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Photos courtesy of Tory Vail

Sr. Tate Kelly treads ahead at the WCC Preview 8K held at Fernhill Park in Portland, Oregon in September. Kelly was the men’s team captain, along with Srs. Chris Boyle and Andrew Walker. (Left) Sr. Ben Lance and Jr. Andy Phillips in the season opener, The Erik Anderson Invitational, which took place at Plantes Ferry Park in Spokane.

Fr. Amelia Evans, Jr. Catherine Theobald, and So. Maggie Jones at the Photo by Austin Ilg WCC Preview race. The women’s team came in first place overall; the men in third. (Right) Fr. Addison Johnson advances ahead of competitors of Eastern Washington University and Washington State University at the Erik Anderson Invitational at Plantes Ferry Park in Spokane.

Spires 2013  
Spires 2013  

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