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Is Keyless the Key to Stopping Golf Cart Theft?


wo years ago at a golf course in SW Florida, thieves were able to steal 30 golf carts over a 60-day period. That is not a typo -30 carts valued at over $75,000! The perpetrators were not exactly criminal masterminds. They simply broke into the storage unit grabbed the cart keys and drove them off the property. Even after management took actions by installing security lights and surveillance cameras, the thieves simply disabled them and continued stealing. Google “golf-cart-theft” and you will see headline after headline of carts being stolen all across the country. Why is this happening so frequently? Mainly because it is so easy. Most manufacturers use the same key for all of their carts. It begs the question; what if golf carts were keyless? A Peachtree City, GA resident, Florian Meier, saw firsthand the rampant golf cart theft in his own golf-cart-centric community. He quickly built a keyless ignition prototype that would start a cart by entering in a pin number. Smart. Now this prototype is a viable commercial option for any golf cart owner. The company name is XiQ and the product is called The FleetQi™ (FKA The Stinger) It completely replaces the ignition key and offers some additional robust technology. The FleetQi™ (FKA The Stinger) App allows you to monitor battery power and enable you to find your vehicle using GPS. You can also update your pin number through the App. While The FleetQi™ (FKA The Stinger) makes it more difficult for someone to nab a cart, there are some other obvious benefits. The cart can only be started by a pin number. Savvy children and teens can find the golf cart key but will find it more challenging to crack a pin number. And even if they do, the pin can be changed and the location of the cart can always be determined through the App. Just like the key fob replaced car keys, it seems destined that golf carts will evolve in much the same way. This simple but effective device can help protect your investment and prevent unwanted drivers from “borrowing” the cart.

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U.S. BATTERY UPDATES ITS AGM BATTERY LINE WITH A NEW AND IMPROVED PERFORMANCE DEEP-CYCLE DESIGN U.S. Battery Manufacturing has launched its new and improved line of AGM Deep-Cycle batteries specifically designed to provide increased deep-cycling performance. “Our advanced line of AGM Deep-Cycle batteries have features that improve cycling performance and longevity, which makes them a better choice for customers wanting maintenance-free reliable operation,” says Zachary Cox, U.S. Battery VP Operations. The new AGM Deep-Cycle batteries will be available after March 22, 2021, with updated features such as the use of thick positive alloy grids for exceptional corrosion resistance, high12 GOLFCARTING.COM

density positive active material, and advanced glass mat separators. These components work together to maintain the battery cell structure during deep-cycling, limit acid stratification, and inhibit internal shorts. The batteries also feature a carbon-enhanced negative active material that improves charge acceptance and cycling performance. In addition to being resistant to vibration, fully sealed, and maintenance-free, U.S. Battery’s new AGM design improves reliability, overall performance, and delivers longer cycle life. In addition to these design upgrades, U.S. Battery’s AGM Deep-Cycle line will also have a new look, featuring a new case and graphics on redesigned labels. On top of the current 6V, 8V, and 12V models, the product line is also expanding to include new 6V and 12V options. “More of our customers are asking for high-performance deep-cycle batteries that are maintenance-free and cost-effective alternatives to lithium,” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery COO. “We’re responding with engineering that delivers the superior performance and reliability needed for modern battery-powered equipment and vehicles.” U.S. Battery’s complete line of AGM and Flooded LeadAcid Deep-Cycle batteries are available for a wide variety of applications such as EV Golf Car & Utility, AWP, RV, Marine, Floor Cleaning Machines, and Renewable Energy. For a complete list of sizes and applications, visit the U.S. Battery website at:




f you have been following us on Facebook or on our website, you just might know that you can submit your cart to possibly be featured in the magazine. For those of you that have high quality photos and detailed information, you can go to our website at www.golfcarting. com and click on the "Articles" tab to find where you can submit your cart. This issue’s "Custom Golf Cart" feature comes from Michael Tickle, owner of Elite Custom Golf Carts, LLC, located in Greenville, SC. They are -- you guessed it -- a custom golf cart builder. They also offer sales, service, parts and accessories. Their motto is: “Elite Custom Golf Carts, your go to store for quality custom golf carts, parts and accessories. We also service all makes and models!” When we asked Elite Custom Golf Carts about their future plans, Michael commented, “We are a relatively new company. Our goal is to continue to be a company that people can call for any and all of their golf cart questions and needs. I think at the end of the day, our customers and our reputation are what matter the most. We want to treat every customer like family and make sure they are happy after every phone call or visit.” Their Facebook page is and their website is This custom golf cart is a 2019 E-Z-GO RXV, and we love how the custom blue paint set the cart apart from other carts we’ve seen. Below is their written submission detailing the build.


Elite Custom Golf Carts, LLC

TELL US ABOUT THIS CUSTOM BUILD I love to think of new and different designs. We designed this 2019 Surf Blue E-Z-GO RXV Golf Cart from a custom steering wheel that we had for sale in our store. It was an amazing color of blue that we just loved. I took the steering wheel and gave it to our painter, Chris. I said we want to body to match this steering wheel, and he replied no problem, I got it. He color matched it and came back with the Surf Blue Body. But I wanted to make this cart special, so I decided to deck this out in all blue and try painting some matching trim and a matching roof combined with color matching wheel inserts. To give it a nice contrast, we went with white GTW Nemesis rims and white Valley Mex seats. Once we got the cart completed, the color combination just popped. It was definitely one of my favorite golf cart builds. But I plan to top this golf cart with many more jaw droppers to come! 16 GOLFCARTING.COM

ANY CUSTOM FABRICATION OR CUSTOM-MADE PARTS? Custom Painted Surf Blue Body, Trim, Roof and Wheel inserts WHAT AFTERMARKET PARTS DID YOU USE? GTW white Nemesis 14" Rims Surf Blue Racing Steering Wheel Valley Mex Seats SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOU AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN BUILDING CARTS, HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE BUSINESS? Elite Custom Golf Carts all started when I decided to build a custom golf cart. I had a good friend that started bringing his golf cart to the Clemson football games. We had such a good time riding around on his golf cart and let me tell you, it was nice! He had a custom wrap and awesome sound system.

Obviously, I wanted to “one up” his cart with the one that I was building, so I tried to create something totally out there and different than any cart anyone had seen. I’d like to think I succeeded, and I love all the compliments I get when I cruise around on my cart. Being a Clemson graduate and a business management major, I have always had the dream of owning my own business. Little did I know where this would lead me. I started

building carts to sell, and I made sure that my carts were built as if I was buying them myself. Quality is important to me -- ask anyone that knows me. I will redo something several times to make sure it is right. My attention to detail is what has really made my business a success. It’s not just about a sale at Elite Custom Golf Carts, we want to make sure our customers enjoy their carts for years to come. -GCM


Elite Custom Golf Carts, LLC



6 Annual Golf Cart Parades That Provide Fun for the Whole Town BY KATRINA ROBINSON


olf cart parades are just one way to have a blast with your golf cart! Golf cart enthusiasts across the nation take place in various parades for a wide range of holidays and events from Christmas and Halloween to celebrating their favorite political candidate. Read on for some of the best golf cart parades that happen in the USA. 1. WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA Every year, the residents of Winter Garden put their Santa hats on and decorate their golf carts in all things Christmas. While the COVID-19 pandemic made some question whether or not there would be a Winter Garden Christmas Golf Cart Parade in 2020, residents weren’t willing to let the Coronavirus spoil their fun. On Sunday, December 13, participants hung Christmas decorations and lights on their golf carts—a lifesized Grinch even made an appearance—and started their drive beginning at Dr. Bradford Memorial Park and traveling


down Winter Garden streets for all to see. 2020’s parade was longer than previous years; maybe with the pandemic going on, the residents of Winter Garden figured everyone could use a little more Christmas cheer. Awards were handed out for categories including Best Mask, Best Cart, and Most Lights. This

year’s parade’s profits went to the West Orange Junior Service League. 2. CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA In 2020 in Conway, South Carolina, around Halloween, golf cart owners bought tickets to enter the 1st Annual Halloween Golf Cart Parade. Conway Downtown Alive presented the first annual parade—with hopes that it will be the first of many— and partially since COVID-19 restrictions limited the number of golf carts that could participate, registration filled up quickly. At 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 31, golf carts lined

up, decorated in their best fall and Halloween garb, and the owners didn’t show up in plain clothes—oh no! They dressed up in festive Halloween costumes to match their carts before parading them down Conway’s streets, starting at the Conway Public Safety Building on 9th Avenue and ending at Elm Street. Spectators were welcomed to view the event but were asked to adhere to social distancing recommendations so this golf cart parade could be a safe endeavor for everyone. Awards were presented to the most decked-out carts. Overall, this was a great start to an annual tradition that will hopefully take place for years to come. 3. OZONA, FLORIDA Each year, Ozona residents gather together to celebrate the holidays and their golf carts during the Annual Holiday Golf Cart Parade. While in previous years, various off-road vehicles

have joined the parade, recently the town has requested that only “true” golf carts register and take part. Over the many years the parade has taken place, it has become a favorite event of Ozona residents; in recent years, over one hundred golf carts were paraded down the town’s streets. Carts check in around Molly Goodhead’s and the Ozona Pig; the parade starts promptly at 6:00 p.m. and travels throughout Ozona so the largest number of residents can view the various holidaythemed golf carts. First-, second-, and third-place awards are handed out at the end of the parade. 4. CAROLINA BEACH, NORTH CAROLINA The Island Men, Inc., a nonprofit group that aims to raise money for various charities, had the brilliant idea of holding a golf cart parade in 2020—and the result was fun for all! The Halloween-themed golf cart parade welcomed cart owners and their friends and family members in the area, asking that they do their best at dressing up their golf carts—and dressing themselves up in costumes as well! The parade traveled through Carolina Beach neighborhoods so residents could enjoy the fun from their front yards. This was done not only to distinguish this golf cart parade from other similar parades

but also to follow pandemic safety protocols. All participants wore masks, the line-up was socially distanced, and the golf carts were asked to maintain a safe distance throughout the parade. The money that was raised went toward “local charities that are really having a tough time with this pandemic, [to] provide them with some additional monies by the end of the year,” The Island Men Vice President Bob Lewis said. Some of the organizations that were given money included Martha’s Kitchen, Ocean Cure, and the Federal Point Help Center. The parade took place on Saturday, October 24, and we hope it won’t be the last one that parades down the streets of Carolina Beach. 5. MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA 2020 was a memorable year for all—mostly for not-sogreat reasons. However, the residents of Manhattan Beach, California, have a great reason to remember last year, as it was the first year that the town held a Halloween Golf Cart Parade. The first annual parade was a huge success; over 40 golf carts lined up and paraded through the streets, each one decorated to celebrate the Halloween season. The inaugural event was GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 23


the brainchild of local resident and golf cart enthusiast Shawn Giaconi, who stated, “Some carts were extremely impressive and went all out and every person was dressed in costume!” And don’t worry—this won’t be the last time a Halloween golf cart parade takes place in this Californian town. Giaconi confirmed that she will host the parade every year. “It’s exciting to know a new tradition has been made,” she said. The Manhattan Beach Golf Cart Crew, a group started by Giaconi, will inform residents and fellow golf cart enthusiasts of upcoming events such as golf cart drive-in movie nights and other golf cart parades. 6. NEDERLAND, CALIFORNIA Every holiday season, Nederland-area golf cart owners get out their shiniest and most fun Christmas decorations and go to work making their carts as festive as possible. The parade hands out awards every year, and the competition is stiff! Golf cart enthusiast Nancy Resendez reported that some of her


friends participated in 2020’s holiday parade, but that didn’t mean she was going to take it easy on them . . . she wanted that trophy! The parade raised money for the Nederland Economic Development Corporation and was the third annual Christmas parade the town has enjoyed. This past year’s Christmas parade featured a COVID Santa and mask with signs saying, “2020, CO, CO, CO, COVID away!” Talk about looking on the bright side of this global pandemic! Golf cart parades are a great way for cart lovers to celebrate their shared passion for golf carts—while being safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The above parades are just a few that occur throughout the country; there are plenty of other parades that take place . . . possibly in your town! And if your town doesn’t currently have a golf cart parade, maybe it’s time to start one. What are you waiting for?

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GOLF CART BATTERY CHARGERS A COMPLETE GUIDE Looking to purchase a new battery charger for your golf cart care? Well you have come to the right place. In this guide we are going to explore the ins and outs of a golf cart battery chargers. Being more knowledgeable about battery chargers can help you feel confident in your next charger purchase. Common questions such as “are there more than one type of charger?” and “how do I maintain a charger?” will be answered below. INTRODUCTION TO GOLF CART BATTERY CHARGERS To put it simply, battery chargers are exactly what you would expect them to be. They are the life source to 34 GOLFCARTING.COM

the cart. Most chargers work by feeding electric current through a battery, in hopes that the cells inside will hold the energy that just passed through it. This is why it is important to invest in the right charger and maintain it properly. Batteries will not last forever, but you can do your best to expand the batteries lifetime. TYPES OF BATTERY CHARGERS There are quite a few options for battery chargers on the market, which we will breakdown further in another article. For now, you should become familiar with the main

types of battery chargers you can purchase for your vehicle. Understanding these various charger types will give you the confidence you need to choose the right one for your specific cart. OFF-BOARD BATTERY CHARGERS Off-board chargers are essentially portable chargers for your golf cart batteries. A charger sitting in your garage plugged into the wall would be considered an off-board charger.

These particular chargers are the most common chargers used when refilling the juice in your golf cart. ON-BOARD BATTERY CHARGERS On-board battery chargers are typically wired, or builtin to your golf cart. These portable battery chargers are great for riding around and plugging in anywhere when your juice is running low. These chargers can be great additions to your custom golf cart, but they can be tedious to install, and may cost

you more than a typical off-board charger. We should also mention, using an off-board charger as an on-board charger is typically frowned upon. Off-board battery chargers are built for a stable environment. Taking an off-board charger along for the ride can cause damage to your charger, considering they aren't meant to withstand inclement weather, bumps, or banging around. It is possible to take your on-board charger and convert it to an off-board charger. All you need is a DC plug adaptor and you can set your on-board charger up in your garage. This can create more space in the golf cart, and potentially add longer life to your charger. THE CO$T OF BATTERY CHARGERS Like I previously stated, battery chargers operate by sending a current through the battery, which is then held by the battery cells, causing the battery to charge. This is of course is a very simple explanation. The process is much more complex than that. Understanding everything you can about how the chargers work will help to relieve some of that nervousness when purchasing a new battery charger. Typically, the cheapest chargers on the market are your constant current chargers. These chargers are connected to your batteries and send a constant current straight to the batteries until they are charged. The only problem with these chargers, is that you have to manually shut them off. Sure, you saved some money on your battery charger, but now you're experiencing the negative effects… One of the problems is that you can potentially overcharge your battery which can lead to a ruined or damaged battery. Overcharging is probably the worst thing you can do to your golf cart batteries. When you continue to pump current into a battery that is fully charged, that energy has to go somewhere. In order for the battery to release that extra energy, this causes the battery to build pressure and heat, which could eventually lead to ruptures, gas leaks, or even explosions. Unplug the battery charger too soon, and you may find yourself pushing the golf cart back to your house or getting an unwanted tow. Moral of the story… if you're thinking about taking the cheap way out when it comes to your battery charger, think twice! It’ll inevitably turn out to be much more expensive. Buying the correct charger for your golf cart setup and making sure it has an auto shut-off, is the key to maintaining a long battery life. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 35


CHOOSING THE RIGHT BATTERY AND CHARGER When purchasing a battery, you want to consider cycle life and maintenance. Cycle life is how many charge and discharge cycles the battery has in its life. Having a battery that has a cycle of around 750 is optimal. Search for batteries with good reviews on the cycle life. The flooded lead-acid battery needs more maintenance. These chargers require water maintenance. Over the lifetime of the battery the water level may lower. It is a simple fix, however. Adding distilled water to refill to desired water level will fix this problem. Now you have the battery and need the charger… The battery you purchase will need a specific charger. Your charger needs to match the battery for it to work. Your charger will need the right voltage and plug to match your battery. Each battery runs off a certain amount of voltage. You want to choose a charger that matches this voltage. For example, if you cart has a 24-voltage then you need a charger that is meant for 24 volts. In addition, make sure your charger has the right plug to fit your cart. TIPS TO MAINTAINING A GOLF CART BATTERY AND CHARGER Maintaining your battery charger is important to keeping your batteries charged and your golf cart moving down the road. In order to keep that battery charger running smoothly we suggest you take the following steps in order to keep your charger in healthy condition. 36 GOLFCARTING.COM

BEFORE CHARGING Make sure your golf cart is in the off position, and you have no draw from the battery. Also, you should inspect the battery, making sure that it is free of dirt, or corrosion. Corrosion can cause voltage drop, and also could cause the cables to overheat. KEEP IT CLEAN Cleanliness is an obvious tip to keep that charger running for a long time. Make sure your charging plugs are always clean of dust, and that your charger is stored in a dry area. The last thing you want is your battery charger sitting in a pool of water in your garage. Next you should clean the connectors on the battery, you can do so with a cloth, or a wire brush. Your solution should be made from water and baking soda. Be cautious when pouring your solution on the battery, you don’t want any to drip inside the battery. Rinse with clean water and wipe away the excess moisture. BE CAUTIOUS OF FLUIDS Fluids on the top of your batteries could mean that your batteries are over filled. If that’s the case, you’ll want to remove some of the water from the over-filled compartments. BATTERY WATER LEVELS Making sure that your cells have the proper amount of water, can be the difference in a good charge. Your electrolyte levels should be consistent across all cells and

golfcartguide shouldn’t be filled any further than the top of the battery plate (1/4 to 1/2 inch above is optimal). Overfilling your batteries can cause the vent caps to pop off during the charging process, this is due to the water levels rising while being charged.

in while parked, and the charger will shut off once the batteries are fully charged. Batteries are discharging as soon as they are unplugged, so keeping them unplugged for extended periods of time can damage the overall lifespan.

KNOWING WHEN TO CHARGE You should always charge your batteries after any amount of use. Keeping your batteries fully charged will actually expand their life. This is why purchasing an auto shut-off charger is key. After your ride, you can plug your golf cart batteries

BATTERY CHARGER SAFETY All batteries can generate explosive fumes, so it’s probably smart to keep any type of flames away. This also includes cigarettes or sparks from a grinder. Also be aware of live circuits. You should never disconnect any plugs or wires from a live connection. This may cause serious sparks, or even give you an unexpected shock. FINAL THOUGHTS Choosing the right battery charger for your golf cart is going to make a huge difference in how long your batteries last. In this article we have gone over the common questions about buying, maintaining and using a golf cart battery charger. We also touch on the urgency of purchasing the right charger for your specific setup. Hopefully now you feel more knowledgeable and confident when purchasing and using your battery charger.



BY KATRINA ROBINSON SUN CITY, ARIZONA, is what some call the “original retirement community.” On January 1, 1960, the first five model homes of the town were erected, with one goal: to create a retirement community geared toward active adults. This was a revolutionary concept, as until the 1960s, when an individual retired, he or she was expected to retreat from life entirely. The idea of active seniors simply wasn’t a thing. Because of its novel groundwork, many thought that Sun City would flop . . . but instead, it thrived. Sun City had a goal of selling 1,700 homes in the first three years of its existence; instead, 2,000 homes were purchased within the first year. People were eager to move to the Arizona desert community, and they were eager to continue living fulfilling, active lives well into their retirement years. Overall, Sun City changed the way Americans thought about retirement. Instead of seeing their golden years as those spent in a rocking chair on a porch being stagnant, we now view retirement as an opportunity to indulge in our loves and 40 GOLFCARTING.COM

passions—to eat great food, play a few rounds of golf, and enjoy all that life has to offer. Today, Sun City is flourishing, yet quaint, with more than 120 clubs, seven recreation centers, eight golf courses, and two bowling centers. Golf carts are commonly seen throughout the community—not just on the golf courses. Sun City has just a little more than 40,000 residents, making this part of Phoenix less of a city and more of a community. Sun City’s hundred-plus special-interest clubs range from those geared toward golf cart enthusiasts to pottery makers to swimmers to ukulele players. Whatever your passion or hobby, chances are there’s a club already in existence with like-minded individuals. And if you find that there isn’t a club devoted to what you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to create your own! The seven recreational centers—Mountain View, Oakmont, Fairway, Sundial, Lakeview, Marinette, and Bell—are happening places for Sun City residents and visitors alike. The

recreational centers are comprised of over 400,000 square feet of facilities where retirees can enjoy athletic endeavors, grab a snack, enjoy music at an open-air amphitheater, or just take in the sights of the stunning surrounding desert or the 33-acre man-made lake, Viewpoint Lake. Golf is a huge attraction for Sun City, Arizona, and it’s one of the reasons that golf carts are so abundant in the area. You would have a hard time finding another retirement community with enough golf courses to select a different one for each day of the week. The three executive courses and five championship courses span 1,100 acres and are within a mere six miles of one another—the perfect distance to travel on a cart. The North Golf Course is the original course of Sun City, with very few straight golf holes and loads of variety. The South Golf Course is the longest course in the community, providing tons of options for golf lovers to enjoy. The Lakes West Golf Course is one of the most popular of Sun City, featuring strategically placed lakes and twisting and turning streams to add a bit more of a challenge to your golf game. The Riverview Golf Course has a reputation for large, bold greens and has the most movement from tee to green out of the eight courses. The Willowcreek Golf Course provides a taste of it all to golfers, from the creek, which is adjacent to many of the holes, to mature trees and rolling fairways. The Lakes East Golf Course is one of the three executive courses, giving residents and visitors a taste of the Arizona desert with its newly planted desert landscape. The Quail Run Golf Course features nine holes and is designated as a Certified Sanctuary by the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System; you’re sure to come into contact with some incredible wildlife while playing this course. Finally, the Willowbrook Golf Course is one of the

most challenging yet fun to play in Sun City. You’ll be sure to see a wealth of golf carts driving up and down city streets while in Sun City, Arizona, but make sure while you drive that you do so safely—with both hands on the wheel. Arizona has a strict no-hands-free-driving rule. Additionally, it’s imperative that you follow driving laws such as coming to a complete stop at stop signs. The rules of the road are to be followed by all—including those who drive golf carts! Volunteerism is a large part of Sun City. Over 200 volunteers each year provide myriad services to the area’s residents, playing a role in keeping the region clean, successful, and featuring a low crime rate. In fact, volunteerism is such a huge feature of Sun City that the town is known as the “City of Volunteers.” With all of these attractions, you might think that Sun City is out of your price range . . . but don’t dismiss moving to the city so quickly! Metropolitan Phoenix is ranked 61st among United States cities as far as cost of living is concerned. Sun City, Arizona, has even lower property taxes and sales, making it an affordable option for many. Property taxes range between $300 and $1,300 annually, and houses sell for anywhere between $35,000 and $350,000, depending on the home’s location and size. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy your retirement without resorting to being confined to rocking away the day on your front porch, Sun City is a viable option. With a wealth of activities and recreational opportunities, this little city provides retirees with the chance to live out their lives happily and actively. But keep in mind: if you do move to Sun City and lack a golf cart, you’ll want to invest in one soon! Carts come in handy around the community, and residents rely on their carts to travel from place to place.



This page is to encourage golf cart owners to make modifications to their carts and make the carts their own. There are a lot of good builders and strong users on here. Post up pics of your work and show it off. Also ask any tech questions you made need. Feel free to give advice or your suggestions to help each other complete our builds.

This group was created for all those who like or would like to create a custom cart. Please don't bash others on this site everybody's ideas are not the same. If you are drawing a blank maybe you can get some ideas or insight to a problem your having.

E-Z-GO golf cart parts, buy sell or barter.


Custom over-the-top golf cart pictures, news, videos, information and more brought to you by Golf Carting Magazine. This's a place where people can talk about problems,Solutions and selling golf carts and anything about golf carts.

A group dedicated to big block swapping GAS golf carts. All GAS engine upgrades allowed. Dedicated to the Club Car DS and Carryall, this group was formed to share photos and ideas, solve problems and support the model DS community. Buying, selling and trading is welcome, but do so at your own risk. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 43



In this month’s Dealer Profile, we head to Lexington, KY and take a look at Dever Inc. Golf Carts. This unique, wellestablished golf cart sales and rental center has been in business for over three decades. Dever Inc. is not only in the business of golf cart sales and rentals, but they are also a provider of feed, hay and bedding products to the thriving horse industry in the Lexington area. We were grateful to spend some time with VP of Sales Alan Houp who provided us with more information about Dever Inc. DEALER INFORMATION: Dealer Name: Dever Inc. Golf Car Sales and Rentals Dealer Location: 1030 East New Circle Road, Lexington, KY 40505 Phone Number: (859) 523-5908 Owner: Randy Lambert & VCP Equity Website: 44 GOLFCARTING.COM

GCMAG: Hi Alan! We love to get to know new dealerships around the country. We appreciate you spending some time with us. Can you tell us more about Dever Golf Car Sales and Rentals? Alan Houp: We are a Diamond Elite Level EZGO & Cushman Dealer specializing in new and pre-owned consumer golf car sales, commercial golf car sales, commercial and golf course leasing, local and large event rentals and service. We have three dealership locations stocked with a variety of new and pre-owned golf cars, parts and accessories. We have factory trained salespeople and technicians staffing these locations with the capacity to build custom golf cars to suit. Our skilled service technician teams are also on-site to provide services as basic as a tune-up to complete drivetrain upgrades. Promoting the golf carting lifestyle is important to us, so we constantly strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.

GCMAG: It sounds like you guys have a massive presence there in Lexington. Who are the owner(s)? Alan Houp: Dever was founded by Don Dever in 1988, now owned by Randy Lambert and VCP Equity, LLC. GCMAG: Can you give us a little background on how Dever started? Alan Houp: The company was started by Don Dever in 1988 and Randy Lambert came on board in 1990. Together they grew the company. Don retired in 2006 and Randy bought 100% of the company. Randy partnered with the private equity group VCP in 2013. GCMAG: Where are your locations? Alan Houp: Our corporate office hub and one retail store is located in Lexington, KY. We also have a retail location in Louisville, KY. GCMAG: Congratulations on your success. How many

employees does Dever have? Alan Houp: We staff between 50-60 employees at any given time with a variety of specialties. We have salespeople, finance, build technicians and service technicians at our retail stores. Our corporate office houses our accounting department, operations management, golf fleet leasing division and a host of other members handling various shop duties. The golf division also has a team of mobile service techs that perform on-site service for Kentucky's golf courses. GCMAG: That is a sizeable operation. How do you promote or advertise your business? Online? Social Media? Alan Houp: We promote our business through our website and social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Another great marketing tool for us is our providing the best possible customer service. Dever Inc employees are held to high standards when dealing with our clientele


dealerprofile and word-of-mouth referrals have been the grand result. GCMAG: What is the most important business lesson you've learned? Alan Houp: The concept of treating your customers with respect. We have built our business through a lot of hard work, but our customers are the reason we get to be in a line-of-work as great as the golf car business. GCMAG: That is so true and the best thing about word-ofmouth marketing is that it doesn’t cost anything. What are the future plans for Dever Golf Cars? Alan Houp: Our goals are to continue to grow a network of specialty golf car retail stores that offer high quality products and services in underserved areas of the United States. GCMAG: Is there anything you’d like to add? Alan Houp: Dever Inc is blessed with a phenomenal staff and clientele. We look forward to coming to work


each day and selling "Fun”. As the Vice President of Sales and in charge of the retail operation for Dever Inc, our focus is on providing the best customer service, with an emphasis on building lifelong customers. We specialize in creating a unique buying experience for all of our clients and spreading our love for golf carting. We are blessed with the best staff in the business and have ownership who has the same focus we do. We have several other divisions that complement our Retail Division and we couldn't do it without them. We are looking forward to a productive year and continuing to strive for perfection. Thank you for the opportunity to display our company. GCMAG: We sincerely appreciate you spending time with us. For more information on Dever Inc. Golf Car Sales and Rentals visit them online at or stop into their showrooms.


ASK THE MECHANIC Q: What would be the main advantage of getting an LSV or Low Speed Vehicle? A: LSVs or Low Speed Vehicles are essentially golf carts that can be use legally on the roads. In many states they can be driven on secondary roads with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less. LSVs do need to have some standard features like; headlights, brake lights, turn signals, a DOT windshield, side mirrors horn, backup camera and be capable of reaching 25mph. Please check your local state and county regulations for the full list of laws and features needed. Q: What kind of maintenance does my electric golf cart need? A: One of the great things about owning an electric golf cart is the low amount of regular maintenance needed. Aside of a yearly “checkup” with your local golf cart dealer that will check the breaks, hubs, wiring and suspension to make sure everything is tight and working properly, there is not much 48 GOLFCARTING.COM

required. If you have lead-acid batteries (most common) we recommend checking the water levels every month and filling them with distilled water. Make sure not to over fill the batteries as the water level should on reach the top of the internal battery cells so they are under water, not any higher. Q: How easy is it to replace the wheels and tires on my golf cart? A: Super easy, most online or local golf cart parts companies (like sell dozens of different styles of wheels with tires already mounted. These wheels must have the 4x4 bolt pattern as most average car wheels will not fit without an adapter. If you are going with a larger size (like 14- or 15-inch wheels) you most certainly will need to make sure you have a 4- or 6-inch lift kit so they fir without rubbing the body or frame. You often times have the ability to choose the style for of tires.


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