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Photo by Brett Bollier

2 Photo by Ryan Sullivan

4 Gonzaga University Photo by Austin Ilg

6 Gonzaga University Photo by Brett Bollier

Celebrating 125 Years B

irthdays are common; everybody has one! But few of us have the opportunity to participate in the 125th birthday of anyone or anything. And we are all fortunate to have participated in the year-long 125th birthday party we threw for Gonzaga University this year. Gonzaga seeks to surround its students with a talented and dedicated faculty, with staff members who seek work at Gonzaga because they believe in our Mission, with an educational experience that transcends the classroom and blends curriculum, student life and campus ministry into a holistic experience, and with a community of supporters who give generously to make this experience possible for you. We have also celebrated this, our birthday year, by connecting Gonzaga to the larger world, through the presence on our campus of national and international luminaries. Individuals such as these not only provide hope for all of us, but they embody and demonstrate the importance of life-long learning and the truth that one individual can indeed change the world. We are convinced that you, our graduates, are individually and collectively what Jesuit education intentionally desires of itself: persons who are not just the sum total of their skills and abilities, but people with values and the courage to live out those values. Our anniversary year made it easy to focus on our history and present reality, and the many significant contributions people (such as you!) have made to our institutional “DNA.� If Gonzaga has fulfilled its commitment, your experiences have made obvious that we are a community that cares for its members. While we question many things at Gonzaga, we have never wavered in our belief of the importance of your education, nor our determination to prepare you for the future before you: a future in which the knowledge, the values, the skills and the attitudes of mind and heart that you take away with you will be important and make a real difference in other people’s lives. Yearbooks are memory-holders; they serve as reminders of moments in our past that we might otherwise lose, but they are also markers in time that will, years from now, help us all to understand who we were and who we have become. May your time at Gonzaga and may this historic year of 2012-2013 always be a special part of who you are. May God continue to bless you, and may the Holy Spirit always be with you.

Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil. President

Historic photos courtesy of Gonzaga University Archives

8 Student Life Photo by Austin Ilg

10 Student Life

Orientation 2012

Jr. Joseph Decker holds up a giant question mark sign in front of Crosby Student Center. Orientation Leaders walk around with the question marks to provide answers to students and families as they navigate campus for the first time.

Photos by Brett Bollier

Fr. Madeline Sessler runs through the serpentine on Welcome Night. The serpentine - formed by the freshman class itself - is an Orientation tradition and one of Gonzaga’s biggest secrets, only revealed to freshmen the moment they enter it. The freshmen are cheered on by Orientation leaders, RAs, the Knights and Setons, and other campus leadership while they run through the serpentine.

Frs. Matthew Finnerty and Wade Hoyt hold up a flag as a cultural item for one of the small group meetings during Orientation Weekend. The cultural item allows the new students to share a bit about themselves and where they come from. Students have brought in anything ranging from flags and family photos to books and childhood toys.

Unite in Tradition

12 Student Life

Fr. Scott Coble, S.J., led the student pilgrims to an outdoor mass at the site of the Cataldo Mission in North Idaho. They traveled with the wooden cross that carried the name tags of previous Gonzaga pilgrims and placed it at the site. This journey is one of Gonzaga’s oldest traditions.


Srs. Catherine Kerns, Christina Gussie, and Jr. Megan Dempsey gathered together early on the morning of the 43rd annual Pilgrimage to make the trek to the Cataldo Mission. The walk allowed new and old students to form friendships, create lasting memories, and embrace Jesuit pride. Students, Jesuits, faculty, staff, alumni, family and friends of the community are welcome to attend Pilgrimage.

Choir Director Timothy Westerhaus leads the Mass of the Holy Spirit as students join hands together to pray for God’s blessing for the academic year. The tradition of the Mass began on the very first day of classes, September 17, 1887.

Massof the Holy Spirit


Photos by Andrew Fioretto

14 Student Life

The Grotto

As a new addition to campus, the Grotto was built in the summer and fall of 2012 and was dedicated on October 20th in a ceremony attended by several hundred people. Rev. Frank Case, blessed the grotto by anointing the statue with holy water and incense before candles were lit by Gonzaga alumni, students, faculty, staff, members of the St. Aloysius parish and others from the community. The Grotto, which includes a marble statue of Our Lady, lies between College Hall and St. Aloysius church and creates a space for prayer and reflection for students, faculty, staff, and the Spokane Community.

Photo by Brett Bollier

Students sit quietly in group reflection during the November Montserrat Retreat. The retreat, which is completely silent, is grounded in reflection and spiritual exercises. (Bottom) Sr. Summer Wilkinson finds some down time and enjoys reading a book at the Montserrat Retreat. (Right) Jr. Hailey Roodberg takes time to reflect and take in the natural scenery on the grounds of Bozarth Mansion.

Title Photos courtesy of Father Brad Reynolds, S.J.

University Ministry

16 Student Life

Fr. Matthew Pancoe plays The Maniac in “Death” a Woody Allen one-act comedy. The show’s proceeds went to director Kate Griffith’s favorite chairty, The Star Won’t Go Out, a non-profit organization that supports families of children who have cancer.


Jr. Dave Lee stikes a pose in the fall musical,“A Chours Line.” In the modern adaptation of the musical, Lee played “Mike”, a character who learned hip hop after his sister refused to go to her daily lessons. (Right) So. Tabitha Lovell, Sr. Connor Brenes, and Jr. Patrick Ostrander play Leonora, Pedro, and Felix resepctively, in “The Force of Habit.” This was the first time the Spanish play has been translated to English. Theater professor and Department Head Dr. Kathleen Jeffs served as both translator and director.

Photos courtesy of Summer Berry


Sr. Maddie Ellis extends her leg in an arabesque during her solo in the Student Choreography Concert. (Left) Jr. Dillion Oldam strikes a pose in a dance piece choreographed by Jr. Cheryl Villareal entitled “A Divine Intervention.�

Sr. Nicole Hall performs a dynamic jump in a dance piece choreographed and performed by the eight Gonzaga senior dance minors. Since 2005, the academic dance program has offered a minor in Dance as part of the Theatre Arts Program Photos by Nikki Busch

18 Student Life

Big Bing Theory

Big Bing Theory members So. Matt Vergara, Sr. Parker Viydo, So. Danny Chastain, So. Thomas Ackles, and Jr. Grant Vandehey rehearse a new piece. Big Big Theory is a co-ed a capella group that was founded in 1999. Dozens of hopefuls audition for Big Bing Theory annually, but only 15 made the cut to become members of this year’s group. BBT performed at many events throughout the year, including Fall Family Weekend, Coffeehouse, and performances outside of Gonzaga, including the Checker Board Bar, competing at their first a capella competition, the ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella).

Photo by Jake Kelly

Photo by Austin Ilg

Conductor Timothy Westerhaus leads the Gonzaga Men’s and Women’s Chorus during the annual Candlelight Christmas Concert held in St. Aloysius Church. All Gonzaga students, regardless of year or major, are encouraged to audition for the group. In the summer of 2013, the group performed in Europe, performing in Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich. Photos by Connor Johnson.

Fr. MacKenzie Roberts, a member of the Gonzaga Women’s Chorus, performs at the Lady of Lourdes Concert in February in downtown Spokane. The concert celebrated the 100th birthday of British composter Benjamin Britten. Gonzaga Men’s and Women’s Chorus, in addition to Chamber Singers, performed at the Britten-themed concert.


20 Student Life

Study Abroad

Students taking part in the Summer 2012 Gonzaga-in-Turkey program explore the ruins at Priene, Turkey. The program combined studies of classics, religion, and broadcasting to allow students an opportunity to expand their learning to a global stage. (Top left) Two Gonzaga students make quirky faces while getting their picture taken during off time in Paris. Photo by Jake Kelly (Top middle) Students taking part in the Gonzaga-in-Zambezi program explore Chobe National Park, Botswana on a safari following their time in Zambia. Photo by Katherine Hayes (Top right) Jrs. Kate Van Amringe, Colleen Bonnel, and April Dick explore the beautiful Italian landscape at Cinque Terre. Photo by Kate Van Amringe.

Photo by Andrew Opila

Sr. Andrew Hilsenkopf and Jrs. Colleen Bonnel and Andrew Cristalloare enjoy a stroll through Cinque Terre, Italy during their time in Florence. As the university’s most popular study abroad program, this is a frequent destination for many students. Cinque Terre is comprised of five small, coastal towns and is known world-wide for its scenic views and beautiful beaches.

Gonzaga-in-Paris students enjoy the many gorgeous garden views at the Palace of Versailles. Students participating in this program stay in the “City of Light” for a semester or a year and often enjoy visits from students participating in Gonzaga-in-Florence. (Top right) Jrs. Caitlin Finnerty, Olivia Moser, Kate Van Amringe, and Olivia Cundari take a photo in an iconic red telephone booth in the heart of London, England. Students that study abroad often have plenty of opportunities to see new countries due to the close proximity and easy traveling options.

Photos by Kate Van Amringe

Photo by Jake Kelly

22 Student Life

In 2012, Gonzaga was cited in the Princeton Photo by Jake Kelly Review as the sixth ranking school in the category “Everyone Plays Intramural Sports.� Over 2,750 students participated in wide variety of sports ranging from inner tube basketball, to pickleball, to flag football. Volleyball, which is offered in teams of six in the fall and four in the spring, remains one of the more popular sports, with numerous competitive and recreational mens, womens, and coed leagues each season.

Photo by Katherine Hayes Jr. Sean Ross lobs a pitch in a coed-intramural softball game. The spring sports were buzzing with undegraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff from all departments and areas of study. The Intramural Sports Program is one of the most popular attractions on campus with over 58% of the student population participating annually.


Photo by Connor Johnson

Basketball season is one of the highlights of the school year for many within the Gonzaga community. It is no surprise then that basketball remains one of the most popular intramural sports. Students playing in men’s, women’s, and coed leagues were excited to embrace Gonzaga’s rich basketball culture by playing the game themselves.

24 Student Life

President Dr. Thayne McCulloh presents Dr. Jane Goodall with a commemorative 125th medallion to thank her for speaking at the McCarthey Athletic Center on April 9th. Goodall was part of this year’s Presidential Speaker Series.

Photos by Jake Kelly

Dr. Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall Ph.D., DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and United Nations Messenger of Peace, smiles during a media question and answer session before her talk at the Presidential Speaker Series in April. Goodall was the second of the two presedential speakers brought to Gonzaga for the 125th school year. She recounted her experiences growing up and learning to love science before she spent her time in Africa studying chimpanzees. Today, Goodall spends around 300 days a year to flying around the world to raise awareness of the environment and promoting sustainable practices. In her own words, “a lot of people have begun to understand what we are doing to the planet and that makes them feel utterly helpless, but if every single person spent time learning the consequences of the choices they make, like what we buy or what we eat, once people start thinking like that...then you start to make the changes.

26 Student Life

Historic First Day

On September 17, 2012, Gonzaga kicked off the 2012-2013 school year with a Historic First Day barbecue and campus-wide celebration to commemorate the first day of school held at Gonzaga, September 17, 1887. The event took place on the Quad and Foley Lawn with free food and entertainment. The celebration included performances by the Big Bing Theory and prizes for students, alumni, staff and faculty.

Photos by Brett Bollier

Fireworks explode over the spires of St. Al’s at the end of National Gonzaga Day. January 24th was declared National Gonzaga Day as a way for Zags across the globe to unite in spirit, gather in person, and celebrate being Zags for life.

Photo by Ryan Sullivan

National Gonzaga Day

Student Life

28 Photo by Jordan Lindstrom

Battle of the Bands allowed students to showcase their musical talents. Kevin Darrow, the lead singer of Dead Mouth, pumped up the crowd with song covers by Leonard Cohen and Fun. Later in the set, Dead Mouth played “Hallelujah,” where students swayed arm and arm to the song.

Everyone got on their feet as K-Rad (So. Kellen Faker-Boyle) gave a hip hop performance. “Playing at Madonnastock was definitely a highlight of my school career. The crowd was stellar and really made the performance crazy fun,” said Faker-Boyle.

Battle of the Bands


Photos by Brett Bollier

Photo by Ryan Sullivan So. Thomas Ackels sang to the crowd on the sunny October day. (Top) Gonzaga students showed off their jazzy side as students scattered Foley Lawn to play games and eat free food from Sub Division, Pizza Oven, and the Taco Truck in addition to enjoying some great music.

30 Student Life

Florida Georgia Line

Gonzaga was proud to welcome Florida Georgia Line for the annual GSBA fundraiser concert. The country duo consists of Brian Kelly and Tyler Hubbard. Their lead single “Cruise� achieved platinum status when it reached number one on the Billboard Country Music charts December 22nd, 2012. The concert, held in the McCarthey Athletic Center was played to a sell-out crowd of students and members of the Gonzaga and Spokane Communities.

Photos by Austin Ilg

The Florida Georgia Line concert, held on campus April 17th, marked one of the most successful spring concerts planned by GSBA in recent years with a record amount of student and community ticket sales. “We ended up deciding on Florida Georgia Line because they are new and upcoming, and they did just put an album out in December,” said junior Peter Kelly, the GSBA entertainment chair. “A lot of things accumulated to how they’re rising, and how well they’re doing, so it was overall a great pick by GSBA.”

Photo by Jordan Lindstrom

32 Student Life


The Crosby Student Center stands in the center of campus and provides the student body with a place to socialize and build community. Orignally constructed as the campus library until the construction of Foley Library in 1992, today students go to Crosby to study, chat with friends, relax, get coffee, and meet with professors. The building also features a coffee shop, campus mail services, a small campus grocery store, a bank, and houses the University Ministry, GSBA, Student Activities, and Career Center offices.

Photo by Austin Ilg

So. Ian Morell performs at Coffeehouse’s annual Open Mic Night. Coffeehouse, put on by the Gonzaga Activities Board, was a weekly free concert held every wednesday evening in Crosby. The weekly concerts featured student and outside performers from a variety of genres. (Top left) So. Katherine Charters accompanies So. Maggie Fischer on the piano during Coffee House’s Open Mic Night. (Bottom left) Jrs. Anette Photos by Colin Bishop Aga and Tucker Dean collaborate at on Open Mic night.

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34 Student Life

So. Brandon Balmelli patiently waits for pizza to be served by a Zag Dining staff member during dinner. (Bottom) Sr. Paul Dellino has a conversation with Father Michael Maher, S.J. during a quiet afternoon at the COG. Photo by Andrew Fioretto

Photo by Connor Johnson

The 2012-2013 school year marked the final year for the “COG.” Built in 1954, then Sr. Dick Noble and Fr. John Martin penned the term “Circulus Omnium Gonzaga-orum,” meaning roughly, “a meeting place of all Gonzagans.” It was abbreviated to “COG” and served as the student union building and dining center before Crosby Student Center was opened. Today, the building houses the main dining facility, Zag Dining by Sodexo offices, Sub Connection, Spike’s, which offers grilled fast-food options, and the Zag Shop. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is served daily with students utilizing meal plans to access the buffet-style meals. Popular options include omelets, the oatmeal bar, made-to-order sandwiches, and chocolate chip COG cookies. In 2012, the COG cookies were named among the 32 “Best Campus Eats” by the The Food Network.


Photo by Katherine Hayes

Sr. Jasmine Linane-Booey gets ready to serve her shrimp jambalaya during the 4th annual GU Iron Chef competition held January 27th. The competition is a cultural cooking battle where competitors are judged on presentation, creativity, and taste. Linane-Booey took the “Judges Best Dish” award, and So. Olivia Murphy won the “People’s Choice” award with her Mediterranean cheesecake. Photo by Austin Ilg

36 Gonzaga University Photo by Andrew Opila

38 Organizations


Jr. Joshua Fain demonstrates the rules for a game to a group of elementary students and Gonzaga student mentors. Campus Kids is a one-on-one, campusbased mentoring program focused on helping children in grades 4-6 succeed in academics and relationship building. This is one of many programs run through the Center for Community Action and ServiceLearning (CCASL) which promotes community involvement, education and public service. Photo by Connor Johnson.

Sos. McKenzie Horner and Angiola Piccolo drain pasta in the Cataldo Kitchen in preparation for the weekly Campus Kitchen community dinner. The Gonzaga branch of the Campus Kitchen Project is part of national network of 33 schools around the country that utilize food gathered from campus dining facilities, local food banks, and donations to prepare meals for local low-income and homeless populations.

Photos by Andrew Fioretto

Sr. Lauren Porter, a Leadership Team member for the Campus Kitchen, prepares a meal for the weekly Campus Kitchen Community Dinner. Porter ran a cooking shift once a week and often attended the weekly dinner held at Shalom Ministries in the Central United Methodist Church of downtown Spokane. Said Porter, “Campus Kitchens provides the opportunity to connect to the hungry in Spokane in a simple, yet very powerful way.”

Sr. Emilie Grant paints trim as a part of CCASL’s Mission: Possible program in Knoxville, Tennessee. The program, which takes place over spring break, sends groups of 10-20 students to ten sites around the country where they serve local communities. Each site is coordinated by a student leader with the support of at least one University Advisor who is either a staff or faculty member.

Photos courtesy of Abigail Costello

40 Organizations


So. Mike Andersen and Sr. Katherine DaGreef lead a campus tour through St. Aloysius, the Rudolf Fitness Center, and the Herak Center for prospective students and families. The Ambassador program has been an essential part of welcoming new students to the Gonzaga Campus. Gonzaga Ambassadors’ primary role is to share their love for and knowledge of Gonzaga from a student’s perspective, while serving as resources for answering questions of perspective students and families.

Photos by Ryan Sullivan

So. Harman Bual, Jr. Peter Kelly, Sr. Katy Carnell, Srs. Kristen Infantine, Sandra Conley, Andrew Smith, and Allison Scott, and Jrs. Rebecca Grady and Alexander Herreid pause for a photo while setting up for the GSBA spring concert. The Gonzaga Activities Board, a branch of GSBA, came together to bring chart-topping country band Florida Georgia Line to Gonzaga in April of 2013. The Gonzaga Student Body Association, or GSBA, represents students on and off campus and in all areas of study. GSBA, which is made up of students that are both elected officers and appointed staff members, plays a large role in planning and organizing campus events, overseeing clubs, and voicing student needs and opinions.

Photo by Austin Ilg


42 Organizations

Student Publications

Sr. Lauren Campbell, the Fall 2012 Gonzaga Bulletin Editor-in-Chief examines proofs for the upcoming edition of the Bulletin. (Bottom right) Gonzaga Bulletin Photography Editor, Sr. Brett Bollier, takes a break to visit with fellow staff members during a Tuesday production night. The Bulletin, which is printed and released each Thursday, comes together on Tuesday evenings when editors, writers, and photographers work late into the evening to assemble the paper before final proof-reading and edits on Wednesday. (Above right) News Editor Sr. Tom Quinn makes last minute edits.

Photo by Austin Ilg

Photos by Brett Bollier

Spring 2013 Gonzaga Bulletin Editor-in-Chief Sr. Nicholas Merchant, Arts and Entertainment Editor Sr. Rachel Garcia, and Managing Editor Jr. Amy Busek make final edits to the latest edition of the Bulletin before sending it to the printer.

Staff photographer Sr. Jake Kelly shares his recent photos with the rest of the photography staff. The photography staff, made up of ten photographers, takes photos weekly for the Gonzaga Bulletin and Spires Yearbook, as well as various other student publications. (Bottom right) Jr. Kellan Faker-Boyle and So. Nathan Ikehara strike up a conversation while working on the graphic design and advertisements, respectively, for the Gonzaga Bulletin and Savor Dining Guide.

44 Organizations


Photos by Andrew Fioretto.

The ROTC Ranger Challenge team finishes a practice 10k held on and around the Gonzaga campus. This challenge involves marksmanship, obstacle courses, leadership challenge, land navigation, and first aid. Photo courtesy of Gonzaga ROTC.

Jr. Matthew Schepergerdes and So. Paul “Vinny” Kleeman discuss their tactical plan during a field exercise in preparation for the Viking Challenge II Championship at Joint Base Louis-McChord. The Gonzaga ROTC team came in second behind the University of Hawaii. (Left) Sr. Daniel Dawson works with a fellow Bulldog Batallion member in a training mission. (Right) Sr. Christopher Bartenhagen served as the Commander of the Color Guard for the men’s basketball game against Southern Utah University, November 9th, 2012.

Photo by Ryan Sullivan

46 Organizations

Knights and Setons

Photos By Jordan Lindstrom

A donor holds up her number during the annual Knights and Setons Charity Auction held during Fall Family Weekend. The proceeds from the even amounted to $19,980 and benefitted The Artisans, a Spokane charity that helps developmentally disabled adults. In addition to fund-raising, the Knights and Setons completed a total of 2,000 hours of community service with the organization over the school year. (Top left) Sos. Kylie Nakamine and Madison Hagen embrace each other at the Knights and Setons Charity Auction. (Bottom left) Auction Master of Ceremonies Austin Ilg, a sophomore Knight, encourages donors to purchase auction items with proceeds benefitting The Artisans.

Sos. Austin Ilg, Austin Kelly, Matthew Crichlow, Rory Cahill-O’Brien, Petros Raygoza, Nathan Tollner, Blake Finnerty, Blake Loen, Steven Pisciotta, Connor Martin, Connor Stoeser, Thomas Ackels, Drew Heitstuman, John Scacciotti, Ryan Kelsey, Christopher Seelig, Kathryn Hickey, Mariah Chavez, Colleen Heffernan, Emily Ball, Sara Wendland, Ashley Graham, Sarah Kolb, Kasey Barghout, Melissa Fitz, Brenna Doll, Lauren Scott, Madison Hagen, Julie Klotz, Ann Schneller, Kylie Nakamine, Mark Beck, Kent Nighswonger, Michael Fangman, Ceilidh Baxter, Benjamin Keenin, Rheinholdt Klohe, Joseph Avila, Kevin Ward, Alexander Beland, John Christensen, Cole Hodgson, Aleksey Kozlov, Garion Park, John Smale, Caitlyn Rosellini, Sarilee Rybar, Danielle Doolittle, Jessica Ryan, Saba Mateos, Hayley Medeiros, Megan Batty, Stevie Kahle, Hanna Edens, Morgan Reingold, Allison Crha, Kristin Prodzinski

Photo By Austin Ilg

48 Organizations

Gonzaga Outdoors

Gonzaga Outdoors, an outreach of Student Activities, offers students an opportunity to experience and learn about a variety of outdoor activities. The program facilitates guided outdoors trips, offers students discounted rental services, provides affordable repair services, and has numerous resources for planning outdoor activities. These activities include, but are not limited to climbing, hiking, fishing, and skiing. This fall, GU Outdoors made a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. Glacier was officially instated as the country’s 10th national park under President Taft in 1910. The park boasts 700 miles of trails through meadows, mountains, and around lakes which were explored over a weekend spent with a group of 12 GU Outdoors members.

Jr. Katherine Charters warms up after a moonlight snowshoe trip to Mt. Spokane. Photo by Brett Bollier. (Right) Sr. Allison Slamkowski and (Far right) Sr. Morgan Saad on the glacier backpacking trip.

Srs. Eric Bokides and Mary Jantsch

Photos by Andrew Opila

50 Organizations

Kennel Club

So. Michael Fangman joins The Kennel in forming heart signs in honor of Sr. Mike Hart as he shoots a free throw during the St. Mary’s game. Hart, originally a walk-on as a freshman, made his way into starting line-up his senior year, becoming a fan favorite along the way. For the 2012-2013 season, Hart was named the WCC Defensive Player of the Year.

Srs. Allison Slamkowski and Kara Berlin.

Srs. Jake Perry and Nathan Heinrichs

Fr. Brennan Calley leaps in celebration as he secures tent position number one for the February 28th men’s basketball game againt Brigham Young University. Tent number distribution was a secretive and calculated process orchestrated by the Kennel Board; a location was sent out via Twitter and students rushed there to be awarded tent location numbers on a first-come, first-served basis. Photo by Austin Ilg.

The Kennel Club poses for the ESPN2 broadcast of the Men’s Basketball game against the University of Illinois, December 8th.

Photos by Brett Bollier

52 Organizations


Jr. Jordan Alcantara rehearses for the Filipino American Student Union (FASU), spring festival. This year marked the 7th annual FASU dinner, where students of Filipino descent come together to perform traditional dances at a dinner to raise money for family-oriented club activities during the year. (Right) Sr. Jordan Jin demonstrates a traditional Filipino dance in rehearsal for the FASU dinner. FASU works in alignment with Gonzaga’s faith-inspired commitment to diversity, to provide educational opportunities that cultivate mindfulness, intercultural development, and an inclusive environment.

Photos by Ryan Sullivan

La Raza Latina


So. Jesse Rennaker dips Jr. Jacquelyn Urbina during a rehearsal for the annual La Raza Latina Festival. La Raza, Gonzaga’s Latino club holds the festival annually as a means to celebrate and share their cultures in a night of passionate Latin dancing and home-cooked cultural dishes. (Left) Jr. Webster Ross, So. Kahalalihiula Bray, Jr. Jordan Alcantra, and So. Garion Park perform a traditional hula dance at the annual Hawaiian Pacific Islander Club (HPIC) Luau.

54 Organizations


On February 5th, HERO (Helping Educate Regarding Orientation) hosted a “Funraver� to raise funds to support the campus Gay-Straight Alliance. The event featured electronic music, lights, dancing and friendship in Cataldo Hall. Music and lights were provided by DJ Anski, from Portland, Oregon.

Photo by Brett Boiller

Sr. Kathryn Carnell, the head of Gonzaga Activities Board prepares a volunteer for the colorful finish of the Rainbow Run 5K. During the event, runners were showered with colored paint by HERO members and volunteers armed with squirt guns. (Right) Sr. Kacei Conyers, the HERO President, gets hit with one last blast of paint upon arriving at the Crosby finish line. Photo by Ryan Sullivan.

Father Craig Hightower, S.J., Director of University Ministry and Men’s Basketball team chaplain, who was responsible for supervising the Fundraver event, takes an opportunity to join the crowd. Father Hightower, a student favorit, was called to leave Gonzaga at the end of the school year to take the position of Superior of the Jesuit Community in Sacramento, California. Photo by Brett Bollier.

Photo by Austin Ilg

Michael Blomquist embraces the paint during the last stretch of the Rainbow Run, part of Pride Week, sponsored by HERO. Photo by Ryan Sullivan

56 Gonzaga University Photo by Brett Bollier


58 Athletics

Women’s Soccer

Fr. Heather Johnson prepares to kick the ball during a game against the University of Nevada. The Zags went on to win 3-0. In addition to a successful regular season, this year, the spring season was highlighted by winning the annual Gonzaga 7-v-7 Tournament for the third time in four years.

Photo by Nikki Busch

Photo by Austin Ilg

Photos by Colin Bishop

So. Lars Ludwigs dodges an on-coming defender in a game against the University of San Francisco. Ludwigs, a sophomore from WĂśellstein, Germany was named to the Second-team All West Coast Conference in his first season with the Bulldogs. (Top left) Jr. Alec Cutter vies for the ball in a game against the University of California, Santa Barbara. (Above) Sr. Erik Nielson prepares to throw the ball into play in a game against UCSB.

Photo by Ryan Sullivan

Men’s Soccer

60 Athletics Sr. Meredith Crenshaw and Fr. Jordan Gasser successfully block the ball from passing over the net in a game against Eastern Washington University. The Zags beat the Eagles 3-0. This was an efficient night for Crenshaw, as she had nine kills on 18 attempts with five blocks.


Photos by Austin Ilg

Jr. Kristina Lavrisha dives to save a point in a match against the University of San Diego. Lavrisha saved the ball which was recovered by teammate So. Deanna Nielson. Photo by Ryan Sullivan.

Sr. Mengya Wang and So. Deanna Nielson reach for a block in a match against the University of San Diego. (Right) So. Savannah Blinn rallies the team during a time-out.

Photo by Austin Ilg

62 Athletics


Photo by Austin Ilg

Sr. Britta Stime swings to attack an oncoming ball during an evening practice. Stime, a four-year letterwinner was also inducted into the Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society, which requires student athletes to hold a cumulative GPA above 3.4 for all four years while earning varsity letters.

So. Alvaro Nazal serves the ball in practice. Nazal finished the season 27-8, the highest of any of the singles players. Sr. Levin Guillermo

Photos by Austin Ilg

Photos by Nikki Busch Sr. Prue Teitzel

Fr. Isabell Kingert gets advice from coach DJ Gurule during a late night practice. Gurule completed his sixth year as the head coach of the Gonzaga University women’s tennis program. Gurule has continued to improve the Zags both on and off the court as 11 Bulldogs have earned All-West Coast Conference accolades and six players have garnered WCC All-Academic honors in his five years as Head Coach.

64 Athletics


(Top left) Sr. Sahan Fernando, and So. Lucas Orlita try to gain on the crew to their right during practice races which are often a part of morning practices held on the Spokane River. The Spokane River was host to the race against WSU during Fall Family Weekend. This year the Zag Varsity 8+ beat the Cougs by 14 seconds. (Top right) Junior varsity 8+ Jr. Kyle Hagmeier works on drills which the team dedicates a practice or two a week to increase their efficieny. The team practiced Monday through Saturday bright and early at 6:00 a.m. from the fall into the spring. Photos by Katherine Hayes.

The Women’s Head Coach, Glenn Putyrae, oversees both the junior varsity and varisty boats at practice. Coaches ride beside the crews in launches to observe from different angles. This perspective provides valuable feedback to improve team performance. (Right) The women’s junior varsity 8+ completes one of their workouts preparing for their last fall race in Portland Oregon. The Portland Fall Classic featured nine boats in the junior varisty event, the Gonzaga boat finished in fourth. Photos by Austin Ilg.

(Left to right) Jr. Issac O’Connor, Sos. Dylan Ojeda and Devon Billy, Jr. Duncan Howard, and Srs. Rick Ruddell, Stephen McEvoy, Erik Strand, and Sahan Fernando at practice during mixed line-ups. The men’s varsity team beat Oregon State University for the first time in school history this March, a major accomplishment for the team. Photo by Katherine Hayes.

66 Athletics

Photo by Austin Ilg

Sr. Captain Emily Thomas hits a stride at the WCC Preview in Portland, Oregon. She led the Gonzaga pack finishing third with Lindsey Drake and Maggie Jones in fourth and fifth.

So. Alison Fraher strides in front of a pack of runners during the The Erik Anderson Invitational, at Plantes Ferry Park in Spokane. (Below) So. Maggie Jones and Sr. Captain Lindsey Drake run next to each other for a moment at the WCC Preview race in Portland, Oregon.

Cross Country and Track

Photos courtesy of Tory Vail

Sr. Tate Kelly treads ahead at the WCC Preview 8K held at Fernhill Park in Portland, Oregon in September. Kelly was the men’s team captain, along with Srs. Chris Boyle and Andrew Walker. (Left) Sr. Ben Lance and Jr. Andy Phillips in the season opener, The Erik Anderson Invitational, which took place at Plantes Ferry Park in Spokane.

Fr. Amelia Evans, Jr. Catherine Theobald, and So. Maggie Jones at the Photo by Austin Ilg WCC Preview race. The women’s team came in first place overall; the men in third. (Right) Fr. Addison Johnson advances ahead of competitors of Eastern Washington University and Washington State University at the Erik Anderson Invitational at Plantes Ferry Park in Spokane.

68 Athletics


Fr. Angela De Villa watches her drive while playing in a tournament at Cypress Ridge Golf Course in Arroyo Grande, California. De Villa tied for ninth with teammate Alice Kim, shooting a 77 on the final round of the par 73 course.

So. Han Wu makes a drive during the Challenge at Onion Creek hosted by Texas State University. Wu tied for medalist honors at the tournament. (Right) So. James Fahy prepares to strike the ball down the fairway. Fahy led the Zags with a final round of 72 at the Duck Invitational in Eugene, Oregon in March.

Jr. Peter Gullickson concentrates on the hole to plan his next move during The Cowboy Classic. The men’s golf team won its first spring season tournament title since 2005 this year at the Cowboy Classic, hosted by University of Wyoming in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Below) Fr. Raychelle Santos takes a swing on the fairway. Santos was one of two freshmen on the women’s golf team this season.

Sr. Travis Johnsen carefully putts the ball toward the hole during the Cowboy Classic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Johnsen shot a 1-over par 71.

Photos courtesy of Gonzaga Athletics

70 Athletics


Photos by Brett Bollier

Photo by Andrew Fioretto

Fr. Caleb Wood high-fives teammates after hitting a single to right field to allow for the fourth Zag run of the first inning in the first game of the series against the University of San Diego, March 22nd at Patterson Baseball Complex. The Zags posted a total 6 runs in the first inning and went on to win 6-2. (Top Left) Sr. Kenneth Smith. (Bottom Left) Jr. Derek Callahan.

Jr. Marco Gonzales hits a single up the middle during the last game of WCC play against Brigham Young University. Gonzales, who was named WCC Co-Player of the Year as a freshman, was named to the Golden Spikes Award Watch List, the John Olerud Two-Way Award Watch List, WCC Player of the Week, WCC Rawlings Pitcher of the Week, and was named to the WCC All-Academic team during the 2013 regular season. With the help of Gonzales, the Zags finished the regular season as West Coast Conference regular season champions.

Photo by Brett Bollier

72 Athletics

Women’s Basketball

So. Sunny Greinacher pushes away a Wisconsin player as she awaits a rebound. In the November 16th game against the University of Wisconsin, the Bulldogs trailed by 14 at the half, but were able to come back in the second half to secure a 62-53 victory against the Big 10 team.

Photos by Austin Ilg

Jr. Haiden Palmer shoots a free-throw during a WCC tournament game against the University of San Diego. Palmer finished the game with 18 points, and was the season’s leading scorer for the Zags. as well as the leader in steals. Palmer was also Photos by Jake Kelly named to the All-WCC Women’s Basketball Team.

Fr. Elle Tinkle makes a lay-up to make the score 31-11 against Eastern Oregon University in an exhibition game to start the 2012-2013 season. The game was used as an opportunity to expose areas for growth as the season began, especially for the incoming underclassmen. (Bottom right) Sr. Meghan Winters high fives Sister Laura Michels, SNJM, chaplain for the women’s basketball team. Sister Laura most often prayed for the athletes to play their best and not be injured.

74 Athletics

Photo by Nikki Busch

Men’s Basketball

Photo by Ryan Sullivan

Sr. Kelly Olynyk drives for a lay-up against the University of Portland. After returning from a redshirt year following his sophomore season, Olynyk generated national attention as he was named to the John R. Wooden All-America team, and was named WCC player of the year. Olynyk also received academic honors as he was named the Division I-AAA Athletics Directors Association Scholar-Athlete of the Year for men’s basketball, a first in Gonzaga history. After the 2012-2013 season, Olynyk elected to enter the NBA draft and forgo his Redshirt Senior Season, the fourth Zag in school history to enter the draft prior to completion of collegiate eligibility. (Top left) So. Kevin Pangos shoots free throws in a game against Saint Mary’s College. (Bottom left) So. Gary Bell Jr.

Already ranked #1 in the AP and Coach’s polls, the Zags solidified their ranking in the west by winning the WCC Tournament at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The win was the third time during the season that the Zags defeated St. Mary’s, this time with a score of 65-51 in their final meeting. The Zags went on to earn a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament, a first in program history, going 16-0 in conference play, and 30-2 overall. Photo by Brett Bollier.

Sr. Mike Hart prepares to make a free throw against St. Mary’s College. The Zags beat SMC 83-78 at home. Hart, a former walk-on, was named the 2013 WCC Defensive Player of the Year. Photo by Nikki Busch. (Right) Head coach Mark Few was named WCC Coach of the Year for the ninth time in his 14 years at Gonzaga, as he lead the Zags to the first #1 ranking in school history, and the first #1 seed in the NCAA tournament. Photo by Brett Bollier.



Men’s Basketball:

Photos by Ryan Sullivan

(Right) On the day of the announcement of the team’s official rise to number one, So. Emily Jurenka grabs a piece of cake outside of Crosby Student Center. The giant #1 cake was created and served from Zag Dining by Sodexo in celebration of the men’s basketball team’s unprecedented success. The cake was a surprise for the university and it served well over 1,000 students walking to and from class. (Bottom left) Fr. Claire Fritts receives a piece of cake as she passes by Crosby Student Center.

On March 4th, 2013, the Gonzaga Men’s Basketball team found they had earned the No. 1 ranking in both the AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches polls for the first time in school history. The team remained atop both polls through the last two weeks of the 2012-2013 season, and achieved the first NCAA tournament #1 seed in school history, slotting them to first play #16 seed Southern University in Salt Lake City, Utah.

#1 in the NATION

78 Gonzaga University


Photo by Austin Ilg

Bomb Squad

So. Jesse Rennaker performs as part of The Bomb Squad, Gonzaga’s student hip hop group. Bomb Squad performs at various university events throughout the year including basketball games. (Left) So. cheerleader Sam Wyss rallies the crowd at Kraziness in the Kennel, the first open basketball practice of the year. Gonzaga players scrimmage in the McCarthey Athletic Center during Fall Family Weekend in an intra-squad scrimmage open to the public.

So. Michael Andersen holds fellow So. Wolfey Gerhardt horizontally in the air as part of a time-out routine. (Left) Freshman cheerleader Brooke Bonnner. (Below) The Gonzaga Dance team preforms during a timeout at a men’s basketball game. Photos by Nikki Busch.

Dance Team

80 Athletics

Club Sports

For the 2012-2013 season, the Northwest Women’s Whitman Collage. Photo by Lacrosse team finished 7-3

the Women’s Club Lacrosse team won Lacrosse League Championship against Jake Kelly. (Top left) The Gonzaga Men’s this season. Photo by Jordan Lindstrom.

Photo by Austin Ilg.

Photo by Connor Johnson

Jr. Logan Rounds watches his teammates from the bench at the Eagles Ice Arena during a game against Eastern Washington University. The Club Hockey team had an overall record of 6-1-0 this season. Photo by Brett Bollier.

So. Jacob Carrasquer races to beat his opponent to the ball. The Men’s Club Soccer team ended the season as Conference Champions.

Photo by Austin Ilg


Gonzaga Academics University

Photo by Austin Ilg


onzaga was founded in 1887 as a liberal arts institution for literate boys aged 10 and above until the early 20th century. The Mass of the Holy Spirit was held on the first day of classes in 1887, a tradition which is continued today. At this time, there were many courses offered included classics, literature, natural sciences, theology, and philosophy. The first graduating class of Gonzaga College was in 1888 with 18 students. The College of Arts and Sciences currently offers 35 majors in various areas, including philosophy, political science, applied communications, economics, biochemistry, and music. Students in the college must also complete 60 credits of core curriculum. College Hall is the hub for arts and sciences classes and lower division courses. Most upper division classes are held in major-specific buildings such as the Jundt Art Center and the Herak Center for Engineering. Within the chemistry and biochemistry departments students can participate in The Gonzaga Science Research Program (GSRP). Faculty are encouraged to further their research as a way to win external grants and students often aid them in their work. This creates an increased number of research opportunities. The participants also attend the annual Murdock College Science Research Conference where students present their results. Each year, the program hosts a scientist from a research university or institute and presents them with the O’Leary Distinguished Scientist Award. This is an opportunity for students to hear a guest lecturer, expose them to a different level of research, and often can allow for more direction in regard to career plans.

Historic photos courtesy of Gonzaga University Archives


est. 1887


Gonzaga Academics Academics University

Photo by Connor Johnson

est. 1921

Upholding its commitment to the Mission, the School of Business Administration develops well-prepared students for graduation. Business students must pass a rigorous core curriculum including accounting, statistics, management information systems, and economics. Business majors must achieve a 2.75 GPA to begin the upper-division curriculum. Students then choose between two major degrees offered: a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a major in accounting or a BBA with a major in business administration. Students majoring in Business Administration can earn one or more concentrations and a number of minors. In conjunction with the College of Arts and Sciences, students may also earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Economics within the School of Business. Within the business school is the honors-style Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program which is taken as a minor for a wide variety of majors, even those outside of the School of Business. The goal of the program is to immerse students in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship based on Jesuit educational ideals and commitment to the common good. This is completed though many hours of hands-on experience, networking events with entrepreneurs, and a learning community with fellow students.

Historic photo courtesy of Anthony A. Boccaccio



he School of Business Administration was established in 1921, with the Mission to “develop professionally competent graduates who exemplify the humanistic, ethical and moral values of a Jesuit institution ‌ As part of a dynamic business environment, we will strengthen relationships with the regional, national, international, and scholarly communities.â€?

88 Academics Photo by Brett Bollier


he school of Engineering and Applied Science celebrated its 79th year as it continues to evolve in its teaching practices and curriculum. The Herak Center for Engineering was originally Dillon Hall until it was expanded and renamed in 1984 becoming the main building for engineering and mathematics courses. The goal of the engineering program is to combine the knowledge of natural sciences and math to contribute with innovative ideas to make advances in society. The School of Engineering currently offers six majors including computer science, engineering management, and civil, electrical, computer, or mechanical engineering. The experienced faculty within the computer engineering program understands the importance of spending quality time working with students. This close relationship is reflected in the small class sizes which never exceed 20 students. In recent years the program has a 100% placement rate with an above average salary upon graduation. During the spring of 2010 engineering sophomores had the opportunity to study abroad, an option which in the past was not conducive to finishing the degree in four years. Now the students can go to Florence, Italy and complete any of five engineering classes which are now offered through the Gonzagain-Florence Program. This opportunity not only allows for the completion of course work within the four years but also allows engineering students to experience the historic engineering work from the Italian Renaissance.

Historic photos courtesy of Gonzaga University Archives


est. 1934

90 Academics Photo by Brett Bollier


stablished in 1934, the school of Engineering and Applied Science has continued to evolve in its teaching practices and methods to meet the evolving needs of the field of engineering. The engineering program seeks to combine knowledge of natural sciences and math with innovative ideas to educate students that are prepared to be successful in a variety of fields. For the last four years, the School of Engineering has been ranked nationally in the top 30 engineering schools without PhD programs. Additionally, it is one of only four west-coast Jesuit universities with accredited engineering programs, and the only Catholic university with multiple accredited engineering programs west of the Mississippi River. The College of Engineering currently offers four Bachelor of Science Degrees. These include Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science. One of the major successes of the School of Engineering can be found in the field of Computer Engineering. The experienced faculty within the Computer Engineering program understand the importance of faculty spending quality time working with the students. This close relationship is reflected in the small class sizes which never exceed 20 students, and in recent years there has been a 100% placement rate with an above average salary upon graduation for students studying Computer Engineering. During the spring of 2010, the School of Engineering expanded to allow sophomore students the opportunity to study abroad, an option which in the past was not conducive to finishing the degree in four years. Since that time, students have had the opportunity to study in Florence, Italy while completing engineering classes offered through Gonzaga-in-Florence. Historic photo courtesy of Gonzaga University Archives


est. 1934


est. 1975




he School of Professional Studies strives to create, educate, and support leaders to meet the ever changing needs of our society. Within the college, two Bachelor of Science degrees are offered in nursing and human physiology. In 1978, the Gonzaga Bachelors in Nursing program became a part of the school of professional studies after being founded as part of the Intercollegiate College of Nursing as a partnership with Washington State University, Eastern Washington University, and Whitworth University. Today, the nursing program at Gonzaga is completely independent. The program admits two classes of 2535 students to complete the two year program. The pre-licensure BSN nursing program stresses the values of servant leadership, social justice, community and reflective practice. In addition to clinical rotations, nursing students may also study abroad in Benin, West Africa working with the local community and the Songhai Centre to develop sustainable health solutions. The College of Professional Studies is also home to the Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology Program. Graduates of the Human Physiology program have been accepted into professional programs and institutions for dental school, exercise physiology, massage therapy, nutrition, medical school, physical therapy, occupational therapy and many more health-based fields. The Comprehensive Leadership Program (CLP), founded in 2002, now boasts 150 students who apply freshman year to be accepted into the 3 ½ year program. Throughout the three years, students are immersed into leadership theory and styles, and learn to analyze leadership in context. Additionally, the CLP offers all students an opportunity to study leadership abroad in Zambezi, Zambia.

Historic photo courtesy of Gonzaga University Archives

Photo by Austin Ilg



Joann Danelo Barbour

Carole Baumgartner

Jeff Bierman

Barbara Boyer

Andrew Breajcich

Paul Buller

Robert Carriker

David Cleary

Dave Collbert

John Dacquisto

Sara Diaz

Karen Franks-Harding

Luisa Gallagher

Sara Ganzerli

Joseph Gardner

Gergely Gidofalvi

Torunn Haaland

Donald Hackney

Christina Hampton

Katie Herzog

Charles Hobbs

Andrea Hougen

Justin Huzzi

Kathleen Jeffs

Jamie Kelp

Jennifer Klein

Lada Kurpis

Dean Larson

Brittany Leland

Peggy Sue Loroz

Chris McBeth Ryman

Kara McGinn

Colleen McMahon

Sara Melendy

Laura Michels

Kerrie Miles

Jennifer Miller

Laura Miller

Betsy Miranda

Al Miranne

Douglas Orr

Tony Osborne

Suzanne Ostersmith

Justin Padden

Kevin Pratt

Rachel Rasmussen

Mary Ritter Heitkemper

Tom Robinson

Jill Royston

John Sheveland

Erin Shields

Joanne Shiosaki

Paul Shlossbery

Scott Stanbucl

Stacy Taninchev

Melissa Verwest

Val Vissia

Alan Westfield

Fr. Alan Yost


Wayne Pomerleau


Rayan Abdelkassaman

Christina Abercrombie

Jacob Adams

Naoyuki Akashi

Rebecca Alberts

Sydney Alcantara

Louis Alessandria

Andrew Algermissen

David Alsept

Miguel Alvarez

Spencer Amberson

Jane Andersen

Cameron Anderson

Kyla Anderson

Alyssa Andrion

Tessa Anton

Kimberly Au

Cody Auclair

Willem Badenhausen

Amber Baggiore

Rebecca Baglai

Rem Bakamus

Alexandra Baker

Courtney Ball

Lauren Banis

Will Bassetti

Brooklyn Beeler

Edward Benson

Michaela Bernardo

Evan Bernhoft

Rachel Best

Yachana Bhakta

Mary Anthonette Binongcal

Nicholas Blackbourn

Luke Blanchart

Brianna Blowers

Jeffrey Bohling

Giovanna Bonafe Bernardi

Madison Boone

Breda Bosch

Philip Bourget

Lucas Braafladt

Noelle Breslin

Kara Brown

Zackary Brown

Heather Bucklin

Suzannah Burchett

Elizabeth Burianek

Andrew Burke

Hannah Burke

Kathryn Burns

Stacia Cammarano

Keely Cannon

Bryan Carbonell

Brandon Castaing

Maggie Chamberlain

Kelsey Chan

Zachary Chelini

Andrew Cherny

Taylor Cherry

Okunyi Chol

Jeremy Chow

Kathryn Ciccolo

Rachel Clark

Grifynn Clay

Stephanie Clay

Xavier Collantes

Christopher Collins

Isabella Colpo

Mary Conyard

William Corbett

Sarah Corn

Michael Corrado

Brianne Coulombe

Tyler Crackenberger

Thomas Cranney

Ricci Crinzi

Austen Crockett

Angela Crone-Lombardi

Alyssa Crosby

Madalyn Crosse

Allina Cummins

Emily Curran

Michele Cusick

Andrew Dau

Cierra Dauenhauer

Janay Davis

Brian DeDominick

Nika Deanne-Bernard

Megan Dennison

Emilee Derus

Shannah Dibb

Austin Dickman

98 Zachary Donahue

Aubrey Driscoll

Zoe Dugdale

Taylor Dukes

Mitchol Dunham

Kathryn Eastman

Madeline Elisha

Evan Ellefsen

Devin Ellis

Emilia Espinoza

Krystle Ann Fabionar

Julia Faherty

Sierra Fallau

Wyatt Fay

Kevin Featherstone

Maria Fernandes

Nicolas Figueredo

Diana Fisher

Alexandra Flake

Jared Fohn

Paige Folger

Hayley Forsyth

Michaela Friedrich

Elena Gardner

Lucas Gately

Kara Geraci

Morgan Gieck

Ian Goldizen

Audrey Gomez

MariaFernanda Gomez

Katelynn Gonzalez

Mary Graf

Reid Graham

Cody Griffith

Shane Guy

Joshua Harms

Joshua Harrison

Morgan Harry

Christopher Harvey

Elizabeth Hassebrock

Grace Hayden

Cassandra Hiatt

Emily Hirschman

Sarah Hitchings

Samantha Hoadley

Jason Hood

Kimberly Grome

Susan Heuscher

Connor Hope

Erica Huffman

Sydney Hutton

Sara Idzerda

Vanessa Ingram

Devon Isner

James Jakowatz

Katherine Jasinski

Kelsey Jess

Kyle Johnson

Martin Johnsson

Michael Johnston

Taylor Jones

Emma Judson

Ann Marie Karam

Emma Kearney

Matthew Kelly

Michael Kelly

Landon Kissinger

Isabell Klingert

Karina Ko

Franziska Koehler

Mitchell Krmpotich

Jeffrey Kvamme

Carolyn Kvernvik

Savannah Kynett

Nicholas Lacey

Ian Laimbeer

Carolyn Langdon

Josiah Lara

Hunter Larson

Jocelyn Lau

Nobel LeTendre

Sophia Lee

Lauren Leech

Clay Leland

Stephanie Leonard

Grace Levally

Gregory Lewis

Katherine Lewis

Jordan Lindstrom

Susana Lira-Gonzalez

Emmanuel Lopez

Eric Lozoya

Ryan Lum

Daniel Lunder

Joshua Kranawetter

Taylor Kratochvil

100 Monica Lyons

Olivia Lyons

Angela Maccarrone

Benjamin Madden

Colter Mahlum

Henrique Maia Braum

Brenda Mandt

Ruth Manthey

Royce Mapes

Madeleine Marquard

Sarah Marr

Lucas Augusto Martins

Danielle Marty

Ashley Massie

Nicole Matsunami

Aileen McCarthy

Halle McCullough

Ryan McLean

Emily McMonigle

Katie McNulty

Andrew Mercer

Michael Miera

Shelby Mills

Morgan Milner

Nicholas Minteer

Olivia Miske

Karrie Miyamoto

Riley Moloney

Yecenia Morales-Garcia

Spencer Morgan

Ian Morrell

Paul Morrisroe

Trevor Moyle

Brian Muegge

Nicole Mullen

Kyle Mulvaney

Reba Nazish

Rachel Nease

Eric Neitzke

Jacquelyn Nelson

Brynna Neufeld

Sarah Newcomb

Andrew Nguyen

Allison Nichols

Emily Nichols

Elizabeth Nielsen

Tiffany Norris

Adam Novajovsky

Connor O’Flaherty

Heather O’Halloran

Courtney O’Hanlo

Kayla O’Sullivan

Ian OShaughnessey

Natalie Ochoa

Gregory Ong

Katherine Palmer

Lyndsay Palmer

Melanie Palmer

Mackenzie Pavlik

Christian Peterson

Margaret Peterson

Jackson Phillips

Ryan Pinza

Kaitlin Plunkett

John Pogue

Catherine Porter

Brittney Posner

Patrick Quinn

Ryan Rackham

Isamara Ramirez

Teresa Ramorino

Christina Ramous

Walker Ranson

Justin Rasmussen

Brittany Redmond

William Reece

Lauren Rehn

Alexander Reid

Alexandra Reiling

Allyson Reimers

MaCabe Reiten

Kassandra Remington

Sean Richards

Molly Rider

Nicholas Rigert

Katelyn Riggs

Richard Riley

Connor Roberts

Eric Rogers

Alisa Rome

Lillian Rorick

Erin Routledge

Noelle Ruane

Michael Rucker

Emmy Ruiz

Megan Rykaczewski

102 Natalie Safford

Juan Salas-Tapia

Raychelle Santos

Grace Savinovich

Jamison Schacht

Tasia Schanbeck

Tyler Schlatter

Carson Schneider

Olivia Schneider

Kaylen Schulte

Veronica Scott

Claire Seder

Meghan Semmens

Elise Sevy

Samantha Seward

Amy Shafer

Alison Shipley

Renee Shull

James Sinatro

Casey Smith

Michaela Smith

Julia Snider

Michael Snodgrass

Ethan Snyder

Kirsten Solders

Ryan Songcuan

Kara Soucek

Shannon Sparks

Lane Steichen

Ellie Stephenson

Emily Stephenson

Timothy Stoddard

Micayla Strickland

Claire Sullivan

Zachary Swyt

James Taaffe

Kayla Taggard

Joseph Talbot

Corey Tanaka

Mitchell Thielemann

Lara Thomas

Alexandra Thompson

Jonathan Thorpe

Sarin Tiatragul

Julian Tiffay

Aashna Tiruvallur

Skyler Tomisato

Vanessa Torjusen

Alfred Trigueiro

Joshua Trimmell

Isaac Trueblood

Madeline Turbes

Ryder Ueki

Zoe Urcadez

Hannah Van Dinter

Vicente Varas

Madeleine Verspieren

Allan Vieira

Janelle Von Birgelen

Christian Vosler

Renee Wahlman

Tyler Wales

Quinn Walters

Ashlee Wambsganss

Benton Waterous

Kenet Weed

Taryn Weiks

Miles Weinberger

David Weissinger

Alex Welsh

Christie Wendle

Alex Westby

Ross Wiggins

Kianna Wika

Sophia Wilcomb

Morgan Willie

Allyson Wilson

Elisa Wilson

Imani Wimbush

James Winslow

Allison Wonn

Ivy Wood

William Woodbery

Juliana Wynkoop

Juliana Wynkoop

Melanie Yates

Richard Young

Sarah Young

Blake Ziebell


Caroline Treinen


Mary Arnold

Joseph Avila

Lucia Baldwin

Blair Ballard

Cleary Bayless

Casey Birdsell

Keriann Brinegar

Kaari Burdsall

Sarah Butler

Haley Chase

Jessica Clement

Brian Conahan

Sorcha Connor-Boyle

Jennifer Davis

Devin Drake

Jesus Esqueda

Nathaniel Fischer

Hailey Fitterer

Sophia Flies

Kathryn Frostad

Desirae Fu

Conny Garcia Gaitan

Halle Goodwin

Mary Haffner

Haleigh Hanson

Charlotte Heesacker

Drew Heitstuman

Jacob Heuett

Corinne Hoag

Cole Hodgson

Jacob Hunter

Nathan Ikehara

Emily Jurenka

Jennifer Kearns

Ryan Kelsey

Natalie Kerns

Megan Koski

Aurora Kraus

Claire Le Poullouin

Emma Leedy

Christa Lum

Erin Magee

Mustafa Mahmood

Maria Mai

Andrew Marino

Max Marlett

Jamee Mason

Saba Mateos

Kelsey McGinnis

Terence McLure

Trenton Miller

Alexandra Murphy

Miranda Myers

Deborah Nielsen

Natalie Nordeen

Garion Park

Reggie Peone

Michelle Perrier

Forrest Perry

Emily Peterson

Michael Phillips

Forrest Potter

Natalie Potts

Steven Rauch

Sara Reed

Emily Reis

Sean Riley

Luke Sackschewsky

Eric Schumaker

Garick Sherburn

Mary Shipley

Caitlin Sinclair

Michelle Smigaj

Vincent Sonderby

Kelly Strader

Katherine Tadlock

Kristina Taylor

Charlotte Trebilcock

Matthew Vergara

Matthew Voegeli

Craig Wadas

Sara Wendland

Kathleen Werner

Daniel Zentner


Kellie Malone


Ian Bickel

Kathleen Brauch

Brittney Burt

Arlene Chandra

Nicole Cook

Allison Cutuli

Monsieree De Castro

Erin Fitzgerald

Celeste Flock

Kayci Fudge

Charmane Garcia

Corinne Gould

Kala Grover

Mitchell Heesacker

Catherine Hildebrand

Hannah Hodulik

Katherine Hoot

Jason Iloreta

Zaeem Khalid

Mathew Langley

Hailey Londo

Halley Luther

Robert Lyon

Sawyer Margett

Melody Mileur

Uriah Mitchell

Emily Nguyen

Patrick Ostrander

Michael Parkhurst

Steve Paschall

Ismael Rodriguez Perez

Maryann Schwartzkopf

Kelly Smale

Jessica Ubachs

Deanna Willman

Ruben Yamada

Hikaru Yamaguchi

Elise Yoshioka


Jordan Alcantara

Photo by Colin Bishop

Photo by Brett Bollier


110 Housing

Residence Life

During the Bulldog Bowl, formerly known as the “Sausage Bowl,� teams from St. Catherine/St. Monica and DeSmet show their dorm pride. At the beginning of each school year, the DeSmet men take on the C/M men in a flag football game held on Mulligan Field. The teams are coached by upperclassmen; this year DeSmet won 30-12, extending their winning streak to six years.

Photos by Jordan Lindstrom

Photo by Brett Bollier

Fr. Emily Mann and Jackie Murphy hang out in their dorm room in St. Catherine/St. Monica Hall. C/M is the largest dorm on campus and houses both freshmen men and women. Photo by Connor Johnson

Sos. Conner House and Austin Ilg take some time off to play video games in DeSmet Hall. Residents get creative with small spaces by using custom loft kits to bunk beds, hanging lights, and arranging furniture. (Left) Sos. Benjamin Keenan and Rory Cahill-O’Brien, Frs. Ian Staeheli and Nathan Ryan, and So. Nobel LeTendre peek over the bacony of DeSmet Hall.

Photo by Austin Ilg


Ayaka Dohi, Alynna Nemes, Lindsay Stewart, Marissa Dolby, Tasia Schanbeck, Margaret Peterson, Megan Cunningham, Ruthy Manthey, Molly O’Connor, Sarah Newman, Amber Hambrecht, Nikole Gennari, Savannah Cordero, Nicole Holman, Yasuyo Shimizu, Jillian Spini, Hanna Edens, Yesenia Barajas, Alaina Kowitz, Rachel Jarvie, Kelly Jansen, Michaela O’Rourke, Marisa Kendo, Saba Mateos, Helen Reinecke, Hannah Cocanour, Elizabeth McDonald, Maria Mai, Sara Reed, Michelle Perrier, Tracey Stolz, Veronica Scott, Shayna Phillips, Ashlee Zink, Megan Lopez, Jacqueline Batchelor, Lauren Abrams, Michaela Courtney Conn, Benjamin Covino, Erin Gracyalny, Rachel Hildie, Emelie Johnson, John Langfield, Cotter, Colleen Bumb, Harman Bual, Annie Schneller, Hilary Syvertson, and Dionna Klein Tessa LaVergne, Trevar McNamee,William Moore, Paige Nienhuis, Stephen Paur, Carolina Quesada Ponce,William Quillin, Jake Quiring, Laura Rottiers, Aaron Sleasman, Joseph Virden


Boone Apartments

On Campus Housing Catherine-Monica SE Boys

Geovar Agbayani, Cory Ames, Chase Andersen, Cameron Anderson, Joseph Avila, Bryan Beaty, Coleton Bristol, Andrew Cherny, Matthew Clark, Paul Dellino, Zachary Donahue, James Donovan, Brian Drummey, Ian Ellis, Todd Ferger, Cody Griffith, Ryan Haddeland, Matthew Hoitink, Kyle Johnson, Donald Jones, Benjamin Madden, Dylan Maggio-Hucek, Maxwell Mills, Connor Mitchell, Amos Nash, Andrew Newman, Brady Nicholson, Trevor Obrinsky, Kyle Owens, Connor Palacio, Ryan Pinza, William Satterwhite, Carson Schneider, Michael Sedor, John Shaughnessey, Peter Siderius, Ryan Strickland, Andrew Stuck, Ryan Sullivan, Mitchell Thielemann, Joshua Trimmell, Alex Westby, Nicholas Williams

Catherine-Monica SE Ladies

Jacqueline Armour, Breda Bosch, Keriann Brinegar, Heather Bucklin, Hannah Burke, Eleanor Cain, Alexa Clark, Sophia Clausen, Meredith Cocker, Ricci Crinzi, Anne Curran, Kate Dolivo, Emilia Espinoza, Julia Faherty, Megan Finnerty, Claire Fritts, Kelsey Glenn, Emily Hirschman, Jocelyn Houck, Marissa Imbrie, Alexandria Kingery, Kelsey Koch, Margaret Lieb, Olivia Lyons, Anne MacKenzie, Anna Matous, Allie McKean, Alana Mosca, Sarah Mroz, Heather O’Halloran, Kristin Olcomendy, Melanie Palmer, Stephanie Radecke, Allyson Reimers, Sydnie Schooler, Alison Shipley, Kelsey Spirz, Elizabeth Steiner, Samantha Swift, Jane Timberlake, Christina Tombari, Isana Urquidi, Olivia Whidby, Elisa Wilson, Victoria Wimer, Mary Zimny

Mishaal Alruwaili, Anthony Armstrong, Anastasia Ashley, Jonathan, Barnard, Travis Berton, Ashley Bittner, Ingmar Bolinger, Lauren Bolkovatz, Hannah Bowen, Joseph Brisson, Brittney Burt, Matthew, Cacharelis, Nicholas Cacharelis, Jennifer Campbell, Kathleen Cockerham, Erin Dempsey, Megan Dempsey, Matthew Eastman, Marcus Erlenbush, Emma Fahy, Erin Fitzgerald, Meghan Fitzgerald, Ellen Foley, Justin Garcia, Nathan Greene, Michael Haefeli, Arielle Hanser, Mitchell Heesacker, Jasmine Hernandez, Samuel Hilder, Laura Hoeg, Alison Houlihan, Joel Kane, Cole Kelly, Natalie Kerns, Kayhan Khadivi-Dimbali, Colin Knappert, Daniel Logue, Sydney Love, Patrick Mallea, Laura Marushack, Patrick McArthur, Kathryn McCarthy, Hailey McCracken, Wilma Moreno, Tiyana Nakasone, Brock Nelson, Haiden Palmer, David Sackmann, Michela Sangiacomo, Richard Schober, Aaron Thomas, Corina Vasquez, Makayla Walters, Gregory Wang, Xela Warmer, Renata Williams, Kathryn Wilmouth, Katelyn Wilson, Julie Zhao


Catherine-Monica NE Ladies

Tierney Bagley, Alexandra Bluhm, Taylor Bobovsky, Nikole Bunger, Megan Carroll, Alyssa Cook, Kelli Corbett, Theresa Cory, Katherine Culver, Angela De Villa, Anna DeFrancia, Kathryn Eastman, Camille Fishbourne, Megan Freel, Tenille Gale, Kristen Gianotti, MariaFernanda Gomez, Miranda Heckman, Kendall Jack, Hanna Jones, Laura Kucera, Jordan Lindstrom, Eleanor Lyon, Madeleine Mathis, Samantha Musgrove, Kellyn Nelson, Sarah Newcomb, Kimberly Pavela, Kaitlin Plunkett, Teresa Ramorino, Kassandra Remington, Helen Roach, Mackenzie Saunders, Caitlin Senko, Madeline Sessler, Mary Sessler, Hayley Skinner, Emily Stephenson, Caleigh Sullivan, Sila Tuiofea, Madeline Turbes, Kaitlyn Vottiero, Madison Winters

Brandon Byrd, Xavier Collantes, Christopher Collins, Devin Ellis, Liam Fitzpatrick, Kyle Glocker, Reid Graham, Alexander Green, Daniel Hammer, Donald Hitzeman, Aaron Howe, Connor Jones, Christian Keamy, Royce Mapes, Joseph Marks, Carlos MartinezCalvo, William Moran, Gregory Ong, Joseph Peanasky, Albert Phomphakdee, Alexander Reid, Matthew Risso, Robert Rollins, Ruben Ruvalcaba Macias, Cody Sprague, Joseph Talbot, Sarin Tiatragul, Carter Timm, Tyler Wales, Matthew Walling, Kevin Wisdom


Catherine-Monica NW Ladies

Holly Arceneaux, Lauren Banis, Hannah Briggs, Keely Cannon, Maggie Chamberlain, Catherine Crosby, Emilee Derus, Mary Dicken, Alexandra DiJulio, Amelia Evans, Samantha Fall, Sierra Fallau, Aleksey Fischer, Alexandra Flake, Julia Gats, Sharon Greer, Kimberly Grome, Caitlin Haan, Blake Henley, Anne Higgins, Kelsey Jess, Addison Johnson, Taylor Lilley, Molly Manca, Morgan Marum, Lauren May, Ixchel Mazer, Shannon McFaul, Kristin McNeley, Kimberly Miller, Megan Morrell, Maria Morton, Megan Nonella, Rebecca Padilla, Siena Prosswimmer, Lauren Rehn, Julia Rein, Caroline Rourke, Kristen Sansone, Megan Selden, Kirsten Solders, Kennidy Thomas, Sarah Wainschel, Kenet Weed, Sophia Wilcomb


Christina Abercrombie, Sydney Alcantara, Dylan Armstead, Nicolas Asla, Briana Baer, Katie Bagdon, Zackary, Bagdon, Kasey Barghout, Rebecca Benoit, Janella Bermudez,, Michaela Bernardo, Maybelle Berueda, Michael Bokan, Bradey Bononcini, Sydney Boyle, Noelle Breslin, Mariah Chavez, Reese Clark, David Dato, Martin Dean, Dakota Dixon, John Donley, Samantha Douglas, Robert Ercoli, Cole Fiscus, Jessica Fleming, Alex Flora, Kara Foreyt, Nathan Gallinat, Shayna Grant, Brian Gravelle, Jacob Gries, Lauren Guzman, Mary Haffner, Madison Hagen, Yusra Hamidani, Alicia Hansen, Kendle Hargrove, Robert Harris, Joshua Harrison, Michael Harry, Jason Hood, Katarina Hostenske, Austin Hunter, Victoria Indaco, Abbey, Jones, Morgan Karney, Brendan Kennedy, Tucker, Keuter, Lacey Konopaski, Keith Kuntz, Jocelyn Lau, Michial Lim, Kristen Linsmeier, Ryan Lowry,, Nicholas McDevitt, Megan McNally, Bradley Mulderink, Kylie Nakamine, Danielle Navarre, Jacquelyn Nelson, Laurie Anne Nilo, Lyndsay Palmer, Mackenzie Pavlik, Amelia Pirkle, Tyler Popa, Kevin Quigley, Liliana Ramos, Sadie Ridgeway, Sean Riley, Isaac Saldivar, Brady Shea, Sadie Swisher, Jonathan Thorpe, Logan Torres, Jamyson Tritch, Manuel Uson, Mikala Valdez, Sara Vasquez, Benton Waterous, Ryan Williams, Laura Woodward,Alec Ziemann

Coughlin Third Floor

Coughlin Fourth Floor

Alexis Armijo, Courtney Ball, Michaela Bernardo, Casey Birdsell, Taylor Boland, Savannah Bukant, Stacia Cammarano, Kathleen Cantalini, Brittany Clark, Sorcha ConnorBoyle, Mary Conyard, Sarah David, Vanessa Delatorre, Lisa Dimech, Geena Douglass, Magenta Dumpit, Kyla Eaton, Aspen Edwards, Madeline Elisha, Rebekah Ellison, Naomi Emerson-Glade, Torrey Finn, Kara Geraci, Stephanie Gosse, Eleanor Hammond, Marissa Harvey, Grace Hayden, Haley Henricksen, Kaia Hlavacek, Megumi Illback, Anna Johnson, McKenzie Johnson, Emma Kearney, Madeline Kern, Mary Kate Koch, Amy Kryston, Madeline Kuenzi, Alexis Lucassen, Katie McNulty, Anna Metropoulos, Victoria Miller, Shelby Mills, Nicole Mullen, Rachel Nease, Alexis Nicholson, Natalie Nigg, Andrea Nolan, Julie Nowak, Kayla O’Sullivan, Margo Pelayo, Jennifer Porras, Jessica Powers, Sarah Prata, Christina Ramous, Stephanie Rhoten, Gabrielle Rivera, Erin Robinson, Anna Romanovsky, Kathryn Roosendaal, Andrea Sadowski, Raychelle, Santos, Kathleen Shrader, Laura Smale, Molly Smith, Micayla Strickland, Claire Sullivan, Katherine Tadlock, Alyxandria Taylor, Sarah Tilghman, Sarah Trapp, Alexxis Valencia, Autumn Vaughn, Rebecca Velasco, Sara Wendland, Kathleen Werner, Nikky Xiongxtoyed, Sarah Young, Emily Zikmund


Meshal Al Theneyan, Bronson Alegria, Abdulrahman Alshammari, Gurkeert Bagri, Mercedes Bass, Genevieve Beltrone, Dorothy Bergman, Ylisse Bess, Anthony Beville, Naseeb Bhangal, Brenna Brown, Michaela Brown, Sara Brown, Greggory Busch, Eleanor Cahill, Emily Carlson, Gabriel Castellanos, Jennifer Cataldi, Daniel Charvoz, Daniel Chastain, Dorothy Chung, Jane Clark, Christine Clenin, Yesenia Cuevas-Valencia, Olivia Cundari, Cosette Custodio, Jordan Davies, Savanna Davis, Joseph Davison, Collin Deel, Christopher Del Zompo,, Gregory Dewey, Katharine Dobbs, Sabrina Dohman, Katherine Dorner, Timothy Eberhart, Guillermo Espinosa, James Fahy, Allan Farrell, Jacey Fink, Andrew Fioretto, Rizal Vido Flores, Stephanie Flower, Kohaku Flynn, David Fong, Rachel Frickleton, Rachel Garcia, Madeleine George, Francis Jamil Go, Alexandra Goulet, Jenna Grabarek, Melanie Grant, Alexis Greszczuk, Levin Guillermo, Kasea Harbachuk, Samuel Hardison, Carly Harris, Mercedes Hayes, Andrew Hee, Naomi Hendricks, Molly Herman, Michael Hobson, Kyle Holbrook, Rosemary Houglum, Chung-Huei Hsiao, Julia Hubbard, Samantha Hubbard, Jordyn Hudson, Paul Jewell, Michaela Jones, Kate Karpinski, Takafumi Kawano, Natalie Kearns, Blair Kelly, Alice LaGoy, Edward Lee, Tiffany Lee, Cassandra Leone (Continued in Index)

Grace Altree, Grace Armstrong, Blair Ballard, Cleary Bayless, Lindsey Brown, Angela Bruni, Katherine Carr, Megan Chapin,Haley Chase, Christopher Doll, Kayla Dunsmore, Melissa Fitz, Michaela Friedrich, Genevieve Gregory, Charlotte Heesacker, Paulina Izzo, Jaspreet Kaur, Elizabeth Kiefer, Sophia Lee, Susana Lira-Gonzalez, Katelyn Mincin, Meghan Montelibano, Jessica Moorhouse, Emily Morisawa, Randi Andreatta, Michaelyn Bjordahl, Laura Bradley, Laura Brasch, Jung Eun Cha, Ekaterina Dasiuk, Elizabeth Nielsen, Natalie Ochoa, Sarah Oliva, Alexandra Reiling, Robin Ringman, Sarah Fitzgerald, Sara Frase, Anna Frisch, Rachel Gantz, Conny Garcia Gaitan, Marisol Garcia, Heather Grace Savinovich, Rachel Swanberg, Carissa Thomas, Kaitlin Torre, Zoe Urcadez, Johnson, Emily Jurenka, Katherine Karl, Franziska Kohler, Lindsey Kranz, Emily Mann, Miki Nakachi, Jenna Valkas, Simeng Wang, Allison Wetter, Sage Workman, Juliana Wynkoop Rahmi Nemri, Carli Pignolet, Brittany Redmond, Sierra Reid, Caitlyn Rosellini, Maria Sanchez, Natsumi Sasaki, Katherine Schmarr, Mari Schramm, Meghan Semmens, Carine Sidhom, Savannah Staley, Emily Struzenberg, Maiko Tamae, Julian Tiffay, Margo Wade, Kimberley Wiest, Ivy Wood

Coughlin Fifth Floor

Crimont First Floor

Martin Johnsson, Alwaleed Aldhalaan, Quinn Walters, John Howell, James Kazunas, Colter Mahlum, Adam Novajovsky, Anthony Roeber, Matthew Wallace, Maximillian Archer, Alex Laford, Krishen Desai, Casey Smith, Ryan Sheridan, Bryan Carbonell, William Fegett, James Miranda, Connor Kelly, Austin Goo, Kristopher Heldt, Connor Trimble, Eric Schenck, Alexander Lund, Keagan Tice

Coughlin Second Floor

Crimont Second Floor

Kaitlyn Anson, Morgan Bale, Lauren Bledsoe, Sarah Bradley, Chelsea Bucklin, Taylor Cooke, Claire Couron, Cierra Dauenhauer, Christina Davis, Kaitlin DeBarros, Gabriella Delmonte, Jenna Fabrique, Maria Fernandes, Lindsy Guidera, Katarina Habelt, Molly Judge, Kiara Kudron, Rachel Larson, Melanie Lowry, Kimberly Maurer, Aileen McCarthy, Naomi Medley, Monica Miram, Brittney Posner, Anne Powers, Paula Rodriguez, Elleson Tinkle, Caileen Viehweg, Janelle Von Birgelen, Jenna White, Nikelie Windsor, Katherine Woodworth, Alison Young

Housing Kyle Aleinikoff, Spencer Amberson, Christopher Atkinson, Thomas Bastasch, Garrett Benson, Michael Corrado, Matthew Cozza, Andrew Cropper, Greggory Davidson, Trevor Deddeh, Matthew Downey, Scott Eisele, Wyatt Fay, Nicholas Handy, Christopher Lee, Patrick Lunney, Riley Moloney, Robert O’Brien, Eamon O’Keefe, Dillon Oldham, James Pryor, Nicholas Richardson, James Rogers, John Santucci, Skyler Tomisato, Devin Westermeyer, Taylor Ziegler

Desmet First Floor

Jacob Anderson,Joshua Bacon, Derek Ball, Mark Beck, Corwin Bryan, Rory CahillO’Brien, Alexander Carlson, William Cooper, Jacob Dini, Devin Drake, Jack Eiden Nicholas Fullmer, Ian Goldizen, Zachary Homas, Conner House, Austin Ilg, Conner Jensen, Nicholas Joyce, Brian Judkins, Schuyler Kandarian, Benjamin Keenan, Austin Kelly, Ryan Kelsey, Donald Knickmeyer, Nobel LeTendre, Connor O’Flaherty, Conner O’Keefe, Zachary Pfeifer, Jackson Phillips, Michael Polvi, Collin Price, Patrick Quinn, Connor Reid, John Scacciotti, Christopher Seelig, Adam Smith, Benjamin Stout, Owen Sutherland, John Swegle, Phillip Vanderwulp, James Vidovich, Spencer White, Nicholas Winstead, Matthew Winterle

Desmet Fourth Floor


Miguel Alvarez, Kaitlin Anderson, Kimberly Au, Derek Bennett, Luke Blanchart, Kahalalihiula Bray, Ryan Bunn, Christopher Buresch, Abigail Burk, Casey Burt, Kelsey Chan, Trent Clostio, David Corisis, Adam Cross, Carter Currin, Andrew Dau, Nathaniel Fischer, Alison Fraher, Noah Fujioka, Elijah Glascock, Halle Goodwin, Nicholas Gottbreht, Shane Guy, Ian Hammer, Kyle Hashimoto, Kristofer Henderson, David Hensle, McKenzie Horner, Timothy Hurson, Aubrey Ibele, Sara Idzerda, Samantha Kennefick, James Komperud, Adam La Mar, Garrett LePenske, Daniel Llerena, Trevor Longbottom, Ryan Lum, Carlie Mantel, Ryan Menezes, Trenton Miller, Lawrence Moeller, Ian Morrell, Brian Newburg, Andrew Nguyen, Kevin Olivier, Clara Olson, Garion Park, Ian Patrick, Priscilla Ponce-Venegas, Noah Powers, Luis Poza Lopez, Ryan Rackham, Preston Ramirez, Walker Ranson, Steven Rauch, Richard Riley, Charles Rogers, Jesus Rubio, Brian Ruehle, Nolan Saam, Coleton Saunders, Jamison Schacht, Macklen Scribner, Laura Seifert, Shelby Sewright, Laura Shellooe, Siobhan Smith, Ryder Ueki, Wayne Uyemura, John Walker, Alexander Webste, David Weissinger, Blake Wunderle, Daniel Zentner


Anette Aga, Samantha Aguila, Omran Alhazmi, Musab Alkathiri, Abdulrahaman Ab Alnashwan, Andrew Asper, Dalton Assumpcao Leite, Daniel Barajas, John Beattie, Fahad Binkhathlan, Emeric Bisbee, Alexandra Bjornstad, Adam Blount, Ashley Boese, Nathan Braschayko, Andrew Burr, Kaitlyn Burt, Paul Caballero, Izzeler Carter-Vincent, Matthew Chartier, Hector Manuel Collazo Gomez, Anna Comfort, Hannah Cooper, Alexandra Crowell, Allison Cutuli, Timothy D’Amico, Michael De Haan, Mary Driscoll, Kevin Elliott, Sahan Fernando, Courtney Fisher, Mckenzie Fogarty, Colton Freels, David French, Daniella Gallegos,Nicholas Gavenas, Dylan Hannafious, Zachary Hanson, Nicholas Hardin, Paul Hardy, Timothy Harmon, Christina Herman, Justin Hoff, Kyle Holcomb, Jason Iloreta, Megan Jennings, Alex Johnson, Breanna Johnson, Natalie Kasza, Sarah Katz, Rachel Ku, Scott Legier, Ellie Licata, Reginald Liggins, Patrick Lindecker, Richard Long, Michael Lucas, Britney Magleby, Megan Maile, Oscar Marmolejo, Aaron Marsh, Lucas Augusto Martins, Angela Martucci, (Continued in Index)

Kelly Fayen, Alayna Herring, Austin Ouellette, Erin Hecht, Jaycee Slack, Tristan Coles, Joseph Thompson, Savannah Blinn, Deanna Nielson, Kaitlin Gale, Kirsten Price, Jennifer Waldron, Brittania Porterfield, Kaitlyn McCann, Elyse Costello, Caylin Novell, Carlyn Freeman, Catherine Nevius, AJ Harmond, Davy Nguyen, Kelsey Focht, Molly Zamora, Vincent Allen, Eric Schumaker, Kyle Jaske, Rebecca Kranz, Matthew Collins, Alexander Belleba, Alyssa Crosby, Danielle Marty, Caitlyn Petersen, Chelsea Murillo, Kathleen Mahoney, Sarah Marr, Megan Rykaczewski, Jessica Spinelli, Brigid Dunn, Michael Baba, William Acker, Kathleen Corbett, Erin Murphy, Clinton Mason, Taylor Ellis, Mallory Corcoran, Mollie Murphy, Jamie Goins, Sarah Babcock, Claire Bordeaux, Sara Keenan, Anne Blake-Burke, Sarah Fein, Olivia Brewer, Alexander Davies, Zachary Alling, Anja Trost, Lindsay Masters, Jonathan Lee, Melissa Ptolemy, Hayley Bancroft, Jennifer Capilla, Ryan Gray, Carmen Vasilatos, Nika Deanne-Bernard, Mary Maunder, Lauren Heilala, Shannon Zahm, Samantha Loy, Alyssa Bashor, Sarah Anderson, Meghan Gfeller, Hannah Resnick, Melanie Vance, Auvied Homaizad, Luis Alza Guillen, Celina Oh, Hannah Wilky, Nate Murphy, Cara Nickolaus, Mantel, Kelsey Chan, Kimberly Au, Shelby Sewright, Kaitlin Anderson, Clara Olson, Steven Rauch, David Hensle, Derek Bennett, Garion Park, Kyle Hashimoto, David Weissinger, James Komperud, Coleton Saunders, Christopher Buresch, Trent Clostio, Nathaniel Fischer, Luis Poza Lopez, Wayne Uyemura, Blake Wunderle, David Corisis (Continued in Index)

Danielle Lyons, William Wilde, Devon Lilley, Lucas Janicki, Kaitlyn Kinshella, Madeline Higgins, Stephanie Reynolds, Ryan Inouye, Aleksey Kozlov, McKenzie Lubeck, Jordan Travis, Kathryn Hickey, Megan Soldati, Morgan Reingold, Jennifer Davis, Erin Magee, Miranda Myers, Maria Mondloch, Natalie Potts, Ariel Ramstad, Claire Le Poullouin, Benjamin Yee, Leslie Stevens, Andrei Kalousdian, Kevin McFeely, Wolfey Gerhardt, Alicia Bies, Jill Isaacson, Benjamin Hofstetter, Kevin Weber, Michael McKeegan, Jack Newhouse, Teague Hatfield,Christopher Fucile, Michael Phillips, Meghan Neibuhr, Sydnie Manuel-McInerney, Jordan Gorenberg,Andrew Sale,Taylor Kunke, Samuel Wyss, Olivia Marshall, Carissa Outen, Andrea Nicholson, Michelle Kfoury, Christopher Lowrimore, Jennifer O’Toole, Anthony Van Eaton, Laura Regester,Hayden Deitrick, Shannon Scola, Brianna Hendricks, Elizabeth Earley, Jacob Carrasquer, Kristen Vierhaus, Marshall Riordan, Michelle Violette, Kyle Dranginis, Natalie Hastings, Brian Moloney, Kelly Serna, Samantha Rhea, Eric Kohan, Rosemary Reinhardt, Kyle Hagmeier, John Langfield, Kathryn Lindel, Ross Terrill, Kyle Hubbard, Abigail Costello, Zachary Walton, Jamee Mason, Clare Greaney, Patrick Mahony, John Delaney, Michelle Wong, Robert Van Buren, Meaghan Moran, Kyle Englin, Alicia Weryk, Sasha Olson, Mary Zakheim, Matthew Elmore, Natalie Nordeen, Danielle Bushmaker, Corinne Hoag, Kalli Heric (Continued in Index)


Madonna Second Floor


Austin Serrano, Christian Vosler, James Jakowatz, Kellagh McFarlane, Andrew Yoon, Kin Kang, Rory Cahill-O’Brien, Joseph Myers, Michael Delaney, Andrew Becker, Matthew Rogers, Riley Harrison, Joseph Descalso, Brian Bauer, Erik Krzyzanowski, Leo DeBroeck, Lawrence Walkley, Chanceler Cole, Justin Garcia, John White, Tyler Doster, Shane Derrick, Mitchell Bailey, Matthew Kelly, Michael Kelly, Matthew Bilsborough, Zachary Jankelson, Gonzalo Cervantes, Ricardo Ramirez, Nicolas Figueredo, Tyler Schlatter, Reilly Dooris, Mitchell Krmpotich, Zemen Fekede, Justin Chang, David Peck, Max Marlett, Andrew Wolf, Joseph Beaman, Scott Dollen, Riley Peacock, John Ricca, Stephen Rohweller, John-Patrick Fogarty,Christopher Ambrose, Shawn Vanover, Joshua Kranawetter, Blake Ziebell, Michael Bilsborough, Philip Bourget


Megan Besch, Diana Fisher, Tessa Anton, Ashleigh Hunton, McKenzie Hollyoak, Christa Lum, Kristin Prodzinski, Tabitha Rollins, Margaret Fischer, Alison Wendling, Danielle Hall, Kaari Burdsall, Marye Fuqua, Meghan Harris, Alyssa Rochford, JoAnna Frazier, Emily Gardner, Adriana Llaurado, Stephanie Anderson, Madalyn Crosse, Jordyn Small, Olivia Miess, Allison Wonn, Jacquelyn Urbina, Carolyn Capitolo, Megan Batty, Elizabeth Ryan, Haley Nordin, Olivia Phillips, Elisabeth Seigel, Erin Pazaski, Katherine Charters, Emily Luse, Alexandra Thompson, Halle Thomas, Morgan Simkins, Samantha Kondo, Alyssa Zuehlsdorff, Kelly Williams, Frances Wright, Alice Hastings, Alexis Rutherford, Jocelynn Wright, Megan Dennison, Shannon Sparks, Natalie Safford, Kaylene Matsuzaki, Stevie Kahle, Lauren Doscher, Sarah Handy, Kelsey Smith, Alexandra Gomes, Allison Garcia, Ellie Stephenson, Taylor Cherry

Madonna Third Floor


Breanna Allen, Abdulrahman Alshamoosi, Cameron Alvarado, Lee Appelbaum, Caleb Archer, Cameron Aubert, Cody Auclair, Carly Ball, Luke Batty, Evan Bernhoft, Anna Borroz, Andrew Brunsch, Colin Bullard, Aubrey Carr, Austen Crockett, Rebecca Croy, Michele Cusick, Brian DeDominick, Shannah Dibb, Kimberly Elias, Joseph Engel, Andrew Friedberg, Lindsey Goodenow, Taylor Graue, Matthew Gschiel, Breanna Gustafson, Max Halloran, Tara Hanson, Christopher Harvey, Elizabeth Hassebrock, Maria Haxton, Kelsey Henderson, Rachel Hitzemann, Connor Hope, Jaimie Huck, Erica Huffman,, Jonathan Jensen, Conor Jones, Jackson Jones, Kellen Kennedy, Paul Kleeman, Austin Klise, Jackson Klopp, Christopher Kotson, Benjamin Kotzian, Anthony Lapsansky, Emily Leist, Spencer Lind, Zachary Love, Keegan Malany, Alyssa Malisani, Eric McGaughey, Annalise McInelly, Ryan McLean, Vladimir Mijatovic, Roberto Miranda, Zachary Morrow, Courtney O’Hanlon, Jeremy Olson, Ryan Olson, Grace Pariseau, Justin Rasmussen, Brandy Rippon, Hailey Roodberg, Anthony Roy, Megan Schulz, Nautique Simpson, Sarah Stanley, Zachary Swyt, Sarah Taylor, Keele Thomas, Margaret Thompson-Johnston, Isaac Trueblood, Vito Tullo, Benjamin Wallace, Christopher Witt

Welch FourthFloor

Rachel Best, Brooke Bonner, Kristina Boswell, Elizabeth Burianek, Devyn Butenko, Jessica Cary, Rachel Clark, Angela Crone-Lombardi, Alexandra Decker, Mary Dougherty, Alexa Driscoll, Krystle Ann Fabionar, Mary Faley, Sophia Flies, Anna Ford, Mackenzie Fuller, Colleen Heffernan, Cassandra Hiatt, Erika Jensen, Christine Keever, Shireen Khinda, Julie Klotz, Jessica Latousek, Kelsey McAlister, Morgan Milner, Amanda Minter, Katrina Neir, Megan Newman, Cecilia O’Flaherty, Mollie Picha, Isamara Ramirez, Erin Routledge, Sarilee Rybar, Kari Sandell, Dominique Scott, Caitlin Sinclair, Hannah Souers, Natalie Spisak, Katrina, Van Tassell, Renee Wahlman, Emily Willig, Camille Wiseman

1320 Addison

Alyssa Marie Gogesch, Morgan Chandler, Tara Garshak, Alaina Garshak and Rachel Ann Doherty

1706 Astor

Stephan Arana, Sara Kolmes and Reece Merrill-Currie

Off Campus Housing

516 Augusta

Taylor Moravek, Montana Judd, Darby Jenkins, Hailey Heitstuman, Emily Newman and Kayla Davison

813 Augusta

Stephanie Giralmo, Ellie Thodal, Madison Bush, Hannah Feliciano and Lauren Lynch

120 1017 Augusta

918 Boone

Connor Gall, Brandon BlasBamba, Peter Jones, Julian Franco, and Matthew Owen

1107 Augusta

Lindsey Hendricks, Katharine Dunphy, Geraldine Enrico, and Sahri Hertel

Andrew White, Patrick Spencer-Rios, Andrew Mascall, Colin Bishop, and Christopher Andle

Katherine Galassi, Wynona Vaz, Alison Hogue, and Sinead Christensen

929 Boone

Mark Viger, John Martin, Thomas Habelt, Andrew Gorini, and Joseph Vance

1007 Boone

1211 Augusta

Rebecca Barad, Moira Cary, Jessica Krueger, and Emily Schober

730 Boone

Anna Demarinis, Portillo, Christa Smith, Clews, Erin Drummey, Roberge, and Andrea

729 Desmet

Helen Josslyn Molly Pappas

Jessica Elekes, Kelsey Wickman, Samantha Blake, Katherine Hefelfinger, and Krystal Orth

122 920 Desmet

1111 Mission

Raechel Chandler, Richelle Mechenbier, Lorena Croucher, and Katherine Jones

514 Indiana

Amber Buehlmaier, Jessica Timm, and Kindra Jonson

Shannon Gallagher, Christine Waldron, Samantha Spalding, Bridget Braley, Taylor HaughtFrazier, and Brittney Osenga

803 Mission

Kaitlin Pursley, Phoebe Widell, Brett McCoubrey, Haley Hulbert, Kaija Reynvaan-Hawes, and Laura Sendelbach

702 Mission

324 Nora

Lawrence Stepovich, Robert Allen, David Stockton, Samuel Dower, Michael Tramonte, and Disco Fredrick Stockton (Dog)

720 Mission

Ingrid Carlson, Lydia Hamstra, Ellen Ossello, Mary Falkner,Kyle Orizotti, Kayla Walsh, Madelaine Pinkerton, and Sydney Otte

Thane Street, Michael Wyatt, DrewHarris, Richard Redford, Grant Kleppinger, and Benjamin Sexton

402 Sharp & 1220 Astor Mark McRoskey, Conner Sheppard, Christopher Barr, Domenic Angelo, Spencer Babbitt, Samuel Wallace, Spencer Esau, and John Mallahan

124 527 Sharp 229 Sharp

709 Sinto

Mengya Wang, Kristine Csicsery, Erinleigh Caughron, and Katherine Mulvaney-Kemp

Cheryl Villareal, Monsieree de Castro, Alexa Easterday, Jordan Alcantara, and Brittanie Vander Weide

Sierra Tietge, Kaia Kopitnik, Samantha Olsen, Brittany Craig, Mariah Minder, Samantha Surber, and Jennifer Schneider

929 Sinto

Carmen Fregulia, Allison Renner, Allison Scott, Olivia Hull, Lauren Gibb, Kathryn Stewart, and Sarah Ring

803 Sharp

1018 Sinto

Christina Schmutz, Megan Mitchell, Angela Nordstrom, Nicole Schmutz, and Sophie Waltier

Brittany Miller, Daniela Kendall, Kayla Aldridge, Marissa Alcorn, Kayla Heyer, Lauren Berry, and Bethany Sobba

408 Sinto

1327 Superior

Maria Caballero, Zoey Shuham-Hardy Madeleine Ellis, and Janessa Hernaez

Meghan van der Sluys, Kaitlyn Drew, Kristen Infantine, Erin Dallman, Hayley Rieger, and Patricia Bruckbauer

Gonzaga University




Cheree Adams

Troy Adragna

Kaelin Albade

Nicholas Albert

Marissa Alcorn

Kelly Alderman

Austin Alexander

Casey Ames

Ashley Anderson

Carly Anderson

Nolan Anderson

Ashley Andrews

Robert Aneiro

Nicole Apted

Stephan Arana

Allyson Archer

Tiffany Arnold

Aeryn Arquette

Joshua Arreola

Andrew Asper

Kaitlin Asson

Christine Auran

Gurkeert Bagri

Christina Balistreri

Clark Ballantyne

Veronica Ballard

Fallon Baraga

Stephen Barbarossa

Kaylani Barbeau

Shelby Barchasch

Michael Barfield

Zacharia Barnes

Abigail Barr

Christopher Barr

Christopher Bartenhagen

Connor Barth

Andrew Batinovich

Alicia Marie Bauch

Brett Bazaldua

Rachel Bechtolt

Emily Beckelhymer

Samantha Beerman

Genevieve Beltrone

Tierney Bennett

130 Seniors Christopher Benshoof

Kayla Benware

Gunnar Berg

Lauren Bergam

Dorothy Bergman

John Berkes

Kara Berlin

Christina Bernal

Ashley Berry

Lauren Berry

Ylisse Bess

Connor Best

Joel Betonte

Ronald Beyer

Cheryl Bia

Emeric Bisbee

Alexandra Bjornstad

Samantha Blake

Kevin Blumhardt

Cayla Boisseranc

Ingmar Bolinger

Lauren Bolkovatz

Brett Bollier

Alexander Bonczyk

Casey Booth

Ammon Bostic

Hannah Bowen

Brian Boznak

Colton Brajcich

Bridget Braley

Connor Brenes

Dane Breslin

Nicholas Brown

Susan Brown

Patricia Bruckbauer

Stella Bruna

Jordan Brunner

Thomas Bryan

Amber Buehlmaier

Brian Burgess

Sean Burke

Greggory Busch

Nichole Busch

Madison Bush

Maria Caballero

Ryan Caballero

Connor Cahill

Eleanor Cahill

132 Seniors Anthony Camara

Jennifer Campbell

Sheila Canavan

Seth Carbone

Emily Carlson

Ingrid Carlson

Neil Carlson

Yvonne Carrick

Austin Carrillo

Kevin Carroll

Izzeler Carter-Vincent

Lindsey Carver

Moira Cary

Chelsea Caslavka

Gabriel Castellanos

Nina Catalano

Katherine Catlin

Erinleigh Caughron

Rachel Cernick

Morgan Chambers

Morgan Chandler

Raechel Chandler

Christopher Chapman

Matthew Charbonneau

Marjan Charness

Matthew Chartier

Collin Chatterley

Douglas Chesney

Chastonie Chipman

Sue-Jean Choi

Zhia Hwa Chong

Michael Christensen

Sinead Christensen

Jessica Christjans

Heather Christoph

Dorothy Chung

Jane Clark

Michelle Cleary

John Clifford

Kendra Cockerham

Casey Collins

Anna Comfort

Alan Conklin

Katherine Conyers

Hannah Cooper

Christine Cordero

Amanda Corry

Brittney Coughlin

134 Seniors Cara Coughlin

Kathleen Covert

Caileen Cox

Casey Cremen

Kristine Csicsery

John Culver

Amy Dahmen

Erin Dallman

Jaclyn Daltoso

Troy Darrock

Kristin Daschbach

Cavan Davies

Ivette Davila

Marshall Davis

Savanna Davis

Kayla Davison

Michael De Haan

Collin Deel

Katherine Degreef

Christopher Del Zompo

Paul Dellino

Nichollas Denney-Williams

Steven Devitis

Christopher Devore

Gregory Dewey

Ethan Dillon

Grace Ditzler

Margaret Dixon

Katharine Dobbs

Genavive Dodge

Mariah Dodson

Rachelann Doherty

Ayaka Dohi

Sabrina Dohman

Laura Doman

Terra Donley

Katherine Dorner

Brittany Dortch

Lindsey Drake

Tayler Drake

Kaitlyn Drew

Mary Driscoll

Joshua Dube

Molly Dundon

Michelle Eastwood

Anastasia Economou

Guy Edi

Megan Edmonds

136 Seniors Jessica Elekes

Madeleine Ellis

Tamasha Emedi

Ashley Emerson

Nicole Engler

Guillermo Espinosa

Aaron Estes

Lindsay Fague

Emma Fahy

Gregory Fedirko

Hannah Feliciano

Benjamin Ferguson

Elise Ferguson

Sahan Fernando

Ethan Ferrel

Siegfried Fichte

Jacey Fink

Jaime Fischer

Nichole Fisher

Meghan Fitzgerald

Brendan Fitzpatrick

William Flagg

Shaun Flemming

Rizal Vido Flores

Stephanie Flower

Kohaku Flynn

David Fong

Laura Forester

Matthew Foulon

Jayne Franchini

Meghan Francis

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138 Seniors Yadira Garcia

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Amanda Guerrero

Jorge Guerrero

Kelcy Guest

Levin Guillermo

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140 Seniors Emily Gutowski

Nickolas Ha

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Trevor Hanzeli

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Kelsey Harrell

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Grace Harrison

Crystal Hartley

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Peter Hodge

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Gabrielle Hollberg

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Molly Hopkins

142 Seniors Alan Hostak

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Larissa House

Julia Hubbard

Kelly Hughes

Olivia Hull

Emily Hutchins

Laura Hylden

Alyssa Imai

Kristen Infantine

Carl Ingram

Toby Ishizuka

Centered Israel

Brent Jackson

Jamie Jackson

Kelsie Jackson

Megan Jackson

Daniel Jacobs

Jorja Jacobson

Jessie James

Anna Jansen

Darby Jenkins

Kari Jenson

Paul Jewell

Alex Johnson

Kelsey Johnson

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Kevin Johnston

Taylor Johnston

Ellen Jokerst

Alexandra Jones

Brian Joyce

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Montana Judd

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David Kanda

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Natalie Kasza

Sarah Katz

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Erika Kelley

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Connor Kelly

144 Seniors John Kelly

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146 Seniors Jenna Lochner

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150 Seniors Ryan Odegard

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Daniel Zimny

Tara Zinnecker


Ashley Wildman

160 Seniors

Gonzaga class of personal embarked

President Dr. Thayne McCulloh addresses the graduating 2013 as the Commencement Speaker. His speech used stories to connect with and guide the seniors as they on their futures. (Left) Srs. Connor Cahill and Mary Jantsch

The graduating class of 2013 sits at attention in the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena as the student commencement speaker, Sr. Centered Israel, acknowledges the many accomplishments of his peers while looking forward toward their bright futures. This year’s class was the largest to date with over 1200 graduates.

Sr. Betty Horak receives her Bachelor of General Studies Degree on May 12th at the Spokane Arena, 70 years after graduating from high school. The 88-year-old was the oldest Photos by Jordan Lindstrom individual ever to earn a bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga.

Sr. Kaylani Barbeau

Sr. Kayla Nelson

162 Seniors

Centered Israel 2013 Student Commencement Address


r. Killen, Dr. McCulloh, Dr. Aripa, and to the trustees, faculty, administration and staff who make this event possible: first and foremost, thank you for your hard work in both coordinating this celebration and making today possible for all graduates in attendance. We are very appreciative to your dedication to the importance and tradition of this event.

To our mothers. Today is the day we honor you for your empathy, your guidance, and your sacrifice. This sea of blue and white before you is testament to impact you have had on us. On behalf of your children sitting before you: Happy Mothers’ Day. We love you very much. To our families who form a halo of support around us: you have created, encouraged, and shaped a beautiful, beautiful group of adults. Your children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, and even grandparents sitting before you have proven time and time again that they are devoted to humanity, and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. On behalf of the 120th graduating class of Gonzaga University: thank you. To the masters of our disciplines who have educated not only our minds, but have also opened our eyes to the countless intricacies that riddle our lives: I cannot promise you that we will change the world. Nor can I promise you that we have absorbed what we should have, will go as far in life as we could, or make you beam with pride when you get news of our accomplishments. But what I can promise you is that we will never forget those of you who have brushed up against our hearts and who have show us how to learn, how to reason, how to strive for excellence. As of this moment, you have done all you can. Whatever curriculum is left for us cannot be assigned or fairly assessed: but be assured that we will interpret the world with the abilities you have instilled in us. And for that we are endlessly grateful; And for that we

are endlessly responsible. Responsible to uphold ourselves in a way that reflects your devotion to humankind’s knowledge, and how lucky we are to have grown under your watchful eyes – if it was only for four short years. On behalf of the 120th graduating class of Gonzaga University: thank you.

To you, my fellow graduates: a group of the most wonderful and brilliant human beings, who work so very hard in so many ways; Who have spent thousands of hours reaching out to those in need; Who have spent thousands of hours with academic materials and with each other, mastering your disciplines as well as your personalities: Congratulations. I am honored that we can look amongst each other and see faces we have passed a hundred times before, faces we call friends, and faces we will be seeing for the rest of our lives. And here we are, together again for one last time before we set off and define ourselves. You have worked very hard for this, and once again our new journeys are about to begin. But there is a distinct cascade of emotions that accompany the cusp of independence and what we dub as “adulthood.” Amongst pride, happiness, relief, glee, and ecstatic excitement are emotions that we have been assured time and time again to be negative – to be detrimental to our potential. We mask our fears with false courage, we hide our insecurities with exaggerated displays of confidence, and we feign contentment as we promise ourselves that we are special – very well knowing there are millions who exceed us. But fear, insecurity, and a lack of contentment are tools that must be utilized if we are to bloom into distinctive citizens in a world where mediocrity is popularized, and where the status quo almost comes standard. In order to be receptive to what is expected of us and to the opportunities that will loan themselves to us, vulnerability is essential. And to be vulnerable is to stop being afraid of our imperfections and to start embracing them in a way that

transforms them into our advantages. From here on out we must embody the epitome of who we genuinely want to be if we want to make the changes we so clearly know need to be made. Is this task difficult? Yes. But is this task impossible? Yes. It is. And that is the greatest gift reality has given us: the gift of always being able to strive constantly upwards without being laden down with the disillusionment that we have reached out highest potential. Change does not come when we are confident we are doing enough. Change comes when we realize that we can never truly reach our goals. It is the journey of fighting for and organizing around causes that will produce a new earth – not pretending we have done all we can. It is critical that we never become comfortable, for comfort is a symptom of apathy. Our aspirations are enormous. For all of our lives our dreams have intertwined with the dreams of the modern world - - - dreams of peace, dreams of wealth, influence, and legacy. But we only dream when we lay idly in our beds, curled tight in our quilts. When we awake we must realize that there is a slow rumbling of many things that we should fear, and yet have the ability to resist and even defeat. During the waking hours it is of our utmost responsibility to define a new ethic of living. An ethic where we utilize respect and understanding, yet preserve self-appreciation. As we look at the world around us we can see the signs of a deteriorating planet – and even more regrettable, the deterioration of love and a unified people who strive together for equality, food, water, and happiness for everyone. It is most definitely the positive who will overcome the emotional burdens that stem from being conscious of the many forms of sickness in this world, but it is the critical who will redefine the course of our dynamic species, and lead the generations we will eventually begin to raise in a way that inspires respect for all living things, and for all living people.

Photo by Austin Ilg

Four years ago we huddled together in the old Kennel, donning our Gonzaga Creed shirts, and where we were told by Dr. McCulloh to take our ambitions and passions and light this campus on fire. And we did. But our flames that we have kindled for so long are now needed elsewhere. Now is the time - more than ever – that the world is in need of our light and our warmth. So please: take with you your love, your drive, your light, your beautiful selves and everything that you have embodied and shine it all over the world. And if enough of us do this,

if enough of us let our true light shine though, there will be no more shadows in which evil can hide. And then, and only then, should we curl tight in our quilts. I am honored to stand before you, and even more honored to sit amongst you. We are a group of people who have strived so very hard for this moment, and who hopefully realize the magnitude of our families’ devotion to our education and to our future. On behalf of Gonzaga University and your families, instructors, and administrators who beam down on you with pride, Congratulations:

Now light this world on fire. Centered Israel is a Senior Sociology major from Newport, WA. He is the youngest of seven children of Confidence and Devotion Israel. He plans to continue a path towards a career in academics by pursuing a Masters of Science at Portland State University before starting his doctoral dissertation in methodology, sexuality, and gender. He was selected by popular vote of his senior peers to serve as the student speaker for Gonzaga’s 120th Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

Seniors Congratulations Ellie!! We have always been proud of your abilities and accomplishments. They have especially shone through the last four years at Gonzaga. Love, Mom and Dad

Ellie Thodal

Congratulations Kayla! We are so proud of all your accomplishments and excited for the next phase of your life. We love you so much and wish you happiness and much success in the future. Your very proud Dad, Mom, and Sister

Kayla Heyer

From a Lego builder to Mechanical Engineer...

...a movie maker to Photo Editor of The Bulletin!

BRETT You will undoubtedly be a success, whether you pursue engineering or photography, and remember to stop and smell the roses along the way. We are so proud of all you have accomplished, and the kind and confident man you have become. Love, Mom and Dad

Brett Bollier

Congratulations, Ally! We are so proud of everything you have accomplished! You are amazingly talented, smart, dedicated and compassionate and have proven that you can achieve every goal you put your mind to. Stay true to yourself and your dreams! We love you so very much, Dad, Mom and Jack

Ally Archer

Erin Congratulazioni! We are so proud of all you have accomplished at Gonzaga. We have always admired your determination to accomplish your goals and a new and exciting one is about to begin. Love you, Mom, Dad and Maxwell

Erin Stickley

Congratulations Nicole! Gonzaga was everything you hoped for...and more. All the best as you continue your amazing journey that life has in store! With all our love, Mom & Dad

Nicole Kissinger

Congratulations, John! Looking forward to your next adventure. Love, Mom, Dad, Caitlin and Jacob

Great job, Christina!!! Congratulations! I am very proud of you. I love you, Dad

Christina Iatridis

John Robert Green

166 Seniors

Congratulations Tara! We are very proud of you and all of your hard work! We Love You! Love Dad and Gina


We are very proud of you and all you have accomplished! Love, Mom & Dad and Brother Tin

Chúc Mừng con ra trường Cử Nhân Đại Học! Chúc con được nhiều may mắn và thành công!

Bố Mẹ & Em Tín

Thuy-Mi Phan Nguyen Congratulations on four wonderful years at Gonzaga! You have applied yourself academically, made lifelong friends and grown into a fine young man! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Rachel

Jonathan Droessler

Tara Togstad Congratulations Liz! We wanna scream so loud for you, cause we’re so proud of you! Time to get your kicks on, Time to get your swag on, Time to get the rap done, You will choose to walk or run. Follow your dreams, stay true to yourself, and may our love support you all the way. Love, Mom and Dad

Elizabeth Miller

Congratulations Jen! “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Joshua J. Marine

Jen, We are all so proud of you. While at Gonzaga, you embraced life--head on. Each year, you welcomed new experiences and new challenges and each time, you rose to the occasion. That spirit will serve you well as you welcome the many coming adventures that life has in store for you!! We love you, Dad, Mom, Scott & Matt

Jennifer Gerlomes

Congratulations Kristen! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. -Henry David Thoreau You have always been and will always be our greatest joy. To say we are proud doesn’t even come close. Love, Mom and Dad

Kristen Olsen

Congratulations!! Ashley Noel Ruen You’ve come a long way baby! What a beautiful, caring, giving, hard working, accomplished lady you have become. Our support, prayers and love will be with you always. Your very proud family, Mom & Dad, Amanda & Rob

Ashley Ruen

Congratulations Nick! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Your curricular activities made you smarter and your extracurricular activities made you wiser to make smart and wise decisions about your future. We are confident you will continue to succeed in life as your college days end and you start the beginning of a whole new set of possibilities. We wish you much success and happiness in your next adventure!! Love, Mom, Dad and Travis

Nicholas Tran

168 Seniors

Dearest Roni, We are so proud of your accomplishment! Now soar high; your Daddy will be the wind beneath your wings and will guide you through always. Congratulations and God Bless. Love Always, Mom, Dad & Kuya

Congratulations Lindsie May! We are so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Anna

Roni Ballard

Lindsie May Lauzen Congratulations Sahan! One more goal accomplished and another exciting and promising one to begin! We are proud of your hard work and accomplishments. May God continue to guide you, bless and protect you.

Congratulations Principessa Lauren Your adventures have only just begun! Lots of Love, Dad, Mom and Zyna

Lauren Phillips

Sahan Fernando

Hurray Philip! Congratulations on a job well done! Of course we are proud of you and know that your next step will bring you joy and happiness. We love you always! XOXO Mom, Dad, Daniel and Francesca

Philip Noyes

Congrats, Laura Nicole! You are a true joy in my life. May God bless you in all of your past accomplishments and lead you forward on a new, successful journey. Love Always, Mama

Laura Nicole Hoeg

Congratulations Carmen Well done! Proud of you Love you, Mom, Nonna and Nonna, Lala and Connor, Uncle Donald, Aunt Jessica and Jamison

Carmen Dominque Frequlia

Congratulations Michelle! On a journey well traveled! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Alison, Winnie and Shane

Michelle Eastwood

170 Seniors Maddy E.B. White said, “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” We hope you do some of both! Enjoy this moment-the world awaits you. We love you! Mom, Dad, Ted and BeeGee

Madelaine Pinkerton

Congratulations Katie! We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments at Gonzaga! Wishing you success and all good things as you begin your next chapter!! Love Always, Mom, Dad, Gregory, Lita, Grandma & Grandpa

Katie Gandolfo

Congratulations, Erinleigh! Dearest Erinleigh, You are a gift, a treaure, a blessing and we will love you forever. We are so proud of you! We wish you and your friends all of life’s blessings, health, happiness, love and good works. Love, Mom & Dad, Anna, Ryan, Avery & Elise and Peter, Shelly, Willian & Jennie

Erinleigh Caughron

Congratulations, Sam! Dear Sam, Four years ago, you were a senior in high school. Now, you are a graduating senior at Gonzaga University. In those four years, you have traveled to other countries and tackled numerous opportunities. You have become an independent, confident young man ready to face and conquer all that the future holds. We have always been enriched by your intelligence, entertained by your humor and comforted by your empathetic spirit. We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. May God bless and guide you always as your pursue your goals and follow your dreams. We love you so! Mom & Dad & Amy

Sam Gordon

¡Felicitaciones! Carolina Estamos muy orgullosos de ti. Que Dios te siga bendiciendo. We’re very proud of you for achieving your goals. Besos y abrazos, Papá, Mamá, Marguerite Congratulations! “And the child grew and became strand; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him.” - Luke 2:40 Couldn’t be prouder! Love, Mom and Corwin

Carolina McGinnes

Thomas Bryan

Andy Richard

Alan Hostak

172 Seniors Up, up and away! We love and adore you!! Love Mom, Dad, Marta, and dogs of course

Congratulations Kelsie Kelsie you are a blessing and we will love you forever, we are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad

Emily Hutchins

Congratulations, Maite! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Love, Dad, Mom, Keith, Carmen & Riley

Maite Urcaregui

Kelsie Jackson

Krystal Congratulations! We watched you learn to crawl, We watched you learn to walk, We watched you learn to run, Now we are watching you soar! Love always, Your Family!

Krystal Wells

Congratulations Miranda! All of your love, hard work, and dedication has attributed to another beautiful milestone. We are so very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Wade & Twila

Congratulations Lauren! We are so very proud of you. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments during your time at Gonzaga. You are such a blessing to us. All our love, Mom, Julia and Jake

So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you. Deut. 31:6

Miranda Moses

Congratulations Brian! We couldn’t love you more, or be more proud of you! Congratulations on this next big step. Love, Mom and Dad

Brian Leahy

Lauren Zeutenhorst

We are so proud of all that you have a complished and all you have become. Life’s journey to success has just begun…continue to enjoy the ride. Love Mom, Dad, Catherine, and Candice

Christine Waldron

174 Seniors Congratulations Nicole! You are an amazing human being...we love you and are so very proud! All our love & Aloha, Dad, Kat & Michelle

Nicole Rosen

Congratulations Stephanie! From Seattle to Gonzaga to Florence and back, we are so proud of you and your accomplishments. Love, Mom and Dad

Stephanie Giralmo

Congratulations Ricky! Congratulations on your college graduation and on your progress towards a great future. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors. Love, Mom, Dad & Scotty

Richard Redford

Congratulations John! We are proud of all that you have accomplished at Gonzaga. Love, Mom & Dad George

John Kunthara

Congratulations Brendan We are so proud of you and what you have become as a young man. You are what being a Zag is all about. Love, Mom and Dad

Brendan Fitzpatrick

Congratulations Alan We are so proud of you and your accomplishments and hard work at Gonzaga! Love, Mom, Dad, Kevin and Alan

Alan Conklin

CONGRATULATIONS, CARLEE! Sis, we are so proud of you! These past four years have given you once in a lifetime memorable experiences. We are wishing you health, happiness, and all of God’s blessings. We love you always and forever, Mom, Dad, and Cole

Luke Webster

Carlee Snider

176 Seniors Congratulations Jarred! We are extremely proud of you! Your work ethic and determination will take you far in your endeavors. We wish the best to you and your classmates as you embark upon the next chapter of your life! Much Love, Mom and Dad

Megan Maile

Congratulations, Marissa! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. You are a speical blessing in all of our lives! You have experienced being a Bulldog in the true Gonzaga fashion! “Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss Your future is full of endless possibilities and we are excited for the next chapter! We love you, Mom, Dad, Genevieve and Segui

Marissa Alcorn

Jarred Lee

Congratulations John B. We are so proud of you! May God continue to Bless You. Love, Mom, Dad, Sarah & Emma

John Berkes

Congratulations Nick! We can’t tell you enough how proud we are of you! You are an amazing young man. Grandpa is looking down on you with a big smile saying “way to go mijo”! Love, Mom and Dad Jamie and Lucie

Nicholas Romjue

BRAVO BOBBY! We are so proud of who you are and what you have accomplised at Gonzaga! One goal down and exciting new ones on the horizon! LYMI Dad, Mom, and the Family Gang!

Robert Sanders

Congratulations Andrew and Dwayne! I am very proud of you both and what you have accomplished. I wish you and your classmate the best of luck in you new endevors. Love, Mom and your brother

Andrew & Dwayne Maldonado Williams

Yee haw! Timmy Graduates! You didn’t need the luck of the Irish to graduate and we are so proud of you! You are a wonderful son and brother! Love, Mom, Victor, Emily, Maddy, Champ, and Geneviere

Timothy Pickett

178 Seniors Congratulations! Shelby A. Treick Love life, engage it, give it all you’ve got. Love it with passion, because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it! Your very proud, Mom, Dad, and Brother

Shelby Treick

¡Muchas Felicidades! We know it wasn’t easy to get here, but you did it, thanks to your effort and determination, we expected nothing less from you! We are very proud of your accomplishments. Love, Mom, Dad, Chris and Ulises

Jake Zaragoza CONGRATULATIONS Madeline O’Neil!!! You were born to be a Zag! You stepped inot the world ready to fly from the beginning. You were always similing, ready and anxious to learn new things and experience life. Don’t ever give up on your dreams... and never leave them behind. We are so proud of how hard you have worked these past years and with how much you have grown in knowledge and life. Always remember, we will be here for you forever!

CONGRATULATIONS NICOLE! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Love, Mom and Dad

We love you! Mom, Dad, Hordan, Makenzie, and Joe

Nicole Apted

Madeline O’Neil

Congratulations Greg! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Love, Mom and Dad, Garrett and Robert

Gregory Slough

Against all odds you did it! With all our love we are so proud of you. -Dad, Pop, Nana and Family

Rose Martel

CONGRATULATIONS, RYAN! A wonderful job!! Obviously, mutiple celebration dinners are in order! Mom, Dad, and Darren

Ryan Lojo

Congratulations, Jonathan Martin Mora One more goal accomplished at Gonzaga and a new exciting one about to begin, Jonathan we are so proud of you and all your determiantion. Love you forever! Mom and Dad and Patrick and your family

Jonathan Mora

180 Seniors Congratulations Kaelin! Love you more than all the books in the world! People in your future will be so blessed, so live, love with great teachings. Love your Mom, Dad, Cleo and Peeta

Kaelin Albade

Lauren Berry

Congratulations Brent! We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished! Love, Dad, Mom, and Devyn

Brent Jackson

John McKenna

CONGRATULATIONS JOHN! AMDG Thank you for your gifts of love, devotion, and humor. You are a wonderful man with an abundance of kindness and knowledge to share with others! Go forward with joy and confidence. Love, Mom and Dad

Congratulations Lauren! Another goal accomplished! You continue to make us so proud. Love, Mom, Dad, Jayson, Grant and Reece

Lauren Gibb

Congratulations Graduate! It has been a long and challengeing journey but you’ve made it. We love you. Proud Family: Mom, Uncle, John, Calvin, Juliane, Grandma Prima and Grandpa Ray

Francis Go

Congratulations Morgan! Dear Morgan, You touch everyone with your love, joy and goodness. Congrats on all you have accomplished. And we wish you a life full of adventure! From, Mom, Dad, Rachael and Iain

Morgan Chambers

Congratulations Sean! May the happiness and success you’ve enjoyed at Gonzaga follow you throughout your life. Love, Mom and Dad

Sean Burke

182 Seniors BRAVO ALEX! We are so proud of you. Your hard work and dedication has paid off. Well done. We love you, Mom, Peter, and Taylor

Alexander Bonczyk

Collin Chatterley

Danny and Ryan hit another one out of the ballpark! Congratulations on your accomplishments boys, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” -Ghandi Love, Moms and Dads, Gockel & Odegard XOXO

Daniel & Ryan Gockel Odegard

CONGRATULATIONS STEPHAN! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Love you!! Mom and Kimberly

Stephan Arana

Congratulations MacGregor! With love and pride, Mom, Dad, and Cole. “Whereever you go, go with all your heart.” - Confucius

MacGregor Hodgson

CONGRATULATIONS MADELINE GEORGE! Dearest Maddy, congratulations on your outstanding college career at Gonzaga! We are so proud of your many acheivments and of the lovley young woman you have become - both inside and out. We applaud you for everything you are and for all that you will be. Love you forever and always, Mom and John, Dad and Judy, Grandpa and Jackie

Madeline George

CONGRATULATIONS DRAGANA! We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, and Danny

Dragana Milovanovic

Congratulations Connor! Your family is so proud of the accomplished person you have become. The unique passion you bring to every aspect of your life, from service, to the community, to your leadership role in Kennel Club to your enthusiastic enjoyment of academic concepts bring us all great joy. Thank you for bringing us along for the ride while you’ve been at Gonzaga! We love you! Love your entire family

Connor Cahill

184 Seniors

Congratulations Megan! We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments! We wish you God’s grace and blessing as you use your talents and passion to serve Him and others. Love, Dad, Mom, Brandon and Miranda

SWEET BABY GIRL Chase your dreams and take your flight. So proud of your accomplishments. Our forever love, Gradma Marlene and Dadio

Megan Edmonds

Kristen Goff

Kristen, Felicidades por tu Graduación! We are very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad

Taylor Frazier

CONGRATULATIONS ADRIANA! For all the hard work, dedication and perseverance, for all of the late nights and sacrifices, what a beautiful accomplishment you’ve achieved! You have now set your path on a jounrey of happiness and success. We couldn’t be prouder of you. Love, Mom and Dad, Nicholas, Jonathan and Alexander

Adriana Stagnaro

Congratulations Emeric Cherish your memories from Gonzaga and remember the future belongs to you!

Congratulations Connor! We are very proud of all you have accomplished and excited to see what the next chapter in your life will bring. Love Mom, Dad, Emily and Delanie

Connor Farley

Emeric Bisbee

Congratulations Kevin! We are proud of you and all your talents and accomplishments! Dream big, keep smiling and never give up your creative style. We love you, Mom, Dad and Zach

Kevin Stratton

CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY You are amazing! We couldn’t be more proud of your amazing accomplishments and the incredible woman you have become - intelligent, caring, talented, responsible, and beautiful both inside and out! We love you so much, Mom and Dad

Ashley Emerson

186 Seniors Ho’omaika’i ‘Ana John Yen We are so very proud of your academic success, community involvement and athletic accomplishments during your years at Gonzaga. Well done! You are now an official member of the GU Yen Alumni Club. Love, Mom (‘77) & Dad (’75) Aunty Bev & Grandma Diaz Tutu, & Grandpa Yen, Aunty Celeste (’78) & Aunty Darcy (’82) and Chex

John Yen

Congratulations Aaron! We are very proud of your accomplishments at Gonzaga. Your next adventure in life is just beginning. Love, Mom, Dad and Joshua

Aaron Gonzales

Dearest Blair, Your sense of humor and joyful way is contagious, and the quality of your character is a gift to all who know you. Your thirst for knowledge and work ethic will leave you boundless. May happiness, health, peace and love grace all your days. Love, Dad and Mom Christi crux est mea lux

Blair Kelly

Congratulations Ashley! We are so very proud of you. This step of your journey is complete and many new adventures are yet to come. Go forward with the love, joy, passion and determination you have always possessed and you will be successful in your life. We love you always. Mom & Dad & Riston

Ashley Andrews

Congratulations Ylisse Ylisse, you are one of the hardest working women we know. We are so proud of your personal growth and all that you have accomplished at Gonzaga. Good luck and “Bess” wishes in Chicago. We love you a bunch and a bunch more. The Tribe!!!

Go Zags! Congratulations Rheanna!! Your entire family is so proud of you. We love you, Mom, Dad, Jake and Lucky

Rheanna Kaley

Ylisse Bess

Congratulations Ashley Anderson!! “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it” ~William Arthur Ward Love you always, Mom, Dad & Shane!

Ashley Anderson

Congratulations Chad! Your abilities are amazing. Your energy is infectious. We wish you good health and all the happiness and success the world has to offer. Love Mom & Dad.

Chadwick Gray

188 Seniors We Love You, Aubrey!! Congratulations on your Graduation. You have made us so very proud. Mom, Dad and Connor Congratulations Terra! How are you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Gonzaga?!

Terra Donley

Congratulations-Well done! We are so proud of you as a student, an athlete and a young man. May your dreams stay big and your worries stay small. We love you very much! Wishing you much happiness and success in your new phase of life. Love, Mom, Dad and Brandon

Travis Johnsen

Aubrey Weber

Fallon, You should be very proud. I know I am. You did it girl! You always have been and always will be the brightest star in your daddy’s sky! I love you, Daddy.

Fallon Baraga

Congratulations Vido! Dearest Vido! Congratulations on your graduation! We are so proud of you and your great achievement. You always are a blessing to people around you. With so much love, Mom, Dad, Cristina, Via and Andrei

Rizal Flores

Congratulations Alex! We are so proud of you! Your future is bright! And your little sister wants your room! Love, Mom, Dad & Courtney

Alexander Hofstetter

Congratulations McKenzie! The world is a better place because of you!! Love Mom, Dad, and Jessie

McKenzie Snow

Congratulations Nathan! We are so proud of the Zag that you have become. We are all so blessed. Love, Mom, Dad, Nick, Lexi, Ben, Kayla, and Colby

Nathan Heinrichs

190 Seniors

¡Lo Lograste! Felicitaciones Juan Oxmar, tu familia esta muy orgullosa de ti. Te deseamos mucho èxito en tu carrera como ingeniero mecànico y nunca olvides el camino para volver a casa con tu familia que te quiere. iDios Te Bendiga Hoy y Sienpre! Con mucho amor: Tus padres Gilberto, Teresa, y tus hermanos, Adriel, Yarisel, y Melissa.

Congratulations Molly! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Brendan

Juan Ramirez

Congratulations Christina Gussie as you graduate Princess! God blessed us with you. We are so proud, always have been. Keep it up! You graduation is just the beginning of another chapter in your life. Our prayers are with you as you turn this page. Love always and forever, Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Emilio, Aunti Ericka, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Dina, Danny, Alyssa, Sonja, Christian, and of course Caleb

Christina Gussie

Molly McAleer

Congratulations Kelly! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished at Gonzaga. Love, Dad, Lisa, Chris, David

Kelly Hughes

Emma the finish line is here, Congratulations! Em, it is dedication to an idea, that separates ordinary from extraordinary. We are so proud of your accomplishments. Go forwards, be happy and make every day count. Love, Mom, Dad, Owen and Gabe

Emma Fritz

Congratulations, Tim! You are an amazing son, brother, friend and we are so very proud of you. Follow your heart and stay true to yourself. We love you very much! Mom and Dad, Will, Andy and Jen

Timothy Harmon ALL THE BEST TO YOU PATRICK!! “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You are on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go…”- Dr. Seuss May God continue to bless you. We love you very very much, Mamà, Paulina and Sofià

Congratulations Alen! You are our gift from God. We love you and are proud of the wonderful man you have become. With love and peace in your heart. Mom, Dad, and Sarven

Alen Tersakyan

Patrick Spencer-Rios

192 Seniors Congratulations Krystal! We love you so much and are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Congratulations on obtaining your Bachelors in Biochemistry. We look forward to sharing and supporting your next adventure into the medical field. Love, Mom and Dad

Krystal Orth

Congratulations Kerin! May the Faith that has brought you to this wonderful day bring you to the fullness of all you can be in the years ahead. God bless, saints guide you along your way. Love, Mom, Dad, and Dana

Kerin McManus

Congratulations RachelAnn! “Go confidently in the direction of your the life you’ve imagined!” -Thoreau We are so very proud of you! With lots of love! Mom, Dad and Eylse

RachelAnn Doherty

Congratulations Alecia! We are proud of you and your many accomplsihements. Your college journey - road trips to ultimately choose Gonzaga, Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, all night penny slots, hearing about your adventures, and adding your friends to our family - We look forward to your bright future. Love, Mom and Brian

Alecia Tumpap

Congratulations Cory! We are so proud of everything you have accomplished! Love, Mom and Dad

Corinne Biggs

Congratulations Tasha! We are so proud of you! You’re such a beautiful and talented young lady. We wish you all the best as you leave Gonzaga and begin your next adventure. Love, Mom, Dad, Pete and Nick

Anastasia Economou

You are so very loved! Live your message loud and proud! Love, Mom, Dad, Chris and Ryan

Congratulations Travis!! We are so proud of all of your accomplishments! You are a gift and a blessing! Your love and passion for life are inspiring! Our prayers will be with you as you become one of the Navy’s finest! With all of our love, Mom, Dad, Kiki, Jason, Michael, Jatzen & Baby Halli

Travis Koch

Andrew Opila

194 Advertisements

Nick! First you make it through grade school. THEN junior high. And - boom - high school! Now THIS?!? Congrats on putting yourself through Gonzaga with that paper route...or whatever it is you did with the paper. We’re so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad

Nicholas Merchant

What can I add to my bucket list now? Madison, we are so proud of you! Love, your favorite mommy and daddy!

Madison Bush

Congratulations to the class of 2013! To Marjan, our wonderful peripatetic daughter and sister “If it were easy, anybody could do it.” Congratulations, and may all your adventures be exciting and enriching ones. Love you forever, Mom and Dad, Andrew and Cameron

Marjan Charness

From Gonzaga Student Publications

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Class of 2013! GO ZAGS! #1 IN THE NATION

Spires Yearbook

congratulates the class of



Abdelkassa, Rayan 96 Abercrombie, Christina 96, 114 Abrams, Lauren 112 Ackels, Thomas 18, 29, 47 Acker, William 117 Adams, Cheree 128 Adams, Jacob 96 Adragna, Troy 128 Aga, Anette 33, 116 Agbayani, Geovar 112 Aguila, Samantha 116 Akashi, Naoyuki 96 Albade, Kaelin 128, 180 Albert, Nicholas 128 Alberts, Rebecca 96 Alcantara, Jordan 52, 53, 106, 124 Alcantara, Sydney 96, 114 Alcorn, Marissa 125, 128, 176 Alderman, Kelly 128 Aldhalaan, Alwaleed 115 Aldridge, Kayla 125 Alegria, Bronson 114 Aleinikoff, Kyle 116 Alessandria, Louis 96 Alexander, Austin 128 Algermissen, Andrew 96 Alhazmi, Omran 116 Alkathiri, Musab 116 Allen, Breanna 118 Allen, Robert 123 Allen, Vincent 117 Alling, Zachary 117 Alnashwan, Abdulrahaman 116 Alruwaili, Mishaal 113

Alsept, David 96 Alshammari, Abdulrahman 114 Alshamoosi, Abdulrahman 118 Altree, Grace 115 Alvarado, Cameron 118 Alvarez, Miguel 96, 116 Amberson, Spencer 96, 116 Ames, Casey 128 Ames, Cory 112 Amringe, Kate Van 20, 21 Andersen, Chase 112 Andersen, Jane 96 Andersen, Michael 79 Andersen, Mike 40 Anderson, Ashley 128, 187 Anderson, Cameron 96, 112 Anderson, Carly 128 Anderson, Kaitlin 116, 117 Anderson, Kyla 96 Anderson, Nolan 128 Anderson, Sarah 117 Anderson, Stephanie 118 Andle, Christopher 120 Andreatta, Randi 115 Andrews, Ashley 128, 186 Andrion, Alyssa 96 Aneiro, Robert 128 Angelo, Domenic 123 Anski, DJ 54 Anson, Kaitlyn 115 Anton, Tessa 96, 118 Appelbaum, Lee 118 Apted, Nicole 128, 178 Arana, Stephan 119, 128, 182 Arceneaux, Holly 113 Archer, Allyson 128, 164, 204 Archer, Caleb 118 Archer, Maximillian 115 Armijo, Alexis 114 Armour, Jacqueline 112 Armstead, Dylan 114 Armstrong, Anthony 113 Armstrong, Grace 115 Arnold, Mary 104 Arnold, Tiffany 128 Arquette, Aeryn 128 Arreola, Joshua 128 Asla, Nicolas 114 Asper, Andrew 116, 128 Asson, Kaitlin 129 Atkinson, Christopher 116 Au, Kimberly 96, 116, 117 Aubert, Cameron 118 Auclair, Cody 96, 118 Auran, Christine 129 Avila, Joseph 47, 104, 112


Baba, Michael 117 Babbitt, Spencer 123 Babcock, Sarah 117 Badenhausen, Willem 96 Baer, Briana 114 Bagdon, Katie 114 Baggiore, Amber 96 Baglai, Rebecca 96 Bagley, Tierney 113 Bagri, Gurkeert 114, 129 Bailey, Mitchell 117 Bakamus, Rem 96 Baker, Alexandra 96 Baldwin, Lucia 104 Bale, Morgan 115 Balistreri, Christina 129 Ball, Carly 118 Ball, Courtney 96, 114 Ball, Derek 116 Ball, Emily 47 Ballantyne, Clark 129 Ballard, Blair 104, 115 Ballard, Veronica 129, 168 Balmelli, Brandon 34 Bancroft, Hayley 117 Banis, Lauren 96, 113 Barad, Rebecca 121 Baraga, Fallon 129, 188 Barajas, Daniel 116 Barajas, Yesenia 112 Barbarossa, Stephen 129 Barbeau, Kaylani 129, 161 Barbour, Joann Danelo 94 Barchasch, Shelby 129 Barfield, Michael 129 Barghout, Kasey 47, 114 Barnes, Zacharia 129 Barr, Abigail 129 Barr, Christopher 123, 129 Bartenhagen, Christopher 44, 129 Barth, Connor 129 Bashor, Alyssa 117 Bass, Mercedes 114 Bassetti, Will 96 Bastasch, Thomas 116 Batchelor, Jacqueline 112 Batinovich, Andrew 129 Batty, Luke 118 Batty, Megan 47, 118 Bauch, Alicia Marie 129 Bauer, Brian 117 Baumgartner, Carole 94 Baxter, Ceilidh 47 Bayless, Cleary 104, 115 Bazaldua, Brett 129 Beaman, Joseph 117 Beattie, John 116 Beaty, Bryan 112 Bechtolt, Rachel 129 Beck, Mark 47, 116 Beckelhymer, Emily

129 Becker, Andrew 117 Beeler, Brooklyn 96 Beerman, Samantha 129 Beland, Alexander 47 Bell, Gary 74 Belleba, Alexander 117 Beltrone, Genevieve 114, 129 Bennett, Derek 116, 117 Bennett, Tierney 129 Benoit, Rebecca 114 Benshoof, Christopher 130 Benson, Edward 96 Benson, Garrett 116 Benware, Kayla 130 Berg, Gunnar 130 Bergam, Lauren 130 Bergman, Dorothy 114, 130 Berkes, John 130, 176 Berlin, Kara 51, 130 Bermudez, Janella 114 Bernal, Christina 130 Bernardi, Giovanna Bonafe 96 Bernardo, Michaela 96, 114 Bernhoft, Evan 96, 118 Berry, Ashley 130 Berry, Lauren 125, 130, 180 Berton, Travis 113 Berueda, Maybelle 114 Besch, Megan 118 Bess, Ylisse 114, 130, 187 Best, Connor 130 Best, Rachel 96, 118 Betonte, Joel 130 Bev, Aunty 186 Beville, Anthony 114 Beyer, Ronald 130 Bhakta, Yachana 96 Bhangal, Naseeb 114 Bia, Cheryl 130 Bickel, Ian 106 Bierman, Jeff 94 Bies, Alicia 117 Biggs, Corinne 193 Billy, Devon 65 Bilsborough, Matthew 117 Bilsborough, Michael 117 Binkhathlan, Fahad 116 Binongcal, Mary Anthonette 96 Birdsell, Casey 104, 114 Bisbee, Emeric 116, 130, 185 Bishop, Colin 120 Bittner, Ashley 113 Bjordahl, Michaelyn 115 Bjornstad, Alexandra 116, 130 Blackbourn, Nicholas 96 Blake, Samantha 121, 130 Blake-Burke, Anne 117

Blanchart, Luke 96, 116 Blas-Bamba, Brandon 120 Bledsoe, Lauren 115 Blinn, Savannah 61, 117 Blomquist, Michael 55 Blount, Adam 116 Blowers, Brianna 96 Bluhm, Alexandra 113 Blumhardt, Kevin 130 Bobovsky, Taylor 113 Boese, Ashley 116 Bohling, Jeffrey 96 Boisseranc, Cayla 130 Bokan, Michael 114 Bokides, Eric 49 Boland, Taylor 114 Bolinger, Ingmar 113, 130 Bolkovatz, Lauren 113, 130 Bollier, Brett 29, 42, 43, 108, 111, 130, 164 Bonczyk, Alexander 130, 182 Bonnel, Colleen 20, 21 Bonner, Brooke 79, 118 Bononcini, Bradey 114 Boone, Madison 96 Booth, Casey 131 Bordeaux, Claire 117 Borroz, Anna 118 Bosch, Breda 96, 112 Bostic, Ammon 131 Boswell, Kristina 118 Bourget, Philip 96, 117 Bowen, Hannah 113, 131 Boyer, Barbara 94 Boyle, Chris 67 Boyle, Sydney 114 Boznak, Brian 131 Braafladt, Lucas 96 Bradley, Laura 115 Bradley, Sarah 115 Brajcich, Colton 131 Braley, Bridget 122, 131 Brasch, Laura 115 Braschayko, Nathan 116 Brauch, Kathleen 106 Braum, Henrique Maia 100 Bray, Kahalalihiula 116 Breajcich, Andrew 94 Brenes, Connor 16, 131 Breslin, Dane 131 Breslin, Noelle 96, 114 Brewer, Olivia 117 Briggs, Hannah 113 Brinegar, Keriann 104, 112 Brisson, Joseph 113 Bristol, Coleton 112 Britten, Benjamin 19 Brown, Brenna 114 Brown, Kara 96 Brown, Lindsey 115 Brown, Michaela 114 Brown, Nicholas 131 Brown, Sara 114 Brown, Susan 131 Brown, Zackary 96

Bruckbauer, Patricia 125, 131 Bruna, Stella 131 Bruni, Angela 115 Brunner, Jordan 131 Brunsch, Andrew 118 Bryan, Corwin 116 Bryan, Thomas 131, 171 Bual, Harman 41, 112 Bucklin, Chelsea 115 Bucklin, Heather 97, 112 Buehlmaier, Amber 122, 131 Bukant, Savannah 114 Bullard, Colin 118 Buller, Paul 94 Bumb, Colleen 112 Bunger, Nikole 113 Bunn, Ryan 116 Burchett, Suzannah 97 Burdsall, Kaari 104, 118 Buren, Robert Van 117 Buresch, Christopher 116, 117 Burgess, Brian 131 Burianek, Elizabeth 97, 118 Burk, Abigail 116 Burke, Andrew 97 Burke, Hannah 97, 112 Burke, Sean 131, 181 Burns, Kathryn 97 Burr, Andrew 116 Burt, Brittney 106, 113 Burt, Casey 116 Burt, Kaitlyn 116 Busch, Greggory 114, 131 Busch, Nikki 74, 75, 131 Bush, Madison 119, 131, 194 Bushmaker, Danielle 117 Butenko, Devyn 118 Butler, Sarah 104 Byrd, Brandon 113


Caballero, Maria 125, 131 Caballero, Paul 116 Caballero, Ryan 131 Cacharelis, Nicholas 113 Cahill, Connor 131, 160, 183 Cahill, Eleanor 114, 131 Cahill-O’Brien, Rory 47, 111, 116, 117 Cain, Eleanor 112 Callahan, Jr Derek 70 Calley, Brennan 51 Camara, Anthony 132 Cammarano, Stacia 97, 114 Campbell, Jennifer 113, 132 Campbell, Lauren 42 Canavan, Sheila 132

Cannon, Keely 97, 113 Cantalini, Kathleen 114 Capilla, Jennifer 117 Capitolo, Carolyn 118 Carbone, Seth 132 Carbonell, Bryan 97, 115 Carlson, Alexander 116 Carlson, Emily 114, 132 Carlson, Ingrid 123, 132 Carlson, Neil 132 Carnell, Sr Kathryn 55 Carr, Aubrey 118 Carr, Katherine 115 Carrasquer, Jacob 81, 117 Carrick, Yvonne 132 Carriker, Robert 94 Carrillo, Austin 132 Carroll, Kevin 132 Carroll, Megan 113 Cartelli, Kayla 205 Carter-Vincent, Izzeler 116, 132 Carver, Lindsey 132 Cary, Jessica 118 Cary, Moira 121, 132 Caslavka, Chelsea 132 Castaing, Brandon 97 Castellanos, Gabriel 114, 132 Catalano, Nina 132 Cataldi, Jennifer 114 Catlin, Katherine 132 Caughron, Erinleigh 124, 132, 170 Celeste, Aunty 186 Cernick, Rachel 132 Cervantes, Gonzalo 117 Cesena, Laura Watts 158 Cha, Jung Eun 115 Chamberlain, Maggie 97, 113 Chambers, Morgan 132, 181 Chan, Kelsey 97, 116, 117 Chandler, Morgan 119, 132 Chandler, Raechel 122, 132 Chandra, Arlene 106 Chang, Justin 117 Chapman, Christopher 132 Charbonneau, Matthew 132 Charness, Marjan 133, 194 Charters, Katherine 33, 49, 118 Chartier, Matthew 116, 133 Charvoz, Daniel 114 Chase, Haley 104 Chastain, Daniel 18, 114 Chatterley, Collin 133, 182 Chavez, Mariah 47, 114 Chelini, Zachary 97 Cherny, Andrew 97, 112

Cherry, Taylor 97, 118 Chesney, Douglas 133 Chipman, Chastonie 133 Choi, Sue-Jean 133 Chol, Okunyi 97 Chong, Zhia Hwa 133 Chow, Jeremy 97 Christensen, John 47 Christensen, Michael 133 Christensen, Sinead 120, 133 Christjans, Jessica 133 Christoph, Heather 133 Chung, Dorothy 114, 133 Ciccolo, Kathryn 97 Clark, Alexa 112 Clark, Brittany 114 Clark, Jane 114, 133 Clark, Matthew 112 Clark, Rachel 97, 118 Clark, Reese 114 Clausen, Sophia 112 Clay, Grifynn 97 Clay, Stephanie 97 Cleary, David 94 Cleary, Michelle 133 Clement, Jessica 104 Clenin, Christine 114 Clews, Josslyn 121 Clifford, John 133 Clostio, Trent 116, 117 Club, Gu Yen Alumni 186 Coble, Scott 12 Cocanour, Hannah 112 Cocker, Meredith 112 Cockerham, Kathleen 113 Cockerham, Kendra 133 Cohen, Leonard 28 Cole, Chanceler 117 Coles, Tristan 117 Collantes, Xavier 97, 113 Collbert, Dave 94 Collins, Casey 133 Collins, Christopher 97, 113 Collins, Matthew 117 Colpo, Isabella 97 Comfort, Anna 116, 133 Conahan, Brian 104 Conklin, Alan 133, 175 Conn, Courtney 112 Connor-Boyle, Sorcha 104, 114 Conyard, Mary 97, 114 Conyers, Kacei 55 Conyers, Katherine 133 Cook, Alyssa 113 Cook, Nicole 106 Cooke, Taylor 115 Cooper, Hannah 116, 133 Cooper, William 116 Corbett, Kathleen 117 Corbett, Kelli 113 Corbett, William 97 Corcoran, Mallory 117 Cordero, Christine 133

Cordero, Savannah 112 Corisis, David 116 Corn, Sarah 97 Corrado, Michael 97, 116 Corry, Amanda 133 Cory, Theresa 113 Costello, Abigail 117 Costello, Elyse 117 Cotter, Michaela 112 Coughlin, Brittney 133 Coughlin, Cara 134 Coulombe, Brianne 97 Couron, Claire 115 Covert, Kathleen 134 Covino, Benjamin 112 Cox, Caileen 134 Cozza, Matthew 116 Crackenberger, Tyler 97 Craig, Brittany 124 Cranney, Thomas 97 Creek, Onion 68 Cremen, Casey 134 Crenshaw, Meredith 60 Crha, Allison 47 Crichlow, Matthew 47 Crinzi, Ricci 97, 112 Cristalloare, Andrew 21 Crockett, Austen 97, 118 Crone-Lombardi, Angela 97, 118 Cropper, Andrew 116 Crosby, Alyssa 97, 117 Crosby, Catherine 113 Cross, Adam 116 Crosse, Madalyn 97, 118 Croucher, Lorena 122 Crowell, Alexandra 116 Croy, Rebecca 118 Csicsery, Kristine 124, 134 Cuevas-Valencia, Yesenia 114 Culver, John 134 Culver, Katherine 113 Cummins, Allina 97 Cundari, Olivia 21, 114 Cunningham, Megan 112 Curran, Anne 112 Curran, Emily 97 Currin, Carter 116 Cusick, Michele 97, 118 Custodio, Cosette 114 Cutter, Alec 59 Cutuli, Allison 106, 116


Dacquisto, John 94 Dahmen, Amy 134 Dallman, Erin 125, 134 Daltoso, Jaclyn 134 Darcy, Aunty 186 Darrock, Troy 134 Darrow, Kevin 28 Daschbach, Kristin 134 Dasiuk, Ekaterina 115 Dato, David 114 Dau, Andrew 97, 116

Dauenhauer, Cierra 97, 115 David, Sarah 114 Davidson, Greggory 116 Davies, Alexander 117 Davies, Cavan 134 Davies, Jordan 114 Davila, Ivette 134 Davis, Christina 115 Davis, Janay 97 Davis, Jennifer 104, 117 Davis, Marshall 134 Davis, Savanna 114, 134 Davison, Joseph 114 Davison, Kayla 119, 134 Dawson, Daniel 44 De Castro, Monsieree 106 De Villa, Angela 68, 113 Dean, Martin 114 Dean, Tucker 33 Deanne-Bernard, Nika 97, 117 DeBarros, Kaitlin 115 DeBroeck, Leo 117 Decker, Alexandra 118 Decker, Joseph 10 Deddeh, Trevor 116 DeDominick, Brian 97, 118 Deel, Collin 114, 134 DeFrancia, Anna 113 Degreef, Katherine 134 Del Zompo, Christopher 114, 134 Delaney, John 117 Delaney, Michael 117 Delatorre, Vanessa 114 Dellino, Paul 34, 112, 134 Delmonte, Gabriella 115 Demarinis, Anna 121 Dempsey, Erin 113 Dempsey, Megan 12, 113 Denney-Williams, Nichollas 134 Dennison, Megan 97, 118 Derrick, Shane 117 Derus, Emilee 97, 113 Desai, Krishen 115 Descalso, Joseph 117 Devitis, Steven 134 Devore, Christopher 134 Dewey, Gregory 114, 135 Diaz, Sara 94 Dibb, Shannah 97, 118 Dick, April 20 Dicken, Mary 113 Dickman, Austin 97 Diego, San 70 DiJulio, Alexandra 113 Dillon, Ethan 135 Dimech, Lisa 114 Dina, Aunt 190 Dini, Jacob 116 Ditzler, Grace 135 Dixon, Dakota 114 Dixon, Margaret 135

Dobbs, Katharine 114, 135 Dodge, Genavive 135 Dodson, Mariah 135 Doherty, Rachel Ann 119, 135, 192 Dohi, Ayaka 112, 135 Dohman, Sabrina 114, 135 Dolby, Marissa 112 Dolivo, Kate 112 Doll, Brenna 47 Doll, Christopher 115 Dollen, Scott 117 Doman, Laura 135 Dominque, Carmen 169 Donahue, Zachary 98, 112 Donley, John 114 Donley, Terra 135, 188 Donovan, James 112 Doolittle, Danielle 47 Dooris, Reilly 117 Dorner, Katherine 114, 135 Dortch, Brittany 135 Doscher, Lauren 118 Doster, Tyler 117 Dougherty, Mary 118 Douglas, Samantha 114 Douglass, Geena 114 Dower, Samuel 123 Downey, Matthew 116 Drake, Devin 104, 116 Drake, Lindsey 66, 135 Drake, Tayler 135 Dranginis, Kyle 117 Drew, Kaitlyn 125, 135 Driscoll, Alexa 118 Driscoll, Aubrey 98 Driscoll, Mary 116, 135 Droessler, Jonathan 166 Drummey, Brian 112 Drummey, Erin 121 Dube, Joshua 135 Dugdale, Zoe 98 Dukes, Taylor 98 Dumpit, Magenta 114 Dundon, Molly 135 Dunham, Mitchol 98 Dunn, Brigid 117 Dunphy, Katharine 120 Dunsmore, Kayla 115 D’Amico, Timothy 116


Earley, Elizabeth 117 Easterday, Alexa 124 Eastman, Kathryn 98, 113 Eastman, Matthew 113 Eastwood, Michelle 135, 169 Eaton, Kyla 114 Eberhart, Timothy 114 Economou, Anastasia 135, 193 Edens, Hanna 47, 112 Edi, Guy 135 Edmonds, Megan 135, 184

Edwards, Aspen 114 Eiden, Jack 116 Eisele, Scott 116 Elekes, Jessica 121, 136 Elias, Kimberly 118 Elisha, Madeline 98, 114 Ellefsen, Evan 98 Elliott, Kevin 116 Ellis, Devin 98, 113 Ellis, Ian 112 Ellis, Madeleine 17, 136 Ellis, Taylor 117 Ellison, Rebekah 114 Elmore, Matthew 117 Emedi, Tamasha 136 Emerson, Ashley 136, 185 Emerson-Glade, Naomi 114 Engel, Joseph 118 Engler, Nicole 136 Englin, Kyle 117 Enrico, Geraldine 120 Ercoli, Robert 114 Erlenbush, Marcus 113 Esau, Spencer 123 Espinosa, Guillermo 114, 136 Espinoza, Emilia 98, 112 Esqueda, Jesus 104 Estamos, Carolina 171 Estes, Aaron 136 Evans, Amelia 67, 113


Fabionar, Krystle Ann 98, 118 Fabrique, Jenna 115 Fague, Lindsay 136 Faherty, Julia 98, 112 Fahy, Emma 113, 136 Fahy, James 68, 114 Fain, Joshua 38 Faker-Boyle, Kellen 28, 43 Faley, Mary 118 Fall, Samantha 113 Fallau, Sierra 98, 113 Fangman, Michael 47, 50 Farley, Connor 185 Farrell, Allan 114 Fay, Wyatt 98, 116 Fayen, Kelly 117 Featherstone, Kevin 98 Fedirko, Gregory 136 Fegett, William 115 Fein, Sarah 117 Fekede, Zemen 117 Feliciano, Hannah 119, 136 Ferger, Todd 112 Ferguson, Benjamin 136 Ferguson, Elise 136 Fernandes, Maria 98, 115 Fernando, Sahan 64, 65, 116, 136, 168 Ferrel, Ethan 136

Fichte, Siegfried 136 Figueredo, Nicolas 98, 117 Fink, Jacey 114, 136 Finn, Torrey 114 Finnerty, Blake 47 Finnerty, Caitlin 21 Finnerty, Matthew 11 Finnerty, Megan 112 Fischer, Aleksey 113 Fischer, Jaime 136 Fischer, Margaret 33, 118 Fischer, Nathaniel 104, 116, 117 Fiscus, Cole 114 Fishbourne, Camille 113 Fisher, Courtney 116 Fisher, Diana 98, 118 Fisher, Nichole 136 Fitterer, Hailey 104 Fitz, Melissa 47, 115 Fitzgerald, Erin 106, 113 Fitzgerald, Meghan 113, 136 Fitzgerald, Sarah 115 Fitzpatrick, Brendan 136, 175 Fitzpatrick, Liam 113 Flagg, William 136 Flake, Alexandra 98, 113 Fleming, Jessica 114 Flemming, Shaun 136 Flies, Sophia 104, 118 Flock, Celeste 106 Flora, Alex 114 Flores, Rizal 114, 136, 189 Flower, Stephanie 114, 137 Flynn, Kohaku 114, 137 Focht, Kelsey 117 Fogarty, Mckenzie 116 Fohn, Jared 98 Foley, Ellen 113 Folger, Paige 98 Fong, David 114, 137 Ford, Anna 118 Forester, Laura 137 Foreyt, Kara 114 Forsyth, Hayley 98 Foulon, Matthew 137 Fraher, Alison 66, 116 Franchini, Jayne 137 Francis, Meghan 137 Franco, Julian 120 Franks-Harding, Karen 94 Frase, Sara 115 Frazier, JoAnna 118 Frazier, Taylor 184 Freel, Megan 113 Freels, Colton 116 Freeman, Carlyn 117 Fregulia, Carmen 124, 137 French, David 116, 137 Frequlia, Carmen 169 Frickleton, Rachel 114 Friedberg, Andrew 118

Friedrich, Michaela 98, 115 Frisch, Anna 115 Fritts, Claire 76, 112 Fritz, Emma 137, 191 Fritzsche, Beck 137 Frostad, Kathryn 104 Fry, Spencer 137 Fu, Desirae 104 Fudge, Kayci 106 Fujioka, Noah 116 Fuller, Mackenzie 118 Fullmer, Nicholas 116 Fulwider, Erica 137 Fuqua, Marye 118


Gaitan, Conny Garcia 104, 115 Galassi, Katherine 120, 137 Gale, Kaitlin 117 Gale, Tenille 113 Galeucia, Christopher 137 Gall, Connor 120 Gallagher, Luisa 94 Gallagher, Shannon 122, 137 Gallegos, John 137 Gallinat, Nathan 114 Galvan, Anthony 137 Gandolfo, Katherine 137, 170 Ganey, Mary 137 Gantz, Rachel 115 Ganzerli, Sara 94 Garbuz, Julia 137 Garcia, Allison 118 Garcia, Anne 137 Garcia, Charmane 106 Garcia, Joshua 137 Garcia, Justin 113, 117 Garcia, Marisol 115 Garcia, Rachel 114, 137 Garcia, Yadira 138 Gardner, Elena 98 Gardner, Emily 118 Gardner, Joseph 94 Gardner, Margaret 138 Garshak, Alaina 119 Garshak, Tara 119, 138 Garvey, Sean 138 Gately, Lucas 98 Gats, Julia 113 Geiss, Melissa 138 Gennari, Nikole 112 George, Madeleine 114, 138, 183 Geraci, Kara 98, 114 Gerhardt, Wolfey 79, 117 Gerlomes, Jennifer 138, 167 Gfeller, Meghan 117 Gianotti, Kristen 113 Gibb, Lauren 124, 138, 181 Gidofalvi, Gergely 94 Gieck, Morgan 98 Gies, Keegan 138

Gieser, Veronica 138 Gilmore, Megan 138 Giralmo, Stephanie 119, 138, 174 Glascock, Elijah 116 Glenn, Kelsey 112 Glenny, William 138 Glocker, Kyle 113 Go, Francis Jamil 114, 138, 181 Gockel, Daniel 182 Goff, Kristen 138, 184 Gogal, Erin 138 Gogesch, Alyssa 119, 138 Goins, Jamie 117 Goldizen, Ian 98, 116 Gomes, Alexandra 118 Gomez, Audrey 98 Gomez, Derrick 138 Gomez, Hector 116 Gomez, Maria 98, 113 Gonsalves, Felicia 138 Gonzales, Aaron 138, 186 Gonzales, Ashli 138 Gonzales, Marco 71 Gonzalez, Jeniffer 138 Gonzalez, Katelynn 98 Gonzalez, Maria 138 Goo, Austin 115 Goodenow, Emily 138 Goodenow, Lindsey 118 Goodwin, Halle 104, 116 Gordon, Samuel 139, 170 Gorini, Andrew 121, 139 Goss, Joseph 139 Gosse, Stephanie 114 Gottbreht, Nicholas 116 Gould, Corinne 106 Goulet, Alexandra 114 Gourlie, Drew 139 Gowan, Taylor 139 Grabarek, Jenna 114, 139 Grablin, Richard 139 Gracyalny, Erin 112 Graf, Mary 98 Graham, Ashley 47 Graham, Reid 98, 113 Grande, Arroyo 68 Grant, Emilie 39, 139 Grant, Melanie 114, 139 Grant, Shayna 114 Grant, Thomas 139 Graue, Taylor 118 Gravelle, Brian 114 Gray, Chadwick 139, 187 Gray, Ryan 117 Greaney, Clare 117 Green, Alexander 113 Green, John 165 Green, Kaysie 139 Green, Nicole 139 Greene, Nathan 113, 139 Greer, Sharon 113 Gregory, Genevieve 115

Greinacher, Sunny 72 Greszczuk, Alexis 114 Grether, Carly 139 Gries, Jacob 114 Griffith, Cody 98, 112 Griffith, Kate 16 Grimditch, Sean 139 Grome, Kimberly 98, 113 Grover, Kala 106 Gschiel, Matthew 118 Guenther, Kurt 139 Guerra, Charlotte 139 Guerrero, Amanda 139 Guerrero, Jorge 139 Guidera, Lindsy 115 Guillen, Luis Alza 117 Guillermo, Levin 63, 114, 139 Gullickson, Jr Peter 69 Gurule, Dj 63 Gussie, Christina 12, 139, 190 Gustafson, Breanna 118, 139 Gutowski, Emily 140 Guy, Shane 98, 116 Guzman, Lauren 114


Ha, Nickolas 140 Haaland, Torunn 94 Haan, Caitlin 113 Haan, Michael De 116, 134 Habelt, Katarina 115 Habelt, Thomas 121, 140 Haber, Kara 140 Hackney, Donald 94 Haddeland, Ryan 112 Haddock, Jamie 140 Haefeli, Michael 113 Haffner, Mary 104, 114 Hagen, Madison 46, 47, 114 Hagmeier, Kyle 64, 117 Halcomb, Steven 140 Hall, Danielle 118 Hall, Nicole 17, 140 Halloran, Max 118 Hamad, Emily 140 Hambrecht, Amber 112 Hamidani, Yusra 114 Hammer, Daniel 113 Hammer, Ian 116 Hammond, Courtney 140 Hammond, Eleanor 114 Hampton, Christina 94 Hamstra, Lydia 123, 140 Handy, Nicholas 116 Handy, Sarah 118 Hannafious, Dylan 116 Hansen, Alicia 114 Hanser, Arielle 113, 140 Hanson, Haleigh 104 Hanson, Tara 118 Hanson, Zachary 116 Hanzeli, Trevor 140 Harbachuk, Kasea 114

Hardin, Nicholas 116 Hardison, Samuel 114 Hardy, Paul 116 Hargrove, Kendle 114 Harmon, Timothy 116, 140, 191 Harmond, Aj 117 Harms, Joshua 98 Harper, Lindsey 140 Harrell, Kelsey 140 Harris, Carly 114 Harris, Drew 140 Harris, Elias 140 Harris, Meghan 118 Harris, Robert 114 Harrison, Grace 140 Harrison, Joshua 98, 114 Harrison, Riley 117 Harry, Michael 114 Harry, Morgan 98 Hart, Michael 50, 75 Hartley, Crystal 140 Harvey, Christopher 98, 118 Harvey, Marissa 114 Hashiguchi, Shannon 140 Hashimoto, Kyle 116, 117 Hassebrock, Elizabeth 98, 118 Hastings, Alice 118 Hastings, Natalie 117 Haught-Frazier, Taylor 122, 140 Hawkins, Deni 140 Hawkinson, Shannon 140 Haxton, Joshua 140 Haxton, Maria 118 Hayden, Grace 98, 114 Hayes, Katherine 35, 64, 65 Hayes, Mercedes 114, 141 Hecht, Erin 117 Heckman, Miranda 113 Hee, Andrew 114, 141 Heesacker, Charlotte 104, 115 Heesacker, Mitchell 106, 113 Hefelfinger, Katherine 121 Heffernan, Colleen 47, 118 Heilala, Lauren 117 Heinrichs, Nathan 51, 141, 189 Heitkemper, Mary Ritter 95 Heitstuman, Drew 47, 104 Heitstuman, Hailey 119, 141 Heldt, Kristopher 115 Hemmer, Jennifer 141 Henderson, Kelsey 118 Henderson, Kristofer 116 Hendricks, Brianna 117 Hendricks, Lindsey 120

Hendricks, Naomi 114 Hendrickson, Christina 141 Henley, Blake 113 Henricksen, Haley 114 Hensle, David 116, 117 Herman, Christina 116 Herman, Molly 114 Hernaez, Janessa 125, 141 Hernandez, Jasmine 113, 141 Herrin, Trevor 141 Herring, Alayna 117 Hertel, Sahri 120 Herzog, Katie 94 Hester, Anna 141 Heuett, Jacob 104 Heuscher, Susan 98 Heutmaker, Molly 141 Heyer, Kayla 125, 141, 164, 204 Hiatt, Cassandra 98, 118 Hickey, Kathryn 47, 117 Higgins, Alina 141 Higgins, Anne 113 Higgins, Madeline 117 Higgins, William 141 Hildebrand, Catherine 106 Hilder, Samuel 113, 141 Hildie, Rachel 112 Hilsenkopf, Andrew 21 Hirschman, Emily 98, 112 Hitchings, Sarah 98 Hitzeman, Donald 113 Hitzemann, Rachel 118 Hlavacek, Kaia 114 Ho, Kanoelehua 141 Hoadley, Samantha 98 Hoag, Corinne 104, 117 Hobbs, Charles 94 Hobson, Michael 114 Hodge, Peter 141 Hodgson, Cole 47, 104 Hodgson, MacGregor 183 Hodulik, Hannah 106 Hoeg, Laura 113, 141, 169 Hoff, Justin 116 Hoffman, Eric 141 Hofstetter, Alexander 189 Hofstetter, Benjamin 117 Hogue, Alison 120, 141 Hoitink, Matthew 112 Holbrook, Kyle 114, 141 Holcomb, Kyle 116 Hollberg, Gabrielle 141 Hollyoak, McKenzie 118 Holman, Nicole 112 Homaizad, Auvied 117 Homas, Zachary 116 Hood, Jason 98, 114 Hood, Kelsey 141 Hoot, Katherine 106 Hope, Connor 99, 118

Hopkins, Molly 141 Horak, Betty 161 Horner, McKenzie 38, 116 Hostak, Alan 142, 171 Hostenske, Katarina 114 Hottell, Mariah 142 Houck, Jocelyn 112 Hougen, Andrea 94 Houglum, Rosemary 114 Houlihan, Alison 113 House, Conner 111, 116 House, Larissa 142 Howard, Duncan 65 Howe, Aaron 113 Howell, John 115 Hoy, Te Bendiga 190 Hoyt, Wade 11 Hsiao, Chung-Huei 114 Hubbard, Julia 114, 142 Hubbard, Kyle 117 Hubbard, Samantha 114 Huck, Jaimie 118 Hudson, Jordyn 114 Huffman, Erica 99, 118 Hughes, Kelly 142, 190 Hulbert, Haley 122 Hull, Olivia 124, 142 Hunter, Austin 114 Hunter, Jacob 104 Hunton, Ashleigh 118 Hurson, Timothy 116 Hutchins, Emily 142, 172 Hutton, Sydney 99 Huzzi, Justin 94 Hylden, Laura 142


Iatridis, Christina 165 Ibele, Aubrey 116 Idzerda, Sara 99, 116 Ikehara, Nathan 104 Ilg, Austin 47, 111, 116, 204 Illback, Megumi 114 Iloreta, Jason 106, 116 Imai, Alyssa 142 Imbrie, Marissa 112 Indaco, Victoria 114 Infantine, Kristen 41, 125, 142 Ingram, Carl 142 Ingram, Vanessa 99 Inouye, Ryan 117 Isaacson, Jill 117 Ishizuka, Toby 142 Isner, Devon 99 Israel, Centered 142, 160 Izzo, Paulina 115


Jack, Kendall 113 Jackson, Brent 142, 180 Jackson, Jamie 142 Jackson, Kelsie 142, 172 Jackson, Megan 142 Jacobs, Daniel 142 Jacobson, Jorja 142

Jakowatz, James 99, 117 James, Jessie 142 Janicki, Lucas 117 Jankelson, Zachary 117 Jansen, Anna 142 Jansen, Kelly 112 Jantsch, Mary 49, 160 Jarvie, Rachel 112 Jasinski, Katherine 99 Jaske, Kyle 117 Jenkins, Darby 119, 142 Jennings, Megan 116 Jensen, Conner 116 Jensen, Erika 118 Jensen, Jonathan 118 Jenson, Kari 142 Jess, Kelsey 99, 113 Jewell, Paul 114, 142 Johnsen, Travis 69, 188 Johnson, Addison 67, 113 Johnson, Alex 116, 143 Johnson, Anna 114 Johnson, Breanna 116 Johnson, Connor 19, 34, 111 Johnson, Emelie 112 Johnson, Heather 58, 115 Johnson, Kelsey 143 Johnson, Kenneth 143 Johnson, Kyle 99, 112 Johnson, McKenzie 114 Johnsson, Martin 99, 115 Johnston, Kevin 143 Johnston, Michael 99 Johnston, Taylor 143 Jokerst, Ellen 143 Jones, Alexandra 143 Jones, Connor 113 Jones, Conor 118 Jones, Donald 112 Jones, Hanna 113 Jones, Jackson 118 Jones, Maggie 66, 67 Jones, Michaela 114 Jones, Peter 120 Jones, Taylor 99 Jonson, Kindra 122 Joyce, Brian 143 Joyce, Katherine 143 Joyce, Nicholas 116 Joyce, Thomas 143 Judd, Montana 119, 143 Judge, Molly 115 Judkins, Brian 116 Judson, Emma 99 Jupiter, Shelby 143 Jurenka, Emily 76, 104, 115


Kahle, Stevie 47, 118 Kalbfleisch, Shannon 143 Kaley, Rheanna 143, 187 Kalez, Ryan 143 Kalousdian, Andrei 117 Kanda, David 143

Kandarian, Schuyler 116 Kane, Joel 113, 143 Kang, Kin 117 Karam, Ann Marie 99 Karl, Katherine 115 Karney, Morgan 114 Karpinski, Kate 114 Kasza, Natalie 116, 143 Katz, Sarah 116, 143 Kaur, Jaspreet 115 Kawano, Takafumi 114 Kazarian, Marnie 143 Kazunas, James 115 Keamy, Christian 113 Kearney, Emma 99, 114 Kearns, Jennifer 104 Kearns, Natalie 114 Keenan, Benjamin 116 Keenan, Sara 117 Keenan, Benjamin 47, 111 Keever, Christine 118 Kelley, Erika 143 Kelly, Andrew 143 Kelly, Austin 47, 116 Kelly, Blair 114, 143, 186 Kelly, Cole 113 Kelly, Connor 115, 143 Kelly, Jake 18, 21, 24 Kelly, John 144 Kelly, Matthew 99, 117 Kelly, Michael 99, 117 Kelly, Tate 67, 144 Kelp, Jamie 94 Kelsey, Ryan 47, 104, 116 Kendall, Daniela 125 Kendo, Marisa 112 Kennedy, Brendan 114 Kennedy, Karlie 144 Kennedy, Kellen 118 Kennefick, Samantha 116 Kern, Madeline 114 Kernan, Molly 144 Kerns, Catherine 12, 144 Kerns, Natalie 104, 113 Kestell, Robert 144 Kfoury, Michelle 117 Khadivi-Dimbali, Kayhan 113, 144 Khalid, Zaeem 106 Khinda, Shireen 118, 144 Kiefer, Elizabeth 115 Kim, Alice 68 King, Christopher 144 Kingert, Isabell 63 Kingery, Alexandria 112 Kinshella, Kaitlyn 117 Kirk, Joshua 144 Kissinger, Landon 99 Kissinger, Nicole 144, 165 Kjack, Heather 144 Klasila, Amanda 144 Klassen, Danielle 144 Kleeman, Paul 118 Klein, Dionna 112 Klein, Jennifer 94

Klein, Jessica 144 Kleppinger, Grant 123 Klingert, Isabell 99 Klise, Austin 118 Klohe, Rheinholdt 47 Klopp, Jackson 118 Klotz, Julie 47, 118 Knappert, Colin 113 Knickmeyer, Donald 116 Ko, Karina 99 Koch, Kelsey 112 Koch, Mary Kate 114 Koch, Travis 144, 193 Koehler, Franziska 99 Kohan, Eric 117 Kohler, Franziska 115 Kolb, Sarah 47 Kolmes, Sara 119, 144 Komperud, James 116, 117 Kondo, Samantha 118 Konopaski, Lacey 114 Kopitnik, Kaia 124 Kornegay, Henry 144 Kosciesza, Brian 144 Koski, Megan 104 Kotson, Christopher 118 Kotzian, Benjamin 118 Kowitz, Alaina 112 Kozlov, Aleksey 47, 117 Kranawetter, Joshua 99, 117 Kranz, Lindsey 115 Kranz, Rebecca 117 Kratochvil, Taylor 99 Kraus, Aurora 104 Krmpotich, Mitchell 99, 117 Kroll, Laura 144 Kroon, Victoria 144 Krueger, Jessica 121 Kryston, Amy 114 Krzyzanowski, Erik 117 Ku, Rachel 116 Kucera, Laura 113 Kudron, Kiara 115 Kuenzi, Madeline 114 Kuhn, Lauren 144 Kunihiro, Ryan 144 Kunthara, John 174 Kuntz, Keith 114 Kurata, Karlyn 144 Kurpis, Lada 94 Kvamme, Jeffrey 99 Kvernvik, Carolyn 99 Kynett, Savannah 99


Lacey, Nicholas 99 Lacour, Suzanne 145 Laford, Alex 115 LaGoy, Alice 114 Laimbeer, Ian 99 Lamontagne, Joseph 145 Lance, Ben 67 Langdon, Carolyn 99 Langfield, John 112, 117 Langley, Mathew 106 Lapke, John 145

Lapsansky, Anthony 118 Lara, Josiah 99 Larson, Dean 94 Larson, Erik 145 Larson, Hunter 99 Larson, Rachel 115 Larson-Miller, Justin 145 Latousek, Jessica 118 Lau, Jocelyn 99, 114 Lauzen, Lindsie 168 LaVergne, Tessa 112 Lavergne, Tessa 145 Lavrisha, Kristina 61 Lawyer, Brandon 145 Le Poullouin, Claire 104, 117 Le, Jonathan 145 Leahy, Brian 145, 173 Leander, Annie 145 Lebrun, Andrew 145 Lee, Christopher 116 Lee, Dave 16 Lee, Edward 114, 145 Lee, Hyunkyung 145 Lee, Jarred 145, 176 Lee, Jonathan 117 Lee, Sophia 99, 115 Lee, Tiffany 114 Leech, Lauren 99 Leedy, Emma 104 Legier, Scott 116 Lehrman, Jordan 145 Leif, Molly 145 Leist, Emily 118 Leite, Dalton 116 Leland, Brittany 94 Leland, Clay 99 Leonard, Stephanie 99 Leone, Cassandra 145 LePenske, Garrett 116 LeTendre, Nobel 99, 111, 116 Levally, Grace 99 Lewandowski, Nicole 145 Lewis, Aimee 145 Lewis, Gregory 99 Lewis, Katherine 99 Liberto, Joseph 145 Library, Foley 32 Licata, Ellie 116 Licudine, Andre 145 Lieb, Margaret 112 Lieder, Matthew 145 Liggins, Reginald 116 Lilley, Devon 117 Lilley, Taylor 113 Lim, Michial 114 Linane-Booey, Jasmine 35 Lind, Spencer 118 Lindecker, Patrick 116 Lindel, Kathryn 117 Lindstrom, Jordan 28, 31, 99, 110, 113 Linsmeier, Kristen 114 Lira-Gonzalez, Susana 99, 115 Liu, Kerilyn 145 Llaurado, Adriana 118

Llerena, Daniel 116 Loback, Cameron 145 Lochner, Jenna 146 Loen, Blake 47 Logue, Daniel 113 Lojo, Ryan 146, 179 Londo, Hailey 106 Long, Richard 116 Longbottom, Trevor 116 Loomis, Brianne 146 Lopez, Emmanuel 99 Lopez, Luis Poza 116, 117 Lopez, Megan 112 Love, Sydney 113 Love, Zachary 118 Lovell, Tabitha 16 Lowrimore, Christopher 117 Lowry, Melanie 115 Lowry, Ryan 114 Loy, Samantha 117 Lozoya, Eric 99 Lubeck, McKenzie 117 Lucas, Michael 116 Lucassen, Alexis 114 Ludwigs, Lars 59 Lum, Christa 104, 118 Lum, Ryan 99, 116 Lund, Alexander 115 Lund, Steven 146 Lunder, Daniel 99 Lunney, Patrick 116 Luse, Emily 118 Luther, Halley 106 Lynch, Lauren 119, 146 Lyon, Eleanor 113 Lyon, Robert 106 Lyons, Danielle 117 Lyons, Monica 100 Lyons, Olivia 100, 112


Maccarrone, Angela 100 Macias, Ruben 113 MacKenzie, Anne 112 Madden, Benjamin 100, 112 Maddy, Dearest 183 Magee, Erin 104, 117 Maggio-Hucek, Dylan 112 Magleby, Britney 116 Mahlum, Colter 100, 115 Mahmood, Mustafa 104 Mahoney, Kathleen 117 Mahony, Patrick 117 Mai, Maria 104, 112 Maile, Megan 116, 146, 176 Mailheau, Scott 146 Malany, Keegan 118 Maldonado, Andrew 146, 177 Malisani, Alyssa 118 Mallahan, John 123 Mallea, Patrick 113 Malone, Kellie 105 Malova, Iryna 146 Manca, Molly 113

Mandt, Brenda 100 Mann, Emily 111, 115 Mantel, Carlie 116 Manthey, Ruth 100, 112 Manuel-McInerney, Sydnie 117 Mapes, Royce 100, 113 Mar, Adam La 116 Margett, Sawyer 106 Marino, Andrew 105 Marks, Joseph 113 Marlene, Gradma 184 Marlett, Max 105, 117 Marmolejo, Oscar 116, 146 Marquard, Madeleine 100 Marr, Sarah 100, 117 Marsh, Aaron 116 Marshall, Olivia 117 Martel, Rose 179 Martin, Connor 47 Martin, John 121, 146 Martin, Marshall 146 Martinez, Elizabeth 146 Martinez-Calvo, Carlos 113 Martins, Lucas Augusto 100, 116 Martucci, Angela 116 Marty, Danielle 100, 117 Marum, Morgan 113 Marushack, Laura 113, 146 Mascall, Andrew 120, 146 Mason, Clinton 117 Mason, Jamee 105, 117 Mason, Meridith 146 Mason, Shelby 146 Massie, Ashley 100 Masters, Lindsay 117 Matelich, Thomas 146 Mateos, Saba 47, 105, 112 Mathis, Madeleine 113 Matous, Anna 112 Matre, Michael 146 Matsunami, Nicole 100 Matsuzaki, Kaylene 118 Mattheisen, Taylor 146 Maul-Newby, Hannah 146 Maunder, Mary 117 Maurer, Kimberly 115 Maxham, Marlyss 146 May, Brianna 146 May, Lauren 113 May, Matthew 146 Mazer, Ixchel 113 McAleer, Molly 190 McAlister, Kelsey 118 McArthur, Patrick 113 McCahill, William 147 McCall, Bruce 147 McCann, Kaitlyn 117 McCarthy, Aileen 100, 115 McCarthy, Ashley 147 McCarthy, Kathryn 113, 147

McCarthy, Morgan 147 McCoubrey, Brett 122 McCracken, Hailey 113, 147 McCullough, Halle 100 McDade, Sarah 147 McDevitt, Nicholas 114 McDonald, Elizabeth 112 McEvoy, Kelsey 147 McEvoy, Stephen 65 McFarlane, Kellagh 117 McFaul, Shannon 113 McFeely, Kevin 117 McGaughey, Eric 118 McGinn, Kara 94 McGinnes, Carolina 147, 171 McGinnis, Kelsey 105 McGuire, Margaret 147 McInally, Keiko 147 McInelly, Annalise 118 McKean, Allie 112 McKeegan, Michael 117 McKenna, John 180 McKenna, John 147 McLean, Ryan 100, 118 McLoughlin, Amy 147 McLure, Terence 105 McMahon, Colleen 94 McManus, Kerin 192 McMonigle, Emily 100 McMurdo, Lindsay 147 McNally, Megan 114 McNeley, Kristin 113 McNulty, Katie 100, 114 McRoskey, Mark 123 Mechenbier, Richelle 122, 147 Medeiros, Hayley 47 Medley, Naomi 115 Mehrtens, James 147 Melder, Geoffrey 147 Melendy, Sara 94 Menezes, Ryan 116 Mentele, Christine 147 Mercer, Andrew 100 Merchant, Nicholas 43, 194 Merckling, Erica 147 Merrill-Currie, Reece 119, 147 Metropoulos, Anna 114 Metti, Vincent 147 Michels, Laura 94 Miera, Michael 100 Miess, Olivia 118 Mijatovic, Vladimir 118 Milburn, Sarah 147 Miles, Kerrie 94 Mileur, Melody 106 Milkovich, Megan 147 Miller, Alexis 147 Miller, Brittany 125, 148 Miller, Ellizabeth 166 Miller, Jennifer 94 Miller, Kimberly 113 Miller, Laura 94 Miller, Lucy 148 Miller, Rikki 148

Miller, Savannah 148 Miller, Trenton 105, 116 Miller, Victoria 114 Mills, Kaya 148 Mills, Maxwell 112 Mills, Shelby 100, 114 Milner, Morgan 100, 118 Milovanovic, Dragana 183 Mincin, Katelyn 115 Minder, Mariah 124 Minkler, Sidni 148 Minteer, Nicholas 100 Minter, Amanda 118 Miram, Monica 115 Miranda, Betsy 94 Miranda, James 115 Miranda, Roberto 118 Miranne, Al 94 Miske, Olivia 100 Mitchell, Connor 112 Mitchell, Megan 125, 148 Mitchell, Uriah 106 Mittie, Morgan 148 Miyamoto, Karrie 100 Mock, Laura 148 Moeller, Lawrence 116 Molly, Congratulations 190 Moloney, Brian 117 Moloney, Riley 100, 116 Mondloch, Maria 117 Monroe, Emilia 148 Montelibano, Meghan 115 Moorhouse, Jessica 115 Mora, Jonathan Martin 179 Morales-Garcia, Yecenia 100 Moran, Meaghan 117 Moran, William 113 Moravec, Taylor 119, 148 Moreno, Wilma 113 Morgan, Michael 148 Morgan, Spencer 100 Morisawa, Emily 115 Morrell, Ian 33, 100, 116 Morrell, Megan 113 Morris, Matthew 148 Morrisroe, Paul 100 Morrow, Zachary 118 Morton, Maria 113 Mosca, Alana 112 Moser, Olivia 21 Moses, Miranda 148, 173 Mouth, Dead 28 Moyle, Trevor 100 Mroz, Sarah 112 Muegge, Brian 100 Mueller, Courtney 148 Mulderink, Bradley 114 Mullay, Kayla 148 Mullen, Nicole 100, 114 Mulligan, Ian 148 Mulvaney, Kyle 100

Mulvaney-Kemp, Katherine 124, 148 Murillo, Chelsea 117 Murphy, Alexandra 105 Murphy, Erin 117 Murphy, Jackie 111 Murphy, Mollie 117 Murphy, Nate 117 Murphy, Patricia 148 Murray, Amanda 148 Murray, Cheyenne 148 Musar, Garrett 148 Musgrove, Samantha 113 Myers, Joseph 117 Myers, Miranda 105, 117


Nadeau, Jason 148 Nakachi, Miki 115 Nakamine, Kylie 46, 47, 114 Nakasone, Tiyana 113, 148 Nansel, Brian 149 Nash, Amos 112 Nava, Matthew 149 Navarre, Andrea 149 Navarre, Danielle 114 Nazal, Alvaro 63 Nazish, Reba 100 Nease, Rachel 100, 114 Neer, Adam 149 Neibuhr, Meghan 117 Neir, Katrina 118 Neitzke, Eric 100 Nekimken, Adam 149 Nelson, Brock 113 Nelson, Emile 149 Nelson, Jacquelyn 100, 114 Nelson, Kayla 161 Nelson, Kayla 149 Nelson, Kellyn 113 Nemes, Alynna 112 Nemri, Rahmi 115 Neufeld, Brynna 100 Nevius, Catherine 117 Newburg, Brian 116 Newcomb, Sarah 100, 113 Newhouse, Jack 117 Newman, Andrew 112 Newman, Emily 119, 149 Newman, Megan 118 Newman, Sarah 112 Nguyen, Andrew 100, 116 Nguyen, Davy 117 Nguyen, Emily 106 Nguyen, Phan 166 Nguyen, Thuy-Mi 149, 166 Nichols, Allison 100 Nichols, Charles 149 Nichols, Christian 149 Nichols, Emily 100 Nicholson, Alexis 114 Nicholson, Andrea 117

Nicholson, Brady 112 Nickolaus, Cara 117 Nicole, Laura 169 Nielsen, Deborah 105 Nielsen, Elizabeth 100, 115 Nielsen, Erik 149 Nielson, Deanna 117 Nielson, Erik 59 Nienhuis, Paige 112 Nieslanik, Meg 149 Nieuwenhuis, Casey 149 Nigg, Natalie 114 Nighswonger, Kent 47 Nilo, Laurie Anne 114 Nolan, Andrea 114 Nolan, Madeline 149 Nonella, Megan 113 Noonan, Patrick 149 Nordeen, Natalie 105, 117 Nordin, Haley 118 Nordstrom, Angela 125, 149 Norris, Tiffany 100 Novajovsky, Adam 100, 115 Novell, Caylin 117 Nowak, Julie 114 Noyes, Philip 149, 169 Nusse, Emilie 149


O’Shaughnessey, Ian 101 Obrinsky, Trevor 112 Ochoa, Natalie 101, 115 Odegard, Ryan 150, 182 Odimba, Joel 150 Oh, Celina 117 Ohlstrom, Denis 150 Ojeda, Dylan 65 Okot-Okidi, Holly 150 Olcomendy, Kristin 112 Oldham, Dillon 17, 116 Olhausen, Matthew 150 Olis, Chasina 150 Oliva, Sarah 115 Olivier, Kevin 116 Oller, Emily 150 Olsen, Katherine 150 Olsen, Kristen 150, 167 Olsen, Samantha 124 Olson, Clara 116, 117 Olson, Jeremy 118 Olson, Kimberly 150 Olson, Ryan 118 Olson, Sasha 117 Olson, Tyler 150 Olynyk, Kelly 74 Ong, Gregory 101, 113 Opila, Andrew 20, 36, 150, 193 Orizotti, Kylie 150 Orlita, Lucas 64 Orr, Douglas 94 Orth, Krystal 121, 150, 192 Osborne, Tony 94 Osenga, Brittney 122 Ossello, Ellen 123, 150 Ostersmith, Suzanne 94 Ostrander, Patrick 16, 106

Oswald, Taylor 150 Otte, Sydney 123, 150 Otto, Basia 150 Ouellette, Austin 117 Outen, Carissa 117 Owen, Matthew 120 Owens, Kyle 112 Oxmar, Juan 190 O’Brien, Robert 116 O’Connell, Kenneth 149 O’Connor, Issac 65 O’Connor, Kyle 149 O’Connor, Molly 112 O’Flaherty, Cecilia 118 O’Flaherty, Connor 101, 116 O’Halloran, Heather 101, 112 O’Hanlon, Courtney 101, 118 O’Keefe, Conner 116 O’Keefe, Eamon 116 O’Loughlin, Jennifer 149 O’Neil, Madeline 149, 178 O’Rourke, Michaela 112 O’Rourke, Tiernan 149 O’Sullivan, Kayla 101, 114 O’Toole, Jennifer 117


Padden, Justin 94 Padilla, Matthew 150 Padilla, Rebecca 113 Palacio, Connor 112 Palmer, Haiden 73 Palmer, Haiden 113 Palmer, James 150 Palmer, John 150 Palmer, Katherine 101 Palmer, Lyndsay 101, 114 Palmer, Melanie 101, 112 Pancoe, Matthew 16 Pangos, Kevin 74 Pappas, Andrea 121 Pariseau, Grace 118 Park, Chobe National 20 Park, Fernhill 67 Park, Garion 47, 105, 116, 117 Park, Plantes Ferry 67 Parkhurst, Michael 106 Paschall, Steve 106 Pasero, Nicholas 150 Patrick, Ian 116 Patterson, Lorren 150 Patton, Andrew 151 Paur, Stephen 112, 151 Pavela, Kimberly 113 Pavlik, Dane 151 Pavlik, Mackenzie 101, 114 Pazaski, Erin 118 Pazen, Brian 151 Peacock, Riley 117 Peanasky, Joseph 113 Peck, David 117 Peck, Nathan 151 Pelayo, Margo 114

Peone, Reggie 105 Perez, Ismael Rodriguez 106 Perez, Yasmeen 151 Perez-Tenas, Su-San 151 Perrier, Michelle 105, 112 Perry, Forrest 105 Perry, Jacob 151 Perry, Jake 51 Petersen, Caitlyn 117 Peterson, Christian 101 Peterson, Emily 105 Peterson, Margaret 101, 112 Pfeifer, Zachary 116 Pham, Amanda 151 Philip, Hurray 169 Phillips, Andy 67 Phillips, Jackson 101, 116 Phillips, Lauren 151, 168 Phillips, Michael 105, 117 Phillips, Morgan 151 Phillips, Olivia 118 Phillips, Patrick 151 Phillips, Shayna 112 Phomphakdee, Albert 113 Picha, Mollie 118 Pickett, Elizabeth 151 Pickett, Timothy 151, 177 Pierre, Cubby 151 Pignolet, Carli 115 Pinkerton, Madelaine 123, 151, 170 Pinza, Ryan 101, 112 Pirkle, Amelia 114 Pisciotta, Steven 47 Pittaway, Jacqueline 151 Plunkett, Kaitlin 101, 113 Pogue, John 101 Poindexter, Terran 151 Polvi, Michael 116 Pomerleau, Wayne 95 Pomykala, Agnieszka 151 Ponce-Venegas, Priscilla 116 Popa, Tyler 114 Popich, Andre 151 Porras, Jennifer 114 Porter, Catherine 101 Porter, Lauren 39, 151 Porterfield, Brittania 117 Portillo, Helen 121 Portman, Susan 151 Portnoy, Zachary 151 Posner, Brittney 101, 115 Potter, Forrest 105 Potts, Natalie 105, 117 Powers, Anne 115 Powers, Christine 151 Powers, Jessica 114 Powers, Noah 116

Prager, Katelyn 152 Prata, Sarah 114, 205 Pratt, Kevin 95 Price, Collin 116 Price, Kirsten 117 Prima, Grandma 181 Prodzinski, Kristin 47, 118 Prosswimmer, Siena 113 Pryor, James 116 Ptolemy, Melissa 117 Pursley, Kaitlin 122, 152 Putyrae, Glenn 65


Quigley, Kevin 114 Quinn, Patrick 101, 116 Quinn, Thomas 152 Quintana, Marco Orejuela 150 Quiring, Jake 112


Rackham, Ryan 101, 116 Radecke, Stephanie 112 Rainey, Samuel 152 Ramirez, Isamara 101, 118 Ramirez, Juan Oxmar 152, 190 Ramirez, Preston 116 Ramirez, Ricardo 117 Ramorino, Teresa 101, 113 Ramos, Liliana 114 Ramous, Christina 101, 114 Ramstad, Ariel 117 Randall, Carrie 152 Ranson, Walker 101, 116 Rasmussen, Justin 101, 118 Rasmussen, Rachel 95 Raszler, Allison 152 Rauch, Gabriel 152 Rauch, Steven 105, 116, 117 Raustein, Joanna 152 Ray, Grandpa 181 Raygoza, Petros 47 Redford, Richard 123, 174 Redmond, Brittany 101, 115 Reece, William 101 Reed, Michelle 152 Reed, Sara 105, 112 Rehn, Lauren 101, 113 Rehwald, Jessica 152 Reid, Alexander 101, 113 Reid, Connor 116 Reid, Sierra 115 Reiling, Alexandra 101, 115 Reimers, Allyson 101, 112

Rein, Julia 113 Reinecke, Helen 112, 205 Reingold, Morgan 47, 117 Reinhardt, Rosemary 117 Reis, Emily 105 Reiten, MaCabe 101 Remington, Kassandra 101, 113 Rennaker, Jesse 53, 79 Renner, Allison 124, 152 Resnick, Hannah 117 Reynolds, Stephanie 117 Reynvaan-Hawes, Kaija 122 Rhea, Samantha 117 Rhodes, Nicholas 152 Rhoten, Stephanie 114 Ribar, Jocelyn 152 Ricca, John 117 Rice, Emily Ann 152 Richard, Andrew 152, 171 Richards, Sean 101 Richardson, Nicholas 116 Richmond, John 152 Rider, Molly 101 Ridgeway, Sadie 114 Rieckers, Briena 152 Rieger, Hayley 125, 152 Rigert, Nicholas 101 Riggs, Katelyn 101 Riley, Richard 101, 116 Riley, Sean 105, 114 Ring, Sarah 124, 152 Ringman, Robin 115 Riordan, Marshall 117 Rippon, Brandy 118 Risso, Matthew 113 Rivera, Gabrielle 114 Roach, Helen 113 Roberge, Molly 121 Robert, John 165 Roberts, Connor 101 Robins, John 152 Robinson, Chris 152 Robinson, Erin 114 Robinson, Joseph 152 Robinson, Tom 95 Rochford, Alyssa 118 Rockwell, Mallory 152 Rodriguez, Maira 153 Rodriguez, Paula 115 Roeber, Anthony 115 Rogers, Charles 116 Rogers, Eric 101 Rogers, James 116 Rogers, Matthew 117 Rohrer, John 153 Rohweller, Stephen 117 Rollins, Robert 113 Rollins, Tabitha 118 Romanovsky, Anna 114 Rome, Alisa 101 Romero, Pilar 153 Romjue, Nicholas 177 Ronay, Patrick 153

Ronquillo, Quinton 153 Roodberg, Hailey 15, 118 Roosendaal, Kathryn 114 Rorick, Lillian 101 Rosellini, Caitlyn 47, 115 Rosen, Nicole 153, 174 Rosso, Jared 153 Rottiers, Laura 112 Rounds, Jr Logan 81 Rourke, Caroline 113 Routledge, Erin 101, 118 Rowland, Rachel 153 Roy, Anthony 118 Royston, Jill 95 Ruane, Noelle 101 Rubio, Jesus 116 Rucker, Michael 101 Ruddell, Herman 153 Ruddell, Rick 65 Ruehle, Brian 116 Ruen, Ashley 153, 167 Rugee, Olivia 153 Ruiz, Emmy 101 Rumbaua, Marvin Jake 153 Run, Rainbow 55 Runde, Michelle 153 Rutherford, Alexis 118 Rutledge, Taylor 153 Ryan, Elizabeth 118 Ryan, Heather 153 Ryan, Jessica 47 Ryan, Joseph 153 Ryan, Nathan 111 Rybar, Sarilee 47, 118 Ryder, Andrea 153 Rykaczewski, Megan 101, 117 Ryman, Chris McBeth 94 Ryn, Emma Van 157


Saad, Morgan 49 Saam, Nolan 116 Sackmann, David 113, 153 Sackschewsky, Luke 105 Sadowski, Andrea 114 Safar, Katherine 153 Safford, Natalie 102, 118 Salas-Tapia, Juan 102 Saldivar, Isaac 114 Sanchez, Maria 115 Sandell, Kari 118 Sander, Victoria 153 Sanders, Robert 177 Sangiacomo, Michela 113 Sansone, Kristen 113 Santos, Dayvson 153 Santos, Raychelle 69, 102 Santucci, John 116 Sasaki, Natsumi 115

Satterwhite, William 112 Sattler, Mattea 153 Saunders, Coleton 116, 117 Saunders, Mackenzie 113 Savinovich, Grace 102, 115 Scacciotti, John 47, 116 Scafidi, Michael 153 Scara, Austin 153 Schacht, Jamison 102, 116 Schanbeck, Tasia 102, 112 Schenck, Eric 115 Schennum, Casie 154 Schepergerdes, Matthew 44 Schifano, Salvatore 154 Schlatter, Tyler 102, 117 Schmarr, Katherine 115 Schmitz, Amanda 154 Schmutz, Christina 125, 154 Schmutz, Nicole 125, 154 Schneider, Carson 102, 112 Schneider, Jennifer 124 Schneider, Olivia 102 Schneller, Ann 47, 112 Schober, Emily 121 Schober, Richard 113 Schooler, Sydnie 112 Schramm, Mari 115 Schroll, Monica 154 Schulte, Kaylen 102 Schulz, Megan 118 Schumaker, Eric 105, 117 Schwartzkopf, Maryann 106 Schwarz, Alexandra 154 Schwarz, Dylan 154 Scola, Shannon 117 Scott, Allison 41, 124, 154 Scott, Dominique 118 Scott, Lauren 47 Scott, Veronica 102, 112 Scribner, Macklen 116 Scudder, Penelope 154 Sears, Lily 154 Sebastinelli, Michael 154 Seder, Claire 102 Sedor, Michael 112 Seelig, Christopher 47, 116 Seelig, Kathryn 154 Seifert, Laura 116 Seigel, Elisabeth 118 Selden, Megan 113 Sellers, Morgan 154 Semmens, Meghan 102, 115 Sendelbach, Laura 122, 154 Senko, Caitlin 113 Serna, Kelly 117

Serrano, Austin 117 Sessler, Madeline 11, 113 Sessler, Mary 113 Sevy, Elise 102 Seward, Samantha 102 Sewright, Shelby 116, 117 Sexton, Benjamin 123, 154 Shafer, Amy 102 Sharpe, Paige 154 Shaughnessey, John 112 Shea, Brady 114 Sheahan, Samuel 154 Shellooe, Laura 116 Sheppard, Conner 123, 154 Sherburn, Garick 86, 105, 205 Sheridan, Ryan 115 Sheveland, John 95 Shields, Erin 95 Shimizu, Yasuyo 112 Shiosaki, Joanne 95 Shipley, Alison 102, 112 Shipley, Mary 105 Shlossbery, Paul 95 Shoemaker, Samuel 154 Shrader, Kathleen 114 Shuham-Hardy, Zoey 154 Shull, Renee 102 Siderius, Peter 112 Sidhom, Carine 115 Simkins, Morgan 118 Simpson, Nautique 118 Sinatro, James 102 Sinclair, Caitlin 105, 118 Singers, Chamber 19 Sinner, Daniel 154 Skinner, Hayley 113 Slack, Jaycee 117 Slamkowski, Allison 49, 51, 154 Sleasman, Aaron 112 Sliger, Brian 154 Slough, Gregory 155, 179 Smale, John 47 Smale, Kelly 106 Smale, Laura 114 Small, Jordyn 118 Smernis, Emily 155 Smigaj, Michelle 105 Smith, Adam 116 Smith, Casey 102, 115 Smith, Christa 121 Smith, Kelsey 118 Smith, Kenneth 70, 155 Smith, Michaela 102 Smith, Molly 114 Smith, Siobhan 116 Smoldon, Nicholas 155 Smyly, Taylor 155 Snider, Carlee 155, 175 Snider, Julia 102 Snodgrass, Michael 102 Snow, Mckenzie 155, 189

Snyder, Ethan 102 Sobba, Bethany 125, 155 Soekotjo, Kris 155 Soldati, Megan 117 Solders, Kirsten 102, 113 Sonderby, Vincent 105 Songcuan, Ryan 102 Soto, Esteban 155 Soucek, Kara 102 Souers, Hannah 118 Spalding, Samantha 122 Spangler, Earl 155 Sparks, Shannon 102, 118 Spencer-Rios, Patrick 120, 155, 191 Spinelli, Jessica 117 Spini, Jillian 112 Spirz, Kelsey 112 Spisak, Natalie 118 Sprague, Cody 113 Springer, Erin 155 Staeheli, Ian 111 Stagnaro, Adriana 155, 184 Staley, Savannah 115 Stallman, Scott 155 Stanbucl, Scott 95 Stanley, Sarah 118 Stargrove, Sage 155 Steichen, Lane 102 Steiner, Elizabeth 112 Stephenson, Ellie 102, 118 Stephenson, Emily 102, 113 Stepovich, Christopher 155 Stepovich, Lawrence 123 Stevens, Leslie 117 Stewart, Kathryn 124, 155 Stewart, Lindsay 112 Stickley, Erin 165 Stime, Britta 62 Stockton, David 123, 155 Stoddard, Timothy 102 Stoeser, Connor 47 Stoeser, Kelsey 155 Stoltz, Kate 155 Stolz, Tracey 112 Storud, Alysha 155 Stout, Benjamin 116 Strader, Kelly 105 Strand, Erik 65, 155 Stratton, Kevin 155, 185 Strickland, Micayla 102, 114 Strickland, Ryan 112 Struzenberg, Emily 115 Stuck, Andrew 112 Sullivan, Caleigh 113 Sullivan, Claire 102, 114 Sullivan, Lauren 156 Sullivan, Ryan 27, 29, 45, 55, 59, 74, 112 Sunderland-Herrin,

Kirsey 156 Surber, Samantha 124 Sutherland, Owen 116 Svendsen, Kirsten 156 Swanberg, Rachel 115 Swegle, John 116 Swift, Samantha 112 Swisher, Sadie 114 Swyt, Zachary 102, 118 Syvertson, Hilary 112 Szotkowski, Anne 156


Taaffe, James 102 Tacderan, Tyler 156 Tackoor, Danielle 156 Tadlock, Katherine 105, 114 Taggard, Kayla 102 Talbot, Joseph 102, 113 Talbott, Gregory 156 Tamae, Maiko 115 Tanaka, Corey 102 Taninchev, Stacy 95 Tassell, Van 118 Tate, Matthew 156 Taylor, Alyxandria 114 Taylor, Kristina 105 Taylor, Lindsay 156 Taylor, Sarah 118 Teal, Kyndra 156 Teitzel, Prudence 63, 156 Ternovets, Katerina 156 Terrill, Ross 117 Tersakyan, Alen 156, 191 Thenell, Erin 156 Theneyan, Meshal Al 114 Theobald, Catherine 67 Thielemann, Mitchell 102, 112 Thodal, Ellie 119, 156, 164, 204 Thomas, Aaron 113 Thomas, Carissa 115 Thomas, Emily 66, 156 Thomas, Halle 118 Thomas, Keele 118 Thomas, Kennidy 113 Thomas, Lara 102 Thompson, Alexandra 102, 118 Thompson, Caitlin 156 Thompson, Joseph 117 Thompson-Johnston, Margaret 118 Thonssen, Jason 156 Thorne, William 156 Thorpe, Jonathan 102, 114 Thorson, Chase 156 Tiatragul, Sarin 102, 113 Tice, Keagan 115 Tiedemann, Amelia 156 Tiedemann, William 156 Tietge, Sierra 124 Tiffay, Julian 102, 115

Tilghman, Sarah 114 Timberlake, Jane 112 Timm, Carter 113 Timm, Jessica 122 Tinkle, Elleson 73, 115 Tiruvallur, Aashna 102 Tobar, Graciela 156 Togstad, Tara 156, 166 Tokar, Allison 157 Tollner, Nathan 47 Tomayko, Michael 157 Tombari, Christina 112 Tomisato, Skyler 102, 116 Topacio, Sabrina 157 Torjusen, Vanessa 102 Torre, Kaitlin 115 Torres, Logan 114 Tortolero, Jhobany 157 Tovey, Erin 157 Tramonte, Michael 123 Tran, Nicholas 157, 167 Trapp, Sarah 114 Travis, Jordan 117 Trebilcock, Charlotte 105 Treick, Shelby 157, 178 Treinen, Caroline 103 Trigueiro, Alfred 103 Trimble, Connor 115 Trimmell, Joshua 103, 112 Tritch, Jamyson 114 Trost, Anja 117 Truck, Taco 29 Trueblood, Isaac 103, 118 Tsolomitis, Karis 157 Tsumi, Yu Tsu 157 Tu, Qianhui 157 Tuiofea, Sila 113 Tullo, Vito 118 Tumpap, Alecia 192 Turbes, Madeline 103, 113


Ubachs, Jessica 106 Ueki, Ryder 103, 116 Urbina, Jacquelyn 118 Urcadez, Zoe 103, 115 Urcaregui, Maite 157, 172 Urquidi, Isana 112 Uson, Manuel 114 Uyemura, Wayne 116, 117


Vail, Tory 67 Valdez, Mikala 114 Valencia, Alexxis 114 Valencia, Maria Fernanda 157 Valentino, Michael 157 Valkas, Jenna 115 Van Der Sluys, Meghan 157 Van Dinter, Hannah 103 Van Eaton, Anthony 117 Vance, Joseph 121

Vance, Melanie 117 Vandehey, Grant 18 Vanderwulp, Phillip 116 Vanover, Shawn 117, 157 Varas, Vicente 103 Vasilatos, Carmen 117 Vasquez, Corina 113 Vasquez, Sara 114 Vaughn, Autumn 114 Vaz, Wynona 120, 157 Velasco, Rebecca 114 Vergara, Matthew 18, 105 Verspieren, Madeleine 103 Versteegh, Aryn 157 Verwest, Melissa 95 Vidovich, James 116 Viehweg, Caileen 115 Vieira, Allan 103 Vierhaus, Kristen 117 Viger, Mark 121 Villareal, Cheryl 17, 124 Violette, Michelle 117 Virden, Joseph 112 Vissia, Val 95 Viydo, Parker 18, 157 Voegeli, Matthew 105 Von Birgelen, Janelle 103, 115 Vosler, Christian 103, 117 Vottiero, Kaitlyn 113


Wadas, Craig 105 Wade, Margo 115, 157 Wahlman, Renee 103, 118 Wainschel, Sarah 113 Waldron, Christine 122, 157, 173 Waldron, Jennifer 117 Wales, Tyler 103, 113 Walker, Andrew 67 Walker, John 116 Walkley, Lawrence 117 Wallace, Benjamin 118 Wallace, Matthew 115 Wallace, Samuel 123 Walling, Matthew 113 Walsh, Kayla 123, 157 Walter, Lauren 157 Walters, Dana 157 Walters, Makayla 113, 158 Walters, Quinn 103, 115 Waltier, Sophia 158 Waltier, Sophie 125 Waltner, Lindsay 158 Walton, Zachary 117 Wambsganss, Ashlee 103 Wang, Gregory 113 Wang, Mengya 61 Wang, Mengya 124 Wang, Simeng 115 Wang, Sunny 158 Ward, Kevin 47 Ward, Margaret 158 Warlaumont, Andrew 158

Warmer, Xela 113 Waterman, Amy 158 Waterous, Benton 103, 114 Watson, Kayla 158 Webb, Taylor 158 Weber, Aubrey 158, 188 Weber, Kevin 117 Webster, Alexander 116 Webster, Luke 158 Weed, Kenet 103, 113 Weide, Brittanie Vander 124 Weiks, Taryn 103 Weinberger, Miles 103 Weissinger, David 103, 116, 117 Weke, Emmanuel 158 Weke, Endurance 158 Wells, Krystal 158, 172 Wells, Samuel 158 Welsh, Alex 103 Wendland, Alexandria 158 Wendland, Sara 47, 105, 114 Wendle, Christie 103 Wendling, Alison 118 Werner, Kathleen 105, 114 Werre, Kelsey 158 Weryk, Alicia 117 Westby, Alex 103, 112 Westerman, Sloan 158 Westermeyer, Devin 116 Westfield, Alan 95 Wetter, Allison 115 Whidby, Olivia 112 White, Andrew 120, 158 White, Jenna 115 White, John 117 White, Spencer 116 Whitlock, Catherine 158 Whitmer, Blake 158 Whitt, Kristene 158 Whitt, Thomas 158 Wickman, Kelsey 121 Widell, Phoebe 122 Wiest, Kimberley 115 Wiggins, Ross 103 Wika, Kianna 103 Wilcomb, Sophia 103, 113 Wilde, William 117 Wildman, Ashley 159 Wilkinson, Summer 15, 159 Wilky, Hannah 117 Williams, Dwayne 177 Williams, Kelly 118 Williams, Nicholas 112 Williams, Renata 113, 159 Williams, Ryan 114 Willie, Morgan 103 Willig, Emily 118 Willman, Deanna 106 Wilmouth, Kathryn 113 Wilson, Allyson 103 Wilson, Elisa 103, 112 Wilson, Katelyn 113 Wimbush, Imani 103 Wimer, Victoria 112 Windsor, Nikelie 115

Winslow, James 103 Winstead, Nicholas 116 Winterle, Matthew 116 Winters, Madison 113 Winters, Meghan 73 Wisdom, Kevin 113 Wiseman, Camille 118 Withers, Shaun 159 Witt, Christopher 118 Wittmeier, Miles 159 Wolf, Andrew 117, 159 Wong, Michelle 117 Wong, Ryan 159 Wonn, Allison 103, 118 Wood, Ariel 159 Wood, Caleb 70 Wood, Ivy 103, 115 Woodbery, William 103 Woodworth, Katherine 115 Workman, Sage 115 Wright, Frances 118 Wright, Jocelynn 118 Wright, Rachel 159 Wrightson, Allison 159 Wu, Han 68 Wunderle, Blake 116, 117 Wyatt, Michael 123, 159 Wynkoop, Juliana 103, 115 Wyss, Samuel 79, 117


Xiongxtoyed, Nikky 114


Yamada, Ruben 106 Yamaguchi, Hikaru 106 Yamashita, Taylor 159 Yang, Can 159 Yates, Melanie 103 Yee, Benjamin 117 Yen, Grandpa 186 Yen, John 159, 186 Yoon, Andrew 117 Yoshioka, Elise 106 Yost, Alan 95 Young, Alison 115 Young, Kyle 159 Young, Richard 103 Young, Sarah 103, 114


Zahm, Shannon 117 Zakheim, Mary 117 Zamora, Molly 117 Zapotocky, Daniel 159 Zaragoza, Jake 178 Zentner, Daniel 105, 116 Zeutenhorst, Lauren 159 Zewdie, Hana 159 Zhang, Wenyu 159 Zhao, Julie 113 Ziebell, Blake 103, 117 Ziegler, Taylor 116 Zikmund, Emily 114 Zimny, Daniel 159 Zimny, Mary 112 Zink, Ashlee 112 Zinnecker, Tara 159 Zuehlsdorff, Alyssa 118

Athletics Rosters: Baseball: Zachary Abbruzza, William Abram, Cameron Alvarado, Nelson Benjamin, David Bigelow, Jeffrey Bohling, Alexander Bonczyk, Beau Bozett, Blake Bozett, Sean-Luke Brija, Benjamin Brown, Derek Callahan, Payden Cawley-Lamb, Clayton Eslick, Travis Forbes, Lucas Gately, Marco Gonzales, Aaron Grenz, Mitchell Gunsolus, Steven Halcomb, Joseph Harris, Taylor Jones, Cory LeBrun, David Machtolf, William Moon, Derek Peterson, McCabe Reiten, Nicholas Minteer, Karl Myers, Tyler Olson, Arturo Reyes, Codi Scanlon, Scott Silva, James Sinatro, Brock Slavin, Kenneth Smith , Andrew Sopko , Caleb Wood. Head coach: Mark Machloft. Men’s Basketball: Rem Bakamus, Andrew Barham, Gary Bell Jr., Gerard Coleman, Samuel Dower, Kyle Dranginis, Guy Landry Edi, Elias Harris, Michael Hart, Przemyslaw Karnowski, Kelly Olynyk, Kevin Pangos, David Stockton. Head coach: Mark Few. Women’s Basketball: Keani Albanez, Shelby Cheslek, Stephanie Golden, Sunny Greinacher, Taelor Karr, Kiara Kudron, Shaniqua Nilles, Michaela O’Rourke, Haiden Palmer, Jazmine Redmon, Lindsay Sherbert, Elleson Tinkle, Maiki Viela, Danielle Walter, Chelsea Waters, Meghan Winters. Head coach: Kelly Graves. Men’s Cross Country/Track: Christopher Boyle, Kyle Branch, Matthew Crichlow, Scott Davis, Erik Fagan, Brenton Felnagle, Ned Fischer, Alex Foote, Anthony Galvan, Nathaniel Gesell, Jared Gregorio, Tate Kelly, Joseph LaMontagne, Benjamin Lance, Daniel Lunder, Conor McCandless, William Milam, Michael Morgan, Colin O’Neil, Andrew Phillips, Patrick Richie, Nicholas Roche, Nathan Sieler, Alec Temple, Andrew Thomas, Braeden Van Deynze, Robert Walgren, Andrew Walker. Head coach: Pat Tyson. Women’s Cross Country/ Track: Emily Albrecht, Sarah Anderson, Rebecca Barad, Megan Batty, Lauren Bergam, Erin Bergmann, Krista Beyer, Meghan Blanchet, Regan Casey, Taylor Cherry, Michelle Davis, Lindsey Drake, Amelia Evans, Annelie Fjortoft, Alexa Foley, Alison Fraher, Kelsey Jess, Addison Johnson, Margaret Jones, Alaina Kowitz, Jordan McCann, Shelby Mills, Stephanie Moore, Allison Nichols, Haley Nordin, Elizabeth Ryan, Catherine Theobald, Emily Thomas, Kelsey Tracy, Lara Tuthill, Zoe Urcadez, Jaime Van Lith, Jennifer Wheeler, Kelly Williams, Alyssa Zuehlsdorff. Men’s Golf: Brendan Connolly, James Fahy, Peter Gullickson, Travis Johnsen, Erik Krzyzanowski, Sean Walsh. Head coach: Robert Gray.

Women’s Golf: Angela De Villa, Genevive Dodge, Victoria Fallgren, Alice Kim, Tai Kliebphipat, Raychelle Santos, Han Wu. Head coach: Brad Rickel. Men’s Rowing: Kyle Aleinikoff, Andrew Batinovich, Devon Billy, Brandon Byrd, Kayla Cartelli, Jeremy Chow, Brittany Clark, Ricci Crinzi, Benjamin Duermit, Sahan Fernando, Zachary Gray, Matthew Hoitink, Duncan Howard, Kellen Kennedy, Brett Konzek, Alexander Lund, Kevin MacPherson, Michael MacPherson, Taylor Mattheisen, Stuart McDonald, Stephen McEvoy, Andrew Mercer, Connor Mitchell, Dylan, Ojeda, Lucas Orlita, Dane Pavlik, William Reece, Daniel Rinker, Anthony Roeber, Herman Ruddell, Tyler Schlatter, Bennett Shultz, Joseph Stauss, Erik Strand, Keagan Tice. Head coach: Dan Gehn. Women’s Rowing: Sarah Atkins, Blair Ballard, Alyssa Bashor, Brooklyn Beeler, Devyn Bell, Rebecca Benoit, Naseeb Bhangal, Laura Brasch, Brenna Brown, Casey Burt, Megan Carroll, Kareena Dahl, Cierra Dauenhauer, Jordan Davies, Megan Dennison, Mary Haffner, Eleanor Hammond, Nicole Holman, Madison Keaty, Jamee Mason, Malori McGill, Naomi Medley, Christine Mentele, Sarah Milburn, Taylor Mills, Olivia Murphy, Victoria Olney, Samantha Olsen, Anna Olson, Natalie Potts, Christine Powers, Samantha Romeo, Lillian Rorick, Hailey Rousseau, Erin Russell, Jordan Schroeder, Kara Soucek, Ingrid Stansberry, Kelly Strader, Jamyson Tritch, Madeline Turbes, Madeleine Verspieren, Wendy Wigg, Sage Workman, Rachel Wright, Renee Wyman, Alison Young. Head coach: Glenn Putyrae. Men’s Soccer: Kieran Abbotts, Casey Ames, Conner Bevans, Ryan Caballero, Gregory Carter, Alec Cutter, Keane Ellis, Todd Dustin Ferger, Jesus Gonzalez, Nicholas Hamer, Zachary Hamer, Zachary Hudson, Ari Pall Isberg, Nikolai Littleton, Chris Lowrimore, Lars Ludwigs, James Matern, Luis Montealegre, Andy Newman, Erik Nielsen, Andrew Owenson, Nate Pacheco, James Partee, Clark Phillips, Josh Phillips, Parker Victor. Head coach: Einer Thorarinsson. Women’s Soccer: Mikayla Anderson, Jessica Bennett, Alicia Berggren, Susan Brown, Lexi Clark, Emma Dolcetti, Emily Eckmann, Cassie Geerdts, Cricket Harber, Heather Johnson, Tori Lee, Becca Lenz, Lauren Luke, Anna Lund, Morgan Manchester, Kellyn Nelson, Ali Ohashi, Katey Pennington, Kasey Rubosky, Danielle Simien, Christie Tombari, Jordan Travis, Sila Tuiofea. Head coach: Amy Edwards. Men’s Tennis: Joey Brandt, Chris Dalton, Levin Guillermo, Muzeen Ismath, Olivier Jamin, Vladimir Mijatovic, Pablo

Mosquera Perez, Alvaro Nazal, Jack Schoebel, Hayden Smith, Vicente Varas. Head coach: Peter MacDonald. Women’s Tennis: Taurie Bjerken, Hanley Caras, Sandy Dennett, Katie Edwards, Isabell Klingert, Franziska Koehler, Kylie Peek, Samantha Polayes, Britta Stime, Alexandra Tallas, Prue Teitzel, Melanie Yates. Head coach: DJ Gurule. Volleyball: Savannah Blinn, Sarah Bradley, Meredith Crenshaw, Kylie Edinger, Paige Folger, Jordan Gasser, Lauren Joseph, Kristina Lavrisha, Halle McCullough, Deanna Nielson, Lyndsay Palmer, Terran Poindexter, Katie Rutherford, Kalistina Takau, Mengya Wang, Kennedy Wesley, Imani Wimbush, Kathleen Wright. Head coach: Dave Gantt.

Housing Rosters Continued:

Corkery: Jasmine LinaneBooey, Julian Lopez, Lars Ludwigs, Steven Lund, Brisa Maldonado, Alexandra Manning, Christian Martin, Eric Martin, Christine Martinez, Diana Martinez, Sarah Mattos, Amy McLoughlin, Elizabeth Miller, Laura Mock, Robert Modarelli, Melissa Moreno, Emile Nelson, Amy Nickolaus, Patrick Noonan, Isaias Nunez, Catherine O’Toole, Joel Odimba, Anna Olson, Basia Otto, Leland Pena, Micah Rarick, Julia Ratcliffe, Rachel Roe, Rebecca Ryan, Katherine Safar, Olivia Schuele, Maryann Schwartzkopf, Clara Shands, Paige Sharpe, Kelly Smale, Laura Stevenson, Erin Sullivan, Lauren Sullivan, Shohei Sunaga, Jessica Sutterman, Sarah Talbot, James Taylor, Prudence Teitzel, Saraya Thompson, William Tiedemann, Sabrina Topacio, Avianca Torres, Edwin Torres, Elizabeth Toscan, Viet Tran, Callie Turgeon, Anna Ursino, Kaitlin Van Volkom, Melissa Villeneuve, Ashley Vincent, Thuy-Anh Vo, Taylor Webb, Alexandria Wendland, Dakota White, Wendy Wigg, Andrew Williams, Laura Winje, Jacob Wright, Tyler Wroblewski, Sarah Yeend, Jake Zaragoza, David Zietz Dooley: Alexander Webster Preston Ramirez, Charles Rogers, Paxson Matthews, Meghan Gfeller, Hannah Resnick, Melanie Vance, Auvied Homaizad, Luis Alza Guillen, Celina Oh, Hannah Wilky, Nate Murphy, Cara Nickolaus, Mantel, Kelsey Chan, Kimberly Au, Shelby Sewright, Kaitlin Anderson, Clara Olson, Steven Rauch, David Hensle, Derek Bennett, Garion Park, Kyle Hashimoto, David Weissinger, James Komperud, Coleton Saunders, Christopher Buresch, Trent Clostio, Nathaniel Fischer, Luis Poza Lopez, Wayne Uyemura, Blake Wunderle, David Corisis, Alexander Webster, Preston Ramirez, Charles Rogers, Paxson Matthews Meredith Virk, Brett Creger, Gregory Lochner, Angiola Piccolo, Lauren Thompson, Robert Emenger, Cyril Van Dyke, Paige Wendland, Hailey

Fitterer, Brianne Coulombe, Aashna Tiruvallur, Morgan Gieck, Katelyn Romanaggi, Mackenzie Roberts, Lillian Rorick, Katherine Lewis, Ryan Bunn, Kristofer Henderson, Noah Fujioka, Nicholas Gottbreht, Adam La Mark, Andrew Dau, Miguel Alvarez, Jamison Schacht, Carter Currin, Ryan Menezes, John Walker, Ian Hammer, Trevor Longbottom, Brian Ruehle, Elijah Glascock, Jesus Rubio, Kahalalihiula Bray, Aubrey Ibele, Sara Idzerda, Priscilla Ponce-Venegas, Ian Morrell, Shane Guy, Ryan Lum, Noah Powers, Macklen Scribner, Ryan Rackham, Laura Shellooe, Laura Seifert, Siobhan Smith, Samantha Kennefick, Halle Goodwin, Ian Patrick, Garrett LePenske, Andrew Nguyen, Luke Blanchart, Lawrence Moeller, Brian Newburg, Trenton Miller, Timothy Hurson, Daniel Zentner, Richard Riley, Walker Ranson, Daniel Llerena, Ryder Ueki, Nolan Saam, Adam Cross, Kevin Olivier, Abigail Burk, Alison Fraher, McKenzie Horner, Casey Burt, Carlie Dussault: Stefan Verburg, Riley McGuinness, Clara Arcia, Brian Manning, Rene Chavez, Scott Robertson, Clark Phillips, Daniel Dapper, Mallory Davis, Henry Richenstein, Carson Kiesewetter, Anna Bowman, Stacey Fania, Rima McComas, Evan Fudge, Kayla Plocher,Colleen Meyers, Ryan Wolfe, Schanayde Bigony, Kayla Vucinich, Haley Lowe, Caroline Wisecarver, Jonathan Merkel, Meaghan Turgeon, Ashley Swanson,Michael Shevchuk, Lauren Jagels, Samuel Bulkley, Garret Hay, Christopher Lundeen, Rachel Simmons, Margaret Yamamoto, Morgan Miller, Annaliese Harris, Thomas Gockel, Anna Brajcich, Craig Wadas, Kathryn Uppendahl, Olivia Murphy, Sarah Merkley, Riley Mackey, Sarah French, Kaitlin O’Connell, Sarah Butler, Sean Sinclair, Savanna Shores, Sarah Peterson, Garren Heye Kevin Pangos, Jonathan Manning, Victoria Varyu, Paul Rosendahl, Sara Lembke, Julie Quinn, Suzanne Mikesell, Caroline Amendola, Vanessa Freitas, Savannah Varyu, Kyle McLaughlin, Kasey Richards, Connor Dowling, Regan Casey, April Aaronson, Joshua Seo, Nicholas Mason, Shannon Bebee, Scott Alderson, Colin Timm, Melissa Clendenny, Catherine Arano, John Rogers, Matthew Vergara, Matthew Wendell, Hailey Baker, Brandon Pitzer, Aaron Gram, Alyson Lykken, Nicholas Rhodes, Nico Cunanan, Kevin O’Brien, Derek Callahan, Gary Bell, Victoria Gomez, Matthew Longcore, Lorenzo Bonina, Colin Le, Sarah Morgan, Kylan Marlow, Mitchell Gunsolus, Nathanael Pacheco, Zachary Hamer, Mimi Bae, Kara Flageollet, Anthony Bonacci, Alana Buller, Connor Jarchow, Connor Martin, Kevin House, Benjamin Pupo, Daniel Chun, Sean-Luke Brija, Tyler Breault, Kelly Dennehy, Timothy Lewis, Emily Bollier, Jason Rojeck, Tessamarie

Garton, Gabriella Neal, Alyssa Villarreal, Tzu-Yu Chiu, Lauren Blumhardt, Sultan Alsulaiman, Joseph Suryan, Margaret Jones Kennedy: Matthew May, William McCahill, Matthew McCoy, Emily Nguyen, Adam Obenberger, Isaac O’Connor, Emily Oller, Katherine Olsen, Kristen Olsen, Kimberly Olson, Michael Parkhurst, Jacqueline Pearson, Maria Pedreira, Rick Peshel, Haylie Pharr, Agnieszka Pomykala, William Pon, Anthony Rech, Austin Rogers, Marvin Jake Rumbaua, Dylan Schwarz, Peter Shaughnessey, Daniel Sinner, Andrea Solveson, Cory Stumpf, Gregory Talbott, Samantha Thorsness, Michael Tomayko, Chelsea Turner, Judson Virden, Sammy Vongphakdy, Margaret Ward, Endurance Weke, Stephen Wetherell, Jordyn Wirkkala, Allison Wrightson, Ruben Yamada, Taylor Yamashita,Sultan Alkhelaiwi,Virgil Allen,Rene Alvarez, Ashley Anderson, Ashley Andrews, Timothy Arkoosh, Tiffany Arnold, Sarah Atkins, Kaitlin Ballantyne, Kaitlyn Barrie, Mitchell Beck, Samantha Beerman, Tierney Bennett, Gunnar Berg, Cheryl Bia, Shanley Bianca, Allyson Binversie, Cayla Boisseranc, MaryJordan Braley, Ryan Brown, Sean Burke, Megan Camper, Kathryn Carnell, Haylee Carnes, Yvonne Carrick, Melina Carrillo, Jaclyn Daltoso, Keith Davidson, Molly Dundon,Michelle Eastwood, Leah Elkind, Claire Elmenhurs, Ethan Ferrel, Kayci Fudge, Gurkirat Gill, Felicia Gonsalves, Corinne Gould, Nicole Green, Hannah Grenz, Carly Grether, Amanda Guerrero, Iriza Gold Guray, Kelsey Harris, Christina Herman, Kelly Hughes, Greg Hutchinson, Christina Iatridis, Nicholas Interrante, Carolyn Kading, John Kelly, Rebecca Kelvin, Karlie Kennedy, Kelly Kim, Nicole Kissinger, Victoria Kroon, Jarred Lee, Nicole Lewandowski, Kelsey McEvoy, Malori McGill, Keiko McInally, Emily McKaig, Claire Meskers, Alexis Miller, Andrea Navarre, Adam Neer, Alysa Norton, Chasina Olis, Andrew Opila, Amanda Pacurariu, John Palmer, Tyler Pattison, Brigette Pinsoneault, Christopher Resnick, Taylie Riddle, Bradley Romjue, Quinton Ronquillo, Rachel Rowland, Ashley Ruen, Constanze Rumpza, Salvatore Schifano, Kadrienne Scott, Morgan Sellers, Ryan Senger, Samuel Sheahan, Rachel Shiffer, Leah Simeon, Andrea Smit, Madelyn Smith, Lisha Sosa,Esteban Soto, Jennifer Spink, Kirsey SunderlandHerrin, Erik Swanson, William Thorne, Jhobany Tortolero-Rojo, Caroline Traczyk, Brian Wolfenberger, Noel Younger, Hana Zewdie, Selena Zou, Emily Zupsic, Mariel Zupsic, Alwaleed Aldhalaan, Mohammed Alfariss, Faisal Almohaimeed, Sultan Alsulaiman, Nolan Anderson, Ryan Andrade, Joshua Arreola, Gustavo Barreto Rangel, Kayla Benware, Alicia Berggren, Matthew Boyle, Megan Brandt, Scott Campanario, Kayla

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Spires Staff Editor-in-Chief

Kayla Heyer

Photography Editor

Austin Ilg

Special Thanks

Managing Editor

Ellie Thodal

Copy Editor

Allyson Archer

The making of Spires was a group effort, on so many levels. Beyond the hours of work, late nights, and last-minute changes handled with grace by our staff and photographers, we have so many others to thank for keeping us “afloat.� Dan Moyer, Mica Johnson, and Robin McKinney: Thank you for the hours of work capturing portraits, the flexibility and willingness to help wherever possible, and most of all the friendship. Joanne Shiosaki: There are no words to describe our great gratitude for the endless love and support. We would be nowhere without your guidance, advice, and enthusiasm. Photography Staff: We would not have the beautiful book that we have without our amazing photography staff. From capturing incredible and unique shots to taking last minute assignments, you have truly made this book what it is. Student Publications Staff: We are truly blessed to say that we work with the best group of people on campus. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the endless laughs, the always enjoyable distractions, the willingness to help whenever and wherever, and the moral support when we needed it most. Stephanie Plowman: Thank you for the hours spent searching through school archives looking for historic photos. Thank you also, for sharing your endless knowledge of Gonzaga history, an entire book would be insufficient to capture even a fraction of your knowledge and stories.

Section Editor

Section Editor

Garick Sherburn

Kayla Cartelli

Section Editor

Section Editor


Helen Reinecke

Sarah Prata

Spires Yearbook: Spires has been the official yearbook of Gonzaga University for 67 years. Editorial content does not necessarily reflect the views of the University. Inquires should be addressed to Spires Editor, 502 E. Boone Ave, MSC# 2476 Spokane, WA 99258-2500. (509)313-6830. Copyright 2013, the Spires Yearbook Staff, and Gonzaga University. All rights reserved. Production: Spires was produced on 6 Lenovo Think Centre Intel Core I5-3470 compact desktop computers using Adobe InDesign CS5.5 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.5. The yearbook was published and printed by Walsworth Publishing Company in Brookfield, MO. Books were available free of charge to enrolled undergraduate students beginning in August of 2013 through the 2013-2014 school year. Photography: All photographs were produced using personal equipment or a Cannon 10D, Canon 40D, Canon 5D Mark II, or one of two Canon 7D cameras. Photographs were edited in Adobe Lightroom 4 or Adobe Photoshop CS5.5. Staff portraits by Jordan Lindstrom. Photography Staff: Austin Ilg (Photography Editor), Brett Bollier, Connor Johnson, Nicole Busch, Jake Kelly, Jordan Lindstrom, Ryan Sullivan, Andrew Fioretto, Colin Bishop, Katherine Hayes. Student, faculty, and staff portraits courtesy of After Image Visual Services, Moscow, ID. Specifications: Total Pages: 208, Copies: 1600, Size: 12in x 9in , Paper: Legend Gloss 100lb Cover: Smyth Sewn Hard Cover. Cover Stock: Rich Matte White on 160 PT Graphic. Cover Processes: Embossed Front Cover lettering with Silk Screen in Navy Blue on Full Cover. Fonts: AWPC Gunner, AWPC Lynn, AWPC Lynn Bold

Photo by Ryan Sullivan

Photo by Brett Bollier

Spires 2013  
Spires 2013  

Spires is Gonzaga's official yearbook. It details the academic year through pictures and articles. The yearbook is distributed at the beginn...