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Gifford Pinchot National Forest


e’re starting our adventure at the north‐western edge of Klickitat County in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, near Trout Lake. Gifford Pinchot National Forest is one of the older national forests in the United States. This magnificent wilderness encompasses 1,368,300 acres including the splendor of Mt. Adams. A portion of the Mount Rainier Forest Reserve was set aside on July 1, 1908, and dubbed the Columbia National Forest. It was later renamed the Gifford Pinchot National For‐ est on June 15, 1949, in honor of Gifford Pinchot, one of the leading figures in the creation of the national forest system of the United States. In 1985 the non‐ profit Gifford Pinchot Task Force formed to promote conservation of the forest. There’s something for everyone here–breakfast

over the fire, Ice Caves, Natural Bridges, and yummy huckleberries. Get directions to all these from the Trout Lake Ranger Station (509‐395‐3400). Ask the ranger about other treasures you won’t want to miss as well as area fire restrictions. You’ll be delighted to find majestic Mt. Adams watching over most of our trek through the county. Second only to Mt. Shasta, it’s the largest (not tallest) mountain in mass and area on the entire west coast of the U.S. So because we’re so close to it here, it looms wondrously. Visit

Mt Adams from High Prairie



the inside scoop 2022 - 2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY





Fishing & Hunting Discover the best locations and how to follow local regulations.


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KC Wineries

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Fertile soils and consummate climates provide perfect conditions for award-winning wines.

History (with historic map) of graveyards in our county. You may just find yourself to be another taphophile.


Conboy Lake Nat’l Wildlife Refuge Pristine venue to vivacious variety of plants, birds, & animals


Columbia Gorge Water Sports Rafting, kayaking,windsurfing, and more–our winds make these world class!


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Check out our places of worship.

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Visit our very own full size replica of the original, prehistoric, neolithic structure.

First macadam asphaltpaved road in the Pacific Northwest.

Magnificent views, hiking, & history


Stonehenge War Memorial


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Exotic animals from A for Antelope to Z for Zebra



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Food & Snooze Find out where to drink, feast, & catch some ZZZs.

Moon Over Goldendale

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Natural Bridges

Water Falls


he spectacular geography of Gifford Pinchot National Forest is largely influenced by Mt. Adams. During its volcanic heyday, lava ran freely from this monumental mount. As it dried, lava tubes were formed. Some collapsed to create amazing ice caves. Others formed arched, natural bridges whole families can walk over. As we visit these, we’ll experience both extremes of the temperature spectrum, so dress in layers! For our ice-capade, heed this caution sign, so you’re prepared for the dark, the

Ice Caves

cold, and the iciness beneath your feet. Well-treaded shoes will be needed to help keep your footing on the mighty slick ice floor. And be sure everyone has their own flashlight, ’cause it’s dark! Trails run across the top of both the caves and the bridges. The Trout Lake Ranger Station on Hwy 141 (509-395-3400) can direct you to both and provide a map. Just be sure to watch below for any lurking trolls or Yetis!

Lower Falls

Take a delicious step back in time!

Guler Ice Cave Entrance/Exit

• Hunting/Fishing Licenses • Beer & Spirits • Huckleberries • Tourist info Gifford Pinchot Natural Bridge

2383 Highway 141, Trout Lake, WA 98650 • 509.395.2777 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY



Windy Gorge Betta Ledbetter



e welcome you all, great and small, to experience an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life with our humble, rural land of wonder. Whether you choose to partake in world-class wine tasting, experience white water thrills, sample the produce of our fertile agricultural soils, feast your eyes on some of the most spectacular vistas Mother Earth can display, or simply enjoy good old-fashioned, hometown hospitality, Klickitat County has something for everyone, from the faint-of-heart to the most adventurous. While we normally have heaps of happenings, especially during warm weather, we cannot know whether or not the pandemic will put another unpredictable damper on what we can offer. Although State mandates are currently lightening up as of the production of this 2022 Journey through Klickitat County, new COVID variants may require a return to more protective measures. We choose to assume the fun’s still on, and you’ll find summer fairs, rodeos, and events from one end of the county to the other. But please always check ahead—just in case. Even if regularly scheduled events are restricted, 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTYin the prisoutdoor adventures abound. Go camping

tine wilds of Gifford Pinchot National Forest, visit the Trout Lake Ice Caves, delight your palate with luscious huckleberries, hike any one of our scenically titillating trails. We’re also home to the world-renowned Maryhill Museum (with original Rodin art, among others) along with five other museums! You’ll find an amazing number of award-winning wineries located throughout the county, as well. Check out our wine directory. There’s also the astronomically awesome (and famous) Goldendale Observatory where you can observe the cosmic gallery from one of the really powerful telescopes. And we’ve got our very own full-scale Stonehenge, so true-to-life, scholars come here to study what the original was like. These few introductory words do little justice to all we have to offer; so instead, please join in on a phenomenal Journey through Klickitat County, full of photographic wonders in the following pages. Stuff this guide in your pocket. It’s field-ready, not just another pretty magazine. And who knows? Like so many of us, you may choose to make Klickitat County your new home.

~ Your

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Trout Lake T

rout Lake is a beloved stomping ground for locals and visitors alike. Quaint tho’ it is, it sports a country store, gas station, and a café and espresso bar (with heavenly huckleberry smoothies). These offerings are all moments from pristine wilderness with camping, hiking, horseback riding trails, crystal clear lakes, ice caves, and more! Turn back a couple pages for details. Camp Jonah hosts day and overnight camps for kids throughout the summer. These start in June and fill up fast. Check, or call 509395-2900 for more info. The annual Family Fun Day is June 4, 2022 with a BBQ and fun for the whole family. Included are a BBQ, silent auction, and carnival games. The auction is online again this year. The Trout Lake 100, near the Mt Adams Horse Camp on June 3, 2022, is an equestrian’s dream. This endurance event offers 25, 50, 75, & 100 mile rides, as well as a 12 mile intro ride, a 25 mile ride & tie, and a 100 mile Test Your Mettle team relay. Go to their Facebook page for more info. The 9th annual Wild Woman Marathon, Relay, and 50K was paused for 2022 to encourage and empower all women to take time for themselves. Gladly this unique event, at the base of Mt Adams, organized by women for women will return in 2023. has the details. Later this summer Trout Lake hosts their 56th annual fair from Aug 5-7, 2022. Festivities begin with a community potluck. Contests, food, and lots of fun follow. For the full scoop, go to

Zen Buddhist monk and a Druid priest. The setting is outwardly stunning and inwardly peaceful. The Bed & Breakfast is now open to overnight guests. And the abbey welcomes day visitors to tour the lovely grounds. Please visit for more info.

Kindness, Compassion

We listen, respect your individual needs, provide honest information, offer sincere guidance, and strive to make your trying time easier. Family-owned and operated

Gardner Vets Lead Trout Lake Fair Parade

Funeral Home 1270 N Main St White Salmon, WA

509.493.1323 Another must-see while in town is the Trout Lake Abbey, the product of a 20-year friendship between a

Columbia Hills Memorial Chapel 300 W Broadway Goldendale, WA


FISHING & HUNTING IN KLICKITAT COUNTY Special to the Goldendale Sentinel

a bunch of fish, a shad outing can be a fun one. The best place to fish for them in Klickitat County is just below the FISHING John Day Dam. COLUMBIA RIVER: The mighty Columbia offers a Despite all of these opportunities, the main target for plethora of fishing opportunities along the border of most anglers in the Columbia River Gorge is salmon and Klickitat County. Walleye bite there are some outstanding opporyear-round and trophy fish of eight tunities to be had fishing from pounds or better can be caught in boats off the mouth of the White the late winter before they spawn. Salmon, Klickitat, and Deschutes A bigger fish caught throughout Rivers. While the spring and sumthe year is the sturgeon, which can mer run Chinook draw a certain grow up to eleven feet in length. amount of attention the salmon You can catch and release them fishing really shines in the Gorge anytime and in January and Februfrom late August until early Noary there are usually opportunities vember when the fall Chinook arto actually catch and keep one of rive, followed a few weeks later by these prehistoric looking fish coho salmon. The run forecast for within a certain slot size limit. coho salmon this year is projected The smallmouth bass offers a to be outstanding, with a million spring to fall fishery and this secexpected to come up from the tion of the Columbia receives relamouth of the Columbia River. tively little pressure. This is KLICKITAT RIVER: The Klickitat surprising, given how good of a doesn’t get the press of other bass fishery this is. Fish off rip salmon and steelhead rivers and courtesy Dave Kilhefner rap from shore or a boat to get into the locals like it that way. From John Kruse with Chinook Salmon bass using spinners, crankbaits, or August until the new year, the soft plastics. Klick, as it’s often called, provides solid fishing for sumAnother seasonal fish is the American shad. In recent mer steelhead, Chinook salmon, and in the lower reaches, years we’ve seen shad runs of four to six million fish becoho salmon too. The lower part of the river by the mouth tween late May and mid-July. Weighing one to five pounds, is favored by salmon anglers when those runs occur. Steelthey are scrappy fighters. If you are just looking to catch head (as well as resident rainbow trout) are distributed throughout the rest of the river system upstream. There is some access for bank anglers but a really good way to fish this river is out of a raft or drift boat. If you’ve never done this before you should go with a guide at least once to find out not only where the best runs are, but also where problematic rapids or drops are located. LAKES: The main publicly accessible lakes in Klickitat County are found in close proximity to the Columbia River. Two of them are found in state parks (Horsethief Lake at Columbia Hills State Park and Maryhill Pond at Maryhill State Park). RowRowland land Lake lies along State HighLake way 14 near Bingen and Spearfish Lake is a 17-acre lake just north of The Dalles Dam. LOCALLY-INSPIRED, AWARD-WINNIN NG BEERS AND A DIVERSE FOOD MENU IN AN ATMOSPHERE DESIGNED S FOR EVERYBODY! All of these lakes are stocked with catchable size rainbow trout (as well as some larger ones) by Washington DepartCHECK EVERYBODYSBREWING.COM M FOR UPDATED HOURS & SPECIALS. ment of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) several times a year. 177 E. JEWETT BLVVD WHITE SALLMON, WA 98672 509.637.2774 Most of these waters also hold panfish, bass, and bullhead. All of these lakes are open for fishing from the 4th Saturday of April until October 31 (except for Maryhill Pond, 8 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY

open year-round). HUNTING TURKEY – Northeast Washington might be the ultimate place to be for turkey hunters but Klickitat County and the counties surrounding the Blue Mountains are tied for second. In 2020 a total of 461 turkey were harvested in each of these areas during the spring season. In the fall an additional 155 turkey were harvested in Klickitat County. WDFW biologists reported healthy turkey populations going into the 2021 fall season, and hunters should expect a good number of gobblers in the woods again this year. The best places to look for turkey are in the Klickitat River drainage to include the Klickitat Wildlife Area or in the Simcoe Mountains at lower elevations. Most of the land in this latter area is private, but many landowners consider turkeys a nuisance and might be inclined to give respectful hunters permission to go after these birds on their property. DEER– Klickitat County has a sizeable mule deer herd that appears to have recovered from a bad winter in 2016 2017. In 2020 the West Klickitat and East Klickitat Game Management Units provided a healthy harvest of deer. A total of 693 deer were taken during the fall season, the vast majority of them quality 3 or 4-point bucks. There are some public land opportunities for deer in the Klickitat Wildlife Area and on the Dept. of Natural Resources lands, but other lands are owned by timber companies. Fortunately, several offer access to these lands. Check with the respective timber company that owns the land you are in-

terested in hunting for details prior to entering their property. Other hunting opportunities in Klickitat County include the chance for bear in the forests or select fowl in grain fields in the east part of the county. There are also limited opportunities for elk, waterfowl, quail, and pheasant planted at designated WDFW release sites. Be sure to check the regulations and emergency rule updates at before heading out into the field or on the water. –John Kruse (outdoors writer/radio broadcaster)


Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge


ust 11.2 miles (roughly 20 minutes) out of Trout Lake, heading east on Trout Lake Hwy, you’ll find Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This area is one of the hidden jewels of the Refuge System. It currently encompasses 6,532 acres of the historic Conboy/Camas lakebeds, a shallow marshy wetland area drained by early settlers. Conifer forests, grasslands, shallow wetlands, and deep water provide homes for deer, elk,

Party ’til the Cows Come Home

A few of our 2021 stars

beaver, coyote, otter, small rodents, and hundreds of bird species, as well as numerous amphibians, reptiles, and fish. Bald eagle, greater sandhill crane, and the Oregon spotted frog are species of concern. Refuge visitors enjoy the scenery, hike the Willard Springs trail, and observe wildlife from the county roads that surround and cross the refuge. NATURE OF THE AREA Conboy Lake Refuge protects and manages habitats that are home to so much life that it is difficult even to identify it all. There are 7 amphibian, 10 reptile, 40 mammal, and 165 bird species on the refuge. This does not include a myriad of invertebrates and many plants, fungi, lichens, etc. Rainbow trout live in the streams. Tundra swans, pintail, and mallard feed and rest in the lake. Frogs, salamanders, and toads grow in the adjacent calm pools. A rich variety of meadow plants host colorful dragonflies and butterflies. The prairie grasses feed both elk and cranes. Jays, grouse, and squirrels find homes in the forest. Other residents include marsh wren, racer, deer mouse, American kestrel, snowshoe hare, and coyote. Greater sandhill cranes need isolated, open, wet meadows or shallow marshes on the edges of rivers or lakes. Open meadows allow them to see predators from a distance, but there is some indication they select nest sites near interspersed groves--perhaps for wind and storm protection. Each family, parents and young called "colts," may actively protect as much as 250 acres. For centuries the Conboy Lake region has provided homes for cranes, but early settlers found it ideal for farming and cattle. To increase hay production, they partially

Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo August 18 - 21, 2022 Celebrating 78 years! 10 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY

Mt Adams over Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge

drained Conboy Lake. Loss of habitat to such activities, along with hunting, took its toll on wildlife. By the end of the 19th century, journal entries indicate a scarcity of game–ducks, geese, and swans–in this area. Easily disturbed, cranes did not tolerate the increasing human population. Eventually, nesting pairs could not find suitable habitat. In 1964, Conboy Lake Refuge was established to preserve and restore this key habitat. Ironically, the refuge was not created for cranes; and yet in 1979, one pair returned. Today there are about 14 pairs.

In 1992, biologists found the Oregon spotted frog here, in healthy numbers, making Conboy Lake one of only four such populations in Washington. Spotted frogs occur in only 10-22% of their historic range in Washington, prompting a listing of this amphibian as a State endangered species. HISTORY OF THE AREA Drawn by accounts of the valley's abundant resources, settlers like Peter Conboy, for whom the lake is named, began arriving in the area during the 1870s. The WhitcombCole hewn log house near refuge headquarters remains as an example of the homes they built, and is one of only a few pioneer log homes still standing in Klickitat County. It originally stood two miles across the lake on land first settled by Stephen Whitcomb. In 1891 John Cole acquired

Treaty of 1855, which established the Yakama Reservation. When the treaty was violated by gold prospectors, he led the Yakama, Palouse, and Klickitat against the US Army. He was forced into exile in Canada but eventually returned renouncing his leadership role. He died in 1877 in Palouse country. Excerpted from: ashington.html




• in Klickitat County (2021-2016) Home & Land Sales • in Goldendale (2021-2014) Home & Land Sales

Darlisa Black Whitcomb-Cole Cabin

the land from Whitcomb and built the main structure of the house which included a large downstairs room that served as a kitchen, dining, sitting, and family room. These were pretty cozy quarters for a family of seven! The Coles sold the property in 1911 and and the house remained inhabited for another 40 years until abandoned in the late 1950s. As a result of its abandonment, the home fell into disrepair until 1987 when the entire structure was moved to its current location and restored. Today, the house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is open for visitors to wander in and imagine life in a common prairie home of over a century ago. IMPORTANT TO NATIVE PEOPLES The Klickitat people know this prairie as "tahk" and found it a reliable source for game and vegetable foods-often with a surplus for storage. Here they gathered, as did the Yakama, to collect camas plant roots in the spring. While the women dug and dried the camas roots, the men would hunt and fish. The use of Conboy Lake by Native Americans has a long history. Archaeological evidence shows encampments on the lake shore dating between 7,000 and 11,000 years ago-possibly while ice age glaciers from Mt. Adams still reached into the valley. In the 1850s Francis A. Chenowith, first Speaker of the Washington Territorial legislature, wrote letters to The Oregonian newspaper describing his travels in the region. One such trip took him to Camas Prairie, where he met Chief Kamiakin of the Yakama Tribe. Chief Kamiakin was one of the principle signers of the

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The Legend of BigFoot... ...or is it “legend”? And if not, just how many of these elusive and supposedly intelligent creatures with human-like faces are there? The Bigfoot figure is common to the folklore of most Northwest Native American tribes. Native American Bigfoot legends usually describe the creatures as around 6-9 feet tall, very strong, hairy, uncivilized, and often foul-smelling, usually living in the woods, and often foraging at night. Native American Bigfoot creatures are almost always said to be unable to speak human languages, using whistles, grunts, and gestures to communicate with each other. In some stories, male Bigfeet are said to be able to mate with human women. In some Native stories, Bigfoot may have minor supernatural powers–the ability to turn invisible, for example–but they are always considered physical creatures of the forest, not spirits or ghosts. (See for more info.) Even TV shows are going on the hunt. The Animal Planet show, Finding Bigfoot, lasted into its 12th season. And in the 2014 Spike TV reality show, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, nine teams were given the task of searching for scientific proof that would hold up under scientific scrutiny of the existence of Bigfoot. Spike TV touted this as the "the largest cash prize in televi-

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sion history" for "irrefutable evidence" that Bigfoot, in fact exists. Fact or fiction? Go find out for yourself. But don’t wander too far! 301 S Columbus, Goldendale, WA 98620 509.773.3755 • 800.895.1384 • Fax 509.773.4656

Outlet Falls, Near Glenwood


The Glories of Glenwood O

n the way to our next stop, Glenwood, 17 miles east of Trout Lake on Trout Lake Hwy (one of many scenic drives throughout the county), be sure to visit Outlet Falls, a 69-foot cascade fed by Outlet Creek, which runs through the 200-foot-deep Klickitat Canyon. To reach this alluring location, slow down between mileposts 5 and 6 on Glenwood Hwy. Look for a grove of tall evergreens with a rough wide opening on the east side of the road. Watch your step! There’s a steep bluff to get to the Falls with no guardrail or fences. But the precarious hike is well worth the effort when you reach the base of the falls and its deep, pristine pool. To stay a night or two in the area, check out Outlet Campground, just a ways back toward Glenwood from the Falls. It is a bit primitive with older outhouses and no water source but campers can stay for free. Glenwood, at the foot of Mt. Adams, hosts stunning scenery and loads of history. It’s also home to the rousing Ketchum Kalf Rodeo. The first rodeo was held July 4, 1934 under the name of “Mt Adams Cattle Association.” It was held in an open field without chutes, corrals, or grandstands, and the stock was supplied by local farmers and ranchers. In 1937 it moved to a different field behind the post office. Pete Conboy donated the land currently being used for the rodeo to the Glenwood Rodeo Association in 1941. The name changed to the Ketchum Kalf Rodeo in 1943 and is held every year on Father’s Day Weekend.

88 th



Father’s Day Weekend

Say “Hi!” to BigFoot while chilling out at the Glenwood General Store. If he’s too shy to appear, get some selfies with his life-size statue.

Shop with us, put your feet up, and enjoy our delicious homemade meals!

• Hot Deli • Homemade Pizza • WiFi Hotspot • Lotto • Hunting/fishing Licenses & Supplies • Camping Gear • Hardware • Groceries • Beer & Wine Mon - Thur: 5:30 am - 8 pm Fri & Sat: 5:30 am - 9 pm 208 E Main, Glenwood


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Water Sports in the ... I

f you ask water sports fanatics about the most rewarding spots along the American west coast to indulge their passion, the Columbia River Gorge—truly one of the world’s most beautiful waterways—is bound to be mentioned. The northeastern edge of the Gorge is in Klickitat County, and it boasts the best of kayaking, jet skiing, Hobie cat sailing, kite boarding, motorized boating, and windsurfing. Only a little further north of the mighty Columbia are the White Salmon and Klickitat Rivers, where you can enjoy fishing, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, and whitewater rafting. Depending where the wind and swells are best on any given day, Bingen Marina, Doug’s Beach, Avery Boat Launch, Maryhill State Park, or Roosevelt Park offer day-to-day windsurfing challenges for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Doug’s Beach is a popular location between Lyle and Dallesport, but many protected near-shore areas provide comfort for beginners, while the more exposed areas of current and crosswinds challenge veteran windsurfers as they perform killer loops and other acrobatic maneuvers. Both the Klickitat and White Salmon rivers provide excellent whitewater rafting and kayaking and boast several Class V rapids. The Klickitat River provides spring season adventure for whitewater

enthusiasts and summer rafting and tubing for novices and family groups. The glacier-fed White Salmon River provides whitewater challenges throughout the year and is noted for its rapid succession of Class IV and V rapids.

Fishermen, we have salmon galore!

Photo: Zach Dischner

Independently Owned Community Store ___________________________________ 77 NE Wauna St, White Salmon, WA 98672 White Salmon Windsurfing



Columbia River Gorge

We’ll get you started by trekking down picturesque BZ Glenwood Hwy to 141 and then on to BZ Corner. Plan your water extravaganzas with any of these experienced pros: Zoller’s Outdoor Odysseys (, Wet Planet

(, and/or River Drifters ( Grab your wetsuit (it’s cold all year), helmet, oars, and hang on for dear life!

Be Active! Have FUN with Us!

Little White Salmon River

• Two Volleyball courts coming summer of 2022 • Youth: Soccer, Football, & Summer Day Camp • Pool: Lap swimming, Aerobics, Lessons, Party rentals • Community Gardens • Walking Trails • Art Classes • Disc Golf • & More!

Online registration available for soccer, football, & swimming lessons. 509.773.0506 •

Central Klickitat County Parks & Recreation District Photo: Zach Dischner


White Salmon

Mt Adams Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center

Bavarian Alps Village? No, only our very own Whimsical White Salmon


re you getting the sense of having stepped back in time to a simpler, more rustic way of life? Well, it will carry on right into our next destination, White Salmon. This bustling population of 2,500 makes it one of the largest cities in Klickitat County, second only to Goldendale, the county seat.

What’s there to do here? More than you can imagine! Start by observing just how much White Salmon actually loves its salmon. You’ll see its namesake in public displays of art throughout town. There’s even a large salmon mural painted on the side of the Glassworks building. And what is one of those salmon doing? Why, blowing glass, of course! Stop at the Mt Adams Chamber of Commerce & Vistor Centor on the south side of SR 14 for all the scoop. (Nature calling? They have public restrooms, as do the public parks.) The breathtaking views that are ubiquitous through-



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517 N Mill, Goldendale 509.773.4796

their Facebook page for details. The 44th Annual White Salmon Spring Festival, is scheduled for the first weekend in June 2022 at Rheingarten Park–which day, though, is still undecided, so please check their website. The Spring Fest was closed for 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, so this greatly missed event is expected to be jam-packed, as it had been every other year since 1976, drawing 3,000+ visi-


anywhere in Klickitat County! White Salmon Glassworks Mural

out the county are no exception here. Due to White Salmon’s elevation on a bluff overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, Mt Hood provides a monumental backdrop to most ventures through the city. The downtown businesses along Jewett had parklets installed in the spring of 2021, which provide wonderful outdoor seating areas. You want more? After all the river water activities, how ’bout some land lubber fun? If you’re game, wring yourself out, and head over to the new White Salmon Bike Park–aka Spokes Bike Park. This family friendly, non-motorized mountain bike and bmx skills park resides at the City of White Salmon’s Barrow Pit on Jewett Creek. This innovative project has been an amazing community collaboration, from the support of the city, to the creatively talented designs, to the generous donations from individuals for materials, to the hard-working volunteers who have tirelessly invested their sweat equity. You don’t want to miss this hidden treasure. Visit

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Jed 509.250.2100 175 Wing Rd, Goldendale Wa lic # GQEQUEL849NK White Salmon Tulips near Pioneer Cemetery


White Salmon


tors each year. It boasts a great parade, entertainment, food & drink, games, competitions, and non-stop family fun for all! Dogs can come, too, but must be leashed.

Spokes Bike park–Winter Jumps above right

The 2022 Spring Festival has an updated theme, more activities, and a focus on youth. Regarding the latter, come see (or enter) the Youth Talent Competition,

July 4th Entertainment from Gorge Winds

where young folks showcase what they're best at, be it music (singing, lip syncing, playing), drama, athletics, dance, comedy, or whatever else tickles their fancy. And what an entertainment line-up! Besides a White Salmon Fireman’s breakfast, you’ll find lots of music, comedy, and dancing! If you're an exercise buff, come enjoy jazzercise, a doubles tennis tournament, and 3-on-


Daubenspeck Park Event Gathering

3 basketball. So mark your calendar, and visit for details. Love parades? Then don’t miss out on White Salmon’s 2022 4th of July Parade and Celebration in the Park. Salute our veterans who are given special placement in the procession. It starts near Harvest Market, winds through downtown Jewett Blvd, and ends up

“Oh Joy of Joy” Statue, 306 W Humboldt St, Bingen

Things are a little easier since the Oregon Trail Days now that you have Pathfinder Real Estate to help you along the way Any one of our experienced professionals will be delighted to light your path: • Lori Clark, Designated Broker/Owner • 541-490-9721 • Licensed WA & OR • Brad Bookmyer, Broker • 541-490-3605 • Licensed WA

Klickitat County offers picture perfect views!

• Lacy Carse, Broker • 541-993-5789 • Licensed WA • Mike Nilson, Broker • 541-806-0427 • Licensed WA • Cathy Titchenal, Managing Broker • 509-637-3997 • Licensed WA • Jordan Howard, Office Manager

PATHFINDER REAL ESTATE 1030 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon, WA

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White Salmon

continued lighting, both of which delight travelers near and far.

White Salmon Spring Fest Participant

at Rheingarten Park where the veterans get deposited, and we start the celebration with live music. There will be VIP seating for our vets and their guests. Everyone else please bring a chair or picnic blanket. Want to march along? Contact the Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce to learn how you can participate. Also check out the event’s Facebook page. I’m Dreaming of a White Salmon is an annual holiday tradition. It includes Dock Grade ornaments that go up around Thanksgiving and an early December tree



Saturdays 9am - 2pm Lawn of the

Goldendale Chamber 903 E Broadway

May 14- Sep 24 Darlisa Black Many an Event Held here



Darlisa Black Downtown Bingen–as Colorful as the Rainbow


eading a bit further east on SR 14, our next stop is the city of Bingen. This tiny burg is guaranteed to charm your senses, beginning with its visual appeal where you’ll delight in magnificent views of the Columbia River Gorge. For stunning sea level sights, visit the Marina, the Marina Park, and The Point; the latter offers water access and is a great

The Point, Bingen–Fave Landing Site of Paragliders

place for dog-walking. Paragliders land at The Point after taking off from Burdoin Mt. It’s a launch point for water sports. Being next to the marina, it’s a great place to practice stand-up paddleboarding skills. The spectacular sights continue in downtown Bingen where locals and visitors enjoy displays of public art on their strolls through town. Visit the antique store while

wandering through our city streets. Bingen also knows how to quench thirsts and please palates. To sate your taste and olfactory senses, check out the top-notch eateries and pubs in town. While you’re dining on one of the delicious delectables or savoring the spectacular scenery, the kids might like to wheel on over to the new skate park in Daubenspeck Park. Here, they’ll find fun for all skill levels. The Gorge Heritage Museum is another Bingen must-

River Front View from Bingen

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see. Housed in the former Bingen Congregational Church, it was dedicated in 1912. The West Klickitat County Historical Society established the museum in 1984. Explore the vibrant heritage of the native peoples and pioneers of West Klickitat and East Skamania Counties who settled and traded along the Columbia River. The rich histories of Native Americans, explorers, trappers, pioneer settlers, fruit growers, ranchers, miners, and loggers were lived out in this scenic region between Mt. Adams and the Columbia Gorge . Recorded history in the Gorge began 1,100 years ago. Evidence of possible earlier inhabitants was destroyed by repeated floods over a period of 1,500 years. These floods devastated the Columbia River Valley and created the Columbia River Gorge as you now see it. The river provided the bounty and avenue for a trade culture between the inland and coastal natives. In the early 19th century, Lewis and Clark camped


509.773.2123 Derek Veen Serving all of Klickitat County License# PROPEPS793NT 24 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY

Gorge Heritage Museum

Bingen’s skate park in Daubenspeck Park

near Bingen Point during their passage to the Pacific Ocean. They were followed by the Hudson’s Bay Company, American Fur Company, the Oregon Trail, and immigrant settlers, entrepreneurs, and merchants. The Museum exhibits display pioneer clothing, house-hold items, logging and farming tools, and medical and surgical equipment. Also included are historical documents, newspapers, and Native American artifacts and crafts. The displays and exhibits have been donated by the families of these pioneers and collectors of history. Donations of historic materials are always welcome at the Gorge Heritage Museum. –Excerpted from Community.Gorge.Net/ghmuseum/about.html

Come Ex erience THE PRESBY HOUSE MUSEUM Home of The Klickitat County Historical Society

In our 61st year: 1962 - 2022

OPEN DAILY: 10 am to 4 pm May 1 thru October 15 127 W Broadway, Goldendale, WA 98620 • • 509.773.4303

Happy 7rails ... O

verindulge on huckleberry sweets and other festival delectables? No worries! As we journey farther east, five miles from Bingen, we can walk it all off on one of Catherine Creek’s unique and beautiful trails. Just after 4.5 miles from Bingen on 14, turn left on Old Highway (Number) 8, and follow the signs. Not only are the vistas breathtaking, but if you’re lucky enough to trek them in March through May, your eyes will feast on some of the most spectacular wildflower displays known to man. Catherine Creek Arch is pictured here. A trail loops around it. Leashed doggies are welcome!

If hiking’s in your blood, you’ll find another trekkable treat a bit further east: the 31-mile Klickitat Trail. Continue east on Old Hwy 8 to where it deadends on SR 14.

Catherine Creek Arch

Turn left on 14, go over the Klickitat River Bridge, and hang a left on WA-142 E (the sign will say “Klickitat/Wahkiacus”). Go another 400 feet, and look for the Lyle Trailhead sign. The Klickitat Trail, a non-motorized multiple use trail,

Paul Gerald

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Food as God intended it! Willard


Ask about our Buyer’s Club. Ardy

M-W: 10am-5 pm • Thu: 10am-6 pm • F: 10am-3:30pm


121 W Main Goldendale, WA



to You

Catherine Creek Wildflowers - Curious Gorge Guidebook

follows the first 31 miles of an old railroad corridor that once linked the towns of Lyle and Goldendale. It’s unique among rail trails; nowhere else is there a rail trail that starts in one of the nation’s only National Scenic Areas, winds along a nationally designated Wild & Scenic River, and finishes by going through a remote, beautiful tributary canyon.

Take the crushed rock trail for a mile along the Klickitat River to get to the foot bridge. Spectacular scenery. Visit

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Our peooppllee are tth he keeyy to your projjeect’’ss success. Estim imates are alw lway ays fr free

Licensed in in Wa Washin ington & Oreg egon



lickitat County’s scenic splendors continue into Lyle, WA, just 10 miles east of Bingen on SR 14. Diminutive though this community is, with a population of roughly 500, it has a lot to offer! For starters, it boasts four wineries alone–Cor Cellars, Klickitat Canyon, Syncline, and Tetrahedron. Check out our wine directory for more info. It’s home to Schreiner Farms. This 12,000 acre working cattle ranch also raises approximately 18 species of exotic animails from A for antelope to Z for zebra. With abundant fresh water springs and wonderful well water, the healthy animals roam freely in spacious wide-open areas. The ranch is open to the public, so you can drive through to view

these gentle herbivores, provided the rules are followed. Visit for details. Lyle residents love their history, as well, and have lovingly preserved it in their very own Twin Bridges Museum. Come by to enjoy their extensive collections. And of course the Lyle Country Café will make your mouth water with their prime rib central and “the best burgers on the river.”

Prime Rib Central with Prime Rib Sandwiches Sunday Prime Rib Breakfast And we have the Best Burgers on the River! Open 7 days a week! Sunday: 8am - 2pm Mon - Sat: 7am - 2pm 605 State St

509.365.6861 Lyle Bridge by Darlisa Black


Klickitat Canyon Days

This canyon is home to breathtaking beauty!


ow we’ll take a little detour north to the town of Klickitat, 14 miles up 142 (about a 23-minute drive) from Lyle. You’ll need sunscreen and plenty of water for this fun-filled jaunt. Klickitat Canyon Days kicks off with a free community movie on the blacktop starting at dusk Friday, July 29. July 30-31, 2022, hosts a parade, live music, vendors, beer garden, car show, reunion and a host of fun activities for the whole family. Sunday also brings the Ducky Derby-yep, 600 small plastic ducks, numbered and sponsored by participants, are floated down the Klickitat River. The Klickitat Historical Museum is another must-see while in town. Check out the caboose that

was donated in 2011. Klickitat is home to the amazing Vaux Swifts. This is a gregarious species, with flocks of 30 or more birds, and often with other swift species. Visitors are asked to respect this special bird’s habitat. And before you go, don’t miss out on the fantastic salmon and steelhead fishing on the river!

While visiting our gorgeous canyon, stock up at


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100 Main, Klickitat, WA • 509.369.4400 •


Klickitat County Elected Officials District Court East Judge, Rick Hansen Klickitat County Assessor, Crista A. Schroder Klickitat County Auditor, Brenda Sorensen Klickitat County Clerk, Renea Campbell Klickitat County Commissioner, Jacob Anderson Klickitat County Commissioner, Dan Christopher Klickitat County Commissioner, David Sauter Klickitat County Sheriff, Bob Songer Klickitat County Treasurer, Greg Gallagher Prosecuting Attorney, David Quesnel Superior Court Judge, Randall Krog

We’re here to support every citizen of our county. Please exercise your right, and Paid for by these elected officials

this year.

Move your Business to Beautiful, Rural

Goldendale Washington State’s Green Energy Capital

Investors, we’re an Opportunity Zone City!

Goldendale Industrial Park Building-ready, zoned light industrial, close to highways, rail, and the Columbia River, we welcome new business. Properties and buildings available for lease, rent, or purchase. Prices and terms negotiable. • • • •

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Goldendale Municipal Airport • • • •

For more information contact:

5 Minutes from Downtown Goldendale 3,491 ft. Runway Adjacent to Klickitat County Fairgrounds Further Development Underway

Experience Goldendale, WA

The City of Goldendale 1103 S. Columbus Ave. Goldendale, WA 98620 509.773.3771 -or- email:


A world away from the roar of city life―just two hours from Portland, Oregon • Magnificent Scenery - on the dry side of Washington State • Home of the renowned Goldendale Observatory and the Goldendale Pumped Storage Project • Low Cost of Living • Engaged Community • Growing Wine Industry • Good Schools with STEM, Music & Art Programs

Klickitat County Wine Directory CASCADE CLIFFS WINERY 8866 Hwy 14 Wishram, WA 509-767-1100

KLICKITAT CANYON WINERY 6 Lyle Snowden Rd, Lyle, WA 541-400-8147

TETRAHEDRON 421 State St (Hwy 14), Lyle, WA 509-774-8323

LE DOUBBLÉ TROUBBLÉ WINE 111 E Jewett, White Salmon, WA 509-281-3240 Thu-Tue: noon-8pm

WAVING TREE WINERY Tasting room: 2 Maryhill Hwy, Goldendale , WA Winery: 123 Maryhill Hwy, Goldendale , WA 509-773-6552

WHITE SALMON VINEYARD 63281 SR 14, Underwood, WA 509-493-4640

COR CELLARS 151 Old Hwy 8 Lyle, WA 509-365-2744

DOMAINE POUILLON 170 Lyle Snowden Rd., Lyle, WA 509-365-2795

MARYHILL WINERY 9774 Hwy 14, Goldendale, WA 509-773-1976 or 877-627-9445

JACOB WILLIAMS WINERY 3 Avery Rd (Avery Park on Hwy 14) Wishram, WA 541-645-0462

SYNCLINE WINE CELLARS 111 Balch Rd, Lyle, WA 509-365-4361


A World of Wine in 40 Miles


... is how the Columbia Gorge Wine Region is affectionately known due to its unique topography and climatic changes. In this 40 mile stretch, encompassing both sides of the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington, an extraordinary combination of climates, soils, elevation, and geology combine to produce some of the best and most varied grape varietals in the Pacific Northwest. A great transition occurs between the alpine forests of Underwood Mountain to the deserts of our eastern side, and our latitudes are shared with some of the finest wine growing regions of Europe, including Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, and Italy. The Columbia Gorge is part of two American Viticultural Areas (AVA), including the western edge of the Columbia Valley AVA and encompassing all of the Columbia Gorge AVA, which was established in 2004. In our region, the Cascade Mountain range restricts the grand Columbia River into a narrow passage. This mountain range runs north into British Columbia, and south to California, creating a drastic climate difference as rains and clouds from the Pacific move inland and get hung up on the mountains. Hence, the areas on our western border see much more rain than the deserts of our eastern border, with rainfall diminishing more than one inch per mile moving East. Soils deposited from ice age floods and volcanic eruptions define the geology. The river canyon acts as a corridor for cool marine winds, which is why the Columbia Gorge is known worldwide as a premier windsurfing and kiting playground. And our two crowning beauties, Mt Hood and Mt Adams, create vertical elevations that allow for a huge range of grapes to be grown with success. Long famous for its fine pears, apples, cherries, and other fruits, it wasn’t until the 1970s that residents started experimenting with grapes. The vines prospered, and soon folks began to recognize the Gorge as a viticultural gem. Currently, over 70% of Gorge grown grapes are exported to other wine regions such as the Willamette Valley and Walla Walla, but plenty are crushed here in the Gorge at local wineries the day they are picked. From Albariño to Zinfandel, the Columbia Gorge really is a World of Wine in 40 Miles!

129 W Main St, Goldendale

O: 509.773.5804 • F : 509.773.3515

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Naomi James Klickitat River shot from Fisher Hill Rd Bridge, which is part of Klickitat Trail. The river runs parallel to 142 through the south-central part of the county.


St. John’s Bakery

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Espresso • Greek delicacies • Gifts

Become a member today.

GOLDENDALE GOLF CLUB 1901 N Columbus, Goldendale 509.773.4705 •


Traditional, authentic Greek pastries, baklava & Greek cookies, gyros, moussaka, spanakopita, dolmas, Greek olives, & much more! Aromatic soaps & creams • Christian gifts

Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm 2378 Hwy 97 • 773-6650 / 773-7141 •

The Best Address in the Gorge could be your own ... Ginger Swanson, of Windermere, brings you: 26 years real estate negotiation experience in WA & OR Outstanding home marketing, ensuring worldwide exposure Professional photography, staging advice, and impeccable customer service

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EXPLORE MORE ON THE NORTHSHORE OF THE COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE Visit Klickitat County, Washington 1 Heritage Plaza, White Salmon, WA • 509.493.3630 •


Let these real estate brokers make a positive difference in your life when it comes to buying or selling your home. Local Knowledge • National Recognition

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Cattle Drives



The Valley of the Little Klickitat, being one of the Snipes’ cattle, grazing in the swales of the valley, that paths less-traveled in Klickitat County, invokes a sense put a stamp on the region that persists to this day. of wonder in almost everyone who experiences it for the Today, every spring, an important and revered tradifirst time. That’s been true for more than 150 years tion occurs in the valley called “working the cattle.” when Oregon Trail pioneers were crossing the ColumWhen the snows melt off the Simcoe Mountains (just bia River from The Dalles by north of Goldendale), ranchthe thousands to come ers, who’ve spent the winter north. Back then, the only hauling hay to their herds humans in the Valley were in the valley, drive these catroving bands of Native tle to the mountain pasAmericans who found the tures. Before they’re turned Valley a rich source of reout, branding, shots, ear sources that fully sustags, and other important tained and supported their work must be completed. nomadic lifestyles. These activities allow famiThat the first pioneer lies, friends, and acquainsettlers wouldn’t arrive tances to gather together for until 1858, nearly two work, food, fun, and festivdecades after the Oregon ity. Trail migration began, Before hunting season bespeaks to a place that went gins in the fall, the cattle are largely unexplored by setagain rounded up and tlers seeking homesteads driven back to the winter in the West. feeding grounds. It’s anFamillyy ow Fa wn nedd ffoor ovveer er 4433 year yeeaarss & ccoounting tiin ngg!! other chance to witness the Wagon trains first made their appearance in The cattle drive. Dalles in 1843; but the first This is one of the few 400 S Columbus, Goldendale • 866.773.4525 recorded activity in the places in the West where Valley of the Little Klickione can still say, “I was held tat, other than fur trading, up by a cattle drive.” If was that of legendary cattleman Ben Snipes in 1855. you’re lucky enough to encounter one, smile and wave. At 21, entrepreneurial Snipes secured financing for a The cowboys and cowgirls will return the wave, making herd of cattle. Through a Native American friend, he you part of a century-long tradition. - Jim Link then discovered the Valley of the Little Klickitat, where he moved his herd. It wasn’t until 1859 that settlers began filing for homesteads in the region – but it was

Wee sppeci W peecciiaalliz iizzzee in ppeer erssoonal auttoo, homee,, ers bussiinessss inssuurraancee,, and ffaarm mss & rraancchheess.


Our County’s Public Libraries


he White Salmon and Goldendale public libraries are two of 15 locations that are part of the Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries (FVRL), which is now the 5th largest library district in Washington State. In addition to traditional library services, other offer-

ings are: • streaming movies & music • eBooks, audiobook, & digital magazines • public use Wi-Fi • homework help for K-12 • the FVRL Bookmobile (photo below) Enjoy the dramatic view of Mt. Hood while browsing through the White Salmon Valley Community Library’s diverse collections for your learning and entertainment. Both branches are generously supported by FRIENDS of each library.


Our Regional Libraries are on the go for YOU!


Savor the flavvors & colors of mmer with us! spring & sum 7 am to 10 pm ~ 7 Days a week! 622 East Broadway, Goldendale, Ph. 773.3072 40 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY

he Goldendale library has served the community for over 100 years. It underwent a much-needed renovation in 2018. Visit to check out the changes; better yet, stop by! History buffs, this is one of the few Carnegie libraries left in the state. It’s listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Two book sales are planned for 2022. The first will be the weekend of May 13 & 14. The second will be during Goldendale Community Days, the weekend after July 4th. June 11, 2022 is our Yarn Bomb. Visit the library to see it, and bring knitted and crocheted materials to participate. The event calendar has more details. The Exquisite Gorge Project II: Fiber Arts is in partnership with the Maryhill Museum of Art. The Goldendale Library's partner artist's artwork will be on display at the library for the month of July then will move to the Maryhill Museum for an event on August 6.

Cemeteries of Klickitat County F

or all you cemetery enthusiasts (or taphophiles, as we’re called), Klickitat County has enough cemeteries and memorials to schedule a complete vacation around. There are Pioneer cemeteries (resting places of early settlers), Indian burial grounds, family plots, and monuments for individuals as well as for specific groups of individuals. Some mark the lives of those who lived well, while others reflect stories of lives fraught with troubles. One lone monument and marker—for Indian Agent Andrew J. Bolon dated September 1855—even identifies the beginning of the Yakama Indian War that started in October 1855. This maker is about nine miles north of Goldendale.

miles. The land was donated by a Mr. Graham to become the first cemetery east of Rock Creek and started with an eight-year-old boy buried there around 1876. Cleveland, just 4 miles west of Bickleton, was a bit of a metropolis in its day and is the location of a Pioneer cemeSee CEMETRIES, pg 61

See what you could be missing due to vision changes?

Crawford Family Cemetery - Dalles Mtn Rd

Some final resting places are well maintained, such as the cemeteries of Mt. View in Goldendale, Holy Trinity just outside Goldendale, Centerville, Mt. Adams in Glenwood, and West Klickitat District 01 in White Salmon. While others do not have the funding to keep them nicely manicured, the ancestors and loved ones laid to rest there are held in

Eye Exams and more! Glaucoma Contact Lenses Emergency Eye Care Foreign Body Removal Fashion /Safety/Sport Eyewear Cataract pre‐op & post‐op care Ogden’s Mopar Limo Service Fast, friendly, free, & fun!

Bickleton Methodist Episcopal Cemetery

no less regard. The cemeteries currently being used throughout the county, as well as some of the Pioneer cemeteries, are open to the public; however, old family graveyards and markers require permission from the landowner. On the east end of the county, you will find the Bickleton Methodist Episcopal Cemetery east of Bickleton about 2

James R. Ogden, OD 103 W Main Street, Goldendale

O: 509.773.4114 • F: 509.773.4293 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY 41

Klickitat County

”For wherever two or more are gathered in my name,

I am...” Matthew 18:20 Bickleton Evangelical Community Church

Centerville Community Church

211 S Madison, POB 127 Bickleton • 509.896.5244

508 Dalles Mountain Rd, Centerville, WA POB 1154, Goldendale

Pastor Steven Seng


Sun: 9:30am Sunday School 10:55am Worship (nursery provided)

Pastor Patti McKern

Summer: No Sunday School 9:30am Sunday Worship

Sunday: 10am Worship, streaming live on Facebook

Wed: 5pm Youth Group grades 7-12

We Serve A Risen Savior!

Find refreshment for your soul and friends for the journey!

Columbus Avenue Baptist Church

Community Grace Brethren Church

815 N Columbus Goldendale • 509.773.4471

1180 S Roosevelt, POB 226 Goldendale

Christ the King Lutheran Church 104 E Simcoe, POB 48 Goldendale • 509.773.5750

Pastor Dave Daugs Sunday: 10am Worship Empowered by the Holy Spirit through Christ, we are sent into our community and the world to tell the story of God’s love & grace.

Church of the Nazarene 124 W Allyn, POB 1500 Goldendale • 509.773.4216

Pastor Earnie Winn Pastor Greta Sines Sunday: 9:30am Study 10:30am Worship

Our Focus, God. Our Goal, Love. Our Emphasis, People.

First Baptist Church of Bingen/ White Salmon 302 E Steuben • Hwy 14, Bingen • PO Box 286

509.773.3388 Pastor Michael Block


Sun: 10:30am Worship

Pastor Patrick Tapia

Sun: 9:45am Sunday School

(nursery provided)

(all ages); 11am & 6pm Worship; (nursery provided)

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Wed: 3-4pm AWANA (Sept- Apr) 6:30pm Youth Group (grades 7-12)

Mon: 6pm Prayer Meeting Wed: 6pm Youth/Children’s groups

Learning - Living - Loving JESUS

Grief Share Streaming service online

Call or chk website for schedule

Sun: 9:45am Sunday School 11am Morning Service 6pm Evening Service Wed: 6pm Prayer Service

Action . . . our Purpose Bible . . . our Guide Christ . . . our Focus

Church Directory

Come to me, all who are weary and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Goldendale Seventh-day Adventist Church

Goldendale United Methodist Church 109 E Broadway, POB 1033 Goldendale • 509.773.4461

59 Bickleton Hwy, POB 71 Goldendale • 509.773.4381 Pastor Michael Smith Sat: 9:30am Sabbath School

Sun: 9:30am Worship

Pastor Mark Hoeffner

Alcoholics Anonymous Mon: 6:30pm & 8pm Wed & Fri: 8pm

Sunday School 8:45-9:45am 10am Worship Svc (nursery &

Free Community Meals Tue, Wed, Thu: 5:30pm

Please see our website for bible studies & activities.

All are Welcome! Visit our website for other activities.

Ss. Joachim & Anna

St Joseph’s Catholic Church Serving Catholics in the White Salmon area since 1912.

301 NW 2nd St, POB 745 Goldendale • 907.317.3828

Reverend John Phelps Sat: 5:30pm Vespers Sun: 8:15am Orthros 9:30am Liturgy Wed: 7pm Youth Group

1280 W Jewett, POB 1098 White Salmon • 509.493.2597

(Sunday School afterward)

11am Worship

Orthodox Mission

Grace Baptist Church

240 NW Washington St, White Salmon • 509.493.2828 Sat Mass: 5pm English 7pm Español Sun Mass: 9am English 11am Español 1pm Español Daily Mass/Misa Diaria:

children’s church)

10am live streaming on website & Facebook Loving People, Loving God, Making Disciples, Following Jesus Visit our website for more information.

Trout Lake First Presbyterian Church Completed in 1906, church building listed as WA historic site.

7 Church St, POB 210 Trout Lake • 509.395.2841 Rev. Dr. Scott T. Crane Sun: 10am Interactive Hybrid Worship in person or on Zoom

During COVID call office for Mass time. (Durante el COVID, llame a la oficina).

For login details email:

Wed/Miercoles: 6pm Español

New Life Assembly of God Church 1602 S Columbus, POB 92 Goldendale • 509.773.4650 Pastor Kevin Gerchak Sun: 9:30 Sun. School (all ages) 10:30 Worship Service Streams Live on Youtube Prayer times: Tue: 9am–10am Wed: Noon–1pm pm Wed: 7 Adult Bible Study, TAB (grades 7-12), New Life Kids (K-6) Please call regarding Men’s, Women’s, & 50s Plus ministries

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Columbia Hills State Park


olumbia Hills Historical State Park has three entrances: the first at milepost 85 on Hwy 14 includes a campground with trailheads to the east; the second is Horsethief Lake Park; and the third, Crawford Oaks, open to horses and bicycles, is about .5 mile east of the Butte parking; it has a great view of

Steve Nygaard “She Who Watches” Petroglyph

entrance to Horsethief Butte is 1.2 miles east of the main Horsethief Park entrance. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water. There are pit toilets and well-marked trails.

Edith Gidley Horsethief Lake State Park

the Gorge looking west. A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access. This 3,637-acre camping park has 7,500-feet of freshwater shoreline on the Columbia River. Horsethief Butte stands over the lake, dominating the skyline. The


Veteran owned

Rick Lundin • 509.774.4604 • cell: 509.314.0564 PO Box 1348, Goldendale • WA#sweethd823db • 46 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY

Mt Hood from Col Hills

Dalles Mountain Road you’ve gone to the park first, keep heading east on this sometimes bumpy gravel road. If you’re on Hwy 14, you’ll find Dalles Mountain Road at about milepost 84.5. Turn north and enjoy! On a clear day at the top, there’s a great vista of Mt Adams, Mt Rainier, and the Cascade Range.

Clinton Cummings Dalles Mtn Rd in Fall

You’ll find lots of ancient native American art on your journey through Horsethief Lake Park. Petroglyphs are images carved into rock surfaces. By etching a rock in this manner, the weathered surface, or patina, of a rock face is removed to show a lighter layer below. This action causes the image to stand out from the rest of the rock’s surface. Many petroglyphs from the now-submerged Petroglyph Canyon are on display along the "Tamani Pesh-wa Trail," a boardwalk trail created to view the petroglyphs. Learn more about these ancient works of art by visiting butte_petroglyphs.html. Moving on, hikers, bikers, painters, photographers, and Sunday drivers love Dalles Mountain Road for its exquisite, year-round beauty. This spectacular drive runs right through Columbia Hills State Park; so if

Mt Rainier

Edith Gidley Ponies Enjoy view of Mt Adams (l) & Mt Rainier (r)




ith a population of approximately 1,500, this unincorporated community is not too big, not too small, but just right. Dallesport is home to the Columbia Gorge Regional Airport–see their ad on the facing page–where visitors are welcome year-round. The original grass strip, known as Case Field, was built in the early 1920s as part of the U.S. Airmail Service. In 1942 the U.S. Corps of Engineers developed the current airfield as a WWII train-

ing facility. Their fabulous Fly-In event, a jam-packed extravaganza of current and historic air craft, has been cancelled for 2022. Be sure to check back for 2023. That info and more can be found at To get to Dallesport, turn right off of SR14 (if you’re heading east) when you see the sign for the Dalles–this is US 197 South. The town is just north of the Columbia River. Look for the airport entrance on the left.

Wishram Historic Railroad


f you love locomotives, you will not want to miss Wishram. Heading east on SR14, as soon as you’ve passed through Wishram Heights, look for the sign for Wishram. It will be another right, this time a sharp one, onto Bluff/Wishram Rd where you’ll roll steeply down to sea level and into yet another tiny town. Follow the signs to the Wishram Train Station. Wishram is the retirement home for the Great Northern 2507 where it is roofed and fenced in. This steampowered locomotive was built in 1923 at the Baldwin Locomotive Works. It was assigned to pull the Great Northern's mainline passenger trains such as the Empire Builder and Oriental Limited until being retired in December 1957 and sold to the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway. Wishram is an official train station for Amtrak. This and Bingen are the only two Amtrak stops in the county. The Wishram platform is not sheltered, so dress accordingly in extreme weather. There are also no restrooms. Passengers are requested to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure. For more information visit

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: • Machine shop • Trailer parts & repair • Welding & fabricating

• Farm equipment repair • Hay handling equipment available


Monday - Friday • 8 am to 5:30 pm 3517 S Columbus, Goldendale • 509.773.4624 48 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY

Wishram Train Order Operator, 1970

Come Lease or Fly with us! Columbia Gorge Regional Airport

Business Park

• Construction-ready sites • Land lease only for $450.00/acre • Zoning: Airport Industrial

• Taxiway exposure • Water: Dallesport Water Dist. • Sewer: Klickitat PUD

• Electric: Klickitat PUD • Telephone: Spectrum / Gorge Net • Airport info: KDLS

Jeff Renard, Airport Manager,

Discover our rich aviation history.

Columbia Gorge Regional Airport 509.767.2272 • 45 Airport Way, PO Box 285, Dallesport, WA

Maryhill Winery


uscious grapes grown in the fertile soils along the Columbia River grace Klickitat County with delicious world-class, award-winning wines that rival anything coming out of Europe! One of our many wineries, Maryhill Winery, overlooking the breath-taking Columbia River Gorge, is roughly 5 miles east of Wishram. Maryhill Winery is one of Washington's largest wine producers, outputting 80,000 cases annually. When mandates allow, visitors can enjoy wine tasting, live music on the vine-covered terrace every weekend, Memorial Day through September, tours and special events, and

tournament-quality bocce courts. Drawing more than 75,000 wine enthusiasts from around the globe each year ranks Maryhill among the top-five most visited wineries in the state. It has been honored with more than 3,000 awards since its first vintage in 2001, including being named 2015 Pacific Northwest Winery of the Year by Wine Press Northwest and the 2014 Winery of the Year at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. And it now has a bistro! See Maryhill Winery’s back cover ad and Journey’s Wine Directory for more wine tasting adventures!

Fun & Friendly Team • Full-service Deli • Fresh Fried Chicken • Pies, Cakes, Cookies • Fresh Produce (including organic) • Fresh Meat • Custom Meat Orders • Great Wine Selection • Greeting Cards

509.773.4958 320 S Columbus Ave, Goldendale • Family Owned & Operated Since 1977




Maryhill Museum Welcomes You


ight next to the award-winning winery, our next stop is the award-winning Maryhill Museum of Art. The structure, a work of art in its own right, was originally intended as a mansion for Sam Hill (1857–1931), one of the most colorful and influential figures in the Pacific Northwest in the early 1900s. Hill was a successful businessman, world traveler, builder of monuments, and early advocate of paved roads. This is the place for indulgence in fine & performing arts and architectural appreciation, while basking in the glory of the Columbia River Gorge.

The Museum Overlooks the Columbia River

Among the museum’s permanent exhibits is Auguste Rodin. This includes smaller-scale versions of well-known sculptures, such as The Thinker, The Hand of God, The Age of Bronze, and the life-size plaster of Eve. As well, there are special exhibitions. Visit for more info.

Goldendale Travel Center Meet the Stars . . . See the Sites . . . Stay a while

A stellar experience with great wi-fi & easy access

Dine-in, Delivery, Carry-out 821 E Simcoe Dr 509-773-9900 800 E Simcoe Dr • (just off/west of Hwy 97) • 509.773.7827

FREE Breakfast! Gold Award Property

Corner Chevron

Fresh Salad Bar

808 E Simcoe Dr • 509-773-5881 •

821 E Simcoe Dr • 509-773-6400

Stonehenge War Memorial T his amazing, full-size replica of the original neolithic structure in England was designed and built by Sam Hill in 1918 in honor of and dedicated to the WWI servicemen of Klickitat County who died, many in their teens, in the service of our country during the Great War.

Bedazzled by Bickleton Ben Canales

Carousel Museum Apr thru Sept 509.896.2007 Fri & Sat: 10am - 3pm Sun: noon - 4pm (Other times by appt: Lynn 509.896.2565)

Herschell-Spillman Merry-go-round,circa 1905 Purchased in 1929 for$$500

Oldest Rodeo in Washington State 2nd weekend in June Call Tyler Jensen 509.896.5115 Alder Creek Picnic & Rodeo

started in 1911

Guided by leading authorities on archaeology, astronomy, and engineering, Hill combined their knowledge to duplicate, as nearly as possible, the original size and design of the ancient ruin in England. The original idea was to use local stone; however, when the rock proved unsatisfactory, Hill decided to use reinforced concrete. (The rough, hand-hewn looking texture was created by lining the wooden forms with crumpled tin.) Aptly overlooking the magnificent Columbia River Gorge, Stonehenge is a monument to heroism and peace. When Samuel Hill died in 1931, his body was cremated and the ashes placed in a crypt just below the Stonehenge Memorial. The original crypt deteriorated Sam Hill in the next 25 years and was replaced in 1955 by a granite monument bearing his epitaph: “Samuel Hill: Amid nature’s great unrest, he sought rest.” -–

Maryhill Park & Peach Beach with luscious fruit, honey, and other delectables., all for sale! *Find “Free Days” at

Tempie Davies Delicate Blooms Produce Delicious Fruit

Now we’ll visit beautiful and relaxing Maryhill State Park and campgrounds, right on the Columbia River and a stone’s throw from Stonehenge. Here you can camp, swim, picnic, and feast on the view. Maryhill State Park has it all! This lovely getaway is part of Washington State Parks, so unless it’s a free day*, you’ll need a Discover Pass to enter, which you can buy at the park entrance. Maryhill State Park is next to RV camp, Peach Beach. Discover more at And don’t miss the charming little town of Maryhill just outside the park. It will delight your eyes in the spring with its blossoming fruit orchards and quench your palate in the summer

RV & Tent Camping–right on the river!


Take the High (and loopy) Road


aryhill Museum of Art founder Sam Hill was one of the Northwest’s first and most vocal advocates for modern roads. He was president of the Washington State Good Roads Association and spent much of his life championing the importance of highways in the

Weellccoom Welcom mee

from your crew at

Golden ol ld de en nd dal dal da le e MARYHILL LOOPS ROAD: Remains an attraction for history and scenery fans.

Services include: Air conditioning Oil Changes Tire Rotation & Rebalancing

Flat Repairs Alignments Brakes

and much more!

Because we understand how much you rely on your wheels.

Northwest. In 1913 Sam Hill convinced the Oregon governor and legislature to visit Maryhill and see the 10 miles of demonstration roads he had constructed over the prior four years, at his own expense, as a way to experiment with road building techniques and surfaces. Located off Washington SR 14, the historic Maryhill Loops Road was the first macadam asphalt-paved road in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to the construction of US 97, it served as the only road between the Columbia River and Goldendale, Washington. Historically, it was part of a larger road that encompassed several miles, over which seven different experimental roads were constructed. It rises 850 feet in a series of 25 curves, eight of them hairpin turns, at a grade of 5 percent. In 1998, a 3.6-mile section of the road was completely refurbished and received the Outstanding Project of Historical Significance Award from the American Public Works Association, Washington State Chapter. —Maryhill Museum of Art Visit for more museum treasures.

773.3741 765 East Broadway, Goldendale DUNLOP D UNLOP UN OP


Maryhill Loops Rd is venue to numerous sporting events

Goldendale W

elcome to Goldendale, our county seat and, as we like to say, truly a Golden Dale. It is aptly located midway along the Klickitat County east-west aerial point. It’s slightly south of the heart of Klickitat County. Goldendale sits on a fertile plateau 10 miles north of the Columbia River between the wind- swept Columbia Hills and the pine-covered Simcoe Mountains of SouthCentral Washington. The sprawling area contains pine forests, fertile farmland, and high desert. A population of roughly 3,600 within city limits may not make this a booming metropolis anywhere else in the U.S. In our rural county, however, it is the largest city–don’t forget, we only have one stop light in the entire county, and it’s not even in Goldendale! In 1872 the town was given its name by the early homesteader John Golden, a Pennsylvania-born farmer who settled with his wife from Oregon. The house built by his son-in-law, Curtis M. Shelton, at Columbus and Collins remains standing in downtown Goldendale.

“Know All Men by these presents that I, John J. Golden of Klickitat County, Washington Territory, did on the 24th and 25th days of August A.D. 1871 have surveyed a Town on said County and Territory the name of which shall be called Goldendale and I have on this Thirteenth Day of March AD 1872 filed with the County Auditor of said County the foregoing plat of the said town of Goldendale to be recorded by the said Auditor in the Record of Town Plats of said County with all Streets, Lanes, Alleys, and all Lots therein with their respective lengths and widths as marked in the foregoing plat. In Witness Whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal on this Thirteenth day of March, AD 1872. John J Golden”

Goldendale original plat filing

1897 home of Curtis M Shelton, John Golden’s son-in-law

Goldendale SESQUICENTENNIAL Back East, cities are ancient by comparison to those in the West, but Goldendale marks a key historical moment this year. On March 13, 1872, the paper depicted in this picture was filed to show a complete plat of the town of Goldendale, Washington Territory, by John Golden. The paper was followed by pages of meticulously drawn plat maps of the streets of the town. This year the City of Goldendale will mark the sesquicentennial (150th-year anniversary) during special ceremonies at Community Days in July. The letter is hard to read—few people today can write longhand with such elegance— but in part it says:

Saturday Farmers’ Market on our grounds this summer


Stop by for: • To Tourism & Visitor Guides • Business Resources • Local Art

• Relocation Information • Event Info formation

Monday- Saturday: 10am - 4pm 903 E Broadway, Goldendale Learn rn more re at Gold dendaleChamber. rg 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY 55



Goldendale Observatory Famous for its dark skies, Goldendale offers pristine naked eye night views of our galaxy from almost any open area. The city has taken steps to enhance this feature with the installation of full-cutoff and dimmable LED street lamps.



Now serving pretzels with sausage meals!

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Goldendale Observatory State Park

If you want even more astronomically awesome observations of the cosmos, you’ll delight in knowing one of the town’s biggest draws is our Observatory. This 5-acre Washington State Park has provided spectacular sights to star-struck visitors for decades. For hours of observation, go to In the meantime, don’t miss the Live Streaming Events on the same website. Click Live Events and the play button at the top. These videos are also recorded. The Episode Playlist will take you to the Observatory’s YouTube channel where you can view amazing (and recent) time-lapse cosmic photography. How did this facility, allowing for such awesome explorations of our Milky Way, come to be? The main telescope was the brainchild of four Vancouver, Washington-area amateur astronomers who designed and built the instrument in the 1960s over a period of six years, with help from Clark College and its students.

Owner, Julie Basznianyn

Thu-Sat & Mon: 9AM - 6PM • Sun: noon - 5PM Closed: Tue & Wed 1533 Hwy 97, Goldendale 208.870.7831 • 56 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY

Lunar Eclipse, Apr 4, 2015, shot from observatory

Vancouver’s light pollution and cloudy weather precluded siting the telescope in that area, and the builders’ search for a perfect star-gazing spot eventually led them to Goldendale. The telescope was formally donated after the town agreed to build a public observatory to house it. Goldendale was not a random selection; the town had been the site of an important (but unsuccessful) experiment in 1918 to prove Einstein's new (at the time) theory of relativity during a total solar eclipse. The founders knew that another eclipse was coming to the area in 1979, and yet another in 2017; observatory visitors witnessed both events exactly as intended. Here are the directions: From Hwy 97, take the Broadway St. exit into Goldendale. Turn right on Columbus Ave, stay right at the fork (just after the cemetery), and follow that straight up to the observatory. Goldendale Home & Garden Show (May 6-8, 2022) Make plans to attend this most popular event with free admission and parking. You’ll find new exhibits with live music, food, and fun for the kids. Get tips on spring planting, and landscaping; purchase plants and trees; and meet face-to-face with area home improvement experts. Goldendale Community Days (July 8-10, 2022) Goldendale’s 150th Birthday! This is our biggest event of the year, held the weekend after Independence Day. And this year it’s bigger than ever because it’s our Sesquicentennial (try saying that 5 times fast) Anniversay. It’s sheer entertainment: from the parade, to the car show, to rides, to music, to yummies, to tons of other fun. Community Days delights all ages from 1 to 100! It’s held on the front grounds of the Courthouse (Columbus Ave) and spreads throughout downtown on Main St. The music begins on Friday afternoon and continues on until Sunday. The parade starts on Saturday, July 10, at 10am and is quite the procession! Before it passes by, join in by registering at 8:30 Saturday morning (usually on Schuster) or preregistering at City Hall or the Chamber office. If you love old cars, you’ll love Show ‘N Shine. A tentative Poker Run is planned for Friday, July 8. Then on

Saturday, July 9, is the grand display with buffed and puffed vintage vehicles gleaming up and down Main St. Visit for more details. There’s plenty for the kids, too. If COVID restrictions allow, they’ll find Bouncy Houses, Rock Climbing, and plenty more to keep them amused. Harvesting the Wind The locals have a saying: “It’s so windy, there’s whitecaps on the mud puddles!” We know how to harness that wind and invite you to witness this in action. There are over 600 wind turbines in Klickitat County. These produce a combined output of over 1,200 megawatts, providing energy and jobs to the area. There’s enough clean renewable electricity produced to meet the needs of 28,000 residences. From their bases to the tips of the highest blades, these giants can loom to heights of up to 490 ft–more than the length of a football field! A single blade can reach 164 ft– that’s the length of an Olympic-size (50 meter) swimming pool! For a spectacular wheat field & wind turbine-filled drive, try this 56-mile jaunt: From 97 go east on Hoctor Rd. This joins Old Hwy 8, then Rock Creek Rd. It emerges at the mouth of Rock Creek at Hwy 14, about 19 miles east of See GOLDENDALE, pg 60

24-Hour Emergency Ser vice


BISHOP Golldendalle: 1180 W Broadway Goldendale, WA


TOWING & REPAIR Biggs Repair Shop 91610 Biggs-Rufus Hwy Wasco, OR 97065



Trails, Camping, Parks & Other Recreational Areas Some of these are free; some require a Discover Pass & some are first come-first serve, so always check ahead, please! BINGEN


Catherine Creek

Brooks Memorial State Park

(4.5 miles west of Bingen on Old Hwy 8)

2465 Hwy. 97, Goldendale, WA 98620, 509-773-4611, email:

(*Following 3 campgrounds operated by US Army Corps of Engineers - call 541-506-7819 for more info or visit:

Cottonwood RV Park

Rock Creek* (an 1805 campsite of Lewis &

400 N. Columbus, Goldendale, WA, 98620, 509-773-3543

Clark); Primitive camping; portable toilets AprSep; SR14, 17 miles east Maryhill, near Roosevelt, WA, 99356

DALLESPORT Columbia Hills RV Village & Marketplace 111 Hwy 1979, Dallesport, WA, 98617, 509-767-2277

Columbia Hills State Park This 3,600 acre state park encompasses Horsethief Lake, Horsethief Butte, Crawford Oaks Trailhead, and Dalles Mountain Rd. See pg. 46.

Maryhill State Park 50 Hwy. 97, Goldendale, WA, 98620

Peach Beach RV Park 89 Maryhill Hwy, Goldendale, WA, 98620, 509-773-4698

See their ad, pg. 36


Roosevelt Park Recreation Center* (primitive camping, no electrical or waste dump; boat ramp; vault toilets; windsurfing); take Roosevelt Ferry Road–W exit off Hwy 14 into Roosevelt

Sundale* (primitive camping; boat ramp; vault toilets; picnic area); 6 miles west of Roosevelt on SR14, Roosevelt, WA, 99356

Horsethief Lake State Park

Stargazers RV Resort

Hwy 14, Dallesport, WA, 98617, 509 767-1159

800 E Simcoe, Goldendale, WA 98620 (behind Quality Inn, west side of 97) 509-773-7827 (STAR)


See their ad, pg. 53

509-395-2400, 877-395-2400

Schreiner Farms An exotic animal farm, free to the public



Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge See pg. 10 Lazy Dazy "S" Stables

Mineral Springs Unit (public access)

700 E. Main St, Glenwood, WA, 98619, 509 364-3481

Leidl Park Campground Glenwood Hwy, Glenwood, WA, 98619

Outlet Creek Campground (located within the Yakama Nation) Reservation CCD at latitude 46.0160 & longitude -121.2087

Stinson Flats Campground (Along Klickitat River: lat. 45.92424272 & long. -121.1102023)

Ted Yedlick Campground Hwy. & Outlet Creek Glenwood, WA, 98619

Background wallpaper by RAY CRESSWELL

Hwy 142, Klickitat, WA 98628 :_Klickitat_Mineral_Springs_Hike

Elk Meadows RV Park, 78 Trout Lake Creek Rd, Trout Lake, WA, 98650;

Gifford Pinchot National Forest Check with the Trout Lake Ranger for things to do and see

WHITE SALMON Bridge RV Park & Campground

LYLE Klickitat Trail (see pg 27) Rowland Lake (camping not allowed) Along Old Hwy 8 west of Lyle,

Turkey Hole 5 miles up Klickitat River from Lyle

65271 Hwy 14 White Salmon, WA, 98672;; 509-493-1111

Northwestern Lake Riding Stables 126 Little Buck Creek Rd White Salmon, WA, 98672;; 509 493-4965

Wishbone Campground 10 Canyon Rd, Lyle, WA 98635-9509 509- 365-3210

We did our homework, but things may have changed. So please let us know if you found any of this info to be inaccurate or if we missed any recreational areas by reaching out to us: or 509.773.3777


his amazing blast from the past is a trove of timeless treasures chock full of local history! It was originally built as a three-story, 22-room family residence. Over the years the Presby was also used as a boarding house for school teachers and railway workers. The Mansion was donated to the Klickitat County Historical Society by Pearl Shepard in 1962. The Society’s primary purpose is to collect, preserve, and present the history of Goldendale and Klickitat County, and you’ll find this purpose fully displayed here. It even houses the actual Goldendale Sentinel print shop, which dates back to 1878!

The Presby hosts an amazing quilt show during Community Days in July. In August you’ll find Pioneer Pal Day that teaches our youth about how life was as a Pioneer. Last year's 6th annual Pioneer Pal Day celebrated Native traditions with the George family, teepee and all. This is the place to come to purchase different books on the history of Klickitat County by local authors. Visit for more information on the museum and/or to learn how to become a member of the Klickitat County Historical Society.

Uncle Tony’s Pizza

Made as pizza should be!

509.772.2522 Ask about our Daily Specials Hand-tossed, mouth-watering Pizza Sandwiches • Salads • Breadsticks Veggie and gluten-free available U-Bake / We Bake Winthrop B. Presby built this mansion in 1902-03 and lived in it until about the time this photo was taken, circa 1910. It then was home of the Shepard family until gifted to the Klickitat County Historical Society in 1962.

Visa, MC, AmX, & Disc accepted

111 N Columbus, Goldendale • 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY 59


Cont’d from pg 57

97. From there head back north to Goldendale, completing the circle at the Goldendale exit. This is a 1.5-2 hour drive. Goldendale Farmers’ Market Our fertile soils, temperate climate, spectacular sunshine, and green thumbs produce much more than gorgeous grapes. While our growing season may be short, the bounties of our gardeners are bodacious. Every color of the rainbow is displayed at our Saturday Farmers’ Market when the weather is warm, from

Goldendale (Bluegrass) Pickerfest (June 3-5, 2022) Pickers of all musical skills, sizes, shapes, and ages from all over will be joining in the jammin’ jamboree, creating a full weekend of bluegrass grooviness. Camping for the full weekend is $10 per person - day visits are free. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates:

Farmers’ Market - on the lawn of the Chamber

May through September. The venue is on the grounds of the Goldendale Chamber. It hosts a plethora of homegrown/made produce, plants, jewelry, crafts, jams, and much more. All vendors are invited to register, so you can share your wares, but there’s a particular need for produce vendors this year. Check us out on Facebook (




541. 296.9200 | 3404 Wayward Wind Rd Goldendale Washington 98620


3 ayward Wind Rd Rd Goldendale, Gold ndale WA WA • 541.296.9200 5 41 29 6 92 0 m ApprovedSafe pp g

Goldendale Pickerfest picky people

Klickitat Couty Fair & Rodeo (Aug 18 -21, 2022) Hold your horses for the biggest event in the county, held at the KC Fairgrounds right here in Goldendale. Every year the county Fair & Rodeo brings residents and visitors together for a grand stompin’ time. And 2022 is their 78th year! It will kick off Thursday evening with an old-fashioned barbecue, featuring delicious local food and produce. Stop by The Goldendale Sentinel to pick up a free copy of the Fair’s “Premium Book for Youth and Open Classes” mid- to late June. It lists entry due dates, program times, and much more. Also be on the lookout for Harvest, a special section supplement on the Fair, which will be included in The Sentinel’s weekly publication the Wednesday before the fair. Keep up with the Fair & Rodeo happenings through their Facebook page ( Central Klickitat Parks & Rec The Goldendale Pool is open from mid-March until mid-September with activities the whole family can enjoy: lap swimming, water aerobics, swim lessons, fun for kids, and more.This is the perfect way to cool off during the hot days of spring and summer. Visit for pool info. The pool is ususally dome-covered from March until the 1st weekend in June—although this year the dome See GOLDENDALE, pg 64


Cont’d from CEMETERIES, pg 41

tery that is still an active burial area, with the first burial in 1882. Ripley Dodge, founder of the town of Cleveland, Washington, in 1879, was buried here in 1895. He named the town Cleveland after his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, and operated the only hotel in this namesake town he founded. Most everyone who lives in Klickitat County is familiar with the name of Ben Snipes, called king of the cattlemen

in Washington Territory in the 1800s. His folks, Elem and Asenath Snipes, moved from North Carolina and settled in central Klickitat County where they passed on in the late 1800s. Their monument is on private property in the Goldendale area. Ben Snipes is buried in The Dalles, Oregon. If you are searching for an active burial area with an amazing view, you might want to check out MaryhillSee CEMETERIES, pg 65


KC Food & BICKLETON: BICKLETON BLUEBIRD INN 121 Market St, Bickleton 509-896-2273 See their ad, page 67

BICKLETON MKT STREET CAFE & GROCER 106 E Market St, Bickleton 509-896-2671 M-F: 7am-6pm, Sat: 7am–5pm Closed Sun & all major holidays See their ad, page 66

BINGEN: AYUTLENESE 120 E Steuben St, Bingen 509-493-1017 BENEVENTI’S 201 W Steuben St, Bingen 509-493-2177 BZ Corner Grocery & Gas 1255 Highway 141 (509) 493-2441 Daily: 6am - 9pm CARMEN’S KITCHEN 223 W Steuben St, Bingen 509-281-3215 JOSLYN HOUSE B&B 706 West Steuben, Bingen 509-493-4888 MUGS COFFEE 120 W Steuben St, Bingen 509-281-3100 PINE SHED RIBS & BBQ 216 W Steuben St, Bingen 509-281-3330

THE SOCIETY HOTEL 210 Cedar St, Bingen 503-445-0444 See their ad, page 71

TAQUERIA EL RICONCITO 114 W Steuben St, Bingen 509-493-8227

GLENWOOD: GLENWOOD GEN’L STORE 208 E Main, Glenwood, 509-364-3535 • Daily: 5:30am – 9pm See their ad, page 11 GLENWOOD STATION 105 E Main St, Glenwood 509-364-3471 MT ADAMS LODGE 25 Flying L Ln, Glenwood 509-364-3488 SHADE TREE INN (and restaurant & bar) 105 E Main St, Glenwood 509-364-3471

GOLDENDALE: AYUTLA’S Family Mexican Restaurant 630 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-773-7188 / 1987 BAKE MY DAY 119 E Main St, Goldendale 509-773-0403 Mon-Sat 8am - 3pm

GOLDENDALE FARMERS’ MARKET Goldendale Chamber lawn 903 E Broadway, May - Sept See their ad, page 57

GOLDENDALE MKT FRESH 622 E Broadway, Goldendale 509-773-3072, Daily: 7am – 10pm See their ad, page 67 GOLDENDALE COFFEE (drive-thru) 630 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-261-1209

HOLCOMB’S MARKET 320 S Columbus, Goldendale 509-773-4958 Daily: 7am – 10pm See their ad, page 50 LOIE’S CAFE (in Maryhill Museum of Art) 35 Maryhill Museum Dr, Goldendale, 509-773-3733 Daily: 10am–5pm (Mar 15–Nov 15)

PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA 821 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-773-9900 See their ad, page 53

CAFE GENEVIEVE 114 S Columbus, Goldendale 509.772.2880 See their ad, page 71


BT Simcoe Mountain Coffee (drive-thru), 1015 S. Columbus

775 E Broadway, Goldendale 509-773-5842 See their ad, page 53



1533 Hwy 97, Goldendale 208.870.7831 See their ad, page 56

808 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-773-5881 See their ad, page 53

GEE’S CHINESE RESTAURANT 118 E Main St, Goldendale 509-773-6999

Snooze Guide ST JOHN’S COFFEE SHOP & GREEK BAKERY 2378 Hwy 97, Goldendale 509-773-6650 Mon-Sat 9am – 6pm; closed Sun See their ad on page 34 SUNRISE COFFEE (drive-thru) 1 Bickleton Hwy, Goldendale 509-773-9115 TOWNHOUSE CAFE 1040 E Broadway Wed-Sun: 7am-2pm, Fri: 7am-7pm 509-773-2210

UNCLE TONY’S PIZZA 111 N Columbus, Goldendale 509-772-2522 See their ad, page 59

HUSUM: HUSUM RIVERSIDE B&B and Icehouse Cafe 866 Hwy 141 509-281-1181

KLICKITAT: CANYON MARKET 100 Main St, Klickitat 509-369-4400 See their ad, page 29 HUNTINGTON’S BAR & GRILL 95 Main St, Klickitat 509-369-4371

LYLE HOTEL 100 7th St, Lyle / 509-637-8092

TROUT LAKE: HEAVENLY GROUNDS & THE STATION CAFE 2374 Hwy 141, Trout Lake 509-395-2211 KELLY’S TROUT CREEK INN B&B 25 Mt Adams Rd, Trout Lake 509-395-2769

HARVEST MARKET 77 NE Wauna St, White Salmon 509-493-9494 See their ad on page 14 HENNI’S KITCHEN & BAR 120 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-493-1555 Open daily INN of the WHITE SALMON 172 W Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-493-2335 or 800-972-5226

TROUT LAKE ABBEY 46 Stoller Rd Trout Lake, WA 509-395-2030

KATINAS CAFE & CATERING 111 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-493-2121 NORTH SHORE CAFE 166 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-426-5341

TROUT LAKE COZY CABINS 2291 Hwy 141, Trout Lake 509-395-2068

PIONEER PIZZA 216 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-493-0028


STEELHEAD RANCH (overnight accommodations) 1376 Hwy 141, White Salmon 425-408-2914 / 425-681-0034

2383 Hwy 141, Trout Lake 509-395-2777 See their ad, page 5 TROUT LAKE VALLEY INN 2300 Hwy 141, Trout Lake 509-395-2300

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BIG MAN’S ROTISSERIE 799 Hwy 141, White Salmon 406-579-9450 Th – Sun: noon – 8pm




CORNER POCKET BAR & GRILL 600 State St, Lyle 509-365-0072

151 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon • 509-637-2774

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Simply email your request to:, or send a snail mail to: The Goldendale Sentinel, 117 W. Main St, Goldendale, WA 98620

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FEAST MARKET & DELI 320 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-637-6886

May your business prosper!!


GOLDENDALE, cont’d from pg 60

did not go up. And if you can brave really cold waters, Central Klickitat Parks & Rec sponsors the annual New Year’s Day Polar Plunge into the Columbia River at Maryhill State Park on Jan. 1! CKP&R offers lots more for kids of all ages besides just water activities. Included are youth soccer & football, disc golf, art classes, community gardens, and more. For more info call 509.773.0506. W.E. (World Extreme) Rock Crawl August 6-7, 2022 Broken Boulder Farms The Rock Crawl is a few miles north of the city. You have to come into Goldendale, and head north on Pipeline Rd to get to the Rock Crawl. Broken Boulder Farm hosts the event and is also home to a lush assortment of lavender, veggies, and flowers, all available for purchase. You’ll find more details on Victorian Houses Presby’s the most famous, but we’ve got quite a few others around town, as well—most beautifully restored. See how many you can spot on your travels through town. Hint: start on Broadway. The Goldendale Sentinel 117 W Main St We gotta put a plug in for ourselves—after all, at 143 years old, we’re one of the oldest continuously operating newspapers in the state and the official paper of Klickitat County. Housed in one of Goldendale’s historic buildings, The Sentinel was established in 1879 and, to the best of our knowledge, has never missed a week of publication.

We welcome you to visit If you like what you see, please subscribe. Concours de Maryhill October 1, 2022 Maryhill Museum of Art Old car buffs will love our Concours de Maryhill event the first Saturday in October (October 1, 2022). Here you’ll find vintage, classic, antique, and muscle cars displayed on the grounds of Maryhill Museum of Art. has the details. St. John’s Bakery & Coffee Shop Ten miles north of Goldendale, on the east side of 97 in a beautifully forested area, is St. John’s, a local fave. Here you’ll find palate-pleasing, homemade sweet and savory Greek delicacies to enjoy with their quintessential coffee in the sit-down dining area. The baklava melts in your mouth–just heavenly! As well are scratch-made, lusciously fragrant soaps, candles, incense, lotions, and a myriad of books, cards, and other Christian gifts Brooks Memorial State Park A bit further north of St. John’s on the west side of 97 is Brooks Memorial State Park, a 700-acre, year-round camping park. It has over 9 miles of hiking trails along the Little Klickitat River and up through the Ponderosa and Oregon Pine forests. At the top are open mountain meadows with a panoramic view of Mount Hood. Visitors may see deer, beaver dams, squirrels, spring wildflowers, and a variety of birds. Brooks is a Washington State Park, so a Discover Pass is required unless it’s a Free Day. Find “Free Days” at

Free Breakfast

Full Kitchens Available

Dog Friendly

775 E Broadway, Goldendale • 509.773.5842 64 2022-2023 JOURNEY THROUGH KLICKITAT COUNTY

Cont’d from CEMETERIES, pg 61

Columbus Cemetery. With the Stonehenge Memorial in the background, there is a sense of connection with the ancients of eras gone by. The property was donated by Amos Stark and William and Mary Hicenbotham “To the City of Columbus, WA July 13, 1893 A.D.,” as the sign out front says. That was when there was a town of Columbus until Sam Hill annexed it into Maryhill in 1907 to build his Quaker dream town, which never actually came to fruition. There is one small family plot that is now part of The Dalles Mountain Ranch State Park, located approximately 3.5 miles off Highway 14 on The Dalles Mountain Road. The Crawford Family Cemetery is fenced with three stones marking the graves of four people—three of William and Julia Crawford’s children, James and Pearl who share a stone, and Dewey. William Crawford himself has the fourth stone, and records show Julia Crawford was laid to rest in the Centerville Cemetery. While hiking around the grounds of The Dalles Mountain Ranch State Park, you might also discover a small, fencedin area that looks a bit like a bed frame. Ludwig Skibbe was staying at the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bruen (Ludwig was Mrs. Bruen’s brother) to watch the place while the Bruens

Mt View Cemetery (with woodland visitors)

tennial this year, thoughts return to 1872 when John and Jane Golden first settled here. They, along with six of their eight children, are buried in the Pioneer section of the cemetery. Like other cemeteries that hold the long-forgotten secrets of those who have gone before us, there are only faint impressions of the lives lived so fully written on the headstones of our predecessors. If we listen closely, we may just hear them whisper, “Live life well for we only trod this soil for a short time.” Although there are many more fascinating stories and sites, we do not have room for them all here. With the permission of the Klickitat PUD, we have displayed a map of the cemeteries and monuments in Klickitat County from their 1969 Annual Report on page 61 for you to use as a guide around the county on your trek into the past. Keep in mind the map may reflect conditions of that era. If you are interested in the list The Goldendale Sentinel has compiled, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help a fellow taphophile.

Maryhill Cemetery - Stonehenge looks on

went on a short trip to Portland. It was mid-August and extremely hot. On their return several days later, Ludwig’s body was found in a canyon between the Crawford’s and the Bruens’ houses; it was determined “the old man who was found dead near the grand dalles, . . came to his death from natural causes, probably from prostration on account of heat,” according to The Oregonian on August 21, 1897. In all our fascination with times gone by, we never want to forget the men and women who gave their lives for our country, either in part while in service or in full with the ultimate sacrifice. We owe them a debt of gratitude. The West Klickitat District 01 Cemetery in White Salmon dedicated a Walk of Honor in 2010 for those who served in the Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps who were residents of Klickitat County. Bronze plaques include the name, military branch, rank, and dates of the veteran’s service. Every year on Memorial Day, a memorial service is held for newly inducted veterans. In 2011, five Civil War and three Spanish American War veterans were inducted. In the county seat of Goldendale, past meets present at the Mt. View Cemetery. As Goldendale celebrates its sesquicen-


Ready to be Dazzled by Bickleton?


hen head on over to this beautiful borough in northeastern Klickitat County, about an hour east of Goldendale on Bickleton Highway –and what a scenic drive it is! While our county is known for its tiny towns (after all, we only have one traffic light in the entire county!), Bickleton–or maybe Maryhill; it’s a toss-up–may take the lead in this category. As of 2019, the population was 102, up from the 2010 county census of 88. But that’s the only thing small about this town. In all other ways it reigns BIG. Bickleton was first settled by Charles N. Bickle, who established a trading post and livery stable at the site. He also served as the area’s first postmaster. In 1879 the town was named after Bickle. The economy was initially based largely on cattle ranching and wheat farming. A series of fires, with the first big one in 1910, destroyed many of the town’s original buildings. The oldest surviving building in Bickleton is the Bluebird Inn, a tavern which first opened in 1882. It’s billed as the oldest functioning tavern in the state, although it has changed ownership numerous times and operated under different names throughout its history. The tavern includes a 1903 Brunswick pool table, which is still used by regulars. Known as the “Bluebird Capital of the World,” Bickleton is home to both the moutain bluebird and western bluebird. Human residents work year-round to keep thousands of little bluebird houses maintained and ready for the next generation of their favorite flying species. You’ll see these

Brilliant Bluebires Delight Eastern Klickitat County

lovely little feathered friends throughout the eastern part of Klickitat County. Another must-see is Bickleton’s Carousel Museum in “downtown” Bickleton. A 1905 Herschell-Spillman carousel is on display here. Also featured are interesting collections, such as woven wheat and barbed wire, antique lunch boxes, and, of course, the exquisitely restored carousel horses.



509-896-2671 5 09-896-2671 am


Mon - Fri: 7 - 6 Sat: 7am - 5pm Closed Sun

and all major holidays


Bickleton Alder Creek) Carousel Museum

And now comes the pièce de résistance. Mark your calendar for the second weekend in June (June 10-12, 2022) for the 112th Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo. If 112 sounds like a big number, it is! This rompin’ good time is Washington state’s OLDEST rodeo. Told ya we do things BIG in Bickleton! On Saturday night, join the Dance Under the Stars and Beer Garden.

Bickleton Rodeo Wild Cow Milking Contest Carousel Museum Kitchen

The venue for this stupendous event is Cleveland Park on Bickleton Highway, 33 miles east of Goldendale and four miles west of Bickleton. If the buckin’ broncos are more than you can handle, it also features a more sedate carousel ride on the antique carousel. Yep, same one we told you about earlier. For a first-person account of a visit to the delightful hamlet, read this tourist’s entertaining and comprehensive narrative of his Bickleton experience:

The McCready House is one of Bickleton’s first pioneer homesteads

Wed - Sat: 10 am to 8 pm • Sun: 8 am to 6 pm

Closed all holidays


Beautifully Restored Antique Carousel Horses


Ghost Towns of Klickitat County


ot was a pioneer community established around the late 1890's. It’s located between Bickleton and Roosevelt (see background map on facing page), near Rock Creek Canyon, north of our Goodnoe Ghost Town. So why not make it a day trip, and visit both of these historic sites? Dot was listed as having a post office according to the Geological Survey of 1913. Today the school house and grange hall remain at Dot. The grange hall, built in 1889, originally served as the Dot community church. One of the first pastors of the church was William Douglas in 1904. He was a circuit riding preacher, traveling from church to church preaching. His son, William O. Douglas, became a Supreme Court Justice serving from 1939 - 1975. –Excerpted from

Dot Schoolhouse

Dot Grange Hall & Church


3 mi. south on 97

oodnoe Hills rises up from the right bank of Rock Creek. It’s part of the more massive Columbia Hills, which stretches across Klickitat County from the Klickitat River on the west to Rock Creek on the east. The only other ghost town in the county, this settlement was a pioneer community in its heyday. The area was established in the 1870s by Chauncy Goodnoe and his cousin Philetus Goodnoe. Today several homesteads, the school house, and hotel remain as testament to the once bustling township. In the photo below, the school house and hotel can be seen. Here are the 36-minute directions from Goldendale (be amazed by gigantically looming wind turbines along the way): • Head south (right) on 97 for 3 miles • Turn left on Hoctor Rd / Goodnoe Hills Rd for 18.5 miles

18.5 mi.east on Hoctor / Goodnoe Hills Rd

Goodnoe Hills




o complete our journey through Klickitat County, we’ve got 2 choices: 1) We can head south out of Bickleton along East Road all the way to Roosevelt. Along that route we’ll pass one of the country’s largest landfills. Garbage from as far away as Seattle is put to good use here, generating natural gas that adds to the electrical power grid. 2) We can continue east out of Bickleton for about 20 miles until we reach Alderdale Rd where we’ll head south. Here you’ll be in for a big surprise. The desert comes to life with intensive irrigated agriculture. Vineyards and vegetable farms, some fed with water pumped from the Columbia River, make this area one of the richest agricultural zones in the county.


Dot Rd

Wind Turbines near Bickleton


oosevelt, named after President Theodore Roosevelt, was platted in 1906. In 1967 the Corps of Engineers burned individual buildings and dynamited the original Farmers Warehouse Grain Elevator because the newly built John Day Dam would result in the town being flooded. The new grain elevator was constructed on higher ground in 1965 and is still used today. This tiny town is also home of Bowcutt’s Gold Buckle Rodeo Company, which has been providing quality rodeo stock since 1994. Goin’ so soon? Well, I’ll be right here waitin’ ’til you return. Stay safe, my friend!


Alderdale Orchard

Alderdale Rd

st Ea


Our Journey’s End

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