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Golf Carting Magazine is the leading golf-cartlifestyle magazine that started in the Spring of 2020 and has since grown rapidly. Just over a year ago in May 2020, GC Magazine was released in over 600 Barnes & Noble retail stores nationwide.

We are very pleased to announce that beginning last month, Golf Carting Magazine was introduced in over 250 Publix Super Markets in the Southeast United States.

Do to the success of our retail distribution in Barnes and Noble it was immediately apparent to us that we should pursue Publix Super Markets as our next retail expansion. The geographic locations of Publix stores are in the center of golf cart country… the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, and we feel this is a perfect fit for the magazine.

Golf Carting Magazine is a print and digital publication

for golf cart consumers and the custom golf cart industry. Our publication has become the premier carting magazine and the only golf carting magazine sold in retail stores.

We are devoted to the lifestyle of carting as much as we are about the actual machines. Each issue of Golf Carting Magazine delivers in-depth custom vehicle reviews, lifestyle articles, new cart-related products, aftermarket part and accessory reviews and industry news.

We have plans to continue to grow our retail distribution and we are potentially looking to expand in Target and Walmart stores in the coming months.

Golf Carting Magazine is excited to continue its retail growth as well as its subscription base. We are very proud of this new retail expansion into Publix Super Markets and we continue to be appreciative of our sponsors and of course our readers.

Enjoy this October 2022 edition.



Wet Sounds has revolutionized the marine audio industry once again! When we said something BIG was coming, we meant REAL BIG! A NEW Revolution. A NEW Standard. A NEW Lifestyle.

“Wet Sounds has been building HLCD (Horn-Loaded Compression Driver) tower speakers for 16 years, long before many in the industry even existed as a brand. We redefined the standards of the marine audio industry in 2006 with the launch of our award-winning PRO Series – HLCD tower speakers, and we have now raised the bar once again with the release of our REV 12 HD” says Tim White, CO-founder and President of Wet Sounds.

The Revolution-HD series adds an even higher level of high-definition performance to the marine audio industry, bringing unprecedented volume and sound quality to a tower speaker design never achieved before.

With world leading performance and cutting-edge design, the REV series is the reference standard in the industry. Built upon the success of the Revolution Series, Wet Sounds took a ground up approach to develop a new REV TEC™ driver using proprietary materials to provide amazing mid-bass with a smooth yet powerful high frequency response.



• Wet Sounds 12” REV-TEC™ HLCD Driver

• Integrated Front & Rear RGB LED Rings

• Rotatable RGB backlit logo

• Rotatable Grille mounting

• Advanced Composite enclosure built for the harsh marine environment

• 1000-hour UV resistance (ASTM-D4587)

• Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM-B117)

• Stainless Steel Hardware

• Sold in Pairs

• 3 Grille Styles Available in Black or White including the all new XZ style grille

• Utilizing Wet Sounds Patented TC3 Clamps (Swivel) “USA Patent 8,568,162” & New X-Mount

From the company that Revolutionized what a tower speaker is, when you want the absolute best and the absolute biggest, the REV 12 HD from Wet Sounds is the only way to go. Period.

To learn more about the REV 12 HD please visit

ABOUT: Wet Sounds was founded in 2005 by a team of highly skilled audio veterans, Wet Sounds is an award-winning Texasbased audio company. Brining a level of performance, style and durability unparalleled in the audio industry, Wet Sounds marine, powersports, outdoor home and lifestyle stereo systems and equipment provide crisp, high-quality that’s designed to be heard in the toughest environments.


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Ithas been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that phrase turned into the reason two cart building business partners came up with the revolutionary new Bolt Energy premium lithium golf cart batteries.

In Largo, Florida, friends and partners Bobby Diaz and Brent Tenney had a passion for designing, building, and repairing golf carts, and began their business, Crusin’ Carts, about 3 years ago after working on cart projects as side jobs for many years prior. Now the company employs 9 people and has between 60 to 80 carts in their shop for servicing on any given day. Crusin’ Carts offers cart rentals, custom carts, repair and service, and a full line of cart parts out of their store in Pinellas County, Florida.

Bolt Energy USA Powering the Lithium Battery Industry www.GolfCarting.com18

But it was the necessity for a better battery that inspired them to start Bolt Energy USA, a leading manufacturer of lithium golf cart batteries now sold throughout the United States and Canada.

“We were designing and building carts with what we felt were the best possible products available on the market, but when it came to the lithium batteries, we found out the hard way that the quality and dependability left a lot to be desired,” Diaz says. “We’re the kind of people who aren’t satisfied with our work unless we know it is up to our standards, and so Brent and I decided to build a better mousetrap, so to speak.”

Diaz and Tenney have more than just a desire to make the highest quality batteries available, they have the background to make it happen. Diaz holds degrees in electronics and electronic systems, circuit board repairs and more, with forty years of practical experience. Tenney has a mechanical engineering degree and 20 years of experience building and modifying electric motors, starters and alternators, generators, and drive systems.

“When we started our cart business, we found out that the batteries we were using were not up to our standards, and as a result, our customers became upset when their battery failed,” said Diaz. “We quickly realized we needed to step up and create a better battery that met our standards, but more importantly provided the most reliable power for our customer’s carts.”

Another issue with the battery providers they were using at Crusin’ Carts was the customer service when they would need to replace a battery that failed while still under warranty.

“We just weren’t happy with the level of attention or service given to us as dealers for some other batteries and put our commitment to customer service at the top of our new lithium battery business.”

The partners spent three and a half years researching, building prototypes, and testing their new lithium batteries before launching Bolt Energy USA a little over a year ago.


Bolt Energy manufactures three different lithium cart batteries to fit any need. There is a 105Ah / 51V model, a 105Ah / 72V


version and a 160Ah / 51V model. These batteries provide the maximum output available on the market and Bolt Energy’s stringent testing makes them the most reliable in the business. The company also offers a complete line of cables, controllers, and HD solenoids.

Their batteries are manufactured using a 2,000-watt, laser welding process and the rigorous physical testing of each

single battery that rolls off the line is second to none. There are machines that vibrate the individual batteries vertically and horizontally, a freefall drop of the batteries from a height of five feet, and more extreme testing before the batteries are shipped. Diaz said, “We didn’t want any more phone calls from customers because their cart battery failed, so we put all the work in on the front end to make sure they’re made to our exacting standards.”

The Bolt Energy lithium batteries can be installed in virtually any brand of cart on the market.

The “dynamic duo” of cart batteries learned that all lithium cells are not the same, no matter if they are graded at an A, B or C level. Some companies offer remanufactured batteries, and Bolt knew they needed to create a top-of-the-line product to be successful. “We make new, Grade A lithium ion cell batteries designed to stand up to the toughest conditions and outperform others on the market in terms of reliability, uninterrupted power output and maximum lifespan,” Diaz said.

Bolt Energy USA’s batteries can receive a quick charge in one and a half hours and a full charge in five hours. The expected lifespan is around ten years, and the batteries can be undergoing a charge cycle between 3,500 to 5,000 times. Bolt


Energy batteries are covered by a five-year warranty.

You can see the extensive testing and manufacturing processes on the company’s Facebook page at .

The partners were also smart enough to understand the supply-and-demand of the lithium battery industry and developed a system that ensures that they continually have a large shipment of product in their shop and in their authorized dealer locations, another shipment “on the water” to the United States and yet another in the manufacturing process. This ensures they always can deliver to their customers’ needs and stay ahead of any potential supply chain issues. Bolt Energy USA now has around fifty independent dealers around the country.


Before starting Bolt Energy USA, the partners realized the need for a more efficient, powerful golf cart and LSV motor, and Brent Tenney’s background was key in starting White Lightning

Motors. His nickname of “The Mad Scientist” is based on his ability to figure out any electrical motor shortcoming and improve upon it.

That company rebuilds existing golf cart motors using the latest technology and components, bringing new life to a tired motor. Customers can drop off their motors to the company’s Largo shop or ship them from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada for quick turnaround service. The combination of the upgraded White Lightning motor and the Bolt Energy lithium battery creates a very impressive boost in a cart’s torque, acceleration, and speed.

The drive and commitment to creating the ultimate lithium ion cart battery together with Bobby and Brent’s unending dedication to customer service mean Bolt Energy USA is charging forward in energizing the golf cart battery industry.


6650 Treeland Ave., Unit A Largo, FL 33773

Tel: (727) 955-4955 Website:




TThe lithium-ion battery market is filled with start-ups that may not deliver the top-quality products and services you deserve.

As a result, golf car owners must do their due diligence, as there can be big differences in the quality and performance of lithium-ion batteries.

All lithium-ion golf car batteries eliminate the need for maintenance and watering, speed charging, and last longer than flooded lead-acid batteries. But they are not all designed and built equally. While all manufacturers claim that their batteries are durable, some are made to last longer and deliver better performance than others, depending on the manufacturer’s engineering and design expertise, component quality, and manufacturing standards. In truth, the durability of a battery is in the details.

To avoid buyer’s remorse, make sure the battery you select is:

• Rated to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard SAE J3060. The benchmark for batteries used in agricultural and construction environments, it protects the battery’s wires and components from damage caused by vibrations.

• Rated to an ingression progress rating of at least IP67. This helps prevent costly damage caused by water or dust getting into the battery.

• Designed to dissipate heat and allow for natural cooling through the circuit board, not just through less efficient heat sinks alone. Unmanaged heat can damage or destroy a battery.

• Designed with multiple levels of safety redundancy to protect you and your property. If one level fails another catches the issue and turns the battery off.

• Fully drop-in and scalable, so you can replace your existing batteries with lithium-ion batteries and add batteries when needed to extend your range.

• Designed for range. The range of lithium-ion batteries varies, with some getting 45 - 60 miles on a single charge. Manufacturers may list stated capacity, which may be based on the sum of individual cells within the battery. This is different from useable capacity and does not account for internal losses. Check useable capacity.

• Built with lithium-iron-phosphate cells, one of the most stable lithium-ion battery chemistries.

• Does not rely solely on the cell provider’s UL listing. Make sure the entire battery pack is UL-certified.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a lithium-ion battery on price alone. Select a reputable manufacturer with U.S.-based support and do your due diligence.

What Sets Trojan Battery Company Apart from Other Manufacturers?

At Trojan, we bring nearly 100 years of battery manufacturing experience, including 10 years of lithium-ion experience, to every battery we manufacture. We pioneered the golf car battery in 1952 and have been a trusted partner to major golf car OEMs. Our deep infrastructure lets us deliver superior customer service and support. And our maroon-colored batteries are renowned around the world for their reliability, durability, and longevity.



Motors are an essential part of your golf cart, and ultimately decide the amount of power, torque, and speed your golf cart is going to produce. Are you in the process of building a golf cart, or maybe you need to change that old motor on your existing cart? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article we will provide you with some trusted names

when it comes to aftermarket golf cart motors. Each of the companies provides a huge variety of golf cart motors for multiple makes and models, so have no fear, there's a motor for you here!


Before we jump into the best motors to buy, let’s dive


deeper into what the motor does for your golf cart, and why it’s important to invest in a quality product.

The golf cart motor is the heart of the vehicle. Without a motor, your golf cart isn’t going anywhere. The batteries provide the electricity for the motor, when the motor is running, then the wheels are turning.

When it comes to electric vehicles, the motor may be the most important part. The motor determines the amount of torque the golf cart will produce, along with the vehicle's top speed.

There are a variety of motors on the market, all of which have their own unique capabilities. We want to make sure that you have the best options for your golf cart, so in the next section we dive deeper into the best companies for new aftermarket AC and DC golf cart motors.


Navitas is among the best-known names on this list. Navitas has been creating top quality golf cart performance parts for years and have risen to the top when it comes to the golf cart industry.

Navitas provides quite a few options when it comes to motors for your golf cart, but we should mention, they can be expensive.

Navitas has options for DC and AC motors, along with the right speed controller to go along with it. All of Navitas' aftermarket products will fit most golf carts as well, so if you own a Club Car, E-Z-GO or Yamaha, chances are they’ll have exactly what you need.

Most of their systems include all the parts you would need to install it yourself, so if you have any knowledge in wiring, these should be a cinch to install.

If you want a reliable motor for your golf cart that is going to last you years to come, then look no further than Navitas Motors and Controller systems.

• Smartphone App for personal customization

• Cables and hardware for simple installation


• 600 amp TAC2 AC controller (Bluetooth capable)

• AC 4 kw Motor

• Hardware/Mounting plate

• Temperature harness for motor/Speed sensor

• Phase cable

• Programmer Price: $1,500 - $2,000

These are full system prices (everything you need to run properly, including controller)


Located in New York, D&D Motor Systems has been a privately owned motor company with a combined 50 years of experience between the two owners. Their company has been specializing in DC motor systems, along with the perfect speed controllers to go along with them.

D&D has options for all the main golf cart companies such as Club Car, Yamaha, and E-Z-GO. They also have options for torque or speed.

Maybe you need more low-end power for hauling things, then a torque motor is going to be your best option, if you want more top speed then a speed motor will probably suit you best.

If you are looking for a high-quality motor that will stand up against any motor on the market, then I would consider taking

a closer look at D&D Motors for your custom golf cart.

D&D also provides a discount when you bundle a motor and controller together.

Torque Motor Price: $435-$460 Speed Motor Price: $540-$575

WHAT DO YOU GET WITH THIS CONVERSION KIT? • Increased Torque and Speed over typical DC motor systems • Better battery efficiency and longer run times


Silverwolf Motor Company has been around since 2011 and has been building high quality golf cart performance kits that stand up to the industry standards. Each of their motor systems are built with vehicle range, acceleration, and speed


Located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Plum Quick Motor Company may not be a name that you’ve heard when it comes to golf carts, but recently they’ve been making a name for themselves.

Their DC to AC conversion kit is one of the best on the market and it’s less expensive than the other motors we’ve previously talked about.

Plum Quick provides two different kits that fit most Club Car, Yamaha, and E-Z-GO models, which can get you up to 35 MPH top speed!

taken into consideration.

They also have a super easy plug and play installation setup, and provide smartphone connectivity through their app, so you have true personalization.

As of now, the only kit they provide is their TEEKON DC to AC Speed Enhancement Kit. This kit utilizes premium ACPermanent Magnet motors that are extremely energy efficient. These motors are lightweight, have regenerative braking, and Power Management Technology, allowing you to control your speed and torque settings through the app.

Installation is super simple with their plug and play feature. The wiring harness plugs right to the OEM harness, allowing you to get going with only 7 tools from your tool drawer.


• 12 HP AC Motor

• 840 AMP Controller

• Smartphone App

• Plug and Play Connector

If you want a powerful AC motor with unmatched speed, then consider taking a closer look into Silverwolf Motors. You will not be disappointed in the performance.

Price: $1,938

Take a closer look at Plum Quick Motors if you plan to overhaul your old golf cart.

Price: 440 Amp - $1,600 600 Amp - $1,850


As you can see there are a variety of aftermarket golf cart motors to choose from. Each motor company that we listed are all reputable and are trustworthy in our eyes. Whether you have a Club Car, E-Z-GO, or Yamaha golf cart, any of these listed companies will have the perfect motor for you.

The motor is a very pertinent, and expensive piece of your golf cart, so buying a new motor should involve research. Take your time while choosing a new motor, and make sure that you’re choosing the right motor for your specific golf cart brand.

We should also mention that if you don’t feel comfortable installing any of these parts yourself, contact your local golf cart dealer or shop for help. Some of these components can be tedious to install, so always contact a professional to do the job right, if you don’t feel qualified.

If you have any questions regarding these golf cart motor companies, or have any information to add, please feel free to reach out to us. Thanks for reading!

golfcartperformance www.GolfCarting.com28

When it comes to designing and manufacturing top quality vehicles for golf, personal transportation and a variety of utility uses, the Club Car name is known worldwide as an industry leader.

Originally founded in 1958, Club Car has enjoyed impressive success throughout its history, utilizing innovative design and manufacturing processes to create vehicles that appeal

to consumers and cart fleet managers around the world. The company has grown over the years and was purchased by Platinum Equity in 2021 for approximately $1.7 billion dollars.

Platinum Equity is a global firm that operates 40 companies in a wide variety of industries and manages approximately $25 billion in assets.

A Partner in Platinum Equity had high praise for the

ARRIVE IN Club Car’s Tempo 2+2 Transports in Comfort www.GolfCarting.com30

Club Car brand and confidence in their vision for the future of golf and personal transportation vehicles. “Club Car has outstanding leadership, an entrepreneurial culture and a very close connection to its customer base, which has helped the company stay in front of new trends and create new market opportunities,” he said.

Club Car is the official golf car for the PGA of America, the European Tour, and the PGA Tour’s TPC Network. The company is based in Augusta, Georgia. They have more than 400 distribution points and dealer partnerships worldwide, and their proven supply chain and dealer support processes are key to keeping the company at the top of the industry.

When golf carts were first introduced to the market in the late 1950s, they were 3-wheel vehicles steered with a rudderlike handle placed in the center of the cart. Car Club was the first to offer a cart with a steering wheel on the driver’s side, just like a car. In fact, one of the reasons for the company’s success is the emulation of many automotive components, designs, and manufacturing processes. Club Car models offer a smooth, comfortable ride because of their advanced technology.

The company produced its 1,000,000th golf cart in 2000, and that number is rising quickly.


Whether on a college campus, resort or hotel property or any other site where people need to travel long distances, the Club Car Tempo 2+2 is the ideal choice for style, performance, and comfort.

The Tempo 2+2 was designed with automotive styling, featuring a sleek, compact body that boasts the tightest turn radius in the industry. The handling, assisted by the independent front suspension, is precise and responsive, providing an unequalled ride for 4 passengers. The rear seats face towards the back of the cart, allowing easy access for rear passengers. You can also fold down the Tempo 2+2 rear seats to create a cargo bed for transporting equipment, tools, and supplies for any need.

The sleek new body style comes with a long, aerodynamic roof that fully covers all passengers and cargo bed areas.

The Tempo 2+2 is available in gas, lithium ion and floodedlead acid power models. Some other notable specifications include:

LITHIUM ION POWER: Zero maintenance lithium-ion battery with a 4.7hp AC power, 650 watt charger (standard), and programmable speed and acceleration settings


FLA ELECTRIC POWER: 48V DC motor with peak horsepower 13 hp, (9.6kW rated), an E.R.I.C. 650w high frequency charger, and a speed range of 5 to 15 mph.

GAS POWER: 429 cc Kohler overhead valve EFI engine, 14.0 horsepower, (10.3 kW rated at 3,600 rpm, a 12 volt 500 CCA battery with 105 minute reserve, and a speed range of 12 to 15 mph.

STEERING AND SUSPENSION: SportDrive™ self-compensating double reduction helical rack and pinion steering; front independent leaf springs with dual hydraulic shocks.

BRAKES: Rear wheel mechanical drum brakes with footoperated, multi-lock parking brake.

BODY AND TIRES: Molded-in and painted color options, 18 x 8.50-8, 4-ply rated, premium tread tires, wheelbase of 65.5 inches and ground clearance of 4.5 inches.

The Tempo 2+2 is available in 7 premium painted metallic colors in addition to the model’s 7 standard body colors. Seats are available in standard and premium styles, all ergonomically-designed for ultimate comfort. Other design features include premium wheels, LED headlamps, taillights,

USB port, folding front windscreen, and rear-passenger grab rails for easy on-and-off convenience.

The Tempo 2+2 Lithium Ion offers 2 different driving modes, Comfort and Econo mode, allowing the driver to achieve optimal performance, and a dynamic brake resistor for complete vehicle control while going downhill.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a new Tempo 2+2 is just under $13,000.

For those who want to add a little more style, Club Car offers an extensive array of optional accessories to personalize the Tempo 2+2 and add to its functionality. You can add a premium audio sound bar, locking glove box, 5-panel rear-view mirror, overhead storage console, beverage holders and even a tire pressure monitoring system. Just as in the manufacturing of their premium line of personal transportation vehicles, Club Car is an innovator in creating and offering a complete line of custom optional accessories and features designed to enhance the look, efficiency, and performance of the Tempo 2+2.

The Tempo 2+2 is an ideal choice if you need to transport people around a large university, sports venue, commercial business resort or other expansive property. The advanced handling, ultra-smooth ride and state-of-the-art design and technology make this the personal transportation vehicle of the future.

golfcarcompany www.GolfCarting.com32

The proprietors of Ocean Lakes Family Campground learned quickly that the best way for guests to get around the property was the golf car, and this cartingfriendly vacation and resort destination has embraced the carting lifestyle ever since.

Situated along a mile of beachfront about 3 miles south of the Myrtle Beach city limits, Ocean Lakes is located at the intersection of Highway 17 Business and Highway 544. The 310-acre property offers a total of 859 campsites, 2,572 annual lease sites and 300 rental properties. Many campsites offer 45-foot concrete pads, and the resort can accommodate rigs up to 70-feet long. It is the largest campground on the east coast and one of the largest in the U.S. Ocean Lakes relies on their 500-plus employees, or teammates, as they call them, to provide each guest with the ultimate oceanfront vacation experience.


Perfect for Golf Carts

A big part of the Ocean Breeze experience revolves around golf carts. Barb Krumm, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, has worked at the campground for decades, and said the golf cart is a big part of the culture there. “This year, we expect we’ll have 1,060 golf cars in our rental fleet,” she stated. “For those that live in our 2,573 annual lease units, almost one hundred percent own at least one golf cart, and many have two.” That equates to about 4,000 to 5,000 carts on the grounds when you include visitors who bring their own carts for vacation.

Beginning in 1971, the creators of the property, Nelson and Mary Emily Jackson and their 5 daughters, knew they had a lot of options for utilizing this idyllic oceanfront property, but were determined to ensure that this little slice of heaven on earth be accessible to as many people as possible. “Everyone should have the privilege of enjoying God’s beautiful ocean”,

Ocean Lakes Family
Resort A Waterfront Wonderland

Mr. Jackson said during an interview when he was 88-years old. Ocean Lakes is owned and operated by The Jackson Companies, located in Myrtle Beach, a family-owned enterprise that includes Prestwick Golf & Country Club, Ocean Lakes Properties, Crystal Lake Mobile Home Village, Ocean Lakes RV Center, Ocean Lakes Golf Cars and the master-planned residential development Sayebrook. The Jackson Companies also own several hundred acres of undeveloped land in the Myrtle Beach area. Several divisions of The Jackson Companies have been recognized nationally in both the golf and camping industries.

Ocean Lakes is a truly cart-centric property offering campsites and camping accommodations, along with beachside vacation home rentals, directly along the white sand beaches of the Atlantic. Visitors can register their own privately-owned carts when they check in or rent one of the resort’s carts to get around during their stay. Ocean Lakes even has their own full-service golf cart sales facility. Private cart owners need to show proof of a minimum $50,000 liability

insurance coverage.

With such an expansive property encompassing the dozens of outdoor amenities found at Ocean Lakes, the golf cart is clearly the best way to get around while vacationing with family and friends. The resort offers rentals of golf carts by visitors, plus performs service work on privately-owned carts and sells a wide array of new and reconditioned carts through their Ocean Lakes Golf Cars business.

The resort features Club Car vehicles – they are an Authorized Dealer - and sells parts and accessories for every major brand. In 2017, Ocean Lakes Golf Cars earned the coveted Black & Gold Elite status from Club Car for its exemplary achievements in providing sales and service excellence to their Grand Strand customers. Their team can even build a completely custom cart for those who want to personalize their ride to their unique specifications, like the beauty they built for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, the area’s minor league baseball team.

Ocean Lakes offers rental carts that carry 2 or 4 passengers,



and a limited number of 6-passenger carts. Their website lists rental prices beginning at $65.00 per day in the resort’s peak summer months and as low as $22.00 per day in the winter offseason, with lower rates for multi-day rentals. Drivers must be at least 16-years old, and the facility has rules in place meant to protect the enjoyment and safety of all guests. The resort also has a 40,000 square foot, secured and paved cart storage facility with designated spaces for each cart for Ocean Lakes

guests who own their own carts.

Ocean Lakes is well known in the Myrtle Beach area for the special events and celebrations they organize annually. Parades, parties, concerts, and other special events create the perfect opportunity to hop in your golf cart and join in the fun. Some of the campground’s most notable events include their Annual Golf Cart Parade, Bluegrass Weekend, Beach n’ Boogie Weekend, 4th of July Cart Parade, Christmas at Thanksgiving,

Ocean Lakes Family Campground Resort


Halloween Party and Coastal Clean-Up Day, among others. Krumm goes on to say that the 4th of July Parade is one of the oldest and most popular of the campground’s events, where several hundred cart owners and guests dress up their carts for the holiday and parade the property to celebrate our country’s freedoms. “Mr. Jackson started that tradition, leading the parade in a fire truck. Even though he is no longer with us, we still use the fire truck and will always honor Mr. Jackson’s favorite Ocean Lakes activity.”

And with so many carts within the sprawling community, just about every night is right for a beachfront cart cruise, with many residents and guests taking to their buggies to cruise Seaside Drive and greet their neighbors. “The guests use their carts like they were cruising main street on a Saturday night in the early days, using the chance to enjoy the night air and say hi to everyone,” said Krumm.

Krumm noted that one of the key benefits of having so many golf carts at the resort is the “fun factor.” “I can look out my office window and suddenly see inflatable figures mounted on top of a cart breeze by on their way to the beach or pool,” she says. “Residents and guests here are very creative when it comes to adding their personal bling to their carts, with inflatable characters and balloons like starfish, dolphins, gators, beach balls and more – it also helps them find their cart when they’re leaving one of our community events or one of our pools or other facilities.”

Ocean Lakes Family Campground is an impressive destination, where depending on the season, the oceanfront setting is enjoyed by 20,000 or more residents and visitors. The important role of golf carts to those living there and by the resort itself is a key reason for their continued success. -GCMAG

Lakes Family Campground Resort golfcartcommunity


There are few vintage golf cart brands in the world that evoke the history and significance of the Harley-Davidson Company, known worldwide for their iconic motorcycles.

But a look back in time will show that Harley-Davidson knew a lot about the need for personal-use transportation on and around the golf course, and they used their expertise in design and manufacturing to their fullest advantage.

The results are some of the golf cart industry’s most eyecatching and well-engineered examples during the time they were produced. And there is a large contingent today who still value the historic brand and collect them avidly.


The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company was originally

founded in 1903, and although the company has seen some troubled times, they sold just under 200,000 vehicles in 2021.

In 1963, the younger generation of the Davidson family was represented when William “Willie G” Davidson joined the company. Although there is no record of his addition to the company being the reason, it was around this time that the decision was made to enter the golf cart business. Because of their expertise in motorcycle engines, the carts were originally powered by a single-cylinder, 245-cc gas engine. They later made a battery-powered electric version.

Early models were 3-wheeled, and a 4-wheel version was added in the early 1970s. One of the quirkier things about Harley-Davidson carts is that if you want to switch between forward and reverse, you had to turn off the motor, switch


gears, and restart the motor. This is because the direction the electric starter was spinning determined which direction the cart would go. Another unique design aspect was the steering system, a tiller-like control mounted in the center between the driver and passenger seats above the single front tire. Original HD carts had a one-piece body that completely tilted up and back towards the rear to reveal the entire engine and gas tank on gas models and the battery box on later electric versions, allowing easy access for maintenance and repairs.

Back in their prime years, Harley-Davidson golf carts were a leading seller, extremely popular at hundreds of private and public golf courses around the country. Even Elvis Presley owned one of the iconic carts, beautifully styled by The King himself in an eye-catching blue and white motif.

The Harley-Davidson company was sold to American Machine & Foundry Company, commonly known as AMF, after a brief ownership period by a group of investors who had decided to sell. It was this move that many believe caused the iconic motorcycle manufacturer to go downhill, with many changes in their core products and a dilution of their vision by converging ancillary businesses not even remotely involving personal transportation vehicles. AMF had previously been known for making things like tennis rackets, bowling equipment and other sports-related recreational items.

But, they did decide to continue making golf carts.

In the 1970s, the carts were branded as Harley-Davidson AMF vehicles, still offering a 3 and 4-wheel model.

In 1980, the company was again sold, this time to

Columbia Par Car, a leading golf cart brand at the time. Columbia Par Car is operated as a brand of the Nordic Group of Companies, LTD, a Wisconsinbased conglomerate that holds interests in many varied industries. The company continues to make golf carts, minus the Harley-Davidson name, and also recently acquired the Tomberlin Automotive Group, Inc., an emerging leader in the electric vehicle market.

Columbia Par Car continued with business as usual until 1996 when they changed the golf cart engines to a Briggs & Stratton, 4-cycle 250cc, 9hp Vanguard motor. Around the same time frame, the body style – long modeled after the original Harley-Davidson design – was altered to a 4-wheel-only model, and many see this as the end of the “real” Harley-Davidson golf carts. Prior to the 1984 Columbia Par Car model, HarleyDavidson carts required oil to be mixed with the gas before the company introduced an oil injection system.



Because of the multiple companies that made the carts since they were first introduced, sometimes the era in which a cart was manufactured is a little difficult to nail down.

The most accurate method is to check the VIN and serial numbers, usually mounted on either the rear cross brace near the driver’s side rear tire on gas models or on the inside wall of the battery box on electric versions. In 1970, the company used the letter “H” and a number following it to indicate the year it was built. HO would indicate a 1970-model, H1 a 1971, and so on. In 1980, that letter changed to a “J” followed by a number, so a J1 would be a 1981 model. Beginning in 1982, they began to use “C” for the remainder of that decade, and then a “D” for 1990 models.

Harley-Davidson golf carts – even the later AMF and Par Car models – have a cult-like group of devotees, with many

people seeking them out for restoration projects based on their vintage look, unique history and famous name. You can find many examples for sale online, and there are owner’s forums and groups that offer a wealth of information about the brand, including on social media. Depending on the condition and level of restoration, if any, you can find Harley-Davidson carts from under $1,000 to completely restored models selling for nearly $20,000.

You can learn a lot about these classic carts on this Facebook Groups Page,

To give you an idea of the respected tradition of HarleyDavidson vintage golf carts, a classic, professionally-restored 1969 model won the 2nd Place honors at the 2019 Annual Detroit Autorama Hot Rod Show. Decked out in the iconic, original HD black and orange color scheme, the owner at the


time offered the cart for sale at $4,300.00, which even included the car show trophy.

Another true classic is a pristine, 1978 AMF HarleyDavidson 3-wheel model that has been restored to betterthan-new condition. The stunning white paint job and crossstitched leather seats are works of art, and the overall vintage appeal of this outstanding resto-cart resulted in the owner asking $18,500.

A company in Wisconsin held an auction featuring early 1970s “3B” model Harley-Davidson carts in unrestored condition. About 10 carts went for final sale prices averaging around $500.00. Of course, getting parts for restoring a

classic HD cart can be a bit of a challenge, but that’s part of the intrigue and the fun. There are some online companies who still sell parts for them, some original and some newlymanufactured to match the original specs. A little diligent research can also turn up complete, original repair manuals with all the cart’s specifications and technical information to help with your restoration project.

Many folks love things that represent a vintage era, like older cars and boats, and even golf carts. Aficionados of the Harley-Davidson brand are no different, holding a fond appreciation for these unique vehicles from a time gone by. -GCMAG



Q: I want to buy a used golf cart. What are the most important things I need to inspect before purchasing?

A: Aside from looking at the condition of the body, tires and checking all electronics, the underside of the cart is the most important area to carefully inspect. Take note of any corrosion especially around the battery tray area and suspension mounts. Check for cracks in the frame, weak metal, or any bent suspension components. TIP: Bring a small hammer and tap on the frame and see if any rust and corrosion fall to the ground. Inspect the motor for corrosion around the terminals. Pay particular attention to any signs of being submerged in water like sand, mud, or a waterline in unusual areas. On a six passenger cart, notice if it had been modified from originally being a four seater by checking the frame and how it has been modified whether a kit was bolted or welded in. Make sure there is no flex in the floorboard. Lastly, make sure that it has a serial number or VIN. While no cart will be perfect, these are simple steps to make sure you are getting the best buy possible.

Q: How do I replace my short top with a long one?

A: Depending on the top manufacturer and your model, there

are going to be different types of mounting methods. Typically you will be replacing the rear top supports with ones with a different shape or will be using your original ones and would use separate brackets. If it's a universal top, the mounting holes need to be drilled out and affixed to where your mounting points are located. Best to check with the vendor or the manufacturer for the instructions beforehand, however, it's not a difficult install.

Q: Can you mix old and new batteries?

A: As a general rule, mixing old and new batteries is not recommended due to possible issues with performance and safety. No matter what type of battery you use and the brand manufacturer, all batteries will eventually lose their electrical capacity as they age. The old saying goes, all of your batteries are only as good as your weakest one. However, if all new batteries aren't in the budget, using different batteries essentially can be used as long as the type (flooded or AGM), voltage and output amps are the same. Make sure to inspect the inside of a used battery and make sure you don't see any white sulfation on the plates or low water levels. That is a red flag that the battery is on its way out.



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