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M ess age from t he De a n



t is wonderful to be at Gonzaga Law School and the year is off to a great start. I have started meeting alumni in Spokane, Seattle, Montana and Anchorage, and many more trips are planned. I am enjoying becoming a part of this warm and welcoming community of people who care about Gonzaga and its mission. I am thankful for the hard work of those who came before me to help make Gonzaga what it is today and want to send a special thanks to former Dean Earl F. Martin and formerly acting Dean George Critchlow.

who serve on the Washington Supreme Court – Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, Justice Mary Fairhurst and Justice Debra Stephens. The Red Mass was well attended, well received and all enjoyed the reception that followed. One justice mentioned that it was wonderful to be honored without having to make a speech. The start of the school year also saw the largest conference ever put on at Gonzaga Law School. Professor Jason Gillmer, the John J. Hemmingson Chair in Civil Liberties was the leader behind the

Classes began August 22 and we welcomed 176 new 1L students. This entering class is 51 percent female. Despite declining applications nationwide, we were able to bring in this group of remarkable students at the expected class size. Our new students hail from 29 different states, the District of Columbia, and Canada and they represent more than 80 different colleges and universities. This interesting and varied group includes a member of the Utah Air National Guard who was the only female flight line worker on her base, one who is fluent in Korean and someone who taught English in Korea. In their midst are a 2010 NCAA regional high jump qualifier, an environmental geologist, a football player who also has an MBA, a former teacher on an Indian reservation, a first degree certified black belt in karate, and a nurse who runs marathons (including qualifying for the Boston Marathon) who also has four children.

Race and Criminal Justice in the West Conference on Sept. 24. The conference included more than 60 panelists who presented on a depth and breadth of topics. More than 150 people from across the country attended providing a remarkable buzz in the hallway between panel presentations. One of the attendees sent us a thank you note for “hosting one of the most inspiring, educational, and action-oriented conferences I’ve ever attended.” Look for this interesting and thought-provoking conference again next year!

We have been busy at the Law School. On Sept. 12, we celebrated Red Mass, honoring our three Gonzaga alumnae

Gonzaga Law School, like other law schools across the nation, faces significant challenges. Law school applications are

“I am enjoying becoming a part of this warm and welcoming community of people who care about Gonzaga and its mission.”

Dean Jane Dean Jane Korn


down, as are takers of the LSAT. Law students may face significant debt in a difficult job market. We face pressure over rankings in U.S. News & World Report. But on the upside, these challenges have reinforced our beliefs in the value of a legal education. We know that a law degree will serve our students well, whether they use their education in conventional practices or in less traditional applications. In response to the changing world of practice, we have and will continue to focus attention on our strong skills curriculum – Gonzaga’s innovative program puts us ahead of the curve. I am often asked about my vision for the Law School. And while I am grateful that I get to help shape the future of this fine institution, I cannot do it alone. Together with faculty, alumni and others, we will endeavor to stay current, involved and progressive. We will build on our skills curriculum and add to it. We will strive to bring greater national attention to the Law School, and we will work to make sure students have access to legal education by providing more scholarship opportunities.



At the helm: Jane B. Korn by Virginia deLeon

“Gonzaga captured my heart, the people here are committed to their students, to teaching and to scholarship. I interviewed at different places, but Gonzaga and Spokane felt like home.”


ome attorneys were born into the profession, raised by families with long lineages of lawyers and encouraged to follow in their footsteps. Others knew from an early age that they would grow up to pass the bar and become part of a field dedicated to justice and upholding the law. Jane B. Korn, on the other hand, didn’t have a clue about her future. As a child growing up in a working-class suburb of New Jersey, Korn never imagined she would go to law school — let alone lead one as the dean. Her grandparents didn’t go to college. Neither did her parents. She grew up at a time when women — if they worked outside the home — became teachers or nurses. Korn’s parents encouraged and expected her to earn a university degree, but she didn’t exactly have the background or opportunities that would have sparked an interest in law. Korn was almost 30 years old by the time she discovered her calling. Today, the woman who spent her early 20s earning a living as a secretary, as an office worker at a sewing company and as a tour guide at Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is now an accomplished attorney, an award-winning professor and the first woman to lead Gonzaga University School of Law in its 99-year history. As she embarks on her first year at Gonzaga Law School, Korn offers a unique perspective – one that’s inevitably shaped by her gender, her history and her life experiences. She also brings a wealth of knowledge, a passion for learning and a fierce determination to spread the word about Gonzaga’s excellence. “Gonzaga captured my heart,” she said. “People here are committed to their students, to teaching and to scholarship. I interviewed at different places, but Gonzaga and Spokane felt like home.”



FINDING HER WAY Even with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rutgers University, Korn struggled to find work after graduating in 1972. Too many people didn’t want to hire women, she said, recalling how she spent hours combing through the classified ads and preparing for interviews only to be passed over for jobs, especially in management. Some employers were blunt: “We don’t hire women,” they told her to her face, even if she was as qualified as the male candidates. In 1975, she sought employment with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The agency hired her to investigate employment discrimination. “I wanted that job so badly,” recalled Korn, whose cases at the commission often involved women and minorities. “I wanted it because of my experience of trying to find a job as a woman and not being able to get one even after the Civil Rights Act had passed.” During that time, she grew in her understanding of issues concerning gender, ethnicity and race, Korn said. She also earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues, particularly the attorneys. “Have you ever thought of going to law school?” they often asked. With encouragement from those lawyers, Korn finally considered it. She didn’t have the option of leaving Colorado at that time so she applied only to two schools: The University of Colorado and the University of Denver. At that time, tuition at the University of Denver was $5,000. At the University of Colorado Law School, it was $500. Without giving it a second thought, she took the more affordable route. “I was putting myself through law school and I had enough money to finance only two years of school,” she recalled. It was a worthwhile investment. For the first time in her life, Korn discovered her niche. “Law school opened my world,” she said. “It was a lot of pressure and stress, but I felt like my mind was being stretched

every day. I loved the critical thinking – taking one idea and looking at it from so many vantage points, almost like through a prism.” It also changed her self-image. During the first year of law school, Korn never raised her hand and said very little in class. She waited until her professors returned to their offices before she could approach them with questions or comments about the day’s lessons. She was shy, she acknowledged, and never saw herself as being academically gifted.

“Law school opened my world... I loved the critical thinking – taking one idea and looking at it from so many vantage points, almost like through a prism.” She also was scared of the pressure. When she learned that she was ranked first out of 150 students after that first year, Korn got so nervous that she vomited. When the law school awarded her a prestigious scholarship for her achievements, she begged her professors to keep her name off the plaque until after graduation. Not once during her three years of law school did she disclose to anyone that she was at the top of the class. When she graduated in 1983, Korn was ready for the world. “Law school changed my image of myself,” she said. “It made me understand that I was smart and I had something to contribute. It opened up employment and career doors. … It gave me the opportunity to do something really wonderful and to have choices in my life.”

A FOCUS ON LEARNING, A PASSION FOR RIGHT At the University of Colorado Law School, women comprised only one-third of Korn’s graduating class. At that time, the school had only two female professors. Like going to law school in the first place, it never would have occurred to Korn to

consider teaching law were it not for the encouragement of a faculty member. “I didn’t think that being a law professor was something I could do until a faculty member (at University of Colorado Law School) approached me and asked if I’d ever considered teaching,” Korn recalled. After spending about two years in New York City at a private practice specializing in labor and employment laws as well as commercial litigation, she decided to take the plunge into academia. She landed a job at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in Tucson. There, she became the John D. Lyons Professor of Law, where she specialized in employment law, employment discrimination and civil procedure. In 2005, she became the associate dean for curriculum and information technology. Two years ago, she was appointed the law school’s vice dean. During her tenure at the University of Arizona, Korn was considered a strong and effective administrator. She also earned the respect of faculty and students. On numerous occasions, the student body voted to honor her with various teaching awards. She also won several outstanding administrator awards. “I love being in the classroom and teaching,” said Korn, who earned a reputation for being a dynamic educator who built rapport with students and faculty. “I work really hard to make it a positive learning experience for students. I try to call on lots of people in order to hear from many different perspectives.” Korn continues to delve into the issues that drew her to law in the first place: social justice and the rights of minorities. In recent years, her research in employment law has led her to write and publish articles with titles that include “Too Fat,” and “Crazy (Mental Illness and the ADA).” These articles and others explore what it means to be disabled and how these individuals experience discrimination in employment, she explained. “Why do we make people prove that they are disabled but we don’t have to prove



“I view this as collaboration,” says Korn. “The dean’s role is to make sure that there is process and that all the various voices are heard. I can make hard decisions when I need to but I am a believer in consensus and faculty governance.”

that we are Asian American or African American?” asked Korn, noting how the Americans with Disabilities Act defines disability but Title VII of the Civil Rights Act does not have the same requirement for race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

committed to learning and social justice; a dedicated staff; an innovative new curriculum; a law school with a mission.

As a result, she focuses on people who have been stigmatized – people who are heavier or thinner than others, individuals struggling with cancer, the mentally ill. “Stigma is discrimination but it is not defined that way by the law,” she said.

The 14-member search committee chaired by Gonzaga Trustee and Law School alumnus Don Curran spent seven rigorous months in search of a replacement for Earl Martin, who became dean in July 2005 and stepped down to become Gonzaga’s executive vice president.

Her perspective on minority issues also has been influenced by her experience as a parent. As the mother of three children – Noah, Abigail and Minh – she often had to answer a lot of questions from strangers. “Are they sisters?” they would ask about Abigail, who arrived from Korea in 1990, and Minh, who was born in Vietnam and became part of the family in 1997. “Of course, they’re sisters,” she would reply, even though she knew that people were wondering if they were biological sisters, especially since their older brother had red hair. “It’s difficult for our society to think of ourselves as more than one thing at a time,” she said, recalling some of the cases she investigated at the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. “We make assumptions based on appearances. We like to put people in neat boxes even though the reality is far from black and white.”

GONZAGA: “THE RIGHT FIT” From the moment she arrived on campus, Korn knew she was meant to be at Gonzaga. She quickly fell in love with Spokane and the campus. She also was impressed with what she saw: Talented faculty devoted to their students and scholarship; students



Those who hired her were equally impressed.

As the group’s facilitator and moderator, Curran created a collegial and collaborative committee dedicated to finding someone with a vision for the law school. During the search, 30 other law schools across the country — including Boston College, University of San Diego and University of Oregon — also were seeking new deans. “There was a lot of competition going on,” Curran acknowledged. As they searched, the Gonzaga committee members composed a list of qualities that they wanted to see in a leader. “We wanted the dean applicant to enthusiastically accept and be guided by and implement the Law School mission statement,” Curran said. “We wanted the individual to have the virtues of wisdom, courage, prudence and justice. We wanted that person to have an excellent reputation as an experienced educator and administrator… We wanted commitment to alumni development, cultural diversity and equal opportunity… We wanted someone who has a real passionate commitment to student welfare.”

They also wanted to ensure that the new dean would share the following goals: a high bar passage rate; a job-placement program for graduates; strong ties to the staff and faculty, to the students and also to alumni and the broader community. Thirty-two people applied for the job at Gonzaga Law School. The search committee narrowed the pool to 11, all of whom were interviewed via videoconference. In the meantime, committee members spent numerous hours reviewing the applicants’ written materials and curriculum vitae, as well as talking to references and others from the applicants’ schools. Only six were invited to campus for three days of intense interviews with Gonzaga constituents that began at daybreak and ended after dinnertime. How did Korn stand out among this group of highly qualified applicants? “Contacting references supplied by Korn — and those the committee independently located — disclosed a sterling reputation without a professional blemish, and a passionate commitment to students,” Curran said. During her exit interview with the committee, Korn was asked what she learned about Gonzaga during her three days on campus. She told them how impressed she was with the quality of the faculty and students. She expressed concerns about the increasing cost of tuition everywhere and the need for law schools to address students’ struggle with high debt and finding work in an increasingly tight job market. Korn also thanked them for their questions and the conviviality with which she was received.

She knows how to strike a balance, Curran said. Korn has a warm approach but she isn’t afraid of confrontation, he said. Since Korn started her job in July, she already has met with lawyers in the community who hold the new dean in high esteem, according to Curran. She also has begun to establish relationships with people who have a special place in their hearts for Gonzaga and its Law School. “She has a very analytical mind, a great legal imagination and a very cordial and professional manner,” Curran said. “We felt that she would be a wonderful fit for Gonzaga.”

A HEART FOR COMMUNITY, AN EYE TOWARD THE FUTURE From the moment she arrived on campus this summer, Korn has hit the ground running. Before meeting one-on-one with each faculty member, she sent all of them an email asking them to list three things they love about the Law School and three things they’d rather see changed. Korn said she was looking for threads and themes to get a better idea of the work that needs to be accomplished. “I view this as collaboration,” she said. “The dean’s role is to make sure that there is process and that all the various voices are heard. I can make hard decisions when I need to but I am a believer in consensus and faculty governance.” In addition to developing relationships with the faculty, staff and students, Korn also shared a commitment to continue boosting Gonzaga’s profile nationwide. The Law School’s new curriculum is spectacular, but not enough people known about it, she said. “There’s a movement in legal education to incorporate skills training,” she said. “Gonzaga has already done that. This school was at the forefront. People who

graduate from Gonzaga have skills and the practitioners see the difference.” Korn expressed a commitment to diversity, especially as the school’s first female dean and also the first one who is Jewish. Is it a big deal to finally have a woman lead the Law School after nearly a century? Of course not, many would say. She certainly wasn’t chosen for the job because of her gender. But for others – especially the women and those who never thought they would actually go to law school but are now fulfilling their dreams – Korn’s hire is indeed significant. Her presence at the helm sends the message: “I did it. You can do it, too.” Korn herself doesn’t focus much on being the first female dean at Gonzaga, although acknowledges it is important in “a role-model sense,” she said. Instead, she has centered her attention on building upon the Law School’s foundation of excellent teaching and the University’s mission to serve others. After meeting with Korn for the first time, people come away with similar descriptions: She’s warm and caring. She asks a lot of questions. She listens with an open mind. She’s also well-rounded. In addition to spending time with her children, Korn’s hobbies include playing the piano, oil painting, cooking, reading fiction and spending time with her two dogs – Lucy, a Lab-shepherd mix and Bosley, a miniature poodle.

“I’m delighted to be here,” says Korn. “I look forward to becoming part of the larger Gonzaga family, both alumni and friends, and working together to continue the tradition of excellence.”

And like everything else in her life, Korn approaches her new role at Gonzaga with excitement, energy and humility. “I’m delighted to be here,” says Korn. “I look forward to becoming part of the larger Gonzaga family, both alumni and friends, and working together to continue the tradition of excellence.”



Stories of

100 Years

by Gary Randall

Charlie Flower

Photos courtesy of Gonzaga University Archives



Save-the-date Webster School


espite being a night school with many students holding full-time jobs, Gonzaga Law School was operating in a somewhat similar manner as when it opened for day classes in 1970 — the year it is considered as joining the ranks of mainstream law schools across the country. The first Gonzaga Law Review, for example, had already debuted. The first issue was published in 1966 with Charlie Flower as editor. The single issue price was $2. Flower, a Yakima attorney, recalls that the birth of the Law Review was not an easy one. Then full-time night students didn’t have much extra time on their hands. (As I recall my own experiences, such a task was indeed a major undertaking even as a student at a full-time day school. I was the first editor-in-chief of the University of Idaho Law Review that was published just two years prior.) Despite any obstacles, it was created and the first lead article was written by Eldon H. Reilly, then a faculty lecturer. A study by one Gonzaga head law librarian in later years concluded that a substantial number of law review articles cited by the Washington Supreme Court – in some years the majority – were from the Gonzaga Law Review. The clinical law program was “born” in 1972 by the Student Bar Association (with less than great enthusiasm by the Law School administration). At least one (anonymous) member of the Bar lodged a formal complaint that it was the unauthorized practice of law. Jerry Moberg, the Student Bar Association class president, persisted with the help of Judge Kathryn Mautz and Doug Lambert. After a formal hearing before the Washington State Bar Association and with some interest by a local KREM TV reporter, the Bar Association decided this was a very good idea and not a problem at all. The Gonzaga Student Bar Association won the National Award for Outstanding Student Bar Association the following spring. The law school shortly instigated its own formal clinical law program through Jeff Hartje and Mark Wilson. The program has flourished, provided practical education in an often impractical legal education system, and is one of the most important contributions by the Student Bar Association. Imagine, having students actually practice law rather than just read about it. Heresy. The Class Action Newspaper made its appearance in 1972. At first it was an “underground newspaper.” Now copies reside in the Rare Books Archive of the Crosby Law Library. They make great reading.

Gary Randall is a beloved former Gonzaga Law professor who taught Tax and Community Property classes for 30 years.

Centennial Celebration of Gonzaga Law: reserve your Anniversary book:

“Celebr ating Gonzaga School of Law The first 100 years”

FALL 2012 Fall Kickoff Speaker Author Scott Turow

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 Gonzaga University U.S. Supreme Court Swearing In

MARCH 4, 2013 WASHINGTON, D.C. All-Class Reunion and Centennial Gala


Reserve your anniversary book and receive the lastest information: Next time: The Tuition Strike, turmoil, the ABA visits – and even an exorcism. Wrong building though – the Music Building.



IN the NEWS Commissioner Joyce McCown Honored On April 15, 2011, Joyce McCown, commissioner for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, was awarded the 19th Annual Myra Bradwell Award. This award is named for the first female attorney in the United States. The award is presented each year by the Gonzaga Women’s Law Caucus to honor a Gonzaga Law School alumna who has worked to further women and children’s issues through the law. The Hon. Linda Tompkins was the keynote speaker and highlighted Commissioner McCown’s very successful career. Joyce McCown and Women’s Law Caucus

Judge Justin L. Quackenbush 2011 Lecture The Hon. Vaughn Walker, United States District judge (retired) presented the 2011 Judge Justin L. Quackenbush Lecture on April 21. Judge Walker’s speech was titled “Hauptmann’s Ghost,”a reference to Richard Hauptmann, who was convicted of kidnapping and killing the Lindbergh baby. Its subject is media in the courtroom, an issue of growing controversy in the federal courts. President George H.W. Bush nominated Judge Walker to the District Court for the Northern District of California, where he served from 1989 to 2010. He was appointed Chief Judge in 2004. The Honorable Vaughn Walker

The Justin L. Quackenbush Lecture Series is named in honor of the Hon. Justin L. Quackenbush, ’57, for his many outstanding contributions as a United States District Judge.

Retirement/Farewell Last spring we bid farewell to Professor Buck Sterling, Program Coordinator Pam Pschirrer and Professor Jim McCurdy. Staff, faculty, family and friends enjoyed a joyful lunch at McCarthey Athletic Center to honor them for their years of service at Gonzaga Law School. Buck Sterling, Pam Pschirrer, Jim McCurdy

Gonzaga School of Law Welcomes Kurt Meyer, Assistant Professor, Senior Reference Librarian Professor Kurt Meyer joins the Gonzaga Law community as the new Reference and Research Librarian for the Chastek Library. Meyer received his Bachelor of Arts degree from The Ohio State University. Kurt holds a Juris Doctor and a Master of Science in Library and Information Sciences, both from the University of Illinois.

Kurt Meyer

Before joining the Gonzaga University School of Law faculty in 2011, Kurt Meyer was a Research Librarian at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Law. Professor Meyer is currently a member of the American Association of Law Libraries and WestPac. He has published articles in the Law Library Association of Maryland News, and wrote a book review on Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools.



Inga Laurent appointed to American Association of Law Schools

Inga Laurent

Inga Laurent, director of Externship and assistant professor of law, was recently appointed to the American Association of Law Schools Clinical Section’s Membership, Outreach, and Training Committee. Professor Laurent joined the Gonzaga Law School faculty in July 2010. Before Gonzaga, Laurent served as manager of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law where part of her job was administering Cleveland-Marshall’s externship program.

Gonzaga Law Professor Linda J. Rusch Begins Term as Chair of ABA Business Law Section Professor Linda J. Rusch, co-director of the Commercial Law Center, has begun a one-year term as chair of the American Bar Association Section of Business Law, concluding in August 2012. Rusch has been involved in the revision of the Uniform Commercial Code. From 1996 to 1999, she served as associate reporter for the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the American Law Institute Drafting Professor Linda J. Rusch Committee to Revise Article 2 of the UCC. From 2000 to 2003, she served as a co-reporter for and member of the NCCUSL-ALI Drafting Committee to revise UCC Article 7. She currently serves as a member of the Permanent Editorial Board of the UCC. Aside from her various leadership roles with the ABA and Business Law Section, Rusch is actively involved in many national and local bar groups. She is past president of the American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers and a member of the American Law Institute and the American College of Bankruptcy.

Registrar Robbie McMillian

Gonzaga School of Law Welcomes Registrar Robbie McMillian Robbie McMillian has worked at Gonzaga Law School since 2005 and was recently promoted to Registrar. She started at GU as a faculty assistant and was promoted to Program Coordinator for the Externship Program and the Institute for Law School Teaching and Learning. As a Program Coordinator, McMillian worked closely with the Externship Program Director to adjust the curriculum for both the new graduation requirement and an expanded credits option. She also helped Professor Gerry Hess organize two national conferences for the Institute of Law School Teaching and Learning and coordinated a visit to Gonzaga for Chilean law professors. McMillian graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in American Studies, History Emphasis, and a minor in Political Science.

Rusch has published numerous articles and books on the Uniform Commercial Code and bankruptcy, and she is a frequent lecturer on those topics. Rusch received her bachelor’s degree from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, S.D., and her law degree from the University of Iowa. With nearly 400,000 members, the American Bar Association is the world’s largest voluntary professional membership organization. As the national voice of the legal profession, the ABA works to improve the administration of justice, promotes programs that assist lawyers and judges in their work, accredits law schools, provides continuing legal education, and works to build public understanding around the world of the importance of the rule of law. With nearly 60,000 members, the ABA Section of Business Law is one of the association’s largest sections. It provides business lawyers with education and analysis that furthers the development and improvement of business law, and it helps its members serve their clients competently, efficiently and professionally.



I N the NE WS Red Mass Vice President for Mission Frank E. Case, S.J., presided at the 2011 Red Mass in September at St. Aloysius Church on the Gonzaga University campus. The Red Mass is an occasion of prayerful petition and thanksgiving for all members of the legal profession, regardless of religious affiliation.

Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, Justice Mary Fairhurst, Justice Debra Stephens , President McCulloh

Homilist for the service was Stephen Kuder, S.J., Rector of the Gonzaga Jesuit Community. Va Lena Curran, ’58, was the cantor. The 2011 Distinguished Judicial Service Awards were presented to Washington State Supreme Court Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, ’77, Justice Mary Fairhurst, ’84, and Justice Debra Stephens, ’93, by Dean Jane Korn. The 2011-2012 Washington Judges Foundation Lawless Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Catherine Kardong by The Hon. Maryann Moreno, ’83, at the reception following Mass.

Race and Criminal Justice in the West Gonzaga University School of Law hosted more than 150 participants at the Race and Criminal Justice in the West Conference on Sept. 23 and 24, 2011. The conference examined the topic of race and the criminal justice system in the Western states. The Hon. Barbara Madsen, chief justice of the Washington State Supreme Court delivered the keynote address. The conference explored the role of bias, both conscious and unconscious in the justice system. More than 60 scholars, practicing lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officers presented. The conference was supported by Gonzaga University School of Law, Washington State Association for Justice, Washington State Bar Association, Access to Justice Board, Asian Bar Association, GLBT Bar Association of Washington, Korean American Bar Association of Washington, Loren Miller Bar Association, Vietnamese American Bar Association of Washington. Women Lawyers and the Latino Bar Association of Washington. Professor Jason Gillmer, the John J. Hemmingson Chair in Civil Liberties along with The Task Force on Race and the Criminal Justice System, organized the conference.

Share your


Gonzaga University School of Law celebrates 100 years of legal education in 2012! We would love for you to share photos and stories with us that bring the vitality and lore of the Law School to life over the past century. Please submit your memories for our 100-year celebration. E-mail your photos and stories to: Or mail them to: Alumni Relations Gonzaga Law School PO Box 3528 Spokane, WA 99220-3528


All photos will be scanned and returned to sender, upon request. GONZAGA LAWYER

Helping Those Who Have Served Us Two Law School Grads Impact the Community with a Commitment to Public Service For Vance Peterson (B.A.’75 & J.D.’82) and Fred Aronow (B.A. ‘67& J.D. ‘81), the opportunity to start the Spokane County Veterans Court was one that could not be missed. The combination of Peterson, a retired Army Special Forces officer and the current presiding judge for Spokane District Court, and Aronow, a retired Superior Court commissioner and Army colonel (ret), has proven to be powerful when it comes to helping our local veterans. Aronow also serves as the pro tem judge for the Veterans Court and is the director of the nonprofit Spokane Veterans Forum. Additionally, Peterson serves as chief judge of the court.

Fred Aronow and a local veteran

The Veterans Court, originally created by Judge Robert Russell of New York, has become one of the top alternative and therapeutic treatment option models in the system. The Spokane court, established in September of 2010, graduated its first class in August 2011. According to Peterson, the court has approximately 65 open files and hopes to graduate up to five veterans each month. When asked why they wanted to get involved and oversee this new court, Peterson said, “As a Judge I started noticing more and more young people appearing in front of me who were charged with offenses

“The system had to look at an alternative way to hold them accountable and ensure that, with proper treatment, they would not re-offend.” and yet did not have any criminal history. The common thread was the fact that they were veterans of the most recent wars and I realized that the conventional court system would not be able to properly address the issues that these folks faced.” The Veterans Court is unique in that it balances a therapeutic approach of rehabilitation with a process of accountability. According to Peterson: “The system had to look at an alternative way to hold them accountable and ensure that, with proper treatment, they would not re-offend.” Aronow echoed many of the same statements, “As a Vietnam vet, attorney and judge, seeing the opportunity to participate in a true therapeutic court process to help vets who are charged with offenses such as DUI or DV related matters was instantly compelling and has become a labor of love.”

Vance Peterson (left) and Fred Aronow (right)

According to Aronow and Peterson, the most important thing for the legal and general community to know about the Spokane County Veterans Court and it’s closest partner, the Spokane Veterans Forum, is that they are available now for those veterans who have been charged with a Continued on page 14 GONZAGA LAWYER


I N the NE WS misdemeanor or criminal traffic offense, or occasionally a low-level felony pled down to a misdemeanor. Once the offender has been confirmed by the VA as a veteran and has a diagnosis of PTSD or TBI, the Veterans Court team consisting of the judge, probation department, prosecutor, public defender or private lawyer will see the veteran through the justice process. The typical resolution of an offense is usually through a probation period of two years during which time the vet participates in appropriate therapeutic services such as alcohol treatment and counseling, therapy for PTSD and/or TBI and attends a variety of informational and therapeutic presentations conducted by the Spokane Veterans Forum. The forum provides each vet with a veteran gender-appropriate mentor, who helps the vet through the process. The veteran’s 24-month probation period can be reduced by a month for every monthly Forum he/she attends, and normally will “graduate” from the program in 12 months. The Forum, a separate nonprofit entity, depends on donations and volunteers to perform its critical mission on behalf of the vets. The Forum is the heart of the Veterans Court program and is serviced by dozens of community partners, many of whose representatives at the forum sessions are veterans themselves. It meets monthly and the vets, service providers and mentors share a meal provided by the forum prior to the

“I am a two-time GU grad, and was imprinted by the Jesuit message of local, community, and/or national service...”

Gonzaga Law School is proud of Aronow and Peterson for their commitment to public service and for helping those in need. For more information regarding the Veterans Court, please contact: Vance Peterson For the Veterans Forum please contact: Fred Aronow



start of the training sessions. For many of the vets, it is the first time they have had the chance to be with and around other vets. Institutions such as (but not limited to) Gonzaga University, Goodwill Industries, state Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and the Northwest Justice Project all participate in the program. When asked about the effectiveness of the program, Peterson says, “Overall, we have a very low recidivism rate. I want the community to know that this court significantly reduces the chance of recidivism among this group of offenders. In fact, in conjunction with the Veterans Forum, the court experience can put them in a position to better themselves and thereby make the community a better place.” For both Aronow and Peterson, their commitment to public service and the desire to serve at the highest level was in part inspired by their time spent at Gonzaga Law School. Aronow, who is also the current Ambassador to Washington for the Chief of the U.S. Army Reserves in the Pentagon, stated, “I am a two-time GU grad, and was imprinted by the Jesuit message of local, community, and/or national service, and have been continuously in such service since 1967. The Law School carried the same message and provided me with the skills of understanding the legal process and issue identification and analysis.” Peterson has the same fondness for the values he took away from the Law School, “I entered law school fresh out of my first tour with the Army and promptly linked up with a number of other veterans who were starting their first year as well. That association, filtered through the Law School’s faculty and administration, raised my awareness of the plight of the disadvantaged and how the system should be able to help those less fortunate while still holding them accountable in a criminal justice situation.”

Study Abroad Programs Professor Acharya leads students in China, Florence Between May 30 and July 9, 2011, a group of 11 2L and 3L Gonzaga Law students traveled to and within China as part of a new study abroad program in conjunction with the law schools at the University of Montana and the University of South Dakota. Each university provided a professor to teach in the program with Professor Upendra Acharya representing Gonzaga Law School. Although Gonzaga students have long had the opportunity to spend the summer studying in Florence, Italy, this marks the first time that they have had the chance to study abroad as part of a Gonzaga-sponsored program in China. “Sending students to China is a challenging cultural endeavor, very different from sending someone to England or Germany,” said Professor George Critchlow, who spearheaded the study abroad program while serving as interim dean during the 2010-11 school year. The program is also unique as an example of study abroad programs in China offered by other American law schools.

Unique program has students traveling among venues “So far as I know, ours is the only type of program where students move to different venues,” he said. “It’s attractive to a certain kind of student who wants a variety of geographical and cultural experiences.” Critchlow also directed the Gonzaga in Florence Summer Law Program this past summer, after which he spent a week in China reviewing the new program. The 35 participating students from the three law schools began with 14 days at the Law School of the China Youth University for Political Sciences in Beijing, where they took two one-week courses on the Chinese legal system and comparative law. “After completing those two intensive courses, they got on an airplane and flew to a city named Guiyang, which is more of a rural setting off the beaten path,” explained Critchlow. “You don’t see too many Western tourists there.”

Professor Upendra Acharya

Travel by bus to Chongquing, the largest city in the world Following two weeks and two courses in business law and negotiations at the Guizhou University of Finance and Economics in Guiyang, the students traveled by bus to Chongqing. It is the largest city in the world, with a population that sources put between 29 and 32 million. For the past three years, the Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL) in Chongqing has sent a delegation of Chinese students to study at Gonzaga Law. This was the first time SWUPL has hosted Gonzaga Law students, who took courses in trade and environmental law alongside the other study abroad participants. While there, the students also took a three-day boat trip up the Yangtze River to visit the Three Gorges Dam to learn about its economic and environmental impacts firsthand.

Participation by Chinese exposes GU students to new perspectives Another noteworthy twist on the conventional study abroad program was the inclusion of Chinese students and co-teachers in the classrooms. This exposed the American students to different ideologies and methodologies. “Students were very pleased to have this experience,” said Critchlow. “They were exhausted, but you could tell that for many of them it was a life-changing experience. They had really bonded as a group and they got a lot out of this.” Based on the preliminary student feedback, he said it is all the more apparent that China presents a meaningful foreign study opportunity for law students and could be a significant ongoing complement to the Florentine study abroad program. “This is an example of the Law School making sure that it’s being responsive in a very progressive way to modern, global educational needs that are relevant to students and their career opportunities,” he said. “China’s going to be the superpower that counts. We’ve got to have lawyers that can work with them. And our students know that.”

Professor Upendra Acharya with fellow professors in China



Changes in the Gonzaga Neighborhood by E.J. Ianelli


n Hamilton Street, two longtime Gonzaga student haunts have come into new ownership, and a new retail space stands on the former site of a popular pizzeria.

“It was an opportunity to meet with people,” he said. “We shared good conversation, both about the law and other topics, which in turn helped created relationships and build rapport.”

Many Gonzaga alumni have fond memories of The Bulldog, which changed hands this past August. “The Bulldog” name leaves with the previous owners. A new establishment will be opening soon.

Nearby, the Italian restaurant known as Geno’s has been completely renovated to accommodate a new lounge, an outdoor seating area, and classic circus-themed décor.

For sixty-five years, the tavern has been a regular gathering spot for many — before and after GU sporting events, following an exam, or simply to meet friends. Countless Zags have stopped by for a free pitcher of beer on their 21st birthday.

Its new owner, William Webster, also runs Zola, a hip downtown bar and restaurant with food that gets rave reviews. His newest venture will still dish up Italian fare, but with more cosmopolitan influences.

Gonzaga law school alumnus and Anchorage-based public policy attorney Bob Evans (’79) fondly recalls visiting with classmates and faculty at the conveniently located hangout.

Just two blocks to the south, a multitenant retail space called Clementine Square is being erected on the spot where David’s Pizza once stood. Instead of squeezing into a smaller location in

the new building, David’s Pizza owner Mark Starr opted to move his business elsewhere. Although many Gonzaga students were unhappy to see David’s leave the immediate area after 14 years, the new retail space promises to pack more variety onto the same property. It will be home to several restaurants including Noodle Works and regionally based Bruchi’s Cheesesteaks & Subs. There are also plans for a frozen yogurt vendor and a small pizza joint. Clementine Square should be open for business by the start of 2012.

Geno’s has been completely renovated to accommodate a new lounge, an outdoor seating area, and classic circus-themed décor.



CLINIC NEWS by Stephen Faust

by Linda McLan

Students, Colleagues and Friends Mourn the Loss of Mike Chappell


ike Chappell, Gonzaga Environmental Law Clinic director and Spokane Riverkeeper representative, passed away suddenly while golfing Sept. 11. He is survived by his wife and two young children, as well as a school and community still reeling from his untimely death. Chappell, 44, and his family moved to Spokane from San Francisco in 2009 after an environmental project brainstorm with local water and University representatives during a Spokane business trip, according to a 2009 article by the Spokane Center for Justice. In making the transition, Chappell became entrenched in the politics of Spokane River protection through both educational and nonprofit sectors.    Apart from his part-time position at Gonzaga, Chappell worked with Spokane Riverkeeper, a national advocacy group he brought to Spokane with lawyer Rick Eichstaedt, who admired Chappell’s ability to use his intelligence and social skills to push hard in adversarial circumstances and yet, also build consensus and shape agreements. Gonzaga Law held a memorial service for Chappell shortly after his death. The attendance of nearly 200 mourners attested to the enormity of his impact on Gonzaga and the Spokane community. “The guy just moved to town two years ago; people came out of the woodwork. He had vested himself in the community in a way that was well-received,” said Gonzaga Law professor George Critchlow. Indeed, the void left by Chappell’s untimely death cannot hope to be filled by one professor alone. His students predict that multiple experts will step in to compensate for his absence. “It is a very popular program. He was a very popular teacher and students loved him,” Critchlow said. “He and the students were doing a lot of good

work in the community that focused on clear-river issues. He was an experienced environmental lawyer having come from doing water work with a nonprofit law firm in San Francisco. [It has been a] painful and hard transition. It’s a huge loss.” Derek Leuzzi, a third-year grad student who worked under Chappell, lost a teacher, mentor and friend. “I came to school at 8:30 that morning to go work in the clinic,” said Leuzzi, who then was told of Chappell’s death. “We’re all still feeling the effects of him leaving. We’ve always worked with him as students. He was also our friend, mentor - he taught us everything. We worked with him every day in very direct ways.”

“He was a very popular teacher and students loved him. He and the students were doing a lot of good work in the community that focused on clear-river issues.” Chappell created an environmental program through focusing on the convenient adjacency of the Spokane River. This year, the clinic received a $10,000 grant from a Seattle endowment to help prevent stormwater from polluting the river. The grant policies would create hands-on education —from legal casework for eight Gonzaga Law School interns to water testing by Spokane Falls Community College students. “He pretty much started the Environmental Law Clinic. He came into town and pretty much blew it away, as far as environmentalism [was concerned]. They had a little Environmental Law Clinic, but it was a very substantial [change]. When we think about the Environmental Law

Mike Chappell 1967-2011

Clinic now, it’s pretty much what it’s been since Mike’s been in charge,” Leuzzi said. “He brought in a lot of really good suits and activism. I personally believe that Spokane had a real revolution of environmental activism after Mike came in to town. They discovered a need for Mike, and he really responded to that.” Though Chappell is no longer physically present in the community, his foundation of local environmental and educational pursuits will pave the way for future endeavors, according to Critchlow, who noted that Chappell was in the peak of life. “The thing that was so sad, among other things, is that his life was unfolding,” Critchlow said. He was doing exactly what he wanted. He wanted to be an environmental lawyer, he wanted opportunities to make contributions to the community, he wanted to teach, he wanted to work with students and inspire them to work on environmental issues. He wanted to have a life where he had time with his wife and kids. It was all happening for him in such a positive way. And now it’s not. It makes you reflect on life. It’s a huge loss for someone like him to die so young, because there is so much ahead.” Professor Larry Weiser, director of the Clinic hopes to continue the Environmental Law Clinic in the same spirit and professionalism that Chappell brought to the Law School and to the Spokane community. GONZAGA LAWYER


student news

SUM M ATIONS Commencement

MAY 2011 Gonzaga Law School celebrated commencement May 14, 2011, at GU’s McCarthey Athletic Center where 145students received diplomas and hoods. King County Superior Court Judge Steve González gave the commencement address. He celebrated the students’ accomplishments and encouraged them to uphold the honor and dignity of the legal profession. He also expressed his belief to provide access to justice to all.

During the ceremony, Adjunct Professor Milt Rowland was the faculty speaker. Chelsey Mam received the Dean’s Academic Achievement Award and Brett Stetzner gave the response from the Class of 2011. J. Richard Manning,’60, was awarded the Gonzaga Law Medal in recognition of his accomplishments and contributions to the legal profession.

The Hon. Judge Steve Gonzáles

J. Richard Manning







ne ws

2011 Linden Cup Winners and Heidelberg Second-year students, Ryan Adlesh and Drew Woellert, were named winners of the 2011 Linden Cup competition. The Linden Cup, established in 1935, is named for James Linden, S.J., who for more than 30 years was a beloved regent and instructor at Gonzaga Law School. Ryan Adlesh and Drew Woellert

During the two weeks of competition, participants are judged on the quality of their oral presentations, their ability to effectively answer questions, and their knowledge of the factual record and case law. The early competition rounds are judged by faculty, local attorneys, and District and Superior Court judges. Accompanying Linden Cup is the Heidelberg celebration, which serves as the annual shareholder meeting of the Gonzaga Student Bar Association. Achievements inside and outside the classroom are celebrated, including the year’s Linden Cup and Moot Court competitions, and students who served in leadership capacities throughout the year are recognized.

Heidelberg Celebration at The Davenport Hotel

Washington State Bar Exam Celebration On July 28, 2011, faculty, staff and administrators greeted Washington State Bar exam takers in both Spokane and Seattle, and welcomed them into the Gonzaga Law Alumni Association. Congrats!

WSBA IP Reception at K&L Gates The WSBA IP Section recently hosted a reception at K&L Gates in Spokane for students, alumni and members of the local bar. Archie Hoggan and Lori Mallari were honored as the recipients of the 2011-2012 IP Section Scholarship. From left to right: Asst. Professor Chris Lynch, Assoc. Dean Vickie Williams, Mark Lorbiecki

of the IP Section, Archie Hoggan, Lori Mallari and David Powers IP Section Chair



S UM M AT ION S s t u de n t n e w s

Mission Possible Trip Mission Possible spent the entire school year doing more fundraising than ever to help make the group trip to Honduras possible. Students held taco sales, a pub crawl, a kickball tournament, and then even more taco sales. It was all worth it when they pulled into Lapaera. During the week, the group was able to paint two schools and buy backpacks for all of the students at the second school. While in the small town of Ocotillo, they painted the entire school inside and out. The muchneeded facelift brought smiles to all of the students and teachers. As a thank you, the children treated the law students to an afternoon of performances including singing, dancing and acting. After the show, they shared a lunch of authentic Honduran food. The students ended their time in Honduras with a trip to Copan where they split off into groups, touring the ruins, zip lining, and visiting Macaw Mountain. Every year, it is a gift for the members of Mission Possible to spend spring break helping outside communities. In the past few years in Lapaera, law students have been able to make lasting impacts through their hard work and the generous donations from the Gonzaga community. Thank you.

Orientation Service Project Twenty five 1Ls joined Gonzaga Law faculty and staff for the annual Orientation Service Project, sponsored by the Center for Law in Public Service (CLIPS). Volunteers spent an afternoon painting, cleaning, and improving the grounds at St. Joseph Family Center, a nonprofit counseling and retreat center located near the Law School.

Extern Andres Moses Andres Moses, was honored and given a special commendation from Andy Hafen, the Mayor of Henderson, Nev., for the work he has accomplished on the Carmel water litigation case. After all was said and done, between Andres and another extern, the students saved the city of Henderson more than $22,000 in litigation fees; the students worked through some dense discovery, which the city would have had to refer out to private counsel. Our students truly have some amazing experiences as externs, and this is just one fine example. Congratulations Andres! Mayor Andy Hafen & Andres Moses



S UM M AT ION S s t u de n t n e w s

Gonzaga University School of Law pleased to welcome the Class of 2014 The 176 students who matriculated this year emerged from an extremely competitive applicant pool of 1,389, according to Director of Admissions Susan Lee. “Most notably, the number of female matriculants grew 11 percent,” Lee said, noting, “women comprise 51 percent of our incoming class. We continue to be committed to an ethnically diverse class. This year, underrepresented minorities represent 9 percent of our incoming class.” Gonzaga Law’s matriculants have strong academic credentials. Their median undergraduate grade performance is 3.33, and the median LSAT score remains a strong 155. GU’s new 1Ls earned degrees from 84 different postsecondary institutions, including Boston College, University of Wisconsin, Bowling Green, and Carroll College. Out-of-state students represent 59 percent of the incoming class, hailing from 29 states, including the state of Washington, Michigan, South Carolina, New Mexico, as well as from the Canadian province of British Columbia.



















“As our incoming students embark on their first year of law school, we have much to enjoy and look forward to, as it is certain they will continue to achieve and contribute to our communities,” Lee said.








3.51 22




3.33 3.15

CLIPS Debuts at Gonzaga Law

Center for Law in Public Service educates students; joins first-of-kind state advocacy effort by Ailey Kato and Owen Mooney

Program brings new opportunities for law students and formalizes the already existing mission to be in service to others.

The CLIPS mission statement: “To support the aspirations of students who study law in order to use their knowledge and skills for public service, whether they wish to make a full-time practice of public service law or promote the public good through part-time, pro bono legal work.” To some, this might be news that Gonzaga did not already have an overarching program focused on public service law. After all, as a Jesuit institution, Gonzaga always has been committed to educating the whole person to serve the public good. Indeed, because social justice permeates so much of the work of the law school, for many years there seemed to be no need to formalize its myriad efforts. Now, however, taking these steps to formally create the Center for Law in Public Service has brought new opportunities that aim to advance the interests and education of students who plan to apply their legal education for public service. CLIPS is facilitating Gonzaga’s participation in the statewide Moderate Means Program, in which law students will volunteer to help provide access to justice to those whose income is sufficient to disqualify them for legal aid, but not enough to allow them to retain an attorney at market rates. The program is a collaborative venture between the Washington State Bar Association and

Washington’s three law schools. It is the first program in the nation to partner with law schools to provide access to justice in this manner. CLIPS assistant Director and Staff Attorney, Laurie Powers recently joined Gonzaga to oversee the operation of the WSBA Moderate Means Program and help direct other CLIPS programs. Powers recruits, trains and supervises law student volunteers who handle client intake, case assessment, and referral to private attorneys for reduced-fee representation. The program focuses on the highest legal needs for low and moderate income Washingtonians in cases of family, housing and consumer law. From June through September, Gonzaga students already processed 109 requests for assistance, performed 72 intake interviews, and referred 46 clients to local lawyers. As of fall 2011, 19 Gonzaga students have volunteered their time to the Moderate Means Program, including undergoing training on how to interview clients and on substantive areas of law. The program allows law students an opportunity to sharpen their legal skills in working with lower-income clients. As one student volunteer said, “having real facts, emotions, timelines and clients has been more beneficial to my legal education than any hypothetical taught in a class.”

Another student volunteer remarked that her participation in the Moderate Means Program “tangibly reminded me that it is both my duty and privilege to legally advocate for those in need, not just those who can afford it.” CLIPS also has been instrumental in launching the Public Service Brown Bag & Justice (PBJ) Forum. PBJ is a weekly discussion for the entire Law School community on current social and legal justice issues. Speakers include members of the local bar, the judiciary, civic leaders, social activists, law students, staff and faculty. The law student Alliance for Social Justice co-sponsors the PBJ forum, held most Mondays at noon. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are, indeed, available at all PBJ events. While CLIPS is serving as a support structure for new programs to help students reach their goals of using law for public service, some of the initiatives under the auspices of CLIPS were in place long before the official start. For example, the Thomas More Scholarship Program, initiated in 1980, now fits under the CLIPS mantle. As well, Thomas More students are reaping the benefits by being able to rely on Powers growing expertise on crafting fellowship applications.

Please visit the new CLIPS website to keep updated on our efforts.



student scholarships and awards

Danielle Purcell and Dean Jane Korn

Chelsey Mam and Professor George Critchlow

Purcell Awarded Scholarship from American College of Trial Lawyers

Mam Receives Morey-Maurice Award

Danielle Purcell received her bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from the University of West Florida in Pensacola. A third-year law student, Purcell, is interested in practicing criminal defense law and was drawn to Gonzaga because of close family ties in the area as well as Gonzaga’s solid reputation. Before law school, Purcell spent time as a paralegal and knew that she wanted to go to law school, with the hopes of “making a difference for people.”

Chelsey Mam was named the 11th recipient of the MoreyMaurice Award for Service & Leadership. The award is presented annually to a graduating GU law student who has made an extraordinary contribution of both service and leadership while attending Gonzaga University School of Law.

Anthony Martinez and Dean Jane Korn

Catherine Kardong, The Hon. Maryann Moreno and Dean Jane Korn

Kardong Receives 2011-2012 Lawless Scholarship Catherine Kardong, a second-year law student, received the 2011-2012 Lawless Scholarship, funded by the Washington Judges Foundation. It is awarded each year to the student who completed their first year as the top-ranked student. The Hon. Maryann Moreno (’83), Presiding Judge of the Spokane County Superior Court, presented the award to Kardong.



Martinez Awarded Stokes Lawrence Diversity Scholarship Funded by the Stokes Lawrence Law Firm, this scholarship is awarded each year to a Gonzaga student who is committed to diversity. This year’s award recipient, Anthony Martinez stated that, “The Stokes Lawrence Scholarship illustrates that there are numerous ways to accomplish one’s goals. Many individuals face some serious hurdles due to their diversity. Stokes Lawrence helps to minimize those hurdles and allows individuals, like myself, to accomplish the goals that at one time appeared to be highly out of reach.” This second-year law student has spent the past decade in Spokane and hopes to pursue a career in criminal prosecution, continuing his commitment to public service.


Schol a r ship

Fighting the Good Fight – An Advocate for the Common Man The John R. Clark Loan Repayment Assistance Program Each year, approximately 150 students graduate with their J.D.s from Gonzaga Law School. Gonzaga Law has always been focused on preparing students to enter into the practice of law with passion and a true love for the law itself. John Clark, class of 1980, was one of those very students. He not only had a great experience as a student, but also spent the next 30 years as one of the most successful and well-respected defense attorneys in the Spokane area. John Clark passed away Oct. 8, 2010, leaving a legacy that will be hard to match. “He loved law school – the classes, the intellectual challenges, the quick wit and humor of law students and The Bulldog Tavern on Thursday nights. He thought everybody should go to law school, and was always trying to talk people into going. He had so much fun in school he couldn’t understand why all these other people weren’t interested,” said Superior Court Judge and 1982 Gonzaga Law graduate Ellen Clark, John’s wife of 30 years. For John, who was originally from Webster Groves, Mo., the journey began as a youngster when he would watch the television show “Perry Mason.” “John liked to be the one who rescued people. He enjoyed helping others from a young age,” said Ellen. Ellen also remembered a story about a run-in John had with a judge when he was 15 or 16. He was told he could not get his driver’s license until he was 18. “When he found out that wasn’t true, he decided someone needed to stand up for people – like him – in court,” said Ellen. John became interested in Gonzaga while studying accounting as an undergraduate at the University of Missouri. He read an article written by legendary Gonzaga Law Professor Gary Randall. John attended night school while working during the day. As John grew closer to graduation, he realized that he wanted to practice criminal defense work. “His desire to help people and to protect their rights against the government drove him for many, many years. He truly believed that the government, when attempting to convict people, should be held to the standards set in the Constitution,” said Ellen. This passion and belief guided John and he became known as one of Spokane’s go-to guys when it came to top rated criminal defense work. He was known not only for his work ethic, but also his compassion. “He thought every person deserved a second chance, or third, or fourth, or however many it took for them to straighten up,” said Ellen. “As a lawyer, he could help them get those extra chances and turn their lives around. He also loved the intellectual challenge– always trying to outsmart the other side.” One of John’s most memorable cases was known as the “Spokane 17.” John was part

of a group of attorneys who represented, pro bono, protesters who were arrested on July 4, 2007, as they demonstrated in Riverfront Park. In addition to John’s intellectual prowess, his compassionate side always shone through. He truly believed in the Jesuit philosophy of giving back to society, and practiced this very concept throughout his career. Often he would provide legal services, and car repairs, to those who could not afford his fee – in exchange for a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Away from the courtroom, John was known as a great father and husband. His passion for his children was second to none. He worked hard to make sure he and Ellen raised their children to be tough and independent. In addition to his family life, John had many other hobbies including collecting firearms, racing cars, hunting, fishing and steam engines. Clark’s mark on society and Spokane, in particular, is evident. His passion and love of the law were legendary. His belief that everyone deserved a second chance and solid legal representation were unheralded. John spent his entire career practicing with fellow Gonzaga grads Robert Crary (’80), Jim Domanico (’81) and more recently Dean Chuang (’06). In honor of John’s commitment to the profession and his support of the law school over the years, family and friends have established the John R. Clark Loan Repayment Assistance Program. The endowment will be set up to provide loan repayment assistance relief each year to a select number of Gonzaga Law School graduates who have the same passion for the law and are working as public defenders. “John believed members of the bar have a responsibility to assist, teach and mentor young attorneys. He encouraged many law students to go into criminal law, and he believed in the need for strong public defender offices. He was very grateful to Gonzaga for accepting him and bringing him to Spokane where he was able to have a very successful life and career. He would love to be able to help newer graduates financially so they could fight the good fight without having to worry about debt payments,” said Ellen. Gonzaga University School of Law is thankful to John and Ellen Clark for their combined contributions to the community and the legal profession. If you are interested in donating to, or supporting the John R. Clark Loan Repayment Assistance endowment, please contact Jeff Geldien at or 509.313.6121.



class action Victoria Vreeland


James Lockett


Gary Steiner retired from the Pierce County Superior Court bench in February. One of his most recognized achievements was co-founding Pierce County’s Drug Court in 1994, the 23rd drug court in the nation. Some 1,400 individuals have graduated from the program.


Johnathan Steeler

The Washington State Bar Association announced Vernon W. Harkins as governor for District 6. He was sworn in for a three-year term at the WSBA Annual Awards Banquet and Business Meeting. Harkins also is a member of the Washington State Association for Justice, American Bar Association, American Association for Justice, and American Board of Trial Advocates.

1976 Vernon Harkins

Victoria Vreeland opened the Vreeland Law PLLC office in Bellevue, Wash. The firm specializes in employment, discrimination, personal injury, consumer protection, sexual harassment and commercial torts.

1978 Jack Nevin’s article entitled, “Conviction, Confrontation, and Crawford: Gang Expert Testimony as Testimonial Hearsay,” was published in Volume 34 of the Seattle University Law Review.

Paul Mack

Retired from the Army Reserve in 2010, Nevin led a group of military lawyers to the North Central African country of Chad in June 2011. This was his sixth mission. He taught government leaders how to prosecute government corruption, including training on prosecution, and how to assemble a multi-agency task force and then conduct investigations.

Rick White

Jack Nevin


Jonathan H. Steeler joined the law firm of Ryley Carlock & Applewhite. He will continue his practice in corporate, securities, tax, estate planning, intellectual property, real estate, environmental and litigation law.


Nancy Isserlis

Jim Fausone

1980 James Lockett recently accepted a position as Chief of Party, ASEAN-U.S., Technical Assistance and Training Facility at Nathan and Associates in Jakarta, Indonesia. Lockett also has accepted a position as a visiting lecturer at the University of Indonesia Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Law of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. He has also authored various articles for a number of legal publications ­­­­— including the Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business — and is a frequent speaker at a variety of international conferences. He received his LL.M. from the University of London in 1983 and has completed post graduate studies at Oxford University. Judge Rick White (retired) announced his availability for mediation. Judge White was in private practice for 10 years and then served on the District Court for more than 20 years. Judge White is also an adjunct professor at Gonzaga Law School teaching Community Property and the Community Property and Family Law sections of the Washington Practice courses. The Washington State Bar Association announced Fifth District Governor Nancy Isserlis as WSBA treasurer for 2011-12. As treasurer, she will serve as chair of the WSBA Budget and Audit Committee. She continues her practice with Winston & Cashatt. Her practice focuses on bankruptcy and commercial law issues.


‘80 ‘81

Attorney Paul Mack received a Local Hero Award from the Washington State Bar Association for dedication to pro bono work. Mack owns his law practice in Spokane Wa. Jim Fausone of Fausone Bohn, LLP in Northville, Mich., has been appointed to the Detroit Board of Water Commissioners, which oversees DWSD’s delivery of water and sewage services to the businesses and 4 million residents of southeast Michigan.

Stephanie Joannides

Terry Kelly

Alexander Laughlin

Charles Grinnell

Meghan Clark

Rachelle Anderson

Paul Kardish

Charles Grinnell was awarded the Judge Advocate Association 2011 Career Army Reserve Judge Advocate Award by Lt. Gen. Dana Chipman at the Judge Advocate Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C. The award certificate noted that LTC Grinnell had served in numerous senior leadership positions in both Iraq and in the United States. He has served four tours of duty in Iraq. He is currently the acting commander of the 7th Legal Support Organization.

Jennifer Illestine

Mary Fairhurst



The Hon. Stephanie Joannides retired after 18 years serving as a judge on the Anchorage Superior Court. Judge Joannides will continue to serve pro tem on occasion and will be available for mediations.

1984 Terry Kelly has been named partner at Lee & Hayes, PLLC. He has more than 25 years experience in practicing corporate and tax law in Spokane. The Washington State Bar Association announced that Washington Supreme Court Justice Mary Fairhurst is the 2011 recipient of the WSBA Award of Merit. The Award of Merit is the WSBA’s highest honor, most often given for long-term service to the Bar or the public, although it has also been presented in recognition of a single, extraordinary contribution or project. It is awarded to individuals only – both lawyers and non-lawyers.

1985 The 2011 edition of “Chambers USA: Leading Lawyers for Business” recognized Wiley Rein’s Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring Practice as being among the best in Washington, D.C., and singled out partner Alexander M. Laughlin as a “Leading Lawyer” in the field.

Paul Kardish was promoted to Kohler Co.’s director of labor relations and corporate security. He leads the labor relations functions on employment law matters, coaches and guides on labor management issues, and advises each business on security situations.


Rachelle Anderson has been named a court commissioner of the Spokane County Superior Court. She presides over family law motions and juvenile dependency cases.

1998 Meghan Clark joined Ventura County-based law firm, Ferguson Case Orr Paterson, LLP, as partner. Clark also serves clients as general counsel and as an expert on equine-related issues. She is a Ventura County native and competitive horse rider since childhood. She handled criminal and civil appeals and civil litigation matters, including business litigation, employment litigation, intellectual property, trust and probate cases, and construction defect. She also serves on the board of counselors for California Lutheran University and is the vice chair of the East Ventura County Employer’s Advisory Council. Jennifer M. Ilenstine is senior counsel in Fulbright & Jaworski LLP’s Los Angeles’ office. Her practice areas are labor and employment and litigation.



Mark Popovich

Eric Sachtjen

Isabel & Austin Harris

Arthur Rizer

Shane McFetridge

Robin Haynes

Robert Stone, ’94 Robert Stone, a 1994 graduate and former editor-in-chief of the Gonzaga Law Review, splits his time between his law practice and his other passion, the outdoors. His outdoor interests include hunting and fishing, as well as flying his float plane. Stone recently helped launch an outdoor hunting and fishing show called “Alaska Outdoors Television,” which airs nationally. When Rob is not practicing personal injury, he’s flying his airplane all over Alaska hunting and fishing. He is known in Alaska as not only one of the best attorneys, but also a go-to guy for outdoor adventure.



John J. Durkin, a partner in the Tacoma law firm of Troup, Christnacht, Ladenburg, McKasy & Durkin, Inc. PS, was awarded the Professionalism Award by the Washington State Association for Justice at the annual convention at Whistler, British Columbia, recently. The award goes to a member of the 2,500 member organization “who, by conduct and leadership, promotes professionalism and brings dignity and pride to the legal profession by promoting civility, courtesy and honor among lawyers.”



Declan Spencer O’Connor


Mark C. Popovich of Isle of Wight, Va., was appointed by the Isle of Wight County Board of Supervisors as county attorney. Prior to his appointment, Popovich served as the county’s assistant county attorney since Sept. 2004.

Arthur Rizer published his first book, “Lincoln’s Counsel: Lessons from America’s Most Persuasive Speaker,” based on the law practice and presidential speeches of Abraham Lincoln. Visit to learn more.

Jessie and Aleana Harris, ’00, are proud to announce the birth of their twins, Isabel and Austin Harris. (Isabel – left, Austin right). Though twins, they were born on different days. Austin was born at 11:42 p.m. on May 29 and Isabel arrived at 12:31 a.m. on May 30, 2011.


2000 John J. Durkin, ’80

Brooke Kuhl

Eric J. Sachtjen completed his first Ironman distance race at the 2011 Ironman Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Ryan and Courtney Beaudoin are proud to announce the birth of their third son, Brody, born Aug. 12. Ryan is an attorney at Witherspoon Kelley. Courtney is an attorney at Winston & Cashatt, in Spokane.

2002 Lorber, Greenfield & Polito, LLP has promoted Shane McFetridge to managing partner. McFetridge handles construction defect matters on behalf of general contractors and developers, as well as casualty defense matters involving private and commercial auto and trucking accidents, premises liability, and product liability claims.

Brooke Kuhl accepted a position with Browning Kaleczyc Berry & Hoven in Missoula, Mont. Her practice emphasizes corporate defense of environmental claims and employment claims. Kuhl clerked for the Hon. John Warner of the Montana Supreme Court after law school.

2005 Michael Meinert has joined the law firm of Boornazian, Jensen & Garthe, in Oakland, Calif., as an associate. He will continue his practice in construction defect litigation, handling matters for general contractors, developers, and subcontractors. He and his wife, Juliet, reside in the East Bay of the San Francisco area with their family.



Robin L. Haynes was named partner at Reed & Giesa, PS of Spokane. Her practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, including extensive work with receivership law and consumer protection. In addition, she has handled litigation involving construction, insurance bad faith, trade secrets and personal injury.

Gonzaga Law Grads – Boise Bankruptcy Trustees

Tyson William Locke

Tana, Devin & Sven Joslin

Lindsey Wehmeyer

Janine Reynard, ’99 Justin Bolster & Leonore Neumaier

Joe Kuhlman

Patrick and Grace O’Connor, ’05, are proud to announce the birth of their second child, Declan Spencer O’Connor, on Aug. 3, 2011. Patrick is a defense attorney with the Thurston County Office of Assigned Counsel. Grace is an attorney with the Washington State Supreme Court. Joel and Jennifer Locke are proud to announce the birth of their second son, Tyson William, born July 7, 2011, at 7:07 p.m. Joel is an attorney at the law firm of Allison, MacKenzie, Pavlakis, Wright & Fagan, Ltd. in Carson City, Nev. Justin E. Bolster married Leonore A. Neumaier on July 30, 2011. He is a trial attorney at McGaughey Bridges Dunlap PLLC in Bellevue, Wash. Tana and Devin Joslin are proud to announce the birth of their son, Sven, on July 4.  He went home in a Gonzaga onesie! Tana works for Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. in Seattle.

2007 Scott Gingras joined the law firm of Winston & Cashatt and will practice in the firm’s Coeur d’Alene office. Scott focuses on civil litigation and is admitted to practice in Idaho, Washington and Montana.

2008 Matt Huot married Sarah Hernandez Peeler in Sept. 2011. Matt and Sarah are both partners at The Law Office of Huot & Huot PLLC in Laconia, N.H.

Janelle Umek & Jacob Brennan

2009 Ryan Owens has been promoted to assistant policy advisor to the governor of Arizona. Ryan and Heidi Bunkowske, ’11, have announced their engagement and are planning a July 2012 wedding. Joe Kuhlman accepted a position as a deputy prosecuting attorney in the criminal department for Spokane County. Lindsey Wehmeyer joined the law firm of Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, PS, in Wenatchee, Wash., as an associate attorney after completing her L.LM. in taxation at the University of Washington. Her practice areas are corporate tax and estate planning. Jacob Brennan and Janelle Umek, were married on May 29, 2011, at St. Aloysius Church. The couple lives in Spokane, where Jacob practices law in the private sector, and Janelle is inhouse counsel at Garco Construction, Inc.

2011 Matt Brass joined the Salt Lake City Prosecutor’s Office as an associate city prosecutor. He is married to Brie Kitchen, ’10 and they currently live in Salt Lake City.


Janine Reynard is the newest member of the panel of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees in the District of Idaho. Prior to her acceptance of the Trustee appointment in June 2011, Reynard spent 11 years honing her skills on bankruptcy matters. She spent about nine years in private practice at Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley LLP, where her practice focused on the areas of bankruptcy and creditors’ rights. Additionally, she was a trial attorney for two and one half years at the United States Trustee’s Office in the District of Idaho. She currently is a board member for the Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section of the Idaho State Bar. She graduated magna cum laude from Gonzaga University School of Law in 1999.

Jeremy Gugino, ’05 Jeremy Gugino has been a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee for four years in the District of Idaho. Prior to taking his current position, Gugino graduated magna cum laude from Gonzaga University School of Law in 2005 and was the term law clerk for Chief Bankruptcy Judge Terry L. Myers. Prior to law school, Gugino was a television news producer and executive producer in Columbia, Mo.; Spokane; Cincinnati, Ohio; and his hometown of Rochester, N.Y.



rising stars We were unable to list the following states in this issue due to their publication dates. They will appear in the Summer 2012 issue of the Lawyer. Arkansas Connecticut Maine Massachusetts Mississippi New Hampshire Rhode Island Tennessee Vermont

California Lund, Brendan, Carr McClellan Ingersoll Thompson & Horn, Burlingame Tax, International, Business/Corporate

Colorado Cook, Denise, Law Offices of Denise A. Cook PC, Denver Family Law Evans, Melissa Loman, Dworkin Chambers Williams York Benson & Evans, PC, Denver Worker’s Compensation, Insurance Coverage Vanderhage, Henri “Hank”, Holland & Hart LLP, Denver Tax, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Idaho Goss, Geoffrey E., Goss Gustavel Goss, PLLC, Boise Family Law, Estate Planning & Probate Herberholz, Dana M., Zarian Midgley & Johnson, PLLC, Boise Intellectual Property Litigation Reynoldson, Lauren Maiers, The Reynoldson Group, PLLC, Boise Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Land Use/Zoning



Minnesota Moch, Anton J., Winthrop & Weinstine, PA, Minneapolis Banking, Employment & Labor

Oregon Johnston, Marc A., Johnston Law Firm, Portland Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation Thomsen, Dallas G., Sussman Shank, LLP, Portland Tax, Business/Corporate, Estate Planning & Probate

Hanis, Brian J., Hanis Irvine Prothero, PLLC, Kent Real Estate, Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights, Estate Planning & Probate Hanis, Patrick M., Hanis Irvine Prothero, PLLC, Kent Business Litigation, Real estate, Estate Planning & Products Harris, Aleana W., Alston, Courtnage & Bassetti, LLP, Seattle Real Estate Hunter, Kim E., Law offices of Kim E. Hunter, PLLC, Covington Criminal Dense, Criminal Defense: DUI/DWI


Jarski, Darek M., LeSourd & Pattern, PS, Seattle Tax

Andersson, Magnus R., Hanson Baker Ludlow Drumheller, PS, Bellevue Real Estate, Banking, Construction/Surety

Johnson, Brooke A., Gordon Thomas Honeywell, LLP, Tacoma Tax, Business/Corporate

Beaudoin, Ryan M., Witherspoon Kelley, Spokane Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice, Business Litigation Brangwin, John M., Woods & Brangwin, PLLC, Wenatchee Criminal Defense: DUI/DWI, Worker’s Compensation, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General Gabel, Andrew J., Lane Powell, PC, Seattle Construction Litigation, General Litigation, Real Estate Gardner, David P., Winston & Cashatt Lawyers, PS, Spokane Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights, Business Litigation Gerrish Nelson, Christina, CGN, PLLC, Seattle Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution Gregory, Deanna L.S., Pacifica Law Group, Seattle Bonds/Government Finance, Government/ Cities/Municipalities

Julius, Daelyn, Lustick Law Firm, Bellingham General Litigation, Criminal Defense Kettrick, Jason M., Carney Badley Spellman, PS, Seattle Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights Keyes, J. Michael, K&L Gates, LLP, Spokane Intellectual Property Litigation Kovarik, Nicholas D., Dunn & Black, PS, Spokane General Litigation, Construction Litigation: Eminent Domain Kruse, Laura E., Betts, Patterson & Mines, PS, Seattle Employment Litigation: Defense, Personal Injury Defense: Products, Civil Litigation Defense Kuhl, Brooke, K&L Gates LLP, Spokane Business Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Employment Litigation, Defense

Leary Janine E., Lee Smart, PS, Inc., Seattle Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Defense: General LeBank, Micah R., Connelly Law Offices, Tacoma Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Products, Civil Rights/First Amendment Mencke Smith, Kammi, Winston & Cashatt Lawyers, PS, Spokane Employment & Labor, Schools & Education O’Rouke, Kevin D., Southwell & O’Rourke, PS, Spokane Bankruptcy & Credit/Debtor Rights Piskel, Jason T., Dunn & Black, PS, Spokane Construction Litigation, Business Litigation Rae, Ronald M., Attorney at Law, Spokane Criminal Defense, Personal Injury Defense: General Tucker, Michael R., Dunn & Black, PS, Spokane Business Litigation, Real Estate, Employment & Labor

You’re hiring... The Center for Professional Development is committed to being responsive to the needs of the legal employer. As an employer, you can select from a broad range of highly regarded candidates from interns, clerks, externs, recent graduates and seasoned legal professionals. Employer services include:

» Convenient, on-campus interviewing throughout the academic year

» Interviews in SeattleWash. and Portland, Ore.

» Video interviews

» On-line job posting

» Collecting and forwarding applications in response to postings

» Spring Career Fest at Gonzaga University School of Law

» Participation in select career fests in major cities

Let us help! Gonzaga University School of Law emphasizes the development of critical thinking, communication skills and training in practical lawyering. Our new graduates will have completed the following required courses and experiential training:

» 2-year legal research and writing program

» Litigation skills lab focused on case study that follows the life of a tort case » Transactional skills lab in which students practice negotiating and drafting such transactions

» 3rd year Externship or Legal Clinic experiences For more information on services, visit If you have questions, please contact:

Holly Brajcich, Director Center for Professional Development 509.313.6122



SUPER lawyers We were unable to list the following states in this issue due to their publication dates. They will appear in the Summer 2012 issue of the Lawyer. Arkansas Connecticut Maine Massachusetts Mississippi New Hampshire Rhode Island Tennessee Vermont

Arizona Hirsch, Lawrence D., DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy, PC, Phoenix Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights Kazan, Lawrence I., Debus Kazan & Westerhausen, LTD, Phoenix Criminal Defense Pattullo, John G., John G. Pattullo, PC, Scottsdale Estate Planning & Probate, Tax Wanslee, Madeleine C., Gust Rosenfield, PLC, Phoenix Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights

California Bezek, Peter J., Foley Bezek Behle & Curtis, LLP, Santa Barbara Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Intellectual Property Brown, Janice P., Brown Law Group, San Diego Employment Litigation: Defense, Business Ligigation Daehnke, Patricia Egan, Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, O’Keefe & Nichols, Los Angeles Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice, Civil Litigation Defense



Draper, David B., Terra Law, LLP, San JoseBusiness Litigation, Construction Litigation, Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights

McKay, Scott, Nevin, Benjamin, McKay & Bartlett, LLP, Boise Criminal Defense, Criminal Defense: White Collar, General Litigation

Sargeant, Kimball J.P., Attorney at Law, Davis Appellate


Wilson, Gregory R., Attorney at Law, San Francisco Tax, Business/Corporate, Estate Planning & Probate Welk, Thomas S., Cooley LLP, San Diego Employee Benefits/ERISA

Colorado Chorney, Marc A., Chorney & Millard, LLP, Denver Estate Planning & Probate, Business/ Corporate Goff, Neil M., Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP, Denver Tax, Business/Corporate, Real Estate Hensen, Stephen J., Murphy Decker Hansen & Cook-Olson, PC, Littleton Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice, Employment & Labor, Professional Liability: Defense Reynoldson, Kelly G., Kutak Rock, LLP, Denver Real Estate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Idaho Amendola, Gary I., Amendola & Doty, PLLC, Coeur D’Alene Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General Comstock, David E., Comstock and Bush, Boise Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General Erbland, Peter C., Paine Hamblen, LLP, Coeur D’Alene Civil Litigation Defense, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury Defense: General

Person, John C., Sessions, Fishman, Nathan & Israel, LLC, Metairie, Business Litigation

Maryland Leder, Steven E., Leder Law Group LLC, Towson Insurance Coverage, Environmental Litigation, Transportation/Maritime

Minnesota Fellman, Mark J., Mark J. Fellman Attorney at Law, St. Paul Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General Tewksbury, Michael D., Tewksbury & Kerfeld, PA, Minneapolis Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Missouri Brown, Roger G., Roger G. Brown & Associates, Jefferson City Employment & Labor, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Worker’s Compensation

Montana Bjelland, Gary W., Jardine, Stephenson, Blewett & Weaver, PC, Great Falls Estate Planning & Probate, Business/ Corporate Tax Harper Poe, Anita, Garlington Lohn & Robinson, PLLP, Missoula Health Care, Professional Liability: Defense Krogh, Harlan B., Crist, Krogh & Nord Law Firm, LLC, Billings Government/Cities/Municipalities, Employment Litigation: Defense, Personal Injury Defense: General

super lawyers Lewis, Tom L., Lewis, Slovak, Kovacich & Marr, PC, Great Falls Business Litigation, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General

Piucci, Stehpen V., Piucci Law Firm, Portland Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Alternative Dispute Resolution, General Litigation

McMahon, Michael F., McMahon, Wall & Hubley Law Firm, PLLC, Helena Civil Litigation Defense, Professional Liability: Defense, Health Care


Nevada Decaria, Mary Anne, Silverman, Decaria & Kattelman, Chtd., Reno Family Law Reuther, Renee R., Rice, Silbey, Reuther & Sullivan, LLP, Las Vegas Real Estate

New York Dwyer, Gerald P. Jr., Robinson & Cole LLP, New York Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation

Ohio DeSantis, Frank R., Thompson Hine, LLP, Cleveland Business Litigation, Professional Liability: Defense, Tax

Oregon Hindman, Kathryn M., Bullard Smith Jernstedt Wilson, Portland Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation: Defense McCann, Robert C. Jr., Long Delapoer Healy McCann & Noonan, PC, Albany Family Law McClung, Charles D., Chernoff Vilhauer, LLP, Portland Intellectual Property Pitchford, Susan D., Chernoff Vilhauer, LLP, Portland Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Hetherington, Jack J., Hetherington Law Offices, Chalfont Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate, General Litigation Katz, Ellis H., Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams, LLP, New Britain Employment & Labor, Schools & Education, Employment Litigation: Defense

Utah Lundgren, A. Howard, Durham Jones & Pinegar, PC, Salt Lake City Family Law Snow, V. Lowry, Snow Jensen & Reece, PC, St. George Real Estate, Business Litigation, Corporate Governance & Compliance

Virginia Hottell, Dennis M., Hottell Malinowski Group Attorneys at Law, PC, Fairfax Family Law Laughlin, Alexander M., Wiley Rein, LLP, McLean Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights, Business Litigation

Washington Ahlers, John P., Ahlers & Cressman, PLLC, Seattle Construction Litigation, Construction/ Surety Andersen, C. Matthew, Winston & Cashatt, Lawyers, PS, Spokane Business Litigation, Appellate, Securities Litigation

Archer, Margaret Y., Gordon Thomas Honeywell, LLP, Tacoma Land Use/Zoning, Eminent Domain, Business Litigation Bassett, Thomas T., K&L Gates, LLP, Spokane Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights, Employment & Labor Bianchi, George, L., The Bianchi Law Firm, Seattle Criminal Defense: DUI/DWI Bloom, Gary N., Harbaugh & Bloom, PS, Spokane Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Alternative Dispute Resolution Brindley, Katharine W., Helsell Fetterman, LLP, Seattle Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice, Health Care Bruya, Edward J., Keefe, Bowman & Bruya, PS, Spokane Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Insurance Coverage Clark, Catherine C., Law Offices of Catherin C. Clark, PLLC, Seattle Eminent Domain, Real estate, Business Litigation Crick, Robert H. Jr., Robert Crick Law Firm, PLLC, Spokane Construction Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Government Contracts Cronin, Timothy P., Mullin, Cronin, Casey & Blair, PS, Spokane Civil Litigation: Defense, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Alternative Dispute Resolution Curtis, Kevin J., Winston & Cashatt Lawyers, PS, Spokane Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation Defense Dano, Garth L., Dano & Gilbert, PLLC, Moses Lake Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Criminal Defense



super lawyers

Washington continued

Dippold, John C., Carney Badley Spellman, PS, Seattle Construction Litigation, Construction/ Surety, Real Estate Dunn, Robert A., Dunn & Black, PS, Spokane Business Litigation, Construction/Surety, Employment & Labor Durkin, John J., Troup, Christnacht, Ladenburg, McKasy & Durin, Inc., PS, Tacoma Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Products, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice Elliott, Nancy C., Merrick, Hofstedt & Lindsey, PS, Seattle Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice, Health Care Etter, William F., Etter, McMahon, Lamberson, Clary & Oreskovich, PC, Spokane General Litigation, Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice Eymann, Richard C., Eymann, Allison, Hunter, Jones, PS, Spokane Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Products Fennessy, Timothy B., Layman, Layman & Robinson, PLLP, Spokane Business Litigation, Personal Injury, Plaintiff: General, General Litigation Fitzpatrick, Paul D., K&L Gates, LLP, Spokane Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business Forbis, Amy T., Bennett Bigelow & Leedom, PS, Seattle Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice



Forsberg, Carl E., Forsberg & Umlauf, PS, Seattle Civil Litigation Defense, Insurance Coverage, Personal Injury Defense: General

Kamitomo, Mark D., The Markam Group, Inc., PS, Spokane Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Products

Giesa, John P., Reed & Giesa, PS, Spokane Business Litigation, General Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Kane, Robert M. Jr., LeSourd & Patten, PS, Spokane Tax

Griffin, Mark A., Keller Rohrback, LLP, Seattle Class Action/Mass Torts, Antitrust Litigation Harkins, Vernon W., Rush, Hannula, Harkins & Kyler, LLP, Tacoma Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice Harnetiaux, Bryan P., Attorney at Law, Spokane Appellate Harper, Gregory L., Harper Hayes, PLLC, Seattle Insurance Coverage, General Litigation Harris, Jessie L., Williams Kastner, Seattle Civil Litigation Defense, Employment & Labor Hoover, Frank R., Law Offices of Frank Hoover, PC, Spokane Alternative Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General Hueber, Carl E., Winston & Cashatt, Lawyers, PS, Spokane Criminal Defense, Business Litigation, Construction/Surety Isserlis, Nancy L., Winston & Cashatt, Lawyers PS, Spokane Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights Jordan, Mark V., Invicta Law Group, PLLC, Seattle Business/Corporate, Intellectual Property: Entertainment & Sports

Kaplan, Joseph V., Passman & Kaplan, Washington Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation: Plaintiff Keefe, Dan W., Keefe, Bowman & Bruya, PS, Spokane Personal Injury Defense, Medical Malpractice Killeen, Michael J., Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP, Seattle Employment & Labor King, James B., Evans, Craven & Lackie, PS, Spokane Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice, Employment & Labor Kirk, William K., Cowan Kirk Gaston, Kirkland Criminal Defense: DUI/DWI Lingenbrink, Steven G., Kornfeld Trudell Bowen & Lingenbrink, PLLC, Kirkland Personal Injury Plaintiff: General Lustick, Jeffrey A., Lustick Law Firm, Bellingham Criminal Defense, Criminal Defense: DUI/ DWI, Aviation Luvera, Paul N., Luvera, Barnett, Brindley, Beninger & Cunningham, Seattle Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Products Mastrodonato, George C., Carney Badley Spellman, PS, Seattle Tax, Administrative Law, Business/ Corporate McAloon, Laura D., K&L Gates, LLP, Spokane Bonds/Government Finance, Government/ Cities/Municipalities

super lawyers McKinley, Kathryn R., McKinley Fossum, PS, Spokane Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Banking McLane, Thomas W., Randall Danskin, PS, Spokane Employment & Labor Messina, John L., Messina Mulzomi Christensen, PS, Tacoma Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice, Transpiration/Maritime Murphy, John W., Brett Murphy – Washington’s Injury Lawyers, Bellingham Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, General Litigation O’Halloran, Scott M., Williams Kastner, Tacoma Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice, Health Care, Personal Injury Defense: Products

Schultz, Mary E., Mary Schultz Law, PS, Spokane Personal Injury Plaintiff, Medical Malpractice, Employment Litigation: Plaintiff

Walsh, William H., Corr Cronin Michelson Baumgardner & Preece, LLP, Seattle Business Litigation, Personal Injury Defense: General, General Litigation

Shea, Edward F. Jr., Kuffel Hultgrenn Klashke & Shea, LLP, Pasco General Litigation, Family Law, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General

Webster, Clifford A., Carney Badley Spellman, PS, Seattle Political Law, Administrative Law

Sullivan, Patrick A., Attorney at Law, Spokane Alternative Dispute Resolution, Construction/Surety Taylor, Paul R., Byrnes Keller Cromwell, LLP, Seattle Business Litigation, Antitrust Litigation, First Amendment/Media/Advertising Thorp, Michael R., Summit Law Group, PLLC, Seattle Environmental Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources, Environmental

Petrie, Gair B., Randall Danskin, PS, Spokane Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business, Employee Benefits/ERISA

Thorsrud, Mark N., Thorsrud Cane & Paulich, Inc., PS, Seattle Insurance Coverage, Personal Injury Defense: General, Construction/Surety

Pruzan, Steven R., Mircale Pruzan & Pruzan, Seattle Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice

Tronquet Michael C., Law Office of Michael C. Tronquet, Seattle Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business

Rekofke, Brian T., Witherspoon Kelley, Spokane Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice

Tuttle, Jeffrey B., Tuttle & Associates, Redmond Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Products, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice

Rosenblum, Mark J., Eisenhower & Carlson, PLLC, Tacoma Banking Sayre, Karen L., Sayre & Sayre, PS, Spokane Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate, Tax Sayre, Richard L., Sayre & Sayre, PS, Spokane Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate, Tax Schroeder, William J., Paine Hamblen, LLP, Spokane General Litigation, Business Litigation

Williams, Tammy L., Floyd, Pflueger & Ringer, PS, Seattle Personal Injury Defense: Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Defense: General, Alternative Dispute Resolution Wong, Eugene W., Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Ebberson, PLLC, Seattle Real Estate, Business/Corporate Tax Wright, Joel E., Lee Smart, P S, Inc., Seattle Professional Liability: Defense, Personal Injury Defense: General, Business Litigation

Washington, D.C. Kaplan, Joseph V., Passman & Kaplan PC, Washington Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation: Plaintiff

Unti, Daniel W., Carney Bradley Spellman, PS, Seattle Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions Verfurth, Donald J., Gordon & Rees, LLP, Seattle Insurance Coverage, Environmental, Professional Liability: Defense Vreeland, Victoria L., Vreeland Law, LLP, Bellevue,WA Employment Litigation: Plaintiff, Civil Rights/First Amendment, Business Litigation



Alumni Events 1L Mentoring Reception at Jack & Dan’s April 31, 2011

Baseball Night with Gonzaga Law April 5, 2011

Zag-Link Summer Wine Tasting Social (no photo) June 21, 2011

Baseball Night

Seattle Sounders June 23, 2011



alumni events

Reunion Weekend 2011 August 12-13, 2011

Members from the classes of 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986 and 1991 returned to campus for Reunion Weekend the second weekend of August. More than 75 alumni and family reunited with classmates and friends. The weekend featured a Class of 1961 luncheon, family BBQ, golf tournament, wine tour and boat cruise on Lake Coeur d’Alene. Alumni reminisced and celebrated classmate successes. Special recognition was given to the Class of 1961 for its 50-year celebration.

Reunion Golf Tournament

Lake Coeur d’Alene Boat Cruise

Lake Coeur d’Alene Boat Cruise

Class of 1961, 50-year luncheon

Reunion BBQ

Reunion Wine Tour

Dean Jane Korn Reception at Bozarth August 16, 2011

Montana State Bar Annual Meeting September 15, 2011

Jane Korn Reception at Bozarth

Montana Reception with Jane Korn



alumni events

Lukins & Annis Welcome Reception September 20, 2011

Alaska Alumni Reception October 4, 2011 Alaska Alumni Reception at the home of Ray Brown, ‘81

1L Mentoring Kickoff Reception

October 5, 2011 (no photo)

Washington, D.C., Reception October 13, 2011 Lukins & Annis Reception

Washington, D.C. Reception

Law Firm Challenge Ends in Tie Spokane and Seattle firms once again competed in the annual Law Firm Challenge. Both the Spokane and Seattle challenges ended in a tie. Congratulations to Spokane winners: Delay, Curran, Thompson, Pontarolo & Walker and Randall Danskin; and Seattle winners: Davis Wright Tremaine and Inslee Best Doezie & Ryder. All firms reached 100 percent alumni participation. The Law Firm Challenge is sponsored by the Law School Alumni Association and was created as an opportunity for alumni to remain involved with their alma mater, to promote meaningful participation in the life of the school, and to improve alumni and firm annual giving participation. During the Challenge, alumni are asked to support Gonzaga University School of Law through an individual gift to the law school annual fundraising campaign. The firms with the highest alumni participation win the challenge.



Davis Wright Tremaine

Delay, Curran, Thompson, Pontarolo & Walker

Inslee Best Doezie & Ryder

Randall Danskin

lifetime contributors

2011 Honor roll $1,000,000 and Above

Harold and Mary Anne † Hartinger, ‘54

Louis † and Kathryn Barbieri, ‘40

Stephen Haskell, ‘77

Chester and Catherine J. Chastek †, ‘40

Horrigan Foundation

Fred and Barbara Curley †

Greg and Susan Huckabee, ‘76

John Hemmingson

Helen John Foundation

$500,000 - $999,999

Frank and Maureen Johnson, ‘51 Bob and Ginny Kane, ‘77

Don ‘60 and Va Lena (Scarpelli) Curran, ‘58

George and Nancy Lobisser, ‘78

Paul ‘59 and Lita (Barnett) Luvera, ‘77

John E. Manders Foundation

$250,000 - $499,999

John and Guelda Messina, ‘69 Smithmoore Myers and Sandy Sandulo-Myers, ‘39

John and Nancy Clute, ‘63

Wes and Mary Lee (Toepel) Nuxoll, ‘54

Joseph P. and Helen K. Delay, ‘52

The Honorable and Mrs. Philip M. Raekes, ‘59

Gonzaga University Law Adjunct Faculty

Elizabeth D. Rudolf

Norm and Rita Roberts, ‘59

John and Nancy Rudolf

Jim and Beverly Rogers

Philip (RIP) and Margretta Stanton, ‘56

Sunbelt Communications Company

Patrick and Diane Sullivan, ‘59 Washington Trust Bank Financial Corporation

$100,000 - $249,999

Bob and Diane Waitt, ‘57

Holly Louise Caudill †, ‘93

Jim and Joyce † Workland, ‘64

Ben B. Cheney Foundation

Gonzaga Law School proudly recognizes these major contributors whose outstanding generosity and spirit of lifetime giving from the founding of Gonzaga Law School through May 31, 2011, demonstrates a commitment to the finest level of higher education. Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of this listing, and we would appreciate it if you would alert us to any errors or omissions. Please direct your inquiries to Nancy Fike, Director of Law Development and Alumni Relations, at 509.313.3605 or

Bill and Suzanne Lindberg, ‘73 The Honorable John J. Madden, ‘68 Dick and Jan (RIP) Manning, ‘60 Helen McDonald † Richard and Mary Lou McWilliams, ‘58 Alejandra Mireles, ‘04 Joe Nappi, Jr. and Mary Nappi, ‘72 Verne and Mary Oliver † Dean Lewis H. Orland

Harry † and Dorothy Dano, ‘41

$25,000 - $49,999

William Eddleman †, ‘39

American College of Trial Lawyers

Mike and Betty (Onley) Pontarolo, ‘73

Jerry and Helen Greenan, ‘57

Gene and Carol Annis, ‘59

Gary and Sharon Randall

John and Deborah Holleran, ‘79

Boise, Inc.

Diehl † and Anne Rettig, ‘69

Jerome and Vicki Jager, ‘57

David and Ellen Bolin, Jr., ‘85

Renee R. Reuther, ‘90

George and Shari Kain, ‘58

Loren and Janell Burke, ‘83

Irene Ringwood, ‘84

William V. Kelley †

John R. Clark ‘80 † and

The Honorable and Mrs. J. Justin Ripley, ‘64

Joseph † and Muriel Murphy, ‘42

Bill Roach †

F. Daniel and Susan (Pomerleau) Corkery, ‘76

Rudolf Family Foundation

Washington Trust Bank

Patrick and Paula Costello

James and Marilyn Sachtjen

Carrie Welch Trust Estate

Michael and Rebecca Costello, ‘96

Dick ‘79 and Karen Sayre, ‘85

Mr. Vern Davidson

John and Penny Schultz, ‘63

Philip (RIP) and Mary Dolan, ‘47

Roger and Angelika Smith, ‘58

Charles Brink, ‘78

Mr. Phillip E. and Dr. Nadine Egger, ‘81

Jim † and Margaret Solan, ‘49

The Brink Foundation

Richard C. and Susan Eymann, ‘76

Lee M. Solomon Estate

Harriet Clarke Estate

Michael A. Frost, ‘73

David and Kay Syre, ‘72

Marvel Collins Estate

The Honorable and Mrs. Richard P. Guy, ‘59

Robert Thompson, Jr., ‘73

Reanette Cook Estate

Daniel P. Harbaugh, ‘74

Union Pacific Foundation

Delay, Curran, Thompson & Pontarolo, PS

Jeffrey and Diana Hartnett, ‘76

United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties

James and Frances Flanagan †, ‘40

Michael and Karen Harwood, ‘88

United Way of King County

Jim and Margel Gallagher

Dan and Margaret † Keefe, ‘74

J. Prentice Warner Estate

Bart and Hilke Gallant

King County Bar Foundation

Washington State Bar Assoc.

Mark and Mary Griffin, ‘86

Ellen (Kremer) Lenhart, ‘87

Katharine Witter Brindley and Ralph Brindley, ‘84

$50,000 - $99,999

The Honorable Ellen K. Clark, ‘82

Marie Pintler

Kerm † and Fran Rudolf, ‘51



Lifetime contributors

$10,000 - $24,999 Keller W. and Kathy Allen, ‘89 Matt and Eleanor Andersen, ‘76 Basil Badley and Mary Margaret Haugen, ‘60 Jim and Linda Baker, ‘79 Bank of America Foundation BarBri Bar Review The Honorable and Mrs. Paul Bastine, ‘64 David and Nancy Bayley, ‘76 Janice H. Bennett, ‘89 James Berlin † Allen Brecke, ‘77 Roger G. Brown, ‘80 The Honorable Franklin D. † and Mrs. Treava Burgess, ‘66 Bruce and Judy Butler, ‘80 William and Judy Carlin, ‘76 Carney Badley Smith & Spellman Thomas and Joan Chapman, ‘66 Paul Clausen Estate, ‘40 Mr. Charles A. Cleveland ‘78 and The Honorable Joyce J. McCown, ‘80 John † and Mary S. Close, ‘38 Thomas and Barbara Cochran, ‘75 John Condon and Kaye Condon, ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Conklin James P. and Marianne Connelly, ‘53 Laurie (Samuel) Connolly, ‘66 John and Mary Jo Costello James and Carolyn Craven, ‘75 Fred O. Dennis Estate Norb † and Ruby Donahue, ‘41 Kevin and Jackie Driscoll John J. and Allison Durkin, ‘80 Paul and Carol Eng, ‘87 Bill Etter, ‘78 Robert Evans and Lisa Fitzpatrick, ‘78 Justice Mary E. Fairhurst, ‘84 Roger A. Felice, ‘73 Joe Fennessy, Jr. (RIP), ‘40 James and Mikell Fish, ‘62 Rick Flamm ‘79 and Vesna Somers, ‘81 Professor and Mrs. Michael F. Flynn, ‘77 Francois X. and Debra J. Forgette, ‘77 Merrit † and Yolanda Foubert, ‘51



Joe and Joan Gagliardi, ‘59

Ronald A. and JoAnn L. (Salina) Roberts, ‘64

Phelps R. and Mary Jean Gose, ‘62

The Honorable and Mrs. Michael P. Roewe, ‘74

Bill † and Norma Grismer, ‘53

Nicholas Scarpelli, ‘74

Hands Off Cain - European Parliament

Albert J. and Betty Schauble, ‘58

Frank P. Hayes †, 43

Gerald and Rita Schears

Lloyd and Linda Herman, ‘66 Prof. Gerald Hess and Dr. Layne Stromwall

The Honorable and Mrs. Richard J. Schroeder, ‘63

Dennis M. Hottell and Terese Colling, ‘76

John A. and Catherine Schultheis, ‘61

E. J. Hunt, ‘80

Skip Smyser, ‘77

IBM Corporation

Irene Strachen Charitable Trust

Inland Northwest Community Foundation

Stritmatter, Kessler, Whelan, Withey, Coluccio

Richard R. and Janet K. Johnson, ‘75

Joseph M. and Parker F. Sullivan, ‘85

Marcus † and Dorothy Kelly, ‘57

Paul and Gail Taylor, ‘84

Mike and Terri Killeen, ‘77

The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph A. Thibodeau, ‘66

James and Mary Anne (Metcalfe) King, ‘78 Paul M. and Kristina S. Larson, ‘75 Lee & Hayes, PLLC Earl F. Martin The Honorable Craig Matheson, ‘76 Prof. John Maurice Lenora McBirney † Mr. Leo A. McGavick †, ‘29 The Honorable † and Mrs. J. Ben McInturff, ‘52 Robert and Christina † McKanna, ‘54 Donald and Mary Moore †, ‘53 Daniel and Mary Beth Morrissey The Honorable and Mrs. James M. Murphy, ‘73 Northern Trust Bank Northwest Fund for the Environment Stephen and Karen Osborne, ‘73 Charles I. and Helen Palmerton †, ‘52 Patton Boggs Foundation PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company Harry B. and Alethea A. Platis, ‘69 Estate of Louis Powell Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds, LLP Donald and Christie Querna John R. Quinlan, ‘60 Tim Quirk and Sally Bulger Quirk, ‘73 Les and Clara Randall † Prof. Speedy Rice and Judy Clarke John and Joy Richards, ‘87 The Honorable Jack J. † and Patricia Ripple, ‘50

James and Carmelita † Thomas Prof. Mary Pat Treuthart and Mr. Dan Webster James † and Marian Triesch, ‘41 Joseph and Janna Uberuaga, ‘77 The Unova Foundation Prof. James M. Vache Verizon Foundation Marc and Nancy Wallace, ‘75 James and Kathleen Walsh, ‘81 Clifford and Karen Webster, ‘77 Stan and Gina Welsh Western Atlas Foundation Mark E. Wilson The Honorable Donna L. (Kamps) Wilson, ‘80 The Honorable † and Mrs. John F. Wilson, ‘56 Winston & Cashatt James and Jackie Wolff, ‘74 Women’s Law Caucus

annual contributors

2011 Honor roll The benefactors listed below represent a distinguished group of individuals who made a gift between June 1, 2010, and May 31, 2011. Their outstanding generosity demonstrates a commitment to the tradition of yesterday and the vision of tomorrow.

President’s 5000 Council $5,000 and Above

President’s Council $1,000 - $2,499

Loren and Janell Burke, ‘83

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Ben B. Cheney Foundation The Honorable Ellen K. Clark, ‘82 John Condon and Kaye Condon, ‘77 Michael and Rebecca Costello, ‘96 Don ‘60 and Va Lena (Scarpelli) Curran, ‘58 Mark and Mary Griffin, ‘86 The Honorable and Mrs. Richard P. Guy, ‘59 Daniel P. Harbaugh, ‘74 John and Sarah Hemmingson John and Deborah Holleran, ‘79 Inland Northwest Community Foundation Helen John Foundation Bob and Ginny Kane, ‘77 Paul ‘59 and Lita (Barnett) Luvera, ‘77 Patton Boggs Foundation Renee R. Reuther, ‘90 Irene Ringwood, ‘84 Norm and Rita Roberts, ‘59 Kerm (RIP) and Fran Rudolf, ‘51 Skip Smyser, ‘77 Patrick and Diane Sullivan, ‘59 Phebe Thompson

Matt and Eleanor Andersen, ‘76 Bank of America Foundation David and Nancy Bayley, ‘76 Jim and Lynelle (Wahl) Beaulaurier, ‘77 Michael L. and Robin Becky, ‘82 Bill and Gloria Burch, ‘51 George and Diane Critchlow, ‘77 Ralph Dixon, ‘77 John J. and Allison Durkin, ‘80 Loren Etengoff, ‘80 Bill Etter, ‘78 Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Rick Flamm and Vesna Somers, ‘79 Michael A. Frost, ‘73 Joe and Joan Gagliardi, ‘59 Gary Gayton, ‘62 Rome and Roxie Glover Gonzaga University Faculty Paul D. and Nancy Greeley, ‘82 Jerry and Helen Greenan, ‘57 Scott and Julie (Raekes) Grewe Jeremy J. Gugino, ‘05

Nintendo of America, Inc. Paine Hamblen LLP Paul W. and Wendi Pennington, ‘92 Tony and Patty Philippsen, ‘73 John R. Quinlan, ‘60 Timothy and Julie Reid, ‘83 Anne Rettig, ‘69 Dick ‘79 and Karen Sayre, ‘85 Robert H. Schapler, ‘81 The Honorable and Mrs. Richard J. Schroeder, ‘63 John and Penny Schultz, ‘63 Lynn and Vicki Seelye, ‘65 Dennis P. and Marie T. Sheehan, ‘76 Stokes Lawrence, P.S. Joseph M. and Parker F. Sullivan, ‘85 Kate R. Szurek, ‘96

The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Gugino, Inc

Law Deans’ Circle $2,500 – $4,999

Jeffrey and Diana Hartnett, ‘76

Prof. Mary Pat Treuthart and Mr. Dan Webster

Lloyd and Linda Herman, ‘66


Jodi Swanson and Steven Jager, ‘80

Phillip Armstrong, ‘78

United Way of Spokane County

Jager Law Office PLLC

Assoc. of Corporate Counsel WA State Chapter

Prof. James M. Vache

Frank and Maureen Johnson, ‘51

Kelly and Sharon Cline, ‘85

Donald Verfurth, ‘85

George and Shari Kain, ‘58

F. Daniel and Susan (Pomerleau) Corkery, ‘76

Tamerton R. Vernon-Granados, ‘07

Dan Keefe, ‘74

Robert Evans and Lisa Fitzpatrick, ‘78

Bob and Diane Waitt, ‘57

Brooke C. Kuhl, ‘04

Justice Mary E. Fairhurst, ‘84

James and Kathleen Walsh, ‘81

Bill and Suzanne Lindberg, ‘73

Gonzaga University Law Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, ‘90

Tom J. Lucas, ‘76

Harry Hartinger, ‘54

Washington Judges Foundation

John and Donna Luger

Dick Manning, ‘60

Washington State Bar Assoc.

Timothy J. Lynes ‘84 and Joan C. Morningstar, ‘83

Cornel and Karen (Massonne) Raab, ‘80

Clifford and Karen Webster, ‘77

Gary T. and Kathleen J. Magonigle, ‘93

The Honorable and Mrs. Philip M. Raekes, ‘59

Vickie J. Williams

Michael McGuigan, ‘73

The Honorable J. Justin Ripley, ‘64

Bruce and Carolyn Willoughby, ‘72

Joe Nappi, Jr. and Mary Nappi, ‘72

Katharine Witter Brindley and Ralph Brindley, ‘84

Frederick Halverson, ‘61

Gaetano J. and Melissa Testini, ‘00



annual contributors Barrister’s Club $500 - $999

Philip and Victoria Pearson, ‘93

Randy ‘79 and Bridget (McInerney) Harris, ‘79

Gregory J. and Laura M. Potter, ‘84

Robert Hauth, ‘56

The Honorable and Mrs. Michael P. Roewe, ‘74

Bill Hennessey, ‘51

Kurt M. Rowland, ‘03

Stephen and Janice Hensen, ‘87

Richard and Susan (Bailey) Seabrook, ‘85

The Honorable and Mrs. James P. Hutton, ‘76

Charles ‘96 and Kimberly (Tufts) Bolen, ‘96

Craig P. and Debra L. (Williams) Stephens, ‘93

Wayne and Sara Jenner, ‘78

Allen Brecke, ‘77

Jeffrey and Patricia (Kane) Sullivan, ‘71

Robert Keefe, ‘73

Mike Chappell †

Thornton Byron LLP

James and Mary Anne (Metcalfe) King, ‘78

John and Barbara Cooper

Tom and Camilla Tilford

Michael Anthony Kirk, ‘81

Michael and Teresa Crofts, ‘80

Stephen and Carole Trefts, ‘75

Timothy D. Knowles, ‘08

Delay, Curran, Thompson & Pontarolo, PS

United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties

Stephen and Kris Lamberson, ‘82

Bob Di Julio, ‘67

Martin G. and Jane Weber, ‘64

Richard and Roberta (Scott) League

Gary J. and Claire Dmoch, ‘76

Donald Westerman, ‘70

Ellen (Kremer) Lenhart, ‘87

Gary J. Dmoch & Associates

The Honorable Donna L. (Kamps) Wilson, ‘80

Edward† and Joanne Lewis

James Teros and Elizabeth Eagle-Teros, ‘77

Jim Workland, ‘64

Megan (Arbour) Long, ‘02

James Fausone, ‘81

Arnold Young, ‘69

Gordon C. and Joan M. (Rogers) MacDonald, ‘81

Gene and Carol Annis, ‘59 Robert Berlin, ‘81 Mr. David Berry and Dr. Kim Hamlett, ‘91

Nancy L. Fike

Paul and Suzanne Mack, ‘81

Robert R. Fischer, ‘91 Dan and Karen Flynn, ‘83 Ruth J. (Holland) Fullwiler, ‘91 William and Margaret Grant, ‘54 Howard and Darlene Herman, ‘62 C. Patrick and Patti Hogeboom, ‘86 Thomas and Sandra Jarrard, ‘07 Steven Kaufman, ‘77 Daniel L. Keppler ‘92 and Meagan Flynn, ‘92 Robert and Carol Kornfeld, ‘79 The Honorable Frank L. Kurtz, ‘74 Alan Lamia, ‘70 Thomas Lasswell Alex and Karen Laughlin, ‘85 Law Offices of Farr, Kaufman, Sullivan, Gorman, Jensen, Medsker, Nichols, and Perkins Law Offices of Rettig Osborne Forgette, LLP LeMaster & Daniels, PLLC C. Russell and Wanda Lewis, ‘98 The Honorable John J. Madden, ‘68 George N. and Colleen McCabe, ‘57 Scott S. ‘90 and Nicole S. (Annis) McKay, ‘92 James A. and Dana M. (Reding) McPhee, ‘96 John and Guelda Messina, ‘69 Johnston Mitchell ‘92 and Christine Coers-Mitchell, ‘92 John Monahan, ‘74 Robert Mueller Smithmoore Myers and Sandy Sandulo-Myers, ‘39 Ron K. and Virginia Nichols, ‘94 Northwest Trustee and Management Services



Solicitor’s Club $250 - $499 Joe Albo, ‘68 Gary Amendola, ‘78

Timothy and Marcia Mahoney, ‘75 Earl F. Martin Richard and Mary Lou McWilliams, ‘58 Christopher Mecca, ‘76

Hollis H. ‘69 and Patricia J. (Anderson) Barnett, ‘69

Timothy J. and Carol A. (Grell) Morris, ‘86

Tom and Sandra Bassett, ‘76

Daniel and Mary Beth Morrissey

The Honorable and Mrs. Paul Bastine, ‘64

Prof. Ann Murphy

Mark S. Beggs, ‘80

Jerry Neal, ‘69

Bruce Blohowiak, ‘80

Dawn M. Ogrodny, ‘00

Kristen M. Brown Smalley, ‘97

Mike and Jeanette Ormsby, ‘81

T. Bennett and Sarah Burkemper, Jr., ‘91

Eric M. Pedersen, ‘01

Jim and Harvelyn (Cornwell) Cooney, ‘80

John Plock, ‘86

Tom and Marcia Cordell, ‘76

Laurie A. Powers

The Honorable Kenneth L. Cowsert, ‘73

The Honorable and Mrs. Justin Quackenbush, ‘57

CPA Tax Clinic Pamela J. DeRusha, ‘80 Teresa L. Donovan, ‘80 The Honorable Robert and Michelle J.Doran,† ‘57

Roberto and Norma Rios Kenneth Ryan Scott and Mary Sage, ‘78 Bruce Kubler and Janine A. Sarti, ‘83

Timothy and Lorraine Dougherty, ‘81

Michael and Joyce Sclafani, ‘85

Robert Downey, ‘86

Gregory and Elizabeth Smith, ‘86

Leo and Mary Driscoll, ‘51

Elizabeth M. Sorokac, ‘01

Johnathan A. ‘85 and Doris A. Ferguson, ‘85

Timothy Szambelan ’90 and Michelle Dimond-Szambelan, ‘88

Charles C. and Victoria Flower, ‘66 The Honorable and Mrs. Robert L. Fraser, ‘51 Frey McCargar & Plock, LLC Michael Gendelman †, ‘78 Steven E. Ginsberg, ‘79 Geoffrey E. Goss, ‘99 Robert and Sharon Grover The Honorable H. John and Margaret A. (Jansen) Hall, ‘67

Michael D. and Susan Tewksbury, ‘78 The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph A. Thibodeau, ‘66 Robert and Betty Tull, ‘74 United Way of Rhode Island Elvin Vandeberg, ‘54 Vedder Price PC Jerry Votendahl, ‘67

annual contributors

Mark Weisbart, ‘81

Carl and Maureen Butkus, ‘77

Jack and Julie Driscoll, ‘84

Wells Fargo Foundation

Ron and Terri Caferro,

Daniel Duffin, ‘93

Mr. and Mrs. Roman M. Whittaker, ‘97

The Honorable Norman D. Callan, ‘76

Duffin & Associates Attorneys At Law

Witherspoon Kelley Davenport & Toole

The Honorable Christopher Culp ‘82 and Ms. Peg R. Callaway, ‘83

Donald † and Beverley Ericson, ‘52

Callaway & Detro, P.L.L.C.

Christopher and Christina Estes-Werther, ‘06

Patricia Zobel, ‘78

Law Society $100 - $249 Patrick R. Acres, ‘70 Steven P. and Deborah Adelstein, ‘74 Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka Alcoa Foundation W. Kenneth Alderfer, ‘78 Bethany Allen, ‘08 Mr. John Allison, ‘96 American Leak Detection, LLC Wayne Haldi and Hollis J. Anderson-Haldi, ‘84 Edward Anson, ‘77 John Antosz, ‘84 Fabio Apolito, ‘96 Wm. Fred Aronow, ‘81 Jack and Mary Ann Ashlock Walter Ayers, ‘81 Perri Ann Babalis, ‘90 Ludmilla M. Badicke, ‘03 Tom and Jane Baffney, ‘74 Tom and Marilyn Jane Baker, ‘61 Kenneth Baker, ‘77 James A. Bamberger, ‘80 Rod and Trish Barnett, ‘70 William K. Barquin, ‘98 Jeffrey L. and Tara (Mitchell) Barth, ‘78 Todd D. Bayne ‘87 and Laura L. McGrory, ‘87 Michael Beegle, ‘88 Limor Ben-Maier, ‘04 Joseph Betzendorfer, Jr., ‘58 Jan Bissett, ‘92 Mark H. and Jane G. Bitz, ‘93 Douglas Boe, ‘82 Justin E. Bolster, ‘06 Jefferson W. Boswell, ‘09 Jerry K. Boyd Harlan Boyd ‘96 and Laurie Hatten-Boyd, ‘98 Al and Laura Brogan, ‘96 Edward Bryant, Jr., ‘82 Bradley and Mary-Margaret (Dalton) Burgdorff, ‘85 Francis and Carol Burke, ‘75 Robert J. Burnett ‘96 and Juliana T. (Kendall) Burnett, ‘97

Norman K. Lau † ‘76 and Molly Jo Campbell, ‘76 Richard Campbell, Jr., ‘81 David Carter, ‘76 Patrick J. Casey, II, ‘93 Patricia M. Cavanaugh, ‘77 Thomas and Joan Chapman, ‘66 Demetre ‘07 and Katherine Christofilis, ‘08 Thomas and Barbara Cochran, ‘75 Mitchel Cohen, ‘76 Gregory J. Coleman, Phillip J. and Debbie Collaer, ‘85 Robert and Jean Comfort, ‘51 Laurie (Samuel) Connolly, ‘66 The Honorable Patricia M. Connolly Walker, ‘88 William J. and Mary J. Connor, ‘77 Lewis and Rebecca Cooney, ‘02 Derek D. Crick, ‘98 Michael and Mary Alice Cronin, ‘53 Mary F. (Collins) Cronin, ‘85 Patrick J. Cronin, ‘98 David and Cherie Crouse, ‘93 James and Camille Crum, ‘67 Steve Szczerba and Kristie Cunningham Jason and Julia Cutts, ‘94 David K. and Kathryn M. (Miller) Daggett, ‘98 Lynn M. Daggett Pat Dalton, ‘79 Harold and Katherine Damiano Glenn R. Davis, ‘79 Thomas A. De Boer, ‘97 Ruthie Dearing, ‘84 Joseph and Kathryn Deckhut, ‘76 Paul and Joan Delay, ‘86 The Honorable Norman D. Dicks James Diehl, ‘85 Bryce Dille, ‘66 Richard and Marguerite Dolack, ‘51 Francis Donnelly, ‘83 Abraham and Judy Dorsman, ‘79 Ronald Evan Doty, ‘93 Michael P. Dowling, ‘94 Peter and Shonah Drakos, ‘83

Brian and Julie Ernst, ‘84 Hugh Evans, ‘75 Stephen and Lori Farnell, ‘84 Thomas C. and Barbara L. Feige, ‘78 James and Corrine Feldman, ‘74 Laura Cooper Fenimore J. Brent Fery, ‘84 Sue S. Flammia, ‘78 Professor and Mrs. Michael F. Flynn, ‘77 David ‘03 and Anni Foster, ‘04 Stephen French and Kathy Swindell-French, ‘82 Eric and Margo Frimodt, ‘92 Andrew J. Gabel, ‘07 Kathleen Garvin and Thomas Satterwhite, ‘79 Joseph Gavinski, ‘77 Kathryn L. Gerla, ‘87 JoAnn Gibbs, ‘94 James and Stacy Gibson, ‘99 Thomas and Jane Gidlewski Stephen Girardot, ‘92 Jim Giudici, ‘79 Ezra and Sarah Glanzer, ‘05 John and Therese Goodrich, ‘54 Robert E. Graham, ‘56 Elizabeth Graham, ‘90 Stephen T. Graham, ‘95 Janice A. Grant, ‘81 James Graue, ‘77 Hedley W. and Anna M. Greene, ‘77 Samuel and Denise Greer Geoffrey Grote, ‘78 Mr. David Gumaer, ‘86 Gail A. Hammer Wayne and Mary Hardesty, ‘77 Vernon and Kathleen (Ryan) Harkins, ‘75 Joseph and Sharon Harkrader, ‘81 Scott Allen Harmer, ‘94 Charles V. and Marci (Felix) Harrington, ‘84 Raymond and Geraldine Hasegawa, ‘76 Carol K. Haugen, ‘85 James and Tracey Hawk, ‘93 The Honorable James J. Helbling, ‘73 Joe and Stella Hennessy



annual contributors

James E . R ogers Law S t udent S cholarship D onors Robert Berlin, ‘81 Jefferson W. Boswell, ‘09 John Condon and Kaye Condon, ‘77 F. Daniel and Susan (Pomerleau) Corkery, ‘76 John and Deborah Holleran, ‘79 Helen John Foundation Bob and Ginny Kane, ‘77 Paul W. and Wendi Pennington, ‘92

Ms. Gretchen L. Herbison, ‘96

Walt Krueger, ‘75

Peter and Kristi Herman, ‘84

Dennis La Porte, ‘68

Ed and Lisa Hilfer, ‘81

Thomas P. and Mary Lacy, ‘50

Thomas Hillier, II, ‘73

Thomas Lampson, ‘83

J. Blake ‘08 and Melissa Hilty, ‘08

Charles and Teresa Langfitt, ‘80

Michael C. Hirst, ‘91

The Honorable and Mrs. Thomas Larkin, ‘73

Wm. Scott and Anja Hislop, ‘98

Larry Larson, ‘75

The Honorable Tany S. Hong and Mrs. Naomi Hong, ‘67

Paul M. and Kristina S. Larson, ‘75

Frank and Nancy Hoover, ‘79

Law Offices of Wolff & Hislop

The Honorable Kimberly K. Hornak and Mr. Nile Eatmon, ‘83 Gerald A. Horne, ‘75 Melvin Howry, ‘79 Daniel L.and Jill Hulsizer, ‘02 Allen and Jane Hunter, ‘76 Lori W. Hurl, ‘08 Bill Hyslop, ‘80

Anne Rettig

Ann (Ikehara) Holzgang, ‘84

Irene Ringwood, ‘84

The Honorable Cynthia Imbrogno, ‘79

Skip Smyser, ‘77

Dale Isley, ‘78

Ryan I. Inouye, ‘06 Mark R. Iverson and Michaele E. Dietzel, ‘88

UBS Bruce and Carolyn Willoughby, 72

David James, ‘76 Mike Jankovich, ‘79 Jankovich Law Offices Al Jeremiah, Jr., ‘68 J. Kurt Johnson and COL Sherri W. Johnson, ‘78 The Honorable Valerie D. Jolicoeur, ‘82 Steve Jolley, ‘82 Ed and Loretta Kalama Joseph and Ellen Kaplan, ‘78 Fred and Amy Karau, ‘86 Robert Kayser, ‘79 KBR Teresa T. Keene, ‘07 Tom Kelly, ‘66 Stanley Kempner, Jr., ‘80 Jason and Jessica Kettrick, ‘04 Amrit Khalsa, ‘84 Mike and Terri Killeen, ‘77 David D. and Shirley G. Kilpatrick, ‘75 Robert Kingsley, ‘78 Mary Ann Knight Timothy and Shahri Knowling, ‘75 Neil Korbas and Patricia Thompson, ‘80 Lisa S. Korchinski, ‘01 Krilich, La Porte, West & Lockner, P.S.



Law Office of Frank R. Hoover, PS Kenneth J. Lebrato, ‘79 John and Kathryn Leget Charles and Laura Lentner Scott and Peggy Leong, ‘80 Joseph A. Liebman, ‘06 Stephen and Mary (Hildahl) Llewellyn, ‘75 Mark J. Lorenz ‘85 and Maryann Moreno, ‘83 Carolyn Gale Louthian, ‘82 J. Michael ‘74 and Kathleen (Moriarty) Lovejoy, ‘74 Dr. George F. and Kathleen (Kelly) Luger John P. Lynch, ‘77 The Macfarlane Foundation Chief Justice Barbara A. Madsen and Mr. Donald Madsen, ‘77 Dana Chris Madsen, ‘72 Pamela K. Madson, ‘77 Charles E. Maduell, ‘85 Richard Mah, Jr., ‘65 Lisa A. Malpass Childress, ‘03 Robert W. Maron, ‘06 Terry and Frances Martin, ‘73 William M. Mast, ‘03 Osler and Diana McCarthy, ‘90 Jeremiah McCormick, ‘59 Prof. James and Mary Ann McCurdy Heather A. McDowell, ‘05 Robert McKanna, ‘54 Kathryn Rae McKinley, ‘95 Byron L. McLean, ‘98 McLean Law Office, PLLC Professor Alan and Suzie McNeil, ‘77 Molly Ann McQueen, ‘94 Robert Merriman, ‘80 Kevin Mickey, ‘96 James and Diane Miller, III, ‘78 Chris A. and Susan L. Montgomery, ‘81 Judith and Robert Moore, ‘94 Moore Rents Inc.

annual contributors

Patricia B. Morgan, ‘91

Tommy ‘90 and Kirsten Prud’homme, ‘89

John F. and Carolyn A. (Ziel) Sullivan, ‘85

Jed Morris, ‘83

H. Eugene Quinn, ‘62

Joan Surman

Dan and Genevieve (Mann) Morris, ‘03

Tim and Wanda Quinn, ‘93

The Honorable Gregory Sypolt, ‘76

Thomas Moser, ‘76

Henry Quintero, ‘81

Andrea F. (Butaud) Taylor, ‘85

Kent and Gloria Mumma, ‘89

Matthew and Priscilla Alaniz Rabinovitch, ‘07

Michael and Diane Taylor, ‘82

Eugene and Frances Munson

Randall & Danskin, P.S.

Robert Thompson, Jr., ‘73

James and Jane Murch, ‘74

Edward Ratcliffe, ‘86

Thomas A. Thompson, ‘80

The Honorable and Mrs. James M. Murphy, ‘73

Red Lion Hotels

Michael Thorp, ‘74

Carlos Najera, ‘77

Thomas and Heather Rice, ‘86

Trip Johnston and Jodi Thorp, ‘02

Jack and Janice Nelson, ‘74

Richard J. Richard, ‘56

Joseph and Renee Tichy, ‘02

Penelope Smith Nerup, ‘91

John Riley III, ‘79

Jack Nevin, ‘78

Frederick B. Rivera ‘93 and Betsy Roletto, ‘93

The Honorable Jeffrey L. and Mrs. Laurie Tolman, ‘77

James and Teri Newman, ‘95

The Honorable Gerald Roach and Maria Roozen-Roach, ‘77

James and Debbie Topliff, ‘81 Tom and Colleen Tracy, ‘81

Patrick and Leeann Roach, ‘73

Greg and JoAnne Tripp

Randy Roach, ‘78

John † and Betty Troup, ‘54

Paige Roberts, ‘06

John and Jennifer Trucco, Jr., ‘83

Abraham L. Rocha, ‘01

Patrick and Kristina Trudell, ‘80

James Rode, ‘79

David Ullman, Esq., ‘81

Stewart and Bonnie Roll, ‘77

Geana M. Van Dessel, ‘04

Kevin and Nancy Roy, ‘90

Larry and Marcia Vance, ‘76

Michael Russell, ‘86

Thomas C. and Deborah Varljen, ‘00

Brian J. Saeman, ‘01

Matt Vickery, ‘79

The Honorable Patrick O’Malley, ‘73

Carmen J. SantaMaria, ‘76

Adrian and Nancy Voermans, ‘69

The Honorable Andrew Pearlstein and Ms. Sandra Shire, ‘76

John and Meredith Sayre, ‘80

Ross J. Wabeke, ‘79

Albert J. and Betty Schauble, ‘58

Edward J. Walker, ‘94

Michael J. Pellicciotti, ‘04

Ivan Schertzer, ‘80

Michael J. Walker, ‘88

Gary Penar, ‘77

Mark S. Schwarz, ‘02

Gregory and Shirley Wall, ‘78

Kenneth J. Perry, ‘97

Michele M. Shaw, ‘89

Carl and Marimae Warring, ‘75

Nathaniel Peterson and Maxine Rogers, ‘10

Edmund and Donna Sheehy, ‘78

Washington State Association for Justice

Thomas Pfalzer, ‘77

Pat and Mary Anne (LeMay) Shine, ‘66

Judy Pfitzer

John G. and Marlene Shudy, ‘82

Todd Weaver and Christine M. (Hohman) Weaver, ‘91

Stephen and Sheryl Phillabaum, ‘89

Gregory Skabelund, ‘88

Harve H. and Alta C. Phipps, ‘53

Leslie K. Magryta Smith, ‘85

Blake M. Pickett, ‘04

Steve Smith, ‘86

Kerry ‘76 and Virginia Pickett, ‘76

Lowry Snow, ‘79

Pickett & Pickett

Spokane County District Court Judges

R. James ‘75 and Carol (Newell) Pidduck, Jr., ‘76

James Spurgetis, ‘77

Susan D. Pitchford, ‘96

Gerald R. Stahl, ‘81

The Honorable Richard and Mrs. Grace Pitt, ‘53

Fred (RIP) and Kay Staples, ‘60

Charles Plovanich, ‘78

Richard Staub, ‘77

Bill and Ilene Plummer

Michael and Shanna (Schuetz) Stevenson, ‘71

John and Deanna Polito, ‘88

Jack and Sara Stone, ‘90

Mike and Betty (Onley) Pontarolo, ‘73

Scott Storey, ‘83

Kevin C. Potter, ‘81

Stephen Strnad, ‘82

Thomas and Nancy Woodcock, ‘09

John and Bonita R. Powers, Jr., ‘84

The Honorable John F. and Cathy Strohmaier, ‘81

James Woods and Janet Stauffer, ‘78 Robert F. Young and Nancy L. Mueller, ‘78

The Honorable and Mrs. Richard A. Strophy, ‘70

Kevin A. Zeck, ‘09

Michael and Susan Nienstedt, ‘76 James Nordale (RIP), ‘59 Anne Noris, ‘80 Gary and Connie Norton, ‘77 David Novick, ‘96 Audrey Nutt and Jon Keen, ‘03 C. J. Occhipinti, ‘62 Stephen Olson, ‘76 Warren Olson, ‘52 Olson, Zabriskie & Campbell, Inc.

Mark and Kim Powers, ‘74 Powers & Associates, Inc.

Larry A. and Ellen Weiser, ‘76 Ted Wellman, ‘91 Thomas J. and Nancy (Keplinger) West, ‘74 Dennis and Jackie Wheeler, Maureen Whelan, ‘77 Jim and Mary Lou Wickwire, ‘67 Dwight and Jeanne Williams Ray Wimberley, ‘86 Ray P. Wimberley Attorney at Law Raye H. Winters, ‘83 Roger T. Witt, ‘85 James and Darlene Woodard, ‘80

Mark Prothero, ‘88 GONZAGA LAWYER


annual contributors Investors $1 - $99 A. Kristine Young, LLC Upendra D. Acharya John M. and Peggy Altman, ‘89 Andy and April Anderson, ‘06 Lawrence L. and Mary Anderson, ‘78 Patricia Anderson Rachelle E. (Knowles) Anderson, ‘97 Patrick and Colleen Andreotti, ‘76 Casey ‘08 and Anne (Benhard) Arbenz, ‘08 Lowell C. and Shannon Barber, ‘74 Phillip and Aline C. Barrett, ‘88 Richard Bartheld, ‘80 Frank Bartoletta, ‘75 Mr. J. Peter Baumgarten, ‘80 Ryan ‘00 and Courtney Beaudoin, ‘00 George Bianchi, ‘81 Barbara Biewer Andrew and Amy Biviano, ‘06 Nanette Kay (Dockum) and Shaun Blackburn, ‘04 Stephen Bobolia, ‘76 Kell, ‘92 and Seanna Bodholt, ‘92 Drew Bodker, ‘75 Jonathan Bogaard Carolyn Boyd

Sarah Brady Holly Brajcich and Tom Krzyminski Shari Brandt Michael Branstetter, ‘79 Kim-Ann Briamonte and Robert McKercher, ‘04 Myron and Anne Brixner, ‘74 Roxane Broadhead, ‘98 Keith Brown, ‘85 William A. Buckholt, Ill. ‘99 Garry Bunke, ‘75 Debra and Michael Burke, ‘77 William Burns, ‘84 Timothy and Dorothy Campbell Charles and Cynthia Carroll, ‘74 Joe and Theresa Carter, ‘75 David Carter, ‘83 Tom Carter, ‘84 Catherine J. Chastek (RIP), ‘40 Frank and Holly Christoff, ‘90 Jaclyn Casey Clabby, ‘07 Maurice and Solita Clark, ‘58 Harold D. and Heidi Clarke III, ‘79 Jonathan P. Clement, ‘02 Patrice Clemons, ‘07 CNA David and Linda Cocco, ‘86

T homas More Scholarship D onors Bank of America Foundation

Daniel L. Keppler ‘92 and Meagan Flynn, ‘92

Nathaniel Peterson and Maxine Rogers, ‘10

Mr. David Berry and Dr. Kim Hamlett, ‘91

Lisa S. Korchinski, ‘01

Tommy ‘90 and Kirsten Prud’homme, ‘89

Andrew ‘06 and Amy Biviano, ‘07

Brooke C. Kuhl, ‘04

Edward Ratcliffe, ‘86

Charles ‘96 and Kimberly (Tufts) Bolen, ‘96

Vincent A. and Kathleen L. Laubach, ‘70

Thomas and Heather Rice, ‘86

Al and Laura Brogan, ‘96

Donald and Janet Lyon, ‘89

Loren and Janell Burke, ‘83

Charles E. Maduell, ‘85

The Hon. Gerald Roach and Maria Roozen-Roach, ‘77

Gary and Jeanette Farrell, ‘80

Ms. Nancy McKay and Mr. Kent Richardson, ‘92

Robert H. Schapler, ‘81 Jerry ‘07 and Annika Scharosch, ‘07

Scott S. ‘90 and Nicole S. (Annis) McKay, ‘92

Gregory and Elizabeth Smith, ‘86

Dan ‘04 and Genevieve (Mann) Morris, ‘03

Jack and Michele E. Storms, ‘87

Timothy J. and Carol A. (Grell) Morris, ‘86

Kate R. Szurek, ‘96

Gillian L. Murphy , ‘05

Trip Johnston and Jodi Thorp, ‘02

Penelope Smith Nerup, ‘91

Geana M. Van Dessel, ‘04

James and Teri Newman , ‘95

Donald Verfurth, ‘85

Kathleen O’Brien, ‘87

Robert and Stacy Webster, ‘85

Laura Cooper Fenimore Dan and Karen Flynn, ‘83 Donald and Jean Grell Mark and Mary Griffin, ‘86 Joseph H. ‘86 and Margaret K. Harrington, ‘87 C. Patrick and Patti Hogeboom, ‘86 Pamela (Simmons) Howland, ‘00 Mark R. Iverson ‘88 and Michaele E. Dietzel, ‘88 Thomas and Sandra Jarrard, ‘07



Michael J. Pellicciotti, ‘04

annual contributors

Confera, Inc.

Keith and Donna Glanzer, ‘90

Scott Kalama

Jean M. Conger, ‘85

Nancy Goings

Peter Karademos, ‘74

Stephanie Lynn Conlin

John and Marjorie Gray, ‘76

John and Patricia Karnick

John and Roselie Cooney, ‘66

Donald and Jean Grell

David Charles Kaudy, ‘80

Mr. Heiko Coppola, ‘96

Sarah J. Guzman

Ed and Delores Kauzlarich, ‘75

Larry and Judith Corbin, ‘77

Douglas J. and Geraldine Haffie, ‘05

Mr. Michael Kawamura, ‘86

Kathryn Corrigan

Mr. Leonard A. Hagen, ‘96

Jeanne Marie Keefe, ‘84

Stephanie Cotton, ‘08

Deborah T. Hagner, ‘85

John Keith, ‘67

Rebecca M. Coufal, ‘87

Jean A. Hall, ‘81

Donald and Vickie Kennedy, ‘91

Vickie L. Cowan, ‘81

Robert J. Hall, ‘56

William Kenny, ‘73

Timothy P. and Barbara Cronin, ‘78

Michael and Jean Halley, ‘68

Paul and Jane Klasen, ‘51

Gary M. Cuillier, ‘70

William J. Halstead, ‘93

Nicholas R. and Lori A. Knapton, ‘04

Charlene A. Curtiss, ‘81

Susan J. Harmon

Robert Knight, ‘76

Robert and Bianca Curzan, ‘81

Margaret Harper

Russell and Sara Knight, ‘08

Edward E. and Cathy (Huntington) Danz, ‘75

Joseph H. ‘86 and Margaret K. Harrington, ‘87

William and Theresa Kochevar, ‘90

William and Jo Davis

Patricia Harrington

Bea L. Koempel-Thomas, ‘05

Doug and Sharon Day

Ted a. Hastings, ‘05

John T. Krall, ‘61

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William ‘77 and Molly Hastings, ‘77

Larry Krueger, ‘71

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Stephanie Ruth Haug, ‘01

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Angela Hayes, ‘98

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Ronald and E. Virginia Dorning

Robin L. Haynes, ‘06

Vincent A. and Kathleen L. Laubach, ‘70

Frank J. and Frances R. Dorsey, ‘52

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Law Offices of Gordon & Shogan

Clifford P. Duke and Holly Winter Duke, ‘04

Gary Hebl, ‘76

The Honorable and Mrs. Vincent LeBlon, ‘80

Thomas G. and Christine A. Dunlop, ‘77

Hebl, Hebl & Ripp, LLP

J. Michael and Elizabeth Liebert, ‘77

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Hermanas Spokane

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Brooke Ellis

Alfred Heydrich and Linda A. Duda-Heydrich, ‘80

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Sheila M. Ellis The Honorable Richard J. Ennis, ‘50 James and Christie Farber, ‘76 Gary and Jeanette Farrell, ‘80 Thomas J. Farrell, ‘08 John Fattorini, Jr., ‘68 Timothy ‘96 and Jacqueline (Flynn) Fearnside, ‘97 Owen Ferguson Olga Finnell Elizabeth L. Fitzgerald, ‘07 Kevin and Anne Flaherty, ‘81 David and Michelle Fonda, ‘92 Dewitt Francis, Jr., ‘83 Don Friedkin Wendy (Newcomb-Hague) Gabriel, ‘90 Gary Gainer, ‘67 Scott D. Gambill, ‘99 Jeffrey D. Geldien Elizabeth Ann Gill, ‘90

Mr. James Hoogestraat, ‘82 Pamela (Simmons) Howland, ‘00

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The Honorable John Luster and Ms. Maidy Kress, ‘76

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Sean Jackson ‘02 and Nicole Brodie, ‘03

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Jim and Gina McGoffin, ‘53

Edward and Linda Joy, ‘73

Maureen McGuire, ‘81

Terry and Diana Justice

Timothy J. McGuire, ‘98



annual contributors

Ms. Nancy McKay and Mr. Kent Richardson, ‘92

Brian T. and Tana R. Rekofke, ‘83

Jennifer A. Stewart, ‘05

Thomas and Sara McLane, ‘81

Saul H. Renderfrance, ‘05

Mr. John P. Stine, ‘96

Jill E. Reuter, ‘07

Jack and Michele E. Storms, ‘87

Jeffrey Reynolds, ‘77

D. Jacob Summers and Melinda Summers, ‘07

Tom and Bonnie Reynolds, ‘77

Leon Swerin, ‘77

Michael P. Rhodes, ‘09

John Tessner, ‘84

Thomas and Maureen Richardson, ‘80

James G. Theus, ‘96

Richter Wimberley PS

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Thompson, ‘93

Mohammed A. Rizvi, ‘07

David R. Thompson Law Corporation

Bill Roberts, ‘40

Norma Tibbetts

Steven and Julie Robinson, ‘79

Daniel J. Tobler, ‘09

Philip Rodriguez, ‘71

John and Kathryn Tracy, ‘51

Pamela H. (Hazelton) Rohr, Jr., ‘87

Peter and JoAnne Turner, ‘76

Dina Romoff

Katharine Tylee, ‘08

Irving and Susan Rosenberg, ‘91

Fred Valdez

Milton and Ellen Rowland, ‘85

The Hon. Philip and Barbara Van de Veer, ‘88

Amy Rubin

Mark and Christine Vatuone, ‘98

Lowell and Kathleen Ruen, ‘80

Ryan E. ‘98 and Mistee (Pitman) Verhulp, ‘99

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Barbra L. (Anderson) Ryan, ‘96

Paul Vogel, Jr., ‘79

Richard W. Sanger, ‘72

Blake Voorhees, ‘11

Elizabeth (Rickenbacker) Schaefer, ‘81

Dan and Susanne (Nicholas) Wadkins, ‘09

Jerry ‘07 and Annika Scharosch, ‘07

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Fred and Katherine Schuchart, ‘74

Paul and Nancy Wainwright, ‘78

Charles Schumacher, ‘80

The Honorable Peter G. Wales, ‘82

Jason J. Scronic, ‘07

Jeffrey D. Walker, ‘93

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Clarence and Geraldine Wallette

Jonathan B. Shaklee, ‘07

Robert Walther

John D. Sheaffer, Jr., ‘79

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Jack Sheehan, ‘65

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Donna W. (Walker) Shipps, ‘82

Dennis Welter (RIP)

Alexander J. and Maureen J. (Gordon) Shogan, Jr., ‘78

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Loraine Shrader

Donald K. White, ‘05

Stephen and Rinda McLean, ‘81 Tim and Ann McNeese, ‘80 Lawrence B. McNerthney, ‘65 Colleen M. McQuaid, ‘85 David Medeiros ‘85 and M. Elizabeth Price, ‘87 Kammi L. Mencke Smith, ‘04 Lawrence S. Merrifield, Jr., ‘94 David Michaud, ‘83 Kevin and Kathy Miller William E. and Janet C. Morgan, ‘70 Mike Myers and Carole Rolando, ‘83 Edward Paul Morse, ‘77 Lynn Mounsey Longmeier, ‘87 Susan L. Munk, ‘00 Gillian L. Murphy, ‘05 Joseph and Beatrice Nelligan Kenneth Nelson Rosina Nelson Troy Y. Nelson, ‘97 Doug and Sarah E. (Fields) Nessan, ‘81 The Honorable and Mrs. George R. Nethercutt, Jr., ‘71 The Honorable Arthur Newton, ‘76 Larry (RIP) and Mary Nickell, ‘79 William W. Nixon The Oak Brook Club Brian C. O’Brien, ‘82 Kathleen O’Brien, ‘87 Robert O’Connell, ‘78 Lloyd Dykes and Jean O’Keeffe, ‘91 Kristine K. Olmstead, ‘06 Christos Panas Jessie L. Pellant, ‘09 Dr. and Mrs. David H. Peterson, ‘52 Gair B., ‘81 and Linda Petrie, ‘81 Sarah M. Price, ‘09 Charles and Pamela Pschirrer Samuel and Darlene Quigley Aimee Racine, ‘10 Lynden and Linda Rasmussen, ‘74 Joshua A. Rataezyk, ‘02 John Raymond, ‘75 John and Diane Redenbaugh, ‘78 Candy L. Reich, ‘06 Steven A. Reich, ‘80



Scott L. and Shari Simpson, ‘75 John D. Sklut Angie Slentz Berkeley and Carole Smith, ‘75 Gordon L. Smith Nathan Smith, ‘07 Shephard Smith, ‘76 Stanley Snell Susan Sockwell Bendlin and Greg Bendlin, ‘80 Tom Sowa and Laura Spradley, ‘82 Martin and Carol Stacey, ‘86 Chris and Julie (Haigh) Standiford

Lucinda and Robert Whaley, ‘77 Janet K. Whitney, ‘00 Richard and Diana Williams Terry Williams, ‘89 Joseph P. Wilson, ‘93 Jerry and Margaret Woodward Martin E. Wyckoff and Adrienne E. Smith, ‘88 A. Kristine Young, ‘91 Trevor A. Zandell, ‘05 Michael and Anita Zdancewicz, ‘88 Christopher Schlueter ‘03 and Jennifer Zelko-Schlueter, ‘03

annual contributors Uni v ersit y L egal Assistance D onors A. Kristine Young, LLC

Lucille Jones

Michael and Diane Taylor, ‘82

Mr. John Allison, ‘96

Michael and Helen Jones, ‘77

Gaetano J. and Melissa Testini, ‘00

Gary Amendola, ‘78


Norma Tibbetts

Patricia Anderson

Mr. Michael Kawamura, ‘86

James A. Bamberger, ‘80

Michael Anthony Kirk, ‘81

The Honorable Jeffrey L. and Mrs. Laurie Tolman, ‘77

Limor Ben-Maier, ‘04

Mary Ann Knight

Barbara Biewer

Timothy D. Knowles, ‘08

Mark H. and Jane G. Bitz, ‘93

Thomas Lasswell

Carolyn Boyd

Alex and Karen Laughlin, ‘85

Shari Brandt

Richard ‘91 and Roberta (Scott) League, ‘70

Timothy and Dorothy Campbell

Megan (Arbour) Long, ‘02

Patrick J. Casey, ‘II, ‘93

John P. Lynch, ‘77

Demetre ‘07 and Katherine Christofilis, ‘08

Gary T. ‘93 and Kathleen J. Magonigle, ‘96

Kelly and Sharon Cline, ‘85

Lisa A. Malpass Childress, ‘03

Confera, ‘Inc.

Oliver Martin

Mr. Heiko Coppola, ‘96

Muriel Martinez

Kathryn Corrigan

William M. Mast, ‘03

Bryce Dille, ‘66

Byron L. McLean, ‘98

Ronald and E. Virginia Dorning

McLean Law Office, PLLC

Sheila M. Ellis

David Michaud, ‘83

Christopher and Christina Estes-Werther, ‘06

Lynn Mounsey Longmeier, ‘87

Loren Etengoff, ‘80

Robert Mueller

Robert Evans and Lisa Fitzpatrick, ‘79

Kenneth Nelson

Timothy ‘96 and Jacqueline (Flynn) Fearnside, ‘97

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Paul D. and Nancy Greeley, ‘82 Margaret Harper Charles O. Hayes, ‘00 The Honorable James J. Helbling, ‘73 Hermanas Spokane Mr. James Hoogestraat, ‘82 William A. Jeckle, ‘91 Deanna L. Johnson, ‘04

Greg and JoAnne Tripp David Ullman, ‘Esq., ‘81 Fred Valdez Blake Voorhees, ‘11 Greg and Josie Wagner, ‘80 Edward J. Walker, ‘94 Clarence and Geraldine Wallette Robert Walther Mildred (Costa) Waters, ‘60 Dennis Welter (RIP) Richard and Diana Williams The Honorable Donna L. (Kamps) Wilson, ‘80 Jerry and Margaret Woodward A. Kristine Young, ‘91

Mark S. Schwarz, ‘02 Michele M. Shaw, ‘89 Edmund and Donna Sheehy, ‘78 Loraine Shrader Angie Slentz Gordon L. Smith Stanley Snell



in memoriam The Gonzaga University School of Law extends its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the following alumni and friends. Jaime Perez Hidalgo, J.D. 1980 LaVinia Besola, J.D. 1964 Lou Conyard, J.D. 1949 John David Walsh, J.D. 1951 Sheila Vonderharr, J.D. 2006 James Nordale, J.D. 1959 Mary Kelly McCue, J.D. 1980 Richard C. “Augie” Agman, J.D. 1975 Michael N. Gendelman, J.D. 1978 James “Jim” Whitaker, J.D. 1975 Michael Tonning, J.D. 1978 Michael Carson, J.D. 1980 Rembert Ryals, J.D. 1958 David Harvery Couch, J.D. 1986

Kenneth Mark COX Kenneth Mark Cox was born in Pullman, Wash. on December 16, 1976, to Kenneth and Carol Cox. He graduated from The Dalles High School in 1995. He attended Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho, prior to serving a two-year mission to Argentina. After returning, he married Brooke Leah Christison in the Salt Lake Temple. He completed his associate at Ricks College, attended Southern Utah University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice, graduating with honors. He attended Gonzaga University School of Law, earning his Juris Doctorate Degree Cum Laude in 2004. He moved to Yakima, Wash. where he had a solo practice. He was an active member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a member of the Washington State Bar, served on the Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital foundation board, and taught at Yakima Valley Community College. Mark is survived by his wife Brooke Cox (34), and their five children, Kaleb (11), Colin (9), Chase (7), Abigail (5), and Eli (1). Mark passed away June 30, 2011, in his home from a cerebral hemorrhage. He is and always will be loved and missed by everyone who knew him.

Kenneth M. Cox, J.D. 2004 Zane Johnson, J.D. 1951 Norman Lau J.D. ‘76 Gregory Timm, J.D. 1979 William H. Grady, J.D. 1960 Daniel D. Zender, J.D. 1976 Larry Nickell, J.D. 1979 Harry Levitch, J.D. 1959 Michael J. Chappell Lawrence Monbleau, J.D. 1962 Fred Staples, J.D. 1960 Jeffrey Thimsen, J.D. 1979 Charles E. Siljeg, J.D. 1960 Charles R. “Ray” Eberle, J.D. 1966 Bonnie Martin, J.D. 1992



Mary Kelly McCue Mary Kelly McCue, 60, died on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011, in Helena, after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. Mary attended Gonzaga University School of Law, where she was an editor of the Law Review, and earned her law degree there in 1980. From 1980 to 1984, she worked for the state of Washington as an administrative law judge for the Office of Administrative Hearings. While a law student, she met her future husband, Stephen R. McCue, a fellow student, and they were married on Aug. 15, 1981, in Havre Mont. They moved to Sunnyside, Wash., where their first child, Kevin, was born in 1983. The family moved to Helena in 1984, where Mary was employed by the Legislative Council as a staff attorney. Mary and Steve were blessed with two more children, Caroline and Patrick. In 1990, she entered private practice, practicing primarily in the areas of administrative law and governmental relations. She became executive director of the Montana Dental Association in 2000, where she worked at the time of her death. She was inducted as an honorary member of the American Dental Association in 2010.

A gift with benefits “Gonzaga Law has meant so much to me and my career. I wanted to support the school and found that a charitable gift annuity is an excellent way to reduce income taxes, while receiving a good rate of return on the gift annuity amount.” The Hon. John Madden (retired) ‘68

Photo credit: Christopher Anderson/The Spokesman-Review

Charitable gift annuity benefits:

Sample Rates

• Fixed quarterly payments for life, a portion of which are tax-free. • A charitable income tax deduction.

• The satisfaction of making a gift that will ensure Gonzaga’s School of Law continues its important work of educating students.

One Life

Two Lives

Your Age

Your Ages

Annuity Rate

65         4.7% 70         5.1% 75         5.8% 80         6.8% 85         7.8% 90+       9.0%

Annuity Rate

65/70     4.4% 70/75     4.8% 75/80     5.3% 80/85     6.1% 85/90     7.3% 90/95+  8.8%

These rates are the maximum rates recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities and are adjusted periodically.

For more details on how to set up a gift annuity, please contact Nancy Fike at 509.313.3605 or by email at Note: Charitable gift annuities with Gonzaga University may not be available in all states.





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