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Klickitat County Amazing things to see and do in this one-of-a-kind county!

Our pages, your travels! It’s our annual visitors’ guide to the county!

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Welcome, folks!

Klickitat County doesn’t have an official spokesperson, but if it did, I’d be him. Call me Gordon. Yes, my feet really are big, but I still prefer my own name over the one people usually call me. There are more BigFoot sightings in Klickitat County than anywhere else in the continental U.S.—I know this statistic well because I just made it up, but it probably is true. This county is a great place to explore; I know, having grown up here. The whole county is one long, fantastic adventure with no shortage of outdoor activities in splendorous surroundings. Go camping in the forest, visit the Trout Lake Ice Caves, pick huckleberries, go hiking, or sample our many wineries (please bring some wine back for me; they

We begin our journey here… won’t let me in). Prefer water? We’ve got fabulous fishing, thrilling white water rafting, kayaking, and we’re known as one of the wind surfing capitals of the world. And if you like events, there are fairs and rodeos galore in warm weather from one end of the county to the other. I can’t go to the rodeos, though; I spook the horses and some of the riders. If all that weren’t enough, we’re also home to the world-renowned Maryhill Museum (they’ve got original Rodin sculpture there, among other things—and you thought I had no culture). There’s also the awardwinning Maryhill Winery with its amazing summer concert series. We’ve got so many other wonderful wineries, we had to devote a whole directory to them!


There’s also the astronomically exceptional (and famous) Goldendale Observatory where you can watch this summer’s almost-total solar eclipse. And we’ve got our very own full-scale Stonehenge, so true to life scholars come here to see what the original was like. I can’t do justice to all we have to offer with these few introductory words, so, instead, please join me on a phenomenal Journey through Klickitat County, full of photographic wonders in the following pages. Stuff this guide in your pocket. It’s meant to be field-ready, not just another pretty magazine. Enjoy! Gordon Wilkins (aka BigFoot ) Klickitat County Resident

“Year after year, ‘Our Journey through Klickitat County’ continues to be the most requested and popular publication we hand out.” Earlene Sullivan Executive Director (retired) Greater Goldendale Chamber of Commerce

We’re online! Just scan the QR code above to go directly to “Journey through Klickitat County” online. You can also visit us at to find out more about our weekly newspaper and other special publications.

Gordon does a great job, but we’d like to take a moment to extend our per-

sonal thanks to you, our readers, for picking up this visitors’ guide—and as well to all the amazing people who make all the wonderful events in Klickitat County work so well for so many. Places are special, of course, but people are even more special, and this county is filled with great folks who know how to make visitors feel right at home. We also value your feedback. Over the last several years, you’ve indicated Our Journey really works for you. It’s the most popular and most widely distributed locally produced publication here, and we’re very gratified it’s so popular. Feel free to always let us know what you really like within these pages and what we can do to make this publication even more useful to you in the future. In the meantime, have a great trip! Leslie Geatches Owner

Lou Marzeles Publisher

Klickitat County Wonders

4 L is a Q


Richard Jordan

Darlisa Black

st re ju a e s T he e of th w e f a we ons s a e r so here t i love h! m uc

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*C h eck w it Lak hT eR ro u a n t abo g er u S ta t r es n r ea tric fire tion s& d ir to ec g et 50 9-3 tions. ‘Bout 95 -3 4 You’re 02 .

hot d Pinc Giffor l Forest a Nation

Mt Adams

Gifford Pinchot National Forest time back!


We’re starting our adventure at the western edge of Klickitat County in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, near Trout Lake. It encompasses 1,368,300 acres including Mt. Adams’ wonderful wilderness. There’s something for everyone here breakfast over the fire*, Ice Caves, Natural Bridges, and the Upper/Middle/Lower Lewis River Falls. Get directions to all these from the Trout Lake Ranger (509-395-3400). You’ll be delighted to find magnificent Mt. Adams watching over most of our journey through the county. Second only to Mt. Shasta, it’s the largest (not tallest) mountain in mass and area on the entire west coast of the U.S. So because we’re so close to it here, it looms in splendor. Visit, and look under “National Forests.”

Patrick & Theresa Bettale

Mt Adams from Sleeping Beauty Trail

The Endurance Ride - ride & tie , 2 riders, 1 horse , miles of fun!

May 20, 2017

ea! e often seen in this ar These amazing elk ar

the A nd r ! ! o view ie f at a is to d ava, a h W a aj in g fish a cupp *, and e h ir Wit amp f k, we c ed oo e nic reat b ve ask a g h r ’t ldn ette cou or a b trip! f g pin cam


Natural Bridges

Ice Caves

The spectacular geography of Gifford is largely influenced by Mt. Adams. During its volcanic heyday, lava ran freely from this monumental mount. As it dried, lava tubes were form ed. Some collapsed to create amazing ice caves. Others form ed arched, natural bridges whole families can wal k over. Visiting these, we’ll experience both ends of the temperature spectrum, so dress in layers! On our ice capade, we’ll need sturdy well -treaded shoes because the cave’s floor is mighty slick! And be sure everyone has their own flashligh t, ‘cause it’s dark! Heck, just read the caut ion sign below! Trails run across the top of both the cave s and the bridges. The Trout Lake Ranger Station on 141 (509-395-3400) can direct you to both. Just be sure to watch below for any lurking troll s!

org OregonHikers.

Br r r r ! Ice c are th aves e perf ect ho way t t day o chil l. Just Count w es t y Line of , sout hwest Trout of Lake. Stop Trout by Lake Range Statio r n on 141 for a map.

it ance/Ex ave Entr C e Ic r Gule

This f amily is stand in g o n a natur al br i d g e .

Don’t miss G o o se Lake w hile yo u’re here fo r g r ea t fun & fishi ng. See pg. 11 for more i nfo!

e Lak t u Tro Fair 6, g4 7 u A 01 al 2 en m o en ! Ph fun

Trout Lake Fair


Trout La ke, renow hospitali ty, and m ned for its natur al an stompin g ground y community ev beauty, warm e for locals nts, is a b tho’ it is, eloved and visit it s ors alike licious ca ports a country . Quaint sto fe berry sm and espresso bar re, gas station, an oo d a de(with he avenly h wilderne thies!) This is all uckless, offerin moment sf g pristine lakes, ice hiking, horsebac rom the k c aves and r for detail more! Tu iding trails, s. r n back a pa The town ge o f T r o ut the week end of Au Lake hosts their 52nd ann g commun ual fair ity potlu 4-6, 2017. Festiv ities beg ck at Elk 5:30pm. in with a Meadow s RV Par O n Sa t u r k at day at 6:3 Trout La 0 am, com ke e get you breakfas School while enjo r car was t. Then b y hed at ing the F urn it off is mile fun h e r m a w n’s run. ith a 5K/ 10K run The para a n d 1de begin hibits an s at 11am dc . Starting ties, inclu ontests open up at noon, a exding a zip lo and clim line, timb ng with lots of ac bing wall tivie just to na r carnival, bunge at Jonah m e Ministrie run, e a few. T s. his all ha ppens

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Mt Adams Bike Tour


July 1 Marvelo us M t. Ada ms! We chall enge you to not to ge t a great shot of this le gendary landmar k . These 2 are by local photogra phers.

Steve Nygaard

the Cyclists, join or! nd le sp scenic ke Bi s m M t Ada is Tour June 24, 2017

Lisa Quesnel



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Goose Lake

11 Before l 41 mile eaving the Tr out Lak s west (and sl e Pincho i g htly sou area, how ’bo t N at i o ut som n t h a l ) swimm e g r ea t ing are Forest, is Goo of the town o fi s a. It’s e f s e T fish sev r L o a k e, a p ut Lake hing? Just special eral tim o , p i n G i ff ly goo u l ar f es vault to ilet and a season. The d for kids. Th ishing, boatin ord el g day use a boat r hillside am area ha ake is stocked and w s p ar k i w road si ith attractive v p. Campsites it h ng, picn de. The are loca iews of i c s t t e t i a h tes di b le e fs.usda .gov/re are walk in a lake. Parking n level spots o s, a n d al l o f n carea/g o r t he the si w iffordp inchot/ tent camping tes is on the o recarea /?recid nly. =31764 You want legends, you say? We ll, Native Americans in our area have some very cool ones about what they call the three "smoking mo untains" (Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mt. St. Helens) that guard the Col umbia River. The Bridge of the God s tale has it that Wy'east (Mt. Hoo d) and Pahto (Mt. Adams; also called Pad do or Klickitat by native people s) were the sons of the Great Spirit. These two mountainous brothe rs competed for the love of the bea utiful La-wa-la-clough (Mt. St. Hel ens). When La-wa-la-clough chose Pah to (Mt. Adams), Wy'east (Mt. Hoo d) struck his brother hard enough to flatten his head before stealing Lawa-la-clough from him. In other versions of the tale, losing La-walaclough caused Pahto such grief, he dropped his head in shame.

e oose Lak L o w er G

The Legend of BigFoot...


is at Falls t e l t GlenOu 6 on t s o p atch mile wy. W ’s a H d o wo here step! T get to your o t bluff th no steep lls wi ! the Fa l or fences i a r guard

Brad Mit chell Ph o

Outlet Falls


...or is it “legend”? An d if not, just how man y of these elusive and supposedly in telligent creatures wi th human-like faces are there? The Bigfoot figure is co mmon to the folklore of most Northwest Native American tribes. Native America n Bi gfoot legends usually describe the creatures as arou nd 6-9 feet tall, very strong, hairy, un civilized, and often fo ul-smelling, usually living in the woods an d often foraging at nigh t. Native American Bigfoot creatures are almost always said to be unable to speak human languag es, using whistles, grun ts, and gestures to communicate with each other. In some sto ries, male Bigfeet are said to be able to mate with human wo m en . In some Native stories, Bigfoot m ay have minor supern atural powers-the ability to turn invi sible, for example-- bu t they are always considered physical cr eatures of the forest, not spirits or ghosts. (See native-lan igfoot.htm for more info.) Fact or fiction? Find ou t for yourself. But don’t wander too far!

T-tell me when it’s g-gone.


Ketchum Kalf Rodeo ...

83 r Ke d an tc h n um ual K R Fat odeo alf her s’ D w ay Ju eeke n ne 17 d 20 17 18,

any scenic Lake Hwy (one of m t ou Tr on st ea s ile cing page), anAnother 17 m l find Outlet Falls (fa u’l yo re He . od wo tween mileroutes), is Glen e falls, slow down be th to t ge To e. ur as tall evergreens with other hidden tre Look for a grove of y. Hw od wo en Gl posts 5 & 6 on the road. g on the east side of weekend. This a rough wide openin o is on Fathers’ Day de Ro lf Ka um tch Ke r “kids” of all ages. Glenwood’s , see, and sample fo do to ty en pl s ha o top-notch rode


General Store 208 E. Main - Glenwood (509) 364-3535

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in the Water Sports Columbia River Gorge We’ll now trek down picturesq ue BZ Glenwoo 141, and then on to the BZ Co d Hwy to rn er. From fishin kayaking and w g, canoeing, hite water raft ing on the Klick Salmon Rivers itat & White to windsurfing on the Columb boasts it all. So ia , this area grab your wetsu it, helmet, oars, for dear life! and hang on

e Not for th heart, faint-ofte these whi ills water thr e you will leav ! breathless

on ave salm n, w e h e m r e h Fis


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el Hildreth Photo by Micha nkins Sailor: Tom Je

You have n’t expe r wind ienced su you’v rfing ‘ti l e don here . Our e it Go wind s ma rge k e it worl d- c l ass!

City of White Salmon A proud community working together to create and sustain a desirable place to live, work, play and stay.

White Salmon Spring Fest almon White S Fest Spring a blast! always ark arten P g n i e h R 2017 6/2-4, lmon whitesa tiva springfes

Ready for a Salmon and little dryland fun now? White Bingen are our next sto Join family, p s. friends, and that hometo visitors to b wn feel to s ummer. The ring nual White 39th anSalmon Sp ring Fest Ju 2017 at Rh n e eingarten P 2 - 4, ark offers fo and gam es od, fun, . And don’t m iss the 12th Fusion with annual Art & music, wine Wine and artists That’s Satu g a rday, July 2 lore. 2 in downto Salmon. wn White These poste rs are from the 2017 d ates from th last year, so get e post-it no tes!

Art & W ine Fus ion Jewett Blvd , White S almon July 22 , 2017 A must see!! artwinef

Grrrr! I gotta wear this leash-thingy again!

sion Visitor Art & Wine Fu

Spring fes

t Par tic ipant



Bingen Skate Park

What magnifice nt views!

“The city of Bing en has an aweso me new 7,350 squ some lunch at on are foot skatepar e of our restauran k. Grab ts, and be sure to Festival in the fal ... visit our Huck l, and visit our pe leberry destrian-friendly and beautiful do wntown.� ---Jan Brendin g, City Administr ator, City of Bing en

Heading a bit further east on SR 14, our next stop is the charming city of Bingen, just a hop, skip, and a jump from White Salmon. And speaking of hopping, skipping, and jumping, kids, grab your skateboards and have at it in the spectacular new skate park.

Huckleberry Festival 8 10


We can’t leave Bingen without indulging in one of the most delectable treats of the Pacific Northwest - huckleberries ! And what better way to sample them than at Bingen’s Huckleb erry Festival. The weekend of September 8-10, 2017 rings in the 54th annual celebration of this delightful berry, at which you’ll find ice cream, smoothies, pies, jams, jellies, and syrups just to nam e a few of the scrumptious goodies. Plus there are crafts, games, food vendors, entertainment, and carnival rides. Visit: Huckleberry The Huckleberry

Festival , Daubens peck Park , Bingen is Se pt 810, 2017 The Skate Jam’s on Sun .

I’m no “pony”!

Discover Maryhill March 15 through November 15

Skat e Ja m Sun , 9 /1 1 @ 11 am

MARYHILL MUSEUM OF ART 35 Maryhill Museum Dr (on SR 14), Goldendale, WA 98620 • 509.773.3733


Happy 7rails

ry Overindulge on huckleber ? No sweets and fair delectables ther east, worries! As we journey fur can walk five miles from Bingen, we e Creek’s it all off on one of Catherin . Just after unique and beautiful trails 14, turn left 4.5 miles from Bingen on 8, and folon Old Highway (Number) the vistas low the signs. Not only are lucky breathtaking, but if you’re rch enough to trek them in Ma ll feast on through May, your eyes wi ular wildsome of the most spectac n. flower displays known to ma ! Leashed doggies welcome gton/c atherine-creek

Th is pav hike rs’ ed fav acc ,u e: niv e ss ers wi t al of wh h 2 l eve e el ch ls ch a all eng ir e.


Catherine C reek Wildflo wers Curio us Gorge Gu idebook

Paul Gerald

Community Grace Brethren Church To Know Christ And To Make Him Known

Catherine Creek

Worship Services, Bible Studies, Youth Groups & AWANA!

A Church with a Bible Teaching Ministry That Cares About YOU! • Sundays: 10:30 am • Saturday Nights: 6:30 pm 1180 S. Roosevelt Street, Goldendale, WA • 509-773-3388 •

Catherine Creek Trailhead

th e This is ek ine Cre Cather trail Arch . A it. round loops a b ut elcome Dogs w e onm u st b leash .


to You


If hiking’s in your blood trekable tre , you’ll find at a bit furt her east: th another Klickitat Tra e 31-mile il. Continue east on Old where it de Hwy 8 to ade go over the nds on SR 14. Turn le ft o Klic left on WA-1 kitat River Bridge, an n 14, d hang a 42 E (the s ign will say tat/Wahkia “Klickicus”). Go a nother 400 look for the fe et, and Lyle T The Klickita railhead sign. t Trail, a no ple use tra il, follows th n-motorized multie first 31 m old railroad iles of an corridor tha t once linke towns of Ly d the le and Gold endale. It’s among rail uniqu trail trail that sta s; nowhere else is the e rts in one o re a rail f the nation tional Scen ’s ic A only Nadesignated reas, winds along a n ationally Wild & Sce nic by going th rough a rem River, and finishes ote, beauti c any on . ful tributary Take the cru along the K shed rock trail for ab out a mile lick bridge (pho itat River to get to the to to right). foot The scene ry is specta cula More here: klickitat-tra r.






Klickitat Canyon Days

town of tour north to the de tle lit a ke ta ll Now we’ 23-minute drive) a ut bo (a 2 14 up is Klickitat, 14 miles n and water for th ee cr ns su ed ne ll from Lyle. You’ fun-filled jaunt. 30, 2017, hosts a 28 ly Ju s, ay D s Klickitat Canyon small plastic duck p, ye by er D ky who parade and a Duc d by participants re so on sp d an d Yvette are numbere e finish line. Call th d ar w to at flo watch them r more info. ust-see (509-369-4145) fo eum is another m us M al ric to is H t as doThe Klickita e caboose that w th ly al ci pe . es n, while in tow 040) for more info -2 69 -3 09 (5 e ik M all nated in 2011. C astic salmon and nt fa e th on t ou s And don’t mis on the river! steelhead fishing

This cany o

Klickitat Ca nyon Days Jul , 2 8-30, 2017 Yvette’s got th e scoop on 5 0 9 -3 6 9 -4 145

n is home

to breath

taking be

Klic kita t is the hom ama e to zin g Vo Swi ux’ s fts. Visi tors ask ed t are o re spec bir ds ’ hab t the Tha itat . nk you !

Klickitat Historical Museum


Hiking & Fishing Sightings

e Snow Ge



Bald Eagle Bobcat

il Gambel’s Qua Baby Mounta in

Bull Elk


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on the t Trail, fishing a it k lic K e st th n rely stroll almo u While hiking o is le a r fo g in foror just go pecially in the s e Klickitat River, , ty n u o c e r ughout th our eye out fo y anywhere thro p e e k , s a re m eooded a hown here. So s est or other w s e n o e th e ildlife lik phenom enal w e open, too. th epot in e ’r y e th s ts at Klickitat D time in o p s s e c c a as eshoe Bend rs o H Klickitat Trail h t a h rt o n t three miles pg 21). Park and abou org/ (also see il. a tr ta it k lic k at: rville Hwy that te n e C Rd. More info p u e v ri scenic d st east of SR ju And there’s a d n a le y L f o es t edge re. starts on the w to hang out he n w o n k re a 142. Gobblers

Holcomb’s Market

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Columbia Hills State Park

Horsethief lake state park This is Horseth ief Butte!

Columbia Hills St ate Park has th trances: the firs t at milepost 85 ree enon cludes a campgr ound with trailh Hwy 14 ineads to the east; the second is the third, Crawfo Horsethief Lake Park; and rd Oaks, open to bicycles, is abou h t 1/2 mile east o orses and f the Butte parking; it has a great view of th e Gorge looking west. This 3,338-acre feet of freshwat camping park has 7,500er River. Horsethie shoreline on the Columbia fB dominating the utte stands over the lake, skyline. The entr ance to Horsethief Butt e is 1.2 miles ea st Horsethief Park of the main entr This area is pro ance. bring a hat, sun tected from the wind, so screen and plen ty of There are pit to ilets and well-m water. arked trails. n_washington.h /columbia_hills_state_park_i tml

Steve Nygaard

Mt Hood from Col Hills Park

Columbia Hills & horsethief lake state park

Our Ba lsamro ot is to di e for!

Dalles Mountain Road

d Sunday drivotographers, an ph , rs te in pa , ound Hikers, bikers exquisite, year-r s it r fo d oa R n Mountai h Columbia ers love Dalles ns right throug ru e iv dr r la cu ecta first, just keep beauty. This sp gone to the park ve u’ yo if so ; avel road. Hills State Park etimes bumpy gr m so is th on st ain Road at heading ea d Dalles Mount fin ll u’ yo , 14 y r day If you’re on Hw enjoy! On a clea d an h rt no rn 84.5. Tu ainier and about milepost Mt Adams, Mt R of a st vi t ea gr sa at the top, there’ ge. the Cascade Ran

Clinton Cu mmings M t Adams

eat What a tr when the Lupine & are Balsamroot in bloom!

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M t Rainier



Trails, Camping, Parks & Other Recreational Areas

Some of these are free; some require a Discover Pass & some are first come-first serve, so always check ahead, please!


Catherine Creek 4.5 miles west of Bingen on Old Hwy 8 (see pg 20) DALLESPORT Columbia Hills RV Village & Marketplace 111 Hwy. 1979 Dallesport, WA, 98617 509-767-2277 Columbia Hills State Park (see pg 24) Horsethief Lake State Park Hwy. 14 Dallesport, WA, 98617 509-767-1159 (see pg 24) GIFFORD PINCHOT NAT’L FOREST (see pg 5) Goose Lake recreational area (see pg 11) GLENWOOD Lazy Dazy "S" Stables 700 E. Main St. Glenwood, WA, 98619 509-364-3481 Leidl Park Campground Glenwood Hwy. Glenwood, WA, 98619 Outlet Creek Campground located within the Yakama Nation Reservation CCD at latitute 46.0160 & longitude -121.2087 Stinson Flats Campground Along Klickitat River: lat. 45.92424272 & long. -121.1102023 Ted Yedlick Campground Hwy. & Outlet Creek Glenwood, WA, 98619 GOLDENDALE Brooks Memorial State Park 2465 Hwy. 97 Goldendale, WA, 98620 509-773-4611 Email: (see pg 55)

Cottonwood RV Park 400 N. Columbus Goldendale, WA, 98620 509-773-3543

Maryhill State Park 50 Hwy. 97 Goldendale, WA, 98620 (see pg 36) Peach Beach RV Park 89 Maryhill Hwy. Goldendale, WA, 98620 509-773-4698 KLICKITAT Mineral Springs Unit (public access) Hwy 142 Klickitat, WA, 98628 LYLE Klickitat Trail Trailhead (see pg 21) Rowland Lake - camping not allowed Along Old Hwy 8 west of Lyle Turkey Hole 5 mi. up Klickitat River from Lyle Wishbone Campground 10 Canyon Rd Lyle, WA 98635-9509509-365-3210 ROOSEVELT (*Following 3 campgrounds operated by US Army Corps of Engineers call 541-506-7819 for more info or visit: Rock Creek (*read above) (an 1805 campsite of Lewis & Clark) Primitive camping; portable toilets AprSep; SR14, 17 miles east of Maryhill near Roosevelt, WA, 99356 Roosevelt Park Recreation Center* Primitive camping, no electrical or waste dump; boat ramp; vault toilets; windsurfing. Take Roosevelt Ferry Road (west exit off Hwy 14 into Roosevelt)

Sundale (*read above) Primitive camping; boat ramp; vault toilets; picnic area 6 miles west of Roosevelt on SR14 Roosevelt, WA, 99356 TROUT LAKE

Elk Meadows RV Park 78 Trout Lake Creek Rd. Trout Lake, WA, 98650 509-395-2400 | 877-395-2400 Long Shadow Photography Trout Lake Local photographer has created a map including roads, trails, lakes and camping. Web site also has photos of the local area. 541-387-2217 WHITE SALMON Bridge RV Park & Campground 65271 Hwy 14 White Salmon, WA, 98672 509-493-1111 Northwestern Lake Riding Stables 126 Little Buck Creek Rd. White Salmon, WA, 98672 509-493-4965

We did our homework, but things may have changed. So please let us know if you found any of this info to be inaccurate, or if we missed any recreational areas by emailing:

Background wallpaper by


Wishram Historic Railroad Train m a r Wish r perato O r e d Or 1970

This is a real STEAM locomotive!

Great North ern N2507

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Wine Directory ANICHE CELLARS 71 Little Buck Creek Rd Underwood, WA 360-624-6531 Wed-Sun: noon - 6pm

ASCENDENTE WINERY 85 NE Estes, White Salmon, WA 509.493.1600 Tasting room closed in 2017

KLICKITAT CANYON WINERY 6 Lyle Snowden Rd, Lyle, WA 509-365-2900 Sat & Sun: noon - 6pm

MAJOR CREEKS WINERY 306 Bates Rd, White Salmon, WA 503-860-8713 Mar - Sept: Tasting by appointment MARSHAL’S WINERY 150 Oak Creek Rd, Dallesport, WA 509-767-4633 Daily: 9am-6pm

CASCADE CLIFFS WINERY 8866 Hwy 14 Wishram, WA 509-767-1100 Daily 10am - 6pm COR CELLARS 151 Old Hwy 8 Lyle, WA 509-365-2744 Th - Sun: 11am-6pm

DOMAINE POUILLON 170 Lyle Snowden Rd., Lyle, WA 509-365-2795 Sat & Sun: 11am-6pm

JACOB WILLIAMS WINERY 3 Avery Rd (Avery Park on Hwy 14) Wishram, WA 541-645-0462 Daily: 10am-6pm (see website for winter hours)

MARYHILL WINERY 9774 Hwy 14, Goldendale, WA 509-773-1976 or 877-627-9445 Daily: 10am-6pm year round

MEMALOOSE WINERY 34 State St (Hwy 14), Lyle, WA 509-774-9050 Th - Sun: 11am - 6pm

NORTH SHORE WINE CELLARS 221 W. Steuben St, Bingen, WA h-shore-wine-cellars 509-493-3881 Th - Sun: 11am - 5pm


POUR MOORE WINE 8226 Hwy 14, Dallesport, WA 541-993-1559 - Call for hrs/apptmt SYNCLINE WINE CELLARS 111 Balch Road, Lyle, WA 509-365-4361 Th - Sun: 11am-6pm year round

TETRAHEDRON 421 State Street (Hwy 14), Lyle, WA 509-774-8323 Aug - Oct: Wed - Sun 11am - 6pm : WAVING TREE WINERY Tasting room:2 Maryhill Hwy, Goldendale , WA Winery: 123 Maryhill Hwy, Goldendale , WA 509-773-6552 Daily: 10am-5pm duing warm weather

WHITE SALMON VINEYARD 63281 SR 14, Underwood, WA 509-493-4640 or 541-490-7664 Apr - Nov: Th - Mon 11am - 5pm

2017 Klickitat County Schedule of Events

Jan 1 (every year): Polar Plunge, Maryhill State Park; 509-773-0506

Jan-Nov: Bluebird Inn open

Mar 11-Sep 9: Goldendale Pool opens; 509-773-0506 Mar 15-Nov15: Maryhill Museu-m of Art open. Pg 33. Ad pg 19

April 15: Goldendale Pool Easter Egg Hunt; 773-0506

April 15: Am Legion KC Fairgrounds Easter Egg Hunt

Apr 7-Sep 25: Bickleton Carousel Museum open Ad pg 56 Apr 22: Trout Lake Fun Run; Mike Wood: 509395-2571

Apr 22-23: Maryhill Winery Spring Release Weekend. Ad pg 28 Apr 23: Oregon Trail Rally Race, Maryhill Loops,

April 28-30: Home, Garden & Sportsman Show; KC Fairgrounds. Pg 44. Ad pg 42

Apr 29-Apr 30: Maryhill Ratz Spring Free-4-All; Pg. 35 May 1-Oct 15: Presby Museum open. Ad pg 48

May 6-Oct 7: Goldendale Saturday Farmers Market open Ad pg 43

May 19-21: Goldendale Jr & Sr. High School Rodeos; KC Fairgrounds May 20: IOOF (Int’l Org of Odd Fellows) Cemetary Clean-Up; Cleveland, 509896-2061

May 20: Mt Adams Endurance Ride; Mt Adams Horse Camp in Gifford-Pinchot National Forest. Pg 5

May 27: Maryhill Winery Memorial Day Wine Sale & Anniversary. Ad pg 28 May 29: American Legion Memorial Day Ceremonies

Jun 2-4: Goldendale Bluegrass Pickerfest; Ekone Park; 509-773-3400. Pg 52 Jun 2-4: White Salmon Spring Fest; Rheingarten Park; Pg 17

June 3-4: Goldendale Tractor Pull 509-261-1150. Pg 51 Jun 6-Oct 17: White Salmon Farmer’s Market (Tue’s); Rheingarten Park

June 8: CARQUEST Customer Appreciation Day; Goldendale; Ad pg 7

June 9: Goldendale High Graduations

Jun 9-11: Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo; Cleveland Park; 509-8962695. Pg 60. Ad pg 56

Jun 15-Sep 30: Bickleton Whoop-n-Holler Museum open by appointment only. Jun 17: Community Health Fair; KVH 8am-noon.Ad pg 2

Jun 17: GoldenMan Triathlon; Goldendale Pool. 509-773-0506. Pg 43 Jun 17-18: 83rd Ketchum Kalf Rodeo; Glenwood; 509-364-3363. Pg 13 June 23-25: High Prairie Firehouse Sale; 509-3655099 or 9564

Jun 24: Mt Adams Bike Tour; Trout Lake; Pg 8 Jun 24-25: RVOD G-RIDE skateboard race, Maryhill Loops Rd, Goldendale;; Pg 35

June 25: Santana in Concert Maryhill Winery Amphitheater. Ad pg 28

Jul 22: Art & Wine Fusion, White Salmon; Pg 17

Aug 21: Solar Eclipse. Pg 45

Oct 7: Goldendale Harvest Festival, Ekone Park

July 1-Sep 3: Trout Lake Saturday Market; Grange, Trout Lake; 509-493-8959

Jul 28-30: Klickitat Canyon Days, Klickitat; 509-3694782. Pg 22

Aug 26: ZZ Top & The Doobie Brothers, Maryhill Winery Amphitheater. Ad pg 28

Oct 7: Maryhill Winery Harvest Celebration Weekend, Maryhill Winery, Goldendale, Ad pg 26

Jul 1: Demolition Derby; KC Fairgrounds. Pg 50

Jul 4: Husum Parade

Jul 4: White Salmon Parade; Ad pg 8

Jul 4: Bickleton Pig Roast at Cleveland Park. Pg 57 Jul 7-8: Goldendale Library book sale; 509-773-4487 Jul 7-9: Goldendale Community Days; parade, music, food, fun. Pg 50

Jul 9: Show-n-Shine Car Show; Main St, Goldendale; Pg 50 Jul 15: Trout Lake Wild Woman Marathon;

Jul 27: Ice Cream Social, Goldendale Library, 509773-4487. Pg 49

Jul 31–Aug 3: Pacific NW Plein Air Event in Columbia River Gorge; Maryhill Museum. Ad pg 19

Aug 4-6: Trout Lake Fair; Pg 7

Aug 12: Michael McDonald & Boz Scaggs; Maryhill Win-

ery Amphitheater. Ad pg 28

Aug 12-13: W.E. Rock Crawl, 290 Pipeline Rd, Goldendale, Rich:; 530-417-5333. Pg. 51

Aug 18-20: Festival of Wheels; Goldendale; 509250-2001. Pg 52

Aug 19-20: Flat Track Racing-Half Mi.; Eddieville MX Park, Goldendale. Pg 39

Aug 24-27: KC Fair/Rodeo, Pg 56. Ad pg 36

Aug 31-Sep 4: The Wall That Heals, KC Fair Grounds; pg 47

Sep 1-3: Maryhill Windwalk Music & Gravity Sports Festival,

Sep 2: Bickleton Car Show. Pg 56

Sep 2: Labor Day Celebration, Maryhill Winery; Ad pg 28 Sep 8-10: Huckleberry Festival, Bingen, Pg 19

Sep 17: Goo Goo Dolls & Phillip Phillips, Maryhill Winery Amphitheater. Ad pg 28

Oct 7: Bikefest; 8:30am; Goldendale Pool; 773-0506

Oct 7: Trout Lake Oktoberfest for Scholars (1st Sat in Oct); 509-395-2630

Oct 7-8: Car is King Weekend, Maryhill Museum; Oct 7: Concours de Maryhill Car Show, museum lawns Maryhill Museum Arts Festival cancelled for 2017 Oct 8: Maryhill Loops Car Climb up historic Maryhill Loops Rd; organized by Maryhill Loops Vintage Hill Climb Assoc. GMA tel: 509539-2557. Pg 34 Oct 14-15: 24-Hr Starvation Ridge Race, Centerville. 10am Pg 39

Nov 11: Veteran’s Day Parade; free dinner to veterans. American Legion; Goldendale; 773-4265 Nov 11-12: Maryhill Museum Closing Celebration, Ad pg 19

Nov 18: Maryhill Winery Open House & Wine Sale, Marhill Winery; Ad pg 28

Dec 2: I’m Dreaming of a White Salmon Holiday Festival, White Salmon; Mt Adams Chamber 509-4933630

Dec 9: Candy Cane Lane Parade, downtown Goldendale; sponsored by The General Store, 509-7734941

Have an event to add to next year’s Journey?

Please send us your request by e-mail:

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The Goldendale Sentinel

117 W. Main St.

Goldendale, WA 98620 Better yet take out an ad for the best exposure.

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hold, Owners, Craig & Vicki Leut chard Batchelor with winemaker Ri

Maryhill W

Twin Bridges

Maryhill Winery

Journeying further east on 14, about 5 miles from Wishram, is Maryhill Wine ry on the south side of 14, overlooking the breath-taking Co lumbia River Gorge. Opened in 2001 by Craig and Vicki Leuthold, familyowned Maryhill Winery is on e of Washington's largest wineries, producing 80,000 case s annually. Visitors can en joy wine tastings, live music on the vine-covered terrace every weekend, Memorial Day throug h September, tours and sp ecial events, tournament-quality bocce courts, and a world -class summer concert series in the adjacent 4,000-seat ou tdoor amphitheater. Maryhill draw s more than 75,000 wine en thusiasts from around the globe each year, ranking among the top-five most visited winerie s in the state. Maryhill Wine ry has been honored with mor e than 3,000 awards since its first vintage in 2001, including being named 2015 Pacific Northwest Winery of the Year by Wine Press Northwest and the 2014 Winery of the Year at the San Francisco Internat ional Wine Competition. See their ad, pg 28.

inery Adjacent Amphitheater



Lots of written history and PHOTOgraphS Saturdays: June - September, noon - 5pm Admission: $5/person •Free for members

403 Klickitat St, Lyle • 509.365.3903 • 509.365.0060

Maryhill Winery



next stop is r u o , ry e in w ing re e award-winn th to t rt. The structu x e A f n o t h m u Rig e s u – ill M am Hill (1857 inning Maryh S r -w fo rd a n w io a s n e a th e sam al figures in th ti y intended a n ll e a u in fl g in ri o d n s a a w ul e most colorf essful busic th c f u o s e a n s o a ), w 1 l Hil 193 early 1900s. ts, and early e n e th m in u t n s o e m w f h ro Nort aveler, builde tr d rl o w , n a nes s m roads. basking in d e il e h v a w p e f c o n r e to lg indu adv oc a e for fine arts c la p e th is This iver Gorge. R ia b m lu o C e the glory of th age 19. p See their ad,



Art l over

s , th e muse is ho um sting festiv th e a al Sa rt t, Oc day a t 7, s ame s th e car s next h o page w, . Don this ’t mi twoss fer ex ganz trava a! Mo re in Jacq fo fro ue 50 m 9 -7 7 3 -3 7 33

Mt Ho od ove rlo

oks th e new terrac e

din The Thinker by Ro

The Grist Mill Food the way God intended it!

• Delicious

• Vegetarian

• Gluten free

• Whole grains

• Healthy snacks




• Herbs & spices

The Grist Mill 121 W Main, Goldendale, WA 509.773.4176

Mon - Wed 10am - 5 pm Thurs 10am - 6 pm Fri 10am - 3:30pm


Car is King weekend 34

If you’re an old car buff, you’ll love our Car is King event the first full w eekend in October. On Sat, Oct 7, 2017, vintage, classi c, antique and mus cle cars are displayed on the ground s of Maryhill Museu m of Art. The next day is the uphi ll climb competition on Maryhill Loops Road, the fir st asphalt road built in Washington by Sam Hill. Full of ha irpin turns, it runs so rt of parallel to Hwy 97 in a very lo opy way. It’s open on ly for special occasions like this on e (& the next page). Goldendale Motorsp orts Assoc: 509-5392557

T he r ace u p Mary h i ll L oop Rd is on Su s Oct 8 n, . Go t o the muse um fi rst!




R ops l Lo yhil

t ’s ar m u e d mus celle The n a c s val i eck festi . Ch 7 1 0 8. for 2 201 n i back MARYHILL

Ma r

Concours de Maryhill Car Show

Maryhill Loops Car Climb


ow on Car sh ct 7, Sat., O he - on t 2017 of lawns i ll Maryh m. Museu

Maryhill Ratz Spring Free-4-All & RVOD G-Ride


letes gather the weekend ath s as -cl rld wo d an ds Frien lightening speeds down his at zip to 17 20 0, -3 29 ril of Ap be . This free-4-all is touted to ad Ro s op Lo ill ryh Ma ic tor ibly North America - and poss in s ck pa st ge lar the of e on m/2017-spring-free-4-all the world! illJune 24-25, 2017. maryh The “RVOD” G-Ride is on ill Ratz. Find this and The new organizer is Maryh ts on: en ev ity av gr s op Lo ill ryh other Ma

Ma r R ops l Lo yhil d

Maryhil l Rd runs Loops ( parallel sorta) to looping 97, from 14 up to 97.

These wheelin ’ champs are screamin’ fast!! ! Don’t miss it! Apr 29-30, 2017


Maryhill State Park

and relaxing After the grueling skateboarding, we’ll visit beautiful mbia River. Maryhill State Park and campgrounds, right on the Colu you’ll need a It’s part of WA State Parks, so unless it’s a free day*, town of MaryDiscover Pass to enter. It’s right next to the lovely little soming fruit orhill that will delight your eye in the spring with its blos ious fruit, chards and quench your palate in the summer with lusc w from our very honey, and other delectables. It’s also a stone’s thro own true-to-scale Stonehenge (next page). iscover*Find “Free Days” at d. Pass-Fees - otherwise Discover Pass require Camp, swim, picn ic , feast on the view, relax! Maryhill State Park has it all! You can buy a Discover Pass at th e park entrance .


Church in

Spring b y Jeanne Morgan

Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo August 24-27, 2017



Stonehenge War Memorial


We’ll spend at leas t a couple hours at this amazing, full si replica of the origna ze l neolithic structure in England. It was de signed and built by Sam Hill in 1918 in honor of and dedica tion to the WWI se rvicemen of Klickita t County who died, many in their teens, in the service of ou r country during th Great War. Aptly ov e erlooking the magni ficent Columbia Riv Gorge, it is a monum er ent to heroism and peace. Sam is buried there, too. For more info and directions, visit: maryhillmuseum.o rg/visit/stonehenge-m emorial

Ben Canales

Sam Hill

Thi s aw es is a n al ome pl lac of p hoto time fa e v g raph e pain ers ters & . Ju mi s Mar les east t 3 yhi ll M of and useu on t m side he sout h of 1 4.

on on Sheld R y b r lo Waterco

Build it Once - Build it for Life Energy Efficient • Fire Resistant Extremely Quiet • Maintenance Free

We have developed a robust, environmentally friendly

architectural collection with clean, natural, renewable and efficient design. Our products are beautiful and cost effective. Our customers particularly value our attention to detail and prompt and committed service.

L’abri Architectural Products



Darrell & Melissa Smith


Cattle drives

! We -yi-yo e e e p p i Y ttl ave ca still h l ik e t s - ju s e v i r d m up hoot ‘e ack s e h t b in ns from wester ’50s. And in the ht have ig YOU m t row n o r f a seat!

Grove r

Johnson The Valley of the Little Klickitat, being one of the paths less-traveled in Klickitat County, invokes a sense of wonder in almost everyone who experiences it for the first time. That’s been true for more than 150 years when Oregon Trail pioneers were crossing the Columbia River from The Dalles by the thousands to come north. Back then, the only humans in the Valley were roving bands of Native Americans who found the Valley a rich source of resources that fully sustained and supported their nomadic lifestyles. That the first pioneer settlers wouldn’t arrive until 1858, nearly two decades after the Oregon Trail migra-

tion began, speaks to a place that went largely unexplored by settlers seeking homesteads in the West. Wagon trains first made their appearance in The Dalles in 1843; but the first recorded activity in the Valley of the Little Klickitat, other than fur trading, was that of legendary cattleman Ben Snipes in 1855. At 21, entrepreneurial Snipes secured financing for a herd of cattle. Through a Native American friend, he then discovered the Valley of the Little Klickitat, where he moved his herd. It wasn’t until 1859 that settlers began filing for homesteads in the region – but it was Snipes’ cattle, grazing in the

swales of the valley, that put a stamp on the region that -persists to this day. Today, every spring, an important and revered tradition occurs in the valley called “working the cattle.” When the snows melt off the Simcoe Mountains (just north of Goldendale), ranchers, who’ve spent the winter hauling hay to their herds in the valley, drive this cattle to the mountain pastures. Before they’re turned out, branding, shots, ear tags, and other important work must be completed. These activities allow families, friends and acquaintances to gather together for work, food, fun, and festivity. Before hunting season begins in the fall, the cattle are again rounded up and driven back to the winter feeding grounds. It’s another chance to witness the cattle drive. This is one of the few places in the West where one can still say, “I was held up by a cattle drive.” If you’re lucky enough to encounter one, smile and wave. The cowboys and cowgirls will return the wave, making you part of a century-long tradition. - Jim Link

Eddieville Motocross Park

Weekly fun rides & races here!

rvation 24-hr S ta ce is Ridge Ra 5, 2017. Oct 14-1 s & other Direction es can be 2017 dat found at:


There are two motocro ss courses near Cente rville both run by the same folks. Eddieville Motocross Park is locate d 1 mile west of Hwy 97 and 6 miles south of Go ldendale, WA. For best directions, do an online Bing maps search for 11 0 Stringstreet Rd, Cente rville. To get to the Starvation Ridge course, head we st through Centerville on Centerville Hwy. Proc eed 2 miles to where pa ve ment turns left. Go straight onto the gravele d road (Niva Rd.), and 4 miles later, you will se Starvation Ridge on yo e ur left at 1140 Niva Rd. Centerville, WA 98613. Visit overthebarsgang.c om for more info on Ed dieville and on the 2017 Starvation Ridge Race.


Starvation Ridge Dirt Bike Challenge Aimee’s Attic It’s Your Store

OPEN Monday thru Saturday - 10 am to 6 pm

980 E. Broadway- 509.773.4699

Furniture & Gifts Antiques and New We have something for everyone on your list!

100 E. Main Street - 509.773.4979

3000 square feet of treasure shopping pleasure Featuring 60 individual booths and consignments. This means variety as the collections of each store are reflective of the owner’s individual taste and style.


BICKLETON MKT STREET CAFE & GROCER 106 E Market St, Bickleton 509-896-2671 M, Tu, Th, F, Sat: 7am – 4:30pm Closed Wed. & Sun See their ad, page 56

BLUEBIRD INN (oldest continuously operating tavern in Washington) 121 Goldendale Bickleton Rd 509-896-2273


AYUTLENESE 120 E Steuben St, Bingen 509-493-1017


201 W Steuben St, Bingen 509-493-2177 See their ad, page 18

JOSLYN HOUSE B&B 706 West Steuben, Bingen 509-493-4888 MUGS COFFEE 120 W Steuben St, Bingen 509-281-3100



208 E Main St, Glenwood 509-364-3535 Daily: 5:30am – 9pm See their ad, page 13


105 E Main St, Glenwood 509-364-3471 See their ad on page 12

KC Food &

MT ADAMS LODGE 25 Flying L Ln, Glenwood 509-364-3488 SHADE TREE INN (and restaurant & bar) 105 E Main St, Glenwood 509-364-3471


AYUTLA’S Family Mexican Restaurant 630 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-773-7188 / 1987 BAKE MY DAY 119 E Main St, Goldendale 509-773-0403 Mon-Sat 8am - 3pm

CORNERSTONE COFFEE (drive-thru) 1 Bickleton Hwy, Goldendale 509-773-9115

GEE’S CHINESE RESTAURANT 118 E Main St, Goldendale 509-773-6999

GLASS ONION 604 S Columbus Ave, Goldendale 509-773-4928 GOLDEN CHINOOK COFFEE (and lunch specials) 118 W Main St, Goldendale 509-773-3337


622 E Broadway, Goldendale 509-773-3072 Daily: 7am – 10pm See their ad, page 46


320 S Columbus, Goldendale 509-773-4958 Daily: 7am – 10pm See their ad, page 23

GOLDENDALE COFFEE (drive-thru coffee) 630 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-261-1209


Maryhill Museum of Art 35 Maryhill Museum Dr Goldendale 509-773-3733 Daily: 10am–5pm (Mar 15–Nov 15) See their ad, page 19


821 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-773-9900 See their ad, page 35 PETE’S PIZZA 340 E Collins St, Goldendale 509-772-2772


775 E Broadway, Goldendale 509-773-5842 See their ad, page 51


808 E Simcoe Dr, Goldendale 509-773-5881 See their ad, page 35


123 W Main St, Goldendale 509-773-9970 See their ad, page 25

SODBUSTER’S 1040 E Broadway St, Goldendale 509-773-6160 Sun – Th: 6am – 8pm Fri & Sat: 6am – 9pm

Snooze Guide

ST JOHN’S COFFEE SHOP & GREEK BAKERY 2378 Hwy 97, Goldendale 509-773-6650 Mon-Sat 9am – 6pm; closed Sun See their ad on page 55 TOWNHOUSE CAFE 114 W Allyn St., Goldendale 509-773-2210


111 N. Columbus Ave, Goldendale 509-772-2522 See their ad, page 50


HUSUM RIVERSIDE B&B and Icehouse Cafe 866 Hwy 141 509-281-1181



100 Main St, Klickitat 509-369-4400 See their ad, page 22

HUNTINGTON’S BAR & GRILL 95 Main St, Klickitat 509-369-4371


CORNER POCKET BAR & GRILL 600 State St, Lyle 509-365-0072

COUNTRY CAFE 605 state street, Lyle 509-365-6861

LYLE HOTEL (& restaurant) 100 7th St, Lyle / 509-365-5953


HEAVENLY GROUNDS & THE STATION CAFE 2374 Hwy 141, Trout Lake 509-395-2211

KELLY’S TROUT CREEK INN B&B 25 Mt Adams Rd, Trout Lake 509-395-2769 TROUT LAKE COZY CABINS 2291 Hwy 141, Trout Lake 509-395-2068

TROUT LAKE GROCER 2383 Hwy 141, Trout Lake 509-395-2777

TROUT LAKE VALLEY INN 2300 Hwy 141, Trout Lake 509-395-2300


BIG MAN’S ROTISSERIE 799 Hwy 141, White Salmon 406-579-9450 Th – Sun: noon – 8pm

EVERYBODY’S BREWING 151 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-637-2774

FEAST MARKET & DELICATESSEN 320 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-637-6886


77 NE Wauna St, White Salmon 509-493-9494 See their ad on page 17 509-493-1555 Open daily

INN of the WHITE SALMON 172 W Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-493-2335 or 800.972.5226 KATINAS CAFE & CATERING 111 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-493-2121

NORTH SHORE CAFE 166 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-426-5341 PIONEER PIZZA 216 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon 509-493-0028 STEELHEAD RANCH (overnight accommodations) 1376 Hwy 141, White Salmon 425-408-2914 / 425-681-0034

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hotel/motel/B&B that’s not listed here, please let us know!

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HENNI’S KITCHEN & BAR 120 E Jewett Blvd, White Salmon

Main St.. Goldendale, WA 98620 May your business prosper!!

2017 Events

Learn more at Oregon Trail Rally April 23

Goldendale Home, Garden & Sportsman’s Show April 28-30 Farmers’ Market Opens May 6 Demoli$on Derby July 4

Goldendale Community Days July 7-9

Show ‘n Shine Car Show July 8 Goldendale Fes$val of Wheels August 18-20

Solar Eclipse at Goldendale Observatory August 21 Klickitat County Fair August 24-27

Maryhill Windwalk Music & Gravity Sports Fes$val September 1-3 Concours de Maryhill Vintage Hill Climb Maryhill Art Fes$val October 7-8 Goldendale Harvest Fes$val October 7

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Replica Wall August 31-September 3

903 East Broadway, Goldendale, WA 98620 l l Tel: 509.773.3400

Harvesting the Wind


The locals h a to witness th ve a saying: “It’s so win dy, there’s w is in action. hitecaps on There are o the mud pud ver 600 win dles!” We kn d turbines in and jobs to ow how to h Klickitat Cou the area. Th arness that ere’s enoug nty. These p to tips of the wind and inv h ro c duc e a c o m lean renewa highest blad ite you bined outpu ble electricit es, these gia can reach 1 t y produced of over 1,20 nts can loom 64 ft - that’s to m 0 megawatt to heights o the length o For a specta s, providing f up to 490 ft eet the needs of 28,000 f an Olympic cular wheat energy -size (50 me residences. - more than then Rock C field & wind From their b te th r) e length of a fo swimming p turbine-filled reek Rd. It e as es ool! otball field! A merges at th d Goldendale single blade e mouth of R rive, try this 56-mile jau , completing nt: From 97 oc the circle at go e as t on H the Goldend k Creek at Hwy 14, abo octor Rd. Th ut 19 miles ale exit. This is join e ast of 97 Fro is a 1.5 -2 h d in o m w u r there head b s Old Hwy 8, drive. The scenic ack north to lar u rc ci ed ll fi millome! drive is awes ove . Directions ab

Saturday Farmers’ Market

armer ’s Saturday F ns May 6, Market ope ason ends 2017 ’til se in Oct. bur Ave , 411 N. Wil Ekone Park

GoldenMan Triathlon Sat, 6/17, 2017 . Starts at the po ol , 401 N. King Street, Golden dale goldendalepool.c om

GoldenMan Triathlon


JUNE 17, 2017


Ekone Park

(End of North Wilbur, off Broadway / Hwy 142)

Saturdays 9am - 2pm May 6 - October 7



n First A id

Ho me ,G Spo rtsm arden Fri & an ,A Sh pr ow 28 , Ap -S r3 un 0, 2 Kli , cki 01 tat 7. Fai Cou rgr n ty oun ds

Our Chamb er-sponsore d Home, Gard en & Sports ma n Show, April 28-30, is ch ocked full of exhib its, tips, ide as, workshops, and tons of amazing stu ff to buy! The Saturda y Market opens the fi rst Saturday in May, with a plethora of home-grow n/made pro duce, plants, jewe lry, crafts, ja ms, and much m ore. See the Gre ater Golden dale Chamb er of Comm e rce’s ad on page 42 for more h a ppenings. go ldendalecha m

uties HG&S Alpaca C


Solar Eclipse of the century*

(*when an entire continent will witness the shadow of the moon as it blocks the sun)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eye protection is essential!

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical phenomenon! The last total solar eclipse visible in any part of the continential U.S. was on February 26 1979; but this clipped only a few northwestern states, most of which were under cloud cover, so for most it passed unseen.The last total solar eclipse to traverse the entire country, as will this one, was June 8, 1918.

In Goldendale we will see a PARTIAL solar eclipse, starting at 9:08 PDT, reaching 97% coverage at 10:21 PDT, and ending at 11:41 PDT • Goldendale

The path of totality - we’ll see it as a 97% partial eclipse


Goldendale Observatory

Take a look thro ugh this amazin g telescope, and you see! There ar be astounded by e excellent solar what scopes for daytim don’t need just th e viewing, so you e night skies. Troy Carpenter is the servatory and w “keeper” of the ob ill knock your so cks off with his va pressive solar pr st knowledge and im esentation. The Goldendale Observatory is a Washington Stat Discover Pass un e Park and requir less you hit it on es a a free day*. Free well worth it! or not, the sights ar e Spring/Summer Solar Shows (Apr - Sep, Fri-Sun): open: Fri-Sun 14pm & 8:30pm. 11:30 pm altho’ Park arriving @ show availability (sch times ensures fu edule temporari ll staff ly reduced due to Fall/Winter Sola construction) r Shows (Oct-Mar ): 2pm & 6pm. Pa goldendaleobserv rk open: 1pm-9pm . *Find “Free Days” at parks.state.wa. us/167/Discove erwise DiscoverP r-Pass-Fees - ot ass required. hFrom Hwy 97, take the Broadway St. exit into Golden dale . Turn R on Columbus Ave , stay R at the fork , & follow that straight up to the observatory.

arks Washington State P

Lunar Eclipse, April 4, 2015, 5:09 am, just after totality. Shot from observatory by Troy.


ing to Golden... is on tour and com 17! Sponsored by dale Aug 31 - Sep 4, 20 ic Lodge, it will the Goldendale Mason C Fairgrounds. be on display at the K ica of the perThis is a 1/2 scale repl rans Memorial in manent Vietnam Vete ich was initially Washington, D.C., wh unveiled in 1982. D.C. structure, As on the permanent l That Heals are the names on The Wal ty. Beginning at listed by day of casual mes start on the the center/apex, the na side) work their East Wall (right-hand that wing, pick way out to the end of d of the West up again at the far en and work their Wall (left-hand side) nter/apex, to join way back in to the ce e conflict at the the start and end of th center. vets who lost Our prayer: Let those red. Let those their lives be remembe bs be graced. Let vets who lost their lim eir honor be digthose vets who lost th nified. Amen

Christ the King Lutheran

104 Simcoe Dr Mailing: PO Box #48 Goldendale, WA 98620 10am Sunday Worship Rich Marshall 509-773-5750 360-581-4077


Klickitat County Church Directory Church of the Nazarene

124 W Allyn Street, Goldendale, WA 98620

9:30am Sunday School 10:45am Worship Pastor Victor Hunt 509-773-4216


Columbus Avenue Baptist Church

815 N Columbus Ave Goldendale, WA 98620 9:45 Sunday School 11am Worship 6pm Sunday Worship 7pm Wed Prayer Mtg 7pm Wed Youth & Children’s Group Pastor Michael Block 509-773-4471 columbusabc@

Community Grace Brethren

1180 S Roosevelt St Goldendale, WA 98620

9am Sunday School & Adult Bible Fellowship 10am Coffee Fellowship 10:30am Worship 6:30pm Sat Connection Pastor Greg Howell, Senior Pastor 509-773-3388 See their ad - pg. 20

Goldendale Seventh Day Adventist

59 Bickleton Hwy Mailing: PO Box 71 Goldendale, WA 98620 9:25am Sun Sabbath School 11am Worship Pastor Tim 509-773-4381


Presby Mansion & Museum

This am azing blast to the pas t is ful l of timeles s t 10am- reasures! 4pm D aily May 1 - Oct 1 5 127 W Broadw ay 5 0 9 -7 7 3 -4 3 03

Goldendale became host to the only hanging ever to occur in Klickitat County on April 6, 1888. Conv icted murderer Henry Timmerman faced his doom whil e straddling his coffin, smoking a cigar and downing a quart of whiskey. Local legend has it that standing on the gallows waiting for the noose to be fitted, he decla red his innocence for the final time and told the crowd if they proceeded with the hanging, within three months, the town would burn to the ground, and he would rise from the grave to kill everyone responsible for his wron gful execution. On May 13, 1888, 27 days after Timmerman’s hang ing, a fire did indeed break out in downtown Goldenda le, burning its seven main blocks to the ground. Timm erman’s grave was also found open and empty! His remains were later recovered and reburied in an unmarke d grave, and the rest of the curse was left unfulfilled. Perh aps reburying him satisfied his restless soul. Stop by Presby Mansion to learn about other fasci nating local legends.

sa built a y l l a n Origi h real occu wit house resby Man P o , s t d ate t pa n s don unty a w n sio t Co ickita by the Kl al Society c i Histor epard in Sh l r a res Pe t featu ’t see I . 2 6 19 on you w items here else. anyw

Come Exerience T H E P R E S B Y H O U S E M U S E U M Home of T h e K l i c k i t a t C o u n t y H i s t o r i c a l S o c i e t y In our 56th year: 1962 - 2017

OPEN DAILY: 10 am to 4 pm May 1 thru October 15

127 W Broadway, Goldendale, WA 98620 • • 509.773.4303

Goldendale Public Library

Pa ren ha ts, o rou s ton ur l ibr s nd act of ye ary For the ivit ari es k mo for re ids. inf fvrl. org/ o v ev e isi n ts t:

gol d


/s e a r al e c h/

leaves no Social in m a July. re C e The Ic d. Now in te sa n u h sweet toot

Let ’s all sc ream for ice cream ! This year ’s old -fashion ed ice cream social is on Thurs, Jul 27, 2017. 131 W. B urgen S t, Goldenda le 5 0 9 -7 7 3 -4 4 8 7

Our library has been serving the community for over 100 years now. Arts and educatio nal programs as well as musical performances and many oth er fun-filled events are offered year-round. The old-fashioned ice cream social, July 27, 2017, sponso red by Friends of the Library as a special “thank you” to the com munity, is always packed. Vis itors welcome! History buffs may be interested in knowing this is one of the few Carnegie libraries lef t in the state.


g of eginnin b e h t r lition wn fo ay in to e Demo Let’s st ch a blast! Th 1st. Then, the ’s su July - it s things off on entertainick er , Derby k eekend is she ar show c e h t w t o ade, t ons the nex the par ies, to t s m m o r m f u : t y men elight sic, to Days d , to mu s y it e n id u r m o t om r fun, C few of othe ! e a just : r 9 to 90 a m e r o r e f ale ll. H kids t’s not a do in Goldend And tha o t pg ( s at thing ortsman Show e r g r e oth n & Sp , Garde e m o H 1) 2) 44) wl (pg 5 a r C w (p g 5 k o c h o S R r . a - W.E g 54) heels C odeo (p al of W R v ti & s ir e a F F 42. ad, pg t County a ’s r it k e c b li -K Cham See the

le enda ays d l o G D nity 17 u m 0 Com -9, 2 ouse 7 y l h Ju court town . e h t wn on & do the s n t law y’s a ew b r e D on n . s d n st rou ul 1 J , Fairg t of Sa date



Show-n Sat, Shine 2017 July 9, wn downto dale Golden

miss the parade!

Demolition Derby

iv Free L

ic! e M us

by Demo Der oss & Motocr 017 July 1, 2 ounds KC Fairgr

Bumper cars on steroids

Vintage Goldendale

W.E. Rock Crawl

Rock Craw Aug 1 2-13, l 2017 Broke n Bou lder Fa 290 P rm ipelin e Rd , Golde ndale


These tw o events north of have Go the city. ldend You hav Rd to ge e to com ale addresses b t to the R u t a re a e into Go o ck C r a w Farm (ho few m lden m l available e to a lush asso on August 12-13 dale, and find P iles ip , rtment o for f lavende 2017 at Broken eline The Trac purchase). B r, ou veggies, is June 3 tor Pull, always and flow lder -4, 2017 on the fi e rs, all rs here, ge a t back on t 357 Hanging R t full weekend a fte o on Hang 9 ing Rock 7, head north fo ck Rd (aka “Joe r Memorial Day, ’s r R a Tra oa Please G li oogle th d, and stay on it ttle over 1.5 mile ck”). To get e directio s, h for a little ns for th over 2 m ang a left e b e st a iles. ccuracy or use y our GPS .

uy s These g nee d a tow!!!

ul l P r o t Trac Trac tor P ull Jun 3 -4 , 2017 357 Hang ing R Rd , oc k Gold enda le

Swimming Pool

to cool off Perfect way at dusty, after all th lin’ heat! rock-craw 0506 5 0 9 -7 7 3 g S t, 401 N. Kin e Goldendal

Friendly Staff Free Continental Breakfast Full Kitchens Available Dog Friendly

Book Online at

P 509.773.5842 | F 509.773.4049 775 E Broadway, Goldendale WA


in delight nd o t s u s ved a allow l-preser 411 Wheels l f e o w l f a o iv Fest ark ( hetics ing aest . It’s at Ekone P -20, m a e l g the icles ug 18 . ned veh dendale) on A i a t 0/night n i 1 a $ l m r o o f G , e ailabl ur Ave N. Wilb t camping is av en 2017. T

eels of Wh 17 l a v i 20 Fest 8-20, Aug 1 ne Park , e Av Eko ilbur W N ; 411 ndale Golde red by o spons TE of A AB ingon Wash -2001 250 509-

Bluegrass Jammin ’ June 2-4, 2017. 411 N. Wilbur Av e, Ekone Park

Bluegrass Pickerfest

erfest is The Pick pp to free ($10 open to camp) & rab your g o s , l l a join the & e l d d fi jam!

ls fun Festival of Whee includes: - Poker run st - Talent conte cle Show - Car/Motorcy el pkg - Raffle for trav

Victorian Houses 53

These beau tiful water colors by lo cal artist Ch arlene Morris on are all o f Goldendale Victorian houses. Sto p by Golden Photo (106 W. Main St. , Goldendale ) to see this art work on dis play. “lookHave a und o see” ar ow H . n tow these of many an YOU gems c find?

BEST LOOK Interior & Exterior Paints & Primer BEST LOOK Exterior Stains (R)


Trusted Quality • Proven Results

NOW EVEN BETTER 517 N. Mill, Goldendale (509)773-4796


Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo

Every year the KC Fair & Rodeo brings resident gether for com s and visitors to petitions and a gr and stompin’ ti old-fashioned ba me. It kicks off rbecue, featurin w ith an g delicious loca Stop by The Gol l food and prod dendale Sentin uce. el at 117 W. Mai copy of the Fair n St to pick up ’s “Premium Boo a free k for Youth and the event draw Open Classes” s closer. It lists w hen entry due date much more. Als s, program tim o be on the look es , and out for a specia the Fair, which l section supple will be included m ent on in T week or two be he Sentinel’s w fore the fair. eekly publicatio na

# 1 Brokerage

# 1 Brokerage

Klickitat County


2016 Land & Home Sales

2016-2014 Land & Home Sales

Your Dryside Team: Professional, Local, Experienced

Jennifer Mitchell Owner/Broker

Jodi Bellamy Broker

Rob Wing, Managing Broker, Goldendale

Ray Spooner, Managing Broker, Lyle & The Dalles

Mary Beth Richman Broker

Emily Miersma Broker

Jamie Beierle Broker

Tiffany Hillman Broker

3 Offices: Goldendale, Lyle, The Dalles 509.261.2600

KC Fair & Rodeo Aug 24-2 7, 2017 KC Fairgro u n ds


Brooks Memorial State Park

St. John’s Greek Coffee Shop is about 10 miles north of Goldendale on the east side of 97. Here you’ll find yummy, homemade sweet and savory Greek delicacies. A bit further north on the west side of 97 is Brooks Memorial State Park, a 700-acre, year-round camping park. It has over 9 miles of hiking trails along the Little Klickitat River and up through the Ponderosa and Oregon Pine forests. At the top are open mountain meadows with a panoramic view of Mt Hood. Visitors may see deer, beaver dams, squirrels, spring wildflowers, and a variety of birds. Brooks is a Washington State Park, so a Discover Pass is required unless it’s a Free Day*. *Find “Free Days” at


St. John’s Greek Coffee Shop & Restaraunt

St. John’s

baklava melts in your mouth ! Just heavenly!!

St. J o hn ’ s is a local


SR 97


St. John’s

e Tim Po Brooks Pa rk main entrance is on wes t side of SR 97 (left a s you’re go ing north ), about 10 miles north of Goldenda le . Discover Pass required .

Bickleton Bluebirds 56

Who op res o -n-Holl er ne of an t colle tique & he larges t state ctions of classic , wit a u t o hM si vinta odel-T n the For g e By A ppoi pickups. ds, & n tm e 509896- nt Only 2344 featu

Beau tifu l Blue bird s all sum mer long !

Carousel Museum

Bickleton is about an hour east of Goldendale on Bickleton Hwy - and what a scenic drive that is! Known as the “Bluebird Capital of the World”, residents work year-round to keep the little houses maintained and ready for the next generation of Bluebirds. You’ll see these lovely little feathered friends throughout the eastern part of Klickitat County. Another must-see is Bickleton’s Carousel Museum in downtown Bickleton and operated by the Alder Creek Pioneer Association (ad below). Interesting collections, such as woven wheat and barbed wire, antique lunch boxes, and, of course, the restored carousel horses. The Annual Bickleton Car Show on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend features classic and modern cars and is a great place to meet other motor vehicle enthusiasts. And if you’re in town for the rodeo (next page), you’ll be amazed. This is the oldest rodeo in the state of Washington and draws quite a crowd!

Bickleton Car Show

Enjoy Eastern Klickitat County

MARKET STREET CAFE & GROCERY 106 East Market St Bickleton, WA 509-896-2671

Mon & Tue 7 - 5:30 Thur - Sat 7 - 4:30 Closed Wed & Sun and all major holidays


Pioneer Picnic: June 10 - 12 Annual Car Show: September 2


Car Bickleton Sat., Show on 017, Sept. 2, 2 n downtow

Alder Creek Pioneer Association

Carousel Museum

Fri. & Sat. 10-3 • Sunday 12-4 Closed Holidays Groups anytime by appointment

Adults: $4 Under 12: $1 Family: $10 Opening Date: April 7 Closing: Sept. 24

4 E. Market Street, Bickleton, WA 99322


Come visit our NEW exhibits and your old favorites!

Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo


On the 2nd weekend in June, be amazed by the 106th Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo. If 106 sounds like a big number, it is! This rompin’ goo d time is Washington state’s oldest rodeo. If the buc kin’ broncos are more than you can handle, it also features a more sedate carousel ride on an antique carousel. Mo re info at: Then, just 3 weeks later, is ano ther Bickleton picnic, this one featuring a whole-hog roast on the 4th of July. It’s a pot-luck, so bring along a sid e dish.

4th of July Picnic

ual ann h t e 106 eo is th This d o e R eer in th Pion d eo o r ton! st hing s o lde a ic W picn e of t e a h t t s n s el ! e jo i arou c Com e h 017 de t 1, 2 & ri 1 9 rk June land Pa e C l ev

th ead sou we’ll h g the , y t n u o lt. Alon kitat C gh Klic y to Rooseve ge from as u o r h t a a y journe oad all the w ndfills. Garb ral gas that te our la R t tu le t s a s p e a n g m E g r o ast atin 's la To c long r y a e r t n n n e o tinue e t u g n , o le o e c k c r e c e i h ld h t B u out of od use one of Road , we co ’ll pass le is put to go . Alternately ch Alderdale e w esert y a t d w . The d e rea Seat r gri e e s s w i a l r w i o p t y r a p n su al veg su far aw electric bout 20 mile be in for a big neyards and e h t o t adds n for a ure. Vi you’ll ickleto agricult m h. Here out of B ’ll head sout ive irrigated ped fro s we h inten th water pum the richt where i w e f wi e of to li comes ms, some fed e this area on far er mak nty. etable bia Riv es in the cou m lu o the C al zon icultur est agr You’ve been the best travelin’ bud - I’m bummed you’re leavin’! We Bigfeet don’t say ‘bye, so I’ll just hide out, as usual, ’til I see ya again next time.

Gordon Wilkins (aka Bigfoot)

Our Journey’s End


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Alder Creek Pioneer Association



Allyn's Building Center




Bell Design Company


Bickleton's Market Street Café & Grocery


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Holcomb's Market


Jakewood’s Gun & Pawn


KC Fair & Rodeo

KC Senior Services KVH



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L’Abri Architechtural Products


Lil Bit of Everything


Lindhe Insurance



Lyle Twin Bridges Museum



Maryhill Museum


M&M Excavation


Church Directory


City of White Sammon


Maryhill Winery


Mt. Adams Transportation


Ogden’s Mopar Limo Service


City of Goldendale Coldwell Banker Columbia Bank

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Papa John’s Pizza


Ponderosa Motel


Dr. James R. Ogden, OD


Dryside Properties


Glenwood Station


Goldendale Chamber of Commerce

Pioneer Surveying


Presby Museum


Republic Services

Quality Inn

Goldendale Farmers' Market


Riverview Community Bank

Goldendale Tire Factory


Simcoe Insurance


St. John's Monastery

Goldendale Market Fresh


Gorge Aviation


Harvest Market


Grist Mill


Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce


Glenwood General Store



Community Grace Brethren Church

Corner Chevron


Simcoe Café

Sole to Soul Health Center

Uncle Tony's Pizza



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2017 Our Journey Through Klickitat County  

Visitors Guide to Klickitat County, an annual publication of The Goldendale Sentinel.

2017 Our Journey Through Klickitat County  

Visitors Guide to Klickitat County, an annual publication of The Goldendale Sentinel.