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A Goldin Book By David Goldin

June 2008

Artwork by David Goldin The studio is at the top of a dirt road up on a mountain surrounded by paths and stone sculptures. Inside it's full of surprises.

GOLDIN Issuu #1 the STUDIO Scenes from inside the David Goldin Studio Seeing what is invisible too others.

Pointing the way to the Studio

Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes. Kahlil Gibran

Rudimentary Obelisk


Happy Ham Can Greets visitors

Happy as a Ham in a Can

The Studio


Watch you step!


The workshop

The Front of the Studio

The workbench



Under Construction

Engine #1

Engine #2

X3157 GO!

Hombre con el Sombrero

Originals and Ephemera

The Wall

Picasso and Go Cart My kid's and I cruise around the studio on Scooters an Go Carts. As much as it is a place to create artwork it's also a place to get your sillies out and have fun. Because of the distance from the house I can get REALLY loud; especially at night. Music blasting, power tools buzzing, and nobody knows.

Jalopy and Hydrant

Heureuse? Heureuse!


Š David Goldin

The Porch

One of THOSE days

What's in Goldin's drawers?

Another studio find.

Paper MachĂŠ Leather Daddy

Midnight Snack Radish and Beer

That's not MY throne.

Contact David Goldin

All images ŠDavid Goldin 2008


Issuu #1

The Studio

Inside the David Goldin Studio

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