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The Roberson community defines the meaning of care for its own.

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Road to Recovery

Student athletes reflect on their injuries and how they were affected PAGE 33 March 2018

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“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.� Winston Churchill

As youth are becoming part of current movements, we encourage you to stand and speak... and sit and listen.


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Check out an opinion piece on the importance of smart period Read the latest column on action in the wake of the latest mass school shooting

The Roberson community is proving to be a true “Community of Hope” as alumni, students, and staff have come together to support one another in times of need.

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Real communication is key Speak. Then talk. But speak well. Stop just adding to the Talk to your peers. noise. Talk to your grandmother. The noise which we refer to is that of Talk to your neighbor. the hateful speech and anger we Due to an apparent lack of witness coming from the mouths awareness on current issues and events, of an extremely polarized country. there is a tendency for students -- and These days, it seems like we are even adults -- to avoid discussing Staff Editorials divided on every possible issue, divisive issues and topics altogether. are the and people are mad when they’re This presents a problem because majority not even sure what they’re mad although we may advocate for change, opinion of Editorial no progress is being made when we about. Oftentimes, citizens possess the Board and no clear understanding of whose are merely yelling at one side of the stands as the voice of political spectrum or the other. side to be on and, if they do pick the Golden a side, much less how to defend it. Fleece When different viewpoints are not news Conversation with anyone affiliated magazine. shared, our individual opinions are with the opposing side is also fermented inside of us -- causing our lacking -- due to a wave of apathy frustration to swell and ultimately and complacency. leading to two results. The first being In a day and age where one’s knowledge hateful rhetoric that has taken over our on a subject is limited to 240 characters current political climate and the second on Twitter or all the words and images being an impulse to recoil at even the that they can fit onto a rally poster or a implication of exchanging ideas. bumper sticker, clearly it is difficult for Stop shying away from political one to develop his/her own opinion or to discussion with your peers, your family, sincerely understand someone else’s. This and your co-workers. lack of understanding leads to an absence Do not simply say there is no clear of open dialect as individuals feel no point solution. And do not waiver in the face of made will be acknowledged as valid. an opposing viewpoint, but rather prepare So don’t just limit yourself to 240 your case with your newfound knowledge. characters. Read. Read and educate yourself. Find out what needs to change, and Research. Look at data. Listen to Fox. make it happen. Listen to CNN. Listen to NPR. Listen to them all. Listen and talk to one another. The Golden Fleece Media Group and the Golden Fleece news magazine encourages and welcomes communication from its readers regarding the content or other subjects of interest. Please be advised of the following guidelines when submitting letters: • Letters must be signed by the author and verified by including an email and phone number for contact by the editorial staff.

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• Letters should not exceed 300 words. • Letters may be edited for length, grammar, spelling and content. • Letters will not be printed if content is obscene, invasive, encourages a disruption to the academic day or implies libel. Mail: c/o Golden Fleece to TC Roberson HS Email: or


305b Airport Rd. 828.676.2764

Effects of Florida school shooting The Columbine High School shooting was recently surpassed by the school shooting in Parkland, Fl as the worse in U.S. history. There were 17 victims. Among them were students, teachers, and a football coach. This shooting has raised awareness to the debate on gun control in America. As a result, many students all over the nation are protesting and participating in walkouts and marches with their peers.

Storage disk from the United Kingdom UK Researchers are breaking through with technology. The Crystal disc is a 5D piece of technology that can hold 360 terabytes and, with lasering, can be embedded with loads of information. It should be able to “survive” for over 1 billion years and withstand extremely high temperatures. It has already been able to store historical texts like the Bible and Magna Carta. The research is currently being conducted at the University of Southampton in the UK.

Floating hotel being built in Sweden An upcoming resort is in the process of being built on the Lule River in Swedish Lapland. The resort called ArticBath is the a great place for fishing, viewing wildlife, and the Northern Lights and going through the glacial mountains. The hotel is quite literally floating on the river and is said to be in the middle of basically nowhere.

Around the World Peruvian President facing charges The ex-President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, was pardoned last year for violating human rights, but despite the pardon, he may be tried in the year to come. In January of 1992, the kidnappings and torture of 6 Peruvians were revealed. Many are hoping that the trial will lead to at least 25 years in prison, but results are still unclear.

Drought in Cape Town Cape Town, the second largest city in Africa, is in a severe drought, and the reservoirs are almost empty. Water taps may run dry by July if there is no rainfall. Each person is being rationed 25 liters of water per day. In comparison, Americans usually use about 80-100 gallons every day, per person. This is the worst drought Cape Town has ever seen.

Chinese Car Maker Invests Big Chairman of Chinese car-maker Geely has invested around $9 million in a stake of 10%. He is now the biggest single shareholder in the owner of Mercedes Benz. Shufu has a worth of about $18 million. People are saying Shufu is planning on working with clean technology and vehicles in China’s market.

source/CNN.COM/all briefs

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GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 7


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The New Tax Bill


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8 | March 2018// GOLDEN FLEECE

Wh at kno you ne wa new bou ed to t how tax bill the wor it affec and t king s stud the ent.

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SickFLU of the

Flu outbreak reaches peak levels by CAROLINE BOWERS Executive Editor of Print Media


tudents and teachers alike are coming down with the flu this year, and school nurse Lynn Smarjesse said that the average absence rate has reached around 10 percent or higher -- marking concern in the school community. “What we track is percentages, so when it gets to be 10 percent or over, my supervisor is watching that. That’s how we track it as a county...We look at the absence rate and if it’s fluctuating or not, and it’s just the general absences,” Smarjesse said. “We (TC) are either hanging right there or right above.” The flu season typically lasts from October to March -with peaks recorded in the months of February and March. According


to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), at least 95 North Carolinians have died from flu-related symptoms this season alone, which officially began on Oct. 1. “Flu activity in North Carolina is widespread and appears to be peaking. It’s difficult to make predictions about when flu activity will start decreasing because each season is different,” said Press Assistant Cobey Culton from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS). According to The Washington Post, the 20172018 year has witnessed a particularly widespread flu outbreak because the H3N2 virus arose as the most popular strain. H3N2 is a strain of the influenza A virus and frequently causes more health complications than other strains -- especially among children and the elderly. Researchers reported that the H3N2 component of this year’s vaccine is only

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10 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

virus only significantly impacts the young and elderly populations. “It can hit any part of the population, so you just have to assume that you could get it and take precautions,” Smarjesse said. Smarjesse, the CDC, and the NCDHHS all agree that the greatest precaution one can take is to go ahead and get the flu shot. However, according to a report by the CDC, during the 2014-2015 season, only 43.6 percent of adults in the United States were immunized against the flu. And based on a Twitter poll conducted by the Golden Fleece Media Group, 58 percent of the 31 participants said they did not get the flu shot this year. 39 percent answered that they did get a flu shot, and three percent said they had not gotten one yet but plan on getting one soon. For those who do not get vaccinated, Smarjesse recommends following through with the basic tips on how to stay healthy during flu season. “This should happen whether you get vaccinated or not. It’s really easy stuff: washing your hands a lot during the flu season, not shaking hands…do the ‘bump.’ It’s just not a good idea this time of year to shake hands. Another thing is coughing into your elbow. It’s basic.” Out of those who turn down the flu shot, some individuals cite religious reasons. In North Carolina, while both medical and religious exemptions exist for required vaccines in certain professions, a personal belief exemption is not offered. To be granted a medical exemption, a licensed physician must approve the exemption due to the presence of a contraindication adopted by the Commission for Health Services. And for a religious exemption, one must write a statement of their religious objection and provide it to schools, camps, childcare centers, etc. in the place of an immunization record. Mission Hospital recently agreed to pay $89,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit involving the firing of Christian and Muslim employees who refused to get the flu shot and failed to file a religious exemption in time. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the former employees, said that Mission had violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Title VII is a federal law prohibiting

Months of Flu Season 8 7 6


5 4


3 2 1 0

Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. source/CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL

photo/GRACE LOIZZO/golden fleece

% of visitors with flu symptoms

A-CHOO: Sneezing and sharing drinks are some of the most common ways the flu and other illnesses are spread. According to many experts, the best way to contain a sneeze is by covering with your elbow “dab.”

about 17 percent effective in preventing symptoms in Canada. “H3N2-predominant seasons have been associated with more severe illness, especially among people 65 and older, and children,” Culton said. The four species of flu viruses -- A, B, C, and D -- circulate differently every year, making it difficult for medical professionals to predict the strains which will appear during a particular season. Research suggested that, for the 2017-2018 season, the vaccine should contain an A H1N1-like virus, an A H3N2-like virus, and a B/Brisbane/60/2008like virus. Both flu shots and nasal sprays are commonly made using an egg-based manufacturing process, which begins when the CDC or another laboratory provides manufactures with candidate vaccine viruses (CVVs) grown in eggs. After the CVVs are injected into fertilized hen’s eggs and allowed time to incubate so that the viruses replicate, the virus-containing fluid is harvested from the eggs. In the case of flu shots, the flu viruses are killed, and virus antigen is purified. For the nasal spray, the CVVs are weakened live viruses and go through a different process. While people often opt for the nasal spray, the CDC has recommended only injectable flu shots this season. “It’s just not recommended, and the doctor’s offices in our area are not carrying a large amount of that (the nasal spray),” Smarjesse said. The CDC and NCDHHS recommend that people get vaccinated as early as possible, and Smarjesse said it takes about two weeks from the time someone gets the flu shot for their body to build up the immunity to the virus. “We recommend people get vaccinated as early in the season as possible. While there isn’t necessarily a cutoff point where it becomes too late, getting vaccinated before activity peaks helps prevent the spread of flu by protecting you and consequently the people around you,” Culton said. Smarjesse said that one of the greatest myths concerning the flu is the misconception that the

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employers from ON THE RISE: One of the most important elements of any sickness discriminating against is to know if, and when, you could share your bad luck with others. A employees on the basis fever is your body’s way of fighting illness, which usually means you are of sex, race, color, contagious and could give what you have to others. General rule, if you national origin, and have a fever, stay home. Don’t share what you have with others... in this case, sharing is definitely not caring. religion. Rather than opposing the flu shot for anyone older than 6 months old. religious reasons, junior Brice Ferg has decided to not get Good news is on the horizon for anyone affected by the vaccinated because of a personal connection. flu, however, as Japanese scientists have reportedly invented “I’m opposed to getting the flu shot because a couple a pill which kills the flu virus within 24 hours. The Shionogi years ago, my grandma got the flu shot, and it ended up & Co. compound is yet to be tested in the United States, paralyzing her from the legs down...That happened about but the company plans on applying for U.S. approval this four years ago, and I haven’t gotten the flu or the flu shot summer in hopes of receiving a decision by next year. since,” Ferg said. “Since treatment with S-033188 requires only a single Smarjesse has witnessed the effects of another condition oral dose regardless of age, it is very convenient, and is associated with the flu shot which can also cause paralysis expected to improve adherence. In a global Phase 3 study called Guillain-Barré syndrome and said it is just another in otherwise healthy patients (CAPSTONE-1), S-033188 risk of getting vaccinated. demonstrated a greater antiviral effect than Tamiflu. One “You start getting weakness in your feet and your fingers, day from the start of treatment, [the virus] was reduced and it starts working towards the inside. If you don’t get to undetectable levels in 50 percent or more of the treated to the hospital quickly, you can be very, very sick. There is patients, including children,” the company said in a press that risk, and they do, at this time, identify that with the flu release on Oct. 25, 2017. vaccine.” Meanwhile, researchers in the United States have already While the vaccine does indeed pose various risks, begun preparing for next year’s flu season by according to the CDC, they are incredibly rare, which is creating the next flu vaccine. why the center continues to recommend the flu vaccine to

“My mom made some for me. It’s just something warm on your throat and gets some good food in your body.” Kegan Parks

“I love cough drops. They make me feel better and make my throat feel soothing.”

“Green tea. Definitely green tea because it has antioxidants and stuff to help flush out your system.”

“I don’t use it, but I’ve heard that the electrolytes help you get better.”

Virgil Hardaway

Corrine Dowd

Abby Krueger

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GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 11 NEWS

The Gerrymander

North Carolina part of national discussion in redistricting through election maps Gerrymandering is the process according to the New York Times, by NOLA GOOSMANN ngoosmann. by which a certain political that he created it because “electing Staff Writer party attempts to establish an Republicans is better than electing advantage by manipulating Democrats.” congressional district boundaries. “If you live in Buncombe This act can manipulate election outcomes substantially County and you’re a Democrat, your vote for Congress doesn’t and has been doing so ever since America’s early days. Both count,” Van Duyn said. Democrats and Republicans have gerrymandered throughout On Jan. 9, a federal district court in Greensboro ruled North history, mainly because the party in power is given the Carolina’s Congressional map as unconstitutional, citing that responsibility to draw congressional maps. However, more Republicans had drawn the map in order to seek an advantage. recently, Republicans have come under scrutiny in North The court ruled that the maps violated the Equal Protection Carolina regarding gerrymandering. Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as well as the First In the U.S. House of Representatives, the number Amendment for discrimination based upon political of elected representatives a state receives is based association. It also ruled that the districts had to be on population, with one representative for every “I, as Whip, am redrawn by Jan. 24. 30,000 people. In order to elect representatives, The Republicans appealed the case (Common like the second congressional districts are drawn. When these in command. Cause v. Rucho) to the Fourth Circuit Court districts are intentionally drawn to create a high of Appeals. This court also ruled that North My biggest concentration of Republican or Democratic voters Carolina’s Congressional voting map had been job is to find in a certain area, the outcome of elections can be unconstitutionally gerrymandered and had to be candidates, affected. redrawn. and nurture “Because they pack as many Democrats as they Conservative lawmakers chose to appeal this ruling candidates, can in as few districts possible, many Democrats to the highest court in the land: The Supreme Court. and funded run unopposed,” said Senator Terry Van Duyn (D), candidates, to On Jan. 18, the Supreme Court ordered a partial stay who is the Minority Whip in the North Carolina of the order to remake the districts, allowing some flip seats so State Senate. that I can be in districts to remain as drawn. Gerrymandering typically creates an advantage “The Supreme Court, so far, has been unwilling the majority.” for the party in power, who drew the maps. For to get involved with political gerrymandering, not example, in North Carolina, Republicans won 10 Terry Van Duyn because they think it’s alright, but because they don’t out of the 13 House districts, while only receiving 53 want to be seen as political,” said Senator Van Duyn. percent of the total votes. The order affected five districts in the state’s two “I, as Whip, am like the second in command. My most populous counties. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg biggest job is to find candidates, and nurture candidates, and and Sonia Sotomayor objected to the court’s decision. This fund candidates to flip seats so that I can be in the majority,” ruling reduces the chances that the current district lines will be Van Duyn said. “I have believed, even when the Democrats altered ahead of the general election in November. were in control, that gerrymandering is just wrong.” Currently, the Supreme Court is hearing two other cases November will mark the next Congressional election. involving alleged partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin and Districts were redrawn by the Republicans in 2016 during the Maryland. In Wisconsin, Democratic voters are accusing mandatory redistricting process that occurs once every decade. Republicans of redrawing the district lines in a manner This time, there is concern that the new maps will cause an that would favor their party, while in Maryland, the GOP unfair advantage for the Republican party. GOP lawmaker believes that the Democrats won a seat in the House through David Lewis is in charge of this plan for redistricting and said, gerrymandering a district.

Buncombe County is split between the 10th and 11th district. Patrick McHenry is the Congressional representative for District 10, while Mark Meadows represents District 11.

Most gerrymandered Moderate gerrymandered source/WASHINGTON POST

Least gerrymandered

12 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

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e r A

? Motivated In the mass of cookie-cutter students, are you more than a number? Is there more to you than a GPA? We thought so, and we can’t wait to meet you...

Apply Today @Room 2710

(on the English Hall)




Roberson band prepares for upcoming competitions, concerts as the second semester gets underway by NOLA GOOSMANN Staff Writer

Concert, symphonic bands prepare for upcoming events The TCR Concert and lodic, and complex song. Symphonic Bands have All of these songs will be been busy with a number performed in front of a of various events. They panel of judges. are currently preparing “I am a marching band for MPA (Musical Perforperson so I like ‘Them mance Assessment) as well Basses’. It has a lot of that as their upcoming spring low voice which is really concert and All State aunice,” said junior Hayden ditions, requiring hours of Askea, who is a clarinet practice. player. All District Band audiJudges will give a score tions have been completed, of one to five. Symphonic and now the seven qualiBand has a tradition of fying students are moving earning a supreme rating, on to All State auditions. and they are working toMPA is also coming up ward that goal right now. in March. Preparation in“As long as we prepare cludes rehearsing in school, and don’t get too comfortat home individually, and able, we should perform even through private leswell,” the band director Jim sons. At MPA, Symphonic Kirkpatrick, who has been band will be playing three teaching for twenty years, songs, all being said about MPA. level six music, While MPA is “I’m excited. which is an a major focus for extremely high the band memIt’s my level. bers, Askea said favorite part “I’m excited. his favorite part of the year It’s my favorite of band is the part of the year social aspect. because because I love “You have I love competition,” 80 people in a said sophomore competition.” room, and you Lillian Godsey, are all there for who plays the one thing,” he Lillian Godsey clarinet. said. The first song At the concert to be played at coming up this MPA is “Lord Tullamore,” spring, the students in an Irish-Scottish technical band will get the chance piece. Secondly, “Them to show their parents what Basses” is their march. It they have prepared for pulls from the lower end MPA. of the band including the As for marching band, tubas and the trombones. they are finalizing their Their last piece is called new uniforms for next “Serenity,” a very slow, meyear. They are intended to

be more angular and sleek than they have been in previous years. They have also started the process of recruiting rising freshmen through weekend workshops and middle school visits. TC band students have a lot to prepare for, from MPA and their spring concert, to next year’s marching band. They are hopeful that their hard work and dedication will soon pay off.


All-State honor band auditions at Tuscola High School

MARCH 21-24, 2018 Senior band and chorus trip to New York City

MAY 4-6, 2018 All-State Honors Band Clinic

MAY 24, 2018

End of the Year Band Concert

Time to Direct: Junior Hayden Askea leads the band during Friday night lights. In addition to directing, Askea plays the clarinet.

THE 14 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

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If there’s one thing we love, it’s showcasing talented students at our school. Want to get your work out there? Send in your work to

Taylor McFadden (9) Photography (Pinhole Camera)

Sean Molli (11) Photography

Sarah Smith (11) Photography Hailey Barnwell (11) Photography Reagan Densmore (11) Photography

Leslie Barbour (12) Photography Kira Ranieri (11) Photography

THE Graphics & Design | Kayla Jystad




International program impacts teens


by EMMA HODES Staff Writer

FULLY LOVED: Teenagers from all over North Carolina come together at Carolina Point, a Young Life camp, for a weekend-long trip filled with various activities and games.

Young Life is an international organization that was founded in 1941 by Jim Rayburn and a local pastor in Gainesville, Texas, named Clyde Kennedy. Both men wanted the kids in their town to show an interest in church, so Rayburn decided the best idea would be to host a “club” held at students’ homes. Rayburn’s vision for the clubs was to have a fun afternoon full of singing, skits, and a short discussion of God’s word at the end. That hasn’t changed, according to junior Alex Fuller, whose family opens their home every week to continue the tradition. “We sing songs that are really fun and usually based off the club theme that week. So like when we have love club, we sing Taylor Swift songs,” Fuller said. They meet every Monday night from 7:29 p.m. to 8:33 p.m., but occasionally will meet on a Tuesday or another day of the week. While the themes may vary, the activities are unchanging. Singing, games, and devotion are always a part of the routine. “We do various things when we meet like playing games, singing songs and we have a devotion at the end to help us get closer to God. We have a lot of fun,” sophomore Zack Braiser said. Each week, three Young Life leaders meet with the students at the Fullers’ home in Biltmore Park to bring people together to learn about Jesus. “We have leaders who come in who want to introduce Jesus to people in high school, but it’s also very social at the same time to where you can learn about Jesus with your friends around you, and they can experience it too,” Fuller said. Every year, the local Buncombe County Young Life hosts two camps


where various groups of high school students around the state come together for either a week or just a weekend. Young Life owns 17 camps across America and camps in British Columbia, Canada, the Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom, Armenia, and France. “Clubs throughout the year lead up to camp, and you can either go to summer camp for a week in July or a weekend camp which was in November this year,” Fuller said. Young Life allows teens to form new relationships with people from all over the state who have an interest in Christianity and want to learn more about God. “I love meeting new people when we go to Carolina Point for camp. We get to meet people from all over North Carolina that come,” junior Selah Scott said. Scott uses Young Life as an outlet to grow her faith with God alongside her friends. “I’ve been going to church since I was a baby so I feel like it helps me grow more in the aspect of building relationships. Young Life is about building relationships and getting closer to people and then building off that into God,” Scott said. Young Life is primarily for high school teens, but for middle school kids hoping to learn about God, there is an option for them called Wyldlife. Fuller is a Wyldlife leader at Cane Creek Middle School and enjoys how close she can become with the younger kids and help continue generations of leaders. “Usually older people out of high school are Young Life leaders and then high school students are Wyldlife leaders, so in a way it’s kind of like generations and generations of leaders. Everyone is there for the same thing and everyone is super close,” Fuller said.

GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 16

Graphics & Design | Willie Yang


“It ' s one for the books� For some high schoolers, summer camp is a part of their regular summer routine. Senior Skylar Sinnott attends Massanetta Springs Summer Conference. The highlight of her camp experience is spending time with her church family. Doe River Gorge, a Christian Camp, is the camp sophomore Lilly Thurmond attends every summer. Thurmond enjoys the family aspect of the camp. Junior Amber Gay attends Camp Pisgah where she enjoys the company of llamas. Meanwhile, junior Emily Orr enjoys strengthening her relationship with Christ at Crossroads Camp.


David Eshan (828)-280-9011

EXIT Real Estate Agents specialize in Asheville area real estate and homes for sale GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 17

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Behind the Curtain

Reherals for spring musical begin

Calla Call

by GRACIE REINHARDT greinhardt .communications Staff Writer

photo/GRACE LOIZZO/golden fleece


ith constant multi tasking and coordinating, the directors of Roberson’s version of “Legally Blonde” are preparing for opening night on April 26. During the audition process, finding the right actors and actresses can take time. Artistic directors Sarah Leary and Aleisa Baker are two of the advisors that help make the final decisions on which students fit each role the best. “Singing a song well and knowing a song well are two different things. We are looking for people who really know their music, are offbook, and have clearly started working on this two or three weeks in advance,” Leary said. Leary, who is also the theatre teacher at the school, is one of the three adult directors helping plan the musical by managing the scenes, technology, and set. “I handle acting and blocking. All of the technical theatre aspects fall to me like lighting sound, design, and scenic construction,” Leary said.

18 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

The set is a collaborative effort that does not just involve Leary. Art teacher Benjamin Clark assists in shaping, drawing, and painting different pieces of scenery. While designing the set is time consuming, he said the team of directors and cast members always offer their help. “We have specific Saturdays that we come in and work, whether it be just the three of us or with the students,” Clark said. A key aspect that helps assure the musical is running smoothly is the cast calendar. This schedule helps cast members and the directors stay on track. “It’s the backbone of each scene, and we do it in order as much as we can. The only things we do out of order are some of the larger company dances. So act one, scene one, act one, scene two, etc,” Leary said. This year, Roberson’s production will be using the original broadway choreography. Choreographer Debbie Stewart, who is a teacher at Center Stage Dance Studio in Asheville, will be working to teach the cast the dances once again this year. “It is harder to do the original choreography. We are taking someone else’s vision and taking it to the high school stage. This choreography was obviously choreographed for professional dancers, but these kids are really working hard and stepping up to the challenge,” Stewart said. Designated dance days are every Wednesday. Since Stewart is an outside choreographer, often she has to practice with certain cast members outside of school. These rehearsals take place at Center Stage. “We have had a couple of rehearsals on the weekends. It is our jumpropers that are pulling in some extra rehearsal time. We’re building

Attorne Inter


Warner Enid Elle

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March 8th Prize: $ 400 Dining Hall at 7:00

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stamina for the jump-roping team plus learning the extremely intricate choreography that goes along with that. There will be several extra rehearsals in addition to the week day rehearsals,” Stewart said. While the calendar helps the actors and directors stay organized, one thing that never gets old is the stress. Baker, who is the choral teacher at Roberson, is in charge of teaching the cast the various songs. She spends hours at home making sure all musical components are in sync. From buying costumes to preparing for rehearsals, she says it can be hard to stay relaxed. “I probably worked an hour and a half last night just preparing for today’s rehearsal. There is always stress,” she said. While the directors love what they do, they all experience the stress and anxious jitters of managing a musical. Original director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell and original cast member Paul Canaan from the Broadway show could potentially be attending Roberson’s performance. “It became known to us that they were offering a new service for this show. Jerry Mitchell and Paul Canaan have started this company together where they are working to preserve choreography from big Broadway musicals. It’s kinda a pilot program right now, so I applied and we got chosen,” Baker said. Although the cast and directors are excited, they are also nervous. While they have been accepted into the pilot program, they are not yet sure if their show will be one Mitchell or Canaan will attend. “They will choose one or two productions in the United States to attend live, so we decided to be super proactive on social media. We feel like the more contact we have with them through this process, the higher the chance they might come; which is terrifying to be completely frank, but we are thrilled and excited,” Baker said While the musical is stressful, nothing beats the feeling when the cast makes it to opening night. After the long hours of rehearsals and months of preparation, the directors are eager to show off their hard work.

“It’s super fun. It’s amazing to watch what these kids do. I say kids, but they are definitely miniature adults because our productions are 100 percent student run. I sit in the house. I’m not back stage or in the booth, I’m right there with the audience. I just get to let go and watch them,” Leary said. Ticket prices have yet to be set, but it is predicted that they will land within the $15 range. “The musical has a lot of fun and exciting scenes. I want the audience to know there’s a lot of fun in store,” sophomore and cast member Alex Traynham said.

“These eally kids are r nd working a o the up t stepping e” challeng wart te - Debbie S

GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 19

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Melissa (Missy) Pampel Agent (828-681-0760)

Fahrenheit Pizza 17 Lee Stree South Asheville, NC


Adams & Brown Insurance Company Bring in this coupon and take 15% off of your next visit!

828-505-8383 1829 Herdersonville Road



(That’s dog for “We support the rams”)

(828)-650-9950 33 Town Square Blvd. asheville@woofgangbakery

Chick-fil-A • South Asheville Proudly supports TC Roberson High School! Download the Chick-fil-A One App and earn Free Chick-fil-A!

When the price is fair, the product is good, and the service is exceptional, why not choose to do buisness with a neighbor? 2144-F Hendersonville RD Arden, N.C. 28704

McHone’s Lawn Care Service 18 Fieldstone Court Arden, NC 28704

828-273-5391 -Mulching -Aerating -Snow Removal -Lawn Care -Fully Insured

Serving Authentic Mexican Cuisine since 2001

LIVE WELL 1865 Hendersonville Road Suite 12D Asheville, NC 28803 20% COUPON AT THE DOOR

Community OF HOPE A

Students, staff, alumni come together to support during times of need by GRETCHEN WATERS Staff Writer


ith the recent passing of two valuable members of the Roberson community, students, staff, and alumni have experienced what alumnus Rich Sizemore explains as “more acts of kindness and generosity from a community” than he has ever seen before. These two members of Roberson’s community were Pam Sizemore and Candy Clarke. Pam was a volleyball coach with the school’s team, and Clarke was both an alumna of and Biology teacher at Roberson. The community has noted both women’s notable impact on students, staff, and families. “Pam loved sports her whole life. She was most actively involved in teaching dance. She retired from public education after 30 years of teaching in Buncombe County. She was actively involved in the PEP Program at Roberson. Her love and interest in volleyball grew from Kathryn’s (Pam daughter) involvement in the sport,” Pam’s husband Rich said. Pam first began coaching volleyball at club level with Cane Creek Middle School. She was first the assistant coach and then became head coach. Slowly, she began to start working with the Roberson staff. Her husband explained that Pam was diagnosed


with ALS in January 2015 -- ultimately passing away from the disease on Jan. 13. “Pam’s battle with the disease was extremely hard. It is a terrible disease with no known cure,” Rich said. During Pam’s struggle with the disease, the school rallied together to raise money for her and her family. Roberson’s volleyball team supported Pam during her bout with ALS by raising money through selling t-shirts and hosting a tournament. “For two seasons after Pam’s diagnosis, the volleyball coaches, players and parents at Roberson did major undertakings -- fundraisers in honor of Pam for the ALS Association of NC,” Sizemore said. Sizemore was part of an organization for ALS patients called CatFish Hunter foundation of NC, but volleyball coach Michelle Wagaman and the rest of the volleyball team felt like they could do even more for their friend and others affected by the disease. “I don’t want to take away anything from those people or from the awareness of breast cancer, but I think for me -- I felt like she (Pam) was such a big part of our program,

Pam Sizem ore 1952 - 201 8 Teacher, Coach Beloved m ember of the Roberson Communit y, coaching , teaching , & support ing those in need.

photos/STAFF ARCHIVE/golden fleece

GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 21

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s FEAR and it’ iven by eing dr “It’s not about b OURAGEMENT and out ENC more ab N” O I T ld DE TERMINA Stubblefie


and I wanted to help support something that Special Olympics for Buncombe County and also started we saw every day,” Wagaman said. the ESP Club (Extra Special Persons) for years. This club According to friends and family, Candy and connection to Special Olympics played a key role in Clarke, like Pam, truly embodied the idea of Roberson being chosen to host the PEP school program ‘hope.’ She was a student of Tommy Koontz’s for all of Buncombe County. when she was in the 8th grade at Valley A close friend and co-worker of Candy was Stephanie Springs, and he admired her involvement Montgomery. Montgomery, who teaches at Roberson, during both her younger years and later could barely put into words all that Candy had done for when she became a teacher. the school. “She was a great student; she was a “She just did so much… She was always there when I smart student,” Koontz said. needed her,” Montgomery said. Koontz remembers when Candy used She added that Candy never let anything get in the her own money to buy a way of a student from achieving his/her highest braille machine so a blind potential and would never allow a financial student could read lessons to hold them back. She had a heart for “(Candy) situation and excel in learning. every child in Roberson, whether they were a “She was always an high school student or a toddler in the childcare always advocate for kids who maybe program. tried weren’t lucky enough to “When one of my kids got sick I ran out of have all the privileges that sick leave, she personally gave me some of hers to tap other kids had,” Family and so I was able to stay out and take care of them Consumer Science teacher for another couple of days. I didn’t even really into the Mary Smith said. know her, and she still reached out. That goes to In her obituary, Koontz possibilities show that when someone is having a hard time, noted, “I have known was there to help,” Smith said. of people.” sheCandy Candy since I taught her Clarke passed away on Dec. 30 due in the 8th grade at Valley to kidney cancer and pneumonia. Her impact Ann Springs, and I hired still stands in all who knew her. She brought Blackwood her to teach biology at happiness to the school and never lost hope in T.C. Roberson. She was anyone or any situation. brilliant, and yes, she Alumnus Dennis Presley, who is a retired gave me a fit! However, the students chief of the Skyland Fire Department, explained the love her, and she always put her educational aspect of Roberson’s community of hope. students first.” “I know that the educational part is very special to Many have noted her powerful me. They just help kids prepare for their future, and impact on the school and it’s what helped me prepare for mine,” Presley said. community as a whole. “Whether it be sports or academics, whatever it may be, “She always tried to tap into Roberson High School has always been there to prepare the possibilities of people,” Ann a young person’s future.” Blackwood, life partner of Candy, David West graduated from Roberson in 1974 but said. is still heavily involved with the school and larger Candy was in charge of community. He owns Gudgers Flowers, a flower shop

“It’s the T

photo/STAFF ARCHIVE/golden fleece


Sh McCarty



DAVID GRINDSTAFF: Students and teachers showed their support for cancer survivor David Grindstaff by shaving their heads to raise funds for the family. Graphics & Design | Jay Trull



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located in the Asheville area. Koontz added that many “TC is a different school. It has a different root of students have made a significant people. The people are more concerned with others’ impact because of what they were well-being. We try to do things for other people who doing out in the community. are less fortunate,” West said. In the early part of the decade, West has had a large role in decorating events held students came together to support at Roberson -- mostly floral decorations. He is also a the staff in times of need. David part of the Graduate of Distinction Committee, so he Grindstaff, a past custodian of constantly has meetings and events he is organizing. Roberson, was in need of help “I try to do what I can. It’s my life,” West said. when he was diagnosed with West said he does his best to give back to the cancer in December of 2012. Many school and people who worked with him while he students rallied together to help him was here at Roberson. West said he does with medical expenses. not do any fundraisers for himself or for “There was no treatment any profit; rather, he just wants to give back scheduled because they “She just to the community that shaped him as an (the doctors) felt that I was did so individual almost 40 years ago. fine after the surgery, and 6 “I never pull it off for my benefit. I pull it much....She months later I had a CT scan off for the benefit of the school,” West said. that revealed that several was always tumors had developed in He has also worked with Koontz to keep past teachers in touch with each other after there when my abdomen, my stomach they have retired and before they passed and near my spine. That led I needed away. to three and a half months of Koontz works with West on the Graduate high-dose chemotherapy. That her.” of Distinction gatherings and meetings, and was when the great trouble and he was the one who first presented the idea hardships really began for me Stephanie of Graduates of Distinction to the PTSO. because the chemo was very “We recognize athletes and other kinds of Montgomery debilitating and life changing. It students, but we never (until recently) have was something that was required recognized the students who have gone out to try and combat the cancer into the world to make a difference,” Koontz that had developed, and that’s said. when TC really rallied up around me,” Koontz is also involved with many of Roberson’s Grindstaff said. fundraisers. He participates in the turkey drives, coat Students and staff alike held car washes drives, events held by Eblen Charities, and many and took money from their own pockets others as well. to help Grindstaff with the high medical Koontz served as principal at Roberson from bills. He missed four months of work to go 1969 to 1982 and in 1991. He said students were very through with chemotherapy. involved in the community, which is what inspired the “The then-head basketball coach, Graduates of Distinction. Adam Ballard, organized an event called “When I was a principal here many years ago, the Shave for Dave where students were able to students were very active in the community. We were donate money for a teacher to shave their more like a family back then,” Koontz said. head, voluntarily, in support of me. It was

“A commu

er, and is


each oth HOME RUN: Roberson Baseball has been pairing up with Roberson’s PEP program for years to support students with special needs and give them opportunities on the field.

GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 23

Graphics & Design | Jay Trull


unbelievable, the rallying of students and their parents. Grindstaff added that the constant supported The whole TC community was just astounding with the during his time of treatment and surgeries showed love and the care that reached out to me,” Grindstaff that Roberson never forgot about him in his time of said. need. He said students and staff at the school About 500 students and staff were do not rally together just because they feel like involved with the Shave for Dave fund they need to, but because everyone affects each raiser and many shaved their heads to raise other in one way or another. “She just awareness and money for Grindstaff. His “I will never deserve being treated that did so four rounds of chemotherapy did not work way. I always looked at my life as more than as planned, so subsequent surgery was much....She a custodian; I desired to be a help to the performed to remove tumors. This surgery in whatever way I could, to be was always students caused additional complications, and while observant for their protection, to be a friend,” he was in recovery, Grindstaff said students there when Grindstaff said. continued to reach out to him with cards Although the Roberson has recently I needed and balloons in the hospital. Grindstaff experienced the heartbreak losing two of its her.” returned to work in October of 2014. former staff members, students, staff, and “I was received home in such a way that alumni continue to reflect the idea of hope I could never deserve. They had a pep rally by standing with those affected during their Stephanie for homecoming and the whole school was Montgomery times of need. in the gym and Mrs. Rooney (principal “What brings hope to a community? at the time) brought me out to the center When you see the unified efforts by so court of the gym. The entire school, who many community people behind a cause. had prayed and supported me over the year and half, When you see so many acts of kindness and gave me a standing ovation. The love was unbelievable,” generosity,” Rich Sizemore said. Grindstaff said.

“I know that I may not remember each (of my students) by face in 20 years, but the difference that they have made in my life will never be forgotten... A student of mine about three weeks ago looked at me and said, ‘Ms. Clarke, you could do something better than teach.’ I looked at that student and without hesitation said ‘I could do thing to earn more money, but I could never do something better than teach.’ Thank you for making my life worthwhile.” from Candy Clarke’s commencement speech to the Class of 2001.

Candy Cl arke 1950 - 201 7 Teacher, Sponsor

photo/STAFF ARCHIVE/golden fleece

Beloved m ember of the Roberson Communit y, teaching , reaching & support ing those in need.

FUN RUN: People gather together to take part in the 9th annual Wesley Farnum 5K Fun Run. This yearly event honors the determination of Farnum, a TC graduate who is living with Cystic Fibrosis. The run was organized to raise awareness and funding for research, and has been a major part of the school each spring.


Graphics & Design | Jay Trull


Meet The Merits

Finalists share plans for scholarship funds


eniors Anna Newnam and Sam Childers were recently notified that they were finalists for the National Merit Scholarship, making them one of the top three percent of students who took the PSAT and SAT last year. With a qualifying PSAT score of 1470 (Newnam) and SAT score of 1550 (Childers), they received their letters in early September notifying them that they were semi-finalists, and as of recent, they have been deemed finalists. Only the top three percent of the 1.6 million students who take the PSAT/ NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) each year qualify for the National Merit Scholarship, a competition for academic recognition. This scholarship has been around since 1955, providing sponsorship and financial aid for students with the qualifying test scores. The 7,500 finalists out of 50,000 students whose test scores were eligible for the scholarship are offered three types of awards: a $2,500 payment scholarship, a corporate-sponsored award which allows sponsors to aid finalists in a career plan they may have, or a college-sponsored award. The college-sponsored award provides finalists who have been accepted into selected sponsor colleges funding which is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate studies.

by MAKENZIE WELCH Staff Writer

1% chance that There is a

any given child will become a

National Merit Scholar. Those are about the same odds as finding

adult that only showers once a week...


A totally new kind of resale shop for women

Anna Newnam (Left) and Sam Childers (Right) are the two Merit scholar finalists here at Roberson. (Scores below)

Specializing in upscale clothing, shoes & accessories

p u o r G s l e i n a D e hT

1829 Hendersonville Rd


in the Meridian Shopping Center

828.274.4901 Sun: 12-6 Mon-Sat: 10-7 Graphics & Design | Lauren MacGregor



Cash on the spot

Sizes XS-24 & Maternity

Along with the necessary scores to qualify for the scholarships, applicants are required to complete the National Merit Scholarship Applications which includes an essay, as well as counselor and teacher recommendations. For Childers, an aspiring computer scientist, this For nearly 70 years, The Daniels Group has scholarship has opened up opportunities for full marketing objectives. We bring together de rides to multiple universities. “All finalistsprint are eligible for scholarships at a lotand of our c and web-to-print technology colleges. Like for instance, Florida State has one the that’s pretty much free, and Alabama, I could go for THEcool, DANI ELSsaid. GROUP PRO free, so that’s pretty ” Childers Newnam previously committed to swim the Print Collateral Managementfor Solutions | In University of Pennsylvania, so her college path was Project Management | Creative & Producti already set. She hopes to ultimately end up in the medical field. “I’m not sure exactly of my major, but I’m thinking of doing a pre-med track and hopefully going to med school,” Newnam said. While being a National Merit finalist offers assistance in college attendance, Childers plans to continue to apply for other scholarships as well. “I applied to a lot of the ones that were in the senior Remind (app) -- the ones that the guidance counselors were telling us about. With the Elk scholarship, I won a little bit of money with that one. I haven’t heard back from other ones yet, but I will soon,” Childers said. School counselors said that they are available to answer any questions that students may have TheDaniels Daniels Group Group about scholarships or attendingThe college in general. Students may also talk to them about participating WH ATYO YO E D, WE AVtheir E. scores and inWH SAT prep classes help better AT UUNN E EEto D, WE HH AVE. nearly years, Daniels Group helped organizations achieve or exceed their ForFor nearly 70 70 years, TheThe Daniels Group hashas helped organizations achieve or exceed their confidence when taking the exam. marketing objectives. bring together decades of broad-based experience, cutting-edge marketing objectives. WeWe bring together decades of broad-based experience, cutting-edge “I felt really prepared from what I had learned at print web-to-print technology creative energy in partnership with clients. print andand web-to-print technology andand ourour creative energy in partnership with ourour clients. school in my previous English and math classes. I E DAN I ELS G ROU P ROV D ES T HTEH DAN I ELS G ROU P P ROV I DIES : : had also taken theSolutions SAT before, so I knew what it was Print Collateral Management Solutions | Integrated Communications Print Collateral Management | Integrated Communications Project Management |said. Creative & Production | Results Optimization Project Management | Creative & Production | Results Optimization like, ” Newnam INCLUDING: INCLUDING: Print • •Print Direct Mail • •Direct Mail

The Daniels Group OUR MISSION IS TO One-to-One Personalized • •One-to-One Personalized Communications COMMUNICATIONSCommunications SPECIALISTS Fundraising Programs • •Fundraising Programs Warehousing & Fulfillment • •Warehousing & Fulfillment

131 Sweeten Creek Road Marketing Portals • •Marketing Portals Marketing Collateral • •Marketing Collateral Asheville, NC 28803 24/7 Call Center Services • •24/7 Call Center Services For nearly 70 years, The Daniels Group has helped organizations achieve or exceed their 828.277.8250 Trade Show Management • •Trade Show Management marketing objectives. We bring together decades of broad-based experience, cutting-edge print and web-to-print technology and our creative energy in partnership with our clients.



Print Collateral Management Solutions | Integrated Communications Sweeten Creek Road 131131 Sweeten Creek Road Asheville, NC 28803 GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 25 Asheville, NC 28803 Project Management | Creative & Production | Results Optimization 828.277.8250 828.277.8250


Teachers seek other sources of income by MADI BEDDINGFIELD Editor, Golden Fleece


challenges. “Being a wedding photographer is very stressful. It is long hours, especially the day of. It is usually a Saturday or Sunday. You wake up and you’re standing for hours, from probably 8:00 in the morning until 11:30 to 12:00 at night,” Clark said. Despite the long hours he puts in on the weekends or after school, he said that his second job is worth it to him in the end. While for some teachers, a second job is enjoyable, for others, it is just something that has to be done. “If I do stuff on the weekends and have to come back to school on Monday, it’s tough, but I love it. Fight through the pain I guess because it’s not that bad; it could be worse,” Clark said.

photo/WILLIE YANG/golden fleece

According to, North Carolina’s average teacher salary last year was a total of $47,941 -- making it the 40th lowest state for teacher pay. For many teachers, the choice or need to have an additional income is a real part of their lives. This is the case for math teacher and part-time tutor Mandi Boyd’s family, whose husband also teaches at Roberson. “When it was just two adults in our house, we were totally fine on a teacher’s salary. But once we had a kid and had to pay for child care, health insurance, pediatrician visits, clothes, and everything else, we got to the point where we were constantly running out of money,” Boyd said. To support her family, Boyd works part-time at Biltmore Tutoring. She said she typically works Sunday afternoons, Tuesday nights for two hours, and Wednesdays from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Boyd said that Wednesdays are the hardest because she isn’t able to see her daughter all day. “That’s the worst part. That’s the one day a week that I don’t see her, but the things that I can do for her because we have that money tend to make it worth it,” Boyd said. Despite the negatives of time requirements in working a second job, Boyd says it has some perks. “Would I like to be at home with my family all the time when I am not at school? Yes, but it’s also kind of nice, though, since my husband and I have been together since freshman year of college, so I have something that is just mine and professional,” Boyd said. For Spanish teacher Jamie Shell, working a second job helps fill in the gaps when her budget is unchecked. “I work because I am bad at budgeting and we need extra money. My husband and I have a lot of medical expenses,” Shell said. Although sometimes teachers have to work a second job to help make ends meet, not all teachers do it for that reason. For art and photography teacher Ben Clark, a part-time job means being able to pursue his hobby of photography. “It started as a hobby for friends and family and snowballed with the website. I have gotten out there more so more people from out of state have found me. There are a lot of people I just meet the day of the rehearsal (of a wedding),” Clark said. While he said this job is often enjoyable, it can also have its own

SECOND JOBS: Clark goes through his photography business’s website that features weddings, senior portraits, home decor and more. Clark’s biggest photography season takes place during the summer.

• Party Supplies • Decorations • Gifts • Banners • Balloons • & More!

We’re Party People, too! 828.676.0314

21 Long Shoals Road Arden, NC

26 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

Graphics & Design | Willie Yang



Scan this QR code with your phone (You can use your Snapchat camera), and it will take you to the Spotify website. From there, you can sign in to your account or make one if you do not have one already. Then “Browse� and scroll down just a tad. This tab contains literally hundreds of playlists made to fit your listening needs on a day-to-day basis. There are playlists for practically any mood or situation. Graphics & Design | Lauren MacGregor




Music industry evolves as technology, artists change “We were doing this other by MADI BEDDINGFIELD worldly thing -- making music Editor, Golden Fleece together, and it was such a powerful experience for me,” history teacher Kevin Campbell said. Campbell can recall the exact moment when he fell in love with music at his Christmas band concert in sixth grade. “I just fell in love with that feeling of creating music,” Campbell said. His passion for music expanded as he began to form bands with friends in his community. When he was only 19 years old, he had his first successful band called Dick and Jane and was able to sign a distribution deal from a small independent label. With his band Dick and Jane, Campbell toured the country and recorded music in a professional studio. He put together press kits, which are promotional materials, for his band and played different gigs to make a living for himself. “With that band, for a little over two years, I was able to make enough money playing shows and selling merchandise that I did not have to work,” Campbell said. Working in the industry helped him learn what it takes and helped him find his own production company called Overneath Productions. At Overneath Productions, Campbell put together press kits and booked gigs for various bands. “Most of my experience in the industry wasn’t from the


standpoint of someone who worked in the big industry and agencies. It was kind of a DIY type of life I had built for

myself,” Campbell said. After a few years of traveling the country and producing music, he moved to Los Angeles and formed a new band. With this band, Campbell signed a deal with Island Records. “It was the first time to ever work with any real producers and work in a big professional recording studio, which was a really cool experience,” Campbell said. With his new band in Los Angeles, Campbell got to play in the clubs he read about as a kid; yet at that point, he felt the industry was not what he wanted. “I grew disheartened with the industry when I got to that point. It just seemed like to be successful, it was less about what you were creating than it was what you were packaging,” Campbell said. For math teacher Loren Hord, his disappointment with the industry comes from how it has evolved throughout the years. “With the way that music is today, a lot of people don’t play their own instruments, or even on stage, they don’t sing their own songs, and it’s really just dancing, and it makes me sad,” Hord said. Hord not only listens to music, but also plays music and has



197 Tapes became popular around 1963. By 1970, most cars were made with cassette players in them.

The first one was invented by Thomas Edison in 1887. It then progessed to the smaller machines that we have begun to use again today.


28 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

On July 1, 1979 Sony introduced the Walkman. It gained a lot of popularity because people could now listen to tapes on the go.

Graphics & Design | Allie-Grace Poupore


t u o h ug


played different genres of music in different bands. “I listen to everything, and I have played in bands of everything from rock to pop to rap to country,” Hord said. Before playing gigs with a band, you have to get a band together which can be challenging trying to find people who mesh well together. “It is totally like a double-edged sword. It’s hard to find the right people, but when you do, it’s totally worth it,” Hord said. Once you form your band, there can still be some bumps in the road depending on how many people are in the group. “It (being in a band) is very, very difficult. The more people you have in a band, the more complications there are,” Hord said. Hord is able to take what he learns from his band and performances and use that in his professional life. “Overall, I really do like the performance. It’s kind of like teaching where you stand in the front and do your thing and trying to maintain the audience’s attention,” Hord said. For Campbell, performing is the best part of being in the music industry as well. “There is no greater feeling that I have experienced, outside of fatherhood, than performing and witnessing the audience having a connection,” Campbell said. Music, however, is not always produced live and has not always been at the tip of our fingers to be able to stream. There was a time before Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music, and the

music outlets were CDs and the radio. “Before phones, I would go to Walmart, and I would buy a bunch of CDs, and I did not know if I would like them or not,” sophomore Brigid Ashe-Moore said. Radios and record players were used in addition to CDs before Pandora, one of the first major streaming companies, which was founded in January 2000. ITunes followed and was founded in January of 2001, but it was not until 2006 when Spotify was founded. According to a Twitter poll conducted by the Golden Fleece, 63% of participants use Spotify rather than Apple Music, Pandora or Soundcloud. “I mostly just use Spotify because I pay for a subscription for that,” Hord said. Spotify offers premium subscriptions which allows one to have unlimited skips, to pick what song to listen to, to create playlists, and more. The premium subscription costs $9.99 a month and $4.99 a month for college students. In addition to Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora offer premium subscriptions for a monthly charge as well. As of July 1, 2018, according to The Washington Times, Best Buy will stop selling CDs all together. As the music industry is evolving, people continue to move away from CDs and moving towards music streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.


7 This is the way that most of our generation listens to music today. It is convenient to just pull up a song on our phone or computer.

People began to use CDs in 1982, but they were not dominant until the late ‘80s or early ‘90s.



The first iPod was invented in the early ‘90s, but the first one to be successful was made in 1997.

2015 GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 29

Graphics & Design | Allie-Grace Poupore


The Music Stream Here are just a few of the music streaming options available to listeners around the world today. In January of 2000, Pandora was invented and became one of the most popular ways of streaming music. Pandora creates an endless amount of radio stations based on albums, artists, songs, or genres. While listening to one of your stations, you can thumb up and down songs that come on. This is one of the most appealing features of Pandora for many users because this allows you to personalize each station to your specific tastes.

You Tube In 2005, one of the most visited sites on the internet was created and is now one the most popular ways to stream music. YouTube came out with YouTube Red in 2015 for a more user-friendly and portable version of YouTube. With YouTube Red, you pay $10 a month and you are able to skip out on all of the ads on videos, download videos to watch while you are not on Wifi, and have YouTube keep playing while you are not on the app. Since October of 2015, there have been 1.5 million subscribers sign up.

Spotify came out in 2006. Spotify is one of the most popular outlets for people to get their daily dose of jams. With a Spotify account, you can create playlists with songs pulled from the thousands in the app. With a premium account, you can download and play any song or playlist you want in any order and at any time with no ads. If you do not want to spend $10 a month, you can get a free version and still have access to thousands of songs and add them to playlists, but you will not be able to download or play songs other than on shuffle mode.

We all know about the company of Apple and most of us probably know about iTunes and iPods. These things are said to have revolutionized the ideas of portable music from the Walkman to something that can fit in your pocket. However, as other companies caught onto the trends that Apple had made it began to fall behind in the streaming world. To remedy this issue, on June 8 of 2015, Apple announced that they would be coming out with Apple Music, a modernized version of iTunes in which members can pay $10 a month to have full access to songs released to Apple music are available for download.

30 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

Graphics & Design | Lauren MacGregor


Stand Up for Something Marshall (Original Motion Picture So...




Library Recently Added Artists

GF Wave- March 5 songs

Albums Songs Downloads Music Playlists Songs about...

Remember Me (Reunion) Coco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) The Mystery of Love Call Me By Your Name (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Stand Up for Something Marshall (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Songs We Love V-Day Vibes GF Wave- March


This is Me The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Mighty River Mudbound (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO... The Shape of Water

by JAMIE CUMMINGS Executive Editor of Digital Media jcummings.communications


Each year, four to five tracks are chosen by The Academy for an Oscar Nomination for the best original song. March 4 marks the 90th Academy Award celebration, and once again, some pretty incredible music has been chosen. Check out the playlist above to see the five nominated songs. “City of Stars” by Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul received the award for its appearance in “La La Land” in the 2017 Academy Awards. The picks this year are diverse in genre and sound. “Remember Me” by Miguel from Disney Pixar›s “Coco” highlights Latin rhythms with a mix of Spanish and English lyrics. Andra Day and Common bring a powerful R&B vibe with rap and soulful song in “Marshall’s” “Stand Up for Something.” Another film soundtrack that is not nominated for any awards because it was produced in 2018 but has been receiving many accolades is “Black Panther.” Kendrick Lamar co-produced this album, and it features stars from SZA to The Weeknd. Read an indepth take on this setlist in staff writer Grace Loizzo’s blog on the

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


The Darkest Hour

Lady Bird

Call Me By Your Name

GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 31

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Athletes share their experiences recovering after being injured


by EMMA HODES Staff Writer


n the past school year, student athletes in every sport at Roberson have been injured. These athletes have faced the recovery process from different injuries from a wide range of sports. Sophomore Isaiah Dickerson was one of those athletes. “I had a stress fracture in my foot from cross country and I was pretty disappointed that I had to sit out for the whole season,” Dickerson said. While several of these athletes were learning how to deal with their first time injuries, others were dealing with a recurring injury. “I was really angry because I wanted to play soccer, and each time it happened, it would get better. I would think it was fine, but then I would get injured again, and it was really frustrating having to take drastic measures to heal,” Amber Gay said.

Graphics & Design | Molly Malachowski

GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 33 SPORTS

The most common soccer injury is an injury to a leg. Along with Gay, junior Ashley McGraw sustained a knee injury while playing soccer last year. Learning to be apart of the team without playing was an obstacle that she had to overcome. “It helped me learn how to cheer from the sidelines and still support my teammates while being injured,” McGraw said. Injuries can often affect an athlete’s progress and pause their training in their sport. It can also affect opportunities for many athletes aiming to play a collegiate sport. Senior Julia McKinney was injured this winter while cheerleading at a college clinic. “It’s holding me back because I’m supposed to be going to training every week for cheer because I plan to cheer in college,” McKinney said. According to the American Sports Medicine Institution (ASMI), approximately 12 percent of all children and teens playing a sport become are injured. An injury of the Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) occurs in approximately 55 percent of youth and high school baseball players. At Roberson, three players were diagnosed with an UCL injury last year. Senior Cade Ramsey suffered a UCL injury and had to work through both Knee Ligament arms being operated on and going to Strain- Strains of the knee ligaments. rehab to heal both arms for several months. The first few weeks were the most difficult for him. “The first couple months I couldn’t really do anything and the first two weeks my mom had to feed me because I had surgery on both arms,” Ramsey said. Ramsey will be the first athlete of the three to return to baseball. He Ankle SprainStretching/tearing is confident about the state of ligaments/tendons in his arms after the injury as most the ankle. baseball players with this injury recover with even more strength in their elbow than before the injury. “The recovery process has been going well and I should be able to start throwing in a few weeks so I’m really excited for that and if you do the rehabilitation process right, you can come back throwing a little harder than you did

Quad StrainQuad muscle is overstretched/ overused.

Stress FracturesCaused by low nutrient intake, bone loss, etc.


Most Common Sports Injuries In Men And Women

Plantar FasciitisStrained tendon on arch of foot.

34 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

Graphics & Design | Molly Malachowski


Which Is The Most Dangerous Sport Played By


A) Soccer B) Basketball C) Cheerleading D) Field Hockey

Shoulder TroublesRotator cuff problems (Tendon inflamation, or tendinitis).

before,” Ramsey said. For senior Aaron McKeithan, he knew something was wrong after he threw a football with friends. He headed home and went to his neighbor Jay Jansen, an orthopedic surgeon, to get his arm examined. It didn’t take long for Jansen to diagnose McKeithan with a tear in his UCL. “I was throwing on the football ball field and I threw a ball and felt a pop. My arm was tingling and it went numb,” McKeithan said. McKeithan had surgery in January but that’s only the beginning of his recovery. He won’t be able to throw a baseball for six months and it will be at least nine months until he can play in another baseball game. “I go to physical therapy twice a week and eventually I’ll go three times a week, I do exercises everyday with my elbow. I’m still in the mobility phase to get my elbow completely mobile again,” McKeithan said. Beyond the challenges of physically recovering, what’s more difficult to deal with for McKeithan is that he won’t be able to play during his senior year. Sitting out for most of the season the year after winning a State Championship is the hardest part for him. “What we did last year, I want to do it again and I know we can, but it’s upsetting that in the beginning (of the season) I can’t be a part of it on the field,” McKeithan said. Junior Devin Dickens also has to deal with the recovery process for a UCL tear. He was injured while pitching and finding out that he couldn’t play for the entire season was the worst news he could have ever received. “Honestly I was devastated. Knowing I’m going to miss another year of baseball was disappointing and knowing that I couldn’t be there for my team and do what I love for another year is upsetting,” Dickens said. Dickens uses the idea of winning another State Championship as a goal for him to work towards. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, he strives to recover better than before and get back to the State Championship again this year. “The feeling of knowing I have a State Championship under my belt motivates me to want to get back as soon as possible but not rush it and retear it,” Dickens said. Suffering from an injury to the elbow would usually mean therapy for only the elbow, but with athletes they have to gain strength back Knee InjuriesIrritation under knee in all their muscles in order to be prepared for playing in games again. cap, and ligament “I have to do lots of physical therapy but not just arm damage. strength, I have to do core and leg strength to make sure I build my muscle back up to where it was,” Dickens said. An injury this severe should scare an athlete but in Dickens case, there is no reason for him to worry because he knows he can come back even stronger than before. “It shouldn’t affect me too much, usually from the surgery people either come back just as good or stronger than before, so hopefully I come back stronger and throw harder,” Dickens said. In Dickens’ mind, the support for all three boys with this injury is one of the reasons they push through to heal as quickly as possible. Ankle Sprain“The best thing about being a part of the baseball Common in both team are the friendships and the feeling of having but more so among a family and working together with the team women. knowing that no matter what we have each other’s back,” Dickens said.

Men? A) Soccer B) Lacrosse C) Football D) Basketball

Did You Know? Boys aged 12 through 17 are at the highest risk of getting a sports injury. source/HEALTH.HARVARD.EDU


Graphics & Design | Molly Malachowski


Meet the

Trainer by MOLLIE BREWSTER Sports Director

Athletes recognize trainer for dedication, support

Taking time to get to know patients on a personal level, filling up water bottles, and actively putting 100 percent into each and every athlete are all things that are not typically included in the athletic trainer job description, but according to many athletes, Roberson’s athletic trainer Kris Johnson fulfills these duties daily. “Kris stands out as an athletic trainer to me because he really loves what he does, and he’s good at it. He goes out of his way to remember each individual’s situation and pain and adapts well to people,” senior athlete Barshia Young said. Johnson did not know he wanted to be an athletic trainer until his early years of college at Liberty University. “In high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I remember when I asked my mom, she suggested physical therapy. So, I looked into becoming a physical therapist,” Johnson said.

36 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

After studying athletic training for his undergraduate degree, Johnson realized he did not want to continue his academic career beyond an undergraduate degree at that point. This is Johnson’s first year at Roberson, as well as his first year working in a high school. He worked at two other colleges after Liberty: Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, where he was able to earn his master’s degree and Emory and Henry College in southwest Virginia. While Johnson only covered selective sports at these universities, he covers every sport at Roberson. “Over the past year, it has been challenging going from college to high school. There are so many more things to try to keep an eye on, so many more people to take care of. Just a lot more of me wishing I could multiply and be in multiple places at once. It’s been challenging just to see how high school works and then especially working at high school that’s in a different state than where I grew up,” Johnson said. According to athletes at Roberson, Johnson demonstrates what it means to be kind, helpful, caring, responsible and valuable. “Other athletic trainers see athletes as a one collective unit and seem to only treat the injury, but Kris treats each individual athlete differently. And he cares about each and every athlete he treats,” senior athlete Payton Murray said. According to Johnson, his experience as an athlete has significantly affected his career as an athletic trainer. “The most rewarding part of my job is being able to tell I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. All I ever wanted to do when I went to school to be an athletic trainer was to be a good role model and make that difference. I played sports growing up, and that’s how I looked at my coaches. I love being able to help injured athletes return to their sport and then watch them succeed,” Johnson said.

Graphics & Design | Mollie Brewster


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Going Gold Going for

U.S.A. closes winter Olympics with fourth most medals by LAUREN CAMPBELL Staff Writer



he 2018 Olympics, known as the XXIII winter games, has officially come to an end. This year, the games were held in PyeongChang, South Korea, marking the first time the Winter Olympics were held in that country. South Korea has only hosted one summer Olympics, back in 1988. This year’s games began Feb. 9 and ended 16 days later on Feb. 25. The games featured 102 events in 15 sports, ranging from various ice sports, alpine skiing, snowboarding, and Nordic events. 92 countries competed, with Norway leading the pack with the most medals coming in at 39 and the United States placing in fourth, with a total of 23. The United States won a total of nine gold, eight silver, and six bronze medals. The nine gold medals being women’s ice hockey, men’s freestyle skiing halfpipe by David Wise, women’s cross-country skiing, women’s alpine skiing by Mikaela Shiffrin, both men and women’s snowboarding halfpipe by Shaun White and Chloe Kim, both men and women’s slopestyle snowboarding by Jamie Anderson and Redmond Gerard, and men’s curling. For the first time in twenty years, the women’s U.S. ice hockey team won gold, breaking Canada’s four year winning streak. After a round of five penalty shots, America took the win with a final score of 3-2. Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson scored past Canada’s goal keeper Shannon Szabados, putting the winning shot in the net. In other news, seventeen-year-old American teen Redmond Gerard won his first gold medal in slopestyle snowboarding. His winning score of 87.16 won him gold over Canadian silver medalist Max Parrot who scored an 86. Seventeen-year-old Chloe Kim also won her first gold medal in women’s snowboarding halfpipe -- adding to her medal collection of 4 gold X Games

medals. She made the record books by being the youngest female to ever win in this particular event. Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Singapore had the honor of sending teams to the Olympic games for the first time. Even more impressive is the fact that the Nigerian women’s bobsled team also made their mark in the record book being the first African country to qualify in this winter event. South Korea, being the games’ host, is using its spotlight to try and ease tensions with its neighbor North Korea. Both countries marched into the opening ceremony under a Korean Unification flag and also shared a joint women’s ice hockey team, with twentythree players coming from South Korea and twelve coming from North Korea. These players only had a few days to train together before the games began. The team lost their first game 3-1 to Sweden, the number five ranked team worldwide last year. As tensions began to ease in North and South Korea, tensions rose as Russian curlers were stripped of their bronze medal after being caught doping. Aleksandr Krushelnicki and his wife were forced to give up their medal after Krushelnicki tested positive for the performance enhancing drug meldonium, a drug prohibited since 2016. This forced the duo to hand the medal over to the fourth-place Norwegian team. The next games, the 2020 Summer Olympics, will be held in Tokyo, Japan, and the next Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China, in the year of 2022. Throughout the most recent Olympic Games, the nation has been captivated by the young Olympians making headlines with their accomplishments. “I think it’s crazy that someone our age could train their whole lives and already make it to the Olympics by 17, let alone win a gold medal,” sophomore Juliet Howell said.

The United States won a total of 9 gold, 8 silver, and 6 bronze medals.

38 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

Graphics & Design | Natalie Lonabaugh


h c r a M ess n d a m


Match the Mascot

AkeAt-Off NBC rac

See if you can match these crazy mascots with their corresponding school.


Artie the Fighting Artichoke



source graphic/BITMOJI

JAMIE CUMMINGS Executive Editor of Digital Media

Sports Director & Editor of Digital Media, “basketball experts,” are challenging you to a “Bracket-Off.” Submit your March Madness bracket to Mr. Harrison in room 2710 or tweet a picture of it and tag @gfmediagroup for a chance to win. All you have to do is score better than them!

Speedy the Geoduck


Sammy the Banana Slug

A. Evergreen State College B. University of California, Santa Cruz

C. Scottsdale Community College Brackets can be printed from after Selection Sunday.

Answers: 1. C 2. A 3. B

Graphics & Design | Mollie Brewster

GOLDEN FLEECE // March 2018 | 39 SPORTS

Athletes participate in morning practices due to busy schedules by GRACIE REINHARDT Staff Writer


Several athletic coaches at Roberson require some sports teams to practice in the morning before school either due to the coach’s preference or avoid a conflict with another team’s practice. This winter, Roberson’s JV girls’ basketball team began the majority of their mornings shooting hoops in the gymnasium. With mandatory practices beginning at 6:15 am, getting out of bed proved to be a challenge for sophomore Emily Snedecor. “It was definitely hard to get out of bed, but getting it out of the way in the morning and being able to go home, that’s what I liked about it,” Snedecor said. Weston McKinney teaches drafting at Roberson and was the JV girls’ basketball head coach. While Snedecor said waking up was never easy for the girls, McKinney’s day started even earlier. “I live an hour away, so I would get up at 4:30 a.m., get here around 5:30, and get the gym open for the girls,” McKinney said. McKinney said that while practicing in the morning was not easy, according to team members, it did have its perks. For parents, it often fit their work schedule better and helped them avoid transportation conflicts. The girls also had free afternoons with no obligations besides game days. “They liked the fact that they could leave after. It allowed them to go home, do homework, and get caught up in their day. I think once they got used to it, they were okay,” McKinney said. While morning practices varied, McKinney said this specific group of girls never had many problems getting motivated. He said he would always encourage them, but the girls were also good at motivating themselves. “They’re competitive so it didn’t take them a whole lot to push and practice hard,” he said. One spring sport, baseball, has recently

Noteworthy: Wrestling






started similar practices. Last year, the boys’ varsity baseball team won the state 4A title. With hopes to accomplish that same achievement again this season, they are preparing and practicing early in the mornings. “Typically, we start at 6:15 a.m. and we get done about 7:30,” sophomore Cambell Conard said. For the baseball team, morning practices during the season can be sporadic. Without a calendar or specific schedule they follow, every morning practice is at the coach’s discretion. “During the season, it’s random, but during the offseason, we will get a schedule before the week happens. On Sunday night we’ll get a text saying we have morning workouts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday,” Conard said. As the season continues to progress for baseball, morning practices will most likely continue, according to team members. While Roberson’s swim team does not practice in the morning, some of the swimmers who also swim for the YMCA club team, the Piranhas use the pool located by Roberson to practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15 a.m. Club and school swimming are both competitive, but the school team has more of a laid-back environment, according to sophomore and team swimmer Tristan Anderson. “Club is definitely competitive, and we’re serious. The majority of the club swimmers want to swim in college,” said Anderson, who swims for both Roberson’s and the Piranha’s team. Roberson’s swim season begins in the winter, but club is year-round. Anderson said Roberson’s swim coach, Jim Cotton, is understanding of the girls who also participate in club. “Our high school coach understands we’re going to club practices, so he allows us to go to those practices instead of his,” Anderson said.

Signings Two Roberson students signed their national letters of intent this past month. These athletes will continue their academic and athletic careers next year at their individual universities.

Christian Chavez Soccer

Greg Johnson Football

The following students have been recognized by colleges, the state, and our school for incredible contributions to their sport, and their teams.







40 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

Indoor Track



Gilliand: Senior Kylan Gilliand advanced to the State Tournament and competed in the 120 weight class. Himan: Junior Hugh Himan advanced to the State Tournament and competed in the 126 weight class. Reeder: Junior, Grace Reeder won the 200 Individual Medley with a time of 2:04.51 to take home the 3A NCHSAA state title Wells: Junior Max Wells also advanced to the State Tournament and competed in the 195 weight class. Wright: Senior Elise Wright won two more state titles in the 1000m and1600m races. Graphics & Design | Grace Loizzo


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SMART period proves necessary You must be living under a rock by KATIE PRITCHARD if you haven’t heard about the big Staff Writer SMART period debate. This vital part of our day has been cut from our schedule for a while. In a only a time for students to have a teacher survey, 49 percent of teachers say break, but also to catch up on homework that their students did not benefit and to get help from teachers. It is also from the smart period, but that a great time for students to participate leaves 48 percent who said they in clubs. To cut this out of our schedule were offering enrichment during Editorials is, frankly, a really bad idea. this time. A whopping 81 percent represent the High school is meant to pave the said students use this time to road to higher education, and many viewpoints make up work, tests, and quizzes, of individual students plan on graduating and going so why take away something to college. Colleges look for wellauthors and that is clearly helpful at best and rounded students who often have good not those of somewhat helpful at worse? grades, participate in both in-school the Golden and out-of-school events, who have a With the new schedule, some Fleece Media job, or even play a sport. This leads to a classes are now over an hour Group or its very busy, very hectic life. If our school and a half long. Sure, they added time for class changes, but with staff. really wants us to succeed, SMART classes being so long, students period should be back -- and soon. find it hard to focus. Being Many teachers may have pointed out that teenagers, it’s pretty clear we lose interest SMART should go away because they don’t rather quickly. SMART period is not

want to deal with those students who cause distractions or problems, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. Nearly every student at this school wants SMART period back. The number one reason why is so that we have more time to do the things we don’t have to do anywhere or anytime else. Many high school students have jobs that take up so much time and makes it difficult to get all of your work done. SMART gives the extra amount of time needed to get this done. Also, this is the time to get help from teachers. It offers help on homework, remediation, test corrections and projects. Teachers who believe SMART is useless probably have to deal with students who don’t have work to do and just go to class so they don’t get yelled at it the hall. But if a better system can be found, then we need to bring back the time we need to be better versions of ourselves. It’s the SMART thing to do.

Books prove more thorough, informative than movies

42 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

allow for including details and events that the movies just can’t convey. Even if you are a person who doesn’t really enjoy reading, I would definitely recommend reading the book version of a movie you really liked. Who knows, you may surprise yourself! Whether or not watching movies are your passion, you may find you love the books just as much, if not more.

photo/JAIME CUMMINGS/golden fleece

America loves its TV books, but the by MOLLY MALACHOWSKI -- there’s no doubt about movies were Staff Writer it. Whether you love well done as indulging in romantic well. comedies or dramatic However, no but it’s impossible to recreate thrillers, chances are you have matter what a everyone’s image in their heads probably seen a book-based Hollywood production can do, onto a screen. movie in your lifetime. The I always end up loving the book Whenever I watch a movie question is: which is better -- the before I read the book, I already even more. In order to have a book or the movie? strong opinion about a subject, have an idea of what’s going to No matter how good the and to be able to fully support happen and what the characters movie version of a it, you must be able to see both look like, which gives story is, the movies sides of the matter. Some, if the reading a completely usually skip over some not most, movie versions are different experience. If pretty vital details. This actually pretty good. But, the you’re one of those people Editorials is especially the case if books are just better. Books who doesn’t like to read the author of the book represent the much, then you may have viewpoints isn’t involved in the of individual nothing to compare the making of the movie. authors and movie to in the first place. Every once in a I have to admit, some not those of while, after I get done movie versions are actually the Golden pretty good (i.e. the Harry reading a really good book, I will hear Fleece Media Potter series). that they are making Group or its But J.K. Rowling was a movie version. I staff. pretty involved in the honestly have no idea making of the movies, how to feel. It hurts choosing a full British cast, and seeing the movie version of a making sure that every detail book you really loved turn out was met to her expectations. to be completely different. Plots Although I loved reading the change, characters are often books, I really enjoyed the altered, things are skipped over, movies, too. And, another and new things are added. It’s movie interpretation I thought a lot to take in. Just to be clear, was pretty good was the Hunger I have nothing against movies, Games trilogy. I loved the

Graphics & Design | Jay Trull


Snow must go on by ALLIE-GRACE POUPORE Staff Writer


Editorials represent the viewpoints of individual authors and not those of the Golden Fleece Media Group or its staff.

Remember that miserable, unbearably hot stretch of days where all you can do is hope you melt quickly? Remember how fun that was? I don’t. Think about winter time: having hot coco anytime of the day, snuggling up in blankets and singing holiday songs at the top of your lungs. Most importantly, think about not worrying about working out to get that perfect summer body (even though I ordinarily wouldn’t do that anyway). So, okay, in winter, we do have to go to school. But we can hope for snow days. They are very nice because they give us a break from the same repetitive loop, and this way, we enjoy days off more. In summer we are bored out of our minds, almost every day! But in summer, those few days are packed with fun and games. And when we do have school, we are being more productive than just sleeping, eating, and binging all day. On the other hand, if you enjoy sports, there is a plethora of winter activities like sledding, ice skating and making snowmen. Those are some of my favorites, but snowball fighting, skiing, snowboarding and playing hockey are only dreams that summer has. Even if swimming is a deal-breaker for winter, you can still do it -- just indoors! This way, we can avoid the sunburns and insects, but still have fun. Oh, and all of the bathing suits are on sale. It’s a winwin winter! Winter fashion is the best. The scarves, sweaters and boots make sure that we are comfortable while still looking stylish. Adding to the aesthetic, we can light a candle, read a book and drink some tea. Summer? That’s is the time where we try to find the lightest thing in our closets to try to prevent drowning in our own sweat. January is the best time to shop because of the huge sales after the holiday season. It is almost guaranteed that you can get whatever you need, or want, for a fantastic price, not to mention it’s a great way to blow off holiday money. And oh, the holidays are the best. Cooking, decorating and of course opening gifts create irreplaceable memories with your family and friends. Now I do love my family, but sometimes it’s just nice to spend a week together and then go back to our normal schedules. In the summer though, we can be stuck in the house with our siblings for weeks at a time, and we all know that can get hectic. Being at school and work gives everyone enough time away from each other. So, although we all know winter overall is the best season for multiple reasons, it sadly always has to come to an end. We have to hang up our mittens and jackets in trade for shorts and bathing suits. But watch out summer, winter will be back soon enough.

Just ‘wanna have sun by MADI BEDDINGFIELD Editor, Golden Fleece

Summer, where are you? We’ve been missing you so much... Face it. June to September are the best months out of the year. From the ice cream store to the water park, from sitting in your enos, to hiking. Baseball games to going to the beach. Going to the beach and just staying in the house the whole time because it is too cold to go outside in winter? Nope. Summer beaches mean tanning, catching some fish or building sand castles. In the ocean, we can jump the waves with a boogie board, swim or even just float. But in summer, the beach is not the only place to be. In North Carolina alone, over 30 water parks and pools await in just about every neighborhood or community. For younger kids, or really anyone, a sprinkler or a slip-n-slide from Walmart means laughter and joy. Oh, and swimming holes are also another great place to be… in summer. It is so great to grab all of your friends and hike back to a big swimming hole. Hiking is always better with a destination you can wear your swimsuit to. And when do the new swimsuits start going on sale? In January, giving us hope for summer and spring break. Even better, you can buy them after Labor Day for half the price, again, thanks to summer. Summer clothes in general are much better. No worrying about grabbing gloves, hat or jackets. Shorts, tank tops and sandals are the only things you need. Also, summer dresses are the cutest of them all and pairing them with your cutest summer sandals makes for a perfect outfit. And in your perfect outfit, you do not have to worry about only having school to it to wear it to. In fact, you do not have to worry about school at all. You never have to worry about what day it actually is because you have nothing to do. You can stay up late into the night with you friends without any consequences. All thanks to summer. Summer nights are amazing with a group of friends gathered around a bonfire. So, come on, summer. Come on lightning bugs. Bring back those memories of catching a star in a mason jar. It was always the highlight of summer for me as a kid. You knew it was officially summer when you saw flashing yellow lights flying in the night sky. So, although this is a little less heavy of a topic, it doesn’t mean we can’t all agree. And wouldn’t that be a welcomed change? Just like the change… to summer.



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A quick look at the good and bad things happening now by Sergio Padilla


A brutally honest look at our generation and how we learn to grow through our weaknesses by CAROLINE BOWERS Executive Editor of Print Media

Conversation, compromise after tragedy Black Panther Movie: Reeling in at least 476.6 million dollars with a budget of less than half of that, this movie tops the charts with the first all-black superhero cast.

Fortnite: This game combines strategy, survival and luck in order to be the last man standing, make sure to jump on this trend.

Rong Class Registration:

The stress of having to plan out next year’s class five months before next school year.

Crazy Weather: Punxsutawney Phil predicted more weeks of winter, but turns out he might have been wrong.

“Repeal the Second Amendment!” and survivors our dedication to their loved-ones’ “Arm all teachers!” memories by proposing long-term solutions so no Did these two statements catch your attention? If one has to face the same tragedy ever again? It’s time so, then hear me out. to reach across the aisle, make compromises, and In the past few weeks, these statements have institute real change. become impassioned battle cries on both ends of Let’s turn our attention to the epidemic of the political spectrum. We’ve seen everything from gun violence by tackling the root of the problem: hashtags calling for gun control filling our Twitter irresponsible gun ownership. feeds to gun owners adamantly defending their One of the easiest actions we can take to Second Amendment rights in interviews on live prevent the epidemic of school shootings is to television. push for the inclusion of a person’s school reports These actions come in response to the horrific and psychiatric history as an additional aspect to school shooting that occurred at Marjory Stoneman background checks. Douglas High School on Feb. 14. Seventeen lives Based on the events which occurred on Feb. 14, were lost. For the eighth time this year, the nation we should all be able to admit that more has to be experienced yet another tragic school shooting. done. Nikolas Cruz, the alleged shooter, was clearly This one in particular hit home. Various students mentally unstable, and reform must be instituted at Roberson have expressed that they to prevent another tragedy of this degree have friends who attend Stoneman from ever happening again. Extensive school Douglas High. These students -- boys records and outside references on Cruz’s Editorials and girls who were my age and younger represent the history might have prevented the shooting at -- were mercilessly killed in their Stoneman Douglas. If laws preventing Cruz viewpoints classrooms while simply attending a of individual from purchasing an assault rifle because of his normal day of high school. severe mental instability had already existed, authors and if the minimum age required to purchase an In the wake of this catastrophe, we not those of assault rifle was already 21, and if a 10-day -- whether Democrat or Republican, the Golden Independent or Libertarian, Green or waiting period and more comprehensive Fleece Media background checks were already in place, we Socialist Party -- must come together and ask ourselves, “When is it enough?” might not be having this debate. Group or When is it enough that we will finally Why don’t we consider expanding the its staff. admit that this is a serious problem? gun laws that are already present in specific When is it enough that we will begin cities and states -- particularly the firearm to recognize the early signs of mental restraining order existing in Connecticut illness and seek help for those who need it? When and California -- nationwide? Those states allow is it enough that our congressmen will draft new for restraining orders, through a channel of due legislation in addition to their routine statements of process, to be enacted that can remove firearms and “thoughts and prayers?” Please hear me when I say: ammunition and prevent someone who is clearly sending condolences to the victims and survivors is mentally unstable from purchasing any other guns. appropriate and appreciated, but there are further I encourage everyone to stand in solidarity with actions that need to be taken. our friends in Florida. As the high schoolers in Enough is enough. Change is long overdue. Parkland question why adults had not done more School shootings have become an all too beforehand to prevent this tragedy, we must support common occurrence, and every few weeks, we them and demand action from our local and come home from school just to be greeted by news national representatives. coverage of one instance involving gun violence And this certainly be done without the yelling after another. and the all-or-nothing rhetoric that has filled both After a tragedy like this, our country tends to parties for too long. We don’t deserve to go on engage in a national conversation over gun violence cowering in our classrooms and afraid to enter and gun control. But in reality, this conversation the doors of our elementary, middle, and high lasts for only a few days at most, and it often schools. The children of America do not deserve manifests itself into a shouting match between one to experience yet another school shooting. We side of the political spectrum and the other. will continue to push for tangible change in our This time could be different, however. This time own communities in hopes that we can finally bid has to be different. farewell to the rolling headlines of gun violence in Why don’t we show the families of victims our education systems.

44 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

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“Where are you going for Spring Break this year?”

An alternative perspective on the everyday experiences of life

by JAMIE CUMMINGS Executive Editor of Digital Media

A different sort of madness It seems like a time of unbearable madness, to a game rooted in confidence and fatigue; the and it is -- an overwhelmingly heavy time in our fans can be that key boost. A cheering section at world, our nation, and our own personal lives. a game or even in a living room crowded around As for school, seniors are weighted down by the a television can intertwine foes split on issues of anxieties next year holds, and underclassmen politics, social issues, or really anything. Even struggle with the pressures of deciding their class opposing teams can agree to cheer together by schedules for the rest of their high school careers. criticizing the “jokers” in black and white stripes. Not to mention, the next break from school will Anyone can join in tournament bets, which not come until April. Even the weather feels heavy are quite the happy competitive outlet. Often, as it lurks between dreary days and artificially winning brackets are picked solely based on a warm conditions which only get our hopes up for team’s colors or mascots with no real concrete a spring that is far in the distance. basketball knowledge. The tournament is And of course, I acknowledge the seriousness unpredictable, making it cherished. In a time of the gun violence, political turmoil, where there are often feelings of hopelessness and heated discussions that seem for progress, reform, action, change, or these days only to fueled by wretched simply a break from the monotony of Editorials hatred. But, it is also time for a expected outcomes that defines academic different sort of madness, the best sort represent the routine, the NCAA tournament embodies viewpoints of madness: March Madness. those lost, nostalgic dreams that anything of individual can happen. What an untouchable time in the world of sports, the NCAA Men’s The buzzer-beater finishes that are the authors and College Basketball Tournament. not those of basis of an archetypal upset give society While it is certainly a time to step a beacon of hope on the horizon. Having the Golden up and take action in America, I Fleece Media a team that one can place their faith in, a also encourage us to step back in group to truly believe in, renews a dedicated Group or anticipation of an event which has the passion that lays dormant for many its staff. ability to draw our country together. months and might just carry over into daily Maybe I’m being dramatic, especially interactions. to those who would not consider In a few weeks, people may return to themselves sports fans, but that’s just it; you don’t partisan corners, but until then, let us enjoy these have to know anything about basketball to enjoy 34 gilded games that unite us to rally around a the tournament. ream of exhilarating action. Perhaps the principle Although basketball’s strategies are often overreason that I love March Madness is that it does analyzed for their complex plays and position not matter in the end. The wins and loses result dynamics, truly it is the simplest sport. The ball in -- what? -- a championship t-shirt and a piece goes in the basket, and a team scores. The courts of the clipped nylon. Yes, the glory and title boost look the same, no matter if it’s a JV girl’s game or morale, but in a years’ time, we get to do it all an NBA men’s the 10 foot hoop is uniform. again. Always another tournament, another team, The impact of fanfare in an enclosed gym another chance, and another “something” to is unparalleled to any other athletic event. The believe in. And that is what makes the madness support that a roaring crowd provides is so crucial not so mad after all. The Golden Fleece Media Group is the official producer of print, online and broadcast news at TC Roberson High School.

“I’m going to St. Augustine, Florida, to fish with my dad.” Tanner Wilson (10)

“I’m going to Memphis, Tennessee because it’s my hometown.” Molly Huggins (10)

“I’m going to the beach at Bald Head Island with my family.” Temple Dixon (9)

“I’m going to spend a day at Universal and then go on a four day cruise.” Cole Jenkerson (12)

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“I’m going to New Smyrna, Florida.” Sabrina Harpe (12)

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Letter to the Editor

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“Why I stand for the Pledge of Allegiance”

I stand for the pledge of allegiance, both at the start of each school day and the beginning of every JROTC period, to first and foremost honor our military men and women serving in harm’s way protecting our way of life. Many are on multiple deployments away from their families and friends serving in remote outposts in selfless service to their country. That is why I stand… I stand to honor our veterans who have served honorably in our military armed forces and for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice in defending our nation’s freedoms in wars and conflicts. What has really made an impact to me is when our JROTC corps has the honor to join the Asheville community to welcome back World War II and Korean War Veterans from their “Honor Flight” trip to Washington, D.C.

Seeing their patriotism, pride and appreciation as well as tears for our nation’s flag as they enter the airport, many who were only teenagers when they volunteered to serve as part of our “Greatest Generation” is truly a moving experience. That is why I stand… I stand to honor my friends and squadron members who lost their lives both in conflict and peacetime in service to our country. That is why I stand… Finally, I stand to honor our nation where our freedoms and way of life are to be celebrated which defended by our military includes the right not to stand for the pledge of allegiance. That is why I stand…. By Col Tom Bell, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor

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“Real change doesn’t always fit on a poster”

46 | March 2018 // GOLDEN FLEECE

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