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Martin Davidson

here never really can be a fraction too much friction. Certainly not on the major golf tours, where the travelling circus pitches a tent in a different location each week and followers can be excused for not seeing the woods for the trees. Aside from the majors, both the European Tour and the PGA Tour in the United States are a succession of ho-hum tournaments offering great wads of cash and little to differentiate themselves other than the majesty of their particular courses. They are not helped by the blandness of the competitors, invariably clean shaven, well mannered young men offering little more than sugar-coated thanks to the sponsors as they bank million-dollar cheques and go

Noise a welcome intrusion on their way with a nod, a smile and a wave. Golf needs a pick-me-up and the simmering feud between Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia is a possible look into the future. Why not encourage the players to say it how it is, to share some of the locker room realities with the fans, to lance their boils in a public domain? It would certainly spike interest if you knew the two combatants locked in a duel down the stretch couldn’t stand the sight of one another. It would make the contest personal. But golf doesn’t like personal. The machine must march on and personalities are an unnecessary distraction. Better to play it safe, keep your true thoughts to your-

self and play the corporate game of feigned friendship. The golf circuit is no different to any other workplace, aside from the fact that seriously inflated purses are on offer every week. Everyone does not get along and while genuine friendships are forged, there are strained relationships as well. It’s called human nature. It would be grand if golf started to show its human face more often, if the competitors bared more of their true selves, if they shared with the fans some of their pet dislikes among their contemporaries. It wasn’t so long ago that whispers emerged from the playing ranks of the general dislike many held for Phil Mickelson, a crowd favourite in the US where his public and locker room personas were apparently at polar opposites of the scale. For a while it seemed like an anti-Mickelson campaign was building up a head of steam, especially when his nickname among the players, Figjam (.... I’m good, just ask me), was shared with the wider public. It afforded fans a glimpse behind the scenes, one in which it was left up to them to take sides. It certainly did no harm to the game. If anything, it made you want to watch Mickelson more closely on the course to see whether he’d let down his guard and expose his true character. Put it this way. The next time Woods and Garcia are paired together in a tournament, I know where I’ll be. In front of the television.

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Merger at the top table By Martin Davidson


century of tradition is set to end with the two principle golf organisations in this country ever closer to holding hands on a permanent basis. New Zealand Golf and the PGA of New Zealand have signalled a joint partnership is not far off after the two signed a heads of agreement to explore the establishment of a combined governance entity for the sport. That followed close to two years of discussion centred on a memorandum of understanding after the two parties agreed to work together with the goal of creating a long-term vision and plan for golf in New Zealand. The two organisations have operated under the one roof in their offices in Auckland for the past few years, which has clearly helped in keeping the lines of communication open. That followed a period when the relationship between the two could politely be described as frosty at best. They have until this point tended their own gardens; NZ Golf developing amateur talent and overseeing the districts and clubs, while the PGA concentrated on developing teaching professionals and representing the interests of a small number of

playing professionals. However, the many challenges confronting the game have succeeded in bringing the two together, with the seemingly inevitable outcome of a merged entity, which officials think will be in place by next year with the appointment of an initial transition board containing representatives from each party. NZG chief executive Dean Murphy described the latest development as a landmark moment for the game. ``This is a very significant achievement in the administrations of New Zealand Golf and the PGA of New Zealand,” he said. ``The proposed merger with the PGA of New Zealand has been some time in the making, with some hard work from both parties. We believe this alignment of our organisations and their capabilities would have a very positive impact on both creating a secure future for the game here in New Zealand, in our clubs and communities, and would also increase our ability to compete on the international stage. ``We both know that we are operating in a challenging time for golf and we are looking to meet those challenges head on. It makes great sense to combine our capabilities and develop a unified approach where a `Whole of Golf’ vision for the game is being achieved.” PGA chief executive Duncan Simpson

echoed that sentiment. ``When we reviewed the PGA’s strategic plan over two years ago it became clear that the key issues and challenges were all about the game of golf,” Simpson said. ``It was obvious that these needed to be tackled under a combined strategy and vision and this was the initial thrust of our discussions with New Zealand Golf and the resulting memorandum of understanding.” A principal outcome to be explored was ``alternative organisational and governance structures where appropriate to enhance and accelerate achievement of the agreed common vision and plan”. The existing entities, (New Zealand Golf and the PGA of New Zealand), have now agreed that a combined and single entity would be in the best interests of all participants in golf to provide a secure pathway for the future of golf in New Zealand. In announcing their intention, the two organisations listed the main challenges facing the game as:-

• an ageing and declining club membership base; • a growing casual golf-playing population that has low engagement levels with the existing governing bodies and golf clubs; • low junior membership numbers; • financial health concerns and vulnerable long-term futures for many clubs; • low numbers of New Zealand golfers competing and winning on the world stage; • a lack of alignment of golf organisations leading to unco-ordinated strategies, objectives and actions. The core benefits of creating one combined entity included:• a single leadership voice for golf, thereby providing clarity of direction for all participants and stakeholders; • a single structure that provides operational synergies and efficiencies; • a seamless pathway for players, coaches, participants and administrators.

This is a very significant achievement in the administrations of New Zealand Golf and the PGA of New Zealand...

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A river flows through it W aikato’s newest golf club – the result of a merger between Lochiel and Narrows – will take its name from the mighty Waikato River, which flows past both courses. Members of the two clubs cast votes for their favourite name and Riverside Golf Club was the most popular choice. It was originally suggested by five members – Geoff Spooner, Gary Chalmers, Catherine and Ian McIntosh and Robyn Maisey. Before announcing the final name to members, the clubs’ officials commissioned a graphic designer to produce a logo which was not only new and fresh but accentuated the natural colours and distinguishing features of the new club. The designer, Tom Jenkin, noted that Lochiel, at its northern point on the fourth tee, and Narrows at its southern point at the fifth tee, were less than 1.7km apart. Using Google Maps, he replicated the shape of the river and illustrated two clubs either side with the colour of the courses – green (for fairways and greens) and golden brown (for bunkers and soil) and a flagstick in a hole. Gold is also a

strong, longstanding colour reflecting the tradition of golf and of the two courses. Narrows president John Bridle said the logo was striking and innovative, reflecting the new club’s purpose. Lochiel chairman Matt Laming said

when the merger committee members looked at it, they were convinced the designer had come up with something very special. The tag line adopted for the Riverside Golf Club is `one club, two great courses on either side of the mighty Waikato River’. ``We’ve now got a name, a presence, a vision – it’s given us something tangible that we can go with,” Laming said. It has been quite a journey for the two neighbouring clubs. Lochiel was formed and incorporated in 1938 and Narrows in 1935. Both clubs have solid memberships, with about 550 members at each club. They own their own courses, have supportive sponsors and solid balance sheets. ``When we first started talking about a merger, it wasn’t because we were in trouble but we know that golf, like many sports, faces challenges in attracting and retaining members,” Bridle said. ``Lochiel and Narrows are no different. We’ve been competing with each other all these years and it just seemed to us that it didn’t make sense to continue to do that.”



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What a trooper


ir Bob Charles makes it seem like an everyday occurrence but we all know that a golfer who shoots his or her age has accomplished something special. It was certainly the case for Roxburgh’s Veda Troup this year when she twice dipped under her age at the Central Otago course. Troup, who turned 85 in April, posted a gross 81 at the course at the start of the previous month then shot 80 off the stick at the end of it. Although the Roxburgh course is not known for being

Troup has been a member of the club for close to 30 years and has enjoyed her share of highlights...

too challenging length-wise, it is by no means a pushover, with a number of hazards such as rocks while the extra run in summer conditions can punish players if they are not accurate. While Troup is not a big hitter of the ball, she is crafty enough to keep it in play, as her handicap in the low 20s attests. Troup has been a member of Roxburgh Golf Club for close to 30 years and has enjoyed her share of highlights, winning a number of tournaments and being part of the women’s pennants team. She remains extremely active and not only on the catering front where her date scones are a particular favourite with members in the clubhouse. She likes to get her hands dirty and still helps out on the course, tidying bunkers and painting distance markers and tee box pegs. She sounds just like the type of member all clubs value highly.

Roxburgh’s Veda Troup. Photo: Supplied

in association with


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The Quail Ridge Country Club is under construction and will offer a whole new concept in retirement living with all the facilities of a first class country club and adjacent to BOI Golf Club. We are very impressed with the achievements of the junior golf program at the BOI golf club and we are proud to continue our sponsorship. 82 Rainbow Falls Road, RD2, Kerikeri, New Zealand Free phone: 0800quailridge Phone: 09 401 6579 Fax: 09 401 6581



Five new faces in Academy


ive newcomers have been named in New Zealand Golf’s Academy for the 2013-2014 season. They include Cameron Jones (Muriwai), Tyler Hodge (Levin) and Luke Toomey (Lochiel) while the New Zealand amateur champions from 2012 and 2013 respectively, Munchin Keh (Titirangi) and Julianne Alvarez (Manor Park), have been added to the women’s Academy. NZ Golf’s high performance manager Gregg Thorpe said this group had shown huge promise to earn their place in the elite group. ``They are all players who have performed superbly on the national scene and we are excited to welcome them to the National Academy,” Thorpe said. ``We believe these players have the ability to be successful on the international stage as New Zealand reps and in time become successful professionals. This is an important step in their development.” The promoted players all helped their cause with a series of compelling performances over the past season. Jones shot six-under-par 30 on the back nine in the last round at Paraparaumu Beach to win the New Zealand strokeplay championship by two shots. Hodge has performed consistently for New Zealand and was impressive in his senior debut this year with a stellar perfor-


mance at the inaugural 10 Nations Cup in South Africa. Last year he became the first Kiwi to win both the New Zealand and Australian under-19 titles in the same year. Toomey, 21, finished runner-up at the LawnMaster Classic and recently shot an incredible 11-under 61 to finish top qualifier for the New Zealand amateur championship by 11 shots. The women have been equally impressive. Keh won the national amateur title in 2012 and went on to make a solid debut for the country when she was picked to play the Espirito Santo world amateur teams championship in Turkey. Alvarez has been a consistent performer and lifted her game a notch or two to be crowned the New Zealand amateur champion at Manawatu. The national development squad features the addition of Northland’s up and comer Kadin Neho and Waikato pair Denzel Ieremia (St Andrews) and Nick Coxon (Narrows), who earn their places through consistent from on the national scene. Neho was a late inclusion, after forcing the selectors’ hand by winning the New Zealand amateur championship and backing that up by finishing third in the Muriwai Open, just four strokes back of the winner, Mike Hendry, this country’s leading professional. Three new women have been added to

Cameron Jones (Muriwai) is just one of the newcomers named in New Zealand Golf’s Academy for the 2013-2014 season. Photo: Photosport the development squad in Hanna Seifert (Lochiel), Te Rongopai Clay (Titahi Bay) and Lita Guo (North Shore). The Academy and development squads assembled for a camp last month at the New Zealand Golf Academy at the St Peter’s College in Cambridge.

National Academy

Men: Vaughan McCall (Gore, Southland), Josh Munn (Manawatu, Manawatu-Wanganui), Sam An (Titirangi, Auckland), Cameron Jones (Muriwai, North Harbour), Tyler Hodge (Levin, Manawatu-Wanganui), Luke Toomey (Lochiel, Waikato), Blair Riordan, (Takaka, Tasman).

Women: Lydia Ko (Gulf Harbour, North Harbour), Munchin Keh (Titirangi, Auckland), Julianne Alvarez (Manor Park, Wellington), Chantelle Cassidy (Putaruru, Waikato).

National development squad

Men: Kadin Neho (Whangarei, Northland), Compton Pikari (Te Awamutu, Waikato), Peter Lee (Rotorua, Bay of Plenty), Nick Coxon (Narrows, Waikato), Trent Munn (Manawatu, Manawatu-Wanganui), Denzel Ieremia (St Andrews, Waikato) Women: Wenyung Keh (Pakuranga, Auckland), Lita Guo (North Shore, North Harbour), Hanna Seifert (Lochiel, Waikato), Te Rongopai Clay (Titahi Bay, Wellington).


Neho rewrites history


Photo: NZ Golf

rom the extreme south to the extreme north, the New Zealand amateur men’s championship trophy is certainly doing the rounds. A year after Vaughan McCall became the first Southlander to win the title, Kadin Neho has created history by becoming the first Northlander to hold aloft the trophy in 120 years. The 17-year-old Whangarei club member took his burgeoning career to new heights by repelling a late challenge from Tasman’s Ryan Chisnall to win the final 3 and 2 at Manawatu Golf Club. The significance of the result wasn’t lost on Neho. ``This is a really special day for me. I really don’t know what to say. I think Northland people will be stoked with this achievement,’’ he said. ``They have all been watching the scores and texting me. The people at the Whangarei Golf Club have been a great support and been egging me on. This is pretty cool.” Cool indeed. That was an apt description for Neho’s performances in Palmerston North, where he qualified 17th among the 32 who advanced after two rounds of strokeplay. Having made the cut, as it were, he re-

ally got to work, eliminating Nick Coxon (Narrows) 4 and 3 in the first round and Luke Toomey (Lochiel) 2 and 1 in the second. Bailey Smith (Mt Maunganui) was then dispatched 5 and 3 in the quarterfinals before Neho booked his place in the final with a 2 up result over Steven Kuggeleijn (Lochiel) in the semifinals. Neho maintained his form when it mattered most, leading Chisnall 2 up at the halfway point of the 36-hole final after slotting four successive birdie putts at one stage and he then posted another a birdie on the first hole in the afternoon to extend a lead he was never to relinquish. He never felt he had the match won until his final putt dropped on the parthree 16th. ``He (Chisnall) came back at me really well and made a couple of birdies (on 12 and 13) and then I didn’t play 14 too well. I managed to hold on in the next couple of holes.”

Results:First round: Luke Toomey (Lochiel) bt Landyn Edwards (Rotorua) on the 19th hole, Kadin Neho (Whangarei) bt Nick Coxon (Narrows) 4 and

3, Bailey Smith (Mt Maunganui) bt Nick Voke (Manukau) on the 19th, Denzel Ieremia (Hamilton) bt Tyler Lock (Castlecliff) on the 19th, Vaughan McCall (Gore) bt Shaun Jones (Russley) 4 and 3, Harry Na (Aviation) beat Chris Harrop (Australia) on the 19th, Steven Kuggeleijn (Lochiel) bt Jason Yoo (Waitikiri) 1 up, Jordan Bakermans (Christchurch) bt Tadg Campbell (Muriwai) 3 and 2, Junior Tatana (Foxton) bt Hayden Beard (Mt Maunganui) 4 and 3, Ryan Chisnall (Greenacres) bt Shiv Sabherwal (Howick), 3 and 1, Michael Birchall (Manawatu) bt Trent Munn (Manawatu) on the 19th, Cameron Jones (Muriwai) bt Steven Heyes (Russley) 1 up, Jack Leenards (Manawatu) bt Fraser MacLachlan (Royal Wellington) 1 up, Thomas Brockelsby (Hamilton) bt James Betts (Paraparaumu Beach) 3 and 2, Stuart Smith (Manawatu) bt Braden Mazey (Royal Wellington) at the 21st, Tae Koh (Manukau) bt Joshua Munn (Manawatu) 2 up. Second round: Neho bt Toomey 2 and 1, Smith bt Ieremia 2 and 1, McCall bt Na 5 and 4, Kuggelejin bt Bakermans 3 and 2, Chisnall bt Tatana 1 up, Jones bt Birchall 2 and 1, Brockelsby bt Leenards on the 24th, Koh bt S Smith 4 and 3. Quarterfinals: Neho bt B Smith 5 and 3, Kuggeleijn bt McCall 1 up, Chisnall bt Jones 4 and 2, Koh bt Brockelsby 2 and 1. Semifinals: Neho bt Kuggeleijn 2 up, Chisnall bt Koh 2 and 1. Final: Neho bt Chisnall 3 and 2.



Alvarez shows impeccable timing


ellington teenager Julianne Alvarez timed her charge to the New Zealand women’s amateur championship title to perfection. The 16-year-old had double cause to celebrate after dismantling Hanna Seifert (Lochiel) 7 and 6 in the 36-hole final at Manawatu Golf Club. Her resounding victory came on the same weekend her Manor Park clubmates were celebrating the club’s centenary. Alvarez became just the second Manor Park player to win the title, following in the sprigmarks of Lynnette Brooky in 1993. ``That sounds really cool and I hope this is something for the club to celebrate – hopefully we can make it a more regular occurrence to have a Wellington champion,’’ Alvarez said. ``It is really cool to be part of the history of this event. There are some great names on that cup, legends of New Zealand Golf, and to add my name to that history is a real honour.’’ Having tipped out 2012 champion Munchin Keh (Titirangi) in the semifinals, Alvarez made no contest of it in the final, racing to a 5 up advantage after the opening 18 holes. While she won by a comfortable margin Alvarez said she couldn’t afford to relax on the second 18 holes. ``It is always good to have that sort of cushion but I treated the second round like I was playing from scratch and Hanna did come back at me by holing some good putts but I hung in there and got the win in the end.’’ Her mother, Monica, who caddied for her throughout the week, played a big role in keeping her calm. ``She kept me steady and nice and relaxed. On every putt and shot she told me, `stay calm. You have done this all before,’ and that really helped. To share the win with her was special. My dad was at home

Julianne Alvarez (2013 NZ amateur) Photo: Photosport glued to his computer.’’ Alvarez said the title win was gratifying on a number of fronts. ``It is a realisation that I am one step closer to being like Lydia (Ko) and like Lynnette. ``It is an affirmation for me to think I have got what it takes to be a successful golfer. If I keep working hard and sticking at it I am going to get there.’’

Results:First round: Wenyung Keh (Pakuranga) bt Erika Waiariki (Taupo) 2 up, Hanna Seifert (Lochiel) bt

Celeste McLean (Manaia) 2 and 1, Holly Winter (Manaia) bt Bohyun Park (Gulf Harbour) 4 and 3, Alanna Campbell (Omanu) bt Grace Senior (Wairakei International) 3 and 2, Chantelle Cassidy (Putaruru) bt Annette Muir (Waitemata) 7 and 6, Charlotte Willson (Lochiel) bt Vanessa Bouvet (New Plymouth) 2 and 1, Te Rongopai Clay (Titahi Bay) bt Larissa Eruera (Akarana) 5 and 3, Emma Clayton (Manawatu) bt Fleur Reynolds (Royal Auckland) 3 and 2, Julianne Alvarez (Manor Park) bt Jan Manoonpong (Remuera) 7 and 6, Angela Jones (Hastings) bt Nicole Nathan (Ashburton) 3 and 2, Heather Keefe (Rotorua) bt Jesse Hamilton (Maungakiekie) 4 and 2, Vaha Fapiano (North Shore) bt Joanna Kim (Manukau) 3 and 1, Siyi Keh (Pakuranga) bt Brydie Hodge (Levin)

3 and 2, Celyn Khoo (Pakuranga) bt Brooke Hamilton (Maungakiekie) 3 and 2, Munchin Keh (Titirangi) bt Laura Hoskin (Arrowtown) 4 and 3, Sarah Bradley (Cambridge) bt Sai Ma (North Shore) 1 up. Second round: Seifert bt W Keh 3 and 2, Campbell bt Winter 5 and 3, Cassidy bt Willson 4 and 3, Clay bt Clayton 2 and 1, Alvarez bt Jones 4 and 2, Fapiano bt Keefe 2 and 1, S Keh bt Khoo 1 up, M Keh bt Bradley 1 up. Quarterfinals: Seifert bt Campbell 3 and 1, Cassidy bt Clay 3 and 2, Alvarez bt Fapiano 5 and 3, M Keh bt S Keh 2 and 1. Semifinals: Seifert bt Cassidy 5 and 3, Alvarez bt Keh 1 up. Final: Alvarez bt Seifert 7 and 6.

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Nelson in festival mood


n the run up to Labour weekend what could be better than playing in an exciting new golf tournament. Not just any golf tournament – this is the inaugural Nelson Festival of Golf Tournament. The tournament offers 4 challenging rounds over 5 days with a ‘rest day’ mid week to enjoy just some of the attractions on offer in the Nelson region. Over the same week non-golfing partners can enjoy the diversity that the Nelson Arts Festival has to offer. Registration for all paid entrants will be Sunday 20th October at Nelson Golf Club. The Club are holding a fund raiser for Nelson Hospice on that day and any entrants to the Festival of Golf are welcome to play in this Ambrose event for a nominal fee on the day. Due to limited numbers for the shotgun start, anyone wanting to play in this event is requested to contact the golf office on 03 548 5029 to book a place – an ideal chance to test out the course. Monday 21st October at Nelson Golf Club – a true links experience playing on some of the best greens in New Zealand. NZ Golf have rated Nelson golf course highly enough to have chosen it as the host club for the NZ 2014 Amateur Championships – an ideal chance to experience the challenges it will offer these top national amateurs. Tuesday 22nd at Motueka Golf Club – a totally different layout will test your game to the full. Beautiful tree lined fairways meander round the course leadPROUDLY Supported by:

ing to testing greens. A parkland course full of surprises to test golfing skills. Wednesday 23rd – a rest day. Should “golfing nuts” wish to play even more golf – there are a number of very interesting 9 hole courses in the region to experience. There are many other places to visit away from the golf courses, Waimea Wines have a fabulous café for a splendid lunch complemented by a wine tasting session. The Abel Tasman National Park is less than an hour away, the WOW museum is a must for all fashion lovers twinned with an amazing car museum. The wide and diverse choice of restaurants within the region has to be rated as very high indeed. Thursday 24th – promises another interesting course, at Greenacres GC, the Best Island Golf Course. Situated on the Waimea Estuary, the course offers fabulous views in all directions. The course is another great challenge for all levels of golfers. Friday 25th – return to Nelson for the final round, followed by a wonderful lunch and prize-giving promising a great array of prizes for all divisions and hopefully lots of laughter and banter too. The format will be a 10.30am shotgun start on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday culminating in a final day 8.30am shotgun start on Friday, to allow time for the lunch and prize giving. There will be special offers in the Pro Shops, perhaps you can arrange golf lessons to get you through the week, or a group clinic should

your team needs a helping hand. On offer are fantastic Hole in One prizes every day of the tournament. Luxury cars are up for grabs for an “Ace” at the nominated hole on the course of the day. Bowater Motor Group have arranged for multiple cars to be on offer – an amazing challenge – so not just the first person that gets a ‘hole in one’ wins.... but every player who ‘nails that ace’ at the right hole will drive away in a luxury car – something even the Pro Tour rarely offers. So come and compete in this great tournament and give yourself 4 realistic chances of winning a brand new car. The generous sponsors have put up a wonderful prize fund for daily individual prizes as well as overall individual prizes for the week. Team prizes for accumulated week scores. All prizes will be fairly distributed amongst all the divisions giving everyone a chance to win. There will also be optional two’s competitions at each club along with putting competitions, raffles and some lucky draws for all non-winners each day, giving the opportunity for everyone to have a chance of win something. The Nelson region is extremely fortunate to have three such different course layouts within the region and to have this opportunity to can come and play them all in one week, meet new golfing friends as well as maybe driving away in a new luxury car. It’s an opportunity too good to miss. Don’t

put it off any longer, places are filling fast. Go to and complete the entry form now. The Nelson City Council sponsorship funding is through the Nelson Events Marketing & Development Programme. The objective of the programme is to stimulate Nelson’s economy in the Spring Season by bringing new spending through visitors coming to Nelson for distinct events. Their Sponsorship funding will be used for marketing the tournament. As you will in the area, why not also take advantage of yet more golf as Nelson Golf Club is also hosting The Fidelity Life Open Cup – a one day tournament on Saturday 26th October. There are two shotgun starts at 8am and 12.45pm for this single stableford competition which boasts a massive $7,000 prize fund. This is the second year of this prestigious tournament following the huge success of last year’s event. Again, we ask anyone wishing to play in this event to please contact our golf office for further details on 03 548 5029. This Nelson Festival of Golf is a fantastic opportunity for all golfers to be in at the start of what we believe will prove to become a “must do” for all New Zealand golfers and hope you will want to join us in this beautiful part of the world for a week of wonderful golf twinned with spending time enjoying all that the region has to offer.

The Tournament has been extremely fortunate to receive some wonderful support from the following sponsors: Nelson City Council, Waimea Family Estate Wines, Bowater Motor Group, Jennian Homes, Taylor Made About Jennian Homes: Jennian Homes combines your personality with their expertise to create the home you’ve always wanted. Choose from their comprehensive range of award-winning proven plans that can be fully adapted to meet the lifestyle requirements of you and your family, or have your home designed and built from scratch, based on your ideas. Jennian has over 30 years’ experience building the homes New Zealanders love. And when you build with Jennian Homes, you’ll receive 8,000 Fly Buys Points. About Bowater Motor Group: Think Bowater Motor Group and three things come to mind... Quality, excellence and vehicles to suit a lifestyle. We have been in the business of taking care of all of your motoring needs in the Nelson/Tasman area since 1947, and offer an exciting range of the most reliable new cars in the world, a wide selection of quality used vehicles, as well as comprehensive workshops across the region for all of your parts and servicing needs. Whether for urban, business or off-road, let Bowater’s begin your journey. If you’re going somewhere – The Bowater Motor Group will take you there. About Waimea Estates: Waimea Estates is one of Nelson’s leading winemakers, boasting 112 Gold Medals and 20 Trophies in National and International competitions. Waimea’s premium flagship Waimea range is made from the best sites on their vineyards. They demonstrate quite clearly the family’s philosophy of minimal intervention in the vineyard and winery - producing wines through certified sustainable practises that are a reflection of the terroir in which they are produced. “I am profoundly impressed by the overall quality of the Waimea wines – this is clearly a winery worth watching.” – BOB CAMPBELL MW, Master of Wine.

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Breakthrough for Zwart


awke’s Bay professional Pieter Zwart has pulled off the most significant result of his career by winning the Papua New Guinea Open. Zwart’s final round of six-under-par 66 was good enough for a 15-under 273 total and a two-shot victory over third round leader New South Welshman Lincoln Tighe. Australian Peter Martin finished in outright third on 11-under while Waikato professional Mathew Perry continued his good start in his rookie year to claim a share of fourth place on 10-under alongside another Australian Heath Reed. The week, though, belonged to Zwart, whose chip-in for birdie on the 17th hole turned out to be the crucial shot on the way to victory. ``It was one of those shots that you dream about when you practice but to pull it off when a championship is on the line is unbelievable,” Zwart said. ``It is a pleasure to now be known as the national champion of Papua New Guinea and hopefully golf has been the big winner out of this year’s championship. This victory has no doubt set me up for the year and I look forward to defending the title in 12 months’ time.” Zwart pocketed $13,000 for his win but more importantly the result earned him an exemption into almost every Pro-Am in Australia for the next 12 months while also gaining him category 14 status on the Australasian Tour, giving him a number Pieter Zwart Photo: Photosport of starts later in the year.



thevent NOW IN FULL SWING! HAS YOUR CLUB BOOKED ? Club captains you can book your event up to 30th of August 2013! Great prizes for all players, winning pairs qualify to national sponsored final








Moonta Golf Club



Hamilton Golf Club



Shandon Golf Club



MacLean Golf Club



Mania Golf Club



Kingaroy Golf Club



Bendigo Golf Club



Spalding Golf Club



Omanu Golf Club






Kaikoura Golf club



Woolgoolga RSL



Port Pirie



Gympie Golf Club



Waitomo Golf Club



Magenta Shores



Devil Bend Golf Club



Coomealla Golf Club



Boomerang Golf Club



Parkes Golf Club









Cypress Lakes Resort



Riverside Oakes



Paraparaumu Beach



Waipu Golf Club



The Vintage



Wattle Downs



Sanctuary Lakes



Gungahlin Lakes









Terrace Downs






Palmer Colonial



Cabramatta Golf Club



The Vines



Belconnen Magpies



Lakes Resort



Gunnadeh Golf Club



Tottenham Golf Club



Nanango Golf Club


Go online for more information or register at GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013  13


World Schools Golf Challenge:

New Zealand teams triumphant


he World Schools Golf Challenge was held in Hua Hin, Thailand, from March 31 to April 5, and saw Whangarei Boys’ High and John McGlashan College from Dunedin win the Boys Team Gross and Nett competitions respectively. Whangarei Boys’ win was a continuation of their outstanding form in recent times. Two teams from Whangarei Boys travelled to Thailand with their coach Quenton Diment and Boys High teacher Neil Smith. Team one with Kadin Neho, Braden Keown, Sam Purdie and Julian Fowler, ended up winning the boys team gross title by one shot. Second was Hilton College from South Africa and another South African school, Westville Boys

High, came in third. Having won the tournament in Australia in 2012, Whangarei are aiming to defend their title in England next year. Team one from John McGlashan College consisting of Milne Carter, Ryan Whelan, Tom Sycamore and Luke DavisRea won the Boys Team Nett competition from the American School of Bangkok and Hilton College from Kwazula Natal. John McGlashan College also sent two teams and were accompanied by a large group of supporters and their coach Shelley Duncan from Balmacewan. The World Schools Golf Challenge, which is run by Auckland based VSL Events, will be held next year in Somerset, England with all teams being housed at Millfield School.

The team from Whangarei Boys High. Photo: Supplied

The team from John McGlashan College. Photo: Supplied

NOW’s yOur ChaNCE TO BE PrOFEssiONally COaChEd ON all asPECTs OF yOur GOlF GamE

aNd Play NEW ZEalaNd’s FiNEsT GOlF COursE aT ThE

Tournament dates .....................................................................................................................

APRIL 19 th | MAY 3rd | JUNE 7th | AUGUST 2nd SEPTEMBER 6th | OCTOBER 1st | NOVEMBER 1st

GRAND FINAL DECEMBER 6 2013 ..................................................................................................................................................................... th

includes prize-giving dinner

Back up dates: August 30 th | September 27 th | November 29 th Entry fee per tournament: $ 45 pp - includes bar snacks and prizes Grand final series prizes | Men’s & ladies overall winners.

Wairakei Golf Course | P.O. Box 377, Taupo Ph: 07-374-8152, Fax: 07-374-8289 Email:

Please note: There is a minimum of 4 people required and a maximum limit of 6 people. In the case of insufficient numbers we will attempt to relocate people. Prices include GST and are valid for the above proposed school dates.

14  GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013

To be eligible for overall series prizes, players must play in the Grand Final plus three other monthly tournaments over the series.


Phone 03 318 6943 | E-mail



Decadent Dubai A rabian nights, belly dancing beauties and sandy sultans aside, a visit to the gleaming city of Dubai will indulge your senses. A fusion of old and new harmoniously entwined hits you from the moment you step off the plane. Men wearing dishdash, driving Mercedes and Porsches on their way to their ultra-modern office skyscraper. But Dubai is more than a modern contradiction of the past colliding with the future and there is so much for those travelling to this region to rejoice in. If you are craving a retail fix, you may have just found utopia with malls dedicated to gold, sparkling jewels, artisan handcrafts, textiles and a kaleidoscope of spices filling the air. Wait, did I mention the kilometres of marbled floor dedicated to luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel just the tip of a global shopping iceberg. The Dubai Mall, Wafi, Mercato Shopping Mall and Mall of the Emirates are a great entree to your retail adventure. If your desire is to step back in time, cross the river for a flavour of the old city. Narrow lanes festooned with ornate Arabian architecture of the Bastakiya district that once lined the creek where wind towers are now a charming glimpse of how Dubai once looked. The precinct is home to

important historical museums, galleries, markets and restaurants commonly known as Heritage Village and a must visit on your list. Dotted with a multitude of museums, opulent palaces overflowing with gold and ancient forts, the city is a reminder of torrid times arisen from the desert sands. For architecture nuts, Dubai’s new city is a shining beacon to the modern world of just what can be achieved in a short time. Staggering sculptural towers and man made islands are sure to impress. None more so than the famed Burj al Arab, a masterpiece of design to resemble the graceful sails of an Arabian Dhow and the most lavish hotel in the world. But for us golfers, it is perhaps the promise of lush greens set amidst the Arabian dunes that are of greatest significance. What a feast to be had! With the spoils of Persian pearls, fossil fuels and galloping gold trade riches, along came hungry global companies Dubai’s Burj al Arab. Photo: Go Golfing and instant millionaires. Of course they needed entertaining and golf became a unique Bedouin tent clubhouse design is popular past time for the regions movers often referred to as the Saint Andrews of and shakers. And aren’t we all the better the Middle East. More recent additions for it... If you are looking for VIP treatment include Al Badia Golf Club sculpted into the you cannot go past the experiences at sands by Robert Trent Jones II – an oasis Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club or the theme carries through the layout whilst Colin Montgomerie designed Montgomerie the Earth Course at Jumeirah Golf Estates Course. The Emirates Golf Club with its plays host to the prestigious Dubai World

Golf Championship and is also worth a round. Kings of the Desert – Dubai and Abu Dhabi Golf Tour is departing 16-26 February 2014. Contact Go Golfing Travel for more information on (07) 5536 3280 or email Visit the Go Golfing website at

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Duncan Simpson

New Zealand PGA Chief Executive

Spreading the game


e’ve noted the work of early PGA pioneers like Fred Hood in getting the game of golf established in New Zealand through their skills in clubmaking and repair, course architecture and coaching. That work was carried on through the decades by a number of dedicated professionals who travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres throughout their lifetimes to spread the game far and wide. An early example was Reg Butters, born on the Isle of Skye in 1884. He immigrated to New Zealand in the early 1900s and laid out the Otatara Links near Invercargill, before going off to fight in France in World War I. He was wounded but survived to return as head professional at several lower South Island clubs, before later moving to Miramar in Wellington 1925. After World War II, he came out of retirement to be the first professional at the new Paraparaumu Beach club, and demonstrated he could still play by recording

a round of 69 at the age of 66. In the 1950s, a group of three professionals based at the Wisemans Sports shop in Queen Street, Auckland – Alex Murray, Hugh Doherty and Basil Smith Jr – used the weekends (no retail trading in those days) to spread the gospel of golf. Country clubs could get two professionals for the whole weekend, with optional film and slide shows in the evenings, or one professional for either Saturday or Sunday. Coaching rates were advertised at 7/6d (75 cents) a half hour. At the top of the South Island, John Watt travelled extensively before and after World War II in his role as an official New Zealand Golf coach, delivering instruction not only at golf clubs but sometimes in woolsheds where bales of wool were often used to supplement the driving nets John always travelled with. Most of his travel was done by Newmans buses in those days, and by the time he finished his golf career had spanned more than 60 years.

Long years of service to the game seemed to be the norm for many of these professionals: George Forrest racked up more than 40 years in Timaru from the 1920s, and Bob Doms had an even longer career at the Taumarunui Golf Club starting in 1954. For the next 45 years Bob made the King Country his golfing parish, giving lessons on a circuit including the Matiere, Mapui, Pio Pio Aria, Ohakune and Waiouru clubs. At times it was snowing when he arrived but there was no suggestion of postponing the lessons and the country golfers were well aware of the commitment Bob had made travelling to their courses. Bob could play as well; he reached the semifinals of the 1961 NZ PGA Championship, only to run into the newest professional in the PGA, Bob Charles, who went on to win the tournament. Whole articles, if not books, could be written about other club professionals such as Stuart Cox, Ted Pope, Geoff Clarke and several others who all made outstanding contributions over many years to their clubs and regions. Indeed, most clubs in New Zealand would have had some contact with a PGA professional either through their travels, or by seeing them in action at Pro-Ams and exhibition matches. The dynamics of the golf industry may have changed since then, but I can’t help wondering whether there is not a ``back to the future” message here in terms of reconnecting with grassroots golf, and rebuilding former relationships and loyalties for the PGA’s second century. Food for thought, perhaps?

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Get away from the winter blues and jet out to Vanuatu for a week of golf and fun in the sun! The Vanuatu Golf Open is one of the South Pacific’s premier Pro Am events and attracts large fields on an annual basis.

Tuesday 10th Sept - Registration desk opens (at Holiday Inn) for players to check in - Welcome registration cocktail function (A great way to socialise and meet other players!) Wednesday 11th Sept -The Pro-Am day (not compulsory but a fun way to

Phone: 09 236 0911 or 021 850 924 205B Ingram Rd, Ramarama, South Auckland

familiarise yourself with the course and an opportunity to play with a Pro, numbers permitting)

- Concludes with a ‘butt of beef ’ function at the golf club for presentation of Pro-Am prizes Thursday 12th Sept - 1st round of the VGO for all players - Night function (TBC) Friday 13th Sept - 2nd round of the VGO for all players - Calcutta night function (venue TBC) Saturday 14th Sept - 3rd round of the VGO for all players - Final day for the ladies and Ladies Presentation in afternoon

Entry Fees Male entry A$350 (Vt31,500) Ladies entry A$250 (Vt22,500) Social pass A$100 (Vt9,000) (for the non-golfer to attend functions)

FREE BuS TRANSFERS to and from the course!

Sunday 15th Sept - 4th and final round of the VGO for the men - Main Presentation to follow, at the Golf Club

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Entry fee includes: • 4-5 days of golf • Entry to all functions • Food at: the Cocktail night, Butt of Beef, Thursday function, Ladies presentation (for ladies only) and final night presentation.

Check out our accommodation sponsors for golfer accomodation packages!


Andrew Whiley

Resident Pro at Chisholm Park, Dunedin

100 years of technology & golf T he theme of the golf articles this year is to celebrate the centenary of the PGA of New Zealand, 100 years of golf in New Zealand. Last month I talked about the education of NZPGA trainee professionals and how we had progressed in the last century in terms of golf instruction. So how has teaching golf and the technology assisted the PGA professional? Today’s professionals now use high speed digital video cameras, iPads, iPhones, Trackman and then access the internet to share content with their students or to research and learn more about the dynamics of the golf swing. Back in the early 1980s, it was rare to find a golf professional who used video. It was simply a case of the professional turning up on the practice fairway with a golf club. They then taught by ``eye’’, factoring in sound, ball flight and the divot combined with the body sequencing of the swing. Teaching golf throughout most of last century was a case of learning from the professionals who travelled the path be-

fore you. Fortunately, in New Zealand we had some very good PGA teaching professionals who freely shared their knowledge and our players and future teachers developed thanks to their ability. Golf wasn’t shown on television until 1985. This was the first year of regular golf on TV with the majors and several other PGA tournaments beamed into our homes on Monday mornings. Golf books and golf magazines were available but not nearly to the extent that information is available today. One of the first golf instruction vid-

eo/movies ever shot was Bobby Jones in 1930. It is amazing to see how it was done and how big the camera was. This is definitely worth watching on YouTube and especially when he drives the ball and breaks the camera lens! In 1986, I bought my first video camera and, wow, it was heavy! The camera was huge and the unit I carried on my shoulder was the size and weight of the old Auckland yellow pages and I used a full sized VHS tape. The other issue was that the `frame per second’ wasn’t very flash and the golf club image was quite blurry

Who would have dreamed that today we would be using missile technology to study the golf swing and ball flight dynamics?

so there was no chance of seeing what was happening with the clubface. In 1984, I spent three weeks with one of the top instructors in the US and he needed a golf cart to carry his video camera and television. He had an eight-image Polaroid camera that could shoot a swing sequence over a couple of seconds. He had to then wait 60 seconds and then peel back the film and the eight-swing images were there to be seen. This was state of the art back then. What a long way we have come today. Who would have dreamed that today we would be using missile technology to study the golf swing and ball flight dynamics? Or that the phone in our pocket had the technology to video, analyse and share your swing information? This technology is embraced by today’s golf professionals and, in particular, some of us ``older” ones. The best teachers going into the next century will be the ones who combine the best features of new technology with the ability to teach from sight and sound.

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Hooray for Hendry M ike Hendry took a break from his rookie season on the Japan Tour to underline his superiority on the domestic circuit by winning the Muriwai Open. The North Harbour professional led from the first round before carding a tournament record winning score of 18-under-par 270 in the Charles Tour event at the seaside links course west of Auckland last month to hold off Richard Lee by two shots. Lee came home in a hurry with a seven-under 65 in the last round but it was never going to be enough to haul in Hendry, who closed with a 69 after entering the final 18 holes with a six-shot cushion. Northland amateur Kadin Neho, fresh from his outstanding win in the New Zealand amateur championship, continued to win over new admirers by claiming third place on 274. For 33-year-old Hendry, it was his fourth win on the Charles Tour, leaving him the joint most successful player on the circuit since it was established in 2004. He joined Hawke’s Bay’s Doug Holloway with four tour titles. ``It is nice to be leading little stats like that. If you can keep putting yourself ahead in the record books then it continues to put your name forward among the best New Zealand golfers,” Hendry said. Hendry, who also won the Muriwai Open in 2010, paid credit to Lee for his final day tenacity. ``You don’t expect to be four-under for the day and taking a six-shot lead into the final round and to be under

pressure. ``He played fantastic today. He has driven the ball so well and he got a good feel on the greens to give me a flutter coming home. It was great to hold my own nerve and finish it off with the pressure he was putting on me.” Hendry made a crucial birdie putt on the par-four 15th which he saw as the turning point in the championship. ``It sort of stunted any momentum he had and it gave it back to me. I hit a pretty good shot in there and once he missed his putt I said to myself this would be a great one to make and when it went in that proved to be a massive momentum shift in the match.” The women’s crown was won by Titirangi amateur Munchin Keh, who delivered a knockout blow on the par-four 16th in the last round when she chipped in for birdie from 25m. At that stage the overnight leader, North Harbour professional Jenna Hunter, was in a share of the lead and in the middle of the fairway. Keh’s chip-in rattled her as she went on to four-putt the 16th and make a costly double bogey. Keh carded back to back 69s in the last two rounds en route to a tournament total of 288 and eventually finished five shots ahead of the secondplaced Hunter, who faded over the closing 18 holes with a 75. Northland pro Caroline Bon was a further two strokes back in third on 295.

Leading scores (P denotes professional):Men 270 – Mike Hendry (P) 65 69 67 69

272 – Richard Lee (P) 67 69 71 65 274 – Kadin Neho (Whangarei) 69 68 70 67 278 – Clarke Osborne (P) 71 71 69 67 279 – Denzel Ieremia (Hamilton) 68 74 69 68, Dominic Barson (P) 69 73 68 69, Nick Voke (Manukau) 68 70 72 69 280 – Mat Perry (P) 68 73 67 72 281 – Daniel Pearce (P) 70 69 73 69, Tae Koh (Manukau) 72 72 67 70, Fraser Wilkin (P) 68 72 70 71 282 – Fraser MacLachlan (Royal Wellington) 67 74 70 71, Jared Pender (P) 67 71 72 72 283 – Leighton James (P) 69 76 71 67, Jonathan Ratcliffe (Akarana) 69 72 74 68 284 – Craig Palmer (P) 72 74 67 71, Jason Gulasekharam (North Shore) 66 76 70 72, Joshua Leitch (Maungakiekie) 71 71 70 72, Nick Gillespie (P) 68 74 66 76 285 – Josh Carmichael (P) 68 72 75 70, Martin Pettigrew (P) 71 72 70 72 287 – Alex Tait (P) 73 73 71 70, Peter Spearman-Burn (P) 71 75 70 71, Hamish Robertson (P) 69 71 74 73, Jordan Bakermans (Christchurch) 69 71 72 75 288 – Oscar Cadenhead (Clearwater) 72 75 71 70, Thomas Brockelsby (Hamilton) 72 72 71 73 289 – Kieran Muir (P) 71 73 78 67, Victor Janin (Rotorua) 74 67 76 72, Luke Toomey (Lochiel) 67 72 78 72 290 – Grant Moorhead (P) 70 74 74 72 Women 288 – Munchin Keh (Titirangi) 73 77 69 69 293 – Jenna Hunter (P) 68 79 71 75 295 – Caroline Bon (P) 71 80 72 72 297 – Hanna Seifert (Lochiel) 76 76 73 72 298 – Sally Choi (P) 73 75 75 75 299 – Sarah Bradley (Cambridge) 75 76 73 75 300 – Sai Ma (North Shore) 73 71 77 79

Photo: Photosport

Monday Special - Golf and RoaSt dinneR $30 fRiday 21St June - placemakers/Graeme lee Mixed open

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Arundel Hills to host Mitsubishi World Masters


he private and exclusive Arundel Hills Country Club has been confirmed as a host venue for the 18th annual Mitsubishi Motors World Masters Golf Championship on the Gold Coast from 20-26 October 2013. Arundel Hills is arguably one of the Gold Coast’s best and most challenging layouts. New owners took over the course last year and have made a significant investment in course conditioning and a brand new fleet of golf carts. Arundel Hills joins the Greg Norman designed Glades, Jack Nicklaus signature Lakelands and Royal Pines to host the four round Mitsubishi Masters. RACV Royal Pines will be in mint condition, with this tournament scheduled just a couple of weeks before the Australian PGA, which Royal Pines has secured for the next 5 years. The 2013 Mitsubishi World Masters Golf Championship, now in its 18th year, tees off on 20 October and runs until 26 October and will bring with it over 1,000 players and visitors from around Australia and overseas. The Mitsubishi World Masters is organised by Go Golfing, who are responsible for a number of high-profile amateur golf tournaments around Australia.

Managing Director, Peter McCarthy, says that this year’s course selection is the best offered to participants in the event’s 18 year history. “Securing Arundel Hills is tremendous and I’m sure golfers will relish this new challenge. The Glades and Lakelands are always popular and upgrades to RACV Royal Pines ahead of hosting the Australian PGA makes me confident that this is the best course selection we have ever offered. “Links Hope Island and Palmer Gold Coast, formerly Robina Woods, will also host events as part of this week long festival of golf and social events,” McCarthy said. Open to male and female golfers over the age of 35 with an official handicap, the event will see participants competing in 20 age and handicap divisions. There is over $120,000 in prizes presented across the week, including a brand new Mitsubishi car and overseas holidays. The Broadbeach precinct will host nightly social events, with the 19th Hole rooftop poolside setting at 5 star Sofitel Hotel a highlight. Mr McCarthy is expecting record overseas entries following a recent promotion at the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) convention in Thailand. “After a favorable response from

The private and exclusive Arundel Hills Country Club. Photo: Go Golfing international tour operators, we are expecting golfers to attend from Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, giving Australians the chance to compete with

golfers from all over the world.” Tournament information is available online at or call 07 5536 8681.

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Mixed Vets




Womans’ Rosebowl 4BBB M/Play Challenge Rd 1


(09) 4027713


Sid Ensor Pairs Qualifying


(09) 4027713


Park Handicap Pennants South Zone


(09) 434 6235


Women's 18 Hole Pennants South Zone


(09) 423 8385


Women's 36 Hole Pennants




Mixed Quads




Women's Teams T’ment


(09) 4338055


Women's Teams T’ment


(09) 4338055


Mixed Junior Benefit T’ment



Northern Wairoa

Northland Vets T’ment


(09) 4329836

Bay of Islands

Hole Pairs T’ment



Sherwood Park

Hole Vets Social Day


(09) 43462359

Bay of Islands

Sunday Handicap Pennants North Zone




Handicap Pennants South Zone Northern


(09) 4329836


Championship Pennants


(09) 4314807


Hole Mixed Open Northern


(09) 4329836 9


Golf Club Ladies 27 Hole 4’Somes T’ment




Whangaripo Farmers Mixed Open


(09) 4238385


Golf Club Mixed Vets




Mixed Tartan Ambrose – 9 Hole Tournament



Sherwood Park

Pak N Save Mid Winter Xmas Cheer


(09) 434 6235


Club Monthly Medal


(09) 4027713


Mixed Bream Bay Classic




Mixed Bream Bay Classic



Valid 1st May to 30th Sept 2013



NOTE: Kauri cliffS clOSED frOM 25th June to 16th July

20  GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013

NORTHLAND GOLF TRAIL LAST BREAM BAY CLASSIC This year’s Bream Bay Classic is to be held 6tth & 7th July and will be the last on the existing course. The new par three hole currently under construction will come into play next season completely changing the course layout. As this event is scheduled as a Northland Trial the field will include several of Northland’s rising stars from the Whangarei Boys High School team who last year won the NZ Secondary Schools Champs and more recently took top honours at an international event in Thailand. Likely contenders for the top prize will be Chase McKeown last year’s winner, Kadin Neho NZ Amateur Champion and Braden Keown who scored a spectacular final round in Thailand to clinch the win. A strong field of masters & ladies is also expected with last year’s winners Michael Leeper from Omaha and Britney Dryland from Titirangi. Once again local sponsorship will ensure an attractive prize

Valid 1st May to 13th Dec 2013



table. This Order of Merit tournament is played off the back tees on the beautiful Waipu Links Course which provides an all-weather challenge with superb greens and spectacular views and as well as the overall competition there are separate divisions for both masters and ladies. With a practice round on Friday and plenty of local accommodation available this is a weekend not to be missed and entries received by 6th June go into the early bird draw for a weekend in the Bream Bay Motel adjacent to the surf beach. The clubhouse café is open daily for meals and visitors and spectators are always welcome to enjoy great hospitality. Entry forms are available on the website: nz or by contacting the clubhouse: Email:, phone: 09 432 0529.

HOLIDAY DEVELOPMENT TOURNAMENT The Top Of The Harbour Junior Open is a school holiday development tournament for boys and girls on the 15 July 2013. It is being held at the Waipu Golf Club on their Uretiti Links course in the middle school holidays when the weather

is usually not at its best but this course is usually at its best. It is only eighteen holes and nine holes for Kiwi course players, so a journey there and back in one day is not too onerous. The idea is to have an attractive prize table so developing juniors will be encouraged to participate. Hopefully the event will encourage youngsters to the game as well as those who are already enthusiastic. Entries close on 5 July and a draw will be emailed out by 12 July. For more information contact Grant at weston@xtra.

GILL NETS THE BIG ONE Golf is, more often than not, a tale of “the one that got away”: moments of pure brilliance, greatly outnumbered by prolonged periods of mundane mediocrity. Not so in the case of young Taylor Gill (pictured right) who recently held aloft the prestigious Tom Bonnington Cup after his win in the First National Real

GOLF TRAILS Estate Mangawhai Invitational. Taylor exhibited considerable calm and composure as he stared down a very talented field of top amateurs, managing the challenging Mangawhai course with aplomb as he steered his way to a 2-shot victory. Mangawhai is not a long course, but demands adherence to golfing’s three P’s – placement, precision and putting. The natural layout requires players to shape shots to suit a wide variety of lies, and to ensure their shots to the green are well targeted or some very long and winding putts will ensue. First-time players of Mangawhai quickly gain an understanding of why this course is so highly regarded throughout New Zealand – for its free draining sand base and outstanding coastal layout. The Tom Bonnington Cup has long been a symbol of golfing supremacy in the Northland area and this tournament now attracts a very strong field of golfers from this province as well as Auckland and North Harbour. This year, one player made his way to Mangawhai from as far south as Gore – an indication of the reputation this well-organised tournament is gaining. This year, 65 top amateurs teed off in the event’s Blue Tee Elite Division. The aim was to complete three 18 hole rounds over three days – to be, unfortunately, thwarted by that recently very rare commodity, heavy rain that swamped greens on the course on Saturday afternoon. The Saturday round had to be abandoned as even Mangawhai’s magnificent sand-based greens and fairways couldn’t quite handle the deluge, so reducing the event to 36 holes. Sunday’s final round came under threat from even more rain, but good timing and quick decision-making by the tournament committee eventually saw all rounds completed. Included in the field was the recently crowned New Zealand matchplay Champion, Kadin Neho from the Whangarei club, along with two of his team mates in the world-champion Whangarei Boys High School golf team, Braden Keown and Julian Fowler. In all, 32 different golf clubs were represented in the Elite Division, underscoring why the First National Mangawhai Invitational is a New Zealand Golf Order of Merit tournament and considered as one of the most important events in the upper North Island. Apart from the downpours that interrupted play, the weather was generally ideal for golf and the course was superbly presented by new Course Superintendent John Donnelly and his strong team (including many volunteers who turned out each day to rake bunkers and generally groom the course). The greens, as always, ran quick and true while the fairways and rough areas were in pristine condition – a remarkable achievement considering the prolonged dry period that preceded this event. Comments from players – even though who recorded scores somewhat higher than their expectations – were invariably positive and the great majority have already committed to the 2014 tournament (dates yet to be finalised). After day one, Taylor Gill (Bay of Islands Kerikeri) held a 2-stroke lead over the field. His 68 (4 under par) was followed by Titirangi’s Johnny Tynan (70) with Braden Keown (Waipu) shooting 71 to be in close contention. The pursuing pack included 3 players on even par 72: Harry Na (Aviation), Tadhg Campbell (Muriwai) and Scott Hellier (Gore). While day two dawned bright and clear, the onset of heavy rain in the early afternoon flooded the greens and caused that round to be abandoned, reducing the event to 36 holes. Sunday’s final round again began in calm, clear conditions and the first players were away at 7.30am. A short but fairly sharp downpour interrupted play briefly but the surface water quickly cleared and the last playing group finished in sunny conditions. Taylor Gill held his nerve to shoot 75 and finish two shots clear of Chase McKeown (Waipu) whose final round of 71 was the day’s best. In the White Tee (open handicap) division, Mangawhai’s Andy Starr took out the gross section (for the Tom Bonnington Trophy), while Shayne Stuart (Mangawhai) won the nett prize. This division was well contested as local and visiting players competed for a very impressive prize table. Tournament Director Stewart Speed was justifiably proud as the tournament wound up with a well-attended prizegiving. In announcing the club’s intention to further enhance what is already a flagship event, he thanked major sponsor Mike McGarry of First National Real Estate (A1 Coastal) for his generous support and acknowledged the invaluable contributions of the many club members whose contribution on and off the course made it such a smooth-running and successful occasion. Mike McGarry reiterated his company’s ongoing commitment to supporting the tournament in future years and Golf Club President Mike Howard thanked the player and their supporters for their participation. Other important supporters, Golf Gear (Motorised Golf) of Auckland, Acushnet (Titleist),

Kauri Cliffs (Matauri Bay) and New Zealand Golf also expressed their continuing intention to be part of the tournament in future years.

Pictured is Taylor Gill receiving the Tom Bonnington Cup from tournament sponsor Mike McGarry of First National Real Estate (A1 Coastal).


FIRST NATIONAL MANGAWHAI INVITATIONAL Tom Bonnington Cup (Blue Tees) Taylor Gill (Bay of Island Kerikeri) – 68, 75, 143 Chase McKeown (Waipu) – 74, 71, 145 Alex Neely (Bay of Islands Kerikeri) – 73, 73, 146 Scott Hellier (Gore) – 72, 75, 147 Johnny Tynan (Titirangi) – 70, 77, 147 Wesley Jeon (Whitford Park) – 76, 72, 148 Harry Na (Aviation) – 72, 76, 148 Braden Keown (Waipu) – 71, 77, 148 Jake Meenhorst (Huapai) – 73, 76, 149 Jerry Ren (Gulf Harbour) – 76, 74, 150 Liam Cox (Huapai) – 73, 77, 150 Bob Shirley (Carrington) – 73, 77, 150 Tadhg Campbell – 72, 78, 150 Tom Bonnington Trophy (White Tees) Andy Starr (Mangawhai) – 82, 76, 158 Shayne Stuart (Mangawhai) – 81, 78, 159 Bryan Hutson (Muriwai) – 80, 82, 162 Chris Gore (Mangawhai) – 86, 78, 164 Graeme Everett (Mangawhai) – 82, 83, 165 Ben Frain (North Shore) – 80, 85, 165 Wayne Watts (Mangawhai) – 85, 81, 166 Kyle Fletcher (Ngunguru) – 80, 87, 167 James Finlay (Mangawhai) – 84, 87, 171 Les Coombe (Carrington) – 85, 87, 172 David Tharp (Titirangi) – 85, 87, 172


National Secondary School golf champions Whangarei Boys’ High School earned the right to defend the title they won on home soil twelve months ago after claiming a third straight Northland Secondary Schools title. Whangarei Golf Club hosted the annual Northland regional qualifying tourna-

ment on 13 May in superb weather with the course in excellent condition. Nearly 40 players took part with a total of ten different schools represented. With WBHS laying claim to a number of Northlands top golfing talents there was an air of inevitability about the team results and Boys’ High duly delivered. Led by newly crowned New Zealand Amateur Champion Kadin Neho on his home track the WBHS number one team romped to a fourteen stroke win. Neho’s round of 74 was enough to secure him the individual boy’s honour while the girl’s title went to promising youngster Shanice Croft-Kemp (Whangarei Girls’ High School). In a show of the strength of the WBHS golf academy programme, Boy’s High claimed the top three positions in the team gross competition. The net competition was taken out by the composite team of Leesa Paenga (Tikipunga High School), Belinda May (Matarau School) and Taimana Ngakuru-Smith (Tauraroa Area School) with second place going to Whangarei Girls’ High School.


Team Gross 1.Whangarei Boys’ High School 1 – 229 2.Whangarei Boys’ High School 2 – 243 3.Whangarei Boys’ High School 3 – 244 Team Net 1.Combined 1 – 215 2.Whangarei Girls’ High School – 218 3.Whangarei Boys’ High School 3 – 221 Boys Gross 1.Kadin Neho – 74 2.Julian Fowler – 75 3.Ben Bowmar, Christian Nitsche, Jahkobi Harris – 78 Girls Gross 1.Shanice Croft-Kemp – 84 2.Brooke Kingi – 86 3.Soktaera Sean – 87

TARTAN WEEK TOURNAMENT Waipu is a small town with a big heart and the Nova Scotia settlers know how to celebrate their heritage with their annual “Tartan Week”. This has grown so much in popularity


1337 Wha Rodne

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w GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013  21


Join as a couple (husband/wife, partners or with a friend)

& one new member pays ½ price for the 1st year* •NO JOINING FEE• •TERMS AVAILABLE• THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN ONE OF NZ’S TOP GOLF COURSES Please contact the General Manager Email: Ph: 827-5749 *1/2 price is only on lowest value Womens’ subscription *This offer is not available to existing Titirangi members

Harbour Golf Association finals day was held at Gulf Harbour on May 19. The day involves three major interclub matches, including the Nobilo Championship (Premier Grad), Rangitoto Reserves Trophy (Championship second teams) and the promotion/relegation match. that it actually goes on for the first two weeks in July. Being an integral part of this community, the Waipu Golf Club is holding the Tartan Ambrose Tournament again this year. Bring the clan and enjoy an afternoon of fun on Sunday, June 30. Tees will be open from 2pm, and it will be a hole Ambrose, with teams of 4 players. It promises to be an enjoyable day, with prizes for the best dressed tartan team, the best team name and best golf. Non-affiliated players are welcome. To enter, phone 4320259 or email This year’s event is to be preceded by the official opening of the new covered coaching facility, which has been completed with support for the ASB Community Trust, as well as donations of materials and labour from many local businesses and members.


presents the

2013 Tamahere ClassiC 2 Courses - 2 Days - 18 holes each day

8-9th June 2013

Gross - Net - stableford (all Divisions)

men 3 Divisions (Based on handicap index) 0 - 36 (Course handicap) ladies 2 Divisions (Depending on entries) 0 - 40 (Course handicap) Plus Best Net & stableford prizes each day

entry Fee $50 per player (incl’s 2’s) entry Forms available at: or by contacting Narrows Course, airport road, hamilton 3283 entries close: 5.00pm Friday 31st may 2013 any enquiries, please phone either lochiel Course (07) 843 6287 or Narrows Course (07) 856 5207 (Field limited to first 200 pre-paid entries)



PUKEKOHE Golf Club Inc $1225 subscription until 31 August 2014 Phone 09 294 8822 or email

22  GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013

In the Nobilo Championship grade, a titanic battle ensued between Muriwai (pictured above) and Waitemata, who were coming to the match on highs after dispatching North Shore and Gulf Harbour in the semi-finals a few weeks prior. Muriwai seemed to have the advantage for most of the match until a late surge by Waitemata closed the gap. The final score was 4.5 to 3.5 to Muriwai in the sensational match, which had some of the strongest players in the North Harbour district matched against each other. Muriwai won the title for the first time since 2009, when they won an unprecedented four titles in a row from 2006. Since the competitions inception in 1994, they are the best performing team with 8 titles. In the Rangitoto grade, a resilient Penin-

sula Golf Club proved too strong for North Shore Golf Club with a 5-3 victory. There are certainly some talented players at Peninsula Golf Club and this may well bolster the strength of their Championship Nobilo Team in years to come. In the promotion relegation match Pupuke who finished last after round robin play completed earlier in the competition faced West Coast winners Huapai in the promotion/relegation match to determine who would be the 7th team in the Nobilo Championship for 2014. Huapai were victorious with a remarkable 5-3 victory to gain entry into the top grade after a number of years in the West Coast second division. The Huapai Club used to have some of the top players in the region as seen by their wins in the Nobilo in 1996 and 1997. However in recent times they have struggled to make an impact. However this result in 2013 has greatly lifted the spirit of the club, who will now look to build on the great success they have achieved this year. The finals day at Gulf Harbour attracted great support from the clubs and their members, with many turning up to watch the action. The event was run by the North Harbour Golf Association’s match committee who are responsible for the organization and control of the major men’s pennant and interclub competitions.


MEN Nobilo Trophy – Muriwai West Coast Trophy – Huapai Rangitoto Reserves – Peninsula


1/2 PRICE green fees all day Stay for a drink afterwards as the bar is open all day

For more details phone Graeme on 07 888 6109


Hot Deals on Membership for 26-35 yr olds

MENS BACK TEE OPEN DAY Scheduled for the last Friday in every month of 2013 (January – November)

Over $1,000 of prizes each day Best Gross for the 2013 year will receive 1 years full playing membership* For entry & bookings please contact the Golf Office Ph: 827 3967 E: *conditions apply



Annual subscription Play 7 days a week NZ Golf handicap * $100.00 Food & Beverage Credit extra

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opment Squad. Congratulations to these players on their national selections.


(09) 411 8454





Ladies Stableford 2’s


Royal Auckland

North Harbour vs Auckland



Open Day


Mens midweek scramble CEO Trophy/


(09) 294 8822


Vets vs Muriwai


(09)810 9399

North Shore

Hole match play 9am


(09)415 9924


Muriwai Masters


(09) 411 8454


Pennant Challenge

Sunderland Trophy (Handicap) – Muriwai Kaipara Trophy (Handicap) – Helensville Note – Huapai gained entry to Nobilo for 2014 with a win over Pupuke on Finals Day WOMEN A Pennants – Huapai B Pennants – Pupuke Midweek Pennants – North Shore Weekend Pennants – North Shore

HARBOUR GOLFERS SELECTED FOR NZ GOLF ACADEMIES NZ Golf has selected three players from the North Harbour region in the Srixon National Academy and Development Squads. They are as follows: Cameron Jones (Muriwai) – Mens National Academy Lydia Ko (Gulf Harbour) – Womens National Academy Lita Guo (North Shore) – National Devel-

North Harbour were victorious with a convincing 8-4 win on their opponent’s home soil. This marks the first time North Harbour have claimed the trophy in the events 8 year history. 

AUCKLAND GOLF TRAIL Royal Auckland win back Bissett Shield

The North Harbour Junior Girls Golf team of Laura Townend (Huapai), Bridget Connolly (Waitemata), Anna Reinen (Peninsula), Ella Grimwood (Gulf Harbour), Shani White (North Shore) and Anuska Jephson (Huapai) have won the 2013 Junior Girls Quadrangular title played at Howick Golf Club from April 22nd to 23rd. The event involves the districts of Auckland, Waikato, Northland and North Harbour and is played annually in the month of April. Each association plays each other and the format is handicap match play. North Harbour defeated Northland 8-4 and Waikato 7-5 on the first day to be tied with Auckland for the lead on 15 points. The Battle of the Bridge match on the second day would determine the winner and

The Royal Auckland Senior Pennant team avenged their defeat last year by beating arch rivals Akarana in a thrilling Bissett Shield Final played at the Remuera Golf Club. The match was always a close affair with both teams having slender leads at some stage during the match. But it was the experienced Royal Auckland team that applied the pressure over the last four holes that saw them win back the Bissett Shield by 5.5 matches to 2.5. Remuera had home advantage against The Grange and won back the right to compete in the Bissett Shied in 2014 when they defeated The Grange 4.5 matches to 3.5. The Remuera team was always in control of the match but had to sustain a spirtited comeback from the younf Grane team.

Finals Day Results were:

Bissett Shield – Royal Auckland 5.5 v Akarana 2.5 Presidents – Remuera 4.5 v The Grange 3.5 Vice Presidents-Maungakiekie 7.5 v Waiuku 0.5

Captains – Pakuranga 5.5 v Onewheo 2.5 Vice Captains – Titirangi 4 v Maungakiekie 4 (Titirangi won by virtue of their round robin win over Maungakiekie Inter Club – Titirangi 4.5 v Akarana 3.5

• AUCKLAND Formosa

4 ball stableford


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9 hole Nett championship


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Woman m/play


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Women’s s/ford R3


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M/play qualifying


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Women’s Presidents Par 1 Scramble Par




Winter cup Stableford


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1st 27 holes Barclay cup




Back Tee & Open Day


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2nd Captains trophy Medal




Men Rugby vs League


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Golf club Trophy


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9 hole Stableford


(09)621 0093


Stableford event


(09) 266 8297


Men’s Colbeck Trophy/Darby Cup Round 1



Play Golf - Play Redwood Park 25 minutes from Auckland CBD Full membership $456*

from now to 31/12/2013

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MeaTpack Open Tees Open 9:30 to 11:30am

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G o l f

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C e n t r A l

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w w w. c r o m w e l l g o l f. c o . n z Proudly supported by

GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013  23

Golf TRAILS Titirangi win Women’s National The results could not have been closer with three clubs – Titirangi, Aviation and Onewhero all finishing up with 135 points. On countback the results were: 1st place: Titirangi Golf Club (Rachel Tynan, Linda Creedy, Libby Burgess and Jean Harding) – 135 points 2nd place: Aviation Golf Club (Shantael Ligaliga, Anna Lam, May Lan and Rita Laufiso) – 135 points 3rd place: Onewhero Golf Club (Marjorie Hallinan, Colleen Smith, Barbara Crum and Pat Tennant) – 135 points 4th place: Akarana Golf Club (Marama Thorpe, Maxine Naden, Raewyn Riggir and Ivy Woon) – 136 points. 

WAIKATO GOLF TRAIL SKY CITY HAMILTON CHAMPS The annual 54 Hole Men’s Senior/Mas- ters Championship proudly sponsored by Sky City Hamilton held 3rd – 5th May. Friday and Saturday saw near perfect weather conditions at Waikare and Narrows while the Sunday at Hamilton fortunately only produced a small amount of the forecasted rain. The event attracted a field of 86 men from 26 golf clubs throughout the North and South Island The overall winner of this year’s tournament from the 40 -49 division was Martin Tumata from Onewhero with a Gross score of 208 (67,71,70) In the 50-54 Division the winner was Wybo Veldman of Hamilton with a gross score of 221 (74,72,75). In the 55-59 Division the winner was Brett Gregory with 228 three steady rounds of 76, 76,and 76. The 60+ division winner was Arthur Parkin of Maungakiekie with a 221 (71,76,74) Dave Izzard from Muriwai was the first round leader after scoring a personal best score of 65 which was also the best individual round of the tournament. However Izzard was unable to maintain his lead after shooting rounds of 85 at Narrows and 81 at Hamilton. The net winners on the day were 40 -49

Napier Golf Club Inc. Waiohiki

Available to hire for Corporate Days, Fun Events, Functions A membership option to suit every individual, corporate options also available Gear Island, Jackson St, Petone Ph: (04)9396305 - Email:

24  GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013

The Napier Golf Club is located at Waiohiki, 15 minutes from both Napier & Hastings. Formed in 1896, it is one of New Zealand’s oldest Golf Clubs. 800 plus members already enjoy the challenge our course offers and the first class facilities available. Visitors are most welcome, green fees from $45. To make a tee booking please call the Club on 06 844 7913. Waiohiki has the grace that only a traditional, tree lined course can offer

Division Ray Brooks Ngaruawahia on 204. 50-54 Divison Kevin Brewer North Shore 212, 55-59 Division Tony Cliff Whitford Park 211, and in the 60+ Division Owen Evans of Aviation 211 by lot A huge thanks must go out to our Major sponsor of the event Sky City Hamilton who provided the prizes and put on a wonderful meal for the players on the Saturday evening.

Pictured are back, Martin Tumata (Onewhero Overall Winner), Wayne Gonano (Sky City Hamilton Sponsor) and Arthur Parking (60+ Division Winner); front,

Wybo Veldman (Hamilton – 50-54 Division Winner) and Brett Gregory (Whitford Park – 55-59 Division Winner).

WAILKATO PLAYERS SELECTED New Zealand Golf named five new players in its National Academy for the 2013-2014 season, one of those deserving spots went to Luke Toomey (Lochiel, Hamilton). Chantelle Cassidy (Putaruru) was re-selected into the Women’s National Academy again this year. Three more Waikato Rep players have been added to the National Development Squad with Denzel Ieremia (Hamilton) and Nick Coxon (Narrows) for the men along with Compton Pikari, who has been re-selected this year and Hanna Seifert (Lochiel, Hamilton) for the women. Congrats to all of you and keep up the great results.

• WAIKATO Cambridge

Mixed foursomes 54 holes

Jun 1-2

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Senior mixed 4 ball S/ford


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Queens Bday Scramble


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Meat pack t’ment


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Match play




4 Ball




2 Courses 2 Days Gross Net S/ford

Jun 8-9

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M/pack t’ment


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Vets Stableford


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Ladies 9 hole Open t’ment


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Sen/jun 4BBBRd


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Horsham Downs

S/ford Charleston Trophy


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Ladies S/ford


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Midwinter Xmas S/gun


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New World Meatpack t’ment


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Winter s/ford



GOLF TRAILS TAUMARUNUI MOVING FORWARD Many golf clubs are finding life something of a challenge these days. Increasing costs, falling memberships, more competition from other less time consuming sports. The list goes on, and the Central King Country and the Taumarunui Golf Club are no exceptions. The Taumarunui RSA has long recognized the important part the Taumarunui Golf Club plays in the local community. Motels, shops, restaurants and chartered clubs and the district generally, all benefit from the thousands of visitors who come to the town yearly to experience Tarrangower. This recognition has resulted in a partnership arrangement between the two Clubs, wherein the RSA provides an annual contribution to the club in exchange for certain reciprocities. One of these is the annual RSA Classic Golf tournament, which is scheduled to take place next Easter weekend. This partnership arrangement is a great fillip to the club and one that its members are extremely grateful for, not least for the ability of the club to provide moving forward, the quality of facility that will continue to attract visitors to the Taumarunui district. Great credit must be given to the RSA for initiating this partnership and for its commitment to the local community and its future. Recently the Trustees of the Tokirima Golf Club, in recession, made a decision to provide some of the Club’s residual funds for the erection of a gazebo at the Taumarunui Golf Club. This decision, in the words of Trustee Geoff Jarvis, is to “recognise the history of Tokirima Golf Club and the efforts of it’s members in the development of the game of golf within the King Country’s rural community”. There is no doubt, that this addition enhances and contributes to the huge amount of work around the course making it an even great- er joy to play and be a part of.

PREBBLE CUP Since the Lord of the Rings and now the Hobbit films, thousands of movie fans have flocked to the little town of Matamata in central Waikato to follow in the footsteps of Frodo and Bilbo. Lesser known but even more breath-taking is the equally beautiful and entertaining Matamata golf course, set against the Kaimai Mountains (no CGI required!). As country courses go it’s a beauty; not particularly long but with plenty of pitfalls for the unwary or overconfident, yet rewarding for anyone up for the challenge. The fairways are well kept while the greens are rolled to ensure true putts drop in. The signature hole is number 11 with its tee by the clubhouse over a drop onto the green some 170 metres away. There’s out of bounds on the left, trees to the right of the green and three hungry bunkers wrapping their way around it. Like the town itself, the club always welcomes visitors and club manager Graeme Reid will help with bookings, carts if required and a warm welcome at the 19th. The club is open to guests all year round and with great cafes and restaurants in town, plus several friendly motels, Matamata and its golf club will keep you entertained for a day or perhaps a long weekend. The Matamata Golf Club has also seen success recently, with the club’s Prebble Cup team (pictured) winning the “Aldridge Tray” as runners up in the Prebble Cup competition on Sunday, May 12. It was a very closely fought battle, coming down to a count back, with Horsham Downs winning by 1 point, 23 to 22. The Matamata Golf Club has not made the final or won since 1972, so it was a real achievement for the club. The Prebble Cub was a fabulous day at the Paeroa Golf Club and the course was in superb condition.


WOMEN’S PENNANT WINNERS Paeroa nine-hole women, who were the winners of the Thames Valley zone competition for the third year in a row, recently competed in the BOPTV pennant finals at Waiotapu Valley Golf Club against Omokoroa (Central) and Taupo (Southern) where they came away with the trophy by a margin of 17 strokes. The team of Joy Watton, Rae Thorp, Dell King and Barbara Sutton-Bruce were delighted with their win as the Paeroa Club has the smallest number of players in the BOPTV area.

Pictured are Joy Watton, Rae Thorp, Dell King and Barbara Sutton-Bruce. 


All the drama expected on finals day came to fruition at Rotorua’s Arikikapakapa course on Sunday. In the Championship division Tauranga (pictured above) achieved the gain they were looking for in the morning foursomes by securing a 2.5 to 1.5 advantage. The lead out pairing of Chris Charlton and Ben Shanly scored a comfort-


Vets S/ford


(07) 575 5957

Springfield Te Puke

Ladies Match Play


(07) 348 2748

20 Mixed Mid Week Open


(07) 533 1115


Mixed Open


(07) 312 4486


Best Ball challenge


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Mixed 9 hole Canadian 4some


(07) 308 8117


Mixed Vets Day


(07) 308 8117


Thursday Mens


(07) 308 8117


Mixed Open


(07) 312 4486

Te Puke

Women Stableford


(07) 533 1115

able win over Damian Kempson and Marcus Gray backed up by John Waretini and Blair Murdock securing a 1 up victory over the Andrew Ward and Brad Kendall. But the key result of the Foursomes came with the fight back of the number one pairing of Hayden O’Donnell and Eddie Burgess to secure a half with Hayden Beard and Mark Hughes. The afternoon singles were barley underway when news came through that former New Zealand Representative and Tauranga number one, Eddie Burgess’s driver snapped on the middle of his down swing resulting in a dislocated thumb and Burgess having to concede his match to Hayden Beard. Through the halfway stage the Mounties held a slim advantage and when Marcus Gray fought back to defeat Chris Charlton things looked good for a back to back victory to the seasiders. Ben Shanly balanced the books somewhat for Tauranga securing a win over Damian Kempson and Justin Rasmussen always had the upper hand over Jason Madden. The key moment came on the 18th green with Tauranga‘s Karl Knedler who was 1 down to Andrew Ward nailing a 15metre birdie putt to gain a valuable half point. Ward had a 5 metre birdie chance to secure victory but his ball just slipped by the hole. John Waretini held on to halve his match with Mark Hughes and the unflappable Blair Murdock proved to be too steady for Brad Kendall securing the point to give


se ptember UPCOMING



18 holes Saturday, 36 holes Sunday, 18 holes Monday. Entries limited to first 64 paid entries

85th ANNUAL VETERANS MATCH PLAY TOURNAMENT 4 PLAYERS PAY FOR 3, 2 PLAYERS SECOND PLAYER 1/2 PRICE MONDAY 10th SEPTEMBER - FRIDAY 14th SEPTEMBER, 2012 Conditions apply. Not available with any existing special rates.

Contact the Rotorua Golf Club Ph: 07 348 4051 Email: GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013  25


Tauranga 6.5 to Mount Maunganui‘s 5.5 and the victory. Bailey Smith played very well to prevail over Hayden O’Donnell but the result was already in the bag when their match finished. Senior A winners were Whakatane over Lake View whilst the only easy victory of the day was achieved in the Senior B division where Wairakei Tui defeated Tauranga 7-2 with former Wellington representative and Bay Master’s player, Tom Slaven firing a 3 under round in leading his team to victory. The Intermediate final between Opotiki and Tauranga went right to the wire as predicted with Tauranga ‘s Paul Smith holing is bunker shot on the penultimate hole to give Tauranga Golf Club their second Pennant Flag of the day. The Junior title went to Hamurana by defeating Hinehopu 5 games to 4. Over at Springfield the ladies Silver fi-

nal between Omanu and Rotorua resulted in a 4.5 to 1.5 victory to Rotorua with all three players off handicap securing wins. The highlight for Omanu was 14 year old Alanna Campbell defeating the experienced fellow Bay of Plenty representative Heather Keefe.


The final Bay of Plenty/Thames Valley Association Pennants was played at Waiotapu Valley on Monday, May 14. There was one team of six players from each Zone in the Bay of Plenty/ Thames Valley District Association, each team having won their Zone final in the Association Club Pennants in April. Finalists were from Lakes Resort, Mercury Bay, Lakeview, Waihi, Ohope, and Taupo, representing Thames Valley 1 and 2, Central, Eastern, and Southern 1 and 2 Zones. The undulating Waiotapu Valley course








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Pictured is the winning Waihi’s team, Maureen Murray, Kay Marshall, Carol Leary, Mavis Bruce, Jessie Gear and Jenny Tubman, with 452 nett points. Mercury Bay was in second place with 465 points, and Lakes Resort third with 466 points. It was a great thrill for Waihi, having also won the event in 2012. On Monday 29th April Fairview hosted the final of the Bay of Plenty Teams Event. 26 teams of 4 from all over the Bay of Plenty area, as far away as Turangi, teed off at 9.30 to play a Partners Combined Net Round. The excellent course conditions and a fine day combined to make it a very enjoyable and successful day for the players as well as for the spectators.

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1. Winner of the 2013 World Matchplay Championship, Graeme ________ (8) 5. Tour below the PGA (3.3) 10. Practical wisdom (5) 11. Event won in 2013 by Australia’s Brett Rumford (5,4) 12. Registration (9) 13. Manufacturer well known to golfers (4) 15. Exact (4-2) 17. Right now! (6) 19. Plan a golf course, say (6) 21. Part of a clubhead that juts out from the rear (6) 24. Leave out (4) 25. 1987 US Masters champion who chipped in to beat Greg Norman in a play-off (5,4) 28. General surveys (9) 29. A mishit, especially in baseball (5) 30. On the way up (6) 31. One responsible for rankings (8)

1. A golfer with aching muscles may pay a visit to this professional lady (8) 2. Giver (5) 3. NZ golfer once ranked #1 Amateur in the World, Marcus _________ (10) 4. Storage compartment for clothes and valuables (6) 6. Test of skill and knowledge (4) 7. Star sign of Tiger Woods (9) 8. Get by (6) 9. Winner of the 2013 PNG Open, ____ Zwart (6) 14. Sort of lie that results in a penalty (10) 16. Veterans; experienced players (3-6) 17. Flagpole which identifies a hole (3) 18. A score not better or worse than expected (5,3) 20. One playing a round (6) 22. Award (6) 23. Joints with an important role during a swing (6) 26. Golf clubs (5) 27. Winner on the Queensland Sunshine Tour, ____ Puymbroeck (4)

26  GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013

Pictured is the team that represented Fairview, including Trish Hollis, Betty Silson, Margaret Deane-Freeman and Maxine Hurley. To make the day special Margaret Deane-Freeman holed an eagle on the par five 16th hole. The winning team of the day was the Whakatane team of Pip Lawson, Anne Volmuller, Peteli Bott and Nicole Ludlow, with Omokaroa (winners last year) coming in 2nd and Waihi 3rd.

Success at Kawerau


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from four metres, enabling the southerners to progress to the final. The other team to progress to the final was Westown One who edged out Inglewood Two 5 ½ -3 ½, with Westown number one Tony Hardy beating Kerry Otene one up to secure his team a spot in the final.

strong Junior’s


 Crossword 1

was shrouded in thick fog for much of the day, and the many tomos on the course were traps for the unwary, making conditions difficult for all players, and adding to the challenge of this very important event.

Kawerau’s keen showing in Pennants produced strong performances in all the grades, the best being Juniors tripping at the semi-final going down 5/4 to Hamurama. The Championship team that qualified from Senior A last year, have placed themselves in the middle of the field this year and are looking good for the future. Also for May, the Kawerau Lockyer Trophy (4 rounds 4bbb format) saw intense competition, with the final winners being Glen Tait and Barry Whata. 

TARANAKI GOLF TRAIL Dow AgroSciences COMP A birdie on the first play-off hole secured the Waverley Golf Club a place in the final of the Dow AgroSciences men’s handicap pennant competition to be played at the Te ngutu Golf Club in early May. Waverley and Kaitake One tied at 4 ½ all after regulation play the Waverley number one, Phil Hooper holed a three metre birdie putt on the first hole at Fitzroy after Kaitake’s Daryl Baird missed his birdie opportunity

The Taranaki Junior Boy’s Development Squad came up trumps at the lower North Island Quadrangular tournament played at the Marton Golf Club last month. The 10 strong side halved with Wellington (5-5) in the opening game before beating hosts Manawatu-Wanganui 6-4 and Wairarapa 7 ½ - 2 ½ to finish top of the competition. Stand-out performers for the Taranaki team were Ben Joseph (Inglewood) and Jarron Pittams (Te Ngutu) who both recorded three wins at number two and four respectively. The winning Taranaki side , in playing order was: Sam Jones (Manaia), Ben Joseph (Inglewood), Fletcher Broderick (New Plymouth), Jarron Pittams (Te Ngutu), Ethan Joines (Manaia), Daniel White (Hawera), Charlie Boon (Waverley), Daniel Lundt (New Plymouth), Joe Conley (Fitzroy) and Alex Lundt (New Plymouth). Taranaki’s top trio of junior female golfers all qualified in the top 32 for the New Zealand Women’s Amateur Matchplay championship played at the Manawatu Golf Club last month. Holly Winter (78-77-155) qualified 9th and was beaten in the second round while Celeste McLean (78-79-157) and Vanessa Bouvet (85-74-159) qualified 16th and 18th respectively but were both beaten in the first round. New Plymouth’s Brad Hayward (77-75-152) failed to make the cut for the top 32 men which was at six over par 150.

SENIORS EVENT The 2013 Taranaki Seniors four day four course event was well supported with 112 players, representing 37 clubs from around New Zealand competing in the pairs competition which was played at the Kaitake, Westown, Fitzroy and Inglewood Golf Clubs. The overall winners were: Division One – Jerry & Julia Kuggeleijn (Waiuku), Peter Greer & Kay Casey (Urenui); Division Two- Alban & Julie Reid (Kaitake), Sandy & Adrian Mitchell (Kaitake). 

HAWKE’S BAY POVERTY BAY GOLF TRAIL PENNANT SEASON This Pennant season has not been very nice for the male members of Gisborne Golf Club, in all divisions. The seniors are currently in 6th position and the colts looking down the barrel of relegation to a lower division, if they lose their last game. The North West seniors are currently in 6th Position with two rounds to go at the time of this update. The highlight of the season is the introduction of our Ladies into the Metropolitan Pennant in division 5. The Ladies have excelled and are topped the ladder in their division. They played Rossdale, at Huntingdale on Sunday 5th May in the semi- final. Unfortunately the result went against them on this occasion, but still a fantastic effort by the girls.

BERT & DORIS STOREY TROPHY The Bert & Doris Storey trophy was played and won on Saturday 27th April. Congratulations to both winners on the day who were Tom Buttigieg for the men


and Marg Power for the Ladies. Both of these members can select their own playing partners for Men / Men, Lady /Lady or Mixed teams to represent Gisborne Golf Club at Royal Melbourne Golf Club on Sunday 29th September 2013 (West Course), in the Victorian Golf Foundation Annual Tournament. The format on the day will be 4BBB Stableford and cost of entry will be made by the Gisborne Golf Club. Entry closes at 5:00pm on September 13th. with the entries open on Monday 1st July. 


Medal (Nett) 1st Speedy Cup


(06) 858 9598


ladies club S/ ford


(06) 835 8273

Poverty Bay

Mixed Captain’s Cup Round 2


(06) 867 4402


Crossman Cup Hastings GC


(06) 844 7913


Club Champs 1st Round


(06) 857 8089

Hawke’s Bay

Mixed Stableford


(06) 879 8890

MANAWATU WANGANUI GOLF TRAIL MEN’S PENNANT RESULT Manawatu are the 2013 pennant champions after defeating Feilding at Feilding Golf Club 8 – 4. Both teams were unbeaten going into the match so it was very keenly contested, and was predicted to be a close battle. On a very fine still day Manawatu prevailed 3 – 1 in the foursomes, with 3 of the 4 matches being decided on the 18th hole. This gave the Manawatu team quite an advantage heading into the afternoon singles matches. Feilding were almost down a man on just the 3rd hole when Roddy McCabe went over on his ankle, and looked unlikely to be able to continue. The teams agreed that Roddy could continue with the assistance of a cart. Although in a lot of pain and having to play all shots with his weight on his back foot and wearing just one golf shoe, Roddy battled right down to the final hole, with his opponent Josh Sedgwick having to hole a 7 foot par putt to win 1 up. Interestingly the more experienced players prevailed in all the other


East of the Ranges Tournament


(06) 376 8005


Ladies Mid Winter Xmas


(06) 323 4553

Palmerston North

Ladies – Stableford


(06) 351 0700


Senior Vets Round 2


(06) 344 4554


Tairuru cup par Shoot out


(06) 322 9859


Ladies Stableford Cup


(06) 327 6887


Bisque Par


(06) 385 4246


Ladies Foxton Open Day


(06)363 8160


Strokeplay 2


(06) 322 1475


Ladies Club Captains Choice


(06) 322 1475

Palmerston North

Mixed 9 hole


(06) 351 0700

singles matches with the Manawatu players winning 5 – 3. The battle of the number 1’s was won by Ewan Westergaard over Mike Atkins 2/1, and Malcolm Wells defeated 15 year old Michael Birchall 5/3 at number 2. Previously unbeaten player Tommy McGowan for Feilding suffered his lost against Manawatu number 3 Stu Smith. Feilding other wins were Dean McKenzie over Guy Perry and Stu Atkins over Brad Sinclair. Manawatu players Jonothan Salmon and Rhys Watkins were comfortable winners over teenagers Ben Anderson and Luke Harrison at 5 and 6 respectively. The bottom of the table clash between Marton and Tawhero came right down to the wire with Marton just holding on 6.5 – 5.5. Marton would have felt comfortable after a 3-1 win in the morning foursomes, and requiring just 3 out of 8 singles matches to stay in A Grade. There were some nervous moments amongst the Marton players after losing 4 of the first 5 singles matches with all other matches close. The well performed Lachie McDonald at number one beat Rhys Harold 2 up to seal the close victory. Unfortunately this means that Tawhero will face relegation to B Grade. The small Wanganui club that play on the 9 hole RiverCity course, had stayed in the top division for quite a number of years.

B GRADE PENNANT Tawhero will likely be replaced in A Grade by their neighbours Wanganui Golf Club, after they took out the B Grade competition. They defeated the other Wanganui club Castlecliff 7. 5 – 4.5 at Linton Camp in the final round. It is expected that Wanganui will accept a position in A Grade for next year. Wanganui were very consistent all year with an A Grade quality team, and had far too much depth for the other teams in the B Grade competition. At the bottom of the table Linton Camp narrowly lost to Feilding B on their home course 6.5 – 5.5, which meant they are now destined for C Grade next year. Young Feilding player Jayden Hunter defeated the experienced Jody Martin at number 1 in the singles 1 up. Had that result gone the other then Linton Camp would have stayed up at Rangatira who had a 6 all draw against Manawatu B, would have been the team to finish bottom of the grade.

BOYS DEVELOPMENT AND GIRLS MATCHPLAY The Boy’s Development Quadragular played at Marton Golf Club on 23 – 24 April 2013 was taken out this year by Taranaki. The competition however was very close, with both Wellington and Manawatu Wanganui having a chance of winning going into the final round. Wellington finished second, followed by Manawatu Wanganui in 3rd, and Wairarapa in 4th place. The Manawatu Wanganui team consisted of Jacob Hughes (Marton), Jayden Hunter, Liam Finlayson, Mees Van Wagtendonk (all Feilding), Kadin Cowley (Marton), Josh Logan, James Scott (both Palmerston North), Jamie Connell, Campbell McHugh (both Manawatu) and Euan Scott (Palmerston North). For the local team both Liam Finlayson and Jacob Hughes (playing at number 1) were unbeaten with 3 wins. Alongside the boys event is the Lower North Island Girls Matchplay tournament, providing our up and coming girls to compete in a Matchplay format against players from the other three districts.

For Manawatu Wanganui Katherine Paskins did extremely well qualifying for the top group. Katherine had a great match against eventual winner Sarah Haskell from Wairarapa, making bidie on her final hole to be all square after 18 holes. The match had to go to playoff, with Sarah winning on the 22nd hole. Katherine went on to win her afternoon game to finish 3rd overall. Kyra Garrett won her section, and the other 3 Manawatu Wanganui players, Dana Garett, Tara Raj and Mudra Lakhani all had at least one win. Tara Raj at just 10 years of age, won her first round match on the first sudden death playoff hole. 

WELLINGTON GOLF TRAIL MANOR PARK CELEBRATE CENTENARY IN STYLE The Centenary celebrations commencing on ANZAC Day and held over four days were thoroughly enjoyed by well over 250 members, ex members, their partners and friends of the Club. There were over 300 entrants in the three golf events (Canadian Foursomes, Individual Gross & Stableford and an Ambrose), and a further 100 turned up on Sunday for a Fun Day, including the Fastest Round of Golf. It was actually only completed over 9 holes with the ball taking 7:59 minutes to be putted into the 9th hole. There was over $15,000 of prizes to be won in the events, not including the new Honda Civic for the Hole in One competition on the 11th hole on Sunday which unfortunately was not won. The closest was member Chris Wolak who was the exact length of a flagstick away from taking home the Honda. There was a brisk northerly breeze to contend with which caused many to come up short of the green unless they went down a couple of numbers with their club selection. Twelve players on Friday in the Member Ambrose sponsored by ANZ Bank won overnight accommodation and golf at Cape Kidnappers, a real highlight of that event. Many won cart & carry bags, golf clubs and trundlers in a wonderful prize table provided by BNZ the day before. The celebrations also involved a cocktail party for 160 on the Friday night at the Clubhouse attended by local political dignitaries His Worship Ray Wallace, Mayor of Lower Hutt and the Chris Hipkins, MP for Rimutaka. The main social function of the weekend, a dinner for just under 200 was held at the Silverstream Retreat across the Hutt River overlooking the Club’s 4th hole. The four days of celebrations were capped in wonderful style with member and NZ Representative Julianne Alvarez winning the NZ Women’s Amateur Championship on the Sunday held at Manawatu Golf Club. 


TASMAN GOLF TRAIL Club Champs crowned The finals of the 2013 Club Championships took place at Marlborough Golf Club on Saturday the 25th of May in cold and windy conditions. The golfers were left to deal with a soft course after the recent rainfall. 9 matches took place, teeing off from 8:00 am. In the Men’s senior final between Simon Bishell and 17 year old Chas Craig scoring was close early on, with the pair all square after the opening 9 holes. However Craig made his move on the back nine winning 4 of the first 5 holes to take a 3 up lead heading into the afternoon session. Bishell then went on a charge at the beginning of the second 18 reducing the lead to just 1. Despite the charge, Craig’s ball striking was too consistent and he played some excellent golf on the back nine with precise wedge shots on 14 and 15 to set up birdies, and to clinch the championship. In the senior ladies division, the defending champion Emily Stenhouse teed it up against Julie Nicolle in the final. Nicolle got off to a hot start winning the first three holes and held up 1up lead heading in to the afternoon session thanks to a short game master class. However Stenhouse then found the type of play that has secured her multiple titles squaring the match with 9 holes to go and continuing the good play to win the match 3&2. In the other Mens divisions, Paul Ferguson made short work of Kevin Hawkins with a strong victory in the Intermediate A. Martin Smith and Trevor McGarry had a close battle for the Intermediate B title with Smith taking it out on the last hole for a 1up victory. Robert Hille showed tremendous fighting spirit in claiming the Junior A, making a brilliant comeback to also win 1 up against Gerry Rooney. Rod Lofthouse edged out Don Gray 4/3 in the Junior B. In the Ladies Divisions Carolyn Christall narrowly beat Frances Handforth on the first extra hole of the Senior Flight. Diana Pye had a solid win over Pauleen Johnston 4/3 to take out the Intermediate and Mary Skilton was too good for Elaine Porter with a convincing 5/4 victory for the Junior Title.

Nelson in festival mode A true links experience situated in the delightful region of sunny Nelson. A wonderful golf course, good enough to be chosen for the 2014 NZ Amateur Championships... high praise indeed. Golfers of all abilities will find a round at Nelson very

• TASMAN Marlborough

4BBB Nett – Mixed and Mens Pairs


(03) 578 7646


Nassau Stableford


(04) 939 6305


Ladies 9 Hole 4BBB


(03) 578 7646


9H men 1pm


(04) 293 6399


(03) 544 8420

Vets winter S/ford


(04) 379 8457

Milne Cup Individual S/ford




Ladies Stableford


(03) 528 8998


Ladies 9 Hole


(04) 237 9027


Matchplay Pairs


(03) 525 9054


Ladies 9 hole


(04) 306 9076


(03) 544 8420

Wairarapa 36H men’s Fsome


(04) 306 9076

Milne Cup Individual S/ford





(03) 768 5332


Vets at Otaki


(04) 3648260

Graeme Williams Memorial Medal


Ladies Captain Jury Cup S/ford


(04) 379 8457


Men Stableford


(03) 528 8998


Senior ladies


(03) 578 4320

GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013  27

rewarding enjoying simply stunning views. There is a vibrant social side to the club making new members and casual players feel welcome to enjoy camaraderie both on and off the course. There is a well stocked pro shop, full bar and catering facilities, also open to non members. There are great deals available on green fees and a wide range of memberships – contact our new manager, Derek Drysdale, who will be only too delighted to explain all the options available. Call him on 03-548-5029 or email Check out the website for all the details of the inaugral Nelson Festival of Golf in October this year. 

CANTERBURY GOLF TRAIL JUNIOR INTERCLUB FINALS Windsor were victorious in the Junior Interclub final against Russley Blue, played at Windsor in mid May. In the semi-finals Windsor defeated Rangiora and Russley Blue defeated clubmates Russley Gold. The team consisted of Steve Kilpatrick (Canterbury Golf) the Windsor team of Hayden Neill, Neil Lanyon (Manager), Aaron Neill, Liam Cross, Victor Chang and Joel Sherwood. Momoka Kobori from Rangiora was the best individual player during the Junior Interclub round robin with 5½ wins from 6 matches. This year the scoring was 1 point for a win, ½ point for a half and a deduction of 1 point for a loss.

CGI ORDER OF MERIT The final round of the CGI Order of Merit, the CGI OOM Championship was held in Mid May at Clearwater. Owen Burgess (pictured right) from Russley took

• CANTERBURY Templeton

Ladies Stroke play


(03) 349 7571


4BBB S/Ford


(03) 360 2146


Men's Stableford


(03) 385 9506


Seniors S/ford


(03) 383 1400


2BBB S/ford Blue tees


(03) 324 2886


Stroke play


(03) 312 4339


Ladies 9 Hole


(03) 304 5704

Waimairi Beach

Ladies Net Plus Putts


(03) 383 0418

Pleasant Point

Girl Guides Fundraiser



Open Mixed Foursomes


(03) 314 4490


Foursome M/play


(03) 349 7571


Ladies F/somes or Ambrose


(03) 312 4339


Mixed American F/ somes


(03) 383 1400

out the Men’s Order of Merit and the $1000 Trust Fund. Sylvie Williams from Waimairi Beach held off a strong challenge from Elisha Crosbie (Russley) to win the Women’s CGI Order of Merit. Sylvie shot a creditable 79 in the difficult conditions to pip Elisha by one shot. Jason Sincock from Coringa won the Men’s Masters CGI Order of Merit for the second year in a row. First time winner of the Women’s Masters CGI OOM was Anne Dick of Harewood. Anne played well to shoot 80 on the challenging Clearwater layout.


The Waitkiri team of Sandra Radford, Kate Lagan, Julie Sadler & Lynne Fergusson were clear winners by 9 shots in the National Women’s Teams District Final. The final was held at Templeton in early May. The Waitiki pairs of Kate Lagan & Sandra Radford with Julie Sadler & Lynne Fergusson had a 4 Ball Best Ball score of 64 each. 


The 2013 Central Otago Inter-Club Championship has reached the halfway point with round four, played at Wanaka on saturday 11th of May. Cromwell won the Wanaka round with an aggregate nett of 358 and have snatched the lead from 2012 champions, Arrowtown. Arrowtown had been leading the 2013 competition comfortably since round one, but faltered on Saturday, giving up 21 shots to Cromwell and finishing in 7th place from the 8 teams competing at Wanaka. Clubs contesting the Inter-club is represented by a team of 6 players, with the best 5 rounds counting for the team score. Each club hosts a round throughout the season. The competition now goes into recess, to avoid having teams travelling through the winter months, with the remaining four rounds to be played from late August

through to November.

Narrow Win to Otago The women’s annual Otago Country vs Southland Country fixture was played at Wanaka GC on Monday 6th of May 2013. Teams of 8 contest the match-play event with foursomes in the morning, followed by singles matches after lunch. The Otago Country team, led by New Zealand rep, Laura Hoskin, took a strong 3 games to 1 lead in the foursomes. The Southland contingent rallied in the afternoon to win the singles section by 4 1/2 to 3 1/2 giving the overall win to Otago Country by a margin of 6 1/2 to 5 1/2.

Tapanui Tournament The Tapanui Golf Club’s annual tournament was held on Saturday 28th of April. Jenny Marshall Women’s Club Captain presented The winner of the Conical hill trophy to Margaret Edgar. John Mawhinney Men’s Club Captain presented the winner of the Blue Mountain Trophy to Julian Kelly of Heriot. A field of 37 played in the Tournament on a very well presented Course. 


Mt Michael 9 hole series


(03) 445 0165


Men’s Open Stroke


(03) 248 5186


Ladies Stableford

15-20 Jun

(03) 208 9932


Ladies 3 person speed Ambrose Stableford


(03) 218 8371


4BBB Stableford


(03) 448 8204


Multiple Stableford White Tee



Ladies F/Some


(03) 202 5886


Pig on a Spit Tournament


(03) 234 8873



Membership&Green Fee

GUIDE 2013



• Friendly Fun Atmosphere • Affordable Green Fees • Clubhouse Facilities available 7 days • Group Concessions • Superb Greens • Hire Carts

One Of the tOp 10 club cOurses in new Zealand 1523 Maraekakaho road, rd 5, hastings 4175 Phone: 06 8797206 •

28  GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013

• Clubhouse Facilitites Open 7 Days • All Weather Course • Spectacular Views • Great Cafe - lunch/coffee • Short Drive From Auckland • Easy Access off S H 1 For more information on our varied flexible subscriptions, our green fees and easy payment options, phone/email the clubhouse or visit the website.

Our Favourite Courses FOR a country of such modest size New Zealand boasts an enviable number of golf courses that would hold their own – and more – anywhere on the globe. The country’s much admired land-

scapes offer a magnificent array of backdrops – from the coastal splendour to be enjoyed high above the sea on American philanthropist Sir Julian Robertson’s two North Island gems at Kauri Cliffs and

Cape Kidnappers, to the jaw-dropping beauty of Central Otago which looms large over Millbrook near Queenstown. And in between these splendid layouts are any number of golfing venues to chal-

lenge, inspire and woo the most discerning of players. In a sweep from north to south, here are some of the very best New Zealand has to offer.

Kauri Cliffs


JUST 30 minutes from Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands in Northland, Kauri Cliffs has gained a worldwide reputation for its incredible panoramic views as much as its quality golf offering. While the majority of holes hug the coastal bluffs, the remainder of the course features beautiful inland holes that wind through marsh, forest and farmland. Designed by American David Harman, the 6510m par-72 course overlooks the nearby Cavalli Islands and is consistently ranked among the top 100 golf courses in the world. While out of the way, it is well worth the effort to visit.

AN inner-city gem, Titirangi is one of the very best metropolitan courses in the country. In the west of Auckland, it is the only Alister MacKenzie designed course in New Zealand. MacKenzie’s designs are admired for producing holes that offer an ideal balance of risk and reward and after designing Titirangi in 1927, he went on to design some of the world’s top courses, including Augusta, Cypress Point and Royal Melbourne. Over the last few years, millions of dollars have been invested in an upgrading programme, confirming Titirangi’s reputation as one of the best golf courses in New Zealand. The par-70 course features elevated tees, rolling fairways, challenging bunkers and greens with pronounced undulations. Its par threes face the four points of the compass so no matter what the weather conditions, you experience a different test on each hole.

Wairakei International LONG regarded as one of our premier venues, Wairakei International near Taupo is everything it is built up to be. Established in 1970 as a green fee facility rather than a club facility, the course is open to all who are passing through. Wairakei is firmly established on both the domestic and international golf radar, having been rated by the prestigious US Golf Digest magazine to be in the top 100 courses in the world outside of the United States.A par-72 it plays to 6444m off the blues tees in an amphitheatre setting surrounded by thick forest. A magnificently memorable layout with numerous dog legs, elevation changes and scenery to die for. It is part of a 180ha wildlife sanctuary, native birds abound while 200 mixed colour pheasant and a small herd of fallow deer are being reared on site, within a deer-fenced area.

Terrace Downs VERY handy to Christchurch, arguably this country’s capital when it comes to the number and variety of quality golf courses of offer, Terrace Downs won the 2010 World Travel Awards as New Zealand’s leading golf resort. Perched on the edge of the spectacular Rakaia River, the resort boasts stunning high country views up to Mt Hutt and is within close proximity to various ski fields. The par-72 6440m championship course includes 11 lakes and 70 bunkers with something to test even the most experienced golfer. Players will remember every hole, use every club in their bag and eagerly anticipate the next day’s play. Possibly the most exhilarating hole is the diminutive parthree 16th which plays to just 130m from the back tees. It’s not the length of this hole that stops you in your tracks, it’s the scenery. The tee box hangs on the edge of the gorge and towers about 200m above the Rakaia River that tumbles along below.

From $109 per person*. Now there re no handicaps to \ISQVOIOWTÅVO holiday.

Cape Kidnappers THE sister property of Kauri Cliffs, Cape Kidnappers is just 25 minutes from Napier in Hawke’s Bay. Stretching to 6533m off the blue tees, it is at the very top end of the market and ranked inside the world’s top 100 courses. A tough, tough test, particularly if the wind blows above the coastal cliff faces. Accuracy is paramount because it is not advisable to spray the ball about, both for financial reasons (lost balls are commonplace) but also for safety purposes because often a missed fairway means a sheer drop to the Pacific Ocean below. It is the second of Sir Julian Robertson’s unforgettable gifts to New Zealand’s golfing landscape.

Millbrook VERY close to Queenstown, a magnet for tourists all year round, Millbrook opened in 1992 and was originally designed as 18 holes by Sir Bob Charles. In 2010, the new Coronet ninehole course was added and four of the original holes were redesigned by Greg Turner. The course suits every type of player and there are five tee options to choose from. Club tees for both ladies and men measure 4450m and 5410m stretching back to tournament and professional tee for the longer hitters. Millbrook prides itself on the condition of the course during the golfing season, with fairways beautifully stripped and true, smooth greens. The course rewards the straighter hitters and if you stray from the shorter grass, the long brown top rough and bunkers definitely make up for the lack of trees.

If you thought you couldn’t afford a golfing holiday, think again! Play at Lakeview, Springfield, Rotorua, or Wairakei International. *From just $99 $109per perperson. person. Includes accommodation, breakfast and green fees. To avoid disappointment call 0800 SUDIMA (783462) or email * This offer is based on a share twin room basis and is subject to availability. Inclusive of GST. Special Conditions & surcharges apply to Wairakei International Golf Course.

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New Zealand  Crossword Solution May 2013 P L A Y A B L E M E T R I C






• On Course accommodation allall onon ground level. • On Course accommodation ground level Central to to allall Murray Courses Central Murray Courses • Self-serve, eat as much as you like, • Self-serve, eat as much as you like, Buffet ConBuffet Continental Breakfast. tinental Breakfast. • Club evening dinners • Club Evening Dinner Voucher • Unlimited golf each day (conditions apply at some clubs). • Unlimited golf each day (conditions apply at • Non golfers deduct $30 per day. some clubs). • Single Supplement $20 extra per day. • Non golfers deduct $30 per day. • Upgrade to Spa Room or Cooked Breakfast • Single Supplement $20 extra per day. Only $7.00 per person per day! • Upgrade to Spa Room or Cooked Breakfast • FREE Golf Prizes – min. group of 12 Only $7.50 per person per day! • WEEKENDS & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS • FREE Golf Prizes – min. group of 12 $10 extra per person per day • WEEKENDS & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS $10 extra per • FREE Internet Access person per day • FREE Internet Access

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Stay at the newly renovated

Stay at the newly renovated A family run business for 17 years Best Service & Best Value Guaranteed A family run business for 15 years

Best Service & Best Value Guaranteed CALL US NOW

CALL US NOW 0061 3 5873 4477 1800 631 082 golf Course Rd, Barooga nsW ● Fax: 03 5873 4511 Contact or Tel: visit03 our5873 website Golf Course Rd, Barooga NSW BAROOgA’s LARgEsT On COuRsE ACCOmmOdATIOn

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30  GOLFER PACIFIC June 2013

Stunning world class golf resort

Play & Stay Special

Restaurant & Bar

Golf Getaway

Black Tee Challenge 1st Friday every month

Cost $79.00 pp Cost $218.00 pp

1 8 H O L E I N T E R N AT I O N A L G O L F CO U R S E Restaurant | Cafe’ Bar | Functions | Weddings | Resort Clothing | Golf Shop | Driving Range

FOR ALL ENQUIRIES PHONE 07 864 9999 c May 2012 19


WELL, WE’VE GOT JUST THE THING FOR YOU ALL, COME AND PLAY IN NELSON’S FESTIVAL OF GOLF! A l l t h e d e t a i l s a r e o n w w w. n e l s o n g o l f . c o . n z / f e s t i v a l o f g o l f s o g o o n l i n e a n d j o i n u p f o r w h a t p ro m i s e s t o b e a f a n t a s t i c e v e n t . W e h av e a h u g e p r i z e f u n d w h i c h i n c l u d e s m u l t i p l e c h a n c e s t o w i n a luxury car for a Hole in One. SUPPORTED BY:

Golfer Pacific NZ - June 2013  

Golfer Pacific New Zealand magazine, now in its 8th year of publishing, is delivered monthly to nearly 300 Golf Clubs across New Zealand. A...