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Welcome, folks!

If you’re wondering what’s so great about Klickitat County, as a resident and traveler of this vast area, I can answer: everything! Growing up here has been an amazing adventure with no shortage of outdoor activities in splendorous surroundings. Whether camping in the forest, visiting the Trout Lake Ice Caves or alpaca farm, huckleberry picking, hiking, or sampling our many wineries, there’s plenty to do on dry land. Prefer water? We’ve got fabulous fishing, thrilling white

Our journey begins here…

water rafting, kayaking, and we’re known as one of the wind surfing capitals of the world. And if you like events, there are fairs and rodeos galore in warm weather from one end of the county to the other. If all that weren’t enough, we’re also venue to the awardwinning Maryhill Museum and Maryhill Winery (MHW), both side-by-side overlooking the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge. And we sure don’t mind bragging that as of October 2014, MHW was ranked #10 in the world and #2 in the U.S.!

Considering how many other fantastic wineries there are here, you’re in for a treat! There’s also the astronomically famous Goldendale Observatory and our very own true-to-life Stonehenge. I can’t do justice to all we have to offer with these few introductory words; so, instead, please join me on a phenomenal journey full of photographic wonders in the following pages. Enjoy!

Gordon Wilkins Klickitat County Resident

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Klickitat County Wonders

Sunlit Lupins

an Richard Jord

Washington Winter Won derland

Penny Bailey

t lsamroo ge & B a Lyle Brid

Jus t

Land of the Light

Darlisa Black


hire Cindy Berks Pastel Skies er d un s Mt. Adam

lack Darlisa B

a fe w of the re a son s we lov e it her e so mu c h!

Mt. Adams ce n a ur ie ,

d t En de & e , ri rse Th o h 1 de ! Ri ders, fu n

i of 2r les 15 mi 20 , 6 y1 a M

Giff o Nat rd Pinc iona h l Fo ot rest


*Check with Trout Lake Ranger Stn about area fire restrictions & to

get directions. 509-395-3402.

Trou t

Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Our journey begins at the western edge of Klickitat County in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, near Trout Lake (the Gateway to Gifford.) It encompasses 1,368,300 acres including Mt. Adams and its wonderful wilderness. There’s something for everyone, such as breakfast over the fire*, Ice Caves, Alpacas, Natural Bridges, and the Upper/Middle/ Lower Lewis River Falls. Get directions to all these from the Trout Lake Ranger (509-395-3400). You’ll be delighted to find magnificent Mt. Adams watching over most of our journey through the county; but here, in and around Trout Lake, it looms in splendor. That’s because it’s in Trout Lake’s backyard AND, second only to Mt. Shasta, it’s the largest (not tallest) mountain in mass and area on the entire west coast of the U.S. stateparks.com/gifford_pinchot_national_forest_in_washington.html


: Gat eway

to Gi fford

this area! en seen in ft o e r a azing elk These am

‘Bout time You’re back!

nd ! A ie w e i v o d at a ng is t pa h p W i fish h a cu mp e h t t Wi e ca for! a nic great , a ’t java , and ldn u o * fire , we c for a k ed bo o ask r e hav bette rip! g t pin m ca

Tent om our r f s m a Mt Ad

Ice Caves

Natural Bridges

Back before freezers were eve ryday appliances, barges wo uld cross the Columbia River to carry this natural resource, in chipped form, from the Ice Ca ves back to Hood River. Before hitting the caves, sto p by Meadow Rock Alpaca Annex (see their ad below) to deligh t in these adorable critters and pick up some of their luxurious wo olen sweaters, socks, scarve s and mittens to keep warm while you’re on ice. On your ice cap ade, you’ll also need sturdy well-t readed shoes because the cav e’s floor is mighty slick! And be sure everyone has their own flashlight, ‘cause it’s dark!. Heck, just read the caution sign bel ow! At the other end of this area’s temperature spectrum are nat ural bridges, formed from col lapsed lava tubes. Trails run acr oss the top of both the caves and the bridges. The Trout Lake Ranger Station on 141 (509-395-3400) can direct you to both. Just be sure to look below for any lurking trolls!

Just north of the gas station on 141 in Trout Lake , you gotta see the view these Meadow Rock alpacas have of Mt Adams!! And their wool is SUPER soft!

Br r r r ! Ice c aves are th e perf ect ho day w t ay to c h ill. Ju w es t st of Cou nty L south i n e, w es t of Tro ut La Stop k e. by Tr out L Range a ke r Stat io n o n 141 f or ma p.

Be sure to heed this ice cave entrance warning!



8 Trout Lake Fair Jul 31 -Au 1, 201 g 5 Pheno menal fun!

Trout Lake Fair

Trout La k and man e, renowned fo r y comm unity eve its natural beau locals an ty, warm n ts, d visitors hospitali alike. Qu is a beloved sto store, ga ty, mping g aint tho’ s station round fo it is, it sp , and a d heavenly r orts a co elicious h cafe and untry wilderne uckleberry smoo espress ss, offer o ba ing hikin thies!) This is all lakes, ic g moments r (with , horseb e caves ack ridin a n d mo r from the The tow g trails, e! n of Trou p ristine end of J ul 31-Au t Lake hosts the ir g 2 1. Festiv at Elk M eadows ities beg 015 annual fair the R in V with a co P On Satu mmunity weekrday at 6 ark at 5:30PM. potluck Lake Sc hool whil :30AM, come ge e t your car burn it o enjoying ff with a washed the Fish 5 at Trout e K r man’s br /1 The para 0 K ru n a eakfast. n d d e 1 b e m g Then ile fun ru ins at 11 contests AM. Sta n. op rting at n line, timb en up along wit oon exh h lots of er ibits and activities a few. Th carnival, bunge , includin e ru n , a n is all hap g a zip d climbin pens at The Arts Jonah M g wall ju Festival s in t to nam istr is July 1 e 1 & 12, 2 ies. 015.

ake L ut Tro Arts al 2, tiv Fes 1 & 1 1 5 Jul 201rafts, s, c c ! Artmusi

Trout Lake Arts Festival

Dontcha ju st love M t. Adam s? It ’s hard n ot to get a great shot of this legendary landmark . These two are by Penny Ba iley.


Cyclis ts, join the scenic splend o r Adam ! Mt s Bike T o ur is June 2 7, 201 5 tro utlakew ashing ton.com mt-ad ams-b / icycletour/

Mt Adams Bike Tour

Goose Lake

Giff or Nati d Pinch o na l Fo ot rest


Before lea great fishin ving the Trout Lake ar g the town o ? Just 41 miles west ea, how ’bout some (a f est, is a po Trout Lake, in Giffor nd slightly south) of pular fishin d Pinchot N Goose Lak g e is especia , boating and swimm ational Forlly stocked wit in h fish seve good for children. T g lake. ar ea h as p a ral times a he lake is s r ramp. Cam king, picnic tables, a eason. The day use v p side with a sites are located in le ault toilet and a boat tt v sites is on th ractive views of the el spots on the hillla tent campin e road side. The sites ke. Parking for the are walk in go and allow fs.usda.gov nly. / r e c a r e a 317 64 /giffordpin chot/recar ea/?recid=


Legends & History

ood Mt. H s u o l Jea

Nativ e Am erica n

s w it h L ew is

Beautiful Mt. St. Helens

& C la rk



Flatt e

n ed M t. Ad ams

r en y eat Jou r G : k r & Cla “Lewis


e "smokcool legends about what they call the thre Native Americans in our area have some River. The Mt. St. Helens) that guard the Columbia ing mountains" (Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and called t (Mt. Hood) and Pahto (Mt. Adams; also Bridge of the Gods tale has it that Wy'eas mountaine the sons of the Great Spirit. These two Paddo or Klickitat by native peoples) wer ). When Labeautiful La-wa-la-clough (Mt. St. Helens ous brothers competed for the love of the d enough to Wy'east (Mt. Hood) struck his brother har wa-la-clough chose Pahto (Mt. Adams), tale, losing lough from him. In other versions of the flatten his head before stealing La-wa-la-c f, he dropped his head in shame. La-wa-la-clough caused Pahto such grie tified it as recorded seeing Mt. Adams. They misiden In 1805 the Lewis and Clark Expedition t recorded discovered and named. This is the earlies Mt. St. Helens, which had been previously lorers. sighting of the volcano by European exp ge as the a campaign to rename the Cascade Ran Between 1830 and 1834 Hall J. Kelley led President h major Cascade mountain after a former President's Range and also to rename eac his plan. Mt. not known to Kelley and was thus not in of the United States. Mount Adams was r President John Adams but a misafte ed am ren be to ley Kel by ted igna Hood, in fact, was des miles (64 ms name north of Mt. Hood and about 40 take by a mapmaker placed the Mt. Ada there to cidence there was in fact a large mountain km) east of Mt. St. Helens. By sheer coin at the time, Mt. Adams stuck, even e nam ial offic no had ain unt mo the ce receive the name. Sin though the rest of Kelley’s plan failed.


The Legend of BigFoot

...or is it “legend”? An d if not, just how man y of these elusive an edly intelligent creatu d supposres with human-like fa ces are there? No one seems to know . But there have been enough reportedly cr “sightings” in our coun edible ty, especially in the Tr ou t Lake-Glenwood area drawn in Animal Plan , to have et’s “Finding Bigfoot” team for a closer loo press release for the k. Here is the season 4 premiere th at aired in Novembe “Animal Planet’s hit sh r 2013: ow ‘Finding Bigfoot’ is coming to Skaman Klickitat counties! ... ia and the “Finding Bigfoot” investigative team; M maker, Cliff Barakman att Money, James “Bobo” Fey and Ranae Holland; listen to the stories, ex are coming to amine the evidence and determine once Bigfoot really calls th and for all if e Northwest home! “The team is looking for YOUR stories of encounters with Sasq Skamania, Klickitat or uatch in surrounding areas. Si ghtings? Strange no Tracks? Wood knocks ise s? ? We want to hear it all! Tell us your Bigfoo you may be invited to t story and share it with the team at our Washington to Wednesday, August wn hall on 7 2013. “Keep it squatchy ev eryone!” Fact or fiction? Find out for yourself. But don’t wander too far!

Is it s-safe to c-come out y-yet?

Outlet Falls Outlet Falls is at milepost 6 on Glenwood Hwy. Watch your step! There’s a steep bluff to get to the Falls with no guardrail or fences!


Ketchum Kalf Rodeo

Another 17 miles nic route e s), our ne ast on Trout Lak e H w y (o x t Falls, an n e o f ma other of o stop is Glenwoo n y sce d. There ur hidden are no g y ou’ll find treasures uardrails Outlet . But be o the falls careful! , so wea r fences along t Th he bluff r sturdy To get to that take ere shoes. th e fa s lls slow d you to Glenwoo own betw d Hwy. L e e o n o wide ope k ning on th for a grove of ta mileposts 5 & 6 o ll eve n e ea Glenwoo d’s Ketch st side of the roa rgreens with a ro end. This ugh d. u top-notch m Kalf Rodeo is on Fathe “kids” of ro d e o h a r s’ D a y w all ages. s plenty eek to do, se Be sure e , a n d sa m to stock ple for up on wh wood Ge atever yo neral Sto u ma y n e re . ed at the Glen-

81s t an Ket chu nual m Rod Kalf eo Fath ers’ Day we Jun ekend e 20 201 21, 5


Water Sports Columbia River Gorge in the

Our Journey co ntinues south, down picturesq Hwy to 141, a nd then on to ue BZ Glenwo the BZ Corner od water sports b to g et info from on usinesses. Fro e m of the fis water rafting o hing, canoeing n the Klickitat , kayaking and & White Salmon white on the Columb Rivers to wind ia, this area bo surfing asts it all. So g oars, and han rab your wetsu g on for dear lif it, helmet, e!

e Not for th heart, faint-ofte these whi ills water thr e you will leav s! breathles

e! on galor ve salm a h e w en , Fisherm

You have n’t expe wind rienced su you’v rfing ‘ti l e don here . Our e it Go wind s ma rge ke it worl d- c l ass!

el Hildreth Photo by Micha nkins m Sailor: To Je

White Salmon Spring Fest almon’s White S Fest Spring a blast! s y a w l a arten Rheing Park . 1, 2015 3 9 2 / 05

Ready for a little d ryland fun now? W hite Salmon and Bing en are our next st ops. Join family, friend s, and visitors to b ring that hometown fe el to summer. The 38th annual White Salm on Spring Fest M ay 29 31,2015 at Rhein garten Park offers food, fun, and games. And then don’t m iss the 12th annu al Art & Wine Fusion with music, wine and a rtists galore. That’s Satu rday, July 25 in do wntown White Salmo n. whitesalmonarts.o rg/white-salmonwashington-arts-e vents

Nights in White Salmon

Grrrr! I gotta wear this leash-thingy again!

sion Visitor Art & Wine Fu

Spring fes

t Para de Par ticipan t

Night s in W hite Salmo n Art & Wine Fusion downt own W , Salmo hite n July 2 5, 201 5 A mu st see! !



Bingen Skate Park

“The city of Bing en has an aweso me new 7,350 sq some lunch at on uare foot skatep e of our restauran ark. Grab ts, and be sure to ... Festival in the fa visit our Huckleb ll and visit our pe erry destrian-friendly and beautiful do wntown.� ---Jan Brending , City Administra tor City of Bingen

Hea s to p d i n g a b i t is f skip, the charm urther eas a t i ing o nd a jump ng city of on SR 14 fh ,o B f your opping, s rom White ingen, jus ur next lo t k new s ngboards ipping, an Salmon. A a hop, d n a k a te park. nd have jumping, d speakat i t i n k the s ids, grab p e c ta c ul ar


g en wn Bin

een w o y of Gr s e t r u o C

rks, PC

Huckleberry Festival

ry ckleber u H e h T peck aubens D , l a v Festi er n is she e g n i B Park , ness! yummi 15 -13, 20 1 1 t p e S om ry-fest.c r e b e l k Huc

We can’t leave Bingen , as the mayor said, w ithout indulging in one of the most delect able treats of the Paci fic Northwest - huckleberries! And what bette r way to sample them than at Bingen’s Huckleberry Festival the wee kend of September 11 -13! 2015 rings in the 53rd annual celebratio n of this delightful berry , at which you’ll find ice cream, smoothies, pies, jam, jelly, and sy rup just to name a few of the scrumptious good ies. Plus there are craf ts, games, food vendors, entertainment, an d carnival rides. Visit: Huckleberry-fest.com

Photo by a Darlis Black

Farms Dickey , S teuben 806 W Bingen 3 -2 6 3 6 509-49 on Hwy re is The sto ss from 14 acro rker a mile m 66



Happy 7rails

electables? d ir a F d n a eets inckleberry sw u h n miles from B o e e v lg fi u t, d s n a ri e e r v O ey furthe k’s unique e rn u re jo C e e n w ri s e A ath , No worries! on one of C ff o ll a ingen on 14 it B lk a m o w fr n s a e c il e m gen, w Just after 4.5 , and follow the signs. . s il a tr l fu ti u r) 8 and bea way (Numbe h ig H you’re lucky ld if t O u n b o , g ft in le k rn tu thta will , y our ey es e vistas brea y th a M re a h g ly u n ro o th s Not em in March ower display fl th d k il e w tr r to la u h c g pecta enou f the most s o e m o s n o feast n. known to ma s welcome! ie g g o rine-creek d e d th e a h /c n to Leas g hin /trail/us/was alltrails.com e: fav ’ s er l hik iversa s i n els Th ,u lev d e 2 pav ith ir w s es cha c l c e a he e. of w lleng cha


Ph oto by Pa Ger ul ald

is the This k e C ree n i r e Cath ail . A tr h c r A t. und i o r a s t loop m e bu o c l e w Dogs be on t Catherine Creek s u m . leash Trailhead


to You

Klickitat Trail


If hiking’s in your blo treat, the od, you’l 31-mile K lickitat Tra l find another tanta eas t on O li il, a bit fu ld Hwy 8 rther east. zing to where on 14, go C it dea ontin ov WA-142 E er the Klickitat Riv dends on SR 14. T ue e urn left r (the sign will say “K Bridge, and hang other 400 a left on lickitat/Wa feet, and hk look for th The Klick e Lyle Tra iacus”). Go anitat Trail, il h ead sign. a non-mo lows the fi torized m rst 31 mil ult es of an o linked the ld railroad iple use trail, foltowns of c L or yle and G among ra oldendale ridor that once il trails. N . It ow in one of the nation here else is there a is unique ’s rail trail th along a n only Natio at starts atio na ishes by g nally designated W l Scenic Areas, win oing throu ds il gh a remo d & Scenic River, Take the a te n d ,b c Klickitat R rushed rock trail fo eautiful tributary c finany on. iver to ge r about a t to th mile The scen ery is noth e foot bridge (pho along the to b in More her e: klickita g short of spectacu elow). t-trail.org/ lar.



Lyle Northwest Homesteading Fair


y? ack in the da b d e v li rs e d estea orthhow the hom 4th annual N rn e a m le o s to e t w n a a W Lyle’s here you can w ey on over to , s 9 o 1 m r s e t’ b le m , ll We eing Septe more while b ading Fair on ts te lo s e d n m a o H t, il t u s we ep bees , q ’s scrumptue d k o l, fo o e o w th d in n p time. A learn to s d the whole e d a n / re e s y umusicall ordpress.com .w ir fa g in Bridges m in d w a T te e s th e t m u o o h k 65, c hec ous ! nw or call 509-3 ou’re in town , y m e p m 0 ti :0 y 4 n a to And 0 am aturday 10:0 , newspaper s S h n p o ra n g e to p o o h , of p tos s eum ction consists School histories, memen e ll o c ir e h T . Lyle 0060 , p h ommunity and facts, figures o l c a c le ri y to L , is s h le g artic cinatin l stuff for fas o o c r e th o d an displays. tographs and Lyle ’s 4 th A Hom nnu este al adi Sat, n g Fa Sep ir t 19 On , 20 the 1 nort 5 Hwy h si 14, de of ove the rloo Colu kin mbi g aR iver Gor ge .

Klickitat Canyon Days

rth to the town of Now we’ll take a little detour no t a 23-minute drive) Klickitat, 14 miles up 142 (abou and water for this funfrom Lyle. You’ll need sunscreen filled jaunt. , 2015, hosts a paKlickitat Canyon Days, July 24-26 small plastic ducks are rade and a Ducky Derby - yep, rticipants who watch numbered and sponsored by pa . Call Yvette (509-369them float toward the finish line 4145) for more info. is another must-see The Klickitat Historical Museum boose that was donated while in town, especially the ca um is closed for conin 2011. Unfortunately, the muse or August of 2015. But struction until sometime in July beloved caboose at it definitely plans to showcase its 69-2040) when you’re in Canyon Days. Call Mike (509-3 um will re-open. town to check on when the muse re to stock up on supNo matter where you go, be su rket. plies and goodies at Canyon Ma tic salmon and And don’t miss out on the fantas steelhead fishing on the river!

Klickitat Ca nyon Days Jul , 24 -2 6 , 2015. Yvette’s got th e scoop on 5 0 9 -3 6 9 -4 145

Klic kita t is the hom ama e to zin g Vo Swi ux’ s fts. Visi t ors rem are ind e d to the resp bird ect s’ h a Tha bita nk t. you !

Klickitat Historical Museum


Hiking & Fishing Sightings


bblers Wild go

Mother & fa in residential ne wn ighborhood

All the se shots b y Penny Bailey

Little Klic kitat Rive r quail

Klickitat River, or While hiking on the Klickitat Trail, fishing on the ughout the just going for a leisurely stroll almost anywhere thro areas, keep your county, especially in the forest or other wooded n here. Someeye out for phenomenal wildlife like the ones show times they’re in the open, too. Park and Klickitat Trail has access points at Klickitat Depot More info at: about three miles north at Horseshoe Bend Rd.

klickitat-trail.org/ (also see page 21).

starts on the And there’s a scenic drive up Centerville Hwy that s are known to west edge of Lyle and just east of SR 142. Gobbler hang out here.

Swale C anyon b obcat

Klickitat County where eagles soar

Columbia Hills State Park


Horsethief lake state park Columbia Hill s State Park has three entrances: th e first at mile p o s t 85 on Hwy 14 inclu des a campg round, and the trailhead s are to the e a st; the second is Horse thief Lake Pa rk ; and the third, Crawfo rd Oaks, ope n to horses and bicycles , is about 1/2 mile east of the Butte pa rking; it has a g reat view of the Gorge lo oking west. This 3,338-a cre camping park has 7,500-feet o f freshwater s horeline on the Columbia River. Horse thief Butte stands over the lake, dom inating the skyline. The entrance to H orsethief Butte is 1.2 m iles east of th e main Horsethief P ark entrance . This area is protected fro m the wind, so bring a ha t, sunscreen and plenty o water. f

There are pit toilets and w ell-marked trails. stateparks.c om/columbia _hills_state _park_in_wa shington.htm l

Columbia Hills & horsethief lake state park

This is Horsethief Butte!


KC Wine Directory ALMATERRA WINES 208 W. Steuben St Bingen WA 98605 (On Hwy 14) almaterrawines.com 509-301-0627 Mon-Thus: by appointment Fri: 3pm - 9:30pm Sat & Sun: noon - 6pm ANICHE CELLARS 71 Little Buck Creek Rd Underwood, WA 98651 anichecellars.com/wp/ 360-624-6531 Wed-Sun: noon - 6pm See their ad page 7

ASCENDENTE WINERY 85 NE Estes, White Salmon, WA 98672 ascendentewinery.com (509) 281-3005 Fri: 3-8pm Sat & Sun: 12-6pm CANYON’S EDGE WINERY 1130 Hale Road. Alderdale, WA 98935 canyonsedgewinery.com info@canyonsedgewinery.com 509-894-2919 Call for hours & events

CASCADE CLIFFS WINERY 8866 Hwy 14 Wishram, WA 98673 cascadecliffs.com cascadecliffs@gmail.com 509-767-1100

COR CELLARS 151 Old Hwy 8 Lyle, WA 98635 corcellars.com info@corcellars.com 509-365-2744 Th - Sun: 11am-6pm (Valentine’s Day -Thanksgiving weekends)

DOMAINE POUILLON 170 Lyle Snowden Rd., Lyle, WA 98635 domainepouillon.com info@domainepouillon.com 509-365-2795 Wed - Sun: 11am-6pm

NORTH SHORE WINE CELLARS 221 W. Steuben St. (Hwy 14) Bingen, WA 98605 washingtonwine.org/wineries/nort h-shore-wine-cellars/ kelly@northshorewinecellars.com 509-493-3881

KLICKITAT CANYON WINERY 6 Lyle Snowden Rd, Lyle, WA 98635 klickitatwines@hotmail.com (509) 365-290 Sat & Sun: noon - 6pm

SYNCLINE 111 Balch Road, Lyle, WA 98635 synclinewine.com info@synclinewine.com 509-365-4361 Th - Sun: 11am-6pm (Feb-Nov) Dec & Jan: Sat & Sun 11am-5pm

JACOB WILLIAMS WINERY 3 Avery Rd (Avery Park on Hwy 14) Wishram, WA 98673 jacobwilliamswinery.com info@jacobwilliamswinery.com 541-645-0462 Sun - Sat: 10am-6pm (see website for winter hours)

MAJOR CREEKS WINERY 306 Bates Rd, White Salmon, WA 98672 (503) 860-8713 Call for hours

MARSHAL’S WINERY 150 Oak Creek Rd, Dallesport, WA 98617 (509) 767-4633 Call for hours

MARYHILL WINERY 9774 Hwy 14, Goldendale, WA 98620 maryhillwinery.com info@maryhillwinery.com 509-773-1976 or 877-627-9445 Open Daily: 10am-6pm See their ad opposite

MEMALOOSE 34 State St (Hwy 14), Lyle, WA 98635 (by Klickitat River Bridge) memaloosewine@gmail.com 360-635-2887 Wed - Mon: 11-5:30pm (Feb - Dec)

POUR MOORE WINE 8226 Hwy 14, Dallesport, WA pourmoorewine.com pourmoorewine@yahoo.com (541) 993-1559 Call for hours

WAVING TREE WINERY 2 Maryhill Hwy, Goldendale , WA 98620 (Tasting room) / 123 Maryhill Hwy, Goldendale, WA 98620 (winery) / wavingtreewine.com atkins@gorge.net / 509-250-1412 Tasting room daily: 10am-5pm (Memorial - Labor Days) Call for winery hours Otherwise by appointment only

WIND RIVER CELLARS 196 Spring Creek Road, Husum, WA / windrivercellars.com info@windrivercellars.com 509.493.2324 Daily: 10am-6pm

Dalles Mountain Road


Thanks, once again , to

Penny Bailey for these 2 lovely shots!

Mt Adams

Mt Rainier

Hikers, bikers, painte rs, and photographer s love Dalles Mountain Road for its exquisite , year-round beauty. Th is spectacular drive ru ns right through Columbi a Hills State Park; so if you’ve gone to the pa rk first, just keep head ing east on this sometim es bumpy gravel road . If you’re on Hwy 14 yo u’ll find Dalles Mountain Road at about m ilepost 84.5. Turn no rth, and enjoy! On a clear day at the top, there’ sa great vista of Mt Adam s, Mt Rainier and the Cascade Range.

t tre a a t Wha e n th e h w ox Phl , e in ot Lup mro a s l ! a &B loom b n all i are

Wishram Historic Railroad This is a real STEAM locomotive!

About six miles east of Cr awford Oaks (page 25) on 14 , we’ll hit the historic railroad town of Wishram. This amazing ico n, was one of the stopping po ints for Lewis & Clark back in 1806.

Great North ern N2507


30 W Owners, euthold, MH L ki ic V & d Batchelor Craig aker Richar with winem

Maryhill Winery

Journeying further east on 14, about 5 miles from Wishram, is Maryhill Wine ry (MHW) on the south sid e of 14, overlooking the breath-takin g Columbia River Gorge. Recently named "2015 Pa cific Northwest Winery of the Year" by Wine Press North west, Maryhill Winery draw s more than 75,000 international wine enthusiasts each year . Nestled among rows of vines on th e Columbia River in Golde ndale Washington, our day’s activ ities might include picnickin g, Bocce, and, of course, wine tasting. There are also an adjacent 4,000-seat outdoor am phitheater that hosts world -class summer concert series an d free live music on the vin e-covered terrace every warm se ason weekend. See their ad, page 26.

ter . Pot r M ! at , gre iss him! e t a l The We’ll m

Maryh ill W





winery, our g in n in -w rd a aw um of Art. t next to the e h s g u ri M d l e il h h rc ry e a P M for ward-winning a e th is s a mansion a p d to e s d n te nex t in y l and influs originall u a rf w lo re o c tu t c s u o tr em The s was 31), one of th 9 1 – 7 5 y 1900s. Hill 8 rl (1 a l e il e th in Sam H t of monuNorthwes r e e d th il u in b s r, re le u e trav ential fig sman, world s e in s u b l ds . fu s a s uc c es of paved roa r to a c o v d a hile basking rly w a e e c d n n e a lg , u ts d n s in me ce for fine art la p e th rge. is is Th bia River Go m lu o C e th f in the glory o


Art L overs , the muse is ho um sti

Arts ng th Festi e v a l Sat same , Oct 3 day a , show s the , pag car e 35. miss Don’ this t twoextra f e r vagan More za! info from 509773- Jacque 3733

MAryhill of



Mt. Ho od ove rlook

s the n ew ter race

din The Thinker by Ro


2015 Klickitat Coun

Jan 1 (every year): Polar Plunge, Maryhill State Park; 509-773-0506

Feb 6-8: Cabin Fever, Trout Lake; 2016 dates: Feb 12-14; 509-395-2617

Mar 7: Friends of Library Book Sales, Goldendale Library; call for more info and for 2016 date, 509-773-4487

Mar 13: Goldendale Swimming Pool opens; 509-773-0506

Mar 28-29: Maryhill Winery Spring Release weekend

Apr 3: Bickleton Carousel Museum, opens for season (through September)

April: Bickleton Whoop-nHoller Museum opens for season (through September). whoopnholler5@gmail.com 509-896-2344 / 2349

Apr 4: Goldendale Pool Easter Egg Hunt; 509-7730506

Apr 11: Trout Lake Fun Run; 2016 date: Apr 10; Mike Wood: 509-395-2571

Mid-April: National Library Week events, Goldendale Library; 509-773-4487 May 1: Presby Museum opens through Oct 15.

May 1-3: Goldendale Home & Garden Show; KC Fairgrounds; 509-773-3400

May 3: Community Building through Public Media: a workshop with Sabrina Roach; Goldendale Library, 509-7734487

May 8-9: Goldendale Jr. High Rodeo; KC Fairgrounds May 9-10: Goldendale Sr. High Rodeo; KC Fairgrounds May 9: Goldendale Saturday Farmers Market opens (thru October) Mid-May: KVH Health/Wellness Fair; Goldendale High

May 15-17: 16th Annual High Prairie Firehouse Sale; 2 days of raffle, rummage sale, auction; 509-365-5099 or 9564 May 16: Bookmark Contest Awards Celebration, Goldendale Library, Goldendale Library, 509-773-4487 May 16: Mt. Adams Endurance Ride; Mt. Adams Horse Camp in Gifford-Pinchot National Forest

May 29-31: White Salmon Spring Fest;Rheingarten Park; whitesalmonspringfestival.com/springfest Amanda: 509-493-1252 May 30: Goldendale Youth Triathlon; www.GoldendalePool.com

May 30-31: Goldendale Tractor Pull; joestowing28@gmail.com

Jun 5-7: Goldendale Bluegrass Pickerfest; this is a play along jam; 509-773-3400 Jun 12-14: Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo; Cleveland Park; Cleveland (2 miles west of Bickleton off 142); 509-896-2695

Jun 19-20: 13-Mile Yard Sale; 509-773-3400 Jun 20: GoldenMan Triathlon; Goldendale Pool; 509-7730506 Jun 21: Ketchum Kalf Rodeo; Glenwood; Fathers’ Day weekend; 509-364-3363 Jun 24-28: Maryhill Festival of Speed, Goldendale; longboarding downhill speed fest; maryhillfestivalofspeed.com

Jun 27: Mt. Adams Bike Tour; Trout Lake; troutlakewashington.com (under “events”) Jun 27-Sep 5 (Saturdays): Trout Lake Saturday Market ; The Grange, Trout Lake; troutlakewashington.com (under “events”) 509-493-8959 or 395-2461;

Jul 2: Friends of Library Book Sales, Goldendale Library; 509-773-4487 Jul 3-5: Goldendale Community Days; parade, music, food, fun; downtown Goldendale; goldendaleevents.com

Jul 4: Jaycees’ 40th Annual Demolition Derby; KC Fairgrounds

Jul 4: Show-n-Shine Car Show; Main St, Goldendale; goldendalemotorsports.org Jul 4: Husum Jul 4 Parade, Husum

Jul 4: White Salmon Parade/Summer concert in the park; mtadamschamber.com Jul 4: Bickleton Patriotic Pig Roast at Cleveland Park

Jul 11-12: Trout Lake Festival of the Arts, troutlakefestivalofthearts.wordpress.com 509-395-2294 / 2617 / 2280 Jul 18: Trout Lake Wild Woman Marathon, 5wildwomanmarathon.com/ 09-395-2509 / 2065 Jul 18: Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew,” Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, maryhillmuseum.org/visit/calendar/family-fun-days

ty Schedule of Events nty Jul 24-26: Klickitat Canyon Days, Klickitat; 509-369-4782

Jul 25: Art & Wine Fusion, downtown White Salmon, artwinefusion.com/

Jul 31 – Aug 2: 50th Annual Trout Lake Fair troutlakefair.org/

Aug 1–2: W.E. Rock Crawl, 290 Pipeline Rd, Goldendale, Rich: bigrich@werocklive.com or 530-417-5333

Aug 3: Maryhill Arts Festival, Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, maryhillmuseum.org/

Aug 15-16: Festival of Wheels; downtown Goldendale; 509-250-2001

Aug 19–23: KC Fair/Rodeo, KC Fairgrounds, klickitatcountyfair.com, 509-773-3559

Aug 20: Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social, Goldendale Library; 6:30-8:00PM, go to Events at fvrl.ent.sirsi.net 509-773-4487

Sep 4–7: Trout Lake Rummage Sale for Scholars, Coralee: 509-395-2218

Oct 3-4: Art Festival and Car is King Wkend, Maryhill Museum:

Sep 11-12: Relay for Life, Goldendale HS Track

Oct 3: Concours de Maryhill Car Show, Maryhill Museum of Art lawns, Goldendale

Sep 5: Bickleton Car Show, downtown Bickleton, David or Audrey: 509-896-2671

Sep 11-13: 52nd Annual Huckleberry Festival, Bingen, huckleberry-fest.com/, Denise: (509) 493-3607 Sep 12: Broken Spur Jr. Rodeo, east of Goldendale & south of Bickleton Hwy, Vincent: 541-993-0695

Sep 19: Northwest Homesteaders’ Fair, Lyle, Shannon: ple@gorge.net, www.nwhomesteadingfair.wor dpress.com

Oct 3: Trout Lake Octoberfest for Scholars; 509-395-2630 or 360-907-1660 Oct 3-4: Maryhill Winery Harvest Celebration Weekend, Maryhill Winery, Goldendale, maryhillwinery.com/

Oct 3: Maryhill Arts Festival, Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale; maryhillmuseum.org

Oct 4: Goldendale Motorsports Assoc. Maryhill Loops Car Climb up historic Maryhill Loops Rd, Goldendale, maryhillmuseum.org

Oct 23-25: White Salmon Fall Art Walking Tour; 11-5 each day, downtown White Salmon; whitesalmon fall arttour.webly.com

Oct 24: Trunk or Treat, familyfriendly Halloween, Main St, Goldendale, sponsored by The General Store: 509-7734941 Nov TBA: Friends of Library Book Sales, Goldendale Library; 509-773-4487

Nov 26: Maryhill Winery Holiday Open House & Wine Sale, Maryhill Winery, SR14, Goldendale, maryhillwinery.com/

Thanksgiving – Christmas: Shop Local, Win Local Shopping Days, White Salmon; Mt. Adams Chamber 509-4933630 Dec TBA: Candy Cane Lane Parade, downtown Goldendale; sponsored by The General Store, 509-773-4941

Dec 5: I’m Dreaming of a White Salmon Holiday Festival, White Salmon – always 1st Sat. in December;Breakfast with Santa 7AM; Library wassail 2PM; Tree lighting 5PM; Mt. Adams Chamber 509-493-3630

Have an event to add to

next year’s Visitor’s Guide? Please send us your request by e-mail:


or snail mail:

The Goldendale Sentinel 117 W. Main St.

Goldendale, WA 98620


Trails, Camping & RV Parks

Catherine Creek 4.5 miles west of Bingen on Old Hwy 8 (see pg. 20) BICKLETON Honey-Do-Ache'rs RV Park 123 Dot Rd Bickleton, WA, 99322 509 896-5365 5 miles W of Bickleton, 35 miles NE of Goldendale. 17 spaces, full hook-up, 1 pull through, up to 40 foot, fee includes garbage-electric-water and bath house use. Enjoy peace, tranquility and nature at its best. Reasonable rates. DALLESPORT Columbia Hills RV Village & Marketplace 111 Hwy. 1979 Dallesport, WA, 98617 509-767-2277 Columbia Hills State Park (see pg. 25) Dallesport Mobile Home Park 105 Shepler Dallesport, WA, 98617

Ted Yedlick Campground Hwy. & Outlet Creek Glenwood, WA, 98619 GOLDENDALE

Brooks Memorial State Park 2465 Hwy. 97 Goldendale, WA, 98620 509-773-4611 Email: brooksmemorial@gorge.net (see pg. 57) Cottonwood RV Park 400 N. Columbus Goldendale, WA, 98620 509-773-3543 Maryhill State Park 50 Hwy. 97 Goldendale, WA, 98620 (see pg. 37) Peach Beach RV Park 89 Maryhill Hwy. Goldendale, WA, 98620 509-773-4698 Pine Springs Resort 2471 Hwy. 97, Satus Pass Goldendale, WA, 98620 509 773-4434

Horsethief Lake State Park Hwy. 14 Dallesport, WA, 98617 509 767-1159 (see pg. 25)

Sunset RV Park 821 E. Simcoe Dr. Goldendale, WA, 98620

GIFFORD PINCHOT NAT’L FOREST Goose Lake recreational area (see pg. 10)

Longriders Next to Husum Hills Golf Husum, WA, 98623



Lazy Dazy "S" Stables 700 E. Main St. Glenwood, WA, 98619 509 364-3481

Ice Plant Public Access Area Hwy. 142 Klickitat, WA, 98628



Leidl Bridge Campground Glenwood Hwy. Glenwood, WA, 98619

Klickitat Trail Trailhead (see pg. 21)

Outlet Creek Campground located within the Yakama Nation Reservation CCD at latitute 46.0160 and longitude -121.2087

Wishbone Campground 10 Canyon Rd Lyle, WA 98635-9509 509- 365-3210

ROOSEVELT Rock Creek SR14, 17 miles east Maryhill Roosevelt, WA, 99356 Roosevelt Park Recreation Center Roosevelt, WA Take Roosevelt Ferry Road (west exit off Hwy 14 into Roosevelt. Managed by US Army Corps of EngineersDry camping, no electrical and no waste dump. It has a boat ramp and pit toilets. Sundale 6 miles west of Roosevelt on SR14 Roosevelt, WA, 99356 TROUT LAKE Elk Meadows RV Park 78 Trout Lake Creek Rd. Trout Lake, WA, 98650 Long Shadow Photography Trout Lake Email: longshadow@gorge.net LongshadowPhoto.com/main_map.htm Local photographer has created a map including roads, trails, lakes and camping. Web site also has photos of the local area. Mt. Adams Guler Trout Lake County Park Trout Lake, WA, 98650 509-773-3900 45 campsites, group facilities, covered picnic gazebo, playground equipment, public restrooms, showers. Bring quarters for showers & firewood. No reservations except for the group facilities. WHITE SALMON Bridge RV Park & Campground 65271 Hwy 14 White Salmon, WA, 98672 509-493-1111 Email: bridgerv@bridgerv.com bridgerv.com Northwestern Lake Riding Stables 126 Little Buck Creek Rd. White Salmon, WA, 98672 509 493-4965

Background wallpaper by


Car is King weekend

If you’re into old cars, you’ll love our Car is King Weekend the first Saturday & Sunday in October. On Saturday, October 3, 2015, vintage, classic, antique and muscle cars are displayed on the grounds of Maryhill Museum of Art. The next day many of these same cars compete in an uphill climb on Maryhill Loops Road, the first asphalt road built in Washington by Sam Hill. Full of hairpin turns, it runs sort of parallel to Hwy 97. It’s open only for special occasions like this one (and the next page). This two-fer car event is brought to us by the Goldendale Motorsport Association (GMA). More info at GoldendaleMotorsports.org. If you need auto parts while at the event or anywhere around Goldendale, stop by CARQUEST, and get a free ice cream with the ad below.

Concours de Maryhill Car Show

Maryhill Loops Car Climb

Ma ryh ill L oo

ps Rd


ow on h s r a C t 3, on c O , . t Sa wns of the la ryhill a M e th m. Museu

T he r Mary ace up hi Rd is ll Loops o Oct 4 n Sun ., . G muse o to the um fi r Spon sored st! b y GMA .





Maryhill Festival of Speed

y venue to more than pla s rn tu in irp ha s op Lo ill Maryh rld arders from around the wo just vintage cars. Longbo this year June 24, ys da e fiv r fo ar ye a ce gather here on ke it out for the coveted du ls ga & ys gu th bo as , 28 World Cup. Downhill Skate-boarding m/ maryhillfestivalofspeed.co

Rd l Loops il h y r a M ralrta) pa o s ( s n ru ing 7, loop 9 o t l le 7. 14 to 9 m o r f p u

These world

champs are screamin’ fast!! !

Don’t miss it! 06/24-28/201 5

Maryhill State Park

After the grueling Festival of Speed, we’ll visit beautiful an d relaxing Maryhill State Park an d campgrounds, right on the Columbia River. It’s part of WA State Parks, so unless it’s a free da y*, you’ll need a Discover Pass to enter. It’s right next to the lov ely little town of Maryhill that will de light your eye in the spring wi th the blossoming fruit orchards and quench your palate in the summ er with luscious fruit, honey, and other delectables. It’s also a stone’s throw from our very own true-to-scale Stonehenge (turn the page for more on this). *Find “Free Days” at parks.w a.gov/167/DiscoverPass-Fees. Otherwise Discov er Pass required. c, picni , m i , sw Camp ew, he v i t n o te feast ll S t a i h y r ! Ma relax t all! has i Park a n buy a c u Yo the ass at P r e v Disco ce . ntran e k r pa


Maryhill C

37 hurch in S

pring by J

eanne Morg an


Stonehenge War Memorial


ce e pla m o s e awe e fav m This i t all s& is an ographer ot 3 of ph ers. Just t pain t of s eas e l i um m Muse l l i h e of Mary outh sid s e on th 14.

Watercolor by Ron Sh eldon

We’ll spen d at least a replica of couple ho the origna urs at this l neolithic signed and structure in amazing, full size built by Sa Eng m Hill in 1 to the WW 918 in hon land. It was deI servicem or of and en of Klic their teens de kitat Coun , in the ser ty who die dication vice of our Aptly over d, many in country du loo ring the G monumen king the magnificen reat War. t Columbia t to herois m R a iv n e d peace. S For more am is burie r Gorge, it is a info and d ir d ec there, too. maryhillm useum.org tions, visit: /visit/stone henge-mem orial

Sam Hill

Cattle drives

e i-yo! W y e e p le Yip ve catt e a h l l i k st just li p s e v i dr ‘em u ot o h s k in the m bac o r f s n wester ’50s. And in the ht have ig YOU m t row a fron seat!

king on Hood loo t M h it le w Goldenda The Valley of the Little Klickitat, being one of the paths less-traveled in Klickitat County, invokes a sense of wonder in almost everyone who experiences it for the first time. That’s been true for more than 150 years when Oregon Trail pioneers were crossing the Columbia River from The Dalles by the thousands to come north. Back then, the only humans in the Valley were roving bands of Native Americans who found the Valley a rich source of resources that fully sustained and supported their nomadic lifestyles. That the first pioneer settlers wouldn’t arrive until 1858, nearly two decades after the Oregon Trail migration began, speaks to a place that went largely unex-


J r Ra nch

er, pho tograp he d

plored by settlers seeking homesteads in the West. Wagon trains first made their appearance in The Dalles in 1843; but the first recorded activity in the Valley of the Little Klickitat, other than fur trading, was that of legendary cattleman Ben Snipes in 1855. At 21, entrepreneurial Snipes was able to secure financing for a herd of cattle. Through a Native American friend, he then discovered the Valley of the Little Klickitat, where he moved his herd. It wasn’t until 1859 that settlers began filing for homesteads in the region – but it was Snipes’ cattle, grazing in the swales of the valley, that put a stamp on the region that persists to this day.

by Pe nny B ailey

Today, every spring, an important and revered tradition occurs in the valley called “working the cattle.” When the snows melt off the Simcoe Mountains (just north of Goldendale), ranchers, who’ve spent the winter hauling hay to their herds in the valley, drive this cattle to the mountain pastures. Before they’re turned out, branding, shots, ear tags, and other important work must be completed. These activities allow families, friends and acquaintances to gather together for work, food, fun, and festivity. Before hunting season begins in the fall, the cattle are again rounded up and driven back to the winter feeding grounds. It’s another chance to witness the cattle drive. This is one of the few places in the West where one can still say, “I was held up by a cattle drive.” If you’re lucky enough to encounter one, smile and wave. The cowboys and cowgirls will return the wave, making you part of a century-long tradition. == Jim Link

Eddieville Motocross Park


Ridge S tarvation 4 was Race 201 . C he c k 1 0 / 2 5 -2 6



ions & for direct e s. 2015 dat

Starvation Ridge Dirt Bike Challenge

There are tw the same fo o motocross courses near Cente lks. Eddiev ille Motocro rville both ru Hwy 97 an s n by s Park is lo d 6 miles s c o a u ted 1 mile w th of Golde do an onlin ndale, WA. es t of e Bing map For best dir s search fo To get to th e r c 110 Strings tions, e Starvatio treet Rd, C n Ridge co terville on C e n te u rville. rs enterville H e, head we wy. Procee s turns left. G t th ro u g h Cend 2 miles to o straight o where pave nto the gra miles later, m v ent e le y ou d road (Niv a Rd.), and Rd. Centerv will see Starvation R 4 idge on you ille, WA 986 r left at 114 13 Visit overth 0 Niva ebarsgang .com for m the 2015 S ore info on tarvation R Eddieville a idge Race. nd on

Weekly fun rides & races here!



BICKLETON MARKET STREET CAFE & GROCER 106 E Market St, Bickleton bickleton.org/market-street-cafe/ 509-896-2671 M, Tu, Th, F, Sat: 7am – 4:30pm Closed Wed. & Sun See their ad on page 54 BLUEBIRD INN (oldest continuously operating tavern in Washington) 121 Goldendale Bickleton Rd, Bickleton bickleton.org/bluebird-inn/ 509-896-2273


BENEVENTI’S 201 W Steuben St, Bingen 509-493-2177 M-F: 11am - 9pm Sat: 7am - 3:30pm Sun: noon – 8pm JOSLYN HOUSE B&B 706 West Steuben, Bingen 509-493-4888 KILLER BURGER 216 W Steuben Bingen 509-637-2510 killerburger.biz/ M-Sat: 11am – 8pm Closed Sunday LOS REYES MEXICAN RESTAURANT 120 E Steuben St, Bingen losreyesbingen.com/ 509-493-1017 MUGS COFFEE 120 W Steuben St, Bingen mugsco.com 509-281-3100 M-F: 6:30am - 4pm Sat: 7am - 3:30pm Closed Sundays


KC Food &

GLENWOOD GENERAL STORE 208 E. Main St, Glenwood 509-364-3535 Daily: 5:30am – 9pm See their ad on page 9

GLENWOOD STATION (used to be Glenwood Inn) 105 E. Main St, Glenwood 509-364-3471 MT ADAMS LODGE 25 Flying L Ln, Glenwood mt-adams.com/ 509-364-3488 SHADE TREE INN (and restaurant & bar) 105 E Main St, Glenwood 509-364-3471


AYUTLA’S Family Mexican Restaurant 630 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-773-7188 / 1987 BAKE MY DAY 119 W Main St, Goldendale facebook.com/bakemydaywa 509-773-0403 M-F: 6am – 3pm Sat: 8am – 2pm CORNERSTONE COFFEE (drive-thru) 1 Bickleton Hwy, Goldendale 509-773-9115 GEE’S CHINESE RESTAURANT 118 E Main St, Goldendale 509-773-6999 GLASS ONION 604 S Columbus Ave, Goldendale 509-773-4928 See their ad on page 26

GOLDEN CAFE & SALOON 1533 N Hwy 97, Goldendale 509-773-0497

GOLDEN COYOTE COFFEE (espresso, breakfast, lunch, free WIFI) 120 W Main St, Goldendale 509-773-3030

GOLDENDALE MARKET FRESH 622 E Broadway, Goldendale centerplacemarket.com/goldendale.html 509-773-3072 Daily: 7am – 10pm See their ad on page 40 HOLCOMB’S MARKET 320 S Columbus, Goldendale 509-773-4958 Daily: 7am – 10pm See their ad on page 35 HOMETOWN PIZZA 340 E Collins St, Goldendale 509-773-3434 GOLDENDALE COFFEE (drive-thru coffee) 630 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-773-7188 / 1987 See their ad on page 45 LOIE’S CAFE Maryhill Museum of Art 35 Maryhill Museum Dr, Goldendale (on SR 14) maryhillmuseum.org/ 509-773-3733 Daily: 10:30– 4:30 (Mar 15 – Nov 15) PONDEROSA MOTEL 775 E Broadway, Goldendale ponderosamotelgoldendale.com/ 509-773-5842 QUALITY INN 808 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-773-5881 See their ad on page 31 SIMCOE CAFE 123 W Main St, Goldendale 509-773-9970 See their ad on page 24

Snooze Guide SODBUSTER’S 1040 E Broadway St, Goldendale sodbusters.net/ 509-773-6160 Sun – Th: 6am – 8pm F & Sat: 6am – 9pm

ST JOHN’S Coffee Shop & Greek Bakery 2378 Hwy 97, Goldendale 509-773-7141 M-Sat: 9am – 2pm & 4pm – 6pm; closed Sunday See their ad on page 51

UNCLE TONY’S PIZZA 111 N. Columbus Ave, Goldendale uncle-tonys-pizza.com/ 509-772-2522 See their ad on page 47

WINDY RIDGE SALOON/EATERY 113 W Main St, Goldendale 509-773-3604


CANYON MARKET 100 Main St, Klickitat 509-369-4400 See their ad on page 19 HUNTINGTON’S BAR & GRILL 95 Main St, Klickitat 509-369-4371


CORNER POCKET BAR & GRILL 600 State St, Lyle 509-365-0072 COUNTRY CAFE 605 state street, Lyle 509-365-6861 LYLE HOTEL & RESTAURANT 100 7th St, Lyle thelylehotel.com/ 509-774-4949


HEAVENLY GROUNDS & THE STATION CAFE 247 Hwy 141, Trout Lake troutlakewashington.com/heavenlygrounds-and-station-cafe/ 509-395-2211 KELLY’S TROUT CREEK INN B&B 25 Mt Adams Rd, Trout Lake kellysbnb.com/ 509-395-2769 TROUT LAKE COZY CABINS 2291 Hwy 141, Trout Lake troutlakecozycabins.com/ 509-395-2068 TROUT LAKE GROCER 2383 Hwy 141, Trout Lake troutlakewashington.com/trout-lakegrocery/ 509-395-2777 TROUT LAKE VALLEY INN 2300 Hwy 141, Trout Lake troutlakevalleyinn.com/ 509-395-2300


BIG MAN’S ROTISSERIE 799 Hwy 141, White Salmon mtadamschamber.com/big-mans-rotisserie/ 406-579-9450 Th – Sun: noon – 8pm BLUE SKIES BAKERY 7 Blue Skies Ln, White Salmon mtadamschamber.com/blue-skies-bakery-bread/ 509-876-7395


FEAST MARKET & DELICATESSEN 320 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon feastmarket.org/ 509-637-6886 HARVEST MARKET 77 NE Wauna St, White Salmon harvestmarketstores.com 509-493-9494 HENNI’S KITCHEN & BAR 120 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon henniskitchenandbar.com/ 509-493-1555 INN of the WHITE SALMON 172 W Jewett Blvd, White Salmon innofthewhitesalmon.com/ 509-493-2335 or 800.972.5226 KATINAS CAFE & CATERING 111 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-493-0108 NORTH SHORE CAFE 166 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon northshorecafe.weebly.com/ 509-426-5341 PIONEER PIZZA 216 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon pizzawhitesalmon.com/ 509-493-0038 STEELHEAD RANCH (overnight accommodations) 1376 Hwy 141, White Salmon steelheadranch.com 425-408-2914 / 0034 TASTE OF THE GORGE 820 WA-141, White Salmon tasteofthegorge.com/ 509-493-4450

EVERYBODY’S BREWING 151 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon everybodysbrewing.com/ 509-637-2774

Do you have a restaurant or hotel/motel/B&B you’d like included in next year’s Visitor’s Guide? Please send us your request by e-mail: info@goldendalesentinel.com, or snail mail: The Goldendale Sentinel, 117 W. Main St.. Goldendale, WA 98620 Thank you!!

The locals h ave a saying : “It’s so win dles!” dy, there’s w hitecaps on Heading nort the mud pud h on 97 from views of win C e n te rville, we’ll ta d towers. Th k e as ere are over produce a c 600 wind turb cenic drive with close-u ombined ou p in tp es in Klickita ut of over 1,2 to the area. t County. Th 00 Mega Wa Klickitat Cou es e tts, providing nty PUD (Pu Wind Projec energy and blic Utility D t produces e jo is bs tr ic nough clean t), ad below, 28,000 resid renewable e W enc es . h it e C re ek lectricity to m From their b eet the need ases to tips s of of the highe heights of up st blades, th to 490 ft - m ese giants c ore than the reach 164 ft an loom to length of a fo - that’s the le otball field! A ngth of an O For a specta single blade lympic-size cularly scen c an (50 meter) s ic, wheat fie mile jaunt: F wimming po ld and wind rom 97 go e o l! turbine-filled ast on Hocto Creek Rd. It drive, try this r Rd. The ro emerges at a 56d joins Old Hw the mouth o of 97 From th f Rock Cree y 8 , th ere head ba e n R oc k k at Hwy 14 ck north to G Goldendale , about 19 m oldendale, c exit. This is il e s eas t o mpleting the a 1.5 to 2 ho ur drive. circle at the


Harvesting the Wind

on Hw Bicklet

Windmill Haven

e the You gotta tak t field scenic , whea land windmil r filled circula esome! drive . It ’s aw ove . Directions ab


Goldendale Home & Garden Show

Home & Garden Show, Fr i , 5 /1 Sun 5/3 /2 0 1 5 . Klickitat County Fairgrou n ds

Alpac n e d r a G Home &

Saturd ay Far mer ’s Marke t open s May 9, ’til sea son en ds in Oct. 411 N . Wilbu r Ave , Ekone Park


Saturday Farmers’ Market

a Cuties

s us to the city of Heading further up 97 bring at and home to so Goldendale, our county se d events. This page feamany natural wonders an & Garden Show, May tures our wonderful Home Saturday Market and 1-3, 2015. We’ll also hit the y, too. And then in the Tractor Pull, both in Ma le event that spans the June is a massive Yard Sa whole county. out the Greater GoldAnd be sure to read all ab erce’s Golden Charm endale Chamber of Comm ver. Trail on the inside back co goldendalechamber.org

Tractor Pull

ull P r to Trac 31, & 0 5 /3 5. 201 Ro c k g n gi . Han dale n e d Gol Rd .,

le! a S d r le Ya i M + 13 Mile s&m iles of gems for s ale a acros ll s the coun Jun ty! 19 & 2 0 , 201 T he Cham 5. ber h as the s coop . 5097733400


GoldenMan Triathlon

Golden M Triath an lon Sat, 6 /2 0 /2 015. S tarts a 401 N t the pool , . King Golden S treet, dal goldenda lepool.co e m man-triath /goldenlon/

Bluegrass Pickerfest

in’ amm J s s a r Blueg Sun ., 5 / Fri ., 6 015. ., 6/7, 2 r Ave u b l i .W k 411 N e Par Ekon


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The Pic kerfest i s free ($1 0 pp to camp) & open to all , so g rab you r ďŹ ddle & join the jam!


Goldendale Observatory 47

e y 97, tak From Hw t y S t. exi a w d a o r the B rn dale . Tu n e d l o G into , bus Ave m u l o C n Ro e fork , & h t t a R stay t t straigh a h t w o l fol ry. observato e h t o t up

Lunar Eclipse, April 4, 2015, 5:09 am, just after totality. Shot from observatory by Troy.

What’s so great ab out the stars? Are you kidding?! Take look through this am a azing telescope, an d you won’t ask again! There are ex cellent solar scopes for daytime viewin so you don’t need g, just the night skies. Troy Carpenter is “keeper” of the ob the servatory and will knock your socks his vast knowledg of f with e and impressive solar presentation. The Goldendale O bservatory is a Was hington State Park and requires a Dis cover Pass unless you hit it on a free Free or not, the si day*. ghts are well worth it! Venus is availabl much of the year th e for rough the large te lescope. Summer hours (A pr 1 to Sep 30, W ed. thru Sun.) are to 11:30PM. Winte 10AM r hours (Oct 1 to M ar 31) are 1PM to goldendaleobserv 9P M. atory.com

*Find “Free Days” at pa rk




Presby Mansion & Museum

This am azing b last to the pas t is cho cked full of t imeless treasur e s! Open d aily 10 am - 4 pm May 1 - Oct 1 5 127 W Broadw ay (509) 7 7 3 -4 3 0 3

Goldendale became host to the only hanging ever to occur in Klickitat County on April 6, 1888. Con victed murderer, Henry Timmerman, faced his doom while straddling his coffin, smoking a cigar and downing a quart of whiskey. Local legend has it that stan ding on the gallows waiting for the noose to be fitted, he declared his innocence for the final time and told the crowd if they proceeded with the hanging, within thre e months, the town would burn to the ground, and he wou ld rise from the grave to kill everyone responsible for his wrongful execution. On May 13, 1888, 27 days after Timmerman’s hanging, a fire did indeed break out in downtown Gold endale, burning its seven main blocks to the ground. Timm erman’s grave was also found open and empty! His remains were later found and reburied in an unm arked grave, and the rest of the curse was left unfulfille d. Perhaps reburying him satisfied his restless soul. Stop by Presby Mansion to learn about other fasc inating local legends. Origina lly built as a ho r e a l o cc use wit upants, h P was do nated to resby Mansio n th County Historic e Klickitat al Shepar d in 196 Society by Pe a rl 2 yo u w o . It featu n’t see r e s it e a n yw h e ms re else.

Goldendale Public Library

at ibrary float Goldendale L unity Days m om C le a d Golden

Our library has been serving the community for over 100 years now. Arts and educational pr ograms as well as many other fun-fille d events are offere d year-round. The old-fashioned ice cream social, August 20,2015, sp onsored by Friends of the Library as a special “thank you” to the community, is always packed! History buffs may be interested in knowing this is one of the few Carnegi e libraries left in the state. August Social in m a re C e nsated The Ic t tooth u ee sw o n leaves

Let ’s all s cream for ice cream ! This year ’s old -fashion ed ice cream social is on Thurs, Aug 20, 2015. 131 W. B urgen S t, Goldenda le 5 0 9 -7 7 3 -4 4 8 7

Lot s m ore tha n j ust a g o od re a d!


Goldendale Community Days


s thing s l o o c to ay ready munity D d n a om n st ireme e heat of C f r u h O ring t off du

Bumpe r cars o n the Dem steroids at o Derby

De mo & M Derb y oto cro Jul ss y4 ,2 KC 01 Fai 5 rgr oun ds

ndale Golde ays nity D u m m Co 15 5, 20 3 y l Ju house rt u o c . on the ntown w o d & he lawns ’s at t Derby he s on t d n u o Fairgr 4th .


’t s th e par ade ! mis

Demolition Derby

If you’re in town fo r the 4th of July w eekend, you’re in for a treat! From the pa rade, to the car show, to a real Demolition D erby, to rides, to music, to yummies, to to ns of other fun, Commun ity Days delights ki ds of all ages! And that’s not all. Here are a just fe w other great things to do in Goldendal e: - W.E. Rock Craw l where big-wheel ed ATVs navigate ev en bigger boulders (p. 52) - Festival of Wheel s Car Show (p. 53 ) - Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo (p. 56)


hine Car S how

-nShow e Shin 15 0 4, 2 n July ntow dow le enda Gold

W.E. Rock Crawl


Swimming Pool

re Man , a uy s these g ever !!! STUCK

off cool o t y a y, ect w dust Perf hat t l l a eat! after in’ h l w a -c r s rock open Pool 15. , 20 3 1 Mar 506 7 3 -0 7 9 S t, 50 King . N le 401 enda Gold

Rock C rawl Aug 1 & 2, 2 015 Broken Bould er Farm 290 P ipelin Golden e Rd , dale

els of Whe 5, l a v i Fest 201 5 -1 6 , k , 1 g u A Par Ekone lbur Ave Wi 411 N endale; Gold ed by r sponso E of T ABA gon n Washi -2001 50 5 0 9 -2

y, our ever-popular, family After a year of uncertaint r ge on is back, better and str friendly, Festival of Wheels resiby ABATE of Washington, than ever! Now sponsored cs of eti ht in the gleaming aesth lig de n ca rs ito vis d an dents one Park ained vehicles. It’s at Ek well-preserved and maint ) on Saturday & Sunday, ale nd lde Go e, Av ur ilb W (411 N. ight. ing is available for $10/n August 15 & 16. Tent camp Hope Proceeds will go to New And it’s for a good cause! is organization whose motto Farms, a Christian-based d care dedicated to love, hope an “Where Love Grows.” It’s challenged. for the developmentally

Festiv al of Whee inclu ls fun des: - Pok er ru n - Tal ent c ontes - Car t /Moto r c ycle S - Raffl how e for trave l pkg



Victorian Houses “lookHave a ound see� ar How town . e of thes y n a m an YOU gems c find?

These beau ti artist Charle ful water colors by loc al ne Morrison are all of Go dale Victori ldenan hous es . Stop by Go Photo (106 lden W. Main St. , Goldendale this art work ) to see on display.



Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo

Every year the KC Fair & Rod eo brings resid gether for com ents and visito petitions and a rs tog rand stompin’ old-fashioned time. It kicks o barbecue, featu ff with an ring delicious lo Stop by The G cal food and p oldendale Sen ro duce. tin free copy of th el at 117 W. M e Fair ’s “Prem ain St to pick u ium Book for Y pa when the even outh and Open t draws closer. C la ss It es” lis and much more ts entry due da tes, program tim . Also be on th e lookout for a es, ment on the F special section air, which will b supplee included in T lication a week he Sentinel’s w or two before th eekly pube fair.

KC Fair & Rodeo Aug 20-2 3, 2015 KC Fairgro u n ds



Brooks Memorial State Park

About 10 miles north of Goldendale on 97 is St. John’s Greek Coffee Shop & Restaurant where we’ll stop for yummy, homemade Greek delicacies. And there’s a gift shop where you might want to pick up some luscious smelling soaps, lotions or incense for the unlucky ones back home who didn’t get to tag along with us. A stone’s throw away from St. John’s and on the other side of 97 is Brooks Memorial State Park, a 700-acre, year-round camping park. It has over 9 miles of hiking trails along the Little Klickitat River and up through the Ponderosa and Oregon Pine forests. At the top are open mountain meadows with a panoramic view of Mount Hood. Visitors may see deer, beaver dams, squirrels, spring wildflowers, and a variety of birds. This is a Washington State Park, so a Discover Pass is required unless it’s a Free Day*. *http://www.parks.wa.gov/167/DiscoverPass-Fees

St. John’s

baklava melts in your mouth !


St. John’s Greek Coffee Shop & Restaraunt

Just heavenly!!

St. J ohn’ s is a local



Brook s Park main entra nce is o n wes side of t SR97 (left a you’re s going north about ), 10 m north iles of Gol denda Disco le . ver P ass requi re d .

St. John’s

SR 97


Bickleton Bluebirds Beaut iful Blueb irds all summ er long!

Whoop-n-Holler Museum There’s so much to do and see in Bickleton, it needs three full pages! It’s about an hour east of Goldendale on Bickleton Hwy and what a scenic drive that is! Known as the Bluebird Capital of the World, residents work year-round to keep the little houses maintained and ready for the next generation of Bluebirds. You’ll see these lovely little feathered friends throughout the eastern part of Klickitat County. For the classic car buff, a visit to the Whoop-n-Holler Museum is a must. This is an amazing collection of vintage cars, some purchased long ago and still new! See their ad below. Another must-see is Bickleton’s Carousel Museum, in downtown Bickleton and operated by the Alder Creek Pioneer Association. Yes, there’s actually a beautifully restored, antique carousel there. And if you’re in town for the rodeo (turn the page), you’ll be amazed. This is the oldest rodeo in the state of Washington and draws quite a crowd! As far as accommodations and fare go, the Bluebird Inn is the oldest tavern in the state of Washington, and the Market Street Cafe offers delicious home-town food along with great hospitality.

Whoopn-Holle feature r s one of the larg antique est & class collecti i c ons of a utos in state , w the ith Mod el-T Fo vintage rds, pickups , even a ancient n horse-d rawn sl ed on run ners! 5 0 9 -8 9 6 -2 3 4 4

s! baby bluebird big-mouthed e, op N s? er Flow

Carousel Museum

Bickleton Car Show nin dow , m u e us r ousel M reek Pionee r a C ’s C on e Alder ns, such as Bicklet h t t a y p b o t d d, rate l so s lectio xe s, a n o We’ll a eton and ope teresting col b h c e lun i ckl ). In tonw B on (ad below d wire, antiqu . of e ati es aturday and Associ heat and barb arousel hors S e h t c w on rs woven , the restored n Car Show d modern ca s. t se an eto thusias of cour Annual Bickl ures classic n e e l c i t h The 6th weekend fea ther motor ve y o a et Labor D place to me t a i s a g re


Car n o t le Bick Sat., n o Show 5, 201 , 5 . Sept n ntow w o d leton Bick

Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo


ual th ann 5 0 1 the This deo is o R r e he Pione eo in t d o r t s o l de ton! ashing W f o e ic stat e picn h t n i jo el ! Come carous e h t & r id e 2-14, June 1 rk nd Pa Clevela

4th of

July Picnic

zed by Ju n e , b e a m a in d n e k e e w deo. On the 2nd r Picnic & Ro e e n io P k e re er C his the 105th Ald umber, it is! T n ig b a e st lik n state’s olde If 105 sounds to g in h s a W time is n yo u rompin’ good are more tha s o c n ro b ’ in k buc edate rodeo. If the res a more s tu a fe o ls a it re info can handle, carousel. Mo e u q ti n a n a on ly.com/ carousel ride icrodeo.weeb n ic rp e e n io n p k other Bickleto at: aldercree n a is r, te la s eek ast on Then, just 3 w whole-hog ro a g n ri tu a fe e bring along a o picnic, this on s , k c lu to p . It’s a the 4th of July side dish.

Wha dd thin ya Shou k? l head d we south or ea st?

Our Journey’s End


head , we’ll y t n u o ckitat C way to Roo li K h g e u furey thro t Road all th Holler; then, n r u jo as ur -n e plete o along E the Whoop fills. Garbag ing s To com of Bickleton t d s e’ll pa est lan here, genera ut w g r o y la h a t w 's u so se the ntry ely, good u Along lternat he cou sevelt. h, is one of t attle is put to power grid. A miles until l e ut 0 ther so ar away as S the electrica n for about 2 re you’ll f o o t t s He from a as that adds out of Bickle head south. tensive in t g l h s l ’l it a a e w r e natu e re w inue o life e fed ld cont ale Road wh sert comes t s, som u m o r c a f e w rd de ble ea ch Alde e. The vegeta make this ar we rea a big surpris eyards and r in r ia Rive be in fo agriculture. V the Columb the county. in d om irrigate r pumped fr l zones a r u lt u e ic at with w e richest agr h t f one o

You’ve been the best travelin’ bud - I’m bummed you re leavin’! We Bigfeet don’t say good-bye, so I’ll just hide out, as usual, ‘til I see ya again next year.

Gordon Wilkins (aka Bigfoot)

A ld



h Orc ale

choolhouse Old Dot S




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Alder Creek Pioneer Association Allyn's Building Center

Alpaca Annex at Meadowrock Alpacas

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American Legion, Goldendale


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Bickleton's Market Street Café & Grocery


L'abri Architectural Products

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Community Grace Brethren Church


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Goldendale Golf Club

Goldendale Market Fresh (IGA) Goldendale Tire Factory

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Goldendale Coffee

KC Senior Services





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