy Jorgensen P’04,’09,’13, and sister, Grace Jorgensen ’13

• ALL graduates and parents of alumnae from EVERY year are invited home to reunion Friday, September 20, 2019 Schedule 12:00 pm Luncheon for Aloysia Hardey, RSCJ Planned Giving Society 7:30 pm Stargazing in the Hardey Observatory

Class of 1983

Saturday, September 21, 2019 Schedule 11:00 am Fall Festival, all children & grandchildren welcome 1:00 pm Luncheon for the Class of 1969 & earlier classes 3:00 pm Tours of the School 4:00 pm Mass in the chapel and Alumnae Awards ceremony 5:00 pm Cocktail reception and class photos To volunteer for your class reunion, contact Alumnae Director Meghan Mara Ryan ’01 at

Science Research teacher Mary Musolino with Kristin Uhmeyer ’05, recipient of the STEAM Award and her husband Robert

Class of 1978


HORIZONS spring 2019

Class of 1998

Children of all ages enjoyed games, activities and food at the annual

Fall Festival

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SACRED HEART gatherings



college CONGÉ 1. College-age alumnae gathered January 7 for the annual networking lunch with the seniors 2. Madison Miraglia ’18, Jackie Koletas ’18, Ciara Henry ’18, Laura Holland ’18, and Ellie McKenney ’18 3. Panelists Helen Rail ’17, Katie McCabe ’18, Madison Miraglia ’18, Erin Schick ’16, Lizzie Considine ’16 and Claire O’Neil ’15 answered questions from the seniors about their college experience




SPORTS reunions 3


HORIZONS spring 2019

1. Alumnae basketball players returned January 4 for the 2nd annual basketball reunion 2. On the court at the volleyball reunion with past and present players (and some parents of alumnae, too!) 3. Alumnae squash and volleyball players reconnect at their sports reunions



HALLOWEEN play date 2


1. Alumnae and their children gather for the annual Alumnae Halloween Play Date 2. Jane Chapman Lodge ’04 and her daughter 3. Noël Ausserlechner Gilbert ’00 and children of alumnae 4. Andrea Azuaje Rodriguez ’04 and her daughter


D.C. & Virginia

1. On February 8, Head of School Pamela Juan Hayes ’64 welcomed alumnae from Virginia to a luncheon in Alexandria. Alumnae included Joyce Gorman ’70, Missy Marandino Breen ’81, Nancy Oakes ’75, Mary McGowan ’75 and Dee Dee Tostanoski ’71. 2. Sarah Jackmauh ’15, a current senior at Georgetown, lead a Q&A with Margaret Brennan ’98 on February 7. 3. Alumnae from Sacred Heart Greenwich, Convent of the Sacred Heart — 91st Street, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, and Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, many of whom are current Georgetown University students, gathered in February at Georgetown’s McCourt School for Public Policy for a gathering with Margaret Brennan ’98, host of Face The Nation on CBS.




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McLaughlin Gallery shines with artwork from

Alum Katy Grogan Garry ’95 Alumna Katy Grogan Garry ’95 took campus by storm this fall, with her colorful and energetic pop artwork filling the McLaughlin Gallery in Salisbury Hall while she served as the School’s artist-in-residence. Garry worked with Lower School students on printmaking, ultimately creating a collage of prints that hung alongside her upbeat acrylic, encaustic and mixed media work in the Gallery. “Our talented alumnae continue to make an impact on the Sacred Heart Greenwich community with collaborations like this one between Katy and the Lower School art classes,” said Meghan Mara Ryan ’01, Director of Alumnae Relations. “There’s nothing better for a current student than seeing the successes of our alumnae firsthand and having the opportunity to learn alongside them.” After graduating from Sacred Heart Greenwich, Garry went on to receive a BA in fine art and art history from the College of the Holy Cross. She has also studied at the Whitney Museum and at Fairfield University’s art program in Florence, Italy. In addition to serving on the School’s Alumnae Board, Garry serves on the board of The Pelham Arts Center and has had her work featured at the Carriage Barn Arts Center, Pelham Arts Center along with many residences across the country. Gallery Director and Lower and Middle School Art Teacher Ricki Bogin added, “It has been an extremely powerful experience for our young artists to have the opportunity to work with Katy. She has been

so accessible for the girls, discussing her studies of art, her interests beyond art and what her time was like at Sacred Heart. Her time on campus has truly been an inspirational experience for the students.” One of Garry’s pieces, an acrylic on paper original entitled “LOVE Sacred Heart,” will be a featured item at this year’s Green and White Benefit silent auction. Alumnae interested in attending the event or bidding on Garry’s work and other prizes should visit

This year's Give From the Heart! for Financial Aid, our third annual 24-hour alumnae fundraising effort, was the most successful effort to date! Thanks to the support of our alumnae, we surpassed our goal of $15,000, raising $17,171.39 from 181 donors.


HORIZONS spring 2019


Class of 1958 Donates

Memorabilia to School Archives In celebration of their 60th reunion, the Class of 1958 filled the McLaughlin Gallery with a treasure trove of memories from the past. Class workbooks, photos from birthday celebrations, handwritten prayer cards, uniforms, and more were on display. All 27 women in the Class of 1958 have remained a tightly knit circle of friends since graduation, frequently coming together to celebrate birthdays and even traveling cross-country to attend the reunion luncheon. The collection of memorabilia from their time at Sacred Heart was spearheaded by Carolyn Dursi Cunniffe ’58 and Sue Taylor Seitz ’58, with contributions from other classmates as well. It comes as no surprise to Missy Egan Wey ’58 that Seitz would have kept all of these memories of Sacred Heart. When Wey was the editor of the yearbook, she assigned Seitz the quote “She is a part of all whom she has met,” under her photo. Relationships are the currency of the Class of 1958 and, with the encouragement of Cunniffe and Seitz, they’ve uncovered so many keepsakes from their time on campus. Now, the class has decided to share these important memories with the greater Sacred Heart Greenwich community by donating them all to the School’s archives. School Archivist Vicky Allen said, “A number of years ago, Sue donated to the Archives a collection of Feast Books, report cards, and other material, all of which has been a mainstay of our display cases in the library. This year, at the time of her 60th class reunion, we received a much larger donation of material that includes invitations, essays, a textbook, notebooks, photos, cards, and letters. What is unique about Suzanne’s donation is that it gives such a detailed look at what student life was like during the 1950’s.” Stop by the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Library and Media Center to view the latest archival exhibition, which features components of this incredible donation to the School.

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class notes


1948 Virginia Beach Coudert, Renee Holt Bigler and Louise Meiere Dunn returned to celebrate their 70th Reunion in September at Greenwich. The classmates enjoyed a lovely lunch and were happy to celebrate this special milestone together.

1956 Markey Pullen Burke reports that her second son Ned and his family have moved up to the Boston area. Ned is working with Markey’s husband Tom at his company with the hope that he will eventually take it over. Kathy Dolan continues her ministry at the Sacred Heart School in Atherton, CA where two of Sue Marechal Scully’s grandchildren are in the Lower


HORIZONS spring 2019

School. Margi Brown Gregory has been taking watercolor classes. The memoir that she and Jim began in 2011 is almost complete. She is part of a small study group — some Bible Study, some CSLewis — and is loving the interchange of thoughts. Half of Margi’s grandchildren are out of college and the younger half are starting college, one twin at Indiana University and one at Marquette, two in high school in Michigan, and the four youngest are in Gaithersburg, MD. at St. Mary of Nazareth. Mary Grady Keith recently recovered from a total hip replacement. Her son from Texas came to help after her surgery. His oldest will be going to college next fall and is a finalist for the National Honor Society and the second one will not be far behind. Mary’s daughter was on hand every minute as she recovered — luckily, she only lives 5 minutes away. Mary’s family

is fine: her youngest step-son is at boot camp for the army and the oldest is now working at Electric Boat in Groton building submarines. Fred and Mary are healthy and look forward to travelling this spring. Joan Gormley MacLean lives in Maryland and her family seems to be growing by the hour! She has 15 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. They are a busy family but such great fun. Joan takes a cruise at least once a year and thinks the last time she was in contact, she had just come back from the World Cruise on the QE-2. Sue Marechal Scully feels very blessed to have had a great summer with a trip to Russia with her three granddaughters and a Mediterranean cruise with her daughter Susan. She was then back to Florida for a Thanksgiving Scully reunion (40 of them for a week). Mary Ann Skelly Tragesser is now a great grandmother (twice)! Both

of her grandsons and their wives have had a child in the last year, a little boy born in March and a little girl born in August. They both live out of town, but she does get to see them, and it is certainly a lot of fun watching them grow. Mary Ann is working part time for a funeral home and is enjoying the many events that are available at Willow Valley where she lives, lots of wine and laughter!

1959 Dolores Cox Agnew attended her 55th reunion at Manhattanville College in June and stayed at her daughter’s house until September. She had a wonderful summer with her children and siblings. On July 18, she met five other classmates for lunch: DeDe Mannix Burke, Rita Murphey Cleary, Anne Kinney Duffy, Joan Murphy Kelly and

Helen Gillespie Plaia. The group missed Joan Egan Mendelson, who passed away in March. Patsy Hayden Blake recently welcomed a new granddaughter, Holly, whom her 3 1/2 year old grandson, Sullivan (Sully), seems to enjoy immensely. Richard and Patsy are thrilled to be finally able to buy little pink things. Holly and Sully live with their mom and dad in Mexico City where their father Peter is shooting a yet unnamed show. The rest of Patsy’s family, including her son Charlie and longtime girlfriend, live near her in Santa Barbara. Richard recently turned 80 and looks and feels tip top. Their dog, Brownie, a 50 pound labradoodle, keeps Patsy fit. Patsy enjoys travelling frequently, mostly abroad. Rita Murphey Cleary has been travelling quite a bit. She took a two week vacation to Steamboat Springs, CO with her daughter and grandson, Alex (7), who enjoyed the skiing. Rita also visited her son, Mark, who is a nurse in Santa Cruz, California in October where she enjoys seeing the monarch butterflies in Natural Bridges State

Park (although her visit this year came too early for that). June Dolce Heffernan and husband Jack had a wonderful trip on the Queen Mary II in September and then rented a car in Southampton to visit Cornwall and Cotswold where they stayed at charming inns with the most welcoming people and fabulous, fresh farm food. They also recently welcomed their 20th grandchild! Kate Nugent West has moved to an assisted living community in North Carolina. When Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas, she moved inland with her brother to wait out the storm.

1968 Cashie Joyce Egan received the Outstanding Alumnae Award at reunion 2018. The award, which recognizes alumnae who have made significant contributions to their community or profession through their chosen endeavors, honored Cashie’s commitment to the service of others and advocacy for educational equality.

1969 Georgina Aballi de Alba’s daughter Gimena tied the knot in March 2018 in a beautiful wedding celebration. Georgina and husband Eduardo moved from their 1928 family home in Panama City to an apartment about two blocks from their other daughter and family. Eduardo has not yet retired, but is working a lighter schedule. They traveled to Poland and Austria in 2018 with friends and are grateful to be in good health, enjoying the company of family and friends and doing some volunteer work. Cathy Maloney Claflin and husband Tim are enjoying retirement and the freedom to travel. They enjoy spending time with their 5 adorable grandchildren, ages 2–11. The highlight of 2018 was a family trip to a ranch in Wyoming. Both Cathy and Tim are still avid curlers during the winter months and spend much of the summer months at their home in Pomfret, Vermont where they hike, garden and fly fish. Cathy says she’d love to see any classmates

who are traveling to Boston! Joan McAnaney Fay and husband David split their time between NYC and Vero Beach, Florida, Morgan Barry and husband Allen Morton now live just a few blocks away. David retired 8 years ago from the US Golf Association, but continues to work as an analyst for FOX Sports on golf telecasts in the summer. He plays a lot of golf and loves pickle ball too. Their two daughters have 3 children each, all age 6 and under. Katie lives in Pennington, NJ and is the mother of their only granddaughter! Mollie is in Cohasset, MA with her 3 boys. Joan and David spend a month in Ocean City, NJ for each summer where they spend time with many of her siblings (all 8 of whom are doing well) and kids. Joan goes to the First Friday Sacred Heart lunches in Vero on occasion where she has fun seeing people from other Sacred Heart Greenwich classes and Sacred Heart schools. Marie Gerli says all’s good! She’s still catering and doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon! She headed to Colorado again for another winter in Vail where she sees Lee

Calling all Alumnae!

Do you know any students who might be a great fit for Sacred Heart Greenwich? We value personal recommendations from our graduates who know and have experienced the Sacred Heart community firsthand. The Admission Office is available to welcome these prospective students and families to campus when the admission season starts in the fall of 2019. Share your recommendations with us directly by emailing We look forward to meeting future members of our Sacred Heart Greenwich family!

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and Bill Schneider frequently when they come to Vail. Marie’s children are great, Tyler and his wife are in Denver, and Lindsey is living outside of Boston with her boyfriend. Jean Morton married her long-time love Don Noble a few years ago in his hometown in Wyoming. They split their time between homes in Manhattan and Long Island, always with their little rescue dog, Peewee, in tow. Jean retired from her 35 year career in advertising and is currently freelancing full time with a former colleague who started up a new agency. Jean says she’s working with a small, terrific group of people and really loving it. Luckily the job allows her plenty of freedom to come and go as she pleases. Morgan Barry Morton’s husband Allen retired this fall. They went on a month long trip to Morocco, Jordan and Istanbul, after which Morgan continued on to Paris with 2 of her sisters. They bought a new home in Vero Beach, Florida, near


HORIZONS spring 2019

Joan and David Fay. They also bought a new place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and are busy renovating it. All 3 of Morgan and Allen’s girls are happily married and they have 6 grandchildren, 3 girls and 3 boys. Charlotte is applying to college, Morgan (#2) just started Hotchkiss and the others, two 12 year olds, 10 and 7 are generally enjoying life. Morgan and Allen are still avid skiers and see Marie Gerli and Lee Rodriguez Schneider every winter in Vail. Morgan asks that any visitors to Florida give her a call. Dee O’Grady is still writing her blog and enjoyed catching up with Anne Correa, Joan Wooters-Reisin, Jean Morton, Gloria del Valle Christopher, Joan McAnanely Fay, and Barbara Banks Schwam at their annual festive Christmas dinner in NYC. She looks forward to seeing everyone at reunion in September. Ingrid Cronin Packard retired from the Federal Defender Office in April 2018. She’s still living in PA and looks forward to moving to a Boston suburb, where her son Michael, his wife and 3 young sons live, in Winchester, MA. Ingrid’s son Dennis is living in Chicago and son Matt and his wife are living in Philly. Ingrid is thankful for her wonderful sons and 2 loving daughters-in-law and she’s looking forward to reunion. Mildred Davis Reitman’s husband Fred retired from Shell in 2016. They reside in Houston, having completed a major renovation project on their new apartment and are now free to travel whenever the mood hits. Mildred and Fred will be in Wisconsin in September for their annual fishing trip with 14 nieces and nephews, 5 grandnieces, and her siblings all of whom are doing well. With weddings, graduations and other happy events, just keeping up with all of her family’s whereabouts keeps her busy! Lee Rodriguez Schneider and husband Bill are

happily living in Denver. Bill is semiretired and still works now and then. They have plenty of time for skiing, hiking and seeing their children. Daughter Ashley is expecting her first child, Lee and Bill’s first grandchild! Tracy was married in March 2018 and both Tracy and Ashley live nearby in the Colorado Mountains, so Lee and Bill see them often. Lee’s daughter Echa enjoys living in Oakland, CA. Barbara Banks Schwam and husband Keith are still working, Keith for NYC and Barbara in her solo law practice. Her family-owned Chestnut Ridge Racquet Club is currently celebrating its 50th year with two new Co-Directors of Tennis, and Barbara finds great inspiration in their energy. Barbara and Keith have a new beach house on LI’s south shore where they enjoy time with son Rich, his wife Zoe, and their 3 children — Cliff 7, Caroline 4 and Billy 2. Her daughter, Kristen, is finishing up her final year at Notre Dame Law School. She actually persuaded Barbara to head out in October to South Bend for a “Fighting Irish” football game and will return to NYC after graduation. Peggy O’Neal Shepard’s husband Rocky is recently retired. Peggy is still with Sotheby’s International Realty. Their daughter Mandy is in her 7th year as a senior instructor at Soul Cycle, T.R. is heading up and managing “Unplug”, a meditation, breathing and yoga studio in L.A. and Brian is at Brunswick School in Greenwich as the Associate Director of college placement, a peer leadership facilitator, varsity tennis coach, J.V. hockey coach and Upper School Visual Arts teacher. Peggy and Rocky’s grandchildren are also doing great, Berkeley is a sophomore at USC Santa Barbara, Olivia is a senior at Taft, Keeley is a freshman at Taft and Rhys is headed to high school next year, while Brian’s two little girls are both at Greenwich Academy.


Lisa Laurie Gowdey Prichard ’70

1970 1 Lisa Laurie Gowdey Prichard won the election for County Commissioner in her county district in Tennessee! Lisa reports that the many women candidates have changed the face of government both local and statewide.

1972 Natalia Delgado received the inaugural Professional Excellence Award for her extensive legal and business career at Reunion 2018. Karen Hendricks has been working for U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD), since he was elected in January 2017. Prior to that she volunteered full time for his Senate election campaign for a year, followed by working for him for his last 7 months in the U.S. House of Representatives. Karen handles health care, Medicare, social security and other senior issues for constituents as well as outreach to the African American community. Karen’s family, while small, is doing well and lives locally. Her mom is enjoying a busy and full life in a senior adult community, while her aunt and sister live in the same building a few miles away.

class notes

2 Debbie Busby Kunces ’73 with husband Bob and daughter Erin Alanna

Jennifer Wise lives in Rhode Island and runs a national cycling organization for long distance non-competitive cycling called Randonneurs USA.

1973 2 Debbie Busby Kunces and husband Bob attended the annual Snowball at the Field Museum in Chicago. The event, led by Debbie’s daughter, Erin Alanna, raised nearly $300,000 for the Lurie Children’s Hospital’s Special Infectious Disease Clinic. 3 The class of 1973 had a nice group of classmates at Alumnae Reunion this year to celebrate their 45th reunion: Congratulations to Kathy Williams Dunn who was presented an Outstanding Alumnae Award. Many classmates were in attendance — Caroline Riley, Missy MacKenzie Cumings, Lindsay Byrne, Marie Megaw and Debbie Busby Kunces. There was a wonderful surprise visit from Elena Delgado, who has moved back to the Berkshires after living in CA for many years. Rosemary Custer Glazier has moved back to Connecticut and loved her first trip back to Sacred Heart Greenwich in 45 years! Madge Morris traveled from her home in VT and Marina ‘Dachie’ Shrady enjoyed the afternoon. Alice Burlinson traveled the farthest from Roanoke, Virginia. The classmates continued catching


Class of ’73 at their 45th reunion dinner

up with a lovely dinner after at Centros Restaurant, where they already started to plan their 50th!

4 Cristina Dolan ’79 speaking to Sacred Heart’s AP Computer Science class

Jennifer Aldridge and Katie Paloucci, have given her four rambunctious grand children — all boys!



4 Cristina Dolan received the inaugural Global Leader Alumnae Award at Reunion 2018, the award recognizes an alumna who has demonstrated a commitment to leadership in her profession. Cristina is a leader in blockchain technology, an MIT Media Lab alumna and Internet pioneer. She also visited an Upper School AP Computer Science class to discuss her career.

Kate Grimes recently starred in the Off-Broadway show “Williston”, a Pop Up production by the Miranda Theatre Company.

1981 Megan Sanford Greenawalt’s son, Lt. Michael Beautyman is stationed in Bahrain until July, when he returns to Washington, DC. He is second in command overseeing the maintenance of the 5th Fleet. He graduated from MIT last spring with two Master’s degrees-Naval architecture and Marine engineering. Her daughter Alexandra Beautyman is spending 3.5 months in rural Kenya working on much needed infrastructure with her partner Victor Mutai. They met while students at Yale. Megan’s youngest, Robert Greenawalt, is set to graduate from the University of Richmond in May, and her beautiful step daughters,

1989 Angela Dinger received the inaugural Professional Excellence Award at Reunion 2018. Angela is the Senior Vice President and General Counsel for William H. Sadlier Inc., and is committed to supporting Catholic education as a board member of various organizations.


Regan Lyons Smyth ’98 and Dr. Behr

1998 Krissie Darr lives in Chelsea in Manhattan and recently started a new job as Chief Marketing Officer and Of Counsel at the law firm Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP. 5 Regan Lyons Smyth lives with her husband and two sons (age 7 & 9) in Rockville, MD, where she directs the spatial analysis program at NatureServe, a science-based non-profit that provides the information fundamental to conservation decision-making in the Americas. Regan’s interest in biology was sparked by her classes with Dr. Behr at Sacred Heart, and she and her boys had great fun visiting with Dr. Behr at her cabin in Lake George, NY this summer!



Kate Heffernan ’99


6 In 2016, Kate Heffernan started her own company named KMH (@kate_m._heffernan), which connects prominent designers, decorators and homeowners with premium, handcrafted furnishings, textiles and accessories for the home. Lines represented are Summit furniture, Nina Campbell endurance fabrics and Bronzino. Kate currently resides in Boston and travels the US for client sales and consulting. Danielle Cavanna Ogden welcomed her first

Sacred Heart Greenwich •



Children of Cynthia Bouvet Heraty ’01

child, Oliver Spencer on December 06, 2017. Danielle is Museum Specialist, Adult Learning at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, CT and is an Adjunct Professor in Art History and Museum Studies at Fairfield University. Molly O’Gorman is the Director of Communications for National Organizing at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the largest labor unions in North America. She lives with her husband, Garrett Penistan, in Saratoga Springs, NY.

2000 Margaret Feeney was recently promoted to the Head of Innovation, US for NatWest Markets (formerly RBS in the US).

8 Daughter of Kate Kretschmann Lederer ’01

2001 7 Cynthia Bouvet Heraty along with her husband and three children (Paddy, Margot and Teddy) have moved to Stowe, Vermont this past August. Cynthia’s husband, Ryan, welcomed a new job opportunity as the Principal of Montpelier Elementary, and the family could not be more proud of this new adventure and blessing. Katie McGurty Hutter and her family are living in San Diego, CA. Katie flies Boeing 737’s for the US Navy and has been flying all over the world. In the past year, she has been on detachment in Japan, Bahrain, and Italy. Katie was blessed when her family (husband Eric Hutter, daughter Harper, and son Dean) joined her in Sicily


Son of Beth Moore Russell ’01

for Thanksgiving while she was deployed. 8 Kate Kretschmann Lederer and husband Paul Lederer welcomed a daughter, Zoe Hannah, on May 1, 2018. Zoe weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. Kate has taken leave for the current school year from her social worker position in the NYC Department of Education. She will return as the school counselor at PS 234 in Tribeca in the fall of 2019. Alexandra Lewis was promoted to assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Additionally, she was accepted into the women’s leadership program at Oxford Business School in the fall of 2018. 9 Beth Moore Russell welcomed her third child. Baby “Teddy” (Edward James Russell) was born


Kate Henry Zentko ’01 and family

on August 15, 2018. He weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce and was 20 inches long. 10 Kate Henry Zentko had her third son, Michael Patrick, on January 3, 2018. In early summer, Kate and husband Paul Zentko bought a house and moved their family to Ridgefield, Connecticut.

2002 Cat Sica recently presented at the CAEA (Connecticut Art Educator’s Association) Conference about the topic of Copyright, Fan Art and Reproduction. It is a topic that has a lot of controversy surrounding it, as well as something that is fairly common in the art world today and something she commonly educates her students about.

The 17th Annual Katie Cassidy Higgins ’96 Memorial Lacrosse Tournament SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2019 Alumnae Lacrosse Game: noon Contact Meghan Mara Ryan ’01 at for more information. See page 27 for additional details about the event.


HORIZONS spring 2019

class notes

14 Charles Walker Scott, son of Katherine Colihan Scott ’06 11 Grace Jorgensen ’13, Erica Jorgensen ’04 and Peggy Jorgensen P’04, ’09, ’13


Alicia Pride Maldonado ’05 13 Frances May Vera Lenz, daughter of Michelle Chieco Lenz ’06

2003 Nicole Seagriff has been named Clinical Program Director for the Postgraduate Nurse Practitioner Residency Program at the Weitzman Institute. 16

2004 11 Erica Jorgensen received the inaugural Alumna Broadcast Journalism Award at Reunion 2018. She is currently an executive producer of investigations and special projects at NBC CT.

2005 Alicia Pride Maldonado released a book in June entitled, “The Ugli Fruit: A Poetic Journey to SelfDiscovery, Self-Healing and Mastery”. Kristin Uhmeyer received the inaugural STEAM Alumna Award for her career in engineering at Reunion 2018. Currently, Kristin is a systems engineer at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. 12

2006 Michelle Chieco Lenz and husband Zak welcomed their first child, Frances May Vera Lenz, on 13

Sontenish Myers ’08

15 Gabriella Almeida ’07, Jenna Harris ’07, Leigh Colihan Czorniak ’07, Monique Febbraio Irons ’07, Blaine Thompson ’07, Amanda Allman George ’07

December 31, 2018. 14 Katherine Colihan Scott and husband Tom welcomed their first child, Charles Walker Scott, on October 8, 2018.

2007 15 Leigh Colihan married Patrick Czorniak on September 8, 2018 in Camden, Maine. There were many Sacred Heart Greenwich alumnae in attendance including Gabriella Almeida, Amanda Allman George, Jenna Harris, Elizabeth Hesburgh ’04, Monique Febbraio Irons, Whitney Potter ’05, Katherine Colihan Scott ’06, and Blaine Thompson.

2008 16 Sontenish Myers won the Alexis Award for Best Emerging Student Filmmaker at the Palm Springs International Film Festival & Palm Springs ShortFest for her film, Cross My Heart, which had been selected for 11 film festival’s in 2018.

2009 Susannah Lawrence was one of 40 “Rising Stars” in the publishing industry selected as a 2018 Star Watch Honoree by Publishers Weekly. She has worked for

17 Meagan Snopkowski ’11 at the Amsterdam marathon

Brooklyn, NY-based independent press Akashic Books since 2012, and is currently Akashic’s director of publicity and social media. She lives in Manhattan.

2011 17 Meagan Snopkowski completed the Amsterdam marathon in

Sacred Heart Greenwich •


18 Elizabeth Sabia ’11, Jenny Rohde ’13, Julie Rohde ’11 and Gloria Lee ’11 with Coach Mutescu

19 Kate Gallant Welch ’12 (above) and Alex Root ’12 (right)

October. 18 Former Sacred Heart Greenwich rowers Gloria Lee, Jenny Rohde ’13, Julie Rohde, and Elizabeth Sabia joined the Rowing Team as they christened their newest 8+ shell on September 22.

2012 19 Alex Root and Kate Gallant Welch ran the TCS New York City Marathon. 20 Diana White is the executive assistant to a prominent producer and financier based in New York and Los Angeles. She graduated from Bucknell University in 2016 where she studied English: Film and Media Studies, Arts Entrepreneurship, and Dance. She has worked on several independent films that have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and other festivals.

2013 Sarah Ahstrom is currently living and working in London. She works for Willis Towers Watson in HR and communications consulting. Emma Burke is working as a NYC-based management consultant at Accenture, specifically assisting


HORIZONS spring 2019


Diana White ’12

consumer goods companies in transforming their business processes. Catherine Considine works at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on the pediatric oncology unit. Margaret Dunne continues with the Peace Corp and is in Botswana working at the District AIDS Coordinators office and at the small girl empowerment NGO. As of December 2018, she will have 10 more months serving these two populations. Sarah Hirshorn is an analyst at Morgan Stanley in the NYC office. She recently joined the young associates circle at Row New York — a non-profit which aims to transform lives through the sport

21 Shannon Snopkowski ’13 and Maddy Hay ’13 cheered on Taylor Ryan ’13 as she ran the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28.

22 Jennie Chieco ’13 and Marguerite Sommer ’13

of rowing and academic support. Caroline Keller moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco this past summer to continue her career in entertainment. She currently works at Lucasfilm Ltd. Emma Molloy is currently pursuing a Masters degree in social work at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT with the goal of being a counselor for families and children. Maddie Pillari is living in NYC and working as an editorial assistant at HarperCollins. She moved back to the city from Denver in January and is happy to be back east! Christa Ruggiero is also working as an analyst at Morgan Stanley in NYC.

21 Shannon Snopkowski and Maddy Hay cheered on Taylor Ryan as she ran the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28. 22 Marguerite Sommer had been working as a registered nurse in the operating room at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and recently transitioned to a new role at NYU Langone Medical Center to work in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, here she works with classmate Jennie Chieco. Kayla Souza has been living in Boston since she graduated in May 2017 and has been working for Liberty Mutual Insurance in their Human Resources Leadership Development

class notes

Tell us your news! To submit information, please contact your class agent or

23 Sarah McDonald’14 received her 5 year medal in Lourdes, France


Below are some tips for sending us your digital photos so they look great in Horizons: > Set the photo size to 4 x 6 inches or larger, in 300 dpi > Set your digital camera to the best photo setting > Save files as jpg or tif > Identify everyone left to right in the photo and provide a caption > Send images as attachments. Please do not embed them into your emails


Michaela D’Urso ’15


Members of the class of 2018 in Lourdes, Summer 2018

Paige Wilkins ’14

Program. She’ll be completing the program in June 2019 and is looking forward to continuing her career at a company she loves. Molly Smith is living in NYC on the Upper East Side, and working at Convent of the Sacred Heart 91st street as the 5th and 6th Grade Religion Teacher and Campus Minister. She is working on her master’s degree in Building Leadership at Fordham.

2014 Congratulations to the class of 2014 for winning the Young Alumnae Spirit Award at reunion 2018! 23 Sarah McDonald received her 5 year medal in Lourdes, France this summer. She has been a consistent member of the pilgrimage since her first trip as a student at Sacred Heart. 24 Paige Wilkins recently graduated cum laude from Elon University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and Television Arts. She has a special interest in comedy and writing.



from the children of 9/11’s perspective instead of having other people tell their story for them.

25 Michaela D’Urso recently published her first book, The Digital Connection, which combines thoughts from wellrenowned food critics on the future of fine dining with her own personal experiences as a self-professed NYC foodie. Emma Novick was listed as one of twenty lacrosse players from New England to watch for in the spring 2019 season. Emma is a senior at Lafayette College, a D1 program.

Kelly McLaughlin made the Dean’s List at Duke University, she is currently a junior, majoring in Visual and Media Studies.


2017 Delaney Colaio returned to Sacred Heart Greenwich in September to talk to broadcast journalism students about the documentary process and show a teaser from her documentary film about 9/11 called “We Go Higher.” She decided as a senior in high school that she wanted to make this documentary to tell the story

Nathalie Perreault won back to back consolation matches for Babson Women’s Tennis at the New England Tournament in October. Kate Ruberti was named to the President’s List at Elon University for the fall 2018 semester. 26 Abby Leyson, Stephanie Jordan, Charlotte Sheehan, Katie McCabe, Emily Coster and Paolina Kovalenko-Baloup returned to Lourdes, France for a pilgrimage in the summer of 2018.

Sacred Heart Greenwich •



Where Science and Faith Connect


s part of the culmination of a Sacred Heart education, students contemplate all they’ve learned about science and religion, faith and reason through the study of texts, guest lectures, and open dialogue. What comes into view for students? How science and religion are not mutually exclusive. How faith and reason are united. Guided by the Goals and Criteria, Sacred Heart students of all ages learn about values, morals, and ethics directly during theology class but more importantly, in all of their other courses as well. Earlier this year, Senior Seminar students had the opportunity to participate in a guest lecture with renowned biologist, author and Brown University professor Dr. Ken Miller


HORIZONS spring 2019

about the relationship between science and faith. Dr. Miller’s talk attempted to answer the question: how can people of faith reconcile non-biblical ideas like the Big Bang and evolution?

It’s questions like these where Sacred Heart students bring a unique perspective to the table. As graduation speaker Christina Ciradullo ’02 said, the courses offered on King Street create excellent scientists; scientists who observe, think and research differently.



1 on-campus observatory PRACTICING FEARLESSNESS


athletic teams and clubs



Middle and Upper School students participated in exchange and service travel programs


11,388 hours of community service completed by Middle and Upper School students



broadcast and filmmaking awards



students participate in theater performances across all three divisions

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